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Title: Lost and Found

Author: katrina

Category: M/L, little M/M but the story does not revolve around them, Alternate Universe starting around the end of Season two. Future Fic

Spoilers: This takes bits and pieces of Season 2 and everything in Season 1.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Roswell characters, though I wish I owned some of them. I also don't own any of the past spoilers. All I own is this storyline.

Summary: Max disappears one day, shortly after he and Liz cemented their relationship. After four years, Liz still can't seem to move on no matter hard she tries. And it is sort of hard for her anyway seeing that someone is out for revenge.
Author’s Note ~ This is my first fic, please give lots of fb. I’m not the best writer so I may not continue. It all depends on the fb left. Be truthful, I know this first part isn’t really great.

~*Chapter One*~

“Max,” sighed Liz, huffing and puffing.

“Hmm,” replied Max. They had just gotten through a very active night and were still out of breath.

“Max, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Liz.”

Suddenly, the sound of sobbing enters the room.

“Can you get her, Max?” Liz asked.
There was no reply.
“Max? Max?”

Liz woke up drenched in sweat. She could still hear someone crying.
Liz sat up. The queen-sized bed was empty beside her.
She sighed.

There was no Max.

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Ok, here's part 2, I don't think it's gonna answer many questions yet. Thanx for all the feedback. Continue w/ the fb, it makes me feel like the fic will go in a good direction.

Chapter 2

Liz got out of the bed, still sighing over her empty life. She walked into the next room, where three-year old Melanie was sobbing.

“Daddy, Daddy, I want Daddy,” she shrieked.

“Shh, honey, Mommy’s here,” soothed Liz, “You know Daddy isn’t here.”

~*~ Flashback ~*~

“Where can Max be?” wondered Liz four years before the present day. She was in front of the Crashdown waiting for Max, starting to worry. “He’s over an hour late to pick me up.”

Liz cell phone began to ring. “Hello?”

“Liz, oh my god! Do you know where my brother is?” It was Isabel. She sounded thoroughly terrified.

“No, but he was supposed to pick me up an hour ago,” replied Liz, getting more worried and slightly hysterical hearing that Max’s sister didn’t know where he was. “Before he went camping, he said we would go out to lunch the day after he got back.”

“Well, he was supposed to come back yesterday. Michael rode his bike while Max drove his car. Michael thought Max left after him, he got up thinking Max had wanted to get home but didn’t bother waiting. Max didn’t come back.” Isabel paused not knowing what else to say after learning Max was not with Liz either.

Isabel talked again, “Liz, Liz, you still there?”

Liz had crumpled when hearing the news of Max’s disappearance. Her mind went into a pool of black.

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

Liz weakened at the remembrance of the day Max disappeared. She would have started crying except her daughter, their daughter, was staring at her no longer crying but hiccuping.

“Sweetie, you ready to go back to sleep?”

As if on cue, Melanie fell promptly into a deep slumber.

“That’s strange,” Liz thought to herself going back to bed slowly. “Both of us dreamed about Max at the same time.” She started arguing to herself over this event. After spending several minutes trying to rationalized what happened, she came to the conclusion that it was just a coincidence. She went to sleep hoping not to dream about Max again and making all her memories of him resurface.

Outside, a mysterious man in dark clothing was walking down the street. He stopped in front of a small home and smiled. This was HER home, his angel’s, his soulmate’s.

“I’ve missed you, Liz.”

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Author's Note
Thanx everyone for the feedback. A bunch of answers are gonna be answered in this chapter and new questions will arise. Please keep leaving the fb, its much appreciated! *happy*
Oops... One more thing before I forget, I'm truly sorry but I had to edit a part of the flashback in Chapter 2 cuz I started writing this Chapter and changed how Max disappeared slightly. I'm very sorry that I did this but this is just my thought process. I hope everyone understands.

Chapter Three

Liz paused in the middle of her walk to lunch the next day. She drank in the warm sunshine trying to empty herself of last night’s experience. She still hadn’t gotten over it.

“I should get over it and relax,” Liz thought to herself, “after all, this is my lunch break. Melanie seemed well over it getting ready for nursery school this morning and so should I.”

She sighed and walked into a restaurant called The Patio. She sat down alone in deep thought. Maybe she needed a social life. She hadn’t really had one since before Melanie was born. Since Max.

She couldn’t believe she was still thinking about Max. I mean he was gone; he disappeared without a trace. And she was stuck raising a child alone. A child he never knew. I child he would never know. Liz had moved to Santa Fe when Melanie was a few months old so there weren’t even her parents around to help.

Her soup/salad combo came out. The waiter handed it to her. She took it, snapping out of her thoughts and traveling back to reality.

“Get a grip and get on with life, Parker,” Liz muttered to herself, “for both Melanie and your own sakes.


It’s been so long. What will she think? What will she say? Liz was probably happily married with a great job. And she would be well over him. Life was so unfair. He could not believe what had happened to him in the past four years.

“Why is life so hard? Stupid, stupid. God, I hate those people. Dragging me to Antar with them, like that did them any good, especially with me unconscious the entire time.” He just could not believe that his life could be so rotten. He had no one. His life was full of emptiness. No Liz, no friends, no family, and no Liz. Just blank space. He spent the whole day sitting in a park new Liz’s home, thinking about what he knew happened in the last four years.

~*~ Flashback ~*~

It was four years ago. Max and Michael were camping the weekend after graduation. It was guy’s weekend without their girlfriends. Max was miserable.

“Cheer up, Maxwell, you can live through one more night without dear ol’ Liz. You’ll be in her arms tomorrow morning. Get tough,” joked Michael.

Max punched him. “Shut up. Its not like you can last another night without sex.”

“Hey, we’re talking about your love life, not mine.”

“Whatever, man.”

“Come on, let’s get some sleep so we can leave early tomorrow,” suggested Michael.

“Good idea.”

They went into the tent and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, Max woke up with a twinge of excitement. Today was the first day he would see Liz in over two days. He hadn’t see her since Friday. He was thinking about Liz so deeply that it took him a minute to realize that Michael wasn’t around. He found a note outside by the fireplace under the coffee pot.

It said:
Cleaned best I could and you still weren’t up, you bastard! I decided to leave without you so get a move on and try to catch up.


Max chuckled to himself. Michael could not wait to get back to Maria. Max finished packing and made sure everything was in his car. He was about to drive off when another car came up next to his.

The two occupants got out.

“Wells, long time no see.”

“Great to see yas. Ya comin wit us Maxie.”

Before Max responded, a force of power hit him and Max fell into darkness. He last thoughts were his confusions over why Lonnie and Rath would come to see him again.

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Hi. Chapter 4 is pretty short (ok, really short) but if people are interested in another chapter, 5 is nearly ready and can be posted later today, even!
Thanx for all the feedback. It really means a lot to me. This next part is gonna give more villians. Enjoy! *happy*

Chapter 4

~*~ Flashback Cont. ~*~

“Argh!” Max woke up to find pain in his side. He slowly came to the realization that he had woken up from hitting a wall and landing on the floor. Max rubbed his temple. That’s when he started taking in his surroundings.

The only words to describe the tiny space he was in were “dreary” and “gray.”

In confusion of his predicament, Max tried to remember what happened. One minute he was going into his car and the next was a strange stream of light. He tried to remember more when he heard some familiar voices.

“How couldha make such a damn mistake? We wasn’t s’posed to hurt ‘im, just bring ‘im. Now if he ever gets up, its ta late. Ya idiot.”

“How wuz I s’posed ta know he wuz that much a weaklin’. Least we wasn’t punished ta bad by Khivar. If Tess had her way, we woulda bin killed. Blown ta smithereens! We’s got lunky. We’s…”

They reached Max’s “cubicle” and were stunned to see Max standing in front of them, looking beyond pist.

“Uh, oh. WE’s in troubles now. Cin ya jist hurt ‘im agin. No un’ll know.

“K.” Once again, there was a stream of light coming from Rath’s fingers. And once again, Max fell into darkness.

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

“This wasn’t a good idea. I think I should go and leave Lix be.” Max would have followed through with his second thoughts if Liz had not started walking to the park with a little girl in hand.
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Thanx for the feedback. I got another chapter ready but it's another short one. I hope to have longer ones in the future. Keep your feedback coming, please. It really helps.
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Chapter 5

“What do you wanna do at the park when we get there, Sweetie?” Liz asked her daughter.

“Swing!” Melanie squealed as she ran in front of her mother.

“Hey, slow down, we have plenty of time.” Melanie didn’t listen and ran the rest of the way to the park with Liz on her heels. When they reached the park, Liz slowed to a slow walk, letting Melanie run ahead to the swings.

It was nice and sunny that day, a day perfect for memories. The thought made Liz once again think of Max. “If only he was here, there would be the perfect moment for me to remember for a lifetime,” she thought before pushing the thought aside to concentrate on Melanie.

She had somehow gotten on the swing by herself and was swinging at a nece speed.

Astonished, Liz asked, “When did you learn to swing yourself?”

“I di’nt, Momma,” Melanie giggled, “Daddy helped me.”

Huh? Her Dad, as in Max, Helped her? What did Melanie mean? “I’m sorry, honey, but that’s impossible. Daddy’s not here.”

Melanie looked around and her lip started to quiver. Tears started coming down her face. “He was just here, Momma. Where’d he go? He put me here… he aske if you were my mommy… he asked if I knew my daddy’s name… I do… I says to him yes ands that he looked a lot like Daddy from… da dreams. I tolded him dat Momma says his name was Max and dat he’s gone.” Melanie went into hysterics. “But he not gone Momma!”

Liz just stared at her daughter, awestruck at what she said. Was Max really here?
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New chapter, yay! Ok, I had trouble writing this one at first and it didn't come out perfectly but I hope you like it. Some stuff happens in this chapter and next the action begins! BTW- Thanx for your positive feedback, all your questions will be answered soon. Maybe not this chapter, but very soon. Keep it coming, it keeps me on my toes!

Here is the next chapter:

Chapter 6

Melanie and Liz stayed at the park for an hour before heading back home. Liz could only think about what her daughter said earlier. Her dad… Max, was at the park. How could that be possible? He isn’t seen for years and he shows up at a park? Of all the places, he’s at the park…. the park near her home. No, that’s impossible, Max was not here. He could not be here, in Santa Fe.

Melanie stirred her out of her thoughts. “Momma, I hungry. I starving, Momma.”

“Hmm, oh, yeah, sure sweety. Here you go.” She placed food in front of her daughter and returned to her thoughts.

“What am I gonna do?’ she thought. “There’s no one I can call. No one will believe me. I left all my friends behind. The friends I thought would go through this kind of thing with me. But they had to give up.”

~*~ Flashback ~*~

“Girl, you gotta get outta bed and get on with life… Don’t give me that empty look. I know it’s hard but Max is gone. He is not, I repeat is not coming back. Do you hear me? At least live a life. That’s what he would have wanted.”

Liz continued to stare at her with almost a blank expression. It wouldn’t be blank for long. There was anger pooling in her eyes.

“Come on, Liz, please! I need a normal best friend again. I want to tell you my more humanly problems. I can’t when your hooked up over Max. He’s gone Chica, not coming back. You gotta know that by now. There isn’t even any proof that he’s alive. It’s been four months. Don’t you think that’s long enough. Everyone else is coming back to reality to live their life now, even Isabel and Michael. You’re the only one not showing signs of coming back to us.”

That was all Liz could take. Her eyes turned jet black. She jumped up off her bed with tears rolling down her face. Angry, hot tears. “Get on with my life!? How could you even suggest it to me? Max was my life. Without him, I’m nothing, just a being. I can care less about your little human problems! They don’t matter, nothing matters! I can’t believe that you’re not more understanding. I thought you knew me inside out. I guess I was wrong. Good-bye, Maria. I don’t want to see you anymore. You don’t understand, I know, none of you do. You Get Out of MY Life!” With that Liz used all her energy to push a speechless Maria out of her bedroom. Liz slammed the door and locked.

She knew she had to get out of there. Out of her room. Out of Roswell. Her morning sickness, or as she called it, all day sickness, was finally subsiding. She knew that she would start to show in a month or two and had to leave before everyone found out. She was pregnant.

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

Liz sighed remembering that horrible day. The day she kicked her friends out. The day she decided to leave the life she knew behind. She still didn’t know what to do about the “Max sighting.” There was really nothing she could do, unless he showed up again.


Max left the park in shock. That little girl said that he, Max Evans, was her father. That was impossible. The little girl was alone by the swing smiling. It was a beautiful smile. He felt so comfortable by her presence, that he asked if he could swing her. She quickly obliged, her smile growing wider.

Then she started talking to him. She talked about her dreams. She said he looked just like the man in her dreams… that man who was her father. He couldn’t believe how perceptive the little girl was about her dreams. She looked no more than three and knew what her dreams were about. He asked her what her father’s name was to keep on the subject. She said her mom said her father’s name was Max and he was gone.

Now that was a big coincidence. Was it coincidence? He was in Liz’s neighborhood and this little girl said that her father’s name was Max and that he wasn’t around. Just like his name was Max and he was not around Liz. And that smile… that smile looked so familiar. Who’s smile was that like? This couldn’t be right.

Could he be a father? Could he have a daughter out there? He’d just have to find out.

He braced himself for the inevitable, powerful meeting he was about go to.

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A lil bump for myself. Next part almost ready. Max. Liz. Face to face. *happy*
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Chapter 7

He can do this. He can confront his past. He has to confront his past.

Again, Max stood in front of Liz’s home. He concentrated on walking to the door. He went step-by-step. What would he say? He had no clue. He just had to go by his instincts.

Suddenly, he stood in front of the door. The door, he realized, was his enemy. It blocked his way. Just like the events of the past few years blocked his way.

Now, he needed the courage to ring the doorbell. It took him a couple minutes but at last he did it.

He stood there for about a minute with his head bent down until the door slowly opened.

And there she was, standing two feet in front of her with no “door” blocking his way anymore.

There he was. She could feel him even before she opened the door.


Max lifted his head slowly. They stared at each other in utter silence for what seemed like an eternity, just taking each other in.

At last, Liz whispered, “Max.” It was barely audible.

Max returned it, “Hey.” There was a long pause. “Can I come in?”

Whoa. Where was she? Liz should have asked him in right away. Softly she said, “Of course.”

Max slowly walked, his hands in his pockets. He was afraid to take them out. He would have no control over where they would go.

Liz led his to the couch in the family room. She felt so awkward in the room with him. She wanted to run to his and embrace him. But she stayed rooted in her place.

They again stared at each other in silence for several minutes.

Finally, Max asked, “How are you?”

Liz replied, “I’m all right, living.”

There were unconsciously stepping toward one another in uncontrollable desire to touch the other. They were within reach of each other.

Max took one hand out of his pocket and tucked a strand of hair behind Liz’s ear. He let his hand linger there, touching her cheek.

Liz could not take it anymore. She wrapped her arms around his in a tight embrace.

Max returned it by tightening his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek and forehead with all his love. Then, his lips found hers. It started innocent, but soon she bit his bottom lip asking for access. He immediately complied with his hands coming up to the base of her neck.

They were going too far and they both knew it. They broke apart reluctantly and each tried to even their breathing.

“Where the hell have you been, Max?” Liz asked a t last.

Max ran his hand through his hair. “I’m not really sure. All I know is that I was taken away and I was not awake most of the time. Nothing came out of it and I was eventually set free in the middle of nowhere, in the desert.”

Max sat down and Liz followed. She had no clue what to say. Tons of questions were going around in her mind. At last, she asked, “Do you know who took you even?”

“Yeah, that’s the bit that I do know. Lonnie and Rath. Of all the people… and things… out there… I’m sorry for not being around for you, Liz.”

“It’s not like it’s your fault Max.” There was an awkward pause. “Um…. Before were talk about anything else, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can. Anything.”

“Were… were you by any chance in the park today?”

“Yeah, I was.”

There was more silence as they each let the answer sink in.

Finally, Liz asked, “So you know –“

“That we have a daughter?” Liz nodded. “Tell me about her, will you? I know she is probably asleep right now. What is her name even? Please describe her. All I know is that she’s really smart, because of her knowledge about her dreams and all.”

“Well, she’s… she’s just amazing. You have to talk to her yourself tomorrow when she is up. Her name is Melanie and you’ll just fall in love with her immediately.”

“I’m already in love with her,” Max paused, “Just like I am with you.”

Wow. This all had to be a dream. He still loves her after all this time. She had to pinch herself. “I love you, too, Max,” she replied in a near whisper. This had to be a dream.

Max saw the look of disbelief in her face. “Liz, this is real. I’m real.” He moved closer to her and held her tightly, his hand touching her cheek. “This is all real, Liz,” Max whispered in her ear. “Unbelievably real.”

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Background Info

So sorry people, I was so busy with the plot that I totally forgot to say where this story deviated from the actual series. Its roughtly post Max in the City (cause of dupes). My time lapses are strange, if you had yet to realize it. Oh, very important that Max and LIz slept together once. That was right before Max's disappearance. That's the AU part. I hope I didn't leave anything out. Ask questions for more info. (Aka: feedback *wink*)

Quick question: should there be some other points of view in the story (Maria, Michael, etc). That would be a few parts away if I did but I wanna know what ya want.

Ok, there will be a new part or maybe two today or tomorrow so look in. *angel*
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Chapter 8

Not wanting to be separated from Liz, Max spent the night there. Liz didn’t mind at all, if he left, then she would have thought seeing Max was just a life-like fantasy.

They didn’t actually do anything, just spent the night in each other’s arms. There was Melanie to think about, even with the gate kept in her doorway at night.

The next morning, Liz woke up with someone holding her tightly. Max. The events of last night came to mind. She sighed in content.

Then, Liz watched Max stir. He slowly opened his eyes remembering the day before. He glanced at Liz, who was staring at him with a smile on her face.

“Morning,” Max said.

“Hey,” Liz replied.

They tightened their hold on each other and stared. The world melted away and everything was focused on them alone.

“Momma! I wan’ OUT!” The sudden outburst brought them crashing back to reality. Liz pulled out of Max’s grasp.

“Well, I better get before she has a tantrum. How about you meet her after she’s dressed and everything?”

“That’s fine. Should I stay here until then?” There was a twinkle of humor in his eyes… those deep amber eyes… that she could get sucked into… must get out.

“Uh, no. Why don’t you just go to the living room and sit quietly until it’s time for you to meet her,” she smiles. She kisses Max’s cheek and leaves the room.

Liz goes to Melanie’s bedroom while Max sits in the living room waiting to meet his daughter.


“All clean and dressed, yea!” Liz tickles her daughter who immediately erupts in a fit of giggles.

When the laughing subsides, Liz decided it was time for Melanie to meet Max.

“Melanie, sweetie? Remember yesterday when someone put you on the swing at the park?”

Melanie nods. “Yeah, Daddy put me dere and swung me. Den he was gone. He was dere, Momma.”

“Oh, I believe you, honey. That’s why I have a… er… surprise. In the living room.”

“A supwise?! For me?! Can I see it?”

“Of course. Follow me.” Now was the moment of truth. First formal meeting of father and daughter. Liz wondered if it would turn out right.

She led Melanie to the living room. Liz barely got out, “Melanie, this is your father,” because she ran straight into his arms.

“You’re here! You’re here! Daddy’s here , Momma!”

Max and Melanie hugged tightly. Then Max picked her up and walked to Liz. Next came a big three-way hug.

“Thank you,” Max said to Liz after a few minutes, “for taking such good care of her without me.”

All Liz could do was nod with tears streaming down her cheeks.

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Thank you Roswellluver, Pookie76, and Roswelllostcause for your encouraging feedback. I dedicate the next part to you. Please keep the feedback coming. I've got the next few parts written out, so it won't take as long to update as it usually does. I hope to not get too lazy and take forever to put those up. Again feedback will encourage me to post faster and continue writing. Thanks for all you who are reading. Does anyone even read these things? *happy*

Chapter 9

Max and Liz brought Melanie to nursery school together. All three were giddy because of the reunited family.

Liz decided to take a day off from work and go home with Max to talk some more.

They settled on the couch, once again in a seemingly permanent embrace.

Liz felt so relaxed and content. “So what now,” she asked.

“I don’t’ know,” Max replied. “All I know is that I want to be with you.” He hoped that that was not too straightforward, but he missed a lot of time with Liz and Melanie and did not want to lose any more.

“I want to be with you, too, Max. Always. I thought we sort of cleared that up yesterday, though. Do you need to have some more clearance?”

"More clearance sounds like a very good idea at the moment." They laid back on the couch and made love right at that time.

(Later, after Melanie comes home and is put to bed that night)

Liz and Max were cleaning up the kitchen.

“So you never answered my question about what is going to happen now,” Liz said wondering about the future. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. “I meant talking to the oh so loving Roswell group. Don’t you want to know what is going on with them?”

Max sighed, saddened by her rejection of more lovemaking. “I’ll see them eventually. Besides, don’t you know what’s going on with them?”

“Um… I have no clue what’s going on with them, actually. I sort of skipped town a few months after you disappeared.” Liz’s eyes started to fill with tears. “They wanted me to move on and sort of forget you.” She paused. “They kinda never knew I was pregnant, or that I have a child now for that matter.”

“Let me get this straight: you left and for all you know they think you’re dead?” Max chuckled, then grew serious. “Then you’ve really been alone raising Melanie all this time. OMG.”

“Sad isn’t it.” Liz laughed. “I’m happier without them anyway.”

“No, you’re not. I know you’re not. I think you miss them a lot.”

“So what if I do? They didn’t understand me then, they won’t understand me now.”

“You’re curious about what’s happened to them, though, right?” Liz nodded slowly. “Then let’s go to Roswell to wee what’s up. They might want to see us both again.”

“You want to go to Roswell and be like two people coming back from the dead with a three-year old daughter?”

“It’ll be fun. Besides, when was the last time you saw your parents?”

Liz looked down. “The last time was right before I left town.” Liz smiled. “Ok, let’s do it.”

“Really,” Max asked.

“Yeah, I want to see their faces when they see you.” Max knew she wasn’t talking about her parents but her supposed friends. Liz continued, “And I want to see my parents. They should all meet Melanie, anyway.”

“Let’s go to Roswell.”


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Thank you both for the feedback! That stuff makes me want to post a lot faster. It also makes me feel special. If I get more, then I can post the next part tomorrow. *bounce*
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Thank you for the feedback. Here's the promised chapter 10. The reunion is split into at least two chapters. Keep the feedback coming.*big*

Chapter 10

“Michael,” Maria cried.

“Geez, ok, ok, I’m awake. What’s up?”

“What do you mean ‘What’s up?’ Everyone’s gonna be here soon, and you’re a freakin’ mess. Clean your ass up!”

“It’s only Isabel and Company. They know I’m a mess, and they don’t mind.”

“But it’s a sad day and you don’t look the part at all. Isabel is going to need our support. It was four years ago today. So put this f*cking shirt on!”

“Fine! But I’m not wearing the shoes, they pinch. By the way, are we getting any food today? I’m starving.”

“We’ll go to the Crashdown before hand, ok?”

“Sounds better than your cooking.”

“Michael Guerin,” Maria said in a warning tone. Then she thought disgusted, “Even a year of marriage can’t change him.”


The Crashdown

“You ready to do thins,” Max asked Liz. She was trembling. He was glad he was carrying Melanie and not her, Liz would probably drop her.

“Yes, I can do this.” She mustered up the courage and pushed open the door. She walked in making sure Max was right behind her.

He nodded in encouragement. The, he and Melanie sat down in a booth.

Liz sighed and walked up to the counter. She was that it was her father behind it with his head down working on the restaurant’s books. She tapped her trembling hand on her father’s shoulder. He immediately looked up.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said.

“Liz?” Jeff looked at his daughter wide-eyed. “Is that really you?” He walked around the counter and hugged his daughter tightly.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“I missed you so much, sweetheart. So did your mom.” At that moment Liz’s mom walked in. She saw Liz immediately.

“Liz?” Nancy walked up to her with a look of awe on her face. She embraced her with all her emotions. Tears were freely flowing.

“Um, I want you guys to meet someone,” Liz said pulling away from her mother. She walked toward the booth Max and Melanie were sitting in.

“Mom, Dad, this is my daughter Melanie.”

They were speechless. Melanie stood up and flung her arm around them both. “Hi, Momma says you’re my Gamma and Gampa. Momma, I hungry. Can I have ice cream?”

Liz laughed. “Sure, sweetie.”

Nancy was the first to recover from the shock. “Come with me and we can get some.”

“K, Daddy, you wan some, too?”

This is when Nancy and Jeff first notice Max sitting there.

“I’d love some,” he said smiling.

When the left, Jeff turned to Max. “Max Evans. Haven’t seen you around for awhile. Last I heard, you disappeared.”

“Really,” Max replied uneasily. He tried to think up a reason for his disappearance that didn’t involve aliens kidnapping him.

“Dad,” Liz said, noticing Max’s uneasiness, “please don’t do this. What’s done is done. Ok?”

Jeff turned back to Liz. Her eyes were pleading with him. “Alright, honey, alright.”

*I hope to get the next part out in a couple days. That's the big reunion you've all been waiting for. The more feedback the sooner you'll get the part! *bounce*
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Feedback :squeals:
I just love it so thanx for those who wrote it. Here's the next chapter. Didn't turn out that well. Isabel is a little off and I tried my best to alter it but it's still not full potential. But I'm posting it anyway. Maybe I'll edit it later.
More Feedback is a must, por favor! *happy*
Nw on to Chapter 11!~ *big*

Chapter 11

Michael, Maria, and Isabel walked into the Crashdown together and sat in their usual booth.

”What’s with the Parker’s sitting in that booth instead of at the counter? Since when do they sit with the customers,” Maria wondered aloud.

“Who knows and who cares,” replied Michael, though he couldn’t help looking into that direction. Also in the booth, he saw a little girl, a man, and a woman with their backsides facing their direction.

Jeff Parker was Michael gazing their way. He asked, “Does anyone else know you’re in town?”

“No,” replied Liz, “Why?”

“Because Michael Guerin is look in this direction. So is Maria for that matter.”

“They’re here?” Liz hissed and turned slowly to face their direction.

Max stayed in the position he was in. He was about to confront his past and his nerves were starting to act.


Maria saw Liz looking in their direction. “OMG! That’s Liz!”

Isabel spoke for the first time since arriving at the Crashdown. “Liz? She’s here?” She looked in the direction Maria and Michael were looking in. “I should go talk to her.”

“Why do you have to talk to her?”

“Because she’s here today of all days. She’s the only one who understands what it’s like today. She and I can help each other.” With that Isabel stood up and walked toward Liz’s booth.


Oh, great. Isabel is coming this way,” Liz said. “Are you ready for this, Max?”

Max only nodded slightly and grasped Liz’s hand. He glanced at Melanie. He looked so cute with half of her ice cream on her face.

Well, this was it. He was seeing his sister for the first time since disappearing from Roswell four years before.


Isabel walked over to Liz’s booth.

“Liz,” she said.

“Hey, Isabel,” Liz replied.

“I am so happy to see you.” Liz stood up and hugged Isabel. “And today was when I needed you. What a coincidence.”

“You don’t need me, Isabel.”

“Yes, I do. You’re the only one who understands what this day is like.”

“I think Max understands that better.”

“But he’s not here and that’s why I need you.”

“Uh, Isabel,” Max waves his hand slowly. “Hey.”

“Max?!…” was all Isabel got out before she collapsed.

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Chapter 12

Michael saw Isabel collapse out of the corner of his eye.

“Shit,” was all he said before he stood and walked toward the heap that was her body.

As he walked, he wondered what could have caused her to faint.


Maria heard Michael and saw him leave the booth abruptly.

'What does he think he’s doing?' Maria thought as she stood intending to follow Michael. 'What’s with Isabel?'


After Isabel collapsed, Liz sat at her side and tried to wake her up.

Max also slid from the booth to sit next to his sister to try and wake her up.

“Izzy, can you hear us?” Max looked at Liz. “You think I should connect with her?”

“With all these people around,” Liz asked nervously.

“Right, bad idea.”

“Uh, Max? Maria and Michael are coming this way.”

“Great,” Max replied. “Perfect timing they have.”

Liz stood up while Max kept his back to his old friends. He continued trying to wake Isabel up.

Liz took a couple steps towards Maria and Michael.

“Liz,” Maria stated, “it’s been four years. What the hell made you come back to Roswell?”

“Sure as hell not you, that’s for sure,” Liz retorted.

Michael stepped in. “Enough you two. Liz, what happened to Isabel?”

“She’s in shock,” Liz said matter-of-factly.

“Shock from what?” Michael practically screamed.

“Calm down, you’re not helping.”

“And who’s sitting next to her? Who’s that guy?” Michael continued on.

“Um,” Liz started flustered not wanting to give away Max’s identity. “He’s with me.”

Maria spoke for the first time, “With you? You mean there’s finally a new man in your life? You finally followed my advice?” She jumped up and down.

“No way will I ever follow your shitty advice,” Liz exploded. “if I did, then Max would have never come back to me.”


“Max?” Isabel slowly sat up.

Maria, Michael and Liz all moved towards them.

Max and Isabel hugged tightly. “Are you really here?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“OMG! Where have you been?” Isabel pulled out of the embrace.

Max mumbled back, “I rather not talk about it right now.”

Max then realized he and his sister had an audience. “Michael. Maria.”

“Max.” Maria was shocked; he was here. She thought he died a long time ago when he didn’t come back.

“Maxwell.” Michael looked at Max in disbelief. Suddenly he was in a quick embrace.

“Never thought you would see me after the camping disaster, huh?” Max asked grinning.

“Nope, and I admit it.”

“Momma?” Melanie’s voice brought them out of their reunion.

“Come here, sweetie,” Liz said.

Max stood up and went next to Liz.

Jeff and Nancy both felt awkward watching the scene in front of them.

“Lizzie,” Jeff said, “we’re going back to work. We’ll talk more later.”

“Ok,” Liz replied.

Jeff and Nancy went back to the front counter together.

There was a moment of silence. Finally, Maria (of course) broke it.

“So, uh, mind introducing us?” She stood next to Michael and Isabel, arms folded.

“Uh, yeah, I mind,” Liz muttered.

Max pulled Liz aside and whispered, “Calm down, this situation is not getting any easier with all this tension.”

Liz whispered back, “If I calm down, she’ll think what she did was right and it definitely wasn’t.”

“But part of that is because you never told her about the pregnancy.”

“I guess, but—“

“No buts. Let’s try to clear the air a little and see shat happens.”

“You are so reasonable, Max. It’s the reason I love you.”

“The only reason?” His eyes twinkled goldenly.

“Well one reason.” Liz lightly pecks Max’s lips. The second kiss becomes deeper. Both break away quickly before things go too far at the restaurant in front of everyone, including their daughter.


“Hi, I’m Melanie,” was the first thing said after Max pulled Liz away.

Maria just looked at the little girl. She looked so much like both Max and Liz. She was obviously their daughter. ‘How do I not know about this?’ she wondered to herself.

“You know Mommy and Daddy?”

This brought Maria out of her thoughts. “Yeah, were old friends,” she replied and thought, ‘or used to be.’ She continued, “I’m Maria, this is my husband Michael, and that’s your Dad’s sister, your Aunt Isabel. How old are you, Melanie is it?”

“I’m free. That’s this many.” She held up three fingers. “Will Mommy and Daddy come back soon?”

As soon as she asked, they appeared at her side. Melanie leapt into her mom’s ready arms.

Max smiled then looked at his sister and company. “Has she introduced herself yet?”

“yeah, we got as far as her name and age,” replied Isabel.

“Oh, ok,” replied Max.

Michael broke in, “So you’ve had a kid for three years and been gone at the same time. Shat else is new?”

“Michael,” Maria warned elbowing him.

“That’s okay. Hmm, what else? Well, I found Liz and Melanie less than a week ago in Santa Fe,” Max started.

“Max,” Liz interrupted, “don’t start at the end. It’s time you’ve said where you’ve been. They need to know so it doesn’t happen to them.”

“I don’t know if I can. Melanie looks tired. I can tell the story tomorrow.”

“Don’t put it off longer than that. Well, let’s go to a hotel or something.”

“So until tomorrow?” Maria asked. “How about here at one for lunch?”

“That’s ok, I guess.”

Isabel hugged Max. “Don’t disappear, okay?”

Max smiled. “Ok, promise.”

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Chapter 13

“I can not believe her,” exploded Liz once she, Max, and Melanie reached their hotel room. “Her and the ‘I’m right’ attitude. Can’t she just say she was wrong about her ‘get over it and forget’ speech? She’s impossible! This is why I left, ya know. I couldn’t stand hearing her anymore!”

“Whoa, Liz, slow down! Blowing up won’t help things. I f you did, what would I do,” Max replied, chuckling at his own humor.

“Why are you laughing? This is serious! She was my supposed best friend and she acted, well… like Pam Troy would!”

“Good comparison.”

“Thank you.” Liz paused. “Can’t we just leave?” she asked hopefully.

“We’ve exposed ourselves. It’s too late. Besides, I told Izzy I wouldn’t. You could leave if you really wanted to.”

“I can’t leave you here with… them. I’ll stay but let’s leave soon. Let’s go back to Santa Fe.”

“Just like that? What about your parents?”

“We can keep in touch,” Liz replied stubbornly.

Melanie just stood looking at her parents. She said, “Do Michael and Maria have kids?”

Max and Liz stopped their conversation. “Why would they, Sweetie?” asked Liz.

“Ria said Micael was her husban an don they have kids too if dars a husban?”

Max looked surprised, “Maria said Michael was her husband?”

“Uh huh,” Melanie replied.

Liz giggled, “Well that’s news to me. Wonder when that happened.”

“Who knows with them,” Max chuckled.

“Momma, do you have a husban? Cos you got me.”

Liz shook her head sadly, “no, I don’t.”

Max saw the sadness in her eyes. “She will some day.”

Liz looked up smiling. “And when will that be?”

“Whenever you want.”

“I wanted it yesterday.” Liz laughed.

“How about tonight?”

“What?” That was all Liz could get out. Was Max asking what she thought he was asking?

“Liz you are everything to me. Well, you and Melanie, but anyway. You are my past, my present, and my future. I don’t want to be without you. The past four years were empty enough.” He knelt down on one knee. “There’s no ring at the moment but it doesn’t matter. Liz Parker, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Liz continued to tare in shock.

“Are ya gonna say yes to Daddy, Momma?”

Max glanced at Melanie and grinned gratefully.

Liz finally nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Yes?” questioned Max.

“Yes,” repeated Liz. She knelt in front of him and they kissed passionately.

“Is Daddy gonna be your husban, Momma?”

Well, what do you think?
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On we go....

Chapter 14

Isabel silently looked at her hands as Maria and Michael drove her home.

Michael was the one who broke the silence. “Maria?”

“What?” barked Maria.

“Geez, I don’t want to ask if you’re going to act like that.”

“Sorry, sorry. Just seeing Liz… seeing someone who showed hatred in her eyes, hatred towards ME… was just unnerving.”

“Maria, what’s up with you and Liz?” Isabel broke in.

Maria turned around surprised that Isabel asked that. She just stared at her for a long time.

~*~ Flashback~*~

Maria faced a hardly recognizable Liz. ‘What has happened to my best friend’ she wondered?

Then she spoke, “Girl, you gotta get outta bed and get on with life… Don’t give me that empty look. I know it’s hard but Max is gone. He is not, I repeat is not coming back. Do you hear me? At least live a life. That’s what he would have wanted.”

Liz continued to stare at her with almost a blank expression. It wouldn’t be blank for long. There was anger pooling in her eyes. ‘That look on her face is driving me bananas. She knows I’m right so why can’t she admit it?’

“Come on, Liz, please! I need a normal best friend again. I want to tell you my more humanly problems. I can’t when you’re hooked up over Max. He’s gone Chica, not coming back. You gotta know that by now. There isn’t even any proof that he’s alive. It’s been four months. Don’t you think that’s long enough. Everyone else is coming back to reality to live his or her life now, even Isabel and Michael. You’re the only one not showing signs of coming back to us.”

Liz’s eyes suddenly turned jet black. She jumped up off her bed with tears rolling down her face. “Get on with my life!? How could you even suggest it to me? Max was my life. Without him, I’m nothing, just a being. I can care less about your little human problems! They don’t matter, nothing matters! I can’t believe that you’re not more understanding. I thought you knew me inside out. I guess I was wrong. Good-bye, Maria. I don’t want to see you anymore. You don’t understand, I know, none of you does. You Get Out of MY Life!” With that, Liz used all her energy to push a speechless Maria out of her bedroom. Liz slammed the door and locked it.

Maria just stared at the door in shock over what just happened. Did her best friend just SLAM the door in her face? But they were like sisters. She better just let her cool off for awhile and come back and try again tomorrow. Maria sighed and left the apartment.

But what Maria didn’t know then was that she wouldn’t see Liz again for four years.

~*~ End Flashback ~*~

Maria turned back around. She replied softly, “We had a huge fight and we never made up. She left right after I tried to advise her on what to do with her life. She left because of me…”

Michael immediately pulled over and turned toward Maria. “She did not leave because of you. Or not only because of you. I think she left for many reasons. Like because she was pregnant. And like she couldn’t face Roswell. Stop thinking she left because of you.”

He went on, “You can fix things with her. It’ll take a lot of work but you can do it. I know you can… Look at me. You helped me and now you have to help her and mend your friendship.”

“No, I can’t. It’s too late.” Maria burst into tears.

Michael hugged his wife then silently started the car again. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

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Chapter 15

Liz laid back and sighed happily, watching her new husband’s chest rise and fall evenly while he slept. Her HUSBAND. She couldn’t believe it. They were finally together for all the world to see. She watched his eyes move back and forth under his eyelids. Then she closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

~*~ Max’s Dream ~*~

Max woke up in his cell. He shivered, it was freezing there. Where was there??

Suddenly, the door opened. Lonnie came in and smirked. “Good, yous awake. The Queen wants ya.” She yanked Max by the shoulder. “You knows you sposed to follow the Queen’s ordas so come on!!!

The Queen’s orders? No, he followed his own orders.

“Yous don’t want me ta force ya, do ya, cuz I can and I will.”

She pulled him out of his cell and through the hallways. She dragged him to the front of the door, in which she promptly knocked on.

Then, she opened the door and pushed Max in. “Good luck.” Lonnie smirked at him again and left.

Max thought of his options. Go in or run? But he didn’t have time to decide. The door flew the rest of the way open and standing there was a woman. A very familiar woman.


“Oh, Max, you’re here. Well, don’t just stand there. Get your butt in here.” She yanked him into the room and closed the door behind him. “Don’t look so worried Max. You’re not going to remember any of this.” She started to concentrate.

Max looked at her strangely. “What the hell do you want with me? What are you doing here anyway. Where are….”

“Now I can do as I please with you, oh pathetic Max o’ mine.”

~*~ End Dream ~*~

“Max, Max??? You’re tossing and turning. Wake up, Max, please. What’s wrong??”

Max came out of his dream groggily. “Hmm.. What??”

“You were tossing and turning, I was afraid something was happening.”

“Oh, that…” Max squinted his eyes in remembrance of the dream. “I had the strangest dream. And of all people in it, Tess. Ugh.”

“Tess was in it??”

“Yeah, I never asked you if you knew where she is these days.”

“I don’t know. Just another question to ask Michael and them. Want to tell me about the dream?”

“If it doesn’t freak you out….” And he proceeded in telling Liz about his dream.
“You know, you woke me up before it ended.”

“Oh, sorry, but I got scared.”

Max turned and hugged Liz. “I understand and it’s okay.” He looked at the clock. “I guess it’s time to start getting ready for the day.”

Liz replied, “It’s going to be a long day.”

“Yeah.” Max wondered what his dream meant, though. It wouldn’t leave his mind…

What do you think?? TBC...

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I'm hoping feedback continues plus a lot more because two is not much! LOL.

On with the part...

Chapter 16

“Maria, get out of the car.”

“Oh, I can’t do this Michael. It’s been too long. Nothing can change how things are between Liz and me.”

“Well, I believe it can be fixed. So get your a** out of the car or I’ll drag you kicking and screaming into the restaurant. Don’t you want to see them and hear where Max has been? If you don’t come in, I’m not telling you what I learned. And you are coming in.”

“Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. Fine, I’ll go but I’m NOT saying anything.”

“ Knickers?!?! Fine, whatever. Come on, we’re late.”

Maria and Michael got out of their car and walked into the restaurant. They spotted Liz and Max at a booth talking quietly. Melanie seemed to be bouncing up and down on the cushion while eating a plate of fries.

Maria tightened her grip on Michael’s hand and followed him to the booth.

“Hey guys,” Michael said to Max, Liz, and Melanie.

“Michael, hey,” replied Max. He made a gesture for Maria and Michael to sit on the other side of the booth.

“Hi, Michael. Hi, Maria,” Melanie said excitedly while she continued to bounce in her seat.

“Melanie, sweetie,” Liz said, “Could you please stop bouncing? Mommy and Daddy have to talk to Michael and Maria right now. How bout you go over to the counter and talk to your Grandpa for a while. I think he really wants to see you again.”

“Kay. Are you gonna do grown up talk, Momma?”

“Yes, Sweetie, we are. There’s Grandpa looking for you so you better go. I can watch you from here.” Melanie hugged Liz briefly, then gave Max a tight squeeze.

“Daddy, I’m gonna be by Gampa, kay?”

“Go ahead, Princess.” Max smiled as she got out of the booth and walked towards the counter.

“Ok,” Maria started, cutting to the chase, “so what’s been happening?”

“Could you be a bit more subtle, Maria,” Liz asked, already knowing that she was going to lose her temper if Maria continued to act the way she had been acting in the last 24 hours.

“Maria, Liz, could you guys cool it,” Michael asked getting frustrated by their childishness.

They gave each other evil glares then turned their attention to Max who was trying to figure out where to start. “Uh…,” he started.

“Why don’t you start from when you were camping with Michael,” Liz cut in.

“Ok.” Max smiled at Liz in appreciation. Maria just rolled her eyes. Even after four years of being apart, they act like they’re soul mates.

“Michael left before me that morning. He couldn’t help but miss you, Maria, the whole time we were camping and he left before I even got up,” Max started. He was glad Liz was holding his hand in support. “I was just about to leave the camp when a car came up. The door opened and Lonnie and Rath got out. Before I could react, they knocked me out.

“The next thing I remember is waking up in a gray room. I was confused until Lonnie and Rath came into the room. They were arguing about something to do with being too late. I still don’t know what they were talking about but anyway, they saw I was awake and promptly knocked me out.

“I woke up the second time in a motel room. I was the only one in the room. I reflected on what had happened for a while and then went to go find out what the date was. It was nearly four years after the last day I had remembered. I couldn’t believed it. I then wondered what everyone was doing now, four years later. Which made me think of Liz, and I knew I had to find her. And I did find her.” Max brought his lips to Liz’s temple. “And I found my daughter.” He looked into Liz’s eyes and saw them filled with tears.

The four were silent for several minutes until Maria broke it. “So what are you going to do now?”

“Geez Maria, anything better you got to say,” flamed Liz. Did all Maria think about was the future? First it was get on with life and now it’s what are you going to do next. Could you say shallow?

“I just meant,” Maria replied angrily, “are you going to look for Rath and Lonnie or are you just going to ignore that it happened?”

“Hey, you guys, chill,” Michael said. “Max let’s go over to the counter.”

Max looked at Liz, then Maria, and nodded. He pecked Liz’s lips. “I’ll be right back.”

Liz was speechless. Max and Michael were leaving her and her ex-best friend in the booth alone. “Great. This is just great.”

And it shall be continued...?
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roswellluver and FireflyDreamer~
You guys are like my loyal feedbackers! For that, I thank you and hope you continue it. I just wish there were a few more feedbackers along with. But, alas, there are not. Sigh.
The new chapter is dedicated to you guys!~

Chapter 17

Liz slumped into the back of the booth. ‘How could Max leave her with Maria.’ It would surely drive her bananas.

Maria pushed her hair out of her face nervously. She knew what Michael was trying to do but couldn’t he understand that her friendship with Liz was beyond repair?

Of course not!

He had to take matters into his own hands. All had to go his way or no way. She’d have punish him at home big time for this. BIG TIME. Maria glanced up at Liz. She could practically see anger and hate pouring out of the petite body. She sighed sadly. It was her fault Liz was like this. If she hadn’t pushed Liz so hard, she wouldn’t be acting like this and she would have her best friend back.

‘Why is she looking at me with regret,’ wondered Liz. ‘She doesn’t regret anything that she’s done. To this day, she hasn’t even tried an apology. Not that I’d take one, but she hasn’t even attempted it. That’s why she is just faking her regret. Yeah, that’s it, she’s faking it.’

‘One of us should at least say something,’ thought Maria. ‘It can’t be me though, she’d bite my head off if I said anything.’

‘Why doesn’t she say anything,’ wondered Liz. ‘The least she could do is say something. Well, I’m just gonna have to break the ice I guess. Just so the guys know I’m attempting to go along with their little plan.’

“So…” Liz said trying to break the ice.

‘She’s actually saying something to me. I guess I should be courteous in the very least and reply.’

“So… how’s it going?” There, she said something to Liz.

“Um, alright, I suppose. All things considering, I mean,” replied Liz, trying to get the bitterness out of her voice.

“Your daughter is so cute. How she talks, how she looks, she’s just like a fireball. I hope I have a child like that someday.”

“Really, you want a child. I never thought you’d want that. You’re never were the patient type.”

“Well, Liz, people do change you know.”

“Yeah, I guess they do. But they don’t always change for the best, do they?”

“What’s that supposed to mean,” replied Maria, feeling her temper coming.

“Come on, Maria. Do you seriously believe you’ve become a better person over the years? It sure hasn’t seemed so, so far.”

“And how much have you talked to me in the last two days. Have you really talked to me enough to be certain that I’ve changed for the worse?”

“I think I have just by listening to your comments.”

“Well, I guess we have nothing more to say to each other,” said Maria.

Liz crossed her arms. “No, we definitely do not.”

*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~

Max and Michael walked up to the counter in the restaurant together.

“Do you think leaving them alone was a good idea,” asked Max.

“It’s the only thing we can do, Maxwell. They need to talk through their problems.”

“And you think they can do that on their own?”

“We can only hope on that. Michael decided to temporarily change the subject. “So you don’t remember anything else about the last four years?”

“No, I honestly don’t remember anything. I don’t think I was conscious most of the time.”

“Oh,” was all Michael could reply.

“Except,” Max went on, “last night I had the oddest dream. Tess was in it.”

“Tess?” Michael questioned.

“Yeah. By the way, does she still live in Roswell? I want to ask her about a couple things.”

Michael raised his eyebrows. “Why would she be in Roswell? She left the same day you disappeared.”

and this shall be continued next time on Roswell...? *wink*

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So, I got those three chapters out in three days and now am having trouble on part 18. Max is driving me crazy because he is in shock and doesn't know what to say about the situation he's currently in. And I'm not helping him much due to school being so darn stressful.

If anyone is reading this (I hope people are reading this but I can't know for sure due to the lack of feedback*wink*), I hope to get Max to speak and finish this part today. I apologize for his lack of cooperation.

I hope someone out there cares and keeps me near the front page so I can update ASAP.

Thanks to all!
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Thank you all for the feedback. Keep it coming, please!

Chapter 18

Max looked at Michael in shock. ‘She wasn’t in Roswell? But that would be impossible. Where else would she be besides Roswell? Nowhere, that’s where.’
“What are you talking about?” Max finally managed to ask.

“She’s gone, man. Who knows where she is. I sort of thought she was involved in your disappearance. I guess I was wrong.”

Max thought again, ‘If she wasn’t here, where was she?’ His mind went back to his dream. ‘It was so real for a second. I thought it was my reality.’ His reality?! It was just a dream. Or was it more?

“God, this is frustrating.”

“Huh,” Michael asked.

Max slowly realized what he said aloud. “I was just thinking about the dream. It seemed so real at the time. Michael, what if it wasn’t a dream?”

Michael’s eyebrows reached new heights. “What the hell are you talking about? If it wasn’t a dream, then what was it?”

“I wish I knew.”

There was silence while Max and Michael contemplated over their conversation.

Finally, Michael spoke up, “We better get back to the booth before Maria and Liz kill each other.”

“Yeah, ok,” replied Max. “By the way, can we not talk about the dream when we get over there? I don’t want to worry Liz. I think she has enough to worry about with being around Maria at the moment.”

“I guess, for now at least. But I don’t think you should keep this from her for too long, Maxwell. Especially if things get serious between you two again.” Max felt redness creep into his face and he looked down. Michael caught on to this right away. “Well that answers the ‘if it gets serious’ part.”

“Um… yeah, well…”

Michael looked hard at his best friend, whom he still couldn’t make eye contact with. “Wait, wait. How serious is it exactly?”

“You know, a day could be a really long time if you use it correctly,” Max replied dreamily.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Maxwell? You guys have slept with each other before, obviously because of that little girl of yours at the table, so it’s gotta be something much bigger. Hmm… what could it be?”

“Geez, Michael, don’t you talk elegantly. Fine, you want to know what we did last night? It was actually a very big night. You see, Liz and I got married last night…

And it shall be continued... (as long as I get feedback *wink*)

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To the readers of this story:

To get straight to the point, I apologize for how the characters are acting. I have a reason... it's all part of the plan. I really shouldn't say this but I will so that you could hopefully understand a little bit better... They are acting like this because it is out of their control and their personalities are not their own... That doesn't clear it up too well, does it? It's really hard to explain when I can't give the plot away.

It sounds like some readers out there are getting impatient, and for that I'm sorry. The building process of the story is taking so much longer than I had anticipated. I hope that all readers out there will stay patient and bear with me because all will be fixed and the characters will be righted as the story progresses!

I hope this little note cleared some stuff up. Remember that this story is sort of AU and stories must start messed up for the story to turn alright. The pieces of this strange puzzle do fit together in some way.

BTW~ Thank you all for the feedback, I hope to get another part out soon.

xmag~ does it really sound soap opera-like??? I only watch one soap opera which is probably one too many if I am starting to think in soap opera mode.
posted on 5-Oct-2002 12:37:38 PM by katrina

I never saw that soap opera but I'm not very big on them anyway. The only one I watch is All My Children and I guess Liz and Maria do sound a little bit like... I don't know, soap opera people at it but I did it inadvertantly, I promise and I will try to protray their characters a little better, but like I said before, it's not their own faults!

Thanks for you input. I like people giving my criticism, that way, I know what I'm doing wrong and can work at fixing it!
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Well, I kept my promise on this part being slightly longer, it's almost twice as long! Yay for me. Um... I love the feedback I got on my last part, some criticism and some compliments, just the way I like it. That criticism especially helps me adjust on my writing. And the compliments keep my spirits up.
The next part I think is kinda confusing in more ways than one, so please bear with me!

And please keep that awesome feedback coming!
Now enough of my babbling and on to the next part!

Chapter 19

Max came back to the booth with a slight smirk on his face.

‘What’s making him so happy?’ Liz thought to herself. Michael was walking right behind him wearing a face of awe. She was only able to tell that he was in awe because of half of it was a scowl and he’s the only one who could make that sort of face and a scowl at the same time. As Liz was thinking this, she almost chuckled. That is ALMOST. What stopped her was Maria’s sudden burst of laughter. Maria was staring straight at Michael and laughing at his face. This only turned his scowl darker.

“What’s do you is so funny?” growled Michael.

Maria could hardly answer him. Liz could barely hear her say, “Your face. You look like you saw a dead person become alive!”

“Huh?” the rest of us said in unison. Maria got one last laugh out of whatever she was laughing at and turned ‘stonewall.’ ‘Sort of how Michael used to look in high school,’ Liz thought with a slight smile on her face.

“Now why are you smiling,” growled Michael, fighting a smile of his own. It was the first time he saw Liz smile in a long time and he was glad she was finally doing so.

“Nothing,” Liz replied a tad too quickly. The three gave her one last confused look and then looked at Michael expectantly. Maria’s eyes looked especially focused on him, wondering why he had that goofy look on his face a moment before.

“What?” he asked, confused at why they were all staring at him.

“What was with the goofy face a minute ago?” asked Maria, her lips quirking upward in an almost laughing motion.

“Oh,” Michael thought for a second then responded, “just something Max told me that was really interesting.” He glanced at Max and saw an amused smirk appear. “What’s with the look, Maxwell? What you said wasn’t exactly funny.”

“But, Michael, the look you gave me when I told you was priceless. I understand why Maria was laughing at you. It was the funniest look I had ever seen. I wish I had a camera so the look would be known to the whole world.”

“Funny, Maxwell. But anyway… Liz, Max told me some interesting news about you two.”

Realization hit Liz. “Oh, you mean about last night?” Liz asked with a dreamy smile plastered on her face.

“Oh, you mean about last night?” Michael mimicked Liz. “Yeah last night. How come you guys didn’t tell us? Maria and I would have come to celebrate your wedding with you.”

“Whoa, whoa, rewind that,” Maria said with her eyes popping out. “You guys got married?! You did that without us?! We could have gone with you and been your witnesses and celebrated it with you. OMG! Congrats you two!” With that, she gave Max a hug then moved on to Liz. She squeezed Liz tightly and whisper, “Congratulations, Lizzie, I’m so happy for you.” She then pulled back with tears in her eyes. Then she said, “Well it’s about time! And it took you guys a week?!”

Liz just stood there in awe over what just happened. Maria just hugged her like a best friend did. And was just jabbering on and on. Just a minute ago, they were at each other’s throats and now they were hugging? Does that seem just a bit odd to you?

But no one else seemed to notice. The three of them were talking animatedly like life long friends. Wait… they were life long friends. ‘Liz,’ she thought to herself, ‘stop trying to figure out the world like a scientist.’ She might as well join them when they were in sort of good terms. So, she ignored her own questioning and tuned into the conversation…

“We gotta celebrate this,” Maria was saying. “Why don’t you get your kid and we could do something? Michael could pay.”

“What…,” Michael started to say but only to be jabbed by Maria’s elbow. He changed his wording to, “Yeah, it’s my treat. Or even better, it’s Maria’s treat.”

“Nice try, Spaceboy, but it’s your treat all the way.”

“And why is that…?”

Liz looked over and Max and saw his eyes twinkling in amusement. She shook her head and went back to her own thinking. Their terms on friendship may be a bit rocky at the moment, but Liz took this sudden pleasantness as a sign that that would turn right again. She turned to get Melanie from her father. As she passed Max, she gave him a quick peck. He smiled at her then looked back at the still bickering Guerin’s.

‘Who knew they’d get married,’ he thought to himself. He was glad, though confused, that they were going out to do something fun because he didn’t know how long it would last with how his dreams had been acting out lately…


She was lying in a high bed totally wiped out from all the mindwarps she had been giving lately.

“Just a small break,” she said to herself, “then those four could go back to hating each other just like they deserve. Then my plan can go into play.”

She went on cackling like a witch, “And then Max Evans will get exactly what he deserves." And with that she went into a revengeful deep slumber...

Stay tuned for Chapter 20, coming your way as soon as it is written!
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Should I continue this fic? No one seems to really read it (or is it that no one leaves feedback?). But I don't want to stop yet because I'm starting to reach the climatic moments. So let's have a vote: Yes- continue or No- stop writing.

While I contemplate this, here's the next part for any reader's enjoyment.

Chapter 20

“Well, that was interesting, wasn’t it?” Max asked as he and Liz got into their hotel room bed.

“Oh, yeah, it was.” Liz was quiet for a minute.

“Don’t you think it was a bit odd?” she suddenly blurted out.

“What was?” asked Max.

“You know, acting like nothing was wrong,” replied Liz breathlessly.

“Oh, that. Yeah, it was sort of odd. One minute at you and Maria were at each other’s throats and the next, like you used to be years ago.”

“I don’t get how on earth that could have happened. I mean, I don’t mind being nice to Maria and all, but my feeling toward her when we were talking alone were… well confusing. It was like I wanted to forgive her but my mind wouldn’t let me.”

“Your mind wouldn’t let you?” questioned Max.

“I told you I felt something weird,” replied Liz as she brought the covers up to her chin. She was so tired from her mind constantly confusing her.

Max didn’t say anything. He laid back with his hands behind this head looking deep in thought. ‘Her mind wouldn’t let her?’ he wondered to himself. How is that possible. A mind couldn’t control itself.

…”Max, Max,” Liz brought him back to reality. “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Max answered quickly, then kissed her goodnight. “I’m wiped. Let’s get some sleep.” Liz agreed and laid back into Max’s arms. Max wrapped his arms around her protectively. She hoped Melanie wouldn’t get up for any reason anytime soon. She never wanted to leave his arms. That’s the position she was in when she fell asleep.


He was in pain, so much pain. What was wrong with him?

“Oh come on Max, you could do so much better than that. I saw you and Liz so don’t bother denying it.”

It was so excruciating fighting her. His mind felt like it was burning. Then just like that, the pain was gone. With that final thought he lapsed into unconsciousness.


It was like he was flying. Flying around Roswell, he felt so alive and free. The gravity couldn’t stop him and nothing else for that matter. Just to fly away. Life seemed so perfect when you could fly. As long as he could fly, he decided to stop by all the familiar homes in the area. It’d be so quick and he could see the peace and tranquility of his small town. Boy was he wrong. He went over to the Crashdown to see Liz.

When he landed on the balcony, he saw Liz and Maria in Liz’s room. They did not have pleasant expressions on their faces to say the least.

He looked around the room to see what could have caused this. He could not hear due to the closed glass window in front of him. Looking he around, he immediately noticed a third person in the room.

“What the hell is she doing there,” he muttered under his breath. She seemed to be concentrating very hard on something. And that’s when he heard voices. Very loud voices that penetrated the brick wall and the glass window. He listened very carefully.

Maria was comforting Liz one second then pushed her slightly the next. Then she said, “Girl, you gotta get outta bed and get on with life… Don’t give me that empty look. I know it’s hard but Max is gone. He is not, I repeat is not coming back. Do you hear me? At least live a life. That’s what he would have wanted.”

Max saw stare at Maria with almost a blank expression. It was blank except for the anger pooling in her eyes. Why were they acting like this? Max swore that Maria was trying to soothe Liz’s pain just a minute before.

“Come on, Liz, please! I need a normal best friend again,” Maria had continued. “I want to tell you my more humanly problems. I can’t when you’re hooked up over Max. He’s gone Chica, not coming back. You gotta know that by now. There isn’t even any proof that he’s alive. It’s been four months. Don’t you think that’s long enough. Everyone else is coming back to reality to live their life now, even Isabel and Michael. You’re the only one not showing signs of coming back to us.”

Max saw that Liz’s pent up anger was about to blow. Her eyes turned jet black. She jumped up off her bed with tears rolling down her face. Angry, hot tears. “Get on with my life!?,” she exclaimed. “How could you even suggest it to me? Max was my life. Without him, I’m nothing, just a being. I can care less about your little human problems! They don’t matter, nothing matters! I can’t believe that you’re not more understanding. I thought you knew me inside out. I guess I was wrong. Good-bye, Maria. I don’t want to see you anymore. You don’t understand, I know, none of you do. You Get Out of MY Life!” With that, Liz pushed a seemingly speechless Maria out of her bedroom. Then, she slammed the door and locked.

“I am so sorry, Maria,” Liz whispered so quietly that almost no one could hear. But Max heard her. He heard her with his heart. “I didn’t mean it. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me, Maria? What was wrong with you? God, I’m so confused.” With that she collapsed onto her bed.

‘What just happened,’ Max wondered to himself. Then, he remembered the third party in Liz’s room that seemed to have gone unnoticed by Liz and Maria.

It was like a lightning bolt had struck him. “How could she have done this to all of us? What the hell does Tess want that she would play with people’s minds?”


Then pain came rushing back into his body. He could hardly move, his body ached so much. He went to great trouble to just open his eyes. Tess was looming above him.

“Oh, good, Max, you’re up. About time. I have been waiting for about ten minutes now. Well, did you like the show? I wish I could have killed them there and then, you know. It would have been so much less trouble just to do that. But I rather see you tortured more than them dead. At least that is right now. They will die when the time comes. Just like yours will.”

Max concentrated on blinking a couple times not believing this was real. “Oh, but it is real, Max. More real than you can imagine.” Tess then laughed her evil laugh. “You will pay for what you have done to me.”


Max woke up drenched in sweat.

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Thank you miss_Roswell, roswellluver, and Brook for their wonderful feedback. It's really inspiring and encourages me to trudge on. I really enjoy writing this story and hoped people were actually reading it. Thank you.

So, here is the next chapter. I was so upset when part of it erased and I had to rewrite it. I hope it turned out alright. This chapter kinda diviates from the plot but this scene was inevitable. I hope to get back to the plot in the next chapter or two.

I hope you guys enjoy the chapter. Please Leave FEEDBACK! I really love the stuff. It makes me feel loved.

Chapter 21

At first, Max was disoriented. Where was he? Just a minute ago, he was in that horrible room with Tess. And she was on top of him, whispering words of revenge in his ear. Then the next minute, he was laying next to a peaceful Liz in a hotel room. In a room that was so silent a pin drop could be heard.

He had to get out of here to neutral ground where he wasn’t so confused. He stood up as silently as he could, trying not to wake the other room’s occupants. He pulled a shirt on and left the room, tip-toeing out the door. He needed to sort out his dreams and he had to NOW. If he didn’t, who knows what would happen to his family, to Liz, to Melanie, or even to him for that matter.

Liz heard Max get up. She pretended to be asleep while she watched through slitted eyes at Max as he dressed and left the room. When he left, she sighed deeply. She knew his dreams woke him up again. She wondered if Tess was still plaguing his mind. She did not understand why Tess would be in Max’s dreams unless something in the last four years involved the gerbil somehow. ‘But how can she be involved,’ Liz wondered to herself. Liz let her mind turn again but could not come up with anything on Tess.

The only option she could muster out of her overused mind was to wait for Max to come back and ask him what he knew and was not telling her.


As Max walked along the streets of Roswell, he was oblivious to the world around him. Walking around this town used to be like his thinking haven. It still was he realized as he walked with his hands in his pockets. That’s what he was doing, thinking.

He thought of his dreams and reflected on what had happened to him in the past four years. He was taken by Lonnie and Rath. He thought that they did not harm him in any way. But then how can he be sure when he couldn’t remember what had happened exactly. How could he remember who was there or even where they were. Were they in a building, a house, a basement, or what? God, this was so confusing. What he thought had happened, which was a flat out nothing, may have not been what really went on. Tess could have been there for all he knew. But Max just didn’t know.

All he knew was that he was taken four years ago and put back in place less than a month before.

Max continued walking along the road. He looked up and realized he unconsciously walked to his childhood home. ‘Oh, God,’ he suddenly realized he had not talked to his parents once since he came back. They don’t even know if he was alive. Or maybe Isabel told them after they saw each other in the Crashdown yesterday. But he highly doubted that. She would want him to do confront his parents on his own. But it was way too late to do that right at the moment. He didn’t even know what to tell his parents regarding to where he was. Geez, so much was in his mind at the moment, it was almost overflowing. The dreams, where he was taken to, and what to tell his parents when he saw them. It was way too much for Max to swallow in one night.

Max was about to turn back when he saw a light coming from the living room of the Evans house. Someone was awake and sitting in the living room.

Without thinking it through, Max walked up to his old home. He walked towards the living room window. He slowly lifted his hand and knocked softly on the window. Cursing himself silently for what he was doing, Max slowly lifted his head. Right passed the window, his mother Diane Evans was gawking at him.

Diane Evans couldn’t believe it. Her son, who had been missing for over four years, was standing right past the glass. It couldn’t be him. She had to be imagining it. She blinked several times and shook her head slowly. She walked toward the window and looked through the glass again. And there was Max. He was still there. Her son who left without a trace was within her reach.

She couldn’t lose him this time. Diane flew towards the front door and flung it open. Standing right in front of her was her beloved son.


Philip Evans heard the front door open. In fact, that was what woke him up. He wondered what could possibly be going on in his home. It was only him and his wife who still lived in the house. His two dear children were long gone.

Philip lifted his hand to pat his wife affectionately. But all he felt was air. His wife wasn’t in bed. He shot up in bed. Where did Diane go? ‘She was who opened the front door,’ he mused silently. But why would she be up well past midnight? He silently rose from the bed and went to the stairs to find answers that he would receive from his wife. He was about halfway down the stairs when the front door was closed. There was his wife. And there was someone with her. She had her arms tightly wrapped around the body. The man with her was doing the same. ‘What was going on?’

He took a second look at the man that his wife was so comfortable with. No, it couldn’t be. But that’s who it was. It was him. Max Evans had come home. Philip couldn’t believe it. This event was so unlikely to occur. A small smile laid on Philip’s lips as he walked down the rest of the stairs to greet his son and to hear answers to his long awaited questions.

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Thanx all!
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*Author's Note*

Hey all!

Sorry no update yet.
Honestly, I have been working more on my new story. But I promise to try and write more for this one. My mind is more on the new fic's page and spitting stuff on paper.

Since I'm leaving a note, I'm gonna give a plug for my new fic. Its called To A New World and its on the conventional characters thread page. So if you want to try something new and different, check it out!

Now back to writing... *big*
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Okay, I sat down and concentrated really, really hard. This is what I came up with. It came out sooner than I thought it would have. I hope to try to get back on track with this and spend equal time on my two stories.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Chapter 22

Max snuck back into the hotel room just as stripes of purple and orange streaked the sky. It had been a long night and Max was exhausted. Before stripping down to his boxers, Max glanced around the room. It was silent except for Melanie and Liz’s soft puffs of breath coming in and out of their mouths. Max’s lips curled into a slight smile. He undressed slowly, then slid beside Liz into the warm bed. He promptly fell into a deep slumber.

It seemed like about a minute after he closed his eyes, Max was jerked out of his dreamland. Someone was bouncing on the bed. Who would bounce on the bed?

“Daddy, Daddy, wake up,” his daughter sang. “It’s mornin’ silly. Wise and shine.” She stopped jumping and leant over her father, who was still laying still.
Melanie put her mouth next to his ear. She screamed, “DADDY!! WAKE UP!!! I HUNGWY!”

Well, that’s all the sleep Max would get for the night. It took a lot of energy to just sit up though. He managed to grab his daughter.

“WEE!” she giggled. He pulled her into his lap and started tickling her. “STOP DADDY! YOU SILLY! I WANNA GET DOWN! DADDY! MOMMY, GIT ME DOWN!”

Liz walked over to the bed from the round table that she was sitting at waiting for Max to wake up. She was glad that Melanie finally jerked him out of his sleep. She wanted to know what Max did when he snuck out last night. You don’t just leave your wife and child in the middle of the night without explanation, especially after their past experiences.

Liz jumped onto the bed smiling. Max finally relented on his tickle fight. He tossed Melanie onto the soft mattress. She giggled again. Then he grabbed Liz and dove right onto her lips. She immediately responded, teasing him a little before she moved away.

“Hey,” Max exclaimed when Liz abruptly moved away. Liz smiled mischievously for a moment before her facial expression turned serious.

“What?” Max asked, worried that something was wrong.

Liz decided to just ask Max straight out about what happened. “Where’d you go last night, Max? I woke up and saw you leave.”

“You were awake?” Liz nodded. “I couldn’t sleep so I went out for a walk.”

“Oh?” Liz responded. Was that all he did?

“Yeah, and I sort of bumped into a couple people.”

“Who would you bump into in the middle of the night?”

“Well, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and ended up in front of my parents house. My mom was up and she saw me.”

Liz’s eyes grew wide. “Did you talk to your parents?”

“Yeah.” Max kissed Liz lightly on the forehead. “It was a long awaited reunion.”

“Did you see your Dad? Did you tell them about what has happened to you?”

“Yeah, I was my Dad. And no, I didn’t answer their questions. I said that I would come by today and answer them. It just wasn’t the right time in the middle of the night. And I want you and Melanie there too.”

“Me and Melanie?” Liz grew worried. “But I didn’t tell them about Melanie. They’ll probably be mad about it.”

“Well, you didn’t tell anyone.” Max caressed Liz affectionately. “They’ll be happy for us and they’ll love Melanie.”

“Okay,” replied Liz starting to smile with nervous anticipation.

“Daddy…” Melanie whined, “I still hungwy. My tummy is starvin. It need food.”

“Okay, okay,” Max said. “Let’s go to the Crashdown. Then, you could meet your other grandparents afterwards.”

“Kay,” smiled Melanie. “But food first.”

Both Liz and Max just laughed at their rambunctious daughter.

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*Ok, I've decided just to try and finish this fic. Things are going to go fast now and they may seem a little choppy. I'll try to type up the loose ends as quickly as I can. So only a few parts to go. I don't know how many exactly.

Thanx readers who bear to continue to read this. It is my first fic. I didn't plan any of it ahead of time. It has taught me some things. That's why I started a C/C fic called To A New World. I think I mentioned that before. It's really dark if anyone wants to read it. And, yes, I do update it more often than I update this one. That one is usually updated every other day. Usually. It's on the C/C board.

Okay, back to this. Thank all those loyal readers who have continued to read this over the span of about five months, is it?

Feedback please. I do actually update faster with more feedback given to me.

My babbling is done for now, but not forever (BTW~ I do not babble on my other story's thread if you want to give it a try). Okay, it's a never ending promotion of that story.

Chapter 23

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Three months later

All was silent throughout the house. Each room was dark and still. Enlarged shadows were everywhere. Going up the stairs, a nightlight shines brightly as the only source of brightness. It’s just enough light to reach the bathroom without bumping into anything.

In one bedroom a child sleeps peacefully, in dreams she alone can control. They are full of flowers and butterflies. She only dreams about her perfect family. In the other bedroom, a husband and wife sleep. One sleeps deeply in fantasies of the future. A small smile is on her face in great anticipation. This is while other rolls back and forth in a nightmare…

A woman looms above him.

“The time has come,” Tess says grinning wickedly. “It’s time for my long awaited revenge over you. And you are powerless to stop it. Here, in your dreams, you have no alien powers to protect you. Just try and stop me now!”

“Tess, you will never get away with this!”

“Oh, but see, I already have. Welcome to the nightmare of your life, Max.” She giggles mischievously, impatiently waiting for everything to go into effect.

A beep goes off in the distance. Tess’ smile grows wider. “It’s time.”

Max is laying in his bed, both curious and frightened by what she is planning to do. He starts thinking, ‘Wake up, wake up, Max, before it’s too late.’

“Ha, it’s already too late, Max dear. You should have listened to me back when we were on Antar.”

“So, we were on Antar!” Tess’ eyes widen for a moment over letting the word slip.

Then she says, “Oops, silly me for letting that slip. Too bad for you, I didn’t say that in any of your earlier dreams, not that you would remember.”

Max’s patience are just about up. “And what exactly do I not remember?”

“Oh, don’t worry, Max. You will remember each and every thing I made you forget by my little mindwarps. And you will remember them all at once. As will everyone else you love will see.”

“What are you talking about?” Max fires at her.

“Oh, you will see.” Tess glances at something behind him. “And it is time for me to leave you. Have fun now.”

“Wait…” But it was too late. Tess was nowhere to be seen. Max tried to wake himself up. Nothing would work: yelling, pinching, even trying to sleep in the dream.

And then, everything started flashing before his eyes. Only one word comes out in response: “NOOOO!”


Liz’s eyes start to move back and forth as her dreams turn into nightmares.


Tess is looming above her. “Time to go into Max’s mind.”

Liz replies, “What do you want Tess?”

She puts on an innocent face. “I only want you to know what your dear husband thinks about at night. I can assure you that it isn’t you. Nope, sorry. He has his eye on a different woman. ME.”

Liz’s eyes widen. “No, you’re wrong. He never loved you. He loves me. And he loves his daughter.”

“Oh, but see I have proof.” Tess smiles as she puts her hands to Liz’s temples.

Liz enters Max’s dream realm. Flashes are coming before her eyes. She wants to get out. She needs to get out. But she can’t wake up and get out of this. She's forced to watch as the sickly flashes cement into her mind.


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*I'm having a lot of trouble stringing my word together. I'm determined to finish this though whether anyone is reading it or not. I hope you enjoy this chapter...

Chapter 24

‘I can’t watch this.

‘This couldn’t have happened. I don’t remember it. Tess. Me. Together. On Antar. Well, not really together. She’s forcing herself on me.

‘I have to get out of this place. The images before me can’t possibly be true. I have to get out.’


‘This isn’t possible. Max could not have done this. He does not love Tess. He loves me, only me. The dreams of our future children are gone.


The phone rang the next morning at the Guerin residence. “Go get the phone,” Michael mumbles half asleep.

“Hmm,” Maria replies as she continues to doze in her dream world.

“God, do I have to do everything around here,” snaps Michael as he finally sits up. He grabs the phone off the hook.

“What,” Michael barks as he rubs his eyes adjusting to the morning light. There was deep, raspy breathing as a reply. “Hey, you woke me up, now talk.”

There was another pause. Michael was getting impatient. He was about to hang up when a small voice was heard through the phone. “Michael?” It was a sweet innocent voice. Only one person could possess it, but why would she be calling him instead of her parents?

“Melanie? Hey, sweetie. How are you?” He wondered if Liz and Max knew that their daughter was using the phone. His thinking, though, was interrupted by the sound of tears. Melanie was sobbing.

“Melanie, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy… Daddy… dey aren’t awake,” Melanie replied in between her hiccupping cries. “Somtin sis wong, Michael. Dare… dare talking in dare sweep. Dare crying… do dey have boo-boos? Whas wong wit dem?” After her little speech all that could be heard was the sobs wracking through her body once again. Man, were those cries loud.

Michael tried to think about what to say. Should he go over there? Should he just reassure her? What was he supposed to do? Finally he answered, “Okay, Melanie? Are you still there?” He could have sworn that she nodded in reply but there was none voiced. He went on anyway. “Melanie, where are you?”

“In da TB woom.”

“Okay, that’s good, that’s good.” Michael ran his fingers through his hair. “Melanie, stay in the TV room. I’m going to come over, okay? When you hear the doorbell, ask who it is. I’ll tell you I’m Michael and then you open the door, okay sweetie?”

“Uh huh. Answer da door when you come… But I’m not apposed to!”

“Oh, that’s okay, you can do it this one time, right?”


“That’s a good girl. I’ll be right over and we can figure out what’s wrong with your parents.”

“Okay. Huwy, Michael. I tink somtin bad happened to ‘em. Huwy.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’ll see you soon.”

“Kay, buh-bye.”

“Bye.” Michael laid the phone back in its cradle carefully. He had to go help them. He hoped Max and Liz were okay but he had a bad feeling about what was going on. A hand touched his shoulder bringing him to where he was now. Maria’s hand was on him with her eyes full of confusion.

“What’s going on, Spaceboy?”

Michael scratched his head. “I’m not sure. That was Melanie. She says something is wrong with Max and Liz. I think she’s scared.”

Maria’s eyes widened in fear. Her best friend was in trouble. Even though they we’re fighting she loved her like a sister. “Are you going?’

“Yeah, it may be serious.”

“Well, I’m going with you.”

“No, Maria. Stay home. This may be dangerous. We’re going into that house blinded. We don’t know what’s going on. Stay here, Blondie.”

“Michael Guerin, you heard me. I. Am. Going. You are not going to stop me.” She got out of bed and pulled on some clothing that was lying at its end. “Well, are you coming or not?”

Michael sighed and got dressed too. He hoped he was not putting her, or him, in moral peril.

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Chapter 25

Michael broke every speed limit in order to get to Max and Liz’s place. The entire time, his mind was going in a thousand directions.

What could be wrong with Max and Liz?

Is someone else in the house?
Possibly Tess?
Hmm, Tess.

Does this have something to do with dreaming?
Max mentioned that before.
I just thought it was crap…

Was Melanie just playing a game?
How could she use the phone by herself?
Was she just a good actor?

Damn, I’m confused…

Michael glanced over at Maria. She was sitting straight and seemed very alert to her surroundings.

‘Bet she’s just worried,’ he thought to himself, ‘Hell I guess I’m worried, too. Why else would I be going 60 on a 30 mph road?’

He zoomed onto the highway and sped up to 100. He wondered how long it would take to get to Santa Fe. However long it would take would not be fast enough for either of Maria or himself. Maria was practically jumping out of her seat. ‘Can’t the girl have any patience,’ he thought to himself, ‘she’s gonna drive me bananas.’


Melanie sighed. What was taking him so long? She looked at the clock. Could time go any slower? Hmm… it has felt like hours or even days.

A moan came from down the hall. Mommy and Daddy’s room, it was making her scared. What could be wrong? Could she fix their boo-boos somehow?

Melanie sighed and waved her hand around. A jet of bright green came out as her powers surged in frustration. Power, hmm… could she somehow use her healing powers?

‘No,’ she scolded herself. ‘Michael told her to stay in the TV room until he rang the doorbell.’ He said she could answer it this one time by herself even though she wasn’t supposed to. Well, he said she could break the rules one time. Couldn’t she break the rule to stay in the TV room this one time too?

Hmm… But Mommy and Daddy’s room was scary when she went in there before. They were moaning like ghosts. And they wouldn’t wake up. It’s too scary.

What if something happened? What if her parents never woke up again because she was too scared to try and save them. She had to try.

Melanie jumped off the couch and toddled down the hallway. The passage seemed to take forever just like time did. Melanie was growing impatient. Mommy and Daddy needed her.

Another loud moan came from the bedroom. Melanie paused, frozen in fear. What if there were monsters in there? They could hurt her, way too scary.

Melanie trekked onward. If they hurt her, they would also hurt her parents and her parents would wake up and save her. They had to. That was their job; saving her was their responsibility.

Melanie put on a determined face and put her hand on the wall. She breathed in deeply like her mommy sometimes did when she didn’t want to do something. Then she let the air out. Melanie was ready to save her parents.


Speeding along the residential street, silence was finally broken.

“Do you think they’re okay, Michael?” Maria asked in a fearful tone.

“I don’t know,” Michael answered honestly. “If nothing’s happened though, Maxwell better pay me for all this gas I’ve used on him.”

“Michael Guerin!” Maria slapped him upside the head. “How dare you say anything like that . They could be hurt… or worse.” Maria swallowed hard. “We have to make sure they’re okay. I can’t lose Liz. We haven’t worked anything out yet. I need my best friend back. No offense, but you have never done her justice. You’re no girlfriend.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” grumbled Michael.

“Are we there yet?” Maria asked.

“Five minutes, close enough for you?”

“We’re never close enough,” Maria almost whispered. She continued talking softly to herself, “Please let us get there in time. Please.”


Melanie put her hands on her mother. She grasped tightly because her mom was shaking violently. She’d never be able to heal her if she missed her mom’s body.

Melanie took another deep breath. She cleared her mind and let her body calm. Her pulse slowed down. There was silence.

Flashes started coming but Melanie paid no attention to them. She searched her mother’s body thoroughly. Nothing out of the ordinary could be found as she searched the chest, the heart, the organs, the limbs. Everything was in perfect order.

Melanie mentally sighed in frustration. She made one more sweep of the body. This time she included a scan of the brain. Everything looked normal… but, wait. What was this? Melanie found a bump in her mommy’s self conscious. How do you get a bump that deep in the mind?

Melanie went in deeper. There was something definitely wrong. Melanie grew excited that she found what was wrong. She concentrated with all her might and tried to figure out how to heal the problem.

More flashes flew and Melanie again ignored them. She tried to make the bump smaller and make the blood flow correctly. She kept reaching deeper and deeper hoping to heal the problem.

She thought she was getting close but suddenly she was pushed out. Melanie fell back off her mother and landed with a thud on the floor. Her next cracked at the impact of the fall. She sat up straighter and scanned herself just like Daddy told her to do whenever she fell. Nothing was wrong, she was glad about that. But tears formed in her eyes. ‘What was wrong with Mommy?’

She looked up to her parents’ limp forms in gloom. Her thoughts turned to shock. Someone was sitting on the bed. The woman looked at her angrily. It wasn’t Mommy.


Michael parked haphazardly in the street. He barely stopped the car before Maria flew out. ‘Whoa, is she fast. I never knew she had it in her.’

Then he remembered that he was supposed to ring the doorbell to tell Melanie that they were there. Finally, after a little less than two hours of driving dangerously. He sprinted out of the car and hoped he could reach the door before Maria.

No such luck. Maria had already rung the doorbell by the time he had arrived.

“What took you so long,” Maria asked slightly red in the face.

“It’s called turning off the car.” He glared at Maria for her lack of thinking.

“Why…” he started to ask but Maria’s eyes started to grow wide.

“Shouldn’t Melanie have answered the door by now?” Michael forgot what he was about to say and realized that she was right. It had been almost two minutes and there were no sounds coming from the house.

“Open the door,” Maria ordered.

“How?” Michael’s face was blank.

“With your powers, dumbass.”

“Right, don’t call me dumbass.” Michael put his hand over the doorknob. His hand lit in a green light. They heard a click. The door was unlocked.

Michael practically shoved Maria behind them as they entered the house.

“Melanie,” they called in unison but they were just met in more silence.

“Where is she,” Maria wondered aloud. Then she thought of something. “What if something happened to her too? Oh, no!” Michael and Maria looked at one another. They were flying down the hallway in a split second.

They pumped their legs with all their might until they reached an open door. The halted at the entryway and looked in.

“Oh my God,” was what came out of Maria’s mouth in a whisper as they looked into the room at the sight before them…

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