Tile: Punks and All Americans
Author: Donnie
Rating Pg-13
Disclaimer: Roswell, and it’’s characters belong to the UPN and Jason Katims (sp) also Malinda Metz and someone other people that are not me.
Summary. Challenge that I was going to post but then wanted to do

1. Lets just say that Liz is your classic Punk well moderen Punk, and that she lives in Arizona in a trailer with her mother who is not mother of the year.
2. Max is the boy next door who lives in Roswell he plays Football, Basketball, and Baseball, while his brother Kyle plays Soccer, Wrestles, and swims. There sister who is younger then hem by a year is a cheerleader. With a best friend named Maria who is on the squad.
3. Michael is also a punk like Liz in every way only instead of a drunk for a mother he has a drunk for a Father. His father's name happens to be...Hank. He and his twin brother, are friends with Tess also a punk. Her Father is very rich but does not know she is alive, he forgot her last 4 birthdays. They all live in Roswell, and hate Max and his group of friends.
4. Liz's mother moves herself and Liz to Roswell. Were Liz meets Michael, and Alex becuz there trailers are in front of each others. Tess, Michael, Alex and Liz become close Friends .
5. When school starts Isabel, and Maria Make fun of Liz and Tess, which end up in Tess and Liz either fussing them out or beating them up.
6.Tess and Liz are greatly desired by most of the guys in West Roswell High.



Liz Parker felt the summer heat of Arizona, blow across her face as she lay in her bed, the trailer were she lived was so hot that she went to bed nude with no covers and still woke up sweating. It was now 4:00 in the afternoon and she was still in her room that was not air-conditioned, in a tank top and running shorts, she played Slipknot while playing with the barrel in her tongue.

She got up and looked in the mirror to see a girl with orange and black hair tan skin, brown eyes outlined in black with light orange eyeshadow on, a priced eyebrow, lip noes belly button, and tongue but you could not see it because her lips were closed.

After last nights fight with her mother which was a daily thing she had walked in her room kicked up the radio, slammed the door closed, and slammed to the music she was knees elbows, and flying hair. Her mother wanted her to live in Roswell? As in Alien central? Please.

After a hour of slamming to the throbbing beat she climbed out of the window, and made her way down to Joey’’s house only to find her passed out with a joint in her hand. They could talk later. She walked back onto the streets that she ruled in the nights. In the day the Arizona streets the belonged to the pretty people, the people that got all A’’s and liked football games and had names like Candy and Muffy. Who shopped at Gap, and lived in two story house’’s.

At night the streets were the X Generations, they ones that listened to Rock so high it shook whatever part of there bodies they weren’’t, to the people who let cigarettes dangle from there mouth, and who wore tight leather, with pink, green, purple, and blue hair. At night the streets were hers. Now she would have to make the Roswell Streets hers. That’’s when she came home.


Last night Jesse moved, Her and her mom picked up and left the trailer in front, of ours. Alex told me some Nancy Parker chic was movin’’ in wit her daughter Liz. All Michael asked for was that her rack be as nice as Jesse’’s were, and that she not be like those Isabel and Maria bitches with there gay ass group of friends. yeah Michael hated them.

Part 1

Liz’s POV

It has been two days since my mom told me we were moving, Two days and we are already on the road there. We are in this beat up pick up truck that I am surprised parts aren’’t coming off of it.

The only good thing about my mom is we like the same music, and she blast it too. Well that and she has some pretty nice cloths that I can fit. So here we are cursing down the desert road with Limp Bizit blasting out of the speakers and my mom is flooring the gas. I love times like these. Then I see a lil messed up sign with a alien on it that says Welcome to Roswell. Oh yeah this is going to sux.

Michael’s POV

Alex and Tess are gone they said something about going for a ride in the desert. Hank is gone which means he is going to come back drunk. Normally I would be watching Jesse change into her work clothes, nope I have to stop dwelling on that, Jesse is gone, were I don’’t know she was Alex’’s girlfriend, Yeah yeah I know you are not supposed do watch your brother girlfriend get undressed, but you should have seen her she was the definition of hot. Oh course I would never do anything with her she was Alex’’s girlfriend.

This one day she had heard Isabel Evans The IceBitch Of Roswell High talking about Tess, and she beat the girl within a few inches of her life, then Isabel’’s Brothers Kyle The Buddha Bitch and Max The Polo Bitch. Came and tried to jump Jesse so when Tess found out she got all her little love slaves to beat the crap out of them us included. No I am not Tess’’ Love slave neither is Alex I don’’t think........

Tess’ POV

Me and Alex saw this chic and her mom drive by in a beat up truck the only weird thing about that was they were listeing to good music, the music that you can slam to, and jump and get lost in the mosh pits type of music, it was our type of music when I say our type of music I mean the ‘‘G’’s type of music, when we were little (Michael, Alex, Jesse and Me) the other kids would call us the ‘‘G’’s.

So anyway like all nicknames it stuck. But anyway back to the girl and her mom, the other weird thing was they were driving like they had just escaped from a crazy house. So yeah they were driving like me. Alex got a look at the girl and said she looked like one of us. I wish I am the only girl in the G now, and me and this girl could most defiantly hang together, but knowing my luck she will probably drive through town........

Liz’s POV
Yeah me and mom are still on the road she swears she we are almost there. I roll me eyes. Yeah the ⊕#%$ right. She pulls into a trailer park ok maybe she was right for once, and then I see him.........

Part 2

Liz’s POV
There in front of me is this guy. He is kinda of cute tall muscular, and the ring in he eyebrow matches. He has a sly grin plastered onto his face and the blondish/brown goatee goes with him nicely. Baca whistled I could her her mummer ““maybe this town is not so bad.”” For twins we look nothing alike I mean we look like sisters not twins. Were Liz was short Baca was tall. Were Baca had naturally Black hair her’’s had been dyed. Were she wore dark colors. Baca wore light. But you could see they were sister it was in there deep eyes sure Baca’’s were violet, and her’’s brown they still had the same amount of depth. Oh yeah mum is threading us that she will leave our lazy asses out here if we don’’t hurry up and get our bags.

Sean’s POV
I was sitting on the steps of Guerin’’s trailer when they showed up Matllic blasting. I took note of the girls as they pilled out of the truck. Ok they were all girls, or women. I took note of the younger girls. One was short with black hair brown eyes and a belly ring and eyebrow ring that she had a ring of fire around her belly button. She wore baggy black jeans with a studded black belt, and a tight black shirt that exposed her belly button that said I am not a ‘‘slut all the time’’ and her hair was down I have to say the orange went great with the black.

The other one was tall with black and dark purple hair that was braided in two pigtails with a black leather strip in it. Her black pleather pants and tight purple shirt that stretched over a nice sized chest I could hardly see the shirt but it said ‘‘Do you really think I am listening?”” I chuckled, she was cute me and her could have a future a short one but a future none the less. I heard there mother bark out something about leaving there asses there if they did not do something the rest of the conversation was cut out as Michael walked out the door. ““What you doing here Sean?””

Michael’s POV
I walk out and the house and saw two goddess moving into the trailer in front of ours they even looked like me kinda people tattooed holes in other places then there ears. The brown head turned my way and I saw the big brown eyes the eyeliner made them stick out more. Then I bump into Sean, ok ruin the moment! I look down and there is my buddy since the tender age of 5 with his ass on my steps. So I ask a very logical questing because I am a logical kind of guy. Yeah right and Jesse never cursed he gives me a logical answer ““looking at the sun.”” Ladies and gentlemen can we say Sean is high? Yeah that’’s what I thought.

Liz’s POV
Me and Baca are already getting our room togther. That’’s right folks room me and Baca get the master bedroom which is kind of small but oh well we will not be here that much anyway. Between the Raves and late night rides in the truck we will only see our room when we are supposed to be in class if then. Baca says we should go for a walk and fuss all the guy out the try and hit on us. There will be a lot of fussing tonight.

Alex’s POV
Me and Tess were driving back to the trailer park when we saw these two hot chic’’s fussing at Kyle Evans.......

Baca’s POV
Some jackass hit Liz’’s ass so we just had to stop and show him the way we dealt with stupid jocks hiting us on the ass, that’’s when they showed up......


Part 3

Liz’ POV
Kyle just hit my ass. Poor kid just made the biggest mistake of his life. The words just fly out of my mouth, I am not even thinking, I see Baca fussing him out to and a car with a guy and girl in it slow down and laugh at Kyle’’s face full of horror. Oh yes now back to what I am saying.

"You stupid bitch. Do I go around groping your ⊕#%$??? Huh well do I? No I don’’t. Now let me tell you what will happen if your hand ever meets my butt again. I will kick your ass all over Roswell, then after that I will make it so you never play another sport again."I saw ‘‘The Jacket’’ The ones that jocks and there cheerleader girlfriends were. Oh but I am not done. "Then after that I will kick your ass back to the hospital that made the mistake of delivering your sorry ass to this world, and making it a worse place. Now will you hit any girls butt again?"It is night so the streets are mine and I can say this

"N-No, I am really s-sor-sorry." He is such a jock! I here laughter, and turn around to see the car that slowed down to a full halt. A girl with Bouncy blond hair And Blue eyes that are outlined in green looking at me with a smile that makes her look innocent, and at the same time makes me fell for the person that messes with her on a bad day.

Then a guy with shocking green eyes that scream rage and black hair spiked on top ok his head, the hand that dangles out of the car window shows nails painted black. I could see his muscled chest and the tattoo that said PLUR, this was my kinda guy. Me and Baca walk over to the car, and asked for a ride, frankly I did not want to walk anymore.I see Baca give him the finger out of the side of my eye, yep that is my twin sister, got to love her! I wanted to dance but that would not be happing tonight. Of course they give us a ride, and they crank the ‘‘Puddle of Mud’’ Oh yes this town is looking better.

Tess’s POV
We pull over and see the girl that I saw earlier with her mom in the truck. Fussing Kyle-W.W.F-Bitch out. Then we see a girl that looks just like her standing bye smirking, and then giving him this finger as they leave. They walk over and ask for a ride, if this was anyone else we would have said hell know and told them to start marching there ass back to where ever they came from, but this is not anybody else. This is them, and them are like us.

"I am Tess, this is Alex." The girl that we saw give the finger to Kyle. Nods and screams over the music " I am Baca, this is my twin sister Liz." Cool the seem cool.

"So were yall live?" I ask

"The trailer Park." Liz says while looking at me in the mirror that I am using to fix my eyeshadow. I saw here eyes and almost gasped. They were just like mine just like Alex’’s, just Like Sean’’s, Just like Michael, Just Like Jesse’’s, I look over and meet her sisters eyes they are the same. Different colors same emotion in them, Rage Fear Love Hate. The strongest ones. Oh yeah we will all get along, and I think Michael well like her.

"Tight we live in the Trailer Park too, well Tess does not live there she is just at our house so much she might as well." I flash a big smile. It is the truth Alex’’s place is more home then my house that my dad and sister live. Even with Hank Michael and Alex’’s place is home. My place has my dad who pampers my twin sister with money and gifts. Me and my sister are as different as day and night.
In fact she is day she glows, I am night I am a shadow of love hate and fear and rage. Yeah Maria Glows. I can not believe she is my sister her with her cheerleading outfit and jock friends. Me with my torn jeans and spikes. I really think I am adopted.

My dad is a business man, ties and all. My sister is A perky cheerleader. I am a loner with a big black lace up boots, and a good fist. Now my mom me and my mom are the same. She was a cloud of darkness, with bouncy blond hair, that changed colors every month, and a tattooed arm, a mouth that had a tongue with a ring in it, and a belly button that had a diamond in it. I wonder who I take after? My mom died when I was two. She wanted to die, I know it. She never loved my dad I know she loved me but not my dad. She hated him.

We are at the trailer park and I see Michael and Sean on the doorstep. Oh this is going to be good!


Part 4
Michael’s POV
Ok so we are sitting they’’re minding our own businesses looking
at the sun’’ as Sean put it when the chick from earlier roll up,
with Alex and Tess. OK what the ⊕#%$ is going on? Alex and
Tess hates everybody. Sean and me not included. Yeah sure the
Chicks in the car look like they would fit in our group no problem
But still. Alex and Tess hate everyone. Me and Sean not included.
Well whatever that girl from earlier looks HOT! The one with orange
and black hair. Now me and her can be ‘‘friends’’. Translation we can ⊕#%$
each other’’s brains out. So here Sean is drooling over her sister. The one
with the purple and black hair, yeah she is hot to but more of Sean’’s type
then mine.

Alex’s POV
I can already see it Michael likes Liz, if this was a cartoon his eyes would
be hearts and there would be little red hearts floating around his head. Thank
the playboy bunnies that this is not a cartoon. Hearts would really look bad
with Michael’’s look. Did I just say look really bad with Michael’’s look? Yeah
ok I think I did. I have to stop hanging with Tess. Yeah Liz is kinda cute but I
like blondes more. Blondes with pink streaks that is. There is no way I would
settle for just a blond, no way in hell. Nope not me Alex Guerin. Nope has
to be blonde with streaks. Ok back to the point at hand! Michael is undressing
Liz with his eyes, and Liz is starring at him as if he is the only man on Earth. Ok
what the hell? Tess is just kind of smirking with an I knew it look. Baca is looking
at Sean with what is that? Desire, and Sean is looking back at her with the same
Amount of this new found emotion. While I am here alone thinking what the hell?
Were is a good blonde when you need one?

Seans POV
That chick with the Purple and Black hair is beautiful. Damn wait did I just call
someone beautiful? Ok no one is beautiful, guys are ugly as hell, kids are…….cute
ok yeah whatever , and Chicks well chicks are hot , cute, pretty, ugly, but never
ever beautiful. But this one is I swear to Playboy playmates that they sent her here
just for me. She is everything I have always wanted. So what if I have not talked to
her! That doesn’’t matter. Then she speaks of god I am in love I swear I am. Her voice
is high and breathless not like the I am helium voice, but a breathless whisper. The
words she speaks are so perfect. They are ““Who the hell are you?”” Yeah I am in love!
What the ⊕#%$ did I just say I was in love? Sean Davis not fall in love that is one of the
Few things he does not do. Yeah ok I need to go back to looking at the sun because I
Am going crazy this chick is messing with my head.

Baca’s POV
So I see this guy starring at me while we are driving up in the car. The same one
I saw earlier. I eventually make my way over to him, and me being me I have to
Ask ““Who The hell are you?”” When really I want to be saying want to go make
Out, then go elope in Vegas? Yeah ok eloping bad getting married bad staying
in a realship for more then three weeks bad. Then why the hell do I want to stay
with his guy for the rest of my life? Ok a couple of years.


OK, Yes I am well aware that I have not updated in...... A long long long time......so my question is do you want me to continue or just forgte it?