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Title: Shattered Destiny
Author: Shadow
Rating: R
Category: Roswell, Max and Liz
Summary: For nearly a year they have been dealing with all the destiny information. None of it makes any sense, and all it has been doing to them is making them fall apart. Soon they begin to realize that they should be allowed to live as they wish. Their living hell will soon freeze over.
Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell is mine. It belongs to the WB, UPN, Jason Katims, and Fox.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Part 1

After Destiny…

Max once again lay stretched out on his bed starring up into the ceiling of his room with a lost, and hurt expression on his face. Ever since the day Liz had walked away from him just after he’d found out that his destiny was with someone else. Someone he never would, and never loved. Tess, if it weren’t for her his life would be just as it was, Max Evans and Elizabeth Parker. Not a normal couple, but one that found strength in one another. He seized to exist anymore. His world had ended, life had ended. Ever since that day, he and Liz hardly spoke to each other. Only during lab of course since they were lab partners. Every time they were near each other, joy would come over them, because at least they got to be close to one another, but at the same time it hurt, it hurt because they wanted to be together more than anything. Every time he tried to talk to her, to try to let her know that she was all that mattered, she closed up. Just like he had been doing to others most of the time

Isabel had been worried; she went towards his room, to talk to Max. Ever since that day, all of their lives had been turned upside down. Neither she nor Michael ever bough any of that destiny crap. Alex and Maria, their significant other, remained being their friends, but they always had that expression on their faces. The one that said that they wanted to be back together with them more than anything. It had been almost eight months that they had been dealing with all the frustration. Now it was just too much. They couldn’t take it much longer. Tess was of course still being a bitch, trying to get Max into falling for her, but he never paid attention to her, or to anyone for that matter. There was a disturbing division between everyone, especially Max and Liz. If it hadn’t been for them, Isabel and Michael would have never learned to trust, to love without fearing that they would be in danger, and now they were determined to do whatever it took to get Max and Liz together, because if they hadn’t noticed, they needed each other…more than anything. They prayed that if things worked out for them, that they would maybe have a chance to get back together with the ones who made them stronger.

As Isabel opened the door to his room, she realized she had guessed correctly. Once again Max was starring up into nothing, looking very much…dead like. It killed her to see her brother like that. It was as if someone had switched bodies with her brother. He wasn’t there anymore. She wanted him back. Quietly she walked over to him.

“Hey Max.” She gave him a sad smile as she sat next to him on the bed.

He remained quiet.

“Max, I know how you feel. Michael and I feel the same way.” She tried to get him to talk, to open up.

It must have worked because reluctantly, he slowly sat up in the bed, turning his back away from her, burying his face in his hands, and letting the tears that had welled up in his eyes fall.

“Feel how?” He whispered.

“Like everything given to us was crap. Like we need Alex, and Maria. More than anything right now.” She said in a somewhat upset tone. Upset…at destiny.

“Now you know how I feel…I can’t take this any longer Iz. She’s all that matters to me. I…I love her.” He managed to choke out. Which surprised her. After all this time, he had finally opened up. Even if it was just to her. It was better than having him still locked up in that tormented sad world.


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Part 2

“You should talk to Liz, Max. She needs you right now.”

“Don’t you think I have tried? I’ve tried so many times. I’ll never give up. I know she needs me, just as I need her. She just wont admit it.” He began to shake his head in frustration. “What am I going to do?” He thought.

“And all this thing with destiny..I…” He began but Isabel interrupted him.

She immediately got up, and began pacing the room.

“Max, screw destiny. Forget about it. Look at what it has been doing to us for the past almost eight months! It’s damn annoying to have to find out that your life was planned out the whole time. You know what? I don’t believe one s*%$ about it. We were thrown here for I don’t know what, and I don’t give a d*#$ anymore. We are beings also and we deserve some of life! I will NOT let this get in the way anymore. Screw destiny Max, f*%$ destiny!” She was furious with all the crap going on.

Max turned around starring at her in shock.

“Since…since when did you start talking like that?” He gave out a small laugh.

“Since now Max! Forget about everything. We deserve to get back with our lives.” She was trying to convince him, since she had already convinced herself.

“Iz, your right. All this…crap seems so fake, such a lie. I will never believe any of it. Nothing can, or will ever get in the way of our lives. I will not just sit here like an ass everyday and be all-hopeless. We need to fix things soon. I’m getting Liz back no matter what. You’re getting Alex, and Michael gets Maria.” He agreed.

Isabel’s eyes began to tear up also. She couldn’t believe that after all this time she had finally gotten Max to understand. Now he seemed more…Max like. She only hoped that he would remain like that. Or she’d go insane.

“We need to plan out, how, when, and where we’re going to get this out to everyone.” Isabel said, trying to think of the best way to do this, because every little thing counted on this matter, and on their future.

“The only way Liz will pay any attention is if everyone is together, at the same place, or if I get to her, and try to talk to her again…” Max hoped that this time it would finally work.

“We will have a meeting then, at the Crashdown. After closing time, we all meet there.” Isabel suggested.

“The only thing left is to let everyone know.” Max stated. If this didn’t work, nothing would. He thought.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz woke once again feeling lost. It hurt so much that she would never be able to be with the e most person she loved. Max, he’s been In love with her ever since they were children. Now all her dreams and hopes for the future were gone. They would never happen. She was relieved it was Friday today, because it meant no more school for the next day, and she wouldn’t have to face him again.


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Part 3

After getting dressed, she quickly went downstairs completely ignoring the fact that she needed to get something to eat if she wanted to go through the school day without any more problems. Nothing mattered anymore. As she opened the front door of the Crashdown she heard the sound of the Jetta’s horn. She had gotten there just in time. She didn’t want to get to school late. It would just make things worse. She got in the car, next to Maria, in the passenger’s seat, placing her backpack over her lap and quickly shut the door.

“Morning chica.” Maria smiled at her. She seemed more relaxed and content today, because Michael had told her that they would all meet this afternoon to discuss something important. She just hoped it meant that there would be another chance for them. To be together again. She missed the way everyone used to get along so well, when they would have fun, enjoying each other’s company.

“You seem cheerful today.” Liz gave her a sad smile.

“Yeah, I’m just wondering about this afternoon.” Maria said.

“What is happening this afternoon?” Liz looked at her.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know!” He hasn’t told her yet. Maria thought.

“What is going on?” Liz knew something was up.

“Just forget about it. I’ll tell you later.”

“Tell me what Maria? Please just spill it.” Liz began to get frustrated.

“Liz, just calm down ok? I just, I thought you knew. It’s nothing bad I promise. At least not yet…” She cursed at herself for opening her big fat mouth. She always tended to do that.

“I’m just sick of this. Sick of everything.” She leaned her head against the car seat, and closed her eyes in trying to hide the tears that were forming in her eyes.

“It’s going to be ok Liz.” Maria hated seeing her best friend like this. She should at least give him a chance to be her friend! She just kept pushing Max and away, and it was hurting them both.

“No Maria, it wont be ok, it will never be ok. Everything just ended.” She opened her eyes to wipe away the tears that had begun to fall down her face.

“You should at least talk to him, why do you keep doing this to yourself? Michael and I, we still talk, we hang out, and so do Isabel and Alex, but you and Max? No, you have to stop this Liz. Later on you are going to regret this. You should never let life pass you by."
Maria said.


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Part 4

“What am I supposed to do? Max and I can’t ever be together again. He has a destiny, one that I’ll never be a part of.” She stared out the window.

“Does Max love Tess? No Liz of course not. All he thinks about is you chica. You know I've spoken to him. He’s completely out of it. He needs you Liz, just as much as you need him.” Maria sighed, wishing everything could just go back to the way it was.

“You’ve been talking to him? Thanks for not telling me!” She sounded jealous, and hurt.

“I’m sorry, but he’s been just as miserable as you’ve been.” Maria apologized.

“Thanks for being a good friend though.” Liz was relieved that at least Maria had been there for Max, when she wasn’t there, when she should have been.

“Hey what am I here for.” Maria winked at Liz.

“Yeah.” Liz gave a small laugh, but as Maria continued to speak she grew serious again.

“So what are you going to do about the whole situation?” Maria said as they entered the school parking lot.

“I’m going to try to talk to him today. I just hope things don’t turn out for the worst.” Liz said.

“He better be nice to you or I’m going to kick his sorry little alien king a**.” Maria said half joking.

“Maria, no. Just wish me luck ok?” They grabbed their stuff, and headed inside the building.


Inside the school hallways, Maria caught a glance at Michael, which was headed towards his locker. She immediately went over to him.

“Max, Isabel, and Alex were heading over to their lockers also. All of a sudden Max stopped dead in his tracks. There was Liz, putting some of her books away in her locker, and then she grabbed the ones she needed. She seemed, a little thinner. Probably because of all the stress. After quickly stopping by his own locker he headed towards the Eraser Room. Before the bell would ring for the school day to begin once again, he would talk to her. In the Eraser Room.

As he saw her coming by the room, headed towards her class. He immediately opened the door to the Eraser Room, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her inside.

“Oh my…!” She began to scream, but as she turned towards him, he gently placed a finger over her soft beautiful lips to calm her down.



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Hey everyone! Sorry but im still very sick. The computer is ruining my muscles.. and etc.. its annoying!
But here is this for all of you:

Part 5

He locked the door with his powers. She was completely startled, not knowing who had dragged her into the eraser room like that.

“I’m sorry for scaring you like that.” He apologized, feeling guilty for dragging her into the eraser room, and scaring her.

“Max…” She looked into his face surprised, and relieved that it was him.

“Liz…” He softly whispered.

“Hi.” She choked out, feeling a bit nervous.

He gently took her bag from her, and placed it on the floor next to his.

“Liz give me your hand.” He held out his hand to her.

She slowly placed her small, delicate hand in his.

He led them down to the ground. Both sat down facing each other. He looked up into her eyes, taking her other hand in his. Her eyes never left his either.

“The reason why I dragged you in here, was because we need to talk. I need to talk to you.” He said in a gentle tone.

“Funny thing is that I was thinking of speaking to you today.” She gave him a small smile.

“You were? Ahem…I mean of course you were.” He blushed.

“Yeah I was, but you go first. You dragged me in here anyways.” She gave him a small laugh.

“He looks so handsome.” She thought to herself.

“Alright, well I wanted to talk to you about the day you helped get me out of the white room.” He said.

“The day you found out about your destiny.” She whispered, slowly tearing her eyes away from his, looking down to the ground.

“Please look at me.” He gently raised her chin with his fingers, bringing her to look at him again.

“Sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s ok Liz. So…that day when you walked away from me, that was the day my life ended. I’ve been living in complete misery for these past 8 months. Liz, that wasn’t my real destiny…my destiny is you. Nothing else matters to me, and Tess…she’s nothing to me. She never will be. I need you in my life Liz; I want to be with you. More than anything, I would do anything if it meant being with you. Anything for you.” He gently cupped her face in his hands.

“Max, I don’t want to get in the way of what is meant to be.” Tears began to form in her eyes. He loved her, and he still wanted to be with her, but she couldn’t be selfish.


I hope you enjoyed it!

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Part 6

“No Liz, you could never get in the way of that, because we are what’s meant to be. You and I are what are meant to be. We were meant for each other in every way Liz. I’ve known it for nearly all my life. Ever since we were little, when I first laid eyes on you. I knew you were special, and all I ever dreamt, and still dream of is to be with you, to love you. To protect you, and I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten that opportunity. I love you Liz, more than anything. More than life itself.” His own eyes began tearing up.

“Max…” Liz began, but her interrupted her.

“Liz, I’m going to kiss you right now, and only you can stop me. If you don’t want to be with me I’ll understand, I always will.” He slowly leaned forward, and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Then he kissed her tears away, loving every single taste of her. Until he finally covered her lips with his own.

The tears fell down his eyes as he realized that she had responded to that kiss. She hadn’t pulled away; instead she wiped away his tears with her soft, delicate hands, and wrapped her arms around his wais, while his hands slowly began to slide down her back. Sending sparks of electricity throughout her body. How much she had missed this, missed him. They finally were together again, and Maria had been right. Things did turn out for the best, but the moment was interrupted when Liz suddenly pulled away from him, wincing in pain as she placed a hand over her stomach.

Max looked at her completely worried.

“Liz? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He placed a hand over her hand, which was covering her stomach, while the other one went to cheek. Instantly it had worked, he made the pain go away.

“Thank you Max.” She smiled at him, and crawled up his lap wrapping her arms around him.

“Are you ok now?” Max asked worriedly as he tightened his arms around her.

“Yeah, now I am. I haven’t been eating much lately. With everything that has been going on.” She snuggled closer to him.

“Liz, you need to stay healthy. I’m going to make sure you get something to eat for lunch ok? At least I’m hoping we will be together for lunchtime, and from now on…” He hoped things would continue as they were.

“Max, now that you’re mine again I’m not letting you go.” She placed a kiss on the side of his, beautiful, strong neck.


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More to come soon. (when I get better)
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Part 7

“Thank you Liz, for giving us another chance. How long I’ve dreamed of being with you like this again.” He caressed her back with his strong hand.

“Max, I think God everyday for letting me have such a wonderful person in my life, and in my heart.” She took one of his hands in hers, and gently placed both of them over her heart.

“I love you Max, I always have…and I always will.” She said in a loving, and sincere voice.

After hearing those words from her, which melted his heart, he brought the hand, which was wrapped in hers over her heart to his lips and loved her hand in a way, which left her nearly shaking in pure joy, and excitement. He then brought his to bury inside her beautiful, long and silky hair, and leaning forward he eagerly placed his lips over hers once again to continue that passionate, and loving kiss they had started.


Maria caught up with Michael just as he began to open his locker.

“Hey, I heard Michael Guerin was a green, and slimy alien.” She whispered into his ear, so only he could hear her…slightly teasing him, and it had worked because after hearing her words he practically bolted around in shock, but as soon as he realized it was her he sighed in relied, and gave her a small wicked smile, making her giggle.

“Oh you heard? But you don’t know.” He went along with her little game, pinning her to one of the lockers next to his, and began an assault of tickling on her stomach, making her giggle even more.

“I have…proof.” She managed to choke out in a small laugh.

“Oh yeah? Can I see it then?” He said, enjoying their little game, but the moment was suddenly ruined, by a very serious Tess standing right in back of Michael, with her arms crossed ass if they were committing some sort of crime.

“What exactly do you think you are doing, you drama queen? Haven’t you heard? He’s not yours anymore!” Tess yelled at Maria in a disturbing tone.

Michael instinctively stood in front of Maria, and faced Tess, crossing his own arms, show her that by him she was a miniature, annoying bi*&$.

“Back off Tess.!” He was beginning to lose the bit of control he had left. No one had any right to talk to Maria like that, not even himself. Let alone for no reason.

“Back off? Ha! I’m not going anywhere, as you can see you two horn dogs seem to be standing in front of my locker.” She laughed.

“You better watch your mouth little girl, because no one, I mean no one! Talks to Maria that way, do you get that? This better be the first, and last time I hear you talking like that, because if I find out you get near Maria, or any of my friends, to make their lives a living hell like you like doing, you are sure to be toast. You can get near me all you want, because I’ll be the one who will make sure you are sorry!” He said, in a strong voice. One that Maria had never heard coming from Michael, neither had Tess. Without yelling in front of the entire school.


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Part 8

“Say whatever you want Michael, but just remember one thing: You have a destiny to fulfill.” She said in a nervous voice.

“What destiny?” Michael laughed in her face as if she had gone crazy.

“I forgot about that…destiny. The one you made up. The one you planned out by getting one of your people to plant out a fake hologram in a cheap device! Is that the one? Let me tell you one thing Tess, as far as we are ALL concerned, there is not destiny! Do you get that? There is certainly one though: MISERY! The one thing we’ve been live in gin for the past eight months. Live all you want in your fake little world of destiny, where you think you’ll get Maxwell as your slave, because sooner or later you will realize that it will never happen. We live the way we feel like living little girl, and we are with those we feel like being with. So get a life!” He carefully moved her out of the way with the back of his hand, and took Maria’s hand in his pulling her away from that witch. Noticing the way she stood there completely shocked, and speechless.

“Sorry about that Maria.” Michael said, upset she had to go through that.

“Hey she deserved it, she’s a lost case. I’m glad you told her off like that.” She smiled remembering the look on Tess’s face when Michael told her all those things, in such a certain tone.

They stepped inside their first class, waiting for the bell to ring for the teacher to come inside, and begin the class.

They took two seats, sitting side to side from each other.

“Hey, about that meeting later uh....” He seemed sort of nervous.

“Yeah, the one I have no idea what it is going to be about.” Maria looked at him straight in the eyes, hoping that he would tell her what they would be talking about.

“It’s about what just happened with “little miss I gotta make everyone’s lives miserable” over there.” He quickly said, his nervousness easing down.

“About the destiny thing right?” I knew it! She thought.

“Yeah, it’s not bad or anything. It’s just, you know, Max, Isabel, and I just thought it was time to get things all out. To make things go back to normal.” He was about to continue when Maria interrupted him.

“What do you mean by normal?” She just knew things might just get better.

“You Maria, to be with you again. For everyone to be together again.” He looked at her with hope that she would want to be with him again, as his girlfriend.

“You really mean that Michael? You’re just giving up your destiny?” Maria looked at him in shock.

TBC… *angel*

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I'm so sorry for taking so long !! *sad*
Part 9

“There is no destiny, you, Liz, and Alex are the only destiny we have.” He gave her a small smile.

“Michael…” She began.

“If you don’t want to ever be together anymore it’s fine Maria, it is your choice.” He began to look away from her.

She pulled his face towards hers in her hands, and placed a kiss over his lips.

“You stubborn Czechoslovakian, of course I’ll be with you again.” She grinned at him.

“Ok.” He chuckled, along with a sigh of relief.


During first period, Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, and Alex all had English together, while Isabel had History.


Back in the Eraser Room…

Liz’s hands went desperately over the hem of Max’s shirt, instantly pulling it over his head, and taking it off. Breaking away from that hot kiss, she brought up a hand, and carefully brushed her fingers over his hard, and fully exposed chest, sending shivers throughout Max’s entire body, causing him to give a low moan. She gasped as the amazing feeling, as she caressed him. He had such a beautiful, and built body, and it was all hers.

He slowly slipped his hands under the back of her shirt, reaching for the clasp of her bra, when all of a sudden the bell rang, making them both reluctantly just apart form each other, in regret that hey wouldn’t be able to continue this beautiful, and passionate moment they had just both started.

“I’m sorry Liz, but we both need to get to class right now if we plan on getting through the entire day without any trouble.” He gave her a sad smile. As he began reaching for his shirt, Liz stopped him with her hand.

“You don’t want this? Us?” She asked him in a sad, and hurt voice.



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Part 10

“God, Liz.” He brought his hands to cup each side of her face.

“Of course I want this, I want to be with you right now more than anything, but your first time should be magical, special…not in some old school room. It’s too soon, and you deserve better than this, and so much more. It should be somewhere beautiful, just like you, and its killing me right now not being able to grab you in my arms and love you, but I promise it will be worth waiting for.” He pressed a hard kiss against her lips, showing her how much he meant every word he said, and how much he wanted her right now.

He quickly grabbed his shirt, and slipped it on.

“Max, our first time will always be magical because we’ll be together.” She smiled at him.

“Yes it will Liz, because it will be the both of us, but let this wait please? I want to make your dreams come true Liz, and those little innocent faces you are making right now are not helping.” He chuckled slightly, while blushing.

“Ok, but later on we will continue where we left off.” She gave him a little, wicked, and hungry grin.

“You are surely going to be the death of me.” He said, pulling her into his arms, and placing a soft kiss over her beautiful head, which was covered in her long, soft, and silky hair.

They grabbed their bags, and headed towards their first class, not wanting to be late, both with glowing grins on their faces, while each of them had an arm wrapped around each other, afraid that if they let go, it would all turn out to be just a dream.

When they stepped inside their first class, Mr. Mathews was just beginning to take out his notes, getting ready to begin the class. They saw to empty seats next to Michael, Maria and Alex

As soon as they saw Max and Liz, they just stared in shock, and in surprise.

“Wait a minute, are those who I think they are?” Alex asked in disbelief of seeing Max and Liz so close to each other again.

“Oh my God! Those two are practically glowing. Something must have happened.” Maria said exited, and happy that her best friend was once again happy, just as she was.

“Finally, things are going back.” Michael smirked as Max and Liz took their seats next to each other.

“You seem happy girlfriend.” Maria said quietly to Liz.

“Yeah.” She had a dreamy smile on her face.

“So does this mean, you and Romeo are back together again?” Maria asked excitingly.

“Pretty much so. I’m so happy Maria. I’ve never felt so great in my life.” Liz said, a grin spreading across her face, taking a sneak glance at Max.

“Way to go Max!” Alex patted him on the back.

“What?” Max asked.

“Well its obvious you got Liz back.” Michael gave a small grin.

“Yeah I did, and I want to keep it that way. So please not a word to anyone else, especially not Tess. I don’t want her to get near Liz with her threats again.” Max said, worried of what she would do if she found out about him and Liz being together again.

“Hey she already caught Maria and I, and she wasn’t happy about it.” Michael said, suddenly getting upset remembering what had happened with Tess earlier.

“She better give that up soon.” Alex said, getting annoyed by Tess’s ways. It just frustrated the whole gang.

“I hope she learned, because I’m sure not up to dealing with her.” Max said, not in the mood to face her.

“Don’t worry Maxwell, she’s not getting near anyone because if she does she will have to deal with me, and I know how you feel about protecting Liz from her, but just know I see her as a sister myself, and I sure as hell won’t let anyone get near her.” Michael said, determined to do whatever it took to keep those he cared about safe.

“Whoa, so Guerin has a sensitive side.” Alex said surprised.

“Yeah doesn’t everyone?” Michael said, surprised at his own self.

“I really appreciate it Michael, thanks for a being a great friend.” Max held out his hand, which Michael quickly took.

“Alright, lets talk about this later we have a class to take.” Michael said after shaking Max's hand.


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Part 11

Now they all sat around their old table enjoying being together once again, and enjoying their lunch.

It was like old times, everyone was laughing, and chatting away at their favorite table, which they all used to settle around during their previous year of school.

Suddenly they all realized how much they had missed this, how much they had missed each other.

Max sat next to Liz, occasionally touching his leg to hers, reassuring her that he was there, and slightly teasing her. He kept a close eye on her, making sure she was eating her lunch, which she was.

He worried for her, and felt very protective of her. If anything were to happen to his Liz, he’d die for sure. Living without her would never be an option for him.

He would either be with her, or he’d die trying to.

Liz was enjoying herself being near everyone again. To watch Max smiling, and laughing just made her heart sing in joy. She looked over to where Alex was talking to Maria about some band rehearsal, while Michael looked at them closely, not wanting to miss any moment of Maria’s life.

Isabel was saying something to Kyle, which brought an expression of disbelief to his face.

“No way! You got to be kidding me right?” Kyle chuckled at Isabel’s comment while looking at Max, who was giving him an annoyed look.

“Kidding about what?” Liz jumped in, suddenly curious about what was so unbelievable, concerning her Max.

“He’s so amazing.” Liz thought to herself.

“Well Liz, while Max was living his miserable life during these past months of being lonely, Pam Troy kept throwing herself at Max, trying to get him to pay attention to her.” Isabel shook her head in disgust as she thought back to what had happened.

“It actually took some guts from Mr. King. Do you know how long every single guy in the school has been trying to get Pam Troy? Without me included of course, I dont look at ahem...hores.” Kyle was impressed at how Max could have been so strong to resist temptation, but on the other hand this was Max. His world only revolved around Liz, and only Liz.

“Why didn’t you take a chance with her Max? She’s not so bad.” Liz half joked. She totally hated that girl, and to hear she had been near her Max, trying to get him to look at her just made her furious.


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Part 12

Liz any girl can come up to me, anything, but I could never fall for her, or even look at her. My heart belongs to you and only you. All this time I was thinking of you. Only you. Never forget that my love.” Max closed his hand over hers, and brought the top of her hand to his lips. Her eyes went straight to his, shining in pure love and joy.

“Thank you Max, for waiting.” She whispered into his ear only for him to hear.

Max brought his index finger up to her soft lips. “I’ll always wait for you Liz, always remember that.” He whispered back.

“Oh I will.” She gave him a husky chuckle, sending electricity all over his body. Luckily he was sitting down, so no one would notice the slightly disturbing bulge on his jeans.

“I hate to bring this up, but where is Tess?” Isabel looked around in fear that she may be up to something. Something cruel, and disturbing. Tess always tried to get in the way of everything, and anything. And it scared her.

“I don’t care where that thing is, I just hope she’s not up to anything.” Michael shrugged. He looked over to where Liz sat quietly snuggled in Max’s arms.

He didn’t know what it was but he felt like he’d known her forever, he felt some sort of protectiveness over her.

Then he looked towards Maria, the girl that meant everything to him, he loved her more than anything.

Just as much as he loved the group around him.

They had some how formed some sort of family throughout the time they had known each other. And his family meant everything to him.

“I saw her today.” Alex spoke up looking around at everyone. “She seemed quiet, I swear she looked at me for a moment during Bio. Something tells me she’ sup to something.” He shrugged in fear.

“All we can do for now is stick together. She may be up to something, or she might not be. But as I’ve learned throughout the years, it is better to be safe, than to be sorry. As hard as it may be sometimes, we don’t let anyone stay alone for long periods of time.” Max tightened his arms around Liz. If anything happened to her, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself any more. Never…

“We’re still meeting at the Crash Down this afternoon right?” Maria looked at the pod-squad.

“Our shifts end at around 7:00pm today.” Liz said, looking forward to spending some more time with everyone.

“Yeah even though you all know how we feel about this whole destiny crap, we still have something we need to say to all of you.” Michael met everyone’s eyes, showing them that they had nothing to worry about.

Minutes later the bell rang, and everyone headed their separate ways towards their last classes in hope that the day wouldn’t get out of hand.

From the corner of one of the walls around the tables where the students usually ate or studied, Tess stepped out. With a blink of her eyes, they turned a pale red as she watched the gang head towards the inside of the school. She gave a small evil laugh.

“My first plan failed. Of course you would know there is o such thing as destiny, but there is more to come. Be prepared to what lies ahead my enemies.” She said in an evil voice.


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Part 13

Everyone was relieved that they all had last period together, which was Chemistry Lab. Michael and Maria, were partnered together, Alex with Isabel, and Max with Liz. Luckily they were allowed to pick their partners this school year. Kyle was Jennifer Stevenson’s partner, one of the popular girls of the school, which he found very attractive. He wondered if she had any interest in him…

They all sat close together in the center left of the room while Tess sat right in the back corner of the room with her eyes closed. She took the opportunity to have a little fun since everyone was too busy working on their assignments.

“Max, could you hand me that for a moment?” Liz motioned towards a glass container, which she needed to use in order to work on their assignments.

“Sure.” Max winked at her as he handed it to her.

As she began to place the container on the their table, the glass suddenly shattered in her hand, sending peaces of glass flying towards her face, and around her hand.

Max nearly fainted when he realized what he had just witnessed. Liz’s beautiful face was covered in blood, and she was starring at her hand, which seemed badly cut. Everyone’s attention was focused on her.

“Liz!” Max reached for her badly hurt face. “Oh God.” He cried out, but before he could reach her, she was already running out the room. The rest of the gang stared in shock.

Michael suddenly turned around, and swore when he noticed that Tess had disappeared from the room. “Maxwell!” Michael signaled towards Tess’s empty seat.

Max immediately started running towards the door of the classroom. “I’m going to help her.” He breathed out, looking towards the teacher.

As the rest of the gang began to get up from their seats, the teacher held up a hand for them to stop.

“Everyone please stay in your seats. I will handle the situation.” The teacher said as she exited the room. The gang ignored her, and got up anyways. As they caught up with the teacher in the hallway, Michael held up a hand towards Mrs. Turner. Instantly she was knocked out. Kyle caught her as she began to fall back and he laid her against the nearest wall. “Sorry.” Kyle said, and followed the rest of the gang, which was rushing to the girls bathroom. They just hoped Liz would be ok.

Liz looked around the bathroom and reluctantly stepped inside one of the stalls. Her knees gave out and she leaned back against the wall. She could hardly see anything because of the cuts on her face, and eyes, and because of the darkness in the room. Her undamaged hand gave a small glow, causing her to gasp in shock as the ceilings light bulb began to illuminate a little, but she hardly had any strength in her.

Everything remained dark. She heard footsteps getting closer to her and she hoped that it was one of her friends…

She tried to hold back the cries, which were escaping her throat, but she couldn’t. Suddenly she jumped back, and gave a huge gasp when the door flew out and crashed against the bathroom exit. She realized that it was Tess who had done this.

Before she was able to reach the blocked exit, she was thrown several feet away hitting a wall at the end of the room. There stood a furious Tess, breathing deeply with death written all over her face. Liz had hit her head against the wall, and felt a sudden pulsing pain at the back of her head.


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Part 14

“You! Because of you there isn’t anything! Little sweet, and innocent Liz Parker. You are the reason why Max turned away from me! There may be no destiny, but Max was my slave in our past life. And he’ll be controlled by me in this life!” Tess sent Liz flying against another wall.

“Ahh!” Liz cried out in pain. She couldn’t get up because of the overwhelming pain.

“Liz!” Max hit against the bathroom door. It wouldn’t open. He knew it was Tess. His heart was threatening to explode once again.

There was no way he would let anyone take Liz away from him. He suddenly got a flash…a memory from Antar. There was Liz in a beautiful gown, in the middle of a room full of cheerful people, with eyes only for him. He couldn’t believe what was seeing. Was that real? Was Liz somehow connected to his past life?

He was immediately snapped out of his thoughts when the others caught up to him.

“Max! Don’t tell me you’re afraid to go in the girls room?” Maria looked at him in shock. Her best friend was in there, and there was her other half standing completely frozen.

“This shit won’t open!” Max pushed against the door in frustration, and panic.

With a hand in the air Michael sent the door flying along with the other door, which was blocking the entrance. Both doors flew to the nearby corner.

“Tess!” Michael yelled in total fury.

“Oh my God.” Maria gasped at the sight of Liz. She nearly looked. Dead like.

In moments Max was on the ground reaching out his hands towards each side of his angel’s face, afraid that by his touch she would hurt even more.

“Max.” She sighed in relied. Tears were uncontrollably falling down his face, and his hest was rapidly rising and falling from all the pain he felt in him.

His beautiful Liz had been hurt. Was all he could think about.

His hands began to glow and in seconds her face was back to the way it used to be…unharmed and beautiful. He placed a hand on the back of her head and made the pain go away. Finally he took her bleeding hand in his, and as soon as it was healed he brought it up to his lips.

He then pulled her up from the ground with him, and wrapped his arms tightly around her, as he rocked her back and fourth. She smiled into his neck, and placed a loving kiss over his strong jaw.

“God I love you...” Max breathed out.

“I love you too Max.” She snuggled into him.

“Liz, If I had lost you...” He ran a hand down her back, sending electricity down her entire body.

“But you didn’t.” She smiled sadly at him.

“Max!” They both heard Isabel scream bringing them back to reality.

Just as Max looked towards the other he realized why Isabel had screamed. Headed towards him and Liz was a huge bolt of energy sent by Tess.


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Part 15

Just before they were hit, Max raised a hand in front of him and Liz, making a shield appear to protect them. The blast quickly went from their direction, towards Tess, and blasted her on the stomach.

Max led Liz towards the others. He wanted her safe, not in the center of danger. “Liz, go with the others, it’s not safe.” He pleaded her with his eyes.

“No Max, I’m not going without you.” Liz refused.

“I’ll be ok. Please Liz I need you to be safe.” He pressed a loving kiss against her lips.

She reluctantly nodded, and kissed h him back.

“Get her out of here.” Max called out to the others. He then brushed his fingers over Liz’s cheek, making her smile sadly at him.

Michael put an arm around Liz, meeting Max’s eyes. Promising him he’d take care of her.

“Max.” Isabel called out to him. She didn’t like the idea of leaving her brother behind with that thing.

“Everyone out.” Max used a strong tone, as he shot a look of rage towards Tess who was beginning to get up from the ground.

“Come on Iz.” Alex tugged on Isabel’s hand, and led her towards the outside of the room.

Everyone was out, and running towards Max’s jeep in no time.


Just as Tess began towards Max again, she winced in pain from the energy blast that’d hit her on her stomach. This gave Max the chance to push her towards the wall with his powers, and sent a flow of energy, which held her against the wall, making her unable to move.

“I can’t believe you would be capable of doing that. And to the one person who is the least threat to you? Some as innocent like Liz? Let me get one thing straight Tess. This better be the last and only time I see you get near Liz, do you understand? No one! Lays a finger on her. Liz is mine! Don’t get near her, near me or anyone else.” He was furious.

“I will never be yours. I heard what you told Liz. Since we have this connection you know, one that you and I will never have! Liz is mine, and I am hers! Everyone belongs to each other. Remember one thing Tess: I’m not murderer like you, but the next time you get near Liz I will be sure to kill you.” He sent even more energy towards Tess.”

“Now I have my love to go to, unlike you. This isn’t over Tess.” With that Max lowered his hand, releasing his power on her, and left the room leaving a shocked, and dumbstruck Tess.


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Part 16

Reaching up to the jeep, Max noticed that everyone was waiting for him impatiently. Especially Liz she was sitting in the front passenger’s seat in the jeep, looking like she might faint at any given moment.

“Hey, no need to worry for King Zander.” Max half joked.

“Are you ok?” Isabel hugged her brother, relived that Tess hadn’t hurt him.

“Physically yes, but emotionally…I don’t know.” Max was very upset of the fact Tess had almost killed his Liz.

“We’re here for you.” Maria gave him a smile making everyone nod in agreement.

“Max!” Liz jumped out of the car and ran into Max’s welcoming embrace. It felt great to be in with him again. She sighed in relief, and buried her face into his neck, as she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. “Has he been working out?” Liz thought to herself.

“Hey, are you ok now.” Max breathed in her strawberry scent. His knees were trembling as he remembered what had just happened in the school, and with Liz in his arms, was just too overwhelming.

“Mmhm, are you?” She pulled back a little looking into his beautiful eyes.

“I am now.” Max leaned forward, covering her lips with his own, savoring every taste of her. “God how I’ve missed this.” He thought.

Reluctantly, they pulled away from each other, quickly reaching for each other’s hands. They needed to reassure themselves that they were still together. That they were ok.

“Where do we go now?” Liz looked around at everyone.

“I’m not sure the Crash Down is very safe right now from little miss stubborn over there.” Michael motioned towards the school, where Tess was still inside.

“Is the Crash Down even open right now?” Kyle looked at Liz in question.

“No, my parents went out of town for a convention or something, they won’t be back until next month.” Liz said, feeling her heart rate increasing at the thought. “Whoohoo! A whole month with the house all to myself. Maybe Max and I can…” She thought, but unrepentantly Max had heard her in his mind, making him give her a blushing grin.

“What did you have in mind exactly?” He thought back to her, shocking her. Was this really happening? She shot him a flushed look, but they were snapped out of their little moment as always.

”Our parents are going out of town in about a month. What a coincidence.” Max gave Liz a wicked grin.

“Sounds like we’re going to have some fun.” Liz winked at him.

“Anyways.” Max changed the subject, teasing Liz. “We need to talk, all of us. Liz and I have something we need to tell all of you.” Max looked at everyone.

“You can all come to my place if you want.” Michael didn’t mind meeting with everyone at his apartment.

“We’re going to Michael’s then.” Max announced making everyone nodded in agreement. They all piled into their vehicles. Max and Liz in the jeep, Michael and Maria in her mom’s Jetta, and Kyle, Isabel and Alex in Alex’s van.

When they all arrived at Michael’s everyone began to panic when they realized that the only ones missing of the group were Max and Liz.

Just as they began to get back in their car’s Maria’s cell phone rang.


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Part 17

"Hello?" Maria hoped it was Max, or Liz.

"Maria it’s me Liz." Liz said quickly into the phone.

"Liz! Oh God, are you ok? Where are you?" Maria began to panic, making the others worry even more.

"We are fine Maria. Max, and I just need to talk for a few minutes. We're at the park, we'll be there soon." Liz felt slightly guilty for a moment.

"Are you sure you guys are going to "talk" or are you referring talking to something else?" Maria smiled at the others making them relax a little.

"Maria." Liz sounded annoyed. "It isn't any of your business to know what Max and I are doing ok?, and yes we are talking. I’m serious Maria."

"Who ever knew the perfect Liz Parker could be a bitch?" Maria sounded surprised, and hurt.

"Yea well things change." Liz didn't care she'd told her best friend off. She was sick and tired of being annoyed by everyone’s comments about she and Max. Didn't they realize what they mean to each other? It had been a long time already since they hadn’t been together. There was no way that she was letting anyone or anything ruin her life all over again.

“Change? I thought you were my best friend Liz! It was just a joke…God you know I didn’t mean to offend you or Max.” Maria moved away from the group, not wanting them to hear the argument.

“Maria you of all people know what hell I’ve been going through these past few months. I still can’t eve believe the fact that Max and I are together again. There’s so much going on right now…” Liz sighed, while tightening her grip on Max’s hand to reassure herself that he was still there.

“I’m sorry Liz. I’m just…going to hang up now. Everyone’s waiting here at Michael’s. Bye.” Maria felt guilty for playing with Liz’s emotions.

“Bye.” Liz heard Maria’s phone turn off.


At the park…

Max and Liz walked hand in hand down the beautiful park of Roswell. When they found a good shade under a tree, Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist, while leaning against the tree while Liz faced the park. He caught her glancing at a little boy, and girl who were playing together. The little girl was sitting on a swing, while the boy was gently pushing her from the back making the swing go faster. They seemed so careless of their surroundings. As if there were no worries in their lives.

“I would love to have Max’s children someday.” She thought to herself.

“I’d love that too.” Max had heard her in his heart, mind and soul.
“Max.” Liz’s heart melted at his words.

“I mean that Liz. With all my heart. I could never imagine having children with anyone else.
You’ve always been the only one for me. I want you to be the mother of my children Liz, our babies.” He turned her around gently, his gaze only on her eyes. Letting her see how much he meant every word he’d just said.
“I want that too.” She gave him a warm smile.

“I need to ask you something.” He brought up a hand up to her beautiful face.

“Anything.” Liz said sincerely, while pressing a soft kiss against his strong hand which was pressed against her face.

“Were you able to hear my thoughts? I mean…just as I heard yours.” Max’s face grew serious again.

“Yes, I did.” She looked at him carefully, wondering what his reaction would be to this new information. “What do you think this means Max?”

End of Part 17


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Part 18
(Max and Liz.
Roswell Park. )

“It means this…” Max whispered as he brought his other hand to the other side of her face. He then leaned forward and placed a loving kiss over her lips.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, as she parted her lips, giving Max access to her mouth. He slipped his tongue inside, causing them both to let out soft moans as they let the flashes take over.

Max let her see everything he’d seen earlier. It was completely over whelming. As they reluctantly pulled away from each other to get some air, Max pressed his forehead against hers.

“Somehow we were…together before Liz. I don’t know how, but I feel like I’ve known you forever Liz, as though u were…” Max was having difficulty letting everything sink in.

“Your queen.” She smiled brightly at him causing him to give her another light, but loving kiss over her lips.

“How is this even possible?” Liz was confused, but she felt it too. It was all to over whelming to be able to absorb. Had she been…adopted? Were her parents even human? All the thoughts kept racing through her mind.

“Hey.” Max leaned forward, wrapping his arms tightly around her. She fit perfectly against his big form. She was so small, but yet so perfect for him. “We’re in this together remember? I’ll be with you in every step of the way. Lets not worry about this right now.” He ran his hand up and down her back, sending comfort throughout her body.

“We need to tell the others about this.” Liz said in a low tone.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He wanted to be sure.

“They deserve to know.” Liz nodded.

“Then we should get going ok? We don’t want to find five unconscious people when we there.” He winked at her, making her let out a low, sultry laugh, sending shivers through his entire body.


Roswell High…

Tess winced from the pain, as she got up from the ground. She was pissed off at herself for failing. Running out the restroom of the school, she turned down the hall and headed towards the exit of the building. Getting inside her S.U.V. she decided who she had to go to…Nasedo. He would be disappointed when he found out, but he would heal her, and help her get revenge. To make King Zan her slave, to make him suffer for all eternity.

In their previous life, Zan and Elizabeth had been in love ever sine they had been children. Once they had grown into young adults they had married. Their love grew more and more everyday.

Life on Antar was…amazing, and the people adored the royal couple, and their family. Tess had never had any family. She only had Nasedo, and her lover…Kivar. It had driven insane to have to face so much misery on their planet. The people on Kivar’s planet had left in search for a better life…on Antar. Which only made Kivar, Tess, and Nasedo even more furious.

They decided to declare war on Antar. Kivar was killed, and so were the royal family of Antar. Elizabeth’s parents had survived though. Their lives had been taken away from them. With the help of some scientists, which had survived the war, they re-created the royal family with the combination of human and alien DNA.

The only way to protect their family was to leave the planet. They came to earth. Their ship had crashed. A kind couple had been out in the desert that day. A man named Paul and his wife Claudia.

The military was coming so they had to rush to safety. The couple took Jeff and Nancy into their homes along with the four pods of the re-created children.

As they waited through the years for the hatching of the pods, they began to learn more about the planet earth. They looked just like the humans and their language was the same.

The pads had finally hatched. The children came out as five year olds…

One day while Jeff and Nancy had gone out to search for a house for their family, Elizabeth had ran frightened up to Claudia and Paul in search for her parents.

When they told her that her parents had gone out for a while, she began to panic. The couple asked the little girl to tell them what was wrong, but she began to cry. Claudia took Liz’s tiny hand in hers and led her outside for a walk. After gently asking her once again what was wrong Elizabeth finally spoke. Zan, Rath, and Vilandra were nowhere to be seen. They had been playing hide and seek, and she had lost them…

End of part 18.


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Part 19

Later that night at the Evan’s house…

While Liz was with Isabel in her room reading magazines, and having a chat, Max had been having a talk with his parents.

“You have to understand why I need to protect Liz.” Max pleaded.

“Max we do, but you’re only seventeen! We can’t just agree to letting you move in with your girlfriend.” Philip looked at Max in shock.

“Is that all you care about? My age? Did you not just hear me correctly? Tess, and Nasedo are out there somewhere. In Roswell. They are after all of us, and they want to kill Liz! They’ll use her to get to me! God, we were married in our other life mom and dad. Now our old enemies are back.

Tess nearly killed Liz today at school. I would have lost her again if I hadn’t been there to help her.” Max’s eyes were tearing up. He crossed his arms, leaning back on his seat at the table where he and his parents were talking.

Diane and Philip stared at Max completely in shock. They were all so young, and the fact that they had to face these terrible situations were just hard to absorb.

“We’re in danger. Liz can’t go back to her house alone. Her parents just left town today. They won’t be back for another month. Say whatever you want, but I will not let anyone hurt Liz. Not my Liz. I need to take care of her, and if I don’t do that right now then who the hell will? I need to be with her right now. She needs me, and I need her. She is the love of my life! All that matters to me is that she is safe.” Max looked at them seriously, leaving Philip and Diane even more stunned after hearing those words from Max.

They needed to be there for their children. They truly believed that Max loved Liz more than anything. Max was just so caring and loving.

Before either of them had any chance to say anything else, they saw Liz enter the room. She went over to Mr. And Mrs. Evans, giving them each a warm hug. She then turned to Max, which had gotten up from his chair. She naturally walked into his welcoming embrace, wrapping her arms around his waist, while he held her close to him.

Philip and Diane couldn’t help but stare in awe at the beautiful couple before them. They literally glowed whenever they were together, and it made them love Liz even more. She was an angel sent to them from heaven. She had come to give them each a hug for no reason.

“Hey beautiful, what have you been up to?” Max pulled away just enough for her to see the smile spread across his lips.

“Just girl stuff.” Liz nuzzled his cute nose with her cute little one.

“Too bad I couldn’t join you.” He teased her, causing her to giggle.

End of Part 19.


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Part 20

“Yeah, too bad.” Liz jabbed him on the ribs, causing him to let out a husky laugh.

The parents continued to stare in awe. Had they seen what they had thought they had seen? Was Max Evans laughing? That was something they’d hardly see him do.

He was always so serious…focused. He hardly opened up to anyone. But with Liz he was such a different person. She brought out the best side of him, and that made them even more fonder of her.

They both grew serious again. Holding onto Max’s hand, Liz looked from him to his parents. “I think I should be heading home now.” Liz gave Max a sad smile.

She was afraid to g back, especially…alone. Tess was capable of anything in order o get whatever she wanted.

She only felt safe when she was with Max, or the others, but she needed to be with him right now. Their bodies called out to each other, their hearts were of one another, and Tess wanted Max. Their enemy wanted her Max…and it frightened her to him. What kind of person desired to hurt an innocent one more than anything? Tess would be the answer to that.

Just as Liz began t head towards the door, Max desperately tugged on her hand.

“Mom, Dad?” Max pleaded them one last time. He wasn’t about to let Liz go.

“Go ahead Max. Your safety means the most to your mother and I…so be careful.” Philip looked at both Max and Liz.

“Take care of her honey.” Diane gave Max a small smile. It was hard for her to let her son go to stay over at his girlfriend’s house, but it was for safety. She trusted him…

Liz sighed in relief, giving Max a bright smile, which made his heart melt even more.

“Thank you so much.” Max looked at his parents with pure sincerity.

“I’m sorry for causing any trouble.” Liz lowered her head feeling guilty for putting the Evans through this.

“What? Oh no honey you are not to blame here. None of you did anything wrong! It isn’t your fault. We wouldn’t want anything to happened to any of you. Ever.” Diane went to hug Liz.

When Max witnessed his mom hugging Liz, he felt tears sting his eyes. He was so lucky to be accepted by them. Without hesitating he walked over to them, and wrapped the love of his life, and the woman he’d only known to be his mother in a warm embrace. Philip couldn’t help but smile at them.

Isabel came into the room, and stopped in shock of what was happening.

“They actually said yes?” Isabel looked from Max to Liz.

“Yeah.” Max chuckled.

“You two are so lucky.” Isabel winked at them.

“Yes, they are.” Philip laughed causing everyone to join in laughter.

After the round of laughs ended everyone grew serious again.

“We should get going, it’s getting late.” Max glanced at his watch, which read 10:25pm.

“Wait, aren’t you going to take any clothes with you?” Diane reminded her son.

“I already have my bags in the car mom.” Max smiled at her.

“Bye guys.” Isabel went over to hug Max, and Liz.

After saying their goodbyes, they left the house, and headed towards Liz’s home.


Maria’s House.

Maria lay on her bed enjoying herself as she talked to Michael on the phone. It had surprised her that he’d actually had the nerve to call her. Especially late at night!

So, do you think they got away with it? Max’s parents wouldn’t go for something like that.” Michael chuckled to himself as he thought how lucky Max could be sometimes.

“Probably, anyways it’s to be safe remember? It’s not like they’re going at it or anything.” Maria shook her head. Who was she kidding? Max and Liz sometimes had absolutely no control over their actions. She just hoped they wouldn’t do anything stupid during they time alone.

“I don’t know, Maxwell can be very respectful when it comes to Liz.” Michael said seriously.

“Oh he better be.” Maria half joked, causing Michael to burst out laughing shocking Maria since she’d never heard him laugh like that. Never…

End of part 20.


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