Liz’s POV

First day back to Roswell high school and I already feel like a geek. I left when my mom and dad got divorced 2 years ago. Now I live with my dad, I miss my best friends Maria and Alex so much. People call me Liz; Yes I’m Elizabeth parker.
Liz, Liz, Liz. The bathroom door opens its Maria. There you are I’ve been looking all over for you. You’re going to be late for 3rd period.

Okay I’m coming I was just thinking that’s all.

Well I got to go to class see you at lunch. Do you need help finding the class?

No see you later.

I’m a sophomore. Oh my god there’s max evans. He sure changed. So so very handsome!!! Well off to world history. I sit in the back next to Michael. Maria use to like him wounder if she still does. The teacher begins to call roll, the kid raise their hands.
Max Evans said the teacher

He’s in the office said Michael

She starts bla, bla, bla, finally the bell rings lunchtime yes.
Liz can I barrow your notes asks Michael.

Sure here.
I walk out the door. SMACK. Oh god I didn’t just do that I knocked in to some one. I bend down to pick up my papers so does the person.
Oh god I’m sorry I said.

That’s okay; hi I’ am max evans.
I look up. My jezz I knocked in to him.
Oh Liz when did you get back?

Hmmmm…. Yesterday

That great you look just like I remember you.

Thanks you too! Not really you look much better.
I got to go meet Maria.

Ok bye
Max’s POV

God. She is so beautiful. Were is Michael.
Hi max said to Michael. Did you see Liz?

Yeah do you want me to ask Maria if Liz will go out with you.

Really would you do that?

Yeah… since you have been dreaming about her since she left.

Thanks I owe you one.
Liz’s POV
Sitting out side by a tree.

Maria you’ll never guess!


I bumped in to max. Literally!!!!!

Really did you still get those feelings?


Well why don’t you ask him out.

I can’t I’ am to chicken.

I’ll do it if you won’t because here come Michael and max now
She runs off.

No Maria no……MARIA. Please god I feel so stupid.

Max, max said Maria


Will you go out with Liz? She screams.
I close my eyes my face is so hot now. I feel like I’m going to be sick I can’t hear them oh god.

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You are mine-------------------PART 2
Liz's POV
I hear footsteps coming near me. Now I feel a hand on my cheek. I open my eyes.
Liz I hear max say.
What? I say scared of what he’s going to say.
I ummm I wanted to tell you that I would love to go out with you!
Oh my god REALLY!
Yes really
This is so great. I wish he new how much I always liked him.
So says max.
Wow I can’t believe it and I jezz wow!

Here comes Maria and Michael.

So we’re all coupled now said Maria

Yep I said
Wait a minute you two are going out?

Yep! Said Michael

And why didn’t you tell me yesterday when I got here Maria huh?

I don’t know I guess I for got about it.

Maria! You not suppost to forget about things like that.
Well that’s ok.

Well do you guys want to do something together this weekend asked Michael and Maria.

Sure we both said.
The bell rings for the end of lunch.

We’ll see you two later they say

Yep max and I say

Where’s your class? He asks.

I don’t know its biology with Mrs. Boots

I’ve got that class too come on.
We get up from sit on the grass by the tree. All the sudden I’m in his arms and I feel his lips on mine. Oh my………………………… we break apart


Yeah, umm I thing we should start to class before we get in trouble said max

We run to class and make it just in time.

TBC. Sorry it may be a little boring I was going to write more but I got stuck I’ll think about it to night and write the next part in the morning. Thanks! Tell me what you think. It will get spicier soon!
You are mine---------- part 3

Liz’s POV
At Liz house above the crashdown.
Did he really kiss you? Asked Maria


Sweet! Ummm Liz I don’t know if I should tell you this or wait until he does.


Max and Michael are aliens. Oh and Max’s sister lsabel.


Yeah it’s kinda weird but they don’t hurt people they help them.

That’s awesome!

Yeah, like when Michael thinks about me, the rings and necklaces he gives me turn purple. Like this one! And it’s normally gold. Here try it on.
I put it on, it turn normal.

That’s cool.
Maria puts it back on. It turns purple again.

I wonder what max can do. Said Maria

I’ll find out. So where are we going tomorrow.

I don’t know yet. That was weird that your first day of school was a Friday.

Yeah that what dad wanted he doesn’t want me to skip any days.

Well I got to start home my mom wants to have dinner together.

Ok, I’m going to Max’s house in a little anyway.

Ok see you tomorrow.

Bye. I said

Liz is walking to Max’s. It starts to rain.
Why does it have to rain? God I’m all wet. Okay stay calm, almost there……….
Knock, knock………

Max’s POV

Max get the door. Said lsabel.

Ok ok. Who could that be in this weather?
He opens the door. My god Liz what are you doing here.

Well I came to see you and I’m here look at you.

Well why don’t you come in, beautiful.


Do you remember my family?

Yes, I’m met them when we were little.

Mom, dad, lsabel came here and say hi to Liz.

Well hi Liz when you get back? Asked Mr. Evans

Just the other day.

Well we are glad your back. Said Mrs. Evans. They left the room.

So now lets get you dry. Come on.
He grabbed my hand and went to he’s room. He got out a shirt while I talked.

Maria said something about you and your sister and Michael. Is it true?

Yes, but are adopted parents don’t know and not much other people know. Here put this on while I tell my parents about us.


You can put your cloths in the dryer; it’s down the hall.


Liz’s POV
God this shirt is big it goes to my knees. That’s ok; it smells very much like max. Ok to the dryer. I hear max talking to his parents.

Well that’s nice she’s such a sweet girl!

Thanks mom.

God he’s coming and I look like a drowned rat with this hair. And I just my finger in the dryer, I’m stupid that hurt. I turn around and he’s right their. I gasp

Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.

It’s ok.

Come on. My room so we can talk I’m sure you got questions.

He shuts the door.
So what thing can you do?

Well when I think about you to much and your near me I can hear what your thinking. Like when you were at the dryer and I was in the kitchen you were thinking that you look like a drowned rat and you were mad because you got your finger stuck.

Hey!!!! Wow that cool. Try not to read them too much.

Ok, but you can be able to see or hear my thoughts in your dreams and when we kiss, sometimes that is.


I can do lots of other stuff too and so can lsabel and Michael.

Wow that’s so awesome. I knew there was something different about you. I’ve liked you since like forever. Did you know I liked you?

Yes I did but I was to scared to ask you out. I liked you for a long time so that’s how I know I can read you mine.

Wow I think I’m going to cry! I’m actually very happy.

Go a head and cry I’m right here.
I go over and sit next to him and lay in his lap. He brushes my hair back he see a tear so he wipes it a way. We stay that way for a few minutes. I sit up and face him our lips touch and we have a long passionate kiss.

It’ll be ok. Said max.


Hey you want me to show you something else.


Dig a fingernail in your skin!

Ok. It bleeds. Max puts his hand on my hand and looks at me.

Looks he said.

I look the blood is gone their not a thing their.

The door that connects max and lsabel room opens. It’s lsabel she comes in and shuts the door.

What are you doing? Your powers are making me sick.

I was showing Liz something’s. is their anyone in your room.


Ok. Look Liz.
He puts his hand up to the direction of the wall and moves it along the wall. The wall disappears. Wow that’s lsabels room. Max moves his hand back. The power almost makes lsabel fall over.

Are you ok? I ask her.

Yeah, its just Max’s powers are the strongest so it blows me away.

Sorry lsabel.

The dryer goes off.

I got them I’ll change in the bathroom. I say

Ok. He kisses me on the forehead before I leave the room.

Max’s POV

Max try not to use your power so much because it’s mixing with your emotions and that really strong. I don’t not if I can take it.

Ok, I’ll try.
Lsabel goes back to her room.

Liz’s POV
In the bathroom.
Wow this is amazing he knows I love him and always have. And I know that he loves me. And he’s probably listening to what I’m thinking.

Max’s POV
Walks to the bathroom door and waits.
She does think a lot. The door opens.

I’ll drive you home?

Thanks. I should go say bye to your parents.

We go to the living room.

Bye, Mr. & Mrs. Evans. It was nice to see you.

Bye sweetie, I was nice to see you to. Said Mr. Evans

Your welcome any time. Said Mrs. Evans

Thank you.

Mom dad I’ll be back I’m going to talk Liz home.


Liz’s POV
Out side the crashdown.
He helps me out of the jeep.

So do you know what we all are doing tomorrow? Max asks.

No, you?

Nope, but I’ll pick you up before the others.

He pulls me to him. This time I reach up to kiss him. I put my hand around his neck. I open my mouth and he makes it deeper. After awhile he breaks apart.

No not yet don’t go.

He press me closer to him while we kiss. Mmm we got to stop before my dad…………
And I know max can defiantly hear my thoughts. We break.

I’ll see you in the morning, beautiful he says. He lets me go.

In the morning, good night. I hug him. Then go inside. I look out the window he drives away. Wow. I run up stairs to call Maria.
Ring, ring ring.


Maria its Liz. Just got back. I tell her every thing.

Wow, he really likes you. We giggle.

Yeah. Well see you tomorrow.

Yeah, night.


In the morning.
Dad I’m going to be out with friends today.

Ok, tell max and Maria I said hi.

Ok I will. I go down stairs and out the door. Max get out to help me in.
Thanks good morning.

Good morning. He jumps in a gives me a kiss.

We get to Michaels and Maria is there.

Hey I say.

Hey Liz Maria says hey max.

Hey you guys says max.

Hi said Michael.

So where are we going today asks max.

To the park for a picnic. Maria says.

Cool. Come on jump in.

They get in we stay at the park all day. Maria and me go for a walk.

Are you staying over tonight? I ask.

We meet the guys and max drive us to the crashdown.

Do you guys want to come in for some thing to eat?

I wish we could but mom want me and Michael home for dinner.

Ok. I pull him to me. We kiss passionately. I feel Michael and Maria looking at us it makes me giggle. We finally break. We look over and they’re having a very passionate kiss. We smile.

Wow I’ve never seen them kiss like that .max says.


They break apart and Maria looks at me with a thank you in her eye. They start kissing again.

Well we may have helped them out a little. He put me more. Lifts me a little and kisses me gently.

Good night, beautiful he says.

Good night, my honey. Kisses me gently again.



Maria’s POV

Good night Michael.

Night baby. Liz and I go inside.

So how long have you two been going out? Ask Liz.

6 months.


You know max has been waiting for you to come back. It’s like he already knew. He try going out with some one. But it didn’t work. He wanted you and only you.

Yeah. Max always felt down. Michael didn’t like him to be sad. And when you came back he got happier, that made Michael happy so now he’s back to his old self so thanks for coming. It bright up my day.

You know if max told me how he felt I would of stayed here for him.

It ok now. Thank god!

By: Nancy.
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You are mine
Part 4A
On a Friday Later that week

Liz’s POV

So Liz what are you going to do this weekend? Asked Maria while she was cleaning her side of the café.

Hmm I don’t know? I might go to the mall. You know do a little summer shopping. Why? I asked.

I just wanted to know. I though maybe we can hang out? She said while exchanging her tips for cash.

Well do you want to come with me? Because I could use some company

Sure I’ll come with ya. So how are you and max? She asked

Good I think, since we have only been going out a week and one day. Why are you asking me this you see us all the time?

Just make talk that’s all. Besides I love seeing you light up when I say his name. Maria says.

I do not light up!

You want to bet? Maria asks
Oh what’s his name? That’s right it’s MAX! Maria said sarcastically.

My face turns bright red.
Ok, you caught me.

Maria giggles. You’re so cute! So have you seen max much this week?

No not much. Michael is making max go with him everywhere. Michael said that max and I are going to fast for the first week of dating.

Really well I’m going to have to talk to him. I mean you two might have gone a little fast but max is just scare of losing you. He’s loved you since like forever and then you moved. He never got to tell you how he felt. He’s just so happy to have you around again. Says Maria.

Yeah I kinda feel the same way. But maybe Michael’s right! I still miss him. I said

Hey lets lock up early and go save him from Michael’s torment. But promise that you two won’t get to kissy kissy!

Ok, I promise. I think! Let me go till dad I’ll be back soon. I run up stairs.
Dad I’m going for a walk with Maria be back soon.

Ok sweetheart don’t be out to late.

Ok daddy! I walk back down stairs. Maria is waiting by the door.

Ready Maria asks.

Yep! lets go.
Out side on the way to Michaels house.

So are you going to visit your mom and aunt this summer? She asks

Nope I’m going to stay here with you guys this summer. I mean I just got here I don’t want to go back up there yep. I want to spend some time with my very bestest friends.

Sounds good to me. So have you seen much of Alex lately?

No but I hear that lsabel is nice to him. Maybe they got something going on. That would be cute. I said
Maria rings the doorbell.

Yeah. She says
We giggle we don’t even notice the door has been open.

Oh no max they found us! Said Michael. What are you to giggling about?

Oh nothing I said

Hey can we come in we didn’t come over hey to stand out here in this heat? Said Maria

Oh yeah come in.

Thanks we both said.

Sure, hey max your girly friend is here. Michael shouts. Well I tried. He says sarcastically.
Maria smacks him. Hi max. She says

Hi Maria, hi Liz he says

Hi max.

So what are you two doing here? Asks Michael

Well I hear you were holding max hostage. So I came to investigate. Maria says
You’re so mean Michael. She smacks him then kisses him.

Oh I know! But I like it. He says

Max’s POV

Well I’m going to head home since I have to walk, Liz want to come? I ask

Sure! (To Maria) do you want me to pick you up in the morning or do you want to pick me up? Liz says

I’ll pick you up. I don’t know if I’ll be home tonight. Said Maria.

Oh okay, see you in the morning then.

k. Bye. Said Maria

Bye guys. Michael says.

Liz and I wave good-bye.

Maria’s POV

So baby what ya want to do?

Well I got an idea but I think we’re not really yet. He jokes

Oh Michael! God what would I do with out you?

Well I don’t know. Maybe die of loneliness!

Ha haha. I reach up kiss him. He pulls me closer.

Liz’s POV
Max and I walking down the street hand in hand.

So how was you week? I noticed what Michael was trying to do.

It was good, but I missed you! He said

Me too, I missed you. I stop and turn to him, kiss him gently and start walking again.
I start to giggle. And I almost fall down laughing, but max grabs me be the waist.

What’s so funny?

Nothing. hahaha
I just have butterflies in my stomach every time I with you. It makes me laugh.

Ohhhhh! Max says

Oh what?

Nothing. He said. Suddenly I’m up against him, he is smiling down at me.

Max what are you………………..suddenly I feel his lips brush hard against mine, begging me to open my mouth I do max deepens it making me want to be closer. Then he stops.
What was that for? I ask after a minute

Just wanted to see how many butterflies you would get.

Well if you must know I got a few more the usual. I said

Just a few!?
I couldn’t get out a word and our lips were together this time it was sweet and passionate.

God your going have to stop that I don’t know how much more I can take. I say breathlessly.

That’s just not a possibility he says

Oh really! I whisper

Yeah! He teases
We start walking again.
So what are you and Maria doing tomorrow? Max asks

We’re going shopping.

Cool hope you have fun.

I will. We stop in front of the crashdown.

So I’ll see you later tomorrow? He asks

Yep sure think. Night max

Night Liz. He reaches down and kisses me gently.

Night max I turn around and go in side.

By nancy
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You are mine part 4b

Liz’s POV

So Maria what do you think about this one? I ask

Oh my I like that one. It suits you. That’s definitely the bathing suit for you. It’s so cute and sexy on you. Maria says

Really, you think so? Cause I was thinking that I look stupid.

No, no it’s perfect!

Ok, I said I go and change.

You think we got enough stuff? I don’t think the car can hold all this stuff we bought. She asks

Oh yeah come on! So did you have a good time with Michael last night? Oh and how is his mom doing? I ask

We had a great time and we didn’t do what you think we did if that’s what we’re wondering! His mom is great.

How do you know that’s what I meant? I ask

Liz I’m not stupid. I know what you meant, besides I’m your best friend I know how you are.

Ok, ok so what do you want to do now? I ask

Let get some thing to eat. Maria says
We see Alex and Kyle while on are way to the food court.

Hey Alex, hey Kyle. What ya up to? I yell to them.

Not much just hang out at the mall doing some shopping said Kyle

Hey want to join us we’re just getting some thing to eat. Asked maria

Sure said Alex.
While at lunch they talked about how Liz’s first two weeks back.

On the phone with max at Liz’s house.

So do you want to come for dinner tonight mom wanted me to ask you? Max asked

Sure, what time?

Hmmm. About 5:30. And I could pick you up if you want. I have to go to Michael’s any way.

Hmm. Ok, thank I’ll be ready. I said

No rush but I’ll be early, cause no doubt Maria is over there so I won’t stay to long.

Okay so I’ll se you when you get here. I’ll be working down stairs.

Ok. Can’t wait

Kisses and hugs a bunch!

You bet beautiful. Bye

Bye….. I hang up the phone. God he’s so wonderful!

Liz sweet heart come down here and give me a hand. Said her dad

Oh ok daddy I’m coming. I yell down the stairs
Hey daddy can I get done a 5 because max invited me for dinner.

Yeah, but done push you luck. Dad said

Oh thank you daddy. And I run down the stairs to help.

Max arrived at 5 till 5
I see him throw the window, so I go to wipe off the table on the other side of the café. I’m just a singing to my self, when I feel arms come around me it scared me for a second.
Hey beautiful! Says max

Hey there. I’m almost done just got to finish this table and change. I said

No problem I’ll wait.

I go up stairs to change.

Ok daddy I leaven I’ll be back later. I said to him on me way down stairs.

Ok don’t stay out to late. He said

Ok, bye.
I’m ready to go max.

Okay lets roll. Hey you look nice!

Thanks! Walk hand in hand out to the jeep max helps me in. Then jumps in beside me. I grab him by the neck and kiss him with deep passion.

What was that for? He asked.

I just missed you to today that’s all. I said, which is true but I just wanted to feel his lips against mine. It felt so good…all the sudden I’m in his lap kissing him sweet and passionately we break apart gasping for air.
What was that…………… I didn’t get to finish because his lips were hard against mine, begging for more so I give in, it makes me feel so good. We break apart once again.
I’m I aloud to know what that was for. I ask breathlessly

It was just because. He said and kisses me gently

You wouldn’t happen to be read my mine now would you? I asked

You caught me. Sorry I’ve just been thinking about you all day and I could help it. Plus I love to kiss you. He says

Well in that case I think we should head out, because if we don’t we’ll be late and your mom might be a little mad and I don’t think my dad would like to see us like this.

Yeah. You’re right about that! Let’s get going. Max says I slide back on the seat. And we drive off to his house.

At Max’s house.

Hi Liz thanks for coming for dinner. Said Mrs. Evans

Thanks for inviting me. I said

I though you’d never get here. Said Mrs. Evans
Max and I looked at each other and smile

We all sat down to eat a few minutes later; it was a very good meal.

It was very good dinner Mrs. Evans thanks very much. I said be for we left.

Your welcome I hope to see you soon. Bye now. Said Mrs. Evans

Bye, bye Mr. Evans, bye lsabel see you at school.

They wave bye as we walk out the door.

Well that was nice. I said

Yes it was. Says max.

At the crashdown.

So you want to come in for a bit. I sure dad would like to see you.

Sure. He jumps out and comes to open my door

Thanks. I reach up to kiss him gently. As we walk in hand in hand.
Dad we’re back! I yell

Up stairs, sweetie. I hear him yell.

Come on max. He fallows me up the stairs.

Hey max. Said dad

Hey Mr. Parker. Max says

You treating my baby right? Daddy asks

DAD!! I look at him

Yes I’m Mr. Parker. Max says
They talk for a good hour about me and other stuff.

Well I better be going. Max says

Ok, I’ll walk you out. I said

It was nice to see you again max. Says dad

You too. Mr. Parker

We walk down stairs and outside. He kisses me gently

See you tomorrow? He asked

Yep! Bye

Bye beautiful.

He get in his jeep and drives off. I go inside.

By nancy
TBC. So did you like it! Tell me what you think.

You are mine-------------------PART 5

Liz’s POV
In math class last day of school.
Yes it’s summer time. God the gang and I are going to have a lot of fun this summer we all chipped in to rent a beach house in California for two an a half months. Yeah it’s going to be cool. But each weekend one of our parents is driving over to check on all of us well that’s the plan any way. Like their going to know if we done any thing we’re not support to! Yeah right, besides like we’d tell them! I don’t see why one of them just doesn’t come along! Preferable Maria’s mom, Plus it would save a lot of gas. But have it their way I don’t care. You ask why Maria’s mom well she would be out a lot chasing men, and she wouldn’t care what we do to some extent. So we all agreed that if one of the parents came along it would be her. Be they won’t see of it they just want to drive down each weekend. That suits us all.

Earth to Liz! I hear Maria say

Oh, yeah, what? I say

Class is over we can go now. Didn’t you know the bell just rang? What were you thinking about? She asked

Class is over already. Oh I was just thinking about this summer. I said

Oh, well come on so we can go to your house and start packing your stuff I finished mine last night. Said Maria

Oh ok, I grab my stuff and we head to the lockers to get the rest of ours stuff out of them Maria and mine is right next to each other.
So what are you bringing? I ask

My whole room Basically. Not really but it seems like it. Maria says

Max and Michael walk up.

Hey you two. They both say

Hi. We both say.

Max will you hold this stuff for a second? I ask

Sure. He says
I hand my things to him. Turn back to my locker grab every thing else and walk to the trashcan to throw it away.

There, that’s better. I said and shut the door.

Thanks honey. I grab my things back and kiss him gently on the lips.

Now, now none of that we hear the vice-p. Say.

Sorry we both say. She walks away. We see Alex and lasbel.

Hey you guys! I yell to them.

Hey they both say.

All four of us wave.

So when are we leaving? Asks Alex

Well are you all done packing? Asks max

I’m not. I say.

And I still got a little more to pack. Said lasbel

Ok so how about around 4. Said max

We all nod are heads.

All six of us walk out of the school together.

So where do we meet? I ask

Hmm. How about your place? Is that ok. Says lasbel

Sure. I said

Liz I’ll meet you at your house in a half and hour. I got to get my stuff. Says Maria

Ok sure, see ya. I say

We’ll see ya later too. Said Alex mean lasbel too.

Yeah, max meet you later say Michael and they all go off to their cars.

Max and I continue to walk too the jeep. Hand and hand.

You know we’ve been going out for a couple of months. But it feels longer. Max says

Yeah don’t I know! So what’s you romantic surprise for this summer? I ask

Well if I told you it wouldn’t be surprise.

Yeah but. I say
We reach the jeep. Max turns me around to face him. He’s got the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.

No yeah buts! Liz I’m not going to tell you. You wouldn’t want to no early any way. He says.
He gently brushes his thumb on my cheek. I release my hand from his to put it on his other one.

Liz! Max said

He bends his head to kiss me I move my hands on his neck. And press my lips to his, He deepens the kiss quickly and I let him willingly. I feel myself being push gently backwards. We brake apart not even for a second and his lips are devouring mine again. I bump into the hot metal of the jeep door at the same time max deepen the kiss more. A moan escapes my mouth. mmmmmmmm god I love feeling like this! He breaks it.

Mmmm. No that felt so good. I said breathless. I kiss his neck then look up in his eyes that are smiling at me. It makes me so happy.

Liz, I LOVE YOU. Said max

Yeah I LOVE YOU too. And I never want to lose you. I said.
He said it. I think I want to cry now.

Go a head and cry because I meant what I said and I will always love you. I heard max say through my thoughts.

Tears of joy fill my eyes and splashed on my cheeks at that moment he kissed me so tenderly is hurt. I wanted more so I took, I deepened with passion. Max took a breath with out letting go. He lifted me up and I wrapped my self a rounded him as he tries to open the door of the jeep.

Max we have to back up or the door isn’t going to open. I say

Oh yeah dam! He says out of breath. He sets me down. And opens the door.

Thank you. I say while helps me in he kisses my hand.

He gets in and we head to the crashdown.

In front of crashdown.

I reach over and kiss him on his cheek because I saw my dad watching through the window when we pulled up.

See in an hour max. I said

See you then. Beautiful, I love you. Said max

I love you baby. I said and kiss him. Then I get out and go in side.

Hey daddy. I say

Hey sweet heart. How was school? Dad asked

Good. I say and give him a hug.

Are you almost ready to go on your guy’s trip?

Yeah I just got to go finish packing.

Maria walks in.

Hey Liz

Hey Maria

Hi Mr. Parker.

Hi Maria, how are you today? He asks

I’ am doing well. How about you?

Great thank you! It was great to see you again. Dad says to Maria as we go up the stairs.

Hey that was fast you still have ten minutes from when your suppose to be here. Why are you here early your never here on time. Even when you’re working so what’s up? I said really fast. She looks at me with the crazy eye.

Ok what happen your speaking to fast and I had a sneaky susption that something happen in the almost 15 minutes I was gone. So spill.! Maria demand.

Ok, ok
We finally make it to my room. And Maria is going though my closet and putting all my summer cloths in my bags without asking me want I want to wear. (Don’t you hate it when friend do that to you and don’t even ask you.)?

So come on, come on till your best friend. Don’t say nothing because I know you well enough that if I have a susption it true so don’t lie and say “I don’t know what your talking about.” Maria said

I – Umm. Max said he loves me! I blurted out

Wow, we all knew he did but to say it to you. Wow that must of…. Wow. did you tell him you love him. She asked

Maria, of course I did because it’s true.

Well good I didn’t want you to go breakin his heart. She said
Boy. This one of this one she asked referring to my bathing suits.

Both I said
And what do you mean you don’t what me to break his heart what’s that about? I ask

I was just kidding you guy’s are perfect. Can’t you take a joke? She giggles.
We’re done here. Maria says while fit the last bit of cloths I had set aside and moves to the dresser, than stuff all my underclothes in the bag and then zips it up. Grabs my makeup bag and heads for the bathroom. Meanwhile I’m just sitting there on the bed looking at her like she’s crazy.

MARIA. Your not suppose to pack my stuff with out me. I said running down the hall to the bathroom.

Don’t worry I got it under control that what best friends do. Here hold this. She hands me some other stuff while she put stuff in the bag.
You’re going to need this and that and this and…that over there. Oh and your shampoo and conditioner. There you’re all set! She says
We walk back to the room to get the other bag and go in the living room.

Are you all set Liz dad asks?

Yep she already to go. Said Maria

Well I hope you have fun! Dad says

We will daddy.

And don’t be getting in to any trouble while your gone. And make those boys behave! He said in a stern tone.

Mr. Parker don’t worry I’ll watch me and she’ll watch me. Said Maria

Right I said backing her up.

And what about poor lasbel who’s going to watch her. Will you guys look after her?

Yes dad we will. I said knowing that she can look after herself.
Boy, dads going crazy about me leaving for the summer with friends. He’s hasn’t said any thing about being alone with guys all summer. Knock on wood!

There’s on knock on the door.

I get it I say. And go to the door.
It’s max, lasbel, Alex, and Michael all at once.

Hi guys. I say

Are you ready? Max asks

Hey Maria their here, come on! I yell

Yeah I’m coming she yells. Dad is right behind her carrying my bags.

You girls go a head I want to talk to the guys for a sec. Dad says to us.

Hmm-ok daddy I say. And walk over to hug him. And get my stuff.

You be careful sweet heart. He said

I will. Love you bye. And Maria, lasbel, and me walk down stairs and out side.

I hope he doesn’t scare them. I said once out side.

He won’t their tough they can take it. Lasbel says

We start laughing. Are we all going to fit in there? Said asked Maria meaning the jeep.

Oh yeah we will just barely. Said lasbel

I get to sit in the front. I said

Maria and me can take turns I get to sit in the back first. Said lasbel as we get in.

Fine with me. Said Maria we start to laugh again and don’t notice that the guys are out side now.

So what did he say? Asked lasbel

Well lots of things, not to hurt you guys, no touching, basic rules. Says Alex while getting in be side lasbel.

We burst out laughing once again. The guy start to laugh. Michael gets in beside lasbel
Max gets in the drivers sit beside me. And kisses me with passion and I kiss him back.
I clear my throat. And say well we just broke one rule! We laugh together. They start to laugh too.
Max starts the jeep up and we’re off.

By nancy
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You are mine part 6
They are on the road. They are going to California for the summer.
Liz’s POV

Max can you stop some where I have to go pee? Asked lsabel

lsabel I only been driving for two hours. Do you really have to go? He asked

Yes! I do. There’s a gas station over there. Please I got to go. She said

Okay, okay max said he pulls over to the station and she gets out.
Does anyone else have to go? Max asks

No we all say together.

Max. How much longer is it? I ask

I think about 4 more hours. He says and kisses me on the forehead.

Great I can’t wait to get there we hear Alex say from the back.

Me neither! I say. Turning to kiss max.

Me three!! Max says in that voice that makes you melt. Maria starts to giggle at max.
What taking her so long? Max asks.

I don’t know but I’ll go and find out. Said Alex. As he gets out and walk to the little store.

I’m gona go get some orange soda. Maria wants to come? Michael asks.

Sure. Liz you want any thing? She asks before get out.

Hmm some thing to drink, it doesn’t matter you can get the money from my bag. I say

Ok. She gets the money and walks with Michael to the little store.

As soon as I turn around to look at max, which by the way I can barely see because it get dark here at 7:30. Crushes he lips against mine, I open my mouth for him to deepen it and he does I lean back on the seat pulling max with me and he elbow hits the jeeps horn. I burst out laughing.

Hehe. Max! I whisper, as he kisses my neck down to the buttons of my shirt. Making my skin burn from the heat,

What? He whispers though the kiss back to my lips.

I don’t think we should be doing………. I start to say but lose my words as we kiss.

Don’t worry I can sense them. He starts to say but starts kiss my neck again I reach up to open he’s shirt to touch he chest to feel his heartbeat. It beating as hard as mine is.

How can you sense them? I ask

I have a connection with all my friends and family. I feel them I sense their presents. I defiantly don’t feel them like this. He says as he kisses me so passionately I moan for more.

I hope not. I say out of breath.

They’re all coming. He says

Ok. We have to get up. I say as I kiss him one last time.

He waves his hand over his shirt and it buttons up again. I grab the ponytail holder off my wrist and fix my hair. And lean on Max’s shoulder like nothing happened.

Liz I love you. I hear max say.

I love you too. I say

At that time Maria and lasbel had reach the jeep.

Hi you two sorry we took to long their was a bunch of people in their that were being idiots said lsabel.

That’s not what happen I can see right though you. You guys were making out. I said

You caught us. I hear Alex say

Yeah Michael and I found them in the bathroom. Maria said as they got in.

Max started the jeep and we off again. I turned the radio on. Lsabel, Alex, and Michael started talking about what they plan to do when we get there.

Looks like they weren’t the only one. Maria whispers so no one else hears.

What? I ask

Liz your shirt! She says
I look down and some of the buttons are undone.

Opps! I say as we laugh.

TBC. So how’d you like it? Sorry if it was boring. Feedback please.

by. nancy