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Title: Remember me Daddy
author: Babylisou
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Disclaimer: Roswell belong to Jason Katim...blablabla...
Category: M/L and the other too
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It start 5 years after season 3. Max and Liz live together. Phillips died and Max's son had been adopted. Liz decides to contact the person who takes care of Max's son since 5 years.
Author's note: I'm not good in English but I try to write so be nice and please Feedback me.


Liz looked at the paper in her hand. The name 'Sheyley' shining in her brain. She glared at the woman sitting on the stool near her. She knew it's her, the mother of Max's son, the one who take care of him when Max felt to guilty to do it.
Will Max forgive her one day for what she was going to do?
She took a deep breath and calls the woman behind her shoulder. "Mrs. Sheyley?» She faced Liz with a shy smile.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Liz Evans."

Part 1

Liz squirmed as she sits on the couch in the Sheyley’s living room. She felt awkward at the thought of being in this place, where Max’s son have been raised since 5 years.
Suddenly, she felt the desire to run away from this place. She wanted to never have the idea of finding Max’s son. She wanted to forget all the things she already knew about his life and his so-called family. But before she could do anything, a voice in her ears brought her back to the reality. «Liz?» Mrs. Sheyley gave her a cup of tea and took place next to the young woman. “I don’t know what you want from me Liz…It’s just…it’s just so weird to have you here…» Liz shifted awkwardly. “I…I just want you to tell me…tell me about…hum…How did you call him?» “Alexander…but everyone call him Alex.» Liz felt her pounding heart again her chest and her eyes started moistening with tears.
Sandra Sheyley felt suddenly guilty as the young girl started crying in front of her. She tentatively put a hand on her thin arm. «Liz, are you ok? …What did I say?»
Liz took a deep breath as she remembered everything about Alex’s death. If only she knew what she had done by calling him Alex; it was just…beautiful.
Liz managed to say something as she realized how embarrassed it was for the woman in front of her . “I’m…I’m sorry…it’s just…it’s nothing…” She glared at Mrs. Sheyley with a sorry look . “Please , tell me how…how did it happened ?” Sandra took a deep breath as she tried to remember the day Alex entered her life ; probably the most beautiful day in her life since her wedding . “My husband was dead with my son in a car crash just 3 months before and I was desperated . I wanted something knew in my life and Alex was the gift god had promised me…Just before the crash my husband and I had decided to receive some children in our house…without adopting them…just to give them some happiness…And when Mr. Evans talked to me on the phone-“ She stops suddenly as she thought at what she has just said . “Evans ?…Is he your father ?” Liz smiled shyly . “No he is my father-in-law…I married his son…” “So he is Alex’s grandfather, is he ?” “Yeah…actually he Was…he died 3 years ago…” Sandra brought her hand to her mouth . “Oh , I’m sorry , I didn’t know…” “It’s ok , don’t worry…” Sandra lowered her head as she reminded the man . “He was…he seemed so sorry when he gave me the baby . I believe he was crying . But , I was too happy to really take care of it…there was just this little one who was to me for a while…I’m sorry that it was hard for him and it was probably hard for his father too but…I don’t know…” Liz stared at Sandra with tearing eyes . She remembered everything about this time…Max never forgave himself for letting his son with someone he didn’t even know . After a too long silence , Liz lowered her head and asked slowly : “Did Alex knows that…” “That he isn’t really my son ?…yeah…I told him last years when he turned 4…I wanted him to know since the beginning…I think he understood…” Sandra leaned forward to look directly in Liz eyes . “Liz…I want him to know his father…I was just too loose before…But the fact that you were here it’s just a good thing for him…Did you thing that…your husband-“ “Max…his name is Max…” “Right , do you think that Max would like to meet him ?” Liz started to feel embarrassed . “Max…well…he don’t know I’m here…actually he don’t even know that his son lives at less than 5 miles from him…” She laughed nervously . “Oh…” “But I’ll talk to him…” She was stopped by the noisy entry of a little boy in the house . He ran in his mother arms .
“Hey baby !” he pounded . “I not a baby !” “Right sorry big boy !” They chuckled together and Sandra turned a grinning face to Liz .
“Hey Alex , I want you to meet someone…Here is Liz .” “Hi Liz.” The little boy gave her a shy smile as he waved his hand and Liz felt her heart overwhelmed with emotions as she recognized Max smile in his. She brought a shaking hand to her mouth . “My god…” She whispered softly . Sandra stood up from the couch . “I’m letting you for a while…I’m just in the kitchen if you need me…” Liz just nodded without looking at her too busy at staring at the little boy in front of her . After a while , she stroked his cheek slowly with her thumb . “You know you look exactly like your dad…” “D’you know him?” “What ?” “My daddy…Mum says he is u’stairs somewhere…so , d’you know him…” Liz felt her heart pounding hard again her chest . “Yeah…I know him…would you like to meet him .” The little boy’s face lighted up at her sentence . “I want to !”

Liz shifted some packet in her arms and pushed the door open with her hips. Max run to her and started to take all the things off of her arms. “Liz where were you ? I was so worried !” He started to check her: running his hand all the way her body searching for any damages. Liz felt her stubbornness kicking on. “Max stop it! …I’m going to have a baby! I’m not a baby myself!…So stop it ! I can take care of myself!”
Max flinched at the ton in her voice. He mumbled in his breath some apologizes before quitting the room. Liz looked at him when he slid the glass-door that separated the living room from the small garden. She started to feel guilty. She didn’t want to yell at him but she couldn’t help herself. He cared so much about her sometime that she was feeling like an animal in cage.
She followed him in the garden and took sight of him sitting on a long chair facing their neighbor house. She could say, by the way his shoulders were shaking, that he was crying. She felt the need to kick herself for the way she had acted toward him.
She approached him slowly and finally slid her arm around his shoulder. He jumped but she didn’t let him go away from her grip; she needed to know that he wasn’t sad at her.
“Max…I’m sorry, I-.” He stopped her with a single finger on her lips. “No Liz…don’t…I’m sorry.” Liz couldn’t help the tears that were now running down her cheeks. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs and linked his lips with hers in a tender kiss.
Liz deepened the kiss by pushing her chest against him but when her small round belly bumped on his, their eyes met and they started to laugh. They hadn’t really realized that Liz was pregnant…well, they knew t but it was again so unreal because she didn’t show it.
But this time, Liz could felt it. She quickly opened her blouse and the two of them looked in awe at her stomach that showed now a little bump just at her belly button.
They stayed that way a little while before Max knelt in front put his mouth on her belly.
“Hey…baby it’s daddy…I hope you ok…and I’m really sorry for what I did to your mum but I really want to make the two of you the safer…Daddy love you baby.”
Liz’s eyes started to moisten as she listened to Max. He was so cute sometime and she was sure that he would be the greatest father…for this one…and for Alex too.
She felt his soft cheek on her stomach and just enjoyed the feeling. Her hand unconsciously brushed his hair at the back of his head and they stayed that way, just listening to each other calm breath and silence tears running on their cheeks.
Max couldn’t imagine that it was his life: living with Liz, expecting a baby from her; what he has always dreamed of. But something was missing…or someone…

Max pushed the door open with his hips, his hand filled with Liz bottom as he carried her on the bed. Her kisses were full of passion, demanding. He laid her in the middle of the double bed as she continued to kiss him.
Every single of his skin was now covered with her mouth. “Liz…” Her name escaped his mouth in a sharp breath. “Liz…what are we doing…”
Liz stopped kissing him ignoring his groan. She looked in his eyes full of desire. “I think I’m raping you.” And she forced him on his back devouring his lips, finally giving release at her demanding body…and his.
End part 1

Part 2

Liz sat at the table as she looked at Max preparing her breakfast. She tilted her head on the side, a groan escaping her closed lips when Max bend down to took something under the sink.
He looked at her from his shoulder and just smiled at her grimace. “What?” She approached him and slid her arms around his bare waist. “Nothing…I was just thinking that I could eat you…” She bit his shoulder and snapped her teeth in front of his face.
“What are you doing…I’m starving!” “Yeah I can see that…well it’s just some eggs with tomato.” “Umm…sound good.”
There was a silence and Liz started to think about the day before. She had to find a way to tell Max what she knew. And now, after a good sleep, was probably the right time.
“Max?” “Hum?” “Did you think about him sometime?” She didn’t have too precise whom she was talking about. Max slowly released her grip around his waist and walked toward the window, not wanting to meet her eyes. “All the time…” “Don’t you want to find him again ?…I mean you could search for him and meet him…” He turned toward her surprised by her sudden interest in his son. “What? Why?…No I don’t think so Liz…” “But why?” “I don’t deserve him Liz!…I abandon him…He probably hate me now…” “No Max…Don’t say that…He want to meet you!” “How can you say that, you didn’t even know him! You didn’t even ask him!” Liz locked his eyes with him.
“Yes Max, I did.”

2 days later
“Yes…thank you so much Mrs. Sheyley, it mean a lot to me…and to Max…yes…ok…so tomorrow at 3…OK .”
Liz hung up the phone a grin on her face. Max was going to meet his son will or not.
After all he was his flesh and he needed him…she needed him…

At 3, Liz was at the Sheyley door. She was ready to knock but the door opened on a grinning Alex. “Hiya! C’mon. Mum waiting for’you.” He took her hand and led her on the little house. But he stopped before they passed the kitchen’s door. “Wait. Wanna ask’you som’thin.” “Oh…” Liz knelt in front of him. “Go on little man…I’m listening.”
Alex squirmed a little and avoided her eyes. “Mum tol me tha I was meetin my daddy today…” “yeah…that’s right.” His amber eyes locked with hers. “Is tha you?” Liz started to laugh at his innocent words. “Well…no I’m not…But I know him…he is my husband…” Alex tilted his head to the side and stared at the door behind Liz. “Is not here?” “No…I’m sorry Alex but you’ll meet him tonight…I promise.” The grin reappeared on his cutie face and he led her on the kitchen. “Mum…Liz’ here!” He ran on his mother arm. “Mum, She tol me I’ll meet daddy tonigh !” “Yeah baby that’s right…Hi Liz how are you?…And the baby?” She pointed at her belly. “Well everything is fine…He is just overactive sometimes…” “Oh yeah Alex is too! He never stop running!” She stopped when she realized what she had said. “Liz I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” “No Sandra…It’s ok, probably a genetic stuff!” The two of them started to laugh a their silliness. Alex just shook his head, perplex.
He cut them by grabbing Liz’s hand. “Wanna play with me?” “Not now baby…Mum and Liz need to talk before.” Alex lowered his head and silent tears started to run on his cheeks. Liz knelt beside him and turned his chin to face him. “Hey…It’s nothing little man. We’ll play later…I promise…and with your daddy too.” “Really?” “Yeah!”
Alex started to run toward the stair. “I’m going to do a drawing for my daddy!”
The two women laughed together smiling at each other. Everything would be ok. Liz was sure of that now.

“Hey Alex what do you think about some ice cream?” Liz looked at the little boy who sat on the backseat. “I luuuuuuuve ice cream!…but what about daddy? Don’t he want ice cream too?” Liz smiled at the way Alex cared about Max whereas he didn’t even know him. “Well…We could take some chocolate ice cream for him, that’s his favorite; and we’ll bring him tonight at the house…what do you think of that?” “Good idea. Chocolate is my favorite too! What yours Lizzie ?!” yeah…everything will be perfect. Liz thought as she answered Alex’s questions.

“Lisa-Beth Guerin! Would you please stop running in this restaurant! You’re disturbing the customers!...Michael can’t you stop your daughter!” “My daughter! She is yours as much as mine!” “Michael! Don’t complicate the things !!!!…And it’s probably not from me that she took this behavior: You are the savage and I’m the civilized.” Michael sight in relief as she walked away.
Liz almost burst in laughter when she opened the Blondie’s and find herself in front of Michael butt trying to caught his daughter under a table. When he grabbed her she slid out of his arms and run into Liz. “Lizzie!” “Hey Lisa-Beth!” Michael came to Liz and kissed her cheek. “Hey what are you doing here? I thought Max wanted you to stay at home.” “Well. Max Isn’t my doctor and I’m starving so…can we have a booth ?”
“We?” Liz squirmed a little. Maria was the only on she had talk about Alex and she didn’t know how Michael would react. She pushed Alex in front of her. “Here…I want you to meet Alex.” Michael looked at the little boy and immediately recognized Max shy smile. He looked at Liz with surprise. “ Is he…” She just nodded waiting for his reaction. “Well…wow…” he outstretched his hand in front of the little boy. “Nice to meet you Alex…I’m Michael…your father friend…” Alex took his hand and Michael shook it with a grin. Maria arrived at this moment. “Hey Chica How are-.” She stopped suddenly when she saw the little boy in front of Liz. “Oh My God…Liz is he…” Liz nodded. ”Wow…He looks so much like Max…”
Liz felt suddenly guilty. Alex was meeting his father’s friends before is father himself…And Max wasn’t even ready. He had told her 3 times in two days. How had could she be so selfish.
She felt suddenly dizzy and her mind turned blank before she could answer Maria questions.
End part 2

Part 3

Max arrived at the hospital less than fifteen minutes after Maria phone call. He found her in the waiting place. “Hey Maria! Where is she?” She ran to him. “Max. It’s ok don’t worry…They are making some exams.” “Exams?” “No blood exam. They just need to know if everything is ok now. But they think it’s just the stress…You know…everything she…worry about…most about you…” “Me?” “Yeah…” Maria felt suddenly weird to talk to him about that. But she had promise to Liz.
“Max…hum…Your son…Your son is at my place.” “What?…What does he do over there?” “He…well you know…Liz , she wanted you to meet him…she wanted it really bad…and well…you know her, when she has something in mind, you can’t stop her, and…and…well…” She knew she was babbling but she couldn’t stop herself. “Maria. Maria stop right now…you’re babbling.” “I know. Sorry.” “Just tell me where she is.”
“Second room on your right…I just wait here, but please don’t hate her.” “You know I can’t.” She tried a small smile as he disappeared at the corner.

Liz felt Max before he walked in the room. She didn’t want to confront him right now, so she just laid on her bed, with her eyes closed. She shivered when she felt his hand in her prominent belly; it’s was shaking, and she understood that he was crying. She opened her eyes slowly, meeting his. “Why did you do that? I don’t ask anything…So why?” He seemed so confused that she felt her own tears moistening her eyes. “Don’t you understand Max? I do that for me…and for the baby…I need that…I really want to make a family with you…But sometimes before building a future, you need to restore the past…and that’s what I’m doing.” She tilts his chin to look in his eyes. “Please Max…do that for me…”

Michael was trying to clean the place as the door ring. He pried god that it didn’t wake up Lisa-Beth. He opened the door with two toy truck under one arm and Lisa’s coat in the other. “Hey Max! I was waiting for you.” “Hey Mi.” He didn’t finish his sentence because Lisa ran in his arms. “Max!” “Hey! Little bumpy!” “Hey you don’t call my daught’ like that!” “But I luuuuve when he call me like tha!” Michael just grinned to his daughter. “I thought you were sleeping!” “I am…see I’m dreaming!” She laid her head on Max shoulder, snoring loudly, feigning to be asleep. “Yeah…well you better be in your own bed, or Momma is going to killed me when she’ll come back.” “Pooooooor daddy…don’t wanna you be in twouble…” She pound and slide in his father arms hugging him.
“Hey. Michael…”Max tried to hold him back, but he was gone in Lisa’s bedroom. He sat on the living room, shifting awkwardly on the couch. His son was somewhere on this apartment and he didn’t find the courage to search him.
But his eyes laid on a form in the kitchen through the open door. It was sitting at the table bent down probably for writing something.
Max opened the door without too much noise and carefully walked near the little boy.
Alex didn’t hear him and just continued to draw. His head jumped from his shoulder as he saw a man take place beside him.
Max tried to stay calm. But his inside was screaming with fear: Is he going to recognize me? Is he going to accept me? Is he going to forgive me? All this questions were running in his head and he couldn’t stop it. But he didn’t want to scare him so he just smiles shyly.
“Hey…can I see what you are doing?” Alex just nodded without stopping glaring at Max. Finally he followed Max gaze on his picture, and put his finger on the first figure that was drawn. He almost whispered as he spoke. “Here is my…Mum…and…here is Liz…and…and…here is my daddy…but…I don’t know him.” His head was lowered on the table as he continues to draw.
Max just stared in awe. He couldn’t even imagine that it was his son. He had imagined him so much time; but the think was that he couldn’t really see his face correctly. And now he was there, in front of him looking like the most beautiful little boy in the world.
“I’m Alex…You?” Max went out of his reverie at the sound of the little man’s voice.
“Uh…sorry…I’m Max.” A smile appeared suddenly on Alex’s face. He tilted his head on the side just staring at Max. “It’s you…” “Who?” “You…” “Me?” “That’s you…your my daddy…righ… Liz told me…” He said this words with so much awe that Max felt his heart pounding faster and faster. Maybe Liz was right finally…Maybe his son had forgiven him. But Max needed to be sure.
“Yes I’m…Are you angry?” Alex just stared at him perplex. “Why?” Then he crawled in Max arms, hugging him for death.
At this point, Max couldn’t hold the tears which was running on his cheeks. He carried Alex until he was on his laps and just whispered in his ears. “I’m sorry…so sorry.”
Alex looked at his father’s face. “But for what?” “For abandoning you…for letting you with people you didn’t even know…” He cup his face in his large hand. “I’m sorry…for being so selfish…” Alex’s smile disappeared when he saw the tears on Max cheeks.
“But you don’t adanboned me…” Max smiled at his innocent word. “Mum is ok with me…and now I know my daddy.” He hugged him more kissing his unshaved jaws.“Is ok now…ll’right…”

When Michael go out of Lisa’s bedroom he was surprised to find Max holding a sleeping Alex in his arm. He just smiled at his friend behavior: acting like a real father. Max didn’t bother to look at Michael. “I think I better bring him back…It’s late…did Liz told you where he was living?” “Maria called me before you arrived. She told me the address.”
He gave him a piece of paper that Max took without quitting Alex cute face. “Thank you… see you later.” He just turned around before living. “Can I come here when-“ Michael didn’t let him finished. “No prob…The couch is your.” “Thank you…I mean for taking care of him too.” “Don’t…this one is amazing…look like it’s genetic.” “Thank you…late.” “Late.”


Max felt his nervousness beginning to make his palms sticky. Like he was not enough for him to meet his son today, he has to meet the woman who took care of him too. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing…
Max lift Alex in his arms taking care not to wake him up. When he saw his little amber eyes opened he just put a finger on his mouth. “Just sleep little man.”
When he arrived at the door, he had no time to knock. It opened on a smiling forty years old woman. “Hey…I was waiting for you…Is he sleeping?” Max was first stunned by the way she acted but his eyes just follow her gaze on his son. “Well…yeah…It was a big day…” “I think too…can you bring him to bed?…he is a little too heavy for me to carry.” “Sure.”
She leaded him in a small room. The floor was covered with toys and expensive clothes. Apparently his son had been spoiled during all this years. “It’s look like he loves to live in a mess. His room stay that way all the time, and I don’t talk about the bathroom after his bath.” Max just smiled. He was feeling too weird to say anything.
Sandra pulled the cover apart and let Max put his son on the bed. He couldn’t help but gave him a light kiss on the forehead, it seemed natural to him.
Sandra smile at the way Max was acting toward his son.
When they walked toward the door, she turned to him quickly before he could go away. “Can we talk a little bit?” She saw his hesitation and continue: “I really want to know you…for Alex…” Max gave up when he saw the determinate look on her face.
Once again she leaded him on the house, and proposed him the couch to sit. He accepted politely and turned to her. “So…I don’t know…well actually there is something I want to talk to you about too-.” He knew he was babbling the moment he saw the grin on her face. But he couldn’t stop himself. “Well…I wanted to thank you…for letting me seeing Alex.” She cut him suddenly without quitting his eyes. “You look exactly like him…Liz was right.” Max felt disoriented and stopped talking, he just stared at her.
“Max you have to know that I approve completely the fact that Alex have a relationship with his father. He never had one because my husband…well he died just before he could know him…I have wanted to met you since Alex is two…before it was too painful…but this day when I brought him to school…well, there was all this proud fathers and it was really difficult for me to think that I have stolen your child-.” “Stolen?…You didn’t steal him…I’ve abandon him.” Tears started running on his cheeks for the thirth time during this evening. He couldn’t imagine that the woman in front of him was apologized for something he had done.
“I was…I was just selfish and…I abandon him…And I’ll never have too much time to thank you for what you did…and do…I just want to explain to you…” He took a deep breath . “well, when his mother brought him to me,…my life was so complicated and…I just wanted him safe…” “Max please don’t do that…you don’t have to apologize…You were young and you needed time…” “What can I do?” Sandra smiled to him. “Maybe you could accept to see him more often…he need you…” Max smiled back between his sobs. “Thank you.”

End Part 3

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