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Title Revelations
Rating PG 13 later R for language.
Category M/L, and other couples mixed in as well .
Disclaimer You know the drill I own nothing it all belongs to upn , Jason Katims (even though sometimes you have to wonder what is he thing).
Summary lets just say the season 2 sucked for thr dreamers and this is my way of fixing it. now dont get me wrong I love the fact that max and liz will be together in the new season its just that liz rushes back to him to soon with barely a conversation to disolve any thing.This is my first fanfic so please leave me feedback! dont be afraid to tell me whats wrong just let me know what ineed to work on please.

"Liz I know I was wrong about a lot but iwas right about one thing .That was to get you into my life be around love you."


Two months later...

Liz Parker was lying on her favorite chair on her balcony that is above the resturant that her parents own. She was doing her daily ritual,writing in her journal. She was writing about what she wrote the day before and the day before, Hell she was writing the same thing that she has been for two months now. Since that gerbil tess left the earth. The betrayl , the jeolousy, anger,hurt ,sadness and finally all the guilt that she has herself.

She felt betrayed when max told her that he slept with the slut. She later felt the jealousy when she wasnt going to be max's first time because that belonged to tess now.

"Damn it was suppose to be me not that gerbil."

Anger. Not just over the fact that max slept with some one else but oalso that he did not belive her theory about alex's death. No he just believed his slut then over his soulmate.He yelled at her called her a liar and made her feel horrible.

"Why Max I thought you loved me I believed we were soul mates."

Hurt . Because not only did she lose max to the gerbil but she lost her best friend in the entire world.

"Alex im so sorry ! Why did she have to kill you, I miss you so very much."

Guilty. she felt this emotion every time that she tought about the night that stared the destrucion of her entire life. Future max. If she didnt listen to him things would be so diffrent. The world might of ended but she would still have max and alex. Tess left any way it just she left so much pain that no one could imangine.

After an hour liz came to a startling conclusion . She stood up and put her journal away and went back in to her room.

"Ok Parker time to start anew." liz only wishes how she is going to get the strength to do that task.while liz is in tought she gets interrupted by a knock on the door.

"liz open up its me , Maria"

"coming maria ." liz opens the door. " What are you doing here so early its 9:00 am oh wait is it snowing in hell."

"ha ha very funny chica! I forgot to laugh." She laughs sacastically." I just happen to be a morning person."

"since when?"

"Alright! I just wanted to check on you , oh by the way can I come in please ."

"oh sorry maria come in."

"so whats up girlfriend?"

"Well to tell you the truth while I was sitting writing in my journal I came to a conclusion."

"What is that chica?"

"that I have been writing about the same thing over and over and I am sooooooo sick of it!"

"so what are you going to do?"

"I am going to let go."

p.s just to let you guys know that the first couple of chapters are slow and nothing really happens im sorry about that I just wanted to try and capture the emotions of these characters. dont worry there will be action or I should say suprises in the later chapters. bt the way sorry about my spelling. thanks jeremiah.

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thank you for the feed back tabasco sauce! I hope you like the rest because I have a few suprises in store!
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authors note I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful feedback I recived! it means so much because this is my first story.

PIPERNSALT- Thank you for thefeed back. lets just say that max wont be to happy when he finds out !

TRANSPARENT- Why thank you for the f/b I hope you like these new parts as well.

SHEEPERZ- wow all I can say is im so glad you read my story it is an honor! all im going to say is that im a dreamer at heart . thank you for the feed back.

OK you guys I wasnt doing anything last night so I wrote these new parts I got through part 4 so im going to post part 2 and 3 tonight and if I get feed back I will post part 4?


Max Evans was lying on his bed thinking about the events that took place over the last few months.

"God how could I screwed up so badly."

Max got pulled out of his thoughts suddenly when he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

"Go away" he said trying to get whoever was at the door to leave him alone so he could be in his self-pity.

"max sweetie its me mom , I just wanted to let you know that your father and I am on our way to the airport now so is there you need?"

"no mom every thing is fine!" yeah just peachy keen! max thought sarcastically.

"well alright then we will see you in a few weeks then honey I love you."

"al right mom I love you too." I wish I could tell that to a certain waitress but she dosent want to see me.

The only good thing is that since mom and dad are going away on there second honeymoon to the bahamas , I dont have to worry to be upbeat and happy. max thought to himself when he heard his parents car pull out the drive way.The only thing that max wanted to do was shrivel up and die. First he lost faith in liz his soulmate , his reason for living that was until tess came along and screwed every thing up.

"great max blame every one else except you , no wonder you make every one sick." max thought.

Deep in his heart he knew that liz didnt sleep with kyle , but he acted like an ass and didnt listen to it. What was wrong with him. He also didnt belive her when it came to the real reason of alex's death,'' why didnt I believe her?'' man he messed up big time! not only he lost his liz but he has a son now.

"wow I have a son."

Max was still in shock over that fact , he was going to be a father . All his life he wanted a family , a wife and children. He always believed that he would have that with liz not tess. Now because he acted like such a fool, that dream was now dead.
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hello to every one I hope you like my story this is my first fan fic so please give me feed back so I could work on it.

here is part three


"what do you mean letting go chica?"

"You know how much I love max right ?"

"Of course I know girlfriend I might be a little ditzy at times but I am not blind!"

"You know how much I was hurt by the fact that he slept...." maria didnt give liz a chance to ginish talking.

"With that two face Skanky alien trash who by the way dosent even look like our pod squad but more like a deformed tele-tubbie."

Liz couldnt help but to laugh at that comment. " that is my lizzie!" maria said to her friend. " it feels good to be able to laugh again , I havent in such a long time."

"I know . But back to the subject at hand what the hell do you mean by letting go?"

"I am letting go of my world the dream of being with max. I am saying goodbye to the person who is my soulmate." when does last words came out liz broke in to tears that didnt want to stop.

"come here chica, I know this is beyond hard for you but please remember this that I am and I will always be here for you."

Liz stopped crying and hugged maria back." I know that maria and im so thankful that we have our friend ship back on track. it means the world to me, there are no words that can express over how sorry I am for pushing you away."

"Dont worry girlfriend you are stuck with me ."


"Now what do you say to a little girl time shopping."

"I love that."

meanwhile at the evans household........

"why do I have to forgive him michael he was the one that turned into a arrogant self-center son of a bit.." isabel got cut off by michael.

"ISABEL! he is your brother and I know he was a prick and all but im pretty sure that was the tess's doing."

Isabel yelled back" I KNOW BUT IT IS HARD TO FORGIVE AND FORGET I LOST ALEX!!!!" then broke down and cried and a scene were michael wasnt use to.

"what happened to the ice princess?"

"she fell in love but didnt realize it until it was too late." Isabel cried. Neither Michael or Isabel knew that max was in the hall and listened to the whole conversation. He turned back to his room with his head down in shame.When he got back to his room he threw himself face first into his pillows and did something a few few people get to see max evans do , he cried.

PS> I know that nothing much has happen yet but dont worry I will pick up the pace real soon so please contiune to read and leave me feed back. - Jeremiah

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THANK YOU GUYS for all the feed back it is much appreciative I hope I can get some more so it will let me know if I should go ahead and post the other parts? -jeremiah
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WOW! I am truly suprised! I thought I would never see this story back on the board. I had a computer problem and that I couldnt get back on till May. I wasnt really sure that people wanted me to continue this. I will If people want me to.