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Title: A Whole Lot Of Attitude.
Author : Jeremiah
Rating: Pg 13-NC 17
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing!
Category : M/L
Summary: I just got tired of seeing Liz being the doormat, I figured to give her a whole new attitude.

Part 1

Life Sucks!

No Life MAJORLY Sucks!

How the hell my Dumbass parents do this to me! Fuck this is complete bullshit!

Oh ,By the way my Name is Liz. Liz Parker. And let me tell you a few things about my wonderful little self.(can you just feel my sarcasim here?)

I am Seventeen years old. I have brown hair to my shoulders. Yeah, Yeah I know this is so wonderful. But I am telling you a Fuckin story am I not?


Gee, arent my wonderful Hypercriytes of Parents just super peachy? NOT!

I totally hate my parents, for pulling this shit on me! Oh you want to know what the devil beasts are doing. Fine I will tell you.

They are sending me to a private little snooty school in Vermont. Yep I can feel the fun there. If you cant tell I am being so sarcastic right now.

They think I am a problem child. But My parents are too kind to say it to my face. They just have to talk about me behind my back! Can't you fell the fuckin love?

It all Started when my Sister Rosa died.She was the junkie in the family. I use to be the perfect little daughter. I use to get A's and always be on the honor roll. My parents were so proud of me then. My sister use to be the tarnish one, the spawn of satan, but since she got her fat ass killed by smoking a few too many doobies, I decided to take over the roll of problem child.

I know , it was too kind of me. Huh?

I dont know how many shrinks I have been too, I lost count past the first ten, but you know what they say, a good doctor is only good as his or her secret "Stash."

Now I am on my way to Vermont. Oh Happy Days!

I cant believe I am leaving my so faboulously life so I cant spend time with rich hoochies!

I wonder how they would feel if I slashed their tires on their beemers? Naw! I am not even that sick! Well May be I am.?

You want to know the other thing that bites my ass?

I will be living with roomates!

Cant you believe that shit?

I hope that none of them piss me off, or they will be suffering the consequenses.

Oh Look, we finally made it!

Now I know that my life is soooooooooo complete!

Oh My God! What a Gay Ass Name!

It is called the Academy of Learning.

I call it the Academy that can kiss my white beautiful ass!

My Parents are calling for me.

"Liz, get your stuff."

Right. That was a fuzzy moment. Dont want to get emotional.

"Come on Lizzie, we have to go meet the administrator."


This school is huge as well its almost as size of that Blonde girls boobs.

God I hate this place.

We walk down to the building that says Administation. real original is it?

We go in to see the secatary, telling us to have a seat.

When she is talking, I notice a hot guy coming around the courner. And when I say he's hot I mean he is HOT!

She offers us to take a seat again. I can only wish I can sit on his lap, perferably on his dick!

Oh my is my face turning red at this thought. What the hell is wrong with me? I havent even benn here a few minutes and I am already pouncing on the local meat.

Ooooooohhhhhh, He drop something! Oh wait I think he is about to bend down.YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say is NICE ASS!

I think I am going to like it here.

P.S Please Let me know what you guys all think. I need feedback, so I can learn and become a better fan fic writer! So please leave me feedback please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Authors Note: Wow I am amazed about the amount of feedback I recieved. Thank you for this, it means a lot and I hope you guys really like this, I was tired of seeing Liz as a doormat,so here it is. I hope you guys like this part as well, as you can tell it os from liz's pov.I am not sure if I want to do the others pov, leave me feedback and let me know, if you want the other character's pov's well enough of my babbling. Here is Part 2.

Part 2


I mean can this guy get anymore boing and dull.

I mean come on , how can you make a school as preppy as this, sound exciting. The look on his face as he is trying to explain what a wonderful and relaxing school this is, I came to a conclusion.

This man has no sex life.No life period.

Who am I talking about you might ask. Well I will tell you.

His name is Jim Valenti. he is the big huncho, that runs this place.

And right now , he is trying to sll me on this hell fucking hole.

God he is so pathetic!

All I want to do is see were my godlike man went.I wonder what he is doing. I wonder if he is naked?

God I am the one that is pathetic.

Not even here a full two hours, and I am acting like one of those over heated sluts, that come here.

Well I guess that makes me one of them huh?

And My Parents. Their listening to the man that is going to be in charge of thier daughter for the next four years.

They look like they pity him.

Oh poor Mr.Valenti, he sure got stuck with the child from hell, oh well she is no longer oour burden, Let's do a happy dance!

I know they wouldnt say that to my face, but I know it is what they are thinking.

Well I guess the meeting is over, because my parents, And Mr. Valenti, or what I like to call him Jim Bob are standing up, and thier looking right at me.

"We will Miss you so much, sweetie, but their are alwas holidays, we will come visit."

My mom says to me. They give me a quick hug and kiss, then they are gone.

Love you too, Assholes.

Jim Bob then tells me that he is going to show me were I am staying. He tells me it is one of the only Duplex rooms on the campus, MY room will be connected to a Common room that is connected to the boys room.

Oh How lucky am I?

Here it is. Boy Jim Bob Loves his job! Maybe a little too much.

Room 112A

The room that I am going to spend the next four years in.With roomates to say the least.


Jim Bob knocks on the door. A blonde headed girl opens it, and right away I knew I liked her.

"What the hell do you want?"

The look on Jim Bob's face was priceless, God I wish I could laugh, well out loud any way.

"Nice to see you too Miss. DeLuca! Watch the attitude. here you have a new roomate. Her name is Liz Parker, I take it that you will show er the ropes."

The look on her face was the one one of a pissed of chick.

"Why of course." She replied sarcastically.

Jim Bob Leaves, leaving the two of us alone.

"My name is Maria, Not Miss.DeLuca, as the Dumbass said."

yep, I found my new Best Friend.

"Dont worry, Jim Bob gets on my fuckin nerves too."

She laughs.

We talk for the next hour, going over everything that went in our lives before we were sent to this hell.

Yep, we are friends.

Maria tells me to come with her to the common room. So I can meet the guys.

And Boy am I suprised.

It's my dream guy going at it with the Big boob barbie I saw earlier.

I am so going to kick her fat ass!

Looks like maria feels the same way.

"MAX!!!!!!!!! Can you please get off the fuckin Gerbil for a damn second, I have to show your our new roomate!"

Max.His name was Max. I like it.

Well Maxie boy comes and looks my way.

God those eyes.

They are killer.

He comes over to me, drops the barbie on her ass, I couldnt help but laugh.

"Nice to meet you." His voice said with a lttlr bit of desire in it.

What a fuckin pig!

I mean he was just making out with airhead over ther and here he is trying to get into my pants!

I cant say that I dont want to do, god, look at his fucking body,I mean wow!




"I Mean what is your name?"



"Yeah Liz, can you comprehend?"

Max just gave me a smug smile.

"Nope, I guess being her has turned me into a bonefied Dumbass."

Sense of humor. Gotta love that.

That is when Big boobs, decided to annonce her presence.

"Hi I am Tess."

"Hi Like I care?" I reply. The bitch gets on my neves.

Max Is trying to hold back alaugh, Maria is not even trying.

"I knew I would like you Chica!'' Maria saied as she tried to stop laughing.

Big Boobs I guess was offended.

"Well I never !"

"Yep, and I guess you never will comprehend, so let me say this in words you will understand. Like oh my god! Like you see the door over there! Like use it kay! cuz I dont want to look at your big faked chest and listen to you fuckin annoying voice, Kay!" I use my best valley girl voice.

Tess left the room crying.

Max and Maria were laughing their asses off.

I guess this place isnt so bad.

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Authors Note: Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!

Part 3 - Rating R- For Language

It's been a week since I got dropped off here by my so called loving parents.

Dont tell them this, but I am sorta glad that they did, cuz my roomates turned out to be pretty sweet.

I SWEAR if you tell them that I am going to kick your ass!

Any way, After the whole thing with big boob barbie, Max and I have been cool. Nothings happened yet, But dont worry that wont last for long.

Max he has been pretty cool, actually all my fellow prisoners are. Beside Maria and Max, There are Isabel she is Max's sister,Alex Whitman this dude is one of my best buddies, now he is cool. And there is Michael Guerin. He and Maria fight like bats out of hell, but you know they want to get into each others pants.

I cant blame them, I want to get in to Max's.

Oh boy I want to get into Max's.

Jim Bob, also happens to be our supervisor, that means he checks on us to see if we are being good little boys and girls.

He should see us, when he is not watching. talk about a blast.

They all seem to be the same as me.

Yes, we are all totally screwed up.

And we wouldnt have it any other way.

Oh man there is a knock on the door.

"Liz, are you ready yet we are going to be late for the movie!" Max called.

I dont like to be rushed. When I am rushed, I am not responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I open the door.

"I am soooooooooo sorry Max, I was finishing up Masterbating. You know how long it takes, dont you?"

He is left speechless and his face was bright as a cherry.

Maybe I will let him take my cherry, never know.

What can I say im in the mood to be a naughty girl.

Max is still standing there when I hear him groan. I cant past this oprutinuty up.

"Excuse me Max, what was that?"


"That noise or the little grunt you did sounded like something."


"I mean come on Max, You Must masterbate, dont you."


"Max, you know you just answered that question any way , you know that right, so just say Yes, or No.'

"Yes, sometimes."


"Yes when I m extremly fustrated."

I can help it, I have to tease him and yet let him know what I want.

"Next time you are so fustrated, come get me and I can Resolve that problem for you."

I leave through th front door, and I hear max grunt about being a tease.

Max Evans has another thing coming, and it's in the form of Liz Parker.

I hope he is ready.

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Authors Note: I just want to apologise for those of you that I offended when I used the word gay in my story, I used it as Liz said the name of the school was gay ass name. I didnt mean it to offende any body and I am truly sorry if I did, it wasnt my intention at all, I dont have a problem with people being gay, in fact some of my friends are gay and I am proud of who they are. I just want to let any one that was offended know that I changed the phrase fom gay ass name to dumbass , and again I truly apologise. And I hope it wont stop you from reading my stories. Thank you.
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I will update this tommorrow, I have the part ready.
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Part 4 - Rating R for Language.

Boy you should of been there. It was so much to see Max squirm. I mean how could I not have some fun?

After all I am Liz Parker Right?

You see after we left for the movies, we stopped by to grab something to eat since it was only 5:30 and the movie didnt start until 7:00, we stoped by this little italian restrant, think the name was mario's.

Remember to thank Mario, for that sauce.

You see we all went, Max, Isabel,Alex and Michael and Maria.

We had ordered spagetti, well Me and Max we ordered spagetthi.

And I dont know how the sauce got on his neck?

Honestly I dont? evil smirk.

well it wouldnt be polite for me not to clean it up for him, right? right.

So I did.

I just didnt use a napkin.

Maria and Isabel just snickered, at the look on Max's face, while the guys just had the same exprssion, on thier face.

It was beyond priceless.

I wont even mention what happened when we had dessert.

Ot was almost time for the movie, so we left after we paid the bill of course.

I was not done yet with having fun with Mr.Evans yet, nope not by a long shot.

I just couldnt help my self, when we passed a clothes shop.

"Man I want a pair of those jeans, but the thing is it looks like I wouldnt be able to wear any underwear." Maria whined.

Than You Maria.

"So what underwear is soooooooo overrated, that s why I dont wear any at all." I say to a shocked Max.

But to a shocked and VERY TURNED ON Max.

His pants gave him away.

Maria and Isabel laughed at the boys expressions.

This is cool.

We finally make it to the movies, were going to see some movie called The Shipping News.

I hear it has a stud named , god what is his name? Idontknow but it looks good.

So we arrive, and Max is still quiet and turned on , he is mumbling about how payback is going to be a bitch.

I just cant wait.

The movie finishes, its good, it stars the guy that plays that alien on that one show. What is it called.

Oh yeah 'Roswell'

But no candle to Max.

We arrive back at our suite, and that is when he turns the tables on me.

Wait, I guess you dont want to know about that? Maybe you do? well I will tell next time.

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if I get feedback, I will update again tonight!
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Aiuthors Note: I want to thank every one for the wonderful feedback! it sure helps to know that you guys like this story! So no more babbling, here is the next Part......

Part 5 - Rating R

Well we were back at the dorm. Yeah I know, what a fucking blast? Right?

Normally, that remark would be covered in sarcasim, but it was so totally not.......

And I have that thanks to Max.

You see I got him good, tonight. Especially licking his neck and telling him I dont wear any undies, well that was such a blast.

But now it's just me and Max in the dorm, ALL ALONE?

What ever should we do?

Sorry, but I like my mind to be in the gutter.

What can I say, im a city girl!

I know that Max is planning something to get back at me, its just I dont think he knows is that I WANT him to get back at me.

Yes I know, I am being upfront about things! But it gets you more of what you want, instead of being quiet and laid back, like the saying goes, to get what you want, you have to do it yourself. or was it get it you selfs?

All I know, is I WANT to DO Max Evans.

There is that whole upfront thing again.

Oh, God here he comes.

Wait, is the heater on?

Damn, It's on FULL BLAST!

Then he talks to me.

"Liz, do you think its hot in here?" Max asks me.

No Shit Sherlock you turned the heater on!

I only nod my head.

"Me too, I hope you dont mind." He says as he takes of his shirt.

Giving me a perfect view of that goregous chest of his, with the tight muscles and the curves of his six pack.

I think it is getting little hotter.

"I want to listen to some music." Max replies as he puts on some classical shit.

What the Fuck?

"Want something to drink? Liz?" Max asks with a smile on his face.

Oh Yeah, if he wants to play, lets play!

"Yeah, I want something, how about some water."

"No Problem.But first I will be right back." Max then goes to his room.

Wonder what he has planned.

Now I know.

He comes back in just his boxers, his silky black boxers.

I want to touch it!

I mean them.

Oh, what it, I want to touch HIM!

"Sorry about that, I had to get out of my pants, it is just a little hotter then I expected."

Watch and Learn.

"No Problem Max, It is getting a little MILD! In here, and since your not so shy, neither am I!"

His eyes look like their about to bug out.

"GOD! This shirt is unbearable." I say as I pulled my white tank top over my head just leaving me in my bra.

The look on his face....So Much desire....So Much Passion.

If I was still a virgin, I would defenitly lose it, just by the look he is giving me now.

I think I see sweat dripping off him.

Oh wait, he is starting to get a little sweaty.

Damn! He didnt have to turn it up this much!

"Max, were is my water.'


He is horny as hell.

So am I.


"Were is my water, YOU said you would get me all wet."

I want to see his little reaction, to what I said.

Yep, horny.

"Oh, forgive me, I meant to say a drink! You must think I am a bad girl!''

This is soooooooooooooooo much fun.

"Sooo.....Sooo....Sorry." He agains stutters.

A part of me wants him to give in and go to him, but what fun is that, I want Max Evans to cum...sorry I mean come to me.

Sorry. What can I say, I just got to be me.

He brings, me my water, but his look is diffrent.

I have a feeling the tables are about to be turned.

This is going to be one Hell Of a night.

P.S Let me know what you guys think of this part, this is the first time I tried to write a sexual part, or racy or what ever, please I know this sucks, but let me know if you want a little hotter, this again is my first attempt to write NC 17. so feedback is a must!
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I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful feedback! it sure means a lot. I plan on updating this later on today, may be I will get to do either Reversal or Roswell Junior as well, thanks.
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Sorry about the wait, here is part 6. it isnt NC 17 yet, that will be coming up soon....

Part 6

Could his mouth get any bigger, I mean by the way that he is staring at me, it looks like he never saw a woman before in nothing but her bra and panties. I can feel his hot stare over my body, looking , exploring with his eyes.

if I didnt have such an attitude or a agenda I would give him what he wants, and that would be to Fuck me senseless tell I'll black out.

Not that I would object or anything, but what fun would that be? I know it would be a hell of a lot of fun, but it is more fun this way. That way when we do have sex, it will be him that is wanting, and panting and blacking out from the mind blowing earth shattering sex.

Did I just see him touch himself?

Thank you Max. For an idea.

"Oh God, I dont think I have ever felt so hot and bothered in my life."

"What, Liz?"

"You did noticed that it is hot in here? right max?"

"No,kidding! really I thought it was just right."

"I have to be honest with you Max."

"What is that Liz."

"When it becomes hot, I dont know why and I dont know when , I guess it's some fetish or something."

"Fetish..." Max stumbles on the word.

This is going to be so much fun, hell I will get pleasure out of it too, can I ask for anything more.

"When I feel hot, when the temp is above temp. I dont know, I am so embarresed."

"Dont be, were friends , friends tell each other everything."

"Well this is personal."

"Come on Liz, Tell me." his husky voice as he whispers into my ear.

Wait? How the hell did he get so close?

"When I get hot, I get horny."

"Horny..." His eyes full of desire as he says that to me.


How does he do that?

"Yes.And I find a way to take care of it." I couldnt let him play with me, so while I said that, I couldnt help the bulge in his boxers, and I figured were to go from here.

"H...ho.....howww." Max tries to speak but his desire gets the best of him.

"Want me to show you?"


"Well I need to take these off." I say as I take my panties off. " Then I take this off as well." There goes my bra. And Max id just staring and I could see his face starting to perpsire and I dont think it is from the heater.

This is going to be a hell of a night.

"Like the view."

'' HELL YES!" Max says as he tries and touch me.

"Not now, I want you to watch."

"I'll try,and behave."

"Good, oh is starting to ache."

"What baby?"

"My Vagina."

"I'll take care of that."

"Behave! Go sit down or no show.'

He's a guy.He sits down.


And there is no other way that I would perfer.

"God, my curls are all wet, can you see Max, And ohhhhhh Yessssss, that feels so good!" I move my hand over my clit and start rubing it.

"MMMmmmmmnnnnnn Baby." Max groans as he throws his head back in pleasure.

Oh yes, this is fun.

"Mmmm, Yes oohhhh yessssssssss.....Yes." I slide a finger into my wet and hungry heat,pretending it is Max's Cock that is giving me the pleasure. I slowly re open my eyes to see the affect I am having on Max and the sight nearly well, I can lie, I alsmost cummed.

He was pleasuring himself as well. he had slid his boxers off, and now he was rubbing his master shaft.

"Lizzzzzz, ooooh your so tight.''

He thinks I am the one giving him that? A smile crept on my face. I couldnt help it.



"I said continue, Fuck yourself."

"Only if you Fuck yourself."

"I dont see that as a problem." He says as he continues jacking off.

"ok, oohmmmmmmmm Maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Yyyessssssssssssssssssssssssssss" I scream out my orgasim, it felt so good. but as not as good as what I saw.

"Fuckkkkkkkk! Lizzzzzzzzzz. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Max throws his head back and his face shows all the pleasure he is feeling, as he shoots all over himself.

What else could I do, I cleaned it up.

P.S I know this sucked! im sorry please leave me feedback on weither you liked it or not, So I can lnow wiether to continue with The NC17. Thanks!

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I plan on updating this hopefully tomorrow, or wednesday the latest. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!
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PART 7- NC 17

Have you ever experienced the best Sex of your life? And you didnt even Fuck each other? Well that is what happened to me the other night during Mine and Max's little escapade. Just seeing him so turned on from the what I was doing turned me on even more! And I had the best orgasim of my entire life. And I thought Max had a great body before, but just seeing him naked was worth while. I felt like a little girl that was in a toy store before christmas. I mean are guys suppose to have that kind of body?

Thank God I have Max as a co-roommate! I just have to knock on that door and there I could see him do push ups, wishing he was going down on me.

I Know I have a libido like a guy. Life is pretty sweet.

And now Max has been giving me evil glares, saying he wants to do what we did again, I want to do what we did again, but I have to make him beg for it.

There's a knock.

Damn who is that? I open the door pissed, some one interupted my fantasys of Max and they are going to pay! I open the door to a.......


"Want to have some more fun baby?" Max says as he is standing in all his wonderful NAKED glory.

All I can do is open the door further so he could come in. I cant be rude now can I?

"Speechless?" Max said with a smirk.

"Nice." I say while I appreciate the view.

"Thanks , I try." Max said his voice full of desire.

"What Kind of Fun do you have in mind?" I ask.

"This..." Max replies as he crushes his luscious mouth to mine and we fall back on the fllor from the pressure of our desire.

"Sorry about that." Max said as he didnt want to hurt me.

"Talk Later, Fuck me NOW!" I scream as I try and take off my clothes.

"NO! Let me." Max says as he rips my shirt off.

"Sorry, I will buy you another."

"I hated that shirt anyway." I say as our lips find their way back to each others, and then he picks me up and throws me on the bed. He then proceeds to take my pants off, he is then suprised.

"What I told you I dont wear underwear."

"I thought you were joking."

"Talk LATER Fuck NOW! remember." As I say in a bit of a testy mood, What can I say when Im in the mood, Im in the Mood.

"Right." Max replies as he moves his lips to my wet and hot clit.He starts to slowly lick his way up and down , up and down,then he hurries the speed.

"Oh Goddddd!" I scream I pure enjoyment.

"Enjoy that?"

"Yessss!" I reply.

"Good." He then takes his pinky finger and enters my vagina. And oh god! He has hands to kill.


He pushes in.








In,Out Faster Harder.

I think Im going to die. Then I know I am going to die when he decides to pay attention to my behind.

"Baby, can I do you behind."

"Yes." That is all it takes. I feel his hot and hard cock enter my tight little ass.

"DAMN! You are so tight!I Love it! Tight and So Tight." Max grunted. He then started to move inside me. From front his fingers still entering my vagina and his Delicous cock entering my ass.













Not can I feel him , But I can hear how hard he is fucking my ass. And damn it feels soooooooooo good!




He fucks me nice and hard for a while. Then he desides to switch postions. He then moves his cock in my vagina.

"Spread your legs."

I spread them as far as possible. Then I feel On fire.

His thrusts start off slow and easy then gradually moves faster and I scream.


Our sweat soked bodys banging each other you can hear them sloshing against one another. Max then pulls me up and he sits straight up.

"Ride Me."

And that is what I do. I ride his cock so hard he screams and cries in estacy.


That goes on about another few minutes. Then we introduce ourselves to the desk, The shower, Yhe hallway(No One was there, Unfortunetly) The bed,The wall,and the floor.

We had a busy night.

P.S Please let me know what you think. I Plan on Max and Liz falling in love with each other eventually. But they are still at the part were is nothing but sex. But I am adreamer, and I believe there is more to thier realtionship then lust, so please dont think they are going to do nothing but screw. I will have them realise that it is something more, later on the line. Thanks! Please this is really my first time writing a love scene so please feedback is a must. Thanks.

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Have you ever had the moment were everything feels like it is changing? The moment were you thought everything to be one way and it turns the other. Well be prepared for a shocker ladies and gentlemen But Liz Parker might actually want a Relationship!

I Know what a shock!

Were is this coming from you might ask?

To tell you the truth , I dont know how it happened quite myself. When ever I had been with a guy, usually it is just for the sex. But This is not a usual case. The Sex with Max was beyond how it was with anyone else.It never felt as good. The way that he held me, the way he craved my body, It makes my entire body shiver.

What is happening to me?

When has Liz Parker ever wanted more with a guy then just a roll in the hay? But I do. I want something with substance then just what is physical. Even thought that is a major perk! But there is a major problem.

I am scared to death! I dont know what these feelings are. I am afraid of what this all means. I have never felt this way before. I think ....I Think...I can say it....

I Think I am In love!

Oh My God!

What the HELL am I going to do?

This will change everything that I am. And that is what terrifies me to death.


When did my life become such an over the top soap opera! Before I never had to deal with all this emotional crap! I mean I never felt like this when I was a child, because that would take my parents loving me. And my sister died and that was when my life went straight to hell. And then I had to go and meet Max and that was when I became so confused.

I have come to a conclusion. I decided to tell Max about the feelings that I have started to have for him. Ok so I am just going to go over now and tell him.

Yep, I am going to spill my guts and see were it takes me. I can get what I want most. Or I could be completely humilated.

What to do? What to do?

Liz Parker is no fraidy cat! I am going to go for it. What do they say, If it dosent kill you it will make you stronger.

And when I went to see Max, That was when I knew they were full of shit.

I cant believe that I ever thought this could work out. Anything never does work out for Liz Parker. I should be use to it by now.Right?

Then why does it hurt so bad?

P.S I hope you like this part. If I get feedback I will try and update sooner then later.

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Have you ever had the moment were everything feels like it is changing? The moment were you thought everything to be one way and it turns the other. Well be prepared for a shocker ladies and gentlemen But Liz Parker might actually want a Relationship!

I Know what a shock!

Were is this coming from you might ask?

To tell you the truth , I dont know how it happened quite myself. When ever I had been with a guy, usually it is just for the sex. But This is not a usual case. The Sex with Max was beyond how it was with anyone else.It never felt as good. The way that he held me, the way he craved my body, It makes my entire body shiver.

What is happening to me?

When has Liz Parker ever wanted more with a guy then just a roll in the hay? But I do. I want something with substance then just what is physical. Even thought that is a major perk! But there is a major problem.

I am scared to death! I dont know what these feelings are. I am afraid of what this all means. I have never felt this way before. I think ....I Think...I can say it....

I Think I am In love!

Oh My God!

What the HELL am I going to do?

This will change everything that I am. And that is what terrifies me to death.


When did my life become such an over the top soap opera! Before I never had to deal with all this emotional crap! I mean I never felt like this when I was a child, because that would take my parents loving me. And my sister died and that was when my life went straight to hell. And then I had to go and meet Max and that was when I became so confused.

I have come to a conclusion. I decided to tell Max about the feelings that I have started to have for him. Ok so I am just going to go over now and tell him.

Yep, I am going to spill my guts and see were it takes me. I can get what I want most. Or I could be completely humilated.

What to do? What to do?

Liz Parker is no fraidy cat! I am going to go for it. What do they say, If it dosent kill you it will make you stronger.

And when I went to see Max, That was when I knew they were full of shit.

I cant believe that I ever thought this could work out. Anything never does work out for Liz Parker. I should be use to it by now.Right?

Then why does it hurt so bad?

P.S I hope you like this part. If I get feedback I will try and update sooner then later.

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Part 9

Hi, its me again. I know it's been a whiile since we last talked. Well nothing has changed much except that now, I am getting none.

That's right ladies and folks, Liz Parker told Max Evans he could go screw himself, that I was done doing it for him.

Now you might wonder how could so much have changed since last time. Well I will tell you. It turns out that everyones little sweetheart maxie, is nothing but your average dog. You know when I had that crazy assumption about thinking I was in LOVE with him, well he just proved to me that it was totally crazy! I could never be with some one like him.

Especially since I got him Fucking that big boob barbie doll! thats right, when I went to tell him that I was falling in love with him, There he was riding miss thang like there was no tomorrow.

I Hate That Bitch! I Really do, she is so fake! I mean come on what is so damn fasinating about a Gerbil like her!

I really that that he was deffrent! I mean it felt like it was something real! God! how could I be so stupid!
But no It turns all princes are nothing but your average toads! Well That just goes to show you, that I am incable of having someone love me. That the only goodthing I am good for is mattress tag. I am glad that it happened now, instead of later so I wouldnt have wasted so much of my precious time on a loser like him.

Why does it hurt so bad? Whay do I feel like I am going to be sick everytime I think about it? It is so not worth it to think about and waste my time. As of this moment Max Evans is nothing to me, except a boy trying to pose as a real man. I am completely done. He can have his little gerbil, But there is no way in hell that he is keeping me as his little twinkie! I am worth a hell of a lot more!

Yeah parker, keep telling yourself that and Maybe You might start to believe it!

Oh shit! there is some one at the door. Why do I always seemed to get bugged when I dont want to be around anyone?


"Liz, its me." Oh Great the Asshole himself.

"I said Go away!" I try and not let him no how much I am hurting.

"Not until we talk." Max said.

"I dont want to talk to you."

"We need to deal with this."

"Its fine!"I tell him as I opened the door.

"Come on Liz, its not fine."

"So were is the gerbil."


"Your little fuck buddie."

Then I see the color drain from his face. it is a pleasent sight.

"You...You saw that?" He stumbles with the words. Because your guilty Jackass.

"I..IIII Did." I mock him. The Oversexed jerk!

"Liz, you have to believe me, that It meant nothing! I was wasted at the tim and tess, she just showed up and I was NO , I am not trying to explain it, there are no excuses, for what I did." Oh look the poor little puppy, giving me his best puppy dog eyes.

Not going to work.

"It's alright, max it wasnt like we were in a relationship or anything, it was mutual sex between two Adults. It was nothing." I say coldly , I know I am being harsh, but who cares?

"It was something,I know it now. I was completely stupid! please liz give us a chance! I want to prove to you that we could work! I know what I did was wrong and unexcusable but I want to start fresh. Please I am so sorry. What do you say, well we be able to start again?" max pleaded with me, It sounded like he lost something that night too. I give him my answer.

I Kick him in the Balls and slam the door in his face.

P.S I hope you enjoy this part, sorry for the wait. And just to let you know I am a COMPLETE Dreamer, so have a little faith.
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Part 10 : Paybacks a bitch! - R for Language. liz's Pissed.

Men are such fuckin dogs, I swear the only good thing that they do is play with their balls and fuck! It is the only good thing they do.

Hell what am I saying it is the only thing they do.

You should see him. it is quite a lovely site. Him begging like a dog.

Like a fuckin dog!

Well he can just go pee on someone's elses leg.

Hell he already screwed someone else, what is the deffrence.

Ok and some of you might go , well you two were not in a serious relationship, and you guys would be right.

But if you are man enough to go scre, you are or you should be man enough to know that emotions are involved.

I have to admit that at first , all I was thinking was with my libido as well, but here is the deffrence.

I didnt go and fuck someone else, Right after I Fucked him.

He says he was drunk. He says he is sorry. And that is just fine and dandy.

He can be sorry for all he wants. it wont make a single deffrence.

I am not taking him back!

Well not with out punishment. Now that is what this night is for. To teach Max Evans to stop thinking with his dick, and use his brain. I know that is a hard concept for you GUYS to follow but it will be done!

I am not going to let him get me so easily. I still Have those damn feelings of love for him, and I most likely will take him back, but not until I say so. Not till I say that he is ready and deserves to be with me.

That is why I got this plan. I thought....

Why should he be the only one to taste other fruit? I have every right to do the same, and that is what I plan on doing exactly.

And he is going to watch.







I know, I am a cold harded bitch with a grudge. What can I say? I dont tolerate being played.

And tonight max will know that.


I am a dick! How could I screwd that trash? I mean I was drunk and all, but I should of known better. I know that Liz and I werent in what you would call a normal relationship but it was something. In fact that night I was going to tell her that I wanted something more. But no I goot distracted with the party.



DAMN ME! Ugh! I should have my dick cut off! First because Of what I did to Liz. And second, I dont want to know what I might get from tess, I never know what kind od disease that she carries.

Now because of one STUPID mistake, I have blown what could of been the best thing in my life.

But I am not giving up! No, Not by a long shot.

Liz Parker has another thing coming if she thinks it is over.

It is far from over.

P.S I jope you guys are like this. I am afraid that this story is winding down. It has only about two more parts left to it. and then it is done. Please feedback is crucial.

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Part 11~Teaser!

Who to fuck? Who to fuck? That is the question. How will I ever choose someone to do it with so I can get back at max! Who does he hate the most?

How can I make it good enough to see Max suffer?

Man! this is really hard!

Not finding a guy, there is endless supplies there, I just need to find the right one.

The one that will Make Max regret ever screwing the Gerbil!

Then I have an Idea.

I cant believe I just thought of this!

He is so going to hate it!

It is brilliant.

I just have to go ask some one if I could borrow their boyfriend for a second.

I just hope Michael goes for my plan!

AN: I might come back and post some more, if I get feedback!
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Part 12

Well I am totally screwed! I have to come up with the perfect plan to get back at Max!

I thought I had it. But I changed my mind, plus the thought of sleeping with Michael nearly made me sick to my stomach! I mean doont get me wrong and all, I think michael is cute in all but I see him more like a friend kinda like a brother. Besides Maria is my best friend , So I cant do that to her.

But there has to be a way to get back at him.

What is so mean and cruel that I can use.

It take me a while but I finally got it!

Man this is cruel. Even cruel for me. But I love it!

Max Evans has no idea what he is in for.


Here we are. At dinner. He is grinning like there was no tomorrow. It almost makes me feel bad.

Hence the word Almost.

That skanky ho is going to get what is coming to his loose dick.

When I told him that I wanted to make up with him he had no idea that it was just a trick.

He is apologising left and right. again I almost feel bad.


He is giving me his puppy dog eyes. It makes me want to melt. Come on Liz, You can be strong!

I can do this.

I can do this.

I can do this.

I WILL do this.

We end up going back to the dorm. Were my little suprise is waiting for him.

"Max, are you willing to do this for me?"

"I will do anything for you liz,I just want to say that I am the luckiest man on the face of this planet that you are willing to give me another chance, Even I dont deserve it. I mean it Liz, I know what we had before was about the sex, and it was Great, it was more then great but I want something more..."

I cut him off, I am still pissed at him and I have a feeling that if he continues, I wouldnt be able to do this.

"Max,I ask again are you sure you will do this for me?"

"I will. It is a little kinky, But What the hell. I do anything for you."

"That is great, Max Now strip!"

"Yes, Mam!" he says sarcastically. He smiles.

Damn Him! He is making me feel guilty

"Come on."

"Ok.Finished." He says.As he is standing in the nude. Damn, what A site to behold.

"Liz." He pulls me out of my thoughts.


"Can we go inside Now, it is starting to get cold out here." He says with a laugh.

"My pleasure."

I Open the door. I run ahead and turn on the lights. I try and not to look at his face. or it will hurt to much.

I am bound for punishment. I look at him.

The color is drained from his face. I can see the tears of embaressemnt forming. He looks at me.

"I guess you got your payback now Uh Liz?" He says like a little boy .

I am not going to cry.

He deserved this.


"I thought you wanted .... never mind..I was completely stupid." Max says. he sounds like he is about to lose it. Then we our interupted by my so called Revenge.

"Well this is Pam Troy with academy News, I think this is a first and all, I To actually catch a naked Max evans on camera for the whole televison audience. Max, How does it feel to know that millions of people are going to see you naked? How does it feel to know that you brought shame on your family name? How does it feel to know every one is going to laugh at you? and to remember this?" Pam says trying not to laugh. But it is no use. In fact everyone is laughing. Everyone that Liz invited to a so call party.

Max was beyond humiliated. He just looked at Liz, with tears pooling at his eyes.

"I didnt know some one Could hate me so much. But You do , Liz you hate me." He says. Then he runs out picking up his clothes from the ground outside and runs off. Leaving a remorseful Liz behind.

"What the hell have I done?

P.S I hope you like this part! Feedback please!
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Part 13

He hates me. He hates me. I mean really hates me. And I bet your windering how would I know that since we havent talked.

I tried. he wont talk.

That is how I know that he hates me.

He dosent talk to me.

I know I shouldnt care. especially the way that he slept with the thing.

So I got revenge.

He should of expected that from me. if he knows me so well.

I got a few high fives and smirks from Maria and Isabel.

That should make me feel better right? I mean come on who needs a guy in their life?

All that was between us was the Sex.

Now that it is over. There is no reason to cry over spill milk.

Time to get back up and dust myself off. time to find a new horse to ride.

Then why do I feel so guilty?

I mean he is the one that cheated.


Can I even say that word?

I mean , yes we had sex, amazing sex but we never really did announce it as a relationship. so can I even say what he did consituts as cheating?


I Mean come on when you are man enought to stick with your dick! you are old enough as well to Tell someone that you want to Sleep with some one else! I mean come on it is the only fair thing to do.

I am brought out of my thoughts by a bang on the door.

I open to see who it is.

guess who.

Yep, you have been watching your soap operas!

Of course it is Max.

Who else could it be. Feel my sarcasm.

He speaks.

"Liz, we need to talk."

P.S the next part is the Talk. this story is coming to a close. Finally ! Feedback please.
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Part 14

"You want to talk?" I ask all smug.

"Yes." He says as he cares. I can feel the love.

"Why Now? Why not when I wanted to talk?"

"I was still humiliated and hurt."

"You were WHAT!"

"I was embarresed, By what you did to me, I know I hurt you by sleeping with Tess but I apologised over and over and I thought you accepted it, But I guess it was nothing but a game."

All I can think now at this time is What an Ass!

"You got what you deserved!"

"No One deserves what you did to me!" His voice his getting higher. I know he has a right to be mad and all, But still he could be a little more sorry.

"Well then you shouldnt have screwed the slut."

"I said I was sorry how many time! I mean come on It wasnt like we were officially a couple yet!"

He so did not just say that!

"Well then we should never haved FUCKED THEN!" I cant believe what he said!

"Liz, please look I am sorry I said what I did. I apologise for sleeping with her, And I am sorry that I hurt you. That was never my intention. Please I want us to start again. Now if I was just in it for the Sex, I wouldnt even try for another chance."

"Oh Lucky me!"

"Liz! Can you stop being so damn sarcastic for one single second!" Max was starting to get fustrated.

"I cant! If I do, then I wouldnt know what to do! It is the only thing I know!" I cant believe I just admitted to that.

"Please let me in. I want this, I want us....I want you."

Why am I so weak? I am pathetic Right? Go ahead You have every right to call me that. Because I am. I am taking him back. I know we have a road that we need to go on, before everything is forgiven, But what can I do. I love him.

"I...." he cuts me off.

"Liz, I Love You."

He said WHAT!?!"

"What did you say?"

"I said I Love You!" Max says with a smile.

And what a gorgeous smile he has. See I am total putty.

"I love you too." I let that slip! I cant believe I just said that to another person!

But it is the truth.

I do Love Max Evans, and aparently he love me too.

P.S I jope you guys enjoy this, I will try and get the last part of this out tomorrow.
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Yes, I am still here. I survived the whole express your emotion session that I had with Max.


I told him I loved him.

And that's the truth. I do love him, so Much in fact that it scares me.

It amases me to feel this way about another someone. I thought Love was an emotion that I would never feel.

But Here I am Liz Parker, and I am In Love with Max Evans.

And in a funny way , I have my parents to thank for that. If they didnt decide to move me up here, I would never would have meet Max.

That Is just Great. I have something to be grateful for my parents. Please I am begging of you. Please dont tell them that.

They would never let me forget.

And that is something, I wouldnt be able to tolerate.

Now back to Max.

He loves me too.

Now aint that scary?

Who would of thought that little lizzie Parker would find love and happiness with another person?

I sure as Hell didnt think it could happen.

But here I am in love. I am in love.

Oh God , Can someone PLEASE Help Me?

P.S I know this is short, Please tell me what you think. I promise to make the next part longer.

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AN: Dont hate me,Everything happens for a reason in this story.

Part 16 - A Year Later.


I use to hate that word. I use to hate it with a passion. But Now, It dosent seem so bad. In fact, It was exactly what I needed. look Liz Parker liking Change. now I am pretty sure it is snowing in hell.

But who cares?

I am finally happy.

Me Liz Parker, the one whose parents didnt want. The person that had nothing when I came here, but Now has everything. good Grades in school. A Group of friends that feel more like family. And a boyfriend that I love the most.

Yeah, Max and I are together. And I never had been this happy. And you want to know what is the best part is?

We havent had sex in over a year. not before the whole thing with tess happened. Now that is a shock. I used to always seem to have sex. but then I realised that I just use it as a confort that I needed. I dont even think I even felt emotion through it before. Before I meet Max. before Max I use to have sex for just what I thought I needed. But somehow it is Deffrent now.

Im in Love. And I know that max loves me. Now talk about a shock.

Someone actually loves me.

Isnt that amasing.

That is were I am headed now. I am on my way to see Max at the restuarant. the one were We all went that night. I cant believe how much things have changed.


Enough with This sappy stuff.

Now I have to cross the street to make it on time. Look at me. Liz Parker giddy over some guy. But he is not just a guy. He happens to be MINE.

Things sure has channnnnnnnnngggggg....

Then the world went black as Liz Parker didnt see the car that Ran that red light.

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Part 17- Love Heals Old Wounds

Max's Pov

Today, I got the shit knocked out of me. I Almost lost the one person that I cherished most in this world.

And it had to take for a Damn car to Run her over to realise how short life really is.

I saw the whole thing happen.

I was at our table by the front window. I saw her walking to the cross walk. she looked so beautful. The way that she moved, the way her hair was lightly blowing in the wind.

Then that asshole came and nearly took her away from me. I swear, I never wanted to kill some one so much In My life.

I couldnt breath when the car impacted with her. I swear. I felt like the car hit me too. I ....The Pain. It brought me down to my knees, the pain was so much.

Then I saw her. I saw lying on the pavement. Blood marring that beautful face. I had to go to her.

I had never ran so fast in my life. By the time I got to her, her pulse was barely there. All I knew was that I couldnt lose her.

I couldnt.

I couldnt.

The ambulance finally pulled up. By the time we got to the hospital her heart stopped. They rushed her into the ER. They were finally to restart her heart.

The surgery took over an hour. It seemed like a lifetime.

I guess God heard my prayer. Because I got her here with me.

When I first saw her open those beautful brown eyes. I knew. I knew that I couldnt survive with out her by my side.

But I do have to admit that a Part of me is glad that It happened. Now please dont go throwing stones at me. I wish Liz didnt get hurt. I was talking about the meaning. I realise what an imature boy I was before I meet Liz. I mean going from one girl to the next. It was wrong and hurtful to the girls I was with. It taught me how to appreciate what was around me. It made want to go from a little boy to a man. I need to grow up and take care of my responsibilites.

Yesterday was Gone Nothing I can do about the past. But today is the start of a future I want. The one that I want with Liz.

Now I Just hope that she says Yes.

3 years later.

"CLAUDIA PARKER EVANS! Come back here!" Liz yelled as she chased her two year old down the hall. Getting her to take a bath was a real challenge in itself.

"No bath momma!" Claudia said as he giggled down the hall. She loved to have fun with her momma.

Time to bring out the secret weapon.


Claudia stopped in her little tracks.

"DaDa?" Her little voice squeaked out.

Max came around the corner smiling at his wife and daughter. How many times have they been through this. No matter how many times, he still enjoyed this. Spending the time with his family.

"Come on little one, time for a bath." Max said in his little voice that he only used for his little girl.

"Me No Bath!" Claudia pleaded with her daddy.

"Come on Not even for Your favorite daddy?"

"You only daddy." Claudia laughed. Her daddy could be so silly. That is why she loves him. She loves her mommy too.

"Now come on Please , lets get a bath." Max scooped up his daughter and lead her to the tub. To take her bath.

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