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Glam Rock.
Author. Donnie
Summary: Liz goes away to Paris for a couple of months and come back a new woman. AU
Disclaimer: Roswell and its characters are not mine.

Chapter One.

I feel weird.

Very strange




A lot of other S.A.T words for werid,

I walked in the class

They started

I walked.

They started.

I walked

They starred

I walked.....

Do you not see the pattern?

There was a bunch of walking and starring.

I have none most of these people for 12 years.

What the hell are they starring at?

I have two eyes, two ears, one noes, one mouth. Semi normal teeth.

God you go away for a couple of months, and when you come back everyone stares.

Max was doing it in the car too.

My mom was doing it when I got of the plane.

Random people on the sidewalk too.

Is there something in my teeth?

Mr. Glass is starring to.

Finally someone speaks.

“Liz is that you?”

No its my evil twin Beth.




I get to lunch, and everything quiets down a little.

I act like I don’t notice and make my way to my and Isabel’s table.

“Liz the outfit rocks! And the hair! You look drop dead gorgeous!”

I’m not wearing anything all that great.


Me and Isabel talk for a while and then shock, gasp. Max graces us lowly humans with his presence.

Here there is something you should no.

Max acts like he doesn’t know us.

I, his ex-best friend, and Isanel her sister.
Yes, I am aware that he is a jack in the box.

“What do want max?” Isabel is giving him ‘the look’.

“Nothing can’t I sit and talk to my sister, and best friend?”


“Liz you look great. Paris did you good, love the skirt.” He gives me a wink.

A wink.


Im sure he does love the skirt it stops right at my ass.

“Yeah ok whatever, Max what do you want?” This time I ask.

“Well I was wondering if you would like to go oon a date with me this Saturday.”

“No way in hell.”

“Liz, why come on you know we would have fun.”

“No I don’t I know, no such thing.”


“Max go bother one of your whores. Tess is right there on Tim’s lap. Go, get out of my
personal bubble. Fastly.”

Max leaves.

Is it something I said?

My bad.

Isabel is looking at me like I am crazy.


Oh, yeah I forgot I have a crush on Max


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Chapter Two

Alex and Michael pick me and Iz up one hour after school ends.


Because Max, the almighty dick took off, and left us at school.


I told him I would rather suck a 92 year old mans cock then go out with him.

Infront of his friends.

They laughed

I glared

He glared

Isabel laughed.

I never knew the male ego was so fragail.

I would have caused a lot more damage if I had.

But him leaving us stranded at school is ok. Isabel got to make out with Alex.

That’s a plus.

I got to talk to Michael.

That’s a plus

Michael gave me and Isabel cute lil necklaces.

That’s a plus.

I did not have to breath Max’s air

That’s a plus

Some old women his us, and tore uo the back end of Michael’s car.

That’s one big Negative.

Wiped out all the plus. There is no more pluses.

They all escaped when the back of the car went Bump.

Isabel Blames Max

Alex Blames me

I blame the old lady, just cuz she old don’t mean nothing!

She should have had her contacts on/

Michael Blames Isabel and Alex.

Why is Michael Blame free?

So when we finally get to Isabel house we have all decided.

We blame Max.

Max is going to pay......

With his sanity.


Because we are all evil genuses.

And Max isn’t.

We have a plan.

Max runs out of the bathroom.

Max is blue.

Max is screaming.

Mac is screaming at me.

But I am innocent.

Well that’s what I tell him.

Yep, That right I tell a big fat lie.

He glares

He stomps

He goes to his room,

He has a surprise in his room.

He runs down the stars screaming.

He trips.

He falls.

Max’s towel is laying on the gorund.


Mrs. Evans screams from upstairs.

She found the surprise.

We painted his room Pink.

And almost every inch has a naked picture of some chick.

Mrs. Evans runs down the steps just as Max puts his towel on and grabs him by the ear,


we can here his screaming from downstairs.

“Mom I swear it wasn’t me. Ouch! Mom I didn’t do anything.”

We can also here him screaming at us.

“Back to hell demons back to hell!”

“Ouch, mom I’m sorry I will never curse again!”
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Well I just got hoem from school and two of my 6 finals are done so I am in a good mood! SO that means that if everything goes according to plan there should be a new part out by the end of the day. THANK YOU to everyone that left FB.

Donnie *bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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Chapter Three

Max found a way to wash off the blue dye.

I thought he looked good like that.

Kinda Alien.

But no one ever listens to me.

But now we have to paint Max’s room.

Who is we?

Me and Max.

Apparently I am the only one with a soul.

I am going to be alone in a room with Max.

Now if I was the old Liz, I would be jumping for joy.

But now I am trying to figure out how to paint in a short short skirt.

That’s when I made the boo boo.

I was going to ask Max for help, so you know I had to turn around.

But Max was there.

Behind me.

So when I turned around, my brush accidently fell out of my hands, and across his whit shirt.

I tried to tell him it was a accident.

But no, he had to go and take the paint pan, and dump it over my head.

“This is War Evans!”

For the next five minutes paint and paint brushes went flying.

When we were done his walls had splats of paint across them.

It looked kinda antsy, we left it like that.

The blue was streaked across the orange, that
we had painted earlier.

I found myself, looking up at Max’s high ceiling.

Something smelt really really good.

That something was Max.

Bad, Bad Liz.

But I can’t help myself.

I have to sneak a glance.

I look over and see him on his back breathing heavy.
That’s when I notice how much Max looks like him.
And I have already told you I can;t help myself.
I lean over to kiss him.

I am leaning, and Isabel walks in.

She has the best timing in the world.

She takes one look at us and the room, and leaves laughing.

When I go to get up, I slipped over the paint.

I slipped and fell on Max.

Who supringinly caught me.

Then he surprise me again.
Me and Isabel are going to some new club called The Void.

But while we are on our way out my cellie rings.
And the shrill scream of only Maria reaches my ear.
I get my second surprise of the day.

She is coming to Roswell. He parents finally got divorced.

But if Maria, comes that means that he is going to come too.

And if he comes, it means that I am in a whole world of trouble.

Alyssa I Can't find ur story could you give me the link?

Thanks to everyone who left FB now I need more more more! lol I am greedy so what?

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Ok I had a question, do you want Liz or Max to make the first move? I need it answered before I can wrote teh next part. Also, do you like the layout now? I mean the shor sentences and everything? I find it easier to write like that, and it makes it easier to upadte ubut if you guys want it written diffrently then I can do that to,, but the updates may slow down a tiny bit.

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Chapter Four

So when me and Isabel get ready to walk out of the door, we are stopped. By none other then Max Michael, and Alex.

We are promptly asked “Were the hell do we think we are going in that get up.” Only Michael can get away with asking me that without getting slapped.

Then told to. “Get our small ass’ back up the steps and change.” I will have Max no my ass is not small! Its kinda shaped like a grapefruit, to nice grapefruits.

Then a lanky body know as Alex looks left and right close the drapes and puts a coat over both of our shoulders. Me and Isabel look down at each other and then ourselves.

I am wearing a long black leather skirt that is as tight as a second skin.With a slit in it. A kinda high slit. OK! A Kinda high split on both sides! And a red lacy see through shirt, with a balck bra on underneath, and boots.

What? I think its almost modest. Then I realize that the guys are use to the old Liz.
The Liz that would not even be going to a club. Let alone in leather.

I must be about to give them a heart attack. I think the next question will be.......dramatic pause were is the real Liz and who are you? I wait for the question and they ask nothing....
Maybe my physic abilities suck. I will not be the future Miss Cleo, I can deal.

“Guys stop harassing us and let us go!” Isabel pulls the whinny but dog eyed expression. How does she do that??

“No You two are not going anywhere like that. Isabel is that skirt even legal?” Alex has taken on the I am man here me roar voice. oh wow let me tell you it is harloius.

“Liz did you grow?” I beam at that, bout time somebody noticed! Now I await the next question, I see them all zooming in on it. One by one mouths fall open....

“Elizabth Anne Parker, When did you get your belly button periced?” This is of corse from Max, he would be the one looking ‘below’ my bust line wouldn’t he?

“Liz you died your hair, and Metallic red!?” Alex, knows he likes it, he loves red. Here let me explain. No my whole head is not bursting forth with redness. Just the bottom two inches. Why didn’t they notice before? I hat on a hat with all my hair bundled in it.

But here it comes the thing that is going to make the hole room but into chaos because not even Isabel has noticed yet.

“Liz is that a tattoo?” Michael thanks for busting my freaking bubble. I got a fairy tattoo on the small of my back. I guess He saw it when he was walking around me.

Of corse this was all spoken at the same time so, now everyone is pulling on different parts of my body, so that they can see what the other was talking about. My one word for the day. Ow, pain, hurt.

After another 10 minutes of them telling us that we are not going anywhere unless we change. They finally decide to go with us. I have to give a small snicker. I am trying to imagine the prince of all thing jockish Max Evans in ‘The Void’.

This is going to be a wild night!

So when we get there the place is already packed and the music is vibrating off the wall and bouncing back. But this is no Techno music, it Heavy metal, death metal, acid metal.. There is a lot of metal.

When Max walked into the joint you should have seen his eyes. He looked freighted. Very frightened. That was two hours ago, now he is curtly plastered to my back, as I swing my hips to Godsmack’s Voodoo, one of the calmer songs.

As I look around I see a mass of Black and red. ‘The Void’ is a gothic nightclub. I forgot to mention that in the car to the guys. The floors and walls are painted black and the ceiling is a very dark purple with sweep of black in it kinda like a dark hill. Torches Elamite the place.

Dancing in the middle of the floor next to the main torch is Isabel. Woohoo I did not think Isabel or Lex had it in em’ Her Legs are round tightly around his waist keeping her balance as she leans back thrusting her cleavage in his unspuecting face, He looks pleased.

Max is mumbling something into my ear but I can here what, so I turn around and am inches away form his lips, when he drags them to my ear and whispers. I don’t know what he whispers but I know that he has a damn sexy voice.

So I do the universal chic thing to do when caught in this situation, I nod my head. Smart eh?

The next thing I know is Max and me are outside. Well this si what I get for nodding my, head but, it was too loud in there anyway so no biggie.

We walk outside for a while, its nice and you can see the full moon from all angles of the building.

“So were did you here about this place?” His voice is so sudden in the absoluet stillness that I jump, I mean I absolutely jump.
“My friends told me about it.” There I do not mention what friends, just friends and I have answered his question.

“Oh what friends?” Ugh, you know what Max Evans is one nosy S.O.B. I think he need to be told that.

“Max, you are a hell of a nosy S.O.B.” There, that put a end to all of his questions. Im doing a mental jig. Oh wow jig..... who the hell says jig in there head? On second thought who the hell has conversations with themselves in there heads. You know what I am starting to think I need a therapists.

“Nah you don’t need a therapists you need me.” That is not Max’s voice. I know that voice, that’s his voice, and those are his arms circling around me. How is he here already? Can’t a chic get a lil warning?

HEY!!!!!! Ok Im sorry, that part was so sucky. I decided that I would switch up, 2 parts all short sentces and then one part semi long. how does that sound? Now the mysterouis he. Will be reveal in the next part! TY for all teh Fb!!!!

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Chapter Five

We walked off.

Our bad we left Max outside.

I don’t seem to care though.

I still can’t believe he is here.

So soon.

He doesn’t know that I know.

I am waiting patiently, just like a good girlfriend.

But that’s the thing. I am not.

His girlfriend I mean.

He has never declared it.

Spoken outloud.

Maybe the thought flitters through his brain every once and a while.

I wouldn’t know.

It doesn’t matter.

He will be gone soon anyway.

He turns to me slowly.

I can tell he wants to seem like this doesn’t matter.

I know it does, matter.

It matters a lot.

He stops and pulls on my hand lightly so that I turn toward him.
I can’t help but give a leap for joy inside.

He’s opening up.

And to me no less.

His mouth works slowly up and down.

He’s not going to do it.

“I...I got in a fight.”

Its obviuly the first thing that popped into his mind.

He knows,

That I know

he is lying.

My leap for joy inside turns into a dull crash into the pavement of my head were all this exercise was being carried out.

I can’t take this anymore.

Fuck it.

Patience isn’t a god dammed virtue.

“I know.”

“How did you know I got in a fight? Who told you?”

“Not that! I know what you were really going to say.”

“And what’s that?” He lifts his eyebrow slightly causing the piece of stainless steel at the edge of his brow to glint in the light.

I open my mouth to tell him.

But I chicken out.

He has to tell me.
Its’ not the same if I let him know that I know.

He’s not confiding in me.

Im confiding in him.

“I know that you love me.”

I know he does.

“Yeah sweets I do.”

He leans down to kiss me and when I wind my hands around his back I come into contact with something hard and cool.

When I pull it out of his pant waistband I realize I am holding my first gun.

Thw only reason I’m not freaking out is becuase it’s his.

I lightly trace his name on the barrel.


“Sweets we have to talk.”

Zan gently takes the gun out of my grasp and puts it back in its place.

Pulling me down and along the brick wall to sit with him.

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Chapter 6

She knew what he was going to say. Had know from the minute she met him. Even before hand. But know she knew that he trusted her, and that is what she wanted almost over everything else.

He takes a deep breath and looks skyward. Clamps the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb and takes a big breath out of his mouth. Then pushes off the wall. Walks in a circle like a caged animal for a second and finally stops in the path of the dinky street light.

“You ever wonder why Tony, Raphel, Jamar, Carlos, and me were all so tight? Well let me answer dat question for ya. Its cause we in the same crew.” He slipped into his NYC accent at the begin I don’t even think he noticed. He is looking a me with a no shit expression stone wall and timid on the edges. This is the man I fell in love wit. Stay the hell away all you tricks out there he’s mine.

I have to play innocent have to mack him squirm for not telling me from the begging.

“Are you telling me you are in a gang?”

“It seem that way don’t it?” He anit have to get bitch y bout stuff.

“Oh, well in the case I already knew. Maria tole me, cause you left your other gun on the kitchen table and I was like who’s gun is his, and she told me....everything.”

Now his eyes are flashing wit anger. Ah hell, he will get over it. He love me. He has to get over it.

“Why ani’t you say nothing?” He still has his accent and has still yet to notice it.

“You ani’t say nothing either.”

Then the next thing I know I am up aginsty the wall with his mouth slanted over mine. HEY!!!! PAR-TAY!!!

Then I hear a throat clear behind us. And open my eyes still kissing him to see Maria. I love my man but I got to go and see my girl. So I slowly brake the kiss off, and make my way to my friend, only to be met half way and given a huge hug. Then us both pulling away, and rubbing our noes. Kicking the dirt and looking around to see if anyone spotted us. Then I guess we both agree to hell with it, because we pull each other back into the embrace. Just to be ituruptted by Zan saying he wanted in to wiping at his ‘non visible tears’.

After a while of catching up we went back into the club to a very unhappy Max and equally unhappy Isabel Alex and Michael. I got the silent treatment. Then when I lacked to care they got mad at me all over again. Let me say it real slow, the thoughts in my head. They all make one all time loveable phrase. What. Da. Hell.

So when I venture outside to go get something from the car. I find it gone. I go back in and so are its occupants. I have gotten left twice in the same day. Do I smell or something?


When we do finally get home to my new place. Out of the parenst watchful eye. It was the firt thing I did when I came back form Paris. I got a new crib. Its huge. Its Zan’s old place. Its Heaven. Its were my three friends and my ex- best friend sit right now.

I slowly get out of Zan’s black mustang, at seeing Max’s jeep. I know they are inside. I know hell lies inside.

Zan either doesn’t care or doesn’t know. Yeah he doesn’t care im sure of it. He strides up to the door with his powerful legs gets the key from under the mat, and opens the door for me. We proceed inside, and I have not seen them yet, I keep walking, Zans falls into step beside me and Maria made a beeline for the kitchen. That girl could eat.

There in the arched hallway they sat leaning aginst a wall looking into the bullet proof glass of the weight room.

Michael was the first to speak.

“Who the hell is he?”

“Who the hell is he?” Zan asks me with that glint in his eye.

“Michael this is my Boyfriend Zan. Zan this is my friend Michael.”

“I don’t like him Liz, he’s trouble.” Isabel seethes out.

“Yeah I am sure you would know from the whole 2 seconds you fucking met him. What the hell is up with you four?” Just then Maria comes back, sandwich in

“Don’t go judging my brother, you stupid ass cunt.” As you can see you don’t want to be on Maria’s bad side.

Just then Zan lifts his face so they can see him. I know they had just seen him from the back but know there eyes feasted on him as if he was a strange exotic plant.

“Yeah I know, lil sis that no way to talk to you big bro is it?” With that said he walked into the weight room to lift weight and slid of the baggy shirt he had been wearing. Revealing his tattoo of the four square.

Now they were all looking at me like I was crazy. No way in hell was I explaining. Zan will do what he wants when he wants. I will play things on his time for once. So I follow my once upon a time husband, now loveable boyfriend inot the wait room and sit on the tred mill as me and Maria beg Zan to go shopping with us tomorrow. I am trying to picture Zan in a mall. Hehe funny.

Im sorry guys. this part is not the greats. but I am soo osleepy! I just wanted to get a a part out though. Im sorry!

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Hey guys!!! Im sorry I did bnot ffeel like writting this weekend. Yes, I am lazy lol. But I should have a ne wpart out by morrow or wendsday. Would bet on wends. If I were you. Now I am off to bed at 12:00 when I know good and well that I have to finals morrow, and im planning on reading a 80 page story and have not even done my english HW. Cringe............... Well im off!
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Chapter 7

You know how you have that feeling?

The one were you know everything is going to be ok?

I don’t have that feeling.

I have a bad feeling.

The kind were you now something is going to go wrong.

But im always wrong.

So maybe this means today is going to rock...

Ya,, no seriously ya.

I don’t believe that anymore then you do.


Here is how the story goes.

Zan (my man) was walking.

Then came 4 physco bitches trying to jump him.

Lets call them Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle.

Phsyco bitches got there ass’ kicked.

Now the cops are ta my door.

Looking for Zan.

Because the physco bitches called the po-po.

Told you shit was gong down today,

So Zan goes to the station wit 5-0

Then they start asking him about his ‘gang activity’

Did I mention My man was a good liar?

I think I should worry bout that.

So now it seems like all of Zan’s damn gang is here.

Even though it is only a small branch of on of the branches.

But damnit there is a lot of delinquents out there.

So why they are all in the living room watching the football game, and cigarettes ya cigs.

I am in the kitchen.

Cooking wit 15 other chicks.

No these bitches don’t have my cooking.

Do I look like Suesy homemaker to you?

I look around and see a assortment of leather lace and denim.

Tattoo’s and piercings.

Do any of us look like we should be in a kitchen?

Hell the fuck no bitch.

They know they could have ordered Pizza.

Tring to front talking bout some come on baby we want a home cooked meals.

Then I suggest they take there ass’ home.

I here someone grumble

“These bitches is gettin they ass’ poisoned.”


But let me stop.

I know I would die for anyone in this and that room.

Well almost everyone.

Some new people have just walked in the room.

Lets say it togther.

It’s the.

Big gasp.

Phsyco bitches and crew.

Ya seroysily ya.
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Hey Alssay, tell Phillp I said congrats!

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Ok here is the deal. I got out od school. Summer Vaco baby!!!! U have the part written but not typed, and I am to lazy to do it right now, and morrow my lucky ass bro grads. (he gets out of school) But whateva, and SUnday I do not know what I am doing.S o teh aprt will be out SUnday or MOnday possably tuesday. But I really dought Tues. I would bet on Sun, bbut I loes most bets so.... But enough od my rambling!!!! Bye bye, and be safe!!!!!!! (I had to say it, its so much fun!)
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Chapter Eight

I don’t have time for this.


I just don’t want to deal with this.

I can already tell.

They got in another fight.

The cries of

“Kick his pansy ass Zan.”


“Max! Oh my god, stop your killing him!”

Are kinda a dead give away.

Zan’s wining too.

Another dead give away.


I wanted peace for my big proclamation.

Yes I know big word for a small girl.

I try.

So I walk in.

And I see Max.

On the broken remains of the coffee table.

That coffee table was stainless steel.

How is it broken?
I want to scream

I want to run

I want to cry

I want to pound on something

I wanted peace.

Tears have made there way from my closed eyes.

Tears and laughter.

Life’s a bitch.

That’s the thought I had before my laughter broke through.

I’ve created a bitch.


Anit it grand?

Everyone is gone.

Its been two days.

Maybe three.

I would not know.

I’ve been asleep for so long.

Waking up and slipping back into slumber.

Zan knows.

I can tell by the way he’s looking at me.

I can’t see him.

I can feel his eyes one me.

How could I not?

He’s been starring at me for over 30 mins.

Says the Metal clock.

He thinks im asleep.

Im a good actress huh?

Slowly my mind wonders.

It is not going to get to wonder far.

The doorbell rang.

Zan left.

I herd the big wooden creep.


The feet wee comming closer.

Three sets.

In walked my parents, and Zan.

“Liz were willing to forgive you for your frivolous behavior-“

“Im pregnant.”

They look at me.

They look at Zan.

They walked out the door.

I guess they are not willing to forgive.

No big.

I got my man.

“Sweets, get up, your gettin some eats.”

Life’s a bitch.

I’ve created a bitch.

I’ve created Life.

But the thing is.

I love life.

I love Zan.

I love my baby.

Wow, im on big love balloon huh?

Now I Have to tell Isabel.

I have to tell Kyle

I have to tell Alex

I have to tell Michael.

I have to tell Maria.

Im not telling Max.

Were not friends.

I came back and he saw a piece of ass in a short skirt.

We were friends.

He ruined that years of ago.

I am proud to admit.

I am the queen.

I am the queen of antar.

I am the queen of the gang.

I am the queen of the house.

I am the queen of Zan’s heart

I am the queen of love.

I am the queen of hate.

I am the queen of grudges.

I am the hungry queen.

Like Zan said.

Time for me to get some eats.

I have to use the phone too.

Maria needs to know she is going to be a god mother.

Isabel needs to know she is going to be a aunt.


Zan is kinda her bro.

Kinda sorta.

Hot really.

She hates him.

But I got her on a technicality

Alex needs to know he is going to be a god father.

Kyle needs to know.

Michael needs to know he’s going to have a almost niece or Nephew.

Max needs to know were not friends.

And lastly I need to find the phone.

After I eat.

& Yes I am well aware this part had a lot of um events take place in it. Sorry bout that. But they all needed to be out in the open for the next few parts. I siad Parts as in more then one. I will try and not gibe u all that info to soak up all at once. Also maybe if I am feeling nice (fat chance of me being nice) Then I will tell you what Max did to make him the king of asshoels in Liz’s eyes. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I will let you wonder forever and ever and ever. Muwhahaha. Choices choices.&

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Chapter Nine

I told Maria.

But she already knew.

Damn the connection.

I wanted to see her eyes get all big and for her to start jumping up and down.

I still have not told the other peopl on my list to tell.

Yes I did find the phone thank you very much.

I just don’t feel like it.

Not right now anyway.

Zan is going to say something I can tell.

I know these things.

“Sweets, baby, Why didn’t you tell me?”

See I told you.

Why didn’t I tell him?

Well I did just find out.

Then he got in a fight.

Then I went to sleep.

For a hell of a long time.

That’s why I didn’t tell him.

Saying that would cause me to waste to much energy.

“I found out in the kitchen. You know when you found out.”

He has this whole look.

It looks like he is pondering the whole universe.

Then he says it the thing I can not wait to here.



Then he gets the really stupid goofy grin.

“Hey im gonna be a dad.”

“Did you just figure this out?”


“Shut up, you know what I mean. It just sunk in. It’s gonna be a boy.”

Sexist pig it’s a fucking girl.

Im carryin it for 9 months it better be a girl.

“It’s a girl.”






“You betta say girl or yo bum ass is getting zero ass.”

He ani’t say boy again I can tell ya that.


Isabel took it better then I thought she would.

It went like this.

She screamed.

She yelled.

She fussed.

She shrieked.

She cried.

We hugged.

Now comes the hard part.

She wants to know about my alien-ness.

Yes I told her.

Ok I lied when she looked at my wrist he saw a symbol that she knew and asked me about it.

“Well you see when I was in Paris I found out I was a alien. Its funny really.”

She is giving me a like hell its funny look.

“Well you see Tess was my twin sister. Older then me by 4 minutes.”

Now she is looking at me like I am crazy.

Tess she knows I hate Tess.

“Well you see Tess was supposed to Marry this other king. Kivhar. And I was supposed to marry Zan. But Tess wanted Zan and Kivhar wanted me. Yes that is a fucked up situation. Well so Tess had me killed. But shestill hajd to marry the K man. Then tried to have a affair with Zan. But he did not want her. So she super K that they slept togther, and the idiot belived her. Then there was this big war, and that’s what happened.”

No wonder I always did good at history in school.

“Well anyhoo when me and Zan slept togther I got all my alien-ness back and that’s it end of story.”

That’s when I hear the choking noise.

Coming from the door of Isabel’s room.

“You’re sleeping with him?”

Three glances of shocked eyes lock on me.
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Chapter Ten

“Yeah she is pregnant but she’s not sleeping with him!”

Dammit Isabel has the biggest mouth in the world.

There goes the hole not tell Max stradgy.

And the Break it to Michael gently idea.

And the try and make it a funny joke so Alex does not feel the need to pass out.

Oh ya.

Lookie who walked up.


He has his bagel hanging out of his mouth and his eyes are big, and he is red.

I wonder if he is ok.

Well I guess they all know now.

Thank you Isabel!

She diserves a nice big shove for this.

That explains why I pushed her off the bed onto her ass.

What? She will get over it. No real damage done. She may just have a bruise.

Her blond head peeks over the top of the bed.

“Was I not supposed to tell them?”


“You’re preg.....Preg”

Alex is having a lil trouble saying the word.
“Pregnant Alex the lil slut is pregnant.”

Oh no that psychotic bitch didn’t.

That’s why his face looks like a fat mans hairy ass.

“What the fuck did you call me you stupid ass bitch? I know you anit call me a slut when you is da biggest man whore eva.”

“Just like middle school Lizzie. Your still a big slut.”

He’s right.

And I can’t take the fact that he’s right.

I have to get the hell outta here.

Everyone is looking at me and Max like we are Crazy.

I can’t breathe.

My head hurts.

My chest is going to explode and reveal the ugly contents of my heart.

So I got the hell outta there with Isabel and Kyle screaming after me.

I am currently on the couch halfway lying on Zan watching “Stella does tricks.”

I know what you are thinking.

No it is not porn.

We are at the part were Stella is getting ready to leave the apartment her pimp provided.

Its not porn.

When she gets rapped.

See I told you it wasn’t porn.

I feel something salty and wet hit my lip.

I look down and see rain splashing on Zan’s chest.

It doesn’t matter that we are inside.

It rains everywhere.

And right now my eyes get to be the sky.

And my tears get to be rain.

Maybe if I get lucky he won’t notice.

When have I ever been lucky?

Good thing I don’t gamble.

He picks up my head and looks into my blurry eyes.

Aw fuck here it comes.

“What the matter sweets?”

And there it goes the question.....

The one I am going to lie about.

“Nothing the movie is sad.”

If he buys this I am going to question his stupidly

“Nice try, now try again. But this time try not lying babe.”

For a split second I think about telling him.

Then my brain comes back from its vacation in Cancun and I wake the fuck up.


I don’t give him a chance to argue I am not safely in my bed.

Under the covers.

And its rainging again.

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Chapter Eleven

So I am still curled under the covers in my bed.

Yeah Im a wuss so what?

Im a wussy girl!

And damn proud pf it to!

I shack in the face of danger!!!

I think being a wussy girl sucks.

Enough of that.

Then the covers are lifted and the smell of candles fills my nose.

How did I not smell that under the covers???

The room is dimly lit with thousand of candles,

and I know I did not buy all those.

And standing with the covers raised is Zan.

My man looks good with candle flames licking his tattoo’s

Very good in deed.

I no longer feel the need to cry.

More like the need to pounce on him.

That is until he speaks.

“So what the matter sweets?”

I no longer feel the need to pounce.

I feel the need to cry.

Amazing how they can just switch places like that huh?
“Max called me a slut I got sad hormones are a bitch I want ice cream.”

See I told him.

“Tampon boy called u what??? Can u repeat that for me real quick?”

I open my mouth to tell him again.

And im cut off.

“Nah scratch that. I will be back and I will bring ice cream.”

“No An don’t go. He’s not worth it, and I want u here now.”

He looks around.

He looks at me.

He looks at me on the bed.

He anit go no were that night.

So I know u are thinking.

Ew, Nasty she drowned her sorrows in Sex.


I have no problem with that.

I slowly start to creep ou to of the bed to go get something to eat.

That is until I feel a hand grab my wrist.

When I turn around I am looking in the eyes of Zan.

Well damn I need to be sneaky-er.

“So why did he call u a slut babe?”

That question brings up way to many meomires.


“ So Liz Ryan Cooper told me u slept with him.”

“ What? That is such a lie.”

“ Im not to sure I mean he did know about ur birthmark.”

“ You know about my birthmark Max!!! Did I sleep with u too?”

“ Whatever, Liz in disapponited.”


“ Liz what the fuck is the matter with u? Did u have to go and screw my best friend?”


“ Liz u are really turning into quite the slut. Ryan, David, Ray, Toommy, and Jim? All in one damn month?

“Max I didn’t sleep with them!!!”

“So now ur a slut and a liar to?


“Max, I didn’t sleep with them!! Wh wont you belive me? Im spposed to be your best friend.”

“I don’t have sluts for friends Liz.”

“Max, I didn’t-“

It was cut of by a hard slap to the face.

“Get the hell out of my house Liz I never want to see you again!”


Losing her virginty to some old guy she did not know in the 8th grade.
End Flashes.

“That’s why he called me a slut baby”

And for the rest of the night Zan let me just lay in his arms and cry.

And things weren’t ok between me and Max.

And we still weren’t friends

And I was A fucking okay with that.
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Chapter Twelve

Im woken up by the phone ringing.

A quick glance at the clock tells me I can’t even cuss no one out for waking me up early my ass should be up is 2:00.PM. Oh well Im pregnant I have an excuse. I will let Zan pick it up im still sleepy. The phone rings and rings, and rings, and rings, and rings. Oh well I will call however it is back we got Caller ID. See rick people use to be like. Ah ha, we have caller ID all you Middle class and poor people don’t. You have to suffer trough the crank calls. Now he poor people are up in the rich peoples face like. Ah ha now we got it too, now what!?

My voice sounds so good n the answering machine.

“Hey it’s Liz.....No I don’t want to put your name up there. Go somewhere else. Leave me alone. Fine have it your way!!!! Hey its Liz......and Zan. Leave me- ow Zan that hurt! Fine! I mean Leave *us* a message after the beep. Are you happy now u son of a-“

We really need to change that. Very soon. I will do it when I wake up. It was cool at first listening to it over and over and over again is not cool. It’s just down right sucky. I mean you even start to get mad at yourself for being so stupid, and when You are having a bad day and you here yourself all perky you want to through the answering machine, which would not be good cause you know those things cost money. That I would rather spend on shoes.

“Hey Baby, well I guess you are stil in bed....uh don’t be mad but when you get this I need you to come and Bail me out im at the Roswell Jail house and the bail is $750. K well I love you bye.”

I’m leaving his ass in there. He is gonna be in jail while I shop till I drop. Bust first im going back to sleep. Maybe I will leave him in for three days instead of two.

“Yeah and could I get this in a size 3, thanks.” I hand the women behind the counter the Gucci Dress I look down at the collection of bags in my hamd. Wet Seal, (I was lookin out for ya KiKi) Straight Edge. Express, Image, and The New York Comapny. adorned both of her hands she was gonna have to go and run these back to the car. But maybe she would just leave she was tired of shoppin she would get this one dress and go to the spa. It was so kind of Zan to pay for all ogf this. To bad he doesn’t know yet.

“Acutally you know what just ring the dress up with everything else.”

“Cash Check or Credit?”

“Ok your amount comes to 313 and 98 cents.”

“Thank you and come agin.”

Now off to the spa for my full body massage and mud bath. Oh happy Day!!!


“Liz what took so long!?”

“I went shopping and to the spa and then it was so late I didn’t think it would be appropriate to go and get you then that late at night, so I rented a few movies and then I slept late this morning and decided to have lunch before came. Oh by the way I accidently maxed out your credit card. My bad. So how was your night?”

He is going to kill me. Oh well I don’t care he should not have done whatever it was to get him locked up. He is just gonna have to deal. I have not looked over yet but Zan stopped dead in his tracks when I told him about his credit card. What is his problem Golly he has like 5 more!


Best thing to do in these situations is act innocent and sweet he cant be mad at a sweet innocent women carrying his child. Plus I look killer that spa did me some good. I need to go back more often. Now Back to my lil prison boy. I slide back up next to him under his arm with my arms round his waist pout look under my lashes and cock my head to the right almost like a confused bird letting a few pieces of hair fall over my eyes and open my eyes real wide under my lashes.

“Yes baby?”

“There was Five grand on that card! What did you spend five grand on in one day?”

“Well Express was having a sale and so was the shoe place, and I got my hair down and my nails done, and there was this cute Parda dress and it was on sale it was orginally 600 and it was marked down to 420 and I had the dress o I need shoes and there was this amazing pair for 200. And well went to the jewelry store. But don’t worry I got you a jacket and a really cute necklace, and I love you.”

“Five g’s you blew five G’s in one day....” He is walking in a daze..... I hope he is ok. Oh well we have the money to pay for it no debt for us.

“Hey Zan? What did you get arrested for?”

“Um nothing.”


“Max is in the hospital.”

“What does that have to do with you?”

“I put him there.”



“How could you?”

“Easy that pansy was one week fucker. You hit harder then him.”

I reach over and slap him upside his head.

“Ow, Liz that hurt!”


“He called you slut!! And he hit you!!!!”

“He was right!”

“Say what?”

“I was, I let that old fuck....Lets just go home.”

“Get your ass back here liz! No matter what that sick fucker says you are the most non-slutty person I have ever meet. Not only are you beautiful, sexy smart, but your kind and the sick fucker was supposed to be your friend if he couldn’t tell they were all lying then he’s the fucked up one not you. Do you understand?”


“Don’t give me that week shit. Do you understand?”


“Good cuz I don’t want you thinkin my standards are low or anything. Cause you know I don’t jut ask anybody this. Liz parker will you marry me?” He gets down on one knee in the prison parking lot and starts searching his pockets when he comes up empty handed he starts looking around just ass a guard runs up to us and gives Zan a black box. Zan grabs it form him and flips him the bird while opening the box with his other hand.

A rare blue diamond on a whit gold band is revealed to me cut like a ruby and around it are smaller white diamonds.

“Oh my god, can I touch it???”

He give me a funny look and pretends to unzip his pants.

“Well baby I don’t know if now is the time but if you want to be kinky then....”

“Shut up you pervert!”

“Does that mean yes?”


“Then hell no u can’t touch it!”

“No that does not mean no. But this does.” I drop to mykneea and give him a big kiss. Then pull away in horror.

“What they don’t have tooth brushes in jail? Yo breath is ill here have this.” I hand him a mint while he slips the ring onto my finger.

“You do realize that five grand cut into your wedding budget right?”

“Like hell it did!”

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