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Author: Liz
Title: And So We Meet Again...*Part 18*
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Summery: Max and Liz are attending Harvard together. Max has always loved Liz, but has never revealed his secret to her. He and the others are still aliens, there is no Tess, and Alex is still alive.
Disclaimer: I'm 16, I hold a minimum wage job, where I bow all my money on caf lunches and clothes. Please don't sue!
Author's Note(s): Thank you for helping me Annie (anniepoo98) you're a goddess, you helped me greatly! Leave feedback, I'll adore you forever, and the next part will be written sooner!

Part 18

Liz stepped into the cab shakily, sliding over to the far side as Max loaded her luggage in. "Max?" She asked weakly. Ever since it had happened she’d felt as if there was a fog around her brain. Slowly it was lifting, and she was forming thoughts, questioning herself, what had happened, him.

He poked his head into the yellow cab, his eyes dark. "Liz?" He asked softly.

"What happened?" She asked, rubbing her back were the smooth metal had formally been in her flesh. Or, at least she thought it had. Hadn’t it?

After the incident Max had swooped Liz out of the building as quick as possible, trying to not draw attention on them. He wrapped his jacket around her, trying to hide the red stains, and he carried the luggage without complaining. It wasn’t the time for something like that. His head swam with questions, ones which he couldn’t find the answers to.

His face was somber as he looked in on the shaken Liz, hugging herself tightly in the car. She looked so scared, like a lost little lamb. He wanted more than anything to protect her and make all the troubles go away. But in reality he was the trouble. He was the one she would be afraid of soon. Him.

"Are you coming?" She asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Max wanted to say yes. He wanted to get in there beside her, hold her tight, whispering soothing words to her. But was that even possible anymore? Was there even a chance she’d let him touch her after she learned the truth? Not likely. He didn’t even want to imagine what she might do…

He shook his head wordlessly, backing away from the cab, from her. "N-no," he said slowly, his voice low, trying to hide the pain.

Her eyebrows knit together as she looked at him uncertainly. Why was he acting so strangely? What was going on?…"Max---"

"Where are you supposed to go?" He interrupted.

"Uh…" She tried to remember the name of her dorm, she rifled through her purse, pulling out a slip of paper. "Cabot House."

Max nodded solemnly. "Take her to Cabot House," he directed the cabbie. The man nodded, and Max looked back at Liz. "I’ll talk to you later, I promise. Just please, don’t say anything."

Liz saw the intensity in his eyes, pleading with her as if his life depended on it. His face was stone cold, not letting any of his emotions free for her to read. He was a stone wall. She could feel the importance of this. Even though she was confused, even though she hardly knew him. But…She felt like it was something she had to do. She had to protect Max Evans.

Liz nodded in response. "I promise."

Max took another long look at her, drinking in every little inch, then slammed the door closed. He watched the cab descend, then made his way over to the pay phones. Max pulled his wallet out of his coat pocket, taking a slip of paper from it. He inserted a quarter, and punched the phone number in as he held the phone between his head and shoulder.

The phone rang almost a dozen times before it was picked up. "H-hello?" Came a male’s laughing voice.

"Alex?" Max asked, his voice flooded in confusion.

"Max!" Alex exclaimed. "Hey, man. What’s up?"

"Not too much," he lied. "Is Izzy there?" As much as he liked Alex, he didn’t have time for social chats just right then. Isabel needed to be informed if her life was at stake. She needed to be informed even if it wasn’t. He needed advice at the least.

"Oh, yeah, she’s right here," Alex told him, and the phone was handed to Isabel.

"Max?" Isabel asked, her voice cheery. "How are you?"

"Iz, I need to talk to you privately." He looked around, careful for any eavesdroppers. He only saw a few cars, and a young couple holding hands exiting through the doors. He lowered his voice. "She knows."

"What?" Isabel asked, confused. "Who knows what?"

"Liz---she knows about me. About us."

"What?" This time it wasn’t really a question. Just a hard, scared voice, begging that it wasn’t true, that her brother was lying to her. "How? You told her?"

"No…She, was hurt. I had to help."

"Do you know what you’re doing, Max? What you’re risk---"

Max interrupted, "Alex?"

"Just left," she assured him.

"Look, I haven’t told her anything yet. But she knows what happened, and wants to know what went on. I don’t know what to tell her."

Isabel was silent. "Tell her she’s crazy---tell her its not true. Tell her something, just please, Max, please, don’t tell her the truth," she begged. "Please."

"I trust her, Isabel. And I think I owe her an explanation. And not a lie. I owe her the truth."

"Oh, so you just expect her to accept that her brand new friend has alien powers?!" She exclaimed angrily. "You think that she won’t care, that she’ll still want you? Max, she’s going to think you’re a freak. That we’re all freaks. And she’s going to be scared, and run. And then maybe she’ll tell. Maria, Alex, the press, her parents. I don’t know---but it’s not safe. You can’t."

"She isn’t like that, she wouldn’t do that."

"You don’t know! Max…You could be ruining all our lives. Are you willing to accept that? Nothing will ever be the same."

"I know," he said softly. "But I have to."

"Don’t," she pleaded. "Please."

"I-I have to go, Iz. I’ll talk to you later." Max replaced the phone on the hook, and sighed roughly. Isabel had been so scared. The fear in her voice…She was so scared. His sister had such a life ahead of her, she was going to be successful. She didn’t deserve this, none of them deserved this. But somehow he trusted Liz. Something told him that everything was going to be okay. And as he had told Michael before, he was willing to risk it all for her. To risk them all.


Did you guys like this part? I wasn't totally happy with it, and I've been busy with school and things lately. But Buddhism and the inner workings of the human mind are really interesting to study. Plus, Romeo and Juliet *happy* I don't like school, but when you relate it to Roswell sometimes it's better *L*...

Leave me some feedback, tell me what you thought!


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I had a LOT of trouble deciding what to do with part, after all, it's really just one of those pesky transition parts that everyone hates to write. But whats done is done, and I could have never written it without anniepoo98! She was just awesome with her suggestions and such.

The next part most likely will be M&M if I can ever catch my friend Laura online because I always get in a candy mood when I talk to her.

I'm glad you all enjoyed it, and I'm so sorry it took so long to post! It was probably done about a week and a half ago, or maybe 2, but the boards were being all screwy. Not to mention, for some reason ezboard wasn't letting me post on the old board. It was so frusterating!

I'll try to have part 19 out as soon as possible!

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I'm sorry I left everyone hanging for so long! Oh, but look---I've gotten lots of feedback, and some from people who've never posted to me before. So thank you for that!

Cookieman1234: Don't worry, I skipped ahead from the part with the stabber to the last part you read.

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I've actually started working on a new fic, it's Max/Liz and also AU. Readers of this will love it, so I'll let you know when it's ready.

I love you all, you're so sweet to leave me all these messeges!

Liz (who needs to get working on the next part!)
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Okay, so I wondered, what do you all think about the graphic I made for this fic?


I thought the screencap was suited to this fiction in an upcoming chapter perhaps ;)

Oh, and I've posted the first part of my new story Every Time I Look At You! Tell me what you think, and if you want more.

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Cute ;)

I agree, I need to finish this next part! see, I've been trying really hard, and I'm actually almost done...In fact. I might finish it tonight (since I can't sleep), so you might be lucky!

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Part 19 - a

Isabel sighed aggrivatedly as she pressed the "End" button on the cordless phone. She threw it down on her bed. "God," she muttered under her breath. What had Max done now? And what was he prepared to do just for that girl…Liz Parker. Isabel had never had a problem with Liz. In fact, they’d been partners before in a class or two back in high school. She also knew that Max was pretty much infatuated with Liz. Back in high school she’d---well, maybe not encouraged the relationship, but she felt bad for her brother. He was always so sullen and lonely, it would have been nice for him to have someone besides her or Michael.

But now…Now she wasn’t so sure. In fact, she was dead against it. Michael was right, Max and Liz is something which was just against all the rules, rules they had made together. Rules weren’t meant to be broken, not when it was their lives at risk. They needed to be enforced. It was a stupid idea of her to come to California. She should have done something about this crush, she should have agreed with Michael. She should have stopped Max at that party like Michael had wanted. Why was she so stupid?!

She pulled a pillow onto her lap, and buried her face in it with another heavy sigh. This was all her fault. But what could she do? Max was across the country, and she was stuck here, paralyzed with fear. That’s right, the ice queen was terrified. Her stomach churned, knotted and tangled. When the three of them had reached senior year they had decided to put looking and talking about their alien status on hold. It was just something that could be dealt with, and adventured into once they were out of college. There was no sense to have the pressure when they all were scattered across the United States.

But then, what if Liz did keep her mouth shut, but she told Maria….or Alex? Could she deal with Alex knowing the truth? Could he even accept it? Perhaps he’d think Liz was a complete whack-job and ignore the whole thing. But still…Things were just starting up with him, something like this would risk it all. She didn’t want to lose Alex, and she certainly didn’t want to be exposed the whole world. Imagine…Being gawked at, and researched. Isabel let out a low sob, coming deep within herself. Her life was ruined, Max had ruined her life. How could he do this to her? And Michael…How?

Michael. She needed to speak to him, to tell him what Max was about to do. She wiped her eyes, smudging the once-perfect eye make-up, and dialed the memorized number. It rang, and rang…


Hey guys, I was desperate to give you all a new part, but this one just wasn't finished. I figured I'd just split it up into sections, and that way I could give you something, at least!

Hope you enjoyed, please leave feedback! The next part should be done for tomorrow, if school permits it.


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You're right, Michael is going to have a hissy fit LOL! But yeah, not before...actually, thats a secret ;) hehe...I know, I'm cruel. The next part (19 - b) is not a Max/Liz part (sorry!), but a Michael part. So yeah, you'll probably get that later tonight, or tomorrow.

There might not be M/L interaction for a few more parts...So watch out. Lol, I love to tease.

thanks for your comments, and for reading!

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Part 19 - b

Michael punched in the area code, and then the number into the pay phone. After hearing the frantic message on his machine—something about Max screwing up. That was actually a surprise to him. The great, ever-mighty Maxwell creating some kind of transgression? Normally it would have given him a feeling of satisfaction, maybe even a smirk. But there was such a seriousness in her tone, and fear. How could he ignore that? Something terrible must have happened, something that Max had caused. And the only thing that Michael could think about was the fact that Liz and Max had been on the same plane, headed for the same place. Could it be that that had something to do with it?

He was supposed to be in class by now. The halls of the university were deserted, so he figured it would be safe to place the call then. It’s not like he could talk in his room, not with that nosy roommate of his. The kid he’d been placed with actually was really into the whole "getting to know you" thing. Which, was exactly the opposite of what Michael wanted.

"Hi, this is Isabel," came her warm familiar voice. "And Sarah!" added another person, which sounded as though it was hyped up on about 10 cups of coffee. Michael cursed under his breath as he hung up the phone. Stupid answering machine. She was probably in class, where he was supposed to be. It was crazy that he was there even---University of New Mexico. There was no way he’d ever could have made it there without Maxwell. Well…him and his special powers. So, maybe he’d changed a few marks, what harm was there in that? It’s not like you could do anything in life if you didn’t have a high school diploma.

He ran his hand raggedly through his hair, and turned, intent for class.

"Watch it!" Cried a female voice as they collided.

He didn’t have time for this. He looked the petite blonde girl up and down, and let out a snort. "So you really are stalking me, DeLuca."

Maria’s face was a picture of pure surprise. "Well, hello to you too." She retorted angrily. "What are you doing here? I thought this was a good school…You know, one that didn’t take the mentally handicapped."

"Then what are you doing here?"

Maria’s eyes lit up with anger, her nostrils flaring. She threw up her arms in dispair. "Of all the people, and places…Why is it that you always end up being where I am?!" She cried angrily. "Thats all I ask!"

"Its not like I want to be near you. Hate to break it to ya, Deluca, but the world doesn't revolve around you. You know, if you stop being such a princess about things--"

"How am I a princess?" Maria cried, her eyes widening. She flipped her hair back, and took a step towards him, staring him directly in the eye. "I'm just sick of having to deal with you and your lack of hygiene. I mean honestly. do you think that foul stench turns us girls on or something?" She burst out, her hands flailing wildly.

"What, isn’t working for you?" Michael smirked. He had to admit he enjoyed this. The way she looked when she was angry, so consumed with rage, and passion in her voice. Actually, he had to admit, the madder she got, the cuter she was in his eyes. She was like a little girl, taking a tantrum, but you couldn’t help smiling because they were so adorable. Especially the way she was sputtering right now, grasping for an insult to throw back, trying to regain her composure.

Her cheeks were red, as she spat out "Not if you were the last man on Earth!"

Michael gave her a lazy grin, shrugging nonchalantly. "Whatever you say…"

"You---you are just so infuriating!" She exploded, "can you even contemplate how annoying you are? How much I hate you! why can't you just be normal, and act like a regular person?! You can’t even ac---"

Michael grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. He shoved his mouth roughly on hers. Her mouth was open already, in protest, he instantly deepened the kiss. He’d been longing to do this for months, hell—years. Those lips of hers…They were as soft and supple as he’d always imagined, and her skin was smooth to his touch. She succumbed to his touch, and let out a soft moan of his name, as he fumbled with the handle of a door nearby. He thought it would never open, that maybe it was locked, but after a moment it flung open, allowing them access.

He pushed her into the room, slamming the door closed behind them. He brought himself up against her body, his heart beating irregularly. "Maria," he groaned as she ran her hands through his disheveled hair.

A male voice cleared his throat loudly, "So nice of you two to join us," he called up to them, a trace of humor in his harsh tone.

Michael and Maria ripped apart as fast as possible. Spread out in front of them was an almost full class of students, and a middle-aged man in a lab coat standing at the front of the room.

Maria turned to see one of her friends from high school in the class. She caught her eye, and the girl let out a cat-call. "Oh yeah baby!" She cried. Maria flushed red, a slapped away Michael’s hand which still lay on her thigh.

"Guerin and Deluca, who didn’t see that one coming?" Said a hushed voice, just barely audible.


Hey guys, hope you liked 19 - b! *happy* I tried really hard with this section, and thank god for my good friend Laura! She's a massive Candy fan, and when I'm not in a Candy mood she helps me so much. So thank you SO MUCH Laura!

Tell me what you think, comments, suggestions, everything! *happy*

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Thanks for you comments, I'm glad you liked that part. I just figured we needed some comedy relief, and a little candy action...Take a break from all the shinanigans .

I haven't decided whether the next part will be a Max part or a Liz one, but either way, it will be back in Cambridge, don't worry!

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Fresa Chica (the name might be a little wrong, sorry I was babysitting, I'm tired!): Hey, I just realized you're a fellow Canadian! Whoo! Anyway...Just wanted to answer your question from before. Max, Liz Derrick, and the woman were invisible because Derrick's powers are a lot like Tess'. He can make people see or not see certain things. *happy*

Annie: The person in the class was a random one. Originally, my other beta and I were joking around, and that materialized. That person has a name, so if she's reading this, she can laugh ;)

Jen: Oh! You're reading my story? *blush* Cool, a lot of the TRUEbies from FF have gotten into it (Lou, Meli, Rach, you and Laura)...Good to see you!

Guys thank you SO much for the comments! You don't know how good they make me feel. Anyway, I'm going to have more time to write soon, I swear. I'm dropping my math class most likely, and then I've got some catching up to do in my other courses, and then I'll have time. Soon, really!

Also, I'm drawing this out...Max and Liz aren't talking for at LEAST another part *happy* I'm so mean...

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Part 20

He didn’t know what to do. What was there to do? After the phone call to Isabel all he was left with was a mixture of feelings of fear, and anger. He tried to be strong on the phone, he needed to keep it together because he was going to tell Liz the truth. He had to. But in reality he was as scared as Isabel. Inside, he was falling apart.

Everything was true. He knew it, she knew it. Michael would know it soon, if not already. But Liz…He’d known her all of his life. Back when she was merely a child, with those thick brunette braids, and cute little dresses. And for just as long he had loved her from afar. In junior high he had imagined them dating, holding hands, kissing. Just like any other normal couple. And they could be a normal couple, couldn’t they? If he told the truth.

Truth was a focal point to any relationship. His father had drilled that into his head, many times. But this truth was….Earth-shattering. Could she handle it? Would she even believe it? He could show her that it was nothing to be afraid of, that he was okay and not trying to take over the world, or any of that alien non-sense. He was merely just a confused and lost man from another planet, searching for an identity, trying to fit into a society where he didn’t exactly belong, and never would.

He knew she would be okay with it. She had to be okay with it. If she wasn’t, if she ran screaming, proving Isabel and Michael right, he didn’t know what he would do. It would hurt more than anything he had ever experienced. Knowing that the woman that he loved didn’t love him back. And not even just that, that she was fearful of him…It would tear him up inside, bit by bit, piece by piece. She was like his oxygen, his life. She consumed every morsel of his mind, body and soul.

Liz was a scientist, interested in all sorts of different compounds and components. She wanted to be a molecular biologist. Maybe she would treat him as her subject, study him, and then figure out that he was all right. That he wasn’t going to pull out a ray gun, or turn green and three feet tall. He was Max Evans. At least, thats all he knew. Thats all that anyone knew, really. Sure, he was different because of his powers, but was there really much else differentiating them?

He’d been thinking about this all his life. Perhaps he was exactly like a human, except that he had those powers. And the fact that he never got sick, too. But besides that, there was really nothing. All the organs and appearance were the same. Maybe it was a gene, or a separate part of the brain which had developed superiorly, or just differently from the others. Maybe he was part human, and part something else….But he did know he wasn’t from the same planet as the others. Oh no, his visions had told him that.

When he hatched from his pod, and taken into the care of the Evans, he would have dreams every night. Those dreams were so vivid so real—nightmares is what his parents had thought. They assumed that they were from a traumatic past, or the adjustment of the placement into a new environment. But they weren’t. They were visions of another place, another world…Far off from Roswell, New Mexico. Where the clouds were red, and the stars shone so bright and big. The water was like jello, the green kind. It was truly a beautiful sight. Isabel had them too, and Michael. And they were all the same, always the same. There were noises, and smells and tastes that they recognized from somewhere. And the atmosphere was so different, so unlike the norm of Earth.

But he had to be confident, to believe in Liz, to trust Liz. He had trusted his life in hers, and she had agreed to lie, and cover for him for the time-being. But he needed to tell her the truth, and the best way possible.

Max let himself back through the doors entering the busy airport in order to collect his belongings. He’d been so concerned for Liz’s well-being and safety that he had totally forgotten them. Hopefully they were still there, waiting for him to claim them before someone else did. And then he realized that there was something else he hadn’t done.

When it had all happened, when Liz was stabbed, he didn’t even try to find the perpetrator. All that had mattered was that the woman that he loved was on the brink of dying right in front of him. All risks were taken, all cares thrown aside for her. But he hadn’t even tried to figure out the person who had done such a heinous act. And why would someone do such a thing?

He was so foolish. So juvenile. He’d been so busy focused on Liz when it happened that he hadn’t even looked at the stabber, let alone alerted anyone. In fact….Max stopped dead in his tracks.

It seemed as though no one had even noticed what had happened. No one had even glanced up at Liz’s scream, and her miraculous healing. That was….odd to say the least. It seemed as they were completely uncaring and oblivious. Unless…something weird, something unexplainable was going on. But what, and who could be behind this? It obviously wasn’t Isabel, she was scared to death, and Michael…Well, he was in New Mexico right now. Could it be that there was, well, someone else? Someone like him that had done this?

A nervous streak overwhelmed him, as he sucked in a deep breath. Someone else. If that was possible, then he could find answers. After all those years alone. Searching, hiding and trying so hard. He could find out who he was, where he came from. And maybe just why he was here. And why Roswell, why America? He could find out the answers to anything! He had so many questions, more than he could even recall just there. But what if this person was evil?

That hadn’t occurred to him until just then. After all, whoever or whatever had done this had hurt Liz. No, not even just hurt, they had tried to kill her. If this—thing---was hostile then did he really need, or want to get to know it? After what it had done to him, to Liz. Maybe it would do more harm than good to figure out about himself. Maybe it would tell him that he was evil too, or meant to do harm. But that wasn’t his nature. Or, the way he was raised. He’d always seen himself as a nice guy, quiet, but nice. He tried to be the best person that he could be, no matter what. It was important to him. And to find out that he was a thing of evil? Well, then maybe it was just best not to tell Liz. And not to find the attacker.

Then he would have to lie. He would lie, and give her up. It would kill him inside, but he had to do it. There was no other option.


I know, I know, that part sucked and was pretty darn boring. Sorry about that! I just wrote that in about a span of 30 minutes, quickly so that I wouldn't have to write it later. Hehe, I never really do parts without any talking, but I figured it would clear some things up and stuff. Seems Max is just starting to get a clue! *happy*

Tell me what you think, and as always, you all rock and thanks for the love!

Liz *who can't believe shes on part 20!*
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Okay, anyway, at least because of them I get to check in this morning! Thanks for your comments, I'm so glad you liked it. I was really worried about that part.

Teresa: The stabber will be revealed very soon! And I love hearing people's guesses, because sometimes they're right!

Annie: Yeah, transition chapters...blah...But it's done, now on to Liz probably...

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Tonight I might be able to work on the fic, but tomorrow I'm so busy, so if a new part isn't up by 2am this night, then don't expect one until about Sunday. I've got plans...Kareoke, a blind date (ugh), and the movies...

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I've got to go babysit, so I'll see you all later. Thanks!

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Just letting everyone know...This story (parts 1-16, I think) are posted on the repost board. The other parts will be added soon. It's pretty easy to find...

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I've written about half of the next part...*happy* Stayed up late, but wasn't feeling too inspired.

Look for a new character to pop up in the next part. Well, the character's not really new...Just new to this story.

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Part 21

Liz pushed her luggage out of the elevator as the door opened, and stepped onto the floor. The second floor to be exact. It looked like a nice place. The walls were painted a bland beige tone, and the floor was tiled gray. It seemed kind of cold, almost. But in attempts to make it more home-y a pop machine was set up, as well as a water fountain, a few over-stuffed couches, some plants and these really ugly orange curtains covering the windows.

Liz peered around the place, staring quite blatantly at almost everything, taking it all in. She was here. Harvard. This is where she was going to be living for the next year. She might as well get used it. But it was nothing like home. There was no smell of french fries and burgers wafting through the place, no security net of parents, or friends. It was all new, the only other person she knew who was here was Max. And he wasn’t even with her now.

On the airplane, Liz had been so happy to see him. It was like it was fate or something. And then that miraculous kiss at the airport. But…What had really happened? Well, she knew what happened, but why was she supposed to keep it a secret? And why wasn’t she lying dead in a morgue, or in critical condition in the hospital? Two words—Max Evans. She didn’t know why this happened, or even really what had happened exactly, but she knew she owed her life to him. He had done something. There was a knife lodged in her, and suddenly…There wasn’t? That was absolutely impossible.

He’d asked her to keep it a secret. But what? What was the secret she was supposed to keep? He wouldn’t even explain anything to her. She had been dazed, and shocked. He whisked her away into a cab, and sent her here, to begin her new life. Without so much as an explanation of the events that had taken place. Shouldn’t there have been a police report? Someone needed to catch the person who had done that to her.

Maybe it was her imagination---stress? Maybe she’d just absolutely lost her mind? It might just be some made up fantasy because her brain was over-worked, over-excited or over-stimulated. It might have been her dream, her sub-conscience playing games with her. She could have fainted, and thats why Max had been helping her into the cab. But then why didn’t he stay with her? And why did he seem so upset? Surely something had happened. Max wasn’t the type to just ditch out on anyone. It was an enigma…

It wasn’t time to worry about that, though. She had things to do. Later when she was settled she would go find Max, and figure out exactly what was going on. There had to be some sort of logical explanation to all of this.

Her life here was just beginning, and the first step would probably be to figure out which one of these rooms was hers. She swept her eyes over the place again, until she spotted a possible place to find her answers.

A table was set up as a desk in the hallway, manned by a bored looking young man. He was tall, with light honey blonde hair, which was curly, and blue eyes. Across his lips was a smooth, mischevous smile as he read a magazine in his hands.

Liz grabbed her things, nearly tripping at the weight, and approached the table. The boy didn’t even look up to acknowledge her presence. She cleared her throat, and he still paid no attention. "Hi," said Liz setting her bags down letting out a sigh. "Uh—this is my floor, I think."

"Name," said the boy in an un-caring monotone voice. He didn’t even look up from the magazine.

"Liz Parker," she supplied, cocking her head to try to catch his eye. "I got this form sayi—"

"Listen, Parker," he interrupted, his tone harsh. "I look at this list and find your name, then I tell you…" His voice trailed off as he looked up at Liz. He stared at her blankly for a moment, then regained his composure, continuing his explanation in a softer voice. "T-then I tell you the room number, and your roommate. I’m Sean. Sean Williams, I’m your Resident Advisor."

Liz smiled brightly. His change in attitude was appreciated. "Thanks, I really appreciate it. So, uh, could you just direct me towards my room?"

"Sure," he nodded, tossing the magazine down on the counter, and shuffling through a stack of junk discarded on the desk. He pulled out a slightly crumpled paper, and scanned it quickly. "Parker, Elizabeth: Room 217. Down the hall, that-a-way," he pointed, "on the left side."

"Thanks," she said as she collected her belongings, and started to descend down in the direction of her new room.

Sean came around the desk, stepping in front of her. "Listen, if you need any help with anything…Adjusting, homework, personal, anything. I mean, just come to me."

"Thats really nice of you." She knew how guys like this worked. A cute freshman, older boy, RA…He probably just wanted in her pants.

"That’s kinda my job."

"Ohhh," she nodded. Still not fooled. "So how come you didn’t say that in the first place?"

Sean reddened, looking down momentarily. "One too many freshmen have passed through those doors today. Act got old. But you, Parker, must say, a breath of fresh air."

"I’m a lot more than that," she said with a smile, her eyes sparkling. She picked up her things, and stepped around him on her way to her room once again.

"Wait!" He called again.

She turned, looking at him curiously. "What?"

"Let me help you with your things."


Hehe, I felt like writing, so I wrote it really quick. Maybe I'll spit out another part today! Hope you all liked, tell me what you think!

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You guys don't like Sean? I actually kind of do ;-)...Poor misguided kid that he is and all. I'm not sure if his part was just a cameo, or there will be more in upcoming parts...But right now I know exactly where I want to take this story, and am itching to write it. But yeah, I only write really when inspiration strikes me, and I get taken away in it.

Unfortunatly, that is not now. Damn. Anyway, I'll try to write some later seeing as I'm exhausted now.

Miss Roswell: No, thank you for the e-mail, I love it when I get them! Glad you liked it. *happy*

Thanks for all the comments, you guys are just so nice. I love all your comments, they keep me going---I've never written a fic this long before!

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Thanks Annie! *happy* you're the best...Hehe, I think I might make Sean more of a sweetie, like Noel on Felicity. He was so gone on her, and she was obsessed with Ben...So yeah, of course it wouldn't be exactly alike because well..I'm a dreamer NOT a fryer!

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Well...I've been bad, and not even worked on this story for a couple of days. Oops. But then again, I have been busy with my life, and also writing a new fic with Annie! Check out I'm With The Star which I'll hook you all up with the link to soon (since I don't have it right with me now).

I've recently just discovered Ben Lee, who is amazing, and I've been listening to him non-stop. So, actually, I'm very inspired so I'll take a whirl at writing the next part.

I want to put you all and Max out of misery, but yeah...Not yet ;-) I've gotta have mroe angst! It's good for you...Hehe...

Hopefully, a new part soon!

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Part 22

Liz stepped into the medium sized room and inhaled deeply. The room smell of fresh paint, beige, and the carpet was a gray-ish tone. There must have been some kind of monotone theme, because everything in this dorm was in those colors, right down to the couches in the lounge.

It seems the movers had already been there because her bed was set up by the window, and her roommate’s was on the opposite side. Liz was glad she had the window. Back in Roswell, she’d sit on her balcony at night and gaze up at the stars, getting completely lost in thought. It was sort of like a type of meditation for her, she was so absorbed and at peace. Now that she was at school, she wouldn’t have that, and this is probably as close as she would get for a while.

Boxes were scattered, piled and packed over one another, crowding the semi-small room. In Roswell, being meticulous as she was, Liz had taken the time to write her name on every single box, so that she would know that it was hers. Also, the items contained in the cardboard were listed under her name.

Liz scrounged through the room, looking for her box with sheets in it. She pulled a heavy, large box off of another big one, which read "Liz Parker - sheets/pillows". Tearing the top off, she took out the brand new comforter, pillows and sheets which she had bought in Florida during summer vacation. They were a brightly colored floral print, a mixture of turquoises, purples, pinks and blues.

Liz pulled them towards her bed, and started making it right away. If she wanted to sleep at all that night, then she needed to be prepared. After all, how can one sleep when there’s no bed properly set up?

After the bed was made, Liz opened one of her massive suitcases. Folded, and packed in were lots of clothes. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, everything. Of course, a lot of it she had left at home, intent on picking up around Christmas. Not everything had to be moved in now. She opened her closet, or at least, the one she had picked as hers, and started hanging the clothes on the wire hangers provided.

"Knock, knock," came a voice, and Liz turned around. A girl stood in the doorway, a huge grin pasted across her face, and green eyes alive with life. She wore her curly reddish hair half-up, and was decked out in very stylish outfit. "Hi, I’m Laura McLean, your roommate."

"Liz, Liz Parker," Liz said, stepping over boxes to greet the girl, and shake her hand. "It’s good to meet you."

Laura nodded. "Yeah, you too. Need any help?"

Liz shook her head. "No, thats okay, I like unpacking. I see you’ve started already."

Laura went in, and sat down on her bare bed. "Yeah, I got here before you, so I just started to unpack. Then I went to see my boyfriend for a while." She stood, and picked up one of her boxes, tearing it open, and pulling out a small blue lamp. "So, Liz Parker, where is it that you hail from?"

Liz laughed "Roswell, New Mexico," she told her, rolling her eyes. "Alien capitol of the Earth."

Laura joined in on the laughter, "oooh," she teased. "So know any?"

"Not that I know of," Liz laughed at the thought. "It’s all just a scam, I guess. My parents own this restaurant named the Crashdown." She leaned over, and pulled out a stereo. "Where are you from?"

"New York, New York," Laura chirped in an excited voice. "I love it there, I really miss it."

"I know what you mean. I thought that I was glad to get away, but it’s just so different here. And I haven’t even been here that long."

"I know what you mean…I really miss my little sister already. We’re so close." Laura admitted, and pulled out her wallet. She showed Liz a picture of herself and a girl who Liz presumed was Laura’s sister. After all, they looked so similar. The same strikingly green eyes, and auburn hair was the features which showed their sister-hood the most. Laura’s arms were wrapped around her sister’s neck, both of them laughing. It was a very warm and happy photograph.

"What’s her name?" Asked Liz, her voice soft. The girls reminded her of herself and Maria. Maria, she needed to call her. Figure out what was going on with each other, and all that.

"Jess," Laura sighed, pushing it back into her wallet, and throwing it on her bare bed. "She’s 16, and just this amazing dancer. Maybe she’ll come visit sometime."

Liz nodded. "That’d be cool."

Laura’s eyebrows rose, her eyes glistening. "So, Liz Parker, do you have a boyfriend?"

Liz blushed, looking down for a moment, then glancing up to meet the girl’s eyes. There were only two answers she could submit to her. Yes or no. But which was it? Was she Max’s girlfriend? Or, was it just a couple passionate encounters? Maybe it hadn’t meant anything at all. And then…how he’d disappeared like that. He was just so confusing and…intense. But thats partly what made him so attractive to her. Well, that and the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous. She bit her lip. "No, no I don’t."

Laura nodded. "I saw you getting all cozy with the RA." She nudged Liz gently. "Sparks fly? He’s kind of hot."

Liz smiled, shaking her head. Great, a boy crazy roommate. Not that it was a bad thing, it’d surely prove to be entertaining. "Nah, I kind of have someone---in mind, I guess you could say."

Her roommates eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning as she pulled Liz down to sit on the bed next to her. "Tell me every single detail," she ordered intently.

"It’s just…Just kind of complicated."


Okay, what did you think? I know its short, and simple but I had to introduve Laura one way or another...


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I'm so glad you liked it...Oh, and Laura will definatly be a part of this story, so yeah...get used to her. Hint, hint...Thanks for the comments!

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Now I'm off to work on this corny story I'm writing for my friend which has nothing to do with Roswell *sigh*

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Part 23

Complicated. That was an understatement, and she knew it. The roommate meeting had gone well, and it seemed they were going to get along fine. The plan was working out well. Liz was out just now, she said she was going to go get some coffee, and invited her to go along, but she’d declined regretfully. She really did like Liz, she was a sweet girl. It was hard to imagine what she had had to do to her just a few hours beforehand.

She walked into the small washroom that the girls shared, and splashed some water on her face. It was shockingly cool, which is just what she needed. Derrick was living in the same dorm, a few rooms down, they’d altered the housing list a little, and assumed fake identities. Of course, she’d only ever known him by Derrick, so they’d kept her. But in her case, her given name was unusual, something that would be remembered. After all, how many people were actually named Serena?

Serena…Thats who she was, messenger and humble soldier from Anatar. And now, well, she was on this huge mission. Plan A had gone well, but there was more to know, and she would use Liz to learn it. She’d tried earlier, asking Liz questions about Max and aliens. From what she could tell by scanning the other girls face, and body language, she didn’t know Max’s secret. But then again, Max hardly knew the secret about himself anyway.

And she was the one who was to tell him. Imagine, one day out of the blue a stranger would come up to you and tell you that you were really the king of some planet you’d never heard of. Hell, he’d found out about his alien status, and now this? It was enough to drive someone mad. But it was necessary. He had to know about everything that had happened. And about what was going to happen in due time. Otherwise, who knew what could happen?

She knew that Liz loved him, and that he loved her. He’d healed her after all. Someone wouldn’t just make the ultimate sacrifice of their own life for another for no one special. Unless, well, he was a dramatic hero. But under these circumstances, he couldn’t afford to be a hero to just anybody. Liz was special to him, in a way no one else was. Serena knew this, she’d read the prophecies. And now…here she was, after her whole life. She was the one who was going to bring about the destiny that the fates had written about so long ago. Before King Zan, before the war. Before all that, so long ago that no one lived to remember it.

In some ways it reflected the Christian religions bible. That’s what the scriptures were considered like on Anatar. They told the story of a young king who would reign, then die. And the king would be brought to life again, a changed man. And the king would be of Earth, and he would fall in love with a woman of a different species. And he would return to Anatar and reign as King once again, and bring salvation to his people with the birth of his son.

But he couldn’t it was almost impossible now. First of all, to thrust such a responsibility on a boy raised in such an atmosphere would be a horrible thing to do. He wouldn’t be prepared, and was in no way knowledgeable of Anatar’s customs and laws. He wouldn’t understand, or if he did---he wouldn’t be able to fulfill such a role. And second, it wasn’t even necessary anymore. Because Khivar had been killed. Assassinated by Larek’s men. The war was over, and King Zan was able to assume the right to the throne if he chose to. Otherwise, he might be allowed to turn the throne over to a righteous member of the court.

Perhaps Larek, Zan’s best friend. Or, maybe Vilandra would like to assume the role, or Rath. Though they probably wouldn’t be any more suited for it then Zan was.

Serena didn’t really know how to tell Max, or Liz the truth. But she knew that she had to keep watch on them both, very carefully. After all, this relationship was supposed to work, even if the other part of the prophecy was not to happen. And she was going to do everything in her power to make it be so.


I know, I's way too short. But yeah, I'm having some block. But I thought as a Halloween "treat" I'd give you this part!

Hope you liked it...That mystery is solved now, but yeah...Stick around to see what happens with Serena and Derrick.

As always, thank for your comments, I love getting them!

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Hehe, I was trying to be sneaky so none of you would suspect it! I guess I fooled a lot of you! I really am sorry it was so short, but don't worry--the next one is coming sooner or later. I have other fics to update, essays to write, and movie marathons to go to. Eventful weekend!

Nana: I absolutely PROMISE you, and everyone else, that it will be a happy ending. If it wasn't, that would just be so terrible. Of course, unless I was writing a sequal, which I doubt I will...

Strawberry Shortcake: Couldn't fool you! I wanted someone to pick up on the red hair/green eyes! You gotta look for subtle hints!

Annie: C'mon now, did I really fool you? My beta? LOL!

Thank you all for your comments, you're all so great!


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They'll be more soon, I promise...

Probably today even!