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Summary: Right after Tess goes bye bye. Liz leaves Roswell to make a name for her self. She puts out her C.Ds then finds out she is going to have a baby. How will Max find out that he is going to be a Daddy?

Part 1 Liz V.O

Today I got a call from Brian. He is my sister's Hubby and he is in to the music bizz. I song some stuff on a c.d. I didn't really think any thing of it. Its me I'm not into the music thing. It was all ways Alex's and Maria's thing.

Here I am in bed with Max. We just made love. I know he and Tess have a baby together. I love him. Love is all about forgive. My heart is in pain.

I'm going to call my sister Val. Ask her what I should do. Family knows best. She will tell me I should go for it. You know what I should. I'll call Maria and tell her.

Max is right next to me sleeping. He looks so cute. I wouder how he will take it?

Feed back please. I'm sorry its sort. I'm not having a good week. My grand-mother is in the hospiatal and I have to go there today. I don't want to go at all. The hospital thing is scary to me.

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Thank you ABBs for the Feed Back!

Part 2

Max wakes up. He looks next to him and sees that Liz is not there. Next to the window there is a letter. He picks it up.

Dear Max,
I'm sorry ,but I had to go. Maria will tell you every thing. Kyle knows so if you need any more info on were I am or what I'm doing. You can ask them.
Love Always
Liz Parker

Here I am in FL. Maria was happy for me. She said she was glade that one of us could get out of Roswell. Kyle asked me to give Britney Sprears his phone number. The taxi is now up to Val's house. Here I go.
(End of V.O)
Val opens the door. VAL:"Hey sis!" LIZ:"Hey!" Val walks Liz in. VAL:"So how was your ride?" LIZ:"It was o.k." They walk into the living room. VAL:"Brian is in the studeio. He is working with LFO." LIZ :"LFO?" VAL:"Yes Rich said that he could write you some songs if you would like." LIZ:"That would be great ,but I was hopeing I could write some of my own songs too.

Feed Back Please. Wich star show Liz go out with? Ya'll pick. BTW for those who don't know LFO is a group of guys. There first song was "Summer Girl".