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Title: The Stranger
Rating: PG-13 now but maybe later NC-17
Category: Yup it’s gotta be M/L but there’s a few more couples that I’ve thrown in.
Disclaimer: The story is the only thing that belongs to me everything else unfortunately is Jason Katims.
Summary: Liz tells her heart-wrenching story to a stranger while going home to face something that has haunted her for years.
Authors Note: This is pretty much my second story and as you can see I’m not that great but tell me what you think truthfully and give me feedback! That’s all I want!

2008-In the middle of no where, on a bus going to Roswell

"I remember the way he looked at me when we were at high school, it was as if I was the only person in the room. We were so young but we didn’t care, we were happy and everything was just so blissful. He told me once that I was probably the only person that understood him and he felt like he was the happiest guy in the world when he was with me. Everyone told us that we were soul mates and somehow I believed them, I shouldn’t have though it only made everything so much harder and everything so much painful."

I looked at the stranger beside me. He was looking at me with a pitiful expression and I longed to be where he was. He had such a normal, carefree life and he hadn’t lost everything that I had. I had met this guy about an hour ago and I was pouring my soul out to him but somehow it seemed so right. We were on a bus going to Roswell, my hometown and it felt like the ride was going forever.

“So what happened to this guy, I mean why aren’t you with him now?” The stranger asked me curiously.

I needed to get this out, I needed to tell someone or I’m going to shutout of the world completely and I’m not going to have a soul.

“It all started back in high school…”

2002, 5 years back

It was so cold on our graduation day; I remember my hands being so numb that I couldn’t feel anything.

“I can’t believe it’s over, we have officially finished high school guys!” My best friend Maria shouted as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, Michael Guerin.

“It feels weird it feels like now you don’t really have control of your life.” I said looking beyond the desert rocks. I snuggled closer to Max’ side and he wrapped one strong arm around my waist.

There we were, the eight of us all wondering what was going to happen in the next chapter of our lives. Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Kyle, Tess, Max and I were sitting on a cliff that had brought us the fondest of memories.
My first kiss with Max…
My sweet sixteenth birthday…
Make out sessions with Max…
My first time with Max…

Later that night I was sitting outside of the Crashdown looking up at the stars as if they would tell me my future. I had decided that I was going to go to college to study Law, even if my dream had always been to become a molecular scientist.
“Liz what are you doing out here? It’s too cold.” The love of my life sat beside me and took my hands in his and gave me warmth.
“Max what’s going to happen to us?” I asked him, it was the question that had been in my mind all day. I looked into his soulful brown eyes and for a second there I thought I saw sadness.
“I’m going to miss you.” He never answered that question, he wanted to avoid it but sooner or later we had to face it together. I had gone through everything with him, my Mum and Dad breaking up, Dad moving to New York and then the accident…
I didn’t want to think about that right now.
“Max I didn’t want us to fall…” Before I could finish my sentence his lips were on mine, kissing me senseless like it was the last few minutes of our lives. I didn’t want to leave him, he was staying in Roswell while I was going to New York and the miles and miles apart from each other felt like he was on another world. A world that I wont be in when I leave Roswell.
“Liz I’ve already fallen for you, and I’m never going to find anyone like you again so I’m going to wait for you until you finish college.” He caressed my cheek while I clung to him crying.
It was the darkest day I had ever seen; I realized I was leaving my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover and soul mate…

Back to reality in 2008
“Why didn’t he go with you? I mean if he loved you so much why couldn’t he have gone with you to New York?” The stranger asked me as he looked out the window to see where we were.
“He had to stay with his Mum, she was really sick at the time and his sister Isabel had to go to college get a better education. Their Dad Died in a really bad accident in Roswell so Max pretty much thought his duty was to stay with his Mum.” I explained.
“It must have been pretty hard the day you had to go.”
“It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my whole entire life.”

Albuquerque Airport, 2002
“Honey give me a ring if anything goes wrong okay and don’t hesitate to call when you run out of money.” My mum told me as she pulled me in for a bear hug. Have you ever had those moments when you think your actually living in a TV show or in a movie and you feel like everyone is watching you until you breakdown. I hadn’t cried yet, I was determined not to cry in front of everyone that I was leaving behind.
I kept looking at the airport sliding doors hoping that any minute Max would come through and into my arms.
“Lizzie I’m going to miss you so much!” Maria sobbed as she hugged me tightly.
“You women are so emotional it’s scary.” Typically Michael ruined the moment yet again but soon he wished he hadn’t.
“Your so non-sensitive! I’ll give you emotional when I get home spaceboy.” If you don’t know Maria that well she tends to scare you sometimes if you don’t watch what you say.
“Flight 457, New York boarding in 5 minutes.”
Max was still not here, maybe he wasn’t coming?
“Max said he was going to be here as quick as he could?” Isabel said, trying to reassure me.
But he never came…

Okay wot do you think?? Tell me honestly I dont mind bad feedback! The next part will be longer I promise!

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Hey thanx so much for the feedback guys! It was really appreciated!! Well tell me what you think of my next part??
The stranger-Part 2

“Wait your telling me that the love of your life didn’t even come to the airport to say goodbye! What a jerk!” I smiled sadly at the stranger and tried to ignore the lump in my throat.
This guy has only heard half of my story and he already hates Max, the only thing I wanna know is why don’t I hate Max? That’s right, I’m madly in love with him.

“After I got on that plane to New York every second was Max, every minute was Max and every hour and day that went by was Max, I was going insane.”

“So did you find out why he hadn’t come and see you off to New York?”

“Well his sister, Isabel, told me that their Mum had an accident but somehow I don’t believe that.”

“Why not? I mean what else would he do that’s more important than you?”
Fucking some blonde bitch that I thought was my friend…
The Past-2003

“C’mon stay with us for Thanksgiving, we will have so much fun! We can invite the guys over and maybe go the nightclub afterwards.” Kristal pleaded as she curled her hair in front of the mirror.
I had to admit I was having a blast in New York, everything was so much faster than it was in Roswell and everyone didn’t care about what you were like before you came to college, you were just Liz. Not the Liz that got straight A’s in school, or the Liz that did everything her parents said or the Liz that went out with Max…
“I want to…but my Mum really wants me to see her and the same with Maria, I haven’t seen them for nearly six months.” I said while scoffing down some potato chips.

“Liz but think about Matt…he’s gorgeous and he only wants you!”

“Kristal he’s totally gay and he doesn’t even know it-the other night when we went to that rage he was checking out one of the bouncers.”

“Okay he dresses good and he might occasionally chat up another guy but he’s got other qualities!”

“Yeah a dick the size of a needle and a brain the size of a peanut, mmm what great qualities!”

“I reckon your still hooked up on that Max guy.”

“No I’m not! I’m over him completely.” I lied to her and also myself. I was still in love with Max Evans like I had been the day we first met.

Kristal raised an eyebrow and put on a sneaky grin.
“Fine but I’m coming with you to Roswell.”
I should have known there was trouble written all over it…but I didn’t listen.

Back to reality…2008

“I was so scared when I got off that plane.” My eyes filled up with tears and I stared in mid air trying to compose myself.

“Did you see him again?”

I swallowed the unwanted tears and turned to face the stranger.
“I wish I had chose not to go back there but I did and it was the worst mistake I had made in my whole entire life.”
Back to past…

“So what are the guys like in Roswell, are they hot?” Kristal asked as she lighted a cigarette while we waited for a Taxi to take us to the Crashdown.

“Look promise me you wont interfere with any of the relationships in this small town because honestly it’s not worth it.”

“Come on I just want a bit of fun! You must know some desperate cute guys in this unpopulated town.”
I rolled my eyes; Kristal had this reputation of getting whatever she wanted and I had this feeling that it would get the both of us into trouble.

As we got to the Crashdown I felt my whole body go into panic mode. What happens I run into Max? Should I just act as if I had forgotten about him or should just act unavailable?
“Lizzie!” A voice behind me shouted as I stepped out of the cab.
“Oh my god I haven’t seen you for so long! Your hair is longer and you look amazing.” Maria complemented me, she too had changed…she was pregnant?
“Your pregnant?”
“Yeah, I’ve been trying to get to you but this Kristal girl says you’re always out.”
A cough interrupted us and I turned to introduce Kristal.
“Maria this is Kristal um she’s going to be staying with me while I’m here.”
I could tell by the look on Maria’s face that she didn’t like her but she smiled and acted as if she did.
“Well I’ve got some shopping to do but I will probably see you tonight at the Crashdown when I’m working and maybe we can catch up…I’ve got lots to tell you!”
When we said our goodbyes I gave Kristal the tour of Roswell-even if it only took five minutes.

Kristal wanted to go shopping for some things so I just waited in the car hoping that she would hurry up. Half an hour passes…an hour went by and suddenly it had been three hours since I had last saw her. When she finally came out of the sliding doors holding dozens of bags I was already half asleep
“Liz I have found the love of my life!”
Okay this wasn’t good…
“I gave him my number, he was such a hottie! He was like full chatting me up!”
“What was his name?” I asked everyone new everyone in Roswell, I wouldn’t be surprised of I went to high school with him.
“His name was…” Before she told me someone interrupted us.
“Kristal! Kristal! You left your bag on…Liz?”
“Max?” I choaked out-everything was happening too fast.
Sorry guys I know it’s not that good but I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of assignments to be done by tomorrow and I’ve got no idea what their about so my mind is in a very fragile state right now! Umm I think the next chapter should be done my tomorrow I think?