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Title: Burning
Author: Annie
E-mail: Anniepoo98⊕
Category: AU-historical fic, M/L
Rating: PG
Summary: Set during the Salem Witch Trials. The aliens are still aliens. Max, Michael, and Tess are only children, Liz and Alex are siblings, Maria (Mary) and Isabel are cousins (Isabel was adopted.) Read to find out how the mayhem unfolds….
Disclaimer: I do not own all know that. Also, there are characters in this story who were real people. No infringment intended...I swear...I just wanted to write a story. The story is mine, thats it.*happy*

Part One… Late January, 1692

"Alexander and Elizabeth, get in the house this moment," Joseph Whitman called out to his children in the kitchen. "You know that we are paying a visit to the Hardings. They are new in town, and we wish to make a good impression."
Elizabeth finished covering the pie she had just baked. "We are always suppose to make a good impression. I have to be sweet and demure, saying please and thank you to everyone. I can never say what I really feel."
"I do believe that your tongue must be swollen from your biting it so often," Alexander tormented his sister.
"You are wicked," Elizabeth retorted.
"Elizabeth, that is not new information. Come on. We best get ready before Father thinks we are trying to disobey."
"Alexander, why do we always have to visit new people in town?"
"You know that Father wishes to drum up business for the store. If we make a good impression, people will come to us for the things they need. Besides, why do you dislike doing this so much?"
Elizabeth placed the pie into her basket. "These gatherings are always so dull. Many times initial meetings are awkward and uncomfortable. Not to mention, people who are new in town always seem to hide something."
"Well, aren't we suspicious," Alexander laughed. "You think that of everyone, even Maxwell Evans. When you first met him, you vowed he had a foreign power."
Elizabeth looked at her brother crossly. "I still do, for I know he healed the twisted ankle I received when I tripped chasing you both."
"I just believe you fancy him. There was no twisted ankle. You wished to be a damsel-in-distress."
"Take that back, Alexander," Elizabeth said as she swatted at her brother. "Or else I will be forced to reveal your feelings towards Isabel McCormick. Mary Deluca already has her suspicions, but I could confirm them."
Alexander started to get a little mad. "You will do nothing of the sort. That is my business only."
"Yet, you do not deny it," Elizabeth teased.
Alexander opened his mouth to speak, but they heard their Father yell again. "We need to be leaving, children. Do not keep me waiting any longer."
Elizabeth called out to her father, "We are coming at this very moment."
"Very well," Joseph sighed. "Elizabeth, you will be very pleased to know that the Hardings have a daughter your age. I believe her name is Theresa."
Elizabeth nodded as she put on her cloak. She hoped her father was right about being pleased, but her intuition was telling her that Theresa Harding would not be a welcomed acquaintance.

Part Two:

As the sleigh pulled up to the Hardings house, Elizabeth took notice of the other sleigh settled in front of it. Alexander leaned over and whispered in his sister's ear. "It looks as though the Evans are paying a visit to the Hardings as well. Shall I tell Maxwell of your suspicions."
Elizabeth put on a fake smile. "Not if you wish to admire Isabel in secret."
Alexander laughed. "We are a pair, are we not sister."
"We are indeed," Elizabeth said, as her smile became genuine.
The sleigh stopped and Joseph Whitman eased himself down to the ground. He then offered his hand to Elizabeth, who took it even though she didn't need help off of a sleigh. Alexander fended for himself. And there the three stood for a few seconds, before Joseph knocked on the door.
Edward Harding answered the door a moment later. He was a tall man with a thin frame. Something about him struck Elizabeth as being cold. However, she had plastered a smile on her face and there it stayed.
"Good morning, Mr. Whitman," Edward Harding greeted them.
"Good morning, Mr. Harding," Joseph replied. "I would like to introduce you to my children. This is my eldest, Alexander," he said, as he looked at Alexander. "And this is Elizabeth."
Elizabeth took a step forward and made a little curtsy. "Sweet and demure," she repeated over and over again in her head.
Edward nodded at them, then motioned for them to follow him into the parlor. As they entered, Elizabeth's eyes immediately fell on Maxwell Evans. He returned her gaze the second she entered the room. It was like a connection had formed between them.
While she would never admit it to her brother, Elizabeth adored Maxwell. He was unlike any other man she knew. Maxwell was kind and gentle in a way she could never understand, but she could read it all in his warm, amber eyes.
Maxwell and the other stood up as the Whitman's entered the room. Mr. Harding walked over to where two women were standing. Both were of medium height, one with graying-light brown hair and the other with tight blond curls. "This is my wife, Emma Harding, and my daughter, Theresa."
Both ladies curtsied. Elizabeth did as well, before she presented Mrs. Harding with the pie she had baked earlier. "This looks wonderful, my dear," Mrs. Harding said. "Would you like to help Theresa take it to the kitchen."
Elizabeth nodded. "Yes Mrs. Harding."
Theresa took the flowers and motioned for Elizabeth to follow her. As soon as they were out of earshot, Theresa began to talk. "So what age are you, Elizabeth?"
"Sixteen," Elizabeth answered.
"So am I," she added. "Do people always call you Elizabeth?"
Elizabeth turned her head to the side as she pondered this question. "Yes, of course. Why do you ask?"
Theresa smiled. "No reason really, it just sounds like you are putting on airs. Most people call me Tess."
Elizabeth was taken back by Theresa's forwardness. "I am not putting on airs," she thought to herself. "How dare she accuse me of that when she does not even know me." She could feel her face getting redder by the second.
Obviously, Theresa could see that what she had said effect Elizabeth. "Did I offend you," she asked, sweetly.
"No," Elizabeth bit her tongue. "Not at all. I was just not expecting that question. So what is your opinion of Salem so far?"
"I do not know yet," she replied. "We have only been in town a week. The people here do seem very nice. I particularly like Mr. Maxwell Evans. He is quite handsome. Has he formed any attachments that you know of?"
Again, the abruptness of Theresa Harding shocked Elizabeth. "How can she ask me such questions when she hardly knows Maxwell or I," Elizabeth thought.
"Did you hear my question," Theresa asked.
"I am sorry, Theresa…," Elizabeth began, but was cut off.
"Please, it is Tess."
"Tess," she continued. "I do not think it is proper to gossip about other people's affairs."
Theresa lost the smile on her face. "You have never gossiped?"
Elizabeth shook her head. "Never in my life."
"Pity," Theresa rebuked.
Just then, Alexander and Maxwell entered the room. "Elizabeth, Father wishes to stay here to discuss business with Mr. Harding and Mr. Evans," Alexander informed her. "However, I know that we have chores at home, and Maxwell has been kind enough to offer us a ride."
Elizabeth turned to Maxwell. "That is very kind of you, Maxwell. Are we to go now?"
"Yes," Maxwell answered softly. "If that it fine with you?"
Elizabeth smiled. "Perfectly fine." She turned her attention back to Theresa. "It was very nice to meet you, Theresa. I hope to see you around Salem."
Theresa curtsied. "Good day to you all."

Part Three…

The sleigh ride home was a pleasant one. Elizabeth listened to her brother and Maxwell discussed the happenings in the parlor after she left. Elizabeth wasn't as interested in the business aspect of the conversation as she was in hearing Maxwell's voice. She felt as though she could listen to the deep, rich tones that escaped his throat every second of the day. However, Alexander snapped her out of her daydream.
"So what is your opinion of Theresa Harding?"
"She is very talkative," Elizabeth said, trying not to sound harsh.
"Is that a good or bad characteristic," Alexander pried.
"In her situation, I believe it does her more harm than good," Maxwell added to the conversation.
Both Alexander and Elizabeth were shocked at his words. Elizabeth had never heard him speak against anyone, but secretly she was glad that he shared her opinion on Theresa Harding. "What do you mean, Maxwell," Alexander asked.
"Well, before you arrived, Theresa Harding had engaged in a conversation with me. Many of the subjects boarded on gossiping, and I have no tolerance for gossiping. I believe no good can come of it."
Elizabeth smiled widely in spite of herself. She was truly glad to hear those words coming out of Maxwell's mouth. Mouth…her thoughts lingered a little to long on pondering what those lips must feel like. She was soon jolted from her reverie by the sleigh stopping in front of her house.
Before Alexander could get down, Maxwell was on the ground and helping Elizabeth out. She smiled as he took her hand. "Thank you, Maxwell. It was very good of you to offer us a ride home."
"The pleasure was mine, Elizabeth. Good day." With that, he had climbed back up and was on his way.
"If you have no feelings for Maxwell Evans, why do you blush when he address you," Alexander teased.
"Torment me all you like, Alexander. I am just glad that Maxwell and I share an opinion on one thing."
"And that would be what, dear sister?"
"Theresa Harding. Her conversation with me was quite unconventional and uncouth. She implied that I was putting on airs with my name."
Alexander raised an eyebrow. "Really? Do you think she meant it?"
"I have no doubt," Elizabeth replied.

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Thank you all for the know that I love it. Well, here is part four. I hope that you enjoy.


Part Four…

After sermon the next day, Elizabeth caught up with her two closest friends in the whole of Salem, Mary Deluca and Isabel McCormick. Mary and Isabel were cousins. Often times, outsiders mistook them for sisters.
"I hear that you have met the Hardings," Mary announced.
"I have," Elizabeth announced.
"Well, I hear they have a daughter of our age. Did you make her acquaintance?"
Elizabeth nodded. "I did."
Mary began to pry. "And what was your opinion of her?"
"Patience is a virtue, Mary," Isabel scolded. "You often border on gossip when you talk."
"This is not gossip, simply a quest for knowledge," Mary retorted. "Will you not tell us what you thought of her?"
Elizabeth smiled. "All I can say is that I want for no other friends than you both, especially when it comes to the likes of Theresa Harding."
"Then, obviously your opinion of her is not high," Isabel pointed out.
"Not truly," Elizabeth admitted. "However, do not let my words effect your judgment of her. I might be wrong, and if I influence you in anyway, I would be very wicked indeed."
"You could never be wicked," a voice said from behind them.
All three girls turned around. Standing behind them was Maxwell, Alexander, and Michael Guerin. Maxwell smiled as he looked at Elizabeth. She returned his gaze as her cheeks flushed. "Alexander would surely scold me if he witnessed that," Elizabeth thought. "However, he is paying attention to Isabel more than any other creature."
"Good day, Isabel," Alexander said.
"Good day, Alexander," she replied.
"How are you enjoying the weather," he asked.
"It is very cold this time of year," Isabel told him, trying to keep from smiling.
"Do all of your conversations consist of this simple chatter," Michael interrupted.
Mary grew ridged. Elizabeth knew the only person who could provoke Mary's temper was Michael Guerin. He had since they attended school.
"Where do they teach manners like yours, Mr. Guerin," Mary vexed. "In a barn."
Michael's smile grew slightly. "No milady. They teach them right here in Salem town square."
Mary's frown grew more profound. "If it wasn't unchristian to say the words, I would tell you right now where you could put those manners."
Michael went to provoke her further, but Maxwell stopped him. "So did you enjoy the sermon today?"
"Yes," Elizabeth replied. "Reverend Parris makes very good sermons. However, I hear that his daughter is still not feeling well."
"It is true for they say she is very ill in spirit," Maxwell added.
"But I do believe I saw her in the church today," Mary informed them.
Isabel collaborated what Mary said. "I saw her being introduced to the Hardings. Reverend Parris surely invited them to dinner. He does with most new families."
"They say that Abigail Williams is showing signs of the sickness too," Alexander told them.
"I believe that they should be in our prayers," Michael voiced, quite to the surprise of the others.
Mary saw her chance to get back at him for earlier. "Do you even know how to pray?"

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Part Five… Mid-February, 1692

As January came to a close, and February began, more trouble seemed to fall on Salem. Many other girls fell ill, including Ann Putnam and Mary Wolcott. Elizabeth, Mary and Isabel often found themselves discussing the strange illness of the other girls.
"I have heard they cry out in pain," Mary exclaimed, as the three of the sat in Elizabeth's parlor one day.
"I heard that Reverend Parris and his wife are besides themselves with worry," Isabel added.
"Well, that is natural," Elizabeth said calmly.
Mary looked at her. "Are you not worried?"
"No," Elizabeth.
"And why not," Isabel asked. "Is there something you are keeping from us."
Elizabeth smiled. "I have kept nothing from you two. You are my best friends and I would never keep secrets from you. I was just thinking about the girl's predicament. We all know that Ann Putnam and Mary Wolcott are much older than Betty and Abigail."
Isabel looked confused. "Yes, but what does that mean?"
"I'm just saying that the girls rarely had interaction, so how could they all have the same sickness?"
"What are you implying, Elizabeth," Mary asked.
"Only that I feel the girls are all pretending to be sick," Elizabeth stated. "It brings them attention."
Mary began to laugh. "Alexander was right. You are always suspicious. I remember the time you accused Maxwell Evans of having a strange power."
Isabel grew very pale. "Could we talk about something else? All of this talk on illness and powers upsets me. It is almost unchristian."
Elizabeth looked at Isabel with concern. "That is fine with me. Are you feeling all right, Isabel?"
"I'm fine," Isabel said, trying to shrug off her earlier reaction.
"Are you sure," Mary inquired. "You grew awfully pale, cousin."
"You know how the cold weather affects me," Isabel replied. "I just hope the weather warms up a bit."
Alexander picked this moment to walk in. "Did I hear the you are cold, Isabel? Would you like a wrap?"
Isabel bit her lip to try to keep from laughing. She knew he liked her. She could tell that by his dreams, but she could not let anyone know she knew. "That would be very nice, Alexander. How kind of you."
Alexander rushed out of the room to find a wrap. As soon as he left, the three girls burst out into giggles.

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Howdy everyone. Thanks to everyone who left me feedback. You know how much I love it*happy* Keep it coming, Please*happy* Here is Part 6. It is pretty long for me, so I hope that it makes up for the shorter chapters. This is also where more action comes into play. I hope that you are enjoying this story.


Part Six…

Isabel could not get what Elizabeth and Mary had said earlier out of her head. She remembered the first time Elizabeth had mentioned her suspicions about Maxwell. Isabel nearly passed out. She had always known she was different, but she never thought there were others like her.
The McCormick's found Isabel when she was less than a month old. Her parents had abandoned her in a little shack on the edge of the McCormick's property. They had no children, so they took Isabel in and raised her as their own child. She was six when she realized she had powers. She kept her difference a secret from everyone, including Mary and Elizabeth.
However, Maxwell was different too. He had powers similar to hers. So did Michael Guerin. As far as any of them could figure out, their parents had these powers and they had passed it on to them. In fact, Isabel considered Maxwell and Michael to be like her brothers. For the past five years, they would meet in secret to share any news they found or changes in their powers.
With all that was going on, Isabel was truly happy that they were meeting tonight. She waited until the McCormick's were asleep, then slipped out the back door. With her cloak raised, she headed to the same shack where she was left. That was where they always met. By the time she arrived, Maxwell and Michael were waiting.
"What took you so long, Isabel," Michael asked.
"Mr. and Mrs. McCormick were awhile talking in the parlor," Isabel answered as she shook some snow off her cloak. "I am sorry it took me so long."
"That is no problem," Maxwell told her. "We were just a bit worried."
Isabel smiled at him. She knew that Maxwell was very protective, but it still amazed her how much he worried. "You should not worry so. I fear it will do you harm."
Michael snorted. "Maxwell lives to worry, whether it be about you or a certain Elizabeth Whitman."
"Hold your tongue," Maxwell snapped. "She has nothing to do with our meetings."
Isabel decided to speak up. "Actually, tonight she does. She once again mentioned you healing her ankle. Well, in truth, Mary brought it up, but she does not believe a word of it."
Michael's ears perked up at the mentioning of Mary's name. Maxwell smiled when he saw that, but he turned his attentions back to the matter at hand. "It has been over five years since that incident. I thought she had forgot about it."
"Well, it is apparent that she did not," Michael voiced. "Why did you have to heal her in the first place. It was just a sprained ankle. It was not as if her life depended on your healing her. Our rules clearly say that we cannot use our powers in front of anyone. It is too dangerous."
Maxwell glared at Michael. "I healed her before those rules were made. But I would do it again if it would keep her from pain. Someday, people will find out about us."
When he heard this, Michael looked as if he were ready to fight Maxwell. However, Isabel stepped in. She could vow that she heard noises from outside the little shack. "I beg of you both to be quiet. I know I heard something moving outside."
Just then, the door to the shack swung open. Before them stood Theresa Harding. Isabel did not know what to do first. She was caught in an awkward predicament. She was alone with two men in a shack during the middle of the night. Her reputation would be ruined.
Theresa just stood there, grinning. Michael decided to break the silence. "Theresa, what are you doing out wandering at this time of the night?"
"I could ask the same thing of you three," Theresa said slyly.
This angered Michael, not that it took much to do that. He walked over to her and pulled the door shut. "What is it that you want, Theresa," he demanded.
"Only to reveal myself to others of my kind."
Maxwell was confused. Did she know their secret? "What are you referring to?"
"We are different from other people. I know you have noticed. The three of you possess alien powers like mine."
Isabel managed to focus on one word. "Alien?"
Theresa nodded her head. "Yes, we are not from around here." Then, she pointed up. "The stars housed our true home."
Maxwell could not believe the words that where falling upon his ears. "We are not human," he stated dryly, as though all the moisture in his throat evaporated. "But you refer to our actual home in the past tense. Why is that?"
Theresa grew silent. "It is no longer there, that is why were are here."
Michael did not believe anything he was hearing. He looked at Maxwell and Isabel, who seemed to accept what Theresa was saying. "How do we know this is fact," he asked them.
Theresa looked at him harshly. "My father and mother were part of the group to bring us here. They have told me everything. The four of us are meant to carry on our breed. That is our purpose. We shall marry each other…"
Maxwell cut her off. "That is not possible. Isabel is like my own sister. Besides, I could never marry anyone that I did not love."
Isabel decided to chime in. "Maxwell is right. We can have different lives than what was planned for us."
"I agree," Michael added.
"I know of whom you three are thinking of," Theresa said, her words seething with anger. "What do you think Alexander, Mary, and Elizabeth will think of you after finding out your secret. Do you think that they will love you in return?"
Maxwell was quite past the point of listening to Theresa. "Please leave us," he asked as nicely as he could.
However, Theresa was not fooled. She focused her gaze directly at Maxwell. "We are meant for each other. You will do well to remember that." Having said that, she turned and made her way into the night.
Michael, Isabel, and Maxwell watched her leave, trying to work through the numbness her news had brought them.

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Yea...lots of feedback. thank you thank you thank you. You all are too good to me. Well, here is part 7. I hope that you all enjoy it.


And I promise to post more on my other stories soon*happy*

Part Seven…

Alexander sat in a chair, pondering Isabel's strange actions as of late. Elizabeth mentioned Isabel growing pale the day before, and just that morning, she pretended not to see him when he waved to her. He was sure that she could not have missed him, and it was more like she was refusing to wave back. That was not like Isabel at all.
As he sat there, Elizabeth and Mary walked in. Mary looked like she had been crying a great deal. Alexander stood up and walked over to them. "Good heavens, Mary. What ever is the matter?"
Mary stifled a sob, and looked at him. "Isabel and I had a disagreement."
"Over what," Alexander inquired.
Elizabeth guided Mary over to the sofa, and Alexander took his seat back in the chair. Mary took a deep breath, then began her story.
"I went over to the McCormick's this morning for Isabel and I wanted to look at something in the store. However, when I arrived, Isabel was nowhere to be found. Mrs. McCormick said that she left earlier and had not been back since."
Alexander nodded. "Yes, I saw her walking in town this morning, but she would not wave to me."
"So you think she has been acting oddly too," Elizabeth asked.
"I am sure of it," Alexander agreed. "I just wonder what is the matter with her."
Mary cleared her throat, turning Elizabeth and Alexander's attention back to her. "Like I was saying, Isabel was not at her house, so I went off to find her. Finally, I saw her on the street, and you will never guess with whom she was speaking."
Elizabeth thought for a moment, and decided she had no answer. "To whom was she speaking?"
"Maxwell Evans and Michael Guerin. Well, I walked over to them, intending fully on finding out what was going on. However, the second I reached them, Isabel told me to leave them be. Of course, my temper got the better of me and I was cross with her. I belittled her for forgetting to meet me. That is when Theresa Harding came over to us. The second Isabel saw her, she walked away." Mary paused for a second. "Coming to think of it, Maxwell and Michael bid farewell fairly quickly too. Theresa didn't seem pleased."
Elizabeth let out a little breath of relief. She could not even imagine Maxwell associating himself with Theresa Harding, especially after their first meeting. Yet, when Mary mentioned that Theresa approached them, Elizabeth felt a sharp pang. She wanted to scold herself for being jealous, but she could not bring herself to do it. Something deep inside her soul told her she was meant to be with Maxwell Evans, and she prayed to God that it was true.
Alexander, on the other hand, was clearly very jealous and had absolutely no intention of hiding it. The second Mary finished her telling of that day's events, Alexander began to riddle her with questions.
"Did it seem like she was intimate with one of them?"
Mary shook her head. "No. It looked more like they were discussing a problem."
"Well, was there any indication of what that problem was," he inquired.
"Not that I could tell," Mary said softly. "I was quite upset after all."
"Are you sure there is nothing more to tell."
Mary looked at Elizabeth, then to Alexander, and back to Elizabeth. She could feel her bottom lip begin to quiver uncontrollably. Soon her sobs had returned. Elizabeth gave Alexander a quick harsh look before turning her attention to her crying friend.
Alexander immediately felt bad for upsetting Mary further. "I am sorry Mary. I did not mean to make you cry. I am just worried for them, for Isabel. Her behavior has been so strange lately."
"I am her cousin," Mary said between her sobs. "Do you think that I have not noticed her actions. I am just as worried as you."
Just then, there was a knock at the front door. Elizabeth reluctantly left the room to answer it. Moments later, she returned with Maxwell following close behind her. Both Alexander and Mary quickly stood up, surprised at his visit.
"What is the matter," Elizabeth asked, as soon as they were in the room.
Maxwell took a second to catch his breath. "Doctor Griggs has examined the girls who claim to be ill."
"What is the diagnosis," Alexander pried.
Maxwell looked at each one of their faces, lingering the longest on Elizabeth's. "He believes that the girls are bewitched, tormented by specters sent from the devil."
Mary dropped to the sofa and Elizabeth slowly sat down next to her. Alexander just stood still in shock. "What are they intending to do," he finally asked.
Maxwell looked down. "To find the ones conjuring the spirits. A witch hunt."
But that was not all there was to it, and Elizabeth knew it. She had been looking in his eyes the entire time he spoke. Those deep pools of amber could not hide the fact that there was something else troubling him. "You have more to say, Maxwell."
This came out more as a statement than a question. Maxwell returned Elizabeth's intense gaze. "Theresa Harding says that she is being tormented as well."

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Here is part eight...Thanks for all the feedback. You all know how much I love it. I hope that you liek his part. it is very stargazer-ish. Enjoy*happy*


Part Eight…

Isabel paced the length of her room for the fifth time that minute. Her nerves were shot, and she just did not know what to do with herself. She came right home after her argument with Mary and encounter with Theresa. An hour and a half later, Michael knock on the door. Isabel was quite shocked to see him, for he had never visited her home before.
Immediately, she could tell that Michael was upset. She led him to the parlor, but he refused to sit down. Then, he told her about doctor's diagnosis. Isabel could have passed away from shock right there. Michael further explained that Theresa was now claiming to be ill. She had begun to cry out in Salem Square as soon as Mary had left her.
It did not require a lot of thought to figure out what Theresa's plan was. As Isabel figured, Maxwell's first thought was to find Elizabeth. He had left Michael the second he heard the news. Michael went to her house.
However, Isabel was now alone. Alone with this life altering news. She knew that they all were in danger, but how. Theresa was new, and she did not hold much status in the community. Yet, deep down she had a bad feeling, and she was praying they would be safe.
A knock answered her prayers. Isabel walked to the threshold and opened the door. Standing before her was Alexander.
"May I enter," he asked.
Isabel nodded and moved so he could pass. As soon as the door was shut, Alexander started to scold her. "Do you know that Mary was in tears over the way you treated her. She was very distraught after the quarrel. How could you do that to her? She is your cousin, your kin, your blood."
Isabel just stood there. She had never seen Alexander so upset, especially not at her. She could not take that right now. The tears began to flow.
Alexander saw that she was crying about what he said to her. He felt like he could not have been more hurt than if someone had plunged a dagger into his heart. "I am sorry for being so cross, Isabel. I am just worried about you."
Isabel looked into his eyes. Before either of them knew what was happening, Isabel flung her arms around Alexander. She held on to him like her life depended on it. For all she knew, at that moment it did.
Alexander wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Softly, he whispered in her ear, "Everything will be fine, my love." Then he paused. He could not believe those words came out of his mouth. They were true, but he could not believe he said them. There might be a chance she did not hear them.
He had no such luck. Isabel slowly drew away, focusing her eyes intently on his. "My love," she said, quite unsure. She not only heard the words, but felt them as well. Isabel knew Alexander was telling the truth, and she felt the same way about him.
Alexander read that in her eyes. The boldness of his next action surprised him. He brought his hand to her face and gently brushed away a tear with his thumb. Allowing the hand to linger there, he caressed her cheek. Then, he leaned in and lightly brushed his lips against her. Isabel let out a soft sigh, enticing him to do it again.
A moment later, Isabel pulled away. Laying her head against his chest, Isabel closed her eyes and uttered the words she had always wanted to say. "I love you, Alexander."
"I love you too, Isabel," he whispered back.

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Howdy all, here is part nine... a very dreamy part. I hope that you all like it. Remember the feedback. I love it so. Well enjoy.


Part Nine…

Upon hearing Maxwell's news, Alexander ran off to find Isabel. Mary also left. Elizabeth suspected that she wanted to be alone. Mary and Isabel had never argued before. Mary most likely needed time to sort out her feelings. This left Elizabeth alone in the parlor with Maxwell.
"I was good of you to tell us the news," Elizabeth said as she assessed her situation. She knew it was not prudent to be with Maxwell without a chaperon, but it felt so right to her.
"I had to know that you were okay," Maxwell said, half-scared and half-angry.
The tone in this voice was unlike anything Elizabeth had heard from him. "Maxwell, what is the matter? The tone of your voice scares me. What are you hiding?"
Maxwell looked at her. "What makes you think I am hiding anything?"
"I can see it in your eyes," Elizabeth said, simply.
Maxwell found himself being drawn closer to Elizabeth by the second. He knew that every moment he spent with her only brought her closer to danger. However, he could never imagine his life without her. "I am far to selfish," he whispered.
Elizabeth was taken back. She had no idea where Maxwell would have gotten an idea like that. She took a step closer to him, reached out, and touched his cheek. She felt him shudder slightly at her touch. "You could never be selfish, Maxwell."
"Elizabeth, you have no idea how selfish I am. Just by being here, I have put you in danger. Yet, I have no want to leave."
Elizabeth closed the distance between them. Before she thought twice, her arms were around Maxwell. He pulled her closer, into a fierce hug, resting his head in the crook of her neck. The contact between them was enough to start the connection. He cut it off quickly, but he knew she felt it.
"What was that," Elizabeth asked, timidly.
Maxwell did not know what to do. He hated keeping a secret from Elizabeth and he could never lie to her, so he decided to leave. Maxwell picked up his hat, but before he made his way to the door, Elizabeth grabbed his arm. "Please do not keep secrets from me," she pleaded.
He despised himself for causing that tone in her voice. She should never be made to feel that way. Yet, he had no choice. Maxwell could not even look her in the eyes. "I do not wish to have this secret, Elizabeth. But I cannot tell you. You mean too much to me." With that, he left.
Elizabeth stood at the door. She wished to rush out after him, but she was not wearing a cloak. So she watched him walk away. "I will not leave it like this," she vowed to the winter wind that howled at her.

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Part Ten…

After hearing what Maxwell said, Mary desperately needed to be alone. She left Elizabeth's house and began to wander the streets of Salem alone. The cold February wind blew around her. Mary's tears were practically freezing to her face, but she didn't notice.
In fact, all Mary was thinking about was the events of that day. Isabel's strange behavior and the announcement that girls were becoming bewitched. Mary had a feeling deep down within her soul that the two were connect, but she did not know how. Mary cried even harder because she could not find an answer to the question. She cried because she longed to help Isabel, yet did not know how.
The tears forming in her eyes made it almost impossible for her to see. She could not see the person walking towards her, not until it was to late. They ran straight into one another, knocking Mary on to the snow-covered street.
"Do you not look where you are going," a gruff voice mumbled.
Mary's ears identified the voice right away. It was Michael Guerin. "I should have known it was you," she said, attempting to hide her sobs.
"Mary," Michael questioned. "Is that you?"
Softly, Mary spoke. "Yes." She could not believe the day she was having. This was completely the last straw. Her body began to shake uncontrollably. She could not tell whether it was from the cold or her emotions.
Michael noticed that Mary was shaking. He was starting to worry about her. "Mary, are you all right?"
"No," Mary said between convulsions. She could not stop her shaking. She tried to get up, but it was no use. Actually, it made her lightheaded. Before she fell back to the ground, Michael caught her.
"I have you," he whispered as he held her in his arms. "I need to get you home."
Mary nodded for she could no longer form words. She had known Michael Guerin most of her life, yet she had never seen this side to him. It was like warmth was coming from him, warmth that actually seemed to take away the cold.
He knew it was a bad idea, but she was freezing to the touch, so Michael used a little of his power to warm her. After a minute or two, some color came back to her paled cheeks. "Are you feeling better," he asked as they were nearing her house.
"Yes," Mary said as she gave him a small smile. "Thank you. You did not have to help me."
"Well, what was suppose to do…let you freeze," he teased.
"I would not have put it past you," she said, then she paused. "At least, before."
"Never," he said, realizing how nice it was to have her in his arms. "If anything happened to you, who would I torment?"
Mary gave a little laugh. It was then that she noticed that they were close to her house. However, Mary did not want to be separated from Michael so soon. The warmth of his arms was so amazing, she shuddered at the thought of being with out it. "Where did that come from," she asked herself. "You have to stop this. It is imprudent to think this way. Besides, you have more important matters to think about."
Mary pulled away, walked a step ahead, and then turned around. "It was very good of you to help me, Michael. I won't forget it."
Michael shook slightly when she left his side. It was like he was cold without her. "It was no problem, Mary. I hope that you feel better by the morning."
Mary sighed as she reached her door. "I hope so too."

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Part Eleven… February 29, 1692

The new snow crunched under her feet as Elizabeth made her way to the cemetery. This day depressed her above all others. She searched throughout the markers and monuments until she found the one she was looking for. Lovingly, she reached out and traced the letters etched into the cold stone.

Norah Ann Whitman
Wife and Mother

It was on this day, six years ago, that Elizabeth lost her mother. She was only ten and Alexander was almost twelve. Ever since, Elizabeth visited her marker to show that she remembered what a wonderful person her mother was.
After spending a few quiet moments, Elizabeth left the cemetery and headed in towards town. It wasn't long before she could see the crowd that had gathered in the town square. Elizabeth managed to find someone she recognized, Mary Deluca.
"What is all the commotion about," Elizabeth asked as she pulled Mary aside.
Mary shook her head in disapproval. "They have issued warrants to arrest Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba the slave."
Elizabeth covered her mouth with her hand. "On what charges," she gasped.
"Witchcraft. The afflicted girls are saying that it is these women that are hexing them."
"What evidence do they have that this is true," Elizabeth asked.
Mary looked down at the snow. "Only the word of the girls."
Elizabeth wanted to run, shout, or fight. Just anything but standing there. Mary seemed to sense this. "Would you accompany me to my house? We can talk along the way."
Elizabeth nodded, for she did not trust her ability to form the right words at the time. Mary decided she would start the conversation. "So, have you talked to Maxwell since he informed us of the diagnosis?"
"No," Elizabeth whispered. "He has been avoiding me. It always seems like wants to talk to me, but when I start to approach him, he moves away."
"Well, it seems to be just the opposite between Michael and I," Mary said, grinning slightly. "He has taken it upon himself to escort me home a few times now. We manage to begin the usual banter just before we arrive at my house."
"And I know that you enjoy every moment, Mary," Elizabeth teased. "Otherwise, you would not smile so."
"I have to admit I do, for I could never lie to you."
"Since we are on the subject, have you spoken any further with Isabel," Elizabeth asked. Lately, the only time she had seen her friend or heard of her was through Alexander.
Mary's smile faded at the question. "Not really. She apologized to me about our argument, but she seldom comes around to visit. Whenever I go to see her, she is either too busy or not there at all."
Elizabeth felt bad for her friend. "I am sorry to hear it. We all suspect that she and Alexander have an attachment, maybe that could have something to do with her behavior."
Mary looked sideways at Elizabeth. "You do not believe that anymore than I do. I have my theories, but I do not have any way of proving or disproving them."
"We will discuss them and I will help you, for I am worried about them too."
"Them," Mary asked with one of her eyebrows raised.
"Isabel and Maxwell, maybe even Michael. Their behavior has been odd lately," Elizabeth explained.
"I think that your main concern is with Maxwell," Mary teased. "I know you feel affection towards him."
Elizabeth smiled at her friend. "I shall not deny it. I have feelings for him, but his secretive manner as of late frustrates me to no end. I pray that he will confide in me or that I may stumble upon what he is hiding."
"How do you know that his secret is not something could diminish your affections towards him."
Elizabeth smiled. "I know."
The two girls continued on, until they reached Mary's home. However, they did not notice the curly-haired blond that had followed them for most of their trip. "I will not allow any of you humans to find out our secret," Theresa mumbled under her breath. "It would be better for you to mind your own business and leave us be. In fact, it would be best for everyone."

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Part Twelve… March 1, 1692

The Salem courthouse was packed with spectators wishing to see the accused witches being questioned. Theresa Harding sat with the group of afflicted girls toward the front of the room. Maxwell glared at her from his standing point on the left of the room. Michael stood by Maxwell, but he was watching Mary more than anyone else. Isabel, Alexander, Elizabeth, and Mary had managed to find a place to sit near the front of the room. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the questioning to begin.
When Magistrates John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin entered the room, an unnerving hush fell over the crowd. "Bring in the accused," Magistrate Hathorne ordered.
Sarah Osborne, Sarah Goode, and Tituba were all led into the room. Magistrate Corwin first recognized Tituba. "You have confessed to the crime of witchcraft, have you not?"
Tituba raised her voice enough for everyone in the room to hear. "Yes sir. I hava been practice'n the dark arts, buta de devil made me."
The word laced with the thick accent fell on Elizabeth's ears. She cringed when she heard the confession. It pained her to hear people giving so much credit to the lies of girls.
Maxwell noticed how pale Elizabeth grew. He wanted to go to her desperately, gather her in his arms, and take her away from all of this. But that would be foolishness. He, Michael, and Isabel could do nothing to draw attention to themselves or they might risk getting accused. Especially with Theresa being among the accusers. He knew she had only evil motives behind her plans.
The second person to be questioned was Sarah Osborne. The second she claimed her innocence, all the afflicted girls cried out like they were in pain. "She pinches me," Theresa cried. "She wants me to sign the Devil's book."
"You probably have already," Michael mumbled under his breath. He agreed with Maxwell. Theresa was up to no good. She had even threaten Mary, Elizabeth, and Alexander. He would never let any harm fall upon Mary. He did not know what it was about her, but he knew could not be without her.
After more than an hour of roundabout questioning, the Magistrates declared that Sarah Osborne was working with the Devil against the afflicted girls. The girls looked satisfied at their triumph. Elizabeth just stood up. She could not hear anymore of the lies. Both Theresa and Maxwell looked directly at her.
Theresa smiled wickedly. Elizabeth was playing into her plans very nicely. The more and more Elizabeth showed her discontent for the situation in Salem, the easier target she would be.
However, Theresa's happiness was short live because she saw Maxwell follow Elizabeth out of the courtroom. Elizabeth ran directly outside without caring if anyone noticed her actions. The sharp cold wind stung her face as she pulled her cloak tightly around her. She could no longer be apart of what was going on inside the courthouse. They had decided to try an innocent woman and forced another to confess.
Maxwell saw her draw her cloak tight around her body. "Elizabeth, are you feeling well," he asked softly.
Elizabeth turned around to face him, strands of her hair blowing out of her bonnet. Maxwell felt his breath catch in his throat. She was just so beautiful.
"What concern is it of yours," Elizabeth asked angrily. She was still hurt that he would not confide in her. "You keep secrets from me."
"I do not want to have secrets from you, Elizabeth," Maxwell said, nearly crying. "I never wanted to hurt you, just protect you."
Elizabeth walked closer to him. "What is there to protect me from," she asked.
"My past," Maxwell told her, as he glanced at his shoes. The tears that had formed in his eyes began to roll down his cheeks. "My secrets could put you in harm's way. You might despise me for them."
Elizabeth reached out and wiped away some of his tears. "I could never despise you, Maxwell. I care about you too much. I just despise that your secrets cause you pain and I am powerless to stop it. Please confide in me."
Maxwell turned his head and kissed her palm. The simple touch of his lips sent shivers down her spine. Maxwell knew that he could not keep his secret much longer. He did not want to. "Soon," he whispered with his lips still grazing her palm. "I promise."

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Part Thirteen… March 8, 1692

Theresa glanced around the room at the other girls. The Magistrates had called them to the courthouse that day to name their other tormentors. They all knew that the Magistrates thought the madness would end when the first three named were brought to "justice," but the girls had other plans. They were not ready to stop. Neither was Theresa. They were having too much fun with their newfound power.
However, so of the younger girls were having second thoughts. Theresa decided to use her alien power to convince them not to back out. Yes, having the ability to make people see what was not there could be very useful sometimes.
Now, the girls were having a hard time thinking of whom to name next. Pamela Troy wished to name Martha Cory and Ann Putnam wished to name Martha's husband, Giles. Theresa had other wishes.
"We need to pronounce a name that will strike fear into the hearts of all Salem townsfolk. A name that is usually associated with goodness and reverence, but who is truly wicked in her soul," Theresa announced to the group.
"And whom would that be," Ann asked bitterly. Until Theresa cried out, Ann had held much of the power within the group. Now, Ann seemed to be against anything Theresa said.
"I believe that we should name Elizabeth Whitman," Theresa pronounced.
Mercy Lewis jumped out of her seat. "We cannot do that Theresa. Her father is well known in this town. She, herself, is held in high regard with many people. If we name her, there will surely be an uprising against it."
"I believe Mercy is right. People will never believe that Elizabeth Whitman is a witch. We have to discuss the ramifications of naming someone of the high a social standing," Ann agreed.
Theresa glared at them all in anger. "She walked out of the courtroom during the examination. Tell me that is not strange."
Theresa then turned to Betty Parris. Her mind tricks seemed to work best on her. Seeing as how she was the start of the whole situation, if Theresa convinced Betty, the other girls would fall in line soon enough. "Betty, I know you have been tormented by a spector with long, dark brown hair and dark evil eyes. Have you not."
Betty shivered as Theresa addressed her. "Y-yes," she stuttered meekly.
Ann listened to this, but decided to put her foot down. She stared directly at Theresa. "We will wait on accusing Elizabeth Whitman. If she continues to act strangely, she will have brought it down upon herself. However, until then, we will wait."
Theresa met Ann's gaze. She realized it would be ridiculous to argue the point now. Yet, it would not be long before the other girls saw Elizabeth as evil. She would make sure of that. With Elizabeth accused, Maxwell would have to agree to marry Theresa and Michael would marry Isabel, especially if they did not want any harm to come to the others. "Soon," Theresa thought to herself. "Very soon indeed."

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Part Fourteen… Later that day

Elizabeth rushed down the streets of Salem towards Isabel's house. She was in high spirits that day. The sun was out and snow was beginning to melt. She was on her way to see one of her closest friends in the world, which she had not spent much time with in the past few weeks. But the thing that was making Elizabeth the happiest was Maxwell Evans was no longer avoiding her.
Speaking of Maxwell Evans, Elizabeth spotted him directly in front of her. "Good morning Maxwell," she called out to him.
Maxwell stopped, turned around, and smiled when he saw her. "Good morning to you to Elizabeth. Where are you off to this morning," he asked.
"To the McCormick's. Isabel asked me to pay her a visit," Elizabeth replied.
"How strange," Maxwell said. "For that is where I am going as well." He was trying not to give away the fact that he knew why Isabel had asked Elizabeth to go to her house. He, Michael, and Isabel decided it was time to reveal their secret. Well, Isabel and Maxwell thought it was time, Michael had just given up fighting against them.
Maxwell remembered their last meeting. It was the night after the first examinations. Isabel confided in them that Alexander had asked for her hand in marriage. She desperately wanted to say yes, but she could not do that without telling their secret. Maxwell agreed with Isabel. They could not keep their secret forever. He wanted to tell Elizabeth.
Yet, Michael was reluctant to agree. He brought up what might happen if the told people about what they were. Maxwell and Isabel argued that Alexander, Elizabeth, and even Mary were different from other people. Isabel wanted to set things right with Mary. Their friendship had been on rocky ground since the argument, and this was the main reason why. Michael lightened up on the idea when Mary's name was mentioned. They knew how much he liked her.
Maxwell reached out for Elizabeth's hand. Elizabeth blushed as she took his. Together, they continued on towards Isabel's house. When they passed the courthouse, they bumped into Ann Putnam.
Ann eyed Elizabeth intently before she spoke. "Good morning Elizabeth, Maxwell."
"Good morning," they replied in unison. "How are you feeling," Elizabeth asked, plastering a smile on her face.
"I am feeling as well as could be expected," Ann told her without looking away. "Elizabeth, may I speak with you for a moment."
Elizabeth was reluctant to say yes, but she felt Maxwell giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. She smiled at him before letting go of his hand and walking towards Ann. Ann could not help but notice how close Elizabeth and Maxwell were getting.
"What is it that you wish to speak to me about," Elizabeth asked. She had always felt uncomfortable around Ann Putnam, especially since the accusations.
"I wanted to warn you," Ann said. Elizabeth looked shocked, but Ann continued. "There are people looking to accuse you of witchcraft. If I were you, I would watch how I behaved for awhile. You would not want to bring down an accusation upon yourself."
Elizabeth just stood there trying to process what Ann was telling her. She could not believe that someone wanted to accuse her of witchcraft. In fact, she was so deep in thought that she barely registered Ann excusing herself and walking away.
Maxwell saw Ann Putnam walk away, but Elizabeth had yet to move. He walked up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Elizabeth jumped a bit before turning to face him. "You startled me," she said when she realized it was him.
"Are you okay," he asked, concerned. "You have been standing here for some time. What did she say to you?"
Elizabeth didn't answer. Instead she wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him a big hug. Maxwell held her in an embrace until she wanted him to let go. "Are you sure that you are all right," he asked when she pulled away.
Elizabeth nodded. "Let us go to Isabel's," she said softly. She really wanted to stay in Maxwell's arms, but she remembered Ann's warning. "Who would want to accuse me," she pondered as the walked on towards the McCormick's.

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Part Fifteen…

Maxwell and Elizabeth spent the remainder of the walk in silence. Maxwell had made an attempt to reach out and hold Elizabeth's hand, but she pulled it out of his reach. This reaction to him made Maxwell more nervous than anything ever had. "How is she going to react to my secret," he pondered.
Elizabeth did not want to pull away from Maxwell. It was just her fears getting the better of her. As the days in Salem passed, the finger pointing was becoming more apparent. And now someone was trying to point a finger at her. What would happen then? Would they accuse everyone she loved, accuse Maxwell?
Deep down she knew he was different. She did not fear him because of it. In fact, she loved him more. But it did scare her that he could get hurt. That is why she pulled away.
When they reached the McCormick's, Maxwell knocked on the door. Isabel answered it not more than a second later. He could tell that she was just as nervous as he was. There was also a bit of dread written across her face.
"Come in, come in," she said as she ushered them into the threshold. "Everyone else is in the parlor. Let me get your cloaks."
"Isabel," Elizabeth said, trying not to laugh. "What is the important news?"
Isabel grew a bit ridged. "Who says I have news?"
"Well, it was two things actually," Elizabeth teased. "First of all, you said that 'everybody' was in the parlor. When there are many people called together that usually means an important announcement. And secondly, you are acting as if you were ready to jump out of your own skin. Please do be calm, Isabel. I am sure your news is wonderful."
Isabel gave Elizabeth a small smile before walking them into the parlor. Mary and Michael were sitting next to each other on the sofa. Of course, they were bickering like crazy. Alexander was sitting calmly on chair. Isabel immediately walked over to him, and took his hand. Maxwell and Elizabeth managed to make themselves comfortable on the other smaller sofa.
"I guess that everyone has figured out by now, that I have some very important news," Isabel stated when everyone looked settled.
Mary shot Elizabeth a knowing glance. Elizabeth had to admit, she entirely thought that Isabel was going to say that she was accepting Alexander's proposal. In fact, nothing could have prepared Elizabeth for the next words out of Isabel's mouth.
"I don't know if I can accept Alexander's proposal of marriage," she said softly, staring at her shoes. "I want to, but I don't know if I can."
Elizabeth had never seen her brother looked more crushed in his life. Alexander immediately stood up and looked Isabel in the eye. "Why not? Your father does not disapprove of me. He gave me his blessing in asking for your hand. Did I do something wrong? Do you not love me?"
Isabel was crying freely now. "I love you so much Alexander Whitman. There are not enough words to tell you how much you mean to me. But by accepting your proposal, I will put you in danger. My secret will put you in danger."
Elizabeth recalled the similar words Maxwell had spoken to her about a week ago. Slowly, her mind began to add the pieces together. However, not before Maxwell got up to speak.
He hated to see Isabel in this kind of pain. She was like a sister to him. He also thought she was going to accept Alexander's proposal, but he knew she was still thinking about it. Yet, she was willing to give up her only love for him and Michael. Maxwell was not going to let that happen.
"It is not just your secret Isabel," he said. "It is mine too."
Michael stood up beside Mary. "And mine."
Alexander, Elizabeth, and Mary exchanged glances. Now, they were really confused. They rarely saw Michael, Isabel, and Maxwell associate with one another, so how could they share a dangerous secret. That is until the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for Elizabeth. "You three are different," she said softly.
Isabel could only nod her head. Michael just stared at Elizabeth as Maxwell sat down next to her. "How did you know," he asked, looking into her eyes.
"I just knew. I always have. Ever since you healed my ankle," she confessed. It was like there was a connection, a bond, between them and that was how she knew.
Maxwell laughed at the memory of that day. It was the first time he had met her and Alexander. Alexander was dragging him off to check out something in the barn and Elizabeth was determined not to be left behind. So she ran to catch up to them. She didn't see the rock until she tripped over it. Maxwell had heard her cry out in pain and was by her side a moment later. Alexander ran off to find help.
Maxwell remembered the look on her face as he touched her ankle. She winced in pain, but bit her lip to keep from crying out in pain. What Maxwell had never told anyone was that the bone was actually broken. If he didn't heal it, Elizabeth would probably have to limp for the rest of her life. Maxwell couldn't let anything slow down Elizabeth. So he risked his identity to save her from further pain. He should have known that she would have never forgotten about it.
Elizabeth looked at him sitting next to her on the couch. He returned her stare and opened his mouth to speak. "We have powers."
Mary let out a small gasp from the other sofa. "What kind of powers," she asked softly, still in a bit of shock.
Michael gently took her hand. Mary's eyes shot up, but she didn't pull away. Michael smiled, relaxing a bit. "Isabel can see peoples dreams. I can… well… make small things blow up. And Maxwell can…"
Elizabeth cut him off without taking her eyes off of Maxwell. "He can heal people. Like you healed me."
Maxwell just nodded. Alexander grew a bit pale, but he still stood in his place. "I always thought that was something you made up, Elizabeth, because you didn't want to admit how much you liked Maxwell."
Elizabeth turned to look at her brother and blushed a bit. "I was telling you the truth."
Mary spoke up. "I have to admit, my friend, I thought the same thing."
Elizabeth threw up her hands. "Of course." That is when she felt Maxwell tensing next to her. She turned her attention back to him. "Is something the matter?"
A tear slipped from his eye. "You are not scared of me. None of you are scared of us. You know that we are different, but you have not run away."
Elizabeth reached out and wiped the tear from his cheek. "I told you that there was nothing you couldn't tell me. I will always be here for you."
Alexander hated to interrupt this moment, but there was something he had to know. "Where did you get your powers from?"
Isabel sat down in the nearest chair. "From our parents," she replied softly. "They were not from around here."
Alexander knelt down in front of her. "What do you mean?"
Maxwell took it upon himself to answer this question. "We just found out that they were from another planet."
Elizabeth drew back out of shock, not disgust. "How did you find out," she asked.
"From Theresa Harding," Michael growled. "She is one of use. She revealed herself when she arrived in town. That is why you all are in danger. She wants it to be only us, and I believe she claiming to be afflicted to gain power so she can accuse any of you."
Isabel began to cry all over again. "That is why I cannot marry you, Alexander. I do not want you to be accused."
Alexander rubbed her arms in an attempt to calm her down. "I love you Isabel. I do not care what Theresa Harding wants. It only matters what you want. I do not care what she will try to do, nothing can stop me from loving you."
Isabel smiled. "I love you to, Alexander." She leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his lips.
Maxwell felt relief for Isabel. Alexander did not care that she was different. He still wanted to be with her. However, that is when he noticed that Elizabeth had grown quiet.
"Is something wrong," he asked, his voice full of concern.
Elizabeth nodded her head. "Ann Putnam told me to watch my actions today. Someone is trying to accuse me of witchcraft."
Maxwell felt his anger rise from the pit of his stomach. "Theresa."

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Part Sixteen….

Silence fell upon the group. Theresa was actually trying to accuse Elizabeth. It was one thing to threaten, but she was now trying to take action on those threats. Maxwell had never known such hatred for a person until that moment.
That is when he felt Elizabeth grasp tightly to his hand. "Maxwell, look at me," she pleaded. "What are you thinking?"
Slowly, Maxwell looked up. "I will not let her hurt you," his said, his voice seething with anger.
Elizabeth held tighter to his hand. "Then do nothing. If she knows you suspect her or are displeased with her, what is to stop her from trying to harm you, or Isabel, or Michael. I will not let that happen because of me."
With those words, Michael's opinion of Elizabeth Whitman grew tenfold. She remained rational when she should fear for her safety. Yet, she was more concerned about them than herself. "It is true, Maxwell," he chimed in. "If we act strangely, who knows who Theresa will lash out at. It could be anyone of us. However, I do think that we should come up with an plan in case something does happen."
Mary nodded. "Michael is right. If this situation gets out of hand, we should not be caught unaware.

For two weeks, the group managed to stay away from each other. It was all part of the plan. If Theresa had no reason to expect that their relationships were progressing, she would have no reason to accuse anyone.
And for those two weeks, the plan worked. That is until Maxwell accidentally bumped into Elizabeth after sermon. After exchanging quick glances across the meeting room, Elizabeth thought it would be best for her to leave as soon as sermon was done. She knew that if she got close to Maxwell, her resolve to stick to the plan would crumble. If she heard his voice, she would be undone.
When Reverend Parris finished speaking, Elizabeth rose and left the building. Unfortunately, Maxwell had the same idea. They ran into each other, just outside the door. "Elizabeth," Maxwell exclaimed in surprise.
The first thing that came to Elizabeth's mind was to run. So she turned on her heal and made her way as fast as she could to her house. Maxwell took off after her, finally reaching her just before the gateway to her home. "Please stop," he begged breathlessly, reaching out to take ahold of her arm.
Elizabeth stopped in her tracks. "We cannot do this," she told him, without turning around. "We risk everyone's life if we do."
"I was just concerned," he said. "You ran from me as if I were the devil himself. I was afraid that you might now be scared of me since I have put your life in danger," he admitted his fears to her.
Elizabeth turned to face him. He glowing amber eyes were darkened with sadness. He truly thought she was afraid of him. "Maxwell, I could never be scared of you," she told him. And for his confession, she added on of her own. "I fear myself when I am with you."
Maxwell gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?"
"When I am with you, all I can think about is you. You become my entire focus, and that is not what we need right now. I would never be able to forgive myself if my bad judgment caused anyone to get hurt. I am not rational when you are near," she told him quietly.
She looked up at him as she finished her speech and saw nothing but love beaming from his eyes. "Please don't look at me like that, Maxwell. I will have no defenses."
"You have all ready taken all of mine away," he said, his voice growing husky. "It is your turn."
Elizabeth smiled up at him. She could not help herself. Maxwell took a step towards her, reaching out with one hand, cupping her cheek with it. She leaned into him and he used his thumb to tilt her chin upwards. Slowly, he bent down and lightly brushed his lips on hers.
Elizabeth let out a sigh. Everything felt so right. His arm came around her waist, pulling her closer as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Maxwell recaptured her lips for a second kiss. He couldn't believe how soft her mouth was. Better than he had ever imagined.
That is when the flashes began. Liz saw Max as a little baby emerging from an egg shaped object. Isabel and Michael were besides them. Even thought they could not speak a word, because they were infants, they could understand each other. She then saw Maxwell heal her ankle, and how he risked his identity becoming known for her. She could feel how much he loved her.
"I love you," she whispered breathlessly as they broke apart. She rested her head on his chest, waiting for her breathing to become regular.
"I love you too," he said, running his hands through the ends of her hair. "I always will."
"I knew it," a voice shrieked from the street.
Max and Elizabeth turned quickly, only to see Theresa Harding staring at them. "My instincts told me that all of you had concocted some sort of plan, but I have caught you," she accused them. "You will burn for this, Elizabeth Whitman. I was right when I said you put on airs. You have taken what does not belong to you." With that, she began to run back towards the townsquare.
Maxwell and Elizabeth took off after her. They knew what she was going to do and they had to stop her before it was too late. However, it was already too late. Theresa reached the square and began shrieking like the devil himself was after her. "She does try to kill me," Theresa proclaimed to the masses. "Elizabeth Whitman's spector does haunt me. She does the devil's work."
Before Elizabeth had a chance to respond, two men grabbed ahold of her arms. Maxwell looked as if he could take a life with his own hands. She knew he was going to try and stop them. "Don't," she pleaded him. "She has no proof. I am a good Christian woman," she told him, trying to calm him down. Then, Elizabeth turned her attention to the crowd. "I have no pact with the devil, and everyone knows that."
The men began to drag her towards the jail. Maxwell began to move towards her, but Michael, who had seen the whole thing, stopped him. "It will not help," he told Maxwell, holding him firmly. "We still have the second part of our plan. Nothing will happen to her."
Maxwell stiffened, but he no longer tried to go after Elizabeth. "We will not allow her to say there long," he said to Theresa. "You are the devil come to Salem, and soon all will know it."

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Part Seventeen… March 24, 1692

Elizabeth sat on some straw in the corner of a cell at the Salem courthouse. She knew that they would be coming for her soon, to take her to a jail cell. It was to become her new home, at least until they decided to hang her or the others came to her rescue. Elizabeth just sat there, recalling the scene that had just played out in the courthouse over and over again in her mind.
That was all that she could think of to call it… a scene. Like it had been acted out for someone’s twisted merriment. "It was," Elizabeth told herself, quietly. "Theresa Harding could be nothing but pleased with herself. I will go to trial, just like she wanted."

***Earlier that day ***

The courtroom was crowded. Both Elizabeth and the good Rebecca Nurse were being brought before the Magistrates for examination. Elizabeth could not believe that Rebecca had been accused. She was the most pious person in the whole village. In fact, Rebecca was the midwife that delivered both Elizabeth and Alexander.
Elizabeth was sure that her shock was apparent for she could not hide it. But then her eyes fell upon Maxwell. He looked as though he had not slept these past couple of days. Alexander sat next to him on his right, and Michael was on his left. Yet, Elizabeth did not see Isabel or Mary by them. For a quick second, Elizabeth tore her eyes away from Maxwell. She scanned the rest of the room, finally spotting Isabel and Mary sitting on the other side of the room.
"Good," she thought to herself. "They are still keeping to the plan. That is probably the best way to keep safe for the time being." Then her eyes fell back on Maxwell’s face. He was looking directly at her, meeting her gaze intensely. It was like he could see in her, could read her thoughts or sense her fear. "I will not let anything happen to you," he slowly mouthed to her.
Elizabeth trembled as she saw him forming the words with his mouth. Her focus was so intent on his lips, the lips that had blazed against hers not more than two days before. Why was she being punished for something that felt so right? She was a good Christian woman, yet her peers are punishing her for the only thing that could make her happy. To be with Maxwell was all she wanted, to be his wife. Elizabeth could feel a tear slipping from her eye at the cruelty of it all.
Rebecca reached over and gently patted Elizabeth’s arm. "Things will work out, child. Have faith."
Elizabeth turned to Rebecca and smile. "Thank you," she said softly. "I do have faith that this situation will be righted. I just hate to see pain on the face of the people I care about."
"I see that you both have admitted your feelings for one another," Rebecca teased, raising one eyebrow a bit.
"How did you know," Elizabeth asked, quite shocked.
Rebecca smiled at her. "I have known you from the day you were born, Elizabeth. To see the way that you look at Maxwell Evans is enough to show anyone your feelings for him. It could only be matched by they way he looks at you. I feel that God fashioned you both for each other."
Elizabeth wanted to hug Rebecca for her words of hope, but the Magistrates walked into the room at that moment. "We will first examine Elizabeth Whitman," Magistrate Corwin stated as he sat down.
Elizabeth moved to stand before both men. "Are you a witch," Magistrate Hawthorne asked first.
"No sir," Elizabeth answered him, looked him in the eye.
"Then why do these children see you specter tormenting them," Corwin asked quickly.
Elizabeth turned her head slightly. "I do not think that they see my specter, you honor, for I have no pact with the devil."
Hawthorne thought for a second. "Then how did you know a pact with the devil allowed a person to send out their specter?"
"Well, that is the charge against me, is it not," Elizabeth said boldly.
"Do not get indignant, child," Hawthorne ordered her, getting a bit mad at her reply. "This is a very serious charge. The devil has sent minions to torment these girls and they say that you are among them."
Elizabeth tried to look unaffected. "It is a falsehood."
That is when she heard Theresa call out in pain. "She comes to me in the night saying that she wishes to take my soul to the fiery depths of Hell, unless I sign the devil’s book. She pinches me even now because I won’t."
The other girls began to cry out after that statement. They all accused Elizabeth of evil things ranging from pinching them to attempting to murder them while they slept. Elizabeth stood tall, but she felt like she would be sick after hearing everything that was being said about her. To think that anyone could believe she would perform such actions was terrifying.
"I demand that you stop your torments," Corwin yelled at Elizabeth.
Elizabeth looked at him. "I cannot stop an action that I am not performing."
"Then how come they are in such pain," Hawthorne asked her. "Why do they see your spirit causing these afflictions?"
"What proof do they have that it is me doing this," Elizabeth replied. "Do they have solid evidence?"
Corwin raised his hand to silence her. "Their pain is enough. It is all the evidence of what you are causing that we need. I can practically see the wounds you are inflicting on them right now."
Elizabeth turned to face where the girls were standing. She could see red marks rising on the skin of some of the girls, yet she knew it was not her doing. "How is it possible," she thought to herself. Then, the image in front of her flickered once. A minute later, it did it again. Each time, Elizabeth saw Theresa standing there with her eyes closed, like she was pouring all her energy into something. The red marks on the other girls arms and legs disappeared for these moments as well. It dawned on Elizabeth in that instant that it was Theresa causing the apparitions.


But now she was trapped in her cell, unable to do anything. She had originally thought that all the afflicted girls were just acting. However, what she had seen today day proved that some of them were seeing things, but Theresa Harding was the cause. She was an alien after all, who knows what powers she possessed.
Elizabeth felt her fear begin to rise even more. "Maxwell and the others have know idea what Theresa can do. I have to get word to them. This changes all of our plans." She begin pacing back and forth in her cell, trying to figure out a way to inform them of Theresa’s powers. But it was useless. She was trapped.
A noise broke Elizabeth’s thoughts. It sounded like rock hitting the outer wall of the courthouse. Elizabeth rushed to the little window, hoping that it was Maxwell.
It was Ann Putnam. "Ann," Elizabeth gasped, half shocked and half disappointed. "What brings you here?"
"I told you to be careful," Ann said harshly. "You did not listen to me and now look where you are."
"Did you come here just to scold me," Elizabeth asked, getting a bit angry. "For I have no patience to hear it at this moment."
Ann sighed. "No, I did not come her just to scold you. I need you to tell me why Theresa Harding despises you so."
Elizabeth was confused. "Why?"
"She is gaining popularity in the group," Ann explained. "Her influence is growing, and so is the damage she can do with that power."
"So it is about power," Elizabeth stated, shying away from the window a bit.
A wicked smile grew upon Ann’s face. "What else would be worth all of this?"
"Do you not care about the lives you are destroying," Elizabeth asked in shock.
"That is the trouble with power," Ann continued. " Some people always get hurt in the quest to acquire it. That is what makes this whole situation possible. The Magistrates and others with power are so scared that it is being lost to the devil that they do not see that mere girls are the ones thieving it away."
"You are evil," Elizabeth said softly.
"You are not in a place to judge me," Ann informed her. "Yet help me to put Theresa in her place, and I will help you out of here."
Elizabeth could not believe all that she was hearing. "No. I will not become part of your plot."
Ann laughed. "One way or another, you already are. Right now, you can choose how you are involved."
Elizabeth thought for a second. She would not help Ann to hurt others, but she could use her to get word to Maxwell, maybe even stop Theresa in the process. "Find Maxwell Evans," she told Ann softly. "Tell him what I am about to tell you. And, in the next court session, you can use it to silence Theresa."
Ann’s smile grew wider. "He is the reason she despises you, is it not."
Elizabeth nodded. "That it is. Now you will have to do what I say, otherwise the information I tell you will land you in this same cell."
The smile on Ann’s face disappeared. "Agreed."
Elizabeth told her about Theresa’s power, leaving out the alien status of course. She knew it was a risky thing to do, but it was her only hope. She prayed to God that it would worked.

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Part Eighteen… Later that day:

"We cannot leave her there any longer," Maxwell yelled in frustration as he paced back and forth in the Whitman's parlor. Seeing the Magistrates openly attack Elizabeth like they did during her examination was enough to make his blood boil. Never before had he felt such anger. Now the thought of her spending another night in the cold jail broke his heart.
"I agree with Maxwell," Alexander informed them. "We need to get her out now," he insisted.
"But how," Michael asked them. "It is not like the jail is easy to break into."
"So we let her stay there," Maxwell said, walking over to stand in front of Michael. "For us."
Michael stood up from his chair and everyone could see a standoff about to begin. Mary got up from the loveseat and place herself between them. "That is enough," she scolded. "Do either of you believe this bickering is going to help any of us, or Elizabeth."
Maxwell and Michael each paused for a second, then took a couple of steps back. "Sorry," Michael mumbled first.
"Sorry," Maxwell whispered soon after.
"Very well," Mary said, straightening her self a bit. "Now we need to come up with ideas that will not only keep us safe, but get Elizabeth out of jail as soon as possible."
Everyone nodded silently, then Maxwell opened his mouth to speak, but there was a knock on the door instead. Quickly, everyone returned to their seats as Isabel rose from hers to answer the door. Standing before her was Ann Putnam. "Good day," Isabel said softly, not moving aside to let Ann in.
"Good day, Isabel," Ann replied sweetly. "Are Alexander and the rest of your acquaintances here?"
"Yes," Isabel answered, gritting her teeth slightly. "My friends and I are paying Alexander a visit. He has been quiet distraught about his sister's wrongful accusation."
Ann's smile grew bigger. "I do not doubt that. If I may, I would like to give you information that might help you to free Elizabeth."
Isabel's eyes widened as she slowly moved out of Ann's way, allowing her access into the house. Alexander appeared in the doorway to the parlor a second later. "Is everything okay," he began to ask until he saw Ann standing there. "What brings you here Ann," He asked, sounding less than pleased to see her.
"I was just telling Isabel," Ann started her spiel again. "I may have information which you could use to free your sister."
Maxwell, who was straining to hear what was being said in the threshold, jumped out of his seat when he heard something about Elizabeth being free. "What information," he inquired as he rushed to where they were standing, Mary and Michael at his heels.
Ann looked Maxwell over, frowning for a second, then regaining a wicked grin. "The two are fighting over you? How pleased you must be with yourself."
Maxwell grew ridged. "Ann," he said, doing his best to remain civil. "As of late, I seem to have very little patience. Therefore, if you have information that will help us, I will be grateful. If you do not, please let us be, for I have no intention of discussing matters of my heart with you."
"And now I see why you choose Elizabeth over Theresa," Ann continued. "You two are of the same mind and temper."
"Did you not say you had news," Mary interrupted.
Ann made her way past them and took a seat in the parlor. Everyone followed her, but they wished to remain standing. "Elizabeth is convinced, and has convinced me, it is Theresa Harding causing all of the apparitions that torment all the girls. She informed me that by pure accident she found out Theresa had the ability to make people see objects that were not there." Ann looked over at Maxwell. "Does any of this sound familiar to you?"
He could hear Isabel gasp slightly, but Maxwell remained steadfast, looking straight at Ann. He knew that if he flinched, Ann's suspicions would be confirmed, whatever those suspicions were. "And Elizabeth told you this," he asked.
"Yes," Ann told him. "She knew that Theresa's fixation on you was why she was accused, and having these abilities were what allowed Theresa the power to make the accusations believable."
"Thank you," Alexander finally spoke up. He moved towards Ann, gesturing for her to get out of the chair. "I hope this information will help to free my sister."
Ann stood up, but made no inclination to move. Isabel reached for her arm, but Ann jerked it out of the way. "You have to take action quickly," she insisted. "Theresa is gaining power among the girls. Soon, she will have them all convinced that Elizabeth needs to be convicted."
"You think that we do not know that," Michael yelled. "We are not completely absent of thought."
"She will burn," Ann shrieked, moving towards Maxwell. "Is she is convicted, Theresa is going demand that Elizabeth be burned at the stake."
"She cannot do that," Maxwell gasped. "That is not the penalty for witchcraft."
"Theresa will make it so," Ann stated, regaining composure. "Help me rid her of her power in the group and the threat will be gone."
Maxwell stood there thinking for a second, fearing for Elizabeth's fate if things remained on the same course. Images of the flames scorching her beautiful skin caused a tear to form in his eye. Maxwell knew he had to do something. "What is your plan," he asked.
Ann moved towards the door. Accuse Theresa. I will support your claim. Do it soon, before it is to late." With that, Ann left the house.
The group stood in the parlor, doing their best to access the situation at hand. Maxwell collapsed on the nearest chair, not able to control his tears any longer. Isabel walked over to comfort him. Placing her hand over his, she spoke softly to reassure him. "Elizabeth will be fine, I promise you that."
"How do you know that," he asked, barely removing his head from his hands. "Theresa wants to burn her."
"I have a plan," Isabel told them, sounding more sure about anything than she ever had.
"What," Alexander asked as he approached her.
Isabel turned and smiled at him. "We will simply do as Ann said," she informed them. "We will accuse Theresa of witchcraft."
Mary gasped in shock at what her cousin was saying. "Isabel, that is deplorable. We cannot side with Ann. She has nothing but evil intentions in telling us this information."
"I know that," Isabel snapped slightly. "I have no wish to help Ann in any way or form. But her idea will bring Elizabeth back to us. Think of the upper hand we have now that we know what Theresa's powers are."
Maxwell slowly lifted his head from his hands. "Power," he said softly, as though a divine thought had come upon him. "That is what we will do," he stated even louder. "We will use our powers."
Michael looked at Maxwell like he was crazy. "Are you mad? We cannot use out powers. It will expose us all."
Maxwell shook his head. "Not if we use them carefully. First of all, Alexander, do you have any friends in towns down the coast?"
Alexander nodded. "My father's store has forced me to visit a few about a day's ride from here. I have made a few friends in these places. Why?"
"You need to contact them. If there is a place where you can stay, make arrangements to do so. Tell them that you will be joined by friends who need to break their journey there for a few days."
"Okay," Alexander answered, unsure of what Maxwell's plan was.
But Maxwell was thinking so fast that he could not stop to answer questions. Next, he turned his attention to Michael. "Michael, I need you to gather supplies for everyone, only the necessities. We will also need your father's wagon."
"Maxwell, what are you getting at," Isabel asked. "What is your plan?"
Maxwell took a deep breath. "We are leaving Salem."
"What," Michael exclaimed. "How can we? This is the only place we have ever known as home."
"It is the only way to be safe," Maxwell pointed out. "We have to be prepared to break into the jail three days from now to free Elizabeth. That will give us enough time to arrange everything. Then, we will go to this acquaintance of Alexander's, if they will have us, and stay for a few days. From there, we will go where no one can find us."
"What about Theresa, Ann, and the other girls," Mary asked. "Are we going to reveal them."
"Yes," Maxwell told her, turning to look at Isabel. "And that will be Isabel's part."

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Part Nineteen… March 27, 1692

"Tonight you will be free," Maxwell thought to himself as he passed the jail on his way to the courthouse. He had been counting down the hours and minutes until the group could put their plan into action. Things had been going well in that matter. Alexander made arrangements for them to stay with a son of a merchant who lived about a day away from Salem. This man was familiar with the witchcraft trials, and was shocked that someone like Elizabeth had been accused.
Michael had managed to gather and hide all of the groups’ necessities that they would need for the trip. He also stole away the older wagon from his father. As far as Mr. Guerin was concerned, thieves living in the forest had taken his wagon.
Even Mary had done her part. She managed to get objects that belonged to Magistrate Corwin and a few of the girls. The only time Maxwell had laughed in the past few days was over Michael’s reaction when Mary brought her findings to them. It was just as funny looking back on it now.
"You did well," Isabel told Mary, as she looked over some of the personal items Mary brought.
Mary smiled proudly. "It was nothing."
Michael just looked at her. "Now, how was it you came across all of these objects?"
"Well, I simply," Mary started. "You see… it was like…"
Michael laughed. "You picked their pockets, didn’t you Mary."
Mary nodded and Isabel looked over at her cousin in shock. "You stole these," she gasped.
Mary shrugged her shoulder. "What can I say? Forgive me God, I knew exactly what I was doing and I will repent for it later."
Michael could control his laughter any longer. He actually began laughing so hard that he nearly fell over. Finally, when he was able to speak, he walked over to Mary and whispered in her ear, "You know that you are probably going to Hell for that."
"I know," she replied, with a coy smile on her face. "So I will see you there."
A smile grew on Maxwell’s face just thinking about that, but it was not long lived. In truth, he was almost sick with worry about Elizabeth. Ever since they had kissed, he seemed to have a much deeper connection to her. He was now having flashes over her emotions, which would flood his sense with her feelings. When she was first taken, the emotions had been ones of hope and love for him that he could never imagine. Yet, in the past 24 hours, those had been replaced by ones of fear and pain. Maxwell did not know what was happening, but he was desperate to get to Elizabeth to make sure that she was okay.
Maxwell looked ahead and saw Alexander, Isabel, and Mary waiting for him in front of the courthouse, just as they agreed. Isabel looked exhausted. It had been months since the last time she had used her power to dreamwalk, and for the past two days she had been doing it several times. Her part of the plan was to go into the dreams of the Magistrates and some of the girls in order to manipulate what their thoughts of Theresa were. She made them see Theresa practicing witchcraft, signing the Devil’s book, and cursing others with various inflictions. In other words, these people were dreaming that Theresa was the Devil incarnate.
However, today the group was going to see just how well their idea worked. The four entered the courtroom together and went to sit next to Michael, who had been saving seats for them. Just before court was scheduled to start, Isabel rose from her seat and approached Theresa.
Theresa looked at Isabel, noting how tire she seemed, and figured that she had come to discuss the aliens’ destiny. Theresa could not have been more wrong. Just as Isabel reached her, she began to scream. "Theresa, I beg of you. No longer inflict my dreams. I cannot sign the Devil’s book. I have no wish to be condemned to Hell." A second later, Isabel dropped to the floor as though she were dead.
Alexander rushed to her side, half to keep up his part in this act and half to see if Isabel was truly okay. He gathered her in his arms and placed her on a nearby bench. The Magistrates hurried into the courtroom after hearing all the commotion. Isabel did such a convincing job that someone even sent for Doctor Griggs.
"What is the meaning of this," Magistrate Hawthorne demanded when he entered the room. "What has happened to this poor child?"
"She has been inflicted," Mary informed him as she moved towards Isabel.
"You are her cousin, are you not," Magistrate Corwin asked Mary.
"Yes sir, that I am," she replied. "My dear cousin has been up many nights because of terrible dreams."
Hawthorne turned to face Theresa. "Do you know why she accuses you girl?"
Theresa, still in a bit of shock, shook her head slowly, not moving her eyes from Isabel’s form. "No sir, I have done nothing to her, for I visit no one in their dreams."
"Yes you have," Mary Warren said, rushing towards both the Magistrates. "I have seen her specter the past couple of nights tormenting me in the attempt to make me love the Devil."
"And I," Abigail Williams cried.
"I have seen her as well," Ann informed them.
Corwin thought for a moment, for her too was remembering the dreams he had of Theresa. "Why would they tell falsehoods against you, Theresa," he asked her.
"They know that I am doing good deeds by helping you discover the evil in Salem," Theresa told him, thinking quickly on her feet. "They will stop at nothing to end that."
"Do we not also do good," Ann asked both Magistrates. "Everyday we put our life on the line to help this community. Believe me when I say that she is responsible for the evil in Salem."
Hawthorne made a motion and seconds later two men grabbed ahold of Theresa’s arms. "No," she cried out as they dragged her out of the courtroom.
Maxwell chose this opportunity to step forward. "Since you have reason to believe Theresa is in league with the Devil, are you going to free all of those whom she has accused?"
Corwin thought for a second. "No," he replied swiftly. "We examined them and found that there was evidence enough to suspect they were guilty of witchcraft. All the accused will stand trial."
Maxwell stood in bewilderment for a moment at the Magistrate’s ignorance. Then, he turned to look at Ann. She just looked at him and smiled. "I agree with you, sir," she told Corwin. "For you are all wise and pious men."
Maxwell went to charge forward, but Michael and Alexander stopped him. By this time, Isabel pretended to be awake. She stood alongside Mary, and both paled at Ann’s words. "How can that be," Mary whispered to Isabel. "How can she allow then to keep Elizabeth in jail?"
"Because she got what she wanted," Maxwell hissed. "She knew what we would do and used it to her own advantage."
"What are we going to do about it," Michael asked.
"Free Elizabeth," Maxwell told him, turning on his heel and heading out of the courtroom.
Just as the group reached the outside, Maxwell fell to his knees, doubling over in pain. Isabel knelt down beside him a second later. "What is the matter?"
Maxwell gritted his teeth as another lash of pain went thought his body. "It feels like I am being whipped."
"But who is whipping you," Alexander inquired. "No one else is around."
Michael helped Maxwell stand. "It’s not me," he told them. "It is Elizabeth."

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Part Twenty:

"What do you mean," Alexander demanded to know. How could Maxwell know that Elizabeth was being harmed? What was happening to his sister?
"We have a connection," Maxwell explained, still gasping for air. He could not believe the amount of pain and fear that had just consumed his body, and he was desperately hoping that Elizabeth had never been in that kind of pain. Deep down, however, he knew he was wrong. Elizabeth had sent him those feelings, not on purpose, but she had certainly felt them.
"What are we going to do," Mary asked frantically. "She cannot stay there any longer and it is obvious that Ann will be of no help."
Maxwell began to stand up with the help of Michael and Isabel. "We are not waiting," he told them. "We are freeing her now."
"But," Michael began.
"But what," Maxwell said, glaring at him. "She is in that place because of us, suffering because of us. And she does not deserve it, any of it."
Michael nodded his head in agreement. "I agree completely," he reassured everyone. He knew that Maxwell was going crazy without Elizabeth there. Lord, he knew that would be how he would act if it had been Mary instead. "I was just wondering how we were going to get her out, with it being day time and all."
Maxwell lowered his head, thinking. However, it was Alexander who spoke next. "Well, we distracted them once. I say we do it again."
"How," Mary asked.
Alexander looked over at the statue in front of the courthouse. It was of Magistrate Corwin. "Michael, you and Mary go get the wagon. Drive it to the other side of the jailhouse and wait." Then, Alexander turned to Isabel. "Isabel, darling. I know that you are tired, but I need you to mess with the statue somehow. Make it look different or destroy it in some way. Then, go back into the courtroom screaming, saying that right before you eyes something had happened to the statue."
"What will that do," Michael asked, still a bit confused as to what the plan was.
"It will be a distraction," Maxwell told him, catching on to what Alexander was saying. "They will be so preoccupied with the statue that they will not notice anything else."
Alexander smiled. "Exactly. However, we have to hurry before the court adjourns. It will be to late then."
Isabel reached out and grabbed Alexander’s arm. "What are you going to do," she asked, fear laced behind each word.
"I am going to help Maxwell get Elizabeth out," he sighed. "I have to help her. I have to get my little sister back."
Isabel leaned over and gave him a little kiss on the lips. "And I love you for that," she whispered into his ear as she hugged him. "You care about everyone else so much. Just promise me that you will be careful. Please," she pleaded.
Alexander turned to face her. He brought on hand up to her cheek, caressing it gently. "I promise," he whispered back. "But only if you promise to be careful too. If things seem to get out of control, then get out of there. Wait for us over by the courthouse, just do put yourself in danger."
Isabel looked into his eyes. "I promise."
Alexander brought his lips to hers, pressing against them gently. "I love you," he said before walking away.
"I love you too, she replied softly.


Alexander and Maxwell made their way to the jailhouse quickly, parting ways with Michael and Mary along the way. Isabel stayed behind, to create a distraction. The jailhouse was seemingly open, but Maxwell and Alexander were still very cautious. If anything went wrong now, it might mean the gallows for them all.
"So what is the plan," Alexander asked as they crept along the wall.
Maxwell smirked. "I thought that you were the one with all the ideas," he joked a bit. Alexander threw him a look, and Maxwell quickly recanted. "I need your help to knock out the guards. Then, we will sneak into the back and find Elizabeth’s cell."
"But what if she is hurt," Alexander questioned. "What if she is," his voice trailed off because he couldn’t even bare the thought.
"She is not dead," Maxwell said defiantly. "I would know if she is. I would feel it."
"Okay," Alexander said, not quite sure about what to believe.
Maxwell tugged on the arm of his coat. "Are you ready to go?"
"Yeah," he said, following closely behind Maxwell, as he entered the jailhouse.
In the main hallway, the two of them only saw on guard. Once he was taken care of, meaning that he was unconscious and tied up, they made their way towards the cells. Suddenly, they heard a voice, a woman’s voice, weeping loudly. So loudly, in fact, that it could be heard above the others.
"Who is that," Maxwell asked, hoping Alexander would know.
Alexander listened closely for a moment, then turned back to Maxwell. "It is Rebecca Nurse," he whispered as he recognized the voice of the woman who helped him into the world.
"She was tried with Elizabeth," Maxwell said when he heard name. "Maybe she knows where Elizabeth is being kept."
Alexander nodded and they rushed to where the noise was coming from. They saw Rebecca huddle in a corner, weeping over another person. "Elizabeth," Maxwell cried out, using his powers to undo the lock on the cell.
He ran over to Rebecca, Alexander not far behind him. "What happened," Maxwell asked.
Rebecca wiped a tear from her eye. "They beat her. One minute she was okay, then she began to panic, saying that something had gone wrong. The next thing I knew, the guard was opening the door to see what the commotion was about. Elizabeth tried to rush out. The guard grabbed her, shoving her back in, but she did not stop. So he hit her, and he just kept on going."
Maxwell could feel the bile rise in his throat. Rebecca put a hand on his shoulder. "She is still alive," she whispered to both Maxwell and Alexander. "I just could not believe that anyone would hurt her like he did."
Looking down, Maxwell saw for the first time the extent of Elizabeth’s injuries. She had a cut above her eye and on her lip. Most of the skin that he could see was bruising as they spoke. Little shivers racked her body as he explored the injuries, even though she was unconscious.
Maxwell did not even have to think about what he was going to do. Both Rebecca and Alexander watched as Maxwell brought his hand up to Elizabeth’s eye. Within a couple of seconds, the cut disappeared. "Who are you," Rebecca gasped at what she saw.
He ignored her, moving instead to heal the cut on Elizabeth’s lip. A moan escaped when he was finished, and slowly Elizabeth opened her eyes. "Maxwell," she whispered.
"Yes," he soothed her, bending down to kiss her forehead. "I am here. So is Alexander. We’ve come to set you free."
A faint smile crossed her face. "Is everyone okay," she asked softly, as she remembered the fear that had caused her panic earlier.
"Everyone is fine," Alexander reassured her. "But now we have to get you out of here."
Elizabeth bobbed her head slightly in agreement. Maxwell lifted her off the ground, feeling her wince at his touch. He knew that there were more injuries, but it was not the time or place to heal them. Weakly, he felt Elizabeth put her arms around his neck and snuggled as close to him as he could.
They made their way towards the opening in the cell, and then Maxwell turned around to Rebecca. "Come with us," he offered. "You should not be here in the first place."
Rebecca laughed at his kind gesture because it filled her heart with hope again. "I might not know who you are, Maxwell Evans, but I think that you are Elizabeth’s angel. And there is no way that I am going to risk all of you getting caught to be nice to an old lady. I have lived a good life, dear. If this is what God has planned for me, so be it. He has something else entirely plan for you, all of you. Now go, and may God be with you."
Maxwell nodded his head, silently thanking her. "Also with you," he said just before leaving the cell.

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Part Twenty-one:

Alexander and Maxwell emerged from the cell, Elizabeth curled tightly against Maxwell’s chest. The gate swung shut behind them, clinging loudly. This seemed to jar the other prisoners. Quite a few peered through the bars, slightly wishing the trio luck. However, one tiny blond was still wishing to wrecking havoc in the lives of Salem.
"You are not going to escape," she cried out, catching their attention.
Maxwell whipped around, jerking Elizabeth with him. She whimpered in his arms. He glanced at her, to make sure she was okay, then he turned on Theresa. "Leave us be," he demanded. "The whole of Salem now knows who you are. You have signed so many death warrants by your false accusations. If you are the least bit human, you will let us leave."
Theresa glared at him. "I am not human," she bit out. "And neither are you."
"That is where you are wrong," he informed her, turning to leave.
Everything went downhill from there. Theresa ran to the window of her cell, which overlooked the Town Square. She noticed all the people crowding outside of the courthouse, panicking over Isabel’s little distraction. She cried out to them. "HELP. They are escaping. They have freed Elizabeth Whitman, hurry."
Her screams echoed across the village. The commotion in front of the courthouse quieted. They heard her plea, and quickly, several men and women broke away from the group to witness this newest development. Isabel was among them.
She ran ahead of the group and to the entrance of the jailhouse. Of course, she slammed right into Alexander as he, Maxwell, and Elizabeth were leaving. "They’re coming," Isabel told them. Then, she noticed Elizabeth’s broken body. "Oh my God," she gasped. "Is she okay?"
Alexander took Isabel’s hand. "She will be," he hoped outloud. "She will be."
"Yes," Maxwell reassured them, and himself. "She will be, but we have got to go… now."
They started to run, but shouting was heard not too far behind them. "There they go. Get them."
Some guards from the courthouse gathered, mounting horses to chase after them. Some set forth on foot. All had guns.
They ran as fast as their legs could carry them, but the guards were gaining on them fast. Maxwell’s legs burned and his arms ached. Elizabeth noticed this. She was going to be the reason they got caught. Elizabeth leaned in closer to Maxwell. "Leave me," she whispered to him. "I will slow you down."
He held her firmly. "Not a chance. Without you, I might as well burn too."
Tears began to fall from her eyes. She couldn’t argue anymore, it hurt too much.
The four of them kept going, Alexander and Isabel leading the way. "We could use a miracle," Alexander shouted in frustration.
God finally answered their prayers. As though he heard their pleas, the four saw Michael and Mary in the wagon, pulling up not to far ahead of them. Michael hopped off, rushing towards them. He gently took Elizabeth from Maxwell, carrying her over to the wagon. He laid her down in the back.
Isabel also got in the back with Alexander and Maxwell not too far behind her. The three were gasping for air when the wagon jerked forward. Michael was driving the horses as hard as he could, trying to put as much distance between them and the guards as possible.
Suddenly, gunshots rang out. Bullets went whizzing by. Everyone ducked except for Michael. He was too busy concentrating on getting away. That is until he heard Mary gasp.
"You’re bleeding," she exclaimed.
Michael looked down, and sure enough, a bullet had torn though his coat and cut his arm. He glanced over his shoulder at the guards that were hot on their heels. Letting his anger get the better of him, Michael raised his good arm up, aiming his hand at a thick tree branch. When they had passed underneath it, he let off an energy blast, which brought the branch crashing to the ground and barely missing some of the guards.
"That should slow them down," he said triumphantly. Michael turned to look at Mary, noticing that she had stiffened next to him. He gave her a weak smile, then glanced down at his arm. "It does not bad," he reassured her… and himself. "I’ll be fine."
However, Mary was already tugging at the hem of her dress, trying to rip the fabric. Michael just looked at her. "What are you doing," he asked.
"It will not do any good if you lose to much blood or get an infection, would it," she replied. "This will apply enough pressure to stop the bleeding."
Mary took the torn piece of her skirt and wrapped it tightly around Michael’s arm. "Thank you," he whispered, his eyes still focused on the road.
"What can I say, I work well under pressure," she teased.

The friends drove all night before finally reaching the acquaintance of Alexander’s. This man, Peter, quickly welcomed them into his home and made sure that the group got settled. "You can stay as long as you need to," Peter informed them.
Alexander reached out and shook his hand. "Thank you for everything."
Over the next few days, everyone rested, gathering their strength for the next leg of their journey. Elizabeth began to recover. Maxwell had healed most of her injuries, but she needed sleep above anything else. Maxwell never left her side.
Finally, after a week had past, it was decided that they needed to move on. Getting as far away from Salem was crucial and everyone knew it. So they loaded up the wagon once again, and set off for an unknown destination.

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Part Twenty-two… March, 1706

Even after fourteen years, things still stuck them as familiar. The town had not changed much in physical appearance, but to the trained eye of someone who had lived though the trials, reminders were everywhere. And many were ones that the entire group had to live with everyday of their lives.
After they left Peter’s house, they group had kept running for almost six months. Finally, they settled down on the edge of a small town in the colony of Virginia. It had made them a happy home since then.
Most of that happiness rested in the company that they found themselves in. Maxwell and Elizabeth were the first couple to get married, followed shortly by Alexander and Isabel. About four months after Alexander and Isabel got married, Mary and Michael followed suit. Now, they all had children and homes of their own.
However, something was still missing. A chapter in their lives that they had not finished. That is why when Alexander heard about Ann Putnam’s apology, he knew that now was the time to go back to Salem.
They had received information about the trials after they left. They knew that the Magistrates had condemned hundreds more during those months, and nineteen had been put to death, including Rebecca Nurse. The trials were finally put to an end in October by Governor Phips. Everyone else was set free, but as the group saw, it had been hard for everyone to move on.
Maxwell and Elizabeth Evans entered the Salem courthouse on that fateful day in March. Alongside Maxwell was their ten year old son, Phillip. Not too far behind him was, Norah, their twelve year old daughter. Her little twin brother and sister, Prudence and Peter, clutched to Elizabeth’s skirts. They were only six.
"Are you sure you wish do this," Maxwell asked, looking to his wife with concern. "We could go and join the others at the cemetery.
"I am sure," Elizabeth reassured him. "We need to be able to put this behind us, close this door forever."
Maxwell looked at her with adoration, taking her hand in his own. "I love you, you know that."
Elizabeth smiled at him. "I love you too."
"Not as much," he teased.
"Is that true mommy," Prudence asked, tugging on Elizabeth’s skirts.
"No darling. Daddy is just having a little fun," Elizabeth explained, giving Maxwell a look.
He couldn’t help but laugh. That is until he could feel Phillip stiffen beside him. "Who is that," Phillip questioned, staring at the woman walking towards them.
"Ann Putnam," Elizabeth whispered. She could feel the blood pounding in her veins with anger.
"Elizabeth Whitman," Ann said reverently.
"Evans," Elizabeth corrected her. "It is Elizabeth Evans now."
Ann gave a smug laugh. "I should have guessed. Well, how have you two been faring since… well since…"
"Since you condemned her to death," Maxwell growled.
The children jumped at the sound of their father’s voice. They had never heard him speak in such a manner. Both Peter and Prudence clutched tighter to their mother, and Norah moved closer to her. Phillip stood his ground, but flinched at the tone of Maxwell’s voice.
Elizabeth gripped Maxwell’s hand even tighter. "It is not worth it," she implored him. "Please."
Maxwell eased up a bit, and Ann relaxed. "I am truly sorry for everything that happened then. I hope you can believe me. The Devil’s influence is stronger than any of us could ever know."
Maxwell couldn’t take it any longer. As soon as he heard the words out of Ann’s mouth, he turned and headed to the door of the courthouse. Elizabeth and the children followed him, but she turned just to ask a question of Ann. "Whatever happened to Theresa Harding?"
A wicked little grin crossed Ann’s face. "She escaped about a month after you left. Her parents too. No one has heard of her since."
Elizabeth simply nodded her head and continued out the door. Maxwell drew her into his arms as soon as the were outside. Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief, letting Maxwell comfort her the way only he could. "Let us find the others," he whispered in her ear.
They all made their way to the graveyard, stopping along the way to pick flowers. By the time they joined everyone else, the girls had their arms full of blossoms. Alexander, Isabel, and their two boys, David and Joseph, were standing by Norah Whitman’s grave.
Elizabeth immediately made her way over to him, gasping when she saw the gravestone next to her mother’s.

Joseph Whitman
Good Husband and Father

"Did you know," Elizabeth asked, hugging her brother tightly, tears flowing from her eyes.
"No," Alexander managed to say. "I had tried to send a few letters, but I never got a reply to them."
"He never knew," she cried. "He never knew why we left, what happened to us."
Alexander pulled away a bit. "He knew, Elizabeth. I couldn’t leave without an explanation to him, so I left a note. I know that he understood. Father just wanted us to be happy, and we are."
Elizabeth hugged her brother again. "Thank you. Thank you so much." Just then a peep broke her away from Alexander. It was Peter. "Are you okay mommy," he asked, a tiny tear appearing in his eye.
She knelt down in front of him, pulling him to her. "Yes darling, I am okay. This man here was your grandfather, Joseph."
Peter’s little six year old mind made the association. "Just like my cousin Joseph?"
Maxwell walked up beside them. "Yes. He was a very good man."
Elizabeth looked up into his wonderful amber eyes. "Thank you," she mouthed, smiling thought her tears.
Just then, Isabella, one of Michael and Mary’s children called out to them. "Who is this," she asked to anyone who was listening.
Isabel walked over to her little namesake. "Rebecca Nurse," she read aloud. "She was a friend of ours, Isabella."
Bethany and John Guerin joined them. "Was she nice," John asked.
Mary rested a hand on her son’s shoulder. "A very nice lady. She helped just about everyone she ever knew."
"Then why did they think she was a witch," Norah wondered. She turned to her mother, looking for an answer.
Elizabeth let out a sigh. "People get scared easily," she started to explain. "When there is something that they do not understand, they tend to fear it. And for some, they do not understand kindness or love. Qualities that Rebecca had in abundance."
Norah nodded her head, showing that she knew what Elizabeth was telling her. Maxwell watched this, wondering to himself why God blessed him so. He had a wonderful wife and family that meant more to him than anything else in the world.
Suddenly, he had the urge to touch her, so he took Elizabeth in his arms. She smiled at him just before he swooped down to take her lips with this own. Moments later, Maxwell gently broke the kiss, resting his forehead to Elizabeth’s. "Let’s show the children the rest of Salem."
"Okay," she agreed, sighing with a new contentment.
So after taking a few minutes to scatter flowers on the graves of those who had changed their lives, the group set off. Making their way back to the town, each of the parents closed the door to the most trying period of their lives. However, watching their children play along the path, everyone realized tomorrow always brings something different. Now, they were looking forward to the next day’s difference, finally closing the door on yesterday’s.

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