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Summery;- Without giving too much away, basically Liz's pod is replaced with
Tess's because Nasedo doesn't was Liz (his daughter) to have to fight in the
Antarian war.
He takes Liz's pod and puts her with a protecter in New York and like in the show
he takes Tess and raises her to think she is Queen. Liz is kinda a bad ass in this, so
all ye kick ass girls out there will like this!


Nasedo stood in the darken cave only highlighted by the 5 pods that hung
securely against the wall. He smiled at the royal four and their protecter sent to
this earth to prepare to take back their world. He placed his hand on the Queen's pod
and sighed. She was his baby girl, picked by Zan because they were soulmates. In his
world it was rare to find your soulmate but when you see them you can never be
separted from them.
He was startled at the hand that suddenley touched his shoulder, he turned and
stared at his fellow shapeshifter that's job was to stand watch of the pods for the next 50
years untill they emerged.

'They will be fine here, don't worry. I won't let anyone get to them.' Ruyl smiled,
'I will take care of them and especially your Lizsia, the day will come for them to go
back to Antar and they will stop the war for good.'

Nasedo sighed and turned back to his daughter's pod, 'You seem so sure dear Ruyl,
but I just can't have your faith.'
He turned back round to face Ruyl, 'I can't let him take her away again, he put he
life in danger the day they met and I won't let him do it again.'

'Nasedo, you can't be serious, we need his soulmate so he has the strength to win
.' Ruyl frowned.

'I'm sorry Ruyl but I can't let Zan do it to her again.' Nasedo sighed.

'What ar....' Ruyl was interupped by Nasedo placeing a energy force on his brain
forcing him to collaspe in confusion. 'Why...' Ruyl gasped.

'It's okay Ruyl, you will live, you just won't remember. I have a Queen that can take
her place. Zan will never know.'

Ruyl looked up at him blankly. He got up and walked out of the cave, he returned a
few minutes later with a floating pod next to him.

'Thank you Ruyl.'
The brain dead shapeshifer nodded and took down Lizsia's pod and replaced it with

'He will never know...' Nasedo murmered, 'He will never know.'


Please reply with Feedback, it inspires you so much!

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Summery; Liz is the real queen, Nasedo swaped Liz's pod with Tess's and put Liz in NY with Randi, who is her protecter, who was podded at the same time as Liz. Nasedo is her father and didn't want her involved with the war on Antar. Liz, Kyle, Alex and Randi are all best friends and are all street racers, they make tons of money, and are the best at what they do.

Part 1.

Liz pulled her bright yellow racing car into the back alley and emerged
wearing black skin tight trousers and a short tank top showing her trim
stomach. She was immediately engolfed by people wanting to be seen
with her. She looked over to the rest of the gang, who had pulled up
around side of her.

Kyle jumped out of his blood red car and looked over at Liz and winked.

A screech of tires next to Liz indicated that Randi had arrived, she
gracefully got out of her black racing car and looked over at Liz and
nodded. Alex had parked his lime green car behind and walked over to
her car and immediatly started checking under the hood.

The rest walked up to Liz and lent against her car.

Hector, the lead of the rival gang, prowled up to them with other wanna
be racers.

'Yo, Blaze, How we doing this tonight?'

Liz looked over to Kyle, 'One race, 2 G by it, Winner takes all. Phonic
holds the shots.'

'Why Phonic?' asked a racer as he handed over his money.

'Cos he's to slow to get away.' Kyle smirked as two honey's came over
to paw over him. Randi pushed herself of the car. As she strolled over
to Kyle. She glared at the two girls.

'Meow, I smell....... two scanks, why don't you girls pack it up before I
leave treadmarks on your faces.' Randi growled.

'Randi, I was just talking.' Kyle tried.

'Yea, whatever.' Randi replied as she walked back over to her car.

'Shall we get started?' Alex yelled.

They all got back into there cars and the roar of engines cut out the
noise of the crowd. 5 racers, Liz and Kyle included pulled up to the
starting line as Alex listened to the Police frequency to see when it
would clear to race.

Liz looked out to the open road and smiled as she reved her engine.
She pulled out the laptop and checked her car over, to make sure
everything was running smoothy. She turned around and uncaped the
Nitro, and put in online with her computer. She turned the
base up on her stereo, let the adeniline of what was to come wash
over her.

Kyle looked over to Liz and saw her psyching herself up with her music,
he smiled and started to load the information from his car onto his

He looked over at his girl Randi who was comfortabley lead over the
bonnet of her car, with a few lackys protecting her. He then looked
over at Alex to
start the race.



He pushed his foot down onto the accelerater begging that for once in his
life, he beat Liz. He quickly shifted though the gears untill he reached
140mph and his laptop started flashing for him to use Nitro, he quickly looked
over at Liz who was level with him, they had left the other drivers in their dust.
He pushed down on the Nitro and his type screeched as he pulled ahead of Liz
by a few metres and was still gaining speed.

Liz looked over at Kyle who had obviously just pressed down. He smirked as
she looked over her glasses, 'Everytime,' she thought, 'Too early.' She laughed
to herself as she pushed down and sped past Kyle and across the finish line.

'Shit!' Kyle yelled as he watched Liz past the finish line ahead of him. He banged
his hand against the steering wheel.'If she wasn't my best friend.. I would just.....'
Kyle stopped his train of thought as another thought entered his mind, 'I wonder
if she is using her powers.'

He pulled back into the alley with Liz and the other 3 drivers, who had there
heads bowed down in shame. Alex gave Liz the money she had won and the
crowd surrounded her congratualating her. Alex got back into his car and
listened on the Police scanner.

Kyle walked over to Liz, 'I nearly had you.' Kyle smiled.

'No where near..' Liz smirked, 'I won yet again Kyle, when you gonna learn
not to race me if you wanna keep your money.'

Randi wrapped her arms around Kyle from the back, 'Aww Blaze back of of my
baby,' Randi smiled as Kyle growled, she bent down and whispered in his ear,
'Lets get out of here and we can have a victory party of out own.'

Kyle swung her up into his arms and crushed his lips to her's, 'Yea, lets.'

'Shit guys, COPS COPS COPS COPS,' Alex yelled out.

Everyone jumped into there cars and started to pull away, Liz, Kyle and Randi
pulled their's out of the alley and followed Alex back to there warehouse.

Police cars siren's were blaring, as they managed to track down Liz's bright
yellow racing car, knowing that she was the leader of the pack.

Liz swered her car into a back alley and looked into her mirror and saw a
police car right on her tail, she looked at the driver and checked her was
the only one in the car.

She pulled over and rolled down her window. 'Is there a problem, Officer Mills?

'Not at all Blaze, I just thought you would like to know that the police, have
a few undercover agents in the illegal street racing business. They have your
street names and location but not your real names, I suggest you leave New
York for a while, get out of the polices radar and all that, perhaps head on
down to Mexico.'

'Thanks Jamie, if you wanna get back into racing at anytime just contact me,
y'know how.' Liz smiled as she pulled away from Randi's older brother.

Liz drove quickly back to the warehouse and pulled in next to the rest of
their cars. 'Guy's gather round I have news... The police are crackin down
and they have our names, We leave tonight.'


In case you are wondering... I have a few points....

*Randi is Liz's Protecter, she was podded with Liz.
*Alex and Kyle know about them both.

Anymore questions please feedback me!
These are the cars I picture them driving....

Also this is how I picture Liz and Randi dressing

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Soul Mates

Part 2

After Liz, Kyle, Alex and Randi packed away the majority of their belonging's they jumped into their cars and pulled out onto the highway heading to Mexico.


Max looked at the girl who had just waltzed into his life claiming to be his bride. She had bright blonde ringlets frameing her annoyingly perky face. Surely he didn't marry her in his past life... please god tell me I didn't marry her.
Tess ran her hand over his thigh and gave it a quite squeeze, 'So Maxie, did you miss me while I was gone? Nasedo said that we were soulmates and inseperatble.' Tess grinned and tried to flutter her eyelashes flirtingly but managed to make it look like she had something in her eye.
Michael smirked, 'Yea Maxie, tell us? You always said that you dreamed about a girl you had never met, It was you soul-mate wasn't it!'
'Cut it out, just cos they were married in a past life... It doesn't mean they are married in this life. Look at us Michael, we were betrothed or whatever and the only attraction I have with you is my irrisistable urge to hit you constantly.' Isabel snapped.
Max looked over at her graciously and smiled.
'Yes but you two weren't soulmates like me and Maxie.' Tess whined.
'His name is Max.' Isabel glared, 'Dumb bitch,' she muttered under her breath.
'Look Nasedo said to meet him at the pod chamber after school,' Michael started, 'So we can get some answers then Ok?'
'I don't see why we have to go, ' Tess whined, 'Just ask me what you want to know and I will tell you, I have grown up with Nasedo, he is like a father to me, I know everything he knows.'
'Well we said we would meet him and so we should go.' Max replied.
'I actually have a date and so I can't go, so can you just fill me in?' Isabel asked quietly hoping they wouldn't ask for details.
Too bad hopeing.
'Who with?' Max asked.
'Umm Kyle Valenti.' Isabel told him.
'Ok? really?' Isabel hoped he wasn't jokin, Max never approved of the guys she dated.
'Yea, Kyle is a decent guy, Where you going?'
'The Crashdown.'
'Ok, We will come back there after and I will give you a lift home.' Max smiled.
'Thanks Max,' Isabel said slightly unnerved, Why was her brother being so nice to her? I mean they always got on but still.... She wasn't sayin Kyle Valenti was the one but she thought I would at least get a better reaction outta Max then a "ok".

'Ok enough,' Michael interupped, 'We meet her at the end of school right?'
'Yup.' Max said as he stood up to make his way to class.
Tess jumped up next to him and grabbed his hand. Max stood there and tryed to shake her off but she held on strong. He rolled his eyes at Michael and he smirked.
'Hey grabby,' Michael smirked, 'Don't you have Art with me?'
Tess glared at Michael and replied, 'Yea but I thought me and Maxie could skip and take a trip to the Eraser room.'
Max gulped and thought quick, 'Sorry Tess but Isabel and I have a study and we need to ..... umm.' Max looked helplessly at Isabel.
'We need to work on my mum's birthday present.' Isabel offered.
'Birthday Present right.... cos it's my mum's birthday soon.' Max said as he breathed a sigh of relief.
'Ok.....' Tess sighed, 'Maybe later then?'
'Sorry Tess, Max won't be in need of your services.' Isabel glared.


Liz sped through the roads leading to Mexico, they had been on the road for about 2 days stopping only for food and sleep. She had been feeling this pull towards New Mexico way, she thought maybe it was alien and so she pressed down on her walkie talkie that let all of them communitcate since they were all in their own cars. 'Hey Randi, Why do I feel like I should be in New Mexico?'
They was a buzzing noise as she waited for the reply.
'I'm not sure, maybe it's why the rest of them are.'
'Rest of them?' Alex asked before he could help himself, they never really talked about the girl's alien heritage.
'Yea, I have vage memories of like a past life or something.' Randi started as she looked at they three cars in front of her containing her friends.
'In these memories, It shows Liz as Queen and there at 3 more of them that complete a unit. But I think there are more than that.'
'Well who are you to them then?' Alex asked.
'I would be the protecter.' Randi smirked.
'Well why are you all separted then?' Kyle asked for the first time.
'That's what we don't know.' Liz replied, 'But I doesn't matter, I don't wanna be Queen, I'm happy with my life.'
'Well do you wanna drive though New Mexico, see if the vibe gets stronger or something?' Alex asked.
Liz hesitated, 'I don't know.....'
'What could it hurt?' Randi asked, 'They probably don't know about us anyway.'
'Sure, ok, The vibe gets stronger when I go in the direction of Roswell.' Liz said as she looked down at the map quickly.
'Roswell, New Mexico it is then.' Kyle answered.

Max pulled the jeep away from the pod chamber frustrated, It seemed that what he didn't want, was what he got, Tess was really his bride, could his life get any worse... Maybe it won't be that bad, if she was really his soulmate then she would grow on him. His musings were cut short but the roar of engines that had suddenly surrounded him. A bright yellow car sped past him and swered in front of him. He went to get out of the way, when a flash of red appeared at his side, he went to try the other side, but there was a green racing car next to his other side.
'What the hell are they doing?' Michael shouted.
'Max, stop or something.' Tess screamed.
Max looked his mirror to stop, only to see a black racing car behind him. Ok now he was starting to panic, you hear about cars like that trying to push cars of the road for the fun of it. Just when he thought he was gonna lose it, they all pulled away and sped in the direction of Roswell centre.
Max quickly pulled over and took a deep breath, 'Who the hell was that???'
'I don't know, but I see them again....' Michael muttered.


'Did you see their faces?' Kyle laughed into the walkie talkie.
'Too funny.' Alex laughed with him.
'What a bunch of hicks.' Liz smirked.
'We should stick around and teach these losers how to have real fun.' Randi smiled as she pulled along side of Kyle.
'Hey guys, I'm hungrey let's stop.' Alex said.
'Yea, I'm getting hungrey too, let's pull in at that restaurant over there.'
'Oh god it's called the Crashdown Cafe, this is the alien place, no wonder you felt a pull her.' Alex said.
'Shut it Alex and pull in.'
He pulled his green car into a space, while Randi pulled her black car in then Kyle then Liz. They all got out and stretched, completely unaware of all the attention they had attracted.
'Hey guys look who's coming....' Liz smirked as the jeep pulled into sight.
'Oh this should be fun.' Randi laughed.
'Lets get eat.' Alex pulled the girls into the alien themed restaurant as they waited for the passengers of the jeep to emerge into the cafe.


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Yea and Alex are brothers and so they are gonna be Kyle and ALec Whitman.
I was gonna have Kyle Valenti as like a name of the ultermate guy to show who Isabel was dating.... but even though this is confusing, can you still think looks wise that kyle with Liz looks like Kyle on the show!

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Thanks for the feedback.

Part 3

Liz jumped up on a stool waiting to be served, the guys sat either side while Randi went to use the restrooms.
'Yo, is their any service round her?' Kyle yelled out.
Liz picked up a flyer that was on the counter and read out loud, 'Hey theres accomadation upstairs to this place, if we are stayin long, we could rent it out.'
Randi walked up behind her and read it herself, 'Yo that's cool, whatdoya fink boys?'
'Whatever.' Kyle muttered as he looked around for the waitress, 'I swear, are we supposed to make the food ourselves?.... Ah there is is...... Oi Blondie, alittle service round here.' He called to the blonde that walked through the back door.
'Yea it's cool wit me.' Alex smiled at a blonde across the room, who looked bored outta her head.
She smiled back and mouthed 'help'. He grinned, 'Sorry peeps, me gotta make a girl happy, are you alright with makin the arrangements?'
'Yea sure, go play.' Liz smirked as he pushed his-self off the stool and stalked over to the blonde.

'I'll go talk to the man.' Randi said as she walked out back to see the management.

Maria finally came over to Kyle, 'So whadalitbe?' She said as she pulled out her order pad.
'It took you long enough,' Kyle said.
Maria looked up at the guy who was dressed in black army pants and a tight fitted back teeshirt. He had a few blue streaks through his brown hair and a two piercing's through one eyebrow. If it wasn't for his annoying cocky grin she would have said he was attractive. He also had, for what she could see, one tattoo between his wrist and elbow of a tribal symbol.
'Well buddy, as you can see, it's kinda busy in here.' She glared.
'Ok, that's fair since it's the first time I've been in here, but next time, I expect you to be here straight away, got that cherry.'
'Whatever ya say punk, now what do you want?'
'Burger and Coke,' He turned to brunnette next to him, 'Hey Blaze, whatdoyawant?'
The brunnette turned and Maria took her apperance in. She had a pair of faded green army pant that were low on her hips and you could see the top of her thong out the top, with chunky back boots. She had a skin tight black tank top, she saw on her back before she turned a symbol on the base of her back, but didn't know what it meant. She looked up at her face, she had he long brunette hair tied back in a low ponytail with the end's dyed purple. She had sunglasses on the brigde of her nose, and was incrediable stunning.
She looked over at blonde, 'Yo, you got a name?'
'Maria.' She replied.
'Well... Maria, you have to learn to ignore this ass, I'll have the same.' And the smiled a half smile before turning back to Roswell Map she was reading.
'I'll do that,' Maria laughed, 'Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks.'

'Hey Liz, why did ya take her side, I though we were gonna teach these cornballs a thing or two.' Kyle huffed.
'Na, she's got spunk, plus we have are gonna have fun with those idiots on the road... Look they are trying to find a space, I think we took there space!' Liz laughed.
Kyle swiveled round on his chair, 'What a bunch of punks.' He muttered, he looked over to see Randi walking through the back door, 'So what's the word girl?'
'It's cool, it ain't the ritz, but I will do, I got the place for 2 months, if we want it anylonger then we have first choise, Hey ain't that those punks on the road walkin in?' Randi smirked as she rested in between Kyle's legs.
'Whatdaya think they are gonna pull?' Liz raised a eyebrow.
'Dunno.... where's Phonic?' Randi asked.
'Over there, tryin to get wit that blonde cherry.' Kyle replied.


Alex walked over to the blonde girl, 'Sup?'
Her date looked up, 'Hey buddy, do ya mind?'
'Not at all..... Do you wanna go before I remove you?' Alex glared.
'She's my girl, so you ain't gonna be gettin none, leave'
'Na, it ain't gonna go down like that.' Alex said, 'So princess, you gotta a name?'
'Isabel Evans.' She smiled.
'I'm Alex Whitman, but my friends call me Phonic,' He said pointing over to the other 3.
'You just got into Roswell?' She asked.
'Yea, just now, we crusied it from New York.' He smiled.
'Why?' Isabel raised an eyebrow.
'Can you keep a secret?' Alex smiled.
'See that girl up there....' He said pointing to Liz.
She looked up at the pretty brunette who was lookin at amusment at something outside.
'She is head of the gang in NY, cops on our ass and all, so we had to jet.'
'Woah, your gonna find Roswell boring.' Isabel laughed.
'Now I doubt that.' Alex said looking hungeraly over her.
She swallowed and looked outside, to see her brother, Michael and Tess outside looking at some very flashy cars.
'They your cars?' She asked.
He looked up at the cars and laughed, 'Yea that's are ride.'
'What's so funny?'
'Those punks outside, are the ones that we had fun with earlier.'
'What did you do?' Isabel asked icely.
'Nought much, just put the fear of god in the blonde one.' Alex grinned as the blonde wrapped herself around a very unconfortable bloke.
'Well, as long as you don't hurt the two boys, one's my brother, the other is his best friend. Do what you want to Tess.' Isabel laughed.
Alex wrapped an arm around her shoulder and laughed, 'I'll keep that in mind.... hey where did your date go?'
'Oh, I dunno,... never mind, I got you now.'
'That you do.'


Max pulled up to that crashdown but couldn't find any spaces, since the cars that had tried to run him on the road earlier where parked out front in a row.

'Damn it, what is with those people?' Michael said angerly.

'Those car's are hot.' Tess said, she looked up to see Michael glaring at her, 'What? I'm just saying.'

They found a space around the corner and walked towards the Crashdown to get Isabel. They passed a very irritated Kyle Valenti on the way, 'Hey where you going? I thought you were on a date with my sister?' Max asked.

'Yea, I was till some punk, just pushed his way up on her, she didn't even notice when I left.' He fumed.

'That's too bad.' Michael said wryly.

They arroached the cafe and stopped to look at the cars, 'Who was drivin them?' Max asked.

'Dunno... tinted windows and all.' Michael muttered, 'Guess we will find out soon enough.' He said as he pushed his way into the cafe followed by Tess and Max.


End of part 3!

Whatdoya fink??

Feedback please!

Oh yeah and Maria will have a bigger role soon but it will take time to get her into the story... she helps them uncover all the secrets.. that's all I will give ya!

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Thank you for all the feedback!

Part 4

Michael walked in first and immediately noticed the four of them, looking so out of place in the local cafe. Followed by Max, who had his arm clamped down by his so called 'soul-mate'.

Max sort out his sister and saw her in the back corner making nice with one of the punks. He headed straight over there, 'What the hell...' Alex yelled as he was being pushed out of the booth.

'Max, what are you doing?' Isabel glared at him and pushed Alex behind her as she poked her brother, 'Leave him alone.'


'Yo Blaze, reckon we should go bail his ass?' Randi said as she looked over at the very pissed 'Max'.

'Na, he got him self into it....' She said as she turned back to her food.

'Kyle, do something, there are two of them.' Randi said as she looked back over to see Alex laughing at them, while Max and Michael tried to look threatening.

Kyle looked up to see his brother about to get his ass kicked, 'He shouldn't play with the local honey, he know's that.'

When they started pushing each other around Liz pushed away from the counter.

'I love this part.' Kyle smirked.


Liz walked over to where Max and Alex were faced off, Michael stood behind Max and Isabel was looking pissed.

Liz looked over her sunglasses at the idiots, why did she always have to bail them out. Granted it was usually Kyle but Alex had his fair share.

'We got a problem here gentlemen?' Liz growled.

'Na, Blaze... Dis punk, thinks can fight better than he drives.' Alex smirked.

'Stay away from my sister,' Max said.

'Na, me and princess here got summit special' Alex smiled as he put his arm round Isabel, who was still glaring at Max. 'Tell ya what,... how bout we bail and I'll let you drive.'

'Really?' Isabel looking suprised.

'Only the best for you.'

Isabel took his had and dragged him out his car, she jumped in and peeled out of the space and onto the road.

Max looked at his distant car in surprise.

Kyle came and stood next to Liz and drapped his arm round her, 'Try Fat Burger from now on, and get yourself burger and fries for $2.95.'

'Na, We like the service here.' Michael said as he as he squared up to Kyle, Max had got lost looking at the brunnette beauty close to him and wasn't being much help, 'Anyway he was the one in Max's face.'

'Well now I'm in your face.' Liz said as she pushed Michael back, taking him by suprise making him fall back into a booth.

'Wallet.' Liz said as she held up her hand to Kyle. Kyle placed two wallets in her hand.

Liz opened the first one, 'Michael Gurien, sound's like a psychotics name, is that what you are?'

'No Ma'am,' he said quietly still wondering how Kyle managed to swip his wallet without him noticing.

She dropped the wallet on the floor, and opened the second one, 'Maxwell Evans, normal enough..... are you?'

'Am I what?' Max asked.

'Normal...' Liz cocked her head at him and raised her eyebrow.

'As much as anyone else.'

She though the wallet back at him, 'Don't come round her again.'

Kyle grabbed Randi's hand and walked out followed closely by Liz, they jumped into there cars and gunned off into the distant.

'Damn, that is some women.' Max muttered.


When they got a few miles away Liz spoke to Alex through the walkie talkies, 'Talk to me Phonic.'

'We are heading out into the desert,......... Hey Blaze, we are gonna need somewhere to work on the cars.' Alex said as he watched Isabel driving his car with ease.

'Your quite the driver...' Alex said, 'You like things fast?'

Isabel blushed, 'Yea, speed appeals to me.'

'Good to know.'

Liz interupped, 'We are looking for a place for the cars, Isabel you know anywhere?'

'There's an old warehouse for rent down the road from me, will that do?'

'That's summit.' Kyle offered.

'Yea, that will work, who do I need to talk to?' Randi asked.

'My dad is holding it for a friend, so you will need to talk to him.'

'Cool, we are heading for the desert, we will follow you there.'

'Sweet.' Alex smiled over at Isabel, 'Close enough for midnight trips to your room.'

'Don't count on it Romeo.' Isabel grinned.


Randi pulled her car behind Alex's as they found each other. Liz and Kyle pulled in behind her.

'Hey Iz, they are gonna head on down to the ware house, while me and you go talk to your pops. Aight?' Liz said.

'Yea that's cool.' She pulled the car into her house, and watched as Kyle and Randi sped past and raceing each other down the street. Alex got out and walked around to the driver's seat, 'Cya round Princess.' He winked and started his engine and reversed out the driver and continued in the direction of Kyle and Randi.

Liz pulled her car into the drive to take his place and emerged from her car.
'This is some fancy livin girl.'

'Yea, it's home.'

'Your bro swing it ere too?' Liz asked.

'Yea, he lives here, he should be back soon too, but don't worry he's too shy to do any damage, he just gets protective of me, that's about the only time he speaks. Oh and to moan about Tess.'


'Yea... blonde, kinda clingly, royal pain in my ass.'

'Yea, I noticed.' Liz said as she got to the front door, 'Whats the deal wit dat, He don't seem on board.'

'She kinda just came into our lives and decided that he was her's, cos my brother is too damn nice, he hasn't told her to leave him alone.' Isabel sighed as she finally opened the door to her house.


'Sweet... I ain't never been in a house like this.' Liz said in awe.

'Really?' Isabel asked confused, 'Where did you live before?'

'Here and there, no real home.... must be nice.'

'Yea it kinda is, when Max and I moved her, it was kinda a change.'

'Where did ya live before then?'

'Oh we were adopted, they found us wandering in the desert, guess we were dumped there.'


'Yea.' Isabel showed her into the living room, 'Hey daddy.'

'Hey sweetie, who's you new friend.'

'Oh, this is Blaze.' Isabel said as she introduced her.

'Please call me Liz.' Liz corrected, 'I was wondering the price for rent of the warehouse.'

'Oh. really, it's a pretty big place, what do you want it for?' He asked.

'My friends and I have some cars that are worth a bit, that need to be stored and worked on, Isabel here, said we could check it out, my friends have gone ahead, I hope you don't mind.'

'No, not at all, let's go into my office and we can sort out the paper work.' Philip said as he lifted himself out of his chair.

'Sure thing.' Liz smiled.

'I'll wait here.' Isabel said as she sat down.


Max swore as he went to pull into the drive after dropping off Tess and Michael only to find a bright yellow racing car in the drive.

He parked outside and saw Liz coming out of the house, he gulped and couldn't help staring at her. Something inside of him stired in recognition, who was she? Why did he feel like he knew her..... and why the hell can't I get my vocal cords to work around her.

Liz wandered to the frozen Max, 'Sup, want me to move my car?'

'Nu.... no... I'm..... fine.' Max stuttered, unsure whether he had answered the question.

'Ok, whatever you say duke.' Liz turned around to get into her car and drive to her newly acquired ware-house, when Max stopped her.

'The tattoo.... what does it mean??' Max asked suddenly.

Liz turned and unconsiously rubbed the base of her back, 'Why?' she enquired.

'I just... it seemed familier that's all.' Max said with a frown to why he recgonised it, 'Maybe I have seen the design somewhere before.'

'I doubt it duke.' Liz said slowly and susipously, 'I gotta jet, my friends and I are gonna be enrolling in the school, is it around here?'

Max noticed the lack of information he had recieved on the tattoo but just ignored it while his brain tried to process where he had seen it, 'Umm... yea it's 3 blocks away from here, if you go left at the bottom of this road, you can't miss it.'

'Thanks Slick.'

'Max,' he corrected.

Liz raised her eyebrows at him and he continued, 'You have called me everything except my name.'

Liz laughed silently, 'No doubt.'

She walked away and quickly swung out of the drive and onto the road in the direction of the ware-house.

Max stood there a little unsure to what she meant by that and why she was even there in the first place. Max knew one thing though, he was gonna ware her down and see what was under her rough exterior.

End of Part 4

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Part 5

Liz quickly drove away from the Evan's house and she noticed that as she left the area the 'vibe' was getting distant. Weird. Must be someone or something from Roswell she concluded.

She saw the warehouse and pulled up next to Randi's car. She saw all her belongings spread out from the boot to the back seat and realised that they had to go back and unpack since they were staying for a couple of months... maybe just untill the desert races in Mexico or maybe they could enroll at the school and stay untill graduation.... or maybe the cops would find them and be constantly watching there arses in which case they would stay long.

She walked into the garage, and saw Kyle in a little office at the side with Randi, god she did not want a show of the that. She quickly walked further in case clothing started getting removed. She found Alex sorting through bits of metal.

'Lookin for summit?' Liz asked Alex.

'Look at this these are parts to a '53 Buick.' Alex grinned.

'How classy,' Liz laughed, 'I don't get the fasination with Guys and Buicks.

'This car is all American, I would trade my car in an instant.'

'Ya serious?' Liz asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Hell Yeah!' Alex exclaimed, 'Hey Kyle, put Randi down and come look at this.'

A few minutes later a disguntled Kyle walked through the door, 'This better be goo ..Is that parts of a Buick?' Kyle walked across to Alex and started playing with the parts.

'Randi and I are going back to the Crash to unpack, come back when you have finshed playing with you toys... we can park outside tonight and park are cars here tomorrow.

'K....' Came from a distracted Alex.

Randi and Liz walked out to thier cars, Liz looked at the name Jade printed across the bonnet of Randi's car, her streetname.

'I was thinking, I'm gonna enroll at the local school.... should I go in with my street name or real name?.. Also I don't even have a surnames since I ain't never been on the right side of the law.'

'I'll make a call.' Randi smirked, she had come out of the pod earlier then Liz and had been adopted by the Morelli's. He brother Jamie was a cop and was a ex-street racers, nearly got killed one to many times and so decided to hang up his keys. He was also the man at counterfitting records, he could whip you up anything you needed.

'Cool... just don't get him into trouble... he deserves the clean life.' Liz smiled, her and Jamie when way back.

'So your gonna turn cornball on us?' Randi laughed as she jumped into her car and turned on her com link, for her to talk to Liz as they drove.

'Na babe, I'm gonna have fun playing with those punks we met earlier, it's something about them that is screaming, Help me I'm a Cornball!'

'They were pretty punked out, extreme cornball.... but also not too shabby either, if they were from the hood I wouldn't be kicking them outta my bed.'

Liz laughed, 'No Mozotta would be.' refering to Kyle's street name.

'Yea, he ain't into that three way shit.' Randi smirked and looked in her wingmirror at Liz. 'Mind you, I ain't either unless, it's me, him and Jenson Ackles.'

'I with ya babe, he is too fine.' Liz laughed, 'I need a stud... my love life is royally sucky.'

'Yea, it's too bad your queen, cos if you weren't you could be with any man you wanted.'

'Firstly I ain't no queen and that ain't why I'm still cherry. I just don't wanna blow it on sum punk assed white boy who is gonna treat me like shit the next day. I wanna man who is gonna.... y'know what I don't need this shit.' She said as she pulled into the Crashdown. 'I'm just gonna unpack my stuff, then crash.

'Totally feeling ya girl, drivin for 3 days can put a major cramp in my mood.' Randi smiled, 'Anyway I gotta be fresh for the school shit in the morning.'

'Your comin with?' Liz smiled.

'Hell yea... I ain't leavin my girl to fend off all the punks at that school.' Randi smiled,

'Your the bomb girl.' Liz smiled as she walked into her new bedroom, 'Hell no.....'

'Ohmygod, it's like barbie threw up in here.' Randi said as she followed Liz into the room with the balcony.

They looked around and every way you looked there was a pink cushion or frilly bit. Liz looked like she was gonna pass out. 'I have to do something about this.'

'No problem,' Randi said as she put her hand on the bedspread and turned it from a sickly pink colour to a midnight blue. She looked to the walls and changed to the same, 'You can finish he, I'll gonna find Kyle and I a room and decorate it quickly, If he asks.... if came that way.'

She left Liz to have fun decorating and unpacking.


Liz woke up bright and early to the smell of pancakes, she smiled and turned over, she was having the same dreams she always did. She was in a far distant planet, with her soulmate by her side. He was kissing down her spine and undressing her slowly but each time they got the 'point' she would wake up. Randi walked in, 'Comeon girl, we gotta get it movin if we gonna go through with this punk assed school thing.'

'I'm movin, I'm movin.' Liz said as she snuggled closer into her bed.

'Phonic!! A little help here.' Randi screamed.

'Damn Jade, whatsup?' Alex said as he walked in.

'Blaze is being a lazy fuck.'

'I getting up....' Liz said and she turned her back on Randi and Alex.

Alex smiled and left the room, returning a few minutes later, with the biggest bucket of water.
He tipped it onto Liz as she stuck her arm out and put up a shield which made the water rebounded of the shield and smack back into Randi and Alex.

'Y'know ya guys, I know you entirely to well.' .' Liz laughed as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and wandered into the bathroom.

'I'm gonna get you!!!' Alex yelled. Randi started to laugh, 'What the hell is so funny? You are fuckin soaked too.' He fumed.

Randi looked at Alex smugly and swipped her hand over her body as she completely dried herself. Alex looked at her pleadingly, 'Comeon babe, be the girl and dry my ass.'

Randi laughed, 'Sure, babe.' She smacked his ass, just drying the back of his jeans and leaving the rest soaked. 'Done!'

'Kyle! Sort out you woman!' Alex yelled.

'He left to play with Buick early this morning, he's gonna meet us for lunch at the school quad.'

'Cool, I'll be there...... ya gonna dry me?'

'Hell no.' Randi smiled as jumped out the way as he went to tackle her.


Liz and Randi walked into the school and all conversations and gossip ground to a halt.


Randi looked down the hall and snickered, 'Ain't they never seen real women before?'

Liz looked up and down at Pam Troy, 'Apprently not.'

Pam stalked away fuming as the gossip started.

They walked into the registration office. 'We wanna enroll.' Liz said commandingly.

'Do you have a name and papers?'

Liz handed them over.

'Right....' The women looked over them and ran her tongue over her teeth. 'Liz Parker and..... Randi Morelli.'

'That would be us.' Liz smiled slightly.

'Ok, Can you fill this out and chose the classes etc.'

'Done deal.' Randi muttered as they both took the papers and filled them out chosing all the hard classes since they could scan information and were both extremly intelligent.

They handed the papers back and the women raised her eyebrows, 'These are Advanced classes.' She said slowly.

'Well Done... Are you sure you ain't in the class?' Liz said sarcastically.

The women glared, 'Ok if you would like to take a seat, the welcome committee will be right with you to show you around and too your classes.'

'No need... we'll find it...' Liz said as she grabbed there schedules and wondered out into the crowded hall.

'Damn.. what did you do that for?' Randi asked.

'I had the vibe......' Liz looked around quickly, closed her eyes and focused, 'it came from right around........' she turned the corner and bumped straight into a hard body, she looked up into his surprised face and muttered, 'Here....'


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Part 6

Liz looked up into Max's surprised face. 'Hey Duke, Watch were your movin, aight?'
She pushed pasted him in a hurry and dragged Randi in her wake, they found a empty classroom and Liz ran her hand through her hair. 'It's him, he's the vibe guy.'
'Wot? Mr Cornball out there?' Randi asked.
'Hell yea!' Liz exclaimed, 'What does this shit mean?'
'Maybe he ain't as human as the rest.' Randi said.
'So wot, he's the man?' Liz asked, 'The king?'
'Could be.'
The bell rang and interuppted.
'Look, lets just get out asses to class, k?' Randi said.
'Sure thing, if we can find it.' Liz said looking down at her schdule, 'I have AP Bio, you?'
'Cool, let's just wander.'


Liz finally found her class and pushed through the door.

'Your late, Mrs....'

'Parker, Liz Parker.'

'Well Mrs Parker, why don't you tell us about yourself.'

'Na, I'm cool thanx.'

'I wasn't asking you, I was telling you.'

'Do you always waste are time like this, I thought you were supposed to teach... why don't you try it.' Liz looked around the class at the shocked faces and saw Isabel who grinned at her. She looked for a seat and only saw one next to Max, she wandered to the back and dumped her stuff on the desk and sat down next to him.

He looked at her and smiled, 'Hey.'

'Hey yourself.' Liz replied, 'Gotta a book?'

'Sure, we can share.'

'Cheers.' Liz moved over and scanned the information. Geez Bio was easy shit.

Liz pretended to listen to Mr Ranger but something about him was seriously given her the wiggins.......


She sat down next to me and I took a deep breath to remind myself to breath. It's a good job Tess wasn't here today, cos she would have a fit, that Liz was sat in her place. Tess, he thought and gave a involuntary shiver. I wish Liz was my Queen, then we could rule together and I wouldn't actually hate my life quite so much.

At the end of class, I was gonna ask her to eat lunch with us but decided against it as she pretty much seemed to hate me and she was Waaaay outta her league. Plus Mr Ranger wanted to have a word with her, I don't think he apprecated her outspoken ways.


'Miss Parker, A word please.'


'No not a word, I want a word with you.'

'Sure Duke.' She went up to the front of the room and sat on her desk and waited for all the students to leave.

'Lizsa Antar, What the hell do you think you are doing here!.' Mr Ranger whispered furiously.

'Woah, who the hell are you punk?' Liz asked shocked but quickly masked her features with calm.

'I'm your god damn father, I sent you away so you would stay the hell from the king.' Nasedo said with his anger apprent.

'I don't have no god damn father, and I don't know shit about any king, so remove you psychotic hands from my arm before I remove them with force.'

'Do not take that tone with me Lizsa, Pack your bags and go back to New York, I have people watching you there, you shouldn't be here.'

'Why not? I came cos my ass was in the red in NY, we had to leave.' Liz said as she started to get pissed at this man.

'So go somewhere else, not here, why did you pick here for god's sake.' Nasedo said.

'I came cos we were on are way to the Mexico Desert races when I got vibes comin from here, I don't need to explain myself to you duke.' Liz said as she jumped off her desk and wandered out into the hall to find Randi.

Max pushed off the locker when he saw her and walked over, 'Hey, you okay?'

'Leave me alone Zan, I ain't in the mood.' Liz said as she pushed him away but he grabbed her arm and swung her round to face him.

'What did you just say?' Max asked in whisper.

'I said to Leave me the hell alone!' she yelled and walked quickly down the hall.


Liz found Kyle and Randi making out up a tree and Isabel and Alex flirting with each other a few meters over..

'Damn, your brother is a pain in the ass.' Liz said as she slumped down to the floor.

'Really what did he do, he doesn't usually say anything to anyone.' Isabel asked.

'Oh, he didn't do much, I was just pissed cos I met sum werid assed teach.' Liz said, 'Which reminds me Randi, I need to talk to you later, we have a prob.'

'K, Meet at the warehouse after school.'

'Sure babe, I'm gonna pace, see what;s in this shit hole.' Liz said as she stood up, she looked up and saw Max and Michael walkin over, 'What do I have to do, to make them leave us the fuck alone?' She walked in the opposite direction to the music block before they could reach her.

She opened the door and was immediately taken back by the most amazing voice she had ever heard, she wandered in the direction and leant against the door frame listening. It was Maria, the girl from the cafe.

Maria looked up embaressed to have been caught, 'Hey.' She said quietly.

'Hey girl, you the bomb!' Liz said as pulled up a seat close to her.

'Thanks but I just do it for fun.' Maria said as she flushed.

'Well, your blindin.' Liz smiled, 'So what do the punks do for fun around here?'

'Not much to do really.... thier is the Ufonics dance club, or the movies etc. Not much.'

'Damn, I dunno how I'm gonna get by, no racing or nothing I bet.' Liz muttered.

'Racing?' Maria asked.

'Street racing... you see our cars?'

'Yea, everyone has, you should see all the boys in the parking lot drouling over them.'

'Damn, they better not be touching them.... anyway we used to race, how we made the bucks and all.' Liz said.

'Cool, I would love a car like that all I have in a jedda.' Maria smiled.

'Hey! Don't diss the Jetta, me and my peeps could make that into a classy car.' Liz said as she raised her eyebrows.

'Really?' Maria asked.

'Hell yea.... so where are all you mates and stuff?'

'Oh I don't really hang round with anyone specfic, I just loiter trying to survive y'know.' Maria said sadly.

'You can't live life with no friends.' Liz said and thought quickly, 'How about this... you bring the car to my warehouse, it's north of Evanovich drive, after school and we will sort you out.'

'I don't know... I don't have no money, how will I repay you?'

'You can be my friend.' Liz smiled, 'And you can help me mess with those punks' she looked over at Max and Michael through the window.

Maria laughed, 'Never did like the one with the werid hair, he is so mean... but there is only two.'

'The's a little blonde one as well, Tess or something.'

'Oh I know, yea sure I'll help.'

'Cool... Cya later...' and with that Liz went to the door,
but turned and smiled, 'Welcome to the team.'


*Big Kiss*
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Part 7

Maria looked at herself in the girl's bathroom, for as long as she could remember she had been alone and in five minutes her life had turned around. A girl, that she had never met before had befriended her no questions asked.

She shook her long blonde hair out of her ponytail and watched it curl around her face, 'not bad Deluca' she smiled. Her eyes bright and green looking through black rimmed squared glasses, 'always the geek' she reprimanded. Maria frowned at her reflection, as Isabel Evans waltzed in with her followers. Maria mentally cringed, she always hated this part of high school, Isabel herself never said anything to her but sometimes that was ten times worse, knowing that they didn't even bother to acknowledge her.

Isabel smiled when she saw Maria, Liz had told her earlier about their conversation. 'Hey Maria.' Isabel went and stood next to her in the mirror and mentally compared their outfits. Maria was stood in black trousers and a dark red shirt, while Isabel stood their in her fitted jean skirt and sparkly pale pink tank top with matching cardigan. You could so easily miss Maria, if was as if she wanted not to be noticed.

'H-hi,' Maria looked suprised that Isabel Evans even knew her name.

'I heard you were gonna hang out with Liz and I after school at their's.' Isabel smiled, ignoring all her little followers looks of extreme distaste that she was talking to Maria.

'Yea, she said I could meet her there.'

'Must be a new charity out reach program.' Candy smirked, catching on to what she thought was one of Isabel's new games.

'Don't be so damn rude Sandy.' Isabel glared then apoloigised to Maria with her eyes, but Maria didn't seem to care or notice what Candy had said.

'It's Candy.' She whined.

'Whatever,...' Isabel said then turned back to Maria, 'So do you think I can get a ride with you, cos Max has the jeep and doesn't want me hanging out with them.' Isabel asked.

'Err, sure, I guess.' Maria raised her eyebrows waiting for the catch.

'Great, well I have Physics next, so I should go. I'll meet you at you car at the end of school, k?'

'Yeah that will be fine.'

Isabel smiled and left Maria on her own reflecting what had just happened, did Isabel just talk to her? Not only that did she want to hang out? Could my day get weirder....


Max sat in the libary in his study period, he needed to think.

What the hell was happening?

Who was the new girl?

Was she a threat?

God when did I start sounding like Michael....

She called me Zan.

What did that mean?

Was she one of them?

Do I tell anyone?

She didn't seem like she even realised that she had said it. He closed his eyes and breathed in. He stopped mid-breath... She was here in the libraey.... and she was close.
He turned in his seat but couldn't see her. He stood up and walked to the stacks, he peered through and saw her leaning over a book, looking extremely bored. God she was beautiful, where did he..

'So are you going for the stalker approach now Max?' Liz said without looking up from her book, she could feel his heated gaze from across the room, it burned her skin, and spread though her body causing her to mentally shudder and wonder for the millioneth time, who the hell he was?

Max gasped, how did she always do that? So many questions.

'I- I was just.... ummm..... looking for a book...' He picked up the first book his hand found, and walked quickly back to his table.

Liz smiled to herself, she closed her book and walked round the stacks to his table. He looked up surprised to see she was approaching him. She realised that this was a perfect time to start having her fun, she walked passed all the chairs until she stook directly next to him. He raised his eyebrows wondering what she was doing when she swung her leather clad leg over him and perched slightly on the table but with him between her legs. She saw him gulp slightly, and she smirked to herself.

'Wha-what are you doing?' Max stuttered.

Liz didn't answer just stared into his amber depths feeling that strange feeling she had been trying to fight since she had arrived in Roswell, but with him so close it was getting harder..... unconsiously she leaned forward.

He noticed her eyes darken with intent and unconsiously wet her lips. Max tried to supress a groan but it was too late, he was to far gone in the scent of Liz. This is what his life had been missing. His mate, Lizsia.

At his groan, Liz managed to regain her focus on where she was, and what she had nearly done. 'What the hell!' She quickly looked at him and he had a glint in his eye like a part of him had been awaken, she felt his primal need for her.

How had she felt it? She had never connected with anyone other that Randi to practice their powers. She hadn't even tried to connect with him, what was so special about him.

He raised him hands and ran them up her thighs, Liz looked into his eyes visablly shocked on how quickly he had taken over her control. She liked to be in control, in charge, how dare he....

She leaned forward still and he ran his hands round to her butt and pulled her onto his lap so she straddled him. She ran her hands over the broad plains of his chest and ground her hips into his ever growning manhood. He tried to lean up to take her lips but she quickly nipped his bottom lip and whispered 'not yet..'. He growled and tried again but she just moved her mouth to his ear to suck on his earlobe causing him to groan in both pleasure and frustration.

Liz's game of turning him on and then leaving him completely unsatisfied, was having to opposite affect then she wanted on herself. He had managed to turn the tables on her so quickly to she didn't know whether she was still playing him or actually wanting him.

Max was having the worse time trying to keep his control underwraps, and when Liz's hand moved from his chest down his body to his manhood, he knew her was gonna cum soon. Just when he though he was going to lose it, he felt her pull away. Liz pulled away from his hard body as she felt him start to trember with the first shudders of esatasy run through him. She leant back on the table and smirked at him, he had his eyes closed tightly and breathing in deep gulps trying to get back his control.

Liz swung her leg back over him and walked away to her bag and books laughing to herself she placed her books in a pile and turned around to leave when she smacked into a hard body for the second time that day.

'Watch it slick.' Liz glared at the person, she looked up and her eyes widen when she took him the vision in front of her. Max. Looking wild, primal and hungrey for her. She gulped as she tried to keep up the appearance of being cool and aloof but he was melting her resolve with his eyes.

'I think we have some unfinshed business, don't you Lizsia?' Max smirked at the shocked look on her face.

Before she could reply, Max pulled his body flush up against hers. She could feel his heat radiating though her body. He bent down and licked the inside shell of her ear and whispered, 'Your going to have to learn to obey your king.'

Liz felt anger as her first emotion as she tried to push him away but Max was too quick as he caught both wrists with one hand and lent her down on the table.

'Your da man?' Liz whispered, even though she knew the answer.

'You know I am, you felt it when you saw me... I felt you coming into Roswell, I always knew there was someone else out there for me.... ' Max whispered as he pulled his body down flush against her's. The fact that they were in the libarey and anyone could interuppt were the furtherest things from his mind until.....

'WHAT THE HELL?' Tess yelled across the room, 'Get off of her, your my husband for fucks sake!'

'What are you doing here Tess, I thought you were at home.' Max said clearly pissed that she had interuppted, not thinking clearly enough to realise that if Liz was his mate, who the hell was Tess.

'So what... that's a reason to push up on that skank. I got a call to meet Liz Parker her for a present.' Tess yelled. 'How dare he.' she thought.

Liz realising this was a perfect time to leave, she didn't understand half the things he was saying, she needed to talk to Randi. Quick.
She pushed Max off and grabbed her bag and stalked up to Tess.

'Surprise' Liz smirked.

Liz walked out the door in record time and sped out to her car, she needed to get out there. She peeled out of the parking lot as she saw Max push out the school doors, he cursed and threw his bookbag down as he saw her leave.

'Shit.' He swore.


Liz called Randi's cell phone.

Randi who was in the middle of her Biology lesson bored out of her head, when she hear her cell phone ring.
She took it of her belt ignoring the outraged look from her teacher.

'Sup...' Randi said with an emotionless voice.

'Shit Randi, It' Max.... Max is the god damn man.' Liz fumed, why hadn't she just ignored him like all the other blokes in her life.

'No fucking way!' Randi smirked. Mr Ranger stalked up to Randi and went to snatch the phone.

Randi raised her hand and paused all time and space, this was her power and a damn handy one if she was late and needed her nails to dry.

Mr Ranger stopped mid grab, 'Yes fucking way,' Liz said, 'We need to lay all this shit down.... Oh and the Mr Ranger dude, ain't what her seems, this whole place is fucked up. He said he was my damn father, what is this Star Wars?'

'Mr Ranger?' Randi asked as she looked up to the Biology teachers now frozen face. 'The same Mr Ranger who is stood about 1 meter away from my ass?'


'Damn... Warehouse?'

'10 mins.'


Randi flipped her phone down and took a deep breath, 'ok ok,' she muttered, 'I can work this shit out.' She tried to recall all her memories from her pass life... Liz's father.... he was a shapeshifter..... Nased.... Nasei.... Nasedo, yea that's it. She racked her brain for more info but only came up with that he had to obey her because she was the protecter in charge.

She flipped her wrist to unfreeze just him, 'Ok duke, you have 30 seconds to state your case before I kill you. Go.'

Nasedo quickly looked around the room at all the frozen students and realised that the only person to have that power was the king himself or the protecter. He gulped as he looked down at the spunky blonde in front of him and realised that his worse nightmare had come true both the protecter and his daughter were in Roswell.

'15 seconds....' Randi sang enjoying the fear on his face.


WhaT Do yOu ThInK???


Note........ just so you know, things aren't gonna be all 'Oh Max I'm your soulmate.. we can be together forever and ever....! Liz still doesn't completely understand and she has had a different upbringing then them... she still wants to have fun with Max and has enlisted Maria to help torture Michael and Tess as well, but don't fear this is a max and liz fic so they will be together eventually and Max won't stop tryin till then!

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Part 8

' My name is Nasedo and I am your second in command. I am Lizsia's father and I want you two to leave Roswell before the king finds her.' Nasedo said forcefully.

'Yo, I know you didn't just raise your voice at me.' Randi said with a smirk. 'Don't like to burst ya bubble duke but we listen to no one, got it.'

'Of course Randiae, I apologise but you need to get Lizsia away from the king, I replaced her, so that she wouldn't be needed. I don't want her near Antar or anything in it or to do with it.' Nasedo said sincerly.

'Sorry but you ain't got no say in nuthin, I'm in charge of her and them, therefore the only opinion you get to voice is the one we ain't gonna listen to, got that?'

'Please.. I'm begging you, take her away from here, I replaced her with Tessava, they will never know.'

'Ain't gonna do nuthing she don't wanna do, if she wants to leave then we leave.. if not then we don't.' Randi waved her had and everyone unfreezed leaving Nasedo no choice but to carry on with the lesson and to obey Randi. Randi just stood up and walked out to meet Liz at the warehouse.


Max saw Isabel waiting against a red jetta at the end of school, he needed to talk to her and Michael about Liz and Tess.

'Isabel,' He called out to her, 'Where are you going?'

'I'm gonna meet Alex, why?' Isabel asked, something had seriously spooked her brother.

'We need to talk, you, michael and I.' He said urgently.

'Sure, can we do it later, I won't be long.' Isabel said concerned for her brother.

'Yea, I guess, do you need a lift?' Max asked.

'Na, I'm cool, Maria is giving me a lift.' Isabel said.


'Yea, You know Maria, nerdy blonde, waitress at the crashdown.....' Isabel said.

'Yea I know who she is, I just didn't think you did.' Max said with raised eyebrows.

'She's actually really sweet, Liz is gonna help her with her car and I think she wanted to give her a little make-over, so we might be at our house later anyway.' Isabel said as if hanging out with Maria was an everyday occurance.

'Liz is coming over to our house.' Max smiled.

'Yea and you are gonna leave us along, got that duke?' Isabel said with a raised eyebrow.

'Duke?' Max smiled.

'Yea, hanging out with Alex is rubbing off on me.' Isabel said dreamery.

'Ok...' Max said slowly, 'About that Iz...'

'I don't want to hear it Max.' Isabel said sharply.

'He's no good, Iz.'

'You don't even know him Max, ' Isabel sighed, 'Lay off it.'

'Isabel, I'm just trying to look out for you.' Max said as he put his hand on her arm.

'Well don't, I'm a big girl I can look after myself.' Isabel said as she shook his hand off, she saw Maria approach. 'Hey Maria, I hope you don't mind me catching a lift.'

'No not at all, Hey Max.' Maria smiled as she went round to the drivers seat.

'Hey Maria, make sure Isabel behaves herself...' Max smiled.

'Sure Max.' Maria said thinking he was just joking.

'Yea well, bye Max.' Isabel said as she jumped into Maria's car.

Max frowned not knowing what to think of this new found friendship, seems like everyone had changed since Liz and her gang rolled into town.


After talking for a while about what Nasedo had said and what had happened between herself and Max, Liz started to relax, not everthing was as screwed up as she first thought. She heard what Nasedo had said to Randi and he could be telling the truth but either way she didn't want to be Queen therefore Tessava could have it. If she was honest with herself, the thought of Tess even thinking about Max made her want to go postal on her but she would let that slide for now. She first had to sort out how to have fun with little Maxie and his friend Michael, who she guessed was Rath and Tess who was obviously Tessava.

She heard the jetta pull up and Isabel and Maria got out.

'Hey guys.' Liz smiled.

Randi raised her eyebrows wondering why exactly there were here, Liz wasn't know for making friends.

Alex pulled out from underneath his car, 'Hey girl.' He smirked at Isabel as he wondered up to her pulling her flush against him.

Isabel saw Alex pull himself from underneath the car, he was just wearing a zip up suit that were resting low on his hips and not covering his top half. He had a broad chest the had plenty of muscles. Her mouth went dry as his eyes raked over her hungerly. He had a tattoo covering the entire of his shouder that was like black tribal symbols linked together. He pulled her to him and she gulped as she felt his muscles flex against her. No man had ever really got this close to her before, she never let anyone in but Alex had just waltzed into her life and nothing else seemed to matter.

Maria stood uncomfortable out of the way, not really understanding how she had entered Roswell's new popular group.

'Hey Maria,' Liz called, 'So this is your car?'

'Yea, this is it, not much huh!' Maria smiled still uncomfortable with the attention.

'Well it could use some work.' Liz smiled, 'Hey Mazotta, wotdoyafink?' Liz called out to Kyle who was working on the computer at new designs for his cars.

He looked up and regonized the girl as the one that had made him look bad at the restaurant. He looked quickly over at the car. 'Car's not bad but the girl could use some work.'

'Hey don't be an ass,' Randi called out from underneath the jetta's hood, she shut the hood down and smiled at Maria who was blushing from head to toe at Kyle's insensitive comment. 'Don't listen to him.'

Liz glared at Kyle who was blantantly ignoreing her. 'Howz bout we leave the machine with Phonic to work on while we go back to Iz's to get to know each other.'

'Sure,' Maria mumbled, god she hated that jerk. She didn't want to fight back like she ususally did cos she didn't want to piss of Liz and Randi since they were being so nice to her.

'We can take my car,' Randi called, 'It's outside.'

'Phonic, remove yourself and let Isabel go,' Liz shouted across the warehouse at Alex and Isabel who had made themselves confortable on the hood of Alex's car.

Alex reluctantly let her go and Isabel smiled as she whispered something in his ear, which made him smile.

They walked over to Randi's car and all got in, She backed out of the parking lot and drove down the road to Isabel's house.

'This is cool right?' Liz asked.

'Yea my rents aren't in, and I've told Max to stay outta our way.' Isabel smiled.

'Slamin.' Randi smiled she pulled up next to the jeep.

'What are we gonna do?' Maria asked nervously.

'We my friend are gonna give you a makeover.' Isabel smiled.


Michael plunked down on the Evan's coach as he tried to comprehend what Max was telling him, 'So what you are saying is, the new girl, who chucked us out of the crashdown and made us look like complete and utter chumps is your former wife, which you only realised when you got a memory flash when you making out in the libraey.'

'Yea, kinda.' Max sighed, it didn't make any sense at all. 'When we were together her name came to me, and she had already called me Zan in the hallway without even realising it. I don't know what it means exactly but I does explain my indescribable attraction I have towards her. I mean I couldn't care less about Tess and she is my supposed wife, but I don't remember her. I can remember parts of my life with Liz, I mean she is slightly different now to what she was but ....' Max ran his hand through his hand and blew out. 'I don't know... it's just.. If I'm right about this then what about the message my mum sent me and if Liz is my Queen like I believe in my heart then who the hell is Tess and can we trust Nasedo.

'Max I don't like to say this since you are obviously in lust with this new girl, but have you considered even once that she is the enermy and the reason you remember her is because of the conflicts we had in our past life. She called you Zan, that great, but maybe she called you that because she does know who you are and is out to get you.' Michael finished.

'It's not lust Michael, my soul recgonises hers and she isn't the enemy, she has had plenty of chances to hurt us and she hasn't. I trust her, I don't know why but I do.'


'Ok, lets think colours.....' Isabel said as she looked over at Maria's dark red shirt and black pants, 'I like black, but you need to make a statement when you wear it and that statement shouldn't be 'I hope no one sees me.''

'You got contacts?' Randi asked.

'Yeah there in my bag.' Maria said as she picked up her bag and reached in and picked them up.

'Well let's get this party started.' Isabel smiled.

2 hours later Maria looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it was her looking back.

Liz had cut her hair and straighten it, her naturally blonde hair and been made slightly blonder with hightlights and underneath longer bits had been dyed jet black to make the blonde show up even more against it.

Isabel had changed Maria's clothes from her boring nerdy clothes to a black leather skirt and knee high boots. Her tank top was skin tight and white showing her red bra underneath.

Randi had done her makeup althought she hadn't need much because her skin was great and she had a natural beauty. Just black eyeliner, mascra and lipgloss.

All in all Maria was looking hot! However they decided to put it to the test as Isabel had just informed them that Max and Michael were downstairs watching Braveheart.


Hope you liked it, I know there wasn't much Max and Liz but trust me when I say the next part makes up for it! ;)


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Part 9

'What? What do you want me to do?' Maria asked nervously.

'Well, my brother and Michael are downstairs and since I know Liz wants to have some fun with them both and we enlisted you to help.....' Isabel grinned.

'Basically they want you to get sum ass.' Randi said as she coated her nails with dark purple vanish to match her new highlights.

'You want me to flirt with Michael, as in Michael I can't talk in full sentences Gurien.' Maria said nervously.

'The one and the same,' Liz said, 'But don't worry I guess I'm gonna have to get Max out of the room for you.' Liz mock sighed.

'What should I do?' Maria asked.

'Flirt, show sum ass.' Randi smiled, 'Na, I'm kidding ya girl, you need to make him want you but not let him get none.'

'Ok, I can do this....' Maria took a deep breath and left the room in search of Michael.

Liz turned to Randi, 'She's got guts, huh?'

Randi smiled, 'She ain't bad actually.'

'So I should go get Maxie boy then...' Liz grinned.

'Be careful, aight.' Randi raised her eyebrows.

'Why?' Isabel asked.

Randi looked at Liz and asked her with her eyes whether they should tell her, since they worked out earlier that Max was the king, there reduction skills told them who Rath and Vilondra were.

'You tell her, I'm gonna have some fun.' And with that Liz left Randi to tell Isabel about everything.


Maria wondered down the stairs, still not knowing her way round the house she decided she would play the dumb routine of interupping them.

'Hey, Max... Michael.' Maria purred.

They both looked away from the Tv in confusion, who was she?

'Do we know you?' Michael asked gruffly.

'God rude much! I have only served you for the past 2 years at the crashdown.' Maria smiled.

'Maria?' Max gasped. 'You look.... good.'

'Well aren't you sweet... anyway I was looking for the kitchen, I need some water.' Maria said while looking at Michael.

'I'll show you.' Michael said quickly.

'I was hoping you would say that.' Maria said as she ran her newly manicured finger down his arm.


Liz smirked at Maria retreating form while Michael followed like a dog in heat. She slid into the living room and watched Max.

She must give him credit he did look good. He was sat there in blue jeans and a white skintight tee shirt, showing his muscles to perfection. Her eyes raked over him, with him still unaware of her in the room it gave her time to look.

She smiled at the latest torture she was going to put him through, he wouldn't know what hit him. It would teach him, he couldn't take her control away.

Liz coughed slightly and smiled at Max in her seductive way as he turned to look at her.

Liz stood in front of him in a long black dress, it hugged her in all the right places. 'Max you couldn't be a doll and unzip me....' She pulled her hair over one shoulder and turned so her could reach the zip.

Max gulped slightly at the invitation, 'Err... sure, I guess.' He stood up behind her and placed his hand at the top of her dress with the intent to unzip her. He skin was so soft underneath his touch, he could forever revel in it. He wasn't completely stupid and knew he was being played. He knew who she was and what she wanted. He slowly ran his fingers down with the zip as he dress parted. His others hand followed suit brushing slightly down her back. When he reached the bottom, he saw it, the royal crest of Antar, he didn't know how he knew this but he knew all the same.

His index finger traced the symbol as she leant back into his touch, he raised his eyes from the symbol to the back of her head with a smile, this just confirmed what he had thought. She still didn't realise he knew.

He leaned forward until his nose was press in her hair by her ear. 'Why Lizsia I do believe you are trying to make me lose control.'

'I ain't got a clue wot your chattin bout duke.' Liz smiled slightly as he couldn't see her face.

'It isn't working...' Max chuckled, as he worked his way down her neck kissing her slightly.

Liz smiled more at this as she knew it was, in fact she could feel it pressing in her lower back. She turned and pressed her body against his, 'Well that's to bad isn't it.'

She pushed him back down onto the sofa, quickly pulled her dress above her knees and straddled him, 'I should probably try and change that....'

'You don't control me Liz..' Max smirked.

'Really, ' Liz raised her eyebrow. She took both her hands put his in hers. She placed them under her dress and on her thighs. Her eyes locked with his as she watched every emotion to pass through. She guided his hands up her thighs and saw his control start to faulter. She removed her hands and let him carry on, she leant forward, when he reached her hips and came to the realisation... she whispered in his ear, 'No underware.'

He groaned and tried to take her mouth for a kiss which she flatly refused.

'Still feeling that control Max?' Liz smirked as she bit gently on his earlobe.

He growled, and she jumped up, 'Thanks for unzipping me Max.' She turned and left a very unsatified Max. She walked out into the hall way and bumped a very irritated Michael. Maria peeked out from the kitchen and grinned at Liz.


They arrived upstairs to a completly shocked Isabel, she had just been told everthing they knew and she had added what things that she knew too. Liz looked at Randi to ask if she was alright but only got a shrug in return.

'Ok, Randi, how bout you take my girl here to the warehouse and see how Phonic is coming with the car.' Liz said as she pointed to Maria.
Liz wanted some alone time with Isabel.


Short part! I know I'm sorry but I'm really sleeply, I will try and post more tomorrow.. mmmkay!


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I met James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Victoria Pratt and some people of the Matirix!

I would like to say that the next part will have what Michael and Maria go up to but until then I have a little teaser!


After Liz and Isabel had there chat about Randi and Liz being aliens too.


'Yo, you got a little girls room?' Liz asked.

'Er yea, but Max is in the shower at the moment so why don't you just use my parents, down the hall and to the right.' Isabel smiled at her new friend.

'Na, yours will be aight.' Liz grinned as she got of Isabel's bed.

'But....' Isabel started but if fell on deaf ears as Liz walked into Isabel's joined bathroom with her brother.


Liz leaned against the door and breathed in the scent that was surrounding her in stream, Max's naked body was not more than a meter away... Oh how she was going to enjoy this...


Hope you liked it!

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Part 10

Max smiled to himself, sensing Liz was in the room, did she really think that she could continue to play him? He washed the shampoo out of his hair and reached out for his towel after shutting off the shower only to find that his towel was no longer there, Oh shit he wasn't expecting that.

Liz smirked as she watched his hand poking out of the shower searching for his towel. She looked down at his towel in her hand and laughed silently.

Max leant his head against the shower wall, Ok Einstien what now. He had to surrender, 'Liz can you please give me my damn towel.'

Liz froze for a second, 'How the hell did he know she was here?'. She was expecting him to just wonder out in all his glory!

'I dunno there duke, kinda wanting to see the show.' Liz chuckled as she heard Max curse.

Max took a deep breath and swiped the top of the shower curtain, letting it fall as he quickly grabbed it and covered himself around his waist, he looked over at Liz as she pouted, 'No fun.'

'Give me the towel or I'll....,' Max growled.

Liz smirked as her eyes twinkled, 'or your what?'

Max's eyes darken with intent. Liz smiled faded as she watched his expession change. Her eyes raked over his body as she took it in for the first time.

Max noticed Liz's expression of lust and even though she continued to fight it, he knew that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. He took a step forward as she took a step back into the door she had entered with. She looked up and he smiled and took another step towards her.
Liz gulped slightly, she didn't like the control taken away from her, and a nearly naked Max looking as if he was about to devour her, had dissolved any chance of fun she had planned at his expense.

Max reached Liz and pressed his damp naked flesh flush against her, and breathed in her scent. Liz felt as if she was falling against the sensations Max was creating in her, she took a deep breath in as she was finding it hard to breathe when he was in such close proximity. She ached to be posessed by him, she didn't want to feel this way but when she felt his hand run down her back and cup her ass she let out a moan. He bent down and sucked her earlobe into his mouth elicting another moan from her, he whispered seductively,
'Thank you for getting my towel.'

Liz's eyes fluttered open as she realised she was no longer holding the towel and was watching Max's retreating form into his room with his towel now wrapped around his waist.

Liz opened her mouth in disbelief, she had just been played by Max Evans! Oh he was soooo gonna pay...


The next morning Liz was getting ready for school, she looked in the mirror and smiled, if this didn't give him a heat attack then she was out of ideas.


Liz swung her racing car into Maria's driveway and waited for her to emerge. Maria walked out of the house, wearing black leather trousers and a black tank top, her long blonde hair head been left down. The sun was beating down as Maria plonked herself down into Liz's car.

'God Liz, how do you wear leather in this heat, I'm like dying here!' Maria laughed as she put on her black sun shades.

'The things we do to look fine, huh!' Liz smiled, 'So wot happened wit dat cornball in da kitchen?'

Maria laughed as she explained how she managed to break down his wall.

'......and then I asked him where the glasses were for a drink right, and he just stood there like the dumb ass he is. I turned around thinking he was just gonna continue staring at me.... It was actually a bit of luck really.... cos I bent down to a cupboard just as he got out of his stupor and took a step behind me. My ass bent straight into his groin and he let out the most sexiest growl ever. I was like damn! It was so funny, I stood up and leant into his body and said something like, 'Has something got you all hot and bothered Michael?'. He ran so fast out of that kitchen you would think that the FBI were after him. I loved it, I've never had that effect on someone before, y'know with being supreme geek and all!' Maria took a much needed breath.

Liz laughed, 'So you gonna keep helping me then?'

'Hell yeah!' Maria giggled.


Liz pulled into a parking space right ouside the school, as Maria asked, 'Where's Randi?'

'She taking a mental health day.' Liz smiled.

'Oh..... on her second day?' Maria raised her eyebrow when Liz just laughed.

Liz got out of the car and Maria gasped, 'Damn you are really wearing that outfit!'

Liz looked down at her black silk trousers than we so tight you could see Liz had gone commando. ;) Her black bra was showing through her black see through tank top. She had washed out all the coloured streaks in her hair and so it was just as gorgeous chesnut colour that hung dead straight down her back. He had put on her favour red lipgloss and only had a bit of black eyeliner and mascara. She looke stunning and with both her and Maria looking totally bad ass stood next to her hot car, they were conjuring quite the crowd of admirers.

Liz just smiled at Maria, Mr Evans wouldn't know what hit him.


Max's jeep screached to a halt in the school parking lot and his smirk he still wore from leaving a very unsatisfied Liz in the bathroom wore off. He saw 3 jocks from the wrestling team pawning over Liz. His Liz. Max saw red and jealously overcrowded his judgement as he jumped out of the jeep ready to stalk over to her. He was going to show her once and for all that she was his and no one else had the right to touch or look at her.


Hope you liked it!
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I will be out later though.. I PROMISE.

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Ok! Even though LOADSA amazing feedback was left... I had amazing writers block and so I enlisted the help of a great friend of mine to help and so this part is dedicated to her for all the help and ideas that she has sent me!
Thank you Littlebit.

Part 11

Liz smiled at the idiots that were trying to impress herself and Maria. What a bunch of losers. She felt him before she saw him, and then she heard the sound of rubber burning on cement.

Max was here.

This should be good...


Max jumped out of the jeep and swiftly made his way over to Liz. He didn't know where these feelings were coming from. Shy Max, who just blends in, was about to kick three jocks asses because they thought they had the right to touch Liz. His. Liz.

'What the hell!...' Max yelled as he pushed a very shocked Paulie out of the way.

'Hey Evans, back off, she ain't yours.' Paulie yelled.

'Piss off.' Max growled to Paulie as he looked Liz square in the eye noting her amusement. He prowled up to her and pressed his body up against hers and placed his hands either side of her onto the car.

'Wot cha gonna do big boy?' Liz laughed.

'What you have been trying to avoid since I found you.' And with that he leant down and took her lips with his. He raised his hands so they held her waist so it was flush up against his hard body. She moaned agaist his mouth before she could stop herself as Max took advantage and ran his tongue along her bottom lip.
He hungrily took her mouth as he ran his hands up from her waist until he grasped the sides of her face possessively. Liz feel his tongue graze her bottom lip and instintively opened up for him. He growled at the back of his throat as the flashes started to flow through there newly found connection. She couldn't deny who she was to him anymore. She was his queen. He felt her fingers thread through his hair and her arms wrapping around his neck. There lips sliding possesively against each other as their tongues battled furiously for domination.

Liz felt herself shaking with emotion, no body had ever kissed like this before. She could feel everything he felt, their connection so wide open, she was humbled that he was openly sharing his soul with her, even if she was still holding back.

She tried to protest... honestly she did, but with the knowedge that was his first kiss... and it was soo good, she relaxed, until she realised that they were putting on quite the show judging from the wolf whistles that could be heard. Max seemed completely obilvious and he pressed his body futher into hers.

Liz tore her mouth from his, her face showing shock that he had acted so. She looked into his now black eyes and realised that she was in trouble, from her memories of Antar, she realised that she was now being claimed.


Liz pulled away from a breathless Max, as she felt him take possessive hold.
Liz pushed him back slightly, 'Yo, you ain't got no right to push up on me, I ain't now or never will be yours, aight?'
'I know you don't mean that Liz, your just scared.' Max mummered, so that the spectators couldn't hear him.
'Hey Duke, I ain't scared of nobody, but you should be when I tell Phonic and Mazotta about this.' Liz said forcefully as she pushed away from him to stalk up to the school, with Maria following close behind.
'You can't keep denying it Liz.' Max shouted after her retreating form. He sighed inawkardly and walked back to a Michael and the jeep. He had felt her feelings towards him, and he knew that she loved what was happening between them she was just scared to let anyone close to her.


Randi groaned as she turned in her bed, 'Why couldn't the damn king keep his hands to him self', she felt Liz's annoyance of him through the connection Liz had opened up to tell her she needed to talk. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and waved her hand over her body as her nightclothes turned into her usual combats and tank top. She looked in the mirror and waved her hand over her face and her tired looking face and bed head turned into new make up and perfected hair. Damn it was good to be alien she smiled. She closed her eyes and pictured the eraser room and hoped to god she didn't interupt any one when she arrived. She felt a rush of wind, and opened her eyes in time to see an empty eraser room. Yup, it really was good to be alien. She opened the door and wondered to the bio lab that she knew Liz would be pacing.


Maria looked in the mirror of the girls bathroom, Liz told her she wanted to be alone... That was fine by her, she still wasn't really sure how to play this friend thing. Liz was the first real friend that she had really had, but she was pretty sure that she shouldn't be alone. She sighed and vowed to always be there for her, she took a deep breath walked out in search of her new friend.


Randi was right in thinking that Liz was would be in the bio lab, the class she shared with Max... go figure.

'So whats da man playin at now?' Randi said as jumped onto the teachers desk.
Liz spun around suprised that Randi had got here under 3 mins that she had connected.
'Did ya fly here?' Liz raised her eyebrow.
'Close.' She grinned.
Liz did a quick understanding nod.
'So what happened?'
'Urgg! That boy actually tried to claim me as his, with one kiss, in front of the entire population of Roswell, without even asking me!'
'Yo, when did you turn cornball?' Randi asked with a laugh but frowned when she realised that Liz was actually really upset with him. 'Chill girl, your his queen, he has the right, as much as I hate to say it.'
Liz sighed, 'I ain't never asked for dis. I just wanna be normal.'
'Well, ya gotta get over it, cos we ain't never gonna be normal.' Randi smiled, 'Besides, we can still have sum fun with these punks.'
Liz looked down and she took a deep breath, a frown appeared on her face, 'God what was he thinking!' She raised her hands to stress the fact that she was so frustrated as the tanks blew up at the back of the class shattering everwhere with the water flowing down the sides, a gasp from the door adverted their attention as they looked to see a extremly shocked Maria.


Maria looked in through the door, 'What the hell....'

Liz looked up to see a slightly pissed off Randi as she raised her hands and froze her. She looked across at Liz, 'New Age?'

'Yeah, that could work.' Liz smiled. Randi smirked as she unfroze a shocked looking Maria.

'Maria,... hi...' Liz said.

'Lizzz.... what was that... did you do that.....?' Maria stuttered.

'Er, yea Maria I did. It's kinda a long weird story that I am more than willing to share if you take the time to listen. And. Not. Freak. Out.'

Maira nodded mutely.

Randi smirked, 'So cornball...' she muttered quietly noticing Liz's language changing after spending time in this hick of a town.

'It's like this..' Liz started as Maria got comftable on the science room table, 'Randi and I are from New York, right? and while we were there we got into this new age stuff. Basically magik and stuff, we studied it for a while and when we got the hang of it, things sorta started to happen....'

'So your like witches with powers?' Maria asked with a bemused expression.

'Exactly.' Liz said.

'Okay,.. that's kinda cool. Can you teach me??' Maria asked with a touch of excitement in her eyes.

Randi bit her lip trying to keep in the laughter that was trying to escape, 'Sure.... we could do that.'

'That is so slammin.. when when??' Maria exlaimed.

'How bout after school, you can come to our place.' Liz smiled.

'Can't wait!' Maria giggled. 'Cya later.' and with left a very amused Randi and a slightly upset Liz.

'Damn, I hate lying to her, she's been nothin but nice to me.' Liz frowned.

'Hey don't sweat it, things will work out aight.' Randi smiled as she closed her eyes and disappeared in front of her laughing 'Damn this new age stuff is useful!'

Liz smirked in spite herself.


At the end of school, she wandered over to her car and clicked the central locking and heard it beep. She had managed to avoid Max all day even though after that kiss all she wanted to do was tear of his shirt and relieve the reacuring fantasies she had been having since she saw him in nothing but a towel and a smile. Damn him, she looked up as she saw Alex and Kyle pull their cars into the spaces next to hers. She also saw how the entire of Roswell girls were postively drooling over them as they jumped out of there cars. They looked up at her and grinned.

Kyle lifted the hood on his car, 'Talk to me Phonic, It ain't working for me brother.'

'It's your fuel man, it's got a nasty hold. Thats why your unloading in 3rd.'

'I told you it was third. ' Liz smiked as she leaned over to look in the hood of the car.

'Shut up.' He grinned at her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a brotherly manner.

'I would enlight the injected pulse, tigheten another millisecond, just tune the nose down to a 1.9' Alex continued as he felt two warm arms wrap round his middle.

'My baby got skills.' Isabel smiled as Alex turned in her arms.

'I got skills you can't even comprehend.' Alex whispered in her ear and smiled when she flushed slighty.
Alex looked up to see Max and Michael stood close by watching her.

'Yo, whatcha staring at?' Alex said.

They quickly adverted their eyes and walked over to the jeep.

'So,' Liz said as put her hands on her hips, 'What are you doing here?'

'Well...' Kyle smiled, 'We have been in Roswell for a while now, I think it's time we took you out to the desert to see who has the real skills in racing.'

'Plus....' Alex smiled, 'We had are all of our things delievered which means a certain brunette's ninga has arrived.' he smiled as Liz's face light up at the news of her motorbike.

'Also we have some spare cars if Maria and Isabel want to join us...' Kyle said as he looked over at Maria and Isabel, 'Since Maria's car won't be ready for a few weeks.'

'Yeah baby, I'm gonna blow you away.' Isabel laughed.

'I hope so....' Alex smirked causeing Isabel to yet again blush at his sexual joke.


Ahhh I really don't like this point but since I promised....

A little note, Ok I know I have been teaseing you with little bits of dreamer action, but I'm afaid that Max and Liz will be teaseing you a bit longer until Liz lets him into his heart after he performs an act of complete selflessness which will melt your boots!!!!!

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Part 12

They all arrived at the desert, after collecting cars for Isabel and Maria. Liz swung her leg off her motorbike and walked over to Marias bright blue car. She looked into the car and saw a hyperventalating Maria.

'Hey girl, whatsup?' Liz asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Don't you have like all that liquid stuff in here that could like.. blow me up??' Maria asked between gasps of breath.

'Na, we took it out for ya.' Liz laughed.

'Oh thank god.' Maria sighed in relief, 'Do you think you could race with me?'

'Aight.' Liz agreed with a grin and hoped in next to Maria.

'Liz, I just wanted to thank you for being a really great friend, no questions asked.' Maria said quietly, 'I never really wanted anyone to get close cos I had this personality that sends people packing, I don't know why.'

'Sends people packing?' Liz asked.

Maria just looked out of the front of her car at all her new found friends, then replied quietly that Liz had to strain to hear her, 'My dad left me, when I was 8, my friends at the time said things... I don't want to talk about. My mum is hardly around. It's been really..... lonely and now,' Maria smiled slightly at Liz, 'I have you, Randi, Alex, Kyle and even Isabel in my life and it's just nice.. y'know?'

Liz smiled back at her letting her know that she understood.

'It's so great that we don't keep things from each other, we can be completely honest and everthing.' Maria continued with a smile, 'I just wanted to say thanks.'

Liz visably stiffen when she realised that she had been everything but honest with Maria and yet that it was what Maria valued most about their friendship. Liz ignored the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach and but on her best fake smile, 'So you up for kickin Iz's ass?'

'Hell yeah!' Maria said as she quickly pushed away the tears that were threatening to fall before Liz could see them. Maria put the car into gear and pulled up to the starting line and glanced over at Isabel who poked her tongue out at her jokingly. 'yea life is good' she thought to herself.


Later that night, everyone had gone back to Isabel's for a drink except Liz and Maria who had gone the warehouse to show the progess of Maria's car quickly.

Randi fell back onto the couch next to Kyle, as Isabel made herself comfy between Alex's legs. They we discussing the races in Mexico and whether they should go or not when Tess came waltzing in the front door.

'Maxie!!!!!' She screeched at the top of her lungs before she realised that she wasn't alone.

'What?' Max said quickly as he tumbled down the stairs obviously in a hurry to see if something was wrong, 'What? What happened?'

'Nothing,' Tess pouted, 'I just wanted to see my husband, is that wrong?'

'Oh for god sake Tess, For the last time we were not and are not married, get over it.' Max stubbornly as he started to get frustrated by the stupid blonde in front of her.


Liz walked in to catch the last of his statement and was relieved that Maria didn't hear as she was still babbling about how wonderful her updated car was.

Liz frowned as she got a flash of a similer situation happening....

# flashback #

I am not and will not be marrying you Ava, why can't you understand that?'

'You mother has approved the marriage Zan, what can't
you understand that?'

'My mother isn't healthy she doesn't understand anything anymore. If I find out that you have been pestering her, I will not be happy.'

'This isn't over Zan, I will be Queen.'


Liz shook her head and Maria was staring at her expectingly, 'Sorry what?' Liz asked.

Maria smiled, 'Oh nothing I was just wondering whether you and Randi could show me how to do the new age things now?' She whispered.

Liz smiled lightly not wanting to decieve Maria, 'Can we teach you another time, I'm not feeling so great.'

'Oh.., Okay chica, do you want me to get Randi?' Maria asked gently.

'Yea.' Liz said as she looked up and saw Max's eyes boreing into her, with worry as he heard her say she wasn't feeling well. He ignored whatever Tess was whining about and reached over and rubbed Liz arm up and down.

'You okay?' He asked quietly with worry, he could see something was worrying her.

Liz closed her eyes trying to block the sensations he was creating with only one hand on her body, but found that without sight, it heighten her other senses and she could feel his touch down to the bone.
Liz took a deep breath, 'Yea, I'm fine. Y'know I think Tess wants you to talk to her.' Liz tried to change the subject with a grin at the blonde who looked absolutley outaged that Max had ignored her. Liz laughed at Tess.

Tess huffed, 'What is she doing here?' she asked pointing to Liz. 'and shouldn't you be at some trailer park somewhere?' she continued pointing at Maria. Liz went to defend Maria but got interupted.
'And shouldn't you be at a ho's anomyous meeting?' Maria stepped up challangeing Tess.
Liz raised both her eyebrows and tried to hide the smirk that covered her face, 'Damn, now that's my girl!'
'Come on guys, lets head home, get some eats.' Liz shouted though to the others. Trying to ignore Max's gaze again.


When they got home, Liz went upstairs and found all her belongings in her room, that had been transported from NY. She smiled and for the first time in her life she felt like she had a home and purpose.


I know, I know it's short!!!!!

I will be updating either tommorrow or the next day and it will be big dreamer part! And Randi and Liz teaching Maria how to have new age tricks!

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Part 13

'Ava, do you understand the importance of your mission?'

'Yes sir, I do.' Tess nodded.

'Ok, then can you please tell me why, it is exactly, that they are not following our plan?'

'I have tried to inforce it and remind them, but they won't except it.' Tess said stiffly, 'And now Zan has found this ho, Liz.' Tess frowned.

'Do not speak of her in such a manner.'

'Why not? She is the bitch trying to steal my husband.' She whined.

'She, my dear Ava, is the true Queen and the reason you are failing you mission.'

'Liz is Lizsia?' Tess gasped. 'Oh she is so gonna pay.'

'Do not and I repeat Do not repeat any of this to Nasedo, he doesn't want anything to happen to his prescious baby girl.'

'She is Nasedo's daughter?' Tess whispered.

'Yes, and your new misson is to elliminate her, be careful for her protecter though.'

'Yes Sir.' Tess raised the corner of her mouth into a smirk.


'I'm just saying that we should maybe stay away from them, I mean what if she isn't really the queen and we are hiding out from Tess for no reason when she should be here helping us.' Michael said as he looked across at Max at the lunch table.

'No, Michael, she is the queen and before you say it no it just that I want it to be, I mean yea, I prefer that my Queen is Liz and not Tess,' He gave a dramatic shiver and continued, 'Anyway the only reason you wanna stay away is cos you want Maria and it scares you!'

'I don't know what you are talking about.' Michael said guffly.

'Yea sure you don't.' Max smirked then he turned serious, 'So what should be do about Tess, I mean, that means she lied about everything.'

'I don't know, maybe we should just act normal around her, y'know till we know what to do.' Michael tried.

'It's really hard to call. If we ignore her then we could be putting ourselves in danger by pissin her off but then if we keep her close, then we will be also putting ourselves in danger for keeping her close.' Max sighed.


'Ok let me get this straight, In New York, you were in charge of a huge ass gang, and you left to come to shitty little Roswell?' Maria looked at Liz as if she were an alien.

'Yup, we had to kick it, cos the cops were on are ass.' Liz smiled.

'So did you just do illegal street racing... I mean you aren't into like drugs or nothin are you?' Maria asked.

'Na, the only shit we did was da racin, cos of the thrill ya know.' Randi said as she bit into her sub.

'Wow... thats so cool, the only illegal thing I've ever done is steal a pair of black undies from the department store.' Maria said as she looked at the amused faces of her new friends, 'What! My mom wouldn't let we have black underware, she said that they were too procative. It's not as if anyone is gonna see them other than me.'

'Get down with ya bad self.' Liz smirked.

'Hell yea!' Maria laughed. 'Ok Ok, seriously I need extra credit in Art class, so I'm gonna go meet my tutor. I'll see you at the Crashdown after school?'

'Yup, Catch ya there.' Liz smiled as Maria left.

'I like her.' Randi smiled, 'She quirky!'

'I know, it's really cool to meet someone as ...well..... how do you describe her!?'

'She is definatley one of a kind.' Randi smiled.

'I hope if we leave she will consider coming with us.' Liz said with a raised eyebrow awaiting Randi's reaction.

'Yea... yea me too.'


Liz sat at the counter after school drinking an Alien Smoothy and reading a magazine on the latest car parts. Also she was listening amused at the conversation between Maria and the new chef, Michael Gurien.

'Oo I don't believe the cheek of him, He has been here one day and he is already given me attitude!' Maria fumed.

'Don't he always give attitude?' Liz smirked.

'Yea, but it's still irritating!'

'Table Nine, wants there fries Maria.' Michael shouted across to Maria.

'Oh hold me back girlfriend cos I'm gonna deck his ass.' Maria growled as she went to jump through the hole in the wall at Michael, only stopped by Liz's hand wrapped round her wrist.

Liz laughed, 'Just ignore him, he just wants a reaction.'

'Yea, yea.' Maria said as she glared at Michael who smirked in return. 'So Max has been sat there for about oh I don't know 3 hours, he's like so in love with you girlfriend.'

Liz just smiled but didn't reply.

'Oh. so we do the silent thing. okay....' Maria laughed, 'Oh well back to work I suppose, those guys are doing my head in, everytime I go over there they like growl at me.'

Maria stood up and walked over to Table nine with there fries, when the shouts of the two guys intrupped her train of thought.

'No give me the money now!'

'I haven't got it now.'

'Well that ain't good enough!' He yelled as he pulled out his gun.

The thin guy lunged for the angry man and cocked the gun as it exploded.

Right into Maria's chest.

Liz ran over to her and dropped to her knees, 'Maria Maria look at me, Please Look at me.' Liz cried with tears streaming down her face.

'I can't heal you, I can't........ Max!' Liz screamed, 'Help her please, Help her.'

Max stood and looked round at the restaurant at the people, who were just emerging from the floor that they dropped too when they heard the gun.

'Max please........' Liz yelled.

He hestitated slightly and swallowed as he looked at a hysterical Liz and a dying Maria. He nodded and dropped to his knees next to Maria's body.


Hope you liked it.

Ok Ok I know another short part right!

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Part 14

Max looked deep into Maria's eyes and connected. He found the bullet lodged deep into her stomach, slowly killing her.
He repaired the damage as soundly as he could but he didn't have alot of experience healing the near dead.
He broke out to find his hand on smooth skin but still bloodly. A bright silver handprint shone brightly at him. Liz's voice broke him out of his gaze

'Do you have the bullet?' She whispered urgently.

'No, I dissoloved it.' He said as his gaze turned slightly fuzzy, he had used to much energy.

'Put a hole in her side, make it look like a bullet grazed her.' Liz said as she looked down at Maria. 'Please don't tell anyone about us.'

Maria looked at her wide eyed and nodded mutely.

Liz swiped her hand over Maria's body moving the hole and blood from the orignal place to the side of her dress. 'Lie here and wait for the paramedics.'

She stood up and walked to the counter and grabbed a knife, and hide her hand from sight, changing the knife to a bullet. She went back to Max and put some of Maria's blood on the tip of the bullet.

The paramedics were suddenly in the crashdown and surrounding Maria and she was trying to hide the silver handprint.

Liz stood against the wall where the bullet would have lodged if Maria hadn't been stood there and with her powers put an indent in the wall with the bullet.

She looked over at Max who looked as if he was ready to pass out in a booth. Randi suddenly appeared in the corner of the room but nobody noticed, as they were all trying to see if Maria was okay. Randi rushed over to Liz,

'What happened?' She said urgently.

'Maria got shot.' Liz said quietly.

'Shit.' Randi gasped. 'Is she gonna be okay.'

'Yea,' Liz smiled and looked over at Max, 'Yea, she's gonna be fine.'


Michael and Randi helped Max up to Liz's room and put him on the bed, where he nearly instantly fell asleep in exhaustion.

'So what your telling me is your the protecter.' Michael said supisously.

'That's right duke.' Randi said as she got a soda out of the fridge.

'So why weren't you in Roswell?' He continued.

'What we can figure out is, Nasedo is Liz's dad and didn't want her to have to fight in the war in our world and he switched her pod.'

'With Tess's?' He asked.


'How do I know this is true?' He said, still suspiuos of all this alien stuff thrown at him lately.

'Well any of the stuff that they have told you, does it feel wrong?' She asked, knowing he didn't think being betrothed to Isabel was a smart idea.

'Isabel and me, doesn't seem true.' Michael said slowly.

'That's cos it ain't. You and Lonnie, hadn't found your soulmates and you were killed before you could.'

'Wow...... yea, that seems right somehow.' He smiled, 'But who is Tess then?


Liz had just got back from the hospital and talking to Maria, who had gone from silent to hysterical in about 3 secs once she had used to word 'alien'. Liz smiled in realisation that after the hystera had settled, she wasn't disussed or anything close. She was still the same open-minded quirky friend as before. Liz was also realived, she was the first person to tell about there alien heritage other that Alex and Kyle, who were there when they broke outta the pods.

Liz sighed and pulled back the covers and she had to stifle a scream at a topless Max in her bed.

She sat on the side of the bed and watched him sleep. He had done an amazing thing today, he had put his life at so much risk because she had asked him too.
He truely was one of a kind and he was her king. For the first time in her life she wanted to be Queen, if it meant that she got to be in this man's life. She smiled as his hand reached out to her in his sleep. She took of her clothes and stayed in her underware and got under the covers with him and sighed contently as he snuggled into her and covered her protectively.


* Big Kiss!*

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Part 15a

Max stirred early the next morning to find his body in a state of complete lack of strength. He groaned as he tried to turn his body over only to find a whimper in return. Max froze and his eyes snapped open, there was someone in his bed. Correction.. he was in someone else's bed. He looked over to the other warm body that was laying spooned against him and swallowed hard. Liz was lying up against him in her underware. Oh god.

Liz smirked as she opened her eyes, her back was to Max but she could feel his intense gaze boreing into her. She could just imagine his expression right now. Shock. Amazement. Confusion. Oh this was too good to imagine, she just had to have a look at his face. She turned in his arms pressing her body even tighter against his and looked up into his eyes.

Ok not exactly the expression I was thinking of she thought quickly. His eyes were filled with a raw, passionate desire that made her start to tremble.

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Part 15a

Max stirred early the next morning to find his body in a state of complete lack of strength. He groaned as he tried to turn his body over only to find a whimper in return. Max froze and his eyes snapped open, there was someone in his bed. Correction.. he was in someone else's bed. He looked over to the other warm body that was laying spooned against him and swallowed hard. Liz was lying up against him in her underware. Oh god.

Liz smirked as she opened her eyes, her back was to Max but she could feel his intense gaze boreing into her. She could just imagine his expression right now. Shock. Amazement. Confusion. Oh this was too good to imagine, she just had to have a look at his face. She turned in his arms pressing her body even tighter against his and looked up into his eyes.

Ok not exactly the expression I was thinking of she thought quickly. His eyes were filled with a raw, passionate desire that made her start to tremble.

So we would be takin if from here........
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Do you mind if I take away part b and you forget I ever wrote it and then I will re- write it and if your lucky it could involve some nookie????

Part 15B/16 Take two *happy*

Liz swore slightly as she took in his expression and his ragged breathing. She swallowed trying to catch her breath as he slowly descended to her mouth. His warm breath tickled her lips as he teased her slightly, asking for conformation that this was okay. She reached up and pressed her lips slightly to his and he relaxed into her embrace. She ran her hands through his dark hair and pulled his mouth closer to her, he pulled back slightly and looked into eyes which were dilated with desire. He looked searchingly into them, she hadn't ever really excepted what they were to each other before.

Soul-mates. Perfect Match. King and Queen. Never to be broken apart.

She smiled slightly not saying a word and took his bottom lip in her mouth with her teeth and ran her tongue across it encouragingly. Max groaned deep in his throat as she carried on teasing him.

He deepened there kiss and she pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She pulled back from his kiss and looked down at him in all his glory..... well not quite, she thought with a slight smirk.

'What?' Max smiled.

Liz frowned slightly, 'Are you aight? Are ya up for dis?' Liz changed her expression into a grin, 'Well I can feel your up for it, ' She wriggled her hips into his hard member to prove her point and her smile wided when Max's eyes shut and he tried to supress his groan.

'I'm fine... really good actually.' Max growled out. His head pressed back into the pillow and he grabbed Liz's hips to stop her movement.

'You have alotta energy left?' Liz smiled seductively and ran a fingernail down his abs and watched them flinch at her touch.

'Masses.' He groaned out again as he flipped her back onto the bed under him. She looked up into his adoring eyes and blushed slightly as she saw all the love he had for her shining in them. She was slightly unconfortable with the atttention and so she reached up and kissed him deeply. He growled into her mouth cupped her face with one of his hands while the other ran down her body creating fire in it's wake.

He flicked the clip at the front of her bra, causing it to fall apart. He gazed down in awe at the women beneath him, 'Your amazing.' He whispered quietly.

'Not really, but thanks.' She replied slightly embrassed to be under his intense gaze.

'But you are so beautiful...' He mummered as he bend down and kissed her throat, chest and then ran the tip of his tongue over her nipple and was amazed when she let out a slight growl.

'Don't tease.'

He laughed slightly.

Payback.. Liz smirked as she reached down and pushed down his boxers with her feet and wrapped her hand round his erection. He jerked slightly and cursed under his breath. She smiled as he rested his head in the crook of her neck.

'Liz, babe, I won't make it...' Max pushed his arms straight of the bed and away from her grasp on him and went back to his previous task. He kissed lower and lower onto her navel and tugged her panties down her legs and throw them across the room.

'Max....' Liz gasped as he rubbed her slightly then she felt his tongue explore her. Max began to suck on her oversenstive nerves and she shudders as she saw the magnificent creature between her thighs. She felt the energy radiating in the pit of her stomach as he brought her close to the edge. Then suddenly he pulled away, she gasped in shock, 'back.. get back,'

He chuckled slightly, 'Not yet,' then kissed his way back up her body and looked into her frustrated eyes. He catchs a glimise of mischief but it disappears before he can be sure. But as he felt her finger run down his shaft, he knew he was in trouble. He growled and pulled his hand down to her core to make sure she is ready for him.

'Not yet..' She giggled teasingly, but her laughter died out as she saw the look in his eyes. Possesive, Primal and Need. He started to push into her center.

'Oh god,' Liz mummered over and over as she feels herself being stretched to acommadate him. He reached down to the smoothness of her throat exposed to him and nipped and sucked his way down to her breasts. On discovery he encloses his mouth and takes one of her nipples in as he bit down slightly and she moaned and archs her back as he continues to slowly push his way into her, but stops as he feels her barrier.

Max brushed his tongue over her nipple over and over slowly causing her to go insane with want. He suddenly pushed up though her barrier, causing Liz to cry out in pain.

'Oh god baby, I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry. We can stop...'

'You stop duke and I'll you kick your ass.' Liz growled out as she felt him fill her. She pulled up her legs and wrapped them round his waist, scared her might actually stop.

Max groaned as he felt himself be pulled deeper inside of her body, and pulled out slightly only to push back in. Their moans in sync as there rhythm increased.

Hot. So hot everywhere he touched her, so couldn't get enough and as she felt her impending orgasm arriving she arched her back hoping to get even closer to her lover.

Max couldn't believe this goddess that had been delievered into his life, this is what he had been waiting for his whole life, and now that he had found it , he wasn't ever going to let her go.

Liz felt herself go over the edge with the most mind blowing pleasure ripping though her body causeing Max to follow in her path. The intense pleasure leaving them both breathless and shaken as they relaxed into Liz's bed.

Max looked down to his Queen. 'I love you, Liz. I love you so much.


She was intrupped by the sound of shattering glass and a extremly pissed of girl.

'Well I hope your happy you slut, you took what is rightfully mine and I'm going to have to kill you yet again.' Tess yelled as she blew though the glass in Liz's window.

'I always get what I want.' She screamed as she looked down at the two naked lovers.

'And I will get it again.'


Hope you liked it !


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SoUl MaTeS

Part 17a

'Tess....' Max growled.

'Yea sweetie.' She said fakly in sugery sweet voice.

'I'm warning you.....'

'Warning me against what exactly....' She laughed sharply.
'You think either of you have a chance against me?'

Liz and Max lead in bed still connected, thoughts and feelings in sync. Together they were stronger.

They looked at each other and smiled. The new power flowed though their veins. Making them feel invinsble.

'Who sent you?' Liz asked in a low voice.

'Ah well you see funny story.... Seems your daddy doesn't really love you all that much.'

'Nasedo? Nasedo sent you?' Liz asked suprised.

'Ok, I'm bored now and so I'm gonna just kill you. Okay!' She laughed evilly.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on their bodies, attemping to burn them from the inside out.

Liz raised an eyebrow at Max in question, what was she trying to do exactly.

Tess snapped open her eyes, 'Why won't it work!'

'Cos ya dumb?' Liz smirked, 'Just a thought.'

'Bitch.' Tess yelled. 'I'm gonna be Queen and I will kill anyone who gets in my way.'

Max ran his hand down Liz's bare arm and smiled, 'Shall I just dust her now?'

'We could do it together.' Liz smiled and in sync they closed there eyes and Tess's body turned to dust, floating lightly to the ground.

They both breathed out a sigh of relief. 'Thank god I don't have to put up with her whiney voice again.' Max laughed.

Liz turned serious, 'Seemed to easy, y'know.'

'It isn't over, Khivar's still out there.'

'Yea but we are staying on earth and so it is over for us right.'

'Yea, I guess it is.' Max smiled and hugged her body to him.


Liz rose late the next morning after spending all night explaining what had happened between Max, herself and Tess to the rest of the gang. Also explaining to Kyle and Alex about the others alien status. Everything was resolved and things were good.

She looked down at her post and was suprised to see that Randi's brother had written to here.

Things in NY have cooled down. Hector and his crew have been arrested for illegal street racing and drug dealing. They seem to think they have everything stamped out. It's safe for you to come home now. Also Mexico Races are in a week. Details are included. Hope your safe.

Jamie Morelli.

Liz swallowed sharply. It was okay to go back to NY.....


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Part 18

The new friends all sat round above the crashdown watching the credits roll up on 'The Fast and The Furious.'

'Y'know that kinda reminds me of you guys!' Maria laughed.

'It's similiar.' Kyle smiled.

'So are we gonna go downstairs and get a pizza then?' Isabel asked.

'Sure, Princess..' Alex smirked as he lean down and kissed her.

'Actually guys I need to talk to you.' Liz blurted out.

'Sure Liz..' Max smiled.

'No, actually just NY crew.' Liz said quietly.

Max noticed that Liz hadn't said much all night.


The aliens and Maria left the room and the rest looked questionaly at Liz.

'I got a letter..' Liz through down the letter from Jamie and Kyle read it aloud.

'Oh....' Alex blew out.

'Cool, we can head home!' Kyle smiled, 'I'm gonna totally rule in my new car I've kitted out.

Randi just smiled weakly.

Kyle frowned, 'Isn't this good news? We can hit the races in Mexico, earn some doe and then head back home.'

'I just kinda feel like this is home now...' Alex said quietly.

'Are you kiddin me with these cornballs?' Kyle looked at them as if they were mental, but he knew the final desision would be Liz's she had put them where they were and she was there leader.

She just sat there looking into space, 'I think maybe we should got back. We are getting in to deep here.. I don't feel in control anymore. Maybe things will be okay when we get back.'

Alex looked pissed, 'Liz just cos your in love, doesn't mean it's the end of the world. You can't run just cos your scared, your ain't never done that before. Why now? I don't want to leave, and I'm not gonna make it a secret.

He looked over at Randi for help but she had closed off her emotions as skillfully as Liz.

'I don't believe you guys. Fine! Ruin the best thing you have ever had in your lives. Friends. Family. Christ your even doing well at school! I just... I can't.... I have to go.... Don't wait up.

Alex reached for his keys and stalked out and slammed the door. You heard the engine roar down the street and into the dessert.


Max rushed up the stairs and into their apartment, 'What's going on? Whatsup with Alex?' He questioned.

He looked at the somber group, 'Not now Max, okay? Can I go back to yours? We need to talk.'

Max nodded his head in reply and she turned and addressed Kyle and Randi, 'You'll have things sorted here right.'

'Yea, I got cha back girl.' Randi said with no smile.

'Ok..Come on Max.'


They entered Max's room and Liz sat down on his bed,

'Listen Duke..'

'Max.' He interupped, 'Don't call me Duke or Slick or any other name then Max when you do I can feel you closing your self of from me. Don't do it Liz. We are bonded in a unimagineable way.' He stepped closer and pulled her into his arms but she refuse to relax into his embrace. 'We are lifebonded, Do know how amazing that is.'

'I'm leaving. Going back to NY.'

Max froze with her still in his arms. It was a long time before Max spoke. He just held her and looked into space like he was in shock.

'You can't do that to me... It would kill me.' He finally whispered.


'But you aren't even sorry. In fact I can't see or feel any emotion right now. How could you do that to me? How can you do that to yourself. Why? Why are you leaving now.'

'There's no danger here now and there is no danger for us now in NY. I can go home again and I am. Look Max I'm sorry I really am but I have to go and pack.' Liz shook herself free and walked out the door but froze at the words that Max softly spoke...

'But I love you...'


Will she stay or will she go now?? Da dum!

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Hey guys,
I know I've promised a million times about a new part but things have been really difficult lately. My best friend was killed in a car accident on Thurday Night.

And so I don't think a update will be soon. I'm sorry.

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Thank you for all you kind words. Her funeral is on Tuesday and so I spent most my time at her parents house, they are handleing it really well considering.
Here's the next part.

Soul Mates
Part 19

'There's no danger here now and there is no danger for us now in NY. I can go home again and I am. Look Max I'm sorry I really am but I have to go and pack.' Liz shook herself free and walked out the door but froze at the words that Max softly spoke...

'But I love you...'


Liz froze and closed her eyes tighty against the the pain those 3 words caused her heart. She clenched her jaw and swallowed back the tears that were threatening to come.
'Max... don't. Ok, just don't.' Liz whispered.
'What don't tell you how I feel, How I've felt since I first set eyes on you.'
'Max, I'm leaving okay. Nothing you say will change my mind.' She shook her head, her back still turned to him. She carried on to the door and walked out, not looking back.

Liz jumped in her car and drove quickly back to the crashdown. She rang Maria's cell phone and she answered after one ring.
'Maria here.'
'If I told you I was leaving tonight and wanted you to come, would you?'
'Liz? Are you serious?'
'As a heart attack.'
'I.. Well... I...' Maria paused and took a deep breath, 'Yea, Yea I would.'
'Right, pack some clothes and drive your car over in half an hour. We are going to Mexico, then onto New York.'
Liz hung up before Maria could start the questions.


When Liz arrived back at the crashdown, she saw Alex leant against his car. She walked slowly up to him and waited for him to speak his mind.
'So we are really going then?' He started quietly.
Liz slumped back against his car, 'You 'member when we first met. I was so scared.
Alex laughed, 'God me and Kyle thought it was the grossest thing on this plannet! There were these two girls breakin out of a jelly mould in the sewers.'
'But you stuck by us and got us food and clothes. Trusted us completey even when you didn't know who or what we were.'
'I never really thanked you. Thank you.... and I understand if you don't wanna hit it back to the hood. I undestand if ya don't wanna go.'
'I was thinking that maybe I would go to the races, then come back 'ere instead of NY... Is that cool?'
'Yea.. I'm proud of ya, growin up 'n all.'
'Thanks Blaze.'
'Na, prob. I always got cha back though boy.'


'We ready to hit Mexico,' Kyle smiled as he though his duffle bag into the boot.

'Yup, just waitin for 'Ria.'

Maria screeched to a hold outside and pulled her glasses to the tip of her nose, 'We going?'

Liz laughed as she slipped into her car and gunned the engine, 'Yea, I guess we are.'


Liz pulled away from the crashdown, not looking back, feeling Max's anger and pain directed at her as tears started to cascade down her face.


Sorry it's sad, it will get better... soon! Like next part
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I have had these parts already written for a while, I just postin them. Hey thanks for the feedback, I know the parts have been short which is why I'm rewarding u with another one today.

Part 20

Max grabbed his bag and quickly filled it with his clothes.


Isabel jumped and ran into her brothers room, 'What, what is it?' She exclaimed urgently.

'We're leaving now.' Max said calmly and collected.

'We can't... Alex is gonna come back soon.' Isabel said with wide eyes.

'Well, if you come with me, you can see him sooner.' Max grinned.

'We're we gonna go? Look Max I know you are upset about Liz but this is taking it to far...' Isabel said wearely.

'Are you coming are not?' Max said guffly.

'Of course.' Isabel smiled.


'Max what are we doing?' Isabel whispered as they opened the warehouse door.

'We need a car to get into the races, to fit in, they won't mind if we borrow on of theirs until they have it picked up. He eyed up a silver audi. 'Found it.'

'Max no. That's Liz's baby. She won't let anyone drive it. Trust me, Alex was always trying to get into it.' She whispered but I did no good as Max ran his finger across it, changing the colour from silver to black.

Isabel shook her head, 'She is so gonna kick you ass.'

Max chuckled, 'At least I will see her.' Then sobered as he turned to Isbael, 'I need you to do me a favour.'

'What?' Isabel asked as she turned from Alex's 2nd car to Max, 'Max.. what?

'I need to fit in, with them, y'know look different.' Max said a flush ran up his neck.

Isabel smirked, 'You wanna make-over.'

Max glared at her, 'yea, yea I do.'

'Cool, little bro, lets see what I can do.'


Liz covered her eyes against the sun and sighed, 'God she missed that little cornball.' Refering to the one and only Max Evans that had stolen her well as her car but that little fact was unknown at this time.

'Hey Blaze, Long time no see.' Another nameless face that seemed to know her but she had no clue.

'Err.. yea hey.' She smiled slighty as he looked amazed that she would talk to him.

'Yo Blaze, you up next.' Phonic shouted over to her.

Liz smiled at Alex and slid into her car. She gunned the engine and took it off into the desert to warm up the engine and sort out the controls.

Liz pulled up to a black sports car that looked like her baby but was the wrong colour. She wound down the window, but he had tinted windows, so she couldn't see in. Instead a womans' voice caught Liz's attention.

'So dis is da deal.' She started, 'If my boy wins, he wants you for one night. And if you win then you get the car.'

Liz scoffed to herself, 'Yo, you tell your boy he is on. If he knows my rep, he wouldn't be so willin to bet his ride.'

Max listened to Liz;s confindent voice and smiled in his car. He reved his engine, and the starter demanded their attention for the start of the race.


Max;s makeover, think Zan.

posted on 16-Aug-2002 6:51:08 PM by wild_child_uk
The Zan look is so damn hot! Is Max going to use some alien voodoo to win the race and the night with Liz

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I will post tonight or tomorrow mornin!
I have to have some inspiration to finish the chapter!
And I have to get the shoppin!
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I have half a part cos I have no inspiration, my muse has left me!
Do you want half or wait till I've finished?

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WoW I just would love to ask what name is he going by becase I think Liz would know if he went by the name Zan.
I was just laughing to my self trying to come up with Names for him

Katmacken- don't know whether I spelt that right! lol

Ok Pol time.....

What name should I call the new Max?????

P.s Bubbles! opps I'm so sorry! I didn't even check my story yesterday or I would have replied. I'm sorry, your still my number 1 bumper!!!

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Dedicated to Bubbles of course!Sorry it's short but I ran outta inspiration,
you are welcome to tell me what you want to happen!

Part 21

Max and Liz both stared at the starter. Waitin for the gun, adenaline pumping
through their veins.

Max knew what he was gonna pull was wrong but quite frankly, he had stolen her car. He couldn't possiably be in anymore trouble if he tried. When she realised that he had taken her Audi, he was gonna be for it. Therefore the fact that he was gonna win this race... and he knew the only way would be if he had some 'help', namely his powers.

The gun sounded loudly in the desert, and they both slammed their foot down on the accelerater, switching between gears till they reached full speed.

Liz easily pulled ahead and frowned in the mirror, 'God and I thought this was gonna be a challenge. No prob, new ride.' She shrugged as she went to flip on the nitro. She checked the screen on her lap top and frowned. 'What the hell....' There was no nitro left.

'Your fuckin me...'

Max laughed to himself as he flipped the switch and sped past Liz across the finish line. 'Time to collect my prize...'


Randi held her hand across her face protecting her eyes from the blazin heat. 'What the hell just happened?'

She looked across at Kyle who looked just as clueless as her. She looked over at Alex and raised her eyebrows to see a very different lookin Isabel sat on the hood of his car.

Liz didn't use her nitro, and that other guy won. The other guy beat Liz. She frowned again, 'What the hell just happened?'

She slid into her car and turned on the com link, 'Yo Blaze, What ya playin at?'

Liz swore and turned her com-link back on, 'Their was no fuckin nitro in the tank, some one emptied it.'

'Who the hell did that?'

'I just gonna check it out,' Liz frowned as she pulled up next to the black Audi and stormed out of her door ready for the upcoming fight between herself and the cheating sonofabitch that had pulled a fast one over her.

Max bit down the laugh as he watched a very pissed Liz get out of her car waiting for him. He pulled on his sun shades and swung his combat covered leg out of his car and looked over at her slightly stunned expression.


Ok oK I know that it was really short but my muse left me,.

I need a name to go with Max's new look, can ya help me???

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Thanks for the feedback!

Part 22

'Yo, sweet thang.' Max smirked at Liz.

'Sweet thang?' Liz said in digust.

'Yea, I thinks it suits your little ass.'

'Did ya just comment on my ass?' Liz raised her eyebrows as Kyle pulled up next to her.

'Well, since I did beat ya.. I own your ass for a night.' Max smiled, even though Liz didn't realise it was him yet.

Shit. Liz inwardly grimaced as she remembered that little fact. God Max would never forgive her.


Why did she make that bet? Because she thought it would be an easy race but....... she lost and now she had to sleep with this deranged werido who just kept smirking at her. She blew air out of her nose sharply.

However hot he was, she was not sleeping with him. She just wasn't, she could never do that to Max, even if she never did see him again... She sighed and reached out to read Max's emotions.... he was........ happy!? What!? How damn rude!

She blocked him again and raised an eyebrow at the smirking guy. 'Yo, you gotta name?'

'Name's Evan.' He did a two fingered wave and slid into his car, 'Come on girly girl, your on my time now.'

Kyle looked over at Liz, 'Your not going... right?'

Liz threw her keys to Randi, 'You got my car?'

'Sure girl.'

Liz rolled her eyes, and slid into Evan's car.

Max pulled out of the desert and into the small Mexican town, where he and Izzy were staying.

'Y'know I ain't sleepin wit ya right.' Liz broke the silence.

Max just smirked.

'Hey. I have a boy, who I love and I...' Liz broke off and shook her head, what was the point.

'And ya what?' Max asked.

Liz turned and looked out the window, 'And I could never do that to him.' She turned to look at him properly for the first time and absently wondered what colour his eyes were since his shades covered a vast amount of his face.

'So where is he?' Max asked with a tinge of anger that he tried to contain.

Liz sighed and shrugged her shoulders, 'He's where he should be.'

Max looked across at her, 'Where's dat?'

'In his comfy home, with his comfy parents etc etc.' Liz said breifly.

'Sounds like a cornball.' Max half smiled while his jaw was clenched hard. How could she think that was better for him?

Liz smiled, her eyes taking on a dreamy tone and gave a half laugh. 'Yea, he really is.' She sighed quietly, 'But he was mine and I was his.'

She frowned and looked back out the window at the passing shops and houses.

'So what ya doin in dis car with a punk like me?' Max asked breaking her silent thoughts.

'Just curious, Ain't never bin with ya punked out before Max.' She turned and winked at him. His face froze in shock.

'What... how did you.... what did you...' Max spluttered out.

'Hey Duke, calm it down, aight.' Liz face turned slightly angry.

'One, you ain't blockin you emotions cos I'm readin them loud and clear over ere. And two who the hell do you think you are driving my car. This car is a classic and should not be ever touched by you.. or any other little minions that think they deam worthy, you got that? Pull over.'

Max did it silently, how did she always manage to pull one over on him so easily? Damn and I thought I was being slick.

Max got and out and they swopped places.

Liz looked over at him and smiled, 'Ya were.'

'Was what?' Max asked quietly.

'Being slick, it's just I found a recipt in the side pocket over there with kinda pointed out that the car was mine. Things kinda fell inta place. Don't mean I ain't pissed at ya ass though.'

Max nodded although he was grinnin like a fool on the inside.

'So where we headin?' Liz asked.

Max told her the directions, 'By the way, I still won the race, your mine for the night.' He smiled over at her.


Nearly finshed... *sad*

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Anyway I'm leaving for Uni on Friday and I don't know when I can get back on... mean while I'm gonna work my but of on this fic and then when I do get back on (prob bout a week or so) I will have the fic finished for you.


P.S Thank you for all the bumps and feedback.