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Standard disclaimer: Don’t own them, just borrowing them, blah, blah, blah.

This is my very first attempt at writing anything, so I apologize in advance for suckiness.

Dedication: To Angie and Sandy, for your friendship, support and encouragement.

Category: M/L, CC, starts PG13, but there will be some heavy R situations as the story progresses.

Edited to add: I had initially stated that while the story started out PG13, it would evolve into heavy R. This was pretty much because the original story was intended to be a short story of only 5 or 6 chapters. However, once I began writing, the story took a life of its own, and my original intended ending went flying out the window. As I worked on several chapters that will come later in the story I discovered that these characters have a mind of their own, and this story will definitely move into NC17 territory.

Now those parts are relatively few in nature, and I will put a NC17 warning above any explicit chapters.


This is a story that takes place after EOTW and Harvest. No jellyfish queens, no funky blue crystals, and certainly no TEX! My Max would never dream of falling on Tess’s beach blanket. I will try to keep Isabel from becoming IsaBoring, LOL. I will be borrowing some things that happened in later episodes, and maybe even some ideas from other shows or books and change them around for this story. Also, unlike Kooky Katims, who had 19 year olds graduating; in this story, all the kids are currently 17, and Max and Isabel are assumed to be twins. While I have kept the Whitaker, Skins, Nicholas stuff in, forget that Snoreprise ever mentioned Isabel’s birthday.

I have made the events in EOTW and Harvest occurring in October and we pick up a few weeks later. Since I did not want to have to deal with Courtney, we shall assume that she perished in the fight at Copper Summit, and the Skins were all left there to molt to death. LOL

After the events of EOTW and Harvest, Liz feels that she must once again leave Roswell so Max can fulfill his destiny, but an accident brings about revelations.

The Evil Within


The sun had barely risen that November morning as Liz Parker stood beside her bed packing a few items of clothing and bits of her memories into a duffle bag and small back pack. She stood gazing at a picture of her and Max Evans, taken during happier times, and contemplated on how she arrived at this point in her life.

It didn’t seem like that much time had passed since she and Max Evans had run for their lives that night Max was rescued from the Special Unit, declaring their love for one another while hiding out in an overturned van and catching a few hours sleep clasped tightly in each other’s arms. But months have passed since then, and it seemed that each time Liz began to feel a glimmer hope for her and Max’s future, fate had a way of stepping in and snatching it from her grasp. Liz sighed and thought, sometimes, fate really sucks.

First, there was a holographic message from Max and Isabel’s real mother revealing that not only had he lived a former life as an alien king, but also that Tess had been his wife. That Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess had been recreated and sent to Earth in hopes that someday they would somehow free their enslaved planet. Feeling that Max had a destiny that did not include her, Liz had spent the summer away from Roswell, to give Max a chance to seek his destiny without any interference from her. But upon Liz’s return, Max set out to win her back.

Just when Liz’s resistance was almost at an end, the most incredulous thing happened. Max himself returned from a future time to warn her that because of their relationship, his battle with his enemies was lost, and Earth lost with it. Then Future Max asked Liz to do the hardest, most difficult thing she could imagine, make Max Evans fall out of love with her. And as painful as it was, she did. How could she not when it was the love of her life asking her for her help? And so she broke Max Evans’ heart, along with her own.

A voice interrupted her musings, saying “Liz, babe, are you sure about this? It’s not too late to just unpack everything and forget this foolishness.”

Liz placed the photo in her bag, and turned to see her best friend, Maria DeLuca, standing in the doorway. “Maria, we’ve discussed this. It’s for the best. I thought I was strong enough to handle this, to try and just be Max’s friend, but ever since we returned from Copper Summit, he barely speaks and he’s gone out of his way to avoid me. And worse, I’ve seen him and Tess sitting together at lunch and after school.” She sighed, “Looks like they are starting to grow closer.”

“Liz, you know he doesn’t care anything about her.” Maria walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. “He’s just hurting right now, and God knows she’s always right there in his face,” she added with disgust. “And while Max may be avoiding you, that doesn’t stop him from looking at you when you aren’t looking.”

As Liz continued packing her bags, she said “That may be, but I have to give Max the chance to see where things could go with Tess. It’s his destiny.”

“Arrghhh” Maria groaned, falling backwards on the bed. “Destiny, Schmestiny, now there’s a word I wish I’d never heard.”

Liz offered a slight smile, “Yeah, me, too. I just can’t bear to stay here and watch from the sidelines, especially knowing that in that other timeline we got married.”

“What are you going to tell your folks? They are going to freak when they find you gone.”

As Liz moved back and forth from dresser to bedroom gathering her belongings, “You know this is the perfect time for me to leave. They aren’t coming back from the restaurant convention in Phoenix until Monday night, and I’ve left them a letter. I’ll just have my new school in Florida send for my records, then” her voice breaking a bit, “I’ll be all set for a brand new life.”

“Oh, Lizzie,” Maria and Liz tearfully hugged one another and Maria said “Well, if I can’t talk you out of this foolishness, at least let me drive you to the bus stop.”

Liz wiped her eyes, picked up her bags, looked around the room she had lived in the past 17 years, and slowly walked out the door.

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Dreamer insurance has been issued.

The Evil Within

Chapter 1

It was a very blue Maria DeLuca that unlocked the front doors of the Crashdown Café that Saturday morning. Liz had refused to let her wait with her at the bus depot, insisting that Maria and Michael needed to keep the Crashdown running smoothly for her parents. As Maria waited on the early birds in the diner, she glanced at the clock, she saw that it was just after 8:00 o’clock, Liz’s bus should be rolling by now.

Michael’s voice rang out. “Hey, Blondie, do you plan on serving any of these folks, or are you just going to stare at the clock all day?

“I’m coming, keep your pants on” Maria yelled back.

“And just why couldn’t Liz be here? Once again, Agnes didn’t show up and orders are starting to back up.” Michael complained.

Maria was spared having to respond when she heard the bell on the door ring out. She turned to see Max and Isabel Evans come in and take a booth. Maria’s heart went out to Max as she saw the dark circles under his eyes as he looked towards the back of the diner, obviously looking for Liz. It was killing her not to just blurt out the whole truth to Max, but Liz had made her promise not to tell. Maria just wasn’t certain if that was a promise she could keep.

As she went to take their orders, Sheriff Valenti, Kyle and Tess came in together and took a table near Max and Isabel. As Maria was bringing their drinks, she frowned as saw Tess teasing Kyle, threatening to spike his food with Tabasco, smiling and flirting with Max. Everyone was laughing, even Max had a slight smile on his face, and it just made Maria miss Liz even more.

“Maybe I could just pretend that I tripped and oh, how awful that this pitcher of orange juice landed all over Tess.” Maria thought. But resisting temptation, she set the pitcher down on their table. Just then the Sheriff’s cell phone rang. Maria walked back over to the pickup window as Kyle grumbled about how his dad couldn’t even eat a family breakfast without a call from Deputy Hanson.

As Maria was headed to a table with a couple of breakfast platters, she overheard Valenti, “Sorry kids, but I have to go. There’s been an accident. This morning’s bus to Albuquerque went off the highway just outside of Roswell.”

“Oh, my God” Maria cried out as she dropped the platters to the floor, “Liz is on that bus!”

Max jumped up and caught Maria just as her legs began to give away with her. “What? Why?” he stammered, but Maria could only shake her head, words just wouldn’t form on her tongue. The commotion brought Michael running out from the kitchen.

Valenti headed towards the door, saying, “I’m on my way out there, I’ll keep you posted on the situation.”

“I’m going with you,” declared Max as he handed a shaky Maria over to Michael.

“No, Max” Valenti started, but when he saw the silent fear and pleading in Max’s eyes, he relented. “OK, but only if you stay with me and out of the way of the officials and the rescue teams.”

“I’m going, too,” said Michael. But Valenti said, “No, the rest of you stay here. We’ll keep you updated.” Then he and Max left the Crashdown, leaving the rest of the group standing in stunned silence.


Maria called Alex shortly after Valenti and Max left, and soon the doors of the Crashdown opened and an anxious Alex hurried inside. Maria ran up to him and they hugged, both worried for the safety of their best friend.

It was a somber group that waited impatiently at the Crashdown. After clearing out the breakfast crowd, Michael and Maria decided to close the café. Behind closed doors and shuttered windows, Maria began clearing tables while Michael began closing down the kitchen.

“Why don’t you send the rest of the staff home, then we could just use our powers and clean this place up?” Isabel asked Maria. Tess agreed, “We could clean everything in just a few minutes.”

“Thanks,” said Maria, “but I’d just as soon keep busy while we wait.” Everyone pitched in, wiping, washing and mopping and in no time at all the entire diner was clean as a whistle. They debated whether to try and contact Liz’s parents, but decided to wait until they had more news.


As Valenti pulled up on the accident scene, it all looked surreal to Max. He couldn’t quite grasp that this was really happening. There were police cars, ambulances, rescue workers all milling around the site. Broken pieces of luggage and belongings of the passengers were strewn everywhere.

Max stood by Valenti’s SUV, looking down the hillside with a lump in his throat. Somewhere in that tangled mess was Liz Parker, the only girl he had ever loved. No matter what had happened between them, all he wanted to do was rush down the hillside and search for Liz, but he stayed with Valenti as they approached the command area that had been set up near by. Valenti approached one of his deputies and learned that the bus driver, who was injured but conscious, had reported that a car had come out of nowhere in the bus’s lane. That he had swerved to avoid a collision, and the bus hit the guardrail, crashing through into the ravine. The bus had rolled several times before it reached a stopping point.

“Sheriff” a harried Deputy Hanson rushed up. “I’ve been working on identifying the victims. We’ve been able to determine from the passenger list that there were 20 passengers plus the driver on board.” He pointed to an area where several awnings had been set up. “The medical crew set up a triage area and we’ve been getting identifications from the conscious, but several of the worst injured have already been taken to Roswell General.” Hanson then took a deep breath and continued, “and we have 4 fatalities.”

Max’s heart began pounding so hard, he could barely breathe. Valenti nervously asked, “Have the fatalities been identified?”

“Not all, sir” said Hansen, “we have identified two males, but one male and one female did not have ID on them.” As Max followed Valenti over to the area where the deceased were laid out covered by blankets, Valenti stopped him, “No, Max, let me look”. Max nodded slowly, almost afraid to move as he watched Valenti approach the covered bodies.

Valenti pulled the blanket back from the deceased woman, he turned to Max and cried out “It’s not her.” Max’s knees gave out as he sank to the ground in relief.

Max and Valenti then proceeded to check on the survivors still in the triage area, but did not find Liz. Valenti had a deputy check at the hospital, but none of the transported injured matched Liz’s description. Everyone on the bus’s passenger list had been accounted for, except one.

There was no sign of Liz Parker.


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Chapter 2:

As the gang at the Crashdown grew restless for news, Kyle called his dad’s cell phone yet again for an update. He hung up and said, “They still haven’t found her. They found her backpack with her wallet, but no Liz.”

Maria was in near tears as she asked, “Oh my God, where can she be? Did they check the hospital?”

“Of course, they checked.” Kyle replied. “Dad thinks that Liz was probably disoriented and just wandered off into the desert. They’re organizing a search now.”

Michael jumped up and said, “I can’t just sit here any longer. I’m going out there.”

“Me, too”, said Kyle.

“We’ll all go” Isabel declared. With that the group left to join in the search.


The search parties were formed in groups of two and three each, and the searchers worked all afternoon and into the early evening, but as nightfall approached, there was still no sign of Liz and hopes were growing dim.

A small checkpoint area had been set up near the accident site to organize the search parties. Some volunteers had set up a table with drinks and snacks for the searchers. As the last of the searchers were coming in, Isabel and Alex carried cups of coffee as they looked for Max in the dimming twilight. They saw him standing near the outer edges of the accident site, staring off into the desert.

“There, he is” Isabel said. “Let’s get him and head back into town, maybe I can dreamwalk Liz.”

As they approached him, they saw Tess walk up and speak to Max. He shook his head, but as she placed her hand on his arm, he turned and walked back to the checkpoint area. As the search was called off for the night, it was a despondent group that headed back into Roswell knowing that Liz’s chances for survival alone in the cold desert night were waning.


As they entered the Crashdown, Isabel said, “Someone get me a photo of Liz, I’ll try to dreamwalk her.”

Isabel sat down in a booth and Alex slid in beside her. Everyone else took seats close by. Maria went to her locker and brought back a picture of a grinning Liz, Maria and Alex, and gave it to Isabel. Alex took one of Isabel's hands in his, and said, “I remember helping you like this once before.” She smiled at him and took several deep breaths and touched Liz’s face in the photo, closing her eyes. Instead of entering the dream plane as she normally did, Isabel felt herself spinning out of control and being pulled down into a place where there was no light, no sound. This had never happened when she dreamwalked before. As she looked around, there was no Liz, just an endless black void, and it frightened her.

Isabel returned to consciousness with a gasp. Alex was sitting beside her still holding her hand and asked, “Isabel, are you alright?” She took a shaky breath and nodded, “I’m fine, but I couldn’t find her, there was just darkness. I’ve never experienced that before.”

“Maybe you couldn’t get in because she wasn’t asleep.” Alex theorized.

“No, that’s just it. I was in, but there wasn’t anything there. It was like being nowhere. I just don’t understand it.”

Max turned away and walked over to place his hands on the counter with his head down, a confused Isabel felt like she had failed him.

Maria cried out, “What does that mean? You don’t think Liz is… that she’s…” she couldn’t say it out loud.

“Dead?” Tess asked.

“No!” said Max as he whirled around. As they all looked at him, he said, “She’s not. When I healed Liz, we formed a connection between us, if she were dead, I would feel it.”

“Max is right,” Isabel stated. “If Liz were dead, then I couldn’t have gotten in at all.”

Michael pulled Maria to him and said, “Don’t think the worse, Isabel can try again later.”

They all nodded and made comforting comments to one another about not giving up, but one stood back a little from the group, mouthing insincere platitudes while thinking it was her lucky day, and hoping that Liz Parker was gone from their lives for good.


Out in the desert, several miles from the accident site, moonlight shone down on an outcropping of rocks. Underneath, the small, slight figure of Liz Parker lay still. She was deeply unconscious, yet her body shivered in the night air. She never felt the cool nose of the dog that appeared to sniff at her body, never heard it’s mournful howl. Minutes later, she never felt the vibrations from the approaching hoofbeats, nor saw the young man who stepped down from the horse to carefully pick up her bruised and scraped body, and cradle her in his arms as he rode away into the night.


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Chapter 3:

After deciding that there was nothing else they could do that night, Valenti, Kyle and Tess went home, while Max, Isabel, Maria and Alex decided to “camp out” at Michael’s apartment. That way they could get an early start back at the search site.

When the local 10:00 news came on, there was an update about the accident, and that one of the passengers was still missing.

“Thank God, they didn’t mention Liz’s name,” said Maria, “probably because she's a minor. Maybe by being in Phoenix, her parents won’t even hear about this.”

Isabel made another unsuccessful attempt to dreamwalk Liz. “I’ve been thinking, and I may know why I can’t reach Liz. When I dreamwalk someone, I enter their subconsciousness, and actually walk in their dreams. But with Liz, there are no dreams, just a vast darkness. I think that means that she‘s unconscious, but it’s too deep for me to reach. But the good news is that I know that I’m getting in, so it means that she is still alive.”

Feeling some encouragement, they decided to try and get some sleep, so they would be fresh to search for Liz at first light. Isabel and Maria took Michael’s room, while the guys bedded down in the living room with blankets and pillows.


In a small house near the edge of the Mesalika Indian Reservation, Liz Parker lay on a bed, still unconscious. She never felt the kind hands as they cleaned the dirt from her scrapes. She had developed a fever, and as the old man caring for her dabbed her face and arms with a cool wet cloth, he was astounded when he saw that Liz had mysterious green streaks running along her skin, that they seemed to be almost electrical in appearance. She mumbled in her fevered state, but the only word understandable was “Max”.


Just after midnight, Max awoke from fitful slumber to hear a slight sniffling sound. While the others remained sleeping, Maria had come into the living room and stood at the window, staring into the distance as she quietly cried.

As he approached her, she whispered, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She gave up everything, and now she’s…” Max rubbed her shoulder and softly said, “Don’t cry, Maria. We’ll find her… I’ll find her.”

“No, you don’t understand.” She noticed that their voices had awakened Alex and Michael. When Isabel stumbled out asking, “What’s going on?” Maria looked into Max’s eyes and made a decision. “Max, I want you to know why Liz was on that bus. I have something I need to tell you, all of you.” She looked around at them and said, “I know you are all going to think I’m crazy, but I swear this is all true. So, please just let me tell the whole story.” And with that a shocked trio of aliens and one human best buddy, finally learned the whole story of Future Max, the threat of a coming alien invasion and just what Future Max had asked Liz to do.

“Oh, my God, I don’t know what to say,” whispered Isabel, as Alex wrapped an arm around her. Michael stood silent, trying to comprehend what he had just heard.

“How could he… I… have done that… to Liz, …to us?” Max leaned forward in his chair and with elbows on knees, he thrust his hands in his hair.

Maria walked over to Max and sat on the arm of the chair. This time it was she who placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “The future you was desperate, Max. He was losing everything. Michael had just died in his arms, and so soon after losing Isabel.” She glanced over at Alex, “and while he didn’t mention anyone else, I believe that the rest of us were gone, too. He and the future version of Liz were just trying to save everyone.”

“But at what cost?” Max jumped up and began pacing. “I knew she was hiding something from me, I knew it. Something was off when we were in Copper Summit, but I was so hurt, and angry, I just… Why didn’t she come to me?”

Before anyone else could speak, there was a sharp rap on the door. Startled, Michael walked over and cautiously peeked out, surprised at whom was standing on the other side.

As the young man entered the apartment, Max said in surprise, “Eddie?”

As Eddie looked at the occupants of the room, he said, “Riverdog sent me.”

“Riverdog! About Liz?” Max cried out hopefully.

“Yes, we found her in the desert, but she is ill with a fever. We must hurry,” stated Eddie.

Everyone started talking at once, bombarding Eddie with questions. He told them there was no time, their questions would have to wait until later. When Isabel stated that she would call for Tess and the Valentis to meet them, Eddie stopped her. “Riverdog said to only bring Max.”

When the others began voicing their objections, the leader in Max took control. “Stop! This is too important. In fact, Liz’s life may depend on it. We don’t know how bad she’s hurt. As soon as I get there, I’ll call and let you know Liz’s condition. Then you can call Valenti and let him know that Liz has been found so they can call off the search.” As he reached the door, he turned back, “Oh, and for now, don’t tell anyone about what Maria told us earlier.” They nodded, and with that he and Eddie left for the reservation.


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Chapter 4:

Eddie took an anxious Max to the home of Riverdog, where he met them with a smile and good news - Liz’s fever had broken. Riverdog led Max through his small house to the bedroom, where Liz lay sleeping peacefully. As Max looked over at Riverdog, he was so filled with emotion he could barely speak, “Thank you,” he whispered. Riverdog gave him a kind look and said, “We’ll talk later, after Liz is awake. For now, why don’t you just pull up that chair and sit next to her.” As Riverdog left, Max pulled up the chair and just sat looking at Liz for several minutes. He ran his fingers down her face, and picked up her hand. After seeing for himself that she was sleeping normally, he stepped outside the room to call Michael.

Michael answered on the first ring, and Max told him that although Liz had not regained consciousness, her fever had broken and she was asleep. After that, the others grabbed a few hours of sleep. Isabel called Valenti early that Sunday morning to let him know that Liz had been found. Michael and Maria decided to go ahead and open the café. Maria knew that Liz would want them to, that after losing most of the Saturday business, the Parkers really could not afford for the diner to be closed another day.

Valenti notified the Sheriff’s Office that Liz had been found and called off the search. When he, Kyle and Tess arrived at the Crashdown later, they found Michael, Maria and the rest of the staff busy with customers. Word had leaked out that the missing bus passenger had been found and that it was Liz Parker, bringing out not only the concerned, but also the curious. Valenti took charge as official spokesperson, giving out only the information that Liz had been safely found along with some basic news about the accident and the other passengers in general. Due to the larger than normal number of customers at the diner, Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Alex were all pressed into helping out with kitchen duties and busing tables.


Morning at Riverdog’s house had found Max dozing in a chair beside a still sleeping Liz. As Max slowly came awake, he was momentarily confused and wondered where he was, then his memory came crashing back and sitting up, he reached for Liz’s hand. It appeared that she had suffered a blow to the head and some minor scrapes and bruises in the accident, but luckily no broken bones. Riverdog speculated, as Valenti had, that Liz had been disoriented from the bump to her head and she had wandered from the accident site. He wished that he could heal her injuries, but since they weren’t life threatening, he was afraid to do so. So he just sat rubbing his thumb back and forth over the smooth skin of her hand.

“Ah, Liz”, he softly whispered as he leaned over and brushed her hair back from her face, “We have so much to talk about. I know everything now, about Future, well, Me, what he asked you to do, that you just pretended with Kyle, and that you did it to save us all.” As he brought her hand up to place a kiss on the back of it, he said “but Liz, I don’t know how this Future Me could have been so stupid as to believe that I would ever stop loving you.”

Max’s heart raced as he felt a slight squeeze of his hand and heard a small weak voice reply, “I never stopped loving you either”. He then looked into her beautiful sleepy eyes, like two pools of melted chocolate that he just wanted to fall into. Unable to resist, he leaned over and cupped her face, placing a soft kiss on her smiling lips.

A voice interrupted saying, “I am glad to see you are awake.” and both sets of eyes turned to see Riverdog walk into the room carrying a mug. “I have prepared a broth for you, Liz, with some medicinal herbs, to help you regain your strength, and then we will talk.”

Max moved to help Liz sit up and supported her against him, as she sipped the cup of the broth that Riverdog had prepared. Her head pounded and she was also feeling so lightheaded and queasy, that she was afraid that the broth would come right back up. Once she finished the broth, Max healed the lump on the back of Liz’s head, but they decided to leave the other scrapes and bruises to avoid any suspicion. With the pain in her head gone, and the broth settling her stomach, Liz slipped back into a restful sleep, so Max took the opportunity to check in with Michael.

“Michael, Liz woke earlier, I healed her head wound, but Riverdog said the fever she ran was pretty high. She’s still weak and needs some rest before we come home.”

“Do you know when you guys will be back? The Crash has been a zoo, what with so many nosy folks coming in to ask after Liz.”

“Riverdog wants to talk with us, and I don’t want a bunch of people bothering Liz, so don’t expect us back until sometime this evening.”

Michael passed on the latest news, and while Maria and Alex were anxious to see their friend for themselves, it was a much happier group that waited on customers the rest of the day.

As Tess was taking an order to a table, Maria snickered to Alex, “What I wouldn’t give for a camera. I’d like a picture of Tess and Isabel wearing those bobbing antennae for posterity.” “Although,” she added, “if Tess starts whining one more time about ‘why did Max have to go get Liz’, I just might have to shove those antennae down her throat.”

“Now, now, Maria, isn’t it enough that the milkshake machine exploded on her, and some kid squirted her with mustard? Or that she burnt her finger on a hot order of Saturn Rings?” Alex replied with a grin.

“Well, it’s a start,” and with a wink Maria was off to yet another table of customers.


When Liz woke again, she felt much better and Max helped her to the bathroom, then waited outside to help her back into the bedroom so she could change out of the shirt Riverdog had used as a nightgown for her. Max had used his powers to clean the dirt and repair the tears to Liz’s clothing.

Max came back in to find that just the exertion of getting dressed had left Liz feeling pretty droopy, so with a kiss to her forehead, he picked her up and carried her into Riverdog’s small kitchen. Settling her into a chair, Riverdog gave her some more herbed broth, and the three shared a light meal of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. While Liz nibbled on the eggs and toast, she slipped her bacon to the dog lying near the table. During conversation while eating, Max and Liz learned that Eddie had been out on a night ride near the edges of the reservation when his dog suddenly took off as if it had captured the scent of a rabbit. As he glanced over at the dog resting on the floor near Liz with his head propped on his front paws, Riverdog said, “When Eddie heard King howling, he followed and discovered Liz.”

“King?” said Max. Liz began to chuckle as she leaned down and rubbed the dog’s head. “Somehow, it just seems fitting.” She and Max smiled, sharing the secret joke between them. “Thank you, King” she said, “for saving my life.”

“About that, Liz.” Riverdog said. “Let’s move into the front room, where you will be more comfortable.” Once Max and Liz settled on the couch, Riverdog took a seat and began to speak, “You may have wondered why I did not call the authorities or have Liz taken to the hospital when Eddie brought her to me.”

Riverdog continued, “You see, most of my life I have had dreams that I did not understand. Sometimes, I would learn of something that showed my dreams had meaning, but more than often not. I don’t often share my dreams, as most people just think of them as Indian Mumbo Jumbo.”

“However, I woke up yesterday morning from such a dream. In my dream, I saw a number of people wandering around in a field, laughing and talking. Slithering about through the grass was a large yellow snake. As it slithered along, it ignored all the people as it meandered around them. Then I saw a young girl with long brown hair in the field, standing alone, her head bent. I could not see her face, but I knew that she was sad. Then I saw that the snake was winding its way directly towards her. As she stood unaware, the snake struck from behind and bit her. As the girl fell to the ground, the snake slithered away.”

With a quick intake of breath, Liz looked away from Riverdog at Max with frightened eyes, and Max put his arm around her.

“The dream disturbed me, but I did not understand it.” Riverdog continued, “I later learned of the bus accident, and that a passenger was missing, but it wasn’t until Eddie showed up here with you last night, and said he had found you in the desert, that I felt this was somehow connected to my dream.”

Riverdog looked at Liz with concern, “Liz, I believe that the people in the field represented the passengers on the bus, but the snake had no interest in them, only in the brown haired girl - you. I hope you don’t think that I’m just a crazy old man, but I believe that whoever is represented by the snake caused that accident, because you were on the bus.”

Liz blanched. Max was appalled, “You think the bus was sabotaged?” Max felt as if a cold finger had run down his spine, “Just to hurt Liz?” He felt Liz shiver and he instinctively pulled her closer to him.

Riverdog looked Max in the eyes, “I realize that I do not know everything about you, Max Evans, but I know you, your sister and your friend, Michael, are from another place, that you are special. You have enemies, both on this earth and another.” Max and Liz glanced at each other, but remained silent.

“Even before the night I showed you Nasedo’s cave, I heard the rumors of the girl who was supposedly shot and healed. I believe that you did something to help Liz that day, I also believe that what you did has had an effect on her.” Riverdog then told them about the green streaks he saw on Liz during her fever, and that was why he sent Eddie for Max.

A visibly shaken Liz said, “What are you saying? That Max has turned me into ... into a …”

“A Visitor?” said Riverdog, with a slight smile.

“Is that what you think?” asked Max.

“I only know what I saw, has anything like that happened before?”

“No” said Liz.

“Perhaps the fever awakened something inside you.” Riverdog suggested. “Max, Liz, there are many things in the heavens that we do not understand, but I feel that my dream meant that Liz is important to you, Max,” he smiled, “and not just the way you feel about her. But important to you and the ones like you, and there is someone or something that wishes her harm.”

Max tightened his hold on Liz, and as she laid her cheek against his chest, he said, “It’ll be alright, Liz”, and silently prayed he was correct.

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Chapter 5:

By early evening the crew working at the Crashdown was exhausted. But the good news was that the money lost by being closed on Saturday was made up that day. As 6:00 o’clock approached, they were anxious to close up. Once the café was empty of customers and the shades drawn, the aliens used their powers to quickly clean up.

As the tired group sat around complaining of aching feet and backs, the rear swinging doors opened and Maria let out a squeal, “Liz! Oh my God, Liz” and ran to hug her friend, closely followed by Alex. Soon everyone had gathered around Liz welcoming her back. As Liz assured everyone that she was okay, just some bumps and bruises, she was overwhelmed by the show of affection, but couldn’t hold back a slight shiver of revulsion when Tess lightly hugged her.

As everyone began talking at once, asking her questions, Liz began to feel dizzy. Quickly, Max eased Liz into a chair and said, “Easy everyone, let her catch her breath”.

“Max is right” said Maria, “we can all talk more tomorrow.” As Maria stood close to her best friend she smoothed Liz’s hair. “The important thing is that Liz is home, and safe, and right now, I think my girl needs a warm bubble bath and some rest,” and she began to move Liz towards the back of the diner, but Liz hesitated. She looked longingly at Max who smiled and said, “I’ll come on up in a bit”, she nodded with a shy smile, and with that Maria whisked Liz off upstairs.

Max pulled Michael aside, “For now, let’s get everyone on out of here, but we need a meeting with just the six of us later, so don’t say anything to Valenti or Tess for now.” Michael agreed and was soon shepherding everyone out the door. “Let’s go guys, it’s late, we’re tired, we can hash all this out tomorrow.” Valenti left to finish some paperwork regarding the accident at the Sheriff’s Office, Kyle left with a reluctant Tess, and Isabel and Alex left together. Michael hung back and Max told him that as soon as Liz was settled, he’d call them for the meeting.

Max went upstairs to check on Liz. When he tapped on her bedroom door, Maria peeped out and let him in. When Max first saw Liz propped up in bed, he felt a chill at how close he had come to losing her. But when she looked up at him and smiled, cute as a button in the baby tee and boxer style shorts she wore as her jammies and rosy skinned from her bath, a warm glow began in the middle of his chest and spread outward. Maria fussed for a bit with Liz’s pillows and blankets, then jolted Max back to reality by elbowing him in the arm and said, “I can see I’m not needed at the moment.” Liz smiled at her, and Maria left the room.

Liz patted the side of the bed, and Max slowly sat down and stretched his legs out beside Liz. At suddenly being alone together, both felt an awkwardness until Max broke the silence by asking, “So, an Elvis Chapel, huh?” and Liz grinned with a blush. Then more seriously Max asked, “Liz, why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you trust me?”

“Oh, Max, of course, I trusted you, I always have.”

“Then, why?” he asked, with such hurt in his voice.

She reached for his hand, “Because Max, as much as I do trust you, I had no choice but to also trust him. Max, he was you, a you that just been through Hell.” She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “How could I not help him, because when I looked in his eyes, I saw you.”

A humbled Max put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close saying, “I know what he said, that it was our relationship that brought on our defeat. But what about what Riverdog said, about you being important to us? I think the future versions of us were wrong, that we do belong together.” Max pressed his lips to her temple. “And while I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t think I could stand to lose you again.”

“I don’t know what we should do either, but I don’t think I’m strong enough to leave again, Max.”

Max tilted her face towards his, "Liz, you are without a doubt the strongest person I know, but please, don’t ever leave me again. We will overcome this, somehow. At least now we’re forewarned.” He then cupped her face and rubbed his thumb over her cheek. “We love each other, Liz. How can love be bad?” “Oh, Max,” she whispered, just before his lips touched hers.

As they continued to speak softly with their heads close together, two wounded hearts slowly began to heal.


Maria had dozed off on the couch, and was awakened by Max about an hour later. He told her that Liz was asleep, and he then called Michael and asked that he bring Isabel and Alex to Liz’s apartment. While waiting, Max and Maria went to raid the Parker’s kitchen and fix some snacks.

“This is nice, you and me, a little girlfriend time.” a smiling Maria teased Max. “So, I’m guessing that you two are working things out?”

“Yeah, I think so,” replied a blushing but grinning Max. “She sort of fell asleep in the middle of our talk, but the bottom line is that I love her, and she loves me.” With a squeal Maria gave Max a quick hug and said, “I’m so happy, I just knew somehow this would work out.”

Just then the doorbell rang, and as Max went to let Michael, Isabel and Alex in, Maria went to check on Liz. Before anyone could even sit down, Maria called from the hallway, “Max, you’d better come see this.”

As everyone eased around Liz’s bedroom door, they were met with the sight of a sleeping Liz twisting restlessly on the bed, and running across the skin on her arms and hands were tiny green lightening streaks.

“Liz!” Max rushed over and grabbed her hands, receiving a mild shock, like when you walk across the carpet in your stocking feet. Liz immediately wakened and looked around obviously frightened. She saw her skin and gasped. “Oh my God, what’s happening?”

“Liz, are you alright? Do you feel sick?” Maria asked. “No, I feel fine, I was just having a nightmare, about the accident.” she replied, sitting up and pushing her hair back from her face.

As everyone stood around the bed, the green streaks slowly dissipated, until Liz’s skin was back to normal.

“Okay, let’s all go back in the living room. See if we can figure this thing out.” suggested Isabel.

Back in the living room, Max sat against the corner of the sofa with Liz wrapped in an afghan blanket and snuggled up against him. Alex dropped into a chair, and Maria shoved Michael over to share the big easy chair with him.

Isabel took a seat on the other side of Liz, and said, “Liz, before we get started, I don’t understand what’s happening here, to you, but after what Maria told us, I just want to say Thank You, for what you did, and for, well, everything.”

Michael, ever the stone wall, just scratched at his eyebrow, gave a slight smile and said “Uh, yeah, ditto”.

Liz, looked down in her lap with a pretty blush on her face, and said, “Please don’t thank me, I only did what I felt I had to do, what Future Max asked me to do.” Then with an impish grin she added, “besides, there have been days when I’ve wondered ‘what if I had just taken the 14 years’, so please, don’t think I’m some perfect little martyr.”

As she looked back up, Isabel smiled and said, “Okay, not a martyr, but just know, we’re still grateful.” With that, Maria piped up, “Liz, I know I promised not to tell, but,”

Liz interrupted her, “It’s okay, Maria, extenuating circumstances, and all.” She snuggled a little closer to Max, “In fact, I just may owe you one.” She and Maria grinned at each other.

Michael said, “Yeah, yeah, if the lovefest is over, can we find out what went on with Riverdog and why Liz is suddenly turning into a lightening bug?”

Max and Liz told them everything they learned at Riverdog’s; the dream, how Liz was found in the desert and Liz’s green streaks during her fever.



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Chapter 6:

Alex went with Maria to the kitchen to help bring out the snacks that Max and Maria had worked on earlier. As they placed the food and drinks on the cleared coffee table, everyone took something and then settled back down.

“So, Riverdog believes that Liz is changing, becoming like us? And that someone is now after her?” Michael asked. “I thought we destroyed the Skins when we destroyed the husks in Copper Summit.”

“I thought so, too.” Max said, as he tried to juggle both his plate and his drink glass, without having to remove his arm from around Liz. “But perhaps there are more somewhere else, or maybe it’s not even the Skins. We just don’t know enough about our past or our enemies.”

Seeing his dilemma, Liz just reached over and slid his food off of his plate and onto hers, placing his plate back on the table. Then leaving her plate in her lap, she picked up a mini pizza and held it up to Max. After he took a bite, she smiled and took one herself. Liz looked up to see a grinning Maria wink at her, while Michael just rolled his eyes.

At Max’s words, Isabel looked down into her glass as she remembered the things that Whitaker and Nicholas had told her about Vilandra. How she had betrayed her brother with the man who stole his throne. She knew she should tell them, especially Max, but she just couldn’t bring herself to tell him that they had all died before because of her, because she betrayed them, so she stayed silent.

Alex said, “If Riverdog believes that somehow Liz has been changed, then maybe so do your enemies and they are afraid that somehow she’s a threat to them.” Alex shook his head sadly, “And in order to get to her, they just took out a whole bus, and to hell with all those people who were on it.”

As Liz shifted restlessly, Max pulled her close and dropped a kiss on the top of her head, “It’s okay, Liz, you’re safe now.” “But Max, people were hurt, some of them died, because of me.” Liz replied, with guilt in her voice.

“Or because of us, and what we are.” said Isabel.

“The only one to blame is who or what caused that accident,” stated Max, “If that is even what happened. I don’t doubt Riverdog, but we can’t rule out the possibility that the accident was just that, and not some otherworldly event.”

“Maxwell,” chimed in Michael, “do you really believe, after everything that has been happening around us lately, that it was just a coincidence?”

Max sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Not really, so I’ll talk with Valenti tomorrow and see what I can find out about how the accident happened. Maybe he’ll let me read the accident report and the mechanic’s statement, just in case there was some kind of mechanical failure. But I still don’t think we should tell anyone else about the Future Max situation just yet.”

“Have any of you stopped to think that maybe there is only one enemy? Riverdog’s vision showed Liz being attacked by a yellow snake.” Maria looked around, “I think we all know who feels the most threatened by Liz. Does a certain yellow haired space tramp come to mind?” Max and Liz looked at each other as Maria continued, “I don’t think Tess is going to be any too thrilled to find out that her ‘Destiny’ has suddenly reconciled with his Earthly girlfriend.”

“How would she have even known that Liz was going to be on the bus in order to sabotage it in the first place?” Alex asked.

As Isabel slowly shook her head she said, “I know that Tess and Nasedo manipulated us when they first arrived here, especially Max, so I’m not saying I completely trust her, but people died in that accident. I just can’t believe Tess would have had a part in something so heinous.”

Isabel then stood up and began pacing. “She’s worked with us on our powers, and look how well she interacts with the Valentis, they’ve given her a home.” She looked around at the others, “She just seems more human now, and don’t forget, according to Future Max, we need her powers to maintain the four-square.”

“Maybe, maybe not” voiced Michael. As all eyes turned toward him, he continued, “FM told Liz that Tess left town because Max chose Liz and he treated Tess like crap, so she booked. But what if that isn’t how it really went down.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked.

“Maybe we didn’t lose in that timeline because Tess left town to lick her wounds over losing Max, but because she went over to the enemy, or hell, maybe she’s already working for them.”

“But if she was working with the Skins, then why would Whitaker have to kidnap her? And why did she help Max at Whitaker’s funeral?” Liz asked. “She added her powers to Max’s to keep his shield working as long as he could.”

“Who knows about the kidnapping,” Michael shrugged, then speculated, “unless it was part of an act to lure Isabel. Whitaker would have killed Isabel if she hadn’t been able to dust her first.” Alex noticed that Isabel looked uncomfortable at the mention of Whitaker’s death, and said, “You did what you had to do, Isabel, you don’t have anything to feel guilty about.” “Thanks” she whispered.

Michael continued, “As far as Copper Summit goes, maybe it was self-preservation or maybe she didn’t want to tip her hand.”

“Or maybe all of the above.” added Maria, picking up the tray of dirty dishes and handing it to Michael. He frowned, but carried it out to the kitchen.

Alex gathered empty drink glasses and carried them out, but on his way back in he said, “I’ll tell you something I always found odd. Your pods were set up in the desert near the crash site just outside of Roswell, Nasedo was there when Tess hatched, yet he claimed it took him 10 years to find the three of you. Kind of strange that he and Tess were on the run for all those years, but they never thought to look for you in the nearest town.”

"Yeah, that's crossed my mind, too." Max admitted.

“Max,” said Liz, “I remember the first time you told me about how the three of you hatched from your pods, you never mentioned leaving a fourth behind. Yet, when Tess took you out to the Podchamber, there were four pods and all of you remembered her. Why didn’t she come out when the rest of you did, and why didn’t you all remember her?”

“I don’t know.” Max replied.

“But what about the message from our real mother?” Isabel asked. “She said that Tess was one of us, Max’s bride, and there’s the alien book with our pictures.” She looked over at Liz, “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy that we have to be paired up as couples anymore than Max or Michael do, but it does prove that Tess is one of us.”

“Maybe she was the leaky pod.” Everyone turned towards Michael. “When I interviewed Hal Carver, he told me that there were sacks containing our pods, and that each pod contained a human like fetus. Well, he said that one of pods had been removed. It was laying on a table and some kind of liquid was leaking from it.”

“You think that was Tess’s pod, it was damaged and maybe that’s why she hatched late?” inquired Isabel.

Michael shrugged, “Could be, between that and being raised by Nasedo, maybe she just turned out defective or something.”

Liz looked around, “Isabel, I understand why you want Tess to be exactly who she says she is, and maybe she is, but I just don’t trust her. Whenever I am around her, I just feel uneasy.” She then looked up at Max, “But Future Max did say she was critical to your survival, that without her powers, you couldn’t defeat your enemies.” She looked back around the room, “So, if Tess still leaves Roswell, or if she is already working with your enemies, then Future Max coming back here was for nothing,” Liz cast her eyes down, “and I didn’t change anything at all.”

“You’re wrong, Liz,” Maria stated, “the timeline was changed when you and Max didn’t, …you know, ‘cement’ the night of Gomez, because Future Max vanished that night. If the future had not been changed, then he wouldn’t have gone poof. From what he told you, I’m guessing that after ‘Gomez’ you and Max were completely wrapped up in each other, so you probably never had an occasion to come down with such a high fever. After all, if the other you had gotten sick, then Max would have healed you. Maybe that Max and Liz never knew that when he healed you he also had changed you.”

“Maria, what are you saying?” Liz asked.

“That your high fever did awaken something in you as a result of Max’s healing, and that maybe the lightening bug effect is just the beginning. To heck with Tess, the four-square is still intact.” As Maria looked at their confused faces, she said, “Don’t you guys get it? Liz, babe, you are the new fourth.”


After Maria’s startling supposition that Liz could possibly take the place of the “fourth”, they pretty much decided that for the time being, about all they could do was be on guard and follow the alien motto; ‘try and act normal’.

Max decided they should call it a night as it was getting late, and they had school the next day. With the Parkers still away, Max did not want Liz staying alone, so after some mild arguing over who should stay, it was decided they all would just camp out at Liz’s.

“Oooh, a boy-girl slumber party.” Maria joked. As Liz yawned, she smiled and said, “Sorry, it’s more slumber than party for me.” “Yeah,” agreed Isabel, “After the last two days, I’m much too pooped to party.”

Since Liz’s parents had a queen-sized bed, Liz and Maria took their room, while Isabel took Liz’s room, and the guys were given blankets and pillows to make due in the living room.

As the lights in the Parker apartment were cut off, a lone figure stood in the shadows on the street below looking up into the darkened building.



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Chapter 7:

As the group peacefully slept at Liz’s apartment, an equally tired Valenti household was fast asleep. As Tess slept in Kyle’s room, now converted to her use, her cell phone gave off a mild chirping. Sleepily, she reached for the phone and mumbled, “Hello.”

An irritated voice replied. “Liz Parker was leaving town - you were getting closer to Max - everything was falling into place. All we had to do was bide our time, but you just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Tess answered quietly, not wanting to wake the Valentis.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Tess. I read the Sheriff’s report on that bus accident. A small sports car came out of nowhere into the bus driver’s lane. But strangely, there were no other witnesses who saw it, no tire marks, no evidence of another car at all.”

“How do you know any of that, anyway?” Tess asked.

“Because it is my job to know. I told you that Liz Parker was leaving Roswell so you could be prepared to comfort Max, move in for the kill so to speak. Not so you could play games. I know that you warped that driver, and now thanks to your shenanigans, Liz Parker is not only back in Roswell, but apparently right back in Max Evans’ life. And we, my pet, are right back at square one.”

Tess snarled in anger, “I will not have you speak to me as if I were a child. Do I have to remind you that I am the Queen and you serve me?”

He laughed without mirth, “Such arrogance since you learned the truth of your origins. I do not have time for temper tantrums, Tess. As far as Liz Parker goes, you are lucky. Everyone believes she was merely involved in a tragic accident. But we must be careful, any further attempt against her at this time will only raise suspicions. Therefore, my little Queen, you will behave and you will continue to ingratiate yourself within the group. If we are to proceed as planned, you must earn their complete trust.”

As the caller abruptly hung up, Tess threw her phone against the wall, “Damn him.”


It was a sleepy crew who headed out early to go home and change for school. When Liz told Max that she felt fine, and didn’t want to stay home, he promised to return shortly to pick her up and drive her to school.

As Max and Liz arrived at school, Liz asked Max if he was sure he wanted them to walk in together. It had only been a few of weeks since the rumors about her and Kyle, after all. Liz was worried that the gossip would all start up again.

“Liz,” Max turned in his seat to face her, and ran his fingers through her silky hair, “you and I, and our friends know the truth. No one else matters. Besides, I don’t think I could stay away from you if I tried, and I have no intention of trying.” Liz leaned over and rewarded him a sweet but too short kiss. Max cupped the back of her head and pulled her closer for another, “Mmm,” he said with their foreheads touching, “maybe school wasn’t such a great idea after all. We could just head back to your place.” A laughing Liz shook her head, “Sorry, buster, you’re the one who insisted that we act normal, and for us, that would be school.”

A smiling Max got out of the jeep, came around and helped Liz out, then with one arm around Liz and the other with a backpack slung over his shoulder, they walked into school. As they strolled through the halls, a nervous Liz received several well wishes about her accident, but no one seemed overly curious or surprised to see Max and Liz together. Just the same, Liz was glad when the bell rang and everyone headed for class.


During a break between classes, Maria and Liz went to the ladies room, where Liz told Maria that except for an odd glance here and there no one seemed to think anything of her and Max being together. “I was afraid there might be some gossip, but it seems people are more curious about the bus accident than me and Max.”

“Liz, it’s high school, there’s a new rumor every week. As much as I love you guys, ‘Max and Liz In Love’ just isn’t front page news.”

Liz laughed and swatted at Maria, “Well, I guess that takes me down a peg.”

“Okay, if it will make you feel better, I will admit that the goodbye kiss he gave you at your locker this morning might be worthy of bottom of the fold.”

As the laughing girls quickly washed their hands and left, they didn’t notice that one of the stalls was occupied by a fuming Tess Harding.


Max drove Liz to the Crashdown after school, parking his jeep in the alley. Maria greeted them out back with the news that Liz’s parents were home. As Liz walked through the back door of the diner, first her mom and then her dad gave her fierce hugs. The Parkers were upset that no one had called them about the accident, but soon calmed down when they saw that Liz was fine and learned that Liz and Maria had not wanted to interrupt their trip because they needed some well deserved time away from the diner.

With the parental units taken care of, Liz and Maria went to change into their uniforms, while Max took root in his usual booth. Soon, Michael arrived to start his shift. As Liz was bringing Max a Cherry Coke, (on the house) the front doors opened to reveal Isabel and Tess coming in. Isabel had a strained smile on her face as they joined Max.

Isabel made sure that she slid in beside Max, leaving Tess to take the opposite side of the booth. “Hi, Isabel, Tess. Can I get the two of you something to drink?” Liz nervously said. “Oh, Liz, should you be working, so soon after the accident?” Tess asked in an overly concerned voice. “Yeah, Tess, I’m just fine. Since both of you were so great at helping out here, order anything you want, it’s on the house.”


Later that night, after closing, Liz was working in the storeroom, when she dropped a can of tomato sauce and it rolled back under the lower shelf. Liz was kneeling down and stretching, but just couldn’t quite reach the can. Becoming irritated, she was stretching just a bit farther when she felt a strange tingling in her right arm. Suddenly, she saw that her hand was covered with the green streaks and the can exploded, sending tomato sauce flying. “Aughhhhhhh”, she yelled.

Maria came running through the door, “Liz, what’s wrong.” Liz spun around with tomato sauce on her face to see Maria and her father standing in the door. Sticking her right hand under her apron, she said, “Oh, I was just startled. That can of tomato sauce fell and just burst open.” When her dad left to get a mop, Liz removed her hand and showed it to Maria, who gasped. Then the streaks slowly faded away, just like they did the night before.

Michael was still there cleaning the grill, so Maria told him what happened, and he called Max. As Liz and Maria went upstairs to her room, Michael left and met Max around back. The boys climbed up the fire escape to find the girls waiting up on the balcony. When Max greeted Liz with a hug and a kiss, asking if she were okay, Maria turned to Michael, “Uh, Spaceboy, don’t you have a little something for me?”

With a roll of the eyes, Michael bent over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Gee, be still my beating heart.” Said Maria, to which Michael grinningly replied, “Later, blondie.”

Liz told them again what happened with the sauce can, and Maria said, “sort of sounds like Michael’s power, breaking rocks and blowing stuff up.”

“Since Riverdog first saw the streaks during your fever, it seems that the times you’ve had them were when you were upset; first by the nightmare and then being aggravated about the can.” surmised Max. “Perhaps heightened emotions bring them on.”

“Hmmm, if that’s the case then a word to the wise, Max, don’t piss my girl off.” grinned Maria While Liz smiled at Maria, Max could tell that she felt disconcerted by what was happening to her. “I’ll fill Isabel in when I get home, and we can tell Alex tomorrow at school.”

Max told them that he went by the Sheriff’s Office earlier, “He let me read the file he had on the accident. There was no sign of mechanical failure; it appears the driver just lost control. Also, the bus driver is adamant that he saw a car headed right for him, that’s why he swerved in the first place, but none of the other witnesses saw a car. Oh, and Liz, he still needs to get your account of what happened.”

“I don’t really remember much. I remember sitting in the back, looking out the window at the desert. Then being startled when the bus began swerving. The next thing I remember is waking up at Riverdog’s.”

“I didn’t tell Valenti about Riverdog’s dream. Unless we feel that he and Kyle might be in any danger, we should just leave their situation as is for now. Since we have no proof that Tess was involved, I didn’t want to give him any suspicions about her, or risk that he would subconsciously treat her differently. ”

“Did you tell him about our little lightening bug?” Michael asked with a tilt of his head towards Liz.

“No. While I trust Valenti, I don’t want to risk it getting back to Tess. I think that this is something else we should keep between the six of us for now.”

Maria said that if they were through, she had to get home. She left by way of Liz’s window and bedroom, and Michael back down the fire escape. Max stayed saying, “I guess I should be going, too, but first...” wrapping his arms around Liz, he kissed her soundly. Her lips were so soft and sweet, he thought he could stay this way forever, and deepened their kisses. Soon the need for air caused them to separate. And with a final kiss Max forced himself to leave.


After tossing and turning half the night, it was a tired Liz Parker who was glad her next scheduled class was study hall, maybe she could take a quick nap. As she walked down the hall, she suddenly felt herself being grabbed and before she knew it she was up against the back of a door with a pair of familiar lips pressed against hers. When said pair of lips slid down her jaw and began nibbling her neck, she could tell in the dim light that she had been pulled into the infamous eraser room. “Ohhhh” she cried, “that feels soooo good, I just hope my boyfriend Max doesn’t find out about us.” As Max jerked his face away from her neck, with “Hey!”, she dissolved into giggles. “Funny girl, huh?” he smiled, “so much for me being spontaneous.” She threw her arms around his neck and began placing little sweet kisses along his chin and around his mouth, but never quite reaching his lips. “I…(kiss) love your… (kiss) spontaneity,” and she finally found his lips. As their kisses grew more heated, Liz felt her tiredness slip away. She loved the way Max pulled on her lower lip. “What a rush” went through her mind. As Max’s hands slid down her back to pull her closer to him, “…mmmm,” she thought devilishly, “I’m not the only one feeling the rush….” Then the bell rang, and they heard the sounds of students moving through the hall.

They reluctantly pulled away from each other, smoothing hair and straightening clothing. It was a revitalized Liz Parker that headed off to her next class. As Max and Liz slipped from the eraser room, neither noticed a curly blond head peeking around the corner, nor saw the glare she tossed their way.


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Chapter 8:

Kyle Valenti was sitting at the kitchen table working on his science assignment, without much luck, when he heard the front doorbell ring.

“I’ll get it,” Tess called out.

“Max! Hi! Come on in, this is a pleasant surprise.” Tess gushed. She took him by the arm and started over to the couch. “Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?”

It was with discomfort that Max said, “Actually, Tess, I came to see Kyle.”

As Kyle’s head snapped up, he could hear the disappointment in Tess’s voice, “Oh, I see. Well, he’s in the kitchen.” Kyle looked up to see Max come in with Tess close at his heels.

“Max, hi.”

“Hi, Kyle. I needed to talk to you about something.” He then turned and looked at Tess. “Tess? I guess you should hear this too.”

“What’s up, Max?” Kyle cautiously asked. Then in a bit of a panicked voice, “Did something happen to my dad?”

“No! Nothing like that, I’m sorry, Kyle, I didn’t mean to scare you. Actually, um,” Max stumbled along, “I just wanted you to know that I know the truth about that night with Liz, when I saw you through her window.”

“Liz told you?”

“Yeah. We worked a lot out while she was recovering from the accident, and she explained the whole thing. She thought that she was in the way of me being what I’m supposed to be” he then glanced over at Tess, “you know, that whole destiny thing.” Looking back at Kyle, “So she set up the whole scene.”

While Tess stood in silence, a relieved Kyle said, “Seeing you guys together at school today, I wondered if you knew.” Kyle shifted uncomfortably, “Uh, Max, I don’t mean to go all Sally Jesse on you, but I want you to know that afterward, I felt bad about it, especially since you saved my life. I only kept silent because Liz asked me to.”

Max just nodded, and said, “I appreciate that Kyle. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I know, and well, I’d like for us to put it behind us.” As Kyle nodded in agreement, Max turned towards Tess, “Tess, I’m sorry, I…” She shook her head and said with a small bitter smile, “Enough said, Max. I knew that you weren’t really over her, I understand.”

“Tess, you know you are one of us, and while there can’t be more…” Tess cut him off, “Max, I said I understood. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my homework.” She turned and left the room, Max just looked down at the floor, not knowing what to say.

Kyle broke the silence, “Hey, Max, now that we’ve buried the hatchet, do you think it’d be okay if I asked Liz to help me with my science project?”


At the Crashdown as Maria and Liz took a quick break, as they stood at their lockers in the Crashdown’s break room Maria asked, “Where’s Loverboy? Working?”

“Yeah, later.” Liz replied, as she touched up her lightly applied make up. “But first he was going to talk with Kyle. Max wanted to let him know that he knows nothing really happened between us that night. Who knows, maybe now Kyle will feel comfortable hanging out with us.” She then ran a brush through her hair and twisted it back into a knot at her nape.

“What about the hussy homewrecker?” Maria asked as she worked on her own touch up.

Liz frowned, and closed her locker. “Technically, I guess that would be me. I mean, Tess grew up believing that she and Max were destined to be mates. After all, they were married in their past lives.”

“Chica, you have got to be kidding me!” Maria gaped at her. “Please tell me you don’t really think of yourself that way. Liz, you’re the scientist here, you know that those beings or whatever they were, died in a galaxy far, far away. At best, our podsters are their clones, and only half at that. If they were the same, then I should be encouraging Spaceboy to take up with Isabel, and that just ain’t going to happen.”

“I know, Maria, I mean, my brain knows that they were recreated and they are half human, and they have their own feelings and desires. But sometimes…”

“No buts about it. Max Evans loves you - Liz Parker - not some trashy Miss Thang from Outer Space.” Maria reached over to place her hands on Liz’s cheeks. “Liz, babe, you both deserve to be happy, with each other.”

Liz reached up and hugged Maria, “Ah, ‘ria, you always cheer me up. I love you.”

“Right back at ya, babe” hugging back.

Alex had entered unseen through the swinging doors, “Whoa, girls hugging and love talk, what more could a guy hope for, except maybe some skimpy bikinis and lots of mud.” He waggled his eyebrows.

Maria and Liz looked at one another, grinned, and then both charged full tilt to hug Alex. They bowled him over and all three landed on the break room couch in a tangle of arms and legs. As they lay there laughing, they heard a familiar caustic voice.

“Damn, Maxwell, good thing we’re not the jealous types.” Liz looked up to see a twisted grin on Michael’s face, as Max laughed and said, “Get your own girl, Whitman, these are taken.”

Just then Isabel walked into the backroom, and everyone began to laugh. “Great timing, Iz,” said Michael, as Isabel asked, “What’s so funny?”


Michael got ready and started his shift, Maria went back off break, and Alex and a still curious Isabel went out front to a booth. Telling Maria that she’d be out front in a minute, Liz pulled Max aside. “How did things go with Kyle?”

“Pretty well. Don’t know if we’ll ever be bosom buddies, but I think we can now be in the same room without me wanting to rip his head off.”

“Max!” Liz said contritely, “I’m so sor…” she was cut off by his fingers pressed to her lips. “Don’t apologize, remember, ultimately, I was responsible for all that.” But realizing that remembering seeing her with Kyle still hurt Max, she reached up and gave him a hug and a kiss.

As Max held his arms loosely around Liz, he told her, “Liz, Tess was there, too, so I told both of them.”

“Oh, how did she take it?”

“Quiet, maybe too quiet. She said she understood and then went to her room. I guess we’ll just have to watch her and see how she acts.”

Liz nodded, then stepped back and reaching for her antennae headband, asked, “Max, are you working tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just wanted to visit Riverdog, maybe take him and Eddie a couple of care packages from the diner, you know, sort of a thank you present. I thought maybe we could ride out together, but that’s okay, I’ll just borrow the jetta.”

“No!” Max said, and when Liz jumped a bit at his tone. “Sorry,” taking her hand and pulling her back to him, “but Liz, I don’t want you going out to the reservation by yourself. I don’t think it’s safe.”

As she looked at the concern in his eyes, she nodded in agreement. Then he said, “How about this weekend? When I get off work Saturday, we could take a ride out there?”

She smiled, and said, “Thanks, Max, I have to admit that I was kind of apprehensive about going alone, anyway.”

“So, it’s a date? And, after we visit Riverdog, maybe we can do something? Just the two of us?”

“I’ll look forward to it.” She gave him a kiss and then they headed out front.


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I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for reading my story.

A special thanks to those who have left feedback: Realistic Dreamer, Lucky Star, AvengingAngelIQ, Lana Lane (and her wonderful Passion manip) BLS40, roswellluver, viLyA, Katalina, JaneLane, Shelly2, pandas2001, not_of_this_earth, begonia9508, Lullaby, mrsjbehr, Angelic, behrstars, Tabasco Liz, Yonkersme, and latahart.

I appreciate all your responses. *bounce*

Latahart ~ the Isabel/Alex relationship is at a just friends point for now, but hmmmm, may warm up before too much longer *wink*, but I'm afraid our boy Kyle has a rough time coming up ahead, but dont worry, hell be fine by ends time. *happy*
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Welcome and thanks for the feedback Ner and Sarah_helen *happy*

Chapter 9

Michael, Maria and Liz were hanging out at the Crashdown after their shifts with Isabel and Alex. When Maria went to get a fresh pitcher of Cherry Coke, Isabel got up to head to the ladies room.

“Isabel? I was just wondering,” Maria asked as they both walked towards the back, “What ever happened with that Grant fellow? I haven’t seen him around lately.”

Isabel was a bit startled that Maria seemed to be genuinely interested, and she was also surprised to find herself feeling a desire to share some girl talk. “Nothing happened, after what happened when Whitaker took Tess, and then Max and Valenti treating him like a criminal, we just never seemed to get back on track. I don’t even know if he’s still in town.”

“Oh, well, maybe it’s for the best, he was kind of old, after all.” Maria grinned, “Besides, every guy in school has to pick his tongue up off the floor when you walk by, guess you won’t be dateless for long.”

Isabel smiled, “I’m not so sure that’s true, but right now, with everything that’s been going on, dates aren’t too high on my agenda.” Isabel confessed.

“Just remember, Isabel, sometimes you find that just what you were looking for was right under your nose the whole time.” She then glanced over at Alex, winked at Isabel and made her way to the drink fountains. Isabel looked back to see Liz and Michael laughing at whatever Alex had said. He happened to look up about that time, giving her a smile.

Max arrived, after finishing for the evening at the UFO Center, and they were all sitting around just shooting the breeze. Isabel looked at Liz and asked, “Have you had anymore, you know, lightening bug events?” “No, but then again, no tomato cans have made me lose my temper.” Liz grinned.

“Hmmm, you may be put to the test.” from Maria. “Remember that saying, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?”

“Yeaahhh” responded Liz slowly.

“Well, in that case, here comes your new bestest friend.”

Liz turned to follow Maria’s gaze and groaned when she saw Kyle and Tess entering the diner.

Mentally gritting her teeth, Liz greeted Tess, who merely nodded back at her as she slid into a booth beside Isabel. She smiled more warmly at Kyle, and offered to get them something to drink. As she went around the counter to get some glasses, Kyle came up, “I guess Max told you about our talk, huh?”

“Yeah,” she smiled at him but then her smile faded. “But, Kyle, I didn’t realize just what a burden I was putting on you when I asked for your help that night, or how it would affect you. I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, “anything for a friend.” Then she reached over and clasped his hand, “I just want you to know that I appreciate it.”

Kyle smiled, “You know, if you really want to show your appreciation, there’s this little problem I’ve been having in science class.”

She laughed and handing him his drink glass, “Anytime, Kyle.”

Not too long after, the impromptu party began to break up. Michael wanted to head on home and catch the end of a hockey game and Maria said she was headed for a date with a bubble bath. As everyone began leaving, Liz gathered up glasses and plates and took them into the back to soak. Max and Isabel pitched in and soon the tables were cleared and the chairs put up ready for Liz to mop the floor. Max didn’t want to leave until Liz was ready to go upstairs, but she assured him that she would lock the doors, and that she would be fine, besides her parents were just upstairs.

Once Max and Isabel headed home, Liz locked up, lowered the blinds and began mopping the floors. When she was almost finished, she felt a prickling at the back of her neck, like she was being watched. She glanced around, and although she chided herself for being paranoid, she still rushed to finish and hurried up the stairs.


Michael and Maria were walking between classes when Michael asked, “I know you have this afternoon off, but what about Liz?”

“She’s off, too. Max is working at the UFO Center, so we’re going to the mall.”

“Not anymore,” he said, “we have work to do.”

“Work? What are you talking about? There are pre-holiday sales in every store, Michael, and there are clothes to be bought with my name on them.” Maria complained.

“Just meet me out by the Jetta after school, and bring Liz.” Michael said, leaving her standing as he turned into the classroom.


After school Michael sat impatiently on the hood of the jetta, waiting for Maria and Liz. When he saw Maria approaching alone, he jumped up, “Where’s Liz?” “Relax, Michael, she’s just giving Loverboy a goodbye kiss.” “Oh, great, we’ll be waiting for hours.”

Maria sighed and said in a melodramatic tone, “Oh, to be young and in love.” Michael rolled his eyes, but pulled her to him.

Liz arrived just in time to view a very long kiss. She just stood there grinning until the couple happened to notice her. A flustered Michael said, “Well, it’s about time you got here, come on, let’s go.”

“Go? Go where?” Liz asked, she looked over at Maria. “I thought we were going shopping.”

“This is more important than new shoes.” Michael said as he moved behind the wheel and held his hand out for the keys. When Maria just glared at him, he said, “What? I’m the one who knows where we’re going.”

Soon they were on the road and Liz noticed that they were heading out to the desert.

“Michael, what are we doing out here?” Maria asked.

“We’re going to see just what our little lightening bug can do.”

“Oh, Michael. Don’t you think I’ve tried to see what would happen? It’s not something I can just turn on.”

The next hour was spent in an exercise in futility. Michael kept blowing up rocks and then trying to get Liz to do the same. No matter how much she focused, nothing happened. Michael was frustrated, Liz was not only frustrated but almost in tears, “Michael, I’ve tried, and tried. I’m tired, please let’s just go.” Liz turned and walked several feet away.

“I can’t believe we missed the mall for this, Michael.” Maria stated angrily.

Michael kicked over some loose rocks and spun around to face Maria. “Damn it, Maria, if we end up without Tess’s powers, we are going to need Liz. The sooner she develops her powers, the better.”

“You are pushing her too hard. You always do this, Michael. Everything with you has to be now. Why can’t you just show some patience?”

As Michael and Maria were arguing an exhausted Liz turned back to tell them to stop when her heart froze. She heard a shaking sound as noticed the aggressive movement behind Michael.

“Michael,” she called out, “Don’t move.” A loud crackling sound soon followed.

Michael instinctively whirled about to see the sizzling remains of a fried rattlesnake. He looked at Liz in shock to see her hand still stretched out in front of her with green streaks all over it, small sparks were still coming off her fingers.

“Oh My God!!” cried out Maria as she grabbed Michael in a quick hug, then he pulled her over with him to Liz, and still hanging onto Maria’s hand he pulled Liz into a fierce hug. As Liz looked up at him tearfully, she said, “It was going to bite you, Michael, it was going to bite you. It was so much like Riverdog’s dream.”

As Maria joined in for a group hug, she said, “Well, Lizzie, I guess you just needed the right motivation.”

With his arms around both girls, Michael kissed Liz on the forehead and huskily whispered, “Thanks, Liz.” Then he cleared his throat and said a little stronger, he said, “I think that’s enough for today, let’s go find Max. He’ll probably want to kick my ass, but we should fill him in.”

As they walked back to the car, Michael turned for one last look at the snake smoldering in the dirt.


The remainder of the week followed without incident. Saturday evening, Max and Liz grabbed a quick bite together at the Crashdown, then they drove out to the reservation. Riverdog was pleased that Liz had thought of him, and he appreciated her thank you gift. “I know it’s not much,” Liz said, “but I wanted to bring you something.” She had packed him enough goodies from the Crashdown to last several days. Since Eddie wasn’t around for her to give him his gift, she left the package with Riverdog along with a note for Eddie. After a short visit with Riverdog, Max and Liz headed back towards town.

“Liz, what time do you have to be home?” Max asked as they drove along.

“I shouldn’t be out too late, but it’s still kind of early. Why? What did you have in mind?”

“I just thought, you know, that maybe we could go somewhere and, uh, talk.”

“Somewhere to talk, huh?” She turned her face a bit to hide the grin forming. “Sure, Max, where do you want to go? The Crash? Or if that’s too noisy, how about the library?”

“I thought maybe somewhere a bit more quiet.”

“Quieter than the library?” She asked in an innocent tone.

As a flustered Max said, “Well, maybe a place not so crowded.” She gave him a knowing smile.

Soon Max turned onto a familiar roadway, he pulled to a stop, turned to her and asked, “How about here?”

As he brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek, she said with a smile, “I think here is just fine.”


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Hope y'all had a Happy 4th! Thanks again for the feedback.

When we last left our couple it appeared that Max wanted to have a discussion, shall we find out what he wanted to say?

Chapter 10 - Nearly Nookie (rated R)

As the moonlight skimmed over the old rock quarry, the water appeared to be twinkling as the young couple sat in the back of the old jeep. As they kissed and held onto each other, Liz tilted her head back and said, “Max?” There was no response, “Max?”

“Ummm?” His only reply, since words would require that he actually remove his mouth from her neck, and his lips were quite happy where they were, thank you.

In a teasing tone she said, “I thought we came out here because you wanted to talk.”

As his mouth traveled back to her soft lips, he said against them, “We’re sort of talking, aren’t we?” As he gently nibbled, “At least, that is, our lips are moving.”

As she opened her mouth to reply, he took complete advantage and swept his tongue into her mouth. After she kissed him back fervently, he raised his head and said, “and you do have a way with words.”

As she giggled softly, he pulled her even closer until she had one leg hooked over his. Both had already discarded their jackets, and soon, Max his shirt. As they continued making out, Max slipped open the tiny buttons on Liz’s sweater, and it joined Max’s shirt in the front seat of the jeep. They maneuvered until Max was angled against the back corner of the jeep and Liz was astride his lap. As Max’s lips crept close to the edge of her lacy bra, Liz’s heart pounded in anticipation. As one hand moved across her back, he brushed the clasp of her bra, the other hand cupped her face, and he looked at her with a question in his eyes, “Liz?” he whispered.

She bent forward and kissed Max, then she leaned back from him and looking him in the eyes, she reached behind and unfastened the hooks, leaving her bra hanging loosely. He slowly pulled the straps down her arms and eased the garment from her body. As Max gazed at her breasts in the moonlight, Liz felt as if her entire body was blushing, “Oh, God” she thought, “what if he’s disappointed?” Then Max cupped one small, but perfect breast in his hand, smiled up at her and said, “Liz, you’re beautiful.” He then slowly thumbed her nipple. Liz closed her eyes at the sensations he was causing.

“Marie Antoinette” he whispered. “What?” A bemused Liz looked down at him. He smiled up at her, “I once read that the champagne glass was modeled after Marie Antoinette’s breasts, because they were considered perfect. They should have waited for you.” “Oh, Max” she blushed with a smile. He pulled her down for another deep kiss, then made his way down her jaw, neck and just when she thought she would die from want, he clasped his mouth on her hardened nipple, sucking gently. Max thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

“Ooh,” she thought, “there’s that rushing feeling again.” As Max moved his mouth over to give equal attention to her other breast, his hands cupped Liz’s bottom and pulled her tight against the hardened bulge in his jeans. Their lower bodies began to move against each other. As he kissed his way back up to her mouth, they were both becoming more excited. “Ah, Liz” he gasped, “you feel good, so good.” “Umm, so do you,” she whispered huskily, as her breasts rubbed against his bare chest. Then he captured her mouth in his. Through their jeans, Liz could feel just how hard Max was, pressed against her core, and her own body throbbed in response.

As they kissed, caressed and rocked faster against each other, somewhere in the back of Liz’s mind she realized that things were spiraling out of control, but before her brain could form the words to slow them down, Max’s mouth returned to suckle her breast and when he bit gently on her nipple, she flew apart, calling his name. Max felt Liz’s body begin to tremble and jerk, and when he realized what was happening to her, his own control snapped and his release dampened the front of his jeans as he cried out her name in return.

A stunned Liz collapsed on Max’s chest, and an equally stunned Max held her close and slowly stroked her hair and down her bare back as their breathing returned to normal. As she realized what had happened, and feeling the wetness of their jeans, she buried her face in Max’s neck.

“Liz? Baby, are you okay?” he whispered against her temple. When she nodded but kept her face in his neck, he said, “feeling a bit shy?” When she nodded again, he laughed softly and hugged her tight. “Liz, I love you, and while things certainly went farther tonight than I intended, it was incredible.” He paused, then asked with a touch of uncertainty in his voice, “Is that it, do you regret what just happened?”

That got her face out of his neck, as she looked at him, “No, oh no, Max. I love you, and yes, that was incredible. I’m just a bit surprised how quickly things got out of hand. I guess I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed, it’s like I suddenly imploded,” she said sheepishly, then added “but in a good way.”

“Well, while you were imploding, I was exploding.” He grinned. Then with a wave of his hand he cleaned up both their jeans.


“I am to please.”

“And that you did.”

Liz placed a sweet kiss on his lips, and when she shivered in the cooling air, Max reached for his shirt and draped it around her shoulders and pulled her close to rest against his chest. As she lay against him, her head in the crook of his neck, she said, “Max, when I… you know… I saw things.” “Yeah, I did, too.” Max said as he slowly ran his fingers through her hair. “What did you see?” he asked.

She looked up and stroked his cheek, “I saw you, when you saw me and Kyle, and then you were running down the street. And I saw you sitting on a bench, and then Tess walked up, sat down and placed her hand on your shoulder.”

Then Max spoke, “I saw me, or rather him, and you on your balcony, you were crying. He looked so sad. Then I saw the two of you dancing and smiling at each other, and suddenly you were alone, and you were crying again.” He paused and then said, “Liz, I don’t ever want to hurt you, or be hurt like that again. Promise me...”

She pressed her fingertips to his mouth and looking into those soulful amber eyes said, “Max Evans, I love you, and I promise I will never deliberately hurt you again.”

Looking back into the depths of chocolate brown, he rubbed his thumb over her lips, “Nor I you, and I promise that I will love you, Liz Parker, until the day I die.” He vowed, and Liz repeated, “until the day I die,” and their lips met to seal their promises.


The following afternoon, Liz was at Maria’s house for general female bonding of hair-do’s and manicures, while Max was at Michael’s apartment for that time honored male bonding - Sunday afternoon football.

At Maria’s:

Maria plugged up her hot curlers to heat and looked over at a quiet Liz, who was organizing nail care products. “So, Lizzie, why so quiet? Did something happen with Riverdog? Did he have more dreams or something?”

“Oh, no, he was fine.” She replied. “No dreams or anything.”

At Michael’s:

Michael sat down on the couch with a fresh bowl of popcorn, and tossed a can of Cherry Coke to Max, “You’re awful quiet. What was new with Riverdog? Anymore dreams?”

“No, no dreams, the visit was fine.”

At Maria’s:

“Yeah, Riverdog’s nice and all, but what I really wanted to know was, how was your first official back together date with Max?”

“It was nice.”

“Just nice? What did you guys do?” When met with silence, Maria turned to look at Liz, and as Liz avoided her eyes and blushed a bright red, Maria pounced. “Oh My God! You did it, didn’t you? You guys went beyond!”

“No!” Liz cried out, then she added, “Well, not completely beyond.”

At Michael’s:

“How was the big date? Maria chewed my ear off last night wondering how the ‘official back together date’ was going.” Michael groused.

“We had a nice time.” Max answered.

“So, what did you guys do?”

When there was no response, Michael pulled his eyes off the screen and glanced over to see a beet red Max staring at the floor.

“Ah, shit.” He said, “You guys had sex?”

“No!” Max cried out, then he added, “Well, not complete sex.”

At Maria’s:

“Forget polish and curlers, girl, this requires ice cream.”

At Michael’s:

“Michael, I’m not going to tell you personal things about me and Liz.”

“Max, where is Liz right now?”

“She had a girl day thing going at Maria’s”

Michael burst out laughing, “and you didn’t want to tell me anything personal? I guarantee you, Maxwell, right now Maria is pulling out every intimate detail and eating it up with a spoon, one probably filled with ice cream.”

At Maria’s:

“Maria, how far have you and Michael gone?”

“We’ve had a lot of touchy feely, but certainly no beyond.”

At Michael’s:

“Michael, how far have you and Maria gone?”

“As Maria calls it, mostly just touchy feely, but apparently not as touchy or feely as you two.”

At Maria’s:

“Remember what you once said about kissing Michael?”

“That it was like every cell in my body heated up?”

“Yeah.” Then with a sigh, “Oh, Maria, it was incredible. I felt like every cell in my body became electrified, exploded and then my entire body just collapsed.”

At Michael’s:

“…and then, when she, you know, I just exploded, and we both just collapsed.”


As Liz and Maria met Max and Michael in the school parking lot on Monday morning, they each exchanged kisses with their sweeties. As Liz was noticing that Michael was avoiding looking at her, Max was noticing that Maria was cutting glances at him with a smirk on her face. Max and Liz said simultaneously, “You told?”

As Michael and Maria both began laughing, Max and Liz looked shamefaced for a moment, then Max pulled Liz close and said, “I guess we’re both guilty.”

“Hey” Liz said in her defense, “I didn’t stand a chance, Maria had ice cream.”

As Michael whooped, Max grinned at Liz and said, “Well, I didn’t stand a chance either, once I told Michael that you were with Maria, cause he knew that she had ice cream.”


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Happy Sunday, everyone ~ I just want to thank everyone who has read my story, and those who have mentioned it to their friends. *happy*

I have edited my original summary on the first page. I had initially stated that while the story started out PG13, it would evolve into heavy R. This was pretty much because the original story was intended to be a short story of only 5 or 6 chapters. However, once I began writing, the story took a life of its own, and my original intended ending went flying out the window.

As I worked on several chapters that will come later in the story I discovered that these characters have a mind of their own, *wink* and this story will definitely move into NC17 territory.

I wanted to go ahead and mention that now, so if anyone is offended by NC17 material, they can choose whether to continue reading. Now those parts are relatively few in nature, and I will put a NC17 warning above any explicit chapters.

I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my story, as I am having a great time writing it.

Thanks, teufel019Devil Kitty

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Hi, everyone. Without further ado, on to the next chapter.

Chapter 11:

At lunch in the quad, Liz, Maria and Alex sat at their usual table. Max arrived and after dropping a kiss on her head, sat down beside Liz. Then he announced with a groan, “Brody called me before school this morning. Seems he’s ordered all this new electronic equipment, so I’ll be putting in some extra hours this week.”

Liz reminded him, “At least it’s a short week, with Thanksgiving and all.”

“But since we don’t have school on Friday, Brody wants me to work all day, plus my regular Saturday hours.”

Michael plopped down next to Maria and said, “Hey, don’t knock it, extra money is always good, plus maybe some of this equipment might be useful someday, to maybe check things out.”

“Well, by the number of parcels scheduled to come in, he must have bought every electronic alien hunting gadget on the market.”

“I’d still like to know what that gadget of his was that knocked me on my ass.”

“Ah, yes, the ever popular Michael Ass Knocking device. Knew there was a reason I liked that little dude.” Maria grinned at Michael. “Maybe I could borrow it sometime.” “Har, Har” he responded.

“Seriously, I guess Brody is a little out there, but I kinda like him,” said Maria. “Oh, you do?” chimed in Michael with a glint in his eye. “Yeah, he calls almost every evening for a Galaxy Sub, hold the mayo, with pepperjack, and,” she said with a grin, “he’s a great tipper.”

Soon Isabel, then Tess arrived and they all began eating their lunches and talking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Liz reminded everyone that The Crashdown would be open for their annual Alien Turkey Fest, and to come by during the afternoon and she’d give them desert on the house.

A few minutes later, Kyle walked in, but rather than take his usual seat at the jock table, he came over and sat down on the other side of Liz. “Hey, guys, don’t mean to butt in, but Liz? I was wondering if you could help me come up with that science project, maybe after school?”

“Kyle, you’re not butting in,” Liz replied, “and yes, come by the Crash this afternoon. I have my shift, but I’ll help you out between customers.”

“Great, it’s a date.” Then Kyle looked over at Max and smiled, “that’s just a figure of speech, you know?”

Just then Alex reached for his backpack and pulled out a large envelope, “Liz, I almost forgot. Check this out.” He then handed her the packet across the table. “My dad won the grand prize through some incentives sweepstakes thing at work, and gave it to my mom. She said it’s just not her thing, so she suggested that I see if you and Maria wanted to use it.”

Recognizing the golden logo on the burgundy envelope, Maria squealed. “The Eldorado Resort and Spa?” Liz opened the packet to find that the prize was a full day with the works for two scheduled for that coming Saturday.

“Isn’t that the fancy new place they opened up north of town?” Tess asked.

“Oh, I’ve seen the ads for that place.” Isabel said, “It’s supposedly very posh.”

Maria grabbed Alex in a tight hug, “oh, Alex, thank you, thank you, thank you.” As he faked choking, Liz laughed and added her thank you. She then began leafing through the information. “Maria,” she looked over at Maria, and said, “you know, this is divided into two sessions; morning and afternoon, plus a luncheon. I wonder if we could arrange to exchange these two all day sessions with lunch, for four afternoon sessions.” Then she grinned at Isabel, who excitedly, grabbed the brochure, “Liz! Do you think we could? That would be so great.”

“Well, if they won’t allow the change, then maybe one of you could just do a little of that voodoo, that you do so well.” Maria suggested wiggling her fingers.

The fellows found themselves ignored for the rest of the lunch break as the girls made plans for their day at the Spa.


That evening out on Liz’s balcony, Max sat stretched out on a lounge chair with Liz cuddled up in his lap as they shared a blanket. “Thanks, Liz, for inviting Isabel to go the Spa.”

“I was glad to, Max. I have to admit, though,” she said with her nose crinkled, “if I could have, I’d have avoided including Tess.”

Unable to resist dropping a kiss on that cute crinkled nose, Max replied, “Yeah, too bad about that part. I know that all the wannabe popular girls hang with Iz at school, but she’s never really had any real girlfriends. She’s always been too afraid to get close to anyone, so she puts on that Queen Bitch of the Universe act, but since you and Maria know the truth…,” “…maybe she’ll finally relax and let us in?” Liz finished.

“Something like that.” He grinned.

“You know, Max,” as a coy Liz ran her finger along the V in the v-neck of Max’s sweater, “I think I deserve some form of payment in thanks for my quick thinking about changing those passes.”

“Oh, you do? Hmmmm, well, let’s see what I can do about that.” He pulled the blanket up over their heads as his lips fastened on hers.


As Tess Harding slept, once again the mild beeping of her cell phone woke her in the middle of the night. As she grumpily answered a voice replied, “Wake up, Sunshine, Podchamber, one hour.” Click.

As Tess arrived at the site of the PodChamber, there were no other vehicles in site. She made her way up the path and opened the chamber door. As she entered, she gazed at the four pods hanging on the wall and for a brief moment wondered what would her life had been like, if she had hatched early with the others, if only he hadn’t been waiting.

She was startled when a voice behind her said, “Don’t waste your time wondering about what will never be.”

Tess spun around, “What do you mean?”

Nasedo stepped forward and nodded towards the pods, “Let me guess. You were wondering what life would be like if you and Max had been together from the hatching, wondering whether in this lifetime, he might have actually loved you.” He looked back at her, “Know this, Tess, I’ve spent the past 40 years waiting to get off of this rock. I won’t allow any misplaced feelings on your part to ruin our bargain now.”

“You mean your bargain, don’t you?” She tossed a hand towards the pods, “After all, I was floating in goo at the time you struck that deal.”

“You’ve certainly participated willingly enough, since it will save your pretty blond curls. Khivar expects us to deliver. He wants the Granolith, he wants those three royal heads on a platter and he wants that royal heir. He’s getting impatient.”

Tess reacted in anger. “You can’t put all the blame on me. I spent all summer helping them work on their powers and sharing some of my ‘vague’ memories of our planet.”

She began moving about the chamber, “I even helped you fake your death, so Max and Isabel would take me in. And what happened? I ended up living at the Valenti’s.” She looked over at him with a glare. “And you know that I could have dusted Whitaker just as easily as Isabel did, but I let her ‘kidnap’ me, just to so I could be rescued.”

“Unfortunately,” Nasedo said, “the skins were about as clueless as our little royal pod people. They spent almost 50 years waiting to find the royals, and their big plan? Get Princess Vilandra to join forces with them.” He sighed, “Oh, well, I can’t grieve overmuch for the dearly departed Vanessa, since she believed that she killed me. But thanks to your mindwarping powers, she just killed some insignificant human.”

Nasedo shrugged, “But then again, perhaps I do owe her small thanks; after all, it was her attempt on me that gave me the idea of faking my death. I still remember Max’s grief when he thought I’d died on his bedroom floor.” Nasedo grinned, “And them thinking my body turned into dust before their eyes, now that, my dear, was a wonderful warp.”

“As fascinating as this trip down memory lane is,” Tess sneered, “could we get back to the problem at hand? I’ve done everything to get them to accept me. And regardless of what happened back home, you can’t deny that when we arrived here Max was attracted to me. I would have already fulfilled the bargain if it hadn’t been for Liz Parker. So put the blame where it belongs.”

“They may have let you into their group, but they still don’t fully trust you. As far as Max being attracted to you, you flatter yourself, my dear. We both know that you were manipulating the part of his brain that controls emotions. His perceptions were on overload."

He looked at her with a smirk, "And yet, even with your mindgames, you still couldn’t seduce him away from Liz Parker. Which brings us back to our latest problem. I followed our young couple the other night to the old rock quarry, where they spent the better part of two hours in the back of Max’s jeep.”

“So, they went parking, big deal. You called me out here for that?”

“Actually, it is a big deal. If you will recall, Antarians mate for life and they form a permanent bond by making their declarations to each other during mating.”

“I seriously doubt that the perfect Liz Parker would be doing the nasty in the backseat of Max’s jeep. I’m sure Miss Priss would require candles and silk sheets, and, oh yeah, wedding vows.” Tess rolled her eyes, then shrugged, “Besides, she’s not Antarian.”

“Liz Parker may be human, but Max healed her. He brought her back from the brink of death by manipulating her molecular structure. In other words, he changed her. Plus, I’m not exactly sure how it would work between a hybrid and a human, changed or otherwise. If those two declare their ‘undying love’ to one another in the midst of some form of sexual behavior, then it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they could bond. And once bonded it will be physically impossible for Max Evans to have sex with you, or any other woman; and no way you will be able to conceive the King’s royal heir.”

“I guess that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘until death us do part’ now, doesn’t it?”

“I told you before, it’s too soon to make another attempt on Liz. I’ll have to think on this, see if we can come up with some alternative plan. In the meantime, you will do nothing to Liz. I’ll be in touch.”

With that, he turned and left the chamber. “Damn you, Nasedo,” Tess thought, “Instead of helping you fake your death, I should have just killed you myself.”


Kyle Valenti had just snuggled back down in his blankets on the couch after a visit to the bathroom when he heard the sound of a car pull up. As the engine died, he got up and peeked out the window. He stood back in the shadows as the door opened and the figure stealthily crept through the house, he flicked on the overhead light.

“Oh,” gasped Tess. “Kyle, you scared me half to death.”

“What’s going on? Where have you been?”

“Nothing’s going on, I couldn’t sleep, so I just went for a drive.”

“At 4:00 o’clock in the morning? By yourself?”

Tess smiled and said, “Kyle, I appreciate your concern, but I’m a big girl, and I can take care of myself.” She then walked over and put her hand on Kyle’s shoulder and looked him in the eye, “Now go back to sleep and forget this ever happened.”

Kyle blinked then immediately turned and went back to his bedding on the couch, and Tess returned to her room.


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While Tess doesn't drown or become hideously scarred, I do have a little something for her *wink*

Chapter 12:

Thanksgiving evening rolled around to find Liz and Maria helping to clean up after the Crashdown’s Thanksgiving dinner. Michael had stopped in to help out for a few hours during the day and had asked Mr. Parker why he went through this every Thanksgiving, especially since they didn’t charge enough for the meals to even cover all the expenses. Mr. Parker just smiled and explained, “there are a lot of folks who are lonely on Thanksgiving, Michael, and for whatever reason they don’t have families to share it with, so for one day a year, we’re their family.”

By 9:00 o’clock almost everything was finished except for putting up some equipment, unused goods and mopping the floors. Except for the odd catnap here and there, Liz and her parents had been awake since early Wednesday morning, working on food prep, cooking and serving, and they were exhausted.

Liz told her parents that she and Maria could finish up and sent them on upstairs. As she watched them go up the steps, arms around each other’s waists, she grinned at Maria and said, “I figure they’ll both be sound asleep in about five minutes.”

Hearing a scraping sound, they looked around to find the locked backdoor opening and Max entering. “Nice trick there, Houdini.” Maria grinned, and Liz went over for a kiss, “I didn’t know you were coming back tonight. This afternoon, you were all set for football with the guys out at the Valentis'.”

“I discovered that I can only take so much football, not to mention Kyle regaling us by reliving ever play he ever made.” Max said with a grin.

“Liz,” Maria said, “I’m going to go ahead and start mopping the front.” “Okay, I’ll help you after Max helps me put up this equipment.” Liz smiled in Max’s direction. “And as for you, I saved you the last piece of Men in Blackberry pie.”

As Max and Liz began putting up the pots, pans, and other items, they ended up in the storeroom putting up goods that weren’t used that day. Part of Liz’s hair had slipped loose from the topknot she had started out the day with, her face was shiny where her makeup had worn off, but to Max, she was beautiful. As Liz reached to put some cans up on a shelf, Max quietly pushed the storeroom door almost closed. She felt Max move up behind her. He took the can from her hand, and pressing against her back he wrapped one arm about her waist as he put the can on the shelf. As he nibbled on her neck, feeling mischievous, Liz deliberately leaned her fanny back against the front of his pants and wiggled, and was rewarded when she felt his body’s reaction.

In a heartbeat she was spun around and Max caught her mouth with his. As he kissed, licked and nibbled, he thought, “Um, delicious - better than any pie.”

Max sat Liz up on the small table in the corner of the storeroom. As his kisses moved from her mouth to her neck, his hands were no less busy. He found just how easily the snaps of her uniform popped, and it was soon open to her waist. He kissed down her neck to her shoulder, pushing her bra strap aside with his tongue, then moving his lips across her upper chest. Liz felt as if her blood was on fire, she grasped Max’s shoulders, while her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling his lower body close to hers. She moaned with pleasure when he popped one plump little breast free from its cup and began pressing small kisses all around. “Oh, Maaxxxx” she sighed as Max finally latched his mouth on one perfect little berry of a nipple. Then they heard a loud “hrmph, hrmph,” and they both froze. Max quickly let go of Liz's breast and twisted his body to shield Liz.

“You two better be damn grateful, I’m not Liz’s mom or dad,” Maria lectured from the now opened storeroom door, “or Liz would be on her way to boarding school. As for you, Romeo, with all the knives around here, I’m thinking - Eunuch.”

As that thought sent his erection rapidly deflating, a flaming faced Max quickly stepped back from Liz, while Liz adjusted her bra and snapped her uniform, thinking, “MariaInterruptus, strikes again.”


After a flustered Max gave Liz a chaste goodnight kiss, and left for home, Maria pounced. “Liz, oh my God, are you two crazy? Here? Of all places.”

“Maria, don’t get all bent out of shape. We … just… got a little carried away.”

“That’s what I’m worried about. And that was so not ‘a little carried away’. I saw exactly where his mouth was.” Liz blushed and looked away.

Maria continued, “Look, chica, I don’t mean to preach at you. Lord knows, Michael and I haven’t exactly been a couple of saints, either. But if you and Max do get completely carried away, are you prepared? I know that FM said Max had something the night of Gomez, but what about you? Do you have any protection?”

Liz just looked down shaking her head. “Liz,” Maria sighed, “I’ve seen the way the two of you look at each other. It’s like you are both a couple of ‘all you can eat’ buffets. After what happened with you two at the quarry last weekend, I just don’t want you taking any chances.”

Liz looked at Maria and said, “You’re right. Ever since that night in the jeep, I feel as if something deep inside of me is waking up. As much as I loved Max before, now it’s even stronger, and there’s all this want and need added to the mix.”

Maria walked over to her locker and took out her bag. She turned and handed Liz three condoms. When Liz looked at her with a shocked look on her face, Maria just shrugged and said, “I told you, Spaceboy and I have come pretty close. If we do go ‘beyond’ he may be prepared, but I’m not taking any chances.” She then grinned and slung her arm around a red faced Liz. “Hey, babe. If you are old enough to do it, you should be old enough to talk about it. Now, how about some ice cream?”


Late Saturday morning found Liz and Maria waiting at the Crashdown for Isabel and Tess to join them for the trip out to the The Eldorado. When the bell over the door rang, they both turned to find Max entering.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” A smiling Liz asked as she walked up to him, “I thought you were working.”

“I am, but I took a quick break so I could see you before you guys take off for the spa.” Max leaned down for a not so quick kiss. “Are we still on for tonight?”

“You bet” Maria piped up, “we’re doing the old double date routine, dinner at Senor Chow’s and then back to Michael’s for movie night.”

Liz smiled and said, “Maria has given us our orders. We are to vote with her on the movie rental. Otherwise, it will be the 200th viewing of Braveheart.”

“Well, we can’t have that.” Max laughed. “Okay, Michael and I will pick both of you up here tonight at 7:00.”

Finally Isabel and Tess arrived and the girls headed out for their day of pampering.


On the drive out to the Spa, Maria chattered excitedly, “I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

“Me, too,” said Isabel. “Thanks again, Liz, for including me, and Tess.” Tess gave Liz a small smile.

“I was glad to. Now, are we all ready for an afternoon of being waited on hand and foot?” Liz grinned.

As Maria pulled the Jetta up to the gatehouse of The Eldorado Resort and Spa, she showed their passes to the guard who then allowed them onto the grounds. They pulled up in front on what appeared to be a large elegant hotel. Maria turned the car over to valet parking and they entered the Spa. Looking around at just how tasteful and opulent the surroundings were Liz whispered to Maria, “Gee, I feel like we should have dressed up or something.” Isabel smiled over at her and with a flick of her wrist said, “It’s all in the attitude.” She then waltzed up to the clerk at the front counter with her best ice princess demeanor. “Good afternoon, I’m Isabel Evans, and I believe we have spa reservations for four in the name of Parker.”

The desk clerk welcomed them to the Eldorado, and then called over an attendant who escorted the girls to the Spa area of the resort. Upon checking in, the girls were shown by a female attendant to a dressing area where they could hang up their street clothes and change into terry cloth robes and slippers. As Liz and Maria exited the dressing areas, they were led, by yet another attendant, into a room with several large tubs filled with warm mud. They found Isabel and Tess already ensconced in one of the mud tubs with their hair wrapped in terry cloth turbans. Each girl had a timer sitting nearby. An assistant placed turbans over Liz and Maria’s hair, then removed their robes and assisted them into the same tub. She pointed out a small plate of cucumber slices sitting near the edge of the tub. Just before placing two of the cucumber slices on her eyes, Maria looked over at Liz and while giggling said, “Oh man, four naked girls in a tub of hot mud, if Alex could only see us now.”

They all relaxed in the soothing warm mud, talking about nothing. Maria teasingly asked, “So, Liz, what are you going to wear tonight to knock Max off his feet?”

Feeling uncomfortable discussing Max in front of Tess, Liz softly said, “Uh, Maria, I don’t think...”

“Liz, it’s okay.” Tess interrupted, waving a muddy hand in the air, “I’m sure Max told you that I was there when he came over to talk with Kyle. Just as I told Max then, I understand.”

“You do?” Maria asked disbelievingly as she removed her cucumbers to look over at Tess.

Tess continued with her eyes still covered, saying, “I admit that I was hurt when Isabel, Michael and especially Max didn’t remember me. After all, I grew up with Nasedo telling me that Max was my mate, and we were meant to be together. Everyone told me from the beginning that Max loved Liz but I wouldn’t listen. I realize now that things are just different here, and I’ve accepted that Max and I will never be more than friends.” She then leaned forward and uncovering her eyes, she looked over at Liz and said, “I would like for us to be friends, too, Liz, someday.”

“Um… yes, well… Tess… I do appreciate what you’re saying, and I…” Liz began awkwardly. BRRRRRRRINGG, the timer behind Tess went off at that moment and the attendant suddenly appeared to assist Tess from the gloppy mud, saving a relieved Liz from any further discussion.

After Tess went into the shower room next door, Maria blurted out, “Man, what a piece of work. Can you believe that? Liz, please tell me you don’t believe her.”

Liz looked over at Isabel who just gave her a helpless shrug. Then Liz responded, “No. I’m afraid I don’t.” And pulling her hands out of the tub, she rubbed most of the mud off, revealing several green streaks flashing along her fingers.


Soon all the girls had showered from the mud baths, and they were then taken into a room where Liz and Maria sat in chairs having their legs waxed, while Isabel leaned back in a chair having her eyebrows done. Suddenly they all heard a painful scream ring out from the room next door. “Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

“That was Tess.” Isabel exclaimed, and when she would have jumped up, the young woman who was spreading warm wax on Liz’s legs just smiled and said, “Relax, ladies, that’s just the bikini wax.”

A wide-eyed Liz looked over at Maria who looked back with a grimace. As Tess came walking gingerly into the room, Liz looked over at the attendant and with a sickly smile of her face said, “I think I’ll just pass on that part.”


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Thanks to those who have left feedback: Realistic Dreamer, Lucky Star, AvengingAngelIQ, Lana Lane, BLS40, roswellluver, viLyA, Katalina, JaneLane, Shelly2, pandas2001, not_of_this_earth, begonia9508, Lullaby, mrsjbehr, Angelic, behrstars, Tabasco Liz, Yonkersme, latahart, ner, Sarah-helen, Carolina_ moon, Roswelllostcause, YonkersMe, talena, SarahWhitman, Alexandra86, Sternbetrachter, frenchkiss70, Snowdove30 ~ and thanks to everyone who has read my story. *happy*

Chapter 13

While the girls were spending Saturday afternoon being pampered, at the UFO Center Brody was giving Max the grand tour of all the new equipment they had set up, explaining the purpose of each piece in mindnumbing detail.

“This one detects any abnormalities in radar.” Brody stated, and Max asked, “You mean like what air traffic controllers use?” “Similar, but it’s even more precise. A UFO chat buddy of mine has one and noticed an unusual blip in our area around a month ago. I can assure you that no UFO will enter near New Mexico without me being aware of it.” Brody grinned.

“Now, this one will detect any unusual surges in power and likewise any unusual power outages which often accompany unexplained phenomena, like a UFO.” As Brody rambled on, Max tried to contain a yawn. As much as he liked Brody, all these explanations were beginning to wear him out. Max had to wonder just how much money Brody poured down the drain on all these computers and programs.

Fortunately, one of the workers came looking for Brody, and Max was able to take his afternoon break.

As Max entered the Crashdown, he eased into his usual booth, and felt a pang that Liz wasn’t there. Just as the waitress was taking his order, Alex and Kyle came bounding through the doors.

“Max,” Alex plopped down across from him, “just the fellow I wanted to see.”

“Nice to see you too, Alex.” Max grinned.

“He’s had a bee in his bonnet ever since we left the movie theater.” Kyle said sliding in next to Alex.

“The movie theater? Kind of early for date night, isn’t it?” Max asked with a grin on his face.

Kyle kicked Max under the table, “Very funny, El Presidente.”

Once Kyle and Alex had all placed their orders, Alex got to the point of his excitement over the movie they had just seen. “Max, have you seen that new movie Windtalkers?” When Max shook his head no, Alex continued. “It’s a war movie based on the true story about how the Allies in WWII used the Navajo language for their codes. The Japanese were deciphering all their codes, until they started using Navajo. None of the Japanese experts were ever able to decipher and break that code.”

“Cool movie.” Kyle interjected.

As Alex looked around to see if anyone could overhear them, he dropped his voice down a bit, “Anyway, the movie got me thinking about your book, you know, the one you guys can’t read? What if that book isn’t even in your original language, but is in Code? To protect it from landing in the hands of your enemies.”

“Alex, I can appreciate your idea, but if we don’t know the original language, how would we be able to tell if it’s in code?” Max asked.

“Well, I admit I didn’t quite figure that far.” Alex confessed. “I just remembered that Michael was able to figure out that the cave map symbols were locations around Roswell, so I just thought…” His voice trailed off as their waitress brought their orders.

After she left, Kyle jumped into the conversation, “Hey, how come that Nasedo dude never taught you guys how to read that book?”

“Good question.” Max said. “First he was busy getting the Special Unit dismantled, then it seemed that before we could settle down and begin learning from him, he was killed by the Skins.”

“Well, I bet if they used that Navajo code today, they’d break it soon enough. What with how sophisticated computers are nowadays,” Alex said. “Too bad we don’t have access to the supercomputers they have over at Las Cruces University. In theory, a quantum computer can break any cryptogram.

“Cryptogram? What’s that?” asked Kyle.

“It’s a document that is written in secret code or language.” Alex responded.

“Brody!” Max exclaimed. As Alex and Kyle looked around for him, Max said, “No, I mean all that new equipment that Brody had installed. He said one of the computers was so he could read all the UFO reports and information from around the world, it would convert and translate a report from anywhere in the world into English.”

“Max, how soon can you get me in to see Brody’s equipment?” Alex asked excitedly.


During the remainder of the afternoon the girls received facials, manicures and pedicures; they were massaged and oiled to a high gloss. They had been served tiny finger sandwiches and herbal teas. As their afternoon of pampering wound down, they were all relaxed and mellow. Finally, it was time to change back into their clothes and head back into Roswell. “Oh, I swear, they are going to have to pour me into the car.” Maria declared. The others laughed and agreed.

Tess and Isabel finished dressing first and headed out to the lobby. They met one of the male attendants in the corridor, and while Tess kept walking towards the lobby, Isabel stopped to thank him. “I just wanted to say thank you. Everyone was so nice. We’ve all had such a wonderful afternoon.” “You are most welcome.” He replied with a smile and a nod.

As Isabel continued on down to the lobby, she heard him say, “It was always a pleasure to serve you, Princess Vilandra.” She froze and felt the blood drain from her face, but when she slowly turned back around, the hall was empty.

“Isabel? Isabel?” she heard a voice, “Are you okay?” She looked to see Liz looking at her concerned as she saw Isabel standing still in the hallway. “Are you sick? You look so pale.”

“Uh, no, …I’m… I’m fine, just a little queasy.” Isabel said and gave Liz a weak smile. “I guess I must have had too much cucumber tea.”

As the girls drove away chatting about their day, a quiet Isabel couldn’t resist looking back at the Spa as it grew smaller in the distance.


Liz and Maria had dressed casually for their dates with Max and Michael. They made their way downstairs from Liz’s room in hip hugger jeans, sweaters and jackets. When they arrived in the Crashdown, they found Max and Michael waiting, also dressed casually in jeans and sweaters. With each couple holding hands, they made their way out to the jeep and headed for Senor Chow’s.

As the two couples ate dinner, the girls told the guys about their day at the spa, while Max told them about Alex’s idea from seeing the Navajo code movie and how he was going to let Alex check out some of Brody’s equipment. As they enjoyed each other’s company, Maria couldn’t help but remember another time, another double date when she bemoaned the fact that Michael Guerin wasn’t the perfect boyfriend, like Liz’s ‘prince charming’. What a lot had changed since then. Looking over at Max and Liz and knowing what a hard row they’d had to hoe to get back to where they were, she realized that perfect boyfriends or girlfriends just didn’t exist. When you loved someone, you accepted them for who they were, foibles and all. And, man, did her Spaceboy have his share of foibles. She grinned, but then again, he didn’t exactly end up with first prize either. Then she looked over at Michael to see that he had taco sauce smeared across his cheek, and with a loving smile she just handed him a napkin.


Isabel had been so upset after leaving the Spa, she cancelled going with some school friends to a party at Suzy Green’s house. She had spent the time before supper in her room wondering just who was that man at the Spa. Was he a Skin, or a Shapeshifter or perhaps a completely different kind of alien? She knew she had to warn Max and the others, but how was she going to tell them? How could she look Max in the face and tell him that she had betrayed him?

After just picking at her supper, she helped her mother clean up the kitchen. Feeling restless, but certainly not up for a party, Isabel found that her quiet evening at home with just her thoughts for company wasn’t so appealing either. As her mind wandered, she was startled when the telephone rang. She heard her mother say, “No, I’m sorry Alex, Max is out this evening.” Suddenly Isabel grabbed the phone from her mom and said “Hi, Alex.” Mrs. Evans just rolled her eyes and shook her head as she left the kitchen.

“Oh, hi, Isabel.” He replied, “I was just looking for Max. I was talking with him earlier about this new movie that’s out, where they use...”

She interrupted him, “A movie? That sounds fun. Max is out with Liz, but if you don’t mind substituting another Evans sibling...” And her voice trailed off.

Alex had only called to talk to Max about the Alien Book and Brody’s computers, and while he knew that Isabel was only interested in being friends, Mrs. Whitman didn’t raise no dummy, so Alex quickly seized the opportunity. “Sounds fine, why don’t I just swing by and pick you up?”

“I’ll be waiting.” She said with a relieved sigh.


After dinner, the double-daters made their way down to the video store, where Michael complained about having to rent anything at all. “I have stuff on tape back at the apartment,” he said. Maria declared, “Michael, there is no way that I am watching Braveheart tonight!”

As the four of them wandered through the aisles of movies, Max and Michael turned down all of the girl’s choices as too ‘chick flicky’, while Liz and Maria turned their noses up at war films and slasher movies. Finally, they compromised and rented a couple of classic Hitchcock films. Maria slipped her arm through Michael’s as they headed back to the apartment saying, “Awww, cheer up, Spaceboy, while there are no disembowelments - in this one, you get to see people’s eyes pecked out by birds.”


Tess Harding had found herself home alone on Saturday night - again. Everyone had plans, none of which included her. Max and Michael were off with Liz and Maria. She had called Isabel but was told she had gone to a movie with Alex. Kyle had decided to go to Suzy Green’s party with some of his football buddies. Although she wasn’t invited, she could have crashed the party, but she didn’t care anything about hanging around a bunch of humans. Even the Sheriff had a date tonight with Amy Deluca and had threatened bodily harm to anyone who caused him to have to leave early. Disgruntled and bored, she headed out to the video store to rent a movie.

Standing in the Sci-Fi section deciding which movie she wanted to make fun of the most, she heard a smarmy male voice behind her say, “Now that’s just a crying shame. A hot little mama like you all alone on a Saturday night.”

She turned to cast a malevolent glare at Joey Briggs, a West Roswell student who thought he was God’s gift to women. Unfortunately, his pretty face did not extend to his personality. Joey Briggs was a sexist pig. “Not interested,” she said and turned her back on him.

“You know,” he said obnoxiously, “I thought that finding Buddha was what had turned Valenti into such a homeboy, but now I’m guessing it’s his new roommate. After all, why should a fellow go out looking for cows, when you have free milk at home?” He laughed at his own joke. Tess smiled at him, placed her hand on his arm and looking him in the eye said, “You do not want to talk to me, you want to leave and go home. Now walk right out the front door.”

Suddenly Joey blinked and said, “I have to go home now,” and started towards the front of the store. Tess closed her eyes and scrunched her face, only opening her eyes when she heard glass breaking and shocked screams. Everyone ran to Joey as he lay on the floor bleeding from a multitude of cuts and surrounded by broken glass. She heard someone say, “Oh, my God, he walked straight through the plate glass window!” Another voice shouted, “Call 911.” In the confusion, Tess walked right out the door, never even stopping to pay for her videos. As people rushed to see what had happened, she walked past with a twisted smile and thought to herself, “Now, that’s entertainment.”


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RoswellLady, great sig line, sad but true

Chapter 14

After their movie, Alex suggested to Isabel that they stop off for some dessert. After watching Isabel poke her spoon around, he said, “Isabel? Are you feeling okay? You barely said two words at the movie, and now you’ve hardly even tasted your sundae.”

“Oh, Alex,” She gave him a wan smile as she laid her spoon down. “I’m sorry, I’m really bad company tonight. Guess I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately. I shouldn’t have dragged you out.”

“Don’t apologize, that’s what friends are for. You know, Isabel, sometimes it helps to talk things out. I may not be football player material, but I’ve still got a strong shoulder available.”

She gave him a slight smile and started to shake her head, but something in his eyes touched her heart, and suddenly, her face crumpled, “Oh, Alex, I’m so afraid.” Alex tossed some money down on the table, grabbed her by the hand and said, “Come on, let’s take a ride.”


Earlier at Michael’s apartment, the foursome had settled down with popcorn and sodas and were soon enjoying “The Birds” – hey, even Mikey liked it. By the time they popped “North by Northwest” into the player, the lights had been all turned off, the room illuminated only by the glow of the TV set. Max and Liz were snuggled up together under a throw blanket in the recliner, while Michael and Maria had taken over the couch. The only sounds in the room were Cary Grant running for his life through a cornfield, and the soft murmurings of the two couples as they whispered to each other accompanied by telltale smacking sounds.

Suddenly, they were all jolted when the overhead light came on and the door slammed. Max and Michael instinctively held up their hands, Max to wrap his shield around Liz and Maria, and Michael ready to blast whatever had entered the room. When they realized that Alex and Isabel were standing in front of them, Michael barked out, “What the hell are you two doing here?” as he dropped his hand. “I could have fried you.”

Alex had his arm around Isabel’s shoulder, and it was obvious that Isabel had been crying. “Not now, Michael.” Maria said quietly, as both she and Liz pulled Isabel over to sit between them on the couch. “What’s wrong?” Liz asked Isabel, as Maria looked at Alex, “Yeah, what’s happened now?”

As Alex came further into the room, he said “Sorry to interrupt, but Isabel’s been going through something that she’s been keeping bottled up inside, and you guys should know about it.”

Both Max and Michael came over to stand in front of the couch and looked down at Isabel. “Isabel, what is it?” Max asked with concern. As she looked up at them, they seemed to both be about a foot taller than usual. She cleared her throat, but she couldn’t seem to get any words past the large lump there. As she cast a desperate look at Alex, he said, “It’s okay, I’ll explain.” Then he looked at Max and Michael, “She’s already been through it once with me.” Isabel gave Alex a shaky smile and said “Thanks, Alex.”

Taking a seat at the counter, Alex began. “When Whitaker kidnapped Tess, and Isabel went to the old power station, Whitaker told Isabel some things about her past life that upset Isabel, things that she was afraid to tell you.”

“Isabel,” A surprised Max said, “you are my sister, you can tell me anything.”

Isabel shook her head, her long blond hair falling over her face. “Being your sister just makes it worse,” she whispered looking down at her clasped hands.

Alex continued, “Some of what she told Isabel you already know – that the skins wanted the Granolith and that Whitaker was the one who killed Nasedo, but Whitaker also told Isabel that the reason she killed Nasedo was in order to ‘save’ Isabel from the three of you, that Isabel didn’t belong with you, but with their race. She also told Isabel that her past name was Vilandra.

“Vilandra?” Liz asked. “That letter to Whitaker from the Universal Friendship League - they called the harvest ‘The Vilandra Project’.”

“Yes” Alex acknowledged and looked over at Max and Michael who still stood a few feet away from Isabel, “it was named after Princess Vilandra. Whitaker told Isabel that Vilandra had this great love, and that she betrayed her brother for him. So he could take over her brother’s throne.”

Isabel looked at Max with tears in her eyes and said, “I told her that she was a liar, that I didn’t believe her.” Then she looked back down at her hands, “But then Nicholas lured me into that husk room. He also called me Vilandra and said that my destiny was with them, that Khivar was waiting for me.” Wiping at her eyes, she continued, “I didn’t even know who that was. Nicholas laughed at us, said we were clueless teenagers now, that Khivar was the leader of the rebellion, the man who stole Max’s throne,” her voice dropped to barely above a whisper, “the man I sacrificed a kingdom for.” And with that Isabel broke down, her face in her hands. “We all died, because of me.

Max and Michael stood still in shock, the only sound in the room being Isabel’s sobs.

“Isabel, no,” Liz pulled Isabel into a hug, while Maria rubbed her hand on Isabel’s back in comfort. Liz grabbed a tissue and dabbed at Isabel’s face, “No matter what Whitaker or Nicholas told you, you are not that person. For all we know they were lying, trying to trick you. And even if they weren’t, you aren’t the same person as you were then.”

“That’s what I told her.” Alex said.

Maria gave Isabel’s shoulder a squeeze, then got up and walked over to Michael, who still hadn’t spoken. Max then sat on the couch beside Isabel, “Liz is right, we are not the same people who died on that planet. I stand by what I said earlier.” He took Isabel’s hand in his and said, “You are my sister, Isabel. You were there to take my hand when we came out of the pods. You’ve always played the role of big sister, watching over me, and I know that I can trust you.”

Maria elbowed Michael, who said, “Uh, yeah, Isabel, me too.”

Isabel scrubbed at her face and looked around, “I never wanted any of you to know, because I was ashamed, but after what happened this afternoon, I knew I had to tell you.” She took a deep breath, “Max, today at the Spa, one of the employees called me Princess Vilandra.”


“What!” “When?” “What did they look like?” “Was it a man or a woman?” “What did they say?” Max and Michael bombarded a startled Isabel with questions.

Liz stood up, “Stop it, you guys. This is not an interrogation.” As Max and Michael were surprised into silence, Isabel gave Liz a grateful smile. “Alex, would you please get Isabel a glass of water? And Maria, would you get her a wet cloth?” As they both rushed to do her bidding, Liz sat back down. After Isabel had taken a few sips of water and wiped her face off, Liz continued, “Now, Isabel, tell us what happened,” and casting her eyes at Max and Michael, who just rolled his, “without interruptions, please.”

Isabel then related the incident of meeting the attendant in the hallway, thanking him for everything, and him then calling her Princess Vilandra as she walked away, but that when she turned back around, he was gone.

“Was there anyone else in the hall, could he have shapeshifted into someone else?” Max stood and walked over to lean against the counter beside Alex as Michael paced about the apartment.

“No, there was no one in the hall, I just stood there frozen, the next thing I knew, Liz was there.” Isabel answered.

“What about Tess?” Maria asked, then she grabbed Michael’s arm as he passed close to her. “Michael, honey, please, you are making me dizzy.” He flopped down in a chair and ran his hand over his face, and Maria sat on the arm of the chair and grasped Michael’s hand in hers, “Isabel, the two of you finished dressing first and left together. Where was Tess when this man called you Vilandra?”

“She had gone on ahead to the lobby while I stopped to thank the attendant.”

“Maybe there never was an attendant.” Liz offered, “Maybe it was a Tess mindwarp.”

“But I recognized him from earlier in the day. That’s why I stopped to thank him in the first place.”

“Maybe the real attendant did walk down the hall, but Tess warped you into thinking that he stopped and talked with you.” Alex offered.

“But she’s been trying so hard to be accepted by us, why would she pull something like that?” Isabel wondered.

“I don’t know, but if she was playing mindgames, then perhaps she thought that you would come to her since you are the same. That having her to confide in would bring the two of you closer, like sisters.” Liz theorized, standing and walking over beside Max.

Max, who was leaning against the counter, placed his arm around Liz and she leaned her head on his shoulder as she wrapped her arm around his waist. “It looks like we have a couple of possibilities,” he said, “(a) it was a mindwarp by Tess for whatever reason or (b) it really was a Skin or Shapeshifter who may or may not be working for this Khivar.”

Alex went over and sat beside Isabel on the couch. “If only we knew more about you guys, and if we could decipher that Alien Book. Max, what about Brody’s equipment?”

“Yeah, I had been thinking maybe you and I could look it over after the UFO Center closes tomorrow. Since it’s Sunday, we close at 5:00 p.m. Michael and I will ride out to the Pod Chamber in the morning and retrieve the Alien Book.”

“That’s it? You’re just going to play with computers? We need to scope out that spa, Maxwell. For all we know it’s home to a new nest of Skins.” Michael asked.

“I agree. We need to do both,” Max said. “While we need to finally find out what’s in that book, we also have to find out if this person was an employee, or was just there today because he found out that the girls were going. Even if it was a mindwarp, Tess may have used a real person she saw working there for the image.”

“So,” Michael asked, “how are we going to get in to check out that spa?”

As Maria looked around at Max and Liz standing together, Isabel and Alex sitting beside each other, and Michael sitting next to her, she said, “Oh, I can answer that Spaceboy.” She retrieved her purse and pulled out several brochures. “I picked these up in the lobby today.” As everyone looked at her questioningly, she said, “We are all going back out there next weekend” looking at Michael with a mischievous grin on her face, “to attend a Couples Session.” She laughed out loud at the horror on Michael’s face.



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Chapter 15

Late Sunday afternoon, Alex stopped by the Crashdown before going meet Max at the UFO Center. As he helped Liz and Maria hang Christmas decorations around the diner, he asked them, “Hey, did you guys hear about Joey Briggs?” They shook their heads. “Seems like the idiot walked right through the plate glass window at the video store last night, cut himself up pretty bad. Lots of stitches in his face.”

“Hmm, that’s too bad,” said Maria, while trying to untangle a string of lights, “he’s such a jerk, that pretty face was all he had going for him.”

“What happened, was he drunk?” Liz asked as she unpacked alien ornaments. “Drunk, stoned, who knows,” shrugged Alex, “but someone said he kept asking who moved the door.”


Just a few minutes before 5:00 o’clock on Sunday evening, Alex arrived at the UFO Center, and was looking around the exhibits trying to act nonchalant, when he saw Max motion him to the back area. Max showed Alex a closet to slip into so that no one would know he stayed behind after closing. After the Center closed, Max told Brody that he didn’t mind staying behind and straightening up and once Brody left, Max locked up.

Alex heard a voice call out, “Hey, Alex, you can come out of the closet now.” As Alex emerged, he said, “So glad I can provide you with a laugh, Evans.” As the two friends grinned at each other, Max said, “Come on, the good stuff is locked away in the back.” They spent the first hour looking at all of Brody’s equipment, and Max made some photocopies of the Alien Book. After another two hours, Alex was still looking at the different programs to see what might best be used to try and decipher the book.

Max was feeling both bored and frustrated, but Alex had warned him that this would take a lot of time, and they would be lucky if they ever deciphered it. They were in for a long haul.

“Max, I can’t just suddenly start hanging out here all the time, especially at closing time. Brody may become suspicious. Why don’t I make some copies of these programs, then I can do some of the work on my home computer.” Max agreed, and Alex set about making the necessary copies.

It was almost 9:00 o’clock when Max’s cell phone rang, he was glad to hear Liz’s voice as she offered to bring him and Alex some pie from the Crashdown. Shortly thereafter, Max let Liz in and locked the doors behind her. As they gathered in Brody’s office, Liz gave Alex a small white bag containing a triangular shaped box with a slice of his favorite, Asteroid Pie, and he immediately went over to the couch and opened it up. “Um, thanks, Liz,” he said.

She grinned at him, then she turned and handed Max his favorite, she whispered to him, “I put a little something extra in yours.” He smiled, and gave her a quick kiss, but when he opened his bag, he almost swallowed his own tongue. Because instead of the Tabasco packets he was expecting to find with his Men in Blackberry Pie, on top of the box containing his slice of pie were three shiny wrapped condoms.

He slowly raised his face and looked over at Liz, who had moved to sit on the edge of the desk. She avoided his eyes but had a pretty blush on her cheeks. “So, Alex” she said a bit breathlessly, as she kicked off her shoes, “what have you guys found out so far?” In between bites of pie, Alex began explaining all about Brody’s computers, the book, the programs, etc., but Max didn’t hear a word he said. With his heart pounding, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Liz. Just knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her set his heart pounding and the blood rushing through his body.

Alex slowly stopped speaking as he realized that nothing he had said to Liz had soaked in. She nodded as he had spoke, but kept cutting glances over at Max, who was staring a hole through Liz and had yet to even take his pie out of the bag. Suddenly, Alex began to feel like a fifth wheel. Quickly swallowing the last bite of pie, he stood up to dispose of the trash, and clearing his throat said, “Um, guys, you know, we’ve been working several hours, and I think this was a good start. Max, why don’t I grab those copies I made and we call it a night?”

“Yeah, sure, Alex,” Max said, tearing his eyes off of Liz. “Let’s get you packed up and on your way.”

“Yeah, I’m a little tired. I’d like to get on home.”

Liz said, “I’ll just straighten up in here,” waving her hand around a room that needed no straightening at all. Alex hid a knowing smile. After Alex gathered all the materials he wanted, Max escorted him out, making sure that the Center was locked up tight before he ran back to the office and to Liz.

As he stopped in the open doorway, he found Liz sitting on the desk with one leg crossed over the other wiggling her toes, with the skirt of her uniform hiked midway up her thighs. She was looking at a copy of the Alien Book and her hair had fallen across her face. When Liz heard the office door shut, she looked up with a shy smile, but her smile faded when she saw the look of desire on Max’ face. Liz put the copies back down on the desk, as Max slowly walked across the room.

Her heart pounding, she whispered, “Max.” And that was all she had time for before she found herself in his grasp as his mouth captured hers. There was nothing slow and sweet in this kiss, it was hot and hungry. In an instant, her passion flared and their tongues swirled together. Max swung her legs apart and stepped in between her knees, pulling her tightly against him. As he kissed her mouth, her face, her neck, Liz felt as if she had awakened a sleeping tiger, and she reveled in it.

Without her apron as a hindrance, Liz soon found her uniform completely unsnapped and hanging off her arms. She shrugged it off and reached for Max’s shirt, which fell to the floor, soon followed by Liz’s pale lilac bra. Leaving her clad only in a pair of tiny matching lilac panties. Max pushed her back on the desk and leaned over her as he feasted on Liz’s bare breasts like a starving man, moving from one delicious peak to the other. He caressed her body and slipped his hand beneath her panties touching her where he had only dreamed of before. Liz clung to him and moaned while he gently stroked her folds, and Max was amazed at how slick she was. “Oh, God, Liz,” he whispered against her lips, “you feel so good… so…” “Only for you, Max,” she answered, “only you,” then as he slipped a finger inside her, Liz began rocking against his hand. The low keening sounds she made and the scent of her was driving him to the brink.

He gasped out, “Liz, My Liz, …I wanted… perfect… romantic… for you.”

She mumbled between kisses, “Don’t care… love you… need you.” He snapped his fingers and the lamps in the office gave off soft candlelight, and the radio began playing romantic music.

She grazed her fingernails over his nipples, and Max shuddered. Liz sat up, grinding against his hand, frantically trying to unfasten his pants. Her fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his boxers and when her fingertips brushed over the tip of his erection, Max groaned with pleasure.

He savaged her mouth with his, and she gave back as good as she got. Liz managed to push his pants and boxers down far enough to free his throbbing manhood. She reached down and clasped her hand round him and was amazed at the silky feel of his skin. Max gasped out, “ahh, Liz,” he pulled his hand from her panties and grabbed Liz by the hips, pulling her tightly against him as he rubbed his erection against the dampened silk. “Max,” she cried, wrapping her arms around his neck, she softly whispered against his lips, “I want you… inside me.”

At her words, he felt the blood rush through his body at lightening speed and thought he would burst into flames. In mere seconds he had shed the rest of his clothes and hooking his fingers into the sides of her panties he slid them down her legs. As he picked Liz up from the desk she wrapped her legs around his waist, nothing between them now. Max lay her down on the sofa, and as they kissed and caressed each other, he positioned himself between her thighs. With his swollen member resting between her slick folds, he looked into her eyes, and said, “Forever, Liz, I will love you forever.” She echoed his vow, “And I will love you forever, Max.” He then kept his eyes locked on hers and slowly pushed forward, stopping as he reached her barrier. “I don’t want to hurt you, Liz.” She slid her hands down to grasp his behind and pulled him to her. Liz cried out in pain as her barrier tore and Max found himself buried in her welcoming body. He stilled letting her become adjusted to the feel of him. He slid his hand down between their bodies and she felt a healing warmth. “Thank you,” she whispered, and as she kissed him, she gave a slight wriggle that reverberated through his body.

They kissed deeply, tongues dueling as their bodies began a lovers dance, Max thrusting deeply as Liz met every thrust. Soon, Liz began to feel a familiar electrical rush as if every cell in her body seemed to be charging up. She threw her head back, “Max,” she gasped. “I know, baby, I feel it, too,” he answered moving his mouth along her neck. As their bodies pumped faster and faster, their kisses grew even more frantic, wherever they could reach, mouths, necks, shoulders, chest, breasts. Max knew he was close as he felt a quickening in his balls. Wanting to satisfy Liz first, he reached between their bodies and tweaked her small bud of nerves, and watched her face with wonder as she screamed out his name as she came apart in his arms. When her inner walls clamped tight around him, he couldn’t hold out any longer, he chanted her name, over and over as he climaxed, her body convulsing around him until he was milked dry.

As their bodies continued to shudder together, they noticed with astonishment that both of their bodies were beginning to glow. Max rose up slightly and cupped Liz’s face in his hand. Their bodies still joined together, he looked deep into her chocolate eyes, whispered reverently, ‘You are my life, Liz, my love, my Queen”, and as he kissed her, the flashes started. They once again saw each other throughout their lives, images as young children on the playground, Max healing Liz, together in the desert when they found the orb, running from the Special Unit, hiding out in the overturned van, Future Max on the balcony while Max serenaded Liz from below, heartbroken when they were torn apart, the recent night at the rock quarry and their happiness to be together again, and both felt the deep abiding love each had for the other flow into their souls.

Their breathing gradually slowed back down, their bodies slowly ceased quaking, and Max tenderly kissed the tears of emotion from Liz’s eyes. He reluctantly removed himself from her and shifted so that he lay under Liz and cushioned her body. Reaching up and pulling a folded blanket off the back of the couch, he loosely covered them. Both physically and emotionally drained, they soon fell asleep.


A few hours later, Max felt something tickling his nose, and brushed at it. He woke and found that it was Liz’s hair. For a moment, he just stared down at her sleeping form in wonder. How long had he dreamed of this, waking up with his Liz, his dream girl in his arms?

Liz stirred against him, and slowly woke to gaze up at Max. “Hi,” she said shyly with a sleepy smile. “Hi, yourself,” he whispered, pulling her close for a kiss. “How do you feel?” smoothing her hair back with his fingers. “Ummm, wonderful”, as she stretched against him, then grimaced a little, “but a little sore.” With a pretty blush she grinned, “I think I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had.” He grinned back at her, “Well, you know, I’ve heard that the best way to relieve sore muscles is to get more exercise.”

“Oh, really?” she wriggled her naked body against his. As she felt his body’s response pressing against her tummy, she said teasingly, “Hmmm, so tell me, is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?” Surprised, Max threw his head back and laughed out loud, “Well, since I don’t seem to have any pockets…” She slid her hand down and wrapped her hand around him, at the quick hitch of his breath, she moved her hand slowly up and down, and with the devil in her eye, “It’s awfully hard, and I know it shoots.” “Liz Parker!” and soon teasing laughter turned to kisses. Max pulled Liz on top of him and as he cupped her bottom with his hands teased, “Umm, come on up here and I’ll let you shoot my gun.” Suddenly, Liz froze.

“Liz? Liz, what’s wrong?” She wriggled around on top of him as she looked around the room. Spotting what she was looking for she just whispered, “Max.” He turned to follow her gaze across the room, “Oh, shit,” he saw that the forgotten bag with his pie had fallen off the desk and the light was reflecting off the shiny covers of the unopened condoms lying on the floor.

They looked at each other in alarm and as Max stoked her hair back from her face, he said in dismay, “Ah, Liz, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I could have gotten so carried away, been so irresponsible.”

“It was happening to both of us, Max. I felt it, too.”

“All I could think about was making you mine. Maybe this was what Future Max meant when he told you that we ‘cemented’ our relationship in his timeline.”

“But you brought protection the night of Gomez, he told me so. They must not have gotten so out of control. This must have been something else, it was like something primal was urging us forward.”

“Something alien?”

“I think maybe it was meant to happen that way, Max.” Liz quickly began figuring, “Whatever it was, I think we’re safe, but we have to be more careful.”

He nodded and kissed her forehead. Liz eased off the couch and walked over to retrieve one of the condoms. Max turned and propped his head on his hand, admiring her perfect little body. When Liz saw him watching her, she began to blush.

She darted over to the couch and snatched up the blanket holding it in front of her, leaving Max lying on the couch naked and exposed. “Hey,” he cried as he jumped up after her. Soon, giggles and teasing turned into kisses and caresses, and he carried her back to the couch. While they were just as passionate and loving as before, neither felt that all consuming primal urge that had overtaken them earlier. They took their time, learning and exploring each other’s bodies, ultimately experiencing electrifying climaxes that rocked them both, and this time they both remembered the condom.

Max and Liz left the UFO Center in the early morning hours just before dawn, neither noticing that they were being watched as they crept up Liz’s fire escape. The exchanged tender kisses before Liz slipped through her window. As Max eased back down the ladder and loped off towards his jeep, with a grin that would put a jack o’ lantern to shame, Nasedo stepped out from the shadows.

He looked back towards Liz’s window, and grimly muttered, “So it’s been done.” He then stalked away into the night.



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I have to admit I was nervous writing that nookie scene. sprachlos036

SarahWhitman, if you will go back to Chapter 11, there's a section where Nasedo and Tess discuss the fact that he and Tess faked his death in order to get Tess closer to Max so they can fulfill their deal with Khivar. That sneaky bastard. *wink*
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Chapter 16

A few hours later, it was a contemplative Liz and a chattering Maria that made their way into the school. As they approached their lockers, Liz stopped suddenly and looked down the hallway with a slight smile. “Liz, what’s going on?” Then Liz rushed forward, leaving Maria to follow behind, “Of course, Romeo’s waiting.”

When Liz reached her locker, she and Max just stared at each other with shy smiles for a few seconds, then Max pulled out the white rose he had been holding behind his back, and brushed Liz’s cheek with it. “For you.” He said softly, “Although, its beauty pales in comparison.” Looking up through her eyelashes at him, Liz bashfully smiled and sighed, “Oh, Max” and took the rose letting her fingers linger on Max’s hand.

Warning bells went off in Maria’s brain as she looked from one to the other. Taking in Liz’s pretty blush, Max’s incredibly sappy face, she blurted, “Oh My God! Beyond? You went beyond?” As both Max and Liz’s faces turned beet red, glancing around Liz said, “Maria! Shhhhh.” Thankfully, the bell rang and Max grabbed Liz’s hand, “Sorry, Maria, gotta go,” and they scurried off to class, leaving a speechless Maria standing in the hall.

Tess Harding stood just around the corner, having seen Max and Liz’s exchange and heard Maria’s exclamation. “Amazing isn’t it?” Tess turned to see Pam Troy standing behind her. “How in the world did little Lizzie Parker, boring little science geek, manage to land the allusive, and yet oh, so studly, Max Evans?” She sighed, and shook her head, “Must surely be a sign of the Apocalypse.” As Pam moved off to class, Tess thought, “Nasedo better have a hell of Plan B, or Max will be a widower before he’s ever a groom.”


As Liz moved down the hallway to her next class, she was grabbed by the arm and dragged into the Eraser Room. “Maria! What are you doing?”

“We have to talk. After seeing the two of you at the Crashdown the other night, I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am. Now, I want to know…”

Liz groaned and looked up at the ceiling. “Maria, I can’t believe you are asking me…”

“Who else am I going to ask, Liz?” Maria interrupted, “As far as I know, you are the only other human girl who is dating an alien boy. Besides, it’s not like I want every salacious detail.” Seeing Liz’s disbelieving look, “Well - okay, I do - but we’ll let that pass for now.”

Liz covered her face with her hands and slowly shook her head as she began to laugh. “Oh, Maria…”

“Liz, I just want to know how everything was, not just because I’m concerned for my best friend, but also because of me and Spaceboy. So, was it normal? Did he suddenly grow any extra parts, or insert anything anyplace weird? Obviously you weren’t injured in any way, and it doesn’t look like anything on Max exploded beyond repair.”

Liz couldn’t help but laugh at her bestest friend and placed her hands on Maria’s shoulders. “Maria, chill. It was fine, more than fine, it was wonderful. It was everything I dreamed of and more. And as far as I can tell, perfectly safe.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” When Liz let her hands slide off Maria’s shoulders, Maria grinned and grabbed Liz’s hand, “Now, about those salacious details.”

Liz just grinned back, “Let’s just say Madame Vivian was right, I was not left wanting”.

“Sooo, am I to understand that you arrived at your final destination?” Maria asked with raised eyebrows.

Liz leaned over and placed her forehead against Maria’s and whispered, “Twice.”


As Max was headed for his own class, he found himself suddenly pulled into an empty classroom by Michael. “Michael! What the hell are you doing?”

“We need to talk and I wasn’t about to be seen pulling you into the Eraser Room, Maxwell.”

“Michael, I told you Alex hasn’t found anything out yet, it’s going to take some time.”

“Not about that, about you and Liz. Maria said you guys had sex last night.”

Max groaned, “Michael, you know I love Maria, but sometimes I just want to stick a sock in her mouth.”

“Welcome to my world, Maxwell.” Michael responded dryly. “Although I’m surprised the whole school doesn’t know with you walking around with that sappy look on your face. You might as well have ‘I got some’ written on your forehead.”

As a disconcerted Max reached up to rub his forehead, Michael pressed on, “What were you thinking? You had no way of knowing what that would do to Liz, what if she had been hurt?”

“Michael, don’t worry, Maria will be fine.”

“Maria! Why the hell are you talking about Maria?”

“Isn’t that what this is really about? You’re busting my ass about Liz, but what you really want to know is whether it’s safe for you and Maria.” As Michael sputtered, Max continued, “I’m not going to give you details, Michael. But, everything was perfectly normal, well, except for the glowing part, but other than that...’

“Glowing part? What the hell was glowing?” Michael asked in alarm. “Don’t tell me we have Glo-Sticks.”

Max couldn’t help but laugh, “No, no Glo-Sticks, just both of our bodies, the first time just after we, uh, you know,” Max blushed. “But the second time it was just like normal human lovemaking, only really hot and sort of electrical.”

Now it was Michael’s turn to groan and rub his forehead, “Ah, damn Max, have you been watching Oprah? Guys don’t say ‘lovemaking’. Guys talk about sex, only when talking with girls do you ever use the term lovemaking, otherwise you just sound foo-foo.”

As Michael opened the classroom door, he put his hand on a bewildered Max’s shoulder and as they walked out said, “now about this hot electrical part…”


As Tess joined Isabel and Alex at their usual lunch table, she asked where the others were. “Oh,” said a grinning Alex, “Liz was in the mood for Mexican, so she and Max decided to go over to the taco stand, I think Michael and Maria tagged along.”

At the Taco’s Last Stand, the four of them sat at an outdoor table, Max and Michael doctoring their lunches with extra Tabasco. Liz said to Max, “Thanks for bringing us here, Max. I just didn’t think I could face sitting at lunch with Tess today.” Max leaned over and placed a kiss on her temple, “Don’t mention it. I was glad to avoid her, too.”

“You guys know that you are just putting off the inevitable, don’t you?” Michael asked, biting into his burrito.

“I agree,” said Maria, “as soon as she sees the two of you together, the jig is up. You both are giving off vibes, you know.”

“Vibes?” Max asked.

“Yep”, she said waving her taco in the air, “Nookie vibes, girlfriend, loud and clear.”

“Maria!” Liz said, looking over at Michael with a slight desperate look. “Hey, don’t look at me, she’s your lifelong, best friend,” Michael said.

“Actually, I was speaking to Max,” Maria said grinning at Max, “Liz and I are best friends just as you and Michael are, so we should be able to discuss anything, including your love life.”

“How about we don’t.” Max said without rancor. “Spoilsport,” grinned Maria.


Tess arrived home after school, not having seen Max or Liz the rest of the day. Kyle was at football practice and planned to eat out with some of his buddies, the Sheriff had a city council meeting after work, so Tess was on her own. She was debating on her dinner plans, when she heard a noise in the back of the house. Her heart pounding, she eased down the hall and saw that her bedroom door was cracked open. Slowly approaching, her heart almost stopped when the door swung open and Nasedo stepped out.

As she jumped in fright, she squealed, “Damn it, you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Please, don’t be so melodramatic,” as he rolled his eyes, “it’s such a human trait.”

“What are you doing here? What if someone saw you?”

She turned and moved to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“I checked things out first, we needed to talk, something happened between Max and Liz last night.”

She poured a glass of juice, “Oh, please, let me guess - they finally did it. I figured as much, they’ve avoided me all day. I saw them at Liz’s locker this morning, and Mr. Romance gave his lady love a white rose,” she rolled her eyes in disgust.

They both sat down at the table.

“Yes, there is no doubt that they bonded last night,” Nasedo said, “which definitely leaves us looking for a new plan.”

“I think we should go back to my plan, the ‘til death do us part’ scenario.”

Nasedo stood and began to pace. “I’m afraid that won’t be happening now.” His voice was full of confusion. “I’m not exactly sure how this happened, I don’t quite understand it, but I can feel it.” Taking a breath, he looked at Tess and said, “I’m now duty bound to protect Liz Parker.”

“Protect her!” Tess cried out, “What do you mean protect her? And what the hell do you mean you’re ‘duty bound’?”

As Nasedo sat back down at the table, he continued disconcerted, “Before leaving Antar, my brain was encoded to be a protector for the Royal 4. Last night I felt something inside of me change towards Liz Parker. It was so strong that I was headed to her apartment when I saw her and Max climbing up the fire escape. I can only surmise that when Max and Liz formed their permanent bond last night, but he must have also declared her as his Queen. Something in me changed, I felt it.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, he already has a Queen. ME!” Tess fumed as she jumped to her feet.

“Well, that is a bit of a pickle. This certainly isn’t something I was expecting.” Nasedo looked up at the ceiling as he speculated. “We know that in your past lives, you were declared to be the Queen on your wedding day, but then you were all killed. Max was created with all the powers of the King encoded in his brain, but he was born anew. It would appear that the ‘new’ king has the ability to choose a ‘new’ queen,” he looked over at Tess, “dead reconstituted wives notwithstanding.”

“Damn that girl, enough is enough. We have to get rid of her, and soon.”

“No! While I may be still encoded to protect you, I have no choice but to abide by my encoding to protect Liz. You make any attempt on Liz, and I will have no choice but to stop you, even if I have to kill you.”

Tess looked at Nasedo in shock, and slowly sat back down. “Does this means the deal is off? We just give up?”

“No! I still want off this planet and Khivar still wants the royals back on Antar for a public execution, and I intend to see you rule as Queen Mother.”

Tess leaned her elbows on the table and placed her hands on either side of her head, “My head is going to explode. Just how the hell are we going to accomplish that now?”

“Plan B.” He said.

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I'm going to try and post a new chapter tonight. BTW, is it too soon for more M/L nookie??? *wink*

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Sorry this is a bit short, but here it is ~ pretty much pointless nookie *big*


Chapter 17

Max and Liz were certainly not explicit in public, an arm around a shoulder, a hand held here, or a soft touch there. While Maria had teased them about their ‘vibes’, there was a definite change in the air around them as their devotion to one another seemed to rise off of them in waves. However, Tess continued to act friendly to both of Max and Liz, the only sign that she knew of their evolved relationship was the fact that she was a bit subdued.


Friday evening, Max came by the Crashdown to pick Liz up for their date. After eating dinner out, Max suggested they go back to his house, maybe watch some television.

“Where are your folks, and Isabel?” Liz asked when they arrived hand in hand to an empty house.

“Mom and Dad drove up to Albuquerque to meet with a potential client for Dad. Some guy may want to open up a branch of his business down here. Anyway, they were going to take the guy and his wife out to dinner and stay overnight, so I don’t expect them back until tomorrow.” Then with a grin he added, “And Maria asked Isabel and Alex for their help in dragging Michael to the movies.”

Slowly wrapping her arms up around Max’s neck, Liz said, “So, we’re all alone, then?”

“Um, hmm,” he replied against her lips.

Liz leaned back and with a coy smile, “Max, just how set were you on watching television?”

Max grinned back at her, with his arms wrapped around her, “Why, Miss Parker, did you have something else in mind?”

After giving him a kiss that curled his toes, she pulled back, “Race you to your bedroom.” as she darted down the hallway.

Max caught up with her quickly, scooped her up and both of them were laughing as they entered his room. After Max set Liz back on her feet, she said, “How about I freshen up a bit first?” and turned to enter the connecting bathroom he shared with Isabel’s room. As soon as she closed the door, Max noticed that his room could use a little sprucing up. He tossed some dirty clothes and shoes into the closet, used his powers to make sure the sheets were fresh, and then turned the lamp down low, and turned some music on. As he was lighting some candles, he heard a husky voice behind him, “Soft music, candles, very romantic,” he turned to find Liz leaning in the doorway of the darkened bathroom and forgot to breathe.

She stood clad in a beige spaghetti strap camisole that ended just above her belly button, the tight little buds of her nipples protruding through the thin clinging knit. A pair of barely there bikini panties in matching beige lace did absolutely nothing to hide the dark triangle behind them. “But aren’t you overdressed, Max?” she said with a gleam in her eye.

He strode over and cupping her face in his hands, devoured her mouth with several open mouth kisses. “Maybe you can help me out with that,” he said against her lips. In a few moments they had divested him of his clothing, slowed down by Liz’s insistence in caressing and kissing his chest as it was revealed. But soon he stood before her magnificently naked, his manhood standing at attention. “Now, who’s overdressed?” he said as he scooped her up in his arms and with his lips latched to hers, he gently laid her on the bed stretching out beside her.

“I’ll fix this later.” He promised as he ran his glowing finger down the middle of her camisole, rendering it in two. Easing the two pieces apart, he bent and suckled Liz breasts moving from one to the other with equal devotion, his hand caressing her hip and thigh. Liz’s legs moved restlessly against Max’s and as her hand reached down to clutch him in her grasp, she felt the air whoosh from his lungs. She gently pushed him over to lay on his back, rising up over him she removed the torn camisole, then bent forward her hair hanging down to tease his skin. She kissed his lips, moved down his throat and kissed and nibbled on his copper colored nipples. Max groaned in pleasure and ran his hands through Liz’s hair. She kissed lower and swirled her tongue around his navel and dipped into it, and as she drew her tongue along Max’s happy trail, he grasped the sheets in his hands and moaned, but she took his breath away when she gently wrapped her hand around his erection and kissed the tip of it. She swirled her tongue around the mushroom shaped cap and tentatively eased her mouth down over him, he groaned, “Liz, ah God, Liz.” When she slowly moved her mouth up and down, slightly sucking, it felt so good that he was afraid that he would lose it right then, so he grasped her by the arms and pulled her up to him and kissed her.

Liz pulled her mouth away from his, “Max?” she asked with a quiver of uncertainty in her voice, “you didn’t like...” “No Liz… God, I loved it… I love you for wanting to do that for me, but it was about to all be over,” he responded with a self-deprecating smile, “and I want to be inside you when, you know.” Then with a grin he added, “Maybe I could have a raincheck?” She smiled, “I think I could arrange that,” and kissed him.

Then he rolled them over, and he looked at her beautiful face, with her hair spread over his pillows looking back at him with such love and want in her eyes. Following the same path she had, he leaned over to kiss her lips, her throat, caressed her breasts and nibbled at her rosy nipples and dipped his tongue into her bellybutton.

The scrap of lace offered no resistance as he ripped her panties off. On his knees between her parted thighs, he gazed at her glistening folds as the smell of her arousal slowly drove him crazy. He bent over and first kissing her belly button, moved his tongue lower. He was starving for her, “Ahhh, Max,” she cried out as he licked up through her folds tasting the evidence of her desire. He feasted on her, the sensations his tongue created were driving her wild and now it was Liz’s turn to grasp hold of the sheets as she writhed on the bed and chanted his name. Max eased a finger inside her, while still laving on her lower lips, then a second finger, and she moaned out loud with pleasure. Realizing she was about to reach her peak, he manipulated his fingers faster and wrapping his lips around her little bud of nerves, he sucked hard. “Maaaaaaaxxxxxxxx,” she screamed loudly, her hips bucking as her orgasm hit. He continued to lick as she rode it out.

He removed his fingers from her still clenching muscles and reached over to remove a condom from the drawer and slipped it on his hard length. Leaning over Liz, Max whispered against her lips, “You are so delicious,” she tasted herself on his lips and as she gasped, Max thrust his tongue into her mouth and simultaneously thrust his rock hard member deep inside her still quivering passage, which sent another incredible orgasm rushing through her body. Max pounded his body against hers and just before he reached his own climax, they felt their souls reach out like silken ribbons to find the other, twining together. As an immense joint climax crashed through their bodies like an electrical tidal wave, they clung to each other, shuddering as they screamed out each other’s names.


Alex walked Isabel up to the front door after their movie. “Thanks for helping Maria with ‘drag Michael to the movie’ night, Isabel.” “Anytime, Alex, it was fun.” He smiled and turned to leave, “Uh, Alex,” she called as he stared walking away, “it’s still kind of early, you want to come in for a bit? Maybe watch some TV?” Alex turned back, and they walked into the house together. As they entered, they both felt a static charge in the air, the hair on their arms standing up. Just as Isabel said, “What in the world?” they heard a cry from the back of the house, “Lizzzz, Aughhh, Lizzzz” closely followed by “Maaaxxxxx, Oh God, Maaaaxxxxxx.”

As Isabel realized exactly what was going on in Max’s room, she flushed bright red and said, “Oh - My - God!” As she turned to Alex in horror, his stunned face gave way to laughter, “Um, sorry Isabel, but I think that’s Liz’s line.” Seeing him laugh, Isabel covered her face and began laughing, too. Hearing more moans from down the hall she threw up her hands to cover her ears, “I cannot stay here,” shaking her head, “not right now.” “Come on” Alex grinned, “let’s go get some coffee or something.” As they walked back to Alex’s car, he rubbed at the grin on his face and said, “Well, that was certainly electrifying.” Isabel groaned.


As they slowly returned to normal, Max eased his body down beside Liz’s and pulled the covers up over them. They held each other close. Liz pressed her forehead to his and sighed, “That was incredible, but we just may be the death of each other.” Max grinned at her, “But at least I’ll die with smile on my face.” Softly laughing, the young lovers lay together in the afterglow. After a bit, Max brushed Liz’s hair back and whispered sleepily, “Just a few weeks ago, I was completely miserable, thinking I had lost you forever.” He rubbed his thumb over her lips. “I never dreamed that I could be as happy as I am now. I love you, Liz.” She kissed his thumb and snuggled closer, “I was lost without you, too. I love you, Max, always.” she whispered back as they drifted off to sleep.


Several hours later, the jangling phone woke Isabel. As she answered with a sleepy hello, she was instantly jerked awake by the worried voice on the other end.

“Max, Max” he faintly heard, as the bed shook, then louder, “Liz, wake up!” As they both came awake, they were shocked to see Isabel standing by the bed. “Liz, your father is on the phone.” Isabel stated urgently.

“Oh, my God!” Liz cried, looking around. “What time is it?” Isabel answered, “It’s 2:00 a.m.” With an “oh, no” Liz sprang from the bed naked and began searching for her clothes. Max had to grab the covers to hide his own nakedness, while Isabel just looked at the ceiling, then back at Liz. “Both of you get dressed. I’m going to tell him that you guys fell asleep in the living room watching TV, and that we’re bringing you right home.”

Liz pulled her pants on, then her sweater, not bothering to look for her ripped underwear, while Max jerked on his boxers, jeans and sweater. They grabbed their shoes to put on in the jeep and ran out of the house to where Isabel had the jeep idling.

After apologies and excuses to the Parkers, Max and Isabel started back home. “Isabel, I’m really…” Max started.

As an irritated Isabel drove the jeep through the streets of Roswell, she said, “Save it, Max. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Alex and I walked in earlier to hear you and Liz yowling like a couple of cats in heat…”

“A…A…Alex?” Max stammered in embarrassment.

She continued, “but now in order to cover your butt, I’ve had drag myself out in the middle of the night and lie to Liz’s parents.”

As Max continued to stammer, “You… he…we?” Isabel said, “Oh, just forget it. But the next time you plan a sleepover, set the damn alarm clock, would you?”


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Now on with their trip to the Spa, and just a little bit of NC17

Chapter 18

Late the next morning, Max and Isabel arrived at Michael’s to find Liz, Maria and Alex already there for their “Couples Session” at the spa. After Liz greeted Max with a kiss, Max managed to avoid direct contact with Alex, but when he glanced over in his direction, Alex just grinned and winked. Seeing Alex grin, Liz smiled at her friend and looping her arm through his asked in all innocence, “What’s so funny, Alex?”

Seeing Max’s panicked expression, Alex said, “Oh, um, I was just picturing Max and Michael having their toes painted.” When she smiled up at him, Alex dropped a friendly little kiss on her forehead. But the grin slid from his face when Liz replied, “Don’t forget, Alex, you are going to be right there with them.” “Oh, yeah,” he frowned. Michael complained, “Hey, no one said anything about painted toes,” which caused giggles from the females in the group. Max quickly grabbed Liz by the hand, “Uh, shouldn’t we be on our way?”

Max and Isabel had borrowed their dad’s Suburban SUV, since it could easily hold all six of them. As they arrived, Max gave their names and confirmation number in order to access the grounds. Remembering how elegant the resort was, the girls made sure that everyone was dressed in casual but nice clothing.

“I hope you realize that only the threat of an alien invasion would coerce me into this nightmare.” Michael grumbled, as he exited the car dressed in the new slacks, shirt and sweater Maria had forced him to buy.

Alex commiserated, “Hey, you don’t see me and Max here all atwitter in anticipation, do you?”

“Ahhh, come on guys, I bet you’re going to love it.” Maria teased as Liz and Isabel hid their grins at the look of dread on the guys’ faces.

“Let’s just go in and get this over with.” Max said unenthusiastically.

Once inside, they checked into the spa area just like the girls did the week before, but were escorted by the attendant down a different corridor to changing rooms. Since this was a mixed gender session, Maria had decided to forego the messy mud baths in exchange for a soak in a hot tub. They had all brought swimsuits to wear. While Liz and Maria changed into modest bikinis, Isabel had opted for a simple maillot. They were once again given robes and slippers.

The girls exited the changing rooms, and found the guys waiting in the hallway, looking ill at ease in their robes and slippers. An attendant arrived to escort them down the hall, they were talking and teasing when they entered the room they were directed to by the attendant, and their mouths fell open.

They found themselves inside a large sunroom containing a swimming pool, and in the pool and standing around were several naked men and women. As one middle-aged man with a large beer belly shouted out “hello” from the diving board, a plump matronly lady stood poolside in all her glory, smiling as she wiggled her pudgy fingers at them in a wave.

“Aughhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Maria, as she whirled to dart back out of the room, closely followed by the others, with murmurings of “Oh, my God” and “What was that?” “What the hell?”

They stood in the hallway in varying degrees of disbelief.

“Maria!” shouted Michael, “What the hell kind of kinkfest did you sign us up for?”

As an attendant quickly ran up to see what the problem was, an upset Maria glared at Michael and retorted, “the brochure just said couple sessions, I thought it was like last week, just with guys. There was nothing in there about nekkid swimming!”

“Excuse me, but is anyone else blind?” Alex quipped, sending Liz and Isabel into a fit of the giggles.

The attendant laid a soothing hand on Maria’s shoulder and said, “My name is Angie, and I’m sure there has just been a mix up. Come with me, I’ll just check out the computer reservations, ” and led them down the hall and into a private room. She picked up a guest phone and after a few moments turned and said to Maria, “I am so sorry, Miss Deluca. Your reservations were booked for the regular couples spa session. However, when you checked in today a computer glitch somehow placed you with the “clothing optional” swimmers.”

She continued, “The manager has asked me to express his deepest apologies, and to ask you to please accept complimentary dinners this evening in our restaurant.”

“Spa food?” said Alex in a sotto-voice. “Isn’t that like cucumbers and watercress?”

“Yeah, we'll have to loop through Mickey D’s on the way back into town.” mumbled Michael.

Isabel tossed a death glare in their direction, stepped forward towards the attendant and said graciously, “Thank you, Angie, very much. We’d be glad to accept.”

“Wonderful!” Angie led them back out into the hallway and glanced around. “Sandy,” she called to another attendant, “Could you escort the Deluca party to the correct couples facilities?”

“Gladly,” Sandy replied, and added as they started down the corridor, “I’ll arrange for someone to gather your belongings and take them to the correct dressing areas, so you won’t have to come back down here.”

As they walked back down the corridor, Alex said, “Well, you have to admit, that’s just not something you see everyday.” As they all started laughing, including Sandy, Liz said, “You know, for such a fat guy, he sure had a little mmmph” as Max clamped his hand over her mouth, with a shocked, “Liz!”


From that point on, the afternoon proceeded similarly to the girls’ day the week before, with the exclusion of the mud tubs and waxing.

The guys rolled their eyes at the thought of getting facials and manicures, and flatly refused to have pedicures. As they were being prepared for facials, a pretty redheaded attendant was twisting Isabel’s long, blond hair up to cover it with a turban, she looked over at Michael with a sparkle in her green eyes. “Mr. Guerin? I noticed that your hair is a quiet a bit longer than the other gentlemen, would you care for a turban?” As Michael looked back at her in revulsion, Max and Alex burst out in laughter, and the girls joined in. “I’ll just take that as a no,” she said with a smile. “Now, how about everyone taking a chair and we’ll begin.”

When the couples were left alone in the room, Maria looked over at Max and Michael, two grumpy faces smeared with an avocado mask, she said, “Awww, Liz, just look at our little green men, aren’t they cute?”

Michael glared and responded, “You realize that somehow, someway, you are going to pay for this, Blondie.” “Hey, don’t glare at me Spaceboy, you’re the one who wanted to come out here.” Maria retorted, not the least intimidated with his empty threats.

Alex popped up, “Hey, look at the bright side. At least if we get hungry, we can eat our faces.” Bringing about a chorus of amused groans.

After the teens completed their facials, and before being led to their massages, they all took a long soak in the hot tub. The girls shed their robes and stepped into the tub, with the guys admiring the view for a moment. While Alex had gone swimming for years with Liz and Maria, he felt apprehensive about Isabel seeing his tall, lanky frame clothed only in swim trunks, especially after Max removed his robe to display his six pack abs and muscular thighs. But then Michael removed his robe, and Alex hid a grin at Michael’s pale white legs and love handles. Thinking, “oh, what the heck,” he removed his robe and joined his friends.

As they sat together relaxing in the warm bubbling water, munching on finger sandwiches and fresh fruit, they discussed their afternoon so far.

“I’ve seen some of the same people who were working here last week,” Isabel said, “but there’s been no sign of the man who spoke to me.”

“I haven’t noticed anything unusual either,” said Liz, “I poked my head into several rooms when I went to the ladies room, but nothing looked out of the ordinary, certainly didn’t see any stray strips of skin lying around anywhere.” “Me, neither.” echoed Maria.

“Great,” grumbled Michael, “I had my fingernails buffed and polished, I sat around with mashed avocado on my face for 30 minutes, and for what? Nothing.”

“But Michael,” Alex grinned, “I’ve never seen you look more lovely.” At which point, Michael sent a wave of water splashing in Alex’s direction, managing to splatter both Maria and Isabel in the process.

“Michael!” Maria squealed, “Behave.”

“We still have our massages this afternoon.” Liz said, “Maybe we’ll learn something then.”


An attendant had come to get the girls first to get ready for their massages, and when Max walked into the massage room containing Liz, he froze as he saw why. Liz was alone in the room laying face down on the massage table, with only a small towel covering her obviously bare bottom. She looked up when he entered and leaned up on her elbows, her arm blocking his view of her breasts, she pointed to a towel lying on the table next to her. “That’s for you, you can remove your trunks behind the screen,” then grinning as the front of his trunks began to tent, “or maybe right here.”

Grinning back at her, he had just hooked his thumbs into his trunks, when the door opened and a young female attendant came in. Max looked at Liz with smile of regret, and stepped behind the screen.


A similar scene was repeated in two other rooms.

When Alex entered to see an almost nude Isabel, he thought his teeth would fall out. “My God,” he thought, “did her legs look that long earlier?” Even though she was lying face down on the table, he could still see the sides of her ample breasts. When she said, “um, hi, Alex,” he could tell that she was embarrassed since she wouldn’t look directly at him and by the blush on her cheeks - well, the ones he could see anyway. So to put her at ease, he reverted to ‘buddy Alex’ and started cracking jokes and soon he could tell that she was more relaxed. Now, if only he could joke his way out of the futility of being in love with Isabel Evans, alien princess.


Michael entered the last room to find Maria stretched out nude but for the towel draped over her hips. As she looked over at him to speak, she turned slightly towards him causing her towel to slip down, revealing a generous portion of her behind. With a squeal, she instinctively twisted back to catch the towel, giving Michael a full view of her bare breasts. Without a word, he whirled and darted back out the door, leaning back with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths. He opened his eyes to find himself face to face with a large bald headed man.

“Mr. Guerin, is everything alright?” he said with a crisp German accent. “Yeah,” Michael squeaked, then clearing his throat, “Um, I just needed some air, but yeah, I’m fine, just fine.”

“Very well, I am Hans, and I will be your masseuse. Now, if you will get undressed, we shall get started.”

“Undressed? You mean like naked?” Michael asked nervously.

“If that makes you uncomfortable, you may certainly leave your trunks on.” Hans informed him.

“I think that would be best,” as he took a deep breath thinking, “Lord, give me strength”, Michael turned and walked back into the room and a naked Maria.


When Max came back out from behind the screen, the female attendant was arranging additional towels and bottles of oils on a tray. As Max stretched out on the table, the attendant lit several aroma therapy candles around the room and left just as a man and woman entered. The man was blond, handsome and looked like some Norse god. Meanwhile, the woman looked like she could play Brunhilda in some Wagnerian opera. They introduced themselves as Gunter and Helga, and Gunter proceeded to give Liz her deep massage to her oohs and ahs. Meanwhile, Max grunted and groaned as Helga was obviously trying to grind his muscles into powder.

Max didn’t know which was more torturous, being twisted, beaten and pounded by Helga, (whom he was sure was a Greco-Roman wrestler in drag) or seeing Gunter rub his oiled hands all over Liz’s supple body. "Gunter", he thought miserably, "definitely Gunter". His torture finally ended and Gunter and Helga left the room, saying that when they were dressed they could meet their friends in the room across the hall.

Max watched them leave, hoping to never see ‘Brunhilda’ again. He turned back to find that Liz had shifted and was reclining on her side, propped up on her elbow with her hand against her head. While the towel was still draped over her hips, her breasts were bared to him. “So tell me,” she smiled mischievously “was Helga as good for you as Gunter was for me?”

With a growl, Max jumped off the table and pulled a giggling Liz into his arms, kissing her deeply. As their tongues swirled together and their hands caressed, their towels fell to the floor, Liz felt him hardening against her stomach, pulling her mouth from his she sighed, “Max, the others are waiting.” “Umm hmm,” as his lips traveled down her jaw and nipped at her throat.

Liz extended her head back and said regretfully, “Max, we can’t.” His mouth nibbled on one hardened little nipple as he thumbed the other. “Uh, Max, we really… ooooh, shouldn’t,” she said a little less convincingly as his mouth tugged sending a wonderful rush to her very core. “Max, what if, uhhhh, some… someone comes in?” He flicked a hand towards to the door, sealing it.

Max then backed her up against the massage table, “Max, wait, we don’t have anything with us.” As he grabbed her bottom and lifted her up to rub his hard length against her wet core, he nodded to the side table where amongst the aroma candles sat a small glass bowl containing several condom packages. Max grinned wickedly, “Compliments of The Eldorado.”

As Liz wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, she smiled against his lips, “Well, maybe just a quickie.”


As the others waited on Max and Liz, Michael complained, “What is taking those guys so long? We’ve been waiting in here for over 20 minutes.” Michael jerked open the door to look in the hall and his question was answered when they heard several moans coming from across the way.

Isabel looked over at Alex in disbelief and said, “You don’t think…” Alex grinned, “I wouldn’t bet against it.”

“Oh for crying out loud!” Michael exclaimed as he quickly slammed the door. When Maria began giggling, the others couldn’t help but laugh, and more than one felt a bit envious of Max and Liz’s loving relationship.

Once Max and Liz finally joined the others, the couples split up as they were taken to the dressing rooms to change back into their street clothes, Max and Liz were both teased by their friends. In the men’s locker room, after good naturedly taking his lumps from Michael and Alex, Max walked over and opened his assigned locker, and reached for his belongings. As he lifted out his shirt, a folded piece of paper fell out. Picking it up, he unfolded it to discover that it was a piece of stationery with the Eldorado logo on it, and was surprised at the words written there.


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Chapter 19 - NC17

Max glanced around the locker room but it was obvious that neither Alex nor Michael had seen the note fall nor seen Max retrieve it. After getting dressed, Max placed the folded note in his back pocket. He wanted to think about the contents before he mentioned it to the others, plus he knew how much the girls were looking forward to having a nice dinner and didn’t want anything to spoil it. So, he put a smile on his face, and said, “Aren’t you guys ready yet?” and he led the guys out to wait for the girls in the lobby.

As the couples gathered at the front desk, the clerk called a bellhop over to escort them to the resort’s restaurant. As Max smiled at Liz and took her hand, Maria grabbed Michael’s and Alex turned to Isabel and offered her his arm with a grin, “Miss Evans, may I escort you to dinner?” “I’d be delighted, Mr. Whitman.” She smiled back at him.

Once settled at a table they looked over the menu, and the guys were pleasantly surprised to see that the restaurant’s menu contained full dinners. They placed their orders, T-bone steak dinners for the guys, grilled chicken for Liz and Maria, and grilled salmon for Isabel.

Alex and Michael dug into their steaks, while Maria and Liz ate a bit more daintily. Liz noticed that Max was eating quietly, looking a million miles away, while Isabel just picked at her food. She reached for Max’s hand and gave it a squeeze while looking over at Isabel. “I know you’re disappointed that we didn’t learn anything new today, I’m sorry.”

“Maybe the fact that no one contacted ‘Vilandra’ today means that it really was just Tess last week, playing some sicko mindgame.” Speculated Maria.

“It’s still hard for me to think that Tess would do that to me, or what the point would be, but I think I’d rather it be her than some new enemy that’s after us.” Isabel said before taking a bite of baked potato.

“Well, maybe Alex will get a break soon and we’ll be able to find out something on that book.” Maria said slicing into her chicken.

“Yeah, Isabel,” Alex agreed, as he speared another piece of steak. “I know that the book thing is really going slow and I don’t have anything to show for it yet, but I honestly believe that we can decipher it eventually.”

“No luck at all with Brody’s programs?” asked Liz.

Alex shook his head, “The problem is that while the programs we took off Brody’s computer contain a multitude of languages and dialects, they are all current languages used around the world today, like French, Italian, German, Chinese, etc. It didn’t have any of the dead or ancient languages. I sure wish I could get into that supercomputer at Las Cruces. If I could just figure out a few symbols, I believe it would probably all fall into place. All I have to show so far is frustration.”

“Don’t give up, Alex. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate how hard you’ve worked on this.” Isabel said reaching over to clasp his hand with a smile.

A pleased Alex just grinned and said, “Me? The resident computer geek, give up on deciphering an alien language? No way, Jose.” Bringing about laughter from the others.

They had almost finished their desserts, and Liz was concerned that that Max had seemed so distracted during the meal. She knew just how relaxed and happy he had been after their time in the massage room, so what had happened in the meantime? She leaned over against him and could feel the tenseness in his body, “Max?” she whispered, “Honey, are you okay? Is something wrong?”

“We need to go.” Max blurted out, standing up. As the others looked at him in surprise, Liz asked, “Max, what is it?” “Max, what’s wrong?” Isabel asked.

“I can’t talk about it here,” Max glanced around the room, motioning the waiter over. “Let’s just go back to Michael’s.” After signing the guest check, he grabbed Liz by the hand and headed out of the restaurant, leaving the others to catch up with them.

While waiting for the valet to bring the SUV around, Michael blurted out, “Maxwell, what the hell happened in there?

Max said, “Not now, Michael, let’s just go back to your apartment, where we have complete privacy.”

They were all feeling confused, frustrated and a bit frightened by Max’s refusal to speak on the drive back to Michael’s apartment. “Max, you’re scaring me.” Liz whispered. He took one hand off the wheel to rub her knee, as Isabel said from her seat behind Liz, “and you’re not doing my nerves any favors, either Max.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to frighten you. I don’t think… it’s not bad, just… Please, let’s wait until we get back to the apartment.”


“Okay, Maxwell, here’s your damn privacy, now what the hell happened at that Spa?” Michael demanded as they walked through the door.

Max held up his finger, looking around to make sure that the apartment was empty. Then he began looking around at the furniture, lamps, and Isabel asked, “Max, what are you doing?” “Looking for bugs or hidden cameras.” He replied. “The place looks clean.”

Removing a folded piece of paper from his back pocket, he stated, “I was contacted.” His announcement was greeted by concerned looks, and Liz gently grasped his arm. He looked down at her with a slight smile. Looking around at the others, he stated, “Someone left this note in the locker with my clothes.” He read out loud, “Your Majesty, We are few in number, but we are loyal to the true Antar and the House of Zan. When the time is right, I will be in contact with you. Until then, remain cautious and be ever mindful of the evil within. Your faithful servant, Serena.”

“Serena!” Liz gasped. “Max that’s...”

He laid the note down on the counter, and looked down at Liz. “I know.”

“Well, I don’t know - who the hell is Serena?” Michael demanded.

Liz explained. “She’s the one that Future Max mentioned. When I asked him why he didn’t go to Max himself, he said that he didn’t quite understand, but that ‘Serena’ said that if they actually came in contact with each other they would both be destroyed, something to do with quantum mechanics. When I asked who was Serena, he just said that she would be a friend of mine one day. Apparently, she helped our future versions modify the Granolith so Future Max could travel back in time.”

“Loyal to Antar, is that our planet or the kingdom? And the House of Zan, is that the king’s house?” Michael wondered as he looked at Max, “is Zan your past name?”

“I don’t know, but when I read the note, those names felt familiar somehow.” Max responded. “The way the whirlwind symbol did when Isabel found that pendant at Atherton’s.”

Alex looked at the note, “Well, it looks like whoever Serena is, she’s here now, and she brought friends with her.” Looking at Isabel, “Maybe that’s who spoke to you at the spa last week, someone who’s with this Serena.” Isabel shrugged.

Maria took the note from Alex, “Cautious - evil within - faithful servant. Hmmmm, too bad she couldn’t vague that up a bit for us.” She looked over at Max and said, “I really hate to say this, but – what do we do now, Max?”


By late Saturday night, Tess felt like she really would explode. She’d spent the past week smiling and acting friendly while having to watch Max and Liz coo over each other. Her envy was about to eat her alive. While she had kissed and teased her share of boys over the last few years, she’d actually saved herself for her destined mate, only to be rejected while the bastard chose a new queen. She tossed and turned in her bed, sitting up when she heard the sounds of the TV from the living room. “To Hell with Max Evans,” she thought as she rose from the bed.

Kyle was stretched out on the couch, all the lights off, watching TV when he heard a sound, looking up he saw Tess wearing a short satin robe standing at the end of the couch. Looking at the TV where Kyle was once again attempting to watch scrambled porn, she said, “This is pathetic.” She then waved her hand towards the television and Kyle was shocked when he saw was a clear view of two women and a man as the three of them had sex. But he almost fell off the couch over what happened next.

Tess leaned over with her hands on the arm of the couch and said, “Kyle, would you rather watch porn, or participate in it?” She then stood up straight and shrugged off her robe to reveal her naked body in the glow of the TV light. She walked around the couch and jerked his blanket off, sitting astride his hips. She could feel him swelling through his boxers as he gazed at her nakedness.

“Te..Tess? What, um, what are you…?”

“Shhhh, you don’t want to wake the Sheriff”, and she leaned forward rubbing his chest with her breasts while she rubbed her tongue around his lips. Suddenly, she slid back on his thighs and reached her hand into the slit of his boxers and pulled out his growing erection. Bending over she opened her mouth over him, and she pushed her hand up and down in rhythm with her mouth. Kyle ran his hands in her hair as she stroked and sucked him. “Oh, God, this has to be a dream,” Kyle gasped out. She looked up at him, letting him go with a ‘pop’ and smiled. She slid back up to rub her wet folds along his erection, “Only if you’ve been dreaming about screwing my brains out.” She suddenly stood back up and retrieved her robe. She slung it over her shoulder and began walking towards her bedroom, slightly swinging her ass. She looked back with a seductive smile, “Aren’t you coming? I bet you will be soon.” Kyle quickly jumped up and followed.

Stretched out naked on the bed, their bodies twisting and churning, Tess was amazed at the sensations Kyle was creating in her body as he pounded into her. She had used her powers to block the pain of Kyle tearing her membrane, and now with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, she reached to grab his ass and pull him to her harder and faster. When she reached her climax, she moaned in pleasure, only the fear of waking the Sheriff kept her from screaming out loud. She’d never felt anything this good before. As soon as their bodies recovered, she waved her hand across a dozing Kyle’s body, erasing all evidence of their activity. Then she stroked Kyle’s face waking him and said looking into his eyes said, “Kyle, get dressed and go back to the couch now, and in the morning, this will all seem like a dream.” After Kyle left the room, she stretched languorously and smugly thought, “I cannot believe I went this long waiting on that bastard Max. Well, thanks to Kyle, I’ll be making up for lost time.”


Sheriff Valenti was in his office the following Monday afternoon filing out some reports when Deputy Owen knocked on his door. “Sheriff, Lloyd Gibson from Roswell Video is here. Remember, that’s the place where the Briggs kid walked through the window? Anyway, he wanted to talk with you.”

After the deputy showed the man into his office, Valenti shook his hand and offered him a seat, he then closed the door. “Lloyd, how are things going at the store, everything back up and running smoothly?” he inquired.

“Oh, yeah, Jim, we were back in business the next day. I had something I wanted to show you,” and he held up a couple of video tapes he was holding. “You see, usually we have a 24 hour loop on our surveillance tapes, with the tapes starting over daily. When the accident happened, and knowing we’d be dealing with insurance companies, I had the tapes pulled that night.”

“Is there a problem with your insurance company?” Valenti asked, “I’m not sure what my office could do about that.”

“No, uh, no.” Lloyd said hesitantly. “Actually, this is a bit awkward, Jim. You see, a couple of days ago during inventory we realized that a few movies were missing. Remembering the confusion that night, I pulled the tape out to watch it.” He looked around, “Do you have a video tape player here?”

Valenti got up and opened a cabinet, revealing a TV/VCR combo. He took the tape and popped it in the machine and handed Lloyd the remote. “I have this tape set to the point just before Joey walked through the glass,” Lloyd said, and he started the tape playing. It showed Joey Briggs walk straight into the plate glass window, the glass shattering and people rushing to him, then on the tape you could see the back of a blond haired girl walk through the doors, tapes in hand, never stopping to check out.

Valenti just stared as a feeling of dread filled him, because he believed that he recognized that blond head. Then Lloyd switched tapes, “this was taken from another camera showing a different angle just moments before.” He started the tape, which clearly showed Tess Harding speaking with Joey Briggs who then turned and walked away from her.

“Jim, one of my part time employees goes to West Roswell, and identified the girl as Tess Harding. She also said that the girl is living with you?”

Jim pulled his eyes away from the tape, and looking at Mr. Gibson gave him their cover story, “Yes, her father, Ed Harding, was transferred out of the country by his company, an extended business trip to the Orient. Tess didn’t want to miss her senior year here in Roswell. Although he signed emancipation papers for Tess, he asked if we would act as sort of a foster family for her.” He looked at the paused tape, and then back at Mr. Gibson, “I don’t know what to say, Lloyd. I hope that there is a reasonable explanation because of the confusion that night.” Then he looked back at the tape, “But I can get a deputy in here if you want to press charges.”

“No, Jim, I don’t want any hassle. Like you said, perhaps there was a mistake because of the confusion, but I would like the return of the tapes.”

“Well, that much I can guarantee, along with the full rental fee and all late charges.” Then Valenti placed the tapes on his desk, “Could I have copies made, Lloyd? I’d like Tess to see them.”

“Actually, Jim, these are extra copies I had made for you.” As Mr. Gibson stood up to leave, he looked at the Sheriff, “You know, Jim, as the owner, I’m the one in charge, but if this had happened in one of those chain stores…” he shrugged.

“I know, and I really appreciate this, Lloyd.” They shook hands and Mr. Gibson left the station.

The Sheriff sat back, and looked at the tapes in his hands. What had disturbed him much more than the alleged theft was the tape showing Tess and Joey. The way Tess put her hand on the boy, the way he turned and walked away, the look on her face made it apparent that Tess had used her mindwarping powers on the boy.

Valenti then picked up the phone and dialed. A voice on the other end answered, “UFO Center.”

“May I speak with Max Evans?”



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Lana Lane, I was sorry to hear you've been ill and in the hospital. Hope you are doing well and are back on line soon.

Chapter 20

In response to Valenti’s call, Max left the UFO Center and went straight to the Sheriff’s Office. After Max took a seat, the Sheriff told him about Mr. Gibson’s visit and showed him the video store tapes. After viewing them, he just looked at the Sheriff and shaking his head, “Sheriff…”

“Max,” Valenti interrupted, “When I looked at these, what disturbed me was not just that Tess left without paying, but that she was obviously using her mindwarping powers. Max, do you think she made that boy walk through that glass?”

“I don’t know, Sheriff. I don’t know any reason why she would do that.”

Valenti leaned forward, “Max, you came to me for help when Nasedo died, and I took Tess in, we even made her a part of our family, but I have to know if she is capable of this. I have Kyle to consider.”

Max nodded. “I know, Sheriff, and while we don’t have any evidence, something did happened a while back that you should also know about.” Max then proceeded to tell him about Riverdog’s vision and his belief that someone meant Liz harm from the bus accident.

“Are you telling me that you think Tess caused that bus accident?” Valenti stared at Max in disbelief. “My God, Max, people died on that bus!” Trying to keep his voice down, Valenti asked furiously, “How could you not tell me?”

“Sheriff, we didn’t know what to think.” Max stood and began pacing. “There was no evidence that Tess was involved, no evidence that it wasn’t just an accident. We couldn’t just accuse her based on a dream about a yellow snake, and a bus driver who claims he saw a car that no one else saw.”

He ran his hand through his hair, “Tess has acted perfectly normal. She’s been friendly with everyone and claims that she’s accepted that Liz and I are together. We agreed that we would keep a watch on her, and if at anytime we felt you or Kyle were in any danger, we would warn you. We were just afraid that if we said anything, you and Kyle would treat her differently, and it’s possible that she is completely innocent.”

“We? And just exactly who is we, Max?” Valenti asked a bit too quietly.

“Uh, that would be me, Liz, Isabel, Michael, Alex and Maria.” Max answered somewhat apprehensively.

Valenti rose up out of his chair, “So, it’s just the six of you making decisions now? Decisions that affect me and my son?” an obviously upset Valenti asked, “Kyle and I are no longer a part of this?”

“No! That’s not true. Don’t you think I know how much you have risked for us? You’ve not only put your badge on the line, but your life.” Max looked at him pleadingly, “but please, Sheriff, just stop and think for minute. If I had come to you after the accident and told you about Riverdog’s vision, about our concerns, could you and Kyle have treated Tess the same?”

“I don’t know.” Valenti admitted as he sat back down behind his desk, rubbing his hand over his face.

Max continued emotionally, “Please don’t think you aren’t a part of this. You know things about me that I can never even tell my own father. You don’t know how much that means to me that I have you to come to.”

Valenti looked at Max Evans, a young man who might have once been a king, but today was just a confused and scared teenage boy. “Thank you, Max, I’m honored that you feel you can come to me, and I guess I do see your point about Tess.” He indicated the tapes, “So what do we do about this?”

“You have to confront her about this, the tapes and Joey Briggs, but not anything else. And you should do it here, that way I can hide nearby in case she were to try to warp you.”


Tess had arrived home from school to find Nasedo in the kitchen. “This is beginning to become a habit.”

“I’m going to be out of town a few weeks. Nasedo said, not bothering with any niceties, such as ‘hello’.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on the FBI and picked up some rumors that there is former lab tech who claims to have evidence remaining from the old Special Unit. Now, when I posed as Agent Pierce and helped shut down the Special Unit, I managed to get most of the paperwork and evidence against Max destroyed, but I believe there may be some hidden samples still remaining.”

“What good are a few bits of blood going to do us?” Tess asked.

“Not blood, my dear. Agent Pierce was very thorough, I’m thinking that he may have taken sperm samples.”

“Sperm? How did he …” Tess shuddered in disgust, “ugh, I don’t even want to know.”

“How is not the point, but whether they were ever acquired in the first place and if there really are any samples left. So, I’m off to check out this lead and if it is true, tracking down that evidence.”

What Nasedo did not tell Tess was that he also wanted to get out of town for a while to try and figure out how to deal with these unsettling protective feelings he had towards Liz Parker. He’d been making plans for 40 years and he was damned if he’d allow an insignificant human ruin them now, queen or no queen.

“And if you find these samples, then what?” Tess asked cautiously.

“Why, my dear, you will find yourself on the business end of a turkey baster.”

Before a wide-eyed Tess could respond to that alarming bit of news, there was a knock at the front door. She went to peek out of the curtain and saw Deputy Hanson standing on the front stoop. She glanced back at Nasedo, who nodded for her to open the door while he hid just out of site.

“Deputy Hanson! I’m sorry, the Sheriff’s not here, I thought he was at the office.”

Hanson tipped his hat to Tess, “Actually, Miss Harding, the Sheriff is down at the station. He asked me to bring you down.”

“Is something wrong?” She asked, but Deputy Hanson couldn’t answer any questions, as he had not been told more than just to fetch Tess down to the station.

As Tess was driven off in the patrol car, Nasedo watched from the window, wondering just what had Tess gotten herself into now, knowing he’d have to wait and see before he could leave town.


When Tess arrived at the station, the Sheriff led her into his office and closed the door. “Sheriff, what’s wrong? Deputy Hanson wouldn’t tell me anything. Is it Kyle? Did something happen?”

“Kyle is fine, Tess.” He pointed out the video tapes sitting on his desk, “I need for you to look at these.”

First, he showed her the surveillance tape with her leaving the store. “Sheriff, I can explain,” she started. “Wait, there’s more,” he said, and put in the second tape. After she watched it, Valenti said, “Tess, I want the truth, exactly what happened that night?”

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “I didn’t mean to take those tapes, I forgot I was even holding them. When the glass broke and everyone started screaming, I got scared. I was just going to return them with some money in the cases, I promise.”

“Tess, I’m more concerned with the part where you were talking with the Briggs boy, did you do something to him?”

Tess started crying. “I’m sorry, I never meant for him to get hurt.”

Valenti handed Tess some tissues, and sat down on the corner of his desk, “Can you tell me what happened?”

Tess wiped her face, “He was just so obnoxious, saying that the reason Kyle didn’t go out anymore wasn’t because he found Buddha, but because I was living there. He said I was free milk and I should share the wealth. He was such a jerk, I just wanted to humiliate him, so when he walked off I made him see the door.” She looked up at the Sheriff, her face wet and her blue eyes glowing from the tears, “I just thought he would bump into the glass wall and everyone would laugh at him. I didn’t know he would go right through it.” She started crying again. “When I heard the glass breaking, I panicked, so I just took off.”

Valenti sighed, “Okay, Tess. I wanted to hear your side. Luckily, I was able to square things with Mr. Gibson at the video store. I said that I was sure you just forgot to pay in the confusion.”

“Oh, Sheriff, thank you.” She jumped up and hugged him.

“But you are going to return those movies, young lady, with full payment and late fees, and you will apologize to Mr. Gibson.”

After she agreed, he said, “Okay, I’ll have Deputy Hanson drive you back home. Do you want to freshen up first?” She nodded and they both left going down the hall toward the restrooms.

A few minutes later Valenti came back in, closed the door and said out loud, “Did you get all that?”

“Yeah,” answered Max, stepping out of the storage closet. “Pretty convincing, but I don’t know that I believe her. Granted, Joey Briggs is the most obnoxious ass in school. I know Isabel has put him in his place a time or two, so I don’t doubt that he would have said those things to her. But, I just don’t believe that she didn’t mean for him to walk through that glass.”

Valenti agreed, “Yeah, she looked awfully calm and collected on that tape, not scared or panicked at all.”

Max took a deep breath, “So, Sheriff, Tess is ultimately my responsibility. If you want her to move out, maybe I can put her back in Nasedo’s house.”

Valenti rubbed his face with his hands, and sighed heavily, “No, Max, Nasedo’s house is rented out, remember? Besides, that’s the only source of income for Tess. It’s not like Nasedo left an estate.”

He looked at Max, “While I am disturbed by these tapes, it’s like you said earlier, there’s no real evidence against her. It’s always possible that she could be telling the truth. She and Kyle do get along, and it’s almost Christmas. At least now, I can watch out for her, too, and if I act a little different around her, she’ll just think it’s over this.”

“Thanks, Sheriff, but if you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable, then I’ll think of something.”

Max then looked at the Sheriff and said, “Um, there’s something else you should probably know, especially since I healed Kyle,” and he told the Sheriff about Liz developing powers, and how they deduced it was brought on by her having run such a high fever.

The Sheriff looked stunned at the possibility of Kyle being changed, “Max, I don’t know what to say, but I think we should maybe keep this from Kyle for now. He still gets a bit freaked over the whole alien situation as it is.”

Max nodded, “We don’t want Tess to know about Liz, and I don’t know if Kyle will ever be affected the way Liz was, that was another thing we thought we should just keep a watch on, but after today, I thought you should know.”

After Max left the Sheriff turned in his chair, and reached up on the shelf behind him. He took down a framed photo and ran his finger along the image of Kyle from grade school, grinning with his front teeth missing, his little boy.



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Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and Welcome Back Lana Lane, and what a lovely pic you brought us. liebe030

Since this story began in the fall, the next few chapters deal with the holidays. Yep, Christmastime’s a ‘coming. weihnachten016

Chapter 21 ~ NC17

School was winding down for the holiday break and as Christmas approached all thoughts of evil aliens and/or alien allies were pushed to the back burner, as everyone was kept busy.

It wasn’t as if anyone actually had time to worry since Isabel, ever the Christmas Nazi, had roped everyone, including Tess and Kyle, into helping out with all her Christmas projects. They were all run ragged as they assisted in hanging Christmas lights, searching for the perfect trees, organizing the holiday hunger drive, setting up the Christmas Village in the park and everything else that Isabel thought she had to do to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Isabel, with her notebooks and lists and chores, was driving everyone crazy.


“No, Michael, you cannot give Maria a bumper for Christmas.”

As Michael walked with Max down the street, he grumbled, “What the hell is wrong with giving Maria a bumper for the Jetta? She’s always bitching about us using it, and her pathetic bumper is hanging by a thread.”

“By all means, Michael, put a new bumper on the Jetta, but not as her Christmas present. I mean, you might as well just stop off at The Handy Hardware and get her a ratchet set while you’re at it.”

“This present buying is for the birds, Maxwell, it’s just a scam to make you buy things you don’t even need.”

Max just smiled as Michael groused, and opened the door to the crowded jewelry store. Max spent several minutes looking through all the jewelry counters.

“Come on, Max, just pick something out,” Michael complained, “I’ve got to get to work.”

Max glanced over at Michael, “Don’t forget, you have to pick something out, too.”

They heard a feminine voice, “You guys look a little lost.” Looking over into the green eyes of a pretty petite redhead, Max said, “Um, yeah, I’m looking for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend.” Something about the girl seemed familiar. “Do I know you?” he asked.

“Yeah, you do look familiar.” Michael popped up.

The girl grinned and looking at Michael said, “Have you worn any turbans lately?”

Max laughed as Michael groaned, “You work out at The Eldorado, right?” said Max.

“That’s me.”

When Michael rolled his eyes, the girl laughed, “Well, if you’re having trouble picking out a gift and would like a feminine point of view…”

Max said, “Thanks, uh…” “You can call me Sera,” she said.

“I’m Max and this charming fellow is Michael.” Sera laughed, “I remember from the spa. Now, let’s see if we can find something for your ladies.”


A few days before Christmas, Isabel came rushing into the Crashdown looking frantic. “Liz, Maria, thank God you’re both here. I need your help, my elves bailed on me.”

“Huh?” said Maria. “Your Elvis did what?”

“Not Elvis! My elves! Two of Santa’s elves at the Christmas Village just up and quit for no reason.” As Liz and Maria shared knowing glances, Isabel continued. “Now I don’t have Snowflake or Candy Cane to assist Santa, to take the children’s pictures or hand out the after visit candy...”

“I know I’m going to regret this,” Liz stated with a pained expression, “but you were looking for us because…”

With a bright smile Isabel said, “Because you two are so cute and petite,” seeing Maria roll her eyes and Liz’s lifted eyebrow she admitted, “and are the only ones I know who will fit into the costumes.”

“Uhhhhh, those silly costumes with the green tights and those hideous clunky boots?” Maria retorted. “And kids who cry and scream and wet and throw up?” She shook her head, sending her Santa earrings bouncing, “Sorry, count me out. Besides, I’m already supplying pies for the Nursing Home dinner.”

“Maria, your mother is making those pies. All you have to do is deliver them.” Isabel retorted, then she looked over at Liz with a glaze of desperation in her eyes. Liz caved and said, “Sure, we’ll do it.”

“Liz! Are you insane?” Maria cried, just as Isabel grabbed Liz in a hug, “Liz! Oh, thank you. Now both of you meet me at Santa’s Sleigh in the pavilion in two hours. We’ll get you into costume.” Isabel turned and marched towards the door, “And don’t be late.”

Just as Isabel walked out, Maria shouted, “Okay, but I’m not wearing those fugly boots.”


Alex Whitman had put deciphering the alien book on the back burner, since the majority of his time was spent assisting ‘Fraulein Isabel’. Between helping her organize the hunger drive, the Christmas dinner at the nursing home, and anything else she could think of, he was exhausted. Thank goodness, she had shanghaied Tess and Kyle into overseeing the Christmas Dog Show for the Humane Society. But just a few nights just before Christmas, it all became worthwhile.

He and Isabel were at the Christmas Village as it was winding down for the evening. Isabel insisted on a walk through each evening before leaving, making sure all the lights were in proper working order and that no one had dared to move an ornament out of place. Alex noticed that Isabel seemed distracted and was very quiet. She was only partially paying attention and in fact had missed two burnt out bulbs as they walked along. “Isabel, you’re awfully quiet tonight, is something wrong?”

As they walked to the edge of the village, Isabel turned to Alex and said, “No, nothing’s wrong, Alex. I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things lately.” She gave him a shy smile, “I want you to know that I appreciate all your help. You, Liz and Maria are very special people, and not just for helping with Christmas. The three of you learned our secret, and accepted us anyway. You’ve all put yourselves on the line for us. We’re very lucky to have friends like you.”

Alex just shrugged his shoulders, with a smile, “Yeah, well...”

Isabel interrupted, “Alex, I know that I pushed you away last summer. After Liz ran off to Florida and Michael pushed Maria away, I guess I just got scared with everything that was happening. And I don’t even know how to explain what happened with Grant, because I don’t understand that myself. But the last couple of months have shown me that I was wrong last spring, what I felt for you was real.” She took a deep breath, “I know I’ve hurt you, and I don’t deserve a second chance,” then she looked at him, her eyes shiny with unshed tears, “but I do love you, Alex.”

Staring back at her, his brain just froze. Was this really happening or had he fallen into a parallel dimension? Was Isabel Evans, the Elle McPherson of West Roswell High really declaring her love for lanky Alex Whitman, geeky computer nerd?

As Alex remained silent staring at her, Isabel felt her heart fall at her feet, she whispered, “Oh God, you don’t…, you don’t feel… I’m sorry,” and looking around for an escape she turned to run when Alex’s stunned brain finally woke up. He grabbed her arm and spun her around, “I do feel. I love you, Isabel Evans.” Then they were kissing, arms tight around each other. When they came up for air, Alex held Isabel close with his cheek against her temple and with a smile whispered, “Merry Christmas to me.”


As Liz and Maria arrived for their shift working at Santa’s Sleigh in the Christmas Village two days before Christmas, they found Isabel pacing with her cell phone at her ear. “Isabel, what’s wrong?” Liz asked. “What isn’t?” Isabel griped in frustration. “Last night our Santa got into a drunken brawl and is now sleeping it off behind bars. This is one of our busiest days and our new Santa is late, which in turn has made me late for the Children’s Pageant rehearsal.” Speaking into her phone, Isabel said, “Yes, Laura, I know, you have to leave to pick up your own children.” Liz and Maria could hear the children waiting in the Santa line, yelling and crying out for Santa. “My little elves, please go stall ‘til Santa arrives.” Isabel pleaded, she then said into her phone, “Laura, calm down, I’m on my way,” and with that she took off across the park.

Liz and Maria attempted to calm the fractious kids, they tried to get them to sing Christmas carols, offered candy canes, but one little boy yelled out, “We want Santa, elves suck.” Soon there was a ringing chorus of “elves suck, elves suck.”

Maria stated in sotto-voice, “Liz, if that Santa doesn’t get here soon, there’s going to be a mutiny, and we’re going to be two dead little elves.”

Just then they heard a loud roar of a familiar motorcycle as it cut through the park. As Santa climbed off his motorcycle donned in sunglasses, Maria said, “Oh my God, is that who I think it is?”

A laughing Liz clapped, “Yay, look kids, Santa’s here.” Climbing up into Santa’s sleigh, Michael winked at Maria and said, “bring me a brat, Snowflake.”


The Crashdown was closed for the evening, Jeff and Nancy Parker were out attending a Christmas party, and Liz lay stretched out as Max sat at the foot of her bed and massaged her tired feet. “Ummmmm, that feels so good, Max.” Liz sighed, “Now I know why the other elves wear those ugly clunky boots - they’re comfortable!” As Max rubbed a particularly aching spot, she said, “Remind me to kill Maria. Do you have any idea how painful and tiring it is to stand in high heeled boots for hours on end?”

Max grinned at his grumpy little elf, “No, my little Candy Cane, I can’t say that I do.”

Liz opened one eye and with a smirk replied, “That was a rhetorical question.”

Max twisted around to stretch out beside Liz and slowly drew his hand up her bare leg. Propping his head on his other hand as he toyed with her costume. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he asked, “Have I ever told you about my elf fantasy?”

Liz grinned as she wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and eased her leg over his hip. “An elf fantasy? Hmmm, tell me more.”

Leaning into her and nibbling on her lips, he stated, “Maybe it would be best if I showed you.” He captured her mouth with his and his tongue dueled with hers.

Within minutes a certain little elf found herself stark naked with an equally naked Max Evans stretched out over her as he whispered his intentions in her ear. She giggled and said, “Oh my, I think I just may have to tell Santa what a naughty boy you are.”

Max laughed and began kissing his way down her throat. Liz’s giggles turned to moans as Max licked pouty nipples while his hand slid down her tummy and into her moist folds. As he suckled at her breasts, his fingers manipulated her tight passage and his thumb massaged her nerve bundle. Adding a bit of an alien boost, Liz cried out, “Maaxxxxxx”, her body writhing against his hand. Max watched her beautiful face as her pleasure ran through her. Her body’s quivering slowed and he removed his hand to reach over for his pants, but Liz stopped him. As he looked at her in confusion, she smiled and pushed him over on his back, and kissed him.

“How about collecting on that rain check?” she whispered against his lips. As she slid down his body realization dawned in Max’s eyes. Liz began sucking his neck, marking her territory as she reached down and gently stroked his hardened length. When she began sucking on his nipples she softly asked, “do you like this as much as I do?” he could only groan and gasp, “Yes.” Kissing her way further down, her mouth closed over the head of his erection and she began twirling her tongue and sucking in rhythm with her stokes, he tossed his head and moaned, “Liz, Oh, God, yessss,” his hands clutched in her hair. As he felt a tightening within, he tried to pull her away, “Liz, ohh, Liz, I’m going to… oh, baby, please…” With a final lick, she let go and slid up his body, her wet core passing over his throbbing member to sit on his stomach. As he opened his eyes to look at her, she bent over to kiss him, and he thought he would explode when he tasted himself on her lips.

She reached over to her nightstand and pulled open the top drawer removing a shiny package and tore it open with her teeth. At Max’s surprised look, she winked and slid down to sit on his thighs as she unrolled the condom over his engorged manhood. As she slid back up over him, Max grabbed her hips to help her as she impaled herself on him and began moving up and down. Leaning over Max, with her hands on his shoulders, Liz felt a sense of empowerment, as she controlled the pace of their lovemaking. But as Max leaned up to take a breast into his mouth, she realized that they had equal control, and as he tugged on her nipple, she felt the first tremors of her orgasm begin as she pumped up and down. When Max felt those tremors, he knew she was close. He pulled his legs up just enough to brace his feet on the bed, changing their angle and she fell forward bracing her hands on his chest. Max pushed himself up even farther into Liz, pushing her over the edge. When she screamed out his name, he let go of his own control and followed her over.

Liz’s body collapsed against his, and they both lay gasping for breath. They lay wrapped in each other’s arms with their bodies still connected, neither wanting to move. While whispering words of love to one another, they suddenly heard a door slam.

“Max!” Liz gasped, glancing towards her bedroom door, “Oh my God! My parents are home.” Max’s sated passion rapidly turned to paralyzing fear.

“Move!” Liz urged as she pushed against him, and crawled off his prone body to grab his clothes off the floor. Max scrambled off the bed and reached to take his clothes from her and started towards the window.

“Max!” She whispered frantically, “There’s no time, get under the bed!” As Max slid under, she tossed his clothes in after him, arranging the bed covers to hide him. She then ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower and returned to the bedroom pulling her robe on just as her door opened and Mr. Parker stepped in.

“Dad!” Liz squealed, clutching her robe around her neck.

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey.” Mr. Parker turned his head. “We just got in, and I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine, just tired from working the early shift downstairs, then as an elf this evening at the Christmas Village. The kids were really cranky tonight. I was just about to take a shower and turn in.” Liz babbled nervously.

Max was praying that he wouldn’t be found naked under Liz’s bed when he noticed that just inches from Mr. Parker’s left foot lay his plaid boxers. Eyes wide open, he stretched out his fingers, and the boxers slid right into his hand. When several seconds passed and Mr. Parker didn’t reach down to jerk him from under the bed, Max gave a silent sigh of relief.

“Okay, honey, you take your bath and then get some rest. Why don’t you plan on sleeping in tomorrow? I’ll help cover your shift.”

“Oh, thanks, Dad. Goodnight.”

As soon as Mr. Parker closed the bedroom door behind him, Max wriggled out from the backside of Liz’s bed, and Liz pushed him into the bathroom to get dressed. As Max eased open the bathroom door, he peeked out to make sure Mr. Parker had not returned, and found only Liz sitting on the side of the bed.

“That was a little too close for comfort,” he said as he pulled her up to wrap her in a hug.

“Yeah,” she said a bit breathlessly, “if we’d been caught, I don’t know what my dad would have done.”

“Since I want to live to see Christmas, I’m not willing to put him to the test, so I’d better get out of here.”

With that he kissed her soundly, eased out the window and turned to whisper, “I love you,” just before he slipped down the fire escape. Liz blew him a kiss and closed the window.



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Glad y'all enjoyed the "elf fantasy" LOL

Chapter 22 - NC17

Tess Harding had never had a Christmas before, Nasedo certainly didn’t believe in Christmas, he didn’t believe in anything, besides they were always on the move. She was surprised to find herself caught up in the excitement of the approaching holiday as she helped with Isabel’s projects and decided that she wanted to experience a real Christmas. She was disappointed to learn that the Valenti men usually ate out for Christmas dinner, or worse ate TV dinners while watching football. But when she found out that they didn’t even put up a tree, she took charge going out to buy a tree, decorations and gifts and holiday foods.

The Valenti household had invited Amy DeLuca to join them for Christmas Eve Dinner. Early that afternoon, the Sheriff was still at the station, Kyle had been sent to the store for a few last minute items, and Tess was in the kitchen where she had spent hours working on the meal. She was arranging bacon in a dish for Kyle’s favorite potato gratin when the doorbell rang.

“It’s open,” she called out. When she heard footsteps, she turned to see Liz and Maria, still in their elf costumes, and Isabel, wearing the silliest Christmas tree hat she’d ever seen, standing in the kitchen doorway. “Hi, guys, sorry for the mess, but Maria’s mom is due here in a few of hours, and I just can’t seem to get organized.”

“Do you want some help?” Isabel offered. “Oh, no, it’s not quiet as bad as it looks, and before Ms. Deluca gets here, I’ll just ‘whoosh’ the mess away.” Tess said with a genuine smile.

“Well, we don’t want to get in your way,” Liz said, “we just wanted to drop some presents off for you guys. We left them in the living room.”

“Oh, thank you.” Tess said, wiping her hands off on a towel. “I know the Sheriff and Kyle aren’t much into the gift giving, but I have something for each of you, and the guys, too.”


As if Isabel had not planned enough activities, she added one more, as she had invited Michael, Maria, Liz and Alex to join the Evans’ for Christmas Eve Dinner. The house was impeccably decorated, not that anyone would have expected anything less. As they took their seats in the formally set dining room, Maria could sense Michael’s nervousness at all the silverware and goblets. She tapped his leg, and when he looked at her, she leaned over and whispered with a wink, “Just watch me.”

Max grinned over at Liz as he watched Michael copy every move Maria made, but Michael made it through dinner without any obvious faux pas. After they finished a delicious meal of pork tenderloin with all the trimmings and dessert of cheesecake with cherry topping, they all pitched in with helping Mrs. Evans clean up. Then they retired to the living room for an Evans’ family tradition - watching Christmas movies. Knowing that the couples would want to sit together, Phillip winked at Diane and took one of the easy chairs, leaving the other to her. Max and Liz took the loveseat, leaving Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel to share the sofa. After a debate between Maria’s vote for ‘White Christmas’, Isabel’s vote for ‘Rudolph’ accompanied by ‘Frosty the Snowman’, and an offering of several versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’, they finally chose the George C. Scott version of ‘A Christmas Carol’.


As he saw just how hard Tess had worked to make Christmas special, all suspicions of the bus accident and the Briggs incident were pushed to the back of Jim Valenti’s mind. For the first time in years, he was actually looking forward to Christmas. He and Kyle had even enlisted Isabel’s advice in choosing some gifts for Tess.

Tess’s Christmas dinner was a success. They enjoyed a turkey dinner accompanied by reminiscences by Jim and Amy. As Tess and Kyle brought in dessert, Jim said, “I’d like to propose a toast.” After filling everyone’s glass with sparkling cider, and raised his glass, “To Tess, for reminding Kyle and me what Christmas is all about, and for making our house a home.” Tess beamed as they all clicked their glasses.

After dinner, the Sheriff left to drive Amy home, telling the kids with a wink, “don’t wait up.” Kyle helped Tess clean up, and as they finished, Tess walked over caressing Kyle’s face with a sexy smile, “I think you know what I want for Christmas.”

Taking his hand, they walked into the bedroom and undressed each other. As Tess sat on the side of the bed, Kyle knelt before her and pushed her legs apart. Cupping her bottom with his hands, he lifted her to his face and licked, nibbled and sucked her into an orgasm. Knowing they were alone in the house, she allowed herself to cry out her pleasure. Still shuddering, she leaned over and kissed Kyle, and pulled at him to join her on the bed. Once he was stretched out, she leaned over him and stoking his manhood, took him into her mouth. Just before he reached his peak, she climbed on top of him sinking down on his hard length and they both rocked to climaxes.

After Tess and Kyle recovered from their sexual activity, Tess lay in Kyle’s arms and looked into his eyes, and just before altering his memories, whispered, “and a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”


After the movie, the Evans parents excused themselves for the night, and left the young couples sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree. Isabel spoke up, “I know that tomorrow will be hectic for all of us, that’s why I suggested that we exchange our gifts tonight.” The six of them had previously drawn names, so Isabel looked over at Max, who went to the tree to retrieve the packages placed there earlier.

“Also, when we dropped off our packages at the Valentis’, Tess sent us gifts.” Liz said as she retrieved the bag she had placed the gifts in.

“Let’s open Tess’s first,” Maria said. And they were pleasantly surprised as the girls opened lovely glass perfume bottles and the guys all received nice leather wallets. “Well, that was sweet,” said Isabel. “You know, Tess has really been in the Christmas spirit, maybe we’ve misjudged her.”

Then they all opened their name draw gifts: Maria had given Alex a box of blank CD’s and a labeling kit for his band to burn their songs, Max had given Maria a bottle of her favorite perfume, Michael gave Isabel a leather portfolio (so she could get a head start on all her lists for next Christmas), Isabel gave Liz a Cross pen set, for writing in her journal, Liz gave Michael a gift certificate to the music store, plus a bag of jalapeno jellybeans, Alex gave Max the latest Counting Crows CD, also with a bag of jalapeno jellybeans. Liz reached down in her bag and handed a third bag of the spicy jellybeans to Isabel.

After all the thanks and hugs, Alex got up and removed the present for Isabel he had placed there earlier. Isabel gave Alex a quick kiss and jumped to pull his gift out from under the tree, she also slipped a small package to Liz.

Max went back to the tree, handed Michael and Maria packages, then picked up a small box and sat back down in one of the easy chairs and motioned for Liz to join him. As she sat in his lap, Michael and Maria moved over to the loveseat. They all looked a little nervous about the gifts they had chosen.

Liz looked around, “Um, Isabel, we can all leave, if you guys want to be alone to open…” “Oh no, that is unless you guys want to be alone…”

Alex laughed, “Aw, come on, I want to see what everyone gets.” They all laughed and Isabel took charge, “Okay, Alex, then you get to go first.”

He opened his package to find a book about music history and a gift certificate to the Roswell Music Shop. “Isabel, this is terrific.” He gave her a kiss. “Now, your turn.”

Isabel opened the package and pulled out the exquisite scarf, “Oh, Alex, it’s lovely.” As she draped it around her neck and threw her arms around him, he winked over at Liz who had helped him pick it out.

Maria and Michael exchanged their packages. Michael opened his to find a Special Edition Boxed set of Metallica CDs, while Maria was ecstatic over the pearl earrings Michael gave her.

“Max, want to open yours now?” Liz asked. Max then opened the small box to find a well made sterling silver Swiss Army knife, and engraved on it ‘Max + Liz 4 Ever’. He pulled Liz close for a kiss, she pulled back and laughed, “Now, if you are ever drafted into the Swiss Army, that’s so you won’t forget me.” Everyone laughed, “It’s great, Liz, as if I could ever forget how much you mean to me.”

Max then nervously handed Liz the slim box. She smiled at him as she tore off the wrapping, when she lifted the lid, she gasped, “Oh Max, this is beautiful.” She reached her finger into the box and traced the pendant hanging from the chain. She smiled at him, “It’s your symbol.” She removed the necklace from the box and handed it to Max to put on her. “Max, you made this for me?” she asked in wonder as she looked at the necklace of white gold shaped into the whirlwind symbol and nestled in the center was a perfect luminous pearl.

Clearing his throat, “Yeah, well, sort of. When I bought the necklace it was a different design, so I manipulated it into the Whirlwind.”

Liz looked at Max with tears of emotion sparkling her eyes, “Oh Max, it’s perfect. I love it, and I love you.” She threw her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her with a sigh of relief that she liked her gift, whispering, “I love you, too, baby.”

As they kissed, Maria grinned while Michael just shook his head. Alex leaned toward Isabel, and asked, “Why should they have all the fun?”


TBC ~ Next up New Year's

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This chapter turned out a little longer than usual, so I’ve broken it down into two parts.

(BTW, I’ve noticed that my main plot seems to be lagging due to my perverted addiction to writing nookie!) teufel093

It’s New Year’s Eve ~ Let’s party party029

Chapter 23a ~ NC 17

The Roswell Chamber of Commerce sponsored a New Year’s Eve Bash that was hosted every year by various local businessmen. This year Brody had volunteered the UFO Center for the event. As they worked on getting the center ready for the evening’s festivities, Max had enlisted his friends’ help. Naturally, Isabel took over, (Max knew she would) organizing the decorating and arranging for the main room to be cleared out for dance floor. Normally, the Chamber bash was an event to be avoided by the younger crowd, after all, who wanted to party with their parents? But as word had leaked out that Isabel Evans was helping with the organization and would be attending the UFO Center party, their peers began purchasing tickets. For the first time in years, the Chamber bash was a sell-out and Brody was thrilled by the success.


Even though the Crashdown was closed New Year’s Eve, everyone planned to meet there to walk over to the UFO Center together. Everyone had arrived, including the Parker and Evans parents, Amy DeLuca and Sheriff Valenti. Tess had asked Kyle to be her escort. As everyone mingled out front, Max had wandered into the back area to wait for Liz. Maria came down the steps looking lovely in a simple ice blue sheath, carrying a filmy wrap over her arm, her new pageboy haircut swinging just under her chin. “You look lovely, Maria.” She smiled, “Thanks, girlfriend.” Taking in Max’s new charcoal gray suit, “you don’t look so bad yourself. Now let’s see what Spaceboy thinks,” as she headed to the doorway.

Max turned back just in time to see Liz start down the stairway. Her hair was swept up off her neck into a deliberately messy twist, with several tendrils hanging loose, but it was her dress that caught his attention. Clinging to her petite frame, a black gown decorated with bugle beads that reflected the light with each step as it clung to all the right places. The bodice went around her neck in a halter style, the V plunging low enough to show her slight cleavage and she was wearing the swirl pendant he’d given her for Christmas. As she slowly walked down the stairs, he noticed a slit that with each step revealed a generous portion of her left leg. She wore black pumps and thigh high black stockings that ended with a lacy band, and with each step, there was a slight flash of creamy thigh. As Max watched Liz descend towards him, he was overcome with a desire to scoop her up, carry her back up the steps, and watch that dress hit the floor so he and Liz could ring in the New Year naked in bed.

Seeing the look in his eyes, she blushed and as he met her at the bottom of the steps, she leaned forward and kissed him softly whispering, “Hold that thought ‘til later.” He smiled and kissed her cheek, “You are so beautiful.” “And you are very handsome,” she said as she admired his suit and crisp white shirt. She stepped down and walked in front of him. Noticing that her dress was also backless, Max whispered, “Lord, give me strength” then grabbing Liz’s hand in his they went out front to join the others.


The UFO Center had been decorated with the theme, “An Out of this World New Year” and there were banners and alien balloons strung all around. The center’s alien dummies wore Happy New Year sashes and hats, an ‘alien’ baby wore a diaper with the sash, ‘Baby New Year’ while another was dressed as ‘Father Time’. A caterer had a long table set up with hors d’oeuvres, punches, wines and champagne. Isabel had made Brody clear out a corner area and convinced him to hire a DJ to play a mixture of pop, oldie and easy listening tunes. Party revelers wandered around nibbling on food, viewing some of the display cases, or dancing to the music.

As Max and Liz danced they had eyes only for each other. As Max nuzzled Liz’s temple, he heard a voice, “Hi, Max.” Max turned to see a familiar redhead dancing nearby. “Sera! Liz, do you remember Sera from the spa?” As Liz nodded Sera said, “Hello, Liz, it’s nice to see you again. Oh, this is my friend, Tyler.” Indicating the handsome blond man who was dancing with her. They stood at the edge of the dance floor exchanging small talk, when Sera said, “Liz, that necklace is lovely. Max, I see you went with a different design, that’s very unusual.”

Max smiled at Liz and pulled her closer to his side with his arm around her waist, “Michael and I ran into Sera when we were picking out your and Maria’s Christmas presents.” As the other couples gradually gravitated to where Max and Liz were standing, introductions were made. Sera and her date were chatting with the others when Liz noticed with interest that Sera kept cutting her eyes over at Kyle.

When Liz and Maria took a trip to the ladies room, Liz commented on Sera’s interest in Kyle. “What do you think, ‘ria? I mean, she’s got to be a couple years older than us.”

“You got me. I mean, that Tyler fellow is fine, so I don’t know why she’s looking elsewhere.” Maria stood at the sink washing her hands, “But I guess if I’d never seen Kyle before, I‘d think he was a hottie.” She smiled.

“I guess I just want Kyle to be happy.” Liz confessed taking out her lip gloss and touching up. “He was really hurt when we broke up and Max and I got together.”

“Well, at least he doesn’t seem to be interested in Tess.” Maria said, “In fact, he looks uncomfortable even dancing with her.” Maria grinned, “How about a little matchmaking?”

“Ahh, Maria, I don’t know, he and Tess are sort of on a date.” Liz shook her head, then grinned. “But, what did you have in mind?”


Maria scanned the dance floor searching for a figure in a bright red satin gown. Finding who she was looking for, she dragged Michael out on the dance floor and pulled him towards Isabel and Alex, saying, “Hi, let’s switch.” Then she maneuvered Alex, (“Uh, Maria, aren’t I supposed to lead?”) over by Kyle and Tess, “Hi, let’s switch.” Finally, maneuvering over by Sera and Tyler, “Hi, let’s switch,” she pushed a startled Kyle against Sera as she grabbed Tyler and twirled away.

As Kyle just stood staring at Sera, she smiled and said, “Did you want to dance?” “Oh, um, yeah.” Kyle stumbled over his words, and took Sera in his arms to dance to the slow melody.

Maria maneuvered a bemused Tyler to the other side of the dance floor, where Michael was stiltedly dancing with Tess, Alex having passed her off and reclaiming Isabel as soon as he could. “Maria!” Michael looked over, “let’s switch.” As Tess was passed over to Tyler, Michael grabbed Maria’s hand and they left the dance floor.

As Kyle and Sera danced, Kyle relaxed holding her petite form close to his. Seeing him smile at something Sera said, and Sera laughing in response to something Kyle said, Tyler watched from across the room with a twinkle in his eye, while Tess looked on in silent jealousy.


As Max and Liz danced, he looked around the room at his family and friends. They were all here, healthy and happy, and a bit of melancholy settled in.

Sensing his change in mood, Liz looked up at him, “Max? Honey, is something wrong?” He gave her a slight smile as he lightly stroked her bare back, “No, it’s just, I don’t know. It’s like we’re too happy, like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Gazing up at him, she said softly, “Max, we’ve been waiting on that shoe since the day you saved me in the Crashdown.” She ran her fingers lightly through the hair at the nape of his neck. “ But tonight, we’re all together, and tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. Whatever happens, we’ll face it together.”

Max leaned in to place his forehead against Liz’s. “What did I ever do to deserve you?” He asked as he nuzzled her and dropped little kisses on her temple.

She laughed softly, and just before his lips slid to touch hers, she whispered, “Just hatched under a lucky star, I guess.”


(Continued in the next post)

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Chapter 23b

The clock counted down, and the crowed chanted out, “5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Happy New Year!!!” Couples throughout the UFO center kissed at midnight. Max pulled Liz close, wrapping his arms tightly around her, “Happy New Year, Liz, I love you.” Lifting her face to his, “I love you, too, Max, Happy New Year.” And they kissed, as did Michael and Maria, and Alex and Isabel.

“Kyle, aren’t you going to kiss me Happy New Year?” Tess asked with a sweet shy smile. “Uh, yeah, sure.” As Kyle kissed Tess, he found it felt strangely familiar and couldn’t help but think of the disturbing dreams he’d had about Tess.

As the various couples in the room began exchanging hugs and kisses with their friends and families, Max and Liz continued to kiss each other, arms tightly around each other. “Ahem,” Max heard and felt a tapping on his shoulder. As he slowly pulled his lips away from Liz’s, tugging on her bottom lip to the last second, it was to find himself being glared at by Mr. Parker. Phillip Evans had also made his way towards the kissing couple, having seen Max and Liz’s lengthy lip lock and Jeff Parker stalking in their direction. Seeing the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look on his son’s face, Philip quickly slapped Mr. Parker on the shoulder and grabbed his hand in a handshake, “Happy New Year, Jeff.” As Mr. Parker responded, “Oh, uh, Happy New Year, Phillip,” Mr. Evans turned to kiss Liz on the cheek. “Happy New Year, Liz.” Liz smiled while Max grabbed his dad in a hug, “Happy New Year, Dad” he said, then whispered, “thanks.” After receiving a kiss on the cheek from Liz, Mr. Parker allowed Mr. Evans to drag him away from the young couple, but not without a stern look from Mr. Parker for Max.

Liz looked at Max’s face and giggled, “I guess we won’t be ringing in the New Year in my room tonight.” Max gave her a look of regret, “and I had plans for that dress, too.”


Maria had previously told her mom that she would be spending the night with Liz, and judging from the looks between her mom and the Sheriff, she certainly didn’t want to be anywhere near her house tonight.

As Michael and Maria entered his apartment and sat on the couch, Maria chattering nervously while Michael got quieter and quieter. After a few uncomfortable minutes, Maria stood and said, “Michael, I think maybe this was a bad idea, so I’m just going to go back to Liz’s.”

“No!” Michael exclaimed. “I mean, please don’t.” He took Maria’s hand and pulled her back down on the couch. “Maria, I’m just a little nervous because I want to tell you something. I know that you blamed yourself that we never shared flashes, like Max and Liz. That you felt you were too closed off, but it wasn’t you, it was me.”


“Please, Maria, just let me say this. You have no idea how open you are. Sometimes, I can see every emotion running through you, how much I piss you off, and yet, how much you still care about me. But I’ve always been afraid to let you see me, the real me, the things in my life before I met you.”

Maria reached up to stroke his face, “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change how I feel. I love you, Michael.”

He smiled at her, “It’s the beginning of a New Year, Maria. I love you, too, and I want you to see me.” He then took her hands in his, and looked deep into her eyes, and taking a mental leap opened himself up to her.

The flashes began, Maria saw Michael as he emerged from the pod, as he ran away when the headlights came down the road, the hardships he had in foster care, how horribly Hank had treated him. She saw him with Max and Isabel, felt his fear of being discovered, his guilt over having to kill Pierce, and then she saw him watching her, loving her.

“Maria?” he whispered.

She placed her fingertips against his lips, “I know that you will never be one for flowery speeches, but I don’t need that. All I need, Michael, is you.” She retrieved her evening purse, took something out and pressed it into his palm.

Michael opened his hand to find Maria had placed condom there. She stood up and held out her hand, “You have no idea how beautiful you are inside, and there is no one on this planet or any other that I would rather take me beyond.” Michael stood up and kissed her, “I love you, Maria.” “Then show me, Spaceboy.”

With a grin Michael swept her up in his arms, and carried her into his bedroom.


“ ‘night, Mom, ‘night, Dad” Liz called as she entered her bedroom. Before she could reach for the lightswitch, she was startled when she heard the sound of fingers snapping. Suddenly, her room was bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. Standing by her window was Max Evans, tie loosened, hair slightly tousled, and her heart began to race.

Quickly going over to him, she whispered “Max, if my dad catches you…” Max pulled her close for a quick kiss.

“How long do you think before they’re asleep?” Max wondered as he toyed with the tendrils of Liz’s hair.

“With all the champagne they drank, I don’t think it’ll be long, but we have to be quiet.” She smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers for a long, passionate kiss. Keeping her lips fastened to his, Liz pushed at Max’s suit jacket and he shrugged it off. He threw his head back when Liz wasted no time unbuttoning his shirt as she rubbed his chest and rained kisses on bared skin.

“Ah, Liz.” Max cupped her face and licked and nibbled at her lips. “You’re so beautiful, and I want you so badly.” As Max’s shirt fell to the floor, Liz turned him around and pushed him backward to sit on the bed. When he reached for her, she waggled her finger at him and stepped back. With a sexy smile, she reached up and removed the pins from her hair, shook her head and her hair fell around her shoulders. Now it was Max’s heart that began to race. He itched to run his fingers through the silky locks. Liz then raised her arms and unhooked the fastening at the nape of her neck and her slinky dress fell in a puddle at her feet. Max swallowed hard as Liz stood before him, bathed in soft candlelight clad only in the whirlwind necklace, lacy black thong, thigh high silk stockings and high heels. As he felt the blood rush through his body, he stood to sweep Liz up in his arms and laid her gently on the bed. Quickly shedding the remainder of his clothes, he joined her on the bed.

As he took her in his arms he trailed his lips along her face and whispered in her ear, “Do you have any idea just how much I love you, need you, desire you?” She shivered as she felt his erection growing against her hip, she smiled, “Oh, I have an idea.” As they kissed, nibbled and caressed each other, their passion grew stronger, Liz moaning as Max pulled the thong from her body and stroked her moist folds. “Shh, baby, we have to be quiet,” Max reminded her. But when he sank into her depths and she wrapped her silken clad legs around him, Max couldn’t hold back his own slight moans. As their bodies pumped furiously against each other, Liz tried to keep silent and the small whimpering sounds that she made in her throat shot straight to his heart. As Max felt Liz’s orgasm begin, he kept his mouth latched to Liz’s stifling her cries, and as his own climax began it took all his restraint not to cry out her name.

As they fell back to earth, wrapped tightly together, Max cupped her face whispering, “I love you, Liz. I’ll always love you.” She smiled as she gently brushed his hair back from his forehead, “and I will always love you, Max.”


Early New Year’s morning, Maria invaded Liz’s room jumping on the bed and waking a sleeping Liz.

“Maria, what in the world? What time is it?” She looked at her clock, “7:30! Maria, Max only left here a few hours ago,” as she lay back down and buried herself in the covers.

Maria fairly crackled with energy, “Oh my God, Liz, why didn’t you warn me?”

Pulling her pillow over her head, Liz mumbled, “what ‘bout?”

“Hot Alien Sex!!”

“Huh?” came Liz’s sleepy response.

“Liz, wake up.” Maria shook her shoulder and pleaded. “I have so much to tell you.”

Liz rolled over and looked up at Maria with a sleepy face.

“Last night when we got back to Michael’s, he was so sweet and romantic. Oh Liz, he let me see the real him, with flashes and everything, and then,” Maria clasped her hands against her chest and looked up at the ceiling with a dreamy smile, “Michael and I ‘beyonded’. It was incredible!” She looked back down at Liz with a beaming grin.

“Congratulations, Maria. You are now a member of the ‘I’ve been probed by an alien’ Club.”

Maria giggled and hit Liz with a pillow, “Of course you realize that we’re ruined now, I mean, once you’ve had Martian, you can never go back.”

Liz burst out laughing, joined by Maria as they both fell back on Liz’s bed in laughter.


Michael woke Max early New Year’s morning by climbing in through his window. “Let’s go get some breakfast, Maxwell. I’m starving,” as he drug a sleepy Max out of bed.

Sitting on the side of the bed yawning, Max grumbled, “Michael I just got to sleep, besides nothing’s open. It’s New Year’s, in case you forgot.”

“So, let’s raid your ‘fridge.” As they headed towards the kitchen, Max rubbed the sleep from his eyes and noticed something strange about Michael. He was smiling. “So, how did things go with Maria last night?”

“It was great, we had a really great time.” Michael responded, his face almost splitting with his grin.

As Max stumbled towards the coffee maker, he said, “Michael, you’re smiling, and while I’ve often wondered how you would look, I have to admit, it’s somewhat disturbing.”

Michael laughed, actually laughed out loud as he opened the refrigerator. “Funny, Maxwell.”

“Wait a minute,” as Max grabbed Michael’s arm stopping him. “Great time with Maria, smiling like a jackass, laughing out loud.” Max began to smile himself, “You guys went beyond!”

“And back again,” grinned Michael as he set out eggs and bacon on the counter.


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Chapter 24

A couple of weeks later, Liz and Maria were in Liz’s room getting ready for a Saturday afternoon movie date with Max and Michael. As she waited for Liz to finish up in the bathroom, Maria wandered around Liz’s room.

“So, Liz, what’s the scoop with Kyle? Anything on the Sera front?”

Liz rinsed out her mouth, put up her toothbrush, and walked back into the room, “No, far as I know he hasn’t seen her since New Year’s Eve. They didn’t really get a chance to talk, the way Tess kept hanging on him after he danced with Sera.”

“Well, relationship or not, Tess was Kyle’s date.” Maria said, “Guess I was pushing the envelope to finagle that dance between them.” Then she shrugged, “Moving on - maybe we can come up with a way for Kyle and Sera to run into each other. Didn’t Sera say she was taking some classes this semester at Roswell Community?”

Sitting on the side of the bed to lace up her sneakers, Liz said, “Yes, but how are we going to get them in the same place?”

“Hmmm, I’ll have to think on it.” Maria said. Noticing Grandma Claudia’s book on the shelf, she turned to Liz, “You know, I’d love to see Grandma Claudia’s reaction to you and Max finally being together.”

“I like to think that somehow she knows, she believed in soulmates, you know.” Grinning she said, “What I wonder is what she’d think of you and Michael?” Seeing Maria holding her grandmother’s book, her smile faded, “After Grandma Claudia died, I just couldn’t bring myself to read her book, too painful.”

Looking at the sadness on Liz’s face, Maria gave her a hug and said, “Aww, chica, Grandma C had some great adventures.”

“I know, ‘ria. She led a very fulfilling life.”

As Maria flipped through the pages, a paper fell out. Liz bent to pick it up and gasped, “Maria, look.”

Maria looked at the page that had been stuck in the book and saw a drawing of the whirlwind symbol. Underneath the symbol was written in block letters. “ANTAR.”

Wide eyed, she asked, “Liz, what was that doing in Grandma Claudia’s book?”

Staring at the symbol, a stunned Liz replied, “I don’t know, but her book is about Native Americans, the Navajo. Maybe Alex was on to something about that code movie after all.” She put the note back in the book, and reaching for a small backpack, said, “Let’s go meet Max and Michael, and then I think we better get this note and Grandma’s book to Alex.”


Max and Michael entered the Crashdown to meet Liz and Maria for their movie date. Not seeing them, they walked over to where Kyle was sitting alone at a table and joined him.

“Hey, Kyle.” Max said, “Are you waiting on someone?”

Kyle just shook his head, “No.”

Michael pulled up a chair and straddled it backwards, reaching for one of Kyle’s fries, “What about that pretty redhead from the spa? I saw you dancing with her at New Year’s. Are you going to ask her out?”

“I don’t know. She’s older than me, she’s in college.” Kyle shrugged.

“Community College, here in Roswell, and she’s a freshman, so she can’t be that much older.” Max pointed out.

As Kyle just shrugged saying nothing more, Max asked, “Kyle, are you okay, you seem a million miles away?”

As Kyle looked up, he said, “Sorry, I’ve just been feeling a little strange lately.” Kyle then looked around to make sure no one could hear, “I feel weird saying this to you guys, but it’s about Tess.”

“Tess?” said Michael with a frown, “What about her?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing, but for several weeks now I’ve been having these dreams about her, you know,” he looked around, leaned over and whispered, “erotic dreams.”

Max felt a momentary rush of revulsion as he remembered when Tess had forced dreams of herself on him. But shaking that off, he said, “Kyle, I think that’s probably normal, after all she’s living in your house, and while I certainly feel nothing for her, she is an attractive girl.”

“Damn, Kyle,” an unsympathetic Michael said, “You never have a wet dream before?”

“This is different. They just seem so real, and when I wake up, I’m like, you know, satisfied. But there is no evidence, if you know what I mean.”

Just then Liz and Maria walked up and Maria sat down in the empty chair beside Michael. “Hi, Kyle,” Liz smiled at him, as she leaned over to give Max a kiss, “sorry we’re late.”

Kyle grabbed his check off the table, “Hey, Liz, Maria. I’ve got to go anyway. I have to stop by the drugstore, pick up something for this headache. See you guys later.” And he dashed off.

“Was it something we said?” Maria asked, as Liz sat in the chair vacated by Kyle.

Max slightly shook his head at Michael, and Michael said, “Nah, he’s just being Kyle.”

Max then grinned at Liz, “What’s with the backpack, don’t think we’ll spring for Raisinettes?”

“We may need to skip the movie and find Alex.” Liz said, opening the pack to show it contained Grandma Claudia’s book. “This was stuck inside,” showing him and Michael the note.


When Max called Alex and told him that they may have found a clue in Liz’s grandmother’s book, he told them to come on over. Max tried to call Isabel, but his mom said she wasn’t at home and apparently her cell phone battery had run down because she wasn’t answering it. However, when they arrived at Alex’s, they found Isabel already there.

Max said, “I tried to call you, how did you know we were coming over?” With a slight blush, Isabel said, “Oh, my phone must have gotten accidentally turned off. And, um, actually I was already here when you called Alex.”

Noticing Isabel’s disheveled hair, and the trace of lipstick on Alex’s lips, Liz and Maria just grinned at each other, while Michael said, “Nice lipstick there, Alex. What shade is that? Pretty in Pink?”

After a redfaced Alex wiped off his mouth, he said, “My folks are out, let’s use the living room.” After they had taken seats, he turned to Liz, “What’s this about your grandmother’s book?”

Liz pulled the book out of her backpack and held it up. Lost Treasures by Claudia Parker. “It’s about the Navajo. After Grandma Claudia died, I just didn’t have the heart to read it so I put it on my bookshelf. Maria was flipping through the book earlier today and this paper fell out.” She handed Alex the whirlwind drawing with the words ANTAR written on it.

Isabel took the note and looked at it. “That note Serena gave Max mentioned Antar, and now this symbol is labeled Antar. What does it mean? Was that our home?” Isabel pondered.

“Well, it has to mean something, and it didn’t just put itself there.” Michael said, “The question is, did Liz’s grandmother put that note there, or did someone else?”

“Did you happen to notice if it was used to mark a particular page or passage?” Alex asked.

“We don’t know.” Liz started, but was interrupted by Maria, “Liz and I were just talking about Grandma Claudia and I picked the book up off the shelf. I was just flipping through the pages when it fell out.” Maria admitted.

Alex flipped through the book. “Just glancing through, I don’t see any pictographs or symbols in your grandmother’s book that looks similar to those in the Alien Book. If I had to hazard a guess it would be that someone else put that note in the book for Liz to find.”

“But who and why?” asked Isabel.

“Maybe it was that Serena person, since she left that other note.” Maria suggested.

“Guess that makes as much sense as anything else.” Max agreed.

“This is so frustrating.” Isabel rose from the sofa and walked to the window, where she pulled the drapery back. “If there’s someone out there who knows how to read the book, who knows who we are, then why don’t they just come forward? Why play these stupid games?”

Alex walked to her and placed his hands on her shoulders slightly massaging them.

“Whoever it was, it must have been put in Grandma Claudia’s book for a reason. Grandma spent the last 20 years of her life traveling and working on digs all over the Southwest and Mexico. I think she even went to Central America one summer.” Liz said, “So maybe that’s a clue as to the language.”

“I don’t know, but I’ve exhausted the programs I downloaded from Brody’s computers, without a single hit.” Alex stated despondently.

“I guess we’re only left with one option.” As everyone looked at Liz, she looked at Alex and said, “Las Cruces.”

Alex nodded with a smile and said, “The Quantum Computer.”


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Chapter 25

The teens had come up with a simple and reasonable cover story for their parents - that Alex and Liz wanted to go to Las Cruces and check out the college. On Monday, Max stopped by the Sheriff’s Office to bring Valenti up to date. Max sat in front of Valenti’s desk, seeking his assistance. He told the Sheriff about their attempts to decipher the Alien Book and about their planned trip to Las Cruces.

“If Tess finds out we’re going to Las Cruces, she’s going to want to come along, and we can’t just tell her no without arousing her suspicions. We were hoping you could keep her occupied until we get out of town.”

Valenti looked at Max with some confusion, “Why don’t you want to take her? I’d think you would want her powers available to you.”

“While her powers would be helpful getting us in and out, we still have some qualms about how much we can trust her.”

“Max, if you could have seen Tess at our house over Christmas, you would have been amazed at the change in her. She was thoughtful and caring, and really made it a great holiday for Kyle and me.”

Max did not want to offend the Sheriff, but stuck to his decision. “I’m glad that she’s getting along with you and Kyle, I really am, but I really don’t want Tess to know that we are working on the book, at least not yet.”

“Alright, Max, I respect your decision. I’ll do what I can to help. When are you planning to go?” Valenti asked.

“This weekend, we’re going to leave early Saturday morning. We’re going to tell our parents it’s just a day trip, but since we’ll have to wait until after dark to sneak into the computer lab, we’ll have to stay overnight.”

“And what are you going to tell you parents about that?”

Max grinned, “In the words of Maria, I’ll just use a little alien voodoo to cause the car to break down, so that we’ll have to stay overnight. But back to Tess, do you think you can help?”

Valenti picked up his calendar. “Actually, I think I can. An old buddy of mine who used to be a sheriff is now a gun collector and runs a shop just outside Sante Fe. We’ve kept in touch over the years and he asked me a while back when was I going to come up for a visit. Because of everything going on here, I told him I couldn’t get away, but I guess I could give him a call. I think Kyle would like to get away, and even though she’ll hate it, we’ll just take Tess along. I’ll push it as a family trip, do the tourist thing in Sante Fe.”

“That sounds great, Sheriff. When would you leave?”

“We’ll drive up on Friday afternoon.”


As the Evans’ sat around the dinner table, Max and Isabel put their plan in motion. Isabel brought up the fact that Alex was planning to go to Las Cruces to check out their computer sciences program.

“He called the college about a tour and they said he could come out on Saturday to visit their facilities.” Isabel said.

“Yeah, he and Liz were talking about it at lunch today, she’s interested in seeing what kind of science department they have, biology, etc.” Max replied.

As Mrs. Evans placed another dish on the table, Max was relieved to see normal food, and not one of her experimental recipes. Issuing his own sigh of relief, Mr. Evans said, “Honey, this looks great.” Looking over at Max, “I thought Jeff said that Liz was going to apply to Harvard.”

“Oh, she will, but Harvard is really her dad’s dream.” Looking up from his plate, he grinned. “Liz said he put a poster in her room when she was just a little girl, but she’d like to stay closer to home, not move across the country.”

Mrs. Evans smiled knowingly at Max. “I don’t suppose that her decision to stay close has anything to do with you now, does it?”

Max just blushed and fidgeted, “Mom.”

Isabel jumped in, “Max, why don’t you, Liz and I go with Alex to Las Cruces on Saturday? Liz could check out their programs, maybe pick up some literature.” She tilted her head and said with a pensive look, “Hmmm, wonder if they have a fashion design program there?”

“Iz, do you realize just how early you would have to get up? We’d need to be on the road by like 7:00 o’clock. Are you sure you want to go?”

“Max Evans, I am not some layabout. Of course I want to go.” Isabel responded indignantly.

As their parents smiled at their children’s good-natured bickering, Mr. Evans asked, “What about you, Max? Are you still interested in studying pre-law? It’s about time the two of you began applying to colleges.”

Max and Isabel shared a look. While they had no idea if their futures would allow attending college, they knew they had to go through the motions, on the off chance that they were able to pursue a normal education.

“I haven’t decided yet, Dad. But to be honest, I don’t think I have the temperament for law.”

Mrs. Evans looked at Max in surprise, “But, honey, you’ve always loved listening to your dad’s stories about his practice.”

“I know, but I’m more interested in studying it than practicing. I’ve sort of been thinking of studying political science and maybe going into teaching.” Max grinned at his mother, “What do you think, Mom, can you picture me as Professor Evans?”

Diane Evans beamed at both of her children, “I think both of you can be whatever you want to be, and Professor Evans sounds just fine to me.”

Isabel looked over at her mother, “Mom, Alex’s car is kind of small for the four of us, and I don’t think I could stand such a long trip bouncing around in the jeep, could we borrow your car?”

Before Mrs. Evans could respond, Max popped up, “Isabel, you know that once Maria finds out that Liz is going, there is no way she is going to miss out on a road trip, even one to a school. And you can bet if Maria goes, Michael will want to come, too. Dad, what about the SUV?”


With Kyle, the Sheriff and a less than happy Tess off to Sante Fe for the weekend, early Saturday morning Max and Isabel made the rounds to pick up their sleepy compadres, and soon they were on their way to Las Cruces.

The group arrived in Las Cruces just before noon. Once they scoped out the college and located the Litvack Computer Sciences building, they decided to find a place to eat some lunch. Over lunch, they discussed how they were going to proceed. Alex had made an appointment with a Professor Ponga, the department head of the computer science division, for 1:00 o’clock. They decided that Max would go along as they posed as potential students interested in computer sciences, not much of a stretch for Alex.

Meanwhile, after Max and Alex were dropped back off at Litvack, the others went to the college registrar’s office to get some brochures and information for their cover story to the parents. They also found a modest motel and reserved two rooms, one for the girls and one for the guys.

During their meeting with Professor Ponga, Max and Alex both asked a lot of questions about the department, what programs were offered and of the famed supercomputer and what it could do. The professor was very proud of the school’s computer sciences program and being pleased by their interest, he volunteered a good bit of information about the abilities of the ‘supercomputer.’ Before leaving, Alex even managed to strike up a conversation with the security guard on duty. They took note that there were several monitors in the security office that showed images from cameras randomly placed throughout the building.

After their reconnaissance, Max and Alex arrived at the prearranged meeting place, a campus ice cream parlor, to find the others already there. Accompanied by sundaes, shakes and other concoctions, they discussed what Alex and Max had learned, the computer setups, building security systems, and so forth.

Max decided it would be best to go in late, after the few students working on projects over the weekend had vacated the building.

“I know we can use our powers to override the alarm systems and avoid the cameras, but what do we do about the security guard?” Michael asked.

“Don’t you worry, Spaceboy, just leave him to me and Isabel.” Maria piped up with a secretive smile.

Isabel sat her shake down, and asked apprehensively, “Uh, exactly what does that mean?”

“Trust me.” Maria grinned, “Come along, Isabel, while the others figure out the computer stuff, we have a little shopping to do. We need to find something slutty.”


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Chapter 26 ~ sorta NC17 *wink*

After the teens enjoyed a leisurely supper at a local seafood restaurant, Max decided it was late enough to call his parents with the “car broke down” story. He told his dad that the SUV was running hot, and that they had been forced to turned around and return to Las Cruces. He also told his dad that while there were no mechanics available, (it was almost 9:00 p.m. by now) the man at one of the local service stations said that it sounded like it might the thermostat, but that there wouldn’t be a mechanic back on duty until the next morning.

After some discussion, Mr. Evans agreed that it was too late to drive all the way to Las Cruces to pick them up and that they would have to stay overnight. Max assured him that they would be careful and get two rooms. Mr. Evans also agreed to call the other parents and smooth things over with them.


It was just before 11:00 p.m. when the Roswellians once again drove past the Litvak building. They saw that the security guard was in his office, as expected. After parking a few blocks away, they made their way back to the building. As they approached, they went over some last minute details. Once they were close enough, Max looked at Isabel and Maria as asked, “You guys ready?” “You bet ‘cha,” Maria grinned, “Operation: Distract Security Guard commence.”

It was a plump young man, wearing a too tight blue security guard uniform, that was working the security office that Saturday night. And he was bored, yawning as he sat flipping through a magazine. When he looked up at the two young women walking through the doors, he wore a look on his face that was similar to the ones Alex and Michael had sported earlier when Maria and Isabel had emerged from their room. Walking into the lobby were two pretty blonds. One wore skin tight black hipster pants and a sparkly hot pink bandeau across her chest and a fuzzy white jacket, while the other taller girl wore a black mini-skirt and knee high boots. As they entered, the taller removed her black leather jacket to reveal a tight, cleavage baring red halter.

She glanced around, and spotting him walked over, “Oh, I’m so glad to see someone.” She strutted over his way, “We were supposed to meet some friends here on campus for a late party, but we are just hopelessly lost,” she gushed out throatily as she flipped her long blond hair back.

When the other blond spoke, he managed to pull his eyes off of the ‘blond bombshell’ momentarily, “Uh, sorry, did you say something?”

Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Maria simpered, “I was just wondering if you could give us some directions.”

Isabel leaned forward against the counter, the halter gaping open just enough to make the poor guy begin salivating, “We would be ever so grateful,” she smiled. As he stepped out of the office she smiled and said, “By the way, my name’s Tiffany and this is Muffy.”

“Uh,” pulling his eyes off of Isabel’s breasts he smiled at Maria, “Tom, I’m Tom.”

Isabel looped her arm through his and as they walked out the door onto the top steps, “Oh, Officer Tom, I just know that you can help us find our friends.”

Maria and Isabel positioned themselves so that ‘Tom’ was facing away from the building, and the others who were dressed all in black snuck in. Max and Michael used their powers to cause the cameras to tilt slightly away from them until they were safely past. Once they reached the darkened part of the building containing the supercomputer, Michael took over watch duty while Max, Liz and Alex snuck into the lab area.


“Okay, Alex, we’ve got to do this quick.” Max said looking at his watch as Alex took a seat at a computer console and booted up.

“Quick is not the operative word, Max. First, I’m going to have to figure out the password, which is where this little beauty comes in to play.” Alex pulled out a small device from his backpack and hooked it into the computer. After about 30 minutes, they were in the computer’s mainframe. “My God, the list of available languages is immense. It could take days just to copy all these programs.”

Liz softly said, “Just concentrate on the ancient languages of MesoAmerica, and the Southwest Native Americans. We’ve already determined that the clue left in Grandma Claudia’s book was for the areas Grandma studied on her digs, so that is probably all we will need.”

“It’s still going to take hours just to download those. We’ll be here the rest of the night.” Alex answered.

“What if I use my powers, could we speed up the process without damaging the programs?” Max asked.

“We won’t know until we try it.” Alex started up the copying process. “Go ahead, Max.”

Max began, and once they tested the first program, they were making quick progress, but after about an hour, he was giving out. As Liz noticed that Max was pale, shaky and perspiring, and she was worried about his health. “Max, please, you have to take a break.”

When Max just shook his head and continued saying, “there’s no time”, she reached for his arm. “Max, please, come on.” Suddenly, Liz felt a familiar crackling run throughout her body. Her hand and arm began pulsing with the green lightening streaks, and Max said, “Liz, look!” The streaks had crossed over onto his hand, and he was shocked to feel the energy surging from Liz’s body into his. His powers were invigorated.

Michael had been checking periodically to check the status and as he eased back in he was astounded at the sight of Max and Liz with the green streaks pulsing between them and he heard Alex exclaim, “Damn, Liz, you’re a regular little battery booster.”


After the others had made it safely inside the building, Isabel and Maria profusely thanked the security guard, and after giving him their ‘phone’ numbers, Isabel and Maria had looped back around to the computer sciences building. As they walked back to the SUV, Maria looked over at Isabel, “Muffy? The best you could come up with was Muffy?’

Isabel laughed, “Well, I was trying to think of the most innocuous names I could, and that’s what popped in my head.”

“Then why couldn’t you have been Muffy?”

Isabel looked down her nose and with a haughty tone said, “Maria, please, I’m an Interplanetary Princess, who ever heard of a Princess Muffy?” Maria rolled her eyes laughing, “Oh, puleeze.” Then they both broke out in giggles. Catching her breath, Maria stated, “I wish I’d had a hidden camera, I thought the poor guy’s eyes were going to pop out when you heaved those puppies up on the counter.”

“Puppies! Oh, Maria.” Isabel shook her head while laughing.

After spending the next couple of hours waiting in the parked SUV, both girls were beginning to get anxious. Maria picked up a set of binoculars, and looking towards the Litvack Building for what seemed like the hundredth time, Maria fretted, “What is taking so long? Do you think something happened?”

Taking the binoculars from Maria and looking for herself, “I don’t think so, Officer Tom is still sitting in his office.”

They both jumped when they suddenly heard an alarm go off. “Oh my God, they must have tripped an alarm,” Maria cried. They jumped out of the SUV and ran towards the building. They could see through the front door windows that “Tom” was on the phone. Hanging up, he ran out of his office and down the hall out of sight.

Maria freaked, “Omigod, Omigod, what are we going to do?”

“Okay, let’s not panic.” Isabel said as she wrung her hands and paced about. “Let’s just calm down and see what happens.”

Just then they saw several figures slide out of a side window and run in their general direction. “Max! Alex!” Isabel called softly and soon they are all reunited. “What happened?” asked Maria as she grabbed onto Michael.

“Run now, talk later.” Liz advised and they all took off for the SUV.


After they had safely left the college campus, they pulled into the parking lot of a 24-hour convenience store. While the guys went inside to pick up some snacks and drinks to take back to the motel, Liz told Maria and Isabel about how Max had used his powers to deliberately trip an alarm on the opposite side of the building as a decoy so they could slip out the window.

When they got back to the motel, they were all pumped on the adrenaline of their successes, so they gathered in the “guys” room and excitedly discussed their efforts, while munching on their snacks. They laughed over Isabel and Maria’s vamping abilities.

“I thought we might have to put that guard’s eyes back in his head.” Maria laughed. “Hmmm, actually, I was thinking about ripping them from his head.” Michael groused. "I had a few thoughts about that myself." Alex grinned.

Alex then told Maria and Isabel about Liz’s ‘boosting’ ability and how she was able to revitalize Max’s powers when he was running out of steam.

“Liz, do you think that you can do the same with Isabel and Michael.” Maria speculated. “Hey, Spaceboy, maybe with Lizzie, you can bust even bigger rocks.” Michael just made a face and tossed some popcorn in her direction.

“Really, Liz,” Isabel said as she munched on some Flaming Hot Cheetos, “This is exciting. We’ll have to see what you and I can do within the dream plane.”

As Max and Liz sat close together on the floor propped up against the side of the bed sharing a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Liz smiled and said, “It’s all a little overwhelming, but I’m game.”

“But not tonight.” Max said tossing their empty carton in the trash, “It’s after 3:00 a.m., we should get some sleep. Why don’t we plan to meet in the lobby around 10:00, and we’ll go get some brunch.”

Maria loudly cleared her throat looking straight at Isabel who looked around nervously. “Um, about that, when Maria and I came in from shopping earlier, we sort of stopped by the reservations desk and, um, well, reserved a third room.”

“A third room? What for?” Max asked.

“Yes, girlfriend, a third room. Come on, Max, three couples and three rooms, do the math, babe.” Maria teased. She then took out two keys. “This is the key to the original girls’ room, but that’s now mine and Michael’s room.” She handed the other key to Liz with a grin, “this key is for a room down the hall, for you and Max, your things have already been moved down there.” She looked around the room, “and this is for Alex and Isabel.”

Isabel blushed bright red, Alex looked stunned, and Michael just grinned, “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Then he grabbed Maria by the arm and as he pulled her to the door, “See you guys in the morning.”

“Michael!” Maria laughingly protested but did nothing to slow him down.

Liz slipped her hand in Max’s and said, “Come on Max.” As Max stood up with a confused look on his face “Huh? Oh, um, yeah.” Liz led him down the hall.

Alex and Isabel were left in the room alone and they both suddenly became tongue-tied. Finally, Isabel said, “Alex, um, I don’t want you to think that… well, it’s just that Maria wanted to be with Michael and I knew Liz wanted to be with Max, so…”

“Isabel, you know how I feel about you, I love you. But I don’t want you to feel pressured or pushed into something, just because of Liz and Max or Michael and Maria. When the time is right for us, we’ll know it.”

She kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you Alex. I think I’ll just take a bath before turning in then.”


As soon as the motel room door had closed behind them, Michael had pushed Maria up against it, kissing her deeply thrusting his tongue in to her mouth. “Oomph,” pulling her mouth away, she gasped, “Michael, slow down.”

“Don’t want to.” He grinned, then picked her up and dropped her onto the bed, falling down beside her.

“But, Michael,” she managed between kisses, “I bought a sexy new nightie today. Don’t you want to see it?” She giggled as he was rapidly pulling at both of their clothes.

“Later.” He said as he slid between her legs. “Ummm, later.” She echoed as she wrapped herself around him.


When Isabel retreated to the bathroom, Alex had turned on the television set, and settled back against the headboard, but merely stared into space, not even noticing the wonderful opportunities offered by the infomercial on the screen. A few minutes later he heard the door to the bathroom open, and was stunned when Isabel walked out in a slinky red nightgown, her long blond hair falling around her shoulders. The lace bodice of her gown did nothing to disguise her magnificent breasts. As she snapped her fingers, the TV turned off and the room was bathed in a soft glow of candlelight.

Alex slowly stood up beside the bed, and murmured, “Wow. You look… Wow.” Isabel walked up to him and slid her arms around his neck, smiling. “Alex, I know you love me, and I love you. I don’t feel pressured, I just know what I want, so will you let me show you just how much I love you?”

As their lips met, Alex whispered, “As often as you want.”


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Happy Saturday! When we left Max and Liz, they were headed to their new room, shall we peek in on them? *wink*

Chapter 27

Arriving in their new room, Liz noticed Max seemed a bit thrown off by the new room assignments. As Max sat down on the side of the bed staring at the floor, she sat beside him and rubbed his back. “Max, you’ve seen for months how much closer Isabel and Alex have been growing. They love each other, I hope that you are not going to judge anything that Alex and Isabel may choose to do.”

“What? Uh, no,” Max looked at Liz with surprise, “I think they are great for each other. You know I think Alex is terrific, I couldn’t wish for anyone better for Izzy.” With a disconcerted look, he continued, “It’s just that she’s my sister, and it’s sort of weird to think of what they may be doing, especially just down the hall.”

Liz smiled, “Then I suggest you try and think of something else.” She stood and turned the TV on, “see if you can’t find something to distract you.” Handing him the remote and dropping a kiss on the top of his head, she said, “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

Standing with the warm water flowing over her naked body, Liz felt a cool breeze at her back. She turned her head to find an equally naked Max stepping into the tub with her. As she lifted an eyebrow at him, he grinned, “Well, you’re the one who said to find something to distract me.”

She smiled and handed him the shampoo bottle, “Then I think you should make yourself useful.” Leaning back against him, she felt his need for her pressing against her backside. Max took the bottle and sat it on the small built in shelf, and wrapped his arms around her. One hand palmed a plump little breast as the other slid down through the neatly trimmed curls to rest between her legs. As Liz’s head fell back against him with a moan, he whispered in her ear, “Useful, huh? What a coincidence, that’s just what I had in mind.”

He quickly spun her around and his mouth worked against hers, their tongues dueling as Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s waist. He lifted her up with her back against the tiled wall, his mouth trailed across her jawline, licking the droplets of water on her face and neck, Liz felt his erection bobbing against the crevice in her behind, and she gasped as her own need for Max throbbed in response.

“Max, did you bring anything in here with you?” She knew the answer when she felt his shoulders sag a bit. He reached over and shut off the water, wrapping his arms tightly around her holding her up against him, “we’ll shower later.” He carried her to the bed, both of them dripping water, “Max, we’ll get the bed wet.” Nibbling at her lips, he said, “I’ll dry it later, but right now, I want you wet,” moving his mouth to her ear he whispered, “everywhere.” Liz shivered as she felt a familiar rush through her body, knowing he would get his wish.

Max laid her down on the bed, and stretched out over her bracing himself, and began kissing her everywhere as his mouth slid over her body and he continued licking up the drops of water from her body. Liz writhed on the bed as Max kissed her breasts, stomach, knees, inner thighs, everywhere but where she needed him to most. Anticipation was driving her crazy, “Maaxxx, please.” “Please what, my angel?” he teased her as his teeth scraped her inner thigh. She huskily replied, “Kiss me, Max.”

“Where?” his own husky response, his warm breath brushing over her crotch. As he rubbed his finger around her bundle of nerves, he asked, “Here?” Liz groaned, “Oh, God, Max,” lifting her hips as her head twisted from side to side. Finally, he leaned his head in and licked through her moist folds, sucking and tonguing her hot core. Liz was lost in a haze of passion. Feeling that she was close to her orgasm, he pulled his mouth away, leaving her whimpering with loss as kissed his way back up to her breasts with their tight rosy nipples, then up further to take possession of her mouth. His manhood sliding against her throbbing core, she reached down to grasp his erection and tried to position him to complete their joining. “Easy, baby,” reaching for his pants, “just a minute.” Slipping on the condom, he then sank fully into Liz’s welcoming body. As he thrust deeply into her warmth, she wrapped her legs tightly around him, tilting her pelvis to bring him even deeper.

As Max’s body pounded into Liz’s, their eyes met, an instant connection flowed between them. Max was amazed at the feelings surging through him, he not only was experiencing his own passion, but Liz’s as well and he realized that she was feeling his. His emotions went into hyperdrive as he not only felt her passage begin to quiver in orgasm, but felt exactly what she was feeling, as his own climax exploded he buried his face in her neck calling her name.

Liz was equally amazed to realize that she was experiencing not only her own orgasms, but Max’s as well. She held on to him tightly as multiple orgasms rushed through her. Max collapsed heavily on top of Liz, his heart racing and gasping for breath. She heard Max, as though he were a long way away, “Oh, my God, Liz, I love you, I love you,” his voice fading just before everything went black.

Just before she opened her eyes, she heard Max’s panicked voice coming from above her, “Liz! Liz!” She felt him lightly tapping her face, “Come on, baby, open your eyes.” She looked up at his pale face, and feeling dazed, she whispered, “Wow, that was intense.” Max clutched her tightly, “Oh God, Liz, what the hell happened?” As she shook off the cobwebby feeling, she stroke his face, as Max pressed little kisses all over her face, she said, “Max, honey, I’m fine.” She then pushed him over on his back and leaned over his chest. “I think my system just went on overload.” She looked at him in wonder, “Max, I could feel you, I knew everything you were feeling.”

Seeing that she was truly alright, Max allowed his mind and body to relax, and he smiled at her, “I could feel you, too. I know we’ve always had a connection, like our souls were touching, but this time, it was like I was inside your body, and you were inside mine.”

“Maybe it was because of what happened between us earlier. When we connected our powers at the school, and my power surged with yours.”

“Do you think it’s permanent?” Max wondered. Liz looked at him and as she drew her fingers along his softened manhood, she gave him a sexy smile said, “I don’t know, I think it will require numerous experimental tests.”

Looking at her with a mixture of amusement, love and regret, “Liz, I love you, but I’m spent, I don’t think I can …” His words froze as he looked down at his body, where Liz now had her hand wrapped aground his hardening shaft, which was rapidly proving his words wrong.

As Liz slid her body up over his, she said, “Never discount those recuperative alien powers.”


As the sun shone through the curtains, casting light across the rumpled sheets, Liz slowly came awake. She felt a momentary confusion as she became conscious of a weight lying over her waist and she felt warm puffs of breath against her neck. Memory flowed over her, and she smiled as she enjoyed the feel of the warm body spooned against her back.

“Ummm, morning,” she heard a deep voice, raspy with sleep, as the arm around her waist squeezed her close and she turned over on her back to look up into Max’s sleepy amber eyes. “Morning,” she smiled as he cupped her face and leaned over for a good morning kiss. As he ended their kiss, he pressed his forehead to hers. “I love waking with you in my arms. Someday soon, Liz Parker, I intend to start every morning this way.” Wrapping her arms around his neck, her dark eyes glowing with love, “I can’t wait for that day, Max.”


As the teens met in the lobby on Sunday morning, there were some shy smiles and blushing faces mixed with their ‘Good Mornings’. Max and Isabel avoided direct eye contact, after all, they knew exactly what had happened in their own rooms and could certainly guess about the other. But as they ate a late brunch at a pancake house, everyone relaxed and once again joked, laughed and acted like the six good friends they were. Finishing their breakfasts, Max manipulated the thermostat on the SUV, and they drove it to the local service station. They left the SUV and walked around the town playing tourist as they waited for their repairs.

On the drive back toward Roswell, Alex brought up a problem with his computer. “Guys, I’m a little concerned about how well my computer is going to run with these programs. I purchased some extra equipment so I could run Brody’s programs, but this is a whole new ballgame.”

Max was driving, and looked back at Alex in the rearview mirror, “Alex, I had no idea. Why didn’t you tell me about the new equipment? We would have paid for it.”

Alex just shrugged, “It’s no big deal, I just needed a bit more space and had to give the computer a bit of a boost, it wasn’t that expensive. But we’re going to have to come up with something more powerful.”

“Let me speak with Brody.” Max said, “when we installed all that equipment at Thanksgiving, we put some old computer stuff in storage. Maybe if we tell him we’re working on a school project, he’ll let us use it.”

“Max, is that safe?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, Maxwell,” Michael worried, “if you work on the book at the UFO Center, what’s to keep Brody from snooping?”

Alex spoke up, “I can rig some firewalls and password levels.”

Isabel shook her head, “Wouldn’t that raise suspicions?”

“Isabel’s right,” Maria added, “if for some reason Brody decided to poke about, and found your school project all secretive, his ‘alien radar’ might raise a red flag.”

“How about cannibalism?” As everyone gave Liz strange looks, she laughed. “I mean cannibalize Brody’s old computer equipment and set up something at Alex’s. You know, our very own supercomputer.”

Alex beamed, “That’s a great idea, Liz. Max, do you really think Brody will let us have his old equipment?”

“We can ask. Right now, it’s just gathering dust in the storage room. Maybe we could offer to buy it.”

A few days after returning from Las Cruces, Max and Alex met with Brody one afternoon and offered to purchase his old computer equipment. Brody had been more that happy to give Max and Alex his old computer equipment, and just shrugged off their offer to pay for it. On the following Saturday, Alex worked to dismantle the components they needed, while Max and Michael were helping transport everything to Alex’s house.


As Isabel and Liz walked down the sidewalk with Maria, Liz asked, “Maria, are you sure this is going to work?”

“What’s not to work? I called up Sera, told her how much we all enjoyed meeting her at New Year’s and asked her to meet for coffee. Michael, under threat of painful punishment if he fails, is to be sure that Kyle shows up. Then Michael will make some lame excuse that will fool nobody, and we leave. Kyle and Sera continue to sip coffee.”

As they neared the coffee shop, Liz gave Maria a hug, “Good Luck.” Then as Maria entered the store, Liz and Isabel continued on their way to Alex’s house.

A short while later a confused Kyle watched Michael drag Maria from the coffee shop, while Sera hid a smile behind her coffee cup. “Uh, that was, um” Kyle stumbled, and Sera put her cup down and finished, “a set up.”

“What?” Kyle said.

“A set up, where someone arranges for two people to just happen to bump into one another. I believe Maria just set us up.”

Kyle looked embarrassed, “oh, “I’m sorry.” As Sera pushed her auburn locks back from her face, she glanced over at Kyle with a sparkle in her green eyes. “I’m not, I was actually hoping to see you again.”

“You were?” Kyle smiled, “Well, I was kind of hoping to see you again, too.” Noticing that her cup was almost empty, he offered to get her another coffee. When he walked up to the counter, Sera noticed a pixie face peeping into the window, and raised her cup in salute.

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Chapter 28

Maria came bursting into Alex’s bubbling over with excitement, while Michael followed more sedately. “Oh, Liz, it worked! When I peeked back in, Sera was still sitting at the table and Kyle was buying more coffee. Actually, Sera saw me peeking in the window, and she raised her cup to me!" Clapping her hands enthusiastically, "Oh, you know what? Maybe he’ll ask her to the Valentine Dance!”

As Liz and Isabel smiled at Maria, Michael grumbled, “What is it with chicks and matchmaking? Do they think every guy has to been chained down?”

Max and Isabel hid grins as Liz and Alex exchanged knowing looks. Maria whirled on Michael, “Chained down? Is that what you think our relationship is, Michael Guerin? That you are chained down?”

Michael pulled his indignant little pixie close to him, he said soothingly, “Now, Maria, I didn’t say anything about us, besides, I’m not saying all chains are bad.” As Maria relaxed against him, he added, “Especially if mixed with a little leather and whips.” At Maria’s outraged gasp, the others laughed.

Liz looked at the boxes of computer equipment and noticed that Alex had cleaned out all of his musical equipment from the room. “Alex? Where are your guitars and stuff?”

“Oh, I’ve moved it all into the storage room behind the garage. Actually, it’s more convenient for when the band practices.” Alex responded and he unloaded some of the boxes onto his desk.

Realizing that half of Alex’s room had been taken over with all the equipment, Max looked disconcerted and with a touch of guilt in his voice, addressed his friend, “Alex, I didn’t realize how much this project was disrupting your life.”

“Are you kidding? I love this stuff, and knowing that I may have knowledge that can contribute? Well, it makes me feel useful, a real part of the group.”

Isabel looked at Alex in surprise, “Alex, the six of us are a team. How could you not know how important you are to us?”

As a pleased Alex blushed, Michael interrupted, “Before someone suggests a group hug, which I would really hate by the way, I have to ask you, Alex, what have your folks said about us dragging all this stuff in here?”

“Not as much as I feared. I told them that Brody had given me his old equipment, rather than just toss it out. They know how crazy I am about all computerized things, so my mom just said to be sure and keep it all dusted.”

Then Alex laughed, “Besides, my parents are so happy that I’m dating Isabel, I think I could turn the entire house into a giant computer center and they’d just smile.” Seeing several confused faces, he grinned, “Come on, guys, think about it. A 17 years old computer geek, who’s never dated, and his two best friends are girls? I’m sure my folks thought I was gay.”

Max laughed, as he pulled Liz in close to him, “I understand, I think before Liz, my folks had some reservations about me, too.”

Isabel leaned in to give Alex a kiss, “Well, I’d be happy to offer my testimonial to your hetero status.”

“Actually, you already have.” At Isabel’s confused look, “Remember when we were ‘studying’ the other day? Apparently my mom peeked in to offer us some snacks, and she took great pleasure in teasing me about our study techniques over supper.”

Isabel hid her blushing face in her hands as the others laughed.


Monday morning at school, Maria grabbed Kyle and pulled him into the eraser room.

“Maria! What if Guerin sees us?” Kyle grinned at her, “Are you trying to get this pretty face of mine bashed in?”

“Funny guy.” She said making a face at him. She then hopped up on the table and rubbed her hands together. “Now spill, tell Auntie Maria all about your coffee date.”

“Date?” Kyle rolled his eyes, “I don’t think being set up at the coffee shop constitutes a date.”

Maria sighed, “So, did you ask her out? What about the Valentine Dance?”

“Not exactly.”

“Kyle, either you did or you didn’t.”

Kyle shuffled his feet and avoided looking at Maria, “I got her phone number and I called her last night. We talked for a bit, but I chickened out on asking her out.”

With a voice full of frustration, Maria whined, “Kyle, do I have to all the work myself?”

A voice interrupted them as the Eraser Room door opened, “Damn Maria, those are not the words a fellow wants to hear his woman saying to another guy.”

Maria and Kyle turned to see Michael standing in the doorway with a raised eyebrow and questioning look on his face.

Kyle laughed with his hands held up, “Don’t look at me, man. I was minding my own business when Maria pulled me in here to have her wicked way with me.”

Maria laughed and punched Kyle in the arm, then turned to Michael with her hands on her hips, “Your woman? How very caveman of you, Michael.” But she walked over and slipped her arm around Michael’s waist as he wrapped his around her shoulders. Then she turned and wagged her finger at Kyle, “You are not off the hook, mister. I still want to know how things go with Sera.”

As Maria, Michael and Kyle walked out of the eraser room back into the hall, they were greeted with whistles and catcalls. As Nicki Peterson strolled by in her piercings, tattoos and wild hair, with her group of tough girls, she gave Maria a thumbs-up and nodded “Nice work, Deluca.”


A few days later Liz and Maria were working their shifts near closing time when a familiar young man walked into the diner, taking a seat at the bar. Maria went to take his order, “Hi, you’re Tyler, right?” “That’s right, good memory,” he said with a smile.

“All alone? Sera’s not joining you?” Maria tried to ask nonchalantly. Tyler hid a smile, “Uh, no, Sera had class tonight.” As Maria just stood there, Tyler grinned, “So, could I place my order now?” Maria blushed, “Oh, sure, but the kitchen has already closed, so this late we only have drinks, ice cream, pies, stuff like that.”

“In that case, how about a slice of Asteroid Pie and a cup of coffee?”

As she went to cut his pie, Maria sidled up to Liz to complain about Tyler, and wondered just how close he and Sera were. “I’m determined for my matchmaking to work, and this fellow is getting in my way.” Maria grumbled. Liz was preparing a couple of Hot Fudge Blast Offs, and just laughed at her, “Maria, you got Kyle and Sera together for coffee. You did your part, now the rest is up to them.”

Liz picked up her order and walked around to deliver it to a table. After she finished at the table, she turned to walk back to the kitchen, not noticing a puddle from a spilt drink on the floor. As her foot hit the wet liquid, it slipped out from under her and she began to fall. As she felt herself falling, she was suddenly grabbed and saved from falling. Startled, she turned to the pudgy middle-aged man who had caught her to offer her thanks when her words froze in her throat. “Are you alright, miss?” The man asked. Liz managed to nod at the man, who let her go. “I’m fine, thank you,” she whispered.

As Maria came along with Tyler’s order, the man spoke, “Careful, miss, there’s a bad spill here.” He then turned and left the diner. “I’ll get a mop, “ and with that Liz dashed into the back. Maria quickly shoved Tyler’s pie at him and followed Liz. “Liz?” Maria said, “Liz?” She saw that Liz had darted into their changing area. “Chica, are you alright?” Liz was pacing, “No. No, I’m not.” She grabbed Maria by the arms, “That man who caught me, I got flashes from him. Maria, he wasn’t human!”


Tyler had noticed Liz’s strange reaction to the man who had helped her. He had quickly followed Maria to the back of the diner, and with the door partially pushed open was startled at Liz’s declaration to Maria. He turned and left the café, tossing a $10.00 bill on the counter and reaching for his cellphone as he walked out the door.


Around the corner from the diner, a pudgy middle-aged man stooped over as though in pain and silently cursed Max Evans and Liz Parker.


Max and Michael had been hanging out at Alex’s while he worked on the alien book, when Maria called Max’s cellphone, telling him to come to the Crashdown and that Liz had seen an alien. Alex had immediately called Isabel, who was waiting outside when they stopped by to pick her up. Within minutes the four of them rushed into the back of the Crashdown. Upon seeing Max, Liz ran into his arms, and he clasped her in a tight hug. As he eased his hold on her, he pushed the hair back from her face and asked, “Liz, are you alright?” “Max, I’m fine,” she said wide-eyed, “but, there was a man here, he touched me, and he wasn’t human.”

Max looked around to make sure that Jose’ couldn’t hear them from where he was cleaning the grill, leaning back he asked softly, “Liz, how do you know? What happened?”

“Wait,” Alex said, “shouldn’t we clear everyone out first?”

Isabel agreed, “Alex is right, it’s after 10:00. Liz, can’t we get everyone to leave?”

Maria answered for Liz, “The customers are already gone. Karen and Stephanie are just cleaning up the front and Jose’ is cleaning the grill.”

Max looked around, and said, “Why don’t we pitch in and help close up, get the staff on their way home?”

As Maria went out front to send the waitresses on home, Michael went over to the grill, “Jose’, since I’m waiting on Maria to finish up, so why don’t you head on home? I’ll finish cleaning the grill for you.” Before long, the staff had left, leaving the group locked up alone in the diner.

Alex and Isabel plopped down on the couch in the break area, while Maria sat in Michael’s lap in a nearby chair. Max sat on the other side of Alex and pulled Liz into his lap. “Now,” Max said, “tell us what happened earlier.” Maria told them about Liz slipping and the man catching Liz to keep her from falling. Liz looked at Max, “Max, when he touched me, I got flashes. Flashes like the ones I got from Nasedo.”

“Wait a minute.” Isabel interrupted, “You got flashes from Nasedo? When did that happen?”

“When he kidnapped me, I got flashes from him when we kissed,” she told him.

“You kissed Nasedo?” Michael looked at Liz like she had grown a second head.

Maria punched him, “She thought he was Max, you idiot. Maxcedo, remember?”

Max gave them all a look, then turned his attention back to Liz, “Honey, what did you see?” She looked pensive as she lightly gnawed on her lower lip, “It was dark, scary, no colors, an alien landscape. I think there were two moons.”

As the six looked at each other, Isabel wondered, “So, are we looking at another shapeshifter?”

“Or just your everyday average alien?” Alex interjected.

“Maxwell, didn’t Pierce say that the other aliens in the crash were dead? That Nasedo escaped and the other captured alien died?” Liz felt Max stiffen as Michael mentioned Pierce’s name, but his voice was calm as he answered, “Yeah, but maybe there was another, one he didn’t know about. We assumed that the alien who buried the orb was Nasedo, but he never mentioned it. I guess there could have been someone else, someone who got away.”

“Or maybe it’s someone who came here after the crash who came here looking for you, and maybe setting off the orbs called him forth.” Maria speculated. Michael snorted, “Well, it took him long enough, those orbs were set off last May.”

“Oh, no, what if he is here with Serena?” Liz said in dismay as she looked up at Max, “I should have confronted him, or at least stopped him from leaving, but I just stood there, like a ninny.”

“No!” Max stated with alarm, “If he’s not on our side, we don’t know what he might done if he knew he had been discovered. You and Maria did the right thing, you called us right away.”

“So, how do we find out who he is?” Michael wondered. Isabel injected, “What can we do? Unless Liz and Maria see him again in the same form, we don’t even know how to find him.”

With Liz’s head resting in the crook of Max’s neck, he said, “I know I sound like a broken record, but the only thing we can do at this point is be on guard and act normal.” As Liz tilted her head back to look at Max, he kissed the tip on her nose. “And I think we should all stick close together. If this new alien has been watching, then he knows how much you guys mean to us, so I don’t think Alex, Maria or Liz should be out alone, especially at night.”

“Max, that’s not…” Alex started to object, when Isabel grabbed his arm, “No, Alex, Max is right. At least for a while, why we try and figure this out.” She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “I couldn’t stand it if I lost you.” Alex put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. “Shh, alright, if it will make you happy.”

Michael cut his eyes over at Maria, tightening his hold around her, “Ditto, Blondie.” She smiled at him, then asked Max, “What about Tess and the Valenti’s? Do we tell them?”

“I know we’re trying to keep Tess out of the loop about the alien book, but I think this is something we have to tell her, and the Sheriff and Kyle. It’s too potentially dangerous not to.” Max decided, “I’ll stop by the Sheriff’s Office in the morning, fill him in.”

“I have the Jetta tonight, so I think it’s safe enough for me to drive straight home.” Maria said. “No problem,” from Michael, “I’ll just ride home with you, and Max, Alex and Isabel can follow in the jeep, then we’ll run Alex on home.”

“After everyone’s been dropped off, I’ll come back to check on you. I’ll just tap on your window.” Max said as he held Liz close. “No, Max.” Liz objected, “Maybe you shouldn’t be out alone either, just call me when you get home.”

With that settled, they began the nightly chore of closing down the Crashdown, each friend wondering just what was in store for them.


Sera giggled into the phone, laughing at something Kyle had said. Kyle had finally called to ask her out, and to the school Valentine Dance at that, and although they had been talking for the past hour, she was in no hurry to hang up. She was startled when Tyler burst into the room, whispering furiously, “I’ve been trying to call for the last twenty minutes.”

Tyler paced back and forth while Sera finished up her call. “Uh, Kyle, I’m sorry, but my roommate just got home, so I’m afraid I have to run.” In response to something else from Kyle she said, “Yes, I’m looking forward to it, too. So, I’ll see you Friday night. Yes, at 7:00 o’clock. Night, Kyle.”

As soon as she hung up, Tyler blurted out, “Serena, we’ve got trouble.”


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It's Valentine's Day for our Roswellians liebe053

Chapter 29

As the February days passed, the six friends were at Michael’s apartment one evening sharing pizza and sodas. The guys alternately cheered and groaned while watching a hockey game on TV, and the girls sat around the breakfast counter discussing the upcoming Valentine Dance. A couple of hair fashion magazines lay open on the counter.

Isabel pointed out a photo of a model, “I was thinking of doing my hair up in this twist, with a few of those decorative sticks inserted. Oh, and Liz, this loose upswept style would look great on you.” Isabel said as she flipped to another photo. Maria frowned, “My hair was finally growing out, why did I cut it? I can’t do anything with it.” “Oh, no, Maria, I think it would look cute with the sides pulled up with some sparkly barrettes.” Isabel disagreed. “I know I saw something in one of these magazines that would work for you.”

As Max and Alex looked at each other and rolled their eyes at the fashion talk, Michael looked over at the girls. “I don’t know about this dance. Maybe we should just forget about going.” His comments lead to an outburst of objections.

“Not go? Michael Guerin, you are not getting out of taking me to that dance.” Maria fumed as she stood with her hands on her hips. “Besides, Kyle finally asked Sera, and I’m not about to miss watching firsthand the fruits of my matchmaking labors.”

“Maria, I’m not trying to get out of anything,” Michael told her, “but we’ve been laying low recently. Don’t you think a dance is a little high profile?”

Max shrugged, “I don’t know, guys, maybe Michael’s right.” He looked at Liz, “I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.”

Liz walked over and sat on the arm of Max’s chair, “Max, we’ve known for a long time that you have enemies, and now we know that Serena is out there, but we can’t stop living our lives because of what happened last week.”

Isabel agreed, “Liz is right. We’ve all been going to school and work, and there haven’t been any further instances. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be careful, but we are all going to be together. I made reservations for the eight of us at Chez Pierre. So there’s safety in numbers.”

“The eight of us? What about Tess?” Alex asked, “Since Kyle is taking Sera, is she going with anyone?”

Isabel shook her head, “Not as of this morning. I asked her if she wanted me to try and fix her up with someone, but she said she wasn’t interested. I didn’t believe her, but she doesn’t hang out with anyone but us. She’s given the cold shoulder to too many guys in the past, so no one’s asked her.”

“Well, I wish I could feel sorry for her, but I just don’t.” Maria said around a mouthful of pizza, “she treats everyone except the three of you like second class citizens. In her book if you aren’t alien, you aren’t worth her time. So, if she sits at home alone Friday night, she has no one to blame but herself.”


In response to a phone call from Nasedo, Tess arrived at the Pod Chamber in the middle of the night to find him already there. “When did you get back?” She asked.

“A short while ago, I’ve been busy researching the artificial insemination process.”

Tess grimaced, “Does that mean you were successful?”

“Yes, I was.” Nasedo smiled. “I have our little buddies on ice until we’re ready for them.” He rubbed his hands together, and smiled, “All these years, all the waiting and planning, and before long we’ll have completed our mission. Soon we and the royals will be on our way back to Antar.”

“And exactly when is that?” she asked. Nasedo took out some paper and a calendar. “First things first. Since your reproductive system works similarly to that of a human, we need to calculate when you will be most fertile.” He then proceeded to question her about her monthly cycles and after a few calculations, “We’ll have to keep a chart of your temperature, but it looks like the optimum time frame will be this weekend. We’ll start the first injection on Friday evening, and continue with several injections through out the weekend.”

“Friday? That’s the Valentine Dance.” Tess said.

“Valentine’s, huh? Well, isn’t that appropriate?” Nasedo answered with a grin.

“And if I already have plans?” Tess shot back, “Do you?” Nasedo asked smugly.

Remembering how excited Kyle had been when he told her and the Sheriff about his date with that new girl, Sera, Tess’s look shot daggers, “No, but I might by then.”

“Don’t bother. You will meet me here on Friday night. Believe me, the sooner we finish and return to Antar, the better for us both.”

“Even if this plan of yours works, and I conceive Max’s heir, just how do we get the Granolith and the others back to Antar?”

Nasedo gave Tess a disappointed look, “If you had done your job and conceived the normal way, we would have made Max and the others believe that the baby was dying, and that you had no choice but to leave Earth.” Nasedo continued, “but since we’ve had to devise another plan for conception, I don’t know if Max will feel the same connection or be willing to leave for a child he really had no part in creating.”

“Max doesn’t even know what the Granolith is, or how to operate it.” Tess reminded Nasedo.

“He knows, it’s ingrained into him, he just doesn’t remember. We’ll just have to find a way to jog his memory.”


As Kyle was finishing dressing Friday evening, the Sheriff knocked on Tess’s door, and entered to find Tess already dressed in her pajamas. “Tess, are you sure you are going to be alright tonight? If I had known you weren’t going to the dance, I wouldn’t have volunteered to be a chaperone.”

“Don’t be silly.” Tess smiled at him, “It’s just a dance, besides you know that you and Mrs. Deluca will have a great time tormenting Kyle and Maria by being chaperones.”

Valenti smiled slightly, “Yeah, torturing your children is always fun, but with this other alien somewhere out there….” he was interrupted by Tess. “Sheriff, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself. I have plenty of videos and popcorn. I’m set for the evening.”

He walked over to her, “Well, if you’re sure.” He then kissed her forehead. “I have my pager with me, so if you need me…”

“Daaadddd!” called Kyle from down the hall, “I can’t get this tie fixed.”

Valenti looked at the doorway, then back at Tess, who said, “Just go, and have a good time.” But a short while later as she heard the front door close, she slipped into the living room and watched as Kyle and the Sheriff each drove off. She turned to change clothes and go meet Nasedo.


Max and Liz held each other close as they danced in the school gym, which had been decorated with red, pink and white streamers and balloons. A banner was stretched over the entrance reading “Love is in the Air.”

“Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” Max smiled down at Liz. “Yes, you have, but a girl never gets tired of hearing it.” She grinned back at him. Liz was dressed in a clingy dark red dress, that was backless but for crisscrossing spaghetti straps, the hem just below her knees, her hair in an upswept bun with several deliberately messy tendrils swirling around her face and neck. Max was very handsome in his charcoal gray suit. Max nodded his head towards the punch table, “Look,” he told Liz. She turned to see Maria, wearing a lovely aqua sheath trying to coax Michael, who was wearing his one blue suit, out on the dance floor. “I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen anyone more adverse to dancing than Michael,” Liz laughed. “Steer us their way, Max.”

As they neared the couple, barely moving on the edge of the floor, Maria saw them. “Liz! Have either of you seen Kyle and Sera?” “No,” Liz answered, “but it’s only 7:45, and our dinner reservations aren’t until 9:00.”

Michael asked, “Can someone tell me why we didn’t go eat first? I’m starving.” Max agreed, “Yeah, that’s a good question.” Maria looked at them in exasperation, “Because we wanted to have our pictures made while our hair and makeup were still fresh. We do the pictures, we dance a bit, drink some weak punch, eat a few soggy pizza rolls, then we go out to dinner.”

“Exactly!” came a voice from behind Max and Michael. As they turned to see Isabel, dressed in her signature red, she asked, “So has everyone had their photos taken.” They all nodded in the affirmative, “Well, except for Kyle and Sera, they’re late.” Maria worried.

“Not anymore.” Alex said, “and at the risk of Isabel’s elbow in my gut, let me just say – Va, Va and Voom.”

The couples turned to the entrance and there stood Kyle, handsome in his suit nervously tugging at his tie, with Sera on his arm, stunning with her red hair in a french twist, clad in a pale green dress that hugged her body like a glove.

Michael nodded, “Nice.” As Maria squealed, “Ooh, I just knew they would be perfect for each other.” Liz glanced over at Max, he smiled, “I’m saving all my VaVas for you.” She laughed, and taking him by the hand they made their way over to the couple, closely followed by the others. She noticed that while they were smiling, both seemed nervous. “Kyle! We were getting worried. Sera, it’s good to see you again.” Before long, everyone was at ease as the four couples were having a great time as they danced with their dates and with each other.

As a moderately paced song was playing, Max was dancing with Sera, Kyle with Liz, Isabel with Michael and Maria with Alex. Max smiled at Sera, “I’m glad you came with Kyle tonight.” Sera looked startled, “You are? I admit I was a bit nervous, I thought he used to be involved with your friend, Tess.”

“No, they’re just friends, sort of like a brother and sister relationship. Did Kyle tell you that he and his dad are like Tess’s foster family?”

“Yes, we’ve had few long phone conversations.” Sera smiled, then looked over at Kyle dancing with Liz. “He seems like a really nice guy.”

Remembering how jealous he once was of Kyle, and how glad he was that they’d buried the hatchet, Max said. “He is. Kyle is one of the good guys.”

As Liz danced with Kyle, she asked, “So, how’s it going? Sera looks beautiful.” “Yeah, she is,” Kyle agreed, “She’s really nice, too. I have to admit though, I was thrown a bit when I arrived to pick her up and that Tyler guy opened the door.” Liz looked surprised, “Tyler? What was he doing there?”

“Turns out he’s her roommate, and her cousin.” Kyle told her. “She said she didn’t introduce him as her cousin at New Year’s because she was embarrassed to admit that she didn’t have a date.” Kyle grinned, “Can’t tell you how much I wished I’d known. I’ve been feeling pretty jealous of that guy.”

As one song ended and another began, Max said, “how about we dance over and reclaim our dates?” Max and Sera made their way over to Kyle and Liz, but Isabel intercepted them. “Max, it’s almost time to leave for the restaurant. You guys grab your dates and we’ll meet up in the lobby.”

As the four couples met in the lobby area of the gymnasium, Kyle looked around. “Maria, have you seen my dad and your mom? I wanted to let Dad know we were leaving.” “No, I was looking for my mom earlier, too.”

Just then one of Kyle’s jock buddies walked up, laughing “Hey, Valenti, I saw your dad earlier with Mrs. Deluca. Who knew the chaperones needed to be chaperoned?”

“What are you talking about, Tommy?” Kyle asked. Tommy’s response, “Two words, Valenti, Eraser Room.”

Maria gasped in horror, as Kyle looked stunned. Michael turned and headed into the main part of the school.

“Michael! Where are you going?” Maria darted after him, closely followed by the others.

“Maria, this is just too good to pass up.” A few feet from the Eraser Room door, Michael stopped and held up his hand. “Shhh,” he instructed, then slowly eased his way to the door, hiding his hand with his body, he used his powers to unlock the door, and quickly jerked the door open with a loud, “Ah hah!”

The look on the faces of Jim Valenti and Amy Deluca was priceless; a mixture of shock, dismay, and embarrassment. Maria and Kyle just glared at their parents. As Maria said, “Okay, you two, come on out of there.” As they eased into the hallway, Amy smoothing her hair and dress, while Valenti adjusted his tie, Kyle looked at his dad, “Nice lipstick, Dad, but I don’t think red is your color.” As Valenti reached for his handkerchief, Amy blushed bright red, and Michael guffawed, as the others joined in.

After escorting a chagrined pair of chaperones back into the dance, the four couples left for their dinner reservations at Chez Pierre.


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Chapter 30 ~ NC17

Tess made her way out to the Podchamber. When she opened the doorway, she found Nasedo waiting. He had the cooler with the frozen samples.

“Good,” he said glancing at her. “Now that you’re here, I can prepare tonight’s sample. Just need to thaw out our little buddies here.”

As Nasedo removed the frozen vial he told Tess, “This will be ready in just a few minutes. Go ahead and take off your pants.”

“What?” was her wide-eyed response.

Giving her an impatient look, he said, “The sperm has to be inserted, Tess, and we can’t do that through your clothes. So take off your pants and you can sit over there,” pointing to a ledge on the wall. He then turned and began using his powers to slowly thaw the contents, and prepared a syringe.

Tess looked around and then removed her pants and underwear. She sat on the ledge uncomfortably and crossed her legs leaning forward to conceal her nudity. When Nasedo turned to her with the prepared syringe, Tess reached to take it from him, but he drew it back from her. “No, with so few samples we can’t make any mistakes, I’ll insert it.”

She looked at him in dismay, “You?”

“Tess, this is a clinical procedure and you are my charge. Besides, you know that in spite of my forced dalliance with Whitaker, I do not experience sexual desires.” Then he added with sarcasm, “Don’t worry, your virtue is safe with me.”

It was a redfaced Tess that scooted back to lay down on the ledge as she closed her eyes. She flinched when the syringe was inserted and she felt a burning heat as the contents was expelled into her. In a few seconds, Nasedo pressed her knees back together and pushed them up towards her chest tilting her pelvis upward. “Stay like that for a few minutes. We don’t want any of our little friends swimming back out.”


Arriving at Chez Pierre, the girls all went to the ladies room while the guys waited in the lobby. “Why do they do that?” Michael asked. “It’s like they travel in packs.”

“I once asked my mom,” Alex said, “She just smiled and said I was better off not knowing.”

“That’s because they’re talking about us.” Kyle informed them. “As we speak, our every move tonight is being dissected.” He flagged down a waiter, “Excuse me, but could I have a glass of water while we wait for our table?”

Moments later, Max noticed that Kyle was taking several pills, “Kyle, are you alright?”

“Oh, yeah, just a headache, nerves I guess. I’ll be fine in a few minutes.”

Remembering Kyle talking about having headaches before, Max started to offer his help, but the girls returned and in the confusion off settling in at their table and receiving menus, the moment was lost.

After a boisterous and delicious dinner the couples went their separate ways. Kyle and Sera, along with Isabel and Alex decided to return for the end of the dance. Max, Liz, Maria and Michael left together in the Evan’s Grand Marquis headed for Michael’s apartment. Maria and Liz had each told their parents that they were staying at the other’s houses overnight, and had previously dropped off overnight bags at Michael’s. As they pulled up in front of the apartment, Max and Michael exchanged a look, and Max asked Liz if she wanted to take a drive.


After Max and Liz drove off, Michael and Maria entered the empty apartment, he flipped on the light to reveal a long gold box lying on the counter with a large red bow. Maria turned to him with a surprised smile, “Oh, Michael. But, we agreed going to the dance and out to dinner was our gifts.”

He rubbed his eyebrow and shrugged, “So, I lied. Go ahead, open it.”

Maria slid the ribbon off and lifted the lid to reveal a dozen long stemmed red roses. “Oh, Michael, they’re beautiful.” She sat the box down and wrapped her arms around him for a thank you kiss. As their kisses grew more heated, Michael pulled away. “I’ll be right back, remember where we were,” as he stepped into the bedroom and closed the door. A few minutes later he stepped back out and held his hand out to a bemused Maria.

As Michael led her into the room, she caught her breath in delighted surprise. Michael’s room had been transformed. Scattered about the room were flowers and a myriad of lit candles, the bed was covered with a new set of red satin sheets, and on the bedside table were two champagne flutes and a bottle of chilling sparkling cider. As she went back into his arms, she sighed, “Oh, Michael.” He grinned and teased, “Oh, Michael? Is that all you can say tonight, Blondie?” But later stretched out on the satin sheets with Maria wrapped around him in passion, he conceded that “Oh, Michael” were two of the sweetest words he’d ever heard.


After dropping Michael and Maria off, Max had driven to the rock quarry. He pulled Liz into his arms and nuzzling her cheek asked, “Do you remember the last time we came out here?”

“Of course, Max, how could I forget? We had just gotten back together, and,” she said with a blush “it was the first time we kind of, sort of made love.”

He laughed, “I don’t know who was more surprised, you or me.” He then looked at her and smiled, “That night was very special to me, Liz. Not just the physical part, but the flashes we shared, and the promises we made.” He tilted her face up, “That’s why I wanted to come here tonight. I hope that tonight will be just as special.”

Liz placed her hand on Max’s cheek, “Max, we were given a second chance to be together. Every day and night that I’m with you is special.”

Max turned his head and kissed her palm. “Our futures are so uncertain, I don’t even know how long we’ll be here, or if we’ll have to leave for somewhere else, but I know I can face whatever comes our way, as long as I have you. Somehow even as a child, I knew that you were the one, Liz, the only one. You are strong and brave and beautiful both inside and out, you’re my strength.”

Liz looked at him, tears forming in her eyes, “Oh, Max,” she whispered.

After sharing a sweet kiss, Max leaned over Liz and opened the glove compartment and removed a small square box holding it up to her.

“You mean everything to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He opened the box to reveal a small diamond solitaire in a simple setting. “Liz Parker, will you marry me?” he said with a voice shaky with emotion.

Liz stared at the ring in astonishment, then as tears formed in her eyes, she smiled, “Yes, oh, Max, yes.” She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him, “I love you, Max,” she cried. He kissed her softly and took the ring from the box and placed it on her finger, then raised her hand to kiss it, “and I love you, Liz… Evans.”

Brushing the tears from her face, her face glowing, she repeated in wonder, “Liz Evans. Mrs. Max Evans.” Just before Max claimed her lips with his own he said, “How do you feel about June weddings?”


Kyle walked Sera to her door and stood nervously, wondering if he should kiss her when she spoke, “Kyle, I really had a great time tonight. Your friends were really nice to me.”

“I’m glad you had fun, I enjoyed it too.” Just as he was about to lean forward, Sera said, “uh, would you like to come in for some coffee?”


As they entered the apartment to find a lone dim lamp burning, Kyle looked around, “Is Tyler out?” Sera looked at the closed door down the hall, “No, I think he has already turned in.”

As Sera turned to walk into the small kitchen Kyle reached for her arm, turning her towards him. “Actually,” Kyle said, “I don’t think I really want any coffee.”

Swallowing nervously, Sera gave a slight smile and said, “Is there something else you’d rather have?”

As Kyle’s face moved closer to Sera’s, he whispered, “Oh, yeah.” And his lips softly closed over hers. As he slowly pulled back, Sera slid her arms around Kyle’s neck, and whispered back, “What a coincidence, that’s just what I was craving, too.” And she pulled him back to her for a deeper kiss.

A while later, Tyler eased his door open to peep into the living room to find Sera and Kyle cuddled together on the couch. Slowly shaking his head, he retreated to his room.

Eventually, Kyle said with regret, “I guess I’d better go.” Sera nodded, giving his a quick kiss. “I guess so.” She walked him to the door and after several long goodbye kisses, Kyle asked, “How about some breakfast tomorrow, or rather this morning. At the Crashdown?”

“I’d love to, meet you there around 10:00?”

“It’s a date.” Kyle grinned, and with a quick kiss, left for home.

Sera leaned back against the door with closed eyes and a dreamy look on her face, only to have cold water dashed on her euphoria when she heard Tyler’s voice, “You do realize you’re playing with fire.”

Sera opened her eyes to stare silently at Tyler who just looked at her sadly, “Serena, what do you think is going to be Kyle’s reaction when he learns who and what you really are?”


liebe087 Moonlight streamed through the windows of the Grand Marquis parked in the rock quarry. Liz’s lovely dress and Max’s suit were strewn around the interior of the car. Max reclined on the roomy backseat with Liz cradled against him as they kissed and caressed each other. Max’s lips traversed from nibbling Liz’s earlobe down her neck continuing downward to capture her bare nipple in his mouth. Liz moaned as the gentle tugging sent tremors rippling through her body. As Max gave equal attention to her other breast, Liz ran her fingers through his hair. “Oh, Max,” she sighed.

She stroked her fingers down his chest to run around his navel, then following the dark line of hair to the edge of his boxers, like an arrow pointing the way to the hidden treasure. “The last time we were out here?” she whispered. She felt him nod as he continued to lave her breasts, “Mmmm, hmmmm.” Releasing her with a little pop, he looked at her.

“I remember that I wanted to do this, but I was afraid.” She said as she slid her hand into the slit of his boxers and stroked his hardening shaft, sliding her hand up and down. “Liz,” Max groaned with pleasure, and a whimper left his throat when she removed her hand. She tugged at his boxers until they pooled on the floorboard. Liz kneeled before him, Max had one foot on the floorboard and the other on the seat with his knee crooked as he leaned back into the corner. Liz thought he was beautiful, Michelangelo couldn’t have created better. Stroking her hands up his muscular thighs, she leaned over and took him into her mouth. As she slid her mouth up and down, twirling her tongue around him, Max threw his head back, moaning as he ran his hands into Liz’s hair. He pulled her head away, “Liz, baby, I’m about to…” Looking up at him through her lashes, she smiled, “I know, Max, I want you to.” She leaned over to lick the drops of prefluid that was easing from his erection. “Li…Liz?” he asked hesitantly, but when she began stroking his shaft faster, her mouth and tongue twirling and sucking as though he were a large lollipop, he groaned, “yes, oh yes,” and instinctively began thrusting his hips as he gave in to his body’s needs. When Liz gently squeezed his balls, he exploded, as he cried out her name.

Afterward, he pulled her up into his arms, kissing her and tasting himself on her lips. “Liz,” he whispered with a voice full of emotion, “Liz, I …” Liz interrupted him, saying softly, “Shhh. Max, you’ve always stopped me before you,” she looked down bashfully, “well, you know.” Then looking up through her lashes at him, “But I wanted you to know how wonderful you make me feel, when you do that for me.”

“God, Liz, I love you so much.” Max wrapped his arms around her tightly and kissed her deeply, stroking her hair, which had long fallen from the sophisticated style she started with earlier in the evening. As their loving kisses grew more passionate, Max drew back. “I think you’re still overdressed”, sliding his hands underneath the bikini panties that were her only garment to cup her bottom. As he drew his hands around her hips, his fingertips glowed momentarily as he dissolved enough of the material to pull the tiny excuse for panties off of her. “Max!” she admonished with a giggle, “You have to stop that, I’m beginning to run out of underwear.”

“I’ll buy you more.” He promised with a smile as he flipped her over on her back and settled between her thighs, rubbing his rapidly growing erection against her slick folds. As he opened the condom package, Liz took it from him, “let me” she whispered and slipped the condom on Max. As he slid into her depths, she whispered, “Take me to the stars again, Max.”

And he did.


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Chapter 31

Max and Liz quietly crept into Michael’s darkened apartment. Max flipped on a lamp, and stated the obvious. “I guess they’ve turned in.”

“Uh, yeah, Max, it’s after 2:00 a.m.” Liz noticed that Maria had left a folded sheet and blanket on the couch, but looking around, did not see her overnight bag. “My bag must be in Michael’s room,” she looked at her wrinkled dress, “I can’t sleep in this.” As Max looked at the closed bedroom door, “Uh, I’m not going in there, why don’t you just wear my tee shirt.” She smiled and said, “Thanks. I think I’ll take a shower first,” grinning saucily, “want to join me?”


Maria turned her head as a sound penetrated her sleep, cracking open one eye, she recognized the sound of the shower running. Yawning, she then heard a few bumps and a definite feminine giggle. Smiling, she turned to snuggle against Michael, mumbling, “Max and Liz are home.” “mmkay.” Michael responded and pulled her closer and they both drifted back to sleep.


Morning found Michael stumbling to the bathroom and after using the facilities, he continued to the kitchen to get some juice. Just before he flipped the light on over the sink, he noticed the large lump on the darkened couch. He flipped on the light over the sink and saw that Max and Liz were stretched out sound asleep, their covers down around their waists. Liz appeared to be wearing Max’s tee shirt and since he could only see Max’s bare chest, he could only hope Max still had on his boxers. Looking down at his own body clad only in tee shirt and boxers, he was glad they were still asleep. But, before he could return to the bedroom, Maria stumbled out, clad in a silk robe chattering away.

“Michael, pour me some of that juice, please. Do you want me to put on some coffee?” She said, whirling when she heard a groan from the couch and saw Max looking around in sleepy confusion. As he shifted, he woke Liz, who snuggled in closer to him, grumbling, “umph, no, sleepy…”

Maria laughed, “Get used to that, girlfriend, she always wakes up grumpy.”

A muffled objection wafted out, “mmmph, do not.” Max smiled and whispered in Liz’s ear, “Morning, love.” She gave him a sleepy smile, “Morning.” And tilted her head for a kiss.

“Hey,” said Maria, looking over at Michael, “I want one of those.”

Michael looked back and said, “Well, gee Maria, Max looks busy right now.”

“Michael!” Maria playfully punched him as he pulled her close, but wrapped her arms around him as he soundly kissed her. She looked back over to see Max and Liz watching with amused faces. She smiled back and teased, “Now that’s a fetching nighty there, Lizzie.”

Liz looked down at Max’s tee shirt and gave Maria an admonishing look, “Well, since someone didn’t leave my overnight bag out here.” When Liz offhandedly pointed towards Michael’s bedroom, Maria noticed a sparkle on Liz’s hand.

“Omigod, omigod,” as Maria darted over to the couch, grabbing Liz’s hand. Looking back and forth between Max and Liz, she babbled, “is that…did he…did you… are you?”

“Maria, breathe.” Max laughed as Liz said, “Yes, Maria, it’s an engagement ring.” Maria squealed as she leaned over to hug first Liz and then Max, as Michael looked first up at the ceiling then over at Max, he shrugged, “Congratulations, man.”

“Oh, Liz, it’s beautiful.” Maria admired the ring, she grinned at Max, “You did good, girlfriend.” Max had a wide grin on his face as he looked down into Liz’s, “I sure did.” Maria laughed and gave him a light punch on the arm, “I meant the ring.”

After the excitement settled down, Maria asked, “So have you thought of a date? Oh, a fall wedding would be lovely.”

Max smiled at Liz, then looked at Maria, “we were thinking about a June wedding.”

“Next June? Well, that gives us plenty of time.”

“Uh, actually, we meant this June.” Liz admitted.

“June! Liz that’s only four months, and you’ll only be 18, and what about your parents?” Maria freaked.

“Maria, breathe and chill out.” Michael wrapped his arm around her. Then he looked over at Max and Liz, and calmly asked, “Are you two nuts? You know your folks are going to freak. And what about college?”

With a stubborn look on her face, Liz looked at Michael and Maria, “Stop. This is my happy time and you aren’t going to ruin it. We’ll deal with our parents, and June is far enough away to plan a nice, simple wedding.”

“Simple?” Maria exclaimed.

“Not another word, Maria.” Liz frowned. Conceding for the moment, Maria sat beside Liz, and held the hand with her engagement ring, “I’m sorry, chica, but we’ve been planning our weddings since we were 10 years old. I just want you to have a perfect wedding.”

“It will be, ‘ria,” Liz smiled at her bestest friend, then looking up into Max’s face, “It will be.”


Kyle entered the Crashdown on Saturday morning and looked around, but Sera wasn’t there yet. Snagging a back booth, he sat where he could see the door. He was nervously checking his watch again when he heard a voice behind him. “Hi, Kyle, I didn’t know you were headed here, or I’d have caught a ride.”

He turned to see Tess standing just behind him. “Tess! Uh, sorry, didn’t know you were even up when I left.” Just as Tess started to sit down, he stopped her, “Tess, no!” At her surprised look, he said, “Sorry, it’s just that I’m expecting someone any minute.”

“Oh, alright,” Tess said with a slight frown and had just started to turn away, when the front door opened and in came a group consisting of Alex, Isabel and Sera. Kyle stood up as Isabel called out, “Hey, Kyle, look who we found outside.” Kyle walked over and gave Sera a kiss on the cheek, then as the laughing teens sat at a table together, Tess slipped into the back booth unnoticed.

The back swinging door opened and Michael and Maria came in, spying the foursome at the table, as Tess sat with a menu hiding her face.

“Maria,” Isabel called out, “over here. Alex, you and Michael pull that table over, so we can all sit together.”

As Alex and Michael obeyed, Isabel asked Maria, “Where are Max and Liz?”

Maria said, “Oh, they may be a while. Max went upstairs with Liz so they could talk with her parents.”

When the others at the table looked confused, Maria just grinned. “Oh, don’t worry, they’ll be along shortly.”

As Tess eavesdropped, she realized that she would never be a true member of this group. No one had even mentioned her or wondered where she was, and Kyle had certainly forgotten about her as soon as that Sera girl arrived. Everyone was paired off and she had no one. “Well,” she thought angrily, “when Nasedo and I are through, I’ll have an entire planet at my beck and call.” As the family in the booth behind her got up to leave, Tess eased in behind them and slipped out of the Crashdown, still unnoticed.


Just as the others were finishing their breakfasts, Max and Liz came in hand in hand with smiles on their faces. Maria jumped up and hugged Liz, then turned to Max looking him over, “No visible bruises or other markings from an irate father, I’m guessing things went well.”

Isabel looked from Max and Liz to Maria, “Would someone please tell me what’s going on?”

Smiling up at Max, Liz looked over at Isabel and held up her hand, the simple diamond sparkling.

“Omigod, you’re engaged?” Isabel asked in surprise.

Kyle voiced, “I hate to point out the obvious, but um, you’re still in high school. Kind of jumping the gun aren’t you? Oh, God, gun, shotgun, are you pregnant?”

“Kyle! No!” Liz said with embarrassment, which earned Kyle a death glare from Max.

Maria punched Kyle, “Shut up, Kyle, it’s not like they’re getting married tomorrow.” Maria smiled affably. “So, what did the parents say? Did they hit the roof?”

“At first,” Liz smiled, “but we compromised so…” she looked at Maria, “the June wedding is out. They wanted us to wait until we finish college, but Max and I vetoed that. So we’re going to be planning a winter wedding.” Liz smiled.

At the word wedding, Isabel perked up. “A Winter Wedding? Oh, I can just see it now. Maybe a Christmas wedding with white and pink poinsettas, or maybe in January with a snow and ice theme, with ribbons in silver and blue?”

Maria gave Liz a twisted grin, “Looks like you won’t have to hire a wedding planner.”

Liz looked at Max with a touch of anxiety, Max just grinned, “Well, at least she’ll be cheap.”

“Funny, Max.” Isabel retorted. “What did our mom and dad say?”

Max shrugged, “Actually, they’re next on our list. We’re just about to head over to our house.”

Isabel shook her head, “Uhuh, Dad’s not home. Remember, he’s playing in that charity golf tournament today.” She looked from Max to Liz, “I know, Sunday dinner. We’ll all go out tomorrow for Sunday dinner and you can tell them then. Alex and I will lend moral support.”

“We will?” Alex asked with a frown, then quickly added, “Uh, yeah, we will.” After receiving a quick jab from Isabel under the table. “Looking forward to it.”

Liz smiled nervously, “Well, at least they can’t kill me in public.”

Sera reached over and squeezed her hand. “I’m sure everything will be fine, Liz. I’m very happy for you and Max.”

“Thank you, Sera.”


As Liz and Maria worked their shifts the following Friday afternoon, Maria asked, “So, how did last night’s dinner go?”

After breaking the news to Max’s parents of their engagement, Mrs. Evans had insisted on having a dinner party inviting Liz and the Parkers to discuss their children’s futures.

“A lot better than I hoped, actually.” Liz admitted, “By the time dinner rolled around, everyone had accepted the idea. Of course, Max and I still got lectured about how young we are and how important it is to continue our educations, but…” Liz softly laughed, “when Mrs. Evans said we needed to be careful about not starting a family too soon, I thought Max was going to swallow his tongue. And my dad? Well, he just got this glazed look in his eyes.”

Maria grinned, “So, did you tell them you knew all about protection?”

Liz gaped at her, “Are you crazy? And send my father into cardiac arrest?”

Just then Mr. Parker came in and asked, “Liz? Can you work a little extra over your shift? I have to run to Hondo to pick up a replacement for the deep fryer, and I hate to leave just the wait staff in charge.”

“Sure, Dad. After all, I can use the extra hours.”

Not long after Mr. Parker left, Liz went back to his small office to get the next week’s shift assignments to post, when she noticed that her dad had forgotten to take the bank deposit with him. As she went back into the dining area, she removed her apron. “Maria, my dad forgot the bank deposit, so I’m just going to run to the bank before it closes.”

Looking concerned, “Liz, remember, we’re still supposed to be careful. We’re on the buddy system, chica.”

“Maria, it’s only a half block down the street, and it’s broad daylight. I’ll be fine.”

“Fine, but I’m going to standing right at the door so I can keep a lookout.” Slipping on her jacket, Liz smiled at Maria and left out the front door and headed down the street.

Maria watched as Liz marched down the sidewalk and crossed the street to the bank branch, then a customer needed a coffee refill so she turned away for just a minute. Just as she returned to the doorway, she saw a car driving erratically, glancing down the street she saw Liz just stepping out into the crosswalk as the car sped up, then Maria screamed and the world seemed to move in slow motion as she saw Liz struck and flipped up over the car, to land brokenly in the street.


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Chapter 32

Max was working in the sub-basement of the UFO Center cleaning out the storage rooms. He had invited Alex to come by, so he could look through Brody’s extra equipment to see if there was anything worth salvaging.

As Alex poked around he called out to Max, “Is all this stuff to be tossed? Cause here is a mean set of speakers.”

“As new equipment and replacement stuff has come in, Brody just had us put the old stuff down here. He called it junk, so I guess anything in here is fair game, but I think one of those speakers is broken.”

“Maybe I can repair it. My band could sure use these speakers.”

Suddenly, Max cried out in pain, dropping to one knee. “Max!” Alex ran over to him, “What’s wrong.”

“I don’t know, I just…” Max looked Alex in fear, “Liz, something’s wrong with Liz.” As the pain eased enough that he could stand up, he darted out the door and up the steps with Alex fast on his heels.


Maria ran down the street, screaming, “Liz, Liz”. There was already a crowd gathering as she approached her friend. She knelt beside Liz, saw the scrapes and bruises already forming, blood oozing from a cut on her forehead. “Omigod, Liz, omigod” Maria cried as she reached out to her. A voice called out in the crowd, “Don’t touch her, nobody touch her, let me through, I’m a doctor.” The crowd parted to allow the man in. He knelt beside Liz and Maria looked over at him and with tears streaming down her face, “Please help her.”

The man leaned over Liz and lightly drew his hands along her arms, legs, her torso, and around her head. Only Maria noticed the faint glow under his hands. She gasped, and the man looked over at her. She recognized his face. It was the man who saved Liz from falling in the Crashdown. The alien!

“Who are you? What are you?” she whispered.

He looked down at Liz, then at Maria, and whispered, “The Queen, must protect the Queen.”

The faint sound of sirens grew louder, and the man looked around wildly and jumped to his feet disappearing into the crowd. As Maria was torn between running after him and staying with Liz, she heard a cry, “Liz! Liz!” and she looked up to see Max and Alex fighting their way through the crowd of onlookers. Just as Max made it through and fell beside Liz, the paramedics arrived. Maria saw Max reach his hands out to Liz and she grabbed his arm pulling him back. He turned around, to shake her off, but Maria whispered anxiously, “Max, no, the paramedics are here.” As the paramedic team pushed through with their equipment, Maria pulled a reluctant Max back out of the way. She wrapped her arms around him as he just stared at Liz. Alex kneeled on the other side of Max and placed his arm around his shoulder in support.

As one of medics wearing a headset called out various medical terms about Liz’s pulse, blood pressure, etc., the other asked if there was any identification. Max cried out, “Liz, she’s Liz.” Maria added, “Her name is Liz Parker, she’s 17 years old, her folks own the Crashdown Café. Is she going to be okay?”

As the ambulance driver backed the vehicle close, the female medic looked at Maria’s frightened face, “There doesn’t seem to be any broken bones, but we won’t know about internal injuries until she’s at the hospital.”

Then the paramedics carefully loaded Liz onto a board, and transferred her to the ambulance. Max followed, but was stopped by the male medic. “Sorry, fellow.” Maria cried out, “He’s her fiancée,” and the female medic relented, “Okay, but you can’t get in our way.”

As the ambulance pulled away, Alex pulled Maria close and noticed that the car that had struck Liz had crashed into a fire hydrant and a geyser of water was spewing into the air. He heard a familiar voice call out, “Alex, Maria.” He turned to see Sheriff Valenti hurrying towards them. “I came as soon as I got the call that a pedestrian was struck. What the hell happened?”

Together, Alex and Maria filled him in. “Come on, I’ll drive you to the hospital.”


“They’re late.” Isabel noted as she paced about Michael’s apartment. “Alex was supposed to have picked Maria up from work and been here 15 minutes ago.”

Michael just nodded, “mmhmmm,” his mind on the television.

Isabel fiddled with her watch, “If they don’t get here soon, we’ll miss the beginning of the movie. You know how I hate arriving late and having to walk into a dark theater. All the good seats will be gone.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “Maybe Maria’s replacement was late and her shift ran over. It happens. And would you quit pacing, you’re making me dizzy.”

“Fine.” Isabel plopped down beside Michael on the couch. Looking around the apartment, she smiled. How many times had she tried to make the apartment look like a home only to have Michael stop her cold, but now Maria was slowly adding a few homey touches; a set of candles here and a bowl of flowers there, and if she wasn’t mistaken, the couch had new throw pillows.

The phone rang and Isabel jumped to answer it. “See,” Michael said, “that’s probably Alex calling to say they’re on the way.”

“Alex? Where are you guys, we’re going to be…” She stopped suddenly, “Omigod, where are you? Will she be alright?” This brought Michael to his feet, “Maria?” he asked. Isabel shook her head, “We’re on our way.”

“Liz was hit by a car, they’re at the hospital. Let’s go.”


Upon arriving at the hospital, Alex and Maria found a frantic Max pacing about the emergency waiting room. “Maria, they won’t let me back there. She’s hurt, she needs me, and I can’t even get to her.”

“Max, honey, calm down.” Maria said, as she pulled him over to the sitting area. “They’re doing all they can for her. You’ll get to see her soon. Besides, don’t you know that freaking out is my job.” He tried to smile at her effort, but just stared at the closed doors into the emergency room.

Within minutes Michael and Isabel arrived, closely followed by Nancy Parker who had been notified and driven over by Deputy Hansen. Maria ran over to hug Mrs. Parker, walking with her to the nurse’s desk.

Nancy addressed the nurse at the counter, “My daughter was just brought in, Liz Parker, how is she? Can I see her?” The nurse gave her a practiced smile, “The doctors are with her now. They’ll let you know something soon. In the meantime, we need to get her admission and insurance information from you.” She then handed Nancy a clipboard of paperwork to fill out. As Nancy Parker just dazedly looked at the clipboard, Maria took it from her, “Come on, Mrs. P, let’s sit down and I’ll help you while we wait.”

Sheriff Valenti came back in the waiting room and went over to kneel beside Mrs. Parker, “Nancy, we got hold of Jeff, he was almost to Hondo, but he’s on his way back here now.” She just nodded, whispered “Thanks” and looked back to the doorway to the emergency area. “Why won’t they tell us anything?” she asked tearfully.

Max stood up and walked over to the window, just staring out. Michael walked up and placed a hand on Max’s shoulder, “Maxwell…” “Michael, I have to get to her, I can fix it, if I can just get to her.” Max turned with a desperate look at Isabel as she joined them, “She needs me, I can feel her.”

“Feel her?” Isabel asked, “what do you mean.” “It’s like a humming inside me, I have to get to her.” Isabel looked around, “Max, we have to be careful. Let’s just wait and see what the doctors say.”

Isabel heard her name called, “Isabel.” She turned to see her mom entering, and rushed over to give her a hug. Diane Evans came over to hug Max, offering comforting words. She then went over to sit with Nancy. Isabel looked at Alex, “I called her. I just thought Mrs. Parker needed another adult with her.” Alex nodded and pulled her closed. “Good thinking.”

Within the hour, Mr. Parker arrived and everyone waited impatiently for news. Valenti came back in from checking with Hansen, to tell them all that the driver of the car that hit Liz had died. “It was an elderly man, and it appears that he suffered a heart attack, losing control of the car, just as Liz stepped out into the crosswalk. It was just an unfortunate accident.” Nancy leaned her head onto Jeff’s shoulder, as Jeff nodded, “Thanks, Jim, I appreciate you finding out for us.”

Finally, a doctor came out. “The Parkers?” he called out. Jeff and Nancy stood up and approached him, Max right beside them. “I’m Dr. Francois. It’s astounding that your daughter has no broken bones or severe internal injuries, but all her x-rays were clean. But she does have a sprained ankle and her shoulder was dislocated, and she is a mass of abrasions and contusions.” As they sighed in relief, he added, “However, she did take a hard blow to the head and has a concussion. We’re somewhat concerned that she has not yet regained consciousness.”

“Is she in a coma?” Nancy asked tearfully. “It’s too soon to say anything like that.” The doctor assured them, “We’ll closely monitor her overnight, and hopefully she’ll awaken before morning.”

“Can we see her?” Jeff asked. The doctor shook his head, “Not yet. She’ll be moved up to ICU shortly. Then you can see her.” The doctor replied. After the Parkers thanked him, he went back into the emergency area.

As the Parkers and Mrs. Evans sat back down, Maria whispered to Michael. “Something happened before the ambulance came, I know why Liz didn’t have any broken bones.” As Michael looked at her, “What do you mean, what happened?” She said, “Let’s try and get Mr. and Mrs. P, and Mrs. Evans out of here for a few minutes so I can tell all of you.”

In a short bit, Isabel spoke with her mom, and helped Diane talk the Parkers into walking down to the coffee shop to wait until Liz was transferred and they could see her. Isabel promised to come get them if there was any other news. After they left the waiting area, Max asked, “Maria, Michael said you saw something? What was it?”

Maria looked around to make sure they could not be overheard, and motioned them all over to the corner, “Just after I made it to Liz, this man shoved everyone out of the way, claimed he was a doctor. But when he kneeled beside her, he just ran his hands all over her. I thought he was checking for broken bones, but then I saw that his palms were glowing.”

“Glowing?” Isabel gasped.

“Yes,” Maria continued, “That’s when I looked directly at his face, it was the same man who saved Liz from falling that night at the Crashdown.”

“You mean…” Alex began.

“It was the alien. I just stared and asked him who he was, but he would say was, ‘must save the queen’.” Maria placed her hand on Max’s. “Max, I think he healed Liz’s injuries, at least enough to keep her alive, and when the sirens got closer he ran off into the crowd.”

“He called Liz the queen? Why would he do that?” Michael wondered. “Tess is the queen.”

“Maybe not anymore,” Alex surmised. “I don’t want to embarrass you, Max, but when you and Liz, uh, you know, ‘consummated’ your relationship, perhaps you as King chose Liz as your new Queen.”

“I did.” Max nodded, “I told Liz,” and he smiled slightly as he remembered the special night he and Liz spent at the UFO Center. “I told her that she was my Queen.”

“Oh, Tess is going to love that.” Michael rolled his eyes. “First she loses you to Liz, okay, granted she never really had you, but now also her so called title.” Michael looked over at Valenti, “And speaking of queens, exactly where is Tess?”

Valenti just shrugged, “I just called home again, but there was no answer. I know Kyle had plans with Sera, but he must either be out of range or he has his cell phone turned off.”

Max shook his head wearily, “I’m not sure what any of this means, but right now the only thing that matters is Liz. I need to get to her.”

“Max is right,” agreed Maria “as soon as Liz is better, then we can worry about this alien and his obsession with queens.”

They heard a voice call out, “Mr. and Mrs. Parker?” They all turned to see a nurse looking about. Isabel stepped forward. “My mom took them to the coffee shop, is there any news?” The nurse smiled shaking her head, “I just wanted to let them know that Miss Parker is being transferred up to the ICU floor now. There’s a waiting room up there and they can check in with the ICU desk in just a few minutes.”


Isabel and Alex went to notify the Parkers and Mrs. Evans. Soon the concerned friends and family met in a new waiting area, just outside the Intensive Care Unit. After sitting in the ICU waiting room for several minutes, the nurse finally came to tell the Parkers that they could see Liz. As the Parkers stood, along with Max, Maria, and Alex, the nurse smiled and said, “I’m sorry, only family is allowed, and just for five minutes per hour.” Seeing the distraught look on Max’s face, Nancy Parker held her hand out to Max and told the nurse. “Max is Liz’s fiancée, and he’s family.”

Max smiled at the Parkers, and whispered, “Thank you,” as he took Nancy’s hand and they walked through the doors that would take them to Liz.


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Chapter 33

As they entered the curtained area, Nancy Parker gasped and covered her mouth with her hand, “Oh, my baby.” She rushed to where Liz lay, her face and arms covered in bruises and scrapes, her shoulder wrapped. The rest of her body covered by the hospital gown and bed sheet and one foot was elevated. An IV ran down to the back of her right hand, and a blood pressure monitor was affixed to her finger. Electrodes were attached to her temples and underneath her hospital gown. Machines behind Liz’s head beeped rhythmically.

“She’ll heal, Nancy,” Mr. Parker comforted her. Nancy lightly brushed her fingertips over Liz’s face. “Mama’s here, baby,” she whispered.

Max walked to the other side of the bed and took Liz’s left hand in his, rubbing his thumb over her engagement ring. Gazing at her bruised face, he ached inside because he couldn’t heal Liz’s injuries with the Parkers standing there.

All too soon, the nurse notified them that their time was up. When Max and the Parkers came back out, Diane gave Max a hug and then approached Jeff and Nancy, “Now that you’ve seen her, why don’t you both go home, get something to eat and a few hours rest.” Nancy shook her head, “No, I couldn’t sleep, and she might need me.”

Diane looked at her with understanding, “I understand how you feel, Nancy, but she’s going to need you more over the next few days. At least go home and try to get some rest. If there’s any change, the hospital will call you.” Diane smiled as she looked over at Max speaking with his friends, “Besides, I have a feeling I won’t be able to tear Max away tonight. I’m going to go meet Phillip and we’re going to bring the kids back some supper. There’ll be someone here.” The Parkers finally relented and went home for a few hours rest while Mrs. Evans went to meet Mr. Evans.

As soon as the parents left, Isabel walked over to Valenti. “We need to find Tess. We need her to mindwarp the staff so Max can get in and heal Liz.” Valenti nodded, “I’ll track her down.”

Max had taken a seat in the far corner, sitting alone and just staring at the floor. Maria quietly walked over and sat beside him, “Hey there, girlfriend. Don’t you feel any better, since you were able to see her?”

Max just shrugged, "but I couldn't help her." Maria’s heart tugged, “Max, she’s going to be fine, I just know it.”

“Did you know I felt it, Maria? When that car hit her, I felt it.”

She smiled at him, “You and Liz have a special connection. Do you still feel the hum you mentioned?”

“It comes and goes.” Max looked at her with fear in his eyes, “but I don’t think it’s as strong. I’m afraid that it’ll stop, and that will mean…”

Maria shook her head, “No, Max, that’s not going to happen. Everything will be alright, you’ll see.” Maria leaned against him, wrapping her arm around his shoulder. But as she looked across the room to see Michael and Isabel watching in concern, she couldn’t keep her own fears at bay.


Before too long, Mrs. Evans returned with Mr. Evans, several pizzas and chilled sodas, to find that Max had been allowed back in to see Liz again. As each of the group took some pizza and a drink, Max slowly walked back out of the ICU. Alex and Isabel met him, as Isabel asked, “Any change?” Max just shook his head, and whispered, “I couldn’t get in, Iz. I couldn’t connect with her.”

As Max ran his hands through his hair, Isabel took his arm, “Max, the Sheriff’s going to find Tess and bring her here. Then we’re going in there so I can dreamwalk you into Liz’s subconscious.”

Alex looked at Isabel, “You can do that?”

“In theory. I haven’t actually done it before, but what have we got to lose?” she responded.

Max just nodded as their mother walked over, “Max, honey, you need to eat something.” When he shook his head, Isabel pulled him over to the food reminding him, “You’re going to need your strength to help Liz. Come on, at least have a bread stick.” She handed him one along with a can of Cherry Coke.

“Thanks, Iz,” as he took the offering and sat down.


“Max.” Turning from the small window of the ICU door, Max saw Valenti coming down the hall with Tess, Kyle and Sera.

Kyle began apologizing, “I’m sorry, Max. We didn’t know. I had my phone turned off because we went to a movie.” Sera continued, “We heard about the accident when we stopped by the Crashdown to grab some dinner, and we came right over.”

Valenti nodded at Tess, “Tess had gone to the mall, I finally caught up with her at home, and we met up with Kyle and Sera in the lobby here.”

After everyone thanked the Evanses for bringing the food, Isabel convinced her parents to go on home. Mrs. Evans didn’t want to leave Max, but Isabel assured her that she and Alex would try and get him to come home in a few hours. Soon the Evanses left leaving only the teens and Valenti. Sera excused herself to go call Tyler, and once she left, Isabel told Tess, “Max and I need to be able to get into Liz’s area of the ICU without begin seen.”

“Of course, I’ll do anything to help. Just say when.” Tess replied.

Kyle volunteered to waylay Sera on her way back, “I’ll tell her we need to make a coffee run, buy you guys some time.” Isabel nodded, “Good idea, Kyle. Meanwhile, I noticed a small phone alcove just around the corner, perhaps it would be best for Tess to warp from there, rather than out here.”

A few minutes later Tess made her way into the alcove with Maria and Michael sitting nearby as lookouts.

Alex told Isabel, “I’m coming with. If you both get in, then you may need me for an anchor.” Isabel nodded and looked at Tess, “Can you hold the warp long enough?” Tess nodded, “no problem” and started the warp again as the three friends went through the ICU doors.


The three stood beside Liz’s bed, Isabel in the middle. “Max, take Liz’s hand, and I’ll put mine on top of yours.” As he did so, she said, “Alex, if we’re in too long, just grab my other hand and pull me away from Liz.” He nodded, and she reached for Max’s hand and closing her eyes reached out and touched Liz with her other hand. Immediately, she and Max were sucked into a black void.

“Max.” she cried, “Are you here?”

“Isabel”, he answered, “I’m here, but I can’t see anything. Why is everything black?”

“I think it’s because she’s unconscious. This how it looked before, when I tried find Liz after the bus accident. I must not be able to go deep enough to reach her. I’m sorry, Max.”

“Wait, look over there, what’s that glowing?”

Isabel looked around and saw nothing. “Where, Max? I don’t see anything glowing.”

“In the distance, there’s a small blue glow. And don’t you hear the hum? It must be Liz.” As Max ran to the blue glow, Isabel still unable to see called out, “Max? Max, wait.” But he was gone.

As Isabel woke with a gasp, she saw that Max had sunk to his knees, his head resting on the bed, his hand tightly clasping Liz’s.

“Isabel, what’s happening?” Alex asked anxiously. She looked at him fearfully, “I don’t know, Max sensed Liz and he just ran off. But I couldn’t see them. Oh, Alex, I lost him.”


Max found himself enveloped in the blue glow, as if he was floating in water. Then he saw her, floating in the midst of the blue glow, her dark hair streaming all around her. “Liz, Liz,” he reached for her. She opened her eyes and looked at him in wonder, “Max, you’re here. I was wishing you were here, and you came.” She grabbed his hand, “Oh, Max, isn’t it lovely here? It’s so warm and beautiful.”

“Liz, honey, you’re in the hospital, you were hurt and you’re unconscious. This place is just in your mind, Isabel dreamwalked me to you. You need to wake up.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, “No, it’s safe here, and no one can hurt us. Stay here with me, Max.”

“Baby, we can’t stay here, this place isn’t real. You have to wake up now.”

He began to pull away from her. Liz reached out for him, “Max! No, don’t leave me, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Liz, but if you stay here, you’ll die. Then you’ll be the one who leaves me. If you truly love me, Liz, then you’ll live for me.” As she watched he floated away.


As Max came to, he slowly raised his head. “Max,” Isabel grabbed his arm, “Are you alright? What happened?” But he just shook his head, as he looked at a still comatose Liz. Clutching Liz’s hand, he whispered, “Please, Liz, wake up, please.”

After several minutes Isabel whispered, “Max, look at her hand.” Max saw that Liz’s hand was pulsating with the green streaks, and he began to feel a tingle in his hand. As Liz slowly opened her eyes, he began to smile. “Max,” she whispered, and tried to lift her hand to his face, “I’m sorry… must…”

“Shhh,” he whispered, as he rose up and leaned over her, cupping her face in his hand.

“…think I’m… a coward.”

“Never, Liz. You came back to me.” He gently kissed her lips, and pressed his forehead to her, “you came back to me.”

Alex held Isabel close as she began to cry watching as Max gently sat on the bed and carefully lifted Liz up, pressing little kisses on her face.

Alex kissed Isabel’s temple and whispered, “Let’s give them some time.” She nodded as he placed his arm around her shoulder and led her back to the waiting room. Just as they started out, she turned back and smiled to see Max and Liz with their arms wrapped around each other, heads close together.


After Isabel and Alex left the ICU, they went to let Tess know to break the warp. Then Isabel broke the news that Liz was awake. As the friends smiled, hugged and offered silent and not so silent prayers of thanks, Maria went to call the Parkers as Isabel went to call her parents.

The nurse at the ICU station noticed that a set of monitors showed one of her patients with an increased blood pressure and heart rate. A few minutes later it was a surprised nurse who went to check on her patient, to find that not only was she awake, but was being soundly kissed by the handsome dark haired young man partially draped over her.

“Hrmmph, hrmmph,” Max and Liz heard, and pulled away from each other. The nurse tried to look at them sternly, but had a twinkle in her eyes, “I see Sleeping Beauty merely needed a kiss to wake up, but I’m not sure that treatment is covered by insurance.”

With a face as red as a stop sign, Max untangled himself from Liz and slipped off the bed.

“Perhaps, Mr. Evans, you should rejoin your friends, while I notify Miss Parker’s doctor that she’s awake.”

“Um, yeah, uh, okay.” Max stumbled over his words and his feet as he left the area, but before he went out the door, he turned back with a wide grin on his face and blew Liz a kiss. The nurse turned back to a smiling Liz and with a wink said, “Lucky girl, that’s some prince you got there.”

“Close.” Liz grinned.


As Tess got ready for bed that evening, she noticed a shadow outside her window. Momentarily, there was a slight tap and she looked out to see Nasedo. Raising the window she softly spoke, “What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you.” The response.

“You heard about Liz?” she asked.

“I healed Liz.” Came the disgusted reply.

“What!” she whispered furiously.

“I was looking for you, headed to the Crashdown when I saw Liz struck by the car. I couldn’t help it, that damn protector programming. I was compelled to help her.”

“Wait, are you telling me that if you hadn’t been around, then Liz would have died? Damn, you have lousy timing.” Tess complained. “Thanks to you, I had to help Max finish the job of healing her.”

“Well, I can assure you that I’m no more happy about it than you are.” Nasedo paced outside the window.

There was a rap at Tess’s door, “Tess? Want to join us for a nightcap of hot chocolate?”

Rolling her eyes at Nasedo, she called back, “Sure, Sheriff, I’ll be right there.” Looking back at Nasedo, she groused, “a perfectly boring ending to an already disappointing day.” As she started to close the window, Nasedo stopped her, “Wait, what about...” “It’s too soon, I won’t know for at least another week.” Nasedo nodded and left while Tess put a smile on her face and went to join the Valentis.

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Chapter 34

The following morning, Liz was released from the hospital. During their brief time together, Max had managed to partially heal Liz’s injuries, just enough to relieve her of most of the pain but not so much as to raise any suspicions. So Liz was given a set of crutches and instructed to stay off her feet as much as possible for the next few days.

Arriving at the Crashdown, Max helped Liz out of the car and insisted on carrying her in through the back doors, even though she said she could use her crutches. Scooping her up in his arms, he grinned, “Indulge me, Liz. Besides, we could just consider it threshold practice.” As the Parkers led the way, with Mr. Parker toting Liz’s crutches, Liz pulled Max’s face close to hers for a quick kiss.

Inside the Crashdown, Isabel and Maria had worked since early morning on an impromptu Welcome Home celebration in the back break area, complete with balloons, streamers and a “Welcome Home, Liz” banner (formerly reading Happy New Year, but changed courtesy of Isabel and a little alien hoo doo). As Max carried Liz through the doorway, she was surprised to find their friends and family there, cheering and calling out “Welcome Home”.

Max sat Liz down in the middle of the sofa and sat down beside her, as Maria brought over a small stool for her to prop her ankle on. Looking around, touched by everyone who had showed up to welcome her home; Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Michael, Maria, Amy DeLuca, Isabel, Alex, Sheriff Valenti, Tess, Kyle and Sera, Liz clapped her hands together like a child, “You guys are so sweet, this is wonderful, thank you.”

Maria plopped down on the other side of Liz, she grinned, “What do you think, chica?” She pointed to the multicolored decorations, and with a wink said, “Isabel and I wanted the décor to match your face.” Looking around, Liz noted, “Black, blue, purple, green and yellow? Gee, thanks.” She groaned as Max and Maria laughed. With a kiss to Liz’s cheek, Max declared, “Hey, I love you in Technicolor.”

Maria lightly hugged her, “Seriously, Liz, I was so scared.” On the verge of tears, “I love you, babe.” Liz also teary eyed replied, “I love you, too, ‘ria.” Alex, who had just walked up, bent over to give Liz a kiss on the cheek, “And I love both of you, but no tears. This is a happy party.” Brushing away her tears, Liz noticed a table set up with beverages, coffee cake and Danish, “Is there any Cheese Danish? Cause I’m starving. All the hospital would give me this morning was green Jello.”

“Jello? For breakfast?” Maria asked in disgust. Alex made a face, “Ick! What is it with hospitals and Jello? This just proves my theory that the Jello Company has some evil hold on the medical profession.” Leaving Max and the two girls laughing, Alex volunteered to fix Liz a plate. Michael came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Don’t scare us like that again, Shorty.” Liz grinned, “I’ll try not to.”

Everyone mingled about, munching on the refreshments and enjoying each other’s company. Michael, Kyle and Alex were arguing about hockey teams, while Valenti, Mr. Evans and Mr. Parker were discussing investments, and Maria and Isabel were talking fashion with the moms. Isabel excused herself and walked over to join Max and Liz on the couch. Liz took her hand, “Thank you Isabel, for bringing Max to me .” Isabel smiled and squeezed Liz’s hand, “I’m just glad I was able to. I was a little nervous, I’d never tried that before.”

Liz looked up and saw Tess standing by herself. “Tess? Could you come here?” Liz called over to her. Tess made her way over, and Liz said, “I just wanted to thank you, Tess. For what you did to help Max and Isabel at the hospital, I’m very grateful.”

Tess shrugged modestly, “I’m just glad I was able to help.”

Valenti walked up and overhearing, hugged Tess against him, “That’s my girl.” Tess blushed, “Oh, Sheriff.” Smiling as he added, “Kyle and I are both proud of you, Tess.”

During the party, both Nancy and Max were keeping an eye on Liz, looking for the first sign that she was tiring. Before long, Nancy noticed Liz yawning. “Honey, I think it’s time we got you settled in upstairs.”

Liz looked around at her friends and smiled, “I’m sorry to say it, but I think you’re right, Mom.”

“That’s my cue.” Max grinned as he stood and offered his hand to Liz, “Come on, Liz, I’ll help you up.” As Max scooped Liz up in his arms she called out her thanks to everyone. Nancy went ahead upstairs and Maria followed.


Max waited in the living room while Nancy and Maria helped Liz change and settle in. Maria finally came back out and with a wink told Max that he could go in, then she returned downstairs.

Max peeked around the partially opened door and Liz smiled at him from her place in the bed. Max imagined that under the covers she was wearing her favorite flannel boxers to sleep in, and he recognized one of his tee shirts that she had commandeered a while back. He made his way to the foot of the bed, as Nancy fussed with Liz’s covers. Turning to leave she smiled at Max, “Just a few minutes now, Max, she needs to rest.” “Yes, ma’am.” Max smiled back as Nancy left the room.

Liz slid over and patted the bed beside her. Max sat down and slipped his shoes off to stretch out beside Liz. With his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her close and sighed, “Ah, Liz,” against her hair, “It feels so good just to hold you. Last night I was afraid I’d never get that chance again.”

Slipping her arm around his waist, she snuggled her head under his chin, “Max, I know we haven’t had any time to really talk, but I wanted you to know how sorry I am about...”

Max interrupted, “Liz, you know it wasn’t your fault. It was just an accident.” Pulling back to kiss her temple, “I’m just so grateful that you’re here with me and you’re going to be alright.”

She looked down where Max had captured her hand in his. “I know. I feel so bad for that poor man’s family. But what I meant was, I’m sorry about what happened when Isabel dreamwalked you to me. About… about not wanting to wake up.”

“Liz,” he tilted her head up to meet his eyes, “you had a head injury and your body went through a traumatic event. It’s natural that your mind retreated. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was floating there, holding you in my arms, I had that same safe harbor feeling and I sort of wished that we could stay there, too.”

“Really?” She said softly.

“Yes. I do understand, Liz.” He reassured her, “You weren’t running from me, you just wanted a place for us to be together and safe, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted, too.”

She smiled up into his face, tears pooling in her eyes, “Have I mentioned just how very much I love you?”

Smiling back, he said, “Maybe once or twice, but I never get tired or hearing it.” Then his lips captured hers in a kiss.

Reluctantly pulling away, he said “Liz, there’s something else about your accident we haven’t had time to talk about. I was going to wait a few days, but…”

Liz looked at him questioningly, “What is it, Max?”

“When that car hit you, I felt it. Alex and I were at the UFO Center, and I doubled over in pain. I knew that something had happened to you.”

“Max…” she whispered in wonder, reaching up to touch his face.

“But Maria was one of the first to reach you. Before Alex and I made it there, she said that someone came up, pushing his way through and claiming to be a doctor, but what she saw was that he was healing you.”

Liz looked at him in surprise, “Healing me?”

“Maria saw his hands glowing as he ran them along your arms and legs, and when she looked at his face, she recognized him. Liz, it was the same ‘man’ who caught you that night in the Crashdown, when you slipped.”

“Oh, my God. Max, who is he? And why would he do that? Heal me?” Liz wondered.

“Liz, I think he was acting as your protector.”

Liz now wore a look of shock. “My Protector? Why would I have a protector?”

“We talked about it a little at the hospital when Maria first told us. Alex had a theory, and I agree. Remember that night at the UFO Center, how after our first time our bodies glowed?” She nodded. “That’s the only time that’s happened between us, and I remember telling you then that you were my queen. I think that I did make you my queen, and now this alien has appeared. He must be another protector, like Nasedo.”

Liz just stared as his words sunk in, “Your queen? Me?” And felt a surge of pleasure and pride at the thought, but then concern rose. “Max, what about Tess? What was her reaction?”

“Actually, we thought it best not to mention it.” Max admitted. “Especially since we needed her mindwarping abilities.”

Liz nodded and looked up at Max, “Max, we need to find him. With Nasedo gone, maybe he could finally answer some of your questions. Where you’re from, more information about your past, maybe even read the Alien Book.”

“Slow down, baby.” He smiled at her enthusiasm, and was amazed that after everything she had been through, her first thought was to find the alien for his benefit. “First of all, you just got out of the hospital. Secondly, we have no idea where to begin to look for him. Just like before, he ran into the crowd, and we have no way of knowing what he really looks like.”

Liz lay her head back down on Max’s chest with a sigh, “This is so frustrating, Max. If he’s a protector why won’t he just come forward? There must be a way of finding him.”

“How about this, in a few days, the six of us can get together and talk about it?” She nodded. “But for now…” he said in a low, sexy voice as he nuzzled her temple.

“Now?” Liz smiled up at him from under her eyelashes. “What did you have in mi…” Her words were swallowed up as Max’s lips gently took hers. They shared several slow, deep kisses as their lips and tongues showed that sometimes, words just weren’t needed.

Coming up for air, Max regretfully told Liz, “I’d better leave for now, before your mom comes back in here and runs me off.”

“Will you stay a little bit longer? Just until I fall asleep?” Liz pleaded, deliberately looking at him with sad, puppy dog eyes.

Grinning knowingly, Max agreed. “Sure, but don’t think those beautiful eyes are going to win me over every time.” Max slid down beside Liz, who snuggled down with a smile on her face. Max pulled her close softly kissing the top of her head.

When Nancy peeked back in, she saw Max and Liz spooned together, Max on top of the covers, Liz under them, and both were sound asleep. With a smile, she shook her head and tiptoed over to pick up the blanket folded at the foot of the bed and eased it over Max’s sleeping form.

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Chapter 35

Sunday afternoon Maria came over ostensibly to “help” Liz wash and dry her hair. But for the moment, both lay stretched out under a throw blanket sharing girl talk as they heard hoots and hollers from the living room as Max, Michael, and Mr. Parker watched a basketball game.

“Thanks for bringing Michael over with you, Maria. This is a great opportunity for my dad to spend some time with Max, and Michael’s a great buffer.” Liz grinned as she looked over at Maria.

“No problemo, babe.” Maria grinned back, “but I am a bit surprised that your mom was willing to leave you today.”

“Actually, I have Isabel and Mrs. Evans to thank for that. They stopped by earlier when Max came over, and they asked Mom to go with them to the mall. Although, I think the prospect of the guys hanging out in our living room for hours watching basketball helped convince her.” Liz laughed, then sobering, “But I’m glad she’s having some fun. Maria, I feel like such a fraud.” Liz remembered how after waking from their unexpected nap Saturday afternoon, Max had finished healing her ankle and shoulder, leaving only the bruises for show.

“I know I’ve been forced to fib…” Maria raised an eyebrow at her, “Okay, flat out lie to my parents many times since learning Max’s secret, but having them wait on me when I am perfectly fine just seems…”

“Wrong?” Maria asked in understanding. When Liz nodded, “I completely understand, but you were hit by a car. Everyone already thinks it’s a miracle that you aren’t in the hospital in traction or something. They almost lost you, Liz, it won’t hurt to let them pamper you a few days.”

Liz sighed, “I know you’re right, Maria, it’s not like I can tell them to stop worrying because I was healed by aliens.”

Maria laughed softly, “Let’s face it, we started leading double lives as soon as we joined the alien hootenanny.”

Liz looked at Maria in concern, “Do you regret it? I mean, do you ever wish that I had never told you and Alex the truth?”

“What? And miss the joy that is Spaceboy?” Maria joked, but seeing the worry in Liz’s eye, she sat up and looked down at Liz, “No, babe. For all the hiding and secrets and danger, it’s been a hell of a ride. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and I know Alex would tell you the same.”

Liz also sat up, her voice choking and tears filling her eyes, “Maria, if anything ever happened to you or Alex, because I drew you guys into this, I couldn’t…”

“Shhh, ‘chica.” Reaching over to grasp Liz’s hand, “Liz, I thank God that you are sitting here beside me. But if nothing else, your accident proves that none of us has any guarantees for tomorrow. Whatever happens, well, it’s going to happen. Call it Karma or Kismet, but I believe that the three of us, belong with the three of them.” Then giving Liz a big smile, “Hey, who needs a Foursquare when you can have a Hexagon?”

Liz softly laughed and hugged Maria, “Thanks, ‘ria. You always make me feel better.”

As she hugged Liz back, Maria whispered, “That’s what bestest friends are for, pumpkin.”


By Tuesday, with her scrapes mostly healed and make-up able to disguise the worst of her bruises, Liz convinced her parents that she could return to school. She didn’t want to miss anymore class time than necessary, especially if she wanted to keep her grades up high enough for scholarships. And she and Max were going to need college scholarships if they wanted their parents’ continued support come time for their wedding.

As Liz shared the news with Max over the phone, she sensed a roguish tone in his voice as he asked, “So, if you are well enough to go to school, what else are you well enough for?”

In a husky voice, she replied, “I guess you’ll just have to sneak into my room tonight, and find out for yourself.”


That evening, Liz faked a slight limp around the apartment as she told her parents good night, and headed to her room for a leisurely soak in the tub. While the bathtub filled with fragrant bubbles, she lit a half dozen candles sitting around the bathroom. Then piling her hair up on her head, she slipped into the warm soothing water and leaned her head back onto a bath pillow.

Feeling a light breeze and sensing a presence, she cracked open one eye to find Max kneeling beside the tub. “What took you so long?” she teased.

Bracing himself on the edges of the tub he leaned over to plant a kiss on her lips, “Had to wait until your parent’s light went out, it wouldn’t do for them to catch me ogling their naked daughter, now would it?”

Liz leaned forward and as Max’s eyes were drawn to her breasts peaking up through the bubbles, seductively asked, “Is ogling all you plan on doing?”

Max answered by nuzzling Liz’s temple, dragging his lips down to her ear, along her jawline and down her neck and Liz leaned her head back. His mouth moved to lightly kiss her lips, nibbling and licking until she wrapped her wet arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, their tongues tangling together.

“Max?” she whispered against his lips.

“What, baby?” his husky reply.

“Get naked.” She playfully commanded.

Within moments it was Liz who was doing the ogling as a grinning Max shed his clothes, revealing his broad shoulders, muscular chest, strong thighs and rapidly hardening manhood. As Max stood before her, she drew her wet fingers along his length, he shuddered, “Liz.”

He eased into the tub behind her, pulling her back against his chest and she twisted her head for a kiss.

“Lean up,” he softly said, “and I’ll wash your back.”

“And then…?” gazing up at him.

Bringing one hand around to cup a perky breast and sliding the other down across her belly, he breathed into her ear, “Then I’ll do your front.”

As they caressed each other with soapy hands, their passions rose and soon Max turned Liz around to sit on his lap, and reached over for his pants. Moments later, as Liz sank down to take in his length, Max groaned. “Shhh, Max, we can’t wake my folks.” But soon Max was the one who captured Liz’s lips in his to keep her moans from escaping the small room.

“Max,” she whimpered as her body trembled, “Oh, Max, I’m so close.” Max’s hands guided her hips as she pumped faster on his shaft, water sloshing over the side of the tub. With his mouth feasting on Liz’s breasts, he felt the tightening of his body indicating that his own climax was rapidly approaching. He slid one hand around to thumb her small nub as he simultaneously sucked hard rolling her nipple against the roof of his mouth, just as the head of his manhood bumped Liz’s special spot. He groaned as he felt her inner walls clamp around him. Liz grasped Max’s shoulders, digging her fingers in and gasping as her climax rushed through her. Once Liz began to climax, Max let go and joined her, their mouths fused together as they moaned.

As they both came back down to earth, Max wrapped his arms tightly around Liz, “I love you, Liz.” He whispered reverently. “I love you, so much.” Reaching up to smooth her fingers over his cheek, she whispered back, “I love you, too, Max. Always.”

After a few minutes, Liz began to shiver in the cooling water. Max ran his finger through the water and heated it to a comfortably warm level, and then waved his hand over the side of the tub to dry up all the water.

Liz drowsily smiled at him, “Ummm, great sex and maid service. Who could ask for more?”


Wednesday morning, Max picked up Liz and drove her to school. Max carried Liz’s books as she slowly hobbled through the hall on crutches she really didn’t need.

Finally making it to her locker, she grumbled, “Max, do you know how aggravating this is? You know I can walk perfectly fine.”

“Honey, I know it’s inconvenient,” he commiserated, “but we can’t have you suddenly prancing about on a “sprained ankle’ you know.”

“Prancing!” She stopped to fix a glare on him. “Max Evans, when have you ever seen me prance?” she asked indignantly.

Max rubbed at his forehead in chagrin and softly laughed, “Sorry, bad choice of words.”

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry and grumpy.” She looked up at him with a pretty pout. “I know we have to avoid suspicion, but these crutches are so awkward.”

Dropping a kiss on her pouting lips, he asked, “What can I do to make it better?”

“Well,” she smiled, “You could meet me in the eraser room 3rd period.”

“Sorry, babe.” came a voice behind them. As they turned, it was to see a grinning Maria standing with Alex. “I’ve already booked the eraser room for 3rd period for me and Spaceboy.”

“Booked?” from Alex. “Since when do you book the eraser room? I thought it was first come, first serve?”

“Since I told Michael to meet me there, and I won’t see him again before then. That’s since when.” Maria impishly stuck her tongue out at Alex. She looked at Liz, “why don’t you guys meet in the football equipment room? They have mattresses.” Maria added with a mischievous wink.

Indicating her crutches, Liz looked at Maria, “I can’t hobble all the way to the football field on these things.”

“No problem.” Alex said, “Michael has math 2nd period across the hall from my history class. I’ll just tell him to meet Maria in the equipment room instead.”

As Maria and Liz agreed, Alex smiled, “Just call me the Love Meister.” Groaning, they all headed off for their first class of the day.


Tess arrived home from school to an empty house, the Sheriff was at work and Kyle had basketball practice. As she went to the kitchen to rifle through the fridge for a snack, she felt a familiar cramp in her lower belly. Sitting down at the table, she leaned her head in her hands. “Damn,” she said, “it didn’t work.”

“What didn’t work?” Tess jumped as Nacedo’s words startled her.

She looked up at him with some trepidation as he stood in the kitchen doorway, “Max’s samples, they didn’t work. I’m not pregnant.”

“Damn.” Nasedo echoed sitting down across from her. “With no more samples, I guess that puts us back at square one. Those little pod people are beginning to bug me.”

Tess looked over at Nasedo, “If I had been pregnant, what would be the next step?”

“Doing whatever it took to convince Max to use the Granolith to take us all home.”

As conniving look crossed Tess’s face, “If I did get pregnant, but not by Max, do you think we could fool Kivar that it was Max’s child?”

“I guess it’s possible, but who do you have in mind?” Nasedo looked at her suspiciously.

With a confident smile, she told him, “Leave that up to me. You just start planning on how we get Max to crank up that Granolith.”

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Chapter 36

AN: A little reminder, as I stated at the beginning of this story, while I kept the events of “Snoreprise” with Tess being “kidnapped” and rescued by Isabel, in my story there was never a surprise party for Isabel’s birthday, so she never wore that ridiculous Ballroom Barbie Gown. In this story, Isabel and Max are considered to be fraternal twins, with their birthdays being in March.

The next couple of weeks passed quietly. Liz had fully recovered and there had been no further signs of the mysterious alien who saved Liz. Life returned to normal, or as normal as possible for aliens living in Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz and Maria were working their shifts at the Crashdown while Michael manned the grill in the kitchen when Isabel came in alone and sat at the bar. Liz automatically sat a Cherry Coke down in front of her, “Hi, Isabel, where’s Alex?”

“I just left him at his house, he’s been tinkering with the computer and the ‘book’. Max called to tell him that it was alright with Brody for Alex to take those old speakers, so he’s going by the UFO Center to load them up before meeting me here.”

“Speaking of Max,” Maria said, “how go the birthday plans? Is he still in the dark about the party?”

Liz laughed, “So far. He hasn’t even mentioned his birthday. I think I should say something though, just so he won’t get suspicious.”

Michael dinged the bell as he sat an order down on the window ledge, “Maria, order’s up.” Then looking over at Isabel he said, “Isabel, you do realize how crazy is it for you to be planning a surprise birthday party for Max when you both have the same birthday?”

Maria laughed, “Are you kidding? This is Isabel’s party, too. But do you see Isabel allowing anyone else to plan the perfect surprise party?”

Isabel stuck her tongue out at Maria without rancor, and Maria just grinned. Isabel then suggested to Liz, “Why don’t you bring up his birthday, and say that you want to take him out, then you can make up some excuse to come back to the Crashdown…”

“Where we will all scream out ‘Happy Birthday’ and scare him half to death,” finished Maria, earning a look from Isabel.

Michael asked, “So when is this bash and exactly who is invited?”

Liz answered, “Sunday night, before their actual birthdays next week. That way Max won’t be suspicious walking into a closed Crashdown, cause we’re closed on Sunday night anyway.”

Isabel pulled out a small notebook and flipped through the dividers, “Actually, we wanted to keep it simple, so it will be the six of us, Valenti, Tess, Kyle and Sera and her cousin, Tyler, all of our parents. Alex’s band is going to be playing, so I think we should invite a few friends from school.”

Michael just looked at her, “I don’t have any friends at school.”

With a condescending look, “Of course you don’t, but since the rest of us actually do speak to our classmates, I think we can come up with about a dozen folks to add.” As Michael rolled his eyes and returned to the kitchen, Isabel flipped a few pages over and began talking to Liz about the menu.

“Ooh, are you going to have Pigs in a Blanket?” Maria asked.

Isabel looked at Maria like she was the alien. Liz hid a smile and said, “Did you know that they’re one of Alex’s favorites?”

With a pained smile, Isabel wrote in her notebook, “Oh boy, Pigs in a Blanket it is.”


Liz told Max that because his family had a dinner planned for his and Isabel’s birthdays, she wanted to take him out Sunday evening for them to celebrate his birthday “alone”. As Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown, he saw Liz slip out the front door. As she hurried over towards the jeep, he hopped out and met her.

“Hi,” he said with a smile, then bent to kiss her cheek. “You look lovely.” He admired her petite form in a short blue jean skirt and knee high boots, that showed just enough leg, and a snug blue top that hugged her figure. As Liz grinned at him, and took note of his dark brown pants and moss green sweater, she replied, “You look pretty good yourself, Mr. Evans.”

He held out his hand to assist her into the jeep, and they were on their way to Senor Chow’s. Just as Max pulled into the parking lot, Liz was looking into her purse. “Oh no, Max, I forgot my wallet.”

“That’s okay, baby, I’ll get it.” He smiled at her. But she just looked more upset, “No, Max. This is your birthday dinner and my treat. You can’t pay for it, it will ruin everything.”


“Max, please, let’s just run back to the Crashdown, it will only take a few minutes.”

Looking into those pleading chocolate pools, he inwardly sighed knowing he couldn’t refuse her anything. Within minutes they had arrived back out front of the Crashdown. As Liz unlocked the door and led Max into the darkened diner, she said, “By the way, Max, there’s something I forgot to tell you.”

The lights came on and as Max blinked there were cries of “SURPRISE!!!!” Max just looked stunned, seeing his friends and family. As he stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, Liz threw her arms around him, laughing “Happy Birthday, Max.” Then he saw Isabel, a big grin on her face, as she hugged him. “Happy Birthday, Little Brother.” Grinning he hugged her back retorting, “First born has never been established, but same to you. But why were you already here?”

Michael snorted, “and let someone else plan her party?” Still smiling, Isabel said, “Shut up, Michael.”

Suddenly, everyone was either hugging him or slapping him on the arm wishing him Happy Birthday.

Isabel then went over to where the corner had been cleared to make a ‘stage’ area and called out, “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention? I’m very proud to present ~ The Whits!” Alex and his band took the ‘stage’ to a round of applause, and soon the party revelers were all dancing, eating the food prepared by Mr. Parker and his staff, and watching Max and Isabel open a mound of gifts.

As the band finished another song, Alex stepped up to the mike and said, “Before we take a short break, we have a special treat ~ Maria Deluca!”

Maria stepped up and took the mike, “This is quite a departure from the musical styling of The Whits, but this song has a special meaning to me.” The opening strands of music began, “A while back three best buddies,” she grinned at Liz and then at Alex, “were fortunate enough to hook up with three other best buddies,” winking first at Max and Isabel, then catching Michael’s eye and keeping her gaze locked with his, “and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” She began singing in a torch song style.

“At last
my love has come along
my lonely days over
and life is like a song

Ooh At last
the skies above are blue
well my heart was wrapped up in clover
the night I looked at you

I found a dream
that I could speak to
a dream that I could call my own
I found a thrill
to press my cheek to
a thrill that I have never known


You smile
you smile
oh and then the spell was cast
and here we are in heaven
for you are mine at last

ooo yea
you are mine
you are mine
at last
at last
at last
at last”

As the final notes ended and applause broke out, Max cleared his throat tightly hugging Liz, who was wiping at her eyes. A teary eyed Isabel ran up to hug first Maria and then Alex. Michael walked to the front of the stage, held his hand out to Maria and kissed her palm before pulling her into a tight embrace. The rest of the guests clapped, hooted and hollered.

The band took their break, and Mr. Parker started a set of songs on the jukebox. When a slow song came on, Max held Liz close in his arms as they danced on the far edge of the ‘dance floor’. Liz looked up at him, and with her fingers toying with the curl behind his ear, she asked, “So, are you enjoying your party?” Looking down into her eyes, he admitted with a shy smile, “I’m having a great time. Thanks.”

Softly laughing, “It was a combined effort. Isabel had the original idea. I think she was afraid that your mom would plan a surprise party of her own for the Big 18.”

Max laughed out loud, “and probably with food and decorations compliments of Martha Stewart.” Then nuzzling Liz’s temple, he added, “but I was looking forward to some of that alone time to celebrate with you.”

“Ahh, well,” Liz said with a mischievous glint in her eye, “Alex and I have been invited over for the Evans’ birthday bash,” sliding her mouth over his she whispered, “and I have some definite plans to make turning 18 very memorable for you.” As Liz enjoyed feeling Max’s response against her stomach as they danced close, a voice interrupted, “Do we have to hose you two off?”

As they turned to find Michael and Maria standing beside them, Maria continued, “There are parental eyes everywhere, girlfriends. I think you two need a break.” As a faster number began playing, she dragged a bemused Max off to dance with her, leaving Liz standing with Michael. Watching Maria gyrate around Max, who wasn’t doing to bad of a job himself, Liz cocked an eye at Michael. He just shook his head, “No way, only Maria can force me to endure that torture.” Laughing and looping her arm in his, she said, “Well, then, let’s go see if Alex has eaten all of the Pigs in a Blanket yet.”


On Max and Isabel’s birthday, Alex and Liz arrived at the Evans house to find that because of Max and Isabel’s affection for spicy foods, it was a tradition in the Evans household to celebrate their birthdays with a Mexican Fiesta. As Max answered the door and led them into the living room, Isabel and Mrs. Evans entered with trays containing appetizers and non-alcoholic Margaritas. As Liz reached to dip a taco chip into a bowl of salsa, Isabel warned, “Liz, the green bowl has mild salsa, and the red one is hot, very hot.”

A short while later, Mrs. Evans announced that everything was ready and as everyone gathered in the dining room, Isabel laughed when she saw the centerpiece. “Oh, Mom, we haven’t had a piñata since we were like, 10.” Max smiled, “and you cried cause I busted it to pieces with my baseball bat.”

As everyone took a seat, Max and Isabel shared a look of relief as they saw a normal meal of tacos, enchiladas, Mexican style rice and salad on the table. Then their mom entered carrying one last dish. There was silence as everyone looked at what she sat on the table. Finally Liz cleared her throat, and asked, “Uh, Mrs. Evans, that certainly looks unusual, what is it?”

With a big smile, “Oh, honey, it’s a new dish I saw in my Martha Stewart magazine. I knew it was just perfect for tonight. It’s called Frijole Fritatta. Martha serves it to her friends in the Hamptons all the time. Now, everyone eat up.”

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* “At Last” by R & B singer Etta James from 1961

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Chapter 37 ~ NC17

As Alex and Liz were getting ready to leave the Evans’ house, Liz had to bite her lip to keep from caving at Max’s obvious disappointment that she was leaving so early with Alex. As Max and Isabel walked Liz and Alex out to Alex’s car, Max tugged on Liz’s hand. “You don’t have to leave right now, do you? It’s still early, my birthday won’t be over for hours. I can drive you home later.” ”Oh, God”, she thought to herself, ”he’s so adorable”. She looked up at him, “I’m sorry, Max, but it’s a school night and I still have to study for a history test tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Isabel and Alex had stepped over to the driver’s side of the car. Casting her eyes over at Max, Isabel asked Alex, “How long do I need to keep him occupied?” Alex grinned, “Oh, I’d say about 15 minutes. After I drop Liz off, I’ll loop around back and pick you up.” After several long ‘goodbye’ kisses, Alex then called out to Liz, “Let’s roll, Parker,” and slid behind the wheel.

As Max watched the car drive off, he mumbled, “So much for a memorable 18th.” “What’s that, Max?” Isabel asked hiding a grin. Max turned and slowly walked back to the house, “Nothing.”

When they arrived back in the house, they found that their dad had retired to his study to go over some contracts, while their mom was clearing the dining room. Isabel went over to her mother and took the dish out of her hands, “Mom, we’ll finish cleaning up. You worked all day on this meal, and you should relax now. Right, Max?” Still in a funk, Max shrugged, “Yeah, I guess.” Earning a kick from Isabel. “Uh, Isabel’s right Mom, we’ll finish cleaning up.”

Giving each of her children a kiss on the cheek, she said, “If you’re sure, I think I’ll go take a long soak in the tub.”

As Max rinsed dishes and loaded the dishwasher, Isabel wrapped up the leftovers and placed them in the fridge. Laughing she told Max, “Hey, Max, if we ever wondered how much Alex and Liz loved us, here’s the proof.” As Max looked around it was to see the half eaten Frijole Frittata. “Only someone in love would be willing eat this.”

“You mean Alex actually ate that?” Max asked in surprise. Isabel looked at him questioningly, “Yeah, didn’t Liz?”

“No! When Mom went to get another pitcher of ‘margaritas’, I stuffed Liz’s slice into a taco shell and hid it under my chair.” Then shaking his head, “Man, I sure hope Alex has some Alka-Seltzer at his place.”

When Max turned back to the dishes, a disconcerted Isabel quickly reached into the cabinet and tucked a couple of seltzers into her pocket.


Finally, the kitchen and dining room were cleaned up, and Isabel told Max, “I’m going to turn in, do some reading for school tomorrow. Night, Max.” Wearing a frown, Max said, “Guess I might as well turn in, too. Night, Iz.”

As soon as Max stepped through his door, Isabel turned and quietly ran back to the kitchen and eased out the back door. Standing at the edge of the garage was Alex. As they hugged, she asked, “Alex, are you sure you’re feeling alright?” “Sure, Isabel, why?”

“Oh, Alex, I can’t believe you ate that awful fritatta.” Pulling out the seltzer tablets, “I brought you these.”

Alex smothered a laugh, “Isabel, I love you, and if you had made that bean pie, I’d have eaten it, stomach lining be damned. But there was no way I was going to eat that thing tonight.” He tugged her towards his car.

As she followed along, she looked confused, “But I don’t understand, your plate was clean.”

“Yeah, but my blazer isn’t. I stuffed my slice in my inside pocket.”


As Max walked into his room and closed his door, his senses immediately registered three things; candlelight, music from his CD player and a scent that was Liz’s alone. Panning his eyes around he saw her and his knees went weak.

Liz reclined in his desk chair wearing a short red satin robe, falling around her thighs as her hair fell in waves around her shoulders. Her smooth legs were crossed at the ankle and rested on the edge of his bed, and she was wearing high heels – red high heels. Max swallowed hard as a conversation he had once overheard in the locker room burst forward in his brain. “A woman wearing red high heels is every man’s wet dream. Red heels, she wants you to screw her brains out.”

She slowly rose to her feet and walked around the bed to stand before him. “Happy Birthday, Max.” “Liz…” he whispered and bent to kiss her. Just as his lips brushed hers, she stepped back. In a low husky voice, she asked, “Don’t you want to unwrap your gift?”

Max’s fingers trembled slightly as he reached and tugged at the loosely tied strip of satin that served as a belt. As it easily slid free, Liz took another step back and shrugged her shoulders and the slick robe puddled on the floor. Max’s heart began to race as there before him stood Liz, his Liz, in a clinging red lace teddy, and those incredible red stiletto heels. His eyes started with those shoes and he slowly lifted his gaze upward, along smooth firm legs, slightly curving hips, flat stomach, firm breasts, and that face, that beautiful face that was currently looking at him with such love and desire.

“What do you think? Do you like it?” She turned in a slow pirouette, his eyes widened as he saw that her teddy was also a thong. He barely had time to admire her pretty little bottom before she was once again facing him.

Feeling his blood rush through his body, he wondered if she could hear his pulse pounding. Suddenly, he reached and pulled her into his arms and crushed his mouth against hers. One hand cupped the back of her head while the other slid down to caress her bare bottom, “Oh, God, Liz, you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Smiling, she reached to unbutton his dark green shirt, “I knew this shirt would look great on you, but I think I’d like it better off now.” With Liz’s help, soon Max was indeed wearing his birthday suit as Liz pushed him to sit on the side of the bed and straddled his lap. As Liz kissed him, she pushed him backward on the bed and wriggled around to sit on his stomach while sucking on his neck, dragging her fingernails across his nipples. Liz’s thoughts were solely on Max, on seducing him, on loving him. Feeling his hardness bumping against her backside, she whispered into his mouth, “Do you love me?”

“Yes, I love you,” his arms wrapped around her.

“Do you want me?”

“Oh, God, yes.” Max answered working his mouth against hers, his hands sliding down to cup her bare bottom.

“Do you know how much I love you?” she asked dragging her teeth along his throat to nip at his Adam’s apple.

“Te… Tell me.”

“I’d rather show you.” And she slid off to kneel before him. He leaned up to watch her reach for his throbbing shaft, after several strokes with her hand, she added her mouth and her lips surrounded the head of his erection. Her hand and mouth began a rhythm that had Max falling back on his elbows as he moaned. As her lips moved up and down on him, her mouth took in as much of him as she could, “Oh, God, Liz, I’m going… I’m going to…” and when she lightly squeezed his balls, he did.

Max fell back on the bed, as he gasped for air. Liz crawled up over him to once again straddle his stomach. She leaned over and kissed him pushing her tongue into his mouth. As his own tongue dueled with hers, he tasted himself and felt his softened member rapidly growing hard. He rolled her over and pushed her hair back off her face and gazed into her eyes. “I love you, Liz.” Nuzzling his nose against hers and pressing little kisses on her face, “I loved the shirt you gave me at my party, and the watch you gave me earlier.” He cupped her face, “But you my love, are the most beautiful present a man could ask for.”

She smiled up at him, “Only for you, Max. Always for you.”

Looking at her mischievously as he ran his hand up her leg and over the lacy teddy, he stated, “It looks like I didn’t finish unwrapping my gift.” He began easing it from her body covering her revealed flesh with kisses, his lips tugging at her hardened nipples. He pulled the garment down her legs and tossed it on the floor. Then with a blush he asked, “Uh, Liz, um, will you keep on the shoes?”


Across town Alex entered his bedroom and quickly went to open the window to help Isabel inside. “Are you sure your parents won’t hear us?” She worried.

“No, their room is on the other side of the house. This used to be my dad’s den, but when I started playing my guitar at all hours, they let me switch rooms.”

As Isabel sat down on the side of the bed, Alex grinned, “I believe I still owe you a birthday present, Miss Evans.” He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a small box. “I hope you like it.” He sat beside her and handed her the box.

Placing her hand against his cheek, “Oh, Alex, I’d love anything, just because it came from you.”

“Oh, so I can take this back and get something cheaper?” He teased.

“Gimme that,” she laughed snatching the box from his hand.

Tearing off the wrapping, she lifted the lid with an intake of breath, “Oh, Alex,” she sighed, “it’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.” Inside the box was a silver chain with a pendant consisting of several silver stars encrusted with pave diamonds.

“When I saw it, it reminded me of the night we went stargazing, when geeky Alex Whitman sat in the woods staring at the sky with the beautiful Isabel Evans.”

Tears formed in her eyes, “Oh, Alex, I wasted so much time, time we could have been together.” Alex leaned over and kissed the tears from her eyes, “We’re together now, Isabel, and that’s all anyone can ever count on.” Lifting the necklace from the box, “Here, let me put this on.”

“How do I look?” She smiled when he answered, “Beautiful.” She stood to look in the mirror, smiling mischievously at his reflection. “I don’t know, Alex, I don’t think this blouse looks right.” Standing behind her, he said, “Well, maybe you should take it off.” He reached around and began unbuttoning, and the blouse fell to the floor. Alex smiled, “and that skirt, that color doesn’t go at all.”

Soon Isabel stood in front of him in all her naked glory. “Oh, Alex,” Isabel felt weak in the knees. Feeling her shiver, he turned her around to kiss her. Then he started to undress as Isabel stretched out on the bed to watch. Once Alex dropped his last bit of clothing, Isabel snapped her fingers to cut off the light. Moonlight streamed through the window across her body as she wore only the star pendant. With a siren’s smile, she held out her hand for her lover to join her.


Liz Parker was stretched out on Max’s bed stark naked, but for the red shoes. Her hands were fisted in the sheets as Max’s mouth worked wonders on her body. As she moaned in pleasure, she thought, ”mmm, I’ll have … remember… thank Maria… for the shoes.”

While her body still shuddered from the climax Max brought about with his mouth, he rose to plunge his body into Liz’s quivering depths triggering another rush through her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist and crossed her ankles digging the back of her leather clad heels against Max’s backside. As Max pumped in and out of Liz’s sweet body, the whimpers in her throat drove him crazy. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, mimicking the movement of his body. When Liz’s body began to jerk and convulse once again, his mouth smothered her cries. Finally, Max let himself go. It took all of their control not to scream out their pleasure as their joint climaxes raced through them. They were completely in tune with each other; hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

As they collapsed, limbs tangled together, gasping for breath, Max grinned from ear to ear, “This has been the bestest birthday ever.”

As she looked at him with love dancing in her eyes, she grinned, “I try.”

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As I mentioned before, this story was originally to be a short story, maybe 5 or 6 chapters, where the Poddsters would discover that Tess caused Liz’s accident, FutureMax would be revealed and M/L would reunite with Tess being kicked to the curb. But when I started writing, it’s like these characters just took over my keyboard! Like I said before, I’ve never written anything before, so I’m learning as I go. We still have a ways to go, so I hope you will all enjoy the ride.


Chapter 38 ~ NC17

With Kyle at basketball practice and the Sheriff at work, Tess was home alone as she sat in her room consulting a calendar and a thermometer. She placed them back in her desk drawer and went to the kitchen and began preparing an evening meal. When Kyle and Valenti arrived home a few hours later, they were surprised to find a meal consisting of Valenti’s favorite stuffed pork chops with sautéed apples sitting on the table along with Kyle’s favorite potato casserole.

“Hey, what’s the occasion?” Valenti asked with a big smile. Then he looked panicked, “Oh, God, did we forget something? Is it your birthday?”

Tess laughed, “Relax, Sheriff, I just felt like cooking. Now you guys wash up while I get the rolls out of the oven and dish up the vegetables.”

After patting his full stomach and thanking Tess for a delicious meal, the Sheriff apologized for having to leave so soon. “I’m filling in for Deputy Jarrett tonight. His wife just had a baby, so I’ve got patrol duty this evening.”

Looking over at Kyle, Tess asked, “What about you? Do you have plans with Sera tonight?”

Kyle shook his head, “No, I was just going to hang out here, watch some TV and then give her a call later.”

As Tess nodded, she looked over at Valenti, “Do you have time for dessert, Sheriff? I had plenty of apples, so I baked a pie.” Valenti almost salivated, “Apple pie? Could you pack me a slice?”

After Valenti left, Kyle was stretched out in front of the television eating his pie. As Tess cleared the table, she looked over at Kyle with a little grimace on her face, thinking, “No, Kyle, I don’t need any help cleaning up, after all, it only took hours to prepare.” Then smiling to herself she thought, “then again, you do need to save your energy.” As she went into the kitchen, she used her powers to clean everything.

Walking back into the living room, she sat beside Kyle, asking, “How was the pie?” He groaned, “Delicious, I couldn’t eat another thing.” Tess smiled as she laid her hand on his arm, “Oh, I think you can.”

She stood up and walked over to draw the curtains closed, then stood before Kyle and stripped off her clothes to stand before him naked. She turned to sit in the Sheriff’s easy chair, and Kyle moved to kneel before her. As she spread her legs, Kyle slid his hands under her bottom to tilt her crotch up to his face. Kyle used his mouth to bring her to a climax, as Tess cried out. Slowly rising on shaky legs, Tess pulled Kyle up in a standing position and unzipped his pants, pushing them down to free his erection. Sinking to her knees, she licked and sucked him. He clutched her head in his hands as he thrust his shaft in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, she pulled her mouth free, “Uhuh, don’t want to waste any.” She pushed him back into the chair and straddled his lap, impaling herself on him. As Kyle thrust himself into her, she rubbed a nipple against his lips. He opened mouth to tug on her breast. When Tess’s inner walls squeezed him, he exploded into her.

Over the next hour, Tess coaxed Kyle into several orgasms. Finally, she waved her hands to clean the evidence of their exertions from Kyle’s body and the chair. Then she stroked Kyle’s forehead and instructed him to redress. She gathered her clothing and returned to her room as Kyle fell asleep on the couch.


As Liz stood behind the counter in a crowded Crashdown, she looked over as Alex and Isabel shared a table with Kyle and Sera. Overhearing Isabel inviting Kyle and Sera to go with her and Alex to the movies, she noticed Maria’s self-satisfied look that her matchmaking seemed to be a success. Catching Liz’s eye, Maria gave her a thumbs-up.

Hearing the front bell jingle, Liz looked up as Max strolled through the door. As he gave her that little half grin, her heart picked up speed. He leaned over the counter to greet her with a kiss and she stretched across to wrap her arms around his neck, deepening their kiss.

A voice rang out, “Oh, waitress, I’ll have what he’s having.” Max and Liz broke apart and turned to see Alex waggling his eyebrows at them. While Liz kept her arms around Max, he grinned at Alex, “Get your own girl, Whitman.”

“Why, thank you, I believe I will.” Alex then leaned over and pretended to eat Isabel’s neck, sending her into giggles.

Both grinning at Alex’s antics, Max took a seat at the counter while Liz went to fix him a Cherry Coke. As she sat the drink before Max, Liz noticed Maria bringing Kyle and Sera’s meal. Maria handed a plate first to Sera then to Kyle, only to watch as it slid from his grasp to crash onto the floor. “Oh God, I’m so sorry, Maria. It just slipped.” He reached for the broken glass. “No, Kyle.” Liz called out, “you might cut yourself.”

“It’s no biggie, Kyle, stuff like this happens all the time.” Maria assured him as she went for a broom and dustpan.

Seeing Kyle’s red face, Liz wanted to ease his embarrassment. So she teased him, “Hey, Valenti, that’s what you get for putting all that grease in your hair, slippery fingers.”

Rising to the bait, “Grease? I’ll have you know, Parker, this glossy luster is all natural.”

Sera laughed, “I’ll vouch for that,” as she reached over to run her fingers through, holding up her hand, “See, no grease at all.”

As everyone laughed Kyle’s embarrassment passed.


Friday afternoon Sheriff Valenti was sitting in his office when his private line rang. “Oh, hi Coach,” he said jovially. But as he listened to Coach Emerson, his face showed surprise, then worry. After he hung up the phone, he grabbed his hat and headed down the hall. He told the secretary at the front desk that he would be at the UFO Center if they needed him.

As he strode down the steps of the UFO Center, he looked around and spotted Max arranging some alien ‘artifacts’. “Max,” he called out. Max turned around and smiled at the Sheriff, but soon noticed the Sheriff’s worried demeanor. As the Sheriff reached him, he asked, “Max, is there somewhere private we could speak?”

Max nodded, “Sure,” and led the Sheriff to a storage room. “Sheriff, is something wrong?”

“I don’t know. It’s Kyle.” Valenti started, “Coach Emerson called me today, he thinks I should take Kyle to see a doctor.”

“A doctor! Why?” Max asked with concern.

The Sheriff paced about the small area, “It seems that Kyle has been having some trouble at basketball practice. Coach Emerson said that for several weeks now he’s noticed some coordination problems, that Kyle has been missing easy shots, stumbling, dropping the ball. When he spoke to Kyle about it, Kyle just told him that he’s just been having some headaches, causing him to lose concentration.”

Valenti propped up against a shelf and rubbed his face. “The other day at home he dropped a glass in the kitchen, and I’ve seen him taking some aspirin now and then, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until the Coach called me.”

Max looked at the Sheriff, “The other day in the Crashdown, Kyle dropped a plate, and there’s been a couple of times, I’ve seen Kyle taking headache medicine.”

Valenti looked over at Max, “Max, Coach Emerson was worried enough to call me and say that he thinks Kyle needs to be examined. That the headaches and coordination problems could be a sign of a neurological problem.”

Valenti looked around the storage room, which contained boxes of various alien related souvenirs. Picking up a plastic water globe containing a green alien, he shook it and watched the silver stars float about in the liquid. “Max, you said Liz was changed because you healed her. Is it possible that Kyle is changing, too?”

Max propped up against a box of alien head balloons, and rubbed his eyebrow. “I don’t know, Sheriff. I guess it’s possible. But other than some mild tingling in her arms and hands, Liz hasn’t experienced any real physical pain or coordination problems, so I just don’t know.”

“If something in Kyle is changing, is it safe for him to even see a doctor?” Valenti worried.

“Well, you know Liz, the scientist.” Max gave a slight smile. “All along she will take a saliva sample to check her cells under the microscope. So far everything shows she still has normal human cells.”

As Max watched a worried Valenti, he suggested, “Look, Sheriff, tomorrow’s Saturday, why don’t you bring Kyle over to Michael’s apartment in the morning. We’ll let Liz check his cells and I’ll check him out and see if I can determine if there’s anything physically wrong with him.”


Saturday morning, Michael answered the knock at the door and let Valenti and Kyle in. As they entered, Kyle seemed uncomfortable. “Guys, I'm fine.” Looking over at Valenti, he continued, “I don’t know why Dad is so worked up.” Liz stood up and went over to Kyle, she put her hand on his shoulder. “Kyle, did your dad explain about me experiencing some changes?” When he nodded, she told him, “Constant headaches are not normal, Kyle. If there’s something happening to you, we want to help. I’m going to take a drop of your blood and some saliva and check it under the microscope while Max does his thing.”

Michael took Valenti by the arm and showed him to the easy chair, “Sheriff, why don’t you have a seat. This shouldn’t take long.”

Liz took her samples and Max had Kyle sit at a stool by the breakfast counter. “Kyle, in order to check to see what’s causing your headaches, I’m going to have to connect with you.”

“Connect? You don’t mean that lovey dovey, look into my eyes shit you do with Liz?” Kyle asked in alarm. Max grinned, “Well, believe me there will be no lovey dovey, but I will have to look into your eyes.”

With a heavy sigh and rolling his eyes, Kyle groaned, “Go ahead, but no hanky panky.” The others laughed and even a worried Valenti managed to crack a smile.

“I’ve looked at your samples, Kyle, and just like mine, they are still human.” Liz told him with a smile.

Max stepped up to Kyle and placed his hands on either side of his head, “Kyle, try to relax and take several deep breaths.” Kyle did so. “Now, look into my eyes and let your mind go blank.”

In just a few seconds, Max was in. He saw images of Kyle as a child, felt his heartache when his mom left him as he wondered what he did wrong to make her leave, he saw how Kyle’s jock bravado was merely a cover for his loneliness because his dad always seemed to be too busy for him. Max felt a slight tug of jealousy when he saw Kyle’s memories of Liz, but next series of flashes shocked him to the core. Max quickly broke the connection with a gasping intake of breath, “Oh God!”


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Hi, everyone. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Chapter 39

“Max?” Liz grabbed his arm at the look of dismay on Max’s pale face. “Max, what is it?”

An anxious Kyle tried to joke, “Hey, Evans, what’s wrong? Am I about to grow a third eye or is it just a brain tumor?” Max looked at Kyle, “You’re not changing, Kyle, but something has been done to you. I can fix the damage, but I am so sorry this happened.”

The Sheriff rose from his chair asking, “What do you mean something was done to him?”

Before answering, Max asked, “Kyle, do you remember a while back telling Michael and me about those dreams you were having, the ones with Tess in them?”

Kyle’s cheeks blushed red, as he glared, “Evans, that conversation was pri…”

“Kyle!” Max interrupted, “they weren’t dreams.”

“What!?” Kyle and Michael said at the same time. As Kyle looked confused, Michael asked, “Maxwell, what the hell are you saying?”

Max ran his hand through his hair, “Look, Kyle, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I think everyone needs to know what is happening.” Kyle nodded, then sat down at the counter as Valenti put his arm around him.

Max looked around the room. Liz and Maria had gravitated to each other and were standing with their arms looped together, while Michael was standing with his arms crossed. Looking back at Kyle, he took a deep breath, “Kyle, I got flashes. I saw that Tess has been using her powers in order to coerce you into having sex with her.”

As Kyle stared disbelieving, Max heard Liz and Maria gasp behind him, “Then she did something to alter your memories.”

“So Tess made him think he was dreaming?” Michael asked. Max nodded, “Either that or changed his memories altogether.” Max continued, “She’s been warping you for months, Kyle, and the continuing warps have slowly weakened your brain. That’s why you’ve been having the headaches and loss of coordination. I’m afraid that if we hadn’t discovered this, the mindwarps would have eventually killed you.”

Stunned silence was broken by when Maria exclaimed furiously, “That bitch! That complete and total bitch!”

“Those dreams, I knew there was something off, but...” Kyle said in bewilderment. “How could I not know? How could I not remember that we …”

Liz stepped forward, intent on comforting Kyle. “Kyle, I’m so …” He stepped back from her, “I think I’m going to be sick.” He turned and stumbled into the bathroom, where they could hear him vomiting.

Michael began pacing, “Since when can Tess change memories? Why didn’t the hell didn’t we know about this?”

Valenti looked shellshocked as he sank down on the couch. “Why would she do this? To Kyle?”

Looking over at a pale Liz, Maria spoke sotto voice, “Selfish slut comes to mind.”

Max also sat down on the couch and looked over at Valenti, sorrow in his eyes, “Sheriff, I had no idea she could do something like this.” Guilt filled his voice, “If I’d only told you about her after the bus accident, then maybe none of this would have happened. I’m so sorry I ever took her to your house.”

“Max…” Liz sat on the arm of the couch and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. She leaned her head over against his.

“Maxwell,” Michael rubbed at his eyebrow, “None of our powers include mindreading. You couldn’t have known.”

“Michael’s right, Max.” Valenti looked at Max, “You and I talked about Tess before Christmas, the video store incident, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine. I never warned Kyle, I just couldn’t bring myself to because… because he looked at Tess like…” his voice broke, “like a sister.”

“Sheriff,” Maria injected, “I understand that both you and Max feel guilty, but the fact is the tramp is just evil. You took her in and made her a part of your family and she still used her powers to turn Kyle into her personal cabana boy! Believe me, you’re both wasting good guilt.”

Hearing the toilet flush and the door open, they all looked up as Kyle came back into the room, his eyes downcast.

“Kyle, look at me.” Liz said, but he just shook his head, he couldn’t bring himself to look at her. She went over to him and when he would have turned his face away, she grabbed his chin in her hand forcing his face to hers, “Kyle, this is not your fault. You have done nothing wrong here. It’s all Tess,” Looking around the room, “And she’s going to pay.”

“Damned right she is.” Maria fumed.

Michael paced angrily, “They’re right, Maxwell, we have to do something about her, but what?”

“First, I’m going to heal the damage she did to Kyle’s brain, while you call Alex and Isabel. Together, we’ll figure out what to do with Tess.”


In an apartment across the courtyard, in a room with the curtains drawn a man sat at a small table and fiddled with some dials on a scanner, as he and his petite companion listened to every word coming from inside Michael’s apartment. In the dim light, the smaller figure looked through binoculars at the occupants as they moved about. Lowering the binoculars, they looked at each other, one pair of eyes filled with concern, the other emerald green and brimming with tears.

“I have to go to him, he needs me.”

“Serena, you can’t. If you go there now, you’ll have to tell everyone the truth and this isn’t the time. It’s enough of a shock to find that you’ve been used and betrayed by someone you thought of as family, but to top it off by learning that your girlfriend is an alien? Telling the truth now after what Tess has done will only hurt Kyle more. Right now he needs Max and his father and his friends.”

“But, …”

“No buts. Let’s just see what happens with Tess, then we can decide how to proceed.”

She slowly nodded, then “Tyler! I almost forgot, Kyle and I have a date for tonight.”

Tyler shook his head, “He’s in no shape to try and pretend everything is alright, Serena. You’ll have to break it.”

She picked up her cell phone and hit speed dial, as she heard the phone ring on the other end, they could hear what was happening in Michael’s apartment.


Kyle jumped as his cell phone rang, he looked at the caller ID, “It’s Sera! Oh, God, I can’t talk to her right now.” The Sheriff reached over and answered, “Hello?”

“Kyle?” questioned a feminine voice. “No, this is his dad. Kyle’s stepped out, so I caught his phone.”

“Oh, hi, Sheriff, this is Sera. Could you give Kyle a message for me? Let him know that I’m sorry, but I have to break our date tonight. We have several people out sick at the Spa, so I’ve been called in to work this weekend.”

“Sure, I’ll tell him. I know he’ll be sorry he missed you.”

“Thanks, Sheriff. Tell him I’ll talk with him in a day or two.”

Valenti returned Kyle’s phone while relaying Sera’s message. With a sigh of relief, Kyle said, “Thanks, Dad. I don’t think I could have acted normal tonight to save my life.” He looked over at Max and Michael, “How do you guys do it? Live everyday lives with such a secret hanging over your heads? Having to lie to the people you care about?”

Max shrugged, “First it was to protect our own lives, and now it’s also to protect theirs. I wish I could tell you that practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t really get any easier. There’s not a day that goes by that Iz and I don’t wish we could just tell Mom and Dad everything.”


Alex and Isabel were in his room late Saturday morning as Alex continued his work on the alien book. As Alex sat at his desk and keyed more entries into the computer, he said, “I think we’re really close, Isabel. I just have a good feeling about this latest set of programs.”

Isabel leaned over from behind him and wrapped her arms around him, whispering in his ear, “Hmmm, how about a good luck kiss?” Alex turned his head with a grin, “I think that’s just the last little bit that I need.” Just as their lips met, Isabel’s cell phone rang. “Uhhnnnn,” she groaned. Looking at the caller ID, she answered the call. “Michael? This better be good.” She listened in growing dismay. “I’ll be right there.”

Alex asked in concern, “What’s wrong?” She told him about Kyle’s condition, and what Max had learned. “Damn, poor Kyle.”

Isabel nodded, “This is just awful. Kyle and the Sheriff must be devastated. Tess was like a member of their family. You know, Maria never trusted her, and she was right. Tess is a snake, Riverdog’s snake.” Angrily jerking on her jacket and looking for her keys, she said, “Anyway, we have to decide what to do, so emergency meeting at Michael’s.”

“Let me shut this down, it’ll only take a few minutes.” Alex volunteered.

“No, you’re almost finished with those entries, so I’ll call you later and fill you in.”

“Whatever you guys decide, you know I support you.”

She then kissed him goodbye and he turned back to his work with a renewed determination.

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Thanks for all the feedback. Now, now, would I let anything happen to our Alex? *big*

Chapter 40

Tess parked outside Michael’s apartment Saturday afternoon, not long after Isabel had called asking if she could meet with them to work on their powers. Isabel’s matter of fact tone had left her feeling uneasy, but she didn’t want to turn down a chance to ingratiate herself. Tess walked in and was glad to find that only there were no humans around. “Hi, I got here as soon as I could. What’s going on?”

“Tess,” Isabel started, “we had some questions about our powers and our abilities. I know we’ve been slack on that the last few months.”

Tess looked at Max and Michael and that uneasy feeling increased a bit at the lack of expression on their faces, “Well, you know I’m always happy to help you practice.”

“What I would like to know, Tess, is about your mindwarps.” Isabel said, “I was wondering, do you have to keep in practice? Until you used it to help us at the hospital, we hadn’t needed it in months, so do you have to warp every so often to keep it fresh.”

She cautiously replied, “No. It’s just something I’ve always known how to do. On the run with Nasedo, I had to use it a lot. So I can’t remember when I couldn’t do it.”

“Before helping Liz at the hospital, when was the last time you used your mindwarp, Tess?” Michael asked as he stood and towered over to her. “I don’t remember”, she responded backing up, “I haven’t needed it.”

Max stepped forward, “What about altering memories, Tess? What do you know about that?”

Tess’s heart began to race as she shook her head, “Nothing. I don’t even know what you’re talking…”

“Bullshit!” Tess recognized Maria’s voice.

Tess turned her head to see Liz, Maria, Valenti and Kyle standing behind her, having come out from Michael’s bedroom.

“Can the innocent act, Tess.” Michael glared at her, “Max had to heal the brain damage that your damn mindwarps did to Kyle and he saw exactly what you’ve been doing.”

A shocked Tess just stared, then she stuttered, “Br…brain damage?” She turned to the Valentis, with a look of confusion. “Kyle?” As she started towards him, Kyle backed away, “Stay the hell away from me!” he cried out with a mixture of fear and anger in his voice. “I’ve remembered Tess. Everything!”

Tess looked at Kyle, tears filling her eyes, “Kyle, you don’t understand. I just… I needed… I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you.”

Max spoke, “Just like you didn’t mean to hurt Joey Briggs? I saw those tapes, Tess. You deliberately sent him through that glass, didn’t you?”

“That was different.” Tess whirled about. “He was disgusting, he deserved it.” She turned back to look imploringly at Kyle, “Kyle, I’m so sorry, please, let me explain.”

Kyle shook his head in disbelief, “Explain? Explain that after we took you in, made you family, that you betrayed us? Your damn mindgames almost killed me! God, I can’t even stomach looking at you.” He turned his back on her, ignoring her pleas as he went back into Michael’s room. Tess turned towards Valenti, tears falling down her face, and reached out towards him, “Sheriff?” but he just looked at her with cold eyes, never saying a word as he turned to check on Kyle.

Liz glared at Tess, “You’ve done nothing but lie and use trickery from the moment you and Nasedo arrived here.”

Maria popped off, “Speaking of trickery, Tess, have you trashed any buses lately?”

Tess’s face bleached white, “What? I don’t know…”

Isabel stood facing Tess. “We gave you the benefit of the doubt, because there was no proof you were involved, but you did it, didn’t you? You wanted to hurt Liz so badly that you caused that accident. My God, Tess, people died! I can’t believe I ever defended you!”

Maria jumped in, “And what you did to Kyle is criminal. You should be locked up for the rest of your life.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t turn her in.” Michael said.

“No,” Max agreed, “not without exposing all of us.” Max glared at Tess, “As much as I despise you, I can’t risk the FBI getting hold of you.”

Liz walked over to stand beside Max, who slid his arm around her waist. “So what are we going to do about her, Max?”

Tess saw red. “We?” Tess asked furiously, “What the hell do you have to do with anything? You’re just a human.”

“Like those people who died were just humans? Like Kyle is just a human?” Liz asked in outrage as she stepped toward Tess. “That’s all humans have ever been to you, Tess, just something convenient to use.”

Tess looked around at their accusing faces and knew that they were all against her now. If she wanted to save her skin, she would have to mindwarp her way out of here. But before she did, she had plenty to say. Her anger broke loose, “Look at the three of you, you’re nothing but pathetic human wannabes.”

She looked across the room at Max, venom spewing with every word, “You disgust me most of all. You were a King, the ruler of an entire planet with a galaxy at your fingertips, but look at you now. You are nothing but a stupid boy.” As Max clenched his fists, her eyes filled with angry tears, “Why couldn’t you ever see what we could have been? Why couldn’t you ever love me? We were created for each other, Max. ” With her lip curled, she snarled. “I’m your wife, but you tossed me aside just so you could fuck that human whore!”

Liz’s face blanched as her hands flew up to cover her mouth. Isabel gasped as Michael grabbed hold of a furious Maria. Max moved so fast that he was almost a blur. THUD!! Tess crashed against the wall.

Sheriff Valenti and Kyle had heard Tess’s tirade, and they ran back into the room when they heard a loud crash. They stopped in amazement to see Tess’s feet dangling off the floor as Max held her against the wall, his hand at her throat as he yelled in her face, “Don’t you ever call her that! You aren’t fit to be in her presence.” Tess gasped for breath as her fingers tried to pry Max’s hand way from her throat. Max’s face was twisted in fury, “Understand this, Tess, you are not my wife. We are not the people who died on that planet!”

As Tess struggled against Max’s ironclad grasp, Max said through gritted teeth, “So what do I do with you now?”

Michael pointed out, “We can’t let her go, Max, and we sure as hell can’t turn her in.”

Maria stood with her arms crossed and coldly stated, “In that case, I vote Death.”

Tess’s eyes bulged as Isabel agreed, “Maria’s right, she’s a criminal, a murderer.”

“Kyle?” asked Max. Kyle looked at the fear in Tess’s eyes, and shook his head, “I can’t,” turning his back.

Valenti spoke up, “As Sheriff, I’ve a sworn duty to protect the citizens of Roswell. I can’t be responsible for letting her loose on the unsuspecting public, not to mention that none of us are safe now.” He looked over at Kyle, “I never thought I’d say this, but I have to vote Death.”

Maria looked at Liz, “Lizzie?” Liz looked at Tess, thinking of the anguish she had caused, knowing that Tess had tried to kill her. Then looking around at the others, with tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry, I … ” Maria folded her arms around Liz. “Shhh, chica, you don’t have…” “No, I’m okay,” Liz said softly and then sadly whispered, “Death.”

Max looked at Tess emotionless, “Majority votes Death, so give me one good reason why I shouldn’t snap your deceitful neck.”

Tess managed to gasp out, “Kill me… kill …your… child.”

Max tightened his hand, “What the hell kind of game do you think you are you playing now? I’ve never touched you.”

“She’s lying, Maxwell. She’ll say anything to save her skin.” Michael declared.

Tess struggled to speak, “Artificial… insemination… courtesy of… Agent Pierce.”

The shock of her words caused Max to lessen his hold. Tess fell to the floor heaving and gasping for air as Max stumbled and fell backwards. He sank to his knees as room began to spin and dizziness overcame him. Memories of the White Room that had been buried deep in his mind surged forward like a tidal wave.

“Max!” Liz cried, running over to kneel beside him as Max’s body shook.

As the others gathered around Max, Tess struggled to stand up. She reached her feet only to take a knockout punch from Michael who stood over her prone body, “Stay, bitch.”

Liz was frantic at Max’s reaction. “Max? Max!” He was trembling, his eyes dilated, and he couldn’t speak. Looking around at Isabel and Michael, she cried, “Omigod, what’s happening to him?”

“Come on,” Isabel said, “Let’s get him in the bedroom.” Michael and Valenti lifted Max up and half carried him to the bed, where he collapsed. As Liz crawled up on the bed beside him, she saw that his eyes were focused on her face as he whispered, “Liz?” Liz looked at Michael, and the others who had come into the room. “Let me be alone with him.” She pleaded, “Please, just for a bit.”

When Michael would have protested, Maria just laid her hand on his arm and shook her head at him. “Liz, we’ll be just outside if you need us,” and she closed the door.

Liz pulled a blanket over them and wrapped her arms around Max’s shivering body. “I’m here, Max,” she whispered. As she looked at him, tears began to flow down his cheeks, “I’m here,” she rained kisses over his face and then placed her forehead against his. “Max, let me in, show me.” She looked into his eyes and their connection opened. She found herself falling into Max’s memories. She had known from their night hiding out in the van that Pierce had run painful tests on Max, but she was appalled at what he had hidden deep in the recesses of his mind.

She saw flashes. Max being drugged, plunged into freezing ice water, subjected to intense heat, and given electro shocks. Max strapped down to a table, helpless and immobile. Agent Pierce giving Max an injection, taunting him. Then pulling Max’s scrubs down, manipulating Max into providing sample after sample of sperm, Max fighting against the restraints, begging Pierce to stop as tears streamed down his face.

With a shocked gasp, a horrified Liz broke the connection. Her stomach rolled and she feared she would throw up. “Oh my God, Max, oh, Max” she softly cried as Max clung to her like a small child, great gasping sobs erupting from him. She knew he needed this release, that he had kept the horrors of the White Room locked in his mind for all these months. “Let it out, Max,” she held him tight, stroking his face, smoothing his hair, pressing kisses on his forehead as her own tears fell. “It’s going to be alright, baby.”

After a while he quieted, scrubbing at his face like a little boy, “They gave me drugs… that blocked my powers.” Max whispered, “I couldn’t stop them, couldn’t stop him.” He looked up at her, pain in his eyes, “He gave me something… to make me… but I should have been able to stop him. I should have been stronger.”

“No, Max, no.” She cupped his face, looking him in the eyes. “You are strong, stronger than him. You survived and Pierce is dead. You’re still here, here with me.” Liz’s voice was soothing to Max and gradually his trembling began to ease. Max wrapped his arms even tighter around Liz and rested his head on her chest, and spoke tiredly. “I never wanted you to know, for anyone to know. I didn’t want to know it myself.”

“Max, none of that was your fault. Just like what Tess did was not Kyle’s fault. We’re together now and Pierce can’t reach us anymore, we’re stronger than him, Max. Remember? We can face anything together.”

Max nodded, and she heard his muffled whisper, “I love you, Liz.”

“And I love you, nothing will ever change that, Max.” Emotionally exhausted, Max began to drift off to sleep. As Liz gently stroked his hair back from his forehead, she looked towards the door, knowing Tess was out there, and if she really was pregnant, just what the hell would they do?

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Chapter 41

In Michael’s living room, there was stunned silence as the only sounds over the past few minutes had been Max and Liz’s heartbreaking sobs.

“My God,” Isabel whispered, “What in Hell did that monster do to Max?”

Kyle looked at the closed bedroom door, and with a voice full of empathy softly said, “I’m afraid I have a good idea.”

Michael nodded, “Yeah, me too. If I hadn’t already killed that bastard Pierce, I’d have to hunt him down and rip him into pieces.”

They gradually realized that there were no longer any sounds coming from the bedroom. Maria eased down the hall and carefully opened the door. She saw that Max and Liz had fallen asleep, wrapped tightly together with tear-ravaged faces, and her heart broke for them. Just the thought of Tess Harding carrying Max’s child made her sick at her stomach.

As the others sat still in the living room, worried about Max, they didn’t notice that Tess had regained consciousness. She slowly rubbed her aching jaw and bruised throat. As the others quietly talked, she seized the opportunity, closing her eyes and warping an image of herself still lying on the floor, cautiously fleeing the room.

Slowly closing the bedroom door, Maria walked back into the living room, she saw the others talking softly. “They’ve fallen asleep. I say we let them sleep a while and then we’ll decide what to do with...” She stopped talking as she noticed someone was missing. “Michael! Where the hell is Tess?”

Michael looked at her, “What do you mean, she’s right there.” Pointing to Tess’s prone body. Suddenly, it felt like the room shimmered, and they realized that Tess had escaped.


Across the courtyard, Tyler and Serena looked at each other. Once Michael had punched Tess out, she had been out of their line of sight, so neither had seen her leave. Tyler rushed across to the other window and looked down the street. Tess’ SUV was gone.


It was decided that Isabel and Maria would stay to watch over a still sleeping Max and Liz, while Michael, Kyle and Valenti would scout the town to see if they could find any sign of Tess. Isabel had tried to call Alex, but she only got his voice mail and left word for him to call her at Michael’s as soon as possible.

The three men went first to the Valenti house, to discover that Tess had come and gone. Her room was a jumbled mess, indicating that she had just run in, grabbed a few things and fled. Deciding to split up to cover more territory, Michael and Kyle drove through the streets of Roswell, but there was no sign of Tess or her SUV. Meanwhile, Valenti checked out the few local motels, but no one meeting Tess’s description had checked in.


Liz slowly came awake, the rhythm of a familiar heart beating under her ear. She sighed, smiled and snuggled in closer to Max - then she remembered. She stiffened, but soon relaxed as she felt his fingers sift through her hair. Turning her head to gaze up at his solemn face looking back at her, she whispered, “Are you okay?” He nodded and pulled her up so they lay on their sides, face to face, limbs entwined. “I am now,” giving her a small smile. Seeing worry in her beautiful doe eyes, he cupped her cheek in his hand, “I’ll be fine, Liz. I’m sorry I fell apart like that. It was just such a shock to remem…” She shook her head pressing her fingers to his mouth, “Max, don’t you dare say you’re sorry. Your subconscious hid it for so long, but it was bound to come out eventually. You needed to face it, what happened to you...”

He nodded, “I know.” He captured her hand in his and kissed her palm. Clasping her hand in his, he rubbed his thumb over the small diamond her finger. “Thank you, for forming the connection with me. I don’t… I don’t know if I could have ever spoken the words out loud.”

“Shhhh,” she raised her head to lightly brush her lips against his, “I’ll always be here for you, Max.” He nuzzled her nose with his, “I love you, Liz. I wish we could just stay in here and hide from the world for a while,” he lightly kissed her, “but there’s a room full of people waiting”, he looked over at the door, “and then there’s…”

Liz’s mouth twisted in a grimace. “Tess. What are we going to do about her, Max? What if she really is pregnant?” Seeing the pain on Liz’s face broke his heart. He tightened his hold on her, “I don’t know, Liz, I just don’t know.”


When Michael, Kyle and Valenti met back at Michael’s apartment with no news, Isabel commented, “There’s no telling where she is. With her powers she could just mindwarp a hotel clerk.” Isabel tried calling Alex again, but still got his voice mail. “Damn, where can he be?” she worried.

“What about the Pod Chamber?” Maria inquired, “Tess might have run out there.”

“It’s possible,” Michael shrugged, “but she has to know that if we had followed her there, she’d have been trapped.”

Kyle looked over at Michael, “Like we had her trapped here? With her mindwarping, I don’t know how anyone could trap her.” With a voice filled with disgust, “Face it, guys, she’s long gone.”

“And with Max’s baby.” Isabel said softly. Prompting Michael’s surprised, “You believed her?”

“Isabel has a point, Michael.” Maria said with defeat in her voice. “Tess knew that Pierce had taken those samples from Max, when none of us even knew what Pierce did to him. If she knew enough to get hold of the samples, then she probably used them.”

Valenti rubbed his face in his hands, “So we have a rogue alien on the loose.” Michael added, “Who knows the location of the Granolith, who is possibly pregnant with Max’s kid and hates the lot of us now.”

As Michael’s words faded, they heard, “I’m sorry.”

They turned to find Max standing in the doorway, his arm around Liz, an anguished look on his face. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.

Liz looked up at him, heartbreak on her face, “Max, no.”

“She’s right, Max.” Isabel said as she enveloped both Max and Liz in a hug, “It’s not your fault.” She then led them over to sit on the couch. Maria sat on the other side of Liz and clasped her hand in silent support.

Michael and Isabel had just finished filling Max and Liz in on how Tess had escaped and their failed attempts to find her, when the front door burst open. Alex rushed in with a folder in his hand and a grin on his face, but his smile faded and his words died in his throat as he took in the gloomy faces.

“Alex!” Isabel ran to hug him tightly while yelling at him, “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling and calling.”

“I’m sorry, Isabel. I had to run out to the office supply store, because I ran out of printer ink, and they were having a sale, and, uh…I got a little distracted.” His cheeks and the tips of his ears turned pink when Isabel just glared at him. “Anyway, I didn’t realize that my cell phone had run down until I tried to call you. So I decided to just come here. What’s going on here? What happened with Tess?”

Isabel led him over to the kitchen area and quietly said, “It’s not good.” She then brought him up to date on their confrontation with Tess, her announcement about carrying Max’s child, Max’s repressed memories about the White Room, and Tess’s escape. Alex felt his stomach clench in a knot as he thought about what had been done to Kyle and Max. He looked first at Kyle and then over at Max and Liz sitting close together on the couch, arms wrapped around each other, “Aw, damn, guys, I’m so sorry.”

Then something Isabel said sank into his mind, “Wait a minute. Tess pregnant with Max’s child? That’s impossible. You can’t breed with each other.”

“What?” several voices said. Alex looked around, and held up the folder, with the big grin back on his face, “The code, we cracked the code.”

Several voices rang out. “What?” “Oh, Alex.” “Omigod, Alex.”

“Oh, Alex, that’s wonderful,” Isabel threw her arms around Alex. With one arm around Isabel, Alex managed to reach over and hand Max the folder, “There are only a few pages there. When I ran out of ink, I shut the computer down and locked everything up before I left for the supply store.”

As Max just stared disbelieving at the folder in his hands, Alex continued with growing excitment, “The translation is not perfect but I did get a 90% probability rating. The code seems to be derived from a combination of several of the MesoAmerican languages. I just need to print out the rest of the translation.”

Max looked at Liz and with trembling fingers, removed the pages from the folder. Glancing through the pages in his hands, he read bits and pieces out loud. “…created from the essence of our royalty … murdered by the usurper who enslaved our planet… genetic material mixed with human genetic material… human form… sent to Earth…” He sighed, “There’s so much to take in.”

“And these pages are just the beginning of the translation, there’s a good bit more to be printed out.” Alex said.

Maria looked at Max and Liz, then back at Alex, “Let’s get back to the breeding part. What did you mean by ‘they can’t breed’?”

Michael bluntly asked, “Yeah, Alex, are you saying that we shoot blanks?”

“Uh, no, Michael.” Alex reassured him with a grin, “I was scanning through the translation before I started printing these out and my eye caught the bit about DNA.” He looked at Isabel, “Remember how the sketches in the book showed you and Tess being pregnant?” She nodded. “You all assumed that it meant you were supposed to be with Michael, and Max with Tess, but it wasn’t. Those sketches were meant to show that you were to have human pregnancies.”

He then looked around at the others, “The way I understand it, in order to create an alien-human hybrid, you take some alien cells and combine them with some human cells. Only, they don’t mix so well, so you need something to help bridge the differences. The Antarians, oh, Antar is the name of your planet, anyway they created a binder called Gandarium. Which seems to be some sort of genetically engineered life form, which was designed to bridge the DNA and RNA sequencing during something called third-stage synthesis.”

At their confused questioning looks, Alex shrugged, “Don’t look at me, I just read it, I didn’t write it. Apparently, one of the side effects of this Gandarium stuff is that it makes your alien DNA incompatible, thus preventing a hybrid/hybrid pregnancy.” Alex smiled at Max and Liz, “So Max’s samples could not have made Tess pregnant.”

Seeing Max hug Liz with a huge sigh relief as he whispered, “Thank, God.” Michael exclaimed, “Damn, so Tess was lying. I should have fried that bitch when I had the chance.”

“While I’m all for deep fried Tess, let’s not forget that she knew about Max’s samples, and she obviously used them. She acted like she believed she was pregnant.” Maria said, catching Liz’s eye then glancing over at Kyle.

Understanding, Liz slowly said, “So, if your DNA is compatible with humans, then there’s still the possibility that Tess could be pregnant.”

As realization dawned, both Kyle and Valenti wore horrified looks. Kyle collapsed onto a bar stool, “Oh, God, if Tess is really pregnant, it’s mine.”


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Chapter 42

Across the courtyard, Serena turned to look at Tyler, pain in her face, “We failed them. Oh, Tyler, I failed him.” As Tyler pulled her into a comforting hug, Tyler whispered, “It’s going to be alright, Serena, somehow. I guess it’s time afterall.”


“Oh, God,” Kyle repeated, as he stood and began pacing. “We have to find her. We have to find out if it’s true.”

“Kyle, calm down.” Valenti said placing a hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“The Sheriff’s right.” Alex said, “Let’s just calm down and take a step back. While it’s biologically possible, we have to remember that Tess …”

“Is a lying tramp?” Maria finished.

“In a word - Yes.” Alex shrugged, “So, Kyle, until we can find out for sure, you shouldn’t just automatically believe it.”

Liz walked over to Kyle and said, “Alex is right, Kyle. I’m sorry I even mentioned the possibility.” “Yeah, me, too.” Maria added.

Before Kyle could respond, Michael’s phone rang.

“Now who the hell could that be?” Michael asked in exasperation, “Everyone I know is already here.” He answered and looked over at Maria, “Yeah, Mrs. Deluca, she’s right here.” Handing the phone to Maria.

“Mom? Hi, is something wrong? What’s that? Uh, yeah, I’m still planning to spend the night at Liz’s, why? Uh huh, uh huh, making coconut pie. Mom, I really don’t want to know.” After she hung up, she glanced over at Valenti with a smirk, “Well, well, sounds like I won’t have to worry about my mom being alone tonight.”

As Valenti blushed he stammered, “Uh, yeah, I was supposed to have a date with Amy tonight. I guess I’d better give her a call.”

Max looked at the Sheriff, “Sheriff, I think you should keep your date. First of all, you can keep watch on Mrs. Deluca, and keep your eyes out for any sign of Tess while the two of you are out.” Then looking at the others, “We should split into groups and check out our homes, make sure that everyone’s alright. Then I think we should plan on staying here tonight.”

Soon Michael took off on his motorcycle following Kyle and the Sheriff to the Valenti house, while Alex followed Isabel to her house to return her mom’s car. Meanwhile, Liz, Max and Maria were about to leave to make the rounds of the Crashdown and Maria’s house when Liz asked Max if he was sure he felt up to it. He replied, “I’m fine, Liz, besides, I’ve already failed the Valenti’s and let Tess get away, I can’t let the others down again.”

Hearing the guilt in his voice, Liz ached for him, “Max, you did not fail anyone.”

Overhearing them, Maria agreed, “She’s right, Max. While you may be the leader of our motley crew, you aren’t responsible for everyone. Remember we’re all here for you.” He nodded and smiled, “Thanks, Maria.” Then dropping a kiss on the end of Liz’s nose, he said, “Come on, the sooner we go, the sooner we’ll get back.”


Just over an hour later, everyone had arrived back at the apartment, except Sheriff Valenti who was on his way to pick up Amy Deluca. When Liz, Maria and Isabel all entered carrying overnight bags, Michael leaned against the counter and just stared at all the luggage, Liz shrugged, “Isabel and I told our folks that we’re having a sleepover at Maria’s, and of course, Mrs. Deluca thinks that Maria is staying with me.”

Raising his eyebrows at the bag slung over Alex’s shoulder, and the box he was carrying, Michael smirked, “So, Alex, what’s your story? Bring your ‘jammies and record collection?”

“Actually, Mr. ‘Will Never be a Comedian’, it’s my laptop, diskettes and hard drive. My printer is still out in the car. I thought we could work on the translation.”

Straightening up, Michael said, “Well, don’t just stand there. Let me help you set it up.”

Rolling her eyes, Maria looked at everyone. “It’s almost dinner time. How about Chinese take-out?” She began jotting down their preferences while Michael was more of a hindrance than help as Alex set up his computer equipment. Before long, the young friends were sitting around the apartment eating dinner. Michael, Maria and Kyle sat at the counter while Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex sat cross-legged on the floor eating off of Michael’s ‘new’ used coffee table.

“Isabel, have you thought about dreamwalking Tess? Can’t we find her that way?” Maria wondered.

“That’s a good idea, Blondie.” Michael agreed, pressing a quick kiss on her cheek. “What about it, Isabel?”

Isabel shrugged, “I can try, but I don’t have any photos of Tess, so I don’t know if I can reach her.”

“But when we had Pierce tied up at the UFO Center, you were able to reach him.” Alex reminded her. “But he was in the same building,” Isabel responded, “and he was very close.”

“We have pictures.” Kyle said quietly. “At the house. Tess took all these pictures at Christmas, and fixed up a photo album. I don’t know if she took it or if it’s still at the house.”

Liz looked over at Isabel, “How about after we finish dinner, you try to dreamwalk her.” Then looking over at Max, she said, “If she can’t get through, then someone needs to go with Kyle to see if he can find this album.”

“I’ll go back with him.” Michael volunteered. “And if we run into the skank, I can fry her.” “Ouch,” Michael cried at Maria’s elbow in his ribs. Then seeing her glare at him, “What?”

“Michael, you can’t risk ‘frying’ Tess. If she is pregnant, we can’t harm an innocent child.”

Kyle shoved his half full plate of Mu Shu Pork aside. “Suddenly, I’m not very hungry.”

Liz looked at Kyle with sympathy. Noticing that Max was also just playing around with his food, Liz asked, “Max? Are you not hungry either, or not spicy enough? Maria asked for extra hot pepper flakes.” Smiling, he said, “It’s fine, Liz. I guess I’m just waiting for the next shoe to drop.”

As Michael shoveled his food down, he mumbled, “Haven’t we had enough shoes fall on our heads? Look, I’m as worried as you guys are, but we need to keep up our strength. Why should we starve waiting for falling shoes?” Rolling his eyes, Kyle just pushed his plate over in front of Michael.

There was a sharp rap on the door, and they all looked at one another. “Did that sound like a falling shoe?” Maria asked only partially joking as Michael went to the door and looked out the peep hole. He turned in surprise, and in a loud whisper declared, “It’s Sera and that Tyler guy.”

Kyle jumped to his feet, “Sera!! What’s she doing here? She’s supposed to be working.” He shook his head, “I can’t see her right now.”

Michael nodded, “I’ll get rid of them.” He eased the door open crack, blocking entrance, “Uh, hi Sera, I’m sorry but this isn’t a good time…”

“It’s the perfect time, actually.” She said, and pushed her way into the room showing no surprise at the faces looking at her. Kyle’s face paled, “Sera, I…” She walked over to him, stopping about a foot away and whispered, “Kyle, I’m so sorry.”

“What? Sera what do you…” Kyle started in confusion, only to be interrupted, “Kyle, please, don’t say anything else, not yet.” She looked around the room nervously, “Tyler and I know everything that has happened in this room today, from the moment Kyle arrived here this morning until we walked through the door.”

As a startled Max, Michael and Isabel all took defensive stands, Liz looked at the girl she had come to think of as a friend, “How?” Liz asked, “and why?”

Sera looked over at Liz, “I promise, we’ll answer all your questions as best we can, but first, I haven’t been honest with you, any of you… until now.” Distress shown on her face as she looked at Kyle, “And I’m so sorry that we didn’t realize what Tess was doing to you.”

Kyle looked at her in confusion, “I don’t understand.”

Sera turned toward Max with a different light in her eyes, as she tilted her head in respect, she said, “My real name is Serena,” pointing her hand towards Tyler, “and Tyler is my protector.”


Tess Harding had been in panic mode when she fled Michael’s apartment. She only stayed at the Valenti house just long enough to grab a few essential items. After changing her silver SUV to black and the tag to one from out of state, she had hightailed it out of Roswell. Arriving on the outskirts of Hondo, she had pulled into a run down motor lodge. As she approached the desk clerk, she warped him into seeing a tall brunette check in.

As she sat on the side of the ramshackle bed, looking around the depressing room, she wondered what was she going to do now. In anger she reached for the cheap bible on the nightstand and threw it across the room, “Damn that Liz Parker, this is all her fault. If it weren’t for her, Max would be mine now.” She stood and walked to the mirror, looking at the bruises on her throat and her swollen jawline. Concentrating she eased the pain, faded the bruising, and healed her broken jaw.

She began pacing in frustration, “I’m going to get the hell off this planet, but before I do…” She proceeded to mutter vile threats against Liz, Max and the rest. Finally, she pulled out her cell phone and began dialing. The phone on the other end was abruptly answered, “Since I told you to never call unless it was an emergency, I have to wonder, just what the hell have you done now?”

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Chapter 43

As everyone stared at them in stunned silence, Liz blurted, ““Serena! And you’re from…” Liz pointed upwards with her index finger.

Serena gave her a shaky smile, “Yes, I was created from the essence of the original Serena, the scientist who created the hybridization process.”

“Good God, we are actually living in the Twilight Zone!” Maria exclaimed. “Maria!” Liz admonished. Alex stood with his arm around Isabel and shook his head, “Afraid I’m going to have to side with Deluca on this one, Parker.”

Sera looked around the room, then back at Max. “I know that you have all been through a lot today, and I didn’t want to burden you tonight,” looking over at Kyle “but we realized that we couldn’t keep silent any longer.”

Max looked at her, “How do you know what happened here earlier?”

Serena looked over at Tyler. “Like your original protectors, Tyler is a shapeshifter. He’s been posing as a neighbor of Michael’s, keeping the apartment across the courtyard, so we could keep surveillance on you.”

Michael was outraged, “You’ve been spying on us? I thought you were supposed to be on our side.”

“It wasn’t like that, Michael.” Serena assured him. “We weren’t ‘spying’ per se, but were watching out for you, all of you.” As she looked around, “Through our surveillance, we learned of your suspicions about Tess; the bus accident and the Briggs matter. We were also concerned about how she would react to Max and Liz’s relationship. Tyler, as a protector, realized that Max and Liz had bonded and that Max had declared Liz his queen, so we were fearful of Tess’s actions against them.”

As she looked at Kyle, she continued sadly, “But it never occurred to us that… Tess seemed to genuinely…” her breath hitched, “we had no idea what she was doing to you, Kyle.”

As Kyle just stared disbelieving at Sera, Liz looked over at Tyler, “So it was you? When the car hit me, you were the one who healed me enough to make it to the hospital?”

Tyler shook his head, “No, it wasn’t. That was another concern we had because Sera and I have no idea who that was, but since he came to your aid, he obviously he wasn’t trying to hurt you. But we were hoping to discover his identity.”

Maria pointed at Sera, “But it was you who left Max that note at the Spa? The one warning about the evil within?” When Sera nodded, Maria added with a raised eyebrow, “A bit melodramatic, don’t you think?”

Alex snorted, then aside to Isabel, “Takes one to know one.”

As Maria glared at Alex, Sera’s cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink, “Yes, well, I was in a hurry. I just wanted to assure you all that there were no Skins after Isabel. It was actually Tyler who spoke with you that day in the resort hallway, Isabel. When he realized that he had called you Princess Vilandra, he sort of panicked and…”

A chagrined Tyler added. “I ran. At that time, I still thought of all of you by your former Antarian names, and I misspoke.”

“Antarian names?” Isabel asked.

Serena smiled at her, “Yes, as you have learned your Antarian donor was Princess Vilandra. Michael’s was known as Lord Rath, Tess’s was Queen Avarina,” then smiling at Max, “and just as his father and his father’s father, Max’s donor was named King Alzandre, shortened to Zan.”

Liz smiled at Max and whispered, “The House of Zan,” as she slipped her hand in his and gently squeezed.

“What about our human donors?” Isabel asked.

“I’m sorry, we don’t know anything about them other than the fact that samples were removed from human subjects.” Sera admitted.

Alex looked at Serena, “Wait, if you’ve been watching out for our podsters, then why didn’t you just come forward and let them know you were here, instead of leaving cryptic notes? And you had to know about us working on the book, why you didn’t help us?”

Sera looked over at Alex, “We didn’t know anything about a book until we learned you were working on it. While Tyler can read Antarian, the book was not written in Antarian, but as you discovered instead was written in code.”

Tyler spoke up, “I believe that your teachers used the ancient Earth languages to write your book in code, so if it fell into the hands of your enemies, they wouldn’t be able to read it. Unfortunately, they perished in the crash and were unable to teach you.”

Sera looked back at Max, “As far as coming forward, our mission was to try and find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and you.” Sera continued, “You see, when Kivar attacked the palace, Serena and several assistants managed to flee with most of her research materials, but those loyal to the Royals had to go underground. With Kivar in control, the entire region was in chaos.”

At the mention of Kivar, Isabel shivered. Alex pulled her closer, “It’s okay, Isabel.” She smiled at him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Sera continued, “It took many years for them to recreate the labs and the hybridization techniques. Once they did, you were created and sent to Earth. When there was no contact from the original crew, it was believed that the mission failed and that everyone had perished. Serena died thinking that she failed.”

Tyler took over, “After Serena’s death, her assistants continued working on improvements to the hybridization process. They wanted to find out the truth, in honor of Serena’s memory. When they managed to find a way to send us here, Sera was created and named after Serena. My family had served the Royal House for generations, and I was chosen to become a protector and sent here with Sera.”

Sera looked around at her fellow aliens. “It was never our intention to interfere in your lives, but things changed.” She looked over at Kyle, “I changed.”

Taking a deep breath, trying to absorb all he had just heard, Max spoke. “How long have the two of you been here? The crash happened in ’47 but we didn’t hatch until ’89, and we came out as 6 year olds.”

Tyler answered, “We’ve only been here a few years. But it should not have taken you that long. Something may have been damaged in the crash or perhaps you were improperly installed in your pods, slowing down the growth process, I just don’t know. Also, over time our scientists managed to improve the hybridization process, so Serena grew in her pod in a much shorter time. She hatched not long after we arrived.”

Sera added, “I was ‘born’ at the approximate earth age of 15 years onboard our ship.”

“A ship? You have a ship?” A wide-eyed Michael exclaimed.

Tyler spoke up, “Yes, a small craft.”

Serena continued, “We kept a low profile, moving from city to city as we learned Earth ways; the language, the culture, and so forth. We had no idea where to even begin looking for you, so we started by researching UFO reports and learned that Roswell, New Mexico, was considered the alien capital of the world, so we decided to come here and make Roswell our base of operations. We both took jobs at the resort, and read everything we could find about the 1947 crash. When we learned of the waitress who was supposedly shot, our surveillance revealed your true identities.”

Clearing her throat, Serena looked at Michael, “Excuse me, I know you all have a lot of questions, but could I please have some water?”

Michael glanced at Max who nodded, “Yeah, or I’ve got some Cherry Coke if you want.” Serena gave him a small smile, “I love Cherry Coke.”

Maria gave a twisted grin, “Who doesn’t?” as she walked the fridge. Opening the door, she began pulling out cans, while Isabel went to the cabinet and took down some glasses.

Kyle, who had remained in stunned silence, began shaking his head, “That’s it? We all just sit down and have a Welcome to Earth party?” He grew more agitated as he spoke, “Tess is on the loose doing God knows what, and my supposed girlfriend turns out to be some kind of alien spy!”

Turning to Max he exclaimed, “How do we know anything they’ve said is even true? Maybe they work for this Kivar, did you ever think of that?”

“Kyle!” Sera gasped as a hurt look crossed her face, “No, please, you have to believe me.”

“Like I believed Tess?” He moved toward the patio door. “I … I need some air,”

Isabel called out, “Kyle, wait, it’s not safe…” just as Sera reached out her hand towards him, “Kyle, please.”

He backed away from Sera and shook his head, “No! I can’t do this. God, I need to get away from this alien circus.” He opened the door slamming it behind him. As Sera stood unmoving, both Isabel and Maria moved to follow, but were stopped by Tyler. “Please, let me. Despite what he thinks, perhaps what Kyle needs is a little objective alien perspective.”

Serena’s face crumpled and she suddenly burst into tears and ran into the bathroom. The words of FutureMax echoed in Liz’s head, “Serena… gonna be a friend some day…”. She squeezed Max’s hand, “FutureMax said that Serena was my friend, I think she could use one right now. I’m going to talk with her.” Max nodded and Liz made her way down the hall.

“I think my head is going to explode.” Isabel exclaimed as she sat down and laid her head on the counter.

“Well, one thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment, is there?” Maria said as Alex rubbed Isabel’s back in comfort as he sat beside Isabel. Leaning over to kiss her cheek, he said, “All better, now?’

Isabel cocked her head and gave him a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me look’, but looking at the grin on his face, she smiled and leaned over against him, “As a matter of fact, I do feel better.”

Michael looked around and tossed hands in the air, “But what about the ship?”

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Chapter 44

Kyle hadn’t gone far, just to the edge of Michael’s patio. Hearing footsteps, he said, “Sera, please, I just can’t deal with this right now.”

“It’s not Sera.”

Kyle whirled to see Tyler. “What do you want?”

“I just thought you might like to talk to someone who is a bit more objective. Although I am fond of Sera, I can certainly understand your feelings.”

Kyle turned away to look up at the sky, “Yeah, I bet.”

Although Kyle couldn’t see, Tyler gave him a sympathetic smile. “In the course of a day you’ve learned that a friend you considered family not only abused your friendship but may be carrying your child, and that your girlfriend has been keeping it a secret that she is also an alien. I think anyone would agree that’s a lot to take in.” Rubbing his chin, he added, “Although it was a bit rough to accuse her of being the enemy.”

Kyle didn’t respond, but he didn’t try and leave either. Tyler continued. “I did warn her, you know. I told her not to get involved with you, that when you learned who and what she was, there’d be hell to pay. But this is all so new to Serena. After all, she really has no experience with the opposite sex. Technically, she’s only been alive for four years. Guess that makes you a cradle robber.”

Kyle cut his eyes over at Tyler, “Very funny.”

Tyler shrugged, “So much for lightening the mood. Of course, one of the improvements in the hybridization was the ability to expose Serena to knowledge while she was in her pod. Sort of education by osmosis, if you will.” Tyler smiled, “but when it came to human contact, Serena always managed to keep to herself, until you. She took one look at you on New Year’s Eve, and she was a goner.”

Kyle turned to face Tyler.

“It may not be fair, Kyle, but even before Sera came on the scene, you were already a part of this ‘alien circus’. So the question is, Kyle, when it comes to Sera, are you a goner, too?”


The patio door opened as Tyler and Kyle came back in. Kyle looked around. He saw Michael and Alex standing by the computer, as Maria sat at the counter with Max and Isabel. Maria spoke, “she’s in the bathroom, Liz is with her.” Kyle nodded. Then he looked at Max, Isabel and Michael and with a bit of shame said, “Uh, guys, I’m sorry, about the alien circus thing. I just…”

“It’s okay, Kyle.” Max said. “We’ve all felt that way ourselves at some point in time. And after today, you deserve to feel that way more than anyone.”

“So, we’re cool?” Kyle asked. Isabel smiled, “Yeah, we are.”

Nodding, he turned and walked down the hall and tapped on the bathroom door.

Michael pounced on Tyler, “Tell us about this ship, where the hell is it?”


Kyle tapped on the door, “Sera? May I come in?”

The door opened to reveal Liz. As she stepped into the hall, closing the door behind her, she asked as she looked at him in concern, “Are you okay, Kyle?”

He shrugged, “I will be.” Looking at the door, he asked cautiously, “Is she okay?” Liz smiled as she gave his shoulder an encouraging squeeze, “I think she will be now.” Then she returned to the living room.

He stepped into the small room. Sera looked at him with a tear stained face, puffy eyes and pink nose, and his heart lurched. Looking down at the floor and pushing a nervous hand through his hair, “I’m sorry, Sera, about what I said earlier, about working for the enemy. I don’t believe that, not even while I was saying it.”

She shook her head, “No, Kyle, I’m the one who’s sorry. I never meant to hurt you, or force you to live a lie. Tyler and I should have told Max who we were from the beginning, no matter what we were instructed.”

Kyle shrugged with a sigh, “I don’t know. If Tess had known, I don’t know what she might have done. I couldn’t bear it if something had happened to you.”

“So, where do we go from here?” She asked as she gazed at him hopefully.

“I don’t know, Sera. We can’t just forget everything that’s happened…” He stopped as her eyes filled with tears, and his lurching heart just fell at his feet. “Awww, damn.” He stepped forward and pulled her into an embrace, her tears soaking his shirt as she mumbled, “I’m sorry, Kyle, I’m so sorry.”

“Shhhh.” He just held her until she quieted. As she pulled back and wiped at her eyes, he reached around to pull a washcloth off the towel stand. He soaked it with cool water and wiped her face. He looked into those wet green eyes that glowed like emeralds and knew that he was indeed a goner. He whispered again, “Aww, damn,” just as he leaned over to take her mouth with his.


Michael had bombarded Tyler with questions about the small ship that had brought him and Sera to Earth. They learned that it was hidden away in a cave in Colorado, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. And to Michael’s disappointment, was currently buried under snow and ice.

From her perch on Michael’s lap as they shared the recliner, Maria sympathized with him, “Cheer up, Spaceboy. Maybe this summer we can take a camping vacation out there.”

“I understand your curiosity, Michael, but it’s not much to look at.” Tyler shrugged, “It’s very simple.”

Tyler blushed as Alex laughed out loud, “A space ship from another galaxy is never simple, Tyler. No matter how insignificant those where it came from may think.”

Max agreed, “The government would give their collective eye teeth to find another alien spacecraft, but for us it’s a piece of a home we don’t remember, and are only beginning to learn about.”

Tyler nodded, “I understand, and when the time is right, I’d be glad to escort you there.”

Liz looked at Tyler curiously, “So, will you use it to return to Antar someday?” Tyler smiled and shook his head, “No. I knew when I accepted my position as a protector that I would never return.” Another voice added, “None of us were intended to return to Antar. Our place is here, on Earth.”

They turned to see that Sera and Kyle had returned to the living room. Liz and Maria shared a smile as they noticed that Kyle had his arm around Sera’s waist.

Maria asked them, “Are you guys okay?” As Sera gave her a shy smile, Kyle answered, “Yeah, I think we are.” Then Kyle glanced over at Tyler and shrugged, “Goner.” As the others looked at him in confusion, he waved them off, “Never mind. So, what’s going on here?”

“Tyler was just telling us some things about their ship.” Max told him.

“What do you mean our place is here, on Earth? What about the message from our mother?” Isabel asked.

As Sera and Kyle found seats, Sera asked, “What message?” Isabel explained about finding the orbs and how they revealed a hologram of their mother and message she gave them.

Sera and Tyler looked at each other in confusion. Tyler said, “The orbs are merely communicators, an alien walkie-talkie, if you will. I don’t understand how they could have contained a hologram.”

As Max and Michael looked at each other in comprehension, Michael burst out, “Damn, that bitch strikes again.”

As tears filled Isabel’s eyes, “You mean, it wasn’t really our mother? It was all a lie?” Alex held her close as she began to cry.

Sera told them, “I’m sorry, Isabel, I just don’t know. Most of what you were told sounds true, except for your return. Maybe there really was message, and Tess just altered it? Although I don’t know why she would.”

“I’m sure that you will probably find the explanation in your translation of your book,” Tyler stated, “but to put it simply, your purpose is to protect the Granolith, at all costs. In addition to finding out about you, it’s our purpose, too. Kivar will stop at nothing to possess it.”

Tyler looked at Max, “In all the known universe, this galaxy is the most like our own. The planets in our solar system have kept him tied up in war for decades, but if Kivar every gained control of the Granolith, he would destroy his enemies in a New York minute. Kivar is ruthless and his hunger for power knows no bounds. Next he would seek to take over Earth as he did Antar.”

“I know from what FutureMax told me that the Granolith is very powerful,” Liz stated, as she looked at Tyler, “but do you know what makes it so desired?”

“The Granolith is legendary.” Tyler explained, “The Royal House of Antar has been the guardian of the Granolith for millennia. It’s part religious icon, part war machine. It is believed that whoever controls the Granolith, controls the galaxy.”

“So, it’s like the Antarian Holy Grail?” Michael asked.

Maria shrugged, “Sounds more like the Ark of the Covenant.”

At Michael’s blank look, she said, “You know – Moses, let my people go, Ten Commandments, the golden Ark, invincible army? Come on, Michael, every kid learns about this in Sunday School.”

“Yeah, well,” Michael reminded her, “Hank wasn’t big on the church going, you know.”

Isabel looked over at Max, then back at Maria. “We know all about Moses and the Ten Commandments, Mom watches that movie every Easter. But I’m not too familiar with an ark, except Noah’s.”

“What? Were you guys born in a cave?” Alex joked. Isabel pinched him. “Ouch,” as he laughed, “Seriously, haven’t you guys ever seen “Raiders of the Lost Ark? Indiana Jones?”

Michael perked up at that, “You mean that box the Nazi guys were after? That melted them when they looked at it? You mean that was real?”

Maria nodded. “It’s believed that it had mysterious powers granted by God that the Israelites used against their enemies.”

“So the Granolith is a holy weapon of war? And it’s sitting in our Pod Chamber?” Isabel asked incredulously.

“And Tess knows exactly where it is.” Michael reminded them.

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Chapter 45

While they had been talking, Alex’s computer had quietly hummed in the background as it created a set of back-ups of Alex’s hard drive. When it finished, he started to program the printing process when Isabel stopped him. “I think this is enough for tonight, Alex. Let’s wait and print tomorrow. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m worn out.”

It was agreed that the girls would bunk in Michael’s room while the guys camped out in the living room. It took a while for everyone to settle down, between sharing one bathroom and goodnight kisses between significant others, but finally everyone was asleep.


As Max slept, he began to dream ~

He was once again in the White Room, strapped down on the cold metal table. As he struggled against the restraints, suddenly Agent Pierce leaned over him. “You will tell us what we want to know, Max.”

“What do you want? I don’t know anything. Let me go!”

“It’s not what I want, Max, it’s what he wants.” Pierce looked back over his shoulder. Max raised head to see a figure approach, and his eyes widened as he saw that the man had no face. As Max looked, he could hear the faceless man speak even though he had no mouth. “Where is it, Max?”

“Who are you? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you recognize me, Max? Or should I say, Zan? But then again, the last time I saw you, you were a lot more dead.” The voice taunted. Max felt fear shoot through his heart, “Kivar?”

“Where is the Granolith, Max?”

“I won’t tell you.”

“Pierce, he’s all yours.” Max flinched as Pierce began running his hands along Max’s body. Kivar spoke again, “Just tell me, Max, and I’ll make him stop.” Max gritted his teeth against the unwanted advances.

The room swirled and Max found himself tied to a chair in the corner as Kivar stood over him. “You will tell me, Max, if I have to kill every loved one you have.” The door opened as Agent Pierce entered dragging someone with him. “Let’s start with her.”

Max screamed, “Noooooo” as he recognized the small, beaten figure. “Give me the Granolith, Max, and maybe I’ll let her live.” Kivar walked over and lifted Liz’s bruised and battered face. “Ah, she used to have such a pretty face.” As Max’s heart ached, he gave in and cried out, “Stop! Stop it! I’ll tell, just let her go.” But no sound came from his throat. He tried again, “The Podchamber.” Still, there was no sound.

Kivar taunted, “I guess she’s not so special after all, is she?” Then before Max’s eyes, he wrenched Liz’s head, snapping her neck. Max screamed in anguish as Liz’s broken body fell to the floor.


Michael awoke to the sound of whimpers, and realized the sounds were coming from the pile of blankets containing Max. But before he could even sit up, he heard the quick pad of bare feet. He looked up to see Liz rushing straight to Max, unerring in the darkened room.

She fell to her knees beside him, “Max!” she whispered. She saw that his body was completely stiff, his arms and legs stretched out as though he were immobilized, tears fell from the corner of his eyes. “Max.” She reached out to grab his arms, “Max! Come on, honey, wake up.”

Max suddenly woke and sat straight up gasping for breath. He looked around the room wildly and when he saw Liz he clutched her to him, “Liz! Oh, God, Liz. They had you… Pierce and Kivar… they took you from me.”

Liz hugged his shaking body tightly, rocking back and forth, “Shhhh, it was just a dream, Max. A nightmare.”

Liz’s dash from the bedroom had awakened the other girls, and now everyone was gathered in the living room. Maria turned on a lamp, and the soft glow revealed that Max was covered in sweat.

As Liz pushed the damp hair off Max’s forehead, she said, “Max you’re soaking wet and shivering. We need to get you dried off.”

Isabel stepped forward, “Liz, let me.” She proceeded to wave her hands over Max from head to toe drying and cleaning not only Max, but also his clothing and blankets.

Liz smiled up at her, “Thank you, Isabel.” Max nodded at his sister, mumbling “Thanks”, as he looked at all the faces looking back at him. He flushed in embarrassment, “I’m sorry I woke everyone. Please, let’s all just go back to sleep.”

Liz could feel the small tremors that still coursed through Max. “I’m staying here with you, Max.” Liz declared, and began to slide under Max’s blanket. “Wait, Liz.” Isabel stopped her. “Why don’t you and Max take the bedroom, and the rest of us will bunk out here.”

“Isabel, we can’t let you guys sleep out here.” Liz began, only to be cut off by Maria. “Lizzie, it’s fine. Besides, I think you guys need some privacy, ‘chica, so you can talk.”

Soon Sera and Maria carried blankets and pillows out to the living room. Max and Liz entered Michael’s room to see Isabel waving her hand to freshen the bedding. As she passed by them on her way out, Liz reached to give her a hug. Isabel hugged her back, whispering, “Take care of him.” Liz nodded.


With the bedroom door shut, Michael scowled at Isabel and Maria. “What was that all about? Why do they get the bedroom?”

Maria glared right back, dropping her pillow beside his, “Michael, for once could you just not be such a guy?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Michael asked defensively.

Isabel took up for her brother, “It means you should show a little compassion, Michael. You know how traumatic today has been for Max, remembering about Pierce, everything he and Liz have been through.”

“We’ve all had a hell of a day, Isabel.” Michael shot back. “How about Kyle’s trauma? He’s the one who found out that Tess was boinking him behind his brain.”

Kyle groaned from his place on the floor, while Sera stood with her head bowed, her curtain of hair hiding the distress Michael’s words caused.

“Michael! Do I have to gag you?” Maria glowered at him.

“Enough!” Kyle demanded. “I don’t care that Max and Liz are in the other room, and I don’t want to hear another word about what that she devil did to me.”

As Isabel settled in next to Alex, who had remained a silent observant, she apologized, “I’m sorry, Kyle. Let’s just try and get some sleep.”

Sera stood at the end of the couch shifting on her feet and looking uncomfortable. She looked around for a spot to put her blankets when she heard a whispered, “Sera.” She looked over to see Kyle looking up at her from the floor. He patted the space beside him then reached his hand out to her. She smiled as she padded over and spread out her blanket.

From across the room, Tyler just shook his head, and turned back over.


After Max and Liz crawled between the sheets, he pulled her close and looked towards the shut door. “Some leader I’m turning out to be. I’m sorry, Liz, falling apart like that, but it seemed so real.”

Lying with her head on his shoulder, her hand rubbing across his chest, “Max, don’t say that. You’ve been through so much today.” She ticked them off on her fingers. “First learning about Tess and the stress of healing Kyle, the confrontation with Tess and her pregnant announcement bringing back your memories of the White Room, Alex breaking the code and the relief that Tess is not pregnant with your child. And just to top it all off, discovering the truth about Sera and Tyler. My God, Max, it’s no wonder you had nightmares. I’m just surprised the rest of us didn’t have them, too.”

“How did you know, Liz? About my nightmare, I mean. Did I wake you up?”

“No. I just suddenly woke up and felt this wave of distress. I knew it was you, so I jumped up and headed for you.” Looking up at him, she whispered, “Do you want to talk about it? The dream?” He told her what he could remember, that he was once again in the White Room with Pierce and that Kivar had appeared, without a face. That they wanted the Granolith, and when he wouldn’t give it up, they had ‘hurt’ Liz.

“That’s understandable, Max. Your memories of Pierce combined with learning about Kivar and the Granolith, and I worry about something happening to you too, Max.”

He nodded, the murmured against her temple, “We’ve had a lot to absorb. I know Pierce is dead and he can’t hurt us anymore, but Kivar… Liz, he’s somewhere out there, and if anything ever happened to you, it would destroy me.”

“Oh, Max, don’t you know that I feel the same way about you?” She leaned up on one elbow and stroked his face, “You aren’t alone, Max. We can face anything, anyone, as long as we’re all together. Our little group has grown into a… well, a decagon.”

Laying on his back, he reached to pulled her up to stretch out over him, “Ahhh, Liz,” he softly laughed as he pushed her hair back from her face, “You make the world right.” Looking into her eyes, he told her, “You’re my strength, Liz, my everything.”

Smiling with teary eyes, she whispered, “And you are mine.” She leaned down to give him a sweet kiss. He cupped her head and took her mouth more passionately. As their tongues mated, she felt his hardness pressing against thigh.

“Max! I didn’t think…I mean… not after…” she stumbled as she remembered what Pierce had done to him.

Rolling her over onto her back, he began to unbutton her nightshirt, nibbling against her lips. “I’d have to be dead not to want you.” Her breath hitched as he gently sucked at her exposed skin, “You heal me, Liz. I need to be connected with you, heart and soul, and mind…”

Liz finished, “and body,” as she pushed at his tee-shirt. Soon they lay naked in the bed, limbs entwined, soft murmurings and touches. Liz whispered, “Max, what about the others? I don’t want them to hear us.”

“I’ve been practicing something with my shield. Let’s see if it works.” He raised his hand and his green shield formed a bubble around the bed, remaining even when he pulled his hand back down. “It should be soundproof.” He smiled leaning down to kiss her, “but there’s only one way to find out.”


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Chapter 46

“Alex? Are you asleep?” Isabel whispered. “No.” He answered. “You can’t sleep either?”

“Well, I’m certainly awake.” A grumpy Michael complained. “How can I sleep knowing those two are in there defiling my bed?”

“Michael!” Maria sat up. “After everything we have all been through today, somehow I don’t think Max and Liz have ‘defiling’ on their minds.”

“Oh, for crying out loud. Is anyone asleep?” Kyle asked as Sera sat up beside him. She asked, “What time is it?”

Tyler mumbled from his blankets, “4:00 a.m.”

Sera’s tummy growled, and she looked around, “I don’t suppose there’s a 24 hour pizza delivery place, is there? Tyler and I missed dinner.”

Maria climbed out of her and Michael’s nest of blankets, and padded over to the fridge. “There’s some left over Chinese from supper, and I think there was some pizza left from lunch.”

Soon everyone was up and raiding the fridge for a hodgepodge of leftovers. Maria set about preparing cups of hot chocolate. Michael turned on the television and began flipping the channels. “Alright! ‘Braveheart’ is on.”

“What’s ‘Braveheart’?” Tyler asked walking over to look at the set.

Maria just groaned as she looked heavenward.


Max and Liz were oblivious encased in the green bubble of Max’s shield. Liz moaned with pleasure as Max bathed her breasts with his lips and tongue, his hand rubbing up and down her hip and thigh. With one hand clasping his head to her chest, the other rubbed down his back. She sighed, “Oh, Max.” Liz moved her hands around to stroke Max’s shoulders and chest, but she stopped short of touching him lower, as she felt somewhat nervous because of his memories of the White Room. As if he could read her thoughts, he murmured against her mouth, “Touch me, Liz, please.” She slid her hand down across his stomach, and when she gently grasped his shaft, stroking and rubbing her thumb around the cap, Max softly gasped, “Ahh, Liz.”

It was Liz’s turn to gasp when Max slid his hand through her crisp curls to caress her throbbing core. His magic fingers had her hips undulating while he nibbled at her little ripe berry nipples. Finally, he moved to lay cradled between her thighs, his erection sliding between her slick folds. Liz arched her hips, aching to complete their union. “Now, Max, please now,” she begged huskily.

“Liz, baby, wait.” He grasped her hips to slow her motion, “protection,” he mumbled. “Where?” she asked, stroking her fingers along his spine. Resting his forehead against hers, “Wallet… jeans… in the damn living room,” he bemoaned.

She pulled back to look at him, “Max, I’ve been on the pill for months.” He nodded, his forehead lightly bumping against hers. “I know, but we’ve always…” “I want to feel you, Max. I need to feel you, skin to skin.”

Her words sent shivers down his spine, and he took her mouth with his, his tongue tangling with hers as he slid his body home. He stilled momentarily for their bodies to adjust to his fullness buried deep inside her.

“Ah, Liz, you feel so damn good.” She nodded, “You too, Max.” As Max began moving in and out, Liz met every move. Liz felt the familiar electrifying sensation that every cell in her body was heating up, and as their connection opened wide she marveled at the knowledge that Max was feeling the same sensations.

“Ohh, Max”, Liz sighed as every thrust brought her closer to completion. Her hands clasped his backside as she pulled him against her. When Liz’s inner walls clenched around him like a vise, he pumped faster, harder as he chanted Liz’s name. They were lost in each other and neither saw that the green bubble of Max’s shield was pulsating as if it were matching their thrusts. When Liz’s orgasm rushed through her, she screamed. “Maaaaxxxxxxxx.” He followed her as his own climax shook his body. And neither noticed that Max’s shield appeared to explode outward.


In the living room, Michael and Tyler sat on the couch as Michael kept up a running commentary on ‘Braveheart’. Kyle and Sera sat propped up with their pillows against the wall, whispering to each other as they shared a cup of the hot chocolate that Maria had prepared to go with their midnight snacks. Alex, Isabel and Maria sat at the counter sipping on their own cups talking quietly.

Suddenly the air was charged with static electricity. The lights began to flicker, and as the hair on his arms stood up, Michael cried out, “What the hell?” Sera looked at Kyle in alarm, “What’s happening?” Alex and Isabel looked knowingly at each other. “Oh, no!” Isabel softly cried out, having experienced this before. “They wouldn’t, they aren’t.” “Who wouldn’t, aren’t what?” Maria asked worriedly.

Then they heard it ~ “OmiGod, Maaaxxxxx, Yesssssss.” Echoed by “Aughhhhh! Lizzzzzz!” Jaws dropped as each person in the room felt a tingle of electricity, as if they had just touched a doorknob after walking across the carpet in stocking feet.

As the cries from the bedroom died down, they all looked around at each other, their faces showing varying degrees of shock, surprise and embarrassment. Alex broke the stunned silence by quipping, “Gee, was it as good for you guys as it was for me?” Isabel thumped him on the arm, “Alex!” Sera blushed as Tyler and Kyle began to laugh. Michael jumped up in disgust, “I knew it! Damn it, I knew it.” He started towards the bedroom door.

As Maria collected herself, she rushed over to grab Michael and pulled him aside, whispering furiously, “If you open that door, or I hear the word ‘defile’ come out of your mouth, Michael Guerin, believe me it will be a cold day in hell before you ‘defile’ me ever again.”

Michael opened his mouth to argue, but seeing the look on Maria’s face, he returned back to the couch, sitting with arms crossed, a thundercloud of a face, but silent.

Sera quietly asked, “Umm, shouldn’t someone check on them? Make sure that they are alright?”

Alex looked over at Isabel, who just shook her head and held up her hands in a surrender stance. He grinned and reassured Sera, “Don’t worry, Sera. Unfortunately, Isabel and I experienced this once before, believe me they’re more than fine right now.”


Unaware of the tempest they had caused in the other room, Max and Liz slowly came back down to Earth. Max lifted his weight off Liz, rolling over on his back and pulling Liz over on him as he kept their bodies joined. They lay together for what seemed like an hour floating in the warm afterglow. Finally, Liz shifted, and they both felt a sense of lost as their bodies separated. Snuggled under the covers, their limbs entwined, sharing soft kisses and caresses, Liz whispered, “Max, how is it possible that it just keeps getting better?” Giving her a sleepy smile, he rubbed his thumb across her cheek and answered simply, “Love, Liz.” He gazed into her deep brown eyes, “Just when I think I can’t possibly love you more, I just do.” “Me too, Max, me too.” Just before falling asleep, she asked, “Max?” “Hmmm?” “What happened to your shield?”


Morning found Max spooned against Liz’s back, his arms wound tightly around her. He slowly became aware of a light tapping at the door. Before he could speak, the door slowly opened to reveal Maria cautiously peeking around. “Uh, hi Max,” she whispered.

He blinked and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Maria.” He noticed the sun shining through the window, “What time is it?” Making sure that Liz was properly covered, he sat up and the covers slid down his chest.

Seeing that Maria was avoiding looking directly at him, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Liz had awakened when Maria came in, and she rolled over, holding the covers up against her chest. “Maria? Is everything okay?”

“Oh, sure. Everything’s fine, I’m fine, we’re all just fine.” Maria assured them. “It’s just that it’s almost 9:00 and Michael’s cooking breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, juice, um, breakfast.”

Liz nodded, “Okay, we’ll be out in a few minutes.” Seeing Maria’s hesitation at the door, she asked, “Maria? I know you, and something’s bothering you.”

Maria nodded, “Uh, it’s just that I wanted to give you a heads up that you are in for some major teasing, and probably some yelling from Michael.” At their confused looks, Maria took a deep breath, “Okay, I’m just going to say it. Last night, we, heard you guys, you know when you, you know,” she made little quote marks with her fingers, “cemented.” At Liz’s look of surprised dismay, she continued, “There’s more. We not only heard you, we, uh, sort of felt it.”

Liz eyes opened wide, and she buried her face in a dumbfounded Max’s chest with a groan, as he looked at Maria in discomfort. “You fe…felt it?”

“Yeah, it was like there was this sudden wave of static electricity and, um,” Maria stumbled along, “we all sort of got this tingly electric shock.” Seeing Liz’s shoulders shaking, Maria’s heart went out to her, “Aww, Lizzie, honey, don’t cry. I’m sorry, I just thought you guys should know before you had to face everyone.” Liz refused to lift her face, so Max thanked Maria and she slipped from the room.

Max felt horrible. Holding Liz tight, he nuzzled his face in Liz’s hair. “Liz, I’m so sorry, I never thought they, -- I mean, I didn’t think they would, -- I never meant to embarrass you.” Max tried to comfort her, but he stopped when he heard what sounded liked a snort, and - was that a giggle? Yes, that was definitely a giggle. “Liz?”

She lifted her head and looking at his concerned face, began laughing. “Oh my God, Max. I know I should be humiliated, and when Maria first told us I was, but can’t you just see their faces when we, well, burst your bubble?” He began to smile. “Yeah, I don’t suppose someone managed to get a picture of Michael’s face.” Liz fell back on the bed in a fit of giggles.

Max grinned down at her, “You never cease to surprise me, Liz.” Leaning down to kiss her, he requested, “Don’t ever stop.”

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Chapter 47

Maria walked back into the small kitchen to find Michael mixing up pancake batter, while Isabel waved her hands across Michael’s mismatched plates and jelly glasses changing them into a cheerful matching pattern. Sera and Kyle were gathering up and folding blankets and stacking pillows. As Maria looked around, she asked, “Where are Alex and Tyler?”

Isabel looked up from her task, “They made a grocery run. We needed a few extras.”

Maria rounded the counter to help Michael. Isabel asked, “So, how are they?”

“Embarrassed, of course, but fine otherwise.” Looking sternly at both Michael and Kyle, “and they do not need any teasing from you guys.”

“Aww, Maria, you’re spoiling our fun.” Kyle grinned.


A bleary-eyed Tess sat at the rickety table and chair in her room drinking yet another cup of coffee, black and loaded with sugar. She had been afraid to fall asleep, fearful that Isabel might be able to dreamwalk her. A sleepless night, a system full of caffeine and wondering what was keeping Nasedo had her jumping at every sound.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and mourned the loss of her long golden curls. Earlier the night before, she had ventured out to a nearby Wal-Mart for some provisions. She had also purchased a pair of scissors and cheap pair of reading glasses. She then hacked off her hair to just below her chin and used her powers color it jet black, also tinting the glasses to disguise her blue eyes.

Her rumbling stomach sent her headed out to search for some breakfast. She opened the door and promptly screamed.


When Max and Liz quietly entered the room hand in hand, it was to find Michael flipping pancakes, Maria arranging bacon on a plate, while Isabel poured glasses of orange juice. Alex and Tyler stood by the computer, and Kyle and Sera sat on the couch.

“Umhmmm,” clearing his throat, Max muttered, “Good Morning.” Seven sets of eyes turned to look at him, and he felt his face grow warm at the knowing looks and grins.

“Well, well,” Michael glared, “if it isn’t the last of the red hot lovers.”

With a big grin, Alex smirked, “More like Greased Lightning.”

Maria glared at them, “Now, what did I say about teasing? I won’t have you guys giving them a hard time.”

Kyle grinned, “Oh, I think Max already took care of that.” Earning a high five from Alex, accompanied by hoots of laughter from Michael.

With a flaming face, Max slid an arm around Liz’s shoulder, while she wrapped one of hers around his waist, bringing the other up to partially cover her blushing face. Max held up his other hand, palm outward, and very solemnly stated, “Alright guys, I guess we deserved that, but Liz and I do want to apologize for disturbing your rest last night”, and then with a teasing smile of his own, “and for any minor injuries you may have sustained.”

When the guys groaned, Maria walked over to stand between Isabel and Sera, “Aww, that’s okay, Max.” Then grinning at Liz, “and ‘chica, the ladies will just stand over here wallow in our envy.” Bringing a round of affronted exclamations from Michael and Alex. “Hey!” “Wait a minute.” “What envy?”

Before long, they were all sitting around eating breakfast, with banter going back and forth. Looking around, Isabel pushed a forkful of pancake around in Tabasco laced syrup, “I hate to be a party pooper, but after Max’s nightmare last night, I did try to dreamwalk Tess last night, but no luck.”

“I’m betting she hightailed it out of town. Probably laying low, licking her wounded feelings.” Michael surmised as he reached for more bacon.

Sera looked over at Kyle sympathetically, she reached over to squeeze Kyle’s hand. He smiled her, then looked around at Isabel. “Soon as we finish here, I’ll head back over to the house and look around to see if I can find any of those Christmas photos. Maybe you can try again tonight, Isabel.”

The phone rang. Maria, being closest, answered. It was Valenti checking in to make sure that everyone was alright. Maria assured him they were and asked about her mom. Returning to her seat, Maria looked around, “And that brings us around to what’s on tap for today.” Looking at Max she propped her elbows on the bar and with a glint in her eye, she asked, “So, what do we do now, Max?” Earning a chorus of groans.


When Tess had opened her door, it was to see a plump, balding stranger standing in front of her. When she screamed, the man shoved her back into the room, “Shut up, it’s me.” Then pushing his hand out a blinding light filled the room, and Nasedo reverted back to his base shape of Ed Harding.

“You scared me half to death.” Tess whined.

“If anyone should be scared it’s me.” Taking in her butchered hair, tinted glasses and baggy clothing, “What the hell have you done to yourself?”

“It’s called a disguise. Not everyone can just ‘poof’ themselves into someone else, you know.”

“Why a disguise? You can just mindwarp anyone who gets too close.” He reminded her.

“Because warping takes energy, and I need to save mine. Besides, I don’t want to have stay on constant guard. This will buy me some time if any of them shows up looking for me.”

“Which brings us to why we are meeting in this little out of the way dump. Would you care to explaint how you managed to get yourself evicted from their little alien club?”

She told him what had happened back at Michael’s apartment. As Nasedo’s countenance darkened with every word, Tess began to wonder if she had leapt out of the frying pan only to land in the fire.

Nasedo stood up and looked down on her, “Well, you’ve certainly been busy, your highness,” he snarled at her. She began to whine, “You don’t understand, they all turned on me. Even Isabel. Max was going to kill me over that slut Liz. The only thing that saved me was lying to Max about carrying his child.”

She looked down at the floor as he continued, his voice quiet in anger. “Shall we review? First, you failed to seduce Max and get pregnant the human way. Then once we managed to acquire his sperm samples, you still failed to conceive. Then you used your powers to seduce the Valenti boy, only to literally screw his brains out!” As he paced he thought out loud, “At least Max thinks your pregnant with his heir, so we just use that to coerce him to fire up the Granolith, then we can pass the brat off to Kivar as the Royal Heir.”

Avoiding his eyes, Tess refrained from responding. She just bit her lip and turned to look out the window.


After breakfast, the group went their separate ways, with everyone to meet back at Michael’s in a few hours. Liz and Maria headed back to the Crashdown in the Jetta, with Max insisting on following them in the jeep. Alex and Isabel left for Alex’s house, where Max was to come by to pick her up. Sera and Kyle went to his house to look for a picture of Tess, while Tyler went to the apartment across the courtyard to pack up their surveillance equipment.

As Maria neared the Crashdown, she looked back at Max in the rearview mirror and then cut her eyes over at Liz. “So Liz, is it always like that?”

Liz looked over, “What?”

Maria gave her a sly grin, “You know - the Electric Light Orgasm.”

Liz gaped at her, “Maria! I thought you were the one who said no teasing.”

“That was for the guys. This is me, babe. Now don’t get me wrong. Spaceboy and I get pretty intense ourselves, and he leaves me very happy - but damn, we never electrocuted anybody.”

Liz laughed softly, “Well, I think last night was an exception, Max put up his shield as a barrier, precisely to keep everyone from hearing us.” She added disconcertedly, “We just didn’t count on it bursting under the pressure.”

Maria pulled the Jetta in behind the Crashdown and put it in park. As Max drove past them, he blew the horn and they wave at him. As he turned out of sight, Maria asked, “But, is it always so electrically charged?

Liz pondered the question, “I guess it is to some degree. It’s just that when Max and I are together we seem to generate all this energy.” She looked at Maria in wonder, “Maria, Max and I can actually feel what the other is feeling, not just the physical but also the emotional. It’s different at different times, sometimes it’s soft and sweet and gentle, and sometimes it’s really …really…”

A big grin broke across Maria’s face, “Hot Alien Sex?”

“Oh yeah.” Liz’s face flushed just remembering. “I think last night was about as explosive at it’s been. Guess it was because of the shield holding it in, or I wonder if it’s me?” Liz wiggled her fingers, “You know, my developing lightning bug powers?”

Maria nodded, “That makes sense, Miss Sparky, since your powers are all electric-y.”

“Only, I’ve never had the streaks break out on my skin during … well, during.”

Maria began laughing as they climbed out of the car, “Well, maybe that’s because you found a way to release them.” She looked over the roof wiggling her eyebrows at Liz.

“Oh, Maria.” Then arm in arm, the two best friends entered the Crashdown.

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A reminder about something that is mentioned in this chapter. I have chosen not to bring in the Dupes, so in this story they never existed. As mentioned in an earlier chapter, Michael's recount of his meeting with Hal Carver only involves the mention of their four pods.

Chapter 48

When Kyle and Sera arrived at his house, they entered to find Valenti sitting in front of the television. Valenti seemed surprised to see Sera with Kyle as he hopped up, tucking in his shirt and slipping his shoes back on. After exchanging pleasantries, Sera excused herself to ‘powder her nose’, and nodded to Kyle.

“Dad, you’d better sit down.” Kyle told him. As Valenti looked at him apprehensively, he asked, “What’s happened now?” He was even more surprised when Kyle filled him in on Sera and Tyler’s secret. Valenti looked at Kyle with concern on his face, “Son, I know you and Sera had been getting closer, but you’ve just gone through a very traumatic experience. Shouldn’t you take a step back, especially now?”

“You didn’t see my reaction last night, I freaked. I even accused her of being one of the enemy.” Kyle shook his head with a smile, “I know that what Tess did wasn’t my fault, that I was manipulated. But I still had sex with her, Dad, and now she might even be pregnant.” Kyle looked towards the hallway, “If anyone should be wanting to back off, it’s Sera.”

“But, Kyle…” Valenti started, only to be interrupted, “Dad, she and I talked a lot last night. I can’t explain it, but when I’m with Sera, it just feels right. Please don’t make her feel weird or unwelcome.”

Valenti looked at Kyle and realized he was seeing his son on the verge of manhood. Sighing he nodded, “Okay, son. It’s just that after Tess, I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

After Sera returned to the living room, Valenti offered to make some coffee. When he went to the kitchen, Kyle said, “I guess we should look for that picture.” He and Sera went to Tess’s room. Looking around at the mess she left behind, he said, “I gave my room to Tess when she moved in, but I don’t know if I can ever sleep in here again.” Sera slipped her hand into his and with a comforting smile. “Maybe we could paint and you could get some different furniture in here – that is, after we fumigate.” Kyle laughed, “Yeah, maybe.”

Over hearing Kyle laugh, Valenti thought to himself, “Maybe Sera is just the medicine Kyle needs after all.” He called out, “Coffee’s ready.”

As they sat at the table, Kyle told his dad, “We need a picture of Tess so Isabel can try and dreamwalk her, but she must have taken that Christmas album with her.” Valenti told him, “I have a framed picture of the three of us at my office. I need to drop by the station anyway, so you can come by and get it.” Looking at Sera he asked her, “What about you, Sera, can you do the dreamwalk like Isabel, or heal like Max?”

Sera shook her head, “No, I have all the standard abilities that the four of them have, their normal powers like manipulating molecular structures,” she reached over and touched the salt shaker, turning it form white to red and then back again, “but while they had special gifts encoded into their makeup, I didn’t.”

She blushed prettily when Kyle told her, “Don’t sell yourself short, I think you’re very special.”


A couple hours later, Max and Liz were side by side on Michael’s couch, feet propped on the coffee table, as Max read through the translation Alex had printed out earlier. Alex’s computer skills with the ‘borrowed programs” from Las Cruces had not only rendered a readable translation, but some of the symbols in the book had translated into diagrams; one being the Granolith itself.

Max discussed what he was reading. “Most of what we learned from Sera and Tyler is included here. They were right, it seems that our main purpose in being created was so the Royal House of Antar could continue its vigilance in guarding and defending the Granolith.” He looked over at Michael sympathetically, “I’m sorry, Michael, it doesn’t look like we were ever supposed to go back there.”

Michael just shrugged, as he looked over at Maria. “I had kind of let go of that notion anyway, Maxwell.” Earning him a big hug and smack on the lips from Maria.

Max smiled at Liz and put his arm around her, “I have to admit, I actually feel relieved. I know the only home I want is here with you.” Liz leaned in bestowing a sweet kiss on him.

As Alex looked up from where he was packing up his equipment, he noticed Isabel wore a pensive look as she looked at the floor, he felt a pang that she seemed to be disappointed. Did she still want to go back there, to leave him? He walked over to lay his hand on her shoulder, quietly telling her, “I’m sorry, Isabel. I know that you had hopes of someday going back, seeing your real mother.”

At his words she shook her head, “What? Oh, Alex.” She stood up to wrap her arms around his neck. “I’m happy here, with you, and my family and friends. I was just realizing that somehow Tess must have faked that orb message.” She looked at Max with a look of sorrow, “In fact, I don’t think that was our real mother at all.”

Max nodded solemnly, “I think you may be right. Her image indicated that the four of us were to be paired off, like Tess and Nasedo kept claiming, and that we were to go back and save them, but that conflicts with the translation and what Sera and Tyler told us.”

Maria spoke up, “I bet that creepy Nasedo told Tess to do it and gave her the information. As a so-called protector, he’d have known your backstory. But I’m betting he never knew what that book said, thus the contradiction.”

Liz looked over at Isabel with sympathy, “I know you’re disappointed, Isabel, but you do have a real mother, one who loves both of you very much. I’ve heard her tell my mom how the two of you were her little miracles.”

Isabel nodded. “I know, and I love her and Daddy very much, it’s just …,” as she began to tear up, she shook her head, “I’m sorry.”

Alex wrapped his arms around Isabel as she leaned in to him, “Shhhh, Isabel, it’s alright to be sad.”

Michael cleared his throat, uncomfortable with all the talk of families. “Maxwell, what else does the translation say?”

Max continued, “There are some passages here regarding the possibility that in order to defend the Granolith, we might actually have to use it as a weapon. I’ll have to study up on that. Because I have the DNA of the king, I’m the only member of the royals who can operate the Granolith.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “Figures.”

“Wait,” Max said in surprise, “according to this, I’m supposed to have some kind of seal in my brain.” He instinctively reached up to touch his head.

“A seal?” Liz asked, “What kind of seal?”

“Here’s a diagram.” Max pointed, “It looks like the V formation made up of five small circles.” Michael walked over to look, “Yeah, that looks like the cave map after I put the healing stones into it.”

“It looks like we all have this seal, only mine’s active and the other three are dormant.” Max looked around, “I guess if I died, then one of you would become active.”

A rush of fear stabbed Liz, and she grabbed Max’s arm, “Max! Don’t even think that.”

“Honey, it’s okay.” He assured her, “I don’t plan on going anywhere without a hell of a fight.”

Isabel looked alarmed, “So if something happened to all three of us, that would leave Tess in charge of the Granolith?”

Michael shook his head, “I’ll kill her myself, before I let that happen.”

“But first we have to find her.” Isabel reminded him.

Flipping the page, Max did a double-take at the small object shown along side the Granolith, he asked, “Alex, did you happen to see this illustration of the Granolith?” “Yeah, Max, why?”

“Um, did you see this thing that’s supposed to be the key? Looks like a piece of crystal or quartz.” Max pointed out with his finger.

“Key?” Michael asked, “You mean we just crank the thing up?”

Isabel smiled, “Somehow, I don’t think it’s that simple, Michael.”

Maria wandered behind the couch and leaned over Max’s shoulder looking at the drawing. “Omigod!” she began to laugh, “that’s not a Crystal Key, that’s a Crystal Dildo!”

As everyone took a look, Isabel rolled her eyes, “Why is it that regardless of species, men are always obsessed by phallic symbols?”

Maria walked over and removed her keychain from her purse, the one with a little green alien figure. As she held it up, she pointed and said, “I’m guessing the Antarians just had penis envy, seeing as they don’t seem to have any of their own.”

Liz, Maria and Alex all laughed, and Isabel joined in while Max and Michael wore offended faces. Liz leaned over to kiss Max’s frown and whispered, “Awww, baby, you know you have nothing to worry about.”

While Maria continued to giggle, Michael glared. “Stop – Stop – My sides are splitting.” Looking back at Max, he asked, “So does it tell where this ‘key’ is at?”

Max flipped through the pages, “I don’t think so, maybe it’s hidden there in the pod chamber. We should ride out there later and look around.”


After everyone met up at Michael’s, they were soon on their way out to the pod chamber. Max led the way in the jeep with Liz, Isabel and Alex, followed by the Sheriff, Kyle, Sera and Tyler in the Sheriff’s SUV, while Michael and Maria brought up the rear on Michael’s motorcycle.

Isabel looked back at the others, then she looked at Max, “Gee, Max, do you think we could be more conspicuous? We’re a convoy for crying out loud.”

Max just shrugged, “Hey, everyone wanted to come.”

Alex chimed in, “I admit I’m curious. Unlike Liz and Maria, I’ve never seen the pod chamber.” He took Isabel’s hand in his and with a smile, “I’d like to see where you were born.” She smiled back and squeezed his hand.

Everyone trudged up the mountain path to the pod chamber entrance. Max waved his hand across the rock face, and the silver handprint appeared. Just as he was about to open the cave, he stopped and waved his hand again and the handprint disappeared.

“Max, what are you doing?” Michael asked.

“I just want to test something.” He then had each of them wave their hand over the rock face. Nothing happened when Maria, Alex, and Valenti tried. Sera and Tyler, as expected were able to gain access, as were Isabel and Michael.

“Kyle”, Max said, “Since you have been healed, let’s see what happens with you.” Kyle waved his hand, but nothing. Max nodded, “I’m not surprised, Kyle. Even though I’ve healed you, you haven’t experienced the high fever that Liz did.”

Then it was Liz’s turn. She waved her hand and felt a tingle of surprise when the silver hand print appeared. She looked uncertainly at Max, he gave her a smile and nodded. She pressed her hand against the print on the rock face, and the cave opened. Max took her hand and led her inside as the others followed.

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Chapter 49

As they entered the pod chamber, they all looked around. Affixed to the wall, hung the tattered remains of the pods. Those seeing them for the first time looked at them in awe. “Wow” whispered Sheriff Valenti as he removed his hat from his head. “Ditto,” said Kyle.

Isabel and Alex walked to stand before the pods, “So this is where you were born,” he murmured. As Isabel took his hand, she pointed an upper pod, “This one was mine, with Michael’s beside me. Max and Tess were in the bottom two.”

Tyler and Sera inspected the pod remains. “Interesting, they look so primitive,” Tyler observed. Then he looked embarrassed, “Oh, I just meant that you had to fight your way out. I didn’t mean to…” Max waved him off with a smile, “I’m guessing that Sera’s pod was a bit more sophisticated?” Tyler nodded. Then he bent over to look at the two lower pods. “This is a bit odd.”

“What is it?” Max asked, Michael and Isabel moved closer to look at the pods.

“It’s just that this lower pod looks a bit out of place. See how these three are tightly joined?” And he pointed out the tightness of the upper pods and where the lower right pod joined the one above it. “But there is some separation with this one.” Tyler pointed to the small gap between the left pod and the one beside it and the one above it. “Max, which is yours?”

“The one on the right is mine. The left one is Tess’s.”

Liz walked up to Max and touched his shoulder, “Max, remember how you guys had different memories of hatching, then Tess came along and you all remembered it differently?”

Max then relayed the two different memories to Tyler and Sera. Sera just shook her head, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

“Nasedo!” Maria declared, as the others gathered around the pods. “He must have planted her here after the three of you hatched, and Tess warped you all into having a false memory. She’s a fake!”

As Isabel shook her head, her blond ponytail swayed. “But Tess’s picture is in the alien book. That proves she’s definitely one of us.”

“Oh, yeah,” Maria said with disappointment.

“Wait a minute.” Alex said, “Maybe you’re both right.” As all eyes turned to him, he continued, “Tess’s story was that the three of you were already gone when she hatched, but that Nasedo was waiting here for her. Now, let’s suppose that is true. But what if Nasedo put her pod here after the three of you left? That would explain your first memories and the not quite correct placement here.”

“The leaky pod.” Michael stated. “I told you I bet she was the leaky pod.” He explained to the others about Hal Carver, his experience as part of the ’47 investigation, seeing the small aliens who were there to retrieve the pods. “There were three pods still in the pod sack, but the fourth one had been removed and he saw that it was leaking.”

Liz picked up the speculation, “So if Tess was in the damaged pod, maybe she was taken elsewhere, while the three of you were placed here.”

Isabel questioned the pod placement, “But if only the three of us were brought here, why place Max’s pod below Michael’s, why not place them in a row?”

Liz nodded. “You’re right, Isabel. So all four of you must have been put here to begin with,” Liz pointed at each pod, “forming the foursquare. Then when Nasedo escaped from Eagle Rock he probably came here and discovered that Tess’s pod was damaged. So he took it with him, to watch over it, repair it, whatever. Then he returned it later only to find that the three of you were already gone.”

Maria finished up, “And then Tess fed you guys false memories of the three of you leaving her here alone, probably to put you guys on a guilt trip so you would accept her.”

“Works for me.” Max stated, “Unfortunately, Tess probably wouldn’t tell us the truth if she knew it, and with Nasedo dead, I doubt we’ll ever know the full story.”

Kyle looked around, “So what about this Holy Grail of yours?”

Max smiled at Tyler and Sera, “I’m guessing you are both ready to see the Granolith, too.”


Max led the way through the opening behind his pod, and soon everyone had crawled through to stand in a large circle staring at the Granolith. Sheriff Valenti asked softly, “How did you guys discover that this thing was in here?”

Isabel spoke up, “Actually, it was me. After Whitaker told me about ‘Vilandra’, I came out here to the pod chamber to yell at our real mother for, well, everything. I picked up a rock and tossed it towards the pods. It went through Max’s and this light came on. I crawled in here and found this.” She indicated the Granolith.

“Don’t take offense, but I was expecting something more… more religious looking.” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Agreed Sera. “Are we sure this is the Granolith?”

“It matches the diagrams from the alien book translation.” Alex stated.

“This is it.” Tyler said reverently. “A galaxy’s worth of knowledge is contained herein.”

Max reached up and started to lay his hand on the side of the inverted cone, when Liz grabbed his arm, “Max, no!” Startled, he turned to her, “Liz. What’s wrong?”

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, she flushed in embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” She stepped closer to the Granolith and gazed up at it, “It’s just that this is what took you away from me, I mean Future Max from Future Liz.”

Max moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, “Ahh, Liz.” She turned in his arms and looked up at him, “When I saw your hand reach out, I just knew how she felt.” Liz couldn’t help the tears that slid down her cheeks, “She knew that she would never see him again.”

Max held her tight and kissed her temple. “Liz, honey, I’m not going to let anything take me away from you.” With one arm around her waist and the other gently holding the back of Liz’s head, Max slowly rocked Liz back and forth.

Maria and Isabel looked at each other with compassion in their eyes. “But, Lizzie, you changed the future.” Maria soothed, “That timeline doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Maria’s right, Liz,” Isabel assured her, “those versions of ‘Max and Liz’ no longer exist, so he never had to leave her.”

Those members of the group who had never heard the story of Future Max looked on in obvious confusion. Kyle looked over at Sera, “Am I the only one confused here?” She shook her head, “No.” Kyle wiggled his hand in the air, “Um, excuse me, but Future Who?”

Tyler looked over at Max and Liz, “Liz, last night you mentioned FutureMax said the Granolith was powerful, but we all started discussing the Granolith, and I never got around to asking what you meant.”

As Liz looked up at Max, he smiled at her. Then looking over at Maria. “Maria, would you do the honors, please?”

Maria grinned, “Story time, boys and girls.” She gave Tyler, Sera, Kyle and the Sheriff the cliffnotes version of the FutureMax story.

Kyle looked at Liz in surprise, “So that’s why you came to me and asked me to help you that night? So you could save the world?”

With her eyes downcast, Liz gave a bashful nod.

“But how did this FutureMax travel back in time?” Sera wondered. “Time travel is against all the laws of science and nature. You’d have to devise a way to create a rip in the time-space continuum, and then you’d have to build a time machine, which is completely out of the realm of possibility.”

Liz grinned at her, “Don’t ask me, you’re the one who modified the Granolith.”

“Me! Modify the Granolith?” Sera was shocked.

Liz nodded, “FutureMax said that ‘Serena’, who would one day be my friend, modified the Granolith which allowed it to be used to time travel.”

Sera looked at the Granolith in amazed disbelief, “Wow.” She whispered.

Maria brought them back to the task at hand, “Okay, gang, now that we’ve all been brought up to date, let’s find that dildo.”

Michael gave her a look, “Would you please not call the Granolith Key that?”

Completely unrepentant, Maria just grinned, “Hey, I’m like an umpire, I call ‘em like I see ‘em.”

The group looked around the Granolith Chamber’s completely smooth walls; however, there did not appear to be a hiding place. Neither the walls nor the Granolith itself had any nooks or crannies. There were no knobs or pulls that might open a drawer, nothing to indicate the key was hidden there.

As Max looked around in disappointment, Sera told him. “Max, maybe you should go ahead and touch it.” She then looked over at Liz and assured her. “Since I haven’t done anything to it, we shouldn’t have to worry about Max going anywhere.”

From the time they had entered the chamber, they all had heard the slight humming sound in the room, like the buzzing of a florescent bulb. When Liz nodded at Max, he slowly reached out and as his fingertips touched the surface, the humming increased.

“Hey, Max, I think it recognizes you.” Alex observed.

A nervous Liz couldn’t help but reach out to touch Max, as though she could keep anything from happening to him. When Liz touched Max, the humming changed, it became louder almost musical.

“Wow,” Maria said, “Pretty.”

As Max pressed his hand firmly against the side of the cone, his face wore an expression of concentration. As Liz held tightly to his hand, she felt a surge of energy flow from Max. Suddenly lights around the base of the cone began to pulsate and a panel slid open. Max removed his hand and opened his eyes, to see what appeared to be a control panel with various lights and buttons, including a small blank keypad.

“Max?” Isabel asked in amazement, “How did you do that?”

Max just stared in surprise, “I’m not sure, I was just trying to concentrate and this is what happened.”

Liz softly spoke, “I felt energy flow from Max. I think it obeyed him.”

Everyone crowded around looking at the exposed panel. “Damn, no key.” Stated Michael. “But there are several slots here,” Alex observed, “so I’m guessing depending on what this thing does, you’d insert the key in one of these.”

“So, we’re still on the hunt for the Crystal…” Maria started, cut off by a glare from Michael, “Key.” She finished.

Valenti looked at his watch, “Guys, it’s starting to get late, maybe we better call it a day.”

Max nodded, then still holding Liz’s hand, reached out and once again touched the Granolith. As he concentrated, the panel slid shut.

“Amazing,” Alex declared. “There is nothing to indicate that a panel even exists. No seams, no fastenings, nothing.”

Tyler suggested that Max study the alien book translation more closely before coming back out to check out the Granolith more carefully.

One by one, they crawled back into the main pod chamber.

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Happy weekend everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Hard to believe we are already into 2003. I want to thank everyone who has left feedback on my story, it really means a lot. Y'all are just terrific. *big*


Chapter 50

As they were all preparing to leave the pod chamber, Liz noticed something small lying on the floor near a ledge of rock. She walked over and leaned down, picking up what appeared to be a small syringe.

Everything went black as Liz felt the world slip away ~~

As the group began to make its way out of the pod chamber, Max noticed that Liz had wandered over near the rock ledge, and that she stood motionless, eyes staring vacantly. “Liz?” He quickly stepped over to her side and gently took her arm. She remained stiff and unmoving. “Liz!” He stated louder.

Hearing him, Isabel turned, “Max? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. It’s like she’s in some kind of trance.” He looked from Liz’s face back to Alex and Isabel, with fear in his voice, “What should I do? Do you think I should try and pull her out of it?”

“No, don’t.” Alex answered, “It might be like waking a sleepwalker, and I think that’s dangerous.”

By this time, Maria and Michael had turned back. “What’s going on?”

Isabel answered, “It’s Liz, she’s in some kind of trance.”

Maria stood in front of Liz, “Lizzie?” She waved her hand in front of Liz’s face, but there was no response.

Michael noticed Liz’s hand, “What’s that thing clutched in her hand?”

As the others filed back into the chamber, Kyle took one look at Liz and groaned, “Oh, Buddha, what now?”


***Liz felt as if she were floating in midair, unable to move because she had no body. Suddenly she was aware that she was looking around the pod chamber, but she had no control over what she looked at. She saw a box with what appeared to be smoke coming out of it. No, it was a cooler filled with dry ice, and some vials in it. Then she saw Tess lying on the rock ledge, naked from the waist down. Liz was moving directly towards Tess, and she saw Tess close her eyes and turn her face away. She was horrified as she saw hands, male hands pushing Tess’s knees apart and inserting the syringe into Tess.***

“Liz?” She heard her name being called from a great distance, “Lizzie? Are you alright?”

Suddenly she was free. As she swayed, she looked down at the object in her hand, “Auggghhhhh!” she screamed and tossed it away, shaking her hand. “Omigod, omigod.” She recognized Max’s worried face, as he called her name, and she threw her arms around him, hiding her face in his chest.

Max held Liz close as she trembled, “Liz! Baby, what happened? Did you get a flash?”

“I don’t know what it was,” She looked at him and whispered hoarsely, “It was something different than our flashes.”

“Here, Liz.” Sera offered a bottle of water. Liz eased away from Max, “Thank you, Sera.” She took the bottle with her left hand and tilted the bottle to take a few sips, then surprisingly poured some of the water on her right hand. Looking at Isabel, she asked, “Isabel? Could you sterilize my hand, please?”

Max reached for her hand, “Liz, I can do that for…”

“No!” Liz backed away. At his startled look she apologized, “I’m sorry.” Reaching for Max’s hand with her left, she looked at Isabel, “Isabel, now, please? But don’t touch my hand.”

“Um, sure.” Glancing at Max in confusion, Isabel reached over to lay her hand above Liz’s. Liz felt a soothing warmth flow through her hand.

Liz whispered, “Thank you.” Then noticed that everyone looked at her with expressions of confused concern. “Max, I’m sorry, it’s just that,” she pointed to the syringe now lying across the chamber against the wall and stated. “That’s the syringe they used to put your samples in Tess.”

“Ewwwww!” cried Maria, as the others stared at the syringe with equally disgusted looks on their faces.

“Wait a minute, did you say they?” asked Alex.

Liz squeezed Max’s hand. “Max! Tess has an accomplice!” She then explained what she had seen, and the way she saw it. “It was like I was inside someone else’s body . ‘Someone’ was here with Tess, and he’s the one who put that sample in her.”

“But you couldn’t see who it was?” Alex asked. Liz shook her head, “All I could tell was that it was a man’s hands, that’s all I could see. It was like I was seeing what he saw.”

Eyes of Lara Mars!” Maria exclaimed. As eyes turned towards her and stared, she said in exasperation, “Don’t any of you ever watch the movie channel? Lara Mars is one of my mom’s favorites, and this is just like it.” Looking at Liz, she said, “Faye Dunaway plays Lara Mars, a fashion photographer who develops psychic abilities when a serial killer starts a killing spree. But the twist is – she can only see out of the killer’s eyes as he is committing the murders.” Maria pointed at her own eyes.

Isabel looked at Maria, “But Liz didn’t see it when it happened, she saw it now when she picked up the syringe.”

“Mere technicality,” Maria insisted with a wave of her hand, “she still saw out of someone else’s eyes.”

“I think I’ve read about something similar.” Michael stated. This brought about even more surprised looks. “What? You guys think I can’t read?” an offended Michael glared.

“Go ahead, Michael,” Maria encouraged.

“There was this documentary on cable about historical weapons. I found it interesting, so I started reading some articles. Anyway, I read about this phenomenon where someone with psychic ability picks up an old weapon, and actually sees an image from the past. They actually saw a scene of the past involving that weapon or some other old object. It’s called ‘psychometry’.”

Isabel pondered out loud, “So maybe what we have here is a psychic combination – Liz picked up the syringe and experienced this psycho meter thing…”

“Psychometry.” Michael reiterated.

“Whatever.” Isabel shrugged, “but the vision she got was a view out of the other someone’s vision.” Suddenly Isabel looked at Liz in horror, “His vision…out of his eyes! Omigod, Liz, that means you saw…you saw…”

“Naked Tess?” Michael smirked.

Liz slowly nodded, as Maria gave an exaggerated shudder. “Oh, gross. That is just wrong in so many ways.”

Kyle held up his hands, “Please, I never want to hear the words ‘naked’ and ‘Tess’ in the same sentence ever again.”

With his arm around Liz, Max looked down at her face, “Liz, are you sure you feel alright?”

She shrugged, “I do feel a little dizzy. I just need to sit down for a minute.” She sank down to sit on the floor. Soon the others had all pulled up a piece of floor.

Max sat behind Liz pulling her to sit between his legs, wrapping his arms around her. Leaning back against Max, Liz admitted, “I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. First, there was the lightning bug stuff, then being able to open the chamber door, and now this. Even though I knew you had changed me,” she turned her head to look at Max with a troubled smile, “I never imagined that I would actually turn into one of you.”

At Liz’s alarmed expression, Tyler spoke up, “Liz, you are not turning into an alien. You do not have any alien DNA. The powers you are developing are human in nature.” He looked at Max, “In fact all of your powers are human.”

“That’s what Nasedo told me, when we rescued Max from the White Room.” Michael told Tyler. “He said that we were engineered to do everything the human brain is capable of doing, just programmed several thousand years ahead of mankind.”

Valenti looked a bit alarmed, “Max has healed Kyle twice, does this mean that Kyle will develop powers, too?”

Kyle looked around, “You mean I might start crackling like tinfoil in a microwave someday?”

Tyler shrugged, “I don’t know, Kyle. Perhaps Liz’s change was because she had such a high fever, or maybe it’s directly linked with her bond to Max, but you should be aware that Max’s healing could lead to some changes in you some day.”

Sera slipped her hand into Kyle’s and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “Kyle, if anything ever happens, I know you can handle it. And I’ll be here.”

Tyler reminded them, “Let’s not forget the information that Liz’s vision gives us, and that’s the fact that someone else was involved with Tess in finding and using those samples. We need to find out who it is and why they wanted Tess pregnant with Max’s child. One thing is for sure, whoever he is, he knows everything about the three of you, maybe all of us.”

“What about that other alien?” Maria asked, “The one who saved Liz?”

“But why would he save Liz if he’s in cahoots with Tess?” Michael wondered.

“Because he had no choice.” Tyler answered. “From his actions and what Maria heard him say, I would assume that he is a protector.” Tyler turned to Max, “Even though it’s true that the four of you are not the same people as your Antarian donors, you do all have their genetic DNA and some Antarian characteristics are a natural part of your genetic makeup, such as you bonding with Liz. Your original protectors were programmed to protect the Royal 4, and Liz is now considered a part of that.”

“But you said I don’t have any alien DNA.” Liz reminded Tyler.

Tyler smiled, “But Max does, he has the DNA of the King, and as such he has chosen you as his Queen.”

“Hey, how did he do that, anyway?” Alex asked, “Doesn’t Tess have the alien DNA of the Queen?”

“Yes, she does.” Tyler looked at Max and Liz, “But although Max and Tess were created from the DNA of King Zan and Queen Avarina, they are not connected to each other. After all, the four of you were created as new beings, genetically engineered from both human and alien DNA.”

“I get it,” Maria looked at Liz, “Max is not Zan, he just has a part of Zan inside him. And that part of Zan, the alien characteristic, is what prompted Max to declare you, his sweetiepatootie, as his Queen.”

Max smiled down at Liz, pressing a light kiss on her temple.

Isabel speculated, “So this other alien is obligated to protect us, including Liz, even though he may be Tess’s partner in crime.”

“It would appear so.” Tyler concurred.

“Damn,” Michael groused, as he rubbed at his temples, “this has been a hell of a weekend. I think my brain is on overload.”

“Michael’s right,” Max agreed, “We’ve had had a lot to absorb. Let’s just all go home, try and relax this evening. Besides we have school tomorrow.”

Kyle began to laugh, “Unknown aliens, betraying bitches, Holy Grails and a psychic Liz, and His Highness is worried about being late for school?”

Alex grinned, “Ironic, ain’t it?”

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Thanks for the feedback and bumpage. Those who have been on holiday, welcome back. *happy*
Glad to see that RD has her computer back up and running. *big*
Our Roswellians have had quite a hectic weekend, so how about a little down time? *wink*

Chapter 51

After retrieving their belongings from Michael’s apartment, everyone went their separate ways, leaving just Michael and Maria behind.

Maria stepped up to encircle her arms around Michael’s neck. “Hey, Spaceboy, I left the Jetta at home earlier. Think you could give me ride?”

“Sure. Do you have to go right now?” He asked sliding his arms around her waist.

“Actually, I was hoping I could take a shower first,” Maria answered running her fingers along his ear. “I feel kind of grungy from that trek to the desert.”

“Sh...shower?” Michael swallowed hard as he envisioned Maria, in the shower… naked, with water sliding over her body… naked and wet. “Um, yeah, okay.”

Feeling his reaction pressing into her stomach, Maria slid her hand down to cup his hardness. At Michael’s quick intake of breath, she whispered against his lips, “Besides, I thought you could disprove my theory that aliens have penis envy.”

She darted to the bathroom laughing, with a grinning Michael hot on her heels. Soon a very naked and wet Maria was moaning in the shower as Michael proved he had no reason to be envious at all.


Alex sat propped up on his bed playing his guitar when from the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow cross over his window. Setting the guitar aside, he rose just as he heard a tap on the window glass. Pulling back the curtain, he saw Isabel. Opening the window and helping her inside, he grinned as he shook his head, “What is it with you Evanses and windows? Were you frightened by a doorbell as a child?”

Isabel grinned as she sat on the side of the bed, “We do have a tendency to avoid parental units whenever possible.” Pointing at his guitar, “What were you playing?” Alex shrugged, “Nothing special, just fooling around.” As Alex sat beside her, “I thought you were going to take it easy tonight? Just stay home and rest?”

Shrugging she said, “I did lay down, but I couldn’t rest, what with everything we learned this weekend swirling through my brain.”

Alex nodded, “I know what you mean. Learning what Tess did to Kyle, and what Pierce did to Max was boggling enough, but toss in Sera and Tyler, the Granolith and LizzieVision, and it’s mind blowing.”

With a look of ewwww, Isabel replied, “Poor Liz, of all things to get a vision of, I’m sure she wishes she could forget that part.”

“Yep, it’s right up there on the Yuck-o-Meter.” Alex agreed.

Isabel reached over for the guitar, “Would you play something for me?”

Taking the guitar, Alex lightly strummed, “Any requests?” She shook her head, “Anything’s fine with me.”

Isabel smiled as she recognized the opening strains, “Will you sing it to me?”

As he continued to play, he raised an eyebrow, “Now, you know Maria’s the one with the voice, not me.” But when she looked at him with puppy dog eyes, “Okay, but you’ve been warned.”

Maybe I'm Amazed At The Way You Love Me All The Time
Maybe I'm Afraid Of The Way I Love You
Maybe I'm Amazed At The Way You Pulled Me Out Of Time
And Hung Me On A Line
Maybe I'm Amazed At The Way I Really Need You

He sang softly, his voice was husky and little coarse, but to Isabel it was beautiful ~

Maybe I'm A Man And Maybe I'm A Lonely Man
Who's In The Middle Of Something
That He Doesn't Really Understand

Maybe I'm A Man And Maybe You're The Only Woman
Who Could Ever Help Me
Baby Won't You Help Me Understand

* (Paul McCartney)

The words Alex sang struck a chord in Isabel. She gave him a bittersweet smile as she put her hand over his, stopping his playing. “That was wonderful, Alex.” As he sat the guitar aside, he said, “But…?”

Isabel stood and walked over to stand in front of his desk, idly pushing items around. “When Max healed Liz that day in the Crashdown, a connection formed between them. I know she loves Max, but Liz never really had a choice, she was sucked into the alien abyss that day. And now she’s changing.” Looking down at her hands, she told him, “But you…you and Maria do have a choice. You can still leave here, Alex, go to MIT or some other university.” As she turned to face him, Alex just looked at her. She swallowed hard, and managed to say, “Why, with your skills you could easily be the next Bill Gates.”

As Alex looked at her shaky smile and the tears in her eyes, he softly asked, “Isabel, are you asking me to leave Roswell? To leave you?”

“I just… I just want you to be safe… and happy. It’s not too late for you.”

Alex rose to brush the tears from her cheeks, “I can’t speak for Maria, but,” he whispered. “It’s way too late for me. It was too late for me the day we stood in the Christmas village and you told me that you loved me. I couldn’t believe my ears, until I noticed that you had missed three burnt out bulbs. Then I knew it had to be love.” As a grinning Alex wrapped his arms around her, Isabel declared, “Oh, Alex,” laughing and crying at the same time, “I do love you. But I don’t ever want you to wake up and feel that you’re caught in a trap.”

Pressing a kiss to her temple, “If loving you is being caught in a trap, then I hope to God that I never escape.” Turning her face to his, their lips met and Alex proceeded to show her just how much he loved her.


After a long warm soak in the tub, Liz padded into the Parker’s kitchen dressed in pink plaid flannel sleep shorts and a pink baby tee with an unbuttoned knee length sleep shirt worn as a cover-up. Her hair was piled up on her head, loose tendrils falling around her face and neck.

“Liz?” She pulled her head from the fridge to see her dad standing in the doorway. “Oh, Dad. Did I wake you?”

“No, honey, I was just about to turn in. Are you hungry? I can fix something.” Mr. Parker offered.

“No, I’m not very hungry, I just wanted some milk, but thanks anyway.” She poured some milk in a glass, “Actually, I was about to turn in myself. I’m sort of tired out from our hiking trip in the desert today.” She smiled at over her shoulder, “Beautiful scenery, but sore legs.”

As she walked past him, headed back to her room, he pulled her close and gave her a kiss on the forehead, “Sweet dreams, Lizzie.” “Thanks, Daddy.”


After closing her bedroom door, she sat the glass of milk down on the bureau, and removing her cover-up, looked at herself in the mirror. Contemplatively, she reached up and touched her cheek.

A tap, tap, tap interrupted her ruminations. She turned to the window to see Max looking in from the balcony. He slid the window open and eased into her room. Walking up behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist and nodded at her in the mirror. “Nice looking couple, don’t you think?” Their reflections smiled at each other.

“You looked pretty serious when I came up, are you sure you feel okay?” He worried.

“Yeah,” She shrugged, “I know it sounds stupid, but it just seems that I should be able to see a difference.”

With a smile Max raised his fingers up behind her head in a V mimicking antennae, “like this?”

Brushing her hand across her blushing cheek, Liz turned to face him with a chagrined smile, “Something like that.”

Max’s smile faded and his expression turned serious as he took Liz by the hand and led her over to sit beside him on the foot of the bed. “Liz, that’s not stupid at all. Changes have been happening to you, to your body, and it’s my fault.” Liz shook her head, and softly said, “Max, no.”

He looked at the little diamond on her finger and rubbed his thumb across it, “I’m serious, Liz. I never meant for your life to be turned upside down. All I’ve ever wanted was to be normal and have a chance for a normal life with you, instead I’ve taken all normalcy from your life.”

She smiled and echoed his words from the past, “What’s so great about normal?”

Max shook his head, “Liz, don’t… I…” She pressed her fingers to his lips, “No, Max, you ‘don’t.’ Liz slipped her arm around his waist, and he wrapped his around her as she rubbed her face against his shoulder. “Don’t you understand by now how special you are? If you had been ‘normal’, I’d have died that day in the Crashdown. You didn’t take anything away from my life, Max, you gave it to me.”

She looked up at him with those beautiful doe eyes, “Max, by all rights, not only should I have died that day in the Crashdown, but there was the bus accident and then being hit by that car. There have been times when I’ve felt that I’m living on borrowed time, that fate is out to get me.” Then a bit of abashedly, she smiled, “But then again, maybe fate is trying to tell me that I’m special, too. That I’m meant to be here – here with you.”

Max cupped her face, rubbing her cheek with his thumb. With a voice husky with emotion, he whispered, “You are an amazing woman, Liz Parker, and I promise, I’ll do everything I can to make sure you never regret choosing me.” Leaning over, he caught her lips with his. As their kisses grew more passionate, they fell backward on the bed. Liz ran her hands down his chest, and with a sexy glint in her eyes, “You know, I can actually think of a few ways you could show me your gratitude.”

“Is that a fact?” With a grin, Max waved his hand towards Liz’s dresser and several candles caught flame. Snapping his fingers the other lights went out, and he stretched out over her pressing his body against hers. As she felt his hardness against her thigh, she wrapped her arms around him and sighed against his mouth, “I love you.” As he kissed her deeply, his tongue swirling with hers, his hands were busy as they ran up the back of her tee pushing it up. He broke off their kiss to pull her tee over her head. Her dark eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and her skin glowed soft and supple. “I love you, too, Liz.”

He caressed her body, cupping a plump little breast, its hardened nipple pressing into his palm. Moving his lips down her jaw, “and want you,” down her neck, “and need you,” and down further to lick her other nipple, “and worship you,” he rolled the delicious little berry with his tongue as his thumb flicked its twin. Liz moaned her approval as he sucked it into his mouth.

Moving his mouth over to give equal attention to her other breast, he slipped a hand down her stomach, sliding inside her sleep shorts, his breath hitching as he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Max kissed his way from her breasts down her flat stomach, circling his tongue around her navel, sliding off the bed and onto his knees, pulling her shorts off. Liz fisted her hands in the sheets as Max gave her the most intimate of kisses. Through a haze of pleasure, Liz’s head thrashed from side to side, her hips undulating as Max dipped his tongue inside her. As the pressure built, “Max, oh God, Max,” she whimpered. Max inserted his fingers inside her passage, massaging her inner walls as he licked and nipped at her. When he felt the first tremors begin, he gave his fingers a slight alien boost as he sucked hard on her little bundle of nerves. Liz grit her teeth as her orgasm rushed through her, trying to stay silent, knowing her parents were just on the other side of the apartment.

As Liz lay on the bed, her body still shuddering, Max rose to tear off his own clothing. When Max kissed her, Liz could taste her essence on his lips. She ran her hands across his chest, around his back and down to clasp his firm butt as he lay cradled between her thighs. “Max, please,” Liz pleaded as she reached down to try and guide him into her still throbbing core. “Just a minute, baby,” he reached for his pants. As he sank to the hilt, he stilled his body, savoring the feel of Liz wrapped around him, inside and out.

Bracing his weight, he looked down at Liz, taking in her hair spread on the pillows, her lips puffy from his kisses, and her eyes almost black with passion as she gazed back at him. He smoothed her hair back and pressed his forehead against hers as their connection flowed between them. Feeling her love flow through him, he knew without a doubt that he was indeed the love of her life, just as she was his. He slowly began moving within her, long slow strokes, building rapidly faster and harder until their passion reached a crescendo that rocked them both. When Liz would have cried out, Max smothered her cries with his kisses as their bodies shook together in their climax.

As night gave way to the beginnings of dawn, Liz Parker gazed at the sleeping form lying beside her. As a smile crossed face she thought, “Who knew that shy boy who was afraid to step out from behind the tree would be such an incredible lover?” Unable to resist, she ran a finger down his nose.

Lashes lifted as sleepy amber eyes looked at her, “Hi,” he whispered. “Hi, yourself,” she pushed his ruffled hair off his forehead. He asked her, “What are you smiling about?”

“I was just thinking, it’s always the quiet ones.” At his look of confusion, she laughed softly as she leaned over to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

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Hello everyone, thank you for the feedback. Glad y’all liked the Alex/Isabel part. I must confess that I have hated the character of Isabel from day one. She was cold, heartless and selfish. When I started my story, I knew I had to either make her bad, or try and turn her into the character I always thought she should have been. I’ve had more fun turning her into someone Alex deserves. *big*

Chapter 52

The following day at school, the gang met at their usual table for lunch in the quad. Liz had brought a mini-cooler from the diner filled with subs to share with her friends. Alex and Isabel had made a run for fries at the school cafeteria, while Maria and Michael hit the vending machines for sodas.

Kyle walked up to the table, good naturedly grumbling, “Isn’t it bad enough that my girl isn’t even at this school, but I have to watch you guys canoodling, too?”

Looking up from feeding Alex some of her fries, and indignant Isabel responded, “We are not canoodling.”

“Actually, Isabel,” Maria grinned as she and Liz split a turkey sub, “I believe hand feeding is a first cousin of the canoodle.”

Rolling his eyes, Kyle sat down, to immediately be interrogated by the girls. “Sooo, tell Auntie Maria, any canoodling with Sera last night?”

As Liz handed him a sandwich, he said, “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” immediately taking a big bite.

Isabel gave him a disbelieving look, “Are you telling me that you and Serena didn’t see each other last night?”

Shaking his head as he swallowed, “Actually, she and Tyler joined Dad and me for dinner and we grilled steaks. Sera made this garlic mayo salad dressing, and it was damn good, and I don’t even like salad.” As Maria and Isabel shared a look, an oblivious Kyle looked around at the guys, “Hey, did you guys know that Tyler is a Colorado Rockies fan? Anyway, it was nice.”

“Nice?” Maria exclaimed, “Dinner with your dad and her ‘cousin’, talking baseball, and you made her cook?”

Alex, Max and Michael having decided that silence was the better part of valor, quietly munched on their subs.

“Maria, it wasn’t like that.” Kyle retorted, “She offered.”

“Kyle Valenti, Sera has probably already scoped out new guys over on campus.” Maria grumbled, “and after all my hard work getting the two of you together.”

Kyle defended himself, “Sitting down to dinner last night was the first feeling of normal I’ve had in ages, Maria. No headaches, no weird images of Tess in my head, no alien voodoo, just good food and conversation. And yes, damn it, it was nice.”

As silence fell, Isabel softly said, “Oh, Kyle.” Maria looked down and whispered, “I’m sorry, Kyle. I didn’t think..” Kyle reached over and awkwardly patted her hand, “No, Maria, I know you just care about us, but Sera and I have to do things our own way.”

Feeling bad for snapping at Maria, Kyle told her, “Look, the evening wasn’t a total fam-fest. Tyler left not long after dinner, then Dad turned in early, so Sera and I caught some television and then I drove her home later.”

Liz propped her chin in her hand, and with a grin asked, “So, what did you watch?”


“Yeah, Valenti, what show did you guys watch?” Max joined in the teasing.

Shifting on the bench, Kyle mumbled, “Uh, just that show, the one on cable. You know, those chicks always talking about their love lives?”

“Sex in the City?” Isabel grinned, “You watched Sex in the City with Sera?”

Alex wiggled his eyebrows, “Did you learn anything new?”

As Kyle made a face and stuck his tongue out at Alex and Isabel, Liz teased, “And after watching that show you just drove her home?”

Kyle grinned and as he snitched one of Liz’s fries, admitted, “Well, there might have been a canoodle or two.”

“Oooh,” Maria gushed, “come ‘on, girlfriend, spill.”

Exaggeratingly batting his eyelashes, Kyle simpered in a falsetto voice, “A lady never kisses and tells.”

Across the quad a nondescript young man watched the group at the table as they shared lunch, talking and laughing. Although he was unable to hear their words, it was plain that camaraderie existed in the group. He turned and left the area.

Back at the table, Max grinned, “As much as I would love to continue to torment Kyle,” he looked over at Isabel, “last night Isabel and Alex teamed up to dreamwalk Tess.”

As the group became serious, all eyes turned to Isabel. “Any luck?” Liz asked.

Isabel nodded and took a sip of cola. “It was weird. I found her, but she wasn’t asleep. She seemed to be hiding out in some ratty motel room.”

“Could you tell where she was?” Kyle asked with a touch of fear in his voice.

“No, there was nothing to designate a location, but there were red and blue lights flashing around the edge or the curtains into the room, like from a neon sign, but I didn’t see the actual sign.” Isabel answered.

“I don’t recall any motels around Roswell with a red and blue neon sign,” Max stated, “but I’ll ask the Sheriff if he can find out if there are any nearby.”

Isabel she looked over at Liz and Maria, “You wouldn’t believe how awful Tess looks. She’s cut her hair off short and dyed it black, and she was wearing these ugly glasses and baggy clothes. She looked so haggard, that I don’t think she’s slept at all. The room was trashed with empty pizza boxes and take out containers.”

“Sounds like she’s more scared of us finding her, than we are of her coming back.” Liz surmised.

“What about her accomplice, any sign of him?” Michael asked, Isabel shook her head, “No. She was the only one there. What was strange is that I knew she wasn’t asleep, but she didn’t seem to realize that I was even there.”

“Your dreamwalking abilities must be evolving.” Liz speculated, “You must be able to enter a person’s subconscious state even though the person isn’t asleep.”

Maria looked between Liz and Isabel, “You know what, Isabel? You should try again, with Liz. Maybe she can boost your abilities.”

Liz smiled at Isabel and shrugged, “I still can’t turn it on and off, but we can try.”

“That’s an ability that could come in handy.” Alex squeezed Isabel’s hand.

Max looked over at Kyle, “Kyle, did the Sheriff take care of Tess being gone from school?”

“Yeah, Dad called the school this morning to say that Tess’ father was back in the country, and that she had gone to Albuquerque to visit with him. Later, he’ll just say that she decided to leave the country with him.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Michael commented.


As Max sat in English class that afternoon, he was supposed to be reading an assignment given out by the substitute teacher. Instead, he was staring at the back of Liz’ head as she sat a few rows in front of him. Dressed in a beige skirt, brown suede boots and a white button down oxford shirt, with her hair twisted at the back of her neck, Liz looked downright prim and proper, but Max knew just how improper she could be when they were alone. After all, he grinned, he still had the scratch marks on his back to prove it. Sure, he could have easily healed them, but he liked having the proof of her passion on his body. Max drifted off into Lizland, remembering how she had looked the night before.

Max had been lying back on Liz’s bed with her straddled over him, his hands guiding her hips, her breasts bobbing slightly as she rode him. Candlelight reflected off her glistening skin as she tossed her head back and forth, her long dark locks hanging down. He had watched her face as she closed her eyes while she moaned with pleasure, and he had never wanted it to end. Then she had opened her eyes, a picture of wanton beauty, smiling as she had rubbed her hands up his chest, leaning over to press her mouth to his. It had taken all his control not to explode inside her before she reached her own peak. God, was there anything on this earth or any other better than being buried deep inside of Liz Parker? His Liz, his dreamgirl.

Kyle sat at his desk beside Max, bored with their reading assignment. He looked over and rolled his eyes at the glazed expression on Max’s face as he stared at Liz. “Damn,” he thought, “Goner doesn’t even begin to describe Evans.” Then his eyes widened and he hid a smile behind his hand as he noticed a certain effect Max’s thoughts were having on him.

Max was rudely startled out of his memories when Kyle punched him in the arm and passed him a note. Max’s face blushed flame red when he read, “Don’t look now, but there’s a party in your pants.”

Shifting uncomfortably, Max avoided looking at a grinning Kyle. Finally, the bell rang, and Max grabbed Liz’s hand and headed straight for the Eraser Eoom. As they left the classroom, Liz half running to match Max’s steps, Kyle’s laughter rang out.


Max pulled a surprised Liz along, pushing their way around the students the hall, “Max, where are we going?” Max reached for the door to the Eraser Room and pulled, but nothing happened. As he twisted the door handle, he heard a rough, “Get Lost!” followed by a muffled feminine giggle.

Liz looked at Max and grinned, “Is that Michael and Maria?”

But Max was looking around, then they were off down the corridor, “Max, what in the world?” Max jerked the door to the janitor’s closet open, and locked it behind them. “Max, what is go…upmph” Liz found her mouth suddenly occupied by Max’s lips and tongue, as he devoured her. Max clutched her to him grasping her behind as he ground his hardness against her.

As he pulled her skirt up Liz tore her mouth from his, “Max,” she gasped, “we’re in school.” “I know,” he answered sliding his lips down her jaw. Her head fell back when he began to suck on her neck. “We…we can’t do this.” Liz whispered, but Max’s desires fired her own, and she tugged at the fastening of his pants. They fell around his ankles to be joined by his boxers. Max ripped off Liz’s panties and lifted her up to pin her against the wall as he sank into her welcoming depths. “Oh, God, Max,” Liz panted, “we’re going to get caught,” she clung to Max. “Ummhmm” he murmured. Their mouths and tongues dueled as he grabbed her bottom pumping up and down, as she wrapped her legs around him, her suede boots caressing his backside. Their blood seemed to pulse through their bodies in rhythm to their thrusts. It was hot, fast and wild and they both quickly reached explosive climaxes. Max’s knees gave out and he sank to the floor holding Liz close, his body still joined with hers.

Shuddering as small tremors still shook their bodies, Liz was the first to regain the ability speak. Still draped around Max, feeling disconcerted as she whispered, “My God, Max. What was that?”

“I don’t know.” He pressed his forehead against hers, “I was sitting in class, remembering last night, and it just swept over me, it was almost uncontrollable.”

“Almost?” she grinned with a raised eyebrow. Max looked her with concern, “Liz, are you okay? I mean, I wasn’t too rough, was I?” At Max’s reddened cheeks and flustered look, Liz cupped his face in her hands, “Max, no. That was incredible.” She looked around the room added, “Totally unexpected, but incredible all the same.”

As they struggled up off the floor, Liz began to giggle. “Max, look at your pants.” Max glanced down to see his pants and boxers wound around his ankles.” Joining her in laughter, he pulled his pants up. Then he grinned and pointed upwards. Liz looked up to see her torn panties dangling from the light fixture. Max retrieved and repaired them, and once they were both presentable, they slipped out of the janitor’s closet. As they walked hand in hand down the hallway, the only evidence of their recent activity was the smiles on their faces.

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Chapter 53

Max dropped Liz off at the Crashdown after school and headed over to work at the UFO Center, but not before several goodbye kisses. As a flushed Liz entered through the backdoor, it was to see Michael and Maria in the break area, embraced in a rather heated clinch of their own. “Didn’t you two get enough of that in the Eraser Room today?” She teased.

As they broke apart, Michael glared at the interruption while Maria struck an innocent look, “What Eraser Room?” Liz grinned and asked, “Does the phrase ‘get lost’ ring a bell?”

“That was you?” Michael blurted, causing Maria to elbow him in the ribs as she rolled her eyes.

Liz laughed out loud, as she headed to change into her uniform, “Okay, you slackers, get back to work.”

After changing, Liz walked out front adjusting the antennae on her head. Seeing Isabel and Alex come through the front door, she called out, “Hey, guys, your usual drinks?”

As Liz approached their table, carrying a Cherry Coke and an Orange Crush, Isabel quietly asked, “Liz, when do you think we can get together to try and reach Tess?”

“I’m working a full shift this evening, but I’m just working a half shift tomorrow, so I’ll get off at 6:00, but I’m supposed to go out with Max tomorrow night.”

Isabel smiled, “How about a double date? Alex and I will fix dinner tomorrow over at Michael’s.”

Alex frowned at Isabel, “Uh, I don’t know how to cook.”

Isabel tilted her head and smiling sweetly gave him a look, “How are you at toting and fetching?”

“I’m your man.” He grinned. “You certainly are.” Isabel agreed leaning over to grant him a kiss. Then looking back at Liz, “You and Max just show up at Michael’s tomorrow at 7:00.”

“Great,” Liz smiled, “Oh, can I bring anything?”

Isabel nodded, “How about something for dessert?”


As Michael and Maria worked through their shift, Maria was split her time between her homework and customers. “Michael?” She stuck her head into the kitchen, “I left my History book at school. Do you have yours?”

He looked up from the grill and shrugged, “Check my locker.” “Thanks.” Just as Maria turned away, Michael got a panicked look on his face and he pushed the burgers to the side of the grill to dart after her, but it was too late. Maria stood at his locker holding a familiar folder.

“Michael? This is the college application folder I made for you weeks ago. You haven’t filled out anything.”

Looking at the floor, he replied, “I’m not going to either. I’m not going to college.”

“Michael!” She looked perplexed, “We were all going to apply to the same places.”

“Maria, I have to get back to the kitchen.” He returned to the grill with Maria right behind him. “Can’t we talk about this later?”

“Michael, I know you don’t really care about school, but what about our plans?” We were all going to try and get into Las Cruces.”

Flipping the burgers over, he turned to her and rubbed his eyebrow, “Maria, colleges expect their applicants to have high school diplomas. I guess they’re just funny that way.”

“Huh?” Maria was confused.

Michael turned his attention back to fixing plates of burgers and fries, “I’m not graduating, Maria. I don’t have enough credits. Ms. Gresham called me into the guidance office last week. I have two incompletes and my other grades suck anyway.” He shrugged, “Besides, it takes almost everything I make just to keep up the payments for the apartment and my bike. I couldn’t afford college anyway.”

As she began to speak with sympathy, “Oh, Michael…”

Turning into a stonewall, he groused, “It’s not like I care. Now, can we get back to work? These orders are getting cold.”

As a quiet Maria carried out the orders, her brain was already churning.


Maria arrived at school early the next morning and was waiting at the Guidance Office when Ms. Gresham arrived.

Sitting in the chair in front of Ms. Gresham’s desk, Maria pleaded Michael’s case, “I know that Michael has had terrible attendance, he’s blown off assignments, but you know from Michael’s records that he had a horrible home life. He was bounced from home to home, until he ended up with that horrible Hank. Did you know that he used to beat Michael? It was so awful that Michael finally had to apply for emancipation.”

Ms. Gresham looked at Maria with compassion, “Maria, I understand your concern for your boyfriend, and I’m sorry for Michael’s home life, maybe if I’d been here years ago I could have helped, but Michael has waited too late. There is not time for him to complete his courses in order to graduate. But he can always take the GED.”

“Ms. Gresham, Michael could take a GED today and ace it, he is one of the smartest people I know. He can read an article and weeks later quote it almost verbatim. Maybe a GED would get him into community college if he wanted, but he wouldn’t get to walk across the stage and pick up his diploma.” She leaned forward to speak earnestly, “I’m not excusing Michael, just trying to explain. He grew up in a trashy trailer park and no one has ever expected him to be better than that. He acts tough and says he doesn’t care, but I saw his face when he told me he wasn’t going to graduate. He’s ashamed of who he is, and that is just wrong.”

Looking at Maria’s pleading face, Ms. Gresham relented, “Okay, Maria, let me look through his records, and speak with the principal and the teachers for these incomplete classes. If you can get Michael to stop by here this afternoon, I’ll also give him a practice GED, and we’ll see from there.”

A beaming Maria, thanked her, “Oh, he’ll be here, if I have to drag him myself.”


That evening Maria was on break when Michael joined her on the couch and took her hand in his. “Maria, I know I acted like a ungrateful jerk this afternoon when you dragged me to Ms. Gresham’s office," he looked down at her hand avoiding her eyes, "but I do appreciate it, even if nothing comes of it.”

“Michael, I don’t care if you don’t want to go to college, but you should have a choice.” She tilted his face towards hers and gazed at him, “I just want you to be happy, and you’ve had some really lousy breaks since you guys hatched, I just thought it was time you had a good one.”

Leaning over to press a kiss against her cheek, he whispered, “I love you, Blondie.”

“Ditto, Spaceboy.” She whispered as she reached up to brush her lips against his.


Liz came downstairs to see Michael working the grill and Maria garnishing platters. As Maria looked up and saw Liz approaching with her dark locks slightly curled and wearing Max’s favorite red sweater and a pair of hip hugging black jeans, she smiled. “So, what’s tonight’s game plan?”

“Isabel wanted to fix dinner at Michael’s apartment. That’s why I put dibs on one of the cheesecakes, I’m to bring dessert.”

Maria raised an eyebrow, “The four of you are going to eat a whole cheesecake?”

“No, but I thought Michael might like what’s left over.” Liz grinned at Michael who gave her a wink. “And after dinner, I guess we will try our experiment.”

Maria sat the bowl of curly parsley down and with a touch of worry on her face, “Liz, I know I’m the one who suggested this, but…” Liz smiled at her, “Don’t worry, ’ria, we’ll be careful. Besides, we don’t even know if this will work.”

Michael sat two platters down in front of Maria for garnishing, “Damn, I wish we could be there, but after being off all weekend, I need all the shifts I can get this week.”

“That’s alright, Michael. We’ll come back here before you guys finish your shifts.” Liz assured them as she left to go out front just in time to watch Max walk in. She smiled as she watched him approach her in the dark green shirt she had given him for this birthday and khakis. As he gave her that half grin, her heart raced. After greeting each other with a kiss, Liz handed Max the cheesecake while she grabbed the bowl of strawberry sauce, and they were on their way.


As Max and Liz entered Michael’s apartment, they found that Isabel and Alex had slid the furniture back and that Isabel had set up a round card table and chairs in the middle of the room. With the lovely tablecloth and centerpiece of flowers and candles, you’d never guess it was usually used for their mom’s bridge games. Currently Alex, also dressed in khakis partnered with a navy sweater, was setting the table with napkins and silverware as Isabel, casually dressed in a blue jean skirt, black boots and pale blue sweater with her hair up in an attractive twist, was removing a bubbling pan of lasagna from the oven.

“Oh, Isabel,” Liz took a deep breath, “that smells wonderful.” Max smiled, “Izzy makes the best lasagna.”

“Thanks,” Isabel smiled shyly, “but the proof’s in the tasting.” She sat the pan down on a trivet on the breakfast bar beside stacked dinner plates. “I thought we could just set everything out on the bar, fix our plates and then sit at the table.”

Max sat the box with the cheesecake on the counter and walked over to join Alex. Still holding the bowl of strawberry sauce, Liz said, “I’ll just put the cheesecake and sauce in the fridge.” Isabel nodded, “If you take out the salad bowl, you’ll have room, and could you hand me that small carafe? It’s the salad dressing I made earlier.”

As Liz pulled it from the fridge, she sniffed before handing it over to Isabel. “Yum, garlicky.” Isabel grinned, “I called Sera and told her that Kyle was bragging on her salad dressing and asked for the recipe.”

Liz laughed, “So, yummy goodness for us and brownie points for Kyle.”

As Isabel tossed the salad, she asked Liz to pop the garlic bread into the oven. Max dialed KROZ on the stereo and before long the two couples were sitting down to lasagna, salad, garlic bread and iced tea. By silent agreement, there was no discussion as to their real purpose in meeting at Michael’s. For a short while, they were just two couples, four friends, family, enjoying each other’s company and a delicious meal.


Max and Liz insisted on clearing the table since Isabel had worked so hard on their meal. As Max set the dishes to soak, Liz plated slices of cheesecake spooning strawberry sauce on them, which she and Max then carried to the table. As they ate their desserts, Liz scooped up a large berry on her spoon. Just before she slipped it into her mouth, she noticed Max looking at her lips. His eyes rose to hers and she felt a warmth flow through her, she knew he was remembering another time and other strawberries.

After finishing dessert, Max brought the discussion around to Tess and asked Isabel how she wanted to proceed.

“We don’t know what affect, if any, Liz will have on my dreamwalking, but I think we should both be anchored. It might be best if Liz and I sit beside each other on the couch.” She looked over at Alex, “You and Max should sit on either side of us. If I’m under longer than 10 minutes or so, pull us apart, and it should break the dreamwalk.” As Max and Alex nodded their understanding, Isabel smiled at Liz, “Are you ready, Liz?” Biting her lip Liz nodded.

Isabel retrieved the photo of Tess that she received from the Valentis, and the foursome took their places on the couch. Isabel reached to take Liz’s hand in hers, and taking a deep cleansing breath she closed her eyes. Liz also closed her eyes. Max and Alex shared a concerned glance when a few minutes later they saw Liz’s hand and fingers almost immediately begin to flash with tiny lightening streaks that gradually spread to Isabel’s hand.

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Chapter 54

Isabel found herself once again standing in Tess’ tacky motel room. Tess sat propped up on the bed, eating potato chips out of a bag while watching the television. The room was still cluttered with take-out containers. Isabel thought, “Damn, what a slob.” She jumped when she heard “Tell me about it.”

She whirled to see Liz standing beside her, and that they were still holding hands. “Liz! I didn’t know you would come in with me, I just thought you’d boost my powers.” Liz looked around and smiled, “Yeah, kinda wild isn’t it?”

“Omigod,” Isabel looked at Liz with widened eyes, “I’m hearing you in my mind!”

“You’re right. We’re communicating telepathically.” Liz thought back to her in excitement. “This feels so weird.” Liz then pointed at Tess, “So, she doesn’t know we’re here?”

“No, because we are in her subconscious, but once again I can tell that she’s awake.” Isabel explained, “I think we are seeing her in actual time, not just something she’s thinking about.”

They watched as Tess sat up, crumpled the empty snack sack, and tossing it in the general direction of the trashcan. She stood to peek out through the faded curtains, then turning back she walking up to the scarred dresser and poured a cup of coffee from a cheap coffee maker. Taking a few sips of black coffee, she looked into the mirror as she ran her hands through her messy dyed hair.

Liz grimaced, “God, she does look awful.” Isabel nodded, “Told ‘ya.”

When Tess walked into the bathroom, Isabel and Liz immediately found themselves transported into the bathroom with her. She reached under the cabinet and removed what appeared to be a make-up case, but when Tess opened it, she lifted out the top tray of make-up to reveal a box of tampons hidden underneath. Liz turned her head and looked away in disgust, “No way I’m watching this, once was enough.”

“Liz, wait.” Isabel squeezed Liz’s hand, “Tampons! Don’t you see what this means?”

“Of course,” Liz realized, “Tess isn’t pregnant!” They each felt a rush of relief surge through the other. “Kyle and the Sheriff will be so relieved.”

“And Sera, too.” Isabel stated. “No matter how much she cares for Kyle, believing Tess could be pregnant with his baby must have been devastating.”

Remembering those few hours she and Max had believed it, Liz whispered, “I know.”

Hearing a knock at the door, they were suddenly thrust back in the main room as Tess hurried over to the door. “Who is it?” she called. “Who else?” Came a sardonic answer. As Tess opened the door, a familiar pudgy man entered. Liz gasped, “Isabel! That’s him, the alien who caught me at the Crashdown.”

They watched as he put a couple of grocery bags on the dresser and looked around the room. “Damn, Tess, this place is a pig sty.” Unabashed, she just shrugged, “A dump this cheap doesn’t have maid service.”

“And I suppose the Queen is too good to put out the trash?” Looking around, he said, “It’s about time we moved on anyway. I scoped out our little pod people during lunch at their school today.” Liz and Isabel looked at each other in alarm, both wondering how much he had overheard.

Tess asked worriedly, “Did any of them see you?” With a look of disappointment, he said, “Please, of course not. I was just another pimply teen in the crowd. I didn’t get quite close enough to hear them, but the way there were laughing with each other, I’d say it didn’t appear they were looking for you, but we can’t take any chances.” Giving her a smirk, “After all, we must protect the little royal heir. I trust he’s fine?”

Tess rubbed her stomach, she smiled, “Yeah, he’s just fine.”

Isabel looked at Liz in outrage, “That big… fat… liar.” Liz gave Isabel a look, “Uh, remember just who we’re talking about here.”

The man pointed to the bag on the dresser, “I brought enough supplies to last you a couple of days.”

Tess looked dismayed, “You’re leaving again? I’m going stir crazy in this place.”

“No, I’m not going anywhere. What I’m going to do is sleep. You know that shapeshifting takes a lot of energy and thanks to you, I’ve been having to shift a lot the last few days.” He then walked over and jerked all the covers off the bed shaking them out.

Tess watched with indignation, “What are you doing?”

Looking around the room and snerling his nose, he replied, “I have no intention of sleeping in your trash.”

“Oh no you don’t. You are not sleeping in my bed.”

As the alien smirked at her, he said, “Puh-leese, your virtue is always safe with me. Once I revert to my base shape, it’ll take anywhere from 36 to 48 hours to fully recharge. Now, you can either sleep on your side of the bed, or sit up and watch the boob tube, just do not leave this room and do not wake me up unless the Podsquad themselves burst through the door.”

Ignoring her indignant face, he held his hand up and a bright, blinding flash caused not only Tess, but also Liz and Isabel to shield their eyes.

When they looked back, they could not believe their eyes. There stood Ed Harding, and looking at each other, they simultaneously cried out in each other’s minds, “Nasedo!”


Feeling the air around them shimmer, Liz felt as if she were falling. The next thing she was aware of was that she and Isabel were back in Michael’s apartment, an anxious Max and Alex holding them. “Liz!” Max cupped her face, “Are you alright?” She nodded and he looked over at Isabel who was getting the same attention from Alex.

Max looked from one girl to the other, “We had to pull you guys apart.”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, after about 15 minutes we were starting to get worried. But when we saw Liz’s lightening streaks spreading to cover both of your bodies and faces…”

“We were afraid not to pull you out,” Max stated as he wrapped his arms around Liz and lifted her onto his lap, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Isabel looked from Alex to Max, “We’re fine, just a little spent.” Leaning into Alex’s body as he draped his arm across her shoulder, she smiled at Liz. “I had no idea that Liz would be there with me, but I’m glad she was.”

“Omigod, Max!” Liz pulled back and clutched his arm, “You won’t believe what we saw.” She looked over at Isabel, “Isabel, tell them what happened.”

“Okay, Cliff notes version…” Isabel stated excitedly, “Tess’s partner is… Nasedo!”

“Nasedo!” Max blurted out, “That’s impossible.”

Then both girls filled the guys in on everything they saw and heard, and the amazing way they had communicated with each other, finishing up with the startling news that when Tess’ accomplice had shapeshifted it was into none other than Nasedo.

“How can that be?” Max shook his head, “I saw him die. I held him in my arms. Isabel, we saw him turn to dust!”

“Max,” Isabel said, “I know what we saw, but remember who else was there with us? Queen Mindwarp herself.”

“Isabel and I both saw him, Max. He said he had to shift into his base form to rest, then he shifted into Ed Harding.” Liz told him. “He faked his death and Tess helped him.”

“But when Nasedo ‘died’ in Max’s room, Tess was at the Crashdown with us.” Alex reminded them.

Liz looked at Alex, “Remember when she warped Pierce’s men? She and I were in the jeep outside the Crashdown where one agent was, while the other agent was out at Kyle’s house. She was able to warp them both at the same time.”

“I’m not sure what’s worse, believing there was an unknown alien out there against us, or learning that our so-called protector betrayed us.” Isabel lamented.

Taking a deep breath, Max stated, “We need to get everyone over here and fill them in. Since we know that Nasedo is out of commission for a day or two, we should meet tonight.”

“Max, it’s a school night.” Isabel reminded him. “Mom and Dad will have a fit if we all stay out late again tonight after being gone all weekend.”

“Maybe we should just meet early in the morning, before school.” Alex suggested.

Max shrugged, “I guess you’re right.”

Liz suggested, “Why don’t we go back to the Crashdown and fill Michael and Maria in tonight. We can call the others to meet here before school.”


Jim Valenti and Amy Deluca sat in a darkened living room ostensibly watching television. As Jim’s cell phone rang, Amy Deluca broke off their kiss and groaned, “Not again.” Jim shrugged in apology as he answered recognizing the caller ID. After listening to the first few words, Jim addressed his caller using a code to indicate he wasn’t alone. “Sure, I’ll radio him, it’s no problem.” Putting up his phone, he gave Amy a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be right back, I just have to go out to the truck and radio some instructions to one of my deputies.”

After getting into his truck, Valenti pulled out his cell phone and dialed Max back. After a quick briefing, Valenti said he would pass the word on to Kyle, who could notify Sera and Tyler of the meeting. As Jim returned to the house, he felt a pang of guilt at keeping more secrets from Amy.


Maria unlocked the front door of the Crashdown to let the last customers of the night leave. “Goodnight. Please come again.” She smiled. After relocking the door and making sure the closed sign was turned in the correct position, she lowered the blind on the door, then did the same to the windows.

As she carried the last of the dirty dishes to the kitchen, Michael complained as he cleaned the grill, “Where the hell are they? It’s after 10:00. I knew I should have taken the night off.”

Michael had been driving her crazy the last half hour, but she too was beginning to become concerned. “They will be here, Michael.” Maria assured him, “They are probably just waiting until the Crash closes. You know, for privacy.” Hoping she was right and that nothing had gone wrong.

Soon only Michael and Maria were left as the dining area and kitchen had been cleaned and the rest of the staff had left. Michael grabbed up the phone and dialed his apartment for the third time in five minutes, but there was no answer. Just as he hung up with a “Damn,” the back door opened and the foursome walked in.

Maria ran to hug Liz, “Liz, are you okay?” Michael pounced on Max and Isabel, “Where the hell have you been? Maria’s been worried to death.”

Pulling back from Liz, Maria just shook her head at Michael, “I’m not the one who’s been whining ‘where are they’ the last hour.”

“Whatever.” Michael pinned Max with a look, “So what happened, Maxwell? Did you guys learn anything?”

Liz grinned, “Oh lots, like I’m thinking of hiring Isabel to supply lasagna to the diner from now on.”

As Isabel looked in surprise, “Really? Do you think I could?” Max realized that Michael was about to pop his cork, “Take a seat guys, here’s what we learned.”


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Chapter 55

About an hour before the start of school, everyone had arrived at Michael’s. Liz brought Danish and croissants from the diner and placed them on the breakfast bar where Isabel and Maria had set up coffee, milk and juice. Isabel had left the card table up, and everyone grabbed some breakfast and found seats around the apartment.

Kyle sat nervously picking apart his breakfast and looked at Isabel, “Dad said you guys were able to dreamwalk Tess again last night?”

Isabel smiled first at Liz then at Kyle, “Yes, and I was able to bring Liz into the dream plane with me.”

Aware of Kyle’s nervousness, Sera gave him a slight smile and reached for his hand. Liz smiled at them both wanting to put them at ease, “Kyle, there’s good news. We discovered that Tess is not pregnant.” The whole room could almost feel the release of tension as Kyle sagged against his seat. He looked at Isabel and Liz and as he squeezed Sera’s hand he whispered, “Thanks.” The Sheriff offered his own thanks as he reached over to clasp Kyle’s shoulder.

As Liz and Isabel smiled at the couple, Tyler looked over at Max, “I agree that’s great news, but somehow I don’t think that’s why we are all here so early in the morning.”

“No.” Max agreed, “While Liz and Isabel were in Tess’ subconscious, the other alien came to her room. He’s a shapeshifter. He told Tess that because he had been doing a lot of shifting lately, he had to get some rest. When he reverted to his base form, his identity was revealed.” His eyes glanced around, “It was Nasedo.”

“Nasedo?” Valenti sat his coffee cup down as he raised his eyebrows, “As in Dead Nasedo?”

“The one and only.” Maria stated in disgust, popping a bite of croissant in her mouth.

“But you said your protector died.” Tyler looked at the group in confusion.

“He got better.” Michael deadpanned.

“How the hell do you get better from being dust?” Kyle looked from Michael to Max.

Isabel explained, “Tess used her mindwarping powers to make Max believe that Nasedo died in his room, then she made the three of us believe that he turned to dust when we tried to revive him in the podchamber.”

Max picked up, “But actually, he is very much alive. He’s been working with Tess all this time, staying in the background.”

“Actually,” Liz noted, “It looked more like Nasedo was the one in charge. He was certainly bossing Tess around.”

“And apparently there is no honor among thieves,” Isabel noted, “because Tess is lying through her teeth. Nasedo really believes that she’s pregnant. He seemed very concerned with the “royal heir.” She made quote marks with her fingers.

“Guess we know now where those samples came from.” Alex looked over at Max, “You had him posing as Pierce in order to destroy evidence from the Special Unit, but instead he took your samples.”

Tyler shook his head in confusion, “I don’t understand how this happened. The protectors were chosen because their loyalty was unquestionable, and even then they were still encoded to ensure that they protect you.” He stood and paced. “How could he have turned against you?”

Sera looked at Tyler, concerned with his visible distress. “We know that Nasedo had no choice but to help Liz when she was hurt, probably because he was close enough that his encoding kicked in.” Looking to Max, “So, I can only guess that the faked death was so he could stay away and keep you in the dark about your true heritage.”

“And so he wouldn’t have to answer any of our questions.” Isabel added.

Maria snorted, “Wouldn’t you have to ask some first?” Michael glared at Maria as Isabel sat up straight, “I beg your pardon?”

“Please, you don’t have to beg me, we’re friends.” Maria retorted with a grin, “And you can just take that look off your face, Michael Guerin. You know darn good and well that you guys have asked Tyler 90% more than you ever asked Nasedo.”

As Isabel began to sputter, Alex squeezed her hand, “Sorry, sweetie, but she’s got you there.”

Max rubbed his forehead, “You’re both right. We may have been suspicious of Tess at first, but after… after the White Room we just took them at face value.”

Michael stated defensively, “If you will remember, Maxwell, Nasedo died to rescue you, we had no reason to doubt him.”

“He also knew that Tess would have him revived with the healing stones.” Liz reminded him. “What better way to earn your trust?”

“Okay, fine, Maria’s right and we were too trusting.” Isabel grudgingly conceded. “But what if we had asked more? It’s not like he would have told us the truth anyway.”

Maria looked around, “True. All he and Tess ever cared about was the ‘Royal 4’ and trying to pair you off with each other like in those dreams you all had last year.”

Liz looked at Max, “Max, I think the goal of those dreams was not just to try and convince you to pair off, but specifically to get you with Tess so she’d get pregnant.”

“But why?” Isabel wondered, “What good is a ‘royal heir’ here on Earth?”

“Ah, but you have to remember,” Alex held up his finger, “although they had the book, neither Tess nor Nasedo knew how to read it. They didn’t know you weren’t meant to return to Antar.”

Isabel nodded, “And the illustrations did show me and Tess being pregnant, so with Nasedo’s knowledge of our past lives,” Isabel looked at Michael then Max, “maybe they really thought the four of us were supposed to be together, to return to rule or something.”

"No." Tyler shook his head, "Just like me, your protectors should have known that none of us were intended to return. This Nasedo must have some other agenda."

Michael shrugged, “Who the hell knows, I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure.” He looked over at Max, “But one thing we know now is that they are the enemy, and we have to protect the Granolith from them. We need to find that key, Maxwell.” Michael reminded him.

Nodding, Max agreed. “I know, Michael, and you’re right, but I’ve reviewed the alien book translation, and I haven’t found any clues to the location of the key.”

“What about the cave, Max?” Liz asked. “You guys haven’t been back since we went there when Michael got sick. Maybe there’s something, a clue in the map you might recognize now that you didn’t back then.”

“What cave, what map?” Sera asked.

Max gave a brief explanation about Atherton, Marathon, the alien necklace, Riverdog and his connection to Nasedo, the map on the cave wall, how they carried Michael there when he became ill, using the healing stones to balance Michael in order to heal him.

“Liz is right, we should check out that cave. We need to work fast, while Nasedo is still recharging his batteries. Let’s ride out there this morning.”

“Michael, we can’t just ditch school, besides I don’t even know exactly where the cave is. Both times we were out there it was dark and either Eddie or Riverdog led us.”

“Who cares about school? We go out to the reservation and talk to the Dog himself.” Michael seemed ready to run out the door.

“Michael.” Maria laid her hand on his arm, “Did you forget that special project we’re working on in school?”

Michael opened his mouth as if to argue, but seeing Maria’s face and remembering how she went to bat for him, he gritted his teeth and closed his mouth.

“We’ll go this afternoon, Michael,” Max assured him, “right after last period.”

The Sheriff brought up, “Wait, who all is going to go?”

Max looked around as he saw everyone was looking to him, the reluctant leader of their small group. “I think that Tyler and Sera should probably continue to keep a low profile, at least for now, so I think that Liz, Michael, Isabel and I should be the ones to go.”

Liz frowned, “Max, I’m supposed to work a full shift this afternoon. It might raise questions if I ask my Dad to be off again after taking off last night.”

“And Alex and I have Prom committee this afternoon,” Isabel shrugged her shoulders, “so we’ll have to wait until after that.”

“Prom!” Michael exclaimed, “We’re searching for the key to the Granolith, we need to protect it from our enemies, and you’re worried about the Prom?”

“Cool your jets, Spaceboy.” Maria tried to calm Michael who was looking rather apoplectic. “Yes, the Granolith is very important and we are going to work on it, but this is also our Senior Year and Prom is a big deal to us mere mortals.”

“Maria…” Michael began only for Maria to continue as if he had not spoken, “So here’s the plan, I will go with Alex to the Prom meeting, and afterward I’ll cover for Liz at the Crash. That way the four of you can go out to the reservation. You can fill the rest of us in this evening.”

“Okay,” Isabel agreed, “but don’t let anyone take any votes without me there.” She insisted.

As Michael rolled his eyes, Max grinned, “Thanks, Maria, good plan.” He looked to Valenti, “In the meantime, can you work on tracking down those motels with red and blue neon signs?”

“Already working on it, Max, I should have something by this evening.” Valenti looked at his watch, “Now, you kids better get to school now.”

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Araxie HRH, LOL seems you can’t escape CHADS even in ficdom. Max and Liz wanted to get married after Graduation, their parents wanted them to wait until they finished college. They compromised with the winter wedding to give them time to adjust to college. I should have had a part where the parents were secretly hoping the stress of adjusting to college would encourage M/L to want to put it off longer. Sorry for the confusion.


Chapter 56

It was a still sullen Michael who strode through the school hallway after lunch with Maria by his side. As they rounded the corner, they heard a voice, “Michael! Michael Guerin!”

Turning they saw plump Ms. Gresham hurrying towards them, a smile on her face. “I have good news, can you both come to my office? I’ll write you tardy slips for class.”

Minutes later sitting before Ms. Gresham’s desk, Maria anxiously asked. “Good news, right? You said good news?”

Although he was quiet, Ms. Gresham could see the nervousness in Michael’s face. As she adjusted her glasses, she gave him a reassuring smile. “Yes, Maria, it seems that our Mr. Guerin did indeed ace the practice GED test I gave him.” Then turning more serious, she continued. “Michael, the family services system certainly let you down when they placed you with your foster father and the lack of concern on the part of your teachers just added to the problem. You were labeled a troublemaker, but I believe that your poor attitude towards school and education was not due to any lack of intelligence, but rather a result of boredom. In fact, if you had been properly encouraged in your studies, you could very well be making a run for class valedictorian.”

Michael seemed surprised. Until Maria, no one had ever really thought him more than just trailer park trash. Hank had only seen him as a source of extra money and a punching bag. His teachers had looked down on him, thinking he was a dumb slacker. Even Max and Isabel had never expected more of him. He didn’t know what to say.

Luckily, Ms. Gresham continued saving him from having to respond. “After talking with the principal and your teachers, and pulling in some favors, I have arranged for you to do some extra credit work to make up the incomplete classes. Basically, you will be writing term papers and taking makeup tests. Also you have to attend classes regularly from here on out, and bring up your current grades. If we can accomplish all that by the end of May, then Maria and I will get to watch you walk across that stage at Graduation.”

“Oh, Michael, I know you can do it.” Reaching over to grab Michael’s hand Maria bubbled, “And I’ll help you, and you’ll be all caught up in no time.” She was practically bouncing in her seat.

Ms. Gresham smiled at Maria’s exuberance and Michael’s stunned face. She felt a pang of sadness that she and Maria were probably the only ones who had ever encouraged him or shown faith in him. Clearing the lump from her throat, she stated, “Now, Mr. Seligman was a tough sell, so you’d better be on your toes for him. Why don’t you come by here before First Period in the morning, and I’ll have your assignments ready.”

After receiving their tardy slips, Michael and Maria stood to leave. Ms. Gresham moved around her desk and Maria impulsively hugged her before heading out the door. Michael stood awkwardly, rubbing his eyebrow, “Um, thanks.” And then he was gone. Returning to her desk, Ms. Gresham was determined to see that Michael Guerin graduate with the rest of his class.


As Max and Liz approached the jeep that afternoon, they found Michael and Isabel already waiting. Smiling at them, Michael said, “Ready to get this show on the road?”

Climbing into the jeep, Isabel looked over, “Are you feeling alright, Michael? I mean, earlier you were Mr. Grumpy and now – Smiley Face. It’s kind of spooky.”

He barked out a laugh. “Just enjoy it while it lasts, Isabel.”

Once they were on their way, Isabel leaned forward. “Max, exactly what are we going to tell Riverdog? I mean, about why we want to go to the cave?”

Michael shrugged, “Why should we have to say anything? It’s our cave.”

Giving Michael a look in the rearview mirror, Max just shook his head, “It’s not our cave, Michael. The cave is on the reservation, Nasedo just happened to vandalize it.”

Liz turned in her seat so she could look back at Michael and Isabel, “Seriously, don’t you think Riverdog and Eddie deserve to know what’s going on? They’ve both done so much to help us. Riverdog showed us the cave drawing, then he knew how to save Michael, and it was Eddie who found me and carried me to Riverdog. Besides, what if Nasedo were to go back there?”

Isabel looked at Liz, “You think they could be in danger? That Nasedo might hurt them?”

“I don’t know,” Liz admitted, “but in the past Nasedo has been more of ‘shoot now and forget asking questions’ kind of guy. Remember that agent he killed and dumped on the side of the road? Just as a message for Pierce?”

Michael nodded, “Yeah, and when we went in to rescue Max, one of those agents walked in the room while I was transferring the fingerprint, and Nasedo killed him without blinking an eye.”

Isabel leaned forward, “Max? What do you think?”

He squeezed Liz’s hand as he looked back at Isabel, “I guess they should have some kind of warning. It’s not like they don’t already know we’re different.”


Before long, Max pulled into the reservation and stopped the jeep near the trading post where Liz had first come out with the whirlwind necklace and met Riverdog. Michael practically jumped out before the jeep had stopped rolling. Looking around, he asked, “So where’s Riverdog’s house?”

Several young men were lounging about the porch of the trading post. They turned to look when the jeep pulled up nearby. Recognizing a familiar face, Liz hopped from the jeep and called out, “Eddie!” Eddie smiled as his friends looked on in curiosity.

“How are you? How is Riverdog?” Liz beamed a smile. As he looked down at her pretty smiling face, Eddie couldn’t help the way his heart leapt, after all he was only human. “I’m fine,” he smiled, “and Riverdog is also well.” Max walked up and slid his arm around her waist, causing Eddie to grin at the not so subtle proprietary claim. Nodding his head at Michael and Isabel, he looked back at Max and asked, “What brings you out to the reservation?”

“We need to see Riverdog, Eddie.” Liz stated softly.

Eddie looked at the serious looks on their faces and deliberately stepped several feet away from his curious buddies, who couldn’t take their eyes off of tall, blond Isabel. “This is more than just a friendly visit, isn’t it?”

Max nodded and quietly told him, “We need to go out to the cave again, Eddie. If Riverdog is home, it would probably be easier to explain to both of you at the same time.”

A surprised Riverdog opened his door to find himself being hugged by Liz Parker. He smiled, “Welcome, little one.” As he led them all inside, he told them, “This is unexpected.”

Once everyone took seats in the small living room, Max explained that they were searching for an object, something from their past, and that they needed to visit the cave again to see if there were any clues. “We think that perhaps there may be something at the cave that we didn’t know to look for before.”

Michael looked at Riverdog, “We were hoping either you or Eddie could show us how to find the cave.”

“But first,” Isabel started, “we’ve learned some things that you should probably know, about Nasedo.”

“Nasedo.” Riverdog tilted his head and slowly nodded, “So he lives.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes.” Max nodded and then told them about Nasedo and Tess, and how they had turned against them. How Nasedo had faked his death with Tess assistance, how she had used their friends, the Valentis, and that they wanted them to be aware in case Nasedo came back to the cave and the reservation.

Max continued, “We don’t know if the object we’re looking for is in the cave, or if there is even a clue…” and Michael finished, “but if Nasedo did leave something, we need to find it before he comes back.”

“If he hasn’t already taken it.” Liz reminded them. “Since it takes a couple of hours to reach the cave, we were hoping we could go soon.”

“We’ll take the shortcut.” Riverdog told them as he stood.

“Shortcut?” Max asked with a raised eyebrow. Riverdog just smiled, “Before, you were being tested and needed to prove your sincerity, the same when we healed Michael. You had to prove your dedication to his healing. But there is an old trail that I believe your jeep will traverse, leaving only a short way to walk.”

As they headed out the door, Max looked at Liz in disbelief, “Sincerity?” he grumbled, causing Liz to hide a grin behind her hand.


Carrying flashlights, the group arrived at the cave entrance. As the others made their way towards the yawning opening, Liz stood and stared, lost in the memory of the last time she was here.

“Liz? Are you alright?” Max touched her arm. Startled, she turned and gave him a sad smile, “Yeah, it’s just that, you know, the last time we were here, I …” she looked down at the ground, “I let you down, I disappointed you.”

“Liz, no.” He reached to pull her into his arms, tucking her head under his chin. “I was never disappointed in you. Confused at first, but when Riverdog said you weren’t scared of the ritual, but your fear was for someone else, someone you cared for, I knew you were afraid for me.” He nuzzled her temple. “When I came to your balcony that night, and said we needed to take a step back, it wasn’t because I didn’t love you or trust you. I was just so scared and felt so guilty that Michael had gotten sick, and what we had was so new that I let myself think that it was because of us, that being with you had thrown me off balance.”

He tilted her face up and pressed his forehead to hers, “But I was wrong, because you are my balance, Liz. So no more doubts, no more guilt, promise?” Smiling, she whispered, “I promise.” He bent to seal their promise with a kiss. Holding hands, they turned and began walking towards the entrance.


As they neared the area with the map drawing, Riverdog lit several torches and they were able to cut off their flashlights as they stepped into the map chamber.

“Eddie and I will leave you now.” Riverdog said. When Max told them they were welcome to stay, Riverdog just shook his head. “This is your path, Max Evans. We’ll be just outside the cave when you are ready to leave.”

Max thanked him. “We won’t be long.”

When the four were alone, they spent several minutes looking around the chamber but there did not appear to be any gaps in the walls or cracks to indicate any hiding places. They turned to gaze at the map.

“Michael, how did you figure out that these symbols were locations in Roswell?” Liz asked.

He shrugged, “When I was healed, I saw visions. There was this constellation, Aries. I don’t know why, but I just instinctively knew to place a map of Roswell over the drawing and when positioned properly when Aries is overhead, the symbols represent locations.” He pointed to a symbol, “This is the library where Isabel and I left the burning rope symbol, and here’s the foursquare for the Pulman Ranch.”

“What about the other symbols? Do you know what they represent?” Max asked as he moved up to stand beside Michael.

Michael looked at the cave drawing and pointed to a symbol, “I’m pretty sure this one is where the Crashdown is, and I think this is in Frazier Woods, but,” he shook his head, “I can’t remember the others.”

“Michael, you chose the library to leave Nasedo the sign. That symbol must have subconsciously meant something to you.” Isabel noted.

“And we know now that the alien book was hidden in the library.” Max pointed to the library symbol. “Is there any other symbol that stands out?”

Michael stared at the map, but nothing felt familiar. Liz stood slightly behind the other three and when she heard Michael state with frustration that nothing stood out, she stepped up beside him and reached for his hand.

Michael jumped when he felt a mild electric tingle, and looked to see that Liz had taken his hand, her fingers entwined with his. “Try again, Michael. This time, touch the symbols.”

Michael held Liz’s hand in his left and reached out with his right to run his fingers over the symbols. As Max and Isabel looked on, they saw Liz’s hand begin to spark with the familiar green streaks. There was one symbol that when Michael touched it, he felt a slight vibration in his fingers. “This one, it’s vibrating. It must mean something, but I can’t remember where it is.”

“That’s alright, Michael.” Liz squeezed his hand. “We know which symbol it is, so you can just use the map drawing like you did before.”

Michael looked down where he and Liz’s hands were joined, then looking at her face, he grinned, “Yeah, you’re right, I can do that.” When Liz lifted her hand from his, he felt a momentary sensation of loss.

“Wow, Liz, you really are a power booster.” Isabel said in awe.

Max pulled her into an embrace, “That’s my girl,” and kissed her on the temple. “Let’s head back into town, I have the cave map hidden with the healing stones in one of the storage rooms at the UFO Center.”

“The UFO Center?” Isabel looked at him, “Are you crazy?” But Max wasn’t offended, he just grinned, “Can you think of a better place for alien memorabilia? If anyone comes across it, they’ll just think it’s more tourist junk.”

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Note: Remember ARCC never happened, so Brody’s child is healthy in this story.

Chapter 57

As the jeep headed back into town, Michael was chomping at the bit to rush to the UFO Center and navigate the cave drawing.

“Michael, Maria’s already covered for me all afternoon and your shift was supposed to start ten minutes ago.” Liz pointed out. “Right now, we need to work on a cover story for my dad.”

Max looked back at Michael in the rearview mirror, “Besides, Michael, the UFO Center is at its busiest around this time every afternoon. It’s best to wait until after it closes. That way everyone can meet at the same time.”

After arriving at the Crashdown, Liz and Michael both headed to the back to get ready to finish out their shifts. Alex and Kyle were sitting at a booth and waved Max and Isabel over, meanwhile Maria followed Liz into the changing area to be filled in on the cave outing.

When Max left for the UFO Center, Kyle also left to get word to his dad, Sera and Tyler about the meeting at the UFO Center later that night. Isabel turned to Alex with a grin, “I thought they’d never leave.” After leaning over to give him a kiss, she sat back and pining him with a look asked, “Now, what happened at Prom Committee?”


A few minutes after clocking in at the UFO Center, Max approached Brody in his office, and told him that since he knew that Brody’s little daughter, Sydney was visiting, he’d be glad to stay late and close up for him.

“Thank you, Max.” Brody smiled, “With Sydney’s mum living in England, I only get to bring her over a couple times a year.” Looking at his desk, “In fact, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go ahead and leave. There’s nothing here that can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Max spent the next few hours anxiously watching the clock, willing it to move faster. Finally, closing time rolled around and the last stragglers were ushered out of the building. After the other employees left, Max made a final walk through to make sure no one had hidden out, which had been known to happen. Once he was sure the building was empty, he slipped around to the back door and unlocked it, peeking out. Seeing the Sheriff’s SUV parked across the street, Max blinked the light over the door off and back on twice, signaling that the coast was clear to come in.

Valenti, Kyle, Sera and Tyler gathered in the main area of the UFO Center waiting for the others to arrive. As Sera and Tyler walked around, quietly observing the exhibits, Max walked up to them and somewhat sheepishly smiled. “I guess you’re were sort of surprised to learn that I’d choose to work at a place like this?”

Tyler smiled back at him, “Not really. Sort of fits in with the idea of hiding in plain site, don’t you think?”

“The original owner, Milton, was a bona fide UFO nut.” Max said, “Well, maybe nut is a bit harsh, he was really just a nice man who wanted to know the truth. Anyway, I thought this would be a good place to work, I had all sorts of UFO information at hand, access to his computer, and if any UFO sightings happened, Milton would be the first to know.”

“And Brody Davis?” Sera asked.

“Brody is a bit different.” Max explained. “He’s a nice enough guy, believes that he is an alien abductee. He made a fortune in computers, retiring while still in his 20’s. I was surprised that Milton sold the place out, but I guess money talks. Anyway, Brody came in, purchased a bunch of alien hunting gizmos and pretty much just uses the Center as a front for his search for signs of life in the cosmos.”

“Hey, Evans.” Kyle was looking at some of the hieroglyphic exhibits, “Do you suppose any of this stuff has merit? I mean, couldn’t some of this stuff actually be true?”

“Kyle!” Sera exclaimed, a little bit hurt in her voice.

Kyle walked over to wrap his arm around her shoulder and smiled, “Sera, sweetie, you’re very existence proves that there is life out there. Who’s to say that Earth hasn’t been visited by other species from other solar systems? I’ve read Chariot of the Gods, you know.”

“Well, Kyle.” Max shrugged and rubbed his eyebrow, “I’d guess that about 99% of this stuff is nothing but tourist trappings, but who knows? Maybe somewhere in the other 1% there might be something real.”

While waiting for the others to arrive, Valenti informed Max that he had managed to locate several motels with red and blue neon signs that were within a couple hours drive from Roswell, but the closest one was just outside Hondo. “It’s called ‘The Old Glory’ and from what I could discern, it’s a real dump.”

“That sounds like the kind of place Isabel and Liz saw during their dreamwalk.” Max began, only to turn when he heard “Max!” being called out. He smiled as Liz bounded down the steps, followed closely by the others. She and Maria had changed out of their uniforms into comfortable jeans and sweaters. He gave Liz a quick welcoming kiss, “You guys are here earlier than I expected.”

Liz grinned, “Well, Michael developed a sudden stomachache and had to leave.” She looked over and winked at Michael, who just grinned back at her. “Then Maria and I had to leave early so we could go to Maria’s, where I am spending the night helping work on her science project.” Maria walked up and slung her arm around Liz, “Meanwhile, I am spending the night at Liz’s working on the same said science project.”

With everyone there, Max told them what Valenti had learned about the motels. Isabel nodded, “That sounds about right.” She turned to Liz, “Do you feel up to a little dreamwalking later?” Liz nodded.

Max went to retrieve the cave map from it’s hiding place while Michael filled the others in on what had happened earlier out at the cave. When Max returned he laid the cave map drawing out on a table as Sera and Tyler looked on in interest. When asked if the symbols meant anything to them, they both shook their heads. Although the symbols seemed familiar, they couldn’t read them.

Michael then took the map of Roswell he had retrieved from his apartment and positioned it over the drawing. After a few calculations, he froze as he realized just where the vibrating symbol was in relation to the Roswell map. Looking over at Max, he simply stated, “Oh, shit.”

Hearing Michael’s epithet and seeing Max’s face go pale as he backed away from the table, Liz grabbed his arm, “Max? What’s wrong?” Anxiety quickly spread around the room.

“Michael?” Maria asked.

“Eagle Rock.” Michael stated flatly, “It’s Eagle Rock.”


There were several gasps as that name sent chills through the majority of the group. Liz wrapped her arms around Max, whispering “Oh, Max,” she could feel the slight trembling in his body.

Tyler looked first at Max and Liz, and noticing the frowning concern displayed by the others he turned to Valenti, “I take it that Eagle Rock is not an actual rock?” The Sheriff shook his head, “No. Eagle Rock is an old military base, it was used by the FBI Special Unit, and it’s where…” his voice dwindled off.

Sera nodded in understanding, “Where they took Max… the White Room.”

Liz felt Max stiffen at Sera’s words, but he took a deep breath and slightly loosening his hold on Liz, he stated. “I guess we’d better check it out.”

“Max, no, you can’t go back there.” Liz looked up at Max in concern. Looking down at her worried face, he gave her a shaky smile. “It’s okay, Liz. I wish it were anywhere else, but Michael sensed that symbol for a reason. We have to find out if the crystal is there. Besides,” he assured her, “I won’t be alone.”

Kyle spoke up, “Well, at least this time you guys know the layout and how to get in.”

Michael nodded, “That’s true. So Max, what’s the plan? Remember Nasedo may be on the move by tomorrow, so when do we go out there?”

Rubbing his eyebrow, Max answered, “We certainly don’t need to delay, so we’ll go out there tonight.”

“Max, wait.” Valenti spoke up, “I know that it’s supposedly abandoned, but no one knew that the Special Unit had set up there before. You shouldn’t go out there blind. Let me ride out there, do a little reconnaissance.”

“Not alone, Dad.” Kyle insisted. “I’ll go with you, that way if anyone sees us, we’ll just act like we’re coming home from some father/son outing.”

Max nodded, “Okay, you two check it out, but be careful. Don’t take any unnecessary chances.”


Isabel suggested that while the Valentis checked out Eagle Rock, she and Liz should try and dreamwalk Tess again. “Too bad you don’t have picture of Nasedo,” Maria stated, “maybe you guys could learn more about their plans through him.”

“Um, actually…” Valenti started. As all eyes turned to him, he admitted, “After Hubble and Topolsky, I was feeling more protective towards you kids. When Harding brought me that little spy camera, I was afraid you were getting in too deep. So when Max took off for the Hardings’ house that night, I followed. I was hiding in the back of a borrowed car and saw Max meet the others and then go the door. When he and Liz were leaving, I took some pictures and one clearly shows Ed Harding and Tess standing in their doorway.”

Michael glared, “You spied on us, took pictures of us, and just now thought to mention this?”

“After learning the truth, after Max saved Kyle’s life, a handful of pictures just didn’t seem that important. Plus, I admit I was a bit ashamed.” Valenti admitted.

Knowing how Valenti had shown his support for them many times over since the night he helped save Max from the White Room, it was easy to forgive. “It’s okay, Sheriff.” Max shrugged giving him a half smile, “after all, if you hadn’t taken those photos, we wouldn’t have one for Isabel to use now, would we?”

Isabel asked, “You do still have the pictures, don’t you?”

“Yes, they are in a hidden safe in my house.” Valenti assured them. Kyle looked at his dad in surprise, “We have a hidden safe?”

“No, Kyle, I do.” Valenti grinned at him. Looking back at Max, he said, “I’ll go and retrieve the photos and bring them back here, then Kyle and I will ride out to Eagle Rock.”

After the Sheriff left, Alex asked Max if he could use one of the UFO Center computers so he could hack in to see if there were any utilities turned on out at Eagle Rock. While Max, Alex and Liz went to Brody’s office, Michael and Isabel worked on sketching out the floor plan of the base as best they could remember.

First Alex hacked into local government records to locate their mapping of the area where the base was located to get a physical address. Then he turned to the power company, and while the power was not turned on, he stated that it was almost certain that the base would have generators for back up power. He next learned that there was no phone service, but as he told Max, “nowadays they would probably use satellites for their communications.” Hacking into the gas company, he found that no gas lines ran out there, so the base would have to use propane.

His fingers flew over the keyboard. “There are three propane companies in that delivery area, but I can’t find any record of deliveries out to Eagle Rock.” Then Alex smiled, “No water service. Hard to operate any kind of facility without water.”

“What about a well, or trucking water in?” Liz asked. Alex nodded, “That’s certainly a possibility, the same with propane.” Alex looked up at Max, “The only way Eagle Rock is up and running is by generators and trucking in propane, and possibly water. Generators are fairly noisy so the Sheriff and Kyle should be able to tell if any are running, if they can get close enough.”


When the Sheriff returned with the photo of Tess and ‘Ed Harding’, he also brought along a couple of large fast food sacks full of burgers and fries. “I figured that if we’re going to be up most the night, we would probably need some fuel.”

As everyone grabbed a burger, Max retrieved a key from Brody’s office and opened up the soda machines. Max smiled over at Valenti, “Don’t worry, I’ll put some money in later for the drinks.” Then he informed Valenti what Alex had learned about the utilities. Valenti gave Alex a look, “I’m sure I do not want to know how you accessed that information.” “Probably not.” Alex agreed with a grin as he bit into a burger.

The Sheriff looked at his watch and turned to Kyle, “Grab us a couple of burgers, son, and we’ll head on out and do our ride by.”


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Chapter 58

Once all the food had been consumed and the trash disposed of, Isabel took the photo that Valenti had brought. “Liz, shall we try and reach Nasedo?” Nodding, Liz walked over intending to sit beside Isabel on the steps. “Wait,” Max stopped Liz. “Why don’t you guys use the couch in Brody’s office? You’ll be more comfortable.” Once settled on the couch, with Max and Alex sitting on either side of them as anchors, Isabel took Liz’s hand and began the dreamwalk.

Isabel found herself in what looked like an arid desert, but icy cold. The view was blurred, distorted. She felt like she was trying to stand on a waterbed. “Liz?” she called out. “I’m here.” Liz held fast to Isabel’s hand. “What is this place? I feel like I’m about to fall. Is this Nasedo’s dream?”

Isabel felt a coldness seep into her bones, “I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Whatever it is,” she looked at Liz, “there’s nothing here to see. I don’t see any point in staying. Besides, I’m starting to feel seasick”

Liz agreed, “Me too, let’s get out of here.”

Isabel opened her eyes and looked over at Liz as she opened hers. “Are you alright?” she asked. “Yeah, I’m fine, just a little queasy.” Liz responded.

Max pulled Liz close and looked over at his sister. “You were only out a couple of minutes, Isabel, what happened?”

“Nothing.” Isabel told him. “It was all blurry, but nothing was happening. We didn’t see anything.”

Liz looked at the others standing around the room. “It was sort of like standing in the middle of the Sahara desert in the dark of night. No sign of life, no sound…” Isabel continued, “just a vast wasteland.”

“And cold.” Liz shivered, “very cold.”

Isabel looked at Tyler, “What about you, Tyler? Do you have dreams? Or is what we saw with Nasedo normal for aliens?”

“Yes, we dream.” Tyler answered, “I have no explanation for what you saw, or rather did not see, with Nasedo.”

“Maybe he wasn’t asleep, maybe he’s already awake.” Sera speculated.

“But they were able to get through to Tess, and she was awake.” Maria reminded her.

Liz sat up from where had been leaning back against Max, and reached for the photo Isabel held, “Isabel, this is a picture of ‘Ed Harding’, and while that is Nasedo’s base form, it is not who Nasedo really is.”

Isabel looked from the picture to Liz, “So you think I could only dreamwalk Nasedo if he were to revert to his alien form?” Liz shrugged, “It’s a theory.”

“You could try with me.” Tyler offered quietly, indicating his own blond appearance. “I mean, then you’d know if it’s our base forms that’s the hindrance.”

Isabel smiled at the shapeshifter. “You wouldn’t mind?” When he shrugged with a shy smile, Isabel turned to Liz. “Shall we?” In response, Liz just held her hand out to Isabel.

As Liz closed her eyes she found herself standing in a lush field of vibrant colors. Although the view was slightly distorted she could discern strange plants and what appeared to be flying birds. “Isabel, it’s beautiful, like a watercolor.” Isabel nodded, “and look at these flowers.” Looking around she asked Liz, “but do you see anything of Tyler?” Liz shook her head, “No, like with Nasedo, there isn’t anything to show that he’s dreaming or what he’s thinking about.”

Isabel waved a hand at their view, “You know what I think? I think what we are able to see is their characters, their personalities.”

Liz nodded, “Yes, only where this is warm and beautiful, Nasedo’s was ugly and cold.”

As the girls came out of the dreamwalk, Tyler anxiously asked, “Did it work? Could you see me?”

Isabel shook her head, “It was the same as with Nasedo, we couldn’t reach your subconscious.” Then she smiled and looked over at Liz, “but we did discover one thing.”

“What’s that?” He asked hesitantly.

Isabel reached over to grasp his hand, “That while Nasedo is cold and unfeeling, in contrast you are warm and caring. You have a beautiful soul, Tyler.”

Sera smiled up at her blushing protector, “I could have told you that.”


While Tyler endured some good natured teasing from the guys, Max’s cell phone rang. It was Kyle calling to say they were on their way back and that they couldn’t find any signs of inhabitation at Eagle Rock. “Man, it was so dark out there, if it hadn’t been for the moonlight, you wouldn’t even know the base was there.”

After Max hung up, Michael glanced over at the sketch and asked, “So, what’s the plan, Max?”

Max looked around the room, “I think the safest thing would be for Michael, Tyler and I to check out the facility, maybe take Valenti along as backup.” He looked down at Liz, “The rest of you should just go on home. We’ll let you know what we find out.”

“Max, no!” Liz looked at him at disbelief. Clutching his arm, she declared. “There is no way you are going out there without me.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Max.” Isabel was also adamant. “I have as much right to go as you and Michael!”

Maria and Alex chimed in with their own objections, they were a part of this and neither was willing to be left behind. “Besides,” Maria pointed out, “you need Isabel and Liz for the Foursquare, and where Lizzie goes, I go.”

“Oh, for crying out loud, we can’t all go.” Michael thrust his hands through his hair, “We might as well just rent a bus and paint Eagle Rock or Bust on it.”

Tyler spoke up, “Actually, Michael, I believe the saying ‘safety in numbers’ would apply in this situation. Max, perhaps you should devise a plan that includes all of us.”

Looking at the determined looks on their faces, not to mention the stubbornness on Liz and Isabel, he capitulated. “Alright, we all go.” Looking over at Michael, who did not look happy with this change in plans, Max grinned, “But we’ll leave the Eagle Rock or Bust sign behind.”


The Sheriff and Kyle returned with a box containing flashlights, some battery-operated lanterns, a set of walkie-talkies and even some bottles of water. “I brought a couple of my old backpacks,” Kyle pulled one out, “thought it would be easier to carry everything in these.”

Max thanked them, “Good thinking.” Kyle began packing the provisions while Max sent Isabel and Sera to gas up the jeep.

Max asked the Sheriff to join him as they looked at Michael’s rough sketch of the base, the Sheriff and Michael discussed how they got Max out before and how best to proceed getting onto the base and into the facility. Max asked Alex if he could search the county building records to see if they had any blueprints of the base on file.

Sitting on the steps with Maria, Liz watched as Max took charge, he didn’t even realize just how naturally he had stepped into the role. Liz gave Maria a half smile and excused herself. She stood before the sink in the Ladies Room, water running over her hands. Slowly the door opened and Maria peeked in. “Lizzie? You okay?” Liz gave her a shaky smile as Maria came on into the restroom. “Sure, I’m fine.” She turned off the water and reached for a paper towel. “Just feeling a little nervous.”

Maria propped herself against the counter, “Let me guess, right now you are worried about Max going back out to Eagle Rock. It’s understandable you’d feel that way, chica.”

Liz nodded, “I am, but I’m also proud of him, Maria. Look at the way he’s stepped up and taken charge. Even without his alien side, Max is a born leader. It’s just the White Room… Pierce… his recent memories, I can’t help it, I’m just…”

“Worried?” Came a voice from the doorway. Isabel slipped in. “I’m worried about him, too, Liz. But maybe this is what Max needs, to return to that place.”

“Yeah, Liz, like exorcising his demons.” Maria assured her, “Besides, you’ll be with him, and that’s all he really needs.”


Acting on the plan made before leaving, they pulled up as close to the base as they felt safe leaving their vehicles, then prepared to walk the rest of the way. Kyle stopped Max. “Max, wait a minute. I have a better idea on the cars. Let’s go ahead and leave the jeep hidden here in the brush, but since the four of us,” he indicted himself, Valenti, Sera and Tyler, “are going to wait out here and play backup, I think we should move the SUV closer. After all, we might have to haul ass in a hurry, not to mention it will be warmer.”

Michael looked at Kyle, “And if someone comes up and finds you guys sitting there?”

Kyle grinned, “I thought of that. Dad and Tyler can wait in the back seat and the cargo area. Any sign of someone coming and Dad and Tyler can hunker down under some blankets. Sera and I will just pretend to be a couple parking in the moonlight.”

“In the Sheriff’s car?” Michael asked in disbelief.

Kyle grinned, “I’ll just say I didn’t think anyone would bother us in my dad’s car.” He held up his hand, stopping Michael’s next words. “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll just haul ass and double back.”

Everyone piled into the SUV for the final short drive. It was a cramped fit with the Sheriff driving, Tyler riding shotgun with Liz, Sera and Maria sitting on their boyfriend’s laps. Alex and Isabel crawled into the cargo area. Arriving at the fence that surrounded the base, they all piled out. The Sheriff handed Max one of the walkie-talkies and double-checked that Max knew how to work it. Max told him, “I don’t know how long this is going to take, but just to be safe don’t call us unless you’re discovered here. If we find anything, we’ll call you.”

Max handed Michael one of the backpacks while slinging the other over his shoulder. Taking hold of Liz’s hand, he looked to his second in command, “Okay, Michael, lead us in.” Michael used his powers to cut an opening in the chain link fence. Slipping through they left the other four to bundle up and wait. Following Michael, they crept to the entrance of the building.


Entering the facility, Michael shined his flashlight around as they started down a corridor. Winding their way through the building, he grumbled, “I don’t sense anything. I don’t even know where we should begin to look.”

Maria grabbed him arm, “You need to form that foursquare thingy.” Handing Alex her flashlight, she then moved Michael and Isabel to stand side by side. She then positioned Max and Liz to face Michael and Isabel. “Now, join hands and concentrate.” As Maria moved off to the side to join Alex, he slipped his arm around her waist as they watched.

Holding Liz’s hand beside him, Max reached over to take Michael’s, as Liz reached out to take Isabel’s. As they stood linked together, eyes closed in concentration, Max felt energy flooding through him, as if his body were humming in tune with something just out of sight. A sense of awareness that he had never experienced before settled over him and suddenly, inexplicably, he just knew. Opening his eyes, he looked where his hand was joined with Liz’s. Not unexpectedly, their hands were flashing with the green streaks.

“Did you feel that?” Michael asked in surprise. “If you mean a humming sensation, yeah.” Isabel answered, “but I don’t know what it meant.”

“I do.” Max spoke. Although they all dropped hands, he kept a tight hold on Liz’s. “There’s a room, a hidden room.”

“Do you know where, Max?” Isabel asked. He slowly nodded, “Under the White Room.”

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Chapter 59

They turned down hallways, navigated stairwells and finally reached the corridor that lead to the White Room. Michael led the way with Maria sticking close, then came Max and Liz with Isabel and Alex bringing up the rear. As they got closer to the White Room, Liz could feel the trembling in Max’s hand increase. “Max, are you sure you are alright?” He squeezed her hand tighter and whispered, “I’m okay, Liz. I have to be.”

Michael opened a door and they entered the room where he and Nasedo had first seen Max with Pierce through the two-way mirror. The glass that Nasedo had blasted was gone, leaving just the opening. Liz held Max’s hand tightly as they carefully stepped through the opening into the White Room. Thankfully, the room was empty. The table that Max had been strapped to and the cart with the surgical tools were gone. Liz could sense his relief as he let out the breath he had been holding.

Michael looked down, “If there’s a room under here, Maxwell, the entrance must be under this floor covering.” Max squeezed Liz’s hand, and let go of her to wave his hands over the floor. “Here.” He said as he moved to the corner. “There’s something under here. Let’s peel this off.” Michael and Isabel joined him in stretching out their hands and the floor covering began to peel back. After a few minutes a metal trap door was revealed. Max and Michael bent down to pull on the iron ring to lift the door, but it wouldn’t budge. “It’s been welded shut.” Michael pointed out.

“We’ll just have to unweld it then.” Isabel stated. “Shall we?” The three hybrids then used their powers to manipulate the door. Before long, they were able to lift it and there was a rush of stale air. Holding their flashlights and sticking close, the six slowly eased down the narrow stairway.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, they all swept their lights around what appeared to be a small laboratory with a couple of tables, some shelving and wall cabinets. As his light glanced off glass, Alex called out, “Max!” Turning their lights in his direction, they stared in disbelief. “Omigod.” Isabel blurted. She turned to look at Max, “Pods!”

There affixed to the wall were four glass cases, and inside were three pods.

“They’re empty,” Liz stepped behind Max and tugged at his backpack to remove a battery operated lantern. Turning it on, she set it on a table. As Michael shrugged off his own pack, Alex took it from him to remove another lantern. “There were more of you.” Alex stated, “and the Army found them.”

Michael gazed at the pods. “Hal Carver.” he spoke. “I told you guys about him finding the sack with our pods, and how he helped the aliens retrieve them.” He shook his head, “So there was another sack, but they weren’t able to save these.”

Isabel just stared, “But what happened to them?” Alex pulled her close, offering silent comfort.

Liz crossed over to where the pods were affixed in a line, “Four cases, but only three pods.” Looking over her shoulder, she wondered, “So, where’s the fourth?”

Maria spoke up, “Uh, guys? I hate to sound all CSI, but those little doors under the cases look kind of like those morgue things.” She pointed to the little doors underneath each pod unit.

Max looked around at his friends, “I guess there’s only one way to find out.” He cautiously approached the doors. “Max, start with the empty one.” Liz advised, pointing to one on the far left. “Okay.” He reached out a shaky hand to open the small metal door.

Opening the door to reveal a pull out tray, Max slid out an empty tray. Looking back at the anxious faces, he reached for the second door, hesitating slightly when Liz whispered, “Be careful, Max.” He slowly pulled out the tray.

Their expressions turned to horror when they looked upon the preserved corpse of a small baby boy. “Omigod.” Liz exclaimed with her hand over her mouth.

Maria hid her face against Michael, who just stared at the tiny body. As they gathered around the tray, Alex speculated, “Maybe he was just born too soon. After all, you guys were like six when you came out of your pods.”

Liz looked up at the pod stored in the glass case above the drawer and shook her head, “He wasn’t born. He was cut out.” She pointed to each pod. “These pods aren’t torn the way yours were. They’ve been sliced open.” Looking down at the baby, her voice quivered with emotion, “And so was he. Max, these markings,” she looked up with saddened eyes, “they’re incisions, from an autopsy.”

“Oh, God,” Isabel held her hands to her face, “I think I’m going to be sick.” A shaky Alex wrapped his arms around her.

As Max stared at the pitiful little body, Liz’s words echoed in his brain, “from an autopsy… an autopsy… autopsy.” He was once again strapped down to the table while Pierce taunted and threatened him ‘you will tell me what I want to know… take you apart piece by piece... feel every second…’ The doctor began slicing his chest with the scalpel. Fear and pain overwhelmed him, he began hyperventilating, he thought he heard Liz’s voice, “Max! Max!” He felt arms grab at him as the room turned black.


He heard voices, voices that called his name. “Max, Max, can you hear me?” “Is he alright?” “What the hell happened?”

Opening his eyes, he saw the face of an angel, his angel. “Liz?” he whispered. “Oh, Max, you scared me half to death.” He could see the traces of tear tracks on her cheeks. As he reached up to brush her face, he realized he was lying on the floor, his head in her lap as she dabbed his face with a wet cloth. The others hovered around them. “What happened?” he asked.

“You tell us, Maxwell.” Michael’s voice was gruff with worry. “You started huffing and puffing and then just hit the floor.”

Easing up into a sitting position, Max rubbed his face, “Oh, damn, I’m sorry. It was seeing the autopsy cuts, they reminded me of… when…” Liz brushed his bangs back and whispered, “Pierce.” Max nodded, keeping his eyes downcast. “I’m sorry, I’m okay now.”

Maria knelt down beside him, offering him a drink of water from one of the bottles they had brought along. “Here, Max, drink some of this.” Taking the bottle, he smiled his thanks to her. After taking a few sips, he handed the bottle back and stood up with Liz and Michael’s assistance.

On shaky knees Max looked at the two remaining doors with dread, “I’d better check the last two doors.” With his heart pounding he took a deep breath and stepped towards the door. “Max, wait.” Michael stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Let me. After all, I am your second.”

When Max nodded, Michael reached for the next door and pulled out the tray. Lying on the tray was a little girl with blond hair, somewhere between the ages two and three years old, preserved like that of the baby, the little body also showing signs of an autopsy.

“Oh, Isabel,” Maria spoke softly with sorrow in her voice, “she favors you.” At her words, Isabel turned into Alex and began to cry.

As Michael looked at the last door, he felt nauseous. He looked to Max as if waiting for instruction. Liz wrapped her arm around Max’s waist, “We have to know.” He nodded to Michael who reached for the last door and slid the tray out. Liz took one look and her knees buckled. Max caught her, holding her close as they gazed at the little body on the tray. A perfect copy of a six year old Max Evans.


The four left sitting in the SUV were growing anxious as the wait dragged on. “If I’d realized how boring this would be, I’d have brought some cards.” Kyle grumbled. “Or games,” Sera smiled at him, “I like games.” Kyle smiled, “That’s because you always win.” Fixing her with a look, he added, “I’m beginning to suspect that you cheat.” Affecting an innocent face, “Moi?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, you.” Then he leaned over to catch her mouth with his. As the kiss began to linger, Valenti groaned in the back seat, and leaned forward. “Hrmmph, hello. Father sitting right here, feeling uncomfortable.”

Pulling back, Kyle laughed, “Sorry, Dad.”

Just then the walkie-talkie crackled and they all jumped when they heard, “Sheriff?” Grabbing up his unit, he replied, “Valenti here, go ahead.” They recognized Alex’s shaky voice as he said, “Max wants you guys to come on in. We found something.” With apprehension, Valenti asked, “Alex? Is everyone okay?” “Not really, but we are all safe. We’ll meet you at the entrance.”

Exchanging worried looks, they climbed out of the car and headed through the fence and hurried to meet the others.

As Valenti and the others reached the entrance to the building, they found Michael and Alex waiting. All they would say was that Max had discovered a secret room and that they had found something. As they were led them through the corridors, Valenti recognized the area where he had found Michael half carrying Max out from the White Room.

As they entered they saw Isabel sitting on the floor, knees drawn up and her head in her hands. Maria sat beside her rubbing Isabel’s back in an effort to comfort her. Max leaned against a wall with Liz wrapped around him, her cheek pressed against his chest. Valenti approached him, “Max? What’s going on? What the hell did you find?”

Looking at him with sad eyes, Max tilted his head towards the open trap door and answered, “Us.”

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