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Title: The Devils Henchmen

Rating: Will be NC-17

Summary: Max is just chilling on a ledge in hell one day( I know, I know but I think you guys will like this.) When the Devil Herself, Isabel, his sister comes to him to get him to try bring and a very unsuspecting girl named Liz Parker to the dark side.

Okay, I'm going to set the scene up for you guys, here I am, sitting on my favorite ledge in my sisters kingdom. Torturing the evildoers who have come for their eternal punishment and all that good stuff when she calls me into her office.

I , for one, am like 'oh fuck, what have I done now? I was born down here and was a baby when my dad, the original devil, handed the reighns over to Iz, she'd done more than a good job.

I sat in the hard chair in her office that was usually occupied by the new occupants to Hell and noticed it was pretty uncomfortable when she swept into the room. The spandex red dress and large halo, no pun intended, of blond hair on her head had gotten many men, and many women for that matter, to relinquish their souls.

She really was the top honcho in this land, and they'd said she wouldn't do it.

"Max," she said slowly, using her buisness tone with me, fuck!

"What did I do Is?"

She looks up at me, startled.

"Nothing Max, I thought it was time to try and give you an assignment."

I was litterally floored.

"Me, on an assignment?"

I was Satans only son and *I* had to go to Earth and do an assignment. This had to be against some rule written down somewhere.

"Teres no rule Max," she commented flatly and pulled out her reading glasses, "you are going to do this and you're going to it because I told you too."

We'lllllllllll, excuse the hell outta me!

I sat there silently fuming while she pulled out a file and began to read it to me.

Elizabeth Susan Parker.

Born 1980 on July the 20th. She's the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parker who passed away two years ago in a car crash and now she owns the family resturant whitch is located in New York City, New York.

She removed her glasses and lened across the hardwood desk toward me. I tried to pretend that I hadn't been listening when I had actually been listening very intently, "what does this have to do with me?"

We want her soul Max, she has the potential to do either very evil things on Earth or very god things and I think God has already sent that Micheal Guerin to recruit her for his side.

I grimaced, Micheal Guerin was such "the angel," he made me sick. I wanted the assignment just so I could have the chance to show him up but kept that to myself and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Again, what does this have to do with me?" She sighed and was across the desk before I could do anything. She had the front of my shirt and her grasp and was practically snarling at me.

"Everyone has tried to get her Max, I've sent all my top agents and nothing happened. I went down there myself as a boy as a girl as a fucking Squirrel and nothing has worked." She let my shirt go and crumpled back into her seat with a frown.

"I'm not used to not getting what I go after," then, even lower, "I'm not used to be being rejected." I went around the desk to her and looked down at the sorry heap that was my sister, the ruler of Hell.

"Fine Iz" I said softly to her now happy and upturned face. "I'll go to Earth and get her." With that I left the office, never seeing the look that came across her face after my departure.

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