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Summary: AU. This is the crazy and wacky world of Max and Liz. *big*

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Part 28

Max and Liz walk into their apartment around seven thirty Friday night. After the long, exhausting week, Max wanted nothing more than to spend the next two days locked inside with Liz. Different visions had flooded his mind all day: comfy clothing…order in from that little Italian place on ninth avenue…movie watching while cuddling on the sofa…lovemaking.

Max finds Liz in their bedroom, standing in the closet, removing a tank top. Max’s brown eyes gaze over Liz’s stunning body as she slowly reveals more and more of herself to him: jacket slides, falls, buttons undone, shirt follows, zipper goes south, skirt drops and rests atop already discarded heels…thin, lacey material unclasped and pulled away.

Fresh clothes soon cover parts of her creamy skin and she turns to him, flashing a teasing smile that says ‘enjoy the show?’

A faint blush creeps upon his cheeks as he moves to sit on the bed, while she goes into the bathroom to brush her hair.

Taking her time, Liz runs the comb through her hair, ever so slowly…no motive in mind…well, none other than payback.

Her eyes shift to the angle at which he is best viewed.

‘Button…button…button…button…belt…zipper…button…hello chest, goodbye pants…socks gone…boxers…on?!?’

She stops brushing as her face falls in disappointment.

Damn…he must have foreseen her actions.

Max goes to the dresser and takes out a sleeveless black shirt, pulls it on, then leaves the room with a mischievous grin plastered upon his face.

Ten minutes later, Max lies on the couch, waiting for Liz. He has placed some chips and homemade cheese dip on the coffee table, along with a couple of cold beers. Taking the remote control in his hand, he flicks through the channels. There was nothing on. He stops as Liz comes in the room, hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. When he notices the file folder in her hand, he groans.

She gives him a brief smile, then finds a seat on the carpet between the table and the couch. She leans back against the couch, bends her knees and places the folder on her thighs. Opening it, she begins to study its contents, while reaching for a chip and taking a sip from her beer.

“Lizieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……” Max whines, causing her to look at him annoyed.


“What are you doing? What is that?”

“The Burton case. Opening arguments are Monday.”

“Liz, you couldn’t be more prepared for that case.”

“Not true.”

He gives her an exasperated look. “Fine. Work on it Sunday then.”

“Max – “

“Don’t ‘Max’ me. We’ve hardly had a relaxing night this week and I don’t want to spend this one working or arguing.” He sighs and looks at her sweetly. “Please?”

They stare at one another for a long moment, before she turns away, closes the folder and places it on the table. Grabbing her beer, she climbs on and sits knees-to-chest in the opposite corner. Her hand rests against his ankle as she gazes at the TV, while his face conveys dissatisfaction once again.

“What are we watching?”

“Nothing yet – “ he shakes his head and shifts his foot slightly, causing her to move and her face to finally meet his. “Why are you way over there?”

Her eyes smile at him and she leans forward, placing her beer back down, then turns back to him – his eyes are inviting, his long, muscular arms outstretched.. “Come here,” he whispers.

She straddles him, her face leaning closer, closer, closer as he prepares to give her a rewarding kiss laced with passion. However, she has different ideas, and rests her head on his chest, clinging to him. He wraps an arm about her, using the other to resume his previous search.

“Interview With the Vampire?”

“Too scary,” she shudders.

“I’ll protect you,” he says huskily.

Her eyes meet his as her chin rests on his chest. “Promise?”

He nods and brings his hand to the back of her head, pulling her forward. Lips meet in a gentle kiss, then part – Liz resuming her place on his chest.

With each tug, grasp and cry her body produced, Max felt his opinion of this movie crossing the line from like to love. Every move she makes is slowly driving him insane – yet she remains clueless. It’s only a matter of time, though. He knows if she keeps it up, he won’t be able to control his actions.

More blood. “Ugh,” Liz thinks, “Enough of this…” Dangerous eyes follow dancing fingers as they trace his bicep…a warm, bared foot caressing his leg…feathery kisses teasing his exposed flesh…up, up, up his arm…across his collarbone…

Eyes close amidst this moment of torturous pleasure…breathing becomes difficult as his body is captured by her sweetness…her warmth…lips, tongue and teeth harassing his skin…lick…one…bite…two…kiss…

Strong, masculine hands grip her face, forcing her mouth to his.

They kiss hard…deep…passionately, hungrily…devouring each other as if for the last time…tongues exploring, moans vibrating throughout bodies trembling with overwhelming desire.

Shaken with the intensity of their passion, they pull back gasping, hands reveling in the thrilling sensation of soft skin.

Liz’s hands trail over his chest, along his arms, up to where his hands still hold her face tightly. She grips his wrists and pushes his arms away, then rises, looking into blazing brown eyes that match her own as imaginary designs are drawn on a bold chest by skillful fingers.

Moans escape her mouth and her head falls back as his hands roam her thighs and eventually come to rest on her hips.

Pounding hearts race faster and faster as he sits up, pulling her tighter against him…exchanging hot kisses ravenously.

Momentarily they part ... Liz raises her arms, allowing Max to tear her top away from her body ... they connect again…Max’s tongue savoring the sweet taste of her long neck and shoulders. She helps him remove his own shirt, then wills her hands to roam his chest and back as he continues his attack on her skin.

The glowing embers within are on the verge of becoming hot flames…Liz’s nails scrape up Max’s back, and pull lightly at his hair – forcing his mouth to return to hers.

Desperate for more, Max kisses her forcefully whilst pushing her back to lie on the couch. His hands move down her sides seductively, seeking the waistband of her shorts.

Before he is able to slide them off, a loud banging startles the door, snapping them out of their reverie.


Max looks at Liz – both angry and confused.

“What the hell is SHE doing here?”

“I don’t know,” Liz says thoughtfully, “I thought she had a -“ Gasping, she brings her hand from Max’s neck and to her mouth, closing her eyes. “Oh, no.”


“I was – we were supposed to go out…me and Maria. I can’t believe I forgot.”

The banging resumes as they look at each other flabbergasted. That familiar sincere look forms in Liz’s eyes and Max speaks before she has the chance.

“No way, Liz.”

“But Max – “

“Lizzieeeeeeeeeeee…….” He whines for the second time that night. “You can’t go. Not now.” He kisses her moving from her lips to her neck.

“Max, she’s not going to go away.”


“Ugh. Just ignore her.”

Liz’s eyes flutter shut as he trails kisses down her arm. “What am I gonna tell her tomorrow?”

“That you weren’t feeling well…” he drops his lips on her elbow, “or that you were tired…”

“I’m not tired…” she mutters.

He looks up at her, gazing into her eyes, smiling suggestively. “You will be,” he promises, and she giggles.

Liz’s tense body begins to relax, letting the racket drown out and become almost silent as he suckles her elbow. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Max!”

Maria was about to give up and walk away, until she heard sounds confirming her suspicions.


Feeling Liz pulling away, Max sighs loudly and jumps up, grabbing his shirt. He pulls it on as he reaches the door, unlocking it. Livid, he swings it open, coming face to face with what he would now and forever call his worst enemy – the wicked witch of Boston.


“I can see that,” she replies coldly, able to get a clear view of Liz pulling her clothes on. She brushes past Max and heads in her direction, the look of remorse on Liz’s face calming her somewhat. “Maria –“

“Don’t say anything, okay? I can see you’re sorry – but not sorry enough. You’ve blown me off too many times lately, and you’re not getting away with it tonight.” She shoves a bag at her, taking her arm and pointing her toward the bathroom. “Get dressed. After the week I’ve had I NEED this.”

Liz doesn’t object and obediently leaves the room.

The sound of the front door slamming causes Maria to jump slightly. She turns and meets Max’s eye. They glare at each other as Max walks past her, and moves to sulk on the couch.

“What? You’re not going to offer me a drink?” He refuses to look at her. “You could at least SAY something!”

“What would you like me to say, Maria? ‘Congratulations, you’ve ruined my night’?!?”

“Oh, that’s real mature, Max.”

“Mature? You’re telling me about what’s mature? Take a look at yourself, Maria. Banging on the door and screaming like a maniac…" he looks away getting his anger under control "... ruining all my plans" he mumbles to himself, continuing his thoughts.

Rather than continuing their bickering, they sit in silence for the next few minutes, waiting on Liz. Refusing to sit next to Max, Maria stands with her arms crossed over her chest.

Finally, Liz emerges – making Maria sigh and Max gasp. She’s wearing a short, strappy, silk black dress and matching pumps with a two-inch heel. She looks absolutely divine with her hair pulled up…each and every curve revealed by the perfect fit of her garments.

Max moans inwardly, horrifying thoughts of bars and alcohol and MEN swarming his mind like a pack of hornets. All those cocky jerks that had ONE THING in mind would disregard the fact that she was HIS. His skin crawled at the mere thought of it.

“You ready?”


Liz looks over at Max and smiles, then starts to walk with Maria to the door…but stops.

“Just a second.”

She walks back over to a pitiful looking Max as Maria rolls her eyes. “Hey…” Smiling a little, she leans over him and whispers in his ear.

Slowly, Max’s expression changes from a depressing scowl to a thin line of shock…his bottom lip protrudes and his eyes grow wide as she stands with a satisfied grin on her face. With a pat on the knee, Liz turns and walks out behind Maria.

Max sits in silence, staring up at the door. His original plan of spending the evening thinking up ways to get his vengeance for being deserted in his hour of need... ways to get back at that damn woman for leaving…. was presently pressed at pause. His mind is now more pleasantly preoccupied contemplating the images that Liz had so sexily created for him: 11 pm... negligee… candles…music…BED…

But that’s a lifetime away. How can he wait that long?

He closes his eyes, grumbling. "Cold shower."ksmile

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Part 29

Max’s hands run over his face as the cold water continues to spray like needles on his skin. An hour has passed since he started this deprivation-of-sex-therapy.

After grabbing a towel from the hook outside the shower door, he steps out and dries off. He wraps it around his waist, and then glances at the clock on the opposite wall.

It was only a quarter ‘til ten. He sighs, flicks off the light, and moves into the bedroom.

What to do, what to do?

Getting dressed might be a good start.

He opens his dresser and takes out a pair of black silk boxers, then pulls them on. He thinks maybe getting started on preparations for their make-up session would be smart, but decides against it. It was too early – he knew that despite Liz’s honest nature, she wouldn’t be back at eleven on the dot…especially with ‘party-hardy Maria’ as her companion.

There was no telling where they were. He had half a mind to go looking for them…but he’d be a good boy. Besides…there was something to look forward to. ‘Good things come to those who wait’…substitute ‘good’ for great, fantastic, amazing or incredible and that was the suitable description for what was soon to come.

He shakes his head to clear the thoughts that would most definitely send him running back into the shower.

Bending down to pick up the stray clothes scattered about the room, Max catches sight of something peeking slightly out from underneath the bed. Moving closer, he grins upon discovering Liz’s nightie…or what was left of it.

Only a week ago, she’d worn it for the first and last time. The evening turned extremely intense…and it was needless to say that the material didn’t survive the experience very well: one broken strap and a second split made the item useless for future nights of intimacy. He smirks at the memory and takes the silky cloth into his hands, enjoying the faint smell of her perfume as it tickles his nose. After a moment, he tosses it into the wastebasket, then finishes tidying up.

Having cleared the floor, Max pauses to contemplate any further tasks. The only thing that appeared to be in need of tending was the bed: unmade and cluttered. Law books, file folders, balled up paper and dull pencils lay in the creases of the tangled sheets and comforter.

His earlier statement to Liz about not having a relaxing evening the entire week rang true as the evidence rested in a heap before him.

They had spent every night working into the next morning. Last night they didn’t even share the bed: he woke on the floor, paper stuck to his face, only to find Liz in bed, sleeping atop the mess – her nose stuck in a book. He kissed her softly to bring her out of her slumber, but soon after decided to go in to work late. It was a quarter ‘til eleven when they got up and went in the office. A truly historical moment – he’d never been three minutes late – much less three hours.

By the time he finishes sorting out the pile, thirty minutes have passed. Now, it was time to get busy.

’Let’s review: candles – check, music – check…she’d take care of the negligee…flowers! No. She hadn’t said flowers.’ Oh, well. It’s not like he had anything else to do. He had time to kill, and he might as well be productive in doing so. What was a quick trip to the florist to further please his lady?

Quick trip – hah! Right!

He’d been on the prowl for flowers for damned near an hour! Was it possible for all of the stores to be closed after ten – YES!

So what if he was the only lunatic out for such things at this hour? There had to be SOMETHING open!

No more. It was time to move on. Besides, something told him he’d gotten the situation backwards at some point: was it or was it not LIZ that owed HIM one? Wasn’t it LIZ that was supposed to turn on the charms?

Maybe he was being too hard on her. She and Maria hadn’t spent much time together at all since they got together. And she felt bad. He loved her for it.

Smiling at the thought of her, he turns his face to look out the window. That’s when he saw her. Problem solved.


Max approaches his door with an armful of red roses and unlocks the door. Upon pushing it open, he stops at the threshold – surprised to see Liz’s shoe resting on the floor. He bends down and picks it up, studying it for a moment.

A sexy smile curves upon his lips as he realizes this is where her part came in. He shuts the door and locks it, then continues the journey to his room.

About twelve steps later, Max stops again – wondering eyes discovering her other shoe. He picks it up as well, quickening his pace in anticipation.

He stands before the door – his movements slowed slightly by the teasing presence of her dress upon the knob. Letting out a deep breath, he removes it and allows his foot to break the only remaining barrier.

Candles light up his room – the luscious scents of vanilla and honeysuckle seeping from them as the flames flicker in the darkness. Soft music fills the air, adding a little something extra to the romantic setting. He looks at the bed – turned down neatly in ‘Liz style’ – and notices a piece of paper resting there, beneath her rhinestone hair clip.

He shifts all the items to one arm, and then uses his free hand to remove the clip and retrieve the note.

Max –

Call this a peace offering. Enjoy.

- Maria

Confused, he rereads it, and turns toward the bathroom door.

A bared foot is followed by another as it opens.

His eyes scan her legs – long, long…seemingly endless…creamy and smooth and untouched by anything but dancing candlelight.

Two browns meet another – the latter deeper and embedded in a lacey and rather transparent slip of thin, skimpy and – while pressed against those curves – sexy material. It certainly left nothing to the imagination.

‘Thud, thud. Swoosh, swoosh.’

Max stands there, unable to move – arms fallen lifeless at his sides. He thinks he can hear her voice…somewhere in the recesses of his mind…but remains frozen in place.

Closer and closer she moves, each step only enhancing the actions of his racing heart.

‘Just breathe. Just breathe.’

But his brain pays him no mind.


No answer.


Still no answer.

‘God.’ Either Maria’s *gift* worked better than Liz thought or her previous mistreatment had permanently damaged him.

Concerned, Liz searches his for conformation of the cause, eventually meeting his eyes – the desire and appreciation in them evident at first sight.

Smiling a little, she reaches up and caresses his cheek, then tastes the sweetness of his lips.

Max’s arms encircle her waist, and he deepens her kiss.

“So…do you like my surprise?”
“Like it?!?”

She giggles.

“You look…” He moves his hands up and down her arms, searching for the right words. “You look amazing…” kisses her shoulder, “so beautiful…” kisses her neck, “so incredibly…” he nibbles on her ear lobe, “sexy.”

The huskiness in his voice sends chills up her spine, and her eyes close at his touch. A moment passes, and they open again – only to get lost in his. An eternity goes by, or so it seems, before she speaks.

“Are those for me?” She motions toward the roses at his feet.

“Oh!” He scrambles to get them decent, and then hands them to her. “Here you go…”

“They’re beautiful.”

Bringing them to her nose, she samples their gentle fragrance…a sweet smile rewarding his efforts in reaction. Suddenly, it falls.

“Max….where did you get flowers at this hour?”

“A nice old woman on twenty-second street.”


“Yeah. It was kind of interesting how it happened, actually. You see, I was ready to give up looking for them, and I looked out the window and saw her…she was sitting in the alley way, rubbing her hands over a trash can fire…the roses lying beside her. She smiled at me, and so, I went to her. She just started talking about this couple arguing over something, and how the woman screamed at the guy and threw the flowers or something. ‘A man unwilling to give up.’ Kind of ironic, huh?”

“Yeah,” she laughs.

“Anyway, I spotted her a hundred, and she gave me the roses.”

“Oh….sweet….you’re sweet.” She kisses him. “Thank you.”

“Thank you.” She looks confused. “For all of this…the trail…the candles…THAT…”

“Am I forgiven?” She flashes him a grin.

“You’re getting there…”

“Well, um…” she rubs his chest “is there anything I can do to slam on the gears just a bit?”

‘Gulp.’ He couldn’t move…all he could do was watch her. His eyes travel to her lips…she must have seen, because in that instant she closed their distance, moving them over his…remaining there as long as vitally possible…before tearing away from him, both desperately gasping for breath.



“Now…am I – “

“Shush. Just…keep doing that…”

And she does. Each time their lips rejoined, it was more ferocious…more demanding…their passion throbbing in bodies destined to be one.

It was times like this that they were able to give in to all their wants and needs. Months of confusion, loneliness and heartache ended such a short while ago, and they were still making up for their time apart. The feelings that were always there grew stronger each day, and the nights proved no different as they showed each other that love and devotion in the blissful connection of bodies…hearts…minds…and souls.

The next thing they know, Max and Liz are tangled atop the bed, oblivious to everything but each other. Jeans and cotton join lace and silk on either sides of the bed…flesh meets flesh.

Max’s mouth leaves Liz’s as he searches for more…his lips sucking, teeth biting and fingers dancing upon every inch of her silky skin.

Liz moans as his lips descend on her knees…pleased at the perfection in his touch…thrilled by his pace…slow and deliberate, yet driving her mad with each second gone by. Her hands grasp his head, and she attempts to pull him closer.

He leaves her knees, then takes one of her legs away, pinning it back……paying the same treatment to the other soon after.

Fingers thread, mouths meet, and, at last, they become one.

Hearts pound in heated bodies beaded with sweat, souls search and heavy breaths wind flushed cheeks.

Sighing and moaning…whispering and screaming…

Max collapses against Liz, unable to move.

They cling to each other, reveling in the comforting feel of gentle caresses. He lifts his face, and their eyes meet. Their gaze holds for a long moment, before he leans forward and kisses her forehead…her eye lids…her cheeks…and lips.

Exhausted, Max rests his head on Liz’s chest…sleep overtaking them instantly.


Liz wakes about an hour later – alone.

She stretches in place – currently at the tail end of the bed – then rolls over on her back, her skin chilled by the cool air seeping from the vent. Her hand snakes out as she searches for the sheet, but is undesirably unsuccessful.

Groaning, she lifts her head and finally sees it – lying on the floor beside the bed. She leans down and snatches it, then buries herself beneath it…only to have it pulled away seconds after. A pair of lips descends on her back, and she looks up to face a grinning Max – ice cream carton in one hand, spoon in the other.

“Ice cream?!? Max, you must be crazy!”

“I am. Crazy for you.” He sits down on the edge of the bed, and kisses her shoulder.

“Oh, please.”

“What?!? I thought that was a good line. And what’s wrong with ice cream?”

“It’s COLD!!!! I’m COLD!!!!”

“I’m not.”

“How is that possible? It’s like an ice box in this place!”

He shakes his head. Spotting the comforter – halfway on the nightstand, half on the floor – Max drops the ice cream and reaches for it, Liz shrieking in reaction.


“What now?”

“You goof! The ice cream! You dropped it right on my leg!”

“Whoops! Sorry, baby.” He removes it, then lays beside her, pulling her to him. “Come here. Let’s warm you up.”


Liz snuggles up to Max, and he wraps his arm around her, as well as the blanket.



“Good,” he sighs, kissing the top of her head.

Feeling his arms leave her, Liz looks up at Max.

“What?” She watches him open the carton and dig the spoon in. “Oh…”

“Want a taste?” She shakes her head ‘no’. “Come on…it’s chocolate covered cherries…”


“You know you want some…”

“NO I don’t…I wanna stay warm.”

“Suit yourself.”

Her eyes follow the path of the pink cream dotted with bits of chocolate and cherries to the slight bulge of his bottom lip…lightly touched by the spoon…then dipped onto his waiting tongue…melting slowly by the heat consuming his mouth.

Maybe she wasn’t that cold after all…

“Uh…okay, okay.”


“Okay, I want a taste.” He laughs.


“I thought –“

“Forget what you thought! Give it to me now.”

He shoves the spoon into her mouth. “I knew it,” he chuckles.

“Knew what?”

“That you would cave.”

“You did not.”

“Yes, I did. Liz, this isn’t the first time we ‘lost’ the covers, okay? Every time it happens, you complain about being cold. There’s only one other constant –“

“Which is?”

“You’re hungry.”

“True…but ice cream isn’t gonna cut it, Max.”

“I’m well aware of that Mrs. Evans.”


“Never mind.”

“Ugh. Just shut up, Max.”

Huffing, Liz starts to get up, but Max holds onto her arm, stopping her.

“Where are you going?”

“To get some REAL food.”

“No! Don’t.”

“Max –“

“I have a pizza in the oven.”

Her eyes get big. “Really?!?”

He smiles, nodding.

“I knew I loved you for a reason.”

“Oh, so, that’s the only reason?”

“No…” She kisses him, then rests her chin on his chest. “you also make a mean bowl of chili.”

“Ha, ha, ha.” He rolls them over, so he is lying on top of her. Mischievous fingers tickle her, and she shrieks.

“Stop! Max, stop it! Please!”

He complies, kissing her soundly on the mouth.

“How long?”


“Until the pizza’s done.”

“Forty five minutes.”

“Forty –“ She swats him on the arm.


“Ya couldn’t have found something that would take a little less time, genius?”

“Of course I could have.”

“Well then why didn’t you?!”

“Because you still owe me.”


“You heard me.”

“No way! Not after –“

“Noooooo…I had to stand in a shower shelling ice cubes after you made your little get away.”

“You didn’t…”

“Oh, yes it did. And that’s worthy of a WHOLE night…or two.”


“Yup. So…what do ya say we go ahead and discuss plans for tomorrow night? That way, we can stop all of the chit chat and get to more important things…”

He starts kissing her neck, and Liz sighs little, unbeknownst to Max.

“About tomorrow –“


“Well, that gift from Maria wasn’t only a peace offering…it was also a –“


“Uh, huh.”

Liz moans as Max rolls off of her, onto his back beside her. She props her head up with her elbow, using her free hand to caress his chest.

“It turns out that I was lousy company tonight, and so I owe Maria one as well.”

“And it has to be tomorrow night?”

“Yes. She and I are overdue a talk. She’s had a couple of bad dates and work’s been crazy. We’re going to have a sob fest in our very own living room.”

“In other words, you and Maria are going to be watching Jerry Maguire and Sleepless in Seattle while devouring two pounds if chocolate and finishing off every tissue box available.”

“Basically. God, you make it sound so awful.”

“It is! Especially when you could be with me instead.”

“Max, I know it’s hard for you to understand. But it’s a woman thing. This kind of thing is mandatory.”

His eyes remain focused on the ceiling as she looks down, frustrated. She can hear him mumbling something, but can’t make it out.

“What are you – Max!”

“Liz!” He mimics her tone.

“Quit being such a baby!”

“I’m not!”

“Oh, please! Then, what are you mumbling about?”


“Fine. Baby.”

“Ooh…you’re gonna pay for that one, Liz!”

“I don’t think so. I’ve got enough on my plate as is.”

“Think again. Liz, your –“

He stops as she trails kisses across his chest. Her actions pause as she picks up on his distracted state.

“What, Max?” She resumes the kissing.

“Your –“

She bites his chin, and mumbles ‘yes?’


She rises up abruptly. “Oh, for God’s sake! What?!?”

Max looks away, and down at the floor…sneaking a peek at something resting there.

“Your pizza is gonna burn!”

“Wha – ah!”

A pillow hits her, knocking her back down on the mattress.

“Max, you –“

His mouth hushes her words.

As their passion grows, the ice cream finds home on the floor…the goo seeping into the cracks…and the distinct aroma of burning pizza begins to circle the air.

Unable to deny him, Liz surrenders to a completely different kind of hunger. ksmile

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