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Summary: Twist on Busted what happened if Liz gets thrown out her house to starts off when max is in the car at the end.

Done Part 1

Max was sitting in the car looking up at the sky. He felt so bad he promised liz he would make all her dreams come true and he didn't he only made it worse she was sent to jail. He was so messed up he had all this stuff on his mind he completely forgot how to be logical. He was mad though no one beside liz did'nt want to help him even though he did all of that stuff. He was the one who forgave Isabel for the whole past life Voliandra thing and not telling him and he was the one who forgave Micheal all the times for getting in trouble why when it's his turn no one helps him. He has no one. No one to comfort him when he had to cry or anything he was alone. Just then when max realized that he sat up and cried and cried when someone opened the car door and held him he did'nt have to look up to know who it was
Liz: It's okay max I'm here baby
"Why are you here" He looked up with his puffy eyes
Liz: My mother kicked me out the house to
Max: Because you didn't tell her the turth
LIz: Yeah
Then she noticed max started to cry again
LIz: Baby whats wrong
Max: I'm sorry for everything I'm soo sorry please forgive
She held him form the next hour crying then he asked the question that was bugging them to death
Max: Liz what are we going to do
Liz: We are going to get all our money and get an apartment togther

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