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Summary: This takes place after Graduation, when Liz goes to college, and she is faced with the real secret she has been keeping from herself.

"Hi there!" Max came bursting in the door.
"Ahhh!" Liz screamed and spilled her Coca-Cola all over her notes for her bio class.
"Oh, sorry!" Max said. He took napkins and tried to clean up the mess. "I didn't mean to startle you. Look," He held up a bag. "I brought twinkies, and Coke, and candy to help you pull your all-nighter."
"Oh, your so sweet." She kissed him.
"Can I help?" He asked, pulling up a chair.
"There's nothing more you can do. Those test tomorrow decide my major."
"I can't believe your actually going through this college thing. I mean, you never know who's out there to get you."
"Max, I've wanted to go to college since, well, forever. And I'm not going to let an alien tell me otherwise." She smiled, and kissed him.
"Remember this alien has very very special powers that can make you forget that," He said, kissing her again.
"Now, get out of here and let me study!" She said, smacking his shoulder.
"See ya." He said. "And, Liz, I'll be there tomorrow for you."
"Thank you Max. Thank you so much."
"For what?"
"For saving my life, for letting me come on this, uh, adventure, and for letting me live my dream."
"I love you."
"And I, you."
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