Title: Ian's Secret (Tentative title)

Author: Inquisitive1

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Rating: PG13 and up

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Disclaimer: I own only the characters not on a show. My first Witchblade fic

Summary: Sara Pezzini meets a teenage girl who reminds her of her stalker Ian Nottingham. Semi Crossover with Roswell

Note: // Images // < Anai and Zan's connection >


Chapter 1

New York City: Spring 2002

Detective Sara Pezzini walks down the street bumping into a figure. "Oh sorry" she mutters looking down to see a dark haired teenager staring at her. "Hey" she smiles

The girl moves away almost frightened she runs down the street

Sara looks down to see her bracelet hiss 'Damn thing' she thinks turning to see if she can find the girl.

Sixteen year old Anai runs around the corner away from the cop her inborn instincts knowing who the woman is. 'Weilder.' "Shit" she mutters her mind flashing over images

// A glove with a blade on the end.

The woman dodging bullets.

Arguing with a dark haired man. //

Anai shakes her head "Stop" she mutters trying to end the images.

"Hey kid" Sara calls finding the dark haired teen in the alley

Anai looks at the cop "What?"

"Are you OK?" Pez asks

Anai moves away from the woman "Yeah fine."

"I get this feeling you aren't being honest with me."

"Not fond of cops." Anai says moving past the woman

"Not many people are" Pez smiles "Names Pezzini."

Anai looks at her "I know"

"How do you know?"

Anai takes off disappearing in the crowd. < ZAN > she goes in search of her best friend/lover/protector.

That afternoon

Sara enters her office removing her jacket

"Hello Lady Sara"

Sara jumps at the sound of the familiar voice "Damn it Ian one of these days you're going to give me a heart attack" she says closing the door to her office. "What are you here for? Give me another vague warning?"

"The girl you spoke with... where is she?"

"I didn't get her address." Sara retorts "And stop stalking me!"

"I am protecting you." Ian replies

"Nottingham why are you here?" Sara demands annoyed

Ian bows his head "Find the girl. She can answer many questions."

Sara stares at him "How am I supposed to find her?"

Ian reaches out touching the bracelet. "The Witchblade will lead her to you." he looks away "I have to go"

"Ian, why would this lead her to me?"

"It will show you." Ian says walking out the door

Sara stares after the enigma 'What am I going to do with him?' she shakes her head turning to her paperwork.

Chapter 2

That Night: Anai and Zan's place

"You OK, babe?" Zan asks finding Anai staring out the window of their bedroom.

Anai tilts her head back to look at him "She knows my father."

"You saw that?"

"Mmm" she nods "I'm scared"

"Of what?"

"I haven't seen my father since I was five or six. Momma always told me he was different. That his work is why we had to stay away from him."

"'nai its OK."

"Momma said his boss was a jerk who would do anything to take me from her." she shivers involuntarily

"'nai nothin' will seperate us."


"I promise" he kisses her temple "how are you feelin'?"

"My stomach and head still hurt from being so close to the Witchblade." She sighs turning she wraps her arms around him rubbing her cheek against his chest.

"Let's get you to bed." Zan picks her up carrying her over to the bed he lays her down pulling the covers up.

As he starts to move away Anai grabs his hand "Stay?"

"For a little while, I have to get to work."

Anai nods "I know" she yawns "I wish you didn't have to work tonight"

"I know but I'm close by if you need me."

"I love you my King" she says sleepily

"And I you my Queen" he smiles kissing her neck.

Just before dawn

Zan enters the bedroom concerned when he doesn't find Anai awake to greet him. 'She usually wakes up.' he shakes his head 'Must be exhausted.' he sits on the edge of the bed leaning down to kiss her forehead. He frowns "She's burning up" he mutters touching her forehead. "Anai come on babe wake up" he says taking her hand he winces his mind receiving images

//A dark haired man watching over a woman sleeping.

The man being beaten by another man with silver/blond hair//

"FATHER" Anai cries out curling up she clutches her stomach

"Anai come on your dreamin' babe" Zan says worried

Anai opens her eyes looking at him hazily "Zan"

"'nai I need you to stay awake"

"Zan" she drifts back to sleep

"Anai come on don't do this babe"

//The cop wearing the Witchblade healing Anai//

"The cop," Zan sighs "OK babe I guess we'll give it some time... if need be we'll go to the cop's place" he runs his fingers through his spiked locks.

Early evening: Sara's Apartment

"I'm coming I'm coming" Sara calls sleepily "Nottingham if that's you I swear" Sara trails off as she pulls open the door to find a tall man with piercings and spiked hair protectively cradling the young woman from the day before in his arms "What the...? Who are you?"

"She needs your help... or that things help" Zan nods at the Witchblade "I can't heal her like this."

Sara steps aside letting the man enter "Why don't you just take her to the hospital?"

"Too many questions" Zan answers setting Anai on the couch. "Anai is my life and my responsibility... I ain't gonna take her anywhere that can result in her being taken from me."

Sara nods moving closer she touches the girl's forehead "She's burning up... why do you think this can heal her?" she nods at the Witchblade "How do you know about it?"

"I know what she knows."

"What's your name?"


"Let's see what we can do" Sara allows the Witchblade to activate putting her hand against Anai's forehead. She gasps as the images hit blurring together but the last images sticking out the most

//Anai hugging a man's legs "Daddy"

Sara's eyes move up to see the figure's face 'Ian?!'

Ian's eyes meet Sara's then he looks down at the child//

Sara pulls back staring at the young woman

"You saw it didn't you" Zan says looking at the cop knowingly

"She's... she's his daughter"

"Mmm" Zan nods crouching beside the couch he touches Anai's cheek "do you know where he is?" Zan asks softly

"He's probably outside" Sara replies

Anai blinks hazily through her fever "Zan?"

"Hey 'nai."

She holds her arms out

Zan picks her up settling on the couch with Anai against his chest "Sleep my Queen" he whispers against her hair. After a moment he looks at the cop seeing the faraway expression. "I need to speak with him."

Hearing the tone Sara snaps out of her thoughts "Why?" she asks suspiciously

"Because I need to know somethings... like why she gets the visions of that thing." he nods at the Witchblade.

"She gets visions of the other wielders?"

Zan nods "Its getting harder for me to protect her from them."

"Give me a sec. I'll see if he's out there" she nods at the window. She makes her way to the bedroom opening the window looking down and up she doesn't find Ian sitting on the fire escape. She sighs leaving the window open for him to enter. "He'll show up sooner or later" she says returning to the livingroom.

"Her fever's gone down some" Zan says "thanks"

Sara nods "What did you mean by you couldn't heal her?"

"Its a long story" Zan hedges

"Know the feeling." Sara says warily

"You should keep your window closed Lady Sara."

Sara looks up to see Ian walk down the steps "About time you showed up" she says annoyed

Ian stops in his tracks seeing the teen sleeping on the couch. "Anai" he says softly his voice and eyes showing his surprise and concern

"Zan, that's Ian."

Zan looks at Ian then at Anai "She's pretty much unconscious."

"What happened?" Ian asks

"Ask that thing" Zan says annoyed "lately its caused her numerous nightmares." he nods at the Witchblade

"It hasn't caused any to me" Sara says "other than the normal."

"It's in her blood." Ian says

"How so?"

Ian looks at Sara then at his daughter "Anai born just over nine months after he forced me to wear the Blade."

"So the Witchblade still had some lasting effects on you that ended up in Anai."

"Yes." Ian's eyes narrow looking at the young man holding his daughter. He like Sara, sensing Zan's power. "Who are you?"

Zan looks the older man over also seeing the ruthless power in his dark eyes "Nothing you need to know about right now."

"Why did you seek out Sara?" Ian asks

"Anai was sick... I couldn't take her to the hospital and I saw this place. So here we are."

"Where is Hope?" Ian asks

Zan looks down at Anai cuddled against him "She's dead"

Ian closes his eyes "How did she die?"

"Protecting us." Zan answers "I wasn't strong enough to stop him."

"Who?" Sara asks

"One of my enemies."

"Where is this person?" Ian demands his voice hard

Zan looks at his love's father his royal air beginning to show "Who he is and where doesn't concern you at this time. I will deal with him in my own way when the time comes." he looks at Sara "Beware if that is as powerful as it feels you will find yourself in some trouble... bigger than anything you've ever seen." he looks at Anai "I'm only here for your help... I can't stop the images from appearing... or even slow them down. They are getting worse."

"The Witchblade is showing itself to her." Ian explains "I do not know how it can be stopped or slowed."

"Would Irons?" Sara asks

"He could but I promised Hope that Irons would have no contact with Anai. I am not going back on that promise."

"This is a promise you're going to have to go back on" Zan says "Hope would understand."

"You do not understand what it is like to be under his thumb" Ian says

"I am not going to lose Anai. Either you help me or I take her there" Zan says his eyes hardening "Anai is all I have left and whatever is causing this in the end will result in her death or worse."

"The worse is Irons." Ian says

"Not for me. Or for her. The worst is being seperated." Zan says his heart breaking at the thought of losing Anai.

"Ian I don't trust Irons either but I think he's right. I saw some of what she sees. They are what I see. She's a kid... who knows how much her mind can handle."

"I'm going to have to tell him about her." Ian says staring at the floor. "He is not going to be happy." Ian winces inwardly at the thought of his punishment for not telling his Master about Anai's existance.

"No he's not but who cares... he might have answers that can help them." Sara says

Ian reluctantly nods "I will take you there."

Zan nods "Thanks."

"We should go... I have been gone far too long."

Sara touches Ian's arm "Ian your doing what's best... for both of you."

"I hope so... for her sake." he looks at Zan standing with Anai cradled in his arms. "Are you sure about this?"

Zan looks at Anai then back at Ian "It has to be done. I would prefer to not do this but her life and perhaps her sanity is at stake."

Ian nods walking out the door

Zan looks at Sara "Thank you"

"Your welcome. If you or Anai need anything let me know."

Zan nods walking out the door.

Chapter 3

Irons Estate

Ian enters the study with Zan right behind.

"Ian where have you been?" Irons demands before noticing the younger man he walks down the stairs then puts on his most charming smile

Zan's instincts hit high he tightens his arms around Anai.

"Ian why didn't you tell me we were having guests?"

Ian stares at the floor "Anai is connected with the Witchblade... it is having an effect on her."

"Welcome to my home" Irons smiles at the man "I'm Kenneth Irons"

"Zan Antar"

"Welcome Mr Antar. And this is Anai?" he nods at the young woman sleeping in Zan's arms

Zan nods remaining alert and wary of the older man

Irons goes to his desk pushing the intercomm button "Dr Immo I need to speak with you."

A moment later a man enters "Yes Kenneth?"

"We have a guest who needs your attention."

"What happened?" Dr Immo asks looking at the young man

"Fever." Zan replies

"Come this way and I'll check her out."

As the three leave the study Irons lashes out stricking Ian across the face. "What were you thinking bringing strangers here?" he snarls his anger apparent.

Ian barely flinches at the hit his eyes glued to the floor "Anai needs your help"

"Who is she Ian? Why does she need my help?"

Ian lifts his head glances momentarily at Irons "She is my daughter."

Hearing that Irons stares at Ian "WHAT?!" he yells

In the exam room Zan lifts his head hearing the yell

"Ignore that... he's always yelling at Ian over something." Dr Immo says seeing the young man's action. "Now what led to this fever?"

"I'm not sure... I came home from work this morning and she was sick... I had hoped she would be well by this evening but" Zan shakes his head

In the study Ian is on the floor trying to catch his breath

"A child?! You had a child and did not tell me?!" Irons yells

"I am sorry Master."

Irons grabs Ian's hair pulling hard forcing Ian to look at him "Who is the child's mother?"

"Her name was Hope"

"What did you mean she is connected to the Witchblade?"

"Anai was born just nine months after..."

"She carries some of the memories" Irons finishes

Ian nods "Yes. She needs your help"

"Why should I help her?"

Ian lifts his head "She can not stop the memories, the dreams."

"Interesting." Irons looks at Ian thoughtfully "I could help her... to at least understand what is in her mind. Why don't we go see how our guests are doing."

Ian silently follows his Master to the lab. They enter to find Anai sitting up staring at Zan her eyes obviously furious.

< What was I supposed to do 'nai? You were sick... and I couldn't heal you. >

< You brought me here >

< I had no choice. I would do anything for you 'nai. >

"Don't give me that puppydog look" Anai says angrily "I'm still pissed off" she groans "Damn it why do you have to be so hot"

Zan smiles reaches into his pocket pulling out a bag of Skittles "Then I bet you don't want these"

"You know bribery isn't always going to work on me mister"

"You can't resist candy"

Anai groans grabbing the pack

"Nope gotta say it" Zan smirks holding the candy away

"Fine Zan's da man." she reaches around grabbing the candy. "I'm still mad."

"What ever you say dollface"

"Glad to see you are feeling better" Irons says finally speaking

Anai looks at the man immediately knowing who he is her eyes narrow "Well if it isn't the egomaniacal billionaire."

Zan shakes his head "Ignore her she's in one of her moods."

"I have been called worse" Irons chuckles

< Mmm think I should tell him what else Momma called him? >

< Babe he's going to help you don't piss him off >

"Kenneth, Ian, talking will have to wait. She needs some rest." Dr Immo says nodding at Anai.

Irons nods slightly "Ian why don't you show our guests to their rooms. We can talk tomorrow."

Ian gestures to the door.

Zan helps Anai off the table putting his arm around her shoulders "Come on sweets" he gives Irons a thankful nod over Anai's head following Ian out the door.

"Ian make our guests comfortable and then return to the study" Irons orders

"As you wish" Ian nods closing the doors behind them. "This way" he turns on his heel leading them down the hallway.

"So this is what you've been doing all these years" Anai states

Ian nods

< Babe there's something about this place. >

Anai squeezes Zan's hand < I know >

Ian remains silent observing the couples reaction to each other as he leads them upstairs to the guest room. "I take it you would like to share a room."

"Whatevers fine. Its easier for me to keep an eye on her."

Ian nods opening a door he turns on a light "There is some clothing in the closet and dresser you both should be able to find something that fits. The bathroom is over there. Would you like something to eat? I can have someone bring something up."

Zan looks at Anai shaking his head to find her fast asleep on the bed. "No thanks."

Ian nods "If you need something to eat the number for the kitchen is 211. Breakfast is at 8 if you would like to join Mr Irons."

"If she's feeling well enough then we'll join you."

"If you need Dr Immo his number is 711." Ian says moving to the door he glances at Anai

Zan seeing the look on Ian's face speaks "Don't worry man she just needs some sleep and then she'll be ready to talk."

Ian nods "I hope so" he walks out of the room closing the door behind him.

Zan looks at Anai "Better get you comfy babe"


Ian enters the study to find Irons standing before the fireplace

"How are our guests?"

"In their room" Ian replies staring at the floor

Irons turns around looking at Ian "Care to explain why you did not inform me of the girl's existance?"

"Her mother did not want me too."

"You serve me Ian" Irons says striking Ian in the side

Ian flinches "Yes Master"

"What else are you hiding from me?" Irons demands

"Nothing Master" Ian says

"Better not be."


Zan strips down to his boxers crawling in beside Anai kissing her shoulder "I love you my Queen" Zan whispers

"And I you my King" she says sleepily

Chapter 4


Anai rolls over to see Zan sleeping beside her. She smiles stroking his cheek.

Zan smiles nuzzling into her touch

"Good morning my King" she leans forward kissing him lightly

Zan lifts his brow "That's my good morning kiss?" he pulls her head down swiping his tongue across her lower lip causing her to moan

< I love your tongue ring >

< I know > he kisses her his tongue thrusting into her mouth.

Anai moans pulling Zan atop her digging her fingers in his shoulders "Mmm"


"Babe don't ya think we should go down for breakfast?" Zan asks running his hand down Anai's bare stomach tugging lightly on the silver bar piercing of her navel. "You should speak with your father."

Anai groans "I know"

"Come on 'nai get up."

Anai gets out of bed walking naked across the floor < Gonna join me for a shower? >

"Of course" he smirks following her into the bathroom

20 mins later

"I'm glad you both could join us." Irons says noticing the two enter the diningroom. "I hope you both had a good nights sleep."

"Fine." Anai nods

"Have a seat" Irons gestures to the chairs glancing at Ian who moves out of the room "Anai Ian informed me that you have some of the Witchblade memories."

"Yeah" Anai shrugs watching the man cautiously "Causes major pain. It started going surround sound lately."

A servant sets full plates of food infront of them

"Thanks" Zan grins at the woman "Any chance you have some Tobasco Sauce?"

The woman looks at Irons

"Whatever our guests need" Irons gestures

"I will get it for you" the woman nods walking away

"Thanks" Zan nods

"Zan likes Tobasco just to warn you he puts it on everything."

< You know I haven't put it on you in a while. >

< Maybe later lover >

"That's a pretty odd like" Irons states

"I'm an odd guy... that's why 'nai adores me" Zan smirks

< Nah its 'cause your killer in bed >

"Here you go sir" the servant hands the Tobasco to Zan

"Thanks a lot."

Anai shakes her head seeing Zan pour the Tobasco sauce on his food and in his coffee and orange juice. "That is just nasty"

"What can I say..." Zan shrugs

"Anai why don't you tell us about what you see" Irons suggests taking a sip of his coffee

"I don't know who's point I ever see it from... its always different."

"How long has it been going on?" Irons asks

"As long as I can remember." Anai shrugs "Its just lately they've gotten even more vivid."

"It must be happening since the blade is now in use by Detective Pezzini." Irons muses

"That would make sense... the blade needs a person to activate... it interrupts the forces" Zan says

Irons looks at the young man his eyes narrowed "How do you know about the Witchblade?"

"I know what 'nai knows." Zan shrugs taking a drink of juice

Irons looks back at the girl "What is it you see?"

"Its hard to explain... mostly events. Sometimes its the Wielders death. Other's the Protectors."

"Protector?" Irons says surprised

Anai nods

< 'nai your father is the Protector. >

< Oh yeah. >

"And who is the protector?" Irons demands

"It changes... sometimes its a priest... a few times its been just some guy... I never know who the Protector is until I see the Wielders reaction."

"Reaction?" Ian asks then looks down when Irons glares at him

"If the Wielder dies the Protector usually follows soon after. Its the same if the Protector dies."

"Anai there is something I want to show you." Irons stands at the same time Ian does also

< Zan? >

< Yell if you need me >

"Ian why don't you show Mr Antar around" Irons suggests

Ian nods

"Anai?" Irons gestures to the door

Anai kisses Zan's cheek then stands following Irons out the door as Zan stands.

"I will show you around." Ian says

"Lead the way" Zan says

Ian leads Zan out of the diningroom "The lab is off limits unless Mr Irons or Dr Immo allows you in there. Mr Irons office above the study is off limits also. If you use the study just stay on the first floor."

"No prob." Zan says


Irons leads Anai into the room set aside for Witchblade artifacts "This room has everything to do with the Witchblade."

Anai looks at the pictures her eyes wide 'I've seen them... all of them.'

"You are familiar with them?"

"Joan of Arc... Cleopatra... I've seen them all."

"And you have been there."

"In a way."

"You are quite an interesting young woman." Irons states "The child of the one man to wear the Witchblade with no after-effects." he rubs his hand absently

"You wore it" Anai says

"Yes... it was not fond of me."

"It knows the wearers true intentions. If your intentions weren't pure that is why it rejected you... not just because your a guy"

"So why did it stay with Ian longer?"

"I'm not sure... it probably saw him as pure because wearing it wasn't his decision but yours. You wanted it out of power nothing more nothing less"

"You seem to be a very blunt person"

Anai shrugs "Mom raised me to tell the truth"

"And Zan?"

"Zan does what he wants... he lives his life the way he wants. He protects me... takes care of me." she moves around looking at the paintings

"And what of your education?"

"I don't go to school... I spend hours at the library reading and looking up things I'm interested in. That's my schooling. Zan works."


"Odd jobs... bouncer, bartending... whatever he wants."

Irons nods

"Mr Irons can I ask you something?"

"What do you want to know?"

Anai looks at him "Why did you want him to wear the blade?"

"I had hoped that Ian would be able to control the Witchblade."

"And weild it for you."

Irons tilts his head in acknowledgement

"If your thinking that you can take if from the cop... your wrong... it has bonded to her. It will not activate for anyone other than her."


Zan and Ian are standing out on the porch "How long is it going to take your boss to show 'nai whatever he's showing her?"

"He takes whatever time he wants." Ian replies

"You are curious about Anai"

Ian shrugs "She's my daughter"

"You haven't seen her in what 10 years" Zan says

"I guess."

"Fair warning man... mess with 'nai's mind or feelings... you've got yourself an enemy worse than any you've ever had."

Ian and Zan stare each other down

Irons and Anai walk outside Anai shakes her head seeing the look on Zan's face "Zannie what have I said about threatening people."

Zan grins at Anai pulling her into a bear hug "What can I say babe gotta look out for ya."

Anai leans against Zan looking at her father and Irons as they talk quietly. < He's pretty much a prisoner here >

< I know. >

"Anai it was a pleasure speaking with you. I wish to extend my offer of you both staying here while we work on your situation." Irons offers

Anai looks up at Zan < Whatcha think babe? >

< Anything for my Queen. >

"It would be much easier for figuring out a solution to this problem of yours" Irons says

< And you could spend some time with your Pops >

Anai shrugs "Yeah sure" she turns staring out at the gardens below her mind running over the recent events. "It's up to Zan"

"Why not... at least there's more people to keep 'nai out of trouble."

"Good." Irons nods "If you need anything Ian can help you out." Irons gives Ian a sharp look before striding into the mansion.

< Want me to stick around? >

< Nah I'll be fine. >

"Enjoy... I'm off to catch some major z's" Zan kisses Anai's head then walks inside < Yell if you need me >

< I'll be up in a little while > Anai looks at her father seeing him relax as Irons walks inside. "It's been a while" she says softly

Ian nods "I last spoke with your mother... on your 11th birthday... after that I had no idea where you were."

"Around... living with mom's occassional boyfriend. She got married not long after my birthday." she shakes her head "Didn't last though... he hated having me around and when Zan moved in... he hated it more. So he left. Fine with me the guy was a major moron."

"I wish things had been different for you."

Anai shrugs "If they had been I never would have met Zan" she tilts her head thoughtfully 'And you never would have fallen in love with the Weilder.'

"You love him" Ian states

Anai chuckles "What's not to love... Zan grows on ya after a while. He's done a pretty good job making sure I don't get into trouble." she looks out at the garden "Can I ask you something?"

"You want to know what happened"

Anai looks at him "Yeah... I don't really remember much about my sixth birthday... I do remember you two got in a huge argument. Then saying goodbye"

"He was getting suspicious about where I was disappearing too. I wanted to tell him the truth before he found out some other way... lessen the punishment I guess."

"Mom didn't want him to know"

"She made me choose... keep you both alive or tell the truth and risk losing you both."

"So you left."

Ian shrugs "She did not want you to grow up like I did. Next thing I knew you were gone. She called me every so often to let me know everything was going well never told me where you were. She asked me not to look for you and I agreed. Thought you both would be better off."

Anai nods


Anai glances at her father from the corner of her eye as they walk back towards the mansion. She suddenly stops in her tracks her head beginning to pound her wrist aching.

Ian sees her act "Are you OK?"

Anai stares at her wrist almost as though she can see the gauntlet appear on the Weilder's arm. She puts her hands over her ears hearing the buzzing and hissing of the Witchblade the anger and pain of those who had died bellowing in her ears. "Stop stop stop" she mutters her legs giving way she falls to the ground < ZAN!!! >

Upstairs Zan bolts out of bed hearing the scream of terror and pain ringing through his head < I'm coming babe. Where are you? >

Out back Ian lifts up the shaking teen hurrying inside just as Zan runs down the stairs.

"What the hell happened?" Zan demands seeing Anai unconscious

Ian looks at the young man "I do not know she just collapsed." he continues on his way to the medlab. He enters to find Dr Immo and Irons speaking

Irons turns around "What happened?"

Ian sets her on the exam table "She said something about stopping then just collapsed."

Irons looks at Ian "The Witchblade is in use go see why."

Ian looks at Anai then after a moment nods hurrying out of the room

Zan touches Anai's arm trying to connect with her < 'nai come on wake up > he jerks back suddenly as though his arm is on fire.

Irons watches the young man's reaction thoughtfully 'They are keeping something from me.'

"Her pulse is skyrocketing" Dr Immo says as she jerks awake her eyes wide

She seeks out Zan's eyes

< 'nai look at me > Zan moves closer not touching her knowing her senses are out of control

"Anai are you OK?" Dr Immo asks reaching out to check her pulse

Zan grabs the man's wrist "Don't"

"Mr. Antar. . ." Irons begins

Zan looks at the Doctor "If you touch her when she's like this she's liable to respond... painfully." he lets the doctor's wrist go "She hasn't yet returned from whatever it was she saw."

"How do you know?" Irons asks

"I can't feel her." Zan replies moving so he's almost inches from touching her letting her know he's there without touching her. < Come on 'nai. Its OK >

After about 15 minutes the doctor and billionaire watch as Anai's breathing returns to normal her eyes refocusing.

"You OK babe?" After a moment Anai nods holding her arms out to him. Relieved Zan pulls her into a tight hug.

Anai nuzzles into his neck < Zannie hurts >

< I know >

"Anai what happened?" Irons asks

Anai shakes her head

"Give her some time to sort... she'll explain." Zan assures

Irons nods

"I'm goin' to take her upstairs" Zan says lifting her up


Ian sees Sara fighting with a man seeing her being backed into a corner Ian grabs the man slamming him into the wall.

"Nottingham" she says relieved "what the hell is going on?"

Ian stares at the man on the ground "He was going to corner you and kill you."

"Hey" Sara begins to protest then stops seeing the look on his face "Something wrong?"

"Anai collapsed... I think she felt it."

"Is she OK?"

"I do not know. He sent me here to help you."

"Then go back and see how she is" Sara orders

Ian nods turning around

"Hey Nottingham"

Ian stops looking over his shoulder

"Thanks" she nods at the guy on the ground

"Any time Sara"