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Hey Guyz... Okay, first of all, I'm back! I had to take a Roswell break and I really didn't mean to just leave without warning, but I did! Sooooo sorry! Anywho, I have been working super hard on this New Fic and I hope you guys like it. I also Promise to Update 'Never say Never' Soon with a TON of new parts! I might even start posting another story I have been working on... just maybe... Well, enough of my babbling! Here it is, and don't forget, I NEED FEEDBACK FROM U GUYZ!

Title = My Princess
Author = Kylie a.k.a BehrFanatic007
Rating = PG-13 to NC17
Disclaimer = We all kno that I don't own anything!
Summary = Liz, Max, Micheal and Isabel are the aliens. Liz was separted from the others and adopted by the Parkers. She and her family move around a lot, and as they are headed toward Roswell, where Max awaits for her. M/M, A/I, and GOOD {not Evil!} Tess/Kyle!

~*~My Princess~*~
~*~Part 1~*~
Prince Zan glanced around the crowded room, his eyes searching for his princess. He sat perched in a large, wooded thrown graced with rare jewels and beautiful gold lettering. His parents, the king and queen of Antar, had organized the ball. He was to meet for the first time the woman whom he had been promised to since before his birth. She was the Princess of the planet Granitin, A great power in the east. Antar and Granitin had been allies since the beginning of time, and now the two royal heirs were to be wed. Having never seen the Princess before, he didn’t know what to look for. ‘Where is she!’ he thought desperately, glancing from one unfamiliar face to the next.
“We have arrived.” The coach driver announced. She shook in fright. What if he didn’t like her? What if her rejected her as his wife and sent her away? The unanswerable questions flew through her mind, causing worry to overcome her.
“Are you ready dear?” Her father asked her gently. He knew how doubtful she was about her destiny with the Prince of Antar, but he was also sure that everything would be fine. She and Zan had been destined for each other before history was decided. It was said that once the two were wed, they would bring great victory and success to both Antar and Granitin. Glancing back at his only daughter, he smiled lightly. “Lets go.” He led his daughter to the door of the carriage and as soon as the door opened, he gave her a gentle push, and she gracefully stepped out of the beautiful cab.
Pushing all worry to the back of her mind, she stepped out of the large carriage that had taken her from her childhood innocence to her very adult future. Glancing upward with pride, she realized that she would have to put on her brave face and be the beautiful Princess her father was so very proud of. She was the talk of everyone on Antar. Everyone wanted to know what she looked like, who this mysterious princess was that was promised to their Prince, the son of their savior. She heard multiple gasps around her, but she held her head high, a bright yet sly smile gracing her beautiful features. Her eyes searched out her husband to be with hidden fear, hoping that he would like her. Her eyes found those of her destiny. Moving gracefully toward him, she left her father far behind her, as he talked to guests. She stopped, lost in his amber eyes, which never left hers as her neared her. When he reached her, his hand came up to touch her cheek, bringing her closer to him. He brought his mouth close to his ear and whispered slowly. “I could not have been promised a more beautiful wife, I knew I loved you when you first
stepped out of that carriage. I love you, Elizabeth”

Liz woke up, gasping from her dream. She shut her eyes, the pain in her head taking over her. Breathing deeply, she stared out of her skylight window overhead as she whispered into the night. “I love you too…”

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Thanks for the feedback so far. I just couldn't help myself, I am already postin another part! It is kinda short but I will be updatin often so... Hope you enjoy, MORE FEEDBACK PLEASE!
Part 2
Staring out the car window blankly, Liz sighed. The dreams had been haunting her lately, more so than usual, causing longing to take over her. She missed them, yet she didn’t know who ‘them’ was. All she did know was that they consisted of her best friend, her brother, and her soul mate. Squeezing her eyes shut, she glanced to the front seat at her parents. The Parkers were moving yet again. She was so different from her parents. They were filled with so much joy each time they left there home, in search of a new town to settle down in. Yet Liz dreaded it, having to leave right when she began to make friends, get used to her surroundings. Each time she saw the smiles on her parents’ faces, her heart would break a little more. These people had no idea what their daughter really was. They had no idea that she was the queen of a far away planet and that her family was somewhere on the earth, probably not knowing where she was. The flashes haunted her, sending her into emotional overdrive. “Are we really moving all the way to New Mexico?” She asked without emotion, already knowing the answer.
“Yes, dear. I’m sure you will meet a lot of nice people where we are going. Your mother and I lived in Roswell before you came to us, and now that we have pretty much lived in every other state in the U.S., staying in Roswell for a while sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?” Her father asked, a wide smile spread across his face.
“Sure dad, it sounds just peachy.” Liz answered automatically. Sighing yet again, she continued to stare out the window. ‘What a boring town, who would want to live in Roswell anyway?’
“Order up!” Michael Guerin shouted without looking up from the grill. It was a busy Sunday morning, and it seemed as tho everyone in Roswell was at the Crash, waiting for their breakfast. “Come on Maria, the food is getting cold! Get your little blonde behind over here and feed these hungry people!” He hollered again, looking up to search for the little blonde spitfire he was proud to call his girlfriend.
“For Buddha’s sake, Michael! Could you be a bigger pain in the ass? It is a Sunday, Sunday = Rush, Rush = Slow service. These people are expecting to get their food slowly, duh! Plus, I have been working my bum off all morning trying to earn decent tips here so I can have enough money for our trip this summer. I suggest you do the same and put your FANNY INTO GEAR! You got me? Good!” She finished turning on her heel.
“She talks about me being a pain in the ass… she is the one that is causing me one hell of a headache. Goodness, can’t she be ...” He trailed off as his head snapped up. He was feeling that pull again, as if someone was coming to Roswell, someone who shared the ‘alien status’. His eyes darted toward the door, and his eyes locked with a pair, the same brown color as his. “What the hell…” He muttered, the food cooking on the grill long forgotten.

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Okay, here is a new part. It is kinda boring, it explains a few things. Also, I changed my mind, TESS IS EVIL! lol, okay, here is the next part. FEEDBACK PLEASE!

Part 3
Isabel Evans sat upright in surprise when she heard the front door open. She had been lying on the couch, zoning out. She had a weird feeling lately, a pull, like someone was coming for her. She knew Michael was feeling it too, and Max as well. But, he tried to hide it. Max hadn’t been to chipper lately, after he found out what happened to his so-called ‘Soul Mate’. It all started with Tess. When she moved to Roswell, she had immediately found Max and tried to explain to him what she knew. Tess had grown up with a guy called ‘Nasedo’. He was some sort of Alien protector, but we still don’t know how Tess ended up with him. Anyways, When Max found out about his ‘Soul Mate’ he was ecstatic. You see, Max had been having dreams, dreams about some raven hair beauty, as he put it, on some far away planet. When Tess told him about his past, he immediately knew the girl from his dreams was his soul mate. But, of coarse, Tess had to squash his joy and told him that she had died. That some ‘Alien mafia’ had killed her and was headed for Max, Michael, and Isabel. He had been gloomy ever since and had shut the world out. With the new feelings that Isabel was having, she began to wonder if what Tess had said had been entirely truthful.
“Hey Is, Michael just called me, said it was urgent, he wants us to meet him at the Crash in 10 minutes.” Max informed her quickly, sighing.
Her heart broke for her brother. She knew he must be feeling a lot of pain right now. “Alright, let go.” She answered, slipping on a pair of blue Prada flip-flops. She headed toward the jeep, climbing in next to her brother. ‘I wonder what Michael has got himself into this time…’ she thought as Max pulled the Jeep out of the driveway.
“Lizzie, this was the old hang out when your mother and I grew up in Roswell. She and her best friends Diane Goldman and Amy Deluca were waitresses, and my old pal Phil Evans and I came up them everyday to see them. It turns out that Phillip and Diane got married. I think they still live here in Roswell.” He father babbled to her as they stepped into a crowded diner.
“Wow dad, maybe you guys will see them. That would be cool.” Liz answered back without thinking, already knowing what her father wanted to hear. Her eyes searched the small diner, and locked with eyes the same color as hers. She thought she was looking into a mirror, and she stepped closer, headed toward the owner of those eyes. When she reached the counter, she shook out of her trance, and stopped walking. She saw the guy swallow hard and head toward her.
“Hi, I’m Michael, are you new here?” He asked reluctantly.
“Um… yeah. I’m Liz parker, today is my first day.” She answered with a bright smile.
“You seem really familiar. I must be crazy… I thought maybe I had met you…” Liz cut him off before he could continue.
“Are you my brother? Are you an Alien?”

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Here is part 4. I kno it is kinda short... but I will update tommarow! Skool is over and I will have a lot more time to update!

*Chapter 4*
“What do you mean, she is coming back?” She screamed at the man, her ice blue eyes shooting death rays at him.
“I can feel her, she is headed to Roswell.” He explained, staring at the floor.
“NO! She can’t come back! Max is mine! She can’t have him! We have got to get rid of her!” She screeched, her blonde curls bouncing up and down as she shook with anger.
“Are you saying that you want to kill the queen?” he asked, his fear suddenly evident.
“Well, DUH! If she finds them, and they find out that she isn’t dead, where will that leave me? They will hate me for lying to them!” She shouted, pacing rapidly.
“I’m sorry Tess, but I can not kill her. It is not possible. I was created to protect the royal four; I cannot harm any of them in any way.” He explained calmly.
“Fine! I will just have to take care of that little bitch myself!”
“My sister is dead. Tess told me she was dead. You are like, FBI, aren’t you? You are here to get me and Max and Isabel. OH SHIT! I shouldn’t have told you that. Just leave us alone!” Michael replied with anger and worry, quickly running into the back room.
Liz sat in confusion. He had to be her brother. She was feeling the undeniable vibes coming off of him in waves. He was screaming into the universe that he was an alien. And who was Tess? Why did she tell them that she was dead? All of the sudden, her head began to throb uncontrollably. She shook her head in pain, resting it on the counter. Tears escaped her eyes as she tried to fight the ache. It took everything she had to look up, and she saw a small blonde staring holes in the back of her head. ‘She is trying to kill me, to fry my brain!’ she thought in concern.
Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Squinted her eyes; she unleashed a huge ball of destructive energy toward the gerbil. Suddenly, the pain inside her head stopped, and she turned around to witness the blonde running from the booth, her head in her hands.
Liz felt a rush of exhaustion come over her. She hadn’t even been in Roswell for a day and she had already found two aliens, one that refused to believe that she was his sister and another that had tried to kill her.
“Hi! I’m Maria and I will be your server today. What can I get you, doll face?” a perky blonde asked her.
She had to get out of Roswell, she thought suddenly. She had to get away from that ugly gerbil that had tried to end her existence. But, what about her parents? And what about her brother. He said something about an Isabel and Max. What if they were the others? But, what about the risk involved. Sighing, she looked up at Maria. She noticed that she was a very pretty girl. She had long blonde hair that sat in waves on her shoulders and beautiful green eyes. She already liked the girl, even if she was jealous of her beauty.
“Um… I was wondering if you were hiring.”

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Chapter 5
“What is it Michael?” Isabel asked in worry as she and her brother stepped through the back door of the Crashdown.
“This is seriously fucked up! There is no way this can be happening! No was what so ever! I mean, Tess couldn’t have been lying when she told us about the forth. She couldn’t…” Michael babbled on, pacing a hole in the floor.
“Okay, hold up for a sec. Start from the beginning man.” Max said with a hint of hope in his voice. What if Tess was lying?
“Alright. I was minding my own business, working the grill, when all of a sudden this chick walks in. She walks up to the counter, and I felt this strange pull toward her. I couldn’t stop myself from walking over to her. When I got over to her, she asked me if I was an alien. She asked me if I was her brother. Well, I took off and came back here, and right as I was about to leave, I felt this rush of pain. I walked back over to the window, and I saw her crying, like someone was hurting her. Then I looked behind her and saw Tess, shooting her death rays. Before I could go and help her, She had Tess running out of the front door in pain. But, the freaky thing is, She had burn marks all over her face, and she hadn’t even come close to any fire. What the fuck is going on around here?”
“Is she still out there?” Isabel asked, breaking ht silence.
“As far as I know.”
With this, Max stepped toward the door leading back into the café. Neither Michael nor Isabel stopped him; they both knew that they needed to let him see for himself.
As Max stepped out of the kitchen, his gaze was drawn to the counter, where Maria sat with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen before. He knew right away that she was the queen, that she was his princess.
Liz and Maria sat at the counter, Liz’s job application long forgotten. They were laughing and having a great time, and it seemed as if they had been friends forever.

Smiling at something Maria had said, Liz turned her head toward the door leading to the kitchen.
Her eyes locked with his. A gasp escaped his throat. She stood up and walked toward him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her heart pounded in her chest as she stopped in front of him. His hands came in contact with her face. She shut her eyes in ecstasy. He leaned down until their lips were inches apart. She stood on her toes to reach him. Their lips met. Her arms came up around his neck. His arms wrapped around her waist. They were lost in their own world of exotic pleasure. Then, the flashes came.

~*~A 13 year old Liz stepping into a car loaded with boxes. Her eyes filled with the pain of leaving behind her friends. ~*~

~*~A 7 year old Max crying with his sister when their pet turtle escaped and was ran over by a car. ~*~

~*~Liz waking up in the middle of the night sobbing from one of her memory dreams. ~*~

~*~Max crying when he found out his princess was dead. ~*~

~*~Elisabeth beaming up at Zan on their wedding day. ~*~

~*~Zan and Elisabeth gasping in horror when they heard what was happening to their people. ~*~

~*~Zan crying out in rage and pain as he was tied to a tree as Kivar tried to rape Elisabeth. ~*~

~*~Elisabeth sobbing uncontrollably as Kivar killed the unborn prince in her stomach. ~*~

~*~Zan weeping as he was forced to watch his unborn son and his wife being killed. ~*~

As the flashes ended, both of them had tears in their eyes. Max looked down upon Liz.

“I will not let them take you from me again, Elisabeth. Never.” He vowed in a whisper.

By now, Maria, Isabel, and Michael were watching intently. Isabel was beaming with happiness for her brother. Michael was smiling, glad that Max could finally find peace. Maria in complete shock, she was aware of the Alien mess, but she had no idea that Liz was the queen.

The four aliens stood together, and for once, a wave of complete peace swept through them. They had been reunited again. They smiled at each other, until a horribly high-pitched voice was heard.

P.S. I changed my mind, Tess is an evil bitch!
~*~MuCh LoVe!~*~