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Title: Not So Complicated-
Author: Me
E-mail: destinyrebel⊕
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims/other writers/other producers and 20th Century Fox and The Sci-Fi Channel. Sorry, if I forgot anyone. But anyway, I'm just borrowing everything. Ya know, for my own selfish reasons…
Category: Liz’s POV. AU. M/L.
Rating: PG-13/R. I tend to cuss a lot and I don’t know how that’s weighed, so, just be aware.
Summary: Um... I’m not exactly sure. Max is new in town and Liz gets stuck with him as a science/lab partner and things go from there... If anyone wants anything a little more detailed, just ask and I’ll post more.

AN: So, I’ve started another fic. Yay for me but not so much to everyone who is reading ‘WithNothingLeftToLose’. But that’s okay. Cause I’m going to work on both. And anyway it was inevitable. Summers coming up and I would have done another one sooner or later. Right? ;p
Anyway, please let me know what you think of this one. Cause if it really isn’t good or worth the time, I won’t continue it. I’ll just go back to WNLTL. So, let me know... Thanks so much.

Not So Complicated.
Part 1-


Hi. My name is Liz Parker. I'm 17, sarcastic, cynical, and stupid. I'm immature and easily annoyed. I like punk/alternative rock, prank calls, potty humor, and procrastination. I hate boy bands, superficiality, superiority, and overuse of the word "love". I have no special achievements or talents to brag of, aside from my recent mastering of how to jiggle the knob on the 25 cent bubble gum machines to score free candy and my not-so-great guitar playing.

But this... This is my life.

As I tend to see it...


So... It’s just another fucking Monday afternoon at West Roswell High. And today, the sun is, once again, melting me away.

Not that I have a problem with that or anything.

Cause I’m defiantly one of the few that likes feeling sticky and sweating and like I can’t breathe cause the air is so thick and nasty.


Anyway, to give you a nice mental picture, I’m sitting underneath WRH’s most famous tree that lives just on the outskirts of the quad.

And that’s basically all I’m doing.

Cool, huh?

Yeah. I’m defiantly one of those lazy people who would rather sit and watch everyone else do everything.

It’s more fun that way. Or at least, that’s what I try to tell myself.

But don’t go and get the idea that I’m so sort of freak loner that doesn’t have any friends. Cause I do. You know, have friend... Best friends, in fact. Yup, plenty of those...

“...So, if hadn’t worn black today, you’d be cooler cause the sun would reflect off of you better.” I look up to one of my “best friends” standing over me, while holding a sandwich of some kind in one hand and a soda in the other.

“Huh?” I grunt, absentmindedly. It wasn’t my fault that I was paying attention. But sometimes it’s really hard to stay focused when Alex Whitman gets into one of his rants on why I shouldn’t always wear black or things deemed cool by the “socially challenged” everywhere.

It’s annoying most of the time.

Cause that’s so not me.

I mean, even the idea makes me laugh.

Cause it’s funny.

Cause I’m not punk or goth or prep or skater or anything really.

I’m just me. Plain and simple Liz Parker.

The smallest of small town girls.

But anyway, he just sighs and plops down next to me. “Nothing, really. At least, nothing I haven’t said before...”

“Yeah.” I send him a small smile to make up for my blanking out. “But it’s nice to know you care.”

“Yup, that’s me. Caring Whitman.” He mumbles and starts eating his lunch.

“So, what’s been happening?” I ask and take the cola drink out of his hand, at the same time. “Where’s Ria?”

He chuckles while chewing. “Probably in the Eraser Room...”

I smile.

Ever since, my other “best friend”, Maria Deluca, hooked up with this guy named Michael Guerin, who happens to work at my parent’s restaurant, Alex and I haven’t seen much of her around. And it’s an on going joke that she’s locked herself in the make-out room with him.

“I hate new relationships.” I grumble before popping open the top of the 12 ounce drink.

Alex turns his head towards me. “Bitter, much?”

“Yeah. Something like that.” I shrug and take a sip of the cool liquid.

“Hey! That was mine.” He draws his eyebrows together and watches me swallow gulp after gulp.

I stop before I choke. “Sorry.” I laugh. “I’m thirsty.”

“Not a good excuse.” He puts his half eaten sandwich on the ground next to him and takes the pop from my hands. “I’m thirsty too.”

“Fine. Be that way.” I shrug again and pull my head phones out of my backpack and place them over my ears.

“Fine. I will.” I hear him announce before I am able to hit the “play” button on my CD player.

And I smile again.

Alex and I have always been close. Ever since the fifth grade. Well, actually, we met each other in forth but he always reminds me that I didn’t “notice” him until fifth. Nonetheless, we’ve been inseparable ever since. And that’s the way I think it will always be. Same thing with Maria. We bonded over an injured bird in Kindergarten and have been joined at the hip every since.

Which, I love. But still can’t believe.

The three of us are completely different. And I’m left to think that the whole thing goes well beyond opposites attracting.

It’s a fucked group. I mean, we’re all there for each other and everything cause of our friendships and pasts but we are all just so different, sometimes.

It’s hard to fathom. For me and like everyone at WRH.

But whatever. Those idiots don’t really matter.

“Liz? Liz?!” Hearing my name being called brings me out of my thoughts. I instinctively pull off my headphones and look questionably to the owner of the voice.

“What?” I ask Alex dully, just as he stands up.

“It’s 12:10... Fifth is just up.” He holds out his hand after finishing his reply and helps me to my feet.

“Fuck.” I mumble while brushing off the dirt on my pants. “All gone?” I turn my back towards Alex and look at him with a smirk on my face. “You know, these ARE new pants...”

I laugh at my own joke. I’ve never cared about things like that. And he knows it.

“Uh huh.” He smiles. “Anyway, I’ll see you sixth...” He smile once more and waves before getting lost in the crowd headed for the school building.

But I still stand under the tree. I usually wait a couple minutes for the crowds to die down.

Cause I hate crowds. They suck.

I impatiently look down at my tattered wrist watch and wait for the little digital numbers to blink 12:14 before grabbing my bag and making my way into the same building Alex just got lost in.

“Chemistry, here I come...” I mumble just as I enter the small classroom belonging to Mr. Hamilton and his crappy “I’ve got a stick up my ass” attitude.

“Nice of you to join us, Ms. Parker.” I hear him and others in the class quietly laugh before I take my seat in the back.

‘Dude, someone so needs slap that smug look of his face, I can’t help but think just as he starts to write the days activities on the chalk board.

Group inquiry projects.


Why do I have a feeling that this is so going to suck?


Edited Cause: I forgot to thank someone. ;p Thanks Brandi for the first part of this thing. You know what I'm talking about. *happy* Right...?

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Ahh... You guys are soo sweet! Thank you so much for all the FB. It really means a lot to an author (if I can call myself that). Anyway, I've got 2 weeks left of school and a whole bunch due at the same time, so, the next couple weeks will be slow for both fics. But as soon as summer comes, I'll be writin' everyday and night. Promise. Thanks again, guys... ;p
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Quick AN: Ahh... You guys are all soo sweet. Hehe. Thank you so much for all the FB and all the bumps. And I promise to have more of this out really soon. Only 2 days left of school! :grin I cannot wait! Anyway, after that, I’ll be a writing/posting freak! I swear! But until then, I hope you at least like this part... But let me know! Cause I like to know! Cause I need to know! Anyway, you get the picture... ;p Enjoy.

Not So Complicated.
Part 2-

“I’ve taken the initiative and paired you off with a partner I think will compliment you.”

I know the teacher is talking... But I can really only hear one thing...

It’s the tap-tap-tap sound from my pencil smashing against the top of my lab station.

“I’m aware of the fact that some of you will complain but I will not change you around. It took a long time for me to make these choices and they will not be obstructed.”


“Any questions?”


“This is the only chance you will get...”


“Fine. I will start calling off names.”


“Please find a place where you and your partner will be comfortable for the rest of the class, after I have called your name. Start writing down your ideas and your proposal is due tomorrow. Two pages in length and double spaced, as always.”


“Davis and Martin. Long and Fisk. Stanton and Edwards.”


Yada, yada, yada...


“Parker and Evans. Willis and Guerin. Deluca and Potter.”


Yada, yada, yada...

Wait. What? I blink and turn so that I am facing Maria, who is sitting in the station closest to my left. “What’d he say?”

But she only shrugs a reply and looks toward David Potter. Her apparent new partner.

He said Parker and Evans, didn’t he? I think he did. He must have.

“Simcoft and Wilson. Ali and Moore. Duran and Marrs.”

I’m confused. Evans. As in Max Evans? As in the new guy? As in the guy who sits oh-so-quietly and doesn’t talk to like anyone other then his sister, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin? Evans as in Max Evans?

If that’s what he said...

“That is everyone. I hope you have fun during the next two weeks or so.”

Wait. I’m so totally confused. He couldn’t have really said “Parker and Evans”? Right?

Crap. I don’t know. I’m screwed.

My hand instantly shoots up in the air as I see Kylie move from the seat next to me and in the seat next to Sam.

Stanton and Edwards.


I frown.

“Yes, Ms. Parker?” I hear the teacher ask, rather pompously.

“Um... Who am I...” But I stop myself as I see the infamous Max Evans take the seat previously occupied by Kylie. “Oh.” I instantly snap my mouth shut and mumble an apology to the teacher.

“Try to pay more attention next time, Ms. Parker.”

“Yeah. I’ll work on that.” I wrinkle my nose at his retreating form and turn towards the person that supposedly “compliments” me.

How the hell could Hammy do this to me? Damn him.

“Max. Right?” Hey, I might as well try to cut the shit and move along.

“Um, yeah”, was the simple reply that I got back.

“Well, that’s good to know.” I say sarcastically and take stock in what Max Evans’ really looks like.

He looks good. Hot, even...

He’s wearing black cargo pants, complete with bondage straps, an ATTICUS t-shirt, a studded leather belt, and a plain black leather wristband. And his hair is really dark brown and a few stray strains seem to have fallen over his right eye.

He looked kinda innocent. Even though, that probably wasn’t the look he was going for...

“Yeah.” He replies dully again and I start to get impatient.

I might think he looks cute but still... What the hell?

“You don’t talk much do you?” I ask coldly. A little too coldly, I think.

“What?” He quickly lifts his head from the book he was reading and asks with a confused/surprised tone.

I shrug. “Nothing. I was just noticing how much of a talker you aren’t.”

For his response, he only draws his eyebrows together and stares at me.

“So... Um, whatcha readin’?” I ask awkwardly, after our little starring match becomes too much for me to handle after the long minute that passed.

“Um... Nothing.” He instantly breaks the stare and snaps his book shut.

“Really? I’ve read Nothing. It’s good... Pretty deep and intellectual.” I smile and straighten my back. Dude, I am soo trying to be civil.

Why isn’t he?

I mean, he’s just back to starring at me.

And it’s making me uncomfortable. It feels like he’s reading my mind or something.

See, he’ s got these really piercing eyes, that seem to kind of...look through you...

It’s weird.

But kind of intoxicating, at the same time...

God, what the hell am I saying?

I quickly shake my head and frown. “Ok, look... We may have gotten off to a bad start but we need to get our shit together cause I’m not going to be able to this project thing all on my own. Ok?” Remember this? I wanted to cut the bullshit. I need to get back on track. And not think about his eyes... Eck.

“Ok.” He answers simply but looks freakishly confused.

“Cool. I’ll go first...” I wait until he nods slightly before I really start. “Hey. Um, my name is Liz. I'm 17, very sarcastic, very cynical, and almost always stupid. I'm immature and easily annoyed. I like alternative rock, prank calls, potty humor, and procrastination. I hate boy bands, superficiality, superiority, and overuse of the word "love". I have no special achievements or talents to brag of, aside from my recent mastering of how to jiggle the knob on the 25 cent bubble gum machines to score free candy. Nice to meet you.” I extend my hand enthusiastically and wait for his introduction.

Dude, I’m so going well beyond the boundaries of trying here. It’s sad how much of an effort I’m making. Seriously. You see it to, right?

But obviously, he doesn’t. Cause he just takes a moment and slightly laughs at my intro before answering.

“Ah, I don’t have anything planned out, like you did and you already know my first and last name, so, I think were good.” He nods a couple times and then starts putting his book away. Which, by the way, was something really stupid about UFOs and Aliens being “among us”...

I can’t help it. I can’t hold my tongue. I just can’t...

I tried. I really did. You and I both know it. But I’m not strong. I’m weak if anything when it comes to holding and keeping my mouth shut.

“You’re an asshole.” I snap, just after shoving my chem text book into my bag.

I so tried my damnedest. I just couldn’t pull it off.

This guy is impossible.

“And you’re point?” He manages to snap back.

“My point is that you’re an arrogant and conceited bastard.” I don’t miss a beat.

But neither does he... “Always so quick to judge?”

“When it’s necessary, yes.”

“Why do you think it’s necessary?”

“Why do you always answer me with a question?”

“Does that irritate you?”

“Does it make you feel more witty and clever?” I inquire in a high-pitched voice.

“Would it bother you, if it did?” He asks slyly.

“Would it bother me if a fucking asshole needed to use childish tactics to win his arguments and get his point across? What would make you think such a thing?”

“Funny, isn’t?” I hear, just before the bell rings and he gets up to leave.

Piece of crap asshole...

I can’t help but think.


“He’s a fucking asshole.” I hiss. “I mean, what the hell was his problem? I was trying to be nice.”

“Maybe he’s got a crush on you.”

“Alex, be serious. I just met him. He just met me.”

“Plus, he’s only been in town like two weeks.”

I turn to Maria in the backseat of Alex’s Rabbit. “And you’d know that how...?”

I mean, everyone knows that he’s the “new guy” but still...

“Michael and I were talking. He’s known Max and his sister for like ever and I think they just recently moved here from Albuquerque. I think his dad got a really good job offer or something and decided to move everyone.” Maria explains as if it’s no big deal.

“Perfect. So, why the hell did Hamilton think that we would “compliment” each other?” I huff and cross my arms.

“Wow. He’s really gotten under your skin, hasn’t he?” Alex quickly shoots me a glance before turning out of the school’s parking lot.

“Yeah, you could say that.” I mumble after rolling down my window. I need air.

Cause for some reason, he did really get under my skin. And I probably let him.

I don’t know even know how it happened. One minute, everything is fine. The next, he was pressing every single one of my buttons.

“Maybe he thought you could show him the ropes of 5th period science?” Maria offered.

“She could be right, you know.” Alex agreed while stopping the car at a red traffic light. “Everyone knows you’re like the top student in that class. He probably just thought you could help him out.”

“He’s a fucking asshole.” I wrinkle my nose at the thought of spending the next two weeks working with him. “He’s arrogant and really smug. I bet he thinks he’s hot shit...”

“I don’t know... He kinda is hot shit.” Maria smiles and tries not to laugh at the death glare I send her.

“Excuse me?!”

“I’m serious. Liz. He’s got that whole dark and mysterious thing goin’ on full force. All the girls have noticed it. Ahh... If I wasn’t with Michael... There’d be some possibilities...”

“Eww...” I frown. “That’s sick, Maria.”


I think for a moment. “Cause he’s a fucking asshole.”

“Uh huh. You’ve mentioned that.” She smiles again. “You know, Alex, maybe you weren’t so far off in the beginning but maybe it’s Lizzie who likes Max...”

“Liz? And a crush?” Alex starts to laugh. “That’s funny. That’s really funny!”

“You guys suck.” I sulk, trying not to sound defeated. So, maybe I think he’s cute and maybe I’m a little intrigued by the fact that he so easily irritated me, but still... He’s a fucking asshole.

“And so does he?” Maria taunts and finishes my thought for me.

“I so hate you right now. You know that? Right?”

“Liz, don’t let him get to you. It’s not worth it.” Alex shakes his head knowingly, as his car comes to a stop in front of Maria’s house.

“Yeah, but maybe he is...” Maria says quietly before stepping out of the Rabbit’s backseat. “Liz, you have never backed down from a challenge. And that’s all I’m going to say...” She explains, and then winks at me. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow...”

“Bye.” I meagerly whisper, as she slams the door shut. “Am I just entirely stupid?” I pause a beat and turn to Alex, waiting for some real words of wisdom.

“No.” He smirks. “I think you’re just bored...”

“Shut up, Alex.” I half smile.

“Band practice it is. It’s at Nick’s place tonight, right?”


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AN: You know, I think I should be dead.
I can’t believe I have not updated this fic or the other one in over a month. How the hell did that happen? I’m ashamed. And I’m sorry. But very gratefully to those that have kept this fic bumped. Hehe. It’s not hard for me to admit that if you guys weren’t here, I wouldn’t have gotten off my ass and started writing again.
Anyway, let me explain my absence a little. First and foremost, I got a job. Granted, it’s only babysitting but it’s babysitting a hyper active 5 year old that has autism. Not a cool mix but the kid is to die for. He is just the sweetest... Hehe. He calls me Sobe cause he can’t always remember my name and when I first went over to his house I was drinking one of them. ;p
And also, writer’s block killed me. It took me like a week and a half to write one part, when it normally takes a couple good hours. It was hell to get these next couple parts together but I think I can easily continue now. You know, as long as I have the loyal readers. Hehe.
Anyway, I’m going to go quickly edit that lastest and post the third. And I hope you guys still like and remember this fic. But if you don’t, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to change it. ;p Cause I owe you guys a lot... Thanks so much.

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Enjoy the new part. And please, do let me know what you think. Cause this seriously took me forever and a day to write. And I don't even want to mention the number of drafts and edits it took to get me to this version. Writer’s block and tiredness suck as helpers when it comes to write fanfiction... Don't they?

Not So Complicated.
Part 3-

So, I’m back in the quad for another beautiful Tuesday afternoon. But this time, the sun isn’t quite “melting” me away, as much as, dissolving me away.

Yeah. We are now officially in a full-blown heat wave.

And goddamnit, I am so freaking pissed at who ever controls earth’s temperature gauge right now...

“I need to get out of here...” Maria moans as she lazily wipes her forehead with the back of her hand and tires to get her bright red tank top not to mold to her back so much so that you can’t tell where one ends and where the other begins. “I need to find an ice cold pool.”

“We need to make another one of those.” Alex half-heartedly smiles. It’s sad. I don’t think he has the energy to smile fully. None of us do. We’re all just completely burned...

Figuratively and literally.


“That was cool.” I sigh after taking a long drink from my all too quickly warming water bottle that was filled with ice not two hours ago. “I remember that. We were, what? Freshmen when we set that baby up?” I lean back against the tree as I try to find the full memory.

“Yeah.” Maria smiles at the thought of us so long ago. “We need to do that again. Maybe even invite a couple people along...”

“No.” Alex quickly looked at Maria for a second and a half and then started shaking his head. “Only a few men would get into a swimming pool that was half filled with ice. And Michael Guerin defiantly isn’t one of them...”

“Eww!” I wrinkle my nose. “That’s sick, Alex.”

“What?!” He laughs at the fact that he was able to grouse me out and begins to lean forward. “Shrinkage is a common occurrence when...”

“Stop!” Maria and I both scream at the same time.

“I so don’t want to hear the end of that!” I involuntarily shutter at the mental images that are threatening to break into mind.

“Yeah, well, I’m dating the guy!” Maria grunts and starts to rummage through her bag for something.

“Alright. Fine.” Alex threw up his hands in defeat and smirked at both of our disgusted looks. “I was just saying...”

“Yeah, but don’t.” Maria tells him and uncaps a vial of her Cedar aromatherapy oil and begins to take slow breathes of it.

“Ever.” I include before shuttering one last time. “So fucking sick...”

“What’s so sick?”

“Michael Guerin in a pool that’s filled with...” I involuntarily start to answer the cocky voice before looking up and realizing the words that were coming out of my mouth and the person the words would be heard by. But thankfully, I was able to stop myself just in the knick of time. Kinda.

“Michael and a pool filled with what exactly?” A Mr. Max Evans smugly smiles down at me and prompts ever-so-slyly with the freakin’ twinkle in his eye beaming.

And as he is doing this, I just stare up at him.

A nice and steady blank stare.

Something along the lines of what an idiot would if it was in a starring contest, I’m sure.

Goddamn it, I suck.

“Not nothing...”

It was the only thing that my mouth was able to articulate on its own. That’s all my mind was able to put together. 2 crappie words mushed together.

Not nothing. Which, technically means, that it wasn’t nothing. Right? Which would also imply that it was something. Right?

But, anyway, hopefully, Evans isn’t bright enough to get that little bit of hidden meaning.

“Well,” He started before crouching down and meeting me at eye level. “If it’s not nothing, then what is it?”


I blinked only once. But despite myself, my inane starring continued. And so did he…

“What was my friend, and I’m assuming yours, doing in a pool filled with something questionable that you don’t want to repeat? Out loud, at least...”

God, his voice. It’s like nails on a chalk board.

It’s cocky and superior and arrogant and loaded with BS...

“Is your dad a lawyer?!” I blurt out and ask almost in a stunned/sarcastic/disgusted voice. Because frankly, I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I just blurted that out. I can’t believe I lost control. So much control, in so little time...

“Excuse me?!” I look up quickly, just in time to see the look on his face. And let me tell you, he looked like one of those six year olds that got caught trying to steal a cookie before dinner.

Oddly enough.

“He is. Isn’t he?” I ask with the beginnings of a smirk on my face.

Dude, all is now explained.

“She’s got ya there, Partner.” I glance to my side to see Maria giggling and shaking her head at Max. “Michael’s told me all about it, so, don’t think of making up too many lies...”

But he doesn’t look away; he doesn’t pay any attention to Maria’s mocking giggles.

He just meets my gaze and holds it.

And while he does that, I feel all warm and fuzzy as he tries to figure out why I’d ask something like that. I don’t know if it’s because of the way he’s looking at me or just that the simple fact that he is looking but I could swear that I feel something. Like a little extra tick in my heart or a couple extra butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Or my very own superiority complex kicking in.

Either way, he continued to hold it until Alex interrupted us... “Um, I don’t mean to interrupt but I don’t think we’ve actually met. I’m Alex Whitman...” Alex then held out his hand and I could see it from the corner of my eye and that’s when Max all of a sudden looked down and grabbed Alex’s hand.

And I was left to stare off dumbfoundedly, again...

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. Like wise.”

“So... Can we help you with anything? I mean, did you need something or did you just want to come over here and see if you could knock Liz Parker silent, much like you have.”

See, I heard that. But I’m too distracted with the warm and fuzzy to kick Alex.

Damn it.

I guess I owe him.

“Yeah.” Max nodded. “Actually, I just came over here because I wanted to borrow Liz for a minute...”

“You what?” I ask, finally kinda coming out of my stunned lull.

What’d he say?

“I need to talk to you.” He turns towards me, once again, and lifts his eyebrows in a weird sort of way.

“Wha... Why?”

“About science. And a certain pool’s filling...” He tells me simply and extends his hand so I can get up more easily.

But I don’t grab it right away. Oh no... I just stare at it...

Warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy.

“Come on, Liz.” He looks down at me seriously.

“Since when are we on a first name basis? I’ve only really known you since yesterday.” I tell him timidly and continue to stare at his hand. Again, I had nothing better to say, nothing better to come up with.

“Well, after the way you introduced yourself yesterday- I guess I just assumed...”

“You shouldn’t have.” I tell him shortly.

“Then, what may I call you?” He causally retracts his hand and shoves it in one of his many pockets.

I skip only a beat before answering. “Liz is fine.”

He smirks. But tries to hide it. “Fine. Liz it is...”

“Yes. Liz is it.” I say a little too quickly and then frown at the stupidness of how it sounded.

I’m back to losing control. If I ever got it back in the first place.

“Anyway, Liz, I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah. Science, right?” I wrinkle my nose while trying to stand up.

Hell, I might as well try and find out what’s up. He is my partner and all.

You know, I’m told we compliment each other.

Anyway, yeah... I need to give it a shot.

And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that, from where I’m standing, at least, in the hot New Mexico sun he looks like the “hot shit” Maria described yesterday.

No. I just want to see if I can beat this challenge that’s come my way.

“Uh huh.” He answers as I try to clean the dirt and crap off of the ass of my pants. As gracefully as I can, be assured. “We need to go see the teacher.”

“Fine.” I answer lamely and turn to look down at Alex and Maria, forgetting that I owe Alex a kick in the shins. “Guys, I’ll catch you later. I’ve got to go deal with Evans and Hamilton. Lovely mix, ain’t it?”

Maria answers with a laugh and wave. Alex nods and starts to unpack his lunch.

“Great friends, huh?” I ask Max as we start to walk towards the school building.

“Yeah. Great...” He smiles lightly. “And by the way- It’s Max.”

And during that second, that he said his name and gave me permission to use it, I turned to look at him and by doing so- I ended up catching him in a really cute smile. And for some reason, it made me smile. “Alright, Max.” And I couldn’t help but think that this might just be the beginning of a beautifully amusing acquaintance.


Just maybe.

“I don’t know...”


“Cause I just suspected that you would do it.”


“I figured you were one of those grade obsessed people. I thought you’d get it done, so we’d have a paper to turn in.”

“You have some freaking nerves, you know that?”

“What the hell do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, think of something fast.”


“Cause the teacher’s on his way over...”


“Miss Parker and Mr. Evans? I predict there is a problem with your proposal?” Mr. Hamilton authoritatively comes to stand directly in front of Max and me.

God, I knew this was a bad idea.

When Max informed me that we didn’t have any of our work done for Hammy, I thought he was joking. I mean, maybe I was just jumping to conclusions or something, but Max Evans didn’t really strike me as a person that would care if their work was turned in or not.

Turns out, that was the whole problem.

See, on our walk to Hammy’s classroom, I found out that he’s been fucking off for most of his high school career and West Roswell High was his ONLY chance to redeem himself. You know, with acing his finals and getting on his teacher’s good side.

So, this paper/proposal thing and Mr. Hamilton’s attitude equaled shit creek for my new friend.

And he knew it.

“Um... Funny you should ask that...” I nervously smile. Never in my life have I ever had a teacher not like me. Well, at least not until 5th period chemistry, junior year. I’m convinced he has it out for me and that’s he’s just waiting for me to screw up. And I think he thinks this is his big chance to can both me and the new kid.

Perfect, isn’t it?

“Do you really say?” He asks arrogantly and crosses his arms over his chest.

I quickly shoot a Max a glance before starting to present our excuse.

“See... Um... Max and I finished it, you know, yesterday but...” I stutter and stammer. I was never good at lying to people like him. Never. Ever...

This was a bad idea.

“But I took it home to edit it and I forgot to bring it in this morning.” Max quickly finishes my sentence, after shooting me a nervous/fleeting look back.

And I can’t help it. I look back over at him, in just about complete awe as he finishes in the most innocent and guiltless tone I have ever heard. I mean, I know he didn’t say much and it was really lame but still, the way he said it... It was “I’m really sorry, Mr. Hamilton. It won’t happen again but I would still like to discuss the consequences, so that this issue may be resolved.”

Jesus. Not even butter would melt in this boy’s mouth...

“I understand the stress you may be in, Mr. Evans, with moving to a new town and new school...” Mr. Hamilton starts, obviously falling for all the crap Max just fed him. “But we have strict rules here and I think you need to make it a point to learn them.” He finishes as he un-crosses his thick arms.

“I understand.” Max nods.

I still just stare blankly at him. Cause he was good. Really good.

“Do you?” Mr. Hamilton turns towards me, as I continue to stare at Max and think about his amazing lying abilities.

“Um, yeah...” I answer absent mindedly and turn towards him. “I’m sorry about that, Hamilton.”

“I’m sure you are, Miss Parker.” He says as he re-crosses his arms.

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault.” I shake my head and cross my own arms over my chest. “It was the new guys fault...” I explain before smiling sweetly.

“Indeed.” Hammy nods at me.

Dude, this guy has got serious problems with objects being stuck up his ass.

“Anyway, if we are done here, I’m going to get something to eat. And Max, you need to get one of those crappie school handbook things, so, you coming?” I call over my shoulder as I am about to walk out of the room. Screw Hammy and his crappie attitude. Max got us off the hook. All is well now.

“Um, yeah.” I hear Max answer, still in his oh-so-innocent voice. “I’m right behind you.”

“Cool.” I nod and start walking towards the good old vending machines that hold all the lunch I will require this wonderful afternoon.


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Hehe. You guys are all insane! The bumpage is great. Thank you. Anyway, enjoy this newest part. Again, I re-wrote it about 10 times but I think it’s at an okay place. But let me know what YOU think. For some reason, I’m always very aware of the faults in this fic and it’s really hard for me to be happy with more than just a certain part. Either way, let me know... ;p

Not So Complicated.
Part 4-

Come on lucky number A-5.

“You know, it’s really amazing how happier a person I have become since the installation of these wonderful vending machines that sell Starbucks Coffee Frappuccinos.” I causally explain over my right shoulder to one Max Evans while inserting 6 quarters from my pocket into the little money slot. “They cost a good $1.50 but I would argue the worth of it is much, much more...”

“Hmm. I’m not much of a coffee person...” He shrugs and moves past me, towards the Coca-Cola machine. Another new addition and installation.

“Freak.” I can’t help but mutter as I twist open the small glass bottle and take my first sip of the cool and creamy liquid.

He smiles before popping open his own 12 ounce can of Cherry Coke. “Hardly.”

Not such a bad choice, cherry cola, but still... What does that say about him?

He’s a 17 year old boy/man that likes cherry flavored soda. Hmm...

“Whatever you say.” I smirk and try to shake my head clear of the beginnings of a sick “analyze this” moment. What the hell does it matter if he likes artificially flavored drinks? “Coffee is a godsend. So is Starbucks.” I tell him as sternly as I can. “Seriously.”

“Whatever you say...” He humors me after taking a very long drink of his beverage.

“Don’t patronize me, Mr. Evans.” I draw my eyebrows in a frown to show my seriousness. “It was hell before Starbucks came into my life. It might be hard to imagine but there was a time, not too long ago, that most Roswellians didn’t even know what good coffee was...”

“I would never patronize you, Miss Parker.” He replies in that same sly voice from yesterday.

“You’re full of shit, you know that?”

“Pretty much.” He smirks. “And I think it’s safe to say the same about you.”

“Haha. Very funny...” I say as I motion for him to follow me so that we can tell start wandering the halls.

You know, I still don’t get this guy. One minute he’s, dare I say, normal and charming and the next he’s the asshole from yesterday. It’s weird.

But I’m starting to like it.

And I’m starting to think, that’s not such a bad thing after all...

“So, where the hell did you come from?”

“Up north.”

And were back to the asshole.

“No shit, Evans.”

“What? Since when isn’t Albuquerque up north?”

“Since it got shoved up your ass.”

Wow. So, I guess I’m an asshole too now.


“Yeah, cause that would make it south and not north.”

“Very good. You should get a gold star stapled to your forehead.”

“How about stapled to my ass?”

“Even better...”

“You’re a fucked up friend, Liz.”

“You’re a very special friend, Max.”

“Go to hell.”

“After you...”


“So, we still have to work on our project this weekend, right?” I look over my shoulder just in time to see Max, in all his glory, come to stand behind me. It’s Friday afternoon, school is almost out for the day, and somehow I came in here to study from whatever test I will have to take in the next week or so and he found me.

And I’m absolutely ecstatic.

Cause now you’ll get another example of how we interact with each other.

“Yes.” I tell him before gesturing towards the chair next to mine.

“You know, this isn’t a bad library. It’s better then the one I had at my old school.” He sighs while slumping into the stuffy arm chair that sits on my right hand side. It’s red and stained but quite comfortable.

“Uh huh.” I smile and glance around the dusty room that is filled with torn and broken books of all sorts. “Well, I’m not surprised. That old school of yours makes West Roswell High sound like a private school... With a lot of money. Which is weird cause yours was a private school with a lot of money.”

I frown. “That’s fucked.”

“It was fucked but it wasn’t all bad.” He smirks but tries to look like I’ve hurt him by talking shit about his old place. “I had a lot of fun and Isabel was a lot happier...”

I nod while listening but can’t help but interrupt. “You know, I think I should meet her.” I tell him as nonchalantly as I can.

See, Isabel is his sister. And she isn’t attending West Roswell High because apparently she was able to get her teacher’s at Max’s old school to give her all of her finals before the family packed up and moved. I guess it wasn’t such a strange thing cause there’s only like 2 and a half weeks left of school but I can tell that Max wishes she was here. From what I gather, they’re really close.

Lucky bitch.

Anyway, while lost in my thoughts of Max’s said-to-be-perfect sister, I don’t realize the fact that he has now changed positions and is currently leaning ever so closely to me. “Well, don’t you think it’s a little early to meet each other’s families?” Max’s husky whispered voice brought me instantly out of my thoughts of his sister and back to him.

Warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy. Warm and fuzzy.

Loss of control. Loss of control. Loss of control.

I smile a shy smile and try to play along without bursting out laughing. “Maxwell, I don’t think we should keep our love for each other a secret any longer.” I then slowly stand up and go by his side. “I love you. And I’m not going to keep hiding it...”

“I know you love me. And I love you too. But it isn’t safe for...” And that was it. As soon as he said “I love you too”, I doubled over in a fit of snorts and giggles. I couldn’t help myself. And neither could he. “You should have let me finish... You never let me finish.” He complained after trying to calm himself in vain.

“I know. I’m sorry.” I choked out before grabbing my stomach and holding it tight. “If I laugh anymore, I’m going to split...” I giggle before realizing that Max’s hands we inches away from my sides and that he was about to tickle me. “Oh my god...! Don’t you dare!” I yell before trying to pull away. But it didn’t work. His hands grabbed me from both sides and he started to tickle me for all he was worth. And I couldn’t stop laughing. And I was sure I wouldn’t have wanted to either.

Cause Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the past three days of my life...

Each and every one has been a little slice of something so perfect, that I can’t even begin to describe.

In short, I’m having the time of my life with Mr. Max Evans at my side.

One minute we’re arguing and at each other’s throats, the next we are flirting and getting into trouble like there’s no tomorrow.

And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve started to fall...

And being right here, right now, and realizing this revelation is a big thing.

Cause while Max continues to tickle me and the librarian, Mrs. Holts, starts to scream, I feel something inside me. Something...warm and fuzzy...but more than just warm and fuzzy.

Something life altering in it’s simplest form.

Something that will make me a completely different person, for sure.

Something that will be able to save me.

Now, if only I knew how he felt...


“So... Have you kissed ‘em yet?”

Ahh... Another one of Maria’s all-to-sweet questions about the time I’ve been spending with Max. But you’ve got to love her. And her persistence...

“Or have you gone all the way to second base?”

“Second base?” I mock, while looking over the magazine that’s in my hand. “Dude, we hit second base the minute after I called him arrogant and conceded for the first time... We’re way beyond that now.”

“Uh huh. So, what? Third base has been hit?” I listen to her sick comment and stick my tongue out she only nods sarcastically and then goes back to looking through my basket filled with nail polish and whatnot.

It’s Saturday night and Maria Deluca and I are in the mists of one of our ritual sleepovers.

But it’s nothing special or anything. See, we both work well beyond closing time at the CrashDown on Friday nights, so, she always just crashes in my room when she’s too tired or too lazy to drive home.

It’s been happening since freshmen year.

Nothing special or anything.

I sigh out loud and unintentionally break the silence that fell over us. “God, these people are so fucking fake...”

Maria causally looks up at me. “Who is it this time?” She asks before closing the bottle of clear top-coat.

I roll my eyes and throw the latest edition of Seventeen on the floor next to my bed. “Who the hell knows?” I groan and lazily roll off of my twin bed. “Hey, ya need something to sleep in?” I ask with a yawn as I walk over to my closet.

“Um...” Maria starts thoughtfully. “Yeah.”

I nod my head and start digging through my laundry basket. “Here.” A second later I toss a sky blue tank top and a pair of white PJ shorts over my shoulder and towards here general direction. For me, I grab my favorite black cami and a pair of navy drawstring sleep pants.

“Thanks for the clothes and all, I mean really, but there’s still something else we need to talk about.” I hear Maria say before I walk into my bathroom. And unfortunately, I was only able to grab my toothbrush and Crest toothpaste before Maria started hitting me with the questions again. “You know, it’s my duty as the best friend to find out exactly what’s going on. I’m not trying to pry... Oh, who the hell am I kidding?! I am trying to pry. I want and need to know exactly what your feelings are for this guy! You’ve been spending countless hours with him these past four days and I’m starting to wonder if Hammy was right when he said you guys would complicate each other...” Maria sighed and her ramble finally ended with a deep breath and a set of pathetic puppy dog eyes focused right on me.

Typical and predictable.

“Why don’t we put on some music?” I ask and causally walk past her with the toothbrush still in hand. “What are you in the mood for?” I smile at her before crouching in fort of my beaten up stereo and pressing the “play” button.

Yes, you are correct. I have not admitted my feelings to Maria. Nor do I plan to any time soon.

You see, I figure that I need to understand and sort everything out before I start babbling to the gossip queen of WRH.

Cause believe me, she would have Max on the phone or on his way over before I was even done with my first sentence.

She’s just like that.

I love her to death. But she’s way involved with other people’s love lives.

God, did I just call this whole mess a “love life”?

Oh fuck.

“You can’t just avoid the subject!” I hear Maria yell from inside my small bathroom, her voice semi-echoing. “I’m here all night, Chicka!”

“I know it and now, so does the whole freakin’ town, Maria.” I shake my head and refer to the all of windows in my room that are currently as open as they can be. “Granted, I only have like 2 windows and they are only there as a way to get to my balcony but still. Sound has been known to travel.”

“What? You think they care?” Maria snickers while walking back into my room with her hair up in a perfect bun and her clothes changed into the ones I so generously let her borrow.

“The residents of Roswell, New Mexico not caring about the latest bit of gossip?! Oh, heavens no...” I shake my head dramatically and send my hair with it.

“You think I’m gossip worthy?” Maria narrows her eyes and looks at me straight. “Do you really?”

“Of course my dear...” I nod and walk towards her. “With a boy-toy like Guerin, you’ve got some great potential...” I smirk before Maria hits my arm.

“So not fair.” She crosses her arms and goes to pick up the magazine I placed on the floor, most likely, hoping to find some sort of “love” quiz. But I already checked. Nothing good this time... Fucking bastards. “We cannot discuss my newest friend, until we discus yours.” Maria tells me sternly. But I ignored her and started listening to the song that I had put on.

Unintentionally, of course.

“You know,” I start before sticking my white and blue toothbrush into my mouth. “I always wanted to be the girl at the end of this song... You know the one that offers the guy the ticket and asks him to go with her?”

Maria, accepting the subject change, for now, let out a deep sigh, sat down on the edge of my bed.

“I mean, this girl was able to realize that this guy loved her and she went for it, regardless. She just told him that she wasn’t any different from him...” I started to rationalize and ramble.

I want to be able to do that. I mean, if I’m really “in love” with Max. I want to just throw caution to the wind and tell him everything. But I doubt I’d be able too.

I’m weak.

I’m scared.

And I pray to God, I’m not really in love.

In like, maybe.

I could live with myself if I admitted I liked him. But not love.

I’m not ready for that.

Maria isn’t ready for that.

What the fuck am I doing even thinking about this?

Max thinks of me as his buddy.

We’re just friends.

Didn’t he already call me that?

Didn’t he say I was a “fucked up FRIEND?”

Didn’t I do the same?

Have I screwed this whole thing even before it was a thing?

“Liz...” She starts to tell me kinda of sadly and consequently, breaks me out of my jumbled thoughts. “You know, I think all of us really wish somewhere down in our dreams that we’ll find out about this guy that’s absolutely head-over-heels in love with us. And that their too shy to tell us or too scared of our boyfriend’s that are dicks or something... I know I did.” She smiles faintly at me and that’s when I realize how pathetic I must have sounded.

“I suck.” I say, starring down at her kindly smiling face. “What the hell is wrong with me? How could I even think about that?!” I quickly shove my toothbrush back into my mouth and I start brushing my teeth, rather roughly.

But that’s not what I worried about at the moment. Or what I’m thinking about.

Cause I’m thinking about Max. Yeah, Mr. Maxwell Evans, himself.

It has been 3 and ½ days since Evans and I agreed to go on a first name basis. And a lot happened in those first 3 days.

Half of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

After walking down the hall together that first day, we started walking down the hall the next day and the next.

We started hanging out. We started talking. I told him things I would have never told anyone. And he did the same.

I felt like I could finally just relax and I that I was free to say whatever the hell I wanted to say without worrying about what he would think of me.

For some reason, when he’s around, I lose control.

He’s made me careless and immature.

And happy.

And that scares me. Cause while I’m having the time of my life and feeling even more of those “warm and fuzzy” feelings, I have no idea how he feels. I don’t know if he feels the same way or if he’s just hanging out with me cause he needs an A on his science project or cause we’re “friends”.

Cause of him, I’m not the girl at the end of that Wheatus song. I’m the guy that’s watching from afar.

Just watching, wishing and wondering.

Cause of him, I’m the teenage dirtbag...

Fucking bastard.


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