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Title: The Stand
Author: Borders
E-mail: Borders285South⊕
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell, just wish I did.
Summary: Takes place after To Forget. Which was my first attempt at writing a fic. Go read To Forget first otherwise this will make no sense to you. The previous parts of The Stand. are on the Repost Board. Click on this LINK to get there... **Liz never returned after Destiny and was found by Max almost two years later. Their past lives were revealed and now they have to make their stand against the enemy. Anything else will give it all away. **


Part 18

Liz struggled as best as she could against Khivar, but he was just too powerful for her. She had used up too much of her strength trying to protect the others. “What? Are you feeling a little week little one?” His voice sent a chill down her spine. Her she was with the man that wanted to destroy the one true love that she had ever known. Just thinking of that Liz wrestled some more trying to free herself from his grasp.

It was useless. The more she struggled the cloudier her vision got. By the time they reached Khivar’s destination Liz had passed out. “It’s a good thing you aren’t awake to see what I have in store for you.” Khivar whispered in her ear.

Khivar walked into a steel building that had no windows. He walked straight to a vaulted door and did the combination. He then passed his hand over the secret spot and a silver handprint illuminated where he needed to press his hand to.

Khivar hadn’t been here since the day he had met with Nicholas to discuss how they were to get rid of the Royal Four. This was his war room. This is where all his plans to destroy the ruling family of Antar took place.

Behind the vaulted door were stairs that led down. They went down, and down, and down. Being in the dark dampness of what earthlings would call a basement he laid Liz down on a metal table. In her unconscious state Liz began to shiver. Her body was shutting down and by the look on Khivar’s face it was what he wanted.

Hang on just a little bit longer. We don’t want anything happening to you until the others arrive now do we? He thought to himself that he was crazy to be talking to the young woman that lay unconscious but it did something to his ego to know that he was about to win.

Sure he had lost his second in command and his most powerful ally but he knew that he had an ace up his sleeve and he couldn’t wait to make his move. “Rest here,” he told Liz. He had fastened container cuffs around her wrists as well as her ankles. The device was commonly used on Antar to contain the prisoners that were caught for various reasons. Once the last cuff was in place a red force field encircled Liz. The force field made sure that Liz didn’t regain any use of her powers. He didn’t want this one getting away again. He had underestimated her once and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.


Liz was back in Roswell swinging on the swings at the elementary school playground. It was a pretty day, nice, not too hot and a gentle breeze was blowing. What she wouldn’t give to be back here for real. She knew that her mind had created this fantasy so that she could relax and heal. She had underestimated Khivar. No she had stretched herself too thin. She should have known better than to try and do everything at once. She started pumping back and forth as she thought of what she could do to get out of Khivar’s clutches.

“Liz! Oh my god! Liz!” It was Max. He had found her.

“Max! What are you doing here?” She had no idea how this could be happening and then it hit her. Max wasn’t the only one there in the park with her. Everyone was there. “This is just a dream, isn’t it? You aren’t really here.” She started crying.

Max knelt down beside her. He reached for her and she sunk from the swing. “I know you aren’t really here, but please don’t leave me.” She begged him between each breath she took in.

“I’m not ever going to leave you. We are here for you. I don’t know how we are able to connect with you.” He began and then Isabel broke in.

“I think she is dream walking us.”

“How can she be dream walking all of us at the same time? Jordan said that she didn’t have any real powers of her own. Liz was huddled in Max’s embrace. She had her head buried in his chest and was taking in his sweet smell. “Liz.” He took her face and made her look up at him. “Do you know where you are?”

She shook her head no. “I passed out before we got where we were going. Even if I didn’t pass out I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything. My mind was so fuzzy and my vision was blurred. I’m sorry Max.” Liz knew that she wasn’t being any help.

“Shhh. It’s going to be ok. We’re resting for the night and I think you should too. We will meet in the morning and discuss where Khivar could have taken you.” Max waved at the others for them to try and leave the dream plane.

Liz looked up at her departing friends and then looked worriedly up at Max. “Please don’t leave me now. Just hold me until I go to sleep. Please.” She couldn’t take being away from him just yet.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to be without you right now either.” Max closed his eyes and thought of a beautiful bedroom. When it appeared before them he stood up and picked Liz up and took her to the bed that was covered in satin sheets. “This is better. I won’t leave you. I will be here when you wake up.” He promised her.

“I love you Max.”

“I love you too, now get some sleep. Rest and get stronger so you can help us find you.”


Liz sat straight up and the restraints that were on her wrists and ankles bit into her skin. “Max!”

“Pity isn’t it. Your mind playing tricks on you again?” Liz turned her head to look at Khivar. The reality finally hit her as she laid back down. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing her pain, she rolled away from him. “Rest up. We have a long day ahead of us.” Liz heard his steps leave the room and the sound of a door shutting in the background.

“Max.” She said to herself. “Max.” She was so tired she fell asleep again.


Max woke up to the sound of his name being called. “Liz. I’m here.”

“Max. Max wake up.” Isabel was standing at the door to his room.

“I’m up. Any news on Liz yet?”

“No not yet but we are waiting for you before we start the search.” Isabel turned and left her brother so he could get ready.

Max rolled over onto his side and that’s when he saw her. Liz… Liz was lying on a metal table and she was crying. “Liz? Liz. Can you hear me? Liz.”

Liz didn’t move from where she was. It was as if she was projecting herself to him but didn’t have the strength to complete the transfer. “Don’t worry Liz. I’ll find you.” Max jumped out of bed and grabbed his shirt and shoes.

Isabel was right. Everyone was up and was waiting on him. “Is she ok?” Maria asked Max before he could even get situated.

“I think so… Just before I got here I think she was trying to project herself to me. She’s so weak.”

“Where was she?” Jordan looked serious.

“I don’t know.” Max couldn’t tell him where she was. “She was lying on a metal table and had these cuffs that bound her to it.”

“That’s not good. We’ve got to get to her soon.”

“Why?” Michael spoke up. If his sister’s life was in danger then he was going to get some answers to help her if he could.

“If what Max is describing is what I think it is. Khivar has her on a stationary table with collector cuffs on. It’s just this shy of draining the body’s energy without killing her.” Jordan held his thumb and index finger about an inch apart to show just how close that really was. “He wants her just barely alive so she can lead you to him.” Jordan had a grim look on his face.

“There has to be something we can do. Some other way to find him.” Tess was trying to move on to what they really needed to be doing.

“Right now the only ones that might be able to find her are Max and Michael. They are the only ones that are truly connected to her, but with her energy being held by the collector cuffs it’s going to be very difficult to even sense her. Max was very lucky that he was able to get that much from Liz. She must be thinking about him or wishing that she were with him. I think it be best if Max try and relax and try and connect with her again.” Jordan was looking at the others for their agreement.

“We all connected with her last night.” Alex shared with the group.

“What? How?” Jordan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I think we were all on the dream plane. All I can think of was that we all went to sleep thinking about her and we must have joined our energies to meet in the dream state.” Isabel was the one speaking since dream walking was her best power.

“Interesting. I’ll be back. There’s something that I need to look into.”

“What do we do until you get back?” Max wasn’t about to sit and wait while Jordan went off doing his own thing.

“It won’t take me long. I suggest you get some nourishment and try and relax and focus all your thoughts towards Liz. You might not think that will help but with a group as tightly knit as you guys are; anything is possible. I’ll be right back. Alex… Can I get you to help me with something?”

“Sure.” Alex got up from the table and leaned over Isabel and gave her a brief kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be back. We’ll find her.” It was really weird for everyone to hear him tell her that. Isabel was usually the last one to be worried about what was going on around her.

She grasped his hand not wanting to be without him. “Hurry back and be careful.”

“I will.” Alex had to jog in order get caught up with Jordan who had left in a hurry. Whatever he wanted to look at must be something that could be useful in finding Liz. “I hope so.” He answered himself.

Jordan and Alex went into what looked like a library of some sorts. “It has to be here somewhere.” Jordan was walking the walls that were filled from floor to ceiling.

“What are we looking for?” An extra set of eyes would always make things go faster.

“I hadn’t thought about it until just now. I’m looking for Kayla’s family history. I’m starting to think that her being back on Antar is making her alien side waken. I need to find what runs in her family. I need to find…” Jordan was standing in front of a particular section. Alex was still searching for whatever Jordan was looking for but he didn’t really know what to look for.

“What should it look like?”

“It would be a real dark blue, almost black in color.”

That narrows it down some. Almost half these books are that color. “Why did you need me again?” Alex was wondering why Jordan would need him. This didn’t have anything to do with computers or anything of that sort.

“I’m hoping to find what the energy pattern in the female side of her family would be. Antarians put out this energy beacon, so to say, that let’s their families know where they are. I’m not for sure but if Liz’s will be true to her family or not since she was raised on Earth. I was hoping you could help me devise a tracking system in the lab to track her signature down.”

“I might be able to help you but I’m not that knowledgeable in Antar’s technology. I would be able to come up with a device at home but not here.”

“You might not be able to build it but you could tell us what was needed and we could build it for you.”

“Ok… Let’s find the book.”


Everyone had eaten and had gathered in the waiting room. Max was reclining in a chair and had his eyes closed. He was trying so hard to concentrate on Liz. When he wasn’t getting anywhere he sat up and looked around the room. Everyone’s faces had the same look.

Max got up and started pacing the floor. He walked over to where Michael and Maria were sitting and asked, “Any luck Michael?”

“No, not yet. You?”


“What if we all sit closer, maybe join hands, and then try and connect with her?” Maria had a good idea.

“That might work.” Isabel had gotten up from where she was sitting and had walked over to where Max, Michael and Maria were. Tess and Kyle started that way as well.

The group formed a circle and everyone started to relax. They joined hands and concentrated on Liz. The only ones that closed their eyes were Max and Michael. Everyone else had their eyes glued to one of them if not both.

It's not as long as I was hoping but it's better than nothing. I'll be away for a week. My sister-in-law is due to have her baby any day now and since I was there when her first one was born I wanted to start a tradition. So anyhoo... I'll be unavailable for the rest of the week. Hope this will hold you over till I get some more done. The next time I post it will be a "Two Squared" chapter. Gotta make everyone happy you know...

Hope you like and remember to leave feedback. Thanks

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Title: The Stand Part 19
Author: Borders
E-mail: Borders285South⊕
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell, just wish I did.
Summary: Takes place after To Forget. Which was my first attempt at writing a fic. Go read To Forget first otherwise this will make no sense to you. The previous parts of The Stand. are on the Repost Board. Click on this LINK to get there... **Liz never returned after Destiny and was found by Max almost two years later. Their past lives were revealed and now they have to make their stand against the enemy. Anything else will give it all away. **

Author’s Note – Special thanks for this part goes to SciFiNut111. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to get this far… Thanks Bob! *bounce*


Part 19

Khivar was never one to sit back and wait for his enemies to attack. It was always his custom to strike first, strike hard, and preferably from hiding. He may have had all of the important cards since he had Kayla, but he still felt he had to check on the rest of his enemies. After checking on her one last time to ensure that she was totally incapacitated, he left his lair for a quick trip to the palace to spy on Max and his troops. Forewarned was forearmed, and he wanted to make sure that Max had no special tricks up his sleeve.

He carefully made his way back to the rear entrance of the palace, shocked to discover that no guards had been stationed around the grounds. As he made his way trough the halls of the palace, he still found it hard to believe that no one was guarding the room where the Royal family was resting. At least that was what it looked like to him. “Fools. Relaxing while Kayla is slowly dying.” After observing the group and deciding that he could learn nothing more here, he gave a light chuckle and left in search of Bacena.


The top of the table was littered with dark blue books. Alex would find a book, bring it to Jordan to skim through for the information he needed. Alex was frustrated; he wanted to help but had no idea how to read Antarian. “Haven’t you found anything yet?” Alex’s frustration was palpable as he was terrified about what might be happening to Liz. He had no idea why Jordan had him here helping him and not one of the others. He threw another book on the littered table and glanced over to Jordan who appeared to be concentrating on a section of the last book Alex had found.

“Yeah, I think I found what we need.” Jordan looked up from the book that he was reading with a smile on his face. “Come on let’s go get the others.”

“Are we going to be able to help her?” Alex was worried but hopeful that they would be able to find Liz in time.

“We just might be able to.” Jordan took the lead and the second they walked out of the library they ran into a dark figure. Jordan looked up into the eyes of Khivar. “Khivar! What have you done to Kayla?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” And before Alex or Jordan could react he whipped his hand up and sent a powerful blast of raw energy towards them. Although powerful, the shot was not well aimed and hit the wall next to them. The resulting explosion flung Alex and Jordan across the passageway and crashing into the wall where they ended up collapsing on the floor, stunned. Thinking that he had indeed killed the two enemies, Khivar retreated into the shadows and began to make his way out of the palace.


The group had been watching both Max and Michael for nearly an hour now and still the two men were unable to contact Liz. Even with the added strength that the rest of them added to the mix. Max broke away from the circle, stood up and began pacing in frustration. He was beginning to have his doubts on Liz’s strength. “She’s too weak. I can’t waste anymore time just sitting here. Whatever Jordan has planned he better hurry up with it or else there will be nothing left of her for us to rescue.”

“Max! Stop talking like that.” Maria was next to him with a comforting arm around him. “Liz has made it this far we can’t give up on her now. We’ll find her.”

“How? How are we going to find her? I have no idea where anything is on this planet. I feel more out of place here than I ever did on Earth.” Max shrugged Maria’s arm off him and began pacing again. He was looking out the window when he noticed a dark figure escaping into the forest. Max turned and began to race out of the room.

“Max, where are you going?” Michael was now off the floor and was running after Max.

“Khivar was here. He’s leaving. I have to follow him.” Max turned the corner and was out of Michael’s sight.

“Max! Wait.” Michael stopped at the front steps of the palace. He watched his friend and leader’s figure disappearing into the darkness of the trees that were everywhere.


“Damn it!” Michael said as he turned back into the palace. “We have to get to Jordan and Alex now. Whatever Jordan has planned, he better be ready. Time has run out.”

Alex and Jordan began to stumble to their feet just as the rest of the gang was coming towards them. “Alex. What happened?” Isabel was next to him lending him support before anyone else had reached the two.

“Khivar. He was here, he caught us coming out of the library and tried to kill us.” He said groggily while rubbing his head as if he had a very bad hangover.

“How’s Jordan, I landed on top of him. Is he okay?” Alex continued while looking around.

“Yeah, I guess he’s okay. He seems to be in the same shape you are.” Isabel replied.

The cobwebs were slowly clearing out of Jordan’s brain as he looked at the people surrounding him. “Where’s Max? I think I found what we need.”

“Max saw Khivar sneaking out of the palace and has gone after him. He knows that Khivar has Liz and is desperate to find her. We couldn’t catch him and stop him. Now what are we going to do?” Tess was the only one who was willing to inform Jordan of the group’s current standings.

“If the information I found is accurate, give us an hour and we will know just where they went.” Jordan was walking away from the group as he was talking.

“An hour? We may not have an hour. We already spent an hour trying to contact Liz and we couldn’t get anything.” Tess was walking after Jordan. “Time is of the essence Jordan and we just can’t sit here and wait for him to kill her.”

Stopping and turning back to Tess, Jordan stated. “He can’t kill her.” Jordan looked from Tess to the faces of the rest of the group. The look on their faces was one of shock. “He can’t kill her.” He repeated for emphasis.

“What do you mean he can’t kill her?” Michael demanded as he pushed his way to the front of the group. The look on his face indicating to Jordan that he better explain and explain fast.

“He can’t kill her because she is bound with Max.” Jordan answered in a calm voice.

“So Liz will continue to live as long as Max is alive?” Isabel had a look of hope on her face and then it faded. “Oh, God, Max ran after Khivar not ten minutes ago. We’ve got to get to him before Khivar does something to Max.”

Jordan turned at the news. “We don’t have much time to get to them. Alex. Let’s go work some of your technical magic.” The group followed the two men as they led them into a room that looked like a huge laboratory. The walls where lined with shelves loaded with electronic devices of every shape and size.

Jordan and Alex purposefully moved around the room grabbing parts from all different corners of the room. As the pile of parts grew on the main laboratory table, Alex began to fit the items together. The group stood around Alex and Jordan and watched in awe as the jumble of parts began to resemble an actual, useable device. After about forty minutes Alex sat back and said to Jordan, “That’s the best I can do. I hope to hell it works.”

“What the heck is it?” Asked Maria.

The two men looked at one another with satisfaction and Jordan replied, “For want of a better name lets call it a Liz tracker. It will be able to zero in on Kayla’s distinct, family power trait.”

“Are you sure this will work?” Maria asked, still not convinced.

“If the signature information in her family history is correct, it should lead us right to her.” Jordan answered again.

“What if her power signature is too weak? How will we be able to track her then?” Isabel had a valid point and Alex didn’t want to see her suffer.

“Well, let’s fire this puppy up and see if anything happens.” And holding his breath, Alex reached over and flipped a switch on the device’s side.

Alex and Jordan both leaned forward and looked at an indicator dial on the top of the device. As Alex slowly turned the device, the dial seemed to stay steady until he had turned the device in the direction of the old city. When it slowly began to climb the scale.

“Got her!” Jordan sighed. “It’s working.” Alex then let out the breath he had been holding throughout the test.

“Ok, if the two of you are done basking in your glory lets put this thing to some use.” Maria was impatient and was in dire need of finding her friend.

“Let’s go then.” Jordan walked to cabinet in one corner of the room and began handing out the weapons and vests that were stored there. He gave a brief description on what was required to operate the equipment and they followed Michael to where he had last seen Max go into the woods.

They all turned to look at Alex who had the device in his hands. He turned it right and left and indicated a direction. “That way.”

Michael started forward but was quickly stopped by a warm hand on his arm. Turning he looked into to emerald orbs that were staring up at him. Maria grabbed Michael tightly, and kissed him. As she broke away, she whispered, “Don’t be a hero. I need you alive.”

“Don’t worry Maria. There is so much more to my life now that we know the truth about who we are. I have a family now and I don’t want to loose it so quickly.” He kissed her briefly and then turned to head toward the others. He held tight to Maria’s hand for it gave him the courage to be strong.


The field that surrounded Liz was getting weaker and weaker. Her life force was slowly draining. Khivar entered the basement and was smiling with satisfaction at the progress. “Soon. Very soon Kayla. Not even your fair prince will be able to save you now.” Liz’s head lulled at the sound of his voice and the look in her eye told Khivar that she was not going to give up that easy.

Khivar stormed up the steps and went into an office. “Maybe I should wait for him to show up so I could kill him first and let her watch. That would take that smug look off her face.” He was talking to himself and didn’t even notice Max lurking in the shadows just beyond the basement door.

Max crept down the stairs looking for guards that he was sure Khivar had watching her. Finding no one, Max began to scan the room. The room was dark with the exception of the faint red glow coming from the far side of the room. The minute he was close enough to see what was giving off the red glow he fell to the ground. There in front of him was Liz.

“Liz.” Tears were rolling down his face. She was so still he wondered if had made it in time. He was cursing at himself for wasting all that time trying to connect to her. “Liz.” He whispered. He was afraid to touch her fearing that the force field that encircled her would do more damage.

She turned her head and opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that he was here. Her Max. A single tear escaped the corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek. That was what she was waiting for, one last look at the love of her life, her soul mate. She didn’t have the strength to do much else to look at Max.

Max realized what was going through her mind. “Don’t give up yet Liz. We will get you out of here. I promise. Hang on just a bit longer baby.”

Max held her gaze for a little bit longer until Liz finally closed her eyes out of sheer exhaustion. The red glow dimmed just a bit more. “I’ve got to get out of this room so I can contact the others. Don’t worry I won’t be long.” He bent over to kiss her and realized that he wouldn’t be able to. She didn’t open her eyes but he just knew that she heard him. He hurriedly left the room.


As they had crept through the forest after Max, Isabel and Michael had been alternating in their attempts to make contact with him but neither one of them were having any luck. “What if we are too late?”

“Quit thinking like that. We are going to find them and they are going to be ok.”

“Michael, something’s not right. I just know it. I feel it.” Isabel whispered.

“We’re not too late, Isabel. I’m still getting a signal from Liz.” Alex reassured her.

Jordan worked his way to the front of the group and looked over Alex’s shoulder so he could read the display. “We’re almost there. The signal is getting stronger. We have to be very careful from now on. Khivar’s people will be all over this area.”

With those words, Jordan took the lead of the group to find Max and Liz.


Max was finally out of the basement. He wasn’t for sure where Khivar had gone to and he didn’t want to get too far from Liz. He scanned the room to see if there would be any place for him to stay while he tried to contact the group.

Seeing a large Antarian plant sitting in a corner he decided to crouch behind there. He didn’t need much since he didn’t plan on staying away from Liz for very long. Max closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Nothing. The entire building must be isolated. He thought to himself.

Max headed for the door he had come through earlier and hesitated before going out. He had just found Liz and he didn’t want to take the chance of being unable to protect her. You’re going to have to step outside sooner or later if you want to get the other’s here to help you. He didn’t know where that had come from and then it hit him. Liz was communicating with him.

Liz? Is that you?

Go Max. I’ll wait for you. I will always wait for you.

I don’t want to leave you this way.

You’re not leaving me… I know you will be back. Now go! Liz was too tired to continue arguing with him. Just the few thoughts that she had projected to him made the red force field dim even more.

She was giving Max all the encouragement to go without her and now the fear began to rise in her. What if I was wrong and I die before he gets back to me. I have to hang on. I have to hang on for him. She steeled herself and concentrated on getting stronger but she was too weak… She closed her eyes and realized that the field that surrounded her had gotten so weak that she was able to actually move her left hand. Liz’s mind jumped for joy and the field grew stronger. It was now strong enough that Liz fell unconscious her last fleeting thought was of Max.


I know… I know… I’m bad, bad , bad… *tongue* But hey at least I’m one more part closer to finishing…

Hope you like it and remember to leave feedback. Thanks
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Title: The Stand Part 20
Author: Borders
E-mail: Borders285South⊕
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell, just wish I did.

***Here is the link for past chapters of The Stand that is located on the REPOST Board…

Part 20

Max had just stepped outside when he felt the connection between Liz and himself severe. The sudden loss made Max want to turn back around to go back inside but reminded himself that the building was insulated and that was the reason for the lost connection. Max looked around to see if anyone had spotted him coming out of the building, but like the time he had entered the building the area seemed strangely deserted.

He ran to a small copse of trees that would offer shelter from prying eyes long enough to make contact with the others. When he reached the center of the trees Max again looked around for signs of the enemy before closing his eyes and reaching out with his mind. He made contact almost instantly.

“Max! Thank God you’re ok… Where are you?” Isabel was the first to pick up on his ‘call’.

“Not now Isabel.” He hated to be so gruff with her but now wasn’t the time to be thinking about him. He brought her up on the situation with Liz. “Liz is so weak. I don’t think she is going to make it too much longer. Please tell me that Jordan and Alex were able to find some way of getting to Liz.”

“Oh Max!” Isabel’s heart went out to her brother. She knew that he had loved Liz for his entire life and to see her so weak and being unable to help her must be killing him. “Don’t worry. We’re on our way.” There was a pause in communication between the two siblings.

’She must be talking to the others.’ He thought to himself.

“Max, Jordan says that we are about a half hour away…”

“Isabel I don’t think Liz can make it that long. Ask Jordan what it would do if I tried to take the collector cuffs off of her.”

“Max.” She didn’t want her brother doing anything before they were able to help. No matter what he thought Max needed their help.

“Do it Isabel. I need to know what would happen if I touch her while she is wearing the cuffs. I’m so lost. I feel so helpless.”

Feeling Max’s fear and despair through their connection Isabel stumbled and fell to her knees. Seeing Isabel fall, Michael dropped to the ground beside her wrapped his arm around her for support. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” he asked her.

“It’s Max. He’s in so much agony because he can’t help her.” Isabel looked up while she was still kneeling on the ground, looking around before finding the person she needed, “Jordan, he wants to know what will happen if he touches Liz while she is wearing the collector cuffs.” While the conversation was going on, the rest of the group had formed a protective circle with their backs to Isabel and Michael. It was instinctive to them now. To protect one another had become second nature.

Jordan walked into the circle to make contact with Isabel. He didn’t understand why Max hadn’t contacted him in the first place but now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Once he touched Isabel’s arm he was instantly connected with Max.

“Max.” Jordan was hesitant to address the young man.

“Jordan? Where are you? I need to help Liz. Tell me what to do… She doesn’t have much time.” Jordan could feel Max’s anxiety he had to calm him down.

“Max. Calm down.” Jordan could see why Isabel fell to the ground. Max’s emotions were running like a wild beast. He was so worried about Liz. ’That must be why he couldn’t contact anyone else but Isabel. He wasn’t thinking logically’ “First thing. Are you ok?”

“Jordan I don’t care about me, all I care about is Liz and her life is slowly slipping away. If I don’t get those collector cuffs off of her, she’s going to die. I can’t let her die Jordan. I won’t let her die.”

“Listen to me Max. Whatever you do don’t touch the cuffs while she is wearing them. Don’t touch the cuffs!

Max felt the meaning behind Jordan’s words. “Ok. I won’t touch the cuffs. Why?”

Jordan didn’t think that he had time to go into great detail. He paused to see how he could explain. “Max. Listen to me.”

“I’m listening.” Max didn’t like that he had to wait even longer to hear the story behind the cuffs. He just wanted to be able to get back to Liz.

“It’s really important that you stay safe. I don’t want you going back to Liz.”

“I’m not leaving her Jordan. You can’t expect me to just leave her down there. I won’t do it! I won’t!”

“Max! The state that Liz is in right now will not get any worse. It won’t get worse unless you are there to interfere with the cuffs. The cuffs draw the life force to where the person wearing them is no longer able to move. Now you and Liz are connected which means that you now carry some of the same force as she does. You carry half of her life force.” Jordan said calmly, trying to sooth Max’s raging emotions.

“What are you getting at Jordan. I don’t have time for this.” Max replied, still upset.

“What I’m getting at Max is this. If you come in contact with those collector cuffs you will allow them to drain the other half of Liz’s life force. You will be killing her.” Still trying to remain calm for Max’s sake.

“That can’t be. I can heal her. I can make her stronger.” Max replied in desperation.

“Not this time Max. The minute you make contact with her the cuffs will start to drain life force from you and the first thing it’s going to drain is the half of her that you are carrying inside of you. You cannot allow yourself to be close to her. You cannot allow the force field to get stronger because then it will start to drain the part of you that she is carrying inside of her and the two of you will die. Do you hear me Max? Do you understand what I’m saying?” Jordan continued to try to explain to Max.

“I can’t Jordan. I can’t not be there for her.” Max had tilted his head down and was thinking about how circumstances were asking him to give her up one more time in his life. He had lived five years without her, how was he going to be able to do it now. He had promised her that he would be back. Max stood up and looked around. There still weren’t any of Khivar’s men walking the perimeter. “I promise Jordan I won’t touch her or the cuffs but I have to go in there and be with her.” Max literally wept through the connection.

“Max NO! If anything happens to you, she will die. You need to be safe. Don’t jeopardize her life just so you have a clear conscience.” Jordan screamed through the connection. He was losing the fight to control his emotions as he realized he wasn’t able to convince Max how dangerous it was to be near Liz.

“I can’t even sit with her? I know Liz. She’s not going to make it. What if you’re wrong Jordan? I can’t take that risk. I won’t. Can’t I just let her know that I’m near?” Max begged the older man.

It was like talking to a brick wall. Jordan wasn’t going to get Max to change his mind about being there for Liz. “Max please. I’m begging you. Have faith in Liz she’s a survivor. Don’t go back in there.”

“Jordan.” Max was pleading for the other man to understand what he was dealing with.


The group had been watching Jordan and his connection with Isabel. The emotions that were flying across the older man’s face had dampened the mood of the group.

“Something is wrong.” Maria was looking over her shoulder with a worried look on her face. “Why can’t we hear Max. Why isn’t he able to communicate to us all? Damn it! I have to know what’s going on. We’re wasting time just sitting here. Michael get Isabel and Jordan up and lets start moving. They can communicate while we move. Alex lead the way. Everyone else be on the lookout.” Maria was barking out orders left and right.

Michael stared at his fair-haired pixie and couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. Sure Maria was good at giving orders to him, she reveled in it, but he had never seen this side of her. It was almost scary.

Seeing no one responding to her orders Maria yelled. “NOW! Move it!” That set everyone in motion. Michael helped Isabel up making sure that the connection between her and Jordan didn’t break. He whispered to the two of them, telling them that they were on the move again. He wasn’t for sure if they had heard him or not but they were now following along with the group.

“This way.” Alex pointed about fifteen degrees to the right and the group moved in that direction. Alex continued leading the group while Isabel and Jordan were still in deep connection with Max.


“Max! We’re on our way. Hang in there.” Isabel had broken the connection between Max and Jordan long enough to send her message and before relinquishing it back to Jordan she sent all the love, comfort and support that she could muster at a time like this. “Be strong for her Max. Be strong. We’ll be there before you know it. Just be safe.”

Max’s tension relaxed just a bit once he received Isabel’s ‘care package’. It’s exactly what he needed right now. “Thanks Isabel. I’ve got to go inside so I can communicate with Liz. I promised that I wouldn’t leave her. I can’t stay out here in the open any longer. The building is insulated and I won’t be able to make contact with you anymore.” He warned his sister because he knew that she would react just like him when the connection between him and Liz was severed when he stepped out of the building.

“I love you Max.”

“Me too Isabel. Be careful.”

Jordan jumped back on line with Max and asked, “Max what does the perimeter look like? How many guards are there? What will we be up against?”

“Jordan. I haven’t seen anyone but Khivar since I’ve been here.”

“Strange.” Jordan let it go. Something wasn’t right and he didn’t like it. He broke away from Isabel and was surprised that they were moving. “How long have we been moving?”

“About fifteen minutes. Maria decided that she was going to be Rambo and started ordering us to start moving towards Liz.” Kyle was smiling from ear to ear. Granted Maria was always a little on the eccentric side but when it came to friends and family and their safety you didn’t want to mess with her.

“Good thinking. We can’t afford to take too much longer to reach Liz.”

“What did Max say? What’s going on with Liz?” Maria’s Rambo look dissipated and the worried, over protective best friend was back in charge.

“She’ll be stable for now.” Jordan replied, clearly distracted.

“And.” Maria knew he was holding something back.

“Max wants to save her but he’s the last person that will be able to touch those cuffs. If he touches those cuffs Liz will die instantly and Max will be right behind her.” Jordan tried to explain to Maria.

“What’s the enemy camp look like?” Alex shot at Jordan.

“That’s a good question Alex. I asked Max and he said that the coast is clear. He didn’t see anybody in the area.”

“Good, then we can march in there, grab Max and Liz and get the hell out of Dodge.” Michael stated.

“I don’t think it will be that easy Michael.”

“Why not?” Michael asked back.

“Khivar has always been a paranoid man and he has always been intimidating enough to make ones cower at his feet. There are men out there. It’s just that we don’t see them and Max hasn’t seen them. Let’s hope that he hasn’t alerted them to his presence because then we won’t get there in time.” Jordan thought to himself one more time that something wasn’t right. Khivar was up to something. Something bad. What had he done by bringing these kids into battle? Why didn’t he just bring the resistance? It would have been a lot easier to see them die than to see these kids that he had come to love as family die. Jordan shook his head in disbelief he was so stupid. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Just then Kara connected with Jordan. “Where are you?”

“Kara now is not the time. Stay where you are.” Jordan had left her behind on purpose. She was a danger to the plan. Jordan had mixed feelings. She was his wife. She held the other half of his life force. They were one just like Max and Liz yet they were so different. Kara sacrificed someone else instead of sacrificing us yet Max and Liz would sacrifice their selves before allowing anyone else to be hurt. Where had Jordan gone wrong?

“Jordan. Something’s not right. All of the resistance is missing. The only ones that are left are the select few that were with the queen. I’m worried Jordan what if it was all a set up and what we thought was resistance is actually on Khivar’s side?”

“Kara I need you to get the queen and whoever is left and hide them.”

“Jordan you need me. I need you. We can’t do this alone. We need to be together. I’m coming to you now. Where are you?”

“Kara no. Don’t you understand what will happen if we are both in the same place at once. At least this way there is a chance.”

“Jordan NO!… I won’t stay put.”

“Damn it Kara, Just stay where you are and make sure that the queen is safe. I don’t have time to explain. I’ve got to go. You are distracting me. Zan and Kayla need me now. I need to pay attention to what is going on. I will contact you when we are safe.”

“Jordan… Jordan!” He didn’t answer her. She continued anyway. “I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Be strong.” The connection ended.


Max was now safely hidden in the building. He had gone back to the office he had noticed earlier and found a place to hide. He searched for Liz’s presence and found her. She was still holding on but just barely. Concentrating on that last morsel of essence he tried to tell her what was going on.

“The other’s are on their way sweetness.

Where are you Max? I can’t see you?

He knew she would ask that question. He hated to be the one to tell her that she would be down there alone until the other’s got here.

Liz I can’t come close to you. You are a part of me the same way I am a part of you. The only thing that is keeping you alive right now is the part that I am carrying inside of me. Jordan made sure to tell me that under no circumstances was I to touch you or the cuffs. Max felt the wave of sadness that Liz was feeling. She needed him with her. She wanted him next to her.

I understand Max. There has to be a way out of this thing. Max I need to tell you something. I think I know how to get out of here. Out of the cuffs.

How Liz?

When you left and I had exhausted everything trying to see you; I was able to move my arm. I’ve been thinking, what if the field is only as strong as the life force of the person it is holding?

Liz I don’t like where this will be leading… We aren’t going to risk it. We’ll wait. You hear me? The others are going to come and we will save you. Don’t do anything drastic right now.

Max. We can do it. I’ll exert myself to the limit and that will make the field grow stronger and drain everything that I have left and then it will turn itself off because there won’t be anything left to power it. You can take the cuffs off and then heal me. You can do that Max. I trust you.

Liz, please don’t ask me to stand by and let you kill yourself. I won’t be able to do it. What if I’m not able to heal you? What if I don’t have what it takes? There are so many what ifs that I don’t want to try. Max’s heart was breaking into a thousand little pieces. That was how she got into this mess in the first place, because of him. He couldn’t stand to see her die. More like it, he couldn’t stand to live another day knowing that he wouldn’t be able to see her smiling face.

Max had tried not to let his emotions flow into the connection but his pain and sorrow and the deep regret of pulling Liz into the alien situation so long ago was making Liz mad. Don’t think like that. We were meant to be together. We are a part of each other. It makes sense Max. I know it will work. I won’t die because you have the other half of me inside of you. I won't die because I have the other half of you in me. She paused and sent all her love to him. I love you and you know I’m right. Come get me Max. Come rescue me.

Max thinking that she would be safe as long as he didn’t go down the basement steps just stayed in his hiding place. She wouldn’t do anything drastic like the plan that she had come up with unless she knew he was there by her side, ready to bring her back. She wouldn’t do it unless she knew he would be there to get the cuffs off of her. Then all of the sudden Max felt it. She was giving up. Liz was sending everything that she had out to the force field that was encircling her. Max. A sense of relief flooded the connection and then it started.

Max was up from his hiding spot and had swung the office door wide open. The minute the door was opened he was engulfed in the red glow that was illuminating the room below. The field was glowing like he had never seen it before. He stumbled down the stairs. Something was wrong. Liz was giving the field everything that she had. She was even forcing it to take the part of him that she had inside, willingly… Something was wrong. She wouldn’t have done that if he weren’t there. She would have waited.

“NO! No Liz don’t.” He couldn’t see straight tears were running down his face and he was swiping at them madly. “Don’t do this Liz please. I can’t do this, not without you. Liz!”

The red glow faded into nothing and Max’s world just died with it.

The dark menacing figured that was hidden in one of the dark corners slowly walked up the stairs with a sadistic smile on his face. ‘Let the games begin.’ He thought to himself.


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Title: The Stand Part 21
Author: Borders
E-mail: Borders285South⊕
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell, just wish I did.
Summary: Takes place after To Forget. Which was my first attempt at writing a fic. Go read To Forget first otherwise this will make no sense to you. The previous parts of The Stand. are on the Repost Board. Click on this LINK to get there... **Liz never returned after Destiny and was found by Max almost two years later. Their past lives were revealed and now they have to make their stand against the enemy. Anything else will give it all away. **

Author’s Note – Special thanks to SciFiNut111. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to get this far… Thanks Bob! *bounce*


Part 21

“Now!” Khivar ordered his men to attack the group that was slowly making their way towards his hideout.

Shots flew every where, as Khivar’s minions seemed to rise up out of the ground in front of the rescuers. “Take cover!” Jordan yelled at the group. “I knew something was wrong. He was just waiting for us.” Jordan said to himself as the rest of the group dispersed and took cover.

“Take cover he says like we don’t know to take cover. There’s gun fire all around us and the man tells us to take cover. Does he think we’re freaking idiots!” Kyle was muttering to himself in between taking the occasional shot himself. “How do I get myself into this kind of predicament? I hate this alien crap.” Just then a flying elbow connected to his rib cage. “Tess! That hurt.”

“Well then I think you need to rephrase that last comment.” She smiled sweetly at the love of this life.

“What baby… You know I love you and I would do anything for you. Don’t you? You know I don’t hate ALL things alien, right?” Kyle’s eyebrows wiggled up and down and Tess giggled.

“I know… Let’s get this over so we can start the rest of our life together.” She concentrated on the scene in front of her. Men were hiding behind trees and well placed rocks. “They were prepared for us… They knew we were coming.” She mumbled to Kyle. She aimed and fired taking out the man that had his sights on Kyle.

Kyle and Tess were pinned behind a torn down wall of the old city. Michael and Maria were about ten feet to their left next to the corner of a brick building. Alex and Isabel were to the right neatly placed behind a stone monument and Jordan was working his way slowly to the building that Max and Liz were in.

Jordan stopped and pointed two fingers to his eyes and then fanned them out. He was telling the group to cover him. He was going in. They weren’t able to communicate to each other. Something was blocking them from the one thing that should have given them the edge against Khivar’s men, their connection to each other. Jordan’s journey was a slow one. Between shooting men, dodging incoming fire and trying to run from cover to cover; he slowly made his way to the edge of the building.

Alex and Isabel kept a constant fire on the field. The way it was going it was shaping up to be a stalemate. Everyone was neatly tucked away and no gunfire was going to penetrate their hiding spots. “This is going to take forever.”

Alex continued to scan the area in front of him seeming to ignore Isabel. “Alex are you listening to me? There’s no way we are going to get out of this.”

“Isabel. I always listen to you. I just don’t see the need to answer every time.” He took a side-glance at his lovely partner and smiled his one of kind Alex Whitman smiles.

“What are you looking at?” she asked him.

“We can’t communicate to one another. There’s something blocking us. I’m looking for a device that would enable Khivar to block our connection. It’s got to be around here somewhere.” Alex continued to look at everything that looked out of place and with one blast of the gun he was wielding he would destroy it and take it out of the equation.

“Michael you missed again. Even I have better aim than that. God, you really suck at this. And you call yourself a soldier?” Maria kept up a constant stream of comments hounding Michael and the more she hounded him the worse his aim got.

Finally Michael had had enough of Maria and alien weapons and threw the gun down. “Damn this thing.” He yelled just before he began shooting Khivar’s defenders with his power blasts.

“Now that’s my Space Boy. Go get ‘em Tiger.” Maria’s face was full of pride and ownership. Michael had come a long way since that day he killed Agent Pierce with his blast.

Gunfire ran rampant throughout the old Town Square as Khivar looked on with a smile on his face. It was all coming together just like he planned.


The room had gone pitch black. There was nothing left of the red glow that was shining so brightly only seconds before. “Liz?” He didn’t know why he was calling for her. He had to act fast and calling for her was only wasting time. Max pulled himself off the floor, holding out his hand he created a soft blue glowing light and looked down into the peaceful expression on his beloved’s face. She knew that he would come. Her faith in him was boundless. It was greater than his faith in himself. She knew.

Max worked quickly to get the cuffs off. He made sure not to make the connection to Liz until the cuffs were completely off of her. Working quickly at her wrists and then moving to her ankles the cuffs clanked to the floor. “Hang on Liz. Hang on.” Max kept repeating his mantra as he moved from one cuff to the other. When the fourth and final cuff hit the floor with a loud clank the first breath of relief was released. Max scooped Liz up into his arms to get her off the cold metal table. Her body hung limp in his strong arms and she felt so fragile as he crushed her to his chest. There was no sign that she was still in the shell that he held. Her body heat was quickly diminishing and Max hurriedly sat them both down on the floor

He held her lifeless body in his lap and tried to make the connection he needed to heal her. Then it dawned on him. He had always connected with Liz while looking in her eyes. What if he wouldn’t be able to connect with her because he couldn’t see into her eyes? Max shook his head and started yelling.

“Why didn’t you think of this Liz? I can’t heal you because I can’t form a connection. I can’t, I can’t. Why didn’t you just wait for the others?” Max wailed. “We should have waited. I should have come down here and made you wait. You were scared. So scared and I left you alone. I should have stayed with you. I should have stayed.” Max began to sob and his body began to shake with every breath he took. Max stumbled to his feet with his precious burden cradled in his arms and began to ascend the stairs.

He no longer cared if Khivar caught him. He had nothing to live for. The one and only person that had ever held his heart, his soul and completed the person he was, was gone. Liz’s head lulled over his arm as he walked up the stairs and he shifted her petite weight a little so her head now rested on his shoulder. The door to the basement was still open from when he ran down the stairs to save her. He didn’t look around to see if anyone had come to the commotion he had stirred when he ran to her rescue.

Once out of the basement Max took a right and left the building that Liz had lived her last few moments in. Max was oblivious to the chaos that was surrounding him the minute he set foot into the real world. A war was going on and he didn’t even notice. Tears were streaming down his face and he just kept on walking. He didn’t care if he was shot; he didn’t care if he took another step to some destination unknown. He just didn’t care.


After minutes of searching and destroying everything that looked out of place, Alex finally had no choice but to give up when he saw Max carrying Liz. The look on Max’s face saying it all. Something had gone terribly wrong and Max couldn’t save her. Alex directed his gunfire to help protect them. He tried once more to connect with Isabel who had moved to a better location to help keep Jordan safe. But was unable to. Looking to the others he realized that there was no need to contact them they were already moving into position to try to protect Max.

Max continued to walk away from Khivar’s lair and the others fell into place encasing him and Liz in a protective circle. Once the circle was complete and everyone joined hands they were able to create a protective shield around them.

The shield went up and the gunfire ricocheted off of it. “Max! I told you not to go near her.” Jordan was yelling at him. Max continued walking oblivious to what was being said to him.

“Max, are you ok?” His sister asked.

Still Max didn’t answer.

“Hey buddy. Can you hear me?” Alex said as he also attempted to make contact. The look that Isabel had on her face made scared him.

“Stop.” Jordan had a worried look on his face. “We have to stop and do the transfer quickly or she’s lost forever.”

“Out in the open Jordan? We have to get under some cover. How about that farmhouse over there?” Michael argued.

“No, Michael, it has to be done immediately. We can’t wait or Liz will definitely die.”

Max woke from his nightmare when he had heard that there was still may be some hope for Liz. “Jordan?” Max’s eyes were red from crying and his voice cracked with emotion.

“Max. You have to tell me what happened. How did you get the cuffs off of her?”

“I stayed up top like you told me. She was so scared Jordan I almost couldn’t stay away from her. She wanted me close by but when I told her I couldn't she began to think of ways to get the cuffs off. She came up with the idea that if she let the cuffs collect all of her energy that they would turn themselves off and then I could bring her back. She was right, when all of her energy was gone the force field shut down and I was able to get the cuffs off of her. She was right but she didn’t think far enough ahead. I can’t connect with her because I can’t look into her eyes. I’ve never made a connection with her unless I was looking into her eyes.” Max’s voice fell to a low whisper as if he was talking to himself but out loud.

“I’ve never seen anyone that could force their entire energy into the cuffs and force the machine to shutdown. She is absolutely amazing.” Jordan was talking out load but it was for himself more than anyone. Shaking himself out of his state of awe, he brusquely continued, “Ok this is what we are going to do. I’m not sure if it’s going to work or not but we’ll see. Max lay Liz down here and you lay beside her.”

“What are you going to do?” Tess was looking over her shoulder so that she could see what was going on. She still didn’t trust Jordan that much but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. Either Jordan could help Max bring Liz back or Liz was lost forever.

“Well.” He looked up at the group and was amazed that they were all looking at Max and Liz. The expressions that each one held was like the other. Concern. Deep concern. Jordan could understand why. Max was their leader and if Liz didn’t pull through then he wouldn’t survive for long. He shook his head to get rid of that thought. “Just like Liz had forced all the energy that she held inside we are going to force Max to force part of the energy that he is carrying into her.”

“Will that work? How will Max know what part to give Liz?” Michael was probably the most concerned not only was he losing his sister that he had just found out that he had but there was a possibility of losing his best friend as well.

“We are going to connect with them both to anchor him in his own body, and to provide him with the power he needs to make the transfer.” Jordan responded to Michael. He then turned to Max to tell him the rest of the plan. “I want you to think of yourself as healing someone but instead of someone else you will be healing yourself. Do you understand Max?”

“Not really but kind of.”

“Ok, I don’t have time for a long explanation so here’s the short one, you are carrying a part of Liz inside of you just like she was carrying a part of you inside of her. If you connect with that part of yourself that is actually her and then separate it from the other part that’s you, you will be able to see what I am talking about. Got it?”

“Ok… “ Max closed his eyes and search deep inside of him. He searched for the essence of Liz. He was amazed at how easily he was able to find it… It called to him. No. It sang. The glorious glow that was deep inside him nestled close to his heart was singing loud and was begging to be let loose. Max opened his eyes and smiled for the first time since Khivar had taken Liz hostage. “I see her. She’s beautiful.” He finished in a low awe-inspiring whisper.

“Good Max. We won’t have much time to do the transfer because we will have to lower the shield and connect with you to give you enough power to force Liz’s energy into her body. Ok.” Jordan looked at everyone. They understood what was being asked.

“How long will it take?” Isabel asked almost too quietly.

“Not long. Liz’s energy is calling to her body and once we nudge it a little it will flow into her rapidly. Everyone ready?” Everyone nodded their head.

“Wait, stop!” Max cried. “I can’t risk all of you. You can’t let the shield down they will kill all of you and I wont – we won’t do it.” Max was talking for both himself and Liz. He knew that she wouldn’t want the others to risk their lives just to save hers. “There has to be another way. Think of something else.”

“Can’t we take one hand and touch both Max and Liz and then keep the other one connected to the circle so we won’t break the connection and the shield can stay in place for the entire transfer?” Alex suggested.

“I don’t know but it’s worth a shot Alex. Ok… everyone put your right hand on Max and Liz. Some of you will have a hard time but if we move Max’s hands here and Liz’s hand here it just might work. Ok? That looks good.” Jordan fully concentrated on what was about to be attempted. He was making sure that everyone’s hands were in proper position and that they were all ready to try the impossible. It had never been done before but if anyone could merge their power and complete a transfer like this it would be this group of kids.

Max closed his eyes and went in search of Liz’s essence once more. “On the count of three everyone give what they can to Max. Max you then focus on wrapping up Liz’s essence and sending it to her. Will her to live. Give her the life you hold inside you. Make her sing so to speak.” Jordan was the one taking charge and everyone did as he said. Max concentrated on Liz’s essence as Jordan began to count.

“One –“

“Two –“

“Jordan!” Khivar yelled into the group.

“Oh my God!” Maria said in a shrill voice that made Jordan stop the count. Everyone looked up to see Khivar.

“I think you will want to take a look at what I have here. There’s someone here that wants to see you.” Khivar had been watching the scene unfold in front of him desperate for some way of stopping it. Lucky for him Kara had been coming to save her husband from the war that was raging here in the old city. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get to the others so easily. It never hurt to have an ace in the hole… never.

Jordan looked over his shoulder to see Khivar clutching Kara who looked like she had been crying for quite some time. He stood up and turned so he could face his old enemy. While looking at Khivar he made contact with the group. ‘When I say three drop the shield and do the transfer. Don’t worry about me. And don’t worry about Kara. Once the transfer is complete put the shield back up.’

’What about you? We can’t leave you out there. Khivar will kill you.’ Max sent his feelings to the group.

’I’m dead already. He has Kara. Not everyone can survive without their other half. You are special. He’ll kill her at least this way I will be with her. Just do it.’

’Ready?’ Jordan called out. “Ok Khivar. I will come see you. Just don’t hurt Kara.”

“What me? I wouldn’t do such a thing.” Khivar said sarcastically. “Besides I owe it all to her for getting the Royal family back to Antar and for delivering the Granolith back to its rightful place.” Kara began to struggle to free herself from Khivar’s grasp but his grip was like iron.

“Jordan I can’t let you do this.” Max was sitting up still holding onto Liz’s hand as if he were afraid of losing her for good.

“Max there is nothing left to discuss. We all know what we are here for. I’ve always been here to protect Kayla and what better way for me to go than for my death to ensure that she lives. I love her as if she were my own sister and I would do anything to make sure that she lives. Now if you don’t tell them to drop the shield and let me go through to be with my wife I will kill myself right here and end all discussion. Please Max let me go. I promised you that if she ever interfered in saving Liz that you wouldn’t have to deal with her, I would. Please let me do it my way.” Jordan pleaded with Max with solemn looking eyes. Max could see that the man in front of him hated what he had to do but he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Ok. On three.” Max finally conceded.

“Max are you crazy?… We can’t drop the shield to let him go. They’ll be waiting for us to do just that.” Tess was trying to talk some sense into him. He didn’t want to jeopardize the rest of the group but he was doing just that. “Letting Jordan out of the protection of the shield will put us all in harm’s way. Let's save Liz and then do it. If it will be like Jordan says the transfer will be complete and then we can return to the fight. Think about it…”

She was right. Max hadn’t thought about that. That’s why Khivar was waiting so patiently. He didn’t want Jordan; he wanted an open shot at the group. “She’s right. Let’s do the transfer and then if it’s possible save Kara. Any arguments?” Seeing that there were none but Jordan’s, Max laid back down next Liz… “Lets do this.”

“Ok… on the count of three.” One – Two – Three!” Max didn’t hear three but he felt the surge of energy from everyone as it flowed into him. There was Maria’s cool refreshing blue power accompanied by Michael’s strong and solid red. Alex’s cheerful orange and Isabel’s vibrant purple together it was the most energetic and soothing feeling that Max had felt. Next was Kyle’s pale yellow and Tess’ hot pink. Max felt the peace and trust that the two had found as one unit and had sent to him. He was smiling on the inside and as he looked for Liz’s essence, he found it glowing a rich amber color. He channeled all the combined power to it and watched in wonder as Liz mixed with it like she was rolling around and basking in all of its glory…

It was time. Max collected that part of himself that was Liz’s essence and sent it to where he was connected to her. The last thing he thought as he felt all the power drain from his body was that he hoped that it worked.


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