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Later on that afternoon, the others returned from their guilty pleasures. The older couples were none the worse for wear after spending a pleasant, lazy afternoon sipping exotic, tropical cocktails beside a cascading waterfall. The men had wandered off for awhile to check out the river area in the nearby Temperate zone and had actually managed to get in a little fishing. Fishing gear was stored in a nearby shed and they donned hip-waders to enter the stream. Of course, they were full of tall tales about the big one that got away when they returned to their women who nodded indulgently while secretly rolling their eyes at one another.

Meanwhile the kids were busy testing the wave/surf pool. Of all of them, Kyle seemed to have the best luck as he balanced expertly on his board. Michael had the worst co-ordination of them all, being too tall and heavy set to master any kind of equilibrium on the narrow board. If he’d been permitted to use his powers, he probably would have faired better but they had agreed to place a restriction on ET abilities. By the time they met up with the adults, they were hungry and tuckered out.

Everyone asked for the whereabouts of Liz and Max. Isabel had overheard him reminding Liz about their appointment with Dr. Osmond and she mentioned this casually to one and all. Just then, the pair in question rejoined them and they all headed to the dining area to fill up on more delicious and unusual fare. Isabel noticed a slightly strained quality between her brother and Liz, as if they were uncomfortable about something. She watched them as they filled their plates, their earlier exuberance replaced by a subtle awkwardness.

They stole sheepish looks and seemed to dance around one another on tenterhooks. Isabel knew it was none of her business. She hoped that things hadn’t taken a turn for the worse, though. It was soon apparent that they hadn’t as Max leaned towards Liz to sneak a kiss. She beamed up into his face and flushed slightly, immediately bowing her head in embarrassment as she smacked his arm lightly. He chuckled and leaned in closer to whisper something in her ear whereupon she burst out laughing, covering her mouth quickly as others glanced their way.

Isabel breathed a happy sigh as she focussed her attention on her friends and family. She had even more reason to smile when Emmett entered the sphere to join them. He stole a shy glance at Isabel and she sent him a subtle signal to join her. It didn’t take him long, once he had navigated the parents who were anxious to find out whether or not they could head home tomorrow. He assured them that they would do their utmost to accommodate their wishes before he finally made it to Isabel’s side of the table.

“I hope you enjoyed our....playground, today,” he smiled shyly, revealing that adorable gap in his teeth.

“Yes, thank you,” she answered easily, tilting her head coyly as she peered into his deep blue eyes. The irises were rimmed with a thin black line and coupled with his thick, dark lashes, they were rivetting, to say the least. He smelled so good, too. Fresh and soapy clean as if he had just stepped from the shower. She found herself breathing deeply in his presence and her eyes flashed seductively. This was not lost on Emmett and he flushed slightly under her hypnotic stare. He had changed from his suit to a more casual jeans and t-shirt outfit complete with running shoes. Isabel thought it made him look sexier and she had to restrain herself from reaching out to touch the bulging biceps that pulled at the stretchy fabric of his black tee.

The attraction was not one sided as he studied her classic features admiringly. He was mesmerized by the sultriness of her soft brown eyes as she gazed at him openly. She had a body to die for and she was intelligent and funny, too. Of course, she was well known to the WCC as were the two young Royal males but it was one thing to read about them and quite another to bask in their presence.

They were so much more than the characters portrayed in their reports. In the flesh, there was definitely something otherworldly about their persons and Isabel was no exception. More than anything, there was a warmth emanating from her, a deep sense of empathy for those around her and Emmett was overwhelmed by this feeling. His position of authority forced him to maintain an air of aloofness among his staff. Ted, his former partner, was the only one he allowed to penetrate that barrier and he had recently become friendly with Milton. Isabel was the first female he had met who had melted his iron clad exterior and it was exhilarating and ...frightening. Becoming involved with the Princess was not only taboo for him but a direct affront to protocol. But he couldn’t help falling under her spell and he could feel her attraction for him too.

“My parents were going on and on about this waterfall they discovered. I’d love to see it before we leave,” she hinted.

Emmett hesitated as he let his eyes rest for a moment on her lovely lips and it was at this point that the tip of her pink tongue protruded from her mouth as she ran it lightly over her upper lip. His breath hitched and he swallowed with difficulty, trying to remember how to work his mouth to form a coherent sentence. His eyes slid up to those amazing brown liquid pools and he knew he couldn’t refuse her anything.

“I’d love to take you there later,” he replied huskily.

“I’d like that,” she smiled sweetly as she brushed her hand against his muscular forearm.

He closed his eyes as he felt her warm skin come into contact with his own. No, he said to himself. You will not fall for the Princess. You’re only taking her to see a waterfall. Nothing more than that so pull it together, he admonished. But he was already caught....hook, line and sinker. It was just a matter of Isabel reeling him in and feasting on his eager flesh.


Max and Liz had bigger fish to fry as they sat knee to knee in seclusion along the far end of the table. Liz would giggle intermittently and bury her head in her hand. She was still in shock after the sensitive conversation they had with the Doc that afternoon and she blushed now in recollection. It wasn’t the fact that she and Max were about to embark on a more intimate journey more than it was the fact that it had been suggested by Osmond. When he had first told them, they tried to hide their discomfort and act like adults but it was obvious that they were very embarrassed about discussing the whole idea, especially Max since it affected him more than Liz. But Liz took the initiative and tried to approach it in a scientific manner. This did nothing to ease Max’s disquiet but at least it gave them the opportunity to process the information. When they had had a chance to be alone, Liz reminded Max of how much they both wanted this to work He agreed with her and suddenly felt the urge to take things in hand but it wasn’t the time or place. Later, he thought, when we can be assured of privacy.

They sat together now, making plans for later that night, hoping they’d find an opportunity to *test* the Doc’s newest suggestion since they felt that they couldn’t wait any longer. The two young lovers sat in blissful oblivion as they contemplated their next encounter, threading their fingers together as they tried to control the vibes they were sending out.


“Nancy, could you pass the......whatever that is?” Jeff chuckled as he pointed to a red sauce in front of her.

“This hon?” she pointed.

“Yeah, please,” he nodded as she slid it over his way.

He took a tentative lick from his spoon and smiled appreciatively. “We have got to get some of these recipes for the restaurant,” he joked. “That is, if this isn’t too top secret, “ he mocked as he touched the tip of his finger to his nose.

“Yeah, I wonder if this stuff is patented,” Philip joined in. “We could be sitting on a gold mine here!”

“Somehow I doubt if the world is ready for purple meat and 6 inch strawberries!” Diane rolled her eyes.

“Oh I don’t know, hon. I kinda like my fruit big and juicy,” he grinned lasciviously as he tried to shove a berry in his mouth.

“Like father, like son,” she chuckled as she swatted his arm.

The other adults joined in their laughter, finally able to relax in spite of the trying circumstances. They were tired after their afternoon spent in the fresh air and they seemed to be having trouble keeping awake. The coffee they were sipping seemed to have no effect and they found themselves nodding off in spite of their bests efforts.

“Excuse me,” Jim yawned, “but I just have to take a short nap.”

“You and me both, buddy,” Jeff agreed.

The others voiced their own desires for a rest and they all filed out waving to the teens and Emmett, making their excuses. Emmett decided this was an excellent opportunity to escort Isabel to the waterfall and they headed off in that direction. Brody, Kyle and Ava wandered off towards the batting cage to try their hands while Michael and Maria scurried over to the golf range. That left Max and Liz to their own devices and they took full advantage of being alone by cuddling up to one another on a 2 seater swing.

“Max, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved what you wrote in your journal. It really showed me how you felt about me and about our relationship. I understand you a whole lot better now,” she murmured as she fiddled with his shirt buttons.

“Me too,” he admitted. “It was definitely freeing,” he chuckled, using her expression for feeling less uptight.

“Are you making fun of me, Maxwell Evans?” she gripped his arm.

“Me? Never!” he laughed as he kissed her cheek. “No, it’s true. I did feel a weight being lifted off my chest. I’ve been carrying around this guilt for so long that it was so good to be able to get it all out. Maybe we should keep using these journals, you know,” he suggested.

“Heh, that’s funny ‘cause I was thinking the same thing,” she laughed.

“Good,” Max nuzzled her ear. “Then I can keep tabs on you,” he growled , snapping at her ear playfully.

“Oh really!”Liz exclaimed. “Well, tit for tat, Mr. Evans! And don’t think I won’t use it!”

“Mmmm. Use me Liz,” he begged as he bit her neck.

Liz purred in delight as she let him work his way down her neck. She lay back so he could reach the other side and she held him close, letting her breasts rub against his shoulder.

“Whose using who now?” she panted as her head rolled to the right, exposing more of her hot flesh.

“Who cares,” he mumbled as he sucked on her soft skin. His hand massaged her firm thigh, creeping higher towards her core. She moaned deeply as he massaged the flesh as she rocked her hips unconsciously. Finally, he moved his hand to where she wanted it. It was Max’s turn to moan and he momentarily stopped his ministrations of her neck. He searched her face, loving to see her lose control and then he dove for her lips as he captured them in a searing kiss. His tongue stroked hers lazily as he matched the rhythm with what his hand was doing.

“Max,” Liz rasped out between her lips. “We have to stop!” she whimpered anxiously.

“Why?” he replied huskily. “You want this and I want this. I need to feel you, Liz,” he mumbled against her lips. “I can’t stop this,” he cried helplessly as his hand moved to her breast and kneaded the small mound tenderly.

Liz ached to touch him but it wasn’t time. They had specific instructions as to how they were to proceed with his seduction. Liz hated the fact that they had been reduced to such technicalities but, if this worked, then all the ridiculous preparations would be worth it. She gently removed his hand from her breast and kissed it sweetly.

“I want us to lose control together,” she whispered. “Later,” she promised as she kissed his lips again.

“Oh God,” he ground out painfully as he adjusted his pants. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait,” he groaned pitifully.

“And that’s why we have to stop this, now,” she smiled in spite of herself. “Max, look at me.”

He obeyed by shifting his gaze from her breast to her face, his so flushed with longing that she almost gave in at that moment. But instead, she crossed her eyes and made a face. Max burst out laughing as she caught him off guard and momentarily forgot what he was so worked up about. She jumped up from the bench and shouted as she ran away.

“I’ll race you to the bluffs,” she laughed as she ran to retrieve her ATV.

Max had a little difficulty running in his aroused state and he half jogged, half limped after her, wincing at the pain in his crotch but determined to catch up with Liz. She had already reached her vehicle and had started the engine as she pulled her helmet onto her head. She gunned the machine and took off in a cloud of dust. Max hobbled over to his and took a few deep breaths before he sat down gingerly, grimacing at his discomfort. He turned the keys in the ignition and revved the engine. He slipped on his helmet and took after his girlfriend with a burst of resolve.

“Later,” he vowed as his voice was lost in the sounds emanating from the noisy machine.


Isabel strolled comfortably by Emmett’s side. Unfortunately, Emmett was feeling far less relaxed as he fiddled with a leaf he had torn from a palm as they ambled by. He was unaccustomed to being in the company of beautiful young women since his job required him to be on call at all times and to limit his interaction with civilians. He had had brief encounters with staff members but they had all been casual and he tried to keep his fraternization with his staff to a minimum. Being in the Princess’ company under these circumstances was wreaking havoc with his resolve and he fought to control the wild beating of his heart as he occasionally felt the soft skin of her arm brush his. Isabel, sensing his distress, decided to focus their conversation on something that would be familiar to him.

“Tell me,” she encouraged in a soft voice as she swung her arms casually, “have you had a chance to talk to Nicolas and the others yet?”

“,” he admitted in a flustered voice. He was momentarily thrown by her choice of topic. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I spoke with Nicolas this afternoon,” he revealed, suddenly becoming more businesslike as if he were responding to a debriefing. After all, this was Isabel and she had every right to know what was transpiring with their captives.

“Oh, so did he tell you anything...important?” she hesitated as she searched for an appropriate word. She looked embarrassed as she fumbled for something profound to say. Emmett had no idea that she was feeling inadequate and he mistook her reticence for misgivings concerning his interrogative abilities.

“Yes,” he nodded enthusiastically, trying to reassure her regarding his competence. “And he was very co-operative,” he added.

“Oh?” she answered, trying to control the question in her voice. “Did it take much convincing to get him to talk?”

“No, not much, really,” Emmett admitted readily. “I just told him that his time on Earth was limited anyway and if he co-operated with us then perhaps we could work something out,” he hedged.

“Oh!” she frowned. “But why would you want to cut a deal with him?”

“We’re trying to get as much info on Khivar as we can and it really doesn’t matter how we get it,” he admitted, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“But, how can you trust anything he says?” she questioned him relentlessly as she wrinkled her brow.

“You’re right,” he admitted wryly. “We can’t, but it doesn’t hurt to try,” he smiled slowly, enjoying her cross-examination.

“You’re making fun of me!” she shot back as she lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Oh no, please don’t get me wrong!” he was quick to reassure her. “I would never do that,” he retorted nervously. “I just find your questions interesting, that’s all,” he added modestly.

“Oh,” she answered quietly, stealing a glance up into his open face as she flushed slightly. “Well, don’t believe everything you hear about blonds,” she added glibly. “We’re all not as dumb as you might think,” she laughed easily.

“Hey, I never said blonds were dumb,” he threw back at her, falling into the flirtatious mood.

“No you didn’t but I don’t really know you very well so I can only guess at what you might be thinking,” she grinned as she lowered her head again, eyeing him through lowered lashes.

His heart skipped a beat as he took in that seductive look of hers again.

God, she’s so sexy, he thought heatedly. When she looks at me like that...Oh God, he moaned inwardly, licking his lips unconsciously. His agitation was not lost on Isabel and she swayed her hips invitingly as she strode ahead of him slightly. She almost laughed out loud when she heard the sharp intake of breath coming from behind her. She wanted to kiss him so badly! What was wrong with her? She had just met the guy but there was something about him that drew her to him and she couldn’t help these feelings that were surfacing. One thing she was certain of was that he would not make the first move. And she wasn’t willing to wait much longer! Kiss me, she thought desperately.

They rounded a bend in the path and it was her turn to draw a sharp breath at the sight that awaited them. Her hand gripped his arm as she reacted to the overwhelming sight and he followed the path of her hand in a daze, melting at her searing touch. His heart pounded in counterpoint to the gushing torrent of the waterfalls up ahead. He felt slightly woozy as he caught a whiff of her subtle perfume as it was blown at him from the rush of the falling water. He was amazed that he could even detect the aroma over the heady scent of the surrounding flora but her essence was unmistakable and he closed his eyes as it wafted over him.

When he opened them, he saw her staring at him curiously and with a slight air of amusement. He wanted to speak, to say something intelligible but he couldn’t get his jaw to work. She moved closer to him and the blood rushed in his ears at her proximity. Every cautionary alarm went off in his head. You can’t do this! She’s the princess! You can’t get involved with her! And all the while these words were swirling in his head, he found himself leaning closer and closer to her. He could now feel the soft puffs of air from her warm breath on his face and he moaned slightly in reaction. She answered his moan with a deep sigh as she drew closer. He was almost touching her lips and he could feel the heat rising from them as his mind whirled with pleasure and denial all at the same time. He forced himself to stop moving closer and he swore that he could hear her own thoughts at this point. As he moved away to distance himself from this violation, she gripped his arms and pushed forward. He shook his head knowing that if he allowed this to happen that he would be breaking all his own rules of propriety. All these thoughts were conflicting in his head while he struggled with the overwhelming desire to crush those luscious lips to claim them as his own. He tried to wrench free from her grasp but she resisted.

“Don’t,” she whispered and that’s all it took. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. One kiss, he thought. But as soon as their mouths touched he knew he needed more and he brought his hand to her face, running his fingers over the smooth skin as he tasted her mouth with soft, gentle kisses. Isabel whimpered at his tenderness and he could feel her legs buckling beneath her. He reached out and swept her curvaceous body next to his trim, muscled form and deepened the kiss. There was no turning back now. She parted her lips and he let the tip of his tongue run along them before sweeping it inside her mouth. She tasted so sweet and he was overcome with desire and.......what else was that? How could he love someone he had just met? He had known of her existence for years but until yesterday, he had never actually come into direct contact with her.

He recalled how his heart skipped a beat when he saw her lying in such a pathetic state at the mine yesterday but he assumed that this was just his overt loyalty to the Royals kicking in. He couldn’t love her! This was impossible and....wrong! She was the Princess. Surely, she was already spoken for! He had to stop this before it went any further. He drew away from her as he scanned her flushed face.

“We have to stop!” he breathed raggedly as he gazed into her torrid eyes.

“No!” she demanded as she drew him closer to her again.

“But...this is wrong!” his voice trembled. “We can’t........” but he didn’t get a chance to finish as Isabel pulled him close and took the initiative. She had been denied these feelings for too long. Liz and Max had made the decision to deepen their bond and Maria and Michael had obviously become more intimate. She was tired of being left out in the cold. This felt right and good and she wanted to experience these feelings of intimacy with a man. This man, she realized as she kissed him passionately.

Emmett stopped struggling as she pored her feelings into the kiss.


Isabel crying herself to sleep at night for the missing Michael.

Isabel and Max at 6 years old discovering their powers and giggling as they experimented secretively, knowing instinctively to keep this discovery hidden.

Isabel finding Michael after those three years of separation and her joy at seeing him again. How protective she was and how she insisted that he come visit in her bedroom at night if Hank were giving him a hard time. When they reached puberty, Michael somehow knew that he would have to start spending his nights in Max’s room. Emmett could feel Isabel’s isolation at this new arrangement but he also felt her understanding. She thought of Michael as a brother only.....the same way she felt about Max but she also knew that they were growing up and it just wasn’t right for her to spend this intimate time with Michael anymore.....just as she would squirm at spending that time with Max.

Her first kiss with Tommy Stephens. It had been awkward and really embarrassing as she got her hair caught in his back pack strap! The more she struggled to get free, the tighter her hair wound in the band and she ended up crying as the hair pulled on her scalp. How Michael had come upon them and mistook her tears and proceeded to pound the crap out of the young Romeo and how it would be another two years before another guy had the courage to approach her.

Her first date with the Captain of the Freshman football team. By this time she had developed into a luscious and captivating young teenager and she was sought after eagerly by all the good looking young teens in her Freshman year. She chose Ted Marsh because he was so sweet, besides being gorgeous and athletic. But it didn’t last long once she realized that he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.

A series of casual relationships with various good looking guys followed and then her relationship with Alex surfaced. Her ambivalence to him at first and then her trust and finally her decision to just keep things platonic. Emmett felt the deep pain and loss she experienced at his death as well as the sense of guilt she had felt when Grant died. He could also feel how she felt about him...... just as confused as he was but feeling a sense of rightness about it, too.

End of flash*

Isabel experienced her own flashes coming from Emmett.


Emmett walking in a park holding onto some lady’s hand, giggling as she told him how his hand fit so nicely in her own as they swung their arms in unison.

A slightly older Emmett standing stoically at a grave side as he held a male hand and watched tearfully as dirt was thrown on his Mother’s coffin. Isabel saw how he had placed a white rose on the lid before he walked away.

Emmett waving sadly to the older man as he was driven away in a large black limousine, staring out of the back window at his grief stricken Father.

The solitary years he had spent in training at a Military Academy, preparing for his future role in the WCC. The infrequent visits home to see his Father which ended abruptly when he passed away from inconsolable grief a couple of years after his Mother’s death.

The terrible feeling of being all alone and having to hide theses feelings in his Spartan surroundings. Not allowing the pain of abandonment to surface as it would be deemed a sign of weakness. He had to remain strong since his only chance at retribution for his Mother’s murder and his Father’s subsequent passing, as a result of that crime, was to become head of operations of the WCC. Age was thankfully not a deterrent so he worked diligently, training in all types of combat, becoming proficient with all kinds of weaponry, studying world cultures and their languages and finally earning a joint degree in Astrophysics and Biochemistry.

His joining the ranks of the WCC at the tender age of 20 and reaching his goal as HOH just 4 years later. He was prodigious, there was no doubt of that, but even his superiors were astounded at the rate with which he adapted to his new role. He had a maturity and sensitivity beyond his years and they knew they had made the right decision when they promoted him. Their only concern was that he was so involved in the Operations that he left little time for personal enrichment. Boy, if they could see him now!

End of flash*

They broke apart, their chests heaving from the depth of the kiss and the strong emotions that it had evoked. They stared into each other’s ravaged countenances and Emmett cupped Isabel’s cheek tenderly, his lip quivering slightly at the feelings that had been stirred up within him. He knew that she had felt it, too and he waited for her to speak.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she confessed breathlessly. “I could feel and see everything you were feeling,” she spoke in wonder. “You saw things from me, too, didn’t you?” her voice trembled.

All he could do was nod as a smile broke out on his face. He didn’t know what all this meant but he welcomed these foreign sensations like a breath of fresh air. He leaned down to kiss her softly, his lips barely brushing the surface of her lips as if he were afraid to trigger any more emotions at this time. All he wanted to do was feel her full mouth pressing against his again and he groaned when she responded, opening her mouth to invite him in. He wrapped his arms around her tightly his hips swaying against hers as she felt the full extent of his feelings for her. She rubbed her pelvis into his arousal and he gripped his hands around her waist as he let her stimulate him. They both moaned and groaned in absolute pleasure, languishing in the pure feelings of arousal and tenderness elicited by these movements.

Isabel clung to his neck as she felt her legs getting weak and she was at the point of collapse when she felt him pull her down to the ground. They sank to their knees and he lay down, pulling her on top of him. They continued to kiss and bask in the wonderful feelings being stirred up inside of one another. They wanted each other so badly but Emmett knew that he would not let it go past a certain point, although, God help him, he had no idea how he was going to put a stop to this. He had never felt such passion and from the flashes he got from Isabel, it was apparent that she hadn’t either.

He put all those thoughts in the back of his head as he continued to kiss and massage her body. She was so womanly and yet so innocent. His head was swimming with the warmth of her presence and he never wanted this to end. He could lie here forever with her in his arms, just loving her until the end of time. There was that word again! Loving! This couldn’t be happening. How was this possible? He could feel his passion banking but underneath it all was this softer veil of tenderness and caring for this beautiful creature as if he wanted to wrap her in his protective custody and keep her for himself only.

Isabel felt this insistent tug, too and wondered how she could love someone she hardly even knew. She was too practical a person to believe in love at first sight but this is exactly what she was feeling. She recalled how her heart leapt when she first saw him this morning. Admittedly, he was very handsome but that’s wasn’t the sole reason for her attraction. She sensed a warmth and trust that she had never felt other than with Max and Michael but this was more primal and compelling. She felt like she wanted him to protect her and love her forever, with his body, mind and soul and she would never give this up. This was what she had been searching for and she was determined to hold onto it. She removed her lips from his sensual mouth and murmured against them.

“I want you.”

Emmett held his breath and eyed her lips and the curve of her neck as it arched backwards slightly, the pulse pounding there so apparent, and he gasped at the rush of arousal that consumed him. But he steeled himself as he shook his head in denial.

“Not yet,” he replied huskily as he claimed the warm flesh at her neck. He suckled it and moaned at the taste of her as he tongue washed over her hot skin.

“I can’t wait,” she insisted as she ground her pelvis into his maleness.

He squeezed his eyes shut, almost flooding his pants with release as he shook in reaction. This was becoming too difficult and he knew he was the one who had to pull back. He couldn’t just bed the Princess in a wild mating attempt in a pseudo jungle paradise! Besides, she was probably a virgin and there was no way she was going to experience her first time rolling around in the dirt with a guy who was ten years her senior! Not tonight anyway.

“Not yet,” he returned quietly as he leaned his flushed forehead on her cheek. He pushed himself up gently as he kissed her cheek. “I won’t pretend to understand what’s happening between us but I do know that I care for you too much to make love to you here, like this,” he confessed.

“You do?” Isabel cried as she kissed him over and over again on his face.

“Yes,” he admitted seriously. “I do.” He ran his hand over her back and kissed her lightly on the mouth. “More than I thought possible.” he murmured.

“Me too,” she returned happily, her eyes shining brightly as she gazed into his blue eyes. “I...I think I love you,” she whispered quietly, avoiding his penetrating gaze.

He lifted her chin and held her eyes.

“I think I love you, too,” he replied honestly. “I’ve never felt this way before and I have to admit that I’m a little bowled over by it all,” he continued sheepishly. “I know it seems so sudden,” he shrugged his shoulders in puzzlement, “but it just feels so right.”

“I know,” she gushed, giggling in embarrassment. “I feel the same way.” She leaned closer to nuzzle his nose and sighed pleasurably. “So, what do we do now?” she whispered as she nibbled on his neck.

He groaned at the sensations she was provoking again and he pulled her away gently.

“Well, first off, we have to stop kissing each other,” he laughed as she pouted at him. "Secondly, I have to get you back to neutral territory before I forget who you are and who I am and.......” he stopped as she kissed him again and he groaned helplessly as he tried to fight her magnetism. He made a decision and pushed her off a little forcefully. “I can see that you’re going to be a handful!” he admonished her jokingly.

“Oh?” she smirked as she wiggled against him.

“Precisely!” he chuckled as he sprang up from the ground holding his hand out to her to help her up, his biceps bulging noticeably.

Isabel licked her lips admiringly as she touched his muscled arm.

“Oh, I like a man with muscles,” she purred as she pinched his upper arm.

Emmett shook his head in amusement.

“You’re not going to give up, are you?” he grinned.

“Uh, uh,” she teased as she walked her fingers up his arm and across his shoulder blade. She leaned in to nuzzle his ear and he stiffened in reaction. Then he could hear her giggling behind him.

“What’s so funny,” he laughed as she chuckled.

“Your back,” she laughed.”It’s all covered in dirt and grass,” she told him as she pointed in that direction.

“Oh,” he chuckled as he tried to wipe at the offending grime.

“Here, let me,” she offered a she swiped her hand over the back of his garments. “There, that’s better,” she smiled as she spun him around. “Now, doesn’t that deserve another kiss?” she winked impishly.

“You’re incorrigible,” he sighed as he held her in his arms and kissed her again, pulling back before he allowed her to deepen it.

“You’re no fun,” she pouted.

“Oh, I can be,” he smirked, raising an eyebrow. “But you’re just going to have to wait to find out,” he said, tweaking her tiny nose.

“I’m looking forward to it,” she breathed into his ear.

Emmett’s eyes darkened as he answered.

“So am I.”


The others had returned to the entrance by this time and sat around lazily, nibbling on snack foods as they discussed their various activities.

“Man, this place is incredible,” Kyle gushed. “I wonder how they do it? All these different climates and all the weird food!”

“Yeah, I know,” Brody agreed. “It just boggles the mind! Do you think it’s real?” he whispered conspiratorially as Emmett and Isabel strolled into view.

“It’s very real. Believe me!” Emmett remarked, smiling at their startled faces. “Tomorrow, we’ll start with the basics behind all of this,” he waved his hand around. “By tomorrow evening, I can guarantee you that you’ll be glad to take a break!"


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“Well?” Emmett tilted his head, swallowing nervously.

“It’s time,” Osmond nodded as he turned back to his desk.

Emmett breathed deeply and bowed his head in resolution.

“Alright then. You call the shots. I’ll make all the necessary arrangements.” he fidgeted nervously with his belt buckle.”You know, I’ve waited most of my life for this moment,” he laughed uneasily.

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Osmond eyed him skeptically. “You’re not getting cold feet, are you?”

“Uh, uh,” he shook his head firmly. “It’s just that this is such a big....thing!” he added uncharacteristically, unable to find the right words for the monumental event that was about to take place. “What if we’ve miscalculated?”

“Never happen.”

“How can you be so sure?” the younger man queried.

“Too many people have worked on this for too many years. If we haven’t got it right by now, we never will,” he responded adamantly.

“Yeah,” Emmett agreed. “You’re right, of course,” he smiled weakly as he left the Dr.’s office to attend to his duties.


The adults had long retired, thanks to their drug-laced coffees. The teens and Brody were relaxing in the lounge area, chatting idly amongst themselves. Emmett entered the room, motioning to Max and Liz as he nodded pleasantly to the others.

“The Doc would like to see you,” he smiled as he spoke to them privately.

“It’s a little late, isn’t it?” Max looked puzzled.

“It won’t take long,” Emmett shrugged casually.

“Oh. Okay,” Max agreed as he led Liz to Osmond’s office.

Emmett signalled his men and they quickly sealed off the lounge area and flooded it with gas vapours. In a matter of seconds, the occupants were drugged and fast asleep.

Max knocked on the Dr.’s door and it was opened immediately. He admitted the young couple and asked them to be seated.

“So, how’s it going?” he asked casually.

“Okay, I guess,” Max looked puzzled, turning to Liz with arched brows.

“Good. Look, I’ve made arrangements for you guys to have some time alone.....that’s if you’re interested, of course,” he spoke off-handedly.

Liz blushed and Max cleared his throat.

“Y-you mean........” he hesitated.

“Yeah,” Osmond answered easily. “No pressure. It’s up to you guys,” he shrugged.

Max squeezed Liz’s hand and smiled at her shyly and she giggled nervously.

“Do you......?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes self-consciously but nodded surreptitiously.

“Okay,” Max nodded, his breathing quickening.

“You can use the Garden. We’ll seal it off so no one can disturb you,” Osmond added quickly.

“Jeez, you don’t have to go to that trouble,” Max laughed sheepishly.

“No trouble at all,” Osmond remarked. “So, it’s settled then?”

“Y-yeah, I guess so,” Max returned. If he hadn’t been thinking with his power source instead of his head, he might have sensed something was amiss but he had waited so long for this moment that he jumped at the chance. Liz was of the same opinion so neither one took much convincing. Their teen hormones were working in overdrive and they were both anxious to test the Dr.’s newest theory.

Osmond rose quickly, allowing them no time to change their minds. He motioned for them to follow him as he led them to the Garden doors.

“I’m sure you’ve had a chance to explore extensively,” he grinned. “Take your time and just buzz us when you want to leave,” he informed them, pointing to a red button on one side of the entrance.”Don’t worry. You’ll have complete privacy, I can assure you,” he said, noticing the looks of embarrassment on their faces.

They nodded silently as he took his leave. The doors clanged shut behind him and they turned to one another, their hesitant smiles turning to wide grins.

“Yahoooooooo!” Liz yelled, as she started running down the path with Max in hot pursuit.

Emmett met Osmond outside the Garden doors. He smiled at the good Dr., chuckling in delight. Osmond smirked and gave him a knuckle rap.

“Ad astra per aspera,”* he sighed heavily. (* to the stars by hard ways)

“Amor vincit omnia,”** Emmett winked in return. (** love conquers all things)

They both laughed as they turned away.


Liz hid behind a tall palm as she waited for Max to round the bend in the path. She crouched low, preparing to pounce when he came in sight. She waited anxiously, stifling her giggles with a firmly placed hand across her mouth. She waited and waited, finally standing as she craned her neck up from her hiding place.

“Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiyaaaaaa,” Max yelled as he tackled her from behind.

“Ooooooffff!” Liz let out an explosive breath as she fell forward, screaming with laughter as she rolled around on the ground. Max lifted her up and swung her sideways across his shoulders and careened down the path, whooping and yelling as he charged towards he waterfall. Liz bounced around on his back, hysterical with laughter.

“Ma-a-a-a-ax-x-x!” she warbled, as she bumped along on his back, red-faced and breathless.

“Yeah, Baby?” he laughed maniacally, screeching to a halt at the waters edge.

“Put me down!” she yelled, kicking her legs as she tried to wiggle free from his grasp.

“Your wish is my command,” he howled as he dropped her to the ground unceremoniously.

“C’mere, you,” she demanded as she hauled him down on top of her, planting a wet, sloppy kiss on his laughing mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, you she devil,” he moaned as he captured her mouth in a deep caress, his tongue snaking into her mouth as he massaged her tongue. Liz let her head sink further into the grass, demanding that Max follow her down, their bodies pressed together tightly. She felt him tense and held her breath, dreading a negative reaction. Instead, he eased back and peered into her eyes.

“I think it’s time we give the Doc’s suggestion a try,” he offered quietly.

Liz licked her lips nervously and gave a tight little nod.

“Okay,” she whispered, suddenly feeling a heat surge through her body at the thought of what was about to happen. She traced the outline of his chest muscles as he sat up, hovering over her prone form. She had to stretch her arms up high just to reach his body. She ran her fingertips over the taut cloth of his shirt and she felt his nipples stiffen under her touch. He held his breath and closed his eyes in anticipation. She struggled to sit up and he cupped her elbows to offer support as she pulled her body up to meet his. Her hands slipped around his neck and she moved closer to nuzzle the smooth hot flesh there, breathing in his masculine scent. Her lips grazed the sensitive skin and she felt his muscles twitch beneath her mouth. She licked the saltiness from his body and he moaned appreciatively, kissing her temple as she laved him with her tongue. Her nimble fingers moved swiftly to undo the buttons of his shirt, one by one, as her tongue followed close behind, licking and nipping at the exposed flesh. His own fingers dug into her back as he tensed under her ministrations and she cooed soft words of love to relax him.

She pulled his shirt apart as she undid the last button, exposing his magnificent chest, the muscles so beautifully developed and so well sculpted, his abdominals tightly ridged and taut. She moaned in appreciation as she ran her hands over the firm flesh, leaning into his body to suckle the chestnut coin of each nipple in turn. Max threw back his head and groaned at the sensation as Liz continued to roll her tongue around his areolae, his nipples peaking in response. His chest muscles twitched and she placed her palms over the bulging sinews, marvelling at their bulk. She removed her mouth and Max groaned in protest. She had to bite back a chuckle as she scooted around to his back, slipping her soft hands beneath his shirt and pulling it away from his body. He shook his arms out of the sleeves and she disposed of the garment in one fluid motion. She leaned forward to nuzzle his warm back and he arched forward, hissing as her lips sprinkled butterfly kisses over the expanse of exposed flesh. Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders for balance and she kneaded the tense muscles with her fingertips.

Her mouth moved to the back of his neck, exploring the tight cords with her soft lips. Max could barely sit upright, his mind was so flooded with these tingling sensations. Liz sensed his unsteadiness and she gently pulled him back to rest against her chest, making herself comfortable as she found the trunk of a tree to lean on. She massaged his chest muscles again and ran her hands in ever expanding circles towards the waistband of his jeans, closing in on the gap between flesh and fabric. She took her time, making slow but steady progress towards her goal, all the while planting affectionate kisses on the top of his head. Max kept up a steady drone of satisfaction, hardly aware of where Liz’s hands were headed. He just lay back, enjoying the heady sensations of her tantalizing touch. He barely registered the brush of her hand against his as it lay on the grass, he was so inflamed. She picked it up gently and brought it to her lips before guiding it down to his jeans.

She ran it over his arousal, her own hand placed gently but firmly on top of his as she guided it over and over his stiffened flesh. She felt the immediate shift in his heart rate as he breathed in jaggedly, his breaths quickening as he pleasured his own manhood. Once Liz realized he had broken into a steady rhythm, she removed her hand from his and began to unbutton his jeans. Then she took his hand and eased his finger and thumb around the zipper and encouraged him to pull it down. She replaced her hand on top of his and they returned to jointly stroking his straining shaft, now one step closer to their goal as they massaged him through the thinner fabric of his boxers. Max was groaning loudly by now, his head swishing back and forth on her chest. She could feel the perspiration dripping from his forehead onto her blouse, soaking the soft material. She continued to coo softly while placing soothing kisses on his temple and forehead. Once she was satisfied that he was completely spellbound by their movements, she moved onto the final stage of his seduction by reaching his hand beneath the waistband of his boxers and pulling it down slowly until his shaft was completely exposed.

It was Liz’s turn to draw in a sharp breath. She had never seen him so naked and open before and she stared in fascination at the magnificent sight of his engorged flesh, jerking as it reacted to their stimulation. She smiled to herself as she realized how big it was, both fascinated and a little intimated all at once. Her lips curved into a broader smile as she imagined what it would feel like throbbing and pushing inside her and she whimpered at the fantasy. She was fascinated by the swollen head and she longed to wrap her fingers around the firm, silky skin. Instead, she enfolded Max’s hand and let him engulf his own aroused flesh, falling into his own steady and strong rhythm as he stroked his own manhood. She felt his excitement as he became more aroused, stroking faster and faster as he neared completion. Liz’s own heart was pounding in her chest and undoubtedly, Max registered the thump on his back subconsciously. She breathed harshly on his face and she tried to concentrate on her task as she furtively laced her fingers within his, finally able to make contact with his shaft for the first time.

She held her breath, hoping that he wouldn’t break his rhythm as he realized that her hand was doing half the work now. To her relief, he squeezed her hand and removed his, letting her finish him off. Within a few seconds his body tensed and he arched forward, his hot, viscous semen ejecting from the head of his penis as it spurted onto her hand and into thin air. He thrust powerfully as he grunted in satisfaction, alternately arching away from her body and plunging back to flap against her chest. Liz was transfixed by the whole experience yet she felt so in control for the first time in a long while. She had made this happen. She was responsible for his pleasure and he had readily conceded to her domination. He had literally put himself in her hands....or hand as the case may be.

She couldn’t believe how much semen spurted out and how it ran down over her hand coating it and his shaft in its creamy essence. His body jerked uncontrollably as he gave in to the pleasure of release and she marvelled at the beauty of it all. Now, she finally knew how Max felt when he was able to give her the same pleasure and it was the most satisfying and loving thing she had ever experienced. She felt so powerful and yet so tender all at the same time and she glowed from the sensation. Max gave a final thrust and satisfied grunt and then he collapsed on her body, his head flopping to the side in exhaustion. Liz bent over to kiss his ear and to whisper words of love. He smiled weakly in response, taking her free hand and kissing it lovingly. She had not let go of his softening member, wanting to savour this victory for as long as possible.

“How was that, lover?” she whispered.

“Mmmmmm,” was all he could manage and she chuckled softly in response.

“That good, huh?”

“Mmmmmmm,” he returned, nodding his head slightly.

He lay in her arms, his chest heaving as he came down from his high, so relaxed and content that Liz feared he would fall asleep. She expressed her fears openly.

“You’re not falling asleep on me, are you?” she teased as she nudged his body slightly.

“Mmmm, no,” he mumbled, shaking his head vigorously but within a minute, Liz felt the unmistakable steady rise and fall of his chest and laughed despite her disappointment. She removed her hand from his penis and he immediately whimpered at the loss. She waited for him to settle back down and then she leaned back into the tree trunk, wiping her sticky hand along the grass by her side. She let her body succumb to sleep, her arms laid protectively across Max’s abdomen, their hands clasped in union.


The air shimmered outside the enclosure, a soft wind whistling as it stirred up the dust on the desert floor. A snake slithered along the sand, leaving a telltale trail in its wake while the tiny paw prints of a rodent scurried away in the distance. A night hawk screeched from above sending shivers down the spines of those on watch as it decided which prey it would take for its evening meal. It orbited above watching the scampering and slithering with interest as it circled lower and lower towards its dinner. The mouse hurried along as it searched for its burrow while the snake, so intent on its quest for the mouse, paid little attention to the threat above. It opened its wide jaws, unhinging them as it readied itself to sink its poison tipped fangs into the rodents flesh when suddenly, its body was lifted high in the air, swinging loosely from the hawks talons. It twisted frantically to change its trajectory as its mouth sought the tender flesh of the underbelly of the bird of prey. The bird, an experienced hunter too, dropped the reptile from a great height, crushing its wriggling body against a large boulder. It made a final swoop and picked up the dead creature, carrying it off to its mountain nest for consumption.

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Liz stirred inside the Garden paradise, her nostrils twitching at an unfamiliar, yet hypnotic scent. She moaned softly as she slowly opened her eyes, rising up in a panic as she realized she was alone. She flipped onto all fours quickly as her nose sniffed the ground in search of the source of the smell. She purred languidly as a growl of satisfaction escaped her slightly parted lips, her breath coming in soft pants as she chuffed the air. She swung her head from side to side, her back curved so that her belly brushed the ground.

An answering growl came from the direction of the dense foliage, deep and rumbling in tone, and she swung her head in the corresponding direction, panting faster and louder in response. A pair of penetrating amber eyes peered through the greenery, flashing sensually as they watched her performance. She blinked quickly and stood upright. The crouching figure approached her, crawling towards her slowly, smiling seductively, showing just a hint of gleaming teeth. His eyes smoldered as he raked them over her curves. He licked his lips and lowered his eyes to her crotch, looking back up to her eyes as he raised his eyebrows, a hint of a smile forming on his lips. He was completely naked, his bronzed, flawless skin gleaming in the moonlight.

Liz felt as though she’d been punched in the stomach. Her knees wobbled and she felt a stab of heat shoot through her entrails. She swallowed convulsively and ran her fingers through her hair. She knew exactly what Max had in mind and she could feel the steam rising off her overheated body. She felt the sexual flush creeping up her chest and up over her face. She couldn’t move her feet even if she wanted to and she stood on the spot as Max continued to eye her like his next meal.

She tried to take deep breaths but all she could manage were shallow pants. Max crept towards her on all fours. She eyed his slow progress, a low whimper escaping from her lips. He crawled slowly, his amber eyes never once leaving hers, until he reached where she stood, rooted to the spot. She watched as he moved up to her body, wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her towards him. He nuzzled her abdomen through her light clothing and she swayed on her unsteady legs as she gripped his shoulders tightly.

“I want to taste you,” he growled into her body, nipping at her flesh through the silky material of her blouse.

Liz shut her eyes tight and bit her lip. Her chest heaved and she felt her knees buckling. She locked her legs with a tremendous effort and opened her eyes to see Max staring at her with hooded lids. He removed his hands from her waist and began to unbutton her blouse. Her eyes focussed on his fingers as they undid the buttons, one by one. Her fingers buzzed as she sought the air for more oxygen. Her spine tingled and her eyes watered from tension.

Max reached his hands inside the blouse and slowly drew the front panels apart, his fingers lightly grazing the soft skin of her abdomen. She sucked in her breath as he leaned forward to kiss her warm flesh. She pressed her naked breasts against his face and he opened his mouth to suckle her sensitive nipples. She sighed as he teased her areolae into tight peaks, sucking on them until she thought she’d faint from pleasure. He slipped her blouse off her shoulders and let it slide to the ground.

His fingers sought the button of her cotton shorts and unhooked it quickly. He tugged at the zipper, pulling it down slowly, exposing her abdomen. He sniffed deeply as he pulled her close to his mouth, raining soft kisses all over her flat tummy, pausing to dip his tongue into her navel, swirling the tip around the centre, mesmerizingly slowly. She mewed softly, running her fingers through his thick locks, encouraging his advances with her cries.

He smiled up into her face and slipped his fingers into the waistband of her shorts, dragging them down over her hips as they pooled at her feet. She stepped out of them daintily and he flicked them aside. He brought his large hands around to rest on her tiny buttocks, kneading the firm flesh with his fingertips. This gave her the support she needed to relax her legs a little. She leaned back slightly on his hands as his biceps flexed to take the extra strain. He moved his head lower to the top of her bikinis. He grabbed the elastic with his teeth and started to work the material down over her hips. He paused to nuzzle the exposed triangle of pubic hair that covered her mound.

Liz cried out as she felt his nose touch her so intimately. He squeezed her buttocks in response and she choked out a strangled sob. Aided by one hand, he dragged the slip of silk down her legs and to her feet. He coaxed one foot up at a time to remove the garment from her body. Liz faltered as she stood on one foot and he grabbed her quickly before she collapsed on the ground. He could feel her body tensing, making itself ready for his next assault. He smiled secretively, wanting to prolong the torture just a little longer.

He lowered himself as much as he could, while still maintaining a hold on her body, repositioning his hands to hold onto her thighs. He began by licking at her calves, running his tongue along the small muscular curves that stood out from her slender legs. He felt the muscles quivering as he lapped at her skin. Liz bent her legs slightly as she adjusted to this new position. Max sucked gently on the back of her knees and her eyes popped open in surprise, her body warming to this new kind of pleasure.

He drew his tongue across the larger muscles of her thighs, slowly weaving his way to her centre. He coaxed her legs apart as his hands moved back to her buttocks. She could feel the heat from his face pressed against her trembling thighs and she waited longingly for his mouth to take her the way he had insinuated.

“Liz,” he rumbled deeply, “Look at me, love.”

She turned her tear filled eyes down, and shuddered as his mouth moved towards her mound. He kissed it reverently before extending his tongue to separate her folds.

“Oh God!” Liz cried out as she felt his tongue tease her swollen flesh. “Oh Max!” she keened arching herself back to open herself up to him. She shoved her mound into his face as he lapped at her aroused flesh, his tongue flattened to it’s maximum to cover as much of her labia as possible as his head moved up and down in a steady rhythm. Liz’s hands cupped either side of his head as her fingers curled into his scalp, dragging him even closer to her heat. She pressed his face into her aroused flesh as her hips rocked back and forth. She was desperate to assuage the ache that was building between her legs and her high pitched keening only served to increase his desire to bring her pleasure.

Max’s head was spinning with the scent of her arousal and the taste of her tangy juices. His senses were in overload and he had the overwhelming desire to delve deep within her passage to extract her core. He growled in frustration knowing what he needed but afraid to claim it. He had to concentrate on Liz, on making her reach completion before he took what he still felt he had no claim to. He kneaded the cheeks of her tiny ass, his fingers digging into the soft flesh, leaving indentations. He could feel her body tense and he knew it was a matter of moments before she shattered. He longed for it but it scared him too because it meant they were ready for the next stage and he wasn’t sure if he was ready. And then she came. She shook violently as her orgasm ripped through her tiny frame. She screamed incoherent words as she exploded into his mouth. She thrust her pelvis at his face and ground her hips to extract every ounce of pleasure from her moment. And he gave her everything she wished for, sucking and pulling on her swollen clit until she was hysterical with joy and sated with release. Her legs buckled and he let her slip to the jungle floor, sliding from his grasp in a heap.

He lay down next to her as he cradled her body in his arms, rocking her gently as she rasped for air, her chest heaving with the desire to pull oxygen into her depleted lungs.

“I love you,” he whispered into her ear, kissing her head softly as she continued to rock, curled into a ball as her sensitive flesh throbbed from stimulation.

She forced out an “I love you, too,” as she gasped for air, rubbing her lips on his chest, breathing deeply as she saturated her senses with his smell. He shivered as he realized what she was doing and he bent forward to mimic her actions, rubbing his nose along her collarbone as he sniffed her aroused flesh. He licked her salty skin and she moaned as she uncurled for him, stretching full length along his taut, muscular frame. She pressed her tiny body against his, feeling the evidence of his arousal as it throbbed on her hip.

“Oh Max,” she moaned as she rubbed his penis with her thigh, reaching down to grasp it with her tiny hand.

Max’s breath hitched as he scooped her up until her face was level with his, looking deep into her eyes for confirmation.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

“Oh God.Yes. I want you Max. I want you to make me yours, forever, just like you promised.” She ground her lower torso into his and he groaned loudly as he kissed her, deeply and passionately, eternally grateful that he could finally make love to the only woman he would ever love.

“Liz. Oh Liz,” he groaned as he showered her face with kisses. His hand stroked her bare back as he continued to kiss her face and neck. She arched higher so that he could reach even lower, nuzzling the smooth flesh and lapping at it with his tongue. Now that he had reached this monumental point in his life, he wanted to savour every single moment. He wanted to remember every sound that escaped her lips, the smell and feel and taste of her as it rose around him, intoxicating the air with her sensuality and need for him. He was so overpowered by her heady scent that he could barely distinguish fantasy from reality as he prepared to make love to her. Every dream, every wish that he had ever had was about to come true and he knew that this would be the turning point in both their lives.

His plan was to cover her body in kisses but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself much longer as his penis throbbed painfully for release. Yet, he wanted her to feel thoroughly loved by him and he held back in frustration.

“Max?” she called out breathlessly.

“Mmmmmmmm?” he mumbled as he laved her breasts, nipping at her nipples as she writhed in pleasure.

“I need you inside me...NOW!” she insisted with her last ounce of strength.

“Yes m’am,” he groaned, as he moved into position above her. He reached for one of the condom packages that he had conveniently placed in the grass near their earlier encounter. There was a bowl full of them that he had noticed sitting on the table when they’d first entered the Garden and he had grabbed a few surreptitiously as he sped after Liz. She eyed him curiously as she watched him place the prophylactic so deftly on his rigid shaft.

“Have you been practising?” she giggled. “You seem to be pretty efficient.”

“Huh?” he muttered in distraction as he carefully rolled the thin latex over his turgid flesh.”Oh....uh....yeah, as a matter of fact I have,” he blushed slightly. “You can never be too prepared, ya know,” he winked as he finished the task.

She reached out and stroked him with her hand and he hissed and arched back automatically at the firmness of her touch. The cords stood out on his neck as he rocked back and forth gently in her hand, moaning at the wonderful sensations she was creating. He looked down at her flushed face and ground out a reply through his clenched teeth.

“Have you been practising, too?” he blew out a raspy laugh as he watched her rapt expression.

She didn’t answer him as she pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately as she pushed her pelvis up into his.

“No more practising,” she murmured against his lips. “I want the real thing, Max. I want you,” she whimpered as she reached down between them and placed his rock hard shaft where it should be. “Make love to me, Max,” she whispered seductively, looking deeply into his eyes.

A rush of blood surged through his body, roaring in his ears, gushing through his veins as they pumped hot blood to his pounding heart muscle, spurting to his extremities as his toes curled and his fingers tingled and ramming into his aroused shaft from base to tip as it jerked in response to her whispered entreaty. His fingers gently probed her passage to ensure that she was quite ready for this. He needn’t have worried . She was more than ready, he discovered, as he pulled his drenched fingers out of her sopping passage. She moaned in protest as he withdrew his hand but was soon smiling as she felt the tip of his arousal pressing into her tiny opening. She gasped in pleasure as he began to push into her slowly, their eyes locked in mutual longing as they made their most eminent connection

He pushed into her slowly, the delicious torture of her tight walls increasing his need to plunder her body but he held back as he allowed her tight passage to adjust to his large size. His mind swirled with uncensored thoughts and Liz caught snippets of these as he filled her slowly. Oh God! This feels so Good! It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before!

He inched his way inside her hot tunnel, straining as he fought the urge to enter her quickly.

“Oh God, Liz,” he groaned as his perspiration dripped from his forehead, pooling on her breasts. “Unh......” he grunted with the effort as he felt her walls pulsing around him.

“Max,” she panted, feeling herself expand to fit his size, her walls being stretched to accommodate the thickness of his shaft. She felt so full that she thought she would explode and he hadn’t even penetrated her barrier yet! As if on cue, he stopped his slow progress and stared down at her.

“Uhhhh...this is it,” he breathed harshly. “I don’t want to hurt you, Liz but I don’t know how else to do this,” he panted, gasping for breath.

Liz pursed her lips and with her eyes tightly shut she plunged upwards, finishing the impaling. She gasped loudly, shuddering in pain as the tear from her punctured hymen stung her insides.

“Are you okay?” Max asked with tenderness and concern as he kissed her gently, afraid to make a move, let alone breathe.

She took shallow breaths as she lay beneath him but he could see the evidence of her pain as tears leaked from under her eyelids.

“Liz?” he whispered, ready to withdraw but as soon as she felt him move backwards, she pressed him back down.

“I’m okay,” she smiled bravely. “It just stings a bit. Just give me a minute, okay?” she held her breath against the discomfort.

He bore his weight on his forearms as he kissed her neck and jaw, giving her the time she needed.

“I love you,” he murmured near her ear.

She turned her head and kissed his lobe and then his neck.

“I love you, too,” she sighed as she began to rock experimentally. She drew her legs up around his hips and this seemed to ease the ache a little. She rocked a little harder, feeling better as the stimulation of her movements increased her longing. Max felt her desire mushrooming and he started to mimic her rhythm, overcome with passion as he plunged deeper and deeper within her hot moist walls. They moaned and groaned together as they made love for the first time, kissing and nipping at each others exposed flesh, grinding their hips and pelvis’s to increase the pressure. By instinct, they began to move faster and faster as their desires rose to a peak. Deities were invoked and they sang out each other’s names like litanies of praise.

“Liz. Oh God Liz, I don’t know how much longer I can.........” Max panted as he felt his own release coming on.

Liz cried out in answer to his pleas as her body shuddered, her vaginal walls squeezing spasmodically around Max’s shaft. He grunted in pleasure as his seed spilled from his sac as it tightened and rose in response to her tremors. Their bodies glistened in the pale moonlight with post coital sweat.


“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” he chanted as he kissed her lips and face and eyes and chin and neck and jaw . “I love you so much,” he trembled as he kissed her tenderly on the mouth.

He rolled with her to the side and wrapped his arms around her, his hands splayed across her back.

She beamed up at his face, her own glowing with the knowledge of her first time. She smiled seductively and kissed him warmly.

“Oh wow, Max,” she murmured. “That was great,” she sighed in gratification.

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?” he smiled, his cheeks dimpling in delight. “It was okay then?” he prodded hopefully.

“Okay?!” she snorted. “It was perfect,” she purred as she nipped his chin and than licked it with the tip of her tongue. She wriggled her hips as she closed her eyes. “I love you. And I love that smell,” she moaned as she inhaled deeply. “It makes me want to do it all over again,” she cried as she kissed him passionately.

Max groaned in response as he drew her body closer, already reacting to her plea. He hadn’t realized that he could harden again so quickly but he brooked no argument with his profound recovery. He reached above his head for another condom and Liz giggled in delight.

“Are you sure?” she laughed ecstatically.

“Hmph! I think that’s supposed to be my line,” he chuckled. “I’m ready if you are,” he grinned, waggling his eyebrows.”But aren’t you sore?” he asked considerately.

“Heal me,” she demanded laughingly as she exposed her core.

“Mmmmm! Yes m’am,” he grinned as he cupped her heat. His eyes narrowed in arousal. “Feel better?”

“Yes,” she laughed as she rolled over on top of him, grinning in triumph. “But I get to be on top this time!”

“I knew you’d have to get bossy sooner or later,” he teased as he fumbled with the latex.

“Here, let me,” she offered as she rolled the condom carefully onto his rigid shaft.

“Oooh, that feels good,” he sighed, closing his eyes in pleasure.

“You ain’t felt nothin’ yet baby,” she smirked as she lowered herself onto his shaft.

“Ssssss” he hissed. “Oh yeah, Liz,” he moaned as she continued to rock his world.



“More,” she sighed.


“Oh Liz, I want you,” he moaned.



“Yes,” they cried out together.



Osmond stood alone, his arms folded against the cool of the desert night as he waited for the sign. He stared up at the Universe and smiled as five bright stars twinkled brightly in the Spring sky, aligned in their standard V formation as they appeared for the first time.

“PRIMORA........ALTERAS...........TERITON..........KARTAS...........DIPENTA” he sighed, his voice carried like a whisper on the wind.

Emmett approached him quietly, overcome by the solemnity of the moment. His eyes shone brightly as he reached his arm across the Dr.’s shoulder, giving it a companionable squeeze. He smiled down at him and looked back up into space.

“Alea jacta est,”* he beamed. (* the die is cast )


The young lovers lay spent in each other’s arms, having made love five times in fairly rapid succession. They spoke telepathically through their connection, a permanent bond forged with their cementing.

I love you, Liz~ ~ ~I love you, Max~ ~ ~ I can’t believe we’ve finally made love~ ~ ~ I know. And it was so beautiful, Max.~ ~ ~ You’re so beautiful. I’m so glad we waited for each other! I’ve never felt anything like this before.

Liz’s eyes popped open as she registered this last impression. She placed her hands on his arms, determined to hear again with her own ears what he had uttered in her mind.

“Max?” she whispered eagerly. “Max?” she spoke more forcefully as she tried to rouse him from his entrancement.

“Wha...huh?” he shook his head. He gazed at her in a daze, trying to focus on her words.

“Max! Don’t you realize what you just said?” she beamed at him, hugging him tightly.

“I-I said something?” he queried in exasperation.

She started kissing his face all over and he half smiled in astonishment.

“Max, you didn’t sleep with Tess!” she shrieked in glee.

“Huh? I said that?”

“Well, not in so many words. No,” she admitted. “But I heard your thoughts through our connection and you said that you were so glad we waited for each other. You said you’d never felt anything like this before. Max, she was lying to you!” she laughed, her tears pooling in her eyes as they started to track down her cheeks.

His eyes popped open as he finally realized what Liz was saying.

“You mean, she mind warped me?” he stated in a daze. “We didn’t sleep together. There’s n-no baby?” he uttered in surprise.

Liz heard the slight hint of disappointment in his voice at that last statement and realized for the first time how much he wanted that child, even though it meant so much pain and strife for them. But she knew it was only because Tess had so effectively clouded his judgement and she ached for his sadness. He was mourning the loss of a dream and at that moment Liz knew that she would never hate anyone more than Tess in her lifetime for destroying Max’s hope.

“Max, I’m so sorry,” she whispered tearfully as she held him close.

Max was so confused but grateful that Liz was being so understanding. He tried to cut through all the shadows of his visions and grasp at the reality of the situation. He was thrilled that he hadn’t slept with Tess but she had implanted such a strong impression of his son in his mind that he was having difficulty abandoning that idea. He rolled to his back as he struggled with his conflicting emotions. Liz cradled him and soothed him with her touch as he grappled with these new considerations. He should be thrilled that he wouldn’t have to worry about the welfare of a child that didn’t exist but all he felt was a deep sense of loss. He had been so sure! He had felt the strong connection with the baby! He closed his eyes, forcing himself to remember that night.

He stood outside the Observatory, staring up at the night sky. Tess arriving so conveniently as he stood there feeling sorry for himself. He recalled her apparent empathy for his ostracism from the group. He concentrated hard as the events of the night took shape in his head. He remembered leaning down over Tess, kissing her but it was like he was being forced to do so. He recalled just barely touching her upper lip and then everything started to grow dim.

“Liz, help me?” he begged as he opened his eyes. “Help me remember what really happened that night.”

She smiled at him reassuringly and held his face in her hands, staring deep into his eyes as she willed him to clear his mind. He was drawn into their depths and felt her warmth and spirit cascading over his, encircling it with light and hope. He let his mind relax as they searched his memory for the truth. His thoughts returned to the scene at the Observatory but he now felt Liz’s comforting presence shimmering by his side. He felt strong and secure as they both faced the unknown head on.

Max saw himself standing in front of Tess and then he watched as she led him by the hand into the Observatory. It was dark and their voices echoed in the near hollow space. There was nothing in there to trap the sound other than the metal outline of the large telescope. He faltered as he scanned the floor area, trying to recall exactly where they had lain down on the cold hard floor surface, cushioned only by the blanket that Tess had so conveniently brought with her. He could hear Liz’s steady breathing and it helped to calm the butterflies in his stomach. He smiled at Tess nervously, wondering why she was staring at him so coldly. But the closer he looked, the more he realized she wasn’t staring at him at all, but at something over his shoulder. He turned around slowly to see what had caught her attention and he squinted into the darkness at the hazy outline of a male figure.

“Keep his attention, foolish girl,” he heard an angry male voice admonish her. It was deep and menacing and raised the hairs on his body as he reacted with fear. He couldn’t make out the man’s face as he remained hidden in the shadows and Max turned to Liz for her help. Can you see his face? his voice echoed. Liz turned slowly, her head rotating with her body as she looked to where Max pointed. She appeared to move in slow motion and it seemed to take an agonizingly long time for her to complete her arc as her skin, hair and clothing spun in a kaleidoscope of muted colours.

Liz reached out and touched the figure with her extended hand, jabbing at his flesh. Her fingers disappeared into the spongy shape. He’s not really there, Max, her voice resounded off the stone walls.

But can you see his face? he insisted frantically.

Yes, she nodded.

Well? he demanded impatiently.

She moved aside and smiled sadly as she slowly completed her circle, her arm still extended as she made her final sweep. Her palm opened up as she exposed the identity of the man.
NO! he screamed.


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The face blurred and sharpened alternately, going in and out of focus as Max lost visual contact with it. He squinted his eyes as the countenance flickered in the shadows, trying desperately to put a fix on it. His own face screwed up in concentration, unable to plot the outlines of the visage in the darkness. He recognized those features. They belonged to a piece of his past, a part of him that no longer existed and yet it was still buried deep within, attempting to claw its way to the surface. He forced his lids open as he peered into the black void. The image jerked forward, slowing and speeding up of its own accord and yet he still couldn’t make it out. He held his head, his hands pressed hard against his temples as the pressure on his brain increased. Tears of physical distress and anguish brimmed in his half closed eyes as he doubled over in pain, screaming at the spectre to go away. He spun around on the floor as he howled in agony, clawing at his scalp as the pain became unbearable. He wanted to die.

“STOP! STO-O-OP!” he screeched as he fell to the floor clutching his head, pounding on it as the buzzing in his brain increased. He saw red spots before his eyes as the drone turned into whispers. He sobbed quietly as he tried to concentrate on the voice, his chest heaving as he drew in deep breaths.

Max........ Max......... Listen to me.......... Kiss me......... Love me Max........ Make love to me......... Tell me you love me.......... I am yours........ You are mine. We are one............ Forever........... I am your Queen............ You will protect me............... I will bear your son............ The heir to the throne.......... You love me........ Only me...... Tess.

“NO! I love Liz! Liz is mine. I am hers!” he screamed into the void. “AAAAAAH!” he cried out as the pain intensified.

“What’s wrong with you?” the deep voice resounded through the room. “Why can you not mind warp him?” he demanded.

“I’m trying!” she wheedled pathetically. “He’s resisting.”

“Well, try harder!” he bellowed, losing patience.

Max looked up savagely, spittle forming on his lips as he made a swing at the masculine shape.

“Get out of here!” he yelled. “Get out of my head!”

“Hahahaha!” the ghostly image mocked him. “I can’t Zan. I am your worst nightmare!” he howled with laughter, the deep tones ringing throughout the Observatory.

Max rammed his body into the Phantom and ran his head into the stone wall instead, almost knocking himself unconscious. He rolled onto the floor, groaning at the pain caused by the impact.

“Tut, tut, tut!” the apparition taunted him. “You can’t touch me, your Highness,” he scowled in derision. “You see. I’m not really here!” he jeered as he pounced around on the floor.

“AAAAAAAH!” Max yelled as he dragged himself up off the floor and made another charging attempt which ended just as futilely. He clutched at his injured hand, flexing his fingers to check whether or not the extremity were damaged.

“Oh Zan! Really! You must learn to pace yourself. You know, that was always your real problem. You never knew when to give up. You’re pathetic, do you know that? If your subjects could see you now they wouldn’t be so quick to beg for your return. Ha! Your mother should have left you to die, you miserable piece of human garbage!”

Max’s body jumped from the force of a kick to the ribs. He coughed as the air left his lungs in a rush and he gasped at the shock of the unforeseen blow.

“But that honour will be left to me now,” he cackled in glee. “It will give me extreme pleasure to attend your execution. Of course, ladies first so I will give you the gratification of watching your own dear sister die. And then, that brainless twit that presumes to pose as your Second will meet his demise. By this time, you should be overcome with gratitude, I should think,” he mocked. “But I wouldn’t want to rush things. Not when we’ve waited so long for your return. It would be such a pity to deprive the people of your pathetic pleas for mercy. No. We will have to prolong your death so that your loyal subjects understand who is the true ruler of Primora. Once they’ve had a taste of your pathetic grovelling, they’ll be delighted to see the end of you. And the show wouldn’t be complete without the rulers of the other four planets in attendance. Your dear, dear friend Larek, no doubt, will be overcome by grief. Such a pity! But, if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll take heed, as will the other three. I, and I alone, will rule the five. They will answer to me. Khivar!”

Max trembled with rage as he lay on the cold floor but his injuries prevented him from attempting another run at the spectre. He moaned in frustration as he rocked on the hard surface, cradling his aching hand against his chest as he breathed shallowly against the agony of his cracked ribs. Khivar sneered derisively at the fallen adolescent before turning back to Tess.

“He’s all yours, now,” he smirked. “Try to get it right this time,” he warned menacingly. “My patience is wearing thin! Oh, and don’t forget to heal his injuries,” he raised his brows. “We wouldn’t want him to think he’d just bedded a wildcat, now, would we?” he taunted as he fell back into the shadows.

Tess grimaced as she knelt down beside Max and held his head in her hands.

“Max,” she whispered. “Look into my eyes, please,” she begged desperately.

Max glared at her, snarling in contempt.

“Why?” he growled. “So that you can make me think I love you! I’ll never love anyone but Liz. Never!” he screamed at her.

Tess pursed her lips and shut her eyes tight as she attempted once again to control Max’s mind and thoughts. She battled against his overwhelming will to shut her out. She could see his futile attempts at conjuring up Liz’s image but she erased it easily, replacing it with her own. Max whimpered as he fought to bring Liz’s image back but Tess was stronger and she forced him to relinquish all memories of Liz. He grunted with the effort to maintain his connection with Liz and he cried openly when he realized he was failing.

“Liz! Liz!” he cried out. “Please, don’t leave me!” he screamed. “I love you! I love you!” he yelled as he felt himself sinking under Tess’s spell.

“Max! It’s alright! I’m here, Max!” he heard her voice calling out to him. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’m here!” he heard her comforting voice pulling him back to reality. He felt her hands on his shoulders as she kissed his brow. He wept for joy as he realized where he was.

“Liz! Oh God Liz!” he laughed hysterically. He grabbed her and pulled her close, kissing her all over her face as he cupped her head in his hands. He hugged her tight and kept kissing her, crying her name out over and over. “Oh God! I can’t believe what just happened! Did you see it too?” he asked with concern.

“Yes,” she nodded numbly as she wept openly. “Oh Max. I can’t believe what that witch did to you!” she cried.

“Sssh. It’s okay, now. She can’t hurt us anymore, my sweet,” he sighed as he collapsed on the jungle floor, rocking her in his arms. “She’s gone out of our lives, forever, Liz.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “But it was so horrible! Oh God, I feel sick,” she shuddered as she curled up into a ball, clutching her stomach.

Max continued to hold her until he felt her body relax.

“Are you okay, now?” he whispered, kissing her head.

“Yeah, I think so. Max, did you see Khivar’s face?” she wondered in horror.

“Yes,” he swallowed passed the lump in his throat. “He’s just as disgusting as I remember,” he shuddered.

“I’ve never seen such evil eyes!” she gasped. “It’s like they were bottomless, they were so dark and deep. I had to turn away because I thought they’d pull me in, somehow. I can honestly say it was like looking at the devil, that’s how awful it was,” she trembled.

“Yeah, I know,” Max agreed. “I think maybe he is.”

They lay together for a long time, holding onto each other for comfort as they tried to forget for the moment.


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Anyway, my Beta Guru, the one and only Ladylou and I have come up with a compromise. I'll finish this Section of the fic and call it Part 1...meaning that a sequel is in the offing. *groan* I know! Not the way I had invisioned ending it either and I don't know if I have the stamina to write another trilogy ( and I hope this won't be one either!) but as it stands, I don't have a heck of a lot of time to devote to writing anymore, anyway, so this is the only solution. God, I sound so whiny! lol.

So, here's the last chapter of Part 1, which is actually the second part of Ch. 28...otherwise known as Ch. 28B! *giggle* Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and I hope I don't disappoint. Enjoy!


Chapter 28B

Early dawn and the young people woke from their drugged stupor. Michael was the first to react, his instinct for danger keyed for action. He rose stiffly, rubbing his sore neck muscles and eyed the guards that had been ordered to protect them with a suspicious air. Before he uttered a word, he checked on the condition of the other teens, his first duty being an obligation to provide protection. Once he was satisfied that they had been unharmed, he turned his wrath on their benefactors.

“What the hell is going on here?” he demanded angrily.

As soon as they had begun to stir, Emmett had been awakened and informed of their condition. He strode purposely from his quarters, already prepared for their indignation and many questions. He glanced at his wristwatch and cast a fleeting glance at the barred doors of the Garden before continuing on to the lounge area.

Before Michael had a chance to question the guards further, Emmet appeared in the doorway. He nodded briefly to his men and with a curt dismissal, he shut the doors to the ante room and turned to face the sequestered teens. He held up his hands as they vented angrily, questions and accusations flying at him from all quarters.

“Who the hell do you think you are.....?”

“What did you do to us..........?”

“Why did you knock us out........?”

And so on and so on and so on.

“Please, if you will all just settle down, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions,” he offered placatingly.

He was particularly scalded by Isabel’s scathing expression as she turned away from him quickly, her shoulders squared in a gesture of animosity. His heart sank but he had expected such a reaction and he mentally kicked himself for allowing such a lapse in judgement. It had felt so good to give in to his baser instincts, even for a moment in time, but he had known, even as he let his guard down, that it would end so badly. He never should have played on her vulnerable emotions and he knew she had every right to hate and mistrust him at that moment. As far as being able to salvage a vestige of their feelings for one another...well, he’d think about that later......much later.

Unfortunately, he had more pressing problems to deal with now. Like, how to control the surge of anger that was building in the room from three very pissed off Aliens. Michael’s eyes bore into him but Emmett stood his ground, his military training standing him in good stead. He caught Ava’s moody expression to his right as she fidgeted with her hands and scowled murderously. Isabel refused to grant him her attention. Emmett could sense her frustration and marveled at her composure. Their ominous silence was in direct contrast to the constant babble of invectives from Maria, Kyle and Brody. Emmett couldn’t decide which was worse but he didn’t have long to find out. The room crackled with the raw energy of unleashed Alien wrath and his skin prickled as he awaited the accompanying blast. Michael’s eyes almost glowed as Emmett watched his powers bank. He raised his hand and sneered as he readied himself for vindication but before he had a chance to incinerate Emmett, Isabel spun around quickly and halted his assault.

“Michael!” she commanded regally. It was as if she had slapped his face. Michael dropped his hand and stared at her quizzically. He shook his head in frustration and almost snarled at Emmett who was careful to keep his expression neutral.

“Let him speak,” she demanded haughtily as she turned to their uncomfortable host. “We’re waiting,” she spoke harshly, her eyes betraying the deep hurt she held inside.

Emmett’s own heart wrenched with remorse and he wished they’d had another option at their disposal. He swallowed carefully and took a deep breath before he began.

“I’m so sorry it had to come to this,” he began truthfully, his own expression unmasked and genuinely dejected. “We had to protect the King,” he continued. “It was imperative that he and Liz be allowed to....consort,” he cleared his throat, uncomfortably, blushing slightly at the admission.

“Consort?” Ava snorted derisively.

“Mate,” Brody whispered loudly to the stunned girl.

“You mean you drugged us so da Duke and Duchess could do da nasty?” she shouted angrily. “Jeez man, ain’t you ever heard a’ diplomacy?”

It was Brody’s turn to look nonplused. He shook his head and smirked. She knew what diplomacy meant but she couldn’t comprehend consort. Go figure!

“We had to be sure that they wouldn’t be disturbed,” he went on determinedly. “The outcome was extremely important. We had planned this event for many years and it was essential that the culmination take place without a hitch. We couldn’t chance that either of you three,” he said, pointing to the Hybrids, “ would find it necessary to interrupt the...uh...... proceedings,” he finished hurriedly.

“Are you telling me that you drugged all of us?!” Maria shouted. “Our parents, too? O-MI-GOD! Do you have any idea how pissed my Mom is gonna be?” she wailed as she clapped her hands over her face. “Kill me now, Michael,” she begged as she buried her face in his chest. “We are never gonna live this down. My Mom will be ranting about this for the next twenty years,” she groaned as she banged her head against Michael’s chest.

Michael was still trying to control his rage and he was barely able to pat Maria’s back sympathetically as his jaw clenched and unclenched indignantly. Kyle rubbed his hands over his face and plopped down on the floor, cross legged. He closed his eyes and meditated quietly, shutting out all the negative energy as he willed himself to relax. Ava eyed him curiously at first and then her lip curled into a smirk.

“Yo Kyle,” she laughed. “You some kinda swami guy?”

Kyle opened one eye and fixed it on her unwaveringly. “Budd-hist,” he enunciated carefully, before going back to his musings.

Brody paced nervously, feeling like his rights had been violated but unable to decide on the right course of action. He crinkled his brow as he peered at Emmett, his mouth pursed in disapproval. He felt that no matter how important Max and Liz’s intercourse was, they had no authority to sequester and drug them like they did. Damn! He wished he’d never been abducted!

Emmett searched for another way to quell their outrage. Obviously they weren’t buying his first explanation even though it was the only one he had. He sighed heavily and slumped down on a nearby chair, for once allowing his emotions to take precedence. They had been planning this event for months now, ever since Future Max had disrupted the natural sequence of events. They had absolutely no way of knowing about his untimely arrival and it had set their initial plans back months. Normally, their organization preferred to remain in the background, offering intervention as a last resort but they were forced to step in when the present day time line had been tampered with. Suddenly he felt the enormous burden of his position and he groaned quietly as he buried his face in his hands.

He suspected that a large part of his dejection centered on Isabel’s brutal, but righteous, indignation. He wanted to lead a normal life. He had sacrificed most of his life to this damn cause, initially in search of his Mother’s killers, but as he became more and more drawn in to their Alien intrigue and as he watched them mature, he found himself completely enamored by their own cause. He shared their desire for anonymity and their passion for discovery. He was a freak, too. He didn’t belong here and he sure as hell didn’t belong up there.....or so he had always believed. But he would be lying to himself if he didn’t acknowledge his importance in the outcome of all of this. His presence was indispensable and he understood this overwhelming connection to Isabel..the Princess Vilandra. He just hoped he hadn’t destroyed their chances by acting so rashly.

Isabel’s heart clenched as she saw how miserable Emmett was but she couldn’t let that interfere with her interrogation. She had a right to know why the Consortium had felt it necessary to use such strong arm tactics on them. After all, they were supposed to be protecting them and if this was any indication of how they protected their charges, she shuddered to think how they handled their enemies.

“Talk to us Emmett,” she demanded angrily. “Why did you drug us? Couldn’t you have just come and told us what was about to happen? We are all reasonable people here, you know. It’s not like we haven’t encountered the weird and wonderful world of Alien-ness before,” she added contemptuously. “Damn it, Emmett!” she almost screamed. “Why?” she ground out through clenched teeth.

Michael glanced over at Isabel, clearly puzzled by her outburst. He was angry too but there was something else that was driving Isabel’s torment. He sensed her deep hurt as though she had been betrayed and his gaze swept between the two, waiting for answers.

Emmett cleared his throat, cringing at her ringing accusations. He dug deep down to salvage his control and he stood up shakily but with determination and stared at her with pain filled eyes.

“We did it to protect all of you,” he spoke just above a whisper, addressing her only. It was as though there was no one else in the room and he moved towards her almost imperceptibly, willing her to listen and to accept. He could barely breathe, his lungs squeezed tight from tension and his heart pounded against his rib cage.

Isabel stared back, wide eyed as she sensed his distress. Her mouth was dry and she forced herself to swallow. She wasn’t sure she could trust her own ability to speak but she screwed up the courage and hoped the words came out clearly.

“Why?” she whispered back, shaking her head in confusion. “What would have happened to us.....all of us?” she puzzled as her hand swept the room. She wanted to believe that he had some reasonable explanation for the Consortium’s outlandish tactics and she waited expectantly for some answers.

His eyes shone with unshed tears and he clenched his jaw, working it until he regained some control over his tongue. His hands fisted as he tried to quell the trembling in his body, hoping his voice wouldn’t betray his feelings. He swallowed and took in a shuddering breath. He licked his lips and tried to speak again.

“Y-you would have died,” his voice quaked as he stared into her eyes, stepping closer and closer until he stood before her, able to reach out with his hand and touch her arm.

“What?” she gasped, swaying slightly as his words registered.

Emmett grabbed her arms with both hands and sat her down carefully. He didn’t care that they had an audience. His only concern at that moment was Isabel’s welfare and he dared anyone to interfere. He detected Michael’s movement behind him and his shoulders tensed in readiness.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Michael growled savagely as he squeezed Emmett’s shoulder painfully.

Emmett sprang up, spinning quickly and taking a defensive stance. Michael jumped back in surprise and gaped at his opponent.

“Hey man,” he frowned. “I just want some answers. No need to go all Kung Fu on me,” he smirked.

Emmett glared and tried to cover his hostility. It was inappropriate but he couldn’t overcome his military training. He recovered his composure quickly, recalling his position of authority and smiled tersely at Michael.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. His hand slipped behind him as he searched for Isabel’s presence, ready to protect her at all costs. His eyes closed momentarily as he felt her reach for him tentatively, thrilled that she had at least acknowledged his attempt at reconciliation.

Michael’s eyes caught the connection between the two and he searched Isabel’s face, still clueless as to what was going on. She refused to look up as she fingered Emmett’s hand, biting her lip as she breathed shallowly. Just the mere touch of his hand made her woozy. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess and she was distressed that she couldn’t make a concrete decision. God Isabel, get it together. Why am I letting him get away with this? she argued with herself.

“Look, you better be straight with us,” Michael warned him. “Spit it out, man! What the hell are you talking about?!” he shouted in Emmett’s face. “Why would it have killed us?”

Emmett stared back, stony faced, even as he felt Isabel’s nails dig into his palm after Michael’s outburst.

“When Max and Liz mated tonight, they would have sapped the energy from all sentient beings.......... Alien, human and animal...........within a ten mile radius if they hadn’t been placed safely inside the protective sphere of the Garden. By doing so, it helped to create a buffer zone outside the enclosure. However, it was not enough to protect any conscious life in close proximity within our own walls. They generated enough power to outline your five home planets in the sky. If you had been conscious, your own energy reserves would have been depleted....and you would have died. In the original time line, when Max and Liz consummated their relationship, this would not have been a problem. Unfortunately, Future Max’s appearance altered the course of that time line, ruling out the opportunity for Max and Liz to complete the bonding on that night in October of last year. This led to the abysmal attempt by Tess to mate with the King. It was, in fact, a mind warp on her part and although it did not have the intended results, it did alter Max’s brain wave patterns and this is what would have created the energy drain on sentient life. Now that their first mating is complete, there are no more risks. It accomplished its purpose. It is the true sign for all the leaders of the Consortium. It signifies the return of the King of Primora. It’s time for the next phase of the journey,” he ended his clipped sentences abruptly.

“Time out,” Michael demanded. “Who the hell is Future Max and what the hell is Primora? And how come you know that Tess mind warped Max into thinking that they had sex and she was pregnant?”

Emmett was not surprised that Michael was unaware of the name of their home planet but he was taken aback at his lack of awareness about the visit from Future Max. The Consortium squad that had been assigned to observe the Roswell Hybrids had registered his appearance on that night in October when there had been a noticeable change in the electronic field that surrounded the Granilith. They were put on immediate alert and were shocked and disturbed by his presence. While Emmett did some mental juggling, Maria stepped forward to fill in the blanks.

“Last year, when Max and Liz were on the outs, Liz received a visit from a Future version of Max.....fourteen years into the Future to be exact,” she began. She held up her hands as Michael and Isabel began to protest at the ridiculousness of the proposal. “Let me finish, o-kay?” she went on, eyebrows arched menacingly. The two settled down while the others gathered around to hear her out. “Liz told me about it last Christmas because she was so upset. Future Max swore her to secrecy. He came back in time by using the Granilith. He had to convince her to get present day Max to fall out of love with her by whatever means possible,” she continued as she glanced at Kyle who turned away guiltily. Michael caught the exchange but he had no opportunity to ask questions as Maria rambled on. “He told her that if she didn’t, then Tess would eventually leave Roswell because of Max’s infatuation with Liz and that would break up your unit of four. A few years later, your enemies began a war on Earth and Max returned from the future just before the end of the world as we know it. You weren’t able to fight off the enemy because you weren’t strong enough without Tess’s help. And that’s basically it in a nutshell,” she finished in a flourish.

“Huh?” Kyle grunted in confusion. “So that’s why she pretended to sleep with me?”

“Huh?” Michael and Isabel added, gawking at Kyle openly.

“Duh!” Maria exclaimed. “You don’t think that she really wanted to sleep with you,” she laughed out right. “Oh, damn, I’m sorry Kyle,” she apologized at Kyle’s hurt expression. “You know what I mean,” she wheedled. “She’s always loved Max and only Max. Do you have any idea how torn up she’s been for months and months? And then when she found out that that Bitch got her way, she almost lost it totally. She even tried to make out with Sean, for God’s sake!”

“Eeeew!” Isabel grimaced.

“Yeah, I know,” Maria agreed, making gagging noises.

Michael stood there with his arms folded across his chest as he digested all this news. He turned to Emmett and quirked his brow.

“Alright. Then what’s this about a Primora?”

“Primora is the name of your planet,” Emmett filled him in.

“Oh?” Michael looked skeptical. “And how do you know this? And how did you know what would happen when Max and Liz got together? And how come you weren’t affected?” he added suspiciously. “Or did you knock yourself out, too?” he smirked.

“As to your first question, you’ll have to wait until the others get here. I’d like to explain this in one sitting if that’s possible. It’s a long story.” he went on to explain, “ and it only makes sense to tell all of you at once since you will all be affected by it, undoubtedly. The second question ties in with the first. However, I’m not sure that this is the time or the place for Max and Liz’s parents to discover what their adolescent children have been up to,” he arched his brows meaningfully. “As far as they’re concerned, nothing happened last night other than the fact that they went to bed as usual. I think we’ll leave that part of the discussion for another time if you don’t mind. And as for your third question, Michael,” he said, drawing himself up regally, “I’m not from around here.”

End of Part 1
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