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This is an answer to Rapunzel's Ramses the Damned Challenge. This is one of my favorite books and I'm all excited. Good and bad feedback is welcomed...even though I love the good feedback much better.


Jeff Parker bit his tongue to keep from lashing out at the reporters asking thousands of questions. The blinding flashes of the cameras caused him to squint to be able to see the door that caused his voice to die out.
"Kyle, I need more light."
"Yes Jeff."
The dim light of the torch lit the passage way. Jeff ran his hand of the smooth stone, Kyle warm hand touched his shoulder as he read:
"Robbers of the Dead, look away from thy tomb. For if you enter and wake the one who's rath shall not be contained. Maxwell the Damned is thy name. On the death of thy love, the great queen Maria, I brought myself into eternal darkness. You have been warned."
Jeff looked at Kyle for an explanation, "Jeff, this isn't possible. Maxwell the Great ruled one thousand years before Maria. There's no possible way."
Jeff straightned up and Kyle caught what he was going to do, "Jeff, it's a curse. Don't. The body of Maxwell the Great is in the Cairo Museum."
"No! There is a body in the Cairo Museum, but it isn't Maxwell. Don't you see Kyle! This is a breakthrough. Maxwell was never really found until now! The seal and the cartouches! No one in Maria's tim cou7ld even write the ancient hieroglyphics. It's all been done with such infinate care!"
Oh if only you were here Elizabeth. If only you could see this wonder, Jeff thought.

"Get the diggers back to work! I want this passage cleared and opened! I'm going in there tonight."

~So good so far?~

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Thanks to m14, Rapunzel (who’s creative mind, thought of this challenge.), Crazy 4 Max, eva33, Jeremiah, Jane lane, eerie, roswellluver, care bears and Buffy summers17, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, juliette, just me, and marteloise! You guys are great, hehe!
And Buffy, don’t worry he won’t be with her for long. I may be a dreamer and polarist but I’m not a groundzero lover. Okay done now.

~Part 1~

The music swirled around her as Liz was dancing with Alex. But her mind wasn’t focused on Alex, but instead on her father. Oh how I miss him, she thinks as she lets out a sigh.
“Are you all right Elizabeth?”
Alex. “Yes, I’m fine darling.”
“Are you sure?”
Liz smiles lightly at his concern, “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Liz, are you sure we must wait for your father. I mean we can get married and then go to him. I know how much you miss him.”
“Alex, I’m not ready. Besides I’m sure you would want a woman who would stay at home and bake. Not one that likes to dig and who would drive you into the arms of a mistress, let alone give you gray hair.”
“Alex, really. I’m just not ready for it.”
He sighs in defeat, Liz really doesn’t want to hurt him, but it just doesn’t feel right, “You know I love you Liz. Right?”
“Of course…”
He stops dancing and kisses her deeply and she yields to him, ignoring the number of people beginning to stop and watch them.

“This has to be a hoax, Jeff. It’s impossible. Just not possible.”
They were sitting in camp chairs infront of a fire, discussing the find as the diggers cleared the passageway.
“Kyle, it’s not. I can feel it in my bones. The Latin and Greek are too well written. Whoever wrote it knew what they were doing. And the seal was far too real. We have found history my boy and soon the world shall know it.”
Kyle sighs, “Jeff, it’s a curse. This whole thing isn’t right.”
Jeff was about to answer when a shout interrupted him, “Mr. Parker! They broke through!” Jeff took one look at Kyle and they both shot up out of their chairs, knocking them over.
“JEFF! Stop! There could be booby traps or snakes of some sort! Would you stop! Bloody hell!”

Jeff ran into the tomb, Kyle close behind him. Jeff gasped at the sight around him. A brilliant tomb covered with gold pieces.
“This is no tomb, Kyle.”
There’s no sarcophagus.”
Kyle’s eyes widened in realization, “He still chose to be buried here…”
Jeff almost fainted when he saw Maria’s bust (?). It was smooth marble, inscriptions of Greek written in it. He saw the poisons that Maria had used on all of her slaves before finally settling on the bite of a snake. Maria…the Great Queen. She first seduced Julius Caesar, then his beloved friend, Mark Anthony. Jeff felt his heart wrench. Oh Lizzie, you would so love this. I wish you were here to share this with me…
“Jeff, we should come back in the morning.”
He didn’t want to leave his treasures, but he nodded, “Tomorrow morning I want the workers to lift this lid. I’m going to prove that Maxwell is in there…” Jeff walked out slowly, but not before casting a longing glance over his shoulder.

Jim knew he was getting drunk, but he couldn't help it. His son and Elizabeth should've been married by now. But the girl was like her father, she could never make up her bloody mind. By God. Jim stared down and Liz and Alex, letting a heavy sigh escaped his lips. He downed the rest of his wine and headed towards his room. He needed to think about what he was going to do.

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lol m14. yes they're together but Liz doesn't really love love alex. get what I'm saying. but thanks all for the feedback.
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Hehe, You guys are great. Sorry it took so long but I got called in the last couple days into work. My cheeks hurt from all that fake smiling. I work at McDonald’s btw. ANYWAY. Enough about my evil, slave driving job.


Jeff looked at the mummy propped up against the wall. He’d been in here for hours just staring at these lost treasures. Maria’s poisons were lined up on a small table behind them and he gazed at the in wonder, “Amazing,” He whispered to himself. He walked back over to the mummy and started speaking to him in Latin, “You understand me, don’t you Maxwell. The elixir is hidden in those poisons. My my, you were so clever. You really loved her didn’t you? Why didn’t she take the elixir, my king.”
“That really isn’t a healthy habit, dear Uncle Jeff.”
Jeff growled out softly, “Sean. What are you doing here?”
“I heard of your discovery and came to see of it myself.”
Jeff laughed, “My bet is you came here asking for money again, you weasel. That or something about Elizabeth and Alex.”
Sean sighed impatiently, “The papers need to be signed and Elizabeth won’t marry without your consent.”
“Elizabeth is a big girl Sean. She can make up her own mind. If she wants to wait then she may wait.”
“But the share…”
“Screw the share, Sean. I could care less. Now take your papers and leave!”

Sean picked up one of the lids in the poisons and Jeff snatched it out of his hands, “You imbecile! Those are Maria’s poisons! The bit can kill you. These are the same poisons she used on her servants!”
“I thought she died of a snake bite.”
“You pathetic fool. She did, but not before she tested the poisons. My god boy, get out!” Jeff turned back to Maxwell and thought her looked fuller. No I’m imagining things, but my god. That ring is sticking out of the bandages!

“Uncle Jeff, at least have a cup of coffee with me.” Sean said holding the cup out to Jeff. Jeff looked at him for a minute then took the cup, taking a sip. That’s when he felt it, the pain. He felt his throat closing up and he glanced at the poisons. The bastard! He dropped to the ground and gave Sean a cold glare. His body convulsed violently and then he was still. Sean let out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. He straightened his tie and looked up at the Mummy. It seemed to be staring at him. He shivered and ran to go get Kyle.

The news of her father’s death hit Liz hard. She so wished she could’ve been there with him and now he was gone. She’d never see him again. Elizabeth watched as they were bringing in all of the artifacts her father uncovered. The mummy is what really caught her eye. Could this really be Maxwell the Damned?
“Miss Parker?” Isabel. Liz let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t know why she was so jumpy.
“Yes Isabel?”
“Mr. Kyle has asked me to give you this. He says it’s your father’s diary.” Isabel hands Liz the diary and exits the room quickly. “All this death and curses make me so very uneasy. How could they stand it? It is wrong to bother the dead. There is always a price,” Isabel thinks.

Liz sighs and runs her hands over the tops of the poison jars.
Liz lets out a scream as the hand descends on her shoulder and she spins around, almost knocking over one of the jars, “Alex!”
“My god! Are you all right?”
“Yes Alex. I’m fine.” No I’m not; you scared me to death. She adds to herself.
“Elizabeth, my father and I need to speak with you.”
Liz glances over to see Jim in the doorway speaking to Kyle, “All right. I’ll be there in a moment.”
He nods and reluctantly leaves.
“Father, what am I going to do. I don’t love him, but I can’t hurt him. I wish you were here to help me.” Liz whispers to herself and allows a solitary tear to fall down her cheek and onto one of the jars.

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LiLEve Said:
That part was great!! So I take it Max is waking up with him looking fuller and all? Sean's evil. And what can the elixir do? I wonder how you throw Max and Liz together in this? And what is this about a share?? So many questions!! Thanks for writing!!

Yes, Max is waking up. The elixir makes one immortal. It's MY secret how I shall put them together. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And the share is like a company/stock thing. Hope I helped ya out.

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Okay, sorry it has taken so long, thanks for being patient with me. Work has been a pain.

*~Part 3~*

Elizabeth allowed herself to slide down the wall to the floor sobbing after she convinced everyone that she would be fine alone. Her whole body shook with sobs as she held he father's diary to her chest.

"Miss Parker?"
Liz wiped her eyes quickly, "Yes Isabel?"
"Is there anything you need?"
"No, Belle."
"All right. If you sure. I'll be going up to bed now."
"I'm sure Isabel. Sleep tight."
"The same for you my dear."

Liz opened up the diary and began reading her father's well written latin. Getting up, she then walked into the study, unaware of the eyes behind the glass that watched her as she fell asleep at the desk.


"Sean, I want you to stay with Elizabeth." Mr. Evans said looking at his son. (A/N: I can't remember his first name.)
"What? Why?"
"Because it's important to keep her safe until we get our share."
"I don't want to be near that blasted mummy."
"You will do as I say or I will have you thrown in jail. Have I made myself clear?"
"Yes Father."


The sound of a soft thud woke Elizabeth out of her sleep. The sunlight poured in through the half open windows and she heard the front door open.

Liz got up and walked over to the mummy, noticing how much fuller it looked and a patch of hair stick out through a piece of the wrappings, "What? You seemed to have changed a bit your majesty..."

"You're talking to that thing, just as your father did. I'm thinking you're becoming insane just like him as well. Pity."
Liz didn't even need to turn around, "Sean what are you doing here?"
"I came to see you. How are you?"
"I'm fine. Now leave, before I throw you out."
"Don't be like that Elizabeth. Let's talk about the shares." He took her by the arm gently.
"I can do it on my own Sean," She jerked her arm back, "I don't need your Or your father's bloody help."

Sean's jaw tightned, "Isabel, please bring us two cups of coffee."
Liz just stared out the windows as Sean poured the cream in the coffees, "Come now Elizabeth. Have some coffee with me."
Liz just stood there as he brought it over to her, "Here take it. It'll make you feel better."
Elizabeth just stared at him. He seemed urgent and hurried. Like he needed her to drink the coffee. That's when his eyes widened and he dropped the scalding substance to the floor, staining the carpet and his shoes.
"Bloody hell! Sean what's the matter with you?!" She turned around and saw what was approaching, she opened her mouth to scream as it came near, but nothing came out.

*~Sorry it took so long. What do ya think?~*
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A/N: OKAY!! hey all! I'm alive if you care. this is going to be the same note in all my fics, but I DO have new parts written just gotta type them up. I'm soooooo sorry. just work and I had to go to the hospital and all that. but you'll see them soon, promise.

love, eden.

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sorry for making you all wait, new part today or tomorrow.
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Okay here's Part 4, sorry if it isn't very good and I'm sorry for making you all wait.

The mummy......the mummy was moving towards them. Sean felt a warm liquid run down his leg and he realized that he had peed himself. He shut his mouth and ran from the room, swearing loudly. But unlike Sean, Liz was captivated. She was scared and amazed at the same time. As Max got closer, Liz got her wits and she backed up quickly.

Max pulled the rest of the wrappings from his face and head, revealing to Liz a handsome face and raven dark hair. He then proceeded to pull off the rest of the wrappings, revealing a tanned, muscular chest and washboard abs (a/n: *drool*). He kept going till he was only standing in his loincloth (a/n: omg, I can't think of anything else and you know you love it*happy*).

"You're.....You....How did you...."
"Drink your coffee Uncle Jeff."
"What? You mean..." That's when Liz noticed one of the posion jars lids were not on all of the way. Elizabeth let out a groan filled with grief. She looked back at the handsome man, when she heard Isabelle scream.
"AHH! Miss Parker.......kill it! We should call the police!! AHHHHH!!!! It's going eat us!!"
"ISABELLE! No police!!! Hurry run the bath upstairs and grab some of fathers clothes."

A loud knock on the door made them jump, "Open up, this is scotland yard."
"Oh god."
"I'm letting them in Miss."
"NO! Bolt the door and the join me upstairs. Quickly!"
Liz grabbed Max's hand and pulled him behind her up the stairs as Isabelle bolted the door. She turned on the bath and pointed to the bath.
"I need you to get in there, your highness. Please."

He smiled and nodded at Liz. Good at least he understands me, unlike the rest of the male population....

~All right, I'm so sorry if this part sucks. I really am. The next one will be better...promise.~
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Another part because I love you all sooooooo much!!!! I hope you all like it, let me know if you don't.

Part 5

Slowly Max takes off his loincloth and Liz spins around quickly. Oh my god, Oh my god. Hot, should be dead king is undressing in my bathroom.

He steps into the still hot water that Liz had planned on using and she quickly rinses off the rest of the wrappings, "Isabel!! I need you to go and grab father's robe. Now please!"
"Here Miss."
"Your highness, I need you to stand up and put this on."
As he stands up Liz spins around again and then feels him tap on her shoulder.
"My my miss....he's must've had many women..."
"Tis true miss. Sorry to be so forward."
Liz turns a bright red.

"Ah, Belle go and open the door."
Liz watches Isabelle disappear downstairs and she grabs Max's hand, dragging him with her down the stairs.
"Your highness I need you to follow me, slowly down the stairs. Understand?"
"I understand." His voice sends shivers down Liz's spine. Smooth as velvet.
"Very good. Shall we?"
Max gestures for her to go first and she smiles, loving the feel of him so close.

"Elizabeth is everything all right?" Her frantic Uncle almost completly shouts.
"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"
"Sean said..." Liz holds up a hand.
"Sean has had too much to drink it seems. You know how he is."
"Miss Parker, who's this gentleman?" one of the policeman ask.
Liz almost forgot Max for a second, "Oh, this is one of father's old friends Maxwell.....Evans. Mr. Evans is staying here for awhile to help with some of the mummy artifacts you know."
"I see...your father never mentioned him..."
"Oh well you see, they just met a couple years ago so I don't suppose he did tell you."
"Well Elizabeth, Sean said he saw the mummy come out of the coffin towards you and him..."
"What? That's nonsense!"
"Well none the less we need to look into the will you excuse us?"
"Is that really necessary?" Liz could hear her voice squeak.
"Ma'am it's procedure..."

Liz bit her lip as she saw them approach the sarcophogus...what was she going to do? helps my creativity.~
Part 6

“It really isn’t necessary, I believe that if Miss Parker says that she’s fine, then we must respect her privacy. I’ll just ask you once more, Miss Parker, if there was an intruder…”

“No Sergeant, there was no intruder. You know how Sean can be, with his drinking habits.”

“You know very well what I bloody saw Elizabeth!”

“Sean, that is enough! Liz darling, I am so sorry for this.”

“It’s okay Uncle Philip. I know how Sean is when he drink too much.” Liz replied.
Sean was looking right at Max with open hatred…he knew! My god he knows.

“Well gentlemen if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and get dressed.” The police nodded and started to leave. Sean glared and pushed pass Liz, almost knocking her over. Philip reached over and placed his hands on his nieces’ shoulders to steady her, “I don’t know what’s gotten into him Elizabeth.”

“It’s quite all right,” Liz reassured her Uncle and she laced her arm with him, leading him outside. That’s when the blinding camera lights caused her to shut her eyes tight and her head was filled with their questions…”What it the curse, Miss Parker?”…”Did Mr. Deluca really see the mummy?”…”Are you unharmed?”…”Did the mummy wants its gold back?”

“I love you darling,” Philip said, wishing that she knew what he really meant. But did she? Liz kissed his cheek before she dashed back into the house to avoid the cameras.

She was once again alone again with the cold marble staircase. All of them gone, but Alex. Deep down, no matter how much she loved him, she wished he were gone as well.

“Elizabeth, I’m going to say this only once, but please don’t let this postpone the marriage. I don’t want you to be alone and I want us to be together…as husband and wife.”

“Alex, I will not lie to you…now more then ever, I need time.”

Liz really did love him, but now even earlier when you looked at him, he resembled a boy. His dark hair that fell over his forehead and his boyish eyes. He was so tall that he tended to hunch over a bit at times. She saw the defeat in his eyes and she felt herself grow cold.

“Darling I won’t be alone. I’ll have Isabel and Oscar with me. Not to mention Sean is moving back into his old room, since Uncle Philip insisted on it. I’ll be fine.” She shivered, coldness traveling down her spine slowly. What an irony it is that Sean was the last face her father saw. He was the last person in this world that she wanted to see and she would get him for what he’s done.

Alex nodded and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, hugging her close, “All right. I shall see you tonight.”

“Bye Alex,” She said as she bolted the door behind him and let out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

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Okay, I owe you all another huge apology. I said I'd have new parts up soon and it's been a month. Geez! I had to go back into the hospital for my mono. Grrrr. Then I'm taking extra classes and things and my life gets so hectic that I forgot to post my parts. But no more! Onto the next Part!!!!

Liz looked up and saw Max staring at her intensely. She blushed under his gaze and tried to compose herself.

"Well your highness we should get you some decent clothes that fit you. Hopefully one of father's old suits will fit you..." She quickly stepped passed him and he grabbed her arm, smiling softly at her.

Stop it Elizabeth. He's an ancient ancient, tan, muscular, well endowed mummy. Liz mentally kicked herself and grabbed his hand, dragging him up the stairs behind her.


Sean walked along the deserted London street, grumbling. I will proove that the mummy is alive! I didn't imagine it! He also intended on getting his money from Liz. That mummy won't always be around to protect her...and when he's gone, I'll slit her beautiful throat.


"Isabel, if Alex calls, tell him that I shall call him back when I return from the library."

"But Miss aren't you going.."

"He doesn't need to know that Isabel. I mean it, do not tell him where I really went. He'll get upset and I just can't deal with it right now."

"Yes ma'am." Isabel left the room quickly.

Liz looked over at Max and almost laughed. The shirt refused to button up all the way, so it left half of his broad chest exposed. Not that I mind, but most of London would.

"All right your highness, let's go find you some more comfortable and fitting clothes," As they got to the door she stopped him, pulling his coat shut, "Let's keep that closed until we get to the store."

~I hope you guys liked that part. If not, I'll try and make the next one much better. Again so sorry.~