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Title: The Loss of Innocence
Author: Jenn (tazgirl026⊕
Summary: Read on to find out! :evil Ok, seriously you do have to read, I’m not saying too much. Nothing after the Pilot happened. The only thing that happened was Max healed Liz and told her about him and the others. Oh, and Liz told both Maria and Alex at the same time. There is NO Tess, and No DESTINY!
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell Characters. They belong to Jason Katims, UPN, and Melinda Metz.

Part 1:

Today is October 2, and I’m Liz Parker. The past couple of weeks have been very strange for my friends and I. Last month a young man saved me, and not only physically, he saved me in every way possible. He brought me to life that day by awakening me to the possibility of the unknown and impossible being possible.
That was the day I found out that aliens do exist and walk among us, and it was also the day I found my other half. My heart is whole and it is all because of one man who risked everything for me.
Max Evans, the boy that I’ve known since the third grade. The little boy who I used to watch sit in the back of the class trying to be unnoticed. The little boy I watched grow into the man who became more then cute and who excelled in all of his classes. The boy I fell in love with by seventh grade but I was too afraid to tell because of how shy he is.
This is the same boy who exposed his secret to me because I was going to die. His reason for saving me was, “It was you!” How incredibly cute it that?

Liz closed her journal and placed it in the wall of her balcony. The brick closest to the corner comes out and the space is just big enough to fit the journal into. She turned around and climbed through the window leading to her room. She hopped into bed and turned off her light. Tomorrow she, Maria, Alex, Max, Isabel, and Michael were going to the huge carnival in Las Cruces. All their parents agreed since it was the weekend and the fact that they all promised to check in numerous times a day. Liz was very excited.
Her mom and Mrs. DeLuca rented a room for the girls to stay in while the Evans and the Whitman’s rented a room for the boys. There were leaving at six in the morning so that they could make it to the hotel for check in.

*Next Morning*

“Come on Sleeping Beauty get up!” a very exuberant Maria yelled jumping onto Liz’s bed.
“Oh God! Why are you so awake?” Liz groaned rolling over.
“I’m excited! Come on girlfriend, a whole weekend without parents lets go jump in the shower. Max and the others will be here in 20 minutes and Alex is waiting in the living room for us,” Maria said.
“Ok, ok, I’m up. I’m jumping in the shower. I’ll be downstairs in 15 minutes. Go keep Alex company,” Liz said running into her bathroom.
As promised Liz was downstairs in 15 minutes. Max, Isabel, and Michael were walking through the door as Liz was walking out of the break room. She was carrying her suitcase so that they could just throw it in the car and go. The diner was still closed since Jeff didn’t like to open before seven. He knew how much Liz and Maria hated to get up really early.
The Whitman’s, Evans’, and Amy DeLuca walked through the doors next and Jeff and Nancy Parker were right behind Liz.
“Now don’t forget to call us when you get there and check in,” Mrs. Whitman said.
“Jeez we will mom. You guys have told us this like a million times already,” Alex said.
“Yes, we did, and we are telling you again,” Mr. Whitman said slightly annoyed.
“Also call us before you leave for the carnival and when you get back to the room so we know you are safe. Then again in the morning before you leave,” Mrs. Parker said.
“We will mom I promise. Look, we’ve got to get going or we’ll be late,” Liz said hugging and kissing her parents.
All her friends gave their parents a hug and kiss goodbye as well. Michael gave Diane and Philip a hug goodbye since they have been like parents to him for the past two and a half years. When his mom, Diane’s sister, died his aunt and uncle took him in as if he was their own child.
Liz climbed into the Suburban. Max’s parents were letting them take the SUV since it had more room. That way they wouldn’t have to take two cars. Once everyone was settled in Max started it up and took off. They were all excited to be able to leave for a weekend of no parents. It was going to be so nice to be normal teenagers for a change.
Little did they know their lives were about to change forever!

Part 2:

“They are leaving town now sir. No we don’t have any proof yet other then the word of the customers that were present that day. We are going to have half the team stay here so that they can continue looking while I take the rest with me. I’m following them as we speak. We’ll get them yet sir,” the man in the black Lincoln Towncar said.
He followed the Forrest Green Suburban all the way from Roswell to Las Cruces. He was not going to lose them. They were hiding something and he was going to find out what it was. He watched them climb out of the SUV and grab their things. They got the keys to their rooms and split up.
His team was ready and waiting for instructions. “I’m assuming they are here for the carnival. Keep an eye on them and that means DO NOT let them out of your sight. Kathleen will be with me and the rest of you split up into your respective groups,” the man told them.
He and Kathleen watched the teens leave their hotel room, pile back into the car, and head towards the carnival. They followed the kids there and parked far enough away so they wouldn’t get suspicious.

Max took Liz’s hand and led her to the Ferris Wheel. They waited in line for their turn on the contraption. Kathleen and her partner David stood in line behind them. Liz and Max were next and Liz smiled over at Max and he smiled back. They were both still reeling in the knowledge that they are close friends now. Only a month ago they couldn’t even say more then hi to one another and now they were driving miles to hang out at a fair.
Their car stopped at the very top and Liz gasped at the view before her. “Oh Max! Look how beautiful it is. Everything is all lit up,” she exclaimed.
“Oh please can that girl get any more sappy,” David thought to himself. “What does that kid see in her anyway. Well she is one hell of a looker but other then that she’s too pure and innocent.”
They got off the ride when their car reached the bottom. Once they got off they went in search of the others. When they separated earlier they promised to meet up at eight by the pond to watch the fireworks display but Max and Liz just wanted to see what everyone was up to. They planned on doing other stuff as they passed it and if they happened to meet up with the others so be it.
“Ooo Max look! You can win such cute little bears,” Liz said. “Can we play?”
“How can I possibly say no to you when you give me that face?” Max asked.
“So that’s a yes?” Liz asked excitedly.
“Yes,” Max laughed loving her childlike excitement.
They were at the basketball booth. “Thank goodness I can play basketball,” he thought. He stepped up to the counter and placed his two dollars down.
“Ok you have to sink two shots and you get three tries,” the attendant told Max.
The attendant handed Max three basketballs and waited for him to shoot. Max took his time wanting to judge everything perfectly. Liz really wanted one of those bears and he was determined to win her one. Granted he wasn’t her boyfriend or anything but he was her friend and he wanted to make her happy.
He bounced the ball on the ground five times before spinning it in his hands. He then planted his feet and took the shot. It rolled around the rim before falling through the hoop. Liz let out a little squeal of excitement, which made Max smile. The next shot hit the backboard and bounced away from the hoop. He had to sink this next shot to win. The attendant didn’t know that he missed the last shot on purpose. He could have sunk all the shots no problem with or without powers. He took his time with the last shot. It went into the hoop with a swish. Liz jumped with excitement throwing her arms around Max’s neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
The kiss took Max by surprise and all he could do was smile. “Well pick out the bear that you want,” Max told her.
She walked up to the counter not even trying to hide her excitement. Very carefully she looked over the bears on display. “I’ll take the tan bear holding the heart,” Liz told the attendant.
The kid handed her the bear and she turned to Max. He held out his hand for her to take. She linked her arm with his and they walked towards the pond to meet up with the others. Max stopped near a tree in a secluded part of the park.
“Thank you so much Max the bear is so cute. I’m going to call him Maximums!” Liz exclaimed excitedly. “Can I see him real quick?” Max asked.
Liz nodded and handed Max the bear. He looked around to make sure that no one was around. He didn’t see Kathleen and David lurking in the shadows. Max held his hand over the heart the bear was holding and used his powers. His hand began to glow and Liz watched on in amazement. When Max pulled his hand away the heart was glowing red and in silver letters was L.P. + M.E.
“Now, I don’t what you to think I am going to pressure you into going out with me or anything. That can totally be plutonic,” Max stammered.
“Oh my God he’s just too darned cute,” Liz thought. “Do you not want to go out with me Max?” she asked.
“Oh God I didn’t mean for it to sound like that. I would love to go out with you I just don’t want you to feel pressured you know if you don’t want to date me,” he said.
“Max, you just don’t realize how many girls want you. I would be the luckiest girl alive to date you, not to mention the most envied girl at West Roswell. But we don’t have to talk about this now. Right now we have to go and find our friends before Maria goes into a tizzy because we are missing,” Liz said.
Max smiled and shook his head. He’ll never understand Liz Parker. She started to walk away and turned around when she realized Max wasn’t with her. She held out her hand, “Well are you coming or not?” she asked.
Max walked up to her and took her outstretched hand. She began to walk away again but was stopped short when Max didn’t follow. She turned towards Max again laughing. He smiled at her before tugging her close to him. She squealed as she crashed into his chest.

“Come on David we’ve got our proof. Lets call headquarters and let them know,” Kathleen said.
“Fine, come on,” he replied walking towards the car. “Ok people, you can stop following the teens. We got everything we needed to get.”

Max looked into Liz’s eyes and realized he would never get tired of looking into her eyes. She got lost in the look Max was giving her. The amount of desire in his eyes was enough to almost blow her away. No one had ever looked at her like that, not even Kyle.
Their faces were inches apart and their breath mingled as they stood there looking at one another. Max didn’t know what was coming over him. He was never this forward or outgoing. Not that he minded the change because he’s been in love with Liz Parker for his whole life. He leaned closer to her closing the small gap between the two of them. He looked down at her lips and almost groaned as her tongue snuck out to moisten them. He felt like his whole world was moving in slow motion as his lips gently pressed against hers. A jolt of electricity coursed through both of their bodies from the contact.
He slowly pulled his head back fearing the worst but hoping for the best. Liz’s eyes were still closed and she had a small smile on her face. Max took this as a good sign. Very slowly she opened up her eyes and noticed Max looking at her.
“Wow,” she said. “I have never felt anything like that in my entire life.”
“This is a good thing,” he thought. “Yeah I know me either. I do want to apologize though, I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve been dying to do that since about the sixth grade, but please know that I wasn’t planning on doing that,” Max rambled.
“Max, Max, relax. I know you didn’t plan on kissing me but I’m glad that you did. I’ve been wanting you to since the seventh grade,” she confessed.
“Really?” Max asked.
“Yes really,” she assured him.
“Wow. I never realized that you…” Max said.
“Max?” Liz called interrupting his rant.
“Yeah Liz,” he replied.
“Shut up and kiss me,” she demanded.
He didn’t need to be asked twice. He slid his hand across her cheek and buried it in her hair pulling her gently to him. This time the kiss was more demanding. He slid his tongue across her lips begging for entrance. Liz’s lips parted as if on their own will and he slipped the tip of his tongue into her mouth. She moaned as the feelings washed over her. This was exquisite, like nothing she had ever experienced before.
She has been kissed before, I mean Kyle used to kiss her all the time but when Max kissed her she felt like he wasn’t just kissing her it felt like he was making love to her mouth. Trying to make sure not one single part of her mouth felt left out.
He explored her mouth fully and when he pulled his tongue back into his own mouth Liz followed it with her own tongue and loved his mouth as fully as he did hers. He groaned as her silky tongue caressed his mouth and dueled with his tongue.
They broke apart only when the necessity for air became too great. Liz smiled at him knowing that their newfound relationship was only going to get better from here on out. He returned her smile loving the fact that she was willing to be with him even though he was an alien.
They headed to the pond after their little kiss fest to find their friends. Liz was sure Maria was driving everyone nuts because they hadn’t shown up yet but at the moment she just didn’t care.

“Sir, we’ve got the proof. Plan B will be set in motion tomorrow,” David said to his boss.
Kathleen turned off the engine at the hotel they were staying at. It was down the road from the teen’s hotel. There was a team stationed outside the hotel to report in on when the kids get back and when they are about to leave so that the next phase of their plan could be started.
Come this time tomorrow everything was going to change for Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Liz, and Alex.

Part 3:

As Liz and Max walked up to their friends they caught the end of what they were talking about.
“How do you expect me to calm down Michael? They are 20 minutes late! Liz is never late for anything. We’ve got to go and look for them I can’t just sit here. Something could have happened to them, or Max could have done something! Oh, I’ll kill him myself if he so much as touched her,” Maria rambled.
“Look out everyone Hurricane DeLuca is on the loose,” Alex said.
“Shut up Whitman, my best friend is out there somewhere and I have no idea what is going on. What if she’s hurt, or what if they are both hurt? How can you just sit there calmly?” she asked them.
“First of all I’ve just got to say I’m insulted that you think my brother would do anything to hurt Liz, and secondly we would know if something happened to Max. I’m sure they just got hung up on a ride or something. We’ll give them a few more minutes before we all go nuts looking for them, ok?” Isabel told her.
“Uh, Maria, turn around,” a soft voice called to the hysterical girl.
Maria spun around at the sound of Liz’s voice. “Lizzie! Thank God you are all right! Don’t you ever do that to me again, I didn’t know what happened to you and I’ve been coming up with all sorts of bad stuff,” she said.
“I know we heard most of it,” Max said chuckling.
She glared at him before turning to Liz again. “Where were you two?”
“Uh, we were um, winning this little bear,” Liz said.
“Aw, that’s so cute, but um, why is it glowing?” Maria asked.
“Oh, well Max sort of used his powers to make the heart glow,” Liz said causally.
“Maxwell, what the hell were you thinking?” Michael exclaimed.
“I checked first Michael, jeez you’d think I haven’t been living in fear all my life. I know I have to be safe. We were in a secluded part of the park and no one was around,” he told him.
“L.P. + M.E. huh? Is there something we should know?” Maria asked quirking her eyebrow.
“Uh, well, sort of. We are going to try dating,” Liz said.
Everyone just smiled. “We were wondering how long it was going to take you two to get here. I mean the way you’ve always been looking at one another we assumed it would have been before now,” Isabel said.
They both let out a sigh of relief. With the acceptance of their friends and family this was going to be so much easier. They would have probably dated without their friends consent but it was so much nicer to have it.
They found a spot near the pond to watch the fireworks and got comfortable. The ladies were sitting between the guy’s legs resting on their chests. Everyone was content and enjoyed the fireworks immensely.
They made it back to their hotel room by 10 after going on a few more rides and took turns calling their parents. They all promised to call the following morning before they left and retired to their own rooms. The guys all jumped into bed and fell asleep straight away.
In the girls room Maria passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Isabel tossed and turned for a little bit but Liz, she just couldn’t sleep. She was snuggling with her bear, which smelled like Max, and she just couldn’t get comfortable. Finally giving up she opened the door making sure to take a key and headed to the snack machines.
As she rounded the corner she bumped into someone and almost screamed. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going,” she said.
“Relax Liz, it’s just me,” Max said.
“I figured you’d be asleep by now,” she told him.
“I was, but all of a sudden I woke up and I was agitated. I don’t know why,” he said.
“Me either, I couldn’t get comfortable. I needed to get something to drink so I came down here. I wonder if my restlessness woke you up?” she said.
“I don’t know how that could be, but it’s not impossible,” he said.
Liz got her drink and the two of them walked back to their rooms. They sat in front of the doors talking quietly for a little bit and as soon as Liz finished her drink they headed back to their rooms to get some sleep. Max gave Liz a soft kiss good-bye before they separated.
Liz laid back down in bed feeling much better. She was asleep the moment her head hit her pillow. Max walked into his room with a smile on his face and fell asleep just as he fell into bed
(Next day)

The morning was a flurry of activity. Everyone rushed around to make sure everything was packed up and loaded into the car. They had overslept and only had an hour to get ready and get out. The boys were impressed because this was the fastest they’d ever seen girls get ready.
Max and Liz left their friends at the car to finish packing up their stuff while they went to check out. When they got back to the car Alex and Isabel were seated already and Michael and Maria were arguing outside the door. Alex rolled his eyes at them causing Liz to bite back a laugh.
She climbed into the passenger seat and waited for the other two and Max to get into the car. Michael and Maria were still bickering as they bucked themselves into their seats.
“Ok, listen up. I do not what to hear one nasty comment coming from either one of you until we get home, do you understand? Its too damn early to listen to you fight, or flirt, or whatever it is you do. We are all tired and can’t deal with this especially without coffee,” Max said starting the car.
“But,” they both said.
“No, buts. You are forbidden to bicker until we reach Roswell,” he said.
They stopped at a diner down the road from the hotel to get some breakfast and coffee. Everyone ordered eggs and a cup of coffee. Max asked for Tabasco sauce and he, Isabel, and Michael were excited because they didn’t know if they would be able to eat their food without it.
After breakfast they piled back into the car and headed back to Roswell. About fifty miles down the road they saw an old couple pulled on the side of the road with a flat tire. Max looked at Michael asking what they should do.
“Well what kind of boy scouts would we be if we didn’t stop to help them?” Michael asked.
Max shrugged and pulled off to the side of the road. He, Michael, and Alex got out of the car and headed over to the old couple. They didn’t notice the other car pulling off the road and stopping next to their SUV. Max heard a scream causing him to turn around. The last thing he saw was Isabel, Maria, and Liz being pulled out of the car before his world went black.

Part 4:

When Max opened his eyes the bright light caused him to groan. ‘Where the hell am I?’ he asked himself. ‘Oh God the girls!’
“Liz! Isabel! Maria!” he screamed.
“Max?” a soft voice called.
“Yeah, are you ok?” he asked.
“I’m fine, but I’ve one hell of a headache,” Liz replied.
“Thank God. I saw the three of you being pulled out of the car and I couldn’t do anything, I was hit over the head or something,” he told her.
“You all were. I saw all of you go down before I was hit in the head. These bright lights aren’t helping any either,” Liz said.
“Is everyone else here?” he asked.
“I’m not sure. I think you and I are the only two awake just yet,” she replied.
A groan to their left made them spin their heads around. Their eyes still weren’t accustomed to the light so they kept them closed for the moment.
“Who’s that?” Max asked.
“Max?” Alex said.
“Oh God! Alex?” Liz cried.
“Where in world are we and why is it so bright?” Alex asked.
“I don’t know,” Max answered.
Just then the door opened and Topolski walked in. “Good morning children,” she said to them.
“Who are you and what do you want with us?” Liz asked her voice trembling.
“My name is Kathleen and we just have a couple of questions for all of you,” she said turning to each one of them.
Max looked around and noticed that they were all in their own separate cage type thing. The walls were plastic so you could see everywhere. Max turned to his left and saw Liz sitting on the floor near the front of the cage, there was no other way to explain their new quarters. ‘I knew knowing me would get them all in some sort of trouble,’ Max thought to himself.
“Why are we being held in these quarters if you only want to ask us some questions?” Isabel asked.
“A very good question my dear,” David called from the door.
“Who the hell are you?” Michael asked harsly.
“Ah Michael, we are going to have to work on that temper,” David taunted him.
“You are being held in those quarters for the protection of myself and my staff,” Kathleen said. “David stop being such a stupid ass,” she told him.
“What kind of questions?” Max asked.
“Just some questions. We’ll be sending in some lunch before we get started. Once we leave the room the doors to your cells will open and you can all come out to the center of the room. Well, once the food comes we’ll open the doors. Then we’ll come back for our question and answer session,” Kathleen told them turning towards the door.
Once she and David left everyone turned to Max. “What the hell are we supposed to do now?” Michael asked.
“I don’t know but we’ll figure something out. Our parents should be getting worried by now because we should have made it home by lunch time. We’ll just have to wait and see what it is that they want, and try to weasel out where they have taken us,” Max told them.
“That’s it that’s the plan? What the hell kind of plan is that. I saw we bust our way out of here. I don’t think I can handle being in here for too much longer. Not only could I not see when I first opened my eyes, I have a huge headache, and I’m being held captive in a CELL!” Maria cried hysterically.
“Maria, babe, you need to calm down. Freaking out right now isn’t going to help. Just hold it together long enough for us to get out of the cells and then you can flip all you want,” Liz told her.
“I’m trying Lizzie, I’m really trying,” Maria told her.
The door opened revealing two men in black long sleeve shirts and black trousers. They had dark hair and even darker eyes. Max was sure he’d never seen anyone with eyes that dark and evil before. Well ok, maybe just one other person. David, that guy just gave him the creeps. There was something about him that rubbed Max the wrong way.
The people set up a table then walked out the door to get the chairs. They placed the six chairs around the room and then went to get the food. They placed the trays on the table and left for the last time. Two minutes after the lunch people left the doors to their cells opened up. Isabel ran to Max immediately and threw her arms around him.
“I have a very bad feeling about this Max,” she told him.
“I know so do I but there’s nothing we can do until we figure out why we are here,” Max told her.
Liz enveloped Maria in a hug while Maria cried on her shoulder. Max, Michael, and Alex walked to the corner of the room to speak without having to worry about scaring the girls.
“I think we should pick a cell and try to squeeze there together,” Max said. “I know Maria is going to need Liz and I’m sure Iz wouldn’t mind sharing a room with them until we figure out what the hell is going on,” Max said. “And if we pick the room across from them or even right next to them we will at least be able to keep an eye on them.”
“That’s a great idea. Let’s check out the rooms to see which one is the biggest,” Alex said.
As it turned out Max and Liz’s cells were the two biggest so they knew which rooms they were going to share. The guys were going to stay in Max’s room and the girls were going to bunk in Liz’s. All they needed to do was move the cots into the rooms.
Michael tried to use his powers but nothing happened. “Uh Max, we’ve got a very big problem,” he said.
“What do you mean we’ve got a problem Michael?” Max asked.
“My powers aren’t working. I was going to slide the cots into their new rooms and I couldn’t use my powers,” Michael explained.
“Damn it, we must have been drugged or something,” Max said more to himslef then anyone else. “I guess we do this the old fashioned way.”
They walked into Alex’s cell and pushed his bed into Max’s cell, and then did the same for Michael. After that they moved Maria and Isabel’s cots into Liz’s cell. The girls looked at them questioningly.
“We figured that you would prefer to stay together then apart and we’ll be right next to you to keep an eye on you. I don’t know how much it’s going to help but I know Maria could use Liz’s company to calm her down,” Max said.
“Thank you Max,” Liz said kissing his cheek.
After the cots were all moved everyone sat down to eat lunch. They ate in silence all lost in their own thoughts. The minute they were finished Kathleen’s voice came over the intercom. “Please go back to your cells so we may come in and talk to you all.”
They guys all walked into Max’s cell while the girls went to Liz’s. Max and Liz were holding hands and let go only when they had to. The minute both Max and Liz were in their cells the doors closed and Kathleen and David walked in.
David looked at them all and gave an evil smile. “We’ll just put them all back you know,” he said.
“David, shut up. Don’t speak again until you are told to,” Kathleen hissed at him so the others wouldn’t hear.
“Let’s get these questions over with,” Max said.
“Ok, this is going to be so fun,” David said with a smirk.
“Max I don’t like that look,” Alex said.
“Yeah, I’m with Alex. This guy is totally nuts man,” Michael added.
“I totally agree with you guys but there’s nothing we can do at the moment,” he said to his friends. He turned to David, “ask away.”
“Ok, this one is for Max. Who are you and where are you from?” David asked.
“Max Evans, from Roswell, New Mexico, sir,” Max answered.
“No really Max who are you?” David asked again.
“I just told you. My name is Maxwell Evans and I live in Roswell.” Max answered sweat beginning to bead on his forehead.
“Open the door to Liz’s cell,” David called out.
The door opened and David grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled her out. She screamed at the pain that ripped through her shoulder. “Close the door NOW!” David yelled.

Part 5:

Max looked around with wild eyes. That sick bastard had Liz and he couldn’t do anything. What the hell was he supposed to do? He didn’t know but he had to get out there to Liz somehow.
“David, what are you doing?” Kathleen asked.
“What am I doing? I’m forcing Max to answer the question,” David said in a tone of voice telling Topolski that she was stupid if she couldn’t figure that out.
“This is not how we are going to be going about this David, and you know this,” she told him.
“Oh shut up Kathleen, I’m so sick of you and your ‘By the Books’ attitude. Oh and I’m sick of being your Bitch boy. From now on I’m in charge of this little operation,” he told her.
“What?” she cried.
“Now one last time Max. Who are you really?” David asked his hand closing around Liz’s throat.
She had tears in her eyes from the pain in her arm and the fear of this guy trying to close off her air supply but she managed to look right into Max’s eyes. “Don’t tell them anything,” she said.
“Shut up,” David yelled shaking her roughly tightening his grip around her throat causing her to gag.
“David, you’ll kill her,” Kathleen cried.
“Well then Max better answer the question soon then shouldn’t he,” David said in an evil voice.
“Please Max!” Maria cried out.
“NO!” Liz yelled.
Max stood there his eyes trying to focus on Liz. He didn’t know what to do. If he told them the truth they would torture them, but they had to have known something was different about them because they are demanding these answers from him. Should he just play stupid and give the same answer or should he tell the truth? He didn’t know.
“I don’t know what to do,” Max whispered.
“Just tell them Max. They know something and I know you can’t stand seeing them hurting Liz, and if they had grabbed Maria I sure as hell would have screamed we are aliens,” Michael said.
“Yeah, but the tortures they will put us through. I don’t know if its just better to play stupid,” Max said.
“Well, it’s your call Max, but you better do it soon because that guy isn’t going to hold out much longer. He’s nuts, and I have no doubts that he’ll either kill, or beat Liz until she’s near death and without your powers you can’t do anything to save her,” Michael told him.
“Ok, I’ll tell you what you want to know but you’ve got to let Liz go first,” Max said.
“Oh no Max. I want to hear your confession first then I’ll let her go,” David said.
“How do I know you’ll let her go after I tell you this?” Max asked not believing the man at all.
“Very perceptive. Ok, I will open the door and allow her to be near it but I will still have a hold of her arm. If the girls try to come out I will seriously hurt her and if you don’t tell me the truth I will hurt her,” David said.
“That sounds fair,” Max said.
“Ok, open the door to Liz’s room,” David said.
Once the door opened David walked closer to it and allowed Liz to stand in the doorway. As promised he held onto her arm just in case Max decided to spin him a tale.
Max took a deep breath and looked at Liz. She shook her head slightly telling him not to do it. He gave her a helpless look and begged her to understand.
“I’m an alien,” he told them.
David released Liz’s arm and shoved her into the room. “Close the door,” he called out. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?”
Max just glared at the man and waked to the wall. He looked right at Liz and she walked over to him. They both placed their hands on the clear wall and leaned their foreheads against one another’s. “I’m so sorry everyone,” Max said. “I knew that one day you’d all regret knowing me.”
“Max it’s not just you, and we’d never regret knowing any of you,” Liz told him.
“How did you know?” Michael asked David and Kathleen.
“Well we heard about the waitress who got shot in September and we were sent to check it out. Since she wasn’t admitted to the hospital or anything and so many witnesses said that they saw her get hit we were curious as to how she didn’t have a scratch on her. Anyway we’ve been watching you since then and followed you to the carnival and we saw Max use his powers on Liz’s bear,” Kathleen said producing the bear from behind her back. The heart still glowed red and the letters were still glowing silver.
“I thought you said no one was around,” Michael said turning to Max.
“Well we didn’t see anyone. Jeez Michael they were watching all of us so they wouldn’t have been in plain sight!” Max said with venom.
“Stop it both of you!” Isabel yelled. “Now isn’t the time and it’s over and done with. Are there any other questions you have for us?” she asked.
“No that’s it for now…but we’ll be back tomorrow,” Kathleen said.
“Yes, and then the fun really will begin,” David added as he walked out the door.
The doors to their rooms opened after the agent’s left and Max ran into the girl’s room and pulled Liz into a hug. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized.
“Max it’s ok. He didn’t do anything other then scare me, well and hurt my shoulder a bit but that is it,” she said.
Max released Liz and pulled Isabel into his embrace. “God, I was so stupid for using my powers. I should have waited until we got back to the hotel, and I’m sorry. Now I’ve gotten us all in this mess,” Max said.
“Max, I have a feeling they would have taken us if you used your powers or not. They were suspicious of us to begin with and I think they would have taken us just to get answers,” Isabel told him.
“I’m sorry I bit you head off back there man,” Michael said. “We’ve got to look out for one another now, and this is not the time to be bickering. We’ve got to protect each other!”
“I have to agree with Michael on this one. We have no one but ourselves to protect one another,” Liz said.
“Yeah, and there’s an alien in each room so all we have to do is try to figure out a way to counteract the drugs they are giving us so we aren’t useless,” Max said.
“How?” Alex asked.
“I don’t know, but we’ll figure something out,” Max replied.
The six of them just sat down on the floor holding on to one another. Michael had Maria wrapped in his arms trying to protect her, while Alex was holding Isabel trying to calm her down, and Max was holding Liz trying to sooth away the pain David inflicted upon her, and his heart. Max almost died when that psychotic bastard pulled Liz out of her room. His heart stopped and all he saw was them cutting Liz open like he was sure they would do to him if they knew he was alien. Now they know and he doesn’t even know what’s going to happen next.

(Remote part of the lab)

“They have no idea who you are do they?” they young man asked.
“No they don’t and this is a good thing, for all of us. Now if Kathleen will just stop trying to run everything we’ll be fine. I know she’s my wife and everything but jeez…that woman is relentless,” David said.
“She was accepted to the Special Unit first and I guess because of that she feels she has more authority then you,” the man said.
“Yes, Nicholas, I understand that, but she knows WHO I am and that should always be foremost in her mind!” David yelled out.

Part 6:

The teens sat around the middle room for a while not wanting to be back in their “cells.” Liz stayed near Max all afternoon too afraid to be away from him. She was still shaken up by what David did to her and she wasn’t sure how she was going to sleep in that room without Max’s comforting embrace.
“What do you think they want form us?” Liz asked.
“I don’t know. I’m just so afraid of what they are going to do next, and who they are going to do it too. I know you are sick of hearing me say this, but I am so sorry I dragged you all into this mess,” Max said.
“Maxwell, Isabel and I would have been dragged into this anyway, we are aliens too, but I have to agree with you on the part of being sorry we dragged Alex, Liz, and Maria into this,” Michael said.
“Now listen here Space Boy, you three are more human then most people I know. It’s been an honor knowing you and I’m not sorry for that. I could do without this mess though, but we are here now and at the moment there is nothing we can do about it so lets just drop it, and for God’s sake stop apologizing,” Maria said.
“Yes ma’am,” Michael said saluting.
Isabel, Liz, and Alex started laughing at Michael’s antics and Max couldn’t help the smile on his face. Sometimes his cousin could be just too weird.
“Back to your cells. Dinner is going to be served,” Kathleen’s voice sounded in the room.
“Why it’s not like we can hurt you or anything,” Alex said.
There was no answer just silence. The teens did as they were told because they were starting to get hungry. They all have visions of what their parents must be going through right now and they wondered what they were told. The same men who brought in their lunch brought in the dinner as well. They placed the trays on the table and headed out of the room not even sparing a glance at the kids in the room.
Once the men left the room the doors of the cells opened once again. The six teens walked out and headed to the table. It was a round table, which everyone liked because it seemed more personal that way. Liz sat next to Max, Maria sat next to both Michael and Liz, Alex sat next to Michael and Isabel was between Alex and Max. They opened the lids on the trays and were surprised at the food under them. There was chicken parmesan, pasta with sauce, garlic bread, and apple pie for desert.
They dug in and ate ever last ounce of food before walking around and finding someplace to get comfortable. They were bored out of their minds and were dying for something to do.
“God, I wish we had like a game, or a ball, or something,” Maria said from her spot next to Michael.
“I know, this is just so boring,” Alex complained.
“Max?” Liz asked turning towards him.
“Yeah Liz,” Max replied.
“What do you think they told our parents?” Liz asked.
“I don’t know Liz. I’m hoping that they didn’t get to our parents yet and that they just think we are missing. At least that way they will talk to Sheriff Valenti and he can send out patrols and stuff, but if they did talk to our parents already I’m fearing for the worst,” Max told her.
“What do you mean the worst?” Maria asked.
“Well, my guess would be that if they talked to our parents already they either told them we ran away, or that we were killed,” Max explained. There was no point in trying to lie, or sugar coat anything so he just came right out and said it.
“Killed?” Isabel asked close to hysterics. “Oh God Max. Mom and Dad will be crushed!”
“I know Izzy, I know. But don’t you worry about it; we’ll find our way back home. I promise you we’ll get out of here,” Max assured his sister.
“I know Max, but the thought of mom and dad thinking we are dead, even for a little while is just wrong. I mean it’s not just us they lost but Michael too,” she said.
“I know, they think of him as more of a son then a nephew, and they will be heartbroken but just imagine their faces when we actually come home,” Max said.
“I know,” Isabel replied before leaning her head back on Alex’s shoulder.
The silence that settled over them was a little unnerving and Liz felt like screaming and tearing her hair out. She couldn’t take this anymore. They had to do something.
“I can’t take this! We have to do something,” Liz exclaimed.
“What do you want to do?” Michael asked not enjoying the quiet either.
“I don’t know. Let’s play a game or something,” Liz said.
“What kind of game?” Isabel asked.
“Truth or dare?” Alex asked.
“That’s fine with me,” Max said.
“Me too,” everyone else agreed. At least it was something to pass the time with.
“So who’s going to go first?” Michael asked.
“Well why not Alex since he thought up the game,” Liz suggested.
“That’s fine with me,” Alex said. “Ok, Maria truth or dare?” Alex asked.
“Dare,” she said without hesitation.
“I dare to you suck face with Guerin,” he said.
“What!” they both exclaimed.
“Hey you picked dare not me,” Alex said.
“Fine,” Maria said walking up to Michael.
She stopped right in front of him and looked him in the eye. She couldn’t get upset, she agreed to play this stupid game and now she had to pay the consequence so she just had to suck it up and do it. Michael stood up from his spot and looked down at Maria. He was sweating and he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted to chide himself for acting like a complete ass, but he just couldn’t. He’s had a major crush on this certain pixie since the eighth grade and he just never acted upon it because he knew how much better then him she was. Well that and the fact that he was from another planet, but at the moment the only thing that mattered was that he wasn’t good enough for her.
Maria reached up and slipped her arms around Michael’s neck pulling his face down towards hers. This move surprised him beyond belief and he couldn’t stop the momentary shock from registering on his face.
“I guess Maria’s forwardness caught my dear cousin by surprise,” Max whispered.
Liz held back the giggle that was threatening to escape because she didn’t want to ruin the moment for Maria and Michael. What was going on right now was beyond the Truth or Dare game, this was all the pent up sexual tension they had for one another getting ready to be released.
Michael wove one hand through Maria’s hair and the other wrapped around her waist pulling her close to him. He couldn’t help the feelings that started to come over him. This happened every time he got near her, but it was amplified by about a million right now.
Their lips were mere inches from one another when Maria stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his. The first connection of their lips took them both by surprise. Sparks flew and the need to deepen the kiss became very great. Michael slid his tongue across her lips begging for her to part them so he could taste her mouth. Maria needing this as much as Michael complied and opened her mouth to the onslaught of his invading tongue. They both moaned at the contact and could not believe the sensations washing over one another. A throat clearing behind them snapped them out of the fog they were in and brought them back to reality.
“Sorry to interrupt but we’ve got a game to finish,” Isabel said biting back her smile.
Michael glared at Isabel while Maria shot her a nasty look before sitting down next to Michael to resume play. She looked around the room wondering whom to pick when her eyes fell on Max. He was sitting next to Liz absentmindedly stroking his thumb across her upper arm. Maria smiled at that picture before jumping into the next round of Truth or Dare.
“Max. Truth or Dare?” Maria asked.
“Uh, truth, I guess,” Max said.
“Truth, hmm, ok…let me think,” she mumbled. “Ah! I got it! How old were you when you had your first sexual dream and who was in it?” Maria asked.
Max’s face turned fifteen shades of red and he had to clear his throat three times before he could even utter one word.
“Excuse me?” he stammered.
“You heard me,” Maria said grinning evilly.
“I so don’t want to hear this!” Isabel exclaimed.
“Hey it’s part of the game and it’s not like I asked with the dream entailed, although that would be very interesting. I wonder how freaky Max really is, the quiet ones are always really freaky, or so I’ve been told,” Maria said.
“Maria!” Liz exclaimed.
“Uh, I don’t think I can answer this,” Max said uncomfortably glancing at Liz.
“Oh, you have to,” Maria said.
“Uuh..o..ok” Max stuttered. “Um, I…I gu..guess I was in seventh grade, and was, uh, it was abo…about uh, I can’t say,” he said.
“Come on Max its all part of the game!” Maria said frustrated.
“Liz,” he mumbled.
Liz’s face turned crimson and she couldn’t help be feel proud that Max’s first sexual dream was about her. It was amazing actually because her first sexual dream was during that same year and it was about Max.
“Wow Liz how strange is that, he…” Maria started.
“Maria! Don’t you dare!” Liz yelled.
“So Liz, truth or dare?” Max asked.
“Um, truth,” she said.
“Tell us the secret Maria was about to spill before you stopped her,” he said.
“Oh, that’s so not fair,” Liz complained.
“Hey I had to talk about my first fantasy,” he said.
“Well this pertains to my first fantasy too,” Liz told him.
“Ok, well?” he asked.
“Yeah Liz come on, we all want to know,” Alex said. “Well, maybe all but Maria since she knows already.
“Ok, I was in seventh grade, and my first sexual dream was about Max. It was just strange to hear him say his was then too. God the really strange thing is I can remember the exact date I had it on,” Liz said.
“Yeah, so can I,” Max replied.
“It was…” Liz started.
“October 5th,”Max said.
“NO WAY!” Liz exclaimed.
“Why? Was yours the same day?” Max asked.
“Yeah,” Liz replied.
“What was it about?” Max asked her forgetting everyone else in the room. The others got up and walked to the other side of the room walking into the guy’s cell. They wanted to give Max and Liz some privacy since this wasn’t anything the others really wanted to know about.
“Well, it was about…” Liz began.


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AN: It’s been a while, and I think I’ve lost some of you but I’m going to continue this for those of you who have read this, as well as myself. I love this fic and it’s the first one I’ve ever written where Max & Co are captured…so it’s interesting for me. Anyway, on with the next part!

From Part 6:

“Ah! I got it! How old were you when you had your first sexual dream and who was in it?” Maria asked.
“Uuh..o..ok” Max stuttered. “Um, I…I gu..guess I was in seventh grade, and was, uh, it was abo…about uh, I can’t say,” he said.
“Come on Max its all part of the game!” Maria said frustrated.
“Liz,” he mumbled.
“So Liz, truth or dare?” Max asked.
“Um, truth,” she said.
“Tell us the secret Maria was about to spill before you stopped her,” he said.
“Oh, that’s so not fair,” Liz complained.
“Ok, I was in seventh grade, and my first sexual dream was about Max. It was just strange to hear him say his was then too. God the really strange thing is I can remember the exact date I had it on,” Liz said.
“Yeah, so can I,” Max replied.
“It was…” Liz started.
“October 5th,”Max said.
“NO WAY!” Liz exclaimed.
“Why? Was yours the same day?” Max asked.
“Yeah,” Liz replied.
“What was it about?” Max asked her forgetting everyone else in the room. The others got up and walked to the other side of the room walking into the guy’s cell. They wanted to give Max and Liz some privacy since this wasn’t anything the others really wanted to know about.
“Well, it was about…” Liz began.

Part 7:

“Well it was about you, but you already knew that, anyway we were out in the desert, and older actually. I mean we weren’t like thirteen like we were in real life, I think we were probably in our twenties and you drove us out to the desert. When we got there you had set up a HUGE candlelit picnic and it was so romantic,” she started.
“Yeah and then we ate dinner, which was Chinese I think, and after we ate I snapped my fingers and the whole cavern was alive with music. We danced into the wee hours of the morning before finally settling down on the blankets and pillows I had placed on the floor. Then one thing led to another and we made love under the stars,” Max finished.
“Oh my God! You had the same dream as me. How is that possible?” Liz exclaimed catching everyone’s attention.
“Well, I actually have a theory on that. You know how I can dreamwalk? Well maybe Max did it subconsciously, or because of your strong attraction for one another you and Max’s alien status you just happened to share the dream,” Isabel said.
“I’m going to have to go with the second explanation. I don’t think even my subconscious would invade someone’s dream, I mean I hate when you do it,” Max said.
The gang decided to try and get some sleep since no one was in the mood for truth or dare anymore and they walked to their cells. Max and Liz unlinked hands at the last possible minute neither wanting to let the other go but knowing they had no choice.
“I’ll see you in the morning,” he said to her.
“Yeah. In the morning,” she repeated.
Max watched her go with sad eyes and stepped into his cell. The minute both he and Liz were through the doors they were slammed shut.
“Good night kiddies. See you in the morning,” David’s ominous voice called over the speakers causing Liz to shudder.
Max saw her shudder and wished he could hold her in his arms and comfort her. He hated to see her so scared and he could only blame himself for getting them into this mess in the first place.
“I really hate that man,” Michael ground out.
“I know me too,” Alex replied.
Max was thinking similar thoughts but he kept them to himself. He definitely had to try and find a way to counteract these damned drugs so he could protect everyone. Especially once they start their torture. He was so afraid that they’d cut someone open and he wouldn’t be able to heal them.
“Good night guys,” Max said.
“Night everyone,” the rest of them said causing Max to smile.
Max slept on the cot closest to the girl’s room not knowing that Liz chose that cot too. He just wanted to feel like he was close to her even though he knew that he wasn’t ever going to be. He knew that he should have listened to his instincts earlier and stayed away from Liz Parker and her friends. Now because of him and who he was they are all facing the unknown.
Max placed his hand against the cold plastic wall in front of him. He just wished he could feel Liz’s warm hand in his, that way he would know that she was safe and sound. This waiting game was going to kill him. He hated these people for what they were doing to them. I mean they are just teenaged kids for crying out loud. They didn’t want to hurt anyone, all they wanted to do was get though their teen years so they could move on to bigger and better things.
Michael started to snore causing Max to groan. He forgot how bad Michael’s snoring was. It used to keep him up at night before they finished doing his room. Max tried as hard as he could to fall asleep and nothing was working. He knew why. He wanted his own bed in his own room with his radio playing the Counting Crows, or Gomez. That is what would put him to sleep. He started thinking about all that stuff and managed to trick his mind into thinking he was home and drifted off to sleep.
Liz was lying on her cot trying to fall asleep but every time she closed her eyes she’d see David grabbing for her. Her mind wouldn’t get that image go and she was afraid that if she closed her eyes something would happen to her. David was a very scary man and of course he just had to say good night to them before closing the doors. He was trying to Fuck with their minds and he was doing a good job with it. Liz felt like she was going insane and she knew exactly what would calm her down but she couldn’t have that. The only thing that would ease her mind was Max’s strong safe arms. But he was in the other room and there was no way for him to get in there to comfort her so she’d have to try and calm herself on her own.
Liz started to think of Max. She though about him holding her and kissing her like he did at the Carnival and slowly her body started to relax. She stared going deeper into the dream and very quickly fell asleep. Just before she was completely out she placed her hand on the plastic in front of her directly even with Max’s.


Liz opened her eyes to see a turquoise meadow in front of her. She had never seen grass that shade before. She had no idea where she was but it was beautiful. The sky was a lilac purple, almost the color of Forget Me Nots, and she saw two moons in the sky.
She had no idea where she was and she didn’t care because the place was beautiful. Liz started walking towards the sound of running water wondering what she would find when she got there. She made sure to take everything in as she passed it. The trees had orange and blue leaves on them, and there were golden flowers all over the meadow. A pink dragonfly flew past her on its way to where ever it was going. Liz smiled at the scene before her and continued to walk to the running water.
She gasped at the sight before her as she reached her destination. In front of her was a crystal clear lake with a waterfall rushing into it. She was positive she’d never seen anything like it before. The water was a royal blue and a frog was sitting on a lily pad singing a happy song. She never wanted to leave this place and found a flat rock not to far away. Smiling she sat upon it and just closed her eyes listening to all the sounds around her.
“Can I join you?” a deep rich voice asked her. She’d recognize that voice anywhere.
“You sure can,” she replied opening her eyes looking up into Max’s smiling ones.
“I don’t know how I knew you’d be here but the moment I opened my eyes and saw the meadow I’d knew you’d be here,” he said.
“Really? Is this the REAL you, or a dream you?” she asked him knowing the question sounded stupid but she had to ask it anyway.
“It’s the real me,” he said. “We’re dream sharing again but I don’t know how. Not that I care mind you because I wanted to hold you tonight and now I can.”
“I wanted you to hold me too,” she confessed.
He smiled at her. “I wonder where we are,” he mumbled.
“I was wondering that too. I just thought it was some place my mind made up but since you’re here too, I think it might be part of a memory you have locked away in your head,” she told him.
“Really? You think I projected this?” he asked amazed.
“Yeah I do. I mean I was thinking about you and being in your arms but we were in the desert sitting under the stars and then I felt my hand touch the plastic wall and I drifted to sleep. When I opened my eyes and I was here,” she explained.
“Hmm, that’s a pretty good explanation then. I wonder if this is what my planet looked like,” he whispered.
Giggling could be heard in the distance and Max and Liz looked at one another. “Even if this is a memory I’m not sure I want who ever is coming to see us. Come on,” he said standing up.
Liz took his hand and they ran to find some cover. They were standing behind a small shed near the base of the hill waiting to see who showed up.
Two figures came running into sight. One of them Liz recognized as Max and the other she couldn’t see very well. All she knew was that the girl had long dark brown hair, which was swirling around her as she stopped by the waters edge.
“Zan, if anyone finds us you know we’ll be in deep trouble,” the girl laughed.
“Well then my dear Leah I guess we can’t get caught,” he said seductively.
“I love you, you know that right?” she asked suddenly.
Liz could see the confused look on the man Zan’s face and her heart cried out for the two lovers. She couldn’t believe how much Zan looked like Max.
“He looks a lot like you,” she whispered.
“I think he is me,” Max replied quietly.
“Of course I know you love me. Where is this coming from? We are getting married in three days, please don’t tell me you are having second thoughts now,” Zan said.
“Oh please don’t think that. You know I want to marry you so much, but you see it’s Nicholas. He’s been threatening to cause trouble for my father if this marriage proceeds,” Leah said crying.
“Leah, I’m the Crowned Prince of Antar. There is nothing he can do to your father. It will bring the whole kingdom down upon him,” Zan told her stroking her cheek.
“I know that but I can’t help but think something is going to go terribly wrong,” she said whirling around.
Liz gasped when the girls face came into view. It was her face on someone else’s body. Not just someone else, but an alien.
“Did you make her look like me?” Liz asked Max.
“No…no…I’m just as surprised as you,” Max said sounding extremely surprised as well.
“Did you have a vision or is this just a feeling?” Zan asked concerned.
“It’s just a feeling,” she whispered.
“I will make sure your family is guarded Leah, I promise,” Zan said kissing her softly.
“I know you will,” she replied. “Come on, we better go before someone notices we are missing.”
Zan and Leah ran back to where ever it was they came from and Max and Liz came out of their hiding spot.
“What the hell was that?” Liz asked. “How could that girl Leah look like me?”
“I don’t know. But she was you wasn’t she. We’ve got to tell the others in the morning,” Max said drawing Liz into his embrace.
She sighed and snuggled deeper into his arms. She felt safe when she was with him and he was holding her. She couldn’t explain it but she knew that as long as she was in his arms she’d be safe.

~~End Dream~~

“Rise and shine boys and girls…we’ve got a fun filled day ahead of us!” David’s sinister voice called over the speakers.
Everyone groaned and Max and Liz shot out of bed. They looked at one another and then down to their hands. Isabel and Maria screamed while Michael and Alex gasped in surprise.
“What the hell is going on?” Maria exclaimed.
“Maria calm down,” Alex said through the wall.
“Calm down! Calm down! Alex! Their hands are glowing!” she yelled.
“I can see that! But you’ve got to relax. Breathe,” he said.
“I am BREATHING!” she snapped.
“Maria, it’s nothing. Max and I shared another dream last night and I guess it was because our hands were touching one another’s so to speak,” Liz said calmly.
“How can you be so calm about this?” Maria asked calming down.
“How? Well because I saw things in Max’s dream slash memory thing that is more freaky,” Liz said.
“What’d you see?” Michael asked. “What does she mean Dream SLASH Memory?”
“Well, we were on Antar, our planet just sort of hanging out when two people came running towards us. We hid and found out that one of the people was me, my name was Zan, and the other was Liz, who Zan kept calling Leah,” Max explained.
“What!” everyone exclaimed.


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Part 8:

Max looked at all of his friends. He knows that both he and Liz would have a lot of explaining to do, but this particular moment was not the moment to discuss it.

As Max opened his mouth to explain to the others that they would have to discuss this issue later on, the door opened and David and Kathleen walked in. Liz shuddered at the evil smile David gave her and Max had to fight down the urge to stomp on him.

“Hello kiddies. Today we begin our “tests”,” David said.

“Tests?” Maria asked, snidely. “You mean tortures don’t you?”

“Ah the little spitfire speaks. Now I see why Rath, or Michael as he’s calling himself, likes you. You may call our procedures whatever you like, it doesn’t bother me, but for our records they are called tests,” David remarked.

Michael stepped up to the glass, glaring at David. “Enough!” Kathleen yelled. “David I swear, I will get you reassigned if you do not stop goading the captives.”

Liz and Max subconsciously moved toward one another, forgetting that the wall separated them. The movement was not lost on David or Kathleen. Despite herself, Kathleen sneered at the two of them.

“It appears that some things never change,” David mumbled.

Alex heard the mumble and wondered what was actually going on. Who was David Pierce really? Why did he know so much about Max? Why did he call Michael, Rath? These were only a few questions running through Alex’s brain. His biggest concern though was what were these people planning on doing to them?

“Your breakfast will be here shortly, and then the tests will begin,” Kathleen said, ushering David out the door.

The doors to their rooms opened after breakfast was brought in and Liz rushed right into Max’s arms. He breathed a sigh of relief knowing that for right now she was safe. After hugging Liz, Max hugged his sister, then Maria. He just needed to assure himself that hey were all ok.

Breakfast was a quiet affair. Knowing that the one thing you most feared would happen, was actually happening was weighing very heavy on Max, Michael, and Isabel.

“All right kids, you’ve had plenty of time to eat, now get back in your rooms,” David’s sinister voice called, over the PA system.

Max, Michael, and Isabel looked at one another, gulping hard. Liz grabbed onto Max’s hand refusing to let go. Maria clung to Michael with shaking hands, while Isabel held out her hand to Alex. The three couples looked at one another silently making up their minds. Max and Liz walked into the room that the boys shared, sitting on the edge of a bed, while Isabel, Alex, Michael, and Maria entered the other room. Max wondered what David would have to say about this, but Max was determined to not let David get anywhere near Liz, not without a fight anyway.

The door leading into the room opened and nine heavily armed guards walked into the room, followed closely by David and Kathleen. The two agents noticed the arrangements with a smirk.

“This is a vain attempt at protection, your highness,” sneered David. “You are no match for us.”

“Open the doors,” Kathleen said, ignoring David’s comment. “Guards, escort our captives to the experimentation room, and seat them in their seats.”

Max paled and Liz squeezed his hand gently in silent support. He looked up and saw nothing but trust and love in Liz’s eyes. This surprised him to no end. He could not quite fathom how Liz could trust, let alone love, him knowing that she was going to be tortured, all because of her association with him.

The guards stepped into the rooms grabbing each teen by the arm and led them down an intricate labyrinth of hallways. All the teens were highly surprised that they were not blindfolded for this trip. It seemed quite careless for their captors to allow them to have knowledge of the facility.

At last the group arrived at the experimentation room. Isabel drew in a ragged breath at the sight before her. In the center of the room was a large examination table, very much like the tables you would see in a doctor’s office, but it was the object next to the normal table that had Isabel clutching Alex’s hand so tightly that it was turning white. Sitting right next to the normal examination table was a chair that looked as if it belonged in a gynecologist’s office.

David had to suppress the urge to laugh. The pathetic humans and the princess were looking at the “special” chair with such fear. They wouldn’t be using that chair for a few weeks yet, but David couldn’t resist letting them suffer for a bit.

“Strap them into their seats,” Kathleen snapped. “We have a lot of work to do.”

Despite their struggling, the guards got them into their chairs and tightly secured them to their seats. David had that same sardonic smile on his face, and as he looked each person over, he enjoyed the fact that they cringed. Not being able to resist, David winked at Liz, taking delight in the fearful look she wore.

Max was chomping at the bit, ready to kill Pierce, but not being able to do anything because he was tied up and powerless. David walked back and forth in front of the six teens, prolonging the torturous wait. Maria whimpered softly every time David looked at her causing Michael to growl at the man.

“All right!” Pierce yelled. “Who gets to go first? Hmmm…let me see. Should it be Michael? No, I think we need to break his resolve a bit first. Max? Absolutely not! We cannot let Max go before his precious Liz. Let’s see. I know! Alex. That’s right Alex. You are our first contestant on, ‘Lets See How Knowing An Alien Changed Me.’ Please step right up to the table and lay down,” David sneered.

Alex took a deep breath, trying to steady his racing heart. Once he was freed from the confines of his chair, he made his way over to the table, holding his head up high. Inside he was quaking with fear, but he wasn’t going to fight these sick bastards. He had too much pride to embarrass himself by begging to not be hurt. He was going to take whatever they did to him like a man. Besides, he wanted to make Isabel proud of him.

Isabel watched with tears in her eyes. Why were these monsters doing this to them? She was impressed with Alex’s courage. He didn’t struggle against the guards, or even the straps when they secured his wrists and ankles. “I’m so sorry Alex,” she whispered, as a few tears fell down her cheeks.

Alex looked over at Isabel and smiled weakly. He was trying to be brave but his fear was beginning to overwhelm him. Sitting there on the table, not knowing what to expect was taking its toll on his nerves.

David Pierce walked up to Alex smiling menacingly. Alex didn’t even flinch. The teen’s courageous attitude surprised Pierce. He had actually expected the human, at least, to beg for mercy, or to be let go, but they were willing to endure anything for a group of refugee aliens from Antar. David had never seen such loyalty before.

“Well, I will break their loyalty yet,” Pierce thought. “We’ll see how willing they are to follow a king and his pathetic court when they can’t protect or help them.”

David stopped in front of Alex waiting for the lab tools to be brought in. Today they were not doing too much to the teens, just blood samples, skin samples, and hair samples. Tomorrow the real fun would begin.

Alex looked at the tray of equipment that was placed next to the table. He didn’t like the looks of all the pointy and sharp objects, but he refused to cry out or flinch. He hoped that his attitude would shock Pierce and his cronies.

David picked up the syringe and the large elastic band. “Ok Alex, we are taking a blood sample. Squeeze this a few times, I need you to fill your veins,” Pierce said, after tying the elastic band tightly around Alex’s upper arm.

Alex did what was asked of him and they took a blood sample. After that, they scraped the inside of his cheek getting some skin cells, and lastly they pulled out some hair getting a sample of that too.

The next person they took was Isabel. She got the same treatment as Alex, before being led back to her chair. Maria was next and Michael shot daggers at the guard leading her to the table.

Pierce took his time gathering Maria’s samples, annoying Michael more and more with each passing moment. David was getting a perverse pleasure out of riling Michael’s feathers.

“You know, I think that I might just decide to keep you and the king’s woman for myself. You know, depending on my mood. I’d have a hell cat, and a demure wench for bedding, for whatever mood fit me,” Pierce said.

“You’d have to kill me first,” both Max and Michael shouted.

“All in good time, boys, all in good time,” Pierce said.

Maria was shaking, wanting nothing more then to get away from the madman in front of her. Despite how uncomfortable and scared Maria was she never once let on. To keep herself somewhat calm, she just kept her eyes locked with Michael’s.

When Pierce finally let her go back to her chair she almost let out a squeal of joy. Even thought this whole situation was awful, having to sit on that table, enduing that behavior was worse then anything.

“Bring Michael next. I’ll take the two love birds last,” David said.

Michael, even thought he wanted to fight and get out of that room, walked to the table with surprising calmness. Out of all of them David was expecting to get a fight out of Michael, but he didn’t. Michael sat down on the table and allowed Pierce to take all of his samples, and quietly went back to his seat.

“Ok, Lizzie dear. It is now your turn,” David said, leering at her.

Liz wanted to be strong, she really wanted to be as brave as everyone else was, but her tears were threatening to fall, and she was having a hard time holding them back. Sniffling one time, Liz squared her shoulders and held her head high, even though her eyes were glistening with unshed tears.

David watched her walking to the table and noticed how gracefully she walked. There was something about the way she moved that reminded David of someone, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Liz took her place on the table and waited for David to begin, but he did nothing. She was getting unnerved by the way that he was staring at her, as if he wanted to devour her right there on the table. Liz turned her head to Max and she could see the pain, guilt, and anger in his eyes.

She felt a finger on her cheek and her head snapped around, fire pouring out of her eyes. “I can completely understand why Boy Wonder over there fell for you. You are a very beautiful woman,” David said, seductively, causing Liz to shudder.

Max could see Liz’s discomfort and he struggled against his bindings, but it was no use, without his powers he couldn’t get out. Liz closed her eyes to try and block out the look Pierce was giving her. He made her sick to her stomach. When Liz opened her eyes she turned her head to face Max. She needed some of his strength if she was going to survive this without crying.

Max tried to send her all of his love and support, but it was hard for him to concentrate on anything other then Pierce’s hands on Liz. The rage was building up inside of Max, and he felt like he was going to combust.

David looked at Max and saw the pure hatred on his face. “Aww…Does Maxie not like me touching Liz? Is that what your problem is?” David taunted, licking Liz’s cheek.

That was all it took for both Liz and Max to finally lose it. Max let out a yell unlike anything anyone had ever heard before. It was the cross between the sound a wounded animal makes, and the sound a dying man makes. Liz wasn’t even really aware of Max’s animal-like howl. She started screaming for Max, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Topolski walked into the room as Pierce licked Liz’s cheek. The howl that the young king emitted was frightening, making the hair on the back of her neck stand up, and a shiver run down her spine.

“David! What the hell are you doing?” Kathleen yelled, getting everyone’s attention.

“I’m just showing these children who is the boss,” he stated, calmly, as if he did nothing wrong.

“I want to see you outside NOW!” she snapped.

David sighed and followed Kathleen out into the hallway. He really hated that he had to play by her stupid rules. He was the on in charge of this mission, not her. He didn’t care that her “rank” with the human’s FBI was higher, he was her commanding officer.

“What do you want Kathleen? I’m right in the middle of something,” David asked, exasperated.

“David, I swear, this is your last warning. You are pushing my patience too far. I will pull you off this case if you continue to keep this up. How could you taunt the king like that? I swear you have no brain,” Kathleen said. “It’s amazing how I ever managed to fall in love with you and marry you.”

“I think you are forgetting who you are talking to, my dear,” David said to her.

“Oh no. I know exactly who I am talking to, Lord Marcus. You may have been the leader of Kivar’s army on Antar, but here on Earth, you are beneath me, and you will start obeying orders, or I will tell Nicholas to take care of you, husband or not,” she said.

David only nodded before heading back into the room. He didn’t taunt anyone anymore, he just got his samples and told the guards to take the teens back to their quarters. He had a lot of thinking to do, and he wanted to be alone.

The teens were lead back to their rooms in silence. Maria and Isabel keep looking at Liz sympathetically. That David Pierce needed to be taught a lesson, but neither knew how to make him pay for what he kept doing to both Max and Liz. Michael was still holding Max. He didn’t want his friend doing something that would result in getting him hurt, or worse, killed. At this point Michael was sure that Max only wanted to get to Liz, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

When the guards let Max out of his chair, the amount of rage and adrenaline running though his body gave him strength. He had managed to throw off two guards before Pierce pulled out his gun training it on Liz’s head. Max stopped all movement, his eyes focusing on the gun and the terrified look in Liz’s eyes. After that Max just did what was expected of him without a struggle. But, when Liz was led out by her guards, Max attempted to get to Pierce again. Michael was able to get to Max before he did something stupid, and the guards let Michael and Max walk together.

“Maxwell, what in the world were you thinking?” Michael asked. “Do you realize what they would have done to you if you had managed to get to Pierce?”

“I wasn’t thinking Michael. That asshole upset Liz, and he TOUCHED her, AGAIN! Only this time it wasn’t done in violence. David Pierce is lusting after MY girlfriend, my heart,” Max said.

“I know that, but you getting yourself killed isn’t going to help anyone, especially Liz. Just think of what Pierce would do to her without you around to protect her,” Michael told him, trying to make him see reason.

“You’re right. I cannot allow myself to get out of control like that ever again,” Max said. “There are too many lives at stake.”

Michael was relieved that he had gotten Max to see reason. He was afraid that Maxwell was going to kill Pierce if someone didn’t make him realize just how damaging that would be. Now, he was pretty sure that his friend would be able to control his rage, to a certain degree.

“Good, that puts my mind at ease,” Michael confessed.

The two friends smiled at one another and continued to walk to their room. Max really wasn’t looking forward to having to spend another afternoon in that room, but at least in there they were far away from Pierce. Topolski wasn’t as bad, but the fact that she was willing to keep innocent teens captive, didn’t raise her up too high.

When the guards opened the door to their room, Maria groaned. All of the beds were back to being in their separate rooms. This meant that they would have to push all the beds back into the tow big rooms again. None of them were really up for having to move furniture, the day had drained them all. There was too much emotional stress in the morning.

“Well, I guess we better get to moving the bed’s back,” Alex said, after walking though the door.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Michael agreed, walking into one of the cells. He got behind the bed while Alex got in front of it. Michael pushed while Alex pulled, but nothing happened. The bed did not move.

Max was the last to walk into the room and as soon as he was through the door Liz launched herself into his arms. She began sobbing the minute Max’s arms wrapped around her waist. She couldn’t hold the tears back once they started. He didn’t do anything but hold her and rub her back soothingly.

“Max!” Michael and Alex yelled.

“Yeah,” Max answered, tiredly.

“We’ve got a problem,” Michael said, coming to the door of the cell.

“What kind of problem?” Isabel asked.

“Well, it seems that the beds are bolted to the floor, but there are no bolts, or screws, or anything holding them down,” Alex said, breathing deeply to calm himself down.

“If there is nothing holding the beds down to the floor, how are they not moving?” Maria asked.

“There is only one explanation that I can think of,” Max said.

“Aliens,” Isabel and Michael said, together.

“Yeah, and my guess would be enemies of ours. How they are working for the FBI, I have no idea,” Max said.

“Well, you three look like normal human kids, so I’m going to guess that it’s a safe bet that these other aliens, whomever they may be, look human too,” Liz said. “If they do, then it would be pretty easy to join the FBI. They would have had to have used their powers to forge a few records, but that’s cake work.”

“Oh my gosh Max! What do you think that they want with us?” Isabel cried.

“I don’t know Izzy, but I know for certain that they don’t want to help up. We’ve just got to wait this out and pray that our powers will come back. I mean, we’ve got to try and fight the effects of these suppressant drugs,” Max said.

Michael nodded his head in agreement. He realized how important it was to fight the effects of these drugs today when Pierce was harassing both Liz and Maria. He needed to be able to protect the two of them if the need arose, and Michael was pretty sure that the need was going to arise.

“What are we going to do about the beds Max?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know. We can’t unstuck them from the floor, and no more then two people can fit on the beds,” he said.

“Well then, it’s quite simple. We’ve just got to split up into pairs and share rooms,” Maria said.

“That’s a great plan ‘Ria, but the only problem with it is that we have two boy aliens and only one girl alien. What kind of pairs are we going to split into?” Alex asked.

“Max and Liz, you and Isabel, and Maria and I,” Michael said, causing everyone to look at him. “What? Don’t look at me like that. It’s the only way it’s going to work. I’m not sharing a bed with Whitman, and sorry Max, I love you like a brother but I’m not sharing a bed with you either.”

“All right. Look these sleeping arrangements could have some serious reprocussions, but right now I’m too tired to try to come up with anything else,” Max said.

“I don’t mind sharing a room with Alex. I mean, come on, we can all be adult about this, can’t we?” Isabel said.

“I know that I can,” Liz said. “Besides, I’ll feel safer knowing that Max is lying right nest to me.”

“Good, now that we’ve settled that, I’m going to try and nap,” Michael said. “My cheek hurts and I’ve got a headache.”

“I’m with you spaceboy. I could definitely use a good rest,” Maria proclaimed.

The two of them walked into a room and settled down on a bed. Maria laid her head upon Michael’s chest and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Placing a light kiss on her head, Michael felt complete and content, for the first time in his life. “Sweet dreams Maria.”

“Night Michael. Sleep well,” she said.

“Those two have the right idea,” Alex said, walking into one of the empty cells. Isabel followed him and they both settled down onto the bed, hoping for some semblance of sleep.

“Sweet dreams, Alex,” Isabel said, placing a light kiss on his cheek.

“They always are, Isabel,” Alex replied, kissing her forehead.

Max and Liz looked at one another wondering what they should do. Lying down was definitely a possibility, but neither was all that sure that they wanted to do that.

“Do you want to lay down too?” Max asked, not sure how she was going to take the question.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure that I am going to be able to sleep after all that happened,” Liz said.

“I understand. We don’t have to nap, but I was just asking. I mean, it might be more comfortable sitting in there then on the hard floor,” Max said.

“You’ve got a point. Can we just lay down and hold one another?” Liz asked.

“You bet. We can do anything you want to do,” Max assured her.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“You’re welcome,” he said, smiling.

Together they made their way to a room. Max let Liz get into bed first so that she could be far away from the door, and then he climbed in behind her. Liz snuggled into Max’s embrace, needing to feel his warmth and strength.

Max ran his fingers though Liz’s hair soothingly. He wished that there was more that he could do for Liz, but he was powerless to stop anything from happening to her.

“Maxwell, don’t forget, you’ve got to explain that dream that you and Liz shared,” Michael called, from his bed.

“I haven’t forgotten, Michael,” Max said. “It’s going to have to wait until later though.”

“That’s fine, but we are all dying to know, so you must tell us some time today,” Alex said.

“We will,” Liz replied, sleepily.

Before she knew what was happening, Liz drifted off into sleep. Her body needing rest after everything that it had gone through, physically and emotionally.

Liz’s even breathing lulled Max to sleep, with a contented smile on his face. Never before in his life had her felt whole, but right now, with Liz sleeping in his arms, he felt complete. And despite the situation that they were in, Max was happy. He felt guilty for being so happy, but he was with Liz, how could he not be happy.


Liz tried to figure out exactly where she was. It was not the blue-green meadow from the day before, she was inside some dark building. Very little sunlight filtered through the narrow windows on the walls.

“Hello??” she called.

“Liz,” Max called out.

“Max! Where are you?” Liz asked.

“I’m not really sure. Just follow the sound of my voice, for some strange reason I can’t see anything,” he told her.

Liz walked around trying to find Max. Eventually she stumbled upon a door. Cautiously Liz opened the door and standing inside a large closet was Max. Liz couldn’t suppress the laughter that erupted from her lips.

“Hi!” he grinned. “I wonder why I was in the closet,” Max said.

“I don’t know,” Liz replied, smiling.

“Leah, Kivar wants to marry you, do not turn him down,” a young looking man said.

Max pulled Liz into the closet with him and closed the door until only a crack was visible. Neither wanted to be seen. Max was pretty sure that they wouldn’t be, as there appeared to be memories from deep within him or Liz, but he wanted to be on the safe side.

“Look, Nicholas, I am not going to marry Kivar, whomever he is. I am marrying Zan in two days time. Please go to Kivar and tell him that I do not want to be bothered again,” Leah said.

“You are making a huge mistake Leah. Kivar is not a man to trifle with,” Nicholas said.

“Are you threatening me Nicholas?” Leah asked. “I am marrying the Crown Prince of Antar! Kivar is the one who doesn’t realize who he is messing with. I am the future Queen.”

Nicholas couldn’t help but stare at Leah’s beauty. “You are very beautiful when you are angry. Your eyes sparkle with fire, it’s no wonder the prince, and Kivar have fallen for you,” he said.

“What are you talking about? I’ve never even met Kivar, how does he know what I look like?” Leah asked.

“Kivar knows many things, my precious Leah. You’d do well to marry him,” the offensive little man said.

“OUT! Get out this instant,” Leah demanded. “Never come and bother me again!”

“I’m leaving,” Nicholas assured her. “But know this. Kivar will not take this rejection lightly. You have been warned.”

With those parting words Nicholas left the room. The moment he was gone, Leah fell to the floor, tears running down her cheeks. “Oh Zan. I have a foreboding feeling concerning our marriage. I just hope that I am wrong.”

The sound of footfalls caused Leah to jump up from her position on the floor. Zan walked into the room, rushing over to his beloved.

“Leah? What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Oh Zan, it was horrible,” Leah sobbed, telling him everything Nicholas had said.

“Leah, love, I will no allow anything to happen to you. That is my vow to you. I will always protect you and love you, no matter what,” Zan promised.

“I know that Zan, I do. But there is a part of me that is still really afraid,” Leah said.

“Then I will assign Marcus, the head of my army, to protect you. Will that help?” he questioned.

“A little. I won’t be completely relieved until we are safely married,” she told him.

“We only have two more days love. Two more days until we are bonded for eternity,” Zan said.

“Zan?” Leah called.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Do you think maybe, tomorrow night we can hold a private bonding ceremony? Not that I’m really sure that anything will happen on our wedding day, but this will calm my fears. Being bonded twice will not do anything to us, and no one will know that we’ve bonded early. I just really want to do this,” Leah pleaded.

“If you really want to then we can. I will have to talk to Rath, Volandra, and High Priestes Serena,” Zan said.

“Thank you Zan. My fears are calming somewhat,” Leah told him.

The two lovers walked out of the room and Max and Liz came out of the closet. They could not believe what they just heard. Someone was trying to keep their past selves apart. Liz wondered if the two of them ever got to perform the actual bonding ceremony, either of them.

~*~*~End Dream~*~*~

Liz’s eyes fluttered open, and when she looked up at Max, his eyes were open and he was looking at her. They had a lot to tell their friends now.

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