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Title: Lord Of The Skins
Author: Mon (Lucky Star/Lucky Star82)
Email: dude_wheres_my_life⊕
Category: AU, M/L & CC
Rating: probably just R, but if I do put in NC17 I’ll warn you
Disclaimer: I own it all mwuah ha ha ha! No, I don’t own anything.

Summary: The rightful King of Antar (Max) has come to Earth to save an Earth girl (Liz) from the not-so-rightful King (Kivar)’s evil clutches. He has brought his second-in-command and his wife (Michael & Maria), his sister (Isabel) and his ex-fiancee (Tess) to help him.

Author’s Notes: 1) I got the title from the name of the place where I got my tattoo done so I can’t lay claim to that either. 2) Tess is not evil so don’t hate her. Yes, I
know it’s a bizarre concept for me, but just go with it please *happy* 3) Maria is not an alien, itll be explained in due course. The other four are aliens. 4) I love feedback! 5) Liz is significant, but Im not telling you why yet! *happy* 6) Kivar has an Earth name. 7) Earthlings don’t know about Antar, but Antarians know all about Earth. 8) Liz, Alex and Kyle have just graduated high school, so they’re 17. Liz works as a waitress at the
Crashdown. Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Tess are 19. Antar years are the same as Earth. 9) They’re not shapeshifters, so their Antarian form is the same as their
Earth form. Kivar has changed appearance though, he has a husk.
I think that’s it, if I think of anything else I’ll let you know.

Lord Of The Skins
I watch you pour coffees and talk to people. You live in a mundane world but little do you know how special you are. I will have you soon. And that pathetic boy who called himself a king will be powerless to stop me.

You walk away from me. I am the king, no one walks away from me. I follow you.

* * * * *
“No!” Liz Parker screamed, “Please don’t hurt me, I didn’t mean to...”

She backed up against the wall and hid her face.

“You can’t get away from me,” he smiled menacingly, advancing on her.

* * * * *
“We have to find her before he does,” Max Evans said urgently.

“Calm down girlfriend,” Maria Guerin replied calmly, “we all know that Kivar isn’t exactly the smartest kid in the playground. He’s just the biggest bully. Between your
brains, and my Spaceboy’s sparkling people skills...”

Tess Harding couldn’t hide her snigger. Michael Guerin was not exactly a people person and even though he was her cousin, he didn’t exactly go out of his way for her.

“This isn’t a joke Tess,” Max snapped, “the”

“Whole fate of our planet depends on it, I know,” Tess finished for him.

“Maxwell, we’ll find her,” Michael said determinedly.

If you wanna know more, I need to feel the love, and that means FEEDBACK! (By the way, I'm kidding!) *happy*

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Transparent Clear - I was going to make Tess the evil bitch she usually is in my stories, but then I realised things wouldn't fit if she was. Besides, with all the bad things I'm doing to her in Going Places, I'm starting to run out of ideas! *happy* But in my next fic, which I'm co-writing with Britt (Lizzie_Parker17) she's back to being evil!

As far as the next part, things are not always as they seem. Liz doesn't know anything, so it's gonna be a shock for her!

As far as my tattoo, I was sitting there thinking, "ooh, great name for a fic, better write another one!" *happy*

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I would have updated sooner, but I got a cold, and all the cold & flu medication was making me dopey! And everything I was writing sucked big time. I'm hoping to get the new part out today (probably tomorrow board time), I have the day off work and I'm going on an updating spree! But this is third on the list, behind Going Places and Little Sister (which I really owe an update to). Thankyou guys for the amazing response! Love yas all,

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Lord Of The Skins
Part One
“You know you shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

“Alex I’m sorry,” Liz shrieked, “please put it down.”

Alex Whitman smirked and backed off with the bottle of ketchup. His clothes were covered in mustard, the result of an argument with Liz.

“I’ll get you next time, my pretty,” he laughed.

“And your little dog too,” Kyle Valenti cackled, joining them out the back.

Kyle, Liz and Alex were known around Roswell as the Terrible Trio. They had been friends ever since the first day of kindergarten, when Alex and Kyle had tried to stop
Liz from crying by pulling faces until she laughed. As they had grown up, their friendship had strengthened. When Kyle’s mother left, it had been Liz and Alex that
had sat with him for a week, not saying anything, just being there for him. They were inseparable at school, even though people had ragged on Liz in fifth grade for getting “boy germs”, and ragged on Alex and Kyle in junior high for hanging out with “geeky Parker”. But in high school, people had stopped paying out on them, and started envying them.

Liz was the envy of all the girls for being best friends with the captain of the basketball team and the best musician in school. Kyle had dated most of the girls at West Roswell, causing Liz and Alex to dub him ‘the amazing man-whore’, but he was still one of the nicest people in town. Alex had been voted Most Destined For Fame in the school yearbook, and his band The Whits, gigged all over town.

Liz had grown from a skinny geek to a beautiful young woman in the past couple of years. Even though she shunned the “popular” crowd, she was still one of the most popular people at school. But she didn’t really care about that, she was more interested in hanging out with her two best friends and just chillin’.

Liz just rolled her eyes at their antics. When she had been younger, she had been obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, and Alex and Kyle still teased her every chance they got.

* * * * *
They were there to protect you from me this time, but I’ll soon be rid of them. Then you will be mine. I will leave you with them for now, but I will return.

* * * * *
“Hey did you hear something?” Kyle asked them.

“Yeah it sounded like someone was there,” Alex replied, looking around.

Liz walked over to the door and looked into the alley. She saw someone running up there and disappearing around a corner. They looked vaguely familiar, but she
couldn’t place them. She shrugged and went back inside.

“There was someone there, but I couldn’t see who it was,” she said.

“Ooh Lizzie, you have an admirer,” Kyle joked, hiding his concern.

He would have to talk to Alex about making sure there wasn’t some weirdo hanging around. Liz was like his sister, and he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

* * * * *
“Are we there yet?” Maria asked.

The five were in a beat up old Jeep driving to Roswell. Max was designated Dave, Isabel was asleep in the front seat and Michael, Maria and Tess were sandwiched in the

“That has to be the single most stupid question ever asked,” Tess snapped, “if we were there, we’d be stopped.”

“Fuck off Tess,” Maria snapped back.

Tess stuck her tongue out at Maria who flipped her the bird. Tess then promptly turned Maria’s hair bright orange. Before Maria could retaliate, Max pulled the car
over to the side of the road.

“Get out,” he said icily to Maria and Tess.

“We’re sorry, we’ll be good.” Tess said.

Maria nodded.

“We have to get to Elizabeth Parker before Kivar does, and we don’t have time for your petty squabbling,” Max said harshly, before turning around and starting the car up again.

“Sorry Maria,” Tess mumbled, turning her hair back to blonde.

“I’m sorry too,” Maria replied, reaching over and giving Tess a semi-hug.

Maria and Tess were the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Ever since Maria had been brought to Antar when she was 3 months old, she had been inseparable from Tess. They were not as close to Isabel, because she had been the princess and had been separated from them more. But after the overthrow from the rebels, they had become closer to her. When Tess had broken her engagement to Max, Maria and Isabel had comforted her. Even though it was to have been a political marriage, Tess and Max had been close, and it had been difficult for her to tell him that she could not go through with it. There was little point, the marriage that was to have created the alliance between Antar and Seton would have no effect now. Max was no longer the king.

When Maria had married Michael, Tess had been her maid of honour, with Isabel serving as bridesmaid. There had been some that had not approved of the marriage,
Maria not being Antarian or Setonese, but Tess had pushed for it.

The trouble with them was that they were too alike. Both were impulsive and quick-tempered, but they both got over their rages fast, and did not hold grudges. Their similarities had caused much friction between them over the years, but their bond of friendship kept them together. Plus, they were family now.

“You two should never have been allowed to be friends,” Michael grumbled.

“Oh, you know you love it honey,” Maria said cheerfully climbing into his lap and kissing him.

“Ow watch it,” Tess muttered as she got a foot to the ribs.

Max sighed as he drove, trying to block out the noise from the backseat. He didn’t know what to expect in Roswell, and just hoped he wouldn’t be too late.

Sorry it kind of sucks, but please be nice anyway.

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I really appreciate all the wonderful feedback you guys give me. I get all giddy and dance around the house when I read it! *happy* I'm really sorry about the dela in getting a new part out, I've been in a big blue funk lately and haven't felt like doing much of anything. But I do have part 2, only it's really short. But I'm going to post it anyway. The good news is, I have the next 3 weeks off work, and apart from the 4 days I'm going to Melbourne for, I'll be pretty much working on fics. So hopefully, the new parts will come much faster!

Thanks again for the fb and bumps, and part 2 is in the next post.

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Lord Of The Skins
Part Two
“I doubt it’s anything to worry about,” Liz said, “it was probably just someone from school.”

Kyle nodded, but he wasn’t really convinced. Neither was Alex, but he decided to let it go.

“I had better get out to the masses, mom and dad didn’t leave me in charge for the summer to have me slacking off.”

Liz grabbed her order book off the floor from where she had dropped it during the condiment fight and returned out to the front.

“Do you really think it was just someone being stupid?” Kyle asked Alex once Liz was out of earshot.

“I normally would say yes, but I’ve got this feeling in my gut, like something really bad is going to happen. Like that time...”


Kyle and Alex ran out to the front to keep an eye on Liz.

* * * * *
Maria shivered slightly in the cool air and Michael pulled her closer to him for warmth. It was a little past midnight, but they had finally reached their destination of Roswell. Max pulled the Jeep into the carpark of a motel.

“All out for the night.”

“What do we do now Max?” Tess asked, mainly because she knew that question infuriated him.

Max gave Tess a dirty look as Maria hid her smirk.

“We get some rest, and then we find her.”


Sorry it's so short, but be nice anyway!

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