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Hehe I got bored so I started a new fic. It may be crappy. I don't really know. But here goes...

Title: Ascending Spirit

Author: Pixie (Rachel)

Summary: In 4th grade Liz Parker made the mistake of telling everyone her secret. Now she's a junior in high school and dealing with the aftermath of it. A new face comes to Roswell and appears to be normal. Is he what he seems? AU M/L No aliens.

Rating: PG-13


She would have stay on the doorstep but they were coming. They always came.

To them she was their private joke. A joke that had been going on since 4th grade.

She could still remember the looks of shock on their faces when she had told them what she had been doing.

The teacher dismissed it but kids are cruel and began to tease her.

That’s when the chasing began.

Everyday after school she was routinely chase all the way to her home.

Most of them didn’t even believe her but kids are cruel and like to make others inferior.

Her mother told her she should just tell them the truth.

That she had been joking.

But she couldn’t tell them that. Not when it would be a lie. Not when she had been telling the truth.

Her mother never did understand why she wouldn’t tell them and it just enraged her father that his ‘baby girl’ was being harassed.

Ironically they would have been the ones doing the chasing if they have known the truth.

But they didn’t.

Even when the joke continued and the entire town became involved. They still maintained it was a hoax, a joke, a group of kids just looking for an escape of their own problems.

Maybe they were just denying the problem themselves. After all it was hard to ignore when your only child was being beaten everyday.

How could they pretend that she wasn’t stared at when they walked down the road? Or that she was the only girl in her Girl Scouts group not to sell a single cookie because no one wanted her in their house.

Child hood is supposed to be a time that is remembered fondly but how can you look back on beatings and chasings and smile?

If she had ever had any hope that the joke would be forgotten it dissipated during 7th grade.

2 years is too long for even the most cruel bully to carry on a joke.

The small group of people that still though it was a hoax at the time wondered about this.

It was kind of strange. But of course the joke would carry on because it was no joke or hoax that Liz Parker had levitated a rock at Billy Ackerman’s head after he called her a ‘wimpy girl’ during 4th grade recess.


I'd love feedback. Even the negative kind. Constructive critiscm can be nice at times.

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Ooopsie I forgot Part One silly me! Here it is.

Part One

Truth be told Billy Ackerman, the victim himself, didn’t believe that she had done it.

With her hand outstretched she could have easily thrown it.

Was it that he didn’t want to admit it to himself that she had used the unnatural against him? Probably not.

Billy Ackerman didn’t believe in the supernatural.

Quite weird for a 4th grader being as they loved to imagine flying carpets and magical beings.

It frightened young Billy though and he generally found a way to dismiss the unknown as something logical and “realistic”.

He mother had taught him this and yet became the most fearful of Liz Parker in the aftermath.

Every chose to believe that it was because her child had been hurt. It was a logical explanation.

In reality it would have been destructive to her family had she told the gossiping masses that she had been in the playground and had seen it taking place.

Back when the rumors was in it’s youth the doctors of Roswell Springs Psychiatric Ward would have gladly carted her off leaving Billy an orphan had she voiced what she had witnessed.

3 week after the incident when Billy was released from hospital following complications due to head wounds, Joyce Ackerman and young Billy relocated to California where there weren’t so many rumors and myths floating around.

Meanwhile the town of Roswell continued to rot with scandal after scandal.

Mostly they cam and went but the story of Liz Parker hung around saturating everything and everyone with it’s heavy, overbearing evil.

A town like Roswell rumors were not uncommon.

Aliens were a constant source of conversation topics.

Even the mot un-acquainted people could find a common ground.

The difference with the infamous Liz Parker story was that there was something tangible to blame.

There were no aliens to actually see. It was just a ‘myth’. But Liz Parker was flesh and blood.

Something you could actually see.

Something you could grab and hurt.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of blame and fear everyone pretty much forgot about Liz Parker.

The kids stayed away from her for fear of meeting the same fate as Billy.

As a result Liz began to retreat within herself.

Weird how that as soon as she did the teasing and bullying began.

She ran home from school everyday dodging the rocks that narrowly miss her small dark head.

Only 4th grade. And already experiencing the world as it shouldn’t be.

Feedback please. Sucky story?
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Wow guy's! I didn't expect this much feedback! Anyway's the whole of this chapter is like the others but after this one its gonna go into the present.

It'll still be third person but I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it through this extra persons eyes like I am now.

Anyway's here's hoping you like this part!

Part 3

Liz Parker discovered she could levitate objects at the age of 5.

She’d seen her Barbie shoe set across the floor and reached across and in mock strain tried to reach it. Suddenly it just flung itself into her hand.

Of course as any five year old would she tried again delighted that she could have things magically float towards her.

It should have stayed like that you know. Sweet and innocent. Magically pure.

But even at that age she still knew to keep it a secret from her parents. She realized that not all children could wave there hand and have toys come floating at their disposal.

But when that rock hit Billy Ackerman’s head it had in fact been a total accident.

Not saying the rock had come out of nowhere but she certainly hadn’t planned for it to hit his head.

The rage had just built up inside her and it rattled away until she released it.

Liz had been frightened as they carried a passed out Billy to the ambulance. As Principal Hunter had placed a firm hand on her shoulder and asked what had happened.

In moments of pure panic Liz Parker did not do well and the only thing she could think of was the truth.

Admittedly she should have waited till the crowd of small children had returned back to their games of jump rope or hopscotch. After all Mr. Hunter was not interested in things out of the norm and probably would have just been pissed she lied.

But somehow, someway Liz Parker told the truth in front of them all.

I believe the first kid to take the story and disperse it amongst the others was Scott Parone.

Soon all the kids in the playground had been told Liz Parker was a freak and they came running for her after school to tell her so. They chased her all the way to her front doorstep.

It became a ritual and even at the ages of 16 & 17, when you are supposed to be maturing, it carried on.

And it happened everyday. And everyday at 3 o’clock you can see Liz Parker on her front doorstep panting and out of breathe knowing she should go inside before the kids realize that her parents aren’t home like everyone supposes.

She couldn’t have that. It was her one saving grace but if they knew her parents worked until 6pm they would dare to venture further up the street and towards her.

You’d like to see Liz Parker now?

Well if you wanted to see her you would travel down Asteroid Way and take a left turn on Comet Boulevard. 3 houses down on the right is Liz Jane Parker.

If you and I were to walk closer we’d see that she’s crying. Crying because it’s all too much.

First the scene in the lunch room courtesy of Pam Troy and now a carefully aimed rock thrown by Greg Sanders.

When she slowly gets up and turns around you can see blood caking the back of her pretty mahogany hair.

Don’t worry though. Her parents won’t be home for a while.

She’ll have time to rinse away the evidence.

What’s that you say? You want to go there? Ok, I’ll take you but I wouldn’t endeavor to go too near her.

She’s not the type to let people in. People who’ve been hurt are rarely the type to open their hearts.


Feedback please!

P.S: For those of you who may be reading Paris Blues I'm working on a chapter right now but it won't be out till Wednesday due to finals and stuff.

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Thanx for all the feedback guy's. I would list all of you but I just want to get Part 4 out cos it's late and I'm tired.

Hopefully my fics will be coming out with new parts more often because I am offically off for summer! YAY!

Anyway's I couldn't believe so many people like this fic!

So here's part 4.....................

Part 4

Liz walked hurriedly down the crowded halls keeping her head down.

If she became invisible then maybe the insults wouldn’t be thrown her way so fast.

“……………God and did you see what she was wearing? …………..”

“…………….she’s such a freak………”

She could hear there quiet conversations as she scuttled past. She knew they were talking about her.

Who else would they be talking about? Some freshman?

Ha, unlikely.

If you wanted to poke fun at someone Liz Parker was the person for you. Why bother with silly rumors when you can deal in serious rumors. Like Levitating Liz Parker.

By definition rumor means a statement or report with no discernible source.

But there had been plenty of ‘sources’ at the scene that day. Billy Ackerman, Joyce Ackerman and Scott Parone had all seen first hand Liz’s talent.

So it wasn’t a rumor so much as a truth used to hurt people. ‘People’ meaning Liz.

But still shouldn’t she count for something? Not according the population of West Roswell High.

A few dirty looks were thrown her way and a freshman dodged out of her path as she would levitate her off the floor.

Ha no chance in hell. Sometimes Liz considered putting on a freak show for them. Just to scare them even more. After all they were spiteful to her now and she didn’t think that was going to change.

She took a brief stop at her locker to drop off books before heading towards her English class.

How fun. They had been assigned partners yesterday and even though Liz did not have one yet Mr. Case had assured her that the new kid would be her partner.

The teachers liked to do this. It was sick really how they would pair her up with the new kids.

They did it to watch her converse slowly with the person. It was even better if no one told them about Liz’s powers until a few days later. By then Liz would have an acquaintance and it was funny to them to watch the tears come to her eyes when they refused to talk to her the next day.

It was a cruel new kid orientation and yet another chance to throw it in Liz’s face that she was different.

She reached the door and took a deep breathe praying that the new kid was a complete idiot or jerk. She couldn’t form attachments with people in this town.

It was just wrong.

Pushing open the door she was well aware of the stares and snigger coming her way.

Every class, every period. It was practically un-cool not to make fun of her when she entered a classroom.

She looked towards her table and was glad to see that the new kid had not arrived yet. Of course this meant more stares when they did but at least it was less time in class to be near a stranger.

She sat down at the back in her usual spot. Tess Harding gave her a glare and flipped her head back around making her blond curls bounce.

Liz just kept her eyes on her desk imagining the cruelties that would come of having a new kid.

Mr. Case began his lecture on what was going to be done in this project. Of course Liz took notes. When everyone else is writing notes or talking to their friends she had to be busy too and taking notes seemed like a good idea.

The door opened and Liz’s heart stopped. Gut wrenching fear.

The scariest part was that hr was undeniably gorgeous.

She knew because she heard the whistle of approval from Tess.

He wasn’t really Tess’ type though.

He had baggy pants and a red shirt with something Liz recognized as a skateboarding logo.

Tess’ type was more Abercrombie and Fitch but you’d have to be blind not to notice his cute dark scruffy hair and deep amber eye’s.

Yep he’d have the entire female student body won over in a day. Guaranteed.

Including Liz.

He handed his pass to Mr. Case who smiled in a fake sort of way and then announced loudly for the benefit of the class:

“Well Max Evans,” he said reading the pass, “It’s seems you have chosen the perfect time to join us. We are beginning a project today. In pairs.”

He looked down at the register pretending to search for a partner. Some of the class had already begun to giggle.

“Ah. It seems the only one left without a partner is Liz Parker. Please raise you hand for Mr. Evans.”

The class was full out laughing from Mr. Cases show and the fact that Max Evans looked confused as to why only brightened her flush as she uncertainly raised her hand.

The suddenly. Target on lock. And she was making full eye contact with Max Evans.

He grinned at her.

She could have just melted then and there. It had been so long since she’d seen a genuine smile directed at her.

Most smiles were of pity or they had been making fun of her. Either way they didn’t make your insides feel warm and pudding-like.

He carried on smiling at me as he walked back to our table and even after he sat down.

It made it worse in a way because now everyone is laughing.

It can’t get much worse than that so I venture a small smile back. I don’t smile much so it probably looks more like a grimace.

Max finally looks down at the project sheet and I breath out the lungful of air I’ve been letting intoxicate my lungs for the past minute.

“Okay class, settle down.” Mr. Case was enjoying the joke as much as the next person but he had work to do and was not about to let a silly girl interrupt his class.

And once again the flurry of notes began again. That is until Liz was brought out of her frenzy but a soft finger tapping her on the arm.

She whipped around to find Max once again staring at her.

“Hey…..Liz right?” She sat in stunned silence.

She wished he stop looking at her directly in the eyes. It was going to make things very difficult when they told him.

She had sworn that the last new person would be the last she cried over. It was embarrassing to cry in class. Not that it mattered. They all hated her anyway.

“Um….y..yeh.” She choked out from a dry throat. She rarely talked at school or home for that matter and this extraneous use on her vocals chords was unpleasant.

“Cool. So how long have you lived here for?”

Forget not crying when they told him. She was about to cry right now. Even when it had been an unsuspecting new kid they still hadn’t spoken this nicely to her. Like she mattered.

“A…A..All my life.”

“Really? Wow. We just moved here from California.”

“I’d love to go there!” She blurted out.

It was very true. After Liz had come home one day with several bruises she had told Liz how people were so much more open minded in California.

Liz dreamed of the day she could go there.

He laughed. It was a wonderful sound. Musical but throaty.

“Yeh. It’s pretty nice up there. We moved because my Dad got transferred.”

And the conversation continued. They talked about a lot of things and even though Liz was shaking in her boots the entire time she felt good for once.

And for possibly the first time ever she left class with a smile on her face.

The smile quickly turned into a frown however at the knowledge that by tomorrow Max would know the horrible ugly truth and English was last period which meant she had to walk home.


She was a block away from the school when she felt someone come up behind her. She ignored them hoping they’d go away. Her paced quickened.


She whipped around coming face to face with none other than Max.

“Oh hi.”

“Hey. Where do you live?”

“Ummmm Milkway Drive.” This was a bad idea. Now when he did find out about her he would know exactly where to find her.

“Oh cool. I live on the road adjacent to that.”

Liz just smiled. It wasn’t a very convincing smile though. She was more aware of the people she knew that were coming up behind her.

It had become a 6th sense. She knew where they were just like they knew where she was.

They were coming closer.

“Do you think I can walk with you?”

“No Max. I’m sorry. You’d better go.” Her voice was rising into a panic.

Max furrowed his eyebrows confused.

“Why Liz I….”

“NO MAX! Just go! Please!”

And with that Liz Parker ran off.

“LIZ!” Max continued to shout after her.

2 boys ran past him laughing but paying no attention to him. They both had rocks in their hands and he watched as they ran after Liz.

“LIZ!” He screamed.

‘They have rocks’ was all Max could think. And he had a pretty good idea what their target was.


So what did y'all think? Did you like there meeting. I was writing this very late (like 5 mins ago. it's nearly midnite where I am ) so it may have bad grammar or it could just suck entirely. That's why I need you guy's! To tell me!!

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Thanx to everyone for the awesome feedbakc. I really hope you enjoy this part. It's short but it's sort of is just setting up the story some more.

Here goes nothing....

Part 5

Max lay on his bed that night thinking of the earlier events.

It was apparent the boy’s had been after her but he couldn’t figure out why.

I mean she was beautiful, intelligent, funny and everything Max had ever wanted in a girl.

She was quite and thoughtful and he loved how she blushed whenever he touched her or said something out of the blue.

He hoped she had escaped whatever they had planned for her.

Once he shook himself out of his shock he had run around the corner they’d disappeared. But looking down the entire road he couldn’t see anyone.

Sighing loudly he had plodded on back home thinking of the dark haired girl that had taken his breath away.

She was a complete mystery to him. What was even more strange was the looks the class had given him and Liz in English.

Almost like he was on the outside of some cruel joke.

He had seen in sparkling darkly in Mr. Case’s eyes as well.

It was strange and confusing.

Max sighed again and put his pillow over his head hopefully that semi-suffocation would help induce sleep.

He didn’t want to have bags under his eyes for the second time he saw Liz. It just wouldn’t do.

He hadn’t been that happy when his parents had told him they were going to move to Roswell.

It wasn’t that his life had been perfect. Always trying to fade into the background was something he had become accustomed to. He was not un-popular but he hadn’t had very many close friends.

No one he could tell the whole truth too.

He mostly kept to himself.

Ugh. Sleep was needed now.

He turned over in his bed outstretched his hand and the light switch 5 feet away,next to the door flicked off.

tbc... (tonight hopefully!)


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I just want to thank all of you for liking this fic! I know it must be difficult but you are all doing a great job!*wink*

Anyway's I started writing a new part intending to post it tomorrow but suddenly I had like 4 pages of material so I thought 'What the hey!' and decided to post it now.

The scene is a little sketchy and could do with improvement in the realism of it all but I'm a lazy little writer who relys on Spell check to resolve all her problems.

LOL sooooooooooooooo....... Well I hope you guy's like this part.

I have a pretty good idea of whats going to happen next but it might take me a while to write it out cos I definiately want that part to be perfect! LOL well by my standards.

For any Paris Blues readers: I'm sorry if it seems like I've been letting that fic go a bit. I'm not! But I've just had a stream of conscious for this one and thought I'd get it all out before I lost it again.

Anyway's I hope to have a new part out by this weekend definiately. It's probably just gonna be a cute little no-plot sorta scene.

Oh if anyone has that bookmark I would appreciate it if you could bump it for me. I found out what dates I'm gonna be out of the country and want to post them there so everyone doesn't hate me when I'm MIA. LOL

Michaela: I'm one of your favorite writers?????!!!!! Wow. Thanx!*big* LOL I love reading your notes! They make me go all hyper and giggly.*bounce* And thats before I've even read them! I hope I can live up to you standards as I continue to journey into the world of fanfic.*big*

Whoa I just wrote a really long note. So without any further ado here is.....

Part 6

Liz walked to her 7th period class.

Part of her wanted to run there and the other part just wanted to skip it altogether.

The reason for both of these reactions would be Max Evans.

She had seen him this morning in the hall and he called out her name ,causing quite a few people to stare and laugh, but she had just run in the opposite direction.

They had probably told him by now. She would walk in and he would be begging Mr. Case to let him switch partners.

The class would laugh and make fun of her until she cried.

No wait. She wasn’t going to cry remember. Got to remember that.

Once he did find out though the whole school would fall back into the same old routine until another innocent new kid was subjected to the horrors of being partners with Liz Parker West Roswell High resident freak.

Taking a deep lungful of air she pushed open the door and walked in bracing herself for the onslaught of jokes.

But there were none.

I mean there were the normal hushed comments and giggles from Tess’s crowd but other than the same old crap, there was nothing out of the normal.

Her eye’s widened in suspicion and she looked to the back of the room to her table and for the 3rd time in 24 hours her eye’s met Max’s.

He was smiling again. She tried to smile back but she also couldn’t breathe that well so she concentrated on breaking the gaze and pulling in a breath.

Tess stared at her as she walked to the back of the classroom.

It was unnerving and Liz could practically feel the plans Tess had for later on.

She sat down and began pulling out her books.

“Hey Liz.”

“H..h..Hi Max.” She stuttered a blush creeping up her neck.

He smiled wider at her shyness but then it was replaced by a concerned frown.

“Liz. Who were those guy’s yesterday?”

“I don’t know.” She said quietly.

It was the truth she didn’t recognize them at all. They might not even go to West Roswell.

“You don’t? Then why were you running?” His hand reached out and touched her shoulder.

She gasped before choking out.

“B…Because I had to Max.”


“I….I can’t tell you. You’ll probably know tomorrow anyway.”

“Know what? Liz..” But he was cut of by Mr. Case beginning his lecture on the pros and cons of using poster boards in the projects.

41minutes and 27 seconds later he was done. The class were now informed completely on the usage of poster boards. They knew what size, shape, thickness, color, texture of the poster board should they use one.

Mr. Case sat down to type in grades and the class was left to it’s own devices.

Max was about to continue his interrogation of Liz when he felt a hand snake up his shoulder.

He turned around and came face to face with some girl with blond curls.

He’d already assessed she was the “it” girl of the school and couldn’t for the life of him think of how that had happened.

“Hey Max.”

He turned to Liz and saw that she had her head buried in a book her face entirely flushed.

“Do I know you?”

“No silly! But I sure would like to get to know you.” She smile in what Max supposed was her sultry look.

“That’s nice but I was about to ask Liz something so if you don’t mind…..”

Tess let out a shrill laugh and pointed a perfectly polished finger at Liz.

“You wanted to talk to……Her.”

She said incredulously with a smile still attached to her face.

Max was getting the clear feeling that Liz was not liked by this girl. Or anyone else in this class.

Max wanted to wipe that smile right off her foundation caked face.

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?”

“Well actually there is.”

She shot Liz a dirty look. Liz stiffened and brought her face out of the book.

Here it came. She braced herself and resisted the urge to throw up. Now would not be a good time. Especially if she was going to be crying in a few seconds anyway.

Max noticed Liz’s suddenly braced figure and turn back towards Tess this time confusion marring his strong face.

“And what would that be?”

She how Liz was visibly upset by whatever Tess was going to say he wasn’t so confident anymore and his voice showed it.

Tess smiled wider.

“Oh Max you really should know that NO ONE in this school, or town talks to Liz Parker. Why would they if they knew that….”


The class bell rung.

Liz relaxed a bit.

“Oh Max. I’ll tell you later. Maybe I’ll see you on the way home from school.”

Tess smiled sweetly but not before throwing Liz a dirty look.

Liz’s eyes widened in horror.

Tess was going to tell him on the way home from school.

Max was walking with Liz which meant that she would be completely present for the take down.

Max looked after Tess as she left the room the turned to Liz.

“She’s weird. And whoa! Could she use more hairspray? I could have died from the toxic fumes!”

Liz let herself laugh a bit but the tension was still too great to let herself relax completely.

“Come on. I’ll walk you home. Just don’t run away this time.”

He smiled at her and she found herself smiling back and the last bit of tension fell away and Max took her hand and they walked out the class doors.

Feedback Please. That in it's self is an addiction. My other one being Spin and fics where Max and Liz are bestfriends and then get all lovey dovey.

Hehe I'm sick.........mentally. Help?


See ya later alligators!
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Hey guy's. I apologise for not updating this sooner, It was very very ad of me to start a new fic then leave it.

Never fear though for when I get off of here I'm gonna write the rough draft of Part 7(?) So hopefully I can't type it tomorrow morning and have it posted for ya.

Thankyou for being so patient.

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Ok guys like I promised! I have PArt seven. I hope you like it!

Part 7

Liz could almost have forgotten about Tess’ earlier threat.

It was relatively easy with her hand safely encased in Max’s.

They talked easily about everything under the sun. Liz stuttered a bit, not used to the conversational aspect of the world.

“Maaaaaaaaaax!” A shrill voice called from behind them.

Max rolled his eyes and gripped Liz’s hand more tightly. Now was not a good time to be listening to Tess’ shrieking voice. Not when he had been having such a great time with Liz.

For the first time in his life he was comfortable around someone and Tess seemed hell bent on destroying that for her own sick purposes.

Tess caught up with them and peered in disgust at their intertwined hands.

“Oh god. You’re not actually touching her are you?” She wrinkled her nose in distain.

Max tried to remain calm but Liz was being threatened and a need to protect the only person he’d ever been able to talk to properly overcame his self control.

“Listen Tess. I don’t care what sort of petty problem you have with Liz. All I know is that if I EVER hear you talk about her that way again then you are gonna have a much bigger problem because she doesn’t deserve it.”

Tess smiled more and Max grit his teeth and fought the urge to throttle her.

Tess turned to Liz, the sugary smile still intact.

“I see, Princess, that you’ve neglected to mention to our good friend Max about you ability.”

Her eyebrows arched and she gave Liz a challenging smile.

Liz began to breathe heavy. She knew what was coming and it only made it worse when Max looked down at her with a worried face.

Her eye’s watered. She wasn’t prepared for this. She didn’t have the time to hold back the tears.

“What abilities Tess?” Max questioned.

Liz’s eye’s widened as Tess directed an evil smile in her direction. She squeezed Max’s hand before letting go completely.

Cut all ties and abandon ship. It was hard though when Max looked at her with a hurt expression on his face. He tried again to reach for her hand but she backed away.

Were those tears in his eyes? She hoped not.

No worries though. Tess would make sure those tears turned into disgust at her.

She really wanted to run but a twisted curiosity about Tess’ choice of words held her in place.

You see Max. Little Lizzie here can do things normal people can’t.”

Always smiling that smug little smile of hers. Reserve for taking peoples spirits down and crushing hearts.

“Have you heard the story of Billy Ackerman, Max?”

She was putting out the bait and even though Max looked annoyed he was taking it. Hook, Line and sinker.

“No Tess. What does that have to do with anything Tess?”

Her smile widened. This was going perfectly.

“Well Max, Billy Ackerman was hit on the head with a rock. Hurled by none other than Liz Parker.”

“So what are you saying Tess? Liz should be in the major leagues?”

Max was irritated and it didn’t help when she giggled.

“NO silly.”

She slinked up to Max and put her face near Max’s ear.

Liz’s breathing became heavier and her lungs seemed heavy and flat.

“But Max she didn’t throw the rock.” She whispered in his ear making him shudder in disgust.

Max was evidently confused.

Time for the closing act.

Curtains up.

Lungs deflate…………and begin.

Liz’s vision blurred and she fought for breathe and for the tears not to come.

Tess crossed her arms in victory and she stated loudly and almost proudly.

“Liz Parker is telekinetic.”

With that Liz burst tears and turned and ran.

She could hear Tess laughing and Max calling her name as he ran after her.

She continued to sob and run.

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe at all. She stopped and Max caught up with her.

As he reached her and wrapped his arms around her she passed out.

The last thing she heard was Max’s soft voice.

“Don’t run Liz. I love you.”

Then her eye’s rolled into the back of her head and she fainted.

Feedbakc would be nice!

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Authors Note: First of all I'd like to say thankyou for everyone who gave feedback to this fic. It meant a lot that you guy's liked it.

The bad news is I've left this Part sort of conslusive but also openended so I could carry it on if needed.

Basically I'm gonna stop writing this fic for a while. It didn't turn out the way I planned and this chapter is evidence of it.

I apologise for those of you who may not like this but I only want to write a fic if I can give 100% effort towards it.

It was either this or Paris Blues and I felt more of a connection to the latter so..........yeh.

If/when I come back I may completely edit this part so I can carry on as I originally planned.

Also I am currently writing a fic called 'The Wallflower Society'. But I am not going to post it until I either have it finished or a lot of the parts done.

If anyone wants to read the prologue it's posted in the Discussion board as 'should I write this fic?'

It will be AU no aliens M/L and one of those best friends first kinda deals.

Anyway on with the story...........

Part 8

When Liz awoke she was surprise to find herself in bed.

Even more surprising was that her hand was in someone elses.

It was a male hand that she was sure of.

And it wasn’t her fathers. His were rough and callous.

This man’s hand was warm and soft.

The person’s other hand repetitively weaving itself through her hair.

She savored the feeling of someone touching her with love and not hate.

Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes.


He smiled softly and continued to stroke her hair.

“You’re up.” He said with relief.

Liz just stared at him in awe.

Didn’t Tess tell him……….No he definitely knew. She heard it herself.

Maybe he thought it was a joke.

“What are you doing here Max?”

“I carried you home after you passed out. Your mom let me stay to make sure you were ok. She seemed a little excited and kept offering me food.” He laughed.

Of course. This was the first time Liz had had someone over. Typical that it would be because she fainted.

“No Max. I mean why are you here. Do you think what Tess said was a joke? Because it’s not.”

She didn’t know why she was telling him this.

Why not let him think it was a joke.

‘Because you love him, idiot.’ A voice inside her head chastised.

It was true though. She didn’t want to lie to him.

Instead of seeing shock in his face he only smiled wider.

She sat up in bed and leaned against the head board.

“I know.”


“Why aren’t you running away?”

It may seem like a dumb question to us but to Liz it was perfectly reasonable.

“Why would I?”

He leaned closer while Liz tried to form a coherent sentence.


She was cut of by Max’s lips on hers.

At first she was so shocked she couldn’t move but as Max’s lips caressed hers with a tenderness never shown to her before she found herself kissing him back.

He brought his hand that wasn’t in her hair up to her cheek and rubbed it softly.

Liz lets out a whimper and he brought both arms around her waist.

When they broke apart Max leaned his forehead on Liz’s not removing his arms.

Liz kept her eyes closed and bit her lips remembering how Max’s lips had felt against hers.

When she did open them she found Max staring back at her.

“Why did you do that?” She said sadly.

She hoped it wasn’t because he felt sorry for her or something equally embarrassing.

“Because I love you.”

He said it without hesitation and Liz began to cry.

How could he love her? Not even her parents loved her much less some kid she just met.

“Why do you love me Max? I’m a freak.”

“Because you’re beautiful, smart, kind, funny and the only person I’ve ever been able to really talk to.” He said in between kisses.

“And Liz?” He lifted her chin and made her look in his eyes.

“What?” She sniffled.

“I’m telekinetic too.” He bit his lip gauging her reaction.

Her eye’s widened in hope and happiness and a bit of un-certainty.

“You are?”

“Yeh. Watch.”

He turned around and raised his hand. The box of tissues on her dresser drawer flew towards them and landed in her lap.

She laughed with relief and picked one up.

The next half and hour was spent playing with their powers.

It gave Liz happiness for the first time in her short life.

She was with someone who loved her and could do the things she could.

A doubt was forming in her mind despite the joy she felt.

“Max would you still like me even if you weren’t telekinetic?”

“Of course. That’s not why I love you Liz. It’s just pretty cool that we can play around with our powers.”

“Ok.” She smiled and he smiled back.

Not Tess’s smile or the Principals sympathetic smile. It was a genuine smile.

He looked away and raised his hand cleaning up the mess he’d made.

“I’d better go. My mom will think I got lost.”

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow?” She was nervous and couldn’t hide it.

“Definitely. You can’t get rid of me now.” He winked.

And just as he was about to walk out the door Liz called his name.


She bit her lip uncertain how Max would take this.

Liz smiled shyly and said quietly.

“I love you too.”

Max beamed at her and not quite sure what to say she ran back up to her and hugged her.

“Thankyou Liz.”

“Your welcome.”

They let go of one another and he walked out the door backwards continuously smiling at her.

“Bye Liz.”

“Bye Max.”

He left and she fell back onto her bed with a content sigh.

For the first time in her life Liz had hope.

Her spirit had been lifted by a man she loves and who miraculously loved her back.

‘Now’ she thought with a sigh ‘my life can begin.’

SO there ya go. I didn't want to leave you guy's hanging.

And who knows... I may see you sooner than I think.
I'm having a horrible case of writers block though so I may not have more Paris Blues out for a few days. I'll try to write tonight. My writing process is horribly long though. First I write a draft on paper. Then I type it into Word. Then I edit. Then I post.

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