Amazing New Life.
Part one
"Katlyn I can't find anything to wear!" Elizabeth Parker said while tossing garment's around the room.

" Liz, babe it's just going over to James to see how he is doing and if he want's some cookies. Oh, and by the way these are
really good cookies! But like I said it's no big thing." Katlyn said as she scarfed down the cookies. Liz frantically rushed over
grabed the cookies and said "Now, now, now, if you eat all the cookies you wont have enough to give James."

" Liz listen to me, James is not, and note the not, in any situation or on any planet to even give a thought to
being yo' boy. Beleive me. I tried already." Katlyn said as she plopped on the couch.

"I know it's just that I'm bored and," Katlyn put her hand up to interupt Liz.

"Babe, listen I know it's been like for ever since you had somthin goin' on in yo' life. But this ain't the way to go.Listen, I have to go and pick up the
bro' from schoo', so after I drop him of at my foke's I'll come back for some lunch. bye" Katlyn walked out the door.

" I hate my life!" Liz screamed then got up.


Liz heard someone knock at the door.

"Hold on! I be there in a sec!" liz screamed from the kitchen.

The knocking continued. This time harder.

"I said hold on!!!!!" Liz said as she got to the door.

She opened the door to see her profeser from the university.

"Mr. Finler, what are you doing here?" Liz asked slighty surprised.

Mr. Finler was in his early 20's and very good looking.

" May I come in?" he asked.

" Oh yea sure. No problem!" she said.

" Ms. O' Connell I have a asighnment for you. Your first feild assighnment. it's in Egypt. A man said that about 83 years ago
a pyramid vanished and I want you to research it then you may go."

Liz was sitting in Mr. Finler's class as the bell rang.

As liz was walking out Mr. Finler asked her to stay.

" Ms. O'Connell in this asighnment your going to have a couple partners. Scott Minloster, Gregory Buystonner, and
Kevin Stulswenm, they will help you on your asighnment."

Part two

Liz ran to the plane and got in her seat, seated next to Kevin Stulswen.

" Hi, I'm Liz O'Connell and I'm guessing you are Kevin Stulswen?" Lix said as she pulled her hand out into a greeting position.
he took he hand and gave it a firm shake and said " Yeah, you got that right. And I've heard of you, you are like a really smart kid at the University.
Everyone want' you to tooter them in History."

Liz laughed and said " Yea I get that alot."

" So I heard that the Scorpion cave had a chamber filled of royal gold's!" Kavin said.

" Oh yes it had the most finnest jewl's. And was most known for the one most important key to the mystery. The Scorpion braclet!"Liz said.

" Mystery? What Mystery? And what is this about this key to what?" Kevin asked very confused.

" It was said that a warrior known as the scorpion king would have done anything to win this war , soon they had lost a war and his men had died in
the sand's of the dessert and soon he was the only one left. He asked the god to help him. He let a Scorpion bite him and," she stopped.

"And what? And what?" He asked wanting to know more.

"That's all there is." she said.

"thats not fair you cant leave me hangin' here." he said.

Then the plane landed and they got of the plane to meet the other's the would work with.

" Hi there! My name is liz O'Connel and this is Kevin Stulswen." Liz hollard over the load plane engines.

" Nice to meet you! Im Scott Minloster and this is Gregory Buystonner!" Scott introduced.

" Hello great to meet you!" greg said as he shaked their hands.

" so how bout we go get those room's of ours? hugh?"Liz said.

Part three

Liz took one look at her room and new this wasn't going to be that bad at all.It was a large room, a very large room. And she had a queen sized bed. She went to sit on it and found it very comfortable. Then somone knocked at the door. She walked over to the door and opened it to see Kevin.

" Hey, whats up?" she asked.

" Come on get your coat were going to research this thing at the library." kevin stated.

"ok." she grabed her coat and headed out.

Part four

As Liz was reading and reading and did some more reading. but nothing even gave them a clue to where the pyramid was. When she got back to her room later that night she had a dream. It was like she saw the past. She saw a woman and a man in this cave. Then that's when she noticed who they were. It was a picture from her mother's. It had this couple on the front. What is going on she thought. "That's, thats, thats my grandparent's!". then she saw a little boy.
"Oh my Goodness! That. thats my father. She shut up for a moment to litsen to the two talk.

"No harm came to opening a box." the woman said.

" Oh, and your the one who said no harm came to reading a book and then soon a mummy was chasing us and do I have to remind you he wanted you dead." the man said.

Liz woke up and got dressed. She had to go back to the library to research her grandmother and grandfather.

When she got to the library she went up to the counter to look up on Evelyn OConnell.

"Oh ok. come with me please."the librarian took her to the back room.

"Oh? Ah yes! Here it is. She had come back from the dessert with a sack full of tresures that no one else could locate except for her. Then a little down the road she married Rick O'connel. hugh? This is quite interesting." the libraian started.

" What? What is it?" Liz asked.

" hun did you know your Grandparent's?" she asked.

"Well no they had disapeered when my father Alex O'Connel was 12. I never got to know them."Liz said.

"well there is no date of death on these."the Librarian said: They still have the house you are now the owner of it. it was to be passed down the family."

"May you give me direction's?" Liz asked.

The lady nodded.

Part five

When Liz got to the address she just stood in awe? It was a gigantic house. And it was her's. Even though she had to drive all of the way to London, it was worth it.

" Quite big isn't it?" the voice made her jump. She whipped around to see who it was.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. Hey are you from America? Cause you sure look it."the man said.

" Excuse me! How dare you come up to me and say that! You don't even know me." Liz scolded him.

"Hugh? Your British. Intresting. you have an acsent." the man said.

" Yes my Grandmother and my Father are British! Oh I don't beleive I introduced myself. Hi! Im Liz O'Connell!"Liz said.

" Nice to meet and I'm John, John Connwell. Wait a minute! your related to the O' Connell family? I hav heard lot's of thing's about that family. I heard that they were slatered because they took some jewl's from a royal temple!" he said.

Liz laughed. "No you've got it all wrong. My Grandparent's disapeered on a expadition in Egypt."

"Oh I'm soory I din't know." he said.

"It's no problem. Don't worry about it." Liz said" I own this ! This , this , whole entire thing. I have no idea what to do with it. I mean I can't live in it Im only 23. Im to young to manage this whole thing!" Liz said.

" You will pull through just like your grand ma and da." He said.

"Thank's I needed that." Liz said

RING! RING!. The Phone rang and LIz grabbe dit and answered" Yea."

"Liz, We found it we found the temple!" Kevin said on the other end.

" I'll be right there!"Liz said.

Part six

When Liz got to the location she saw nothing. She ran over to the guys.

" Guy's there is nothing here! It's," Kevin put his hand up to interupt her. he then pointed to some stairs." Its there all of it. I can feel it!
its there its all there. We were just waiting for you to lead us!" Kevin said.

So Liz walked up to the steps and took a breath and walked down slowly. "Guys it's dark down here. Somone give me a light." she said.

"Here have my lighter" Scott said while handing it to her.

Then she grabbed a torch from the side wall and lit it. She then saw the silver disks. She walked over to it and tilted it and said " Then there was light." and the whole room lit up. Then she put the torch back on the wall. " Guys! Embalming never went on in that temble. this isn't the Scorpions cave. this is much more than I had excpected." She said while looking around.

"What is it than" Gregory asked.

"The city of the dead."

Part seven

Liz was again standing infront of this house that belonged to her but she didn't even no about. But she still hasn't entered.

She finnaly got up the strength and went up to the door. She had a key made for her that day. She stuck the key in the lock and turned the door knob and pushed open the door. She looked around from that position. 'Wow' she thought.

"It's bigger on the inside than the outside!" she said

She started walking up the steps which were covered with cob web's.

"It look's like no one has been in here for 60 years or more." she said as she saw the dust. She came to a door and pushed it open.
She walked to the dresser it had Jewelry all over it. it was her Grandmothers. On the left wall she saw another dresser with a gun's spread out. She shook her head remembering the stories her father told of them. She sat herself on the bed and looked around and saw all of the pictures on the wall. and all her Grandmother's nechlaces and her Granfather's Guns. Him and his guns. He loved them just as much as his car. She was started when she heard a noise down the hall. She went over to her Grandfathers gun and held it in her hand as she walked down the hall to another door which was open. She walked slowly inside as she raised her gun. She saw that it was only a cat that probably got in from an open window. She went over to the cat and put it up.

" Hey Kitty! What are you doing in here?" she said. She picked it up and placed it outside the door and told it to go home.

Then she heard another noise, it was in the closet.She grabbed her Grandfathers gun again and pointed it at the closet and slowys opened the door. to find a rat. Then she took a breath and looked at the closet. Outfits for a boy of the 40's were hung all around. She guessed it was her father. She took her black leather jacket of and placed on the bed. When she placed the coat down her keys fell to the floor. She kneeled down to grab them and saw somthing under the bed. She reached out for it and pulled it out. It was a small box. She saw that it could only be opened with a key. it had to be a very strang looking key to open this thing. She tried to pry it open but she didn't have the strength. Then very frustrated she put the box on the desk and walked out of the room. She walked down the stairs to the Living room. it was large and it had a blood stain on the carpet. It looked old so it probably happend a long time ago. Then she walked into a library, which was huge full of book's and old artifact's of Egypt. Wow! Than a strange little box caught her eye. She walked oer to it and picked it up trying to open it. then stunned she opened it. Wow! She thought again.

"This is amazing. How could my father not tell me about this. You know what I'll take the offer. I'm going to stay here. But first its going to need a little cleaning." Liz said.

Part eight

Later on Liz came back with her boombox and some cleaning utilities. She put the CD in and pushed play.

She started from the upstairs cleaning everything she saw.

After she was done cleaning she thought of where her Grandparent went. Why they werent found? She couldn't stop think about it.
She grabbed her cell and dialed her fathers number in Minnesota.

"Hello?" her father answered.

"Why didn't you tell me?!?" Liz asked very mad with him.

"What? Liz honey I dont cwit understand," her father said.

"About the house in London or the matter it belong's to me!!" Liz yelled.

"Liz honey you don't understand that house pulls trouble towards it. I didn't want you to get hurt." he said.

"I'm 23 now Dad I can take care of myself. This house hasn't even been touched for almost 60 years. you just left it to rot. You left all of your memories to rot like trash!!" Liz yelled even louder this time."what are you hiding from me? " She asked calmly.

"Liz listen I'm coming in there to see you and ill tell you everything." he said then hung up.

Then Liz decided to go back to the site but kept the small little box in her pocket. Then she new it. It was the Key to the small box in her Dad's bedroom. She raced upstairs into the room and unlocked the Box. "Yes!!" she said excited. She found a nechlace that had the same little key as the one she was holding except smaller. She grabbed it and put it around her neck. then she found a journal. She found it! She found out how to get to the Scorpion cave. Her father was there. He wrote down every single direction. But the last entry said it was all sucked into the ground. But I ll find it. I know I will she thought.

Part nine

Liz was walking to her car right when someone put their hand on her shoulder wihch made her jump and push the stranger to the ground. It was John.

"Oh my goodness! John! I am so sorry." Liz stuck out her hand to help him up." Here let me help you up." She grabbed his hand and brung him to his feet. He just started laughing when she helped him up.

Surprised Liz looked at him as if he were a mad man. " What? I am amused by your strength! I don't have a muscle in my scwermy little body!" He said still laughing.

Liz started to chuckle herself " It's not that funny!" she said laughing even harder. "Then why are you laughing?" he asked still chuckling.

"I don't know." then she stopped laughing when somthing caught her eye. John turned around to see what it was. It was a man.

"Liz." He said.

"Lyle." she said

"Um, sorry to ruin this kodak moment. But will someone introduce me. Please!" He said.

"He is my brother." liz said.

"Hey this is sopposed to be a happy moment!" he said as he brought the to face to face" but you aren't playin the part well. Why so blue hugh!

"He punched one of my ex's and it was at the wedding!" Liz yelled.

"you still believe that story don't you. He was in it for the money Liz! he wanted your money! I was only protecting you! just like Dad did!" lyle yelled.

"From what my life! It's my life I make my own choices!" Liz yelled.

"Liz what are you doing here though? I mean wasn't your assighnment in Egypt?" lyle asked.

"Yes, oh and did you know that this amazing house belong's to us. It was Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Everything is all still there! He left this here! It's ours Lyle it's ours. All of it! The money the house! Everything!" Liz said.

"All of it! oh my! " Lyle said as he picked up his sister.

"Well wasn't that a turn around! Once money is the subject everything is just patched up! oh I love you guys!" he said then hugged Lyle and liz.

Part 10

"So what your saying is that Father has been lying to us our whole life and, you think you found the Scorpion cave. You know you sound liike crazy british woman dont you?" Lyle said as he was sitting on the couch in the mansion.

"Hold on a minute you sound all american and your sister sounds British. Now how can that be?" John asked.

"Well I took on from my Grandmothers side and he took from our Grandfather. Who was all american." Liz answered.

"Hmm, thank you, carry on." john said as he took a sip of his tea.

"Well I want you ta help Lyle and of course John as well." Liz said.

"Why me?" Lyle asked suspiously.

"your good with guns and you just have the sense of what to do." Liz answered.

"Well I guess I agree."Lyle said.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you,thank you!" liz said as she hugged her brother.

Then gun shots were heard and Liz Lyle and John jumped out of the way of the bullets path.

"What the heck is going on here?" Lyle yelled. Then the gunshot's stopped. they looked up from the furniture to see the Egyptian of the Library
in Egypt.

"Where is the book of the dead?" He asked as his men pointed guns at them.

"What , what are you talking about? The book of the dead was only a myth it was fake all fake!"She said.

"No, no. You foolish child it is quite real and the people in this home took it from us!" he yelled. Then he lookeed into the young girl's eye's. NO. he thought. Could it be?

"You, you have the eye's of an O'connel and you young man the same face as your granfather. I guess the gift skipped a generation. Welcome home!" he said as his lowered their gun's.

"Hold it! First you threaten us and shoot at us and now your welcoming us? Ok who are you and where did you take the bad guy?" Lyle asked.

" Just like your grandfather I see!" the man said.

" Now listen here! Who are you?" He demanded.

"I am Ardeth a friend of your Grandparents" Ardeth said.

"How do we know this?" Liz asked.

"Oh my you look just like your grandmother! Except your eyes their you grandfathers eyes." Ardeth said.

"Wait a minute how can I look like her when my father looks totally diffrent!" liz said

"Your father? Alex? Alex is your father? Well I can prove it by this. you have a mark on your arm Lyle it is a pyramid with wing's am I right? And Liz you have a marking on your arm that is a Pyramid witha scorpion at the top?" he asked.

" Actually Liz's mark is a pyramid and wings as well." Lyle stated.

"What this cant be Lyle your supposed to be the warrior and she is to be the Scorpion keeper."he said.

"What?!?" they yelled.

" This wasn't supposed to happen now you both must defeat Hemotep! But wait one of you are supposed to be special. One of you has the power to open the chest of Hemoteps dark powers which will become your own!" Ardeth said.

" Wait, Lyle and I know about this Hemotep, and he ain't all that pleasant I hear. Now why the heck do you think I'm goimg to help you with it if were going to get our heads pulled of like a chickens in the Process! Have I left anything out! Hugh?!?" She yelled.

"Oh nothing at al" Lyle and Liz and john began walking away" Thats only if you dont want to find your Grandparent before he gets them next."

Lyle became angry and walked fast toward Ardeth and shuvved him against a wall.

"Where the heck are my grandparents? What have you done to them?!?" Lyle yelled.

liz ran to the two men and pryed Lyle off of Ardeth." Lyle it wasn't him it was Hemotep! he was jelous of our grandparents that they got to live happily together as he suffored heart ache he thought it wasn't fair. They didn't diserve it I know! I want them back to. I wanted family to. I did to." She said.

" You are right Elizabeth. He took your grandparent's to be his slaves in the underworl to suffer eternal life never to grow old and never to see the light of day and worst of all never to see their son grow up! It's eternal heart ache. He placed the two away from eachother never being able to see eachothers faces." Ardeth said.

"True heartache." Liz mumbled." So your saying their sufforing just because they loved eachother!"

"He's going to pay! Take us to where the Scorpion cave used to be!" Lyle demanded."Um I dont know." Ardeth said.

"I do" somone said.


Part eleven

"I know where to find it." Alex said

"Dad how?" Lyle asked.

"I was there. I was there when I was eight. your grandparents had took me on one of their expiditions and they had found a golden braclet and ofcourse I had no idea what it was so I tried it on while my parent were upstairs. When I put it on it showeed me images of hw to get there and I tried to get it off put I couldn't and soon we found out that if the sun was to touch it and the was to hit it it would kill me and if I got in the pyramid first I would be ok. So my father took me into the cave and I took the braclet off and thats when they stabbed my mother and she died. but Uncle John and me got the Book of the dead and brought her back.. Thats how." her father explained.

"Now let's go get your grandparents back." he said as everyone else walked out the door......

Later on they were looking at thje locatio that Alex took them.

" Dad there isn't anything here." she said and bent down to pick some sand up."Nothing but sand."

"No it's here. The memories are hitting me hard right here it hasto be it." he said.

"God just let us see them let us find. Come on Hemotep! What are you waiting for?!? Hugh? What are you waiting for!" Liz screamed. Soon clouds started forming quikly and thunder started rolling and lighting hit the ground about a foot from Liz.. She started laughing.

"Is that all! What a gosd you are! Your pathetic! your a worsless peace of junk! Why were people so frightend of you ! Your just pathetic! I wonder If your mother even loved you! Right here right now, I challenge you to fight. Come on! Are you to scared! Are you scared of me? I thought I was worseless. I thought I was mortal! Come on your a god! You cant die! Your to afraid! Your to afraid to bring me to your world! You think I will destroy you! Your afraid I'll distroy! Well bring it on were not afraid!. I cant let you make them suffer like this I cant, I cant, If you bring me there I will challange you and if I win you have to set my family free If I loose you can take me and my gift." She said as she stook her arm up showing the symbol.

" She has opened the chest. She is the one"Ardeth said.

Lyle walked up and grabbed Liz's arm as they were transported
to Hemoteps chamber in the under world.

The first thing they new they were in a jail type thing.Liz's symbol on her hand bagan to glow.

"Liz your hand it's glowing!" Lyle said.

"Where are we?" Liz asked

" It looks like a cell. Hey wait I read on this! I think I know how to get out. First give me your clip." Lyle said.

Liz took out her clip and let her hair fall which was spiraly.

"Wow, you really do look like her!" Lyle commented.

"Like who?" Liz asked.

"Grandma." Lyler said.

"Thank you. But right now we have to get out of here."Liz said smiling. Then Lyle got the door open. " Bravo!" Liz clapped.

"Thank you, Thank you."Lyle bowed.

"Come on hero lets get out of here and find them" Liz suggested..

Later on they were walking and Lyle stopped them.

"Liz I know you never wanted to use on of these but here is a gun you might need it. I never want to see you get hurt. Your my siter you mean everything to me." Lyle said and they walked of to a corner where they saw somone. They walked slowly behind them ane grabbed their arm and spun them around. It was a boy about their age more around.

"Please don't stay. You have to get out of here! Iy's not safe for you! You!. You are the special one you must get out of here. I promised I would not let him get hold of you! Now go!" The nman said.

"NO I'm not leavingh! I can't leave them! They have suffored to much. I cant leave them. Now tell me where to find my Grandparents!" Liz ordered.

"Ok, come with me. But I only know where to find Rick." he said.

Soon the boy took them to a chamber used for servants to sleep. They entered the room to find their grandfather who spun around with a gun in his hand when he heard a noise.
Liz jumped back as Lylepulled his gun up.

"Who are you?" Rick asked.

"I'm Lyle and this, this is Liz." Lyle introduced.

" Why are you here?" he asked.

" Were here to challenged Hemotep." Liz said as she stepped out from behind Lyle.

"Oh my god, I thought I would never see that face again! Who are you and why do you look like Evelyn?" Rick asked.

" My whole name is Elizabeth Evelyn O'Connell and my father is Alexander O'Connel. This is Lyle O'Connel."liz said.

"Alex? Alex is your father? That means you are my grandchildren! But why are you challenging Hemotep? I mea are you crazy? But how old are you?" Rick asked.

" Well I'm 23 and Lyle is 22 and father is 44." Liz said and started crying " We finnaly found you. I new you wern't dead. I knew it!" she said and hugged him. First Rick was surprised and then he hugged her back.

Liz backed away and said " Let's go kick some Mummy Butt!" Liz said and walked passed Lyle out of the room

" Now your talkin my language!" he said and followed Rick and liz.

Then when they turned a corner they came face to face with some soldiers and Liz stood there and handed Rick her gun. All you have to do is pull the trigger. "Ok" he said.

"Wait for my signal!" she said and sprinted to the soldiers. first she got some alchol out and put it in her mouth and grabbed a torch and spitte it into the fire and it burned the mummys to a crisp. " Come on!" she said. The men stood in shock. "Wow" they both said. Then they followed Liz. When they were about to go into a room liz stopped them it was Hemoteps Chamber with Evelyn Chaned at his chair. "I have to do this on my own." she said. " No Liz were in this together rememberer. he showed her the Symbol. But this is my problem not yours..

She walked out in the open. " Hey brain dead you promised me a fight remember?" she asked. He walked over to her and punched her in the stomach and sent her flying into a wall. " Liz!" Rick and Lyle yelled coming out into the open. Then Hemotep sent them flyin over to the other wall knocking them out. Liz was alone now except for Evelyn.. then Liz got up and before he could hit her again she jumped over him and hit him in the back sending him through the wall. Then she took the chance and thelarge knife and ran towards Evelyn and hit the center of the chain and set her free. Evelyn ran over to Rick and wock him up. " Rick? Rick who are these people?" she asked. " Their our grandchildren. Where is Liz!" he yelled.

"Right here!"She yelled.

Then Hemotep came from behind her and grabbed her knife and threw it into a wall. But Lis threw him and he ent into a wall again. then he turned and put his hand in the air and a light created in his hand and threw it at her. It sent her flying into a large statue which scratched up her face leaving a sliced lip and a cut along her cheek bone.

"LIZ!!!!!!!!" somone screamed.

Liz turned to see who it was. "Dad" she mummbled.

" Liz! " her father said and ran over to his daughter and helped her to her feet and cupped her face in his hands right next to Evelyn and Rick " Liz, you can do this you are so strong you just dont believe it which is blocking the gift. You have to beleive in yourself! I love you sweetie!" liz said. " I love you too Dad!" she said and hugged him tight. " Just in case." liz said " No, no you are going to make it you hear me, hugh? You hear me?" he said.

Liz got up and stood up to Hemotep " Bring it on!" she said. Then he went to hit her but she Jumped over him and placed her hand on his back and put a shock electricit through him. He fell to the ground.

" Alex?" Evelynn asked." Alex?"

" Mom?" Alex said" How can, you, you havent aged, what I ?"

" Your all grown up! You have children! I missed out on everything! I didn't see you ever grow up! Im sorry!" she said as she hugged him then Rick came up and hugged him as well. Then a big boom came from the side of them. It was Liz she had a cut along her shoulder. Alex ran over to her and picked her up. " Mom! We have to get the book! We have to get out of here! Reverse all of this!" Alex yelled.

" Ok! Come on it's in my cell! lET'S GO!!!!!!!!" Evelynn yelledf as they ran to her cell.She opened the door as quickly as she could and grabbed the book. She turned to the page and said the ritual and nothing happened. " It's, ita not working!" Evelynn said.

"No, no it has to work! Liz is going to die!" Alex yelled.

" NO! liz , liz come back, liz come back, Liz!"Lyle yelled.

"What? No you can't die you cant leave us!" Alex yelled.

" I turn the wheels of time!" Evelyn screamed and then everything went dark.

" Mom? Mom? Hey Mom wake up! Dad! Dad? Come on it's time to get up! It's my birthday remember?" a young british voice said.

" Alex? Your your? what now?" Rick said.

" Dad, Im 14!" Alex said.

" What! I though you were twelve?" he asked he looked at his wife and they said." Wer'e home! Wait Liz? Lyle?"

" NO! I sent us back in time they havent even been born yet!" Evelyn said.

" But were visiting for a minute!" Liz said.

"Liz how?" Evelyn said.

" Im sorry that I cant stay for long but you may change somthing in time to change the fact that I was born so just don't keep your hopes up!" she giggles" I love you."Then she isapeers. " We'll pray for you Evelyn said.

A few years later the whole family was killed except for one person. Their new born child Elizabeth. She was being babysat by Johnathan when Alex and his parents went on a expidition and while on the expidition Hemotep was brought back and killed Alex and Evelyn and Rick.Ofcourse everyone thought it was a explosion but it was Imhotep and his deadly powers. When the family had died Elizabeth was only four. She had to go to theoropy for four years. Her whole life she lived with her Uncle John. He made sure she was happy and akted as if he were her father. somtime's she would even think that heb her father. This is her story of growing up.

When my parents died and my brother I just froze and I stayed like that for a year. I just starred at wall's. It was like I was in my own land. Soon I came harmful in person and even though it killed my Uncle john he sent me to a mental hospital. I styed there for two years. I missed kindergarden and I missed half of first grade doring that time. I mean I just couldn't let myself believe they were dead so I made up a little life to live in my head I stayed like that till' I heard my uncle. He was crying. I just stared at this amaginary door in my head then I kept on hearing my Uncle and when I look the othr way I see my family. But my uncle seemed like he was in so much pain so I ran out the door and I saw a completely new room it was all white. And my Uncle was crying so I hugged him to make him feel better. Then he started laghing as he cried. he hugged me like he hadn't seen me in years. I had no idea what was going on then I rememberd. and excepted it. I Looked at my uncle and said " I know. And I except it. Can we go home now.". He just looked at me and nodded and then I remember walking down the hall hand in hand.

Life was perfect in that. Life went smooth from there.
Except once in a while would have this dream that my brother Alex was sitting with me and saying somthing about a book and every single time he would get to the point where it was he would disapeer. But as I got older it faded away. I gues my life became more appairent to me. and then I went to college in Roswell New Mexico. Thats where I changed my name to Nancy
but I kept my last name. Then as I went to a resturant called the Crashdown, which I thought was so cheesy, I met a guy his name was Jeff, Jeff Parker and was he cute! We started going out and stayed that way for four years untill he asked me to marry him and ofcourse I said yes. We got married and he took over the resturaunt the Crashdown and I worked as a nurse at the hospital and then two years later I had a daughter and named her Elizabeth. I know that was my name but it felt like the right thing to do by calling her that. Elizabeth Parker, it was perfect. Now seventeen years later my daughter is beautiful and she has her best friend Maria and Alex who died a few months ago. Oh, and those girls loved him so much and he loved them to. But Liz has been haning out with a strange group since she started going out with Max ERvan's but I trusted the boy. By trusted I mean past tense. Here's why.

I was in the kitchen helping Michael with the stove when I heard yelling in the back.

" You know what you don't even belong back here! So get out! Just get out. Will you just stop! Max let go of me! your hurting me!' they screamed. it was Liz. I ran to mmy daughters defence to find Max with his hand on her arm pulling towards the back door giving her a bruise. So I raan to her andpunched Max across the face and he flew into a wall. He looked at me with thse inisant eyes like he didn't even know what he was doing. I beleived him for a second there. but I pulled him to his feet and grabbed him and threw him into the alley where he fell on his side. " Don't yoou ever come near my daughter again and if you come into this place again I will call the cops and I promise you, you aren't going to get so lucky now that the Sherrif of your isn't the Sherrif. I thought you were a good guy but I guess I was wrong." I said and walked in side grabbing liz by the wrist that made her scream. Oh my God I thought. He broke her arm! So then she got a cast and I prest charges against Max. I was afraid he might do it again. I was afraid for my daughter. Then a bout four months laterI got a call from London. My Uncle Johnathan had been murdered he was sucked dry of his organs and skin. they thought it was a slater but Uncle John tolled me about this. And it was a slaughter but by Imhotep. thats when I froze again I saw what acually happened to my family. Vut this time I stayed frozen.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Hi, I'm Liz Parker my Mother doesn't Live with me she live in a mental hospital. When she heard my Great Uncle John was killed she Froze up and she wouldnt shake it off.She would do it once in a while but not alot. Then one of my Mothers Best frinds visited. he was egyptian and his name was Ardeth he was like a Uncle to me. When he first came he said ' Im sorry and he hugged me. He was a friend of mine as well as my Mothers but every single time he would say somthing about a expidition o my Grandparents my Mother would tell me to leave the room and then you would hear yelling she seemed to keep so much from me. A felt as if I dint know her. He took me into the back room and sat down and h told me somthing that seemed impossible. Now this story takes place here.

Liz I have somthing to tell you your mother lived in london and she own's a house there and she is selling it this summer. So when school ends would you mind going there and cleaning the place up for me to sell it would need the work." Ardeth asked

" Oh ofcourse I would. Anything for my Mom!" She said.

He couldn't believe that he just set her into a dangerous battle feild but it was the only thing he could do.

Part twelve

Liz was walking through the school halls on a
Daily Bases. Then Max came up to her. "I really don't want to talk to!" Liz said. " Liz listen I'm sorry and Im sorry about your Mom. I wanted to ask why it happened?" he asked.

" That is none of your buisness! Why o you stick your noise in somthing that is not your buisness. I don't even know you anymore." Liz said then walked away.. Then she turned around " Max? Have everyone go to the Crashdown after closing time.

Part Thirteen

Later on everyone was at the Crashdown including, Liz , Maria, Isabele, Max, Kyle, Michael, and yes Tess.

" Ok everyone I have a favor to ask. Will all of you go to Egypt with me for a whil? I think it would be fun and I have got a manision over there in London that we could stay in. We have to clean up this mansion my mother owned. So please say yes!" she asked.

"Then yes" Max said.." We will go."

" Huh! Thank you! Thank you! she over to him and kissed him. And then she pulled awy" oops, that wasnt supposed to happen." she said then ran up stair. Ardeth was wtching and saw he was putting othhers in danger but this was meant to be.

LAter on the kids were getting on their own private plane. Maria sat with Michael, Isabel with Kyle, Tess with Max, and Liz with Ardeth.

" So, why didn't my Mom ever tell me about this house?" Liz asked.

" Well the house is passed down the family line. So Ms. Parker it is your choice to sell this house or not." Ardeth said as Liz's eye's widend." It's yours."

" Oh my gosh this is great it's, its, mine! But why didn't my mother ever tell me about it?" liz asked.

" Well Liz your Grandmother was an Egyptoligyst she loved her work! Then she met your grandfather she loved having adventures but their last one didn't end out as a happy ending.They were killed in a explotion including another person your Mother never talked or Told you about. His name was Alex and he was your Mothers Brother youe uncle. He didn't make it to the age 17 and his Birthday was the next day. But anywayz thank you for coming with me to clean this place up in London.

Liz sat there thunking of what her mother had went through. She then started to sob thinking of her Mother. Then she started to cry openly. Ardeth looked at Liz for a brief moment and hugged her as she cried. " God, please let her be ok." she stampered.

"It will be I promise. I promise that she will be pk." Ardeth said.

Everyone else stared at Liz as she sobbed across the Plane. And thats when he started to wonde. Why does she seem so diffrent latley he thought. She seem's more whole. It's like she became a diffrent person, better as amatter of a fact. Then all of a sudden Michael was by him.

" Max, why is Liz crying?" he asked.

" I have no idea. She seems diffrent latley. She is keeping somthing from us and im goin to find out what it is. No matter what" he said more serious then ever.

Once they got to the house Liz looked in awe. They all looked that way except for Ardeth. He had been there so many times he remembered every room in the Mansion

" The O'Connell Mansion!" Ardeth said. " Now belongs to you as all of the artifacts studies, everything here and in Egypt." he said.

" What? Ardeth I dont Dont understand" she stutered.

" Your Mother owns a muesuem down there that belonged to your grandparents which now belong to you." Ardeth said.

" Hello everyone!" somone said. Then everyone looked up the stairs. It was a man in his 50 or 40's.

" Who are you?' Ardeth asked.

" Oh you may know me. Remember!" the man said and he pulled of his face which uncovered Hemotep. And Hemotep grabbed his neck.

" Ardeth are you ok?" Liz asked

Ardeth opened his eyes breathing hard." Yes I am fine." he said.

" Well lets get to bed its 12 oclock in the morning" Liz said.

Everyone slept in the living room because the rooms were not done yet. Liz was the first to awake. She got dressed and went to look around this humungeos, that actually belonged to her. It was imposable to amagine. She felt some what atatched o this house for some reason. She entered a room. it was big and had a King size bed. It also had three dressers and two closets. She opened the door to one of the closets closes to the door and looked for a light. She found a light bulb and grabbed the cord hanging from it and tugged on it once and the whole place lit up. Only the Closet wasn't a closet it had a wall with guns all set up in and bombs, torches, rifols, shot guns and some guns she didn't even know the name of. She wondered who they belonged to. Then she saw somthing far back she scuinted to see what it was she couldn't make it out so she slowly took steps to the back wall and found it was another door. She tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. She was determend to find out what was behind the door. She grabbed the door knob and slammed her body against it and then did it again and the door flew open and she fell to the floor. She felt her lip and found blood poreing out of the deep slice in it. She winced in pain and got up. It was dark and the door shut behind her. She ran to the dorr and tried pulling it open but it wouldn't budge. She slammed her body against it many times and then took a step back and screamed "Help!!. Sombody Please! Help!" she turned around and looked around and saw a torch in the corner and grabbed the matches from her pocket and lit the torch. She looked around the room and noticed that there was a sarcophogus in it. She went to a side of it.

"I remember this writing Ardeth and Great Uncle John taught me. Oh my gosh this man suffored the Umandie. Ardeth told me it was the worst curse. This guy must have gotton frisky with the pharoes daughter." she walked to the ather side of the room where she sat down and waited for someone to help her.

Later on Liz looked at her watch and she had been in there for five hours. She had been sleeping. She ran over to the door and started pounding on it and screamed from the top of her lungs for somone to help her when a hand covered her mouth and through her across the room. She Landed on a table that shattered to pieces. She know had a cut along her cheek bone. The person grabbed her and threw her head into the door where her forehead brewsed. He then dropped her so she could see who it was. She looked up and saw a man in a Black cloack and robe with a mask that covered his face.

" What do want from me?" she stuttered.

He reached for his mask and started to take it off and took the whole thing off. His face was decomposing. Then Liz screamed in pure terror.

Down stairs everyone was in the living room talking when they heard Liz's Cry. Ardeth had left earlier. Max sprinted to the stairs and ran to where he heard her cry. He ran to the room with two closets and a King sized bed. he could feel that the cry came from here. Then he heard it agsin but now it sounded like pain. He ran into the closet and to the door and ran to the door at the end and started pushing on it and it wouldnt budge.