TITLE: See You on the Island
SUMMARY: There is a mysterious place known only as the Island, which has mysterious ties to the government...(yeah, I know the summary sucks, but I don't want to give it away...I WILL say that I got the title from a quote from the Simpsons...anybody who knows what I'm talking about might have a slight idea of what's coming)
DISCLAIMER: Yeah, right. Like I own anything. *happy*



That was all Max saw. A meaningless haze of bright colors.

And there was this floating sensation, like he was being lifted on a patch of soft fluffy clouds.

If he didn't know better, Max would swear that he was in a dream.

He wasn't in a dream, though.

A nightmare, maybe.

Only this was all too real.


He was lying on a bed.

The drugs had worn off somewhat, although a slight sense of wooziness remained. But at least Max could think now. Thank goodness for that.

He was in a room of some sort, and it was surprisingly bare. Whoever had brought him here, Max thought wryly, didn't want to risk anything. There was the bed (which he was STRAPPED to, by the way) and a medical contraption attached to him through an IV tube and needle; that was pretty much it. The stark blankness and vacancy of the room unnerved him.

Alone with his thoughts, Max tried to remember what had happened, but it was difficult. It was all such a blur. He recalled a drug store and...and...Isabel and Michael. They had gone to the store to get...what was it?...food. For a party? Oh right. Michael's birthday. Food for Michael's birthday.

And then the needle piercing through his neck, the sharp pain shooting throughout his body, and the blackness that spread. The memory made Max gasp.

Lost in the recollection, Max was initially unaware when the door to the room slid open, and a man stepped inside. And he continued being unaware until the person stood right next to him.

"Hello, Max. Have a pleasant night's dream?"

Max glanced up at a white lab coat, and then looked up further into a rather thin face (equipped with a smile that didn't reach his eyes) and a mess of dark hair. He swallowed.

"Who are you? And where am I?"

His voice came out a bit slurred. Guess he didn't have all his motor skills back yet.

The man's smile grew wider. He reached over to the newfangled medical contraption next to the bed and twirled a few dials, ignoring Max's questions.

"I think you should get some rest."

Max was about to say that he didn't need any damn rest, that what he really wanted were answers, including where his sister and best friend were. But he was suddenly hit with a blast of fatigue that reached all the way down into his toes. Probably something to do with all those dials that the guy turned. He sank back into the bed; the man turned around to leave, but not before a few parting words.

"Welcome to the Island."

The door slid shut behind him.


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