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I thought I would take a minor break from Undeniable to get this little fic out that has been rattling around in my head. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about Undeniable and the next part should be out soon.

This is the first time I've every written NC-17 so please be gentle with me.

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Undenied Totally
By: Beldaran1 (Dionne)
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L
Spoilers: Post Destiny otherwise not really
Description: Liz comes back at the end of summer after Destiny and Max is waiting for her.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done. The song “Undenied” is the sole property of Portishead.


We are the only color in the room.

I had run away after finding out about his destiny…for three months I ran; now I’m back.

I walked into my room before I even noticed…but the slamming of the door brought an awareness crashing through me.

I didn’t have to look to know the door was sealed…my only means of escape gone.

He slowly moves out of the shadows to stand before me and we are the only things alive. The air is acrid and thick with the heat that flows between us and I try to voice a plea but nothing comes out except a strangled whimper…the sound of a dying thing.

I try to reach him with my eyes to please be forgiving of my absence, but he just stands before me as stiff and unyielding as stone.


The love that used to shine so brightly in his eyes.


Is what I see reflected back at me.


Does he share the numbness I feel at this moment?

Pain stabs through the numbness that has surrounded my heart since that night I ran away and I can't begin to comprehend the enormity of this loss.

Blinking back the tears that beg for release I reach out my hand to grasp his arm.

I didn't think it possible, but he tenses even more, every muscle so rigid I fear he might shatter at anything but the lightest of touches…and then he starts to tremble.

I feel it beginning deep beneath my fingers' grasp and moving upward and all through him.

His face is a portrait of anguished rage that only he could achieve. Only those most adept at reading his face would notice the slight flare of his nostrils, the gritting of his teeth behind a carefully set mouth, the minuscule narrowing of his eyes.

Oh God his eyes.

The emptiness is gone and now they are burning with an inner fire hotter than the most violently active volcano. It is the source of his unabated trembling, the fuel that pumps his heart and moves the air through his lungs…searing me to the depths of my soul.

His lips barely move, but I hear his muttered oath:

"You. Left. Me."


He carefully sets his hands on my arms and, without sparing me a glance, moves me aside.

He starts to prowl around my room…pacing back and forth...and I can feel the barely contained rage and pain rolling off of him and overwhelming me.

I don't try to stop him. It wouldn't do any good, and would likely just end up with one or both of us hurting even more.

I remain where he left me, holding myself tightly, hot tears burning my eyes, defiantly held back. It's only as he stops and lets his gaze rake over me, his intent clear, that I snap from my lethargy.

I step to him, a plea on my lips, when his raised hand stops me.

He has never raised his hand to me and for the first time, since he laid that same hand on my stomach and saved my life, I feel fear…fear of Max.

He seems to recognize my fear and for a moment he relents, then his eyes blaze even hotter and he turns his hand away from me to assault my stereo.

My cds start to fly through the air crashing into the walls, and I stand there shocked by this show of violence by this oh so gentle man, until one disk floats through the air and inserts itself into the stereo.

The deep and soulful music wraps its spell around me as he slowly prowls towards me…the hunter closing in on his prey.

As I recognize the song Undenied my knees give out and just before I crumple to the floor he catches me and pulls me up flush with his body.

Your softly spoken words
Release my whole desire

Only as I hear the first words of the song, am I able to lift my eyes to his.

There is a storm raging there, dark and powerful and all encompassing. His eyes are almost black behind hooded lids; tiny flecks of gold making them appear to glow in the diffuse lighting of my bedroom. They hold a kaleidoscope of emotions, all swirling and blending together.

Arousal. Pain. Regret. Love.

There is nothing hidden, nothing disguised. I look at Max and see into his soul. I am humbled and awe-struck by what I find there.

And I know I will no longer deny him anything.

And so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

My hands lift to cup his face and I rise on my toes, pulling his mouth down to mine. His lips are velvety soft, his breath warm against my face as I pull away, only to return again. Small kisses, feather-light and gentle, shyly but determinedly investigating the lush landscape of his mouth. Trying to reacquaint myself with a part of him that has tormented me in my dreams and my every waking fantasy during our long separation.

Endless, infinite, each caress of lips against lips lasting an eternity.

But then gentle becomes firm. Soft becomes hard. Inquisitive becomes probing. The tip of his tongue seeks permission to enter my mouth and I eagerly grant it, opening under him. One arm pulls me close while his other hand tangles in my hair, cupping my head in his outspread fingers.

His warm, thick tongue hungrily explores my mouth in wide and thorough sweeps. Mine investigates and circles his, fighting for a measure of control I'm not even certain I want.

Waves of heat wash through me, and I cling to him as his kisses once again leave me weak-kneed and unable to think. All I know is that I need this…need more.

Beneath your tender touch
My senses can't divide
Ohh so strong
My desire

He pulls away and settles his sleepy gaze on me…desire flaring darkly in his eyes.

Then with one swift movement he tears open my uniform and pulls it from my body leaving me in my matching basic white bra and panties.

There is a long moment when his eyes lower from my face and pass over me, slowly, studiously. I am caught like a small animal in the snare of his gaze. Before embarrassment has a chance to settle in he lifts an arm and lays his index finger at the base of my throat and draws it slowly down the valley between my breasts.

Watching the movement of his finger with fascination, as though it were attached to someone else, he slides it over the curve of my right breast and around the turgid nipple straining against the cotton fabric of my bra. Circling slowly once, twice, three times, before it journeys to the other side, repeating the action on my left breast.

His eyes make a lazy trip back to mine and he languidly licks his lips.

His touch inflames me, as I knew it would. As I've always known. I am faced with the unbridled power of the raw sensuality he keeps so barely restrained. A force often hinted at and now given free rein. I bask in it. It frees me, even as it binds me ever closer.

I respond to his touch in the only way possible: I stretch up and kiss him. Thoroughly… passionately. .

For so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

This time I pull away and it’s my turn to pull his shirt up and off of him, baring his chiseled chest before my hungry eyes. Unable to contain my desire to taste his hot skin…I start showering his face with wet open-mouthed kisses drifting to the straight line of his jaw and down the curve of his neck. Max makes a noise somewhere between a hum and a groan as I flick my tongue against the tender skin below his ear. It's a sound I find incredibly arousing…and one I want to elicit time and again.

His fingers gently knead my arms as I explore with my mouth leaving a wet trail as I move down his chest. I nuzzle my nose there, inhaling his clean, spicy scent. His flat brown nipples are teased erect with a few laps of my tongue.

My name is pushed from his lips, low and yearning… “Liiiizzzzz…”

While my mouth has been busy my hands have not been idle quickly releasing him from his jeans and boxer briefs. Eagerly wanting to explore this newly freed territory I move lower, following the thin line of hair that bisects his ripped abs.

Settling on my knees before him, I focus my attention on his engorged shaft.

Slowly I reach out and take it in my hand and it throbs hotly against my palm, lined with thick veins, the crown stretched tight and purplish-red with blood. Holding him firmly, I slowly stroke upward and then down, tip to root and then again.

Max throws his head back, his eyes snapping shut. A strangled growl seeps from his clenched teeth.

Beautiful…he’s beautiful.

His cock is a perfect sculpture, long and thick and slightly curved, reaching for his stomach.

His head snaps back into place as I take his heavy balls in my left hand, gently rolling them in my palm. He looks down at me with something very close to astonishment written on his face.

It's with an utter sense of abandon that I dip my head, my tongue darting out to wet my lips, smoothing the way.

And Max mutters, "Oh God," an instant before I take the head of his cock into my mouth. My tongue darts and circles…discovering the saltysweet tang of him.

My room fills with soft, wet sounds as I thoroughly bathe him with my mouth. Alternating between long strokes and short flicks of my tongue, pulling him in deeper as I go. There is a moment when he bumps against the back of my throat and I gag--but only a moment.

Relaxing as much as possible, I open myself to him, stopping only when my nose is buried in his dark, wiry curls.

His balls tighten noticeably in my hand.

It's only as I begin to suckle him, my cheeks hollowing as I slide up and down his length, that Max's hands lift and settle, one on my shoulder, the other on the side of my head. He doesn't try to guide my movements or force me…he merely strokes my hair, his hips thrusting back and forth languidly.

I revel in the taste of him, of his natural masculine aroma.

He tastes clean and sharp and rich. He smells of life; of the earth and the salt of the sea. His low whimpers of pleasure join the sounds of my suckling and urge me on. Bobbing up and down, lifting and pulling, swirling my tongue around his circumference. One hand cradling his sac as the other stays firmly wrapped around his root, pumping in firm, slow strokes.

Every whimper…every sound that leaves his throat…stokes the fire building within me.

I squirm, my thighs pressed tightly together, increasing the friction between my legs. Moisture builds and pools, flooding me with heat, engorging my clit and swelling the folds of my sex until I’m shaking with an unbearable need to relieve this sweet tension.

Suddenly the hands, that moments ago were holding me to him, are now pushing me away.

His cock leaves my mouth with an audible pop.

Now that I've found you
And seen behind those eyes
How can I
Carry on

He roughly drags me back up his body and devours my mouth with his own until we are forced by lack of oxygen to break the kiss, leaving us panting, our mutual exhalations bathing our faces with moist, warm air.

He presses me close, until my breasts are crushed against his chest, his erection digging into my stomach. Kissing me again, softer this time, his hands reach around and release the clasp of my bra and pulling it from me he gazes at my naked breasts.

He grabs my arms and pulls them up over my head, holding my wrists in the grip of one hand as the other lowers to slide along my ribs and down to the swell of my hip before hooking his fingers in my panties and ripping them off of me.

Releasing my hands he reaches down to cup my ass in his hands and swiftly, bending from the knees, he lifts me. Instinctively I raise my legs and wrap them around him.

He stops my hurried ascent when my breasts reach the level of his mouth. Holding me up with his hands on my ass, he flicks his tongue against a nipple and then pulls it into his hot, wet mouth. I scream and dig my fingers into his shoulders as he teases the taut nubbin of flesh with the point of his tongue.

My fingers weave through his hair as he moves to the other breast, lavishing the same attention on it. I shamelessly grind my clitoris against his belly; so close, so close, so close . . .

Slowly he walks us to the bed and gently lowers me to the mattress. Climbing onto the bed with me he kneels between my legs and parts my thighs and slowly leaning forward he places a chaste kiss on the inside of my knee before sliding down onto his stomach and pushing my thighs even further apart. Arms wrapped low around my hips; he uses his thumbs to pull open my slickened folds.

There is a moment that stretches out forever, when we are both caught waiting and watching, the anticipation as titillating as any actual touch…and then Max purses his lips and softly blows warm air across my clit. I cry out as the flat of his tongue sweeps over my sex in one long, agonizing stroke. He places an open-mouthed kiss on my clit and then repeats the whole process.
Two, three, four times, before he finally narrows his focus and concentrates on the hooded bundle of nerves. The air is filled with these odd squeaky sounds that are leaving my throat as I squirm helplessly on the bed. I'm trapped by his mouth and his hands as he tilts my pelvis up.

Grabbing the backs of my thighs, he folds my legs until they are almost touching my chest. There is momentary concern over how ridiculous I must look, completely splayed out before him like this. Then there is the darker, more thrilling realization of how much this is turning me on…how vulnerable he has made me. This feels so good, so right. This is Max…Max's mouth on me…possessing me…owning me.

As he slides a finger deep inside me, working it in and out in rhythm with his tongue, my world narrows to just this moment, just these sensations. His finger stroking the walls of my vagina… his tongue licking and swirling and flicking against me…jabbing pointedly at my clit and then soothing the ache with slow, gentle laps of his tongue.

My arms fly above my head and I grab the headboard, hanging on for dear life, my hips lifting from the bed, grinding shamelessly against his face. I am moaning almost continuously now, curses and threats and promises all leaving my mouth at once.

And then Max finds just the right spot…the right speed…the right pressure. His mouth closes around my clitoris and his tongue begins a rapid, wide circling, flicking the bud back and forth.

"Oh God!" My back arches off the bed as I cry out. I don't care how much noise I'm making. I don't care about anything except that he . . . must . . . not . . . stop. "Oh, yes. Max. Yeah. Right there. Fuck. Right there. Oh, don't stop. Please, don't stop. Oh my God!"

It begins as a tingling in my fingers and toes and shotguns through my body. A million tiny suns explode across every inch of skin. A brutal conflagration I welcome with joyful tears; a moment spent in an infinite, healing fire.

For so bare is my heart, I can't hide
And so where does my heart, belong

The blaze rolling through my body abruptly banks, leaving me weak and flushed. Max carefully lowers my trembling legs to the bed. I feel the mattress shift as he moves up over me.

"God, you're beautiful."

I slowly open my eyes and gaze up at him. He is tousled and sweaty, his eyes dark, his mouth glistening with my juices. *He* is beautiful.

He cups my face in his hands, his thumbs lovingly stroking my cheekbones. His eyes grow soft as they move over my face. "I love you so much," he whispers. "You are my life."

My throat goes tight and my eyes begin to fill. "I know." My fingers trail lightly down his back as he dips his head and places kisses across my face, ending at my mouth. The fire that had been briefly banked swiftly roars to life building as our kisses become increasingly passionate.

Breaking the kiss he looks into my eyes and silently asks if I’m ready. In answer I pull him to me and kiss him with all of my heart and soul and he shifts his hips in the cradle of my thighs and slowly slides into me an unhurried inch at a time, until he brushes against my a barrier. Pulling back he looks deep into my eyes before thrusting forward and burying himself to the hilt. The long groan that leaves his throat sends shivers up my spine and the brief stab of pain I felt is quickly forgotten.

“You’re so tight…so hot… I’m sorry I didn’t want to hurt you baby."

I wrap my legs around him, raising my hips and tensing my inner muscles to hold him tightly within me. “It’s okay now, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It only lasted a second.”

He thrusts once and then stops again, dipping his head to pull a nipple into his mouth. His tongue busily flicks against it.

"Maaaaxxxxx!! I love you…I need you!" I cry out.

He lifts his head and looks straight at me. And I gasp at the fire burning in his eyes.

His control finally snaps.

He crushes his mouth against mine and begins to move, going from zero to warp speed in the passing of a second. Full bore, flat-out fucking; hard and deep and frantic. He drags his mouth from mine and latches onto my shoulder, teeth sinking in deeply, threatening to break the skin. My ears fill with the sounds of flesh slapping wetly against flesh, of his animal-like grunts and my answering cries.

Stars explode in my head as I am pulled helplessly over the brink for the second time. I am reduced to a whimpering mass of flesh and heat as I hang on tightly, riding out my orgasm as he pounds into me with mindless fury, his hips whip-snapping up and down, in and out. He lifts his upper body from mine, weight braced on his hands, shifting the angle of his penetration. His eyes are squeezed shut, his brow wrinkled in concentration, his mouth open, sucking in air in huge, hungry gulps. Tendons stand out in sharp relief along the lines of his neck. Sweat drips from his body and lands softly on my skin.

And then his frantic pace slows and he begins to move in measured, deliberate thrusts, ramming into me fully before pulling back, only to return again. His skin flushes red, starting at his chest and moving upward. I stretch up and place my lips on his neck, pulling the tender skin into my mouth and sucking gently.

"Oh God, Liz," he whimpers. "Please."

"Come for me, Max," I quietly urge. He drives into me a final time, an agonizing groan of pleasure torn from his lips. His entire body shakes and trembles in my tight embrace. I can feel his cock pulsing inside me, emptying into me, bathing the walls of my womb with his cum.

He collapses on top of me, gasping for air, his body a burning cinder everywhere it touches mine. He buries his face in my neck fighting to control his breathing, warm puffs of air bursting across my skin. My hands roam over him…soothing…healing…bringing him back to himself… bringing him back to me…memorizing the satin smooth feel of his skin beneath my fingers.


Slowly, carefully he lifts himself up and we both make small sounds of disappointment as he pulls out of me and rolls over onto his side. He puts a hand on my shoulder and turns me a little before snuggling up against my back, pulling me closer until we're spooned tightly together, one arm supporting my neck, the other wrapped low around my waist. He nuzzles his nose against the nape of my neck and then places a kiss there. My eyes slip shut, a tiny smile tugging the corners of my mouth. I'm quickly lulled into that warm, hazy place we travel through before sleep finally drags us down.


"Please don’t leave me again…It would destroy me."

My eyes fly open as I hear his softly whispered plea. Tears again fill my eyes as I turn my head and kiss the arm under my cheek.

"Never again…I’ll never leave you again…I promise."


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Wow!!! I never expected you guys to like this that much. To be honest I only intended to post that one part, but your FB has inspired me to keep going.

So, I thought I'd post a teaser of Part 1 which I hope to have out later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the FB*happy**happy**happy**happy*!!!!


Liz Pov

I awaken to the sound of grunting.

At first I am unsure of where I am or even who I am…and then it all comes rushing back to me and I sit straight up in bed. Then I moan as my body makes me aware of its aches and pains and the throbbing between my legs.

“I’ll take care of that if you like,” he grunts.

Right…grunting…that’s what woke me up. Wait…why is Max grunting. I look over the side of the bed… and am hit with a wave of lust so intense I can’t breath. Max is doing push-ups… naked …every beautiful sculpted inch of him…naked and sweaty and grunting…and oh God I think I’m about to come.

I feel his amusement and desire through our connection and it takes me a moment to realize that we’re not touching and yet I can still feel him. Our connection has always been intense but never this intense…this powerful. ‘How can this be?’ I think to myself trying to puzzle it out.

“We’re cemented now Liz.” He grunts again.

And the reminder of a naked Max doing sweaty grunty things without me momentarily sidetracks me. I hang over the side of the bed mesmerized by the play of muscles on his back …wishing that I was that bead of sweat trickling down to his tight ass. Hmm Max’s ass, I’ve always had this intense fascination with his ass. I love to watch how it moves beneath his jeans and looking at it now all I want to do is spend hours licking it and sucking it and squeezing it and…

“Liiiiizzzzzz!!!!” This time he growls. “Please.”

Hey I can’t help it; I’m not a fucking saint. If he’s going to parade that gorgeous naked ass in front of me he’s just going to have to be prepared for the consequences. Wait a minute, how the hell did he know I was thinking…

“God baby you’re projecting pretty damn loud, I can’t help but hear you!”

This incredible wave of carnivorous hunger hits me seconds before Max pounces, he flips me over and I find myself underneath him… the prey trapped by the predator. Slowly he lowers his head and teases me with light kisses before granting my silent plea and crushing my mouth beneath his own. I open to him eagerly and his tongue plunges inside sweeping…demanding… claiming this territory as his own.

Pulling up he smiles down at me. “You interrupted my morning workout baby. You’re going to have to be punished for that.” His husky voice moves through me flooding my sex with his words. ‘Oh yeah,’ I think ‘Punish me…please punish me.’

What do you guys think?!?!?!*big**big**wink**wink**big*
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Wow you guys thanks for the awesome FB*happy**happy*!
I'm sorry it took me so long to get this out but I got caught up in my other fic Undeniable. I know it's crazy trying to write two fics at once but I just can't help it.

Anyways here's the new part, l hope you like it*wink**wink*!

Teaser Lead-in

Pulling up he smiles down at me. “You interrupted my morning workout baby. You’re going to have to be punished for that.” His husky voice moves through me flooding my sex with his words. ‘Oh yeah,’ I think ‘Punish me…please punish me.’

Part 1
Liz Pov

Max’s eyes darken to nearly black and I feel his cock twitch as he hears my thought. He leans back down and kisses me roughly but before I can respond he rolls off me and starts searching through my dresser.

Finding what he wants he returns to the bed and looks down at me. I lay naked beneath his gaze for what seems like an eternity before he sits down on the edge of the bed and shows me what he has for me. He holds up a couple of my silk scarves.

“For your punishment Liz I’m going to blindfold you and tie your hands to the headboard…and then I’m going to fuck you.” At his words my eyes close and I moan as another wave of heat floods my sex…Oh God…being at Max’s mercy…doing anything he wants to me.

I shudder as I feel his hand gently caress my face before sliding down my body and cupping me between my legs. “I didn’t forget about this.” He says and I feel a gentle heat radiate from his hand spreading a healing warmth through me and the throbbing that I had pushed to the back of my mind is gone. “Thank you.” I whisper.

"You know I love you. You know I'll never hurt you, Liz," he murmured, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his embrace. "Yes," I whispered against his chest, "Yes."

Nodding he holds out one of the silk scarves and places it over my eyes and ties it securely around my head. Deprived suddenly of sight, I feel a shiver run through me as I sit there on the edge of my bed filled with anticipation…excitement…and desire.

“Lay down on your back and put your hands over your head,” Max’s voice floats to me out of the darkness. I slide back on my bed and lay down raising my arms over my head. Max crawls onto the bed and straddling me he slides his hands up my arms until he reaches my wrist and binds them to my headboard.

Feeling myself undeniably tied to the headboard of my bed the tension of arousal coiled in the pit of my stomach starts to expand…I am bound and helpless in Max's hands.

I feel his lips start at my forehead and work their way down over my cheek and finally to my mouth, where he gives me one tender, deep kiss after another, until I feel my body relax beneath him. After a long moment, his lips leave mine to trail to my ear.

"Have you been bad baby?" He asks softly.

"Yeeessss," I whisper breathlessly.

I feel his hand close over my breast, his palm hot against my cool skin. His other hand covers the opposite breast and he caresses them together…molding…squeezing gently…tweaking the nipples. The tips of his fingers close over one nipple and begin to squeeze.

I moan my pleasure and after a moment he releases the nipple and performs the same act on the other nipple. My hips shift restlessly…my sex contracting…dripping my juices down the backs of my thighs and ass.

He squeezes my nipples harder and I start to twist and moan, pleasure shooting from nipples straight to my sex…my breathing and heartbeat accelerating.

Max leans forward and brushes his lips over mine and I open my mouth against his lips, silently pleading for the intrusion of his tongue. He thrusts his tongue between my lips and teeth, licking the roof of my mouth; his hands grasp my nipples again and he squeezes the sensitive crest between the pad of his thumb and the second knuckle of his index finger.

Soon, I am squirming and writhing…thrusting my hips up off the bed…wanting…needing him to ease the ache between my legs. He continues to kiss me, his tongue invading deeply until I cry out loudly into his mouth, “Maaaaxxxx pleeeaaasseee!”

He releases my nipples and begins to stroke them gently with his palms and I whimper once more and the ache continues to build. Max rains gentle kisses over my face whispering to me – his voice rough and husky. " look so sexy...I love you so much...You're so sexy..."

I turn my face into his kisses, seeking more, craving his contact…even more turned on by his gently whispered words.

His cock is pressing into my stomach and I can feel it dripping on my skin.

"Please..." My voice is a keening, crooning whisper.

"Please what?" He presses an open-mouthed kiss on the sensitive skin behind my ear.

"Please…fuck me…I need you..."

"Mmmm," he growls in pleasure. "I like it when you plead like that. It's a huge turn-on." He rubs his cock against my stomach, letting me feel its heat and hardness against my skin. "Feel that? Feel how hard I am for you?"

"Yeeesss, I feel it...please…just do it..."

"Not yet…I'm not finished punishing you."

Oh, God...the combination of arousal and frustration was maddening. I had no idea what he had planned, but if it didn't include fucking me soon, I was going to die, plain and simple.

He crawls off the bed and leaves the room for a moment before coming back. I can hear quiet clinks and thumps as he sets something down on the bedside table. Finally his weight presses down on the bed again and I can feel the heat of his body as he looms over me.

I feel something lightly tickling my collarbone and it moves softly from one shoulder to the other and I squirm. The persistent tickling doesn’t go away and I realize that it’s a feather, and Max is dragging it softly over my skin. Soon the touch of the feather becomes a gentle, soothing whisper across my skin. It encircles my nipples and when the feather brushes across the peaks, I gasp.

"Like that?" Max asks.

I nod wordlessly unable to form a cohesive thought. He takes the feather away and a moment later, something cold and wet lands on my nipple. I squeal and try to bolt off the bed, only to discover I had forgotten I was tied to the headboard. The bonds stop me short, and I lay there squirming as Max holds an ice-cube to my nipple.

He takes the ice off of my nipple and replaces it with his mouth, scalding hot against my chilled flesh. He puts the ice on my other nipple and now one nipple is freezing while the other’s on fire…and I’m not sure which sensation is the most maddening.

I can feel my sanity start to slip as he switches back and forth between the ice and his mouth… my cries fill the room as I silently chant…please…please…please…

//Please what?// he silently asks.

//Please...I just want you to fuck me Max. I feel like I'll die if I don't have you inside me.//

I was ready to start sobbing with need…might actually be reduced to tears if he made me wait much longer.

//Open your legs for me, baby//

Oh God…trembling…I spread my legs, the air chilling the wetness between them. I spread them as wide as I can and they quiver and twitch in anticipation as I silently begg him to crawl between my thighs and thrust his cock into me and fuck me within an inch of my life.

He starts at my knees; little nibbles and bites against my skin, burning a trail of fire up my inner thighs. He stops just short of where my thighs are wet with my juices and I moan in frustration…nearly to the point of tears.

Then he bites me…directly on my clit.

I scream.

I buck and writhe on the bed…my back arching completely off the surface as waves of fire spread through me. He slids his hand between my thighs and sinks three fingers quickly into my dripping sex.

//Oh, God...// I buck my hips against his hand. Inside me, his fingers bend and rub my g-spot insistently. He twists and shifts them inside me and I moan. And then he bites my clit again.

I explode.

I come screaming, my hips pressing hard into the mattress, my back arching off the surface of the bed. Breathless, incoherent utterances fall in a senseless babble from my lips while I ride out the spasms.

Finally I lay still…panting on the bed with Max looming over me…his body half covering mine.

//I think you nearly broke my fingers// he murmurs in my head, laughter in his tone. I give a helpless giggle.

He shifts, bringing his weight over me, settling his hips between my thighs. //Now I think you're ready to be fucked.//

//God, Max, *please*...// I beg desperately. If I don’t have him inside me immediately I’m going to explode out of my skin.

He lays there a moment, braced over me…teasing me…rubbing my folds with his cock, then moving away…positioning himself at my entrance…nudging forward just the tiniest bit…and then drawing back…leaving me whimpering in disappointment.

Finally, he rises to his knees and sits on his heels. He grips me under my ass and scoots forward, lifting me up until my ass is resting on the shelf of his thighs, my legs dangling in the air past his hips. He shifts forward a little and slides into me in one smooth thrust.


I thought I heard a small moan from him, but it was drowned out by my own wail of pleasure. Raising his hips and thrusting forward; he lifts my body until only my upper back and shoulders are still in contact with the bed. He holds me by my hips and begins to move within me. I moan loudly with each thrust, overcome with the wave of pleasure that washes through me with his strokes.

"I’m taking you this way so I can watch," Max speaks from above me. "All I have to do is look down and I've got a bird's eye view…I can see every inch of my cock slide into your body."

"Oh, God..." I groan. The mental picture he provides with his description sends another lightning-bolt of arousal through me.

"I can see your pretty little clit," with his words, one of his hands leaves my hip and he begins to stroke my clit gently. "It's red and swollen, and when I touch it, I can feel your pulse."

He thrusts harder into me and at the same time increases the pressure on my bundle of nerves… and I squeal, utterly beyond coherency. He picks up his pace, fucking me harder…faster. I grunt each time he thrusts into me…jarring me with each thrust.

"Baby, you’re so damn sexy..." Again he fucks me harder…slamming into me.

"If you come again before I do, I'll give you a reward," he tells me, his voice gravelly with desire and breathless with exertion.

He increases the pressure of his thumb on my clit, rubbing almost painfully hard…I’m so close...

Max's thrusts get faster…less controlled…his breathing ragged and labored…his skin slick with sweat.

"I'm close, baby," he moans, he speaks with a hissing tone, as though forcing the words between clenched teeth. "So close..."

Desperately, wanting so badly to know what reward he has in mind for me, I try to will myself into coming…and then Max pinches my clit between his fingers…and I’m lost…coming and yelling…thrashing wildly. I’m dimly aware of Max yelling as he comes flooding me with his hot seed.

"Oh, that was so good… beautiful..." he murmurs, crawling up the bed to lie beside me. He kisses my cheek, nuzzling my hair, and I felt a warm glow suffuse me.

"For your reward, you can choose how we finish…how would you like it?"

The question takes me by surprise…I thought we were finished. I feel my body tightening in pleasure at the thought of more Max, and I realize what I want…

“I want you to take me from behind," I tell Max, a hitch of excitement in my voice. I can feel him harden again at my words as an intense wave hunger crashes through our connection.

Without hesitation, Max reaches over my head, and I can feel him doing something with the scarf tied to my wrists. When he’s finished, my hands are still bound, but the’re no longer secured to the headboard.

"Roll over," Max growls his voice filled with savage need. "Get on your knees."

I do as I’m told, laying my cheek against my pillow and supporting my upper body with my elbows. I feel Max move into position behind me…feel his cock brush my thighs and ass before nudging against my entrance. He shifts around behind me, and I feel his fingers slide inside me…fondling me and stoking the fire burning inside me…then his cock replaces his fingers.

He pushes into me with exquisite slowness, one centimeter at a time. We groan in unison, and I push my pelvis back to hasten his entry, my sex once again dripping with need.

It doesn't take long for the pace to accelerate…until he’s pummeling into me. I grip the headboard with my bound hands, bracing my elbows on my pillow alongside my head to prevent being shoved against the bars. I tighten my internal muscles around his cock…and he barks out a gasp that sounds vaguely like my name. He grips my hips hard enough to leave bruises, thrusting into me with all his force…and I moan in rapture. I feel his body tense and know he’s getting close and cry out my pleasure and encouragement.

His right hand slides over my ass, stroking, then to my astonishment I felt a single finger rub gently at my anus in slow circles. I stiffen in a combination of fear and arousal, turned-on beyond words, but afraid. My muscles tighten…clamping around his cock. A particularly deep stroke draws an impassioned cry from me as he hits my cervix, and while I’m still focused on that, his finger pushes firmly into my ass.

I scream, climaxing a third time with devastating force, and Max is right there with me, giving me a hammering thrust with each spasm of his body, pouring himself into me, calling out my name.

He sags back onto his knees and I feel his sweat-dampened face drop onto my ass, resting as though on a pillow. I kneel there, gasping for breath, shell-shocked. After a moment, Max stirs, raising himself off of me. His left hand strokes my back softly and he carefully withdraws his finger from my anus. I shudder unaccustomed to the sensation. It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful…just strange.

He gently removes the scarf from my eyes and I blink in the dimly lit room. The first thing I see are my bound hands in front of my face, still gripping the bars of my headboard.

Max reaches up and takes my hands into his own and unties the scarf gently pressing a soft kiss to each wrist. I settle in beside him, snuggling up against him as and we lie there together, breathing heavily. After a moment, Max presses a kiss to my cheek.

"That was amazing." I sigh feeling content and sated.

"*You're* amazing," he smiles at me. “I think we killed some brain cells."

I chuckle, feeling marvelously alive and carefree. "You've got plenty to spare.”

He gives me a mock-ferocious growl and rolls over, pulling me on top of his body. “Better be careful baby or I might have to punish you again.”

I laugh. I don't know why, really. Sheer happiness, perhaps? But the enraptured expression on his face when I look down at him is enough to bring tears to my eyes. It brings him so much happiness just to see me laugh. This is not a man I've seen happy many times over the past year. I’m so overcome with love for him in this moment…I don't think my heart can contain it all.

I kiss him, tenderly at first, then with increasing passion. I cradle his face in my hands while my tongue seeks entrance into his mouth. He sighs softly and his lips part for me.

I move from his lips down his body making my way to his hips and taking his flaccid penis into my mouth, sucking gently. My goal isn’t to arouse him…just to bring him pleasure, like he'd brought me last night and this morning.

There’s no rush, no urgency, even when he hardens in my mouth. I continue to leisurely suck and lick him, stroking his hips and groin and sac with my hands. He buries his hands in my hair, holding me to him, thrusting gently into my mouth. It’s an eternity later when he finally comes, gently, with soft whispers of love and encouragement and none of the fury that had engulfed us earlier. He spills his seed in my mouth and I drink it in, savoring the essence of him on my tongue. Then I crawl up and he pulls me under him kissing me and flooding our connection with love and joy.


The sound of my alarm jars us back to reality. ‘Shit,’ I think ‘Today’s the first day of school’.

“Yeah.” Max sighs as he rests his forehead against mine, “Time to face the music.”

I can feel the unease rolling off of him and the languor I had been feeling takes a back seat to concern. “What are you talking about? What’s going on?”

Rolling off of me he pulls me in tight against his side before speaking. “A lot’s happened since you’ve been gone Liz. I kind of fell apart and lost myself for a while. Between Pierce, you leaving, and that destiny crap; I found myself in a really dark place…so I left too.”

I am stunned…speechless.

Sitting up I look down at him, I can feel his anxiety through our connection, I can also feel remembered pain and despair. My mind starts to race…I left so he could fulfill his destiny, so that I wouldn’t be a hindrance to him and…Okay that’s a load of crap…I left because I was scared – terrified.

I couldn’t handle everything that had gone down, Nasedo kidnapping me…Max getting caught and tortured by the FBI…rescuing him…running for our lives…jumping off bridges…and finally that destiny shit, it was just too much so running seemed like a good option at that point.

Funny thing about running away, no matter how fast or how far you run, when you finally stop your problems are still right there keeping pace with you.

Which is why I can’t fathom that Max would run away, he’s always faced his problems head on and never shied away from responsibility. That’s just not Max…to leave when the others need him. He said he was in a dark place, that he’d lost himself; only something truly horrible could make Max walk away. I shuddered and felt my eyes mist with tears as an awful thought hits me…my fault…this is my fault.

“No baby shhhh. My leaving wasn’t your fault.” He whispered as he sat up and pulled me into his lap. “I needed help…I was drowning…dying inside. Every night I would have these horrifying nightmares that would leave me debilitated. I tried really hard to keep it together for the others…Isabel, Michael, Maria, and Alex…but it just got harder and harder, the nightmares got progressively worse until I reached a breaking point. I knew that if I didn’t get help I might do something to hurt myself or someone else; so I went to the reservation. It was the only place I could think of that was safe enough and I was right, Riverdog helped me…he saved me.”

“Oh Max.” I sob as he holds me running his hand up and down my back in soothing patterns. He was going through hell, in so much pain and I wasn’t there for him. I was in fucking Florida and he needed me.

“Hey no, no more of that Liz. No more guilt no more blame. We’ve wasted too much time feeling guilty about things outside of our control…placing blame on our shoulders. What we do now is forgive each other and learn from our mistakes. You don’t run away and I don’t push you away.” Cradling my face in his hands he gently wipes away my tears and smiles at me. “We’re together now Liz, forever.”

We stay like that for a while; just staring into each other’s eyes, content to feel the love flowing between us. I want to stay like this forever…gazing in my love’s eyes…being held in his strong arms. I wish we could just stay here in my room and make love all day, but we have to go to school and face our friends and hope they can forgive us as we’ve forgiven each other.

Max sighs as he catches my thoughts and gently lifts me off of him. “We should probably take separate showers.” His eyes start to darken as his gaze rakes over me, “If I take one with you we’ll never make it to school.”

Reluctantly I start to rise from the bed my eyes slowly taking him in when I’m stopped by something I never thought I would ever see on Max in a million years…a tattoo. Max has a tattoo, it’s a dagger over his heart…the blade is silver, the hilt a deep royal blue, and there is a golden crown above it.

I reach my hand out to touch it and gasp as it shimmers beneath my fingers and starts to glow.

“Like I said a lot happened while you were away. This is part of it, the end result of my journey with Riverdog. It’s not a tattoo…it’s a part of me.” He takes my hand and presses a soft kiss against my palm before continuing, “It’s a part of you too Liz.”

Sensing my confusion he rises from the bed and pulls me over to my floor length mirror…he turns me around so that my back is facing the mirror and then turns my head so that I can see…OH MY GOD!!! I have a tattoo…I know I didn’t have it when I came home last night but I have one now. It’s on the small of my back right above my left butt cheek; it looks exactly like Max’s, but instead of being a dagger it’s a sword. “Wha…,” is all that I’m able to get out.

“We’re cemented Liz…mated…bonded. We’re apart of each other heart body mind and soul.” He takes his hand and runs his fingers over the tattoo and it shimmers and glows and I feel this heat radiate throughout my body. “It means that you are my mate, my other half.”

“It’s beautiful.” I whisper overwhelmed by the rush of love and possessiveness that comes crashing through our connection. I turn around and reaching up on my tiptoes I pull his head down to mine and kiss him with all of the love and passion that belongs to him only him…my Max…my mate.

Pulling away from me Max looks deep into my eyes before giving me one more sweet gentle kiss. “Go take your shower baby and I’ll clean up the mess I made in here last night.” He turns me towards the bathroom and sends me on my way with a gentle tap on my ass.

In a daze I take my shower and by the time I’m finished my room is spotless. Max gives me a quick kiss before going to take his own shower. Looking around my room I can’t help but feel grateful that my parents are out of town, there would have been all kinds of hell to pay if they’d been here last night…or this morning for that matter.

Dressing quickly I go into the kitchen to grab some pop tarts, juice, and Tabasco for breakfast. By the time I get back to my room Max is already dressed and I can’t help feel a little disappointed that I missed the chance to see him getting dressed.

Laughing, Max walks over to me and kisses me lightly. “Maybe next time…if you’re good. I might put on a little show for you.” And there I go melting into a puddle of Liz goo…how the hell does he do this to me.

We quickly eat breakfast and are on our way out the door when Max hands me a leather jacket. “You’ll see,” he says answering my silent question while putting on his own leather jacket which is a larger version than mine.

Filled with curiosity I follow Max down to the alley behind the Crashdown were my answer waits. To say I’m surprised would be an understatement.

“Where did you get this?” I asked, eying the motorcycle parked in the alley. It was all dark and gleaming and sexy…black and sleek. “When did you get this?”

“I left the jeep for Izzie when I left. When I decided to come back I had to get myself a new ride.” He swung himself onto the saddle and eased the weight of the motorcycle off its kickstand. “Helmet, baby.”

“You’re not wearing a helmet,” I grumbled, but grabbed the one he tossed to me and strapped it on. It’s jet black and matches his bike perfectly. Taking my hand he helps me slide on behind him.

“I only had the one.” He gunned the engine and the bike roared to life. “You ready?”

I knew he meant was I ready to deal with our friends and “face the music” as he put it, so I nodded my head yes. After everything that’s happened between us last night and this morning, I know that as long as I have Max by my side I can face anything.

I laid my cheek against his leather-clad back and wrapped my arms round his waist as Max let out the brakes. We tore out of the alley and down the road. Max picked up speed, parting the air before us like a knife. Wind whipped over and around me, threatening to tug my hair free of my helmet, and my body vibrated in time with the throb of the engine. Between the howl of the wind and the engine noise it was impossible to talk, so I just gave myself up to enjoying the wild freedom of the ride.

It felt good leaning into him as we rounded a corner and roared up the street, my body pressed tightly to his. I could feel his heartbeat beneath my ear, and his body felt vibrantly alive in my arms. The flat hard muscles of his stomach tensed under my hands as he shifted his weight from side to side, effortlessly weaving through traffic. There was something utterly satisfying about speeding down the road with a sleek, powerful, savage beast purring between my thighs...and the motorcycle was pretty hot too.

Too soon we reached the high school and Max rolled to a stop in the parking lot. I pulled the helmet off my head and shook out my hair. Getting off the bike Max turned and kissed me sending love, comfort, and support through our connection.

Breaking the kiss I got off the bike and slid my arm under his jacket and around his waist. “Let’s get this over with.” I said with as much determination as I could muster. Max laughed and put his arm around my shoulder and together we headed in to face the music.

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Here’s the next part…enjoy

Part 2
Liz Pov

We walk through the front doors and everything goes silent…literally…you can hear a pin drop; it’s like they’re stunned to see us…or maybe they’re just stunned to see us together. I don’t know and could really care less…just their staring at us like that is way unnerving. Max gives me a gentle squeeze of support and then starts down the hall towards my locker and it’s like a spell has been broken, the silence gives way to a dull roar as everyone starts talking again their eyes following our progress down the hall.

I have to admit it’s really cool the way everyone’s moving out of our way and I can’t resist the urge to let my hand slide down and rest on Max’s ass. I want to let all the little hussies that have been lusting after my Max know his ass is mine…the rest of him too. Max smirks at my show of possessiveness and places a kiss on top of my head. //That’s right baby I’m all yours// he laughs huskily in my head and damn if I don’t want to push him up against the nearest locker and have my way with him.

I think I’m going to have to get used to being in a perpetual state of horniness.

I guess that last thought was a bit too much for Max because I suddenly find myself pressed against my locker with his tongue playing remember me with mine…and I am so not complaining. I’m definitely loving this less restrained don’t give a damn if the whole world knows I love you Max. I slide my hands down to cup his ass and squeeze as I rub my stomach against his hard cock.

Vaguely I hear someone squeal my name, “LIZZIE! Oh my God I can’t believe you’re back…and why the hell didn’t you call me the minute you got back…I am still sooo mad at you for leaving and not telling me…Max was totally devastated and left too…which totally put his girlfriend status in jeopardy…and OH MY GOD MAX!! You’re back too and why the hell didn’t you call me…girlfriend status…doesn’t it mean ANYTHING to you…and…guys…hey Lizzie…Max…guys…uh Lizzie your hands are kinda on Max’s uh…you guys are getting a little too x-rated here…uh hey uh…people are kinda staring and…Oh god Alex do something…Alex…HEY ALEX…ALEX…Oh god I need my cedar oil…Move it along people…nothing to see here…we’ve all got cable…uh Lizzie…Max…ixnay on the ornopay…uh guys…uh Max…LIZ!!”

‘God Maria shut up, can’t you see I’m busy…I’m sorry Lizzie can’t come to the phone right now she’s busy getting her groove on…please don’t call again.’ You’d think she had to breath at some point. I start to slide my hands from Max’s ass and up under his shirt…when he is abruptly pulled away from me. Ohhh…big mistake. I hear Max snarl and a loud thud…somehow I manage to open my eyes and see a terrified Alex pinned to the lockers by an extremely pissed Max.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Max says in this soft deadly voice. Alex squeaks and nods his head and Max slowly releases him and then quickly grabs his arm as Alex’s legs give out on him. Max helps Alex slide down the locker to the floor…and I can’t help it I start to giggle…I mean it’s really funny. Maria’s standing there wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open…speechless for maybe the first time in her life…Alex is clutching his chest about to fucking swoon in fear…and Max and I just put on a show that’s gonna keep the rumor mill running for the un-seeable future.

“MAX! You’re back…oh thank God. I missed you so much.” Max barely has a chance to turn around before Isabel throws herself into his arms. Max hugs her and I can hear him murmuring words of reassurance and love.

“Well Maxwell…nice to see you’ve decided to grace us with your presence.” Michael can’t quite hide the relief in eyes despite the surliness in his tone and Max reaches out his other arm to pull to him into the hug with Isabel. “I missed you too Mikey G.,” he whispers softly and now I’m getting all teary-eyed. Maria sighs and walks up and wraps her arms around Max and Michael and I wrap mine around Isabel and Max. I really really missed these guys while I was gone and now I’m grateful to have them back in my life.

We stand like that for a while just happy to be together again when we become aware of something or rather someone missing. “Don’t mind me guys, I’m just having a heart attack here…probably going to die any second now. Yep that’s me nice human guy done in by the Alien King.” Alex grumbles and we all start laughing.

The bell rings and Max tells everyone to meet at our table for lunch and then gives me a gentle kiss before heading off to homeroom and I am suddenly desolate…feeling lost and empty without him. //I miss you too baby// I feel this rush of love and comfort through our connection and smile knowing that I truly will never be alone again.


“Oh my God Liz…what the hell is going on with you Max?” Maria whispered as she dropped into the seat next to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked evasively. I’d managed to avoid this conversation for most of the morning but we both have Library Science this period and she’s found my hiding place in the back corner of the library.

“Don’t play dumb with me minute you’re all miserable about Max and the next you guys are putting on an x-rated show for the whole school.” She glares at me. Okay…evasive maneuvers are not working, looks like I’m going to have to pull out the big guns.

“It’s like this Ria…I got back yesterday had hot monkey sex with Max last night and got in a little jungle lovin’ this morning before school.” And once again I am witness to a speechless Maria.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!” Maria yells before covering her mouth with her hands.

//That definitely shocked her baby…hot monkey sex huh// Max laughs huskily and I try not to squirm in my seat.

“Did it hurt? Did anything weird happen? Was he good? Wait scratch that last one…you’re still glowing so I know he’s good. Man I bet Czech sex is ten times better than regular sex…God you’re lucky”

“It hurt a little but Max took care of me…he was amazing…and yeah, I know I’m lucky Ria…but hey you’ve got a potential Czech love machine…don’t give up on him.”

//You were pretty damn amazing yourself baby. Michael’s an ass to keep pushing Maria away// Max sends and I can tell he’s really starting to get into my girl session with Maria.

“Liz, you just don’t get it. Michael’s being all stonewall again. I know I could probably date other guys, but...”

“You don’t want just any dick, you want his dick.”

“LIZ!” Maria squeals and starts blushing.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of Ria. I mean, it’s only natural, you know? You want to be with the man you love. Take it from me; once you’ve made love with your Czech you become insatiable. And my God Czech sex is mind blowing.” Boy is it starting to get hot in here or what.

//You got that right baby…Mmmm I’m getting all hot just thinking about it// Max’s voice gets all gravelly and warm and I start to get wet as I pick up on some of things he’s imagining doing to me.

“Really?” Maria asks.

“Hmmm…yeah…I’m talking earth shattering…out of this world…sex. Once you’ve made love with your Czech Ria, you’ll never want anyone else. Remember the make out session with Kyle you stopped?”

//WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I’M GONNA KILL THAT RAT BASTARD!!!// Oh boy I can feel rage and possessiveness come through in tidal waves. //Max…baby…that was a long time ago…way before you and me. Besides nothing really happened, honest// I send him my love and devotion and can feel him start cool off.

“Yeah Lizzie, of course.”

“Well, thank you for stopping it, it was icky. I mean he was so sweaty and awkward. I don’t think anyone would be lucky if they were to actually sleep with him. Course Czech sex is not a fair comparison.”

“What do you mean Lizzie?”

“Well, for starters, Czechs have incredible stamina. I mean I think I’m going to have to start calling Max the energizer bunny...he keeps going…and going…and going.”


“Yeah and he doesn’t need down time...if it weren’t for school we’d probably still be going at it.”


//Damn baby I want you// I feel a wave of love and desire crash into me.

“Yeah.” I sighed I could really do with a Max fix right about now…just thinking about what we could be doing right now sends a flood a heat to my sex and I squeeze my thighs together trying to stifle a moan.

//Liz…eraser room…now// And yeah he doesn’t need to tell me twice.

The bell rings and I leave a dazed Maria staring off into space as I hurriedly make my way to the eraser room and my rendezvous with Max.


Max Pov

I think I'm addicted…no I know I’m addicted.

My drug is making love to Liz Parker…my life and my mate.

The more I make love to Liz the more I want…and there’s not enough hours in a day to satisfy me.

By the time I reach the eraser room I’m in a near painful state of arousal.

Liz pounces on me as I pass through the door and I barely manage to seal the door before I start devouring her from the mouth down. I can't get enough of touching my Liz. I literally feel like I'll die if I don't have my hands on her body…and she’s just as voracious. I've loved Liz for years, but I can't remember ever being as in love with her as I am now.

"God, Liz," I sigh, running my mouth over her cheek before taking the shell of her ear between my teeth. We’re just inside the door, almost exactly where we had our first sexual encounter almost a year ago. "I don't think I've ever been this horny."

She gives a rich, throaty laugh. "Yeah baby me too."

I pull her leather jacket off and it slides to the floor…damn my baby looks good in black leather. I kiss her again sweeping my tongue deep within her mouth and she groans and starts to squirm against me. Pulling away I slide my hands under her shirt and slowly take it off placing wet kisses on the swell of her breasts and she gasps as my mouth makes contact with the sensitive skin of her breasts.

"Lose the jacket and shirt, now," she commands and I pull away from her and practically tear them off. She peels off her jeans and unhooks her bra, tossing them aside so that her breasts sway freely with her movements. Her nipples are pebble hard…poking straight at me. I pull her to me again and they burn like twin brands against my bare chest.

I run my hands down her back and over her sweet little ass. She licks her way over my shoulders and chest and I slide my hands inside her panties…cupping her ass. I squeeze her flesh in my hands and she closes her hot mouth over my nipple and begins to suck. Soon the suction is replaced by the scrape of her teeth, and she tugs firmly…I’m so hard I think I’m going to split my jeans. I crush Liz to me and grind roughly against her stomach.

"Mmm…Max…feels like you've got a problem..." Liz moans against the skin of my chest and she begins to slide her mouth down my body, and before I know it she’s on her knees in front of me, her hands making quick work of my belt and fly. She pushes my jeans and underwear down my hips in a single motion and engulfs my cock in the scalding heat of her mouth.

"OH! God! Liiiizzzzzz!"

I fall weakly back against the door, unable to support my own weight. She grabs my hips with her little hands and begins to move up and down my cock…I close my eyes and twine my hands helplessly in her hair and hold her head to my groin.

Her lips are like exquisite silk sliding up and down on my cock. She tongues the head, lapping up the fluid that gathers in the slit there, humming softly, then wraps her mouth around me and slides down again, then drags her teeth lightly up my cock.

I give a wordless shout and in the next instant she’s taken me as far as she can go into her mouth, and instead of drawing back, she keeps pressing forward. I feel the slightest popping sensation and then her lips and nose are buried in my pubic hair. My cock is engulfed to the hilt.

I make a strangled noise…and almost lose it.

I look down at Liz and she opens her beautiful brown eyes and rolls them upward to meet my gaze. They’re glowing with heat…desire…hunger. The sight of her staring hungrily at me through black-fringed eyes while my cock’s buried in her mouth…combined with the pressure of her throat around the head of my cock…nearly kills me.

"Lii--Liz...gotta stop...gonna come..." I barely manage to gasp out the warning.

Slowly, she slides her lips off my cock. "Do it," she murmurs, opening her mouth again and moving forward.

"No!" I grab my cock and squeeze the base. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing for a moment. When I look down again, Liz is blinking up at me and I can feel her confusion.

"I wanna fuck you," I tell her, growling. "I wanna be inside you when I come..."

I grab her upper arms and pull her to her feet. I shove my hands into her panties again, and I push them down her legs.

"I'm going to fuck you til you can’t see straight," I growl, breathing hard between clenched teeth…sheer animal hunger upon me. I shove a hand between her thighs and push my fingers into her oh-so wet sex. With my fingers probing her, I grab her around the waist and propel her backwards towards the table.

She makes loud, feral moans as I thrust my fingers in and out. Withdrawing them, I wipe her juices on her breasts and lick them clean as I lift her up so that she’s perched on the edge of the table. Sensing my intent, Liz grabs me around the neck while I grasp her thighs and push them open, guiding her legs around my waist. With her feet digging into my ass, I shove my cock into her body and we both moan.

"Hang on, baby," I advise her gruffly and begin to thrust. I pump into her wildly, pounding in and out of her…faster…harder…deeper with each thrust, only distantly aware of her grunts and moans with each impact. I slide my hand between our heaving bodies and start fingering her clit and now she’s cursing me and begging me her nails raking down my back.

I can feel how close she is so I pinch her clit.


She silently screams as she comes and her inner muscles start to contract around my cock tight as a fist and the feel of her…so tight and hot…pushes me over the edge and I explode…coming so hard it’s painful, my cock burning with each jet of cum.

//LIIIIIZZZZZZZZ!!!// I yell, my fingers digging in where they’re gripping her thighs.

My knees sag, my sated body going limp as my cock gives a couple final twitches inside Liz's body. I think the only things keeping me from collapsing to the floor are her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips. I pant harshly against the skin of her neck, sweat beading and dribbling down my face.

"God baby that was incredible," I mutter as I slowly come back to myself, pressing soft kisses on the upper swells of her breasts.

"Yeah," she whispers, stroking my back softly. "I love you so much Max. I love to feel you inside me…to feel you come…to watch you and hear you and know that you’re mine. You’re so beautiful…we’re so beautiful together."

Have I mentioned I am madly in love with this woman?

"Mmm," I hum in contentment, listening to the beating of her heart from where I rest with my head on her breasts. "I love you too baby…the feel of you…the taste of you…everything about you I love."

I kiss her deeply…thoroughly. It’s a kiss of love rather than passion and when it’s over and our lips part, we stay there a moment, foreheads pressed together letting the love and contentment flow through us. Then I straighten and take her hand, helping her down off the table.

"Come on baby…we better get dressed. We’ve missed study hall but I know the other’s are waiting to meet us for lunch."


Liz Pov

Max unseals the door and opens it slowly checking to see if the cost is clear and I can’t stop reaching up and placing soft kisses on his face and neck. Every time we make love it gets better and more powerful and I can’t imagine my life without him…without being able to touch him and love him.

Seeing that the coast is indeed clear Max leads me out of the eraser room and we make our way to the cafeteria. Giving me a gentle kiss he goes to get our lunch and I head out to the courtyard to meet the others at our table. Maria and Isabel are already there and I sit down with a mumbled greeting still in a sated haze of contentment a dreamy smile plastered on my face.

“YOU BITCH!!!!!” I hear her screech at the top of her lungs. God I’ve always hated her voice…from the moment I first heard its sugary fakeness. I get up from the table and turn to see the little gerbil herself barreling down on me from the other side of the courtyard.

Well I guess she got the lasted memo about me and Max.

When she reaches our table she glares at me with her beady little eyes. “I don’t know where you get off you husband stealing ho…but I’m giving you notice…Max is mine!!!!”

Oh hold up wait a minute…I KNOW she didn’t just call me a husband stealing ho! Uh uh…no way…I don’t think so bitch…that’s IT! I clinch my hands and stalk up to stand face to face with the bitch. “You have some nerve calling ME a husband stealing ho when it was your skank ass that rolled in here with your fucking mind games trying to steal MY boyfriend!!” I start shoving her as I continue furiously, “So you better back up off this obsession before I kick your skanky fake ass all the way back to the sewer you crawled out of!!!”

“Yeah you little weasel…” Maria jumps in glaring at Tess with hate filled eyes, “Why don’t crawl away now. No one wants you here.”

“I suggest you get lost Tess before I truly make you disappear.” Isabel adds giving Tess a cold icy glare, “You’ve caused nothing but pain and misery since coming here.”

Tess narrows her eyes and takes a step closer to me and hisses, “You’re nothing…you’re less than nothing. All you are is a cheap fuck, an easy piece of ass he’ll get tired of soon and then he’ll come back to me and you won’t even be a distant memory. I’ll make sure I fuck him hard on your bed and put him away wet!”

At this I swear I see red and I start to launch myself at the bitch ready to bring the smackdown when a strong arm wraps itself around my waist and I’m pulled back into a hard chest…hmmmmmm Max…wait a minute… “Max! What the hell! Put me down…I’m going the beat the shit out of the bitch…I’m going to make her wish she was never hatched…I swear Max you don’t put me down I’m never going to let you…” I’m cut off as Max pulls a Michael and kisses the life out of me to shut me up and calm me down.

I hear a loud smack and the sound of someone hitting the ground. I pull away from Max and turn to see Alex holding back a screeching Isabel and Tess lying on the ground. Wow…way to go Isabel. Alex is trying to calm down a furious Isabel and…Whoa…would you look at that…looks like Maria’s going to get her spaceboy after all…and she called Max and me x-rated.

Tess bursts into tears and looks up at Max and whimpers. “Maxie you can’t let them get away with this…I’m your bride…you have to protect me.”

I start to struggle trying to get out of Max’s arms…I’m going to kill her…I’m going to rip every fake blonde hair out of her head…I’m going to… Max tightens his arms around me until I stop struggling and gives me a hard possessive kiss before turning and looking coldly down at the she-devil. “Tess I suggest you get out of here, you’ve managed to piss off my mate…my sister…and my best girlfriend. If you don’t leave…I’ll make you leave.”

Tess is stunned and I can tell she so wasn’t expecting that. She gets up and glares at me, “This isn’t over…you’re no match for me. I always get what I want…no matter who’s in my way.” With that she turns and storms off.

I feel a shiver run down my back…somehow I know we haven’t seen the last of her…nor have we seen how evil she can truly be.


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Hey guys thanks for all the incredible feedback!!!

JDreamer – don’t worry Liz will explain why no really heard anything important.

Snowdove30 – you’ll find out what happened to Max soon…oh he snapped because Alex pulled him away from Liz at a very inconvenient moment.

rossieaddicted – sorry but we haven’t quite seen the last of Tess. Yes Liz will be experiencing changes…stay tuned.

I hope that answers some of your questions

Anyway here's the next part ENJOY*big**wink*!!!

Part 3
Liz Pov

Journal Entry: I’m Liz Parker and yesterday my life took another right turn and I couldn’t be happier. Three Months ago I thought my life was over, I literally felt dead inside. I thought I’d lost the only man I’ll ever love to a destiny I couldn’t compete against.

Thank God I was wrong.

Anyway back to yesterday…I came home from Florida to find that my parents are going to be gone for the next month, that they hired a manger to run the Crashdown (and expect me to help out), and that they’re glad I’m back and they missed me…all this in a fucking note taped to the door!!! They knew how messed up I was when I left and they couldn’t be bothered to be here when I got back…a fuckin note…and they complain about how we’re not “close” anymore!!! Well I was real upset about that, but like the dutiful daughter that I am (puke…puke) I put on my uniform and went down to the Crash to help out with the dinner rush. I thought maybe Maria or Michael would be working and I was kinda anxious to see them and get the 411 on Max…you know…does he hate me…is he okay…did he hook up with that blonde bitch and follow his fucking destiny…you know the important questions. Once I got downstairs and saw that neither Maria nor Michael was working I decided to ditch the dutiful daughter routine and skip out on the help. I headed back up to my room and that’s when I hit that right turn…straight into Max.

At first he was so angry with me…he even scared me a little…but then he rocked my world…showed me that space truly was the final frontier…these are the voyages of Liz’s orgasms…hmmmmmm. Oops drool…sorry about that…but if you were me you’d be drooling too!!!! Mmmmmm Max is soooo amazing…incredible…wonderful…passionate…mine…that’s right mine as in my mate, my Max, forever…even got the tattoo to prove it. I’m soooo glad my parents are going to be gone for the next month cause I’ve got major plans for my baby and they all involve his hot naked body pressed against mine. I even downloaded the Kama Sutra…I figure a month is just about right to completely work our way through it. I just can’t stop thinking about Max and wanting him and needing him…and this time heaven help anyone who tries to come between us…be they my parents or his parents or the hell bitch herself!!!!

Speaking of the hell bitch, she had the nerve to come at me today at lunch and I was so ready to beat the shit out of her but Max stopped me…thank God Izzy knocked her into the middle of next week!!! By the time lunch was over I was calmed down enough to realize how out of control things could have gotten had Max not intervened, it’s bad enough stuff got said that could really put us all in danger if they had been heard (I’ve never been more grateful our table sits way in the back and away from the others) but if things had escalated who knows what powers that hell bitch would have unleashed.

The rest of lunch was relatively quiet, Alex and Isabel were all cuddled up together with Alex going on and on about what a bad ass his Bella was and Michael and Maria kept shooting each other looks when they thought the other wasn’t looking…man do those two have issues to work out. We all agreed to meet at Michael’s later tonight after he and Maria finished their shifts at the Crash, we have a lot of things to talk about…the main thing being Max. I know you think I’ve been in too much of an orgasmic haze to realize the mega change in Max but I haven’t. I mean yeah there’re physical changes like he’s bigger, more muscular and cut…but there’re also attitude changes…he’s totally confident and more aggressive, he’s happier and laughs more (okay…I think I may have something to do with that), he ditched the jeep for a motorcycle…all black and sleek and sexy…definitely sexy. These are all big changes in Max but I think the biggest is that he’s calm and at peace with himself…like he’s finally found balance within himself between his alien half and his human half. He still hasn’t told me what happened on the reservation this summer with Riverdog, only that it saved his life. He says that he’ll go over everything tonight when we all meet at Michael’s…I know I’m not the only one who’s dying to know what happened to change Max to profoundly. Not that I’m complaining; as much as I’ve always loved Max, this new version of him is just…so…amazing. I get soooo turned on just thinking about him and what he does to me and how insatiable he is and how with just a look or touch or even the sound of his voice he gets me so hot I just want him to fuck me.

Like this afternoon we had been teasing each other mercilessly in our last class, sending each other our fantasies, that when the bell finally rang we took off running…jumping on his motorcycle and tearing off…speeding and weaving through traffic until we made it to the Crash. Max barely had the bike stopped before I took off for my apartment and I could feel him baring down on me the hunger between us reaching a fever pitch. He practically blasted the front door open before he swooped down on me, his hands gripping my shoulders with merciless insistence. He pulled me close against his chest and his mouth plundered mine, his tongue thrusting between my teeth as though the inside of my mouth was his own God-given territory and as far as I was concerned it was.

He pushed me back against the wall and plunged his hands into my hair, and kissed me for all he was worth. He kissed me until I couldn't breathe, couldn't think, until my knees buckled and moisture flooded my sex. By the time he pulled away, I knew my own eyes were as wild as his…my body echoing the throbbing desire I felt flowing off him in waves. Then his mouth crashed down on mine again demanding that I open myself to him and melting from the inside out, I gave him everything. His hands insistently pulled off my jacket before thrusting underneath my shirt, cupping my breasts. I groaned, thanking God for Max and his magical hands. Max moved fast…this was no slow, gentle seduction; it was an eruption of passions that we had been stoking all afternoon.

I didn't want a tender seduction. I wanted him inside me as soon as possible…wanted his hard cock pounding into me bringing me to higher and higher levels of ecstasy.

Beneath my shirt, Max unclasped my bra and his large, warm hands covered my breasts. His palms rubbed roughly against my nipples as he ground his hard cock against my stomach. His lips had made their way to my ear and then down my neck. They traveled down the collar of my shirt, pressing scalding kisses to the upper swells of my breasts and I moaned my breathless encouragement. My jeans, seemingly unzipped of their own volition, slid down my thighs to puddle around my ankles. One of Max's hands cupped my sex through my panties, the heel of his palm grinding against my mons. He stroked my clit through my panties and I screamed…then he ripped them off me (God I’m either going to have to start going commando or start wearing disposable panties).

It didn't matter; I was beyond caring. I screamed again when Max's fingers found my soaking sex and delved within and he covered my mouth with his, devouring my impassioned cries. Finally, he pulled back again, looking deep into my eyes. He slid his wet fingers from between my legs and studied me a long moment, his eyes nearly black with desire. Then he ripped his jacket and shirt off and began rapidly unzipping his jeans. He stared at me until I lifted trembling fingers to my own shirt and began to strip as well.

I didn't speak…didn’t need to…the connection between us was wide open and words seemed meaningless and unnecessary.

Quickly, I took off my shirt and dropped it to the floor, letting my unclasped bra slide down my arms and join it. I pulled off my jeans taking my shoes and socks with them. Lifting my head, I walked past Max putting an extra swing in my hips and smiling enticingly at him as I headed toward my bedroom while he pushed his pants and underwear down over his furiously engorged cock. I had only made it about ten steps before he caught up with me, grabbing me from behind and pressing his long, hard, hot body against my back. He turned me forcibly around and pushed me up against the back of the couch, arching me backward over it. He cupped my breast with one hand while he thrust the other between my legs.

I yelled as his fingers found my clit with flawless precision. He manipulated me mercilessly while his cock bumped insistently against my stomach. Staring into his intent, hungry eyes, I climaxed amidst my own guttural cries and moans. For a second I thought Max would lift me and set me down on his cock, fucking me right there in the middle of the living room and my sex was flooded again at the thought. Instead, he took my hand and nearly dragged me into my bedroom and I had to trot to keep up.

He gave me a nudge toward the bed and I crawled into it and lay down in the middle. I was panting and trembling, aching to have him inside me. In slow motion, he knelt on the edge of the bed and moved in over my body. I opened my arms and legs, welcoming him. One large palm cupped and molded my breast while his other hand guided his cock to my entrance. He slid his cock up and down my sex teasing me before sliding into me in a single, sure thrust.

Oh God, I felt full, so fucking full...I moaned, stretching almost painfully, yielding to accommodate him…you’d think after all the fucking we’ve done in the past 24 hours it would be easy…but he’s so fucking big.

He descended on my open, gasping mouth and began kissing me as though he intended to drain my soul out through my lips. Any semblance of coherency fled. My room was filled with the sounds of moans, grunts, the slapping of sweat-dampened flesh, and an occasional startled outcry when the head of his cock collided roughly with my cervix. He shifted, supporting his own weight with his elbows braced on either side of my head. The finely detailed muscles of his biceps shifted and flexed subtly with each thrust of his pelvis. I wrapped my legs around his hips, my nails scrambling over the sweaty flesh of his back, and began to meet his thrusts.

The pace increased and the rhythm of our thrusts broke down into a frenzied pounding. I tore my lips from Max's to gulp a ragged, panting breath, then buried my face in his shoulder and braced myself to ride out the coming storm.

It came, sweeping me up with it. Lights flashed behind my eyelids and I cried out loudly, biting into Max's shoulder…overcome with the need to mark him as mine.
My body quaked and shuddered fiercely, my inner muscles contracting and convulsing. As I came down, I was dimly aware of Max's final, forceful thrusts and his cry of triumph next to my ear.

That happened a little less than an hour ago and my body is still humming. I wish we could have lazed around in bed making love until we had to leave for Michael’s, but Max had to go home and deal with his parents. As for as his parents are concerned Max ran away this summer and they have no idea that he’s back or why he went away in the first place. I’m worried about what’s going on over there and all I want to do is run over there and be there for Max, to stand at his side and face his parents together.

I stop writing in my journal as I’m suddenly hit with an incredible wave of anger, frustration, and sadness…and I know it’s coming from Max. I jump up ready to run to Max when he stops me //No Liz…I’m on my way to your place…wait for me.// and I sit back down, anxious and fearful, praying that he’ll get here soon. I know it’s silly, he’s a big strong alien King that can blast people out of existence, but I feel so protective of him and I feel this irrational need to beat the crap out of his parents for hurting him.

Unable to sit I jump up again and start pacing back and forth until I hear the roar of his motorcycle and then I’m running out of my apartment not being able to stand another second without him. I get outside just as he’s putting down the kickstand and I don’t stop, I just launch myself at him and he catches me crushing me to him and I can feel his body trembling the anger and frustration gone and only a sad ache flowing through him.

“Shhh baby.” I whisper softly in his ear as I run my hands over his back trying to sooth away the trembles that still rack his body, “I’m here Max…I love you so much…everything’s going to be okay.”

He gets up off his bike and picks me up in his arms carrying me inside, stopping only when he’s reached my room and sat on my bed cradling me on his lap…and I can feel how this has become his sanctuary…me and the silence of my room where we can be alone…the mad press of the world shut outside.

“I tried to tell them as much as I could…but they want answers I can’t give.” He sighs and his arms tighten around me as he continues, “Dad demanded that I tell him everything, about the nightmares…my depression…my leaving…what kind of trouble I’ve gotten myself into... He said that if I wasn’t willing to give him full disclosure…let him help me…then I was no longer welcome in his house. Mom burst into tears and begged Dad not to do this, she was hysterical, crying that they’ve just got me back and now he’s pushing me away.”

“Oh my God Max.” I start to cry overcome with pain and anger that his dad would do this. I know they must have been terrified and worried about him, but they must have had some idea of how bad off he was before he left…for his dad to do this to him and his mother…I just can’t understand it…understand his dad.

“What are you going to do Max?” I ask trying to wrack my brains to come up with something…anything to help him.

“I don’t know baby…all I know is that I can’t stay there right now…maybe later after my dad has a chance to cool down.” He scoots back on the bed and lays down pulling me with him and I curl up on his side throwing my arm around him and hugging him to me.

“Max,” I start as the thought hits me like an epiphany, “why don’t you stay here with me…my parents are going to be gone for the next month and this gives your dad a chance to cool down and place for you to stay where you’ll be safe.”

Max breaks out into this huge grin and pulls me up until my face is hovering over his, “Thanks baby…that’s a great idea. Definitely better than crashing at Michael’s.” He laughs softly before pulling me into a gentle kiss.

I am brimming with happiness at the thought of having Max to myself for at least the next month and I break the kiss jumping up off my bed and running to my dresser thinking of what to move where to make room for Max.

“I’m glad my staying with you makes you so happy baby,” he laughs huskily and I can feel his happiness and amusement flow through him as he watches me run about my room re-arranging my stuff in preparation of him moving in…I can also feel the underlying desire heating the air around us.

"I am happy that you’re moving in baby…all the things we can do to each other…with each other," I tease, my own voice equally as husky, as I slowly walk over and stand in front of the bed.

"Mmm baby," Max says, pulling himself upright and into a sitting position right in front of me and I step forward so I am standing between his legs, but we are not touching yet. "Now you’ve got me all hot and hard.”

His words are filled with heat and desire and they sink into my depths. All the blood rushes from my head, leaving me with the sensation of being weightless, euphoric and free. Free to fall right into Max's arms…the only place I want to be.

I raise one hand up and with trembling fingers touch his face and I gasp when I make contact with his skin. His cheek is rough with stubble and I let it graze my fingertips. Max lowers his head, leaning into my caress. He takes my wrist in both hands and presses his lips into my palm and I welcome their warm, familiar touch.

“Liiizzzz," he shudders, kissing the sensitive skin of my inner wrist. It is as tender as it is sensual. His lips continue their journey upwards to the crook of my arm and he pulls me closer still, until our legs have made contact. He works his way to my shoulders and traces my clavicles with his tongue. My head falls back and I wrap my arms around him, fingers laced through his thick dark hair. Soon, my entire body is pressed against his and I feel his hands grasping at my cloths…pulling them off me and leaving me naked before him.

He sighs and raises his head to look at me and I lower my mouth to his in a hot, passionate kiss. Our tongues clash exploring one another's mouth. My nipples brush against the tight cotton of his shirt and the leather of his jacket. I moan at the contact…my nipples rock hard.

Max's hands slide from the small of my back to the back of my thighs, easing my legs apart. His fingers then come around to splay over my stomach, touching and teasing me at the same time. It feels like it’s been forever since he last touched me like this even though it’s only been a few hours.

I want him to touch every inch of my body.

He starts to fall back on my bed, taking me along with him as he descends. He lets out a little moan as our combined weight hits the center of the bed. My thighs fall on either side of his hips, straddling him and I rise up on all fours and stare at him, relishing the image of Max beneath me. A lazy smile starts across his face and I lean down to kiss him. Max's hands find my breasts and he cups them, squeezing gently upwards. His hands strong and gentle against my soft aching flesh.

I break off the kiss and sit up, making instant contact with his hard cock pressing up through his jeans. Max grunts as I rub myself along cock a few times. His eyes flutter shut and his hips rise up to increase the friction. I cry out at the sensation of his jean-clad cock rubbing against my soaking sex.

My fingers slide beneath the edge of his leather jacket and I slide it roughly off his shoulders. Max shrugs out of it and I push it off the bed onto the floor. His jeans are next and I unfasten them even faster, eager to get at his hard cock. I yank the zipper down and snake my hand inside his boxers. Max bucks into my hand as I touch his cock…it’s rock hard and ready for me.

I push his jeans and boxers down then reposition my hand over his cock so I can work my thumb over the head. I sit back on his thighs and start rubbing and stroking it. Max groans and arches beneath me. He’s still wearing his T-shirt and he tugs it up and over his head and now he’s naked as well.

He lays a hand on each of my thighs and trails his fingers up to the nest of dark curls that cover my sex. One hand ventures lower, his thumb separating my damp folds. Within seconds, he’s rubbing my clit, matching my pace. I let out a cry when he gently pinches my clit. The pleasure is overwhelming and I am so close... so close…

I feel wetness on my thumb and look down long enough to see drops of precum shining on his cock and I can feel how close he is too. Max pulls my hand away gently…my own wetness flowing down his fingers and the palm of his hand. As good as it feels, I pull his hand away as well…I want him to be inside me when I come.

I rise up on my knees and sink down on him slowly…my insides stretching around his cock, taking as much of him as I can inside me. I close my eyes wanting to focus entirely on the place where we are joined. He fills me so completely and I linger in that position for a moment. Max's hands reach for mine and we press our palms together, lacing our fingers in quiet contemplation as we savor this moment of peace where we are one and nothing else matters.

It’s Max who starts to move first, pulling out slowly before thrusting back inside me. I rise up, and then back down on his cock…finding a pace and a rhythm in this new position. God, this feels good…so incredibly good. I clench my inner walls tightly around him and we both cry out. My breasts rock in time with my movement, bouncing gently in front of him and our pace accelerates.

I groan loudly as I quicken my thrusts, feeling my own pleasure start to build as I pound down on him faster and faster. I clench my teeth and grind on him as the rising swell of my orgasm begins to crash through me.

"Maaaaaaaaaxxxxxxx," I yell, riding him faster still as I explode my body shaking as waves of pleasure wash over me. I contract hard around him, riding out each wave of pleasure eagerly…arching my back and sinking down on him one final time. I ease my grip on his hands, letting my nails sink out of his skin. I close my eyes as I spiral downwards from this high, my body relaxing once again. My head lolls forward, my hair tousling in my face. I look up through the dark curtain and see Max smiling beneath me.

"I take it you like the female superior position?" he inquires.

"Mmm-mmmm," I nod, running both hands through my hair. My skin in flushed all body humming in contentment.

"We’re not done baby," he says, pulling me down for a long, open kiss. As I lean forward, he pulls out of my body and rolls us both over so he’s on top. Then, he rises up on his knees.

"Turn over," he instructs, giving me enough room to do so. I feel a rush of adrenaline and excitement when I realize what position he is suggesting…remembering how amazing it had felt this morning.

Slowly, I rotate so I’m lying on my stomach. Max's arm slips underneath my waist, elevating my hips just enough to get a good angle. His body drapes over mine, fitting perfectly around my small form. His lips are on the nape of my neck, nuzzling me briefly. "Remember this morning baby…how good it felt?"

"Yeeessss," I moan, grasping handfuls of the bedspread to have something to hold onto. My cheek is pressed into the mattress and I bite my lower lip and wiggle my ass against his cock…just wanting him back inside me…and with one quick stroke, he sinks into me from behind with a long, satisfied moan.

"Liiiiiiizzzzzz," he whispers, kissing my shoulder softly. "Hold on baby."

Another rush of excitement surges through me as he starts to thrust in and out of me, harder and much faster than before…strong and determined…holding nothing back. I rock back in perfect tandem with his thrusts, letting him go as deep as he can, crying out every time the head of his cock hits my cervix.

Our bodies are covered in sweat and glide easily over each other.

Max lets out a series of moans and growls each increasing in volume as he nears his own climax until with one final thrust, he explodes inside me. Throbbing hard and fast within my already sensitive sex sending me over the edge again screaming and crying his name.

We fall back onto the bed with Max spooning my backside. He reaches back to curl the bedspread around us as our bodies cool down. I twist back around, letting my skin absorb his warmth as I wrap my arms and legs around him never wanting to let him go and he shifts so he’s lying on his back his hands stroking softly, gently up and down my back and through my hair.

We stay like that for hours talking softly of nothing and everything until it’s time to get ready to go to Michael’s and once again let the world intrude on our sanctuary.


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Don't worry you'll find out soon what happened to Max at the reservation...and the issue of birth control will be addressed.

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Part 4
Liz Pov

There are times in your life when you experience moments of perfect happiness…when everything in your little world falls into place and you are content…just happy to be in that moment where everything is right.

I know most people see me as the perfect little Lizzie Parker…perfect family…perfect childhood…perfect friends…on the perfect road to scholastic success…and not one but two perfect boyfriends…they all look at me and just know my life is filled with perfect happiness.


The fuck they know!

I’ve always hated perfect little Lizzie who always smiled no matter what and did everything to please her parents and her teachers and her friends and always always did the right thing no matter how much it fucked her over.

No…I can count the number of moments of perfect happiness I’ve had on one hand…

One…the time I was eight and I told my mother I wasn’t going to be a prima ballerina…I was going to be the next Einstein…

Two…the time I was thirteen and I punched Steven Hartman flat on his ass cause he told Maria that her dad leaving was all her fault cause she was a whiney brat…

Three…the first time Max connected with me and I saw his beautiful gentle soul and knew I had found the love of my life…my soulmate…

Four…the moment I realized the healing stones had worked and Michael was going to be okay…

Five…the first time Max and I made love and joined our souls together forever…

And now I am experiencing another moment of perfect happiness.

I’m pressed tight against Max’s back with my arms wrapped around his waist and we’re speeding through the streets of Roswell on the way to Michael’s apartment to meet up with the rest of the gang…and I am perfectly happy.

I know that soon enough the shit’s going to hit the fan and we’ll once again be thrown into the breech…but right now I don’t give a fuck. I’m riding on a hot ass bike with my very own bad ass wrapped in my arms…the wind’s whipping around us as we cut through the night air…and all I want to do is sing at the top of my lungs and let the whole fuckin world know that Liz fuckin Parker is perfectly fuckin happy.

//So why don’t you baby…sing for me//

I shudder and my sex clinches as the dark huskiness that accompanies his words slide through my body and pools between my thighs…and damn…now I’m not only perfectly happy…I’m perfectly horny.

Is it possible to be perfectly happy horny…or is that perfect horny happiness…

Anyway…my baby wants me to sing and a wave of wickedness rushes through me as I remember the lyrics to this song I heard earlier on the radio. Pressing closer against his back I start sing as loud as I can…

“I'm on his knee
He keeps me clean
And gives me things
He makes me scream, yeah...”

I slip my hands up under his shirt and run my nails over his ripped abs and I can feel the muscles clinch and release as he barely misses running into a parked car on the side of the street…

“He's so contagious
He turns my pages (Mmm...)
He's got me anxious (Oh...)
He's what I've waited for”

I slide my right hand up and pinch his nipple and he whimpers my name…we swerve up onto the sidewalk…oops…sorry Mrs. Greene…but really…isn’t it a little late to be walking the dog…

“He keeps me guessin' (Oh...)
He's so persuasive
And I'm his lady (Oh...oh...)”

I slide my left hand down to cup his hard cock and I squeeze. “Liiiiiiizzzzzzzz!!!” Max yells…and whoa does he have amazing reflexes…we just miss running head first into the lamppost by inches…

“My back is achin'
From all love makin'
Oh, yes, I'm taken
Ain't no use in fakin' (Oh)”

We screech to a stop in front of Michael’s and Max yanks me around until I’m straddling him my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. He pulls off my helmet and I hear it thud on the ground as his mouth crashes down on mine…his tongue demanding entry…and I willingly give it. His hot tongue sweeps into my mouth sliding along my own leaving no one area untouched…claiming me.

I arch against him and we both moan in satisfaction when my aching sex presses down on his hard cock. Deepening the kiss I start to rotate my hips grinding against his cock and Max growls…Oh God…I love it when he growls…I can feel it all through my body…centering on my sex.

I swear I can come from that alone.

Max grips my hips and thrusts me down on his cock and even through two layers of jeans I can feel how hot he is…how hard he is…I grip the back of his head and yank back on his hair…our mouths disengage with a loud popping sound…I look into his eyes and they are nearly black with dark hunger…I know they are only a reflection of my own.

His hands leave my hips and grabs fistfuls of my hair and I catch the slightest whisper of his intent flow through me before he yanks my head to the side and brings his mouth down on my neck in an open-mouthed kiss leaving a hot trail down my neck to the juncture between my neck and shoulder…and then he bites down…hard.

I come screaming thrusting uncontrollably against his cock as this wave of almost painful pleasure loops back and forth between where he is latched onto my neck and my sex…and I keep coming and coming…my body shaking and convulsing as wave after wave of ecstasy crashes though me…and then he pushes me back until I can feel the handlebars of his motorcycle pressing into my back.

He slides his hand out of my hair and down my body stopping once to squeeze my breast before continuing until he reaches where our bodies are grinding against each other…and then I hear a ripping sound as he tears open my jeans clear down to my crotch and I hear another ripping sound and then…

and then…

Oh God…

Oh God…

and then he thrusts into me…


and my mouth opens in a silent scream as stars explode behind my eyes…

and I’m still coming…

and coming…

Oh God I don’t think I’ll ever stop coming.

Max releases my neck and his mouth once again plunders mine and I rake my nails down his leather covered back moaning and whimpering as he pounds into me harder and faster…each thrust sending another wave of ecstasy crashing through me…and I can feel his bike rocking underneath us…and a vague thought flits across my brain that this has to be against the laws of physics…

and then he thrusts into me harder and deeper and the head of his cock pushes past my cervix and I hear him scream my name as everything goes black….

I don’t know how long I was out…but it must not have been for long…because when I sluggishly open my eyes Max is peppering my face with soft gentle kisses and I can still feel his softening cock inside me. At some point while I was passed out Max must have sat up because the handlebars are no longer pressing into my back.

“Are you back with me now baby?” Max asks gently as he looks deeply into my eyes one hand soothingly caressing my back while runs the fingers of his other hand through my hair.

//Yeah…uh…I’m back…yeah...//

I seem to be incapable of getting my mouth to function enough to actually speak…and then it hits me…I mean I thought it was a myth…now I know for a fact that it’s true…

I’ve just been fucked til I passed out.

//Oh my God Max! You just fucked me silly right in front of Michael’s apartment on a fucking motorcycle!!!//

//What can I say baby…you bring out the beast in me//

We laugh as I playfully hit him on the chest...and wow…his cock is still in me and I can feel the vibration of his laughter deep inside me. I am suddenly giddy and euphoric and I swear if I had wings I could fly…hell the way I’m feeling right now I could probably fly without the fucking wings.

Max leans down and places a gentle soft kiss on my lips as he finally pulls out of me and we both groan at the loss…then he pulls back and looks around making sure the street is empty…and I find it absolutely incredible that the street isn’t lined with gawkers after the show we just put on.

Satisfied that we’re unobserved Max slides his hands between our bodies and repairs our ripped and torn jeans. I giggle and then moan when he gently presses his hand against me, his eyes flashing and darkening briefly before he stands up and gets off his bike taking me with him. He lowers me slowly down his body, his eyes never leaving mine, until my feet touch the ground…and I am so lost in his eyes that the world could crumble down around us and I wouldn’t notice.

Sighing softly Max turns and we slowly make our way up the walkway to Michael’s apartment, when we get to his door Max again leans down and kisses me again and it’s like a spark has been ignited and we deepen the kiss. His hands slide down to cup my ass and pull me up against his cock that is once again rock hard. I just manage to slide my hand down between our bodies and start stroking his cock when the door is yanked open and we stumble into Michael’s apartment.

“I don’t fucking believe this!!! Haven’t you two had enough!!” Michael yells at us…and man I didn’t know it was possible for someone turn that deep a shade of purple…must be an alien thing.

I look past a spluttering Michael to see Maria, Alex, and Isabel staring at us all wide-eyed and shocked.

“Liz?” Maria manages to squeak and I look at her trying to figure out what the hell her problem is when I notice where her eyes are trained.

I look down and realize that I’m still stroking Max’s cock…oh…okay…that explains why Michael’s still spluttering…Maria’s squeaking…Isabel looks like she’s going to be sick…Alex’s eyes are glazed over…and Max is sucking on my neck and squeezing my ass…yup…that explains a lot.

Man…talk about making an entrance.

I give my co…oops…I mean Max’s cock one last stroke and a gentle pat before pulling away from him and sauntering casually into the apartment. I can’t keep the smirk off my face as I feel Max’s hand slide possessively up my thigh and resting on the curve of my hip.

Will someone please tell me when I became a fucking exhibitionist…I mean inquiring minds want to know!!!

Max leads me over to the armchair and pulls me down on his lap wrapping his arms around me and resting our entwined hands on my stomach…his thumbs rubbing against the tiny patch of exposed skin between the bottom of my shirt and the top of my jeans. I purr in contentment when I feel his cock pressing into my ass…wait a minute…did I just fucking purr?!?!?!? Oh God…what Max does to me should be illegal…it should at least come with a warning label.

I tilt my head back against Max’s chest and he starts nuzzling my hair and I swear he starts purring too…hmmm…I could soooo get used to this.

Michael finally stops spluttering and boy is he pissed…he starts pacing back and forth in front of us pulling his fingers through his hair and muttering under his breath. Then he stops and glares at us…and then he starts yelling, “This is just great…just FUCKING great…I want to know what the HELL happened to you Maxwell…you too Liz for that matter!!! First Liz takes off with out telling anyone where the HELL she’s going…then Max goes all psychotic breakdown and zombie on us…then HE takes off leaving a fucking note about how he’s a danger to himself and others and needs to get help…and oh yeah…HOPEFULLY he’ll be back!! Then the two of you show up out of nowhere practically fucking against the lockers…then you DO fuck in the eraser room and Liz gets into a smackdown with the blonde bitch!!! Then the two of you take off like bats out of hell after school…and don’t think we don’t know what that was all about!!! If that wasn’t bad enough…you both show up here and fuck each other in front of my GODDAMN APARTMENT on a fucking motorcycle…and God…the two of you couldn’t even make it INTO my apartment before going at it again…and…and…and…OH MY GOD YOU’VE TURNED ME INTO MARIA!!!!!” with that he turns and walks out of the room with a dazed and confused look on his face.

We all sit there in stunned silence and then Maria squeaks and clamps her hands over her mouth, her eyes tearing up with suppressed laughter. I’m trying my best not to laugh too…Michael had been so upset…but I can hear Max laughing in my head and feel his body shaking trying to contain his laughter…and I’m done for…I start laughing uncontrollably and it’s not long before we’re all nearly hysterical with laughter.

After awhile the laughter dies down to occasional giggles and then my stomach starts to growl and that sets everyone off again. Hey…I haven’t eaten since lunch and I’ve been using up a lot of energy lately!

Max pulls me against him and whispers in my ear, “Is my baby hungry?”

“Yes I’m hungry.” I grumble at him poking out my bottom lip and pouting, “It’s not funny…you’ve been burning up all my energy…I can’t help it if I’m starving.”

“Hmmm,” Max hums as he kisses me on my neck. “I guess I better feed my baby…gotta keep her energy up.”

Okay…I guess it’s true what they say…too much good sex does rot the brain…but I could care less as long as he feeds me.

We all decide to order pizza and by the time it arrives a much calmer Michael has rejoined us. My stomach growls again and my mouth starts to water as the heavenly aroma of piping hot pizza starts to float in the air. I take a huge bite of my pizza and then spit it out with a scowl.

“Gross!!! This tastes like shit!” I grab a paper towel and start wiping off my tongue trying to get the crappy taste out of my mouth.

Everyone is looking at me like I’m some kind of freak…except for Max who’s smiling at me with this knowing expression in his eyes.

“Baby…why don’t you try some of this.” He takes my slice of pizza and pours a liberal amount of Tabasco on it and raises it to my mouth.

Slowly I lean forward and take a bite of the Tabasco laden pizza…and Oh my God it tastes sooooo good…it’s unbelievably good…I actually squeal and start devouring slice after slice of pizza loaded down with Tabasco sauce. Max laughs and pulls me into his lap and starts kissing me.

//Mmmm my baby’s turning into a little alien//

Now I feel a different kind of hunger taking over as the kiss deepens and becomes heated…and as often happens when the passion between us ignites…everyone else just fades away and all that I’m aware of is Max’s tongue dueling with mine and his hand sliding down between my thighs and cupping me through my suddenly soaked jeans. I moan and arch my back as Max presses the heel of his hand against my sex rubbing my clit through my jeans.

In the background outside of our passionate haze I can dimly hear yelling and screaming…

“Oh Fuck NO!!! They can’t do this RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!”

“Michael calm down…I’m sure they’re going stop any second now…any minute now…I’m sure…”

“Get out of my way Maria!!! I’m going to put a stop to this.”

“Oh my God…I’m getting out of here before I’m scarred for life…Alex get me out of here NOW!!”

“You’re not going anywhere Isabel…just as soon as Maria GET’S OUT OF MY WAY…I’m going to put a stop to the two horny beasts.”


“Uh Michael…maybe Bella’s right…uh…why don’t we just…uh…Oh God…turning my back now…this is Alex turning his back…I so didn’t just see Liz rip open Max’s shirt…nope…didn’t see a thing…and I really don’t want to know which one of them is growling.”


“Michael no…you don’t want to do that...I’m telling you…bad idea…Michael don’t…ohhh…too late…that’s gotta hurt.”

I’m jerked away from Max right as my mouth latches onto his nipple and I growl as I turn and yell, “BACK OFF!”

Michael is thrown clear across the room and smacks hard into the wall as the energy that has been steadily growing and coiling inside me lashes out at him and I am suddenly aware that a blue-tinged shield has popped up with me and Max on one side and everyone else on the other.

//Max…uh…did you do that?//

//No baby…that’s all you//

//And…um…is that like…shield?//

//Yes baby//

//Oh…um…are you putting up the shield?//

//No baby…that’s you too//

Suddenly I start shaking uncontrollably as the level of energy inside me increases and starts coiling back on me…I desperately need a way to release the energy…I feel like I’m going to explode into a million pieces if I don’t release this fucking energy.

//Max…what’s happening to me…oh my God…I can’t…I can’t…I need to get it out of me…I need you Max…I need you//

//Hold on baby…hold on…I’ll take care of you//

Max jumps up clutching me in arms and not sparing the others a single glance he rushes out of the room and into the bathroom shutting and sealing the door…and the totally freaky thing is that the shield is still around us.

I can’t stop shaking…I swear I can actually feel my bones rattling…and level of energy increases again and now I feel like I’m not only going to explode…but I’m going to go insane too.

//Max…please…I’m going to explode…I’m going crazy…I can’t take anymore…PLEASE…I NEED YOU!!//

Max sets me down on my feet and I start to claw at his remaining clothes…uncaring as my nails rake his skin leaving bloody trails in their wake…I just need him to make it stop…to make it go away…I just need him in me NOW!

//Okay baby…okay…I’ve got you…I’ve got you//

Max rips my jeans off just as I manage to get his jeans down enough to release his hard cock…and without any preliminaries he lifts me up and slams be down on his cock…burying himself in me.


I scream as Max starts pounding into me hard and deep…each thrust slamming me against the wall with a loud thump…and I don’t care as long as he doesn’t stop…please don’t stop…his hard cock pumping in and out of me…literally nailing me to the wall…feels so incredibly good…and then he switches the angle of his thrusts and starts hitting my g-spot and my clit with each hard thrust and I start to sob and babble as the energy and pressure inside me builds to an unbelievable level.

“Harder Max…faster…harder…yeah like that…like that…like that…don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop…I’ll fucking kill you if you stop”

Max pounds into me harder and faster…grunting and growling with each thrust…going deeper and deeper…when with a hard and deep thrust he once again pushes past my cervix…and little stars start to explode in my head. I clinch my muscles hard around cock and he snarls and yells.

“Yeah baby…you’re so hot…so tight…feel so good…so fucking good…love you…love you…love you…”

I start to shake even harder as the energy and pressure that has been steadily coiling and swirling inside me finally releases…it arcs out of me and collides with an arc of energy shooting out of Max…and everything explodes…Max and I both come at the same time flying apart into a million pieces…and it feels like I’m everywhere and nowhere…like I’m this shapeless being flying through a million stars only I’m not alone because Max is with me and we’re flying…flying…flying…

We slowly slide to floor and I have time for two errant thoughts before everything goes black…

‘I can’t believe I’ve been fucked so hard I passed out twice in less than 3hrs.’


‘Why the hell is the floor shaking?’


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This part is very very long so I've broken it down into two posts.


Part 5
Liz Pov

I moan as I slowly become conscious…my mind sluggish and befuddled at first…and then a keen alertness floods me as I become aware of several things at once…

its pitch black and I can’t see a damn thing…

I am different…I feel different…

Max is unconscious under me…

the floor has stopped shaking…

Max’s cock is rock hard and still buried deep inside me…

I can feel a low buzz of energy flowing beneath my skin…

I can feel the soft murmur of Max’s unconscious mind humming in the back of mine…

and oh yeah…

I know what happened to Max on the reservation...I know everything…and I mean everything.

Before I have a chance to ponder any of these revelations Max moans and I can feel the low murmur of his mind flare into full alertness…and it’s amazing…Max has literally become a part of me and I have become a part of him. I know we were cemented after we first made love…that our souls became joined… but this…this is way beyond cementing…beyond two souls joining together. This is…this is…

//Beautiful baby…this is beautiful…you’re beautiful…your soul…I can feel your soul in mine//

//Your soul is in mine too Max…and it’s beautiful. I don’t know how I’ve managed to live this long without this…without you in me…a part of me//

I can feel his large gentle hands cupping my face as his thumbs wipe away the tears of joy streaming down my face…this is so overwhelming…so beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I place my own hands on his face and am not surprised to find it too is covered in tears, I already knew he was just as overcome as I was…just as moved and awed.

I slowly run my fingers over his face until I come to his beautiful soft lips and he kisses the tips of my fingers one by one…each kiss so gentle and tender…full of love. My muscles clinch around his cock and we both moan…oh yes…I shudder as I feel his love and desire rise in me…a warm gentle wave…so much more than before…so much more.

Slowly, gently, we begin to make love…not with the heated fiery passion of before…but with the deep and abiding unconditional love of two souls that have finally become one. I arch my back as he lovingly caresses my breasts…gently molding them with his hands…his thumbs flicking across my nipples. Languidly I rise up on my knees until only the head of his cock is still in me…and then slowly…slowly…I lower myself down on his cock…one exquisite inch at time…until he is once again buried deep inside me…and then I do it again and again…each time sending gentle waves of pleasure washing over us.

There is neither hurry here…nor rush to completion…we have nothing but time…nothing but time…

Max rises up until I can feel the hot press of his skin as his chest comes in contact with my aching breasts…my nipples rubbing against his hard chest shooting waves of heat to my sex. His mouth covers mine in a soft kiss and then he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth…his teeth gently nibbling on my captured lip for a moment before releasing it only to slip his hot tongue into my mouth… slowly deepening the kiss. I again clinch my muscles around his cock and we both sigh our pleasure into each other.

Every caress…every sigh…every murmured word of love…slowly stoking the fires of our passion…

Breaking the kiss Max places gentle open-mouthed kisses down my neck and my head falls back to give him better access…it feels so good…so good. He finds a sweet spot on my neck and sucks the tender flesh into his mouth and I moan softly as he gently bites down and flicks his tongue across the sensitive skin. I start to rotate my hips in a slow grind and his cock twitches inside me as he hums his pleasure against my neck sending another wave of heat washing over me.

I can feel the first wave of tingles beginning to slowly build…heralding that the end is near…but not yet…not yet…

His hands slip down to my hips and he tenderly squeezes them as he urges me to a slightly faster pace…and I gladly comply…riding him a little faster…a little harder…with each downward thrust on his cock I clinch my muscles around him and rotate my hips. Our breathing becomes heavier and faster as I again increase the pace…plunging his cock deeper and deeper into me with each thrust...his hands grip my hips tighter as he helps to raise and lower me…faster and harder.

Soft moans and sighs fill the air around us as we ascend ever closer to climax…we’re so close…so close…

His mouth leaves a hot trail as he moves further down my neck to the swell of my breasts and I fall back against his thighs in ecstasy as his hot mouth latches onto my nipple and he sucks it deep into his mouth his tongue rubbing against the sensitive nubbin. He pumps into me harder and faster…the languor that started our lovemaking completely burned away by the white-hot fire of our passion and our impending orgasm. I feel his cock swell inside me as he bites down gently on my nipple and a soft cry escapes me as we explode together…our soul crying out in rapture as wave after wave of intense pleasure racks our bodies in an extended release.

I am again moved to tears and as I feel the hot tears fall on my breasts I know he feels it too…it’s so beautiful…so beautiful…our love is so beautiful…

We slowly come back to ourselves…bestowing gentle loving kisses on each other. We rest our foreheads together and our faces are so close I can feel the soft sweep of his eyelashes as he closes his eyes purring in contentment. I run my fingers gently through his silky hair as I revel in our love…a love so deep and powerful it would terrify a lesser soul.

“Who am I my love?” I whisper softly in his ear placing a gentle kiss on his neck.

“You are my soul…my Queen.” His voice is husky and filled with awe, his hands caressing my back.

“Who are you my love?” I ask as I suck the soft lobe of his ear into my mouth and gently bite down.

“I am your heart…your King.” He moans as his arms tighten possessively around me.

My hands slide down to cradle his face and I pull back and claim his mouth in a gentle possessive kiss…I know we will never again be the same…that we have forever been changed…we have become one soul living in two bodies…mated and bonded in a way that has been long forgotten among our people…it has been near a millennia since the King and Queen of Antar have joined out of true love instead of political necessity.

The pounding on the door ruins our tender moment.


I just know we’ll never live this down…hell…I don’t think we’ll ever live down the past 24hrs.

“Well my love…I think we better get dressed before Michael manages to break the door down.” Max laughs as with a wave of his hand he lightens the room with a soft blue light.

I gasp as I take in our surroundings…Michael is going to be soooo pissed when he sees what we’ve done to his bathroom. The mirror over the sink is shattered…everything is scattered on the floor…and there’s a huge crack in the porcelain of his tub…oh yeah…he’s going to be extremely pissed…and then again maybe not.

Max smirks as he waves his hand and removes all evidence of damage…leaving the bathroom in pristine condition.

“You are such a show off baby.” I purr as I pepper his face with loving kisses, “I love it when you show off…you’re so damn sexy and hot…I could just eat you up.”

“Uh…Max…Liz…I don’t mean to intrude on what I’m sure is a Kodak moment…and let me just pause to say how glad I am that you two managed to take your…uh…show behind closed doors…but some of us need to actually use the bathroom…for oh…I don’t know…the purpose for which it was intended…again…I don’t mean to rush you or anything…but Houston we are about to have a major problem if you two aren’t out of there pdq...”

I try to stifle my laughter as Maria rambles on and on and I can just picture her doing the pee pee dance as she exhorts us to vacate the facilities. Max snorts as he too tries to suppress the urge to laugh.

Giggling softly I rise to my feet and extend my hand to help Max up and we quickly get dressed…repairing our ripped and torn clothes with a wave of his hand. I rise up on my toes and give Max a quick kiss before he opens the door.

I know when he opens that door our interlude will be over. We’ll have to deal with irate and confused friends…face the consequences of causing a blackout and an earthquake…come to terms with my transformation from Liz Parker to Queen Elizabeth of Antar…and Max will have to tell of his own transformation out on the reservation.

As weird as it sounds it all comes back to Max and what happened to him this summer…because if he hadn’t changed he wouldn’t have been able to change me. Sure we may have still gotten together eventually…and may have even cemented our relationship…but it wouldn’t have been the same…it would have only been a pale shadow of what we have now.

I just hope the others are ready for this…for the new us.

Max slowly opens the door and Maria rushes in and pushes us out of the bathroom before slamming the door with a muttered, “Thank God…my bladder’s about to burst.”

Together we walk into the living room, which is illuminated by candles placed all over the room. I don’t see any damage from the earthquake so they must have already cleaned up in here.

“Michael, you said there was a blackout and an earthquake…do you know if anyone’s been hurt or worse?” Max asks with cool authority…calmly staring Michael down.

“Well Maxwell…according to the news bulletins on the radio…there has been a few minor injuries reported…but…uh…no casualties.”

I can feel the relief flow through us at this news…I don’t know what we would’ve done if anyone had died because of us…because of the power released by my transformation and the combining of our souls into one.

Max leans down and places a gentle kiss on the top of my head before leading me over to the armchair and sitting…pulling me down on his lap…my head resting on his shoulder. I can’t suppress a sigh of contentment as one hand rubs up and down my arm while his other hand makes soothing patterns on the outside of my thigh.

“Why don’t you sit down Michael…as soon as Maria gets back…I’ll tell you what you want to know…what happened to me this summer…and what’s going on between me and Liz.”

I wrap my arms around Max’s waist and place a soft kiss on his neck…I know now how hard this is going to be…how difficult. Max went through hell to get to where he is now…where we are now…and he almost didn’t make it.

Max shudders slightly as Maria comes back into the room and quietly sits down next to Michael…there’s nothing left now but the telling…it’s time.


Max Pov

I look around the room and see that I have everyone’s undivided attention…and I can feel Liz’s unconditional love and support. I wouldn’t be to do this without her…jump back into the darkest place I’ve ever been. Taking a deep breath I start to talk…

“Okay…I’m going to start at the beginning…but for this to work there can be no interruptions. No matter what you hear…you can’t interrupt…you can ask anything you want after I’m finished.” I pause and wait for everyone’s agreement before continuing, “At first…after Liz left…after we learned about our destiny…I was able to keep it together…for those first two weeks…despite the nightmares…was able to be there for you guys. Maria and I even bonded…deepened our friendship…and I earned that coveted girlfriend status…but…then the nightmares got worse…and…Tess…Tess tried to mind-warp me into believing that she was Liz…tried to get me to make love to her. It only got as far as a kiss before I realized what was happening…I was so enraged I almost killed her. I threw her out of my room and then sealed myself in…I started throwing everything around yelling and screaming…I was so angry…felt so violated…and then I was devastated…for a moment…just a moment…I thought I had Liz back…only to find it was a cruel manipulation. Then…I just…started to lose my grip on reality…on what was real and what wasn’t…I was still sealed in my room…and every day I would slip further and further away until I almost didn’t recognize myself. It was two weeks after I sealed myself in my room that I hit the wall and knew that I needed to get help…before I hurt someone or killed myself.”

Taking another deep breath I let my mind go back to last summer…to that moment that made me realize I needed help…to the moment that ultimately changed my life forever….

*Bitch…stupid mind-warping bitch…I WISH SHE WAS DEAD!*

I jump up from my bed and start pacing back and forth…I’ve paced this same path so many times I’m amazed there’s not a hole here. I feel a sharp pain in my head and realize I’m doing it again…pulling at my hair…I’m helpless to stop. I know soon I’ll be banging my head against the wall over and over and over…again I’ll be helpless to stop. I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…I DON’T CARE…I DON’T CARE…I DON’T CARE…I DON’T CARE…I DON’T CARE…

“Max…sweetie…please honey…open the door…let us help you…please.”


“Maxwell Evans…you will not talk to your mother like that…we want to help you son…we found this place…where you can get help…the help you need…we can even visit you.”


“Oh Max…Oh God Phillip we’re losing him…we’re losing our baby boy.”

I feel a sticky liquid running down my face and when it reaches my mouth I know it is blood by the coppery taste. I slide down the door until I’m slumped on the floor leaving a wet bloody trail…I can hear my mom sobbing on the other side of the door and my dad trying to comfort her…but I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t…*NO!*. Not that again…I’ve got to get a grip…I can’t start that again or I won’t be able stop. I have to think…I have to…I know there’s something I have to do…something…

*That fucking bastard Pierce! He fucked me up…lost Liz…can’t sleep…making my mom cry. I wish I could kill him all over again…yeah…I’d hang him up by his ankles* I start to cackle as I rock back and forth…visualizing… *Then…then…I’d get a dull knife and cut his stomach open…and watch…and watch…his guts ooze down until they’ve covered his face…and then…and then…I’d roast marshmallows while I watched him die.*

Now I’m laughing hysterically and tears stream down my face mixing with my blood…yeah… that’s a good one…better than the last one…maybe I’ll hang that fucking bitch Tess next to him and see which of them dies first.

{What about that bitch Liz…she fucked you over too.}


Not Liz…sweet Liz…my Liz…pretty Liz…love Liz…soul-mate Liz…so smart my Liz…beautiful Liz…my angel Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…

{God you’re so fucking pathetic…the bitch left you…she doesn’t love you…she thinks you’re a loser.}


I cover my ears with my hands and try to block out the evil hateful words…Liz loves me…I know she does…she has to…she just needed time…yeah…she just needed time to…

{Find herself a nice normal guy instead of a fucked up reject like you! She’s probably out there fucking some stud right now…sucking his dick while he finger fucks her…letting him…}


I start trashing my room as I’m filled with a murderous rage…that bitch…that faithless bitch… fucking other guys…I’ll kill them…then I’ll kill her…I’ll fuck her first…make her beg me to stop…make her scream…then I’ll squeeze the life out of her…until her eyes pop out…whoring little bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…bitch…BITCH…BITCH… BITCH…

I raise my trashcan over my head and turn to smash it into my mirror…when I see myself…really see myself…Oh God…that can’t be me…it’s a stranger…not me…a stranger with dirty matted hair and sunken crazed eyes…that’s not me…can’t be me…this stranger is naked and you can see his ribs poking out of pale paper thin skin…not me…never me…not covered in dried blood with cuts and bruises covering his body…NO…THIS…IS…NOT…ME!

Oh my God…it is me…I whimper and cringe at the sight staring back at me…the trashcan falling out of my suddenly limp fingers. I stare in horror and wonder what have I done…oh my God…what have I done…and then I’m rushing to the bathroom violently ill. How could I…how could I have thought those vile hateful things…how could I have even imagined doing something as reprehensible as violating Liz and committing murder. I retch and cry into the toilet…my body convulsing in dry heaves…I don’t have anything to throw up…but I can’t stop.

I feel so dirty…so disgusting…and still retching and crying I crawl to the shower and climb into the tub. I reach blindly and turn on the water…the hot spray pelting down on me…I grab the soap and start scrubbing my body…from my head to my toes I scrub. The water turns ice cold and still I can’t stop scrubbing…trying to wash away the dirt and the filth…but I can’t…it’s inside me…killing me.

I suddenly remember what is I have to do…that something I couldn’t remember before…I have to get help…I’m a danger to myself and others…I have to get help before it’s too late. Filled with a burst of energy and purpose, I launch myself out of the bathroom and rush into my room. I grab clothes and throw them on and stuff what I can in a duffel bag…I scribble two quick notes for my family and then I unseal my door before crawling out of the window. I start running down the street as fast as my weakened body will let me…I have to get to where I’m going before I lose my grip on reality.

I don’t know how long it takes for me to get there…sometimes running…sometimes walking…sometimes crawling…but I get there…I get to the only place I know of where I can get help…and somehow I’m not surprised to find him waiting for me…

“I have been waiting for you Great One…your soul has been crying out in anguish…I will help you…if you’ll let me.”

“Please.” I manage to croak, “you’re my only hope…please…help me Riverdog.”


(continued in next post)

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Still Max Pov

After hearing my plea Riverdog puts me into a deep healing sleep…and I get my first night of real rest since before Tess blew into town and this whole nightmare started.

I sleep for three straight days.

When I finally wake up I feel more like myself than I have in months…but I know sleep alone isn’t going to cure me.

Over the next several days I primarily sleep and eat…slowly regaining my strength and my health.

After Riverdog deems me ready…I take the first real step of my journey…I tell him everything…from my earliest memories to the moment I arrived at the reservation desperately seeking his help. I leave nothing out…good or bad…beautiful or horrifying. It takes most of the day and by the time I’m finished I’m exhausted…both mentally and physically.

Riverdog suggests that I go to bed early and we get a fresh start in the morning…I am quick to agree.

The next morning we get an early start…Riverdog goes back over everything I had told him…only this time he asks me pointed questions along the way…forcing me to analyze why I reacted to some things and not others…making me look beyond the face value of my reactions.

Over the next several days we repeat this process until there is nothing left unturned…no hidden or repressed emotions…I am completely laid bare.

Once he is satisfied that I have gotten everything out of me…he starts me on the second step of my journey…he teaches me how to meditate…how to go deep within myself and find my center…my balance. At first it is very difficult to do…I have a hard time clearing my mind and going quiet within myself…but once I am able to do this…I am able to progress in my meditation.

I start a routine…every morning I rise early and go for a run…after my run I do a vigorous full body workout…and once that is completed…I meditate.

After about a month I begin to notice a difference within me…I am calmer…more at peace…and physically and emotionally healthier than I have been for a very long time.

Still…something isn’t right…I am still conflicted.

I’m no longer plagued by nightmares…and meditating every morning has helped me to keep my inner sense of peace…but it isn’t enough…something is still wrong.

I approach Riverdog about my inner sense of confliction…he looks at me for a moment before asking me a question that completely shocks me.

“Great One…have you found the balance between your alien self and your human self?”

At my shocked expression he sighs, “You will always be conflicted if you don’t find that balance. They are both sides that make your whole…if you ignore one then you kill that side and leave yourself incomplete…if you continue to set one half against the other…you will never find your balance.”

“I can understand that…but how do I find this balance…what do I have to do?” I feel more than a little stupid at having totally missed the obvious.

“I can help you…I think you are ready…you are no longer the troubled anguished soul that arrived here a month and a half ago.” He looks deeply into my eyes…searching for something… and finding it he continues, “I must warn you however…this will be dangerous…there’s a chance you will not be able to find your way back…if you don’t…you will die.”

I walk away from him for a moment to think…trying to decide if this is worth it.

An image of my beautiful Liz’s face pops into my head and I know…whatever it takes…it’s worth it…she’s worth it. I want to be a whole person when she comes back…I want to be able to honor her and cherish her…to share all of me with her…both human and alien.

My decision made, I walk back to Riverdog and tell him I am ready.

We decide to wait for the night and when it arrives, Riverdog leads me to this hut and tells me to lie down on the pallet that he has provided for me. After I lay down he tells me to focus on the stars shinning through the hole at the top of hut.

He talks softly to me…telling me to go quiet within myself…once he is satisfied that I have found my center…he begins…

“Feel as though your body is heavy…sinking into the earth…sinking into the earth…” His voice is soft…repetitive…hypnotic, “Sinking…”

I lie like this for a while before he continues, “Now feel as though your body is expanding…feel it stretching…your legs are growing longer…your arms…you are swelling…growing…becoming lighter and lighter…you are filling the air…you are floating…floating…”

My eyes shut but I can feel everything he is suggesting…his voice comes to me as though in a dream…from a long…long…long way away. The solidity of my body is no longer there…I can make it become whatever I choose…

“You are separate from your body…” Riverdog’s voice drones on and on, “Separate…you… Max…are not your body…your body is nothing but a suit you can put on or take off…put on or take off…put on or take off…”

I can feel myself slipping…floating…separating…

I slip away from my body and the stars beacon me and I rush up to them. I am aware that I am divided…there are two of me…one is the me I have known in this lifetime…and the other is the me from my previous lifetime…the King.

I feel no resentment towards him…he is me and I am him…they both are.


The name whispers itself to me…and I know that is his name…Zan…King Zan.

The two parts of me look at each other for a moment before turning as one and racing through the stars. They flash past us faster and faster…until they start to slow and I see a constellation of stars and know that’s where we are headed…the v formation…the Whirlwind galaxy…we are going home…home to…


Again a name whispers itself to me and I know the name of our planet…Antar…we are the King of Antar…

Suddenly we are rushing through the stars again…until we reach Antar…and it is beautiful…so much like earth but different…bigger…larger…the colors more rich…more vibrant…the vista so totally alien and yet familiar at the same time.

Knowledge starts to slam into us…the whole history of Antar and the other four planets in the formation…but mostly Antar…her Kings and Queens…ages of peace followed by ages of strife only to cycle back to peace…the pace of knowledge starts to slow as we reach our time.

We see ourself born along with our twin sister…Vilandra…we see our childhood…growing up with our friend who is more like a brother…Rath…we see the three of us always together… inseparable…our bonds iron clad. We see our father struck down by an unseen enemy…we see our coronation and the beginning of our reign.

Then we see how we were brought down…

We see our beloved sister come to us in tears begging us to help her…she doesn’t want to marry this Khivar…no matter the political gain such an alliance would bring…to her he is a vile dirty man… an evil man. We see ourself consult with our second…our brother…Rath…we come up with an alternate way…a way to save Vilandra and still gain the alliance.

We see ourself at the mid-winter Gala…we announce our betrothal to Avana…Khivar’s sister…and then we announce the betrothal of our beloved sister Vilandra to our second in command Rath. The people are overjoyed at the news…our coo is successful…but we are not overjoyed…we are filled with coldness…none of us will marry for love.

We see ourself at our wedding to Avana…then we are in our private suite…Vilandra and Rath are with us to commiserate our marriage…we see the door open and Avana comes in followed by her brother Khivar and his favored henchman Nicholas…before we can react we are hit with blasts from neutralizers…we fall to the ground helpless…we are forced to watch as first Vilandra and then Rath are murdered…then we see Khivar turn on his own sister and murder her before then murdering us.

A bright white flash envelops me and I am hurtling back through space faster and faster…I see earth rushing towards me…first a spec and then larger and larger…and I am flying through the desert back to the reservation…and then…

I gasp as I feel myself re-enter my body…shaking and convulsing…until finally it’s over…I am whole.

I rise to stand and I can feel difference in me…I am no longer Max and Zan…I am one being…the alien and human fully integrated…I can also feel the power inside me…more power than I ever thought possible for one body to hold…I have a new found inner strength…and doors that have previously remained closed in my mind…have now been flung open.

I close my eyes and I can feel them…my enemies…here on earth…even now planning my downfall.

I also sense something else…

My Elizabeth…she’s coming home…home to me.

I open my eyes and grasp Riverdog by the hand and thank him…thank him for helping me…for saving my life.

I walk out of the hut and begin to make preparations…I will be there when Liz comes home…I will break down the walls she has spent a summer building up…I will show her the endless depths of my love…and I will make her my Queen.

But first…

The knocking on the door interrupts before I can finish. We all sit in silence…my beautiful Liz murmuring sweet words of love in the back of my mind. Isabel and Maria are openly crying and Alex and Michael are valiantly trying not too.

The knocking on the door continues and Michael slowly gets up to answer it.


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Part 6
Liz Pov

Michael started to open the door…but at the last moment looked through the peephole instead… and we’re all holding our breaths wondering if it’s the evil gerbil looking for a death wish.

I can feel the fury and rage building inside me…can feel the energy inside me beginning to gather…and so help me God…if that BITCH is at the door…I’m going to blast her into nothingness…for all the hell she’s put us through…oh yeah…that bitch is going to die.

Then Michael turns back to us and smirks, “It’s the Sheriff…looks like we’ll have to put WW III on hold…for the moment.”

There’s an audible sigh of disappointment…I think we all wanted a piece of that evil bitch.

Michael again starts to open the door…but pauses and turns to look at Max and me, “Why don’t you two go hide in my room…I don’t think the Sheriff knows that you’re back yet…and with all the…uh…activity going on tonight…it might be best to…uh…keep him in the dark.”

I try not to nod too eagerly as Max gives me a slight squeeze before standing up…but I mean come on…Max and me…alone…in a bedroom…with no electricity…well…no earthly electricity…oh yeah…we’re definitely just gonna sit around telling ghost stories…twiddling our thumbs…or each other’s thumbs…or maybe just each other…damn…it’s getting hot in here.

We no sooner close the door to Michael’s room and Max has me pressed up against the wall…there’s one large window in the room and I can just make out the predatory gleam in Max’s eyes by the moonlight streaming in…I can feel his hunger and possessiveness wash over me and mingle with my own.

I want him so bad…want to wash away all the ugly residue reliving that terrible time has left behind…want to reaffirm our beautiful love.

I sigh as Max brings his hand up and runs his fingers through my hair and down my arm until he comes to my hand. He entwines our fingers and brings our joined hands up to his mouth and places a soft kiss on the back of my hand…I know I’m going to melt into a puddle of Liz goo at any moment…he’s being so sweet and gentle…and if we weren’t occupying the same soul…I would be completely unsuspecting of the wickedness he’s planned…but as it is…I’m already soaked clear through my jeans in anticipation…I’m so going to love this.

He brings his mouth down to my ear and kisses me so softly it feels like a phantom caress…and then he starts to whisper in my ear…his voice deep and husky…

“Baby…you’re so beautiful…I love you so much…I’m going to tease you unmercifully…and then I’m going to make you come…over and over…until you beg me to stop…and then I’m going to do it again.”

I whimper and my sex clinches as he wraps his hand around my wrists and raises them above my head…pinning them to the wall…leaving me completely open and defenseless against his seduction…and I feel a tingle of illicit desire race down my spine.

“There’s just one thing baby…you can’t make a sound above a soft moan…if you do I’ll have to stop…and you wouldn’t want me to stop…would you?”

I shake my head almost violently…desperate at the thought he would stop at a critical moment… no…no…we can’t have that…now can we?!?!

I squeeze my lips shut and stifle a loud moan as his free hand slowly…slowly…pushes up my shirt…his fingers barely caressing the taut skin of my stomach…slowly…oh God…slowly…his fingers like a gentle breeze tracing the outer rim of my bra…and GOD…why the fuck did I have to put on a bra anyways.

“You’re skin is so soft baby…I love the way it feels…so silky and smooth…hmm…just thinking about your soft beautiful skin gets me so hard…can you feel how hard I am?”

He presses his hard cock against my stomach and at the same time his hand finally…finally… closes around my breast…and I start trembling as wave after wave of intense heat washes over me…and it’s only when I start to see stars that I realize I’ve stopped breathing.

I open my mouth to desperately gulp in air…and he pinches my nipple and bites down on my earlobe…and I explode…biting down on my lips to keep from crying out as my body shakes riding out the storm of my orgasm…and oh God…he’s just getting started…

“That was beautiful baby…you’re so beautiful when you come…your eyes so dark and full of passion…your face flushed…and the feel of you…beyond amazing…beautiful…so fucking beautiful.”

He presses hot soft kisses all over my face as he huskily whispers to me…and I’ve barely come back to myself when I feel his fingers trailing gently back down my stomach to the top of my jeans…his fingers dipping briefly below the material…before retracting and continuing down to my thighs. I whimper in disappointment and he chuckles softly as his hand slides up my inner thigh and gently cups me through my jeans…

“Mmm…baby…you’re so wet for me…I can feel how soaked you are through your jeans…so wet and ready for me.”

I stifle another loud moan as he rubs the heel of his hand against my clit…pressing my jeans against my heated flesh with his fingers…sending shockwaves of intense pleasure washing over me. His hot mouth trails down to my neck and starts to suck on the sensitive skin…and oh God…I think I’m starting to lose my mind…I want to scream so bad…but I can’t…he’ll stop…and oh God…he can’t stop…he can never stop…I’m so close…so close.

He sucks down hard on my neck…his hand pressing in hard against my clit…and I’m exploding again…my body convulsing in ecstasy as tears stream down my face…trying so hard not to scream… helpless whimpers escaping me…

“I love how responsive you are to me…how hot you get for me…how hot you get me…I could come just from watching you.”

His hand rubs up and down my thigh…soothing me back down from another intense orgasm…and I don’t know how much more of this I can take…but he’s relentless…only bringing me down so much…before he starts pushing me towards another climax.

His fingers slowly undo my jeans…and I brace myself for his next assault…almost tempted to beg him to stop…but…but…I want him in me…need him in me…any part of him…as long as he’s in me. His fingers leave me for a moment…but before I can protest…they’re back…combing through my wet curls…teasing my aching sex…before finally…finally…slipping through my slick folds and sliding one…long…finger…deep inside me…

“God your so tight baby…so hot and tight and wet…I can feel you squeezing down on my finger…pulling it deeper and deeper into you…mmmm…but I don’t think one finger’s enough…I think you need another one.”

I can feel my head flopping back against the wall…my neck no longer able to support it’s weight…as a second finger joins the first…pumping in and out of me…his hand rubbing against my clit. Soft quiet moans escape me as I grind against his hand…and another finger joins the other two…soft wet sounds filling the air as his fingers plunge in and out…harder and faster…and deeper…and I’m grinding uncontrollably against his hand…jolt after jolt of white hot fire racing through me…

“You’re so close baby I can feel it…hmm…just think…while my fingers are fucking you…pumping in and out of your tight hot little body…our friends are just a door away…clueless…and let’s not forget the Sheriff…come for me baby…come for me.”

And that’s all it takes…that and his fingers curling inside me…hitting my g-spot…and I come hard…biting down on my tongue…squeezing his fingers so tight inside me…I know I must have broken them…shaking and convulsing…and still he’s pumping his fingers in me…his hand grinding against my clit…and I come again…hard on the heels of the last one…and I’m flying a part into a million pieces…wave after wave of ecstasy washing over me…until I hear myself whimpering and begging…no more…please…no more…I can’t…I can’t…no more…please…

“Shh baby…I’ve got you…I’ve got you…you’re so beautiful…love you so much…my beautiful sweet Liz…my Queen…my love.”

I shudder as he slowly slips his fingers out of me…and then I moan when he raises them to his mouth…and sucks them clean…his eyes closing in bliss…and oh God…I can feel the hunger building in me again…can feel how close he is to completely loosing control and fucking me…all out no holds barred…fucking me.

And heaven help me I want him to…want him to lose control and just fuck me.

I moan again as he slowly opens his eyes…so dark and filled with hunger…and then his mouth comes crashing down on mine…his tongue plunging in…and I can taste myself on him. He pulls me away from the wall and turns me around…bending me over Michael’s dresser…and… and…and…I hear his zipper…I’m breathing so hard and fast…gulping in air…his hands softly caresses my hips before yanking down my jeans.

I can feel my juices sliding down the inside of my thighs…and then I can feel his cock…steel sheathed in silk…sliding between my thighs…and then back over my ass…and then the head of his cock pushes into me and then out…in…out…in…out…and then he slams all the way in…and I bite down on my arm to keep from screaming.

His fingers dig into my hips as he pounds into me hard and fast…and I push back to meet each thrust…taking him in deeper and deeper…and I can hear him babbling in my head as he gets closer and closer.

Then his hand slides down from my hip…down between my thighs…and his finger starts circling my clit with each thrust…thrust…circle…thrust…circle…thrust…circle…and now I’m babbling in his head…everything fading away until the only thing in my world is his cock pounding into me…and his finger circling my clit…so good…so good…so good…so fucking good…yes…yes…yes…oh God…so close…almost there…almost there…

And then he pinches my clit and I supernova…darkness closing in on me…oh God…I can’t pass out every time we fuck…can I?

Yeah…I guess I can.

I slowly regain consciousness…and why the fuck is someone trying to suffocate me…I start to struggle…the energy inside me starting to build…ready to blast the bastard trying to kill me…when it hits me…this is just rich…I mean really…we can’t keep fucking each other into oblivion.

“Max…baby…wake up…Maaxxx…wake up!” I whisper fiercely as I wiggle underneath him…trying to get him to come to…and shit…I just got a fucking splitter in my left breast from Michael’s goddamn junkyard dresser…I am so going to kick Max’s ass for fucking me on this shitty relic.

“Max…this is your goddamn Queen and I command you to get the fuck up!” I hiss as I shove back against him…hard…and we go tumbling back…crashing to ground with a loud thump…well…that woke his ass up.

“Uh…baby…why are we on the floor? Hmm…baby…you feel so good…kinda kinky…but I like it.”

Oh fuck no…I don’t think so…his cock his hard again…and he’s still inside me…but I’ve got a fucking log lodged in my breast…and if he thinks for one second…//IF YOU THINK FOR ONE SECOND…THAT I’M GOING TO LET YOU…LET YOU…Ooooooo//…his cock twitches inside me and he pinches my nipple with one hand while the other tickles my clit…now that’s cheating…hmmm…I know that’s cheating…ooohhhh yyyeeesss…says so in the…the…mmmmm…thingy…yyyeeeaaahhhh…in the thingy…

“Uh…Sheriff…I’m sure that was just a book…yeah…yeah…a um…book falling off the dresser…delayed reaction to the earthquake…an…an…aftershock...that’s it…an aftershock.”

“Well…why don’t we just check it out Maria…just to be sure.”

Oh shit…oh shit…Max jumps up…holding me to him…and dives into the closet…just barely getting the door shut.

“See Sheriff… everything’s cool…probably just hearing things.”

“Yeah Michael…everything looks alright…though I think you should invest in some air freshener…smells a little…uh…musty in here.”

“Right Sheriff…right…air freshener…I’m on it…believe me…I’m all over it.”

I cover my mouth to stifle my giggles…I can’t believe the Sheriff almost caught us.

Max hugs me to him and kisses me on the neck…and then his hand covers my injured breast…and I sigh as I feel healing warmth radiate from his hand…and the splinter is gone.

God I love him…my Max…more than anything or anyone in the universe…I love my Max.

Max sighs…kissing me on the top of the head…and we get up and fix our clothes…the Sheriff’s gone and we’ve got some unfinished business to attend to…decisions that need to be made.

Arm in arm, we walk back into the living room and resume or seats…everyone gathering around us.

“I think it’s really late…almost 3am…and we should all get some sleep.” I glance around…seeing the fatigue in everyone’s eyes before continuing, “Max and I will answer your questions in the morning…we also think it would be a good idea to head out to the reservation tomorrow. There are a lot of things we need to go over…and Michael…Isabel…you guys might want to think about…talking to Riverdog…see if he can help you retrieve your memories…but right now…we should all bed down here and get a fresh start in the morning.”

“What about school?” Alex shrugs as Maria and Michael throw disbelieving looks his way.

“I’m sure they’re going to close the school down for the rest of the week…what with the…uh… blackout and earthquake…besides…we’d only be missing two days anyway…and this is too important to wait…I can feel it…time is not on our side.”

Everyone gets real quiet as my words sink in…Max hugs me tightly…he feels it too…that eerie calm before a really bad storm…and we both know there’s a major shit storm headed our way.


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Part 7
Liz Pov

“Max Evans….” I giggle…my voice soft, but amused.

I’m so happy right now…I think I might explode.

We had woken up early this morning and snuck out of Michael’s apartment and headed back to my place to change and go running…both of us wanting to see with our own eyes that no serious damage had occurred from the earthquake and blackout.

And now my Max was trying to entice me into taking a shower with him…to save on time…yeah right.

“What baby…it’s a known fact…we’ll save on time…and we can wash each other’s backs.”

“Max…baby…stop bullshitting and get your sexy ass in here…now.”

I laugh again as I turn on the water and stand under the hot spay…closing my eyes as the hot water rolls over my body…leaving trails of droplets that slowly slide down my skin.

I can feel the heat of his gaze as his eyes roam over my body…can feel his hunger washing over me.

“Mmmm…baby…you look so….”

He stops talking as he joins me in the shower…and I turn around to face him…my eyes taking in his hot sexy body…starting at his feet and slowly making my way up until I am pulled under…mesmerized by the hungry lust in his eyes.


I moan as he runs his fingers through my hair…slowly digging his fingers into my scalp. I close my eyes and lean my head back…my nerves melting away with the hot water and the sensual dance of his fingers in my hair.

I can feel how much he wants to worship me…to cherish me and show me how much he loves me…and I can feel the joy and happiness bubbling up inside me…and the all consuming love that I feel for my Max.

//I love you too baby…so much…I want to show you how much I love you…you’re everything to me…everything.//

I smile as he cups my face in his hands and leans down to kiss me softly…the gentleness belying the white hot fire of desire that is flowing through us.

//Oh God Max…I love you so much…more than anything…more than anyone.//

His hands drift down to my shoulders…gliding softly over my moist skin…and despite the fact that his touch was burning into me…I shivered. Breaking the kiss I pull back…and I tremble as I see the passion and lust in his eyes as he watches his own movements. His fingers move slowly down the inside of my arms…brushing lightly against the side swells of my breasts…and my eyes shut as a soft passionate moan escapes me.

//Do you like that baby…does it feel good//

//Yeeessss…so good…it feels so good//

I open my eyes and smile at him… before pushing him around in a circle, so that he’s directly under the flowing water…it’s my turn to watch the hot water train down his sexy body.

He leans his head back…closing his eyes…and I lick my lips as his hair becomes soaked with water…little droplets trickling down his face…and I reach up…licking the droplets off of him…mmmmm…he tastes so good.

Max moans as I let my hands drift over his body… slowly traveling his hot flesh…just grazing the skin with the tips of my fingers. His skin is so soft…so slick from the water…yet I can feel the firm and hard muscles that lay just under the heated skin.

I sigh as I caress his chest…taking care to give each nipple a little tweak…and he sighs in response…closing his eyes in rapture.

//Max…you are amazing//

I slide my hands up to the back of his neck…my fingers plunging into his wet and silky soft hair… pulling his head down to mine…kissing him with all the heat and fire of my passion for him.

//Oh god…Liz…//

I’m overwhelmed by the hunger and abject pleasure flowing through him…and I deepen the kiss…my sex clinching…rubbing my stomach against his hard cock…wanting nothing more than for Max to fuck me…now.

//Patience baby…patience//

Max breaks the kiss…reaching over and picking up my bottle of shampoo…whispering huskily in my ear for me to turn around…sending shivers of anticipation racing down my spine. I moan as I feel his hands spread over my head…sighing as he begins to rub gently…using his fingertips to cover my hair with shampoo.

He works slowly…gently…sensually seducing me with just the tips of fingers massaging my scalp…making sure each strand of hair was attended to…sending fire burning through my body…and my heart racing. I moan as he piles my hair on top of my head…digging his fingers in and pressing into my scalp…and I can’t take any more…my head falling back against his shoulder.


I can feel his love and desire rush through me as he takes a step closer to me...his hands moving down the back of my head to my neck…sliding over my shoulders…and gliding down my back to my hips.

He squeezes my hips gently…and then pulls me back against him.

I gasp loudly as I feel his hard cock pressing into my sex flooding with heat…my internal muscles contracting.

Max nibbles on my neck as his hands travel to the front of my body…resting briefly on my stomach…teasing me…before moving upwards. I shake in anticipation…the tingling in my breasts sending my breathing out of control.

I reach back…needing so desperately to touch him…aching to touch him…my hands landing on his hard muscular thighs…and I squeeze them hard…just as he takes my breasts in his hands…his hot breath puffs on my neck in several burning bursts of air.

“Liiiiiiiizzzzzzz,” he hisses. “Oh baby….”

I swallow hard as he touches he me…squeezing and gently stroking my wet skin. He spreads his fingers wide over my breasts…testing their weight in his hands…and then finally…finally encircling my erect nipples…pulling on them ever so gently.

“OH GOD!” I cry out…unable to help my self.

Max grips my breasts tightly…his fingers digging into my skin as if he wants to literally reach inside my body.

“ feel so good….”

He whispers huskily into my ear…and I moan…rubbing his thighs…my fingers brushing the softened hairs over and over. He dips down a little…and I can feel his hard cock pressing up against my ass…making me insane with want…my desire increasing and pouring from my body in waves.

“Oh god,” I cry out…arching my back…pushing back with my hips…sending my ass right into his hard cock…the ache between my legs is unbearable. “Maaxxx…please…I can’t…I can’t”

“Oh baby…god…I’m…so hard….” His hands drop to my stomach…and he holds me firmly against his cock…rubbing himself against me.

“Oh god….”

Max lets go of me…spins me around and pushes me back through the hot water…pinning me against the tile…and I’m suddenly dizzy…nearly drunk on the feelings and sensations coursing through my body…not to mention the feral and hungry look in Max’s eyes as he pushes his body up against mine.

“Maaaaxxxxxxxxx,” I whimper…this is torture…touching and caressing me…but withholding what I really want…he’s going to kill me with this slow seduction. “Oh god baby…please… pppllllleeeeeaaaassseeeee”

He kisses me…his lips singeing mine with steamy heat…and I grab his shoulders…almost unable to stand on my feet…our tongues melding together…pounding and stroking and caressing with fervor. I shove my hands under his arms and around to his back…raking my nails up and down his hot skin…soaked with a mixture of steamy water and sweat.

Max’s hands rest on the tile behind me…and he brings one down to softly caress one of my breasts…gently pinching my nipple. I groan into his mouth when he thrusts against me…his cock pressing into my stomach. I can literally feel the steam coming off of his body…the heat from his swollen cock spreading down my stomach…right up into my dripping sex.

The ache inside of me is so hot…is vibrating so hard it’s starting to hurt…and again I beg him, “Maaaxxxxx…ppplllleeeaaassseeee…oh god please….”

Max moves his lips away from mine…planting hot…wet…open-mouthed kisses on my neck and shoulders…thrusting his cock against me again…and I can feel him fighting back the overpowering urge to just forget his slow seduction and fuck me…hard and fast and deep.

I gasp and pull him in closer…one hand rising up to his head and pushing his lips down to my shoulders…//OH god…just do it…please…fuck me…please…god Max!//…I wanted to cry…this was so intense…I needed him so bad.

No…no…fuck this slow seduction shit…I want to make him feel desperate for me…just as desperate as he’s made me feel for him.

I push him off of me…and stare at him…my eyes narrow and my mouth open…gasping for air.

I study his wet face…the water running all over it…making him look so slick…and his dark…hungry…passion filled eyes…his swollen lips hanging open…his chest heaving as he pants for air.

I smile...slowly…and he whimpers.

“So tell me baby,” I whisper seductively…glancing down at his rock hard cock…and it twitches under my hot gaze. “I can see that you’re…hard…you like teasing me…don’t you? You like driving me insane…but my question is…are you hot? Are you hot for me? Are you burning up inside…just to touch me…to drive that hard cock into me…to fuck me…do you want to fuck me Max?”

Max’s passion is all over his face…his dark eyes boring into mine…and I can feel the heat and electricity flowing between our bodies…making the air thick and heavy.

“Oh god…baby…you know I do…I’m so hot and hard for you baby…want to fuck you Liz!” He grabs my hand and puts it on his cock…grimacing in stark pleasure/pain…as I curl my fingers around his cock…squeezing hard.

He growls as I start to stroke him…and I watch as he gasps and closes his eyes...his head thrown back as thrusts into my hand. He groans when I stop…taking a step closer to him and pushing my breasts up against his chest…closing my eyes as the water falls between us.

“I want you to fuck me now Max…I want you to make me scream…do you think you can?”

Max doesn’t respond…he pushes me back to the tile and crashes his lips down on mine. I respond eagerly…urgently…all I can think about is cock is going to stroke my sex…drive into me over and over again with pure heat…absolute fire.

He lifts me up off the ground…and I slide up the tile wall easily…wrapping my legs around his hips…holding on to his shoulders as the kiss continues it’s frenzied and torrid pace. He bends his knees and moves the tip of his cock towards my opening. We both groan as he rubs the head of his cock against my dripping folds…feeling how wet I am…how receptive I am to him.

He breaks the kiss and stares into my eyes as he continues to let his cock tease my folds…he shifts his hips…moving his cock up to bump into my clit…and I cry out…and then I glare at him.

“Max! Goddamn it…stop teasing me and fuck me already!”

“Okay baby…okay…no more teasing…you want me to fuck you?”

“YES!! I want you to fuck me…I want it hard…and fast…and now!”

Max’s eyes turn predatory…and he slams into me…hard and deep. I open my mouth to scream and he lunges his head forward…stifling my scream with a hot…wet kiss.

He starts pounding into and out…hard and fast and deep…the water making his progression so smooth and slick.

“Oh baby…oh god…” he whispers just over my lips, “I love you, Liz…god…you feel so good…so hot and tight and wet…oh god…oh yeah….” His eyes close as I rock my hips down…taking him in deeper.

My body’s twitching as waves of pleasure rock through me…from deep inside of me. I can feel him inside of me…so big…stretching me almost to the point of pain…so hot and hard and strong…so slick and thrilling…oh god…he feels so good…so good.

I look into his eyes…seeing and feeling all the love and desire I would ever need in my entire life…and I know he can feel it too…we are one …with one heart and soul.

“Oh god….Max….oh…harder….please god….”

Max thrusts into me harder and faster…and we both cry out…pushing our bodies to the ultimate level of passion. The sounds of our wet bodies pounding against each other…and cries of passion filling the air.

“OH god…Max…oh baby you just…you just make me feel….” I dig my nails into his back. “Oh god….oh GOD!” I push down on him hard…feeling his cock going deeper and deeper…all the way up my body…burning me up from the inside out.

I close my eyes as I give into the building wave that has taken on such intensity.

Max grunts as he pumps into me…grinding into me with each thrust…setting off little implosions of white-hot pleasure.

“Liz…oh god…baby…you’re so good….”

“Oh Max….Maaaaaaxxxxxxxx…I’m so close…so close….”

He grinds into me…faster and harder…pounding into me…deeper and deeper…the head of his cock hitting my cervix with each thrust…he grips my hips and slams into me hard…swiveling his hips in a circular motion…his cock slapping my clit…and I go flying over the edge…screaming and crying…my nails raking his back mercilessly.


Max pants…whispering and cooing in my ear…his hands stroking soothingly up and down my sides as I slowly come down from my orgasm…and he looks at me as I open my eyes to him…he stills his body…leaving his cock deep inside me.

“Ready for round two, baby?” he whispers gruffly.

I nod eagerly and smile…my entire body shaking with passion.

“Oh god…Max...that was just…you are just….”

He slowly slides out of me…and then thrust back into me…hard…and I feel as if he has sent lighting up my body.


Another short…fast…hard wave of pleasure hits me…and I squirm against him.

“Oh please baby…please…please more…Max…I want more…”

He moves out of me slowly…letting his cock hover around my opening…gently rubbing my wet and dripping sex with the head of cock…and then he pushes into me slowly…and I cry out as his iron hot cock fills me again…sending me to higher levels of ecstasy.

I feel his control snap as he starts pounding into me roughly…slamming into me hard and fast…he slides his hand down between our grinding bodies and rubs my clit…and then presses down on it hard…and I explode…bucking against him so hard it nearly sends him flying backwards.


My muscles clamp down hard on him as he continues to pound into me…and he explodes inside me…hot jets of his cum burning into me…sending another wave of pleasure crashing through me.

“Oh Liz…oh god baby…oh yes….oh YES! OHHHHHHHHH….FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!”

He continues to move in me as my muscles contract around his cock…pulling the last sporadic jets of cum out of him and deep inside me.

“Oh Liz…oh my baby,” he whispers and collapses against me…burying his head in the crook of her shoulder.

“Max…oh god I love you so much…so much,” I whisper soothingly as I hold him and stroke his back.

We stand under the water for a few moments…trying to regain our composure and breath…and simply look at each other. Max’s hands explore my face over and over…touching me so softly and with so much love…I feel like bawling with joy and happiness.

I return the favor…and we gaze into each other’s eyes…unwilling to let this moment end…basking in the limitless depths of love that flow through us. I didn’t think it was possible…but I love him even more now…my heart feeling like it’s going to burst it’s so full of love for this man…this wonderful amazing man…who’s mine…all mine.

Max kisses me gently and then reaches over and turns off the water…stepping out of the shower and grabbing a big fluffy towel. He turns back to me and smiles…his love for me shinning brightly in his eyes…then he wraps the towel around me and sweeps me up into his arms.

He kisses me again and then tosses me up into the air and I scream…hitting him with my hand when he catches me…but I can’t help joining in with his laughter as he spins us around and around.

We’re both high and giddy…the air around us filled with our love and happiness…and I know…no matter what happens…no matter what our enemies throw at us…as long as we’re together…we can’t help but win.


Other Pov

He could feel the fury building in him…all his carefully laid plans were unraveling faster than he could patch them back together. This was not supposed to happen…the stupid bitch was supposed to make sure of that…no matter the cost.

His fist clinched as their laughter drifted down to him on the wind…and it was all he could do not to run up there and blast them into little specks of nothingness…blast HIM into nothingness…but not her…no…he had plans for her.

He squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth…trying to regain control of his fury.

No…he had to stay in control…he was an unknown factor to them…and he had to stay that way…for now.

He turned and crept out of the alley…making his way to his next destination…leaving them to their laughter and happiness…his mind already coming up with a different plan…a better plan.

Reaching his destination he pounded on the door…knowing the little bitch was in there…cowering and trying to hide.


The door opened and she stood there…her eyes flashing anger and defiance…but he could smell the underlying fear all over her.

“My fuck up…I don’t think so…how the hell was I supposed to know she’d runaway or that he’d disappear soon afterwards…so no…none of this is my fault.”

He brushed past her…shoving her out the way…the fury and rage was again churning inside him…her fucking arrogance and incompetence was costing them months of groundwork.

“This is nothing but your fault…you were so supposed to destroy them from within…gain their trust…and then make them turn on each other…very simple…even for a stupid bitch like you…instead…they’re closer than ever…and I do mean closer.”

“I’m not a stupid bitch you fucking asshole…I have a plan…one that will get us both what we want.”

He watched as she rolled her cold blue eyes and then calmly brushed dust off her arms…his eyes narrowed as he recognized the origins of the dust.

“Well…well…well…looks like you’ve been a little busy…and naughty. I don’t think Nicky’s going to appreciate your little side project…I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“I know exactly what I’m doing…the fucking little runt’s been ignoring me…not returning my calls…so…I decided to get his attention…it’s really too bad his harvest was contaminated…a real fucking tragedy.”

I can feel my cock getting hard as she starts to laugh…the sound cold and deadly…and I start to laugh…I’ve always hated that little runt Nicholas. I walk over to her and kiss her savagely…and she moans…pressing her body into mine…rubbing her stomach against my cock.

Then I grab a fistful of her hair and yank her head back…hard…her cry of pain sending another bolt of lust through me.

“That’s all fine and well…I’m all for fucking over little Nicky…but I want you to tell me all about your…plan…in detail.”

“Owwww….okay…okay…the little runt’s got an essential part of my plan stashed away in New York…owwwww….please…I’ll tell you everything…just please…you’re hurting me.”

I ease up a little and start backing her into the bedroom…my body humming with lust and power as the scent of her fear and arousal overwhelms my senses…yes…this will be a good way to work off my excess rage…and also punish her for fucking up the plan.

“Hmm…by the time I’m through…you’ll have told me everything…and I mean everything…and this plan better be fucking brilliant…or you will pay in ways you’ve never imagined.”

I laugh as she whimpers and cringes against me…she’s grown too defiant and arrogant in my absence…and it’s time to re-tighten the leash.

I won’t let her get in the way of what I want…and I want Liz Parker…and if she plays her cards right…I might let her have what she wants…Max Evans…at least for a little while…before I destroy him…forever.



“I know baby…I know…I felt it too…we need to get the others and get out to the reservation…time just ran out.”


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Part 8
Liz Pov

Journal Entry: I’m Liz Parker and so far…today has been one hell of a day.

It started off pretty damn amazing…Max and I took this totally *hot* shower…and I do mean hot!!!! Then afterwards Max was being a total goof ball…tossing me up in the air and catching me…spinning me around in his arms…we were both laughing and giddy and happy…and that’s when we were hit with this wave of absolute evil.

God…I can still feel it…it was oily and malevolent…the rage and fury behind it left us both shaken.

We both knew it was time to get out to the reservation…we are all of us safer out there than we are here…where we’re more or less sitting ducks. Plus, there’s still so much that we need to do before we’re ready to face our enemies…and the first thing on that list is Michael and Isabel retrieving their memories.

I know you’re wondering what’s so important about them getting their past life memories back…they’re just memories right…wrong…they’re not just memories…they hold the keys to Michael and Isabel.

Just as Max needed to completely integrate his human self and his alien self…so do Michael and Isabel…if they don’t…they will always be conflicted to one degree or another. Of course…the added bonus is that the process of retrieving their memories will trigger their transformations…and once that’s complete…the four of us will be a force to be reckoned with.

No…I haven’t forgotten about Maria and Alex…they’re both an integral part of the group…and they will become even more so after they…uh…bond…with Michael and Isabel and become cemented.

Anyway…back to this morning…after we got hit with the evilness…Max and I got dressed and high tailed it back to Michael’s place to get the others and head out to the reservation. We get there and it’s like fucking crisis central.

Isabel’s having a fucking breakdown and Michael and Maria are trying to start WWIII…poor Alex was running around trying to calm down Isabel and at the same time keep Maria from bashing in Michael’s head with a frying pan.

Well being the cool, calm, and collected leaders that we are…Max and I efficiently got the situation under control…okay…so yelling “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON” isn’t exactly what you would expect from the King and Queen of an alien planet…but what can I say…it worked.

After a lot of hemming and hawing…it all came out.

Isabel was upset because she had gone home to pack up some stuff to take out to the reservation and found out about Max getting kicked out of the house…I guess we kinda forgot to mention that little factoid last night…but hey…there was a lot going on last night.

After a lot of reassurances that Max wasn’t going to leave again Isabel finally calmed down…which left us with Frick and Frack.

What pray tell was the instigation for Michael and Maria’s declaration of war?????

Are you sitting down for this?

I mean this is huge…I’m talking Galactic Proportions…are you ready…you sure…okay…here it is…cooking…yep…you heard me right…c o o k I n g…fucking cooking.

Michael dissed Ria’s culinary skills…Ria disparaged Michael’s mean cuisine talents…and you’ve got fucking Emeril Lagasse and Martha Stewart staring in our very own Celebrity Deathmatch.

So we finally got THAT situation under control…yes Michael…you’re the shit in the kitchen…and Maria girlfriend…your just da bomb…and we were finally…finally…ready to head out to the reservation.

Just one minor little problem…

Michael took one look at Max’s bad ass motorcycle and did a quick comparison with his own powder blue dirt bike…and just about turned green with envy…he even pouted…I swear I thought he was going to break out into a chorus of ‘no fair no fair yours is bigger than mine’…when he mumbled something under his breath and got on his bike…and oh yeah…we can’t forget the death glare he shot at Max.

We get about ten miles into the desert and Max signals for the others to pull over…and then he walks over to Michael and tells him to get off his bike…Michael’s still all sullen and pouty faced…but he gets off his bike anyways. Max waves his hand over Michael’s little dirt bike…and just like that he makes Michael the extremely happy and proud owner of a motorcycle that is the exact replica of Max’s…only it’s silver instead of black.

Michael actually squealed and had tears in eyes…he was jumping up and down…and he gave everyone…and I mean everyone a kiss he was so happy.

Then of course…boys being boys and men just larger versions of boys…they had to race.

Okay…yeah…so I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to get in on the action…and let me just tell you…it was fan-fucking-tastic!!!

We raced all the way to the reservation…going so fast everything was a great big blur…it was so wild and crazy…and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Oh yeah…Max and I won…left Michael eating our dust…not to mention Iz, Ria, and Alex who rode in the jeep.

Riverdog was waiting for us…how the hell he knew we were coming I’ll never know…and took us to this bad ass cabin up in the mountains above the reservation.

This cabin totally rocked…it was two stories with an attic…it had four bedrooms (two upstairs and two downstairs)…with 2½ bathrooms…a living room…dining room…family room…kitchen…and laundry room…but the thing that really put it over the top…was that the attic was converted into this fucking huge master suite…I’m talking bedroom…bathroom…sitting area…walk in closets…and a computer alcove.

I still can’t believe Riverdog is letting us stay here…there has to be more to this than just really good hospitality…I mean…this place must have cost a fortune!!!

Oh…you want to know about the sleeping arrangements…well…Max and I took the Master suite…yeah…we pulled rank…but they’ll get over it…Iz and Ria took the 2 bedrooms on the second floor…and Alex and Michael took the 2 bedrooms on the ground floor…all in all…I think we’re all going to enjoy our stay here.

After we got settled in…Max, Michael, and Iz left with Riverdog to get started on the memory retrieval…which left Ria, Alex, and I to do what we do best…girl talk.

It was really good to just hang out with my two best buds and just catch up. Since I’ve been back I really haven’t had a chance to just sit and gab with Alex and Ria…and so that’s what we did.

Alex talked about his relationship with Iz…how they’ve gotten closer over the summer…but are still not quite at that boyfriend/girlfriend level…and how he’s okay with taking things really slow…just as long as they do eventually get to that level.

Ria talked about how Michael finally told her he loved her…right before he told her they couldn’t be together “for her own good”…how she went from cloud nine to 30 gallons of depression chocolate ice cream in a matter of seconds…and how she hopes that Michael will finally get his head out of his ass and realize he needs her.

I talked about how absolutely miserable my summer was without Max and the others…how I knew almost from the beginning that I had made a mistake…but my stubbornness and pride wouldn’t let me admit it to myself.

Then Alex…and it would be Alex…asked me if I was being careful…if Max and I were using protection. Then of course Ria jumped in and started going on and on about all the statistics on teen pregnancies and STD’s and yada yada yada blah blah blah.

I finally had to just cut her off to tell them both that yes…we were being careful…then they looked at each and then gave me these twin severe looks and Alex says: “Look Lizzie…I know you say you and Max are being careful…but we…being unwilling witnesses…to some of your…uh…sex capades…there’s just no way you guys are using a condom EVERY time.”

Well…you could have knocked me over with a feather…after I stopped choking…I told them that after the whole “Desert Incident” when Max and I…uh…found the orb…we sat down and talked about how close we had come to making love and how much of a risk we had almost taken since neither of us had had protection at the time. We both knew it was only a matter of time before we DID make love…so I decided to go on the pill…and Max…I swear I thought his ears were going to burst into flames they were so red…went out and bought a box of condoms.

How shitty was it…the very day…and I mean the VERY day…I went on the pill…the blonde bitch blew into town…and the rest, as they say, was history.

When I think about how much pain and misery that bitch has brought into our lives…how she almost single-handedly fubar-ed our lives…GOD!!!! THAT BITCH HAS TO DIE!!!!

I know she’s out there…just waiting to wreck more havoc on us…that skanky ho is nothing but evil incarnate…and next time we come face to face…I’m going to…

Oops…hold that thought…Max, Iz, and Michael just got back and I gotta go…see ya!!

I close my journal and shove it back into my backpack before taking off down the stairs…I haven’t seen Max since before lunch and it’s now late evening…and I am so jonzing for a Max fix…I’m actually shaking.

Writing in my journal helped to take some of the edge off…but the only thing that’s going to cure what ails me…is Max himself…in the flesh…preferably naked…rock hard…and ready for me…but right now I’ll just settle for Max.

I don’t even bother going down the last few stairs…I just leap off the stairway and Max catches me…just like I knew he would…I wrap my legs around his waist…and kiss him with everything I have in me.

I can feel how much he too missed me and how he’s just as hungry for me as I am for him…breaking the kiss he tells the others not to wait up and walks out of the cabin.

I’m not really paying attention to where we’re going…I’m so lost in Max’s eyes and so full of anticipation for what I know is to come…that I really don’t care…just as long as we get there…like now.

Suddenly…I am encased in steamy warmth and I look around…and gasp…everywhere I look there are candles…what seems like a thousand candles…their light giving the chamber a soft and sensual glow…and flowers…there must be hundreds of flowers all over the place…their heady scent making me dizzy.

“Max?” My voice barely comes out in a whisper…I’m so overcome by the beauty and romance that surrounds me.

“These are the hot springs where Riverdog and his people come to cleanse and prepare themselves for their most important and sacred ceremonies…and for tonight…this is for us. I just wanted somewhere sacred and beautiful where we could celebrate our love and our life together.”

“Oh Max!” And now I’m crying…every time I think I can’t possibly love him more…he does something so incredibly sweet and beautiful…and my heart swells even more trying to hold the overabundance of love that I feel for this incredibly sweet and gentle man.

Max sets me down on my feet and slowly starts to undress me. He kisses me long and lovingly while he unbuttons my shirt and unfastens my bra…he pushes them off my arms…and then bends down to kiss each of my nipples…and I giggle because he doesn’t want the one to be jealous of the attention that the other is getting…my Max can be such a goof ball.

He unfastens my jeans and pushes both it and my panties off my hips and down my legs…dropping to his knees he places a chaste kiss on my mons before standing and hurriedly undressing himself and taking me into his arms…and oh…the feel of his hot skin against mine feels so good…so incredible.

Max gives me a gentle kiss and then leads me to the steaming water…we immerse ourselves once…and then he pulls me over to the washing area. He scoops up a handful of soft soap and begins rubbing it over my back and ass…teasingly avoiding my dripping sex.

I close my eyes…feeling his large gentle hands caress me in the way only he knows best to please me…giving myself over to his wonderfully gentle touch…feeling every tingling sensation.

Deep inside I start to simmer and hum…as each touch…each caress…stokes the fire burning in me.

He takes another handful of soap and smoothes it on my legs…lifting each foot…and I can’t help the slight spasms that are evoked when he tickles the bottom of my feet. Then he turns me around to face him and kisses me…gently and slowly…exploring my lips and tongue…and we both moan when he presses his hard cock into my stomach.

He breaks the kiss…and with another handful of soap…he starts under my arms…caressing down to my heavy…aching breasts…my nipples harden to almost painful peaks as he pays them special attention. Shivers like lightening race through my overheated body when he gently pinches my amazingly sensitive nipples…my sex clinches and I cry out…


When he moves down to my stomach and thighs…I moan in anticipation…and with hands still soapy…he caresses my slickened folds…and lightly rubs my clit…just enough to bring me to the edge...and then he stops…picking up a bowl filled with water from the hot springs…and begins to pour it over me…and I don’t know whether to cry or punch his lights out for stopping.

“Don’t worry baby…I’ll make it up to you.” He whispers huskily in my ear before pouring several more bowlfuls over me…and then he leads me back into the hot water.

We sit on the stone seats and hold each other close…pressing hot skin against hot skin…dunking under until only our heads are above water…and then…taking my hand…Max leads me out of the water once more.

He leads me over to where he’s carefully arranged soft blankets and huge pillows into a love nest…and gently…he lays me down…kneeling at my feet.

I just look at him for a while…he’s all glowing and wet…the light of the candles throwing the hard ridges and plains of his body into interesting and intriguing shadows.

Then he spreads my thighs and buries his head between my legs…first he runs his tongue the full length of my wet folds…then he sucks my clit into his mouth and gently starts to suckle.

I moan and cry out as he thrusts his tongue inside me…I grind helplessly on his face as his tongue relentlessly stabs in and out of me…his thumb circling my clit…my excitement building and building…and then he presses down hard on my clit…

and I explode…

wave after wave of white hot pleasure washing over me…

thrashing under him as he continues to fuck me with his tongue…sending another wave of pleasure rushing through me…

and I start screaming as yet another orgasm hits me…

and still he doesn’t stop…

and I keep coming and coming…


with an almost savage growl he sits back and grabs my hips…lifting me up and penetrating me with one hard deep thrust…and now we’re both screaming as he slams into me.

I must be on sensation overload…because with every thrust I’m hit with another orgasm…he thrusts in and out me…hard and deep and fast…completely out of control…and now the orgasms are hitting one right after the other…and I can’t…I can’t…

I can feel it start to happen…

blackness creeping in around the edges of my vision…

everything tunneling down until the only thing I see is the hot amber glow of Max’s eyes…

and then I’m gone…

the loud guttural moan escaping his lips the last thing I hear as I explode again and the darkness consumes me.


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Part 9
Liz Pov

Every other time we’ve fucked ourselves into oblivion the awakening had been slow and languid…as if all the pieces of ourselves that had been blown away by ecstasy…were taking their sweet time returning to us…but not this time…this time we are jolted awake by a need that is almost painful.


“…we’ve gotta go…”


We jump up and frantically start pulling our clothes on…driven to go as fast as we can…and then even faster. Max grabs my hand and we run down the path back to the cabin and his bike…with every step…every passing second…the need gets sharper…digs deeper…forces us to go…go…go…

I helplessly cling to Max as he makes the bike go faster…so fast everything is a giant blur…but still…it’s not fast enough.

There is someplace we have to be…something is calling to us…demanding that we come…it overrides our control and urges us to go faster…we’re running out of time…we have to…we have to…

And then I see it…even in the darkness of night I recognize it…the place where my heart was broken and my soul nearly died…the place where my love was born…


//…the pod chamber.//

Stumbling and falling we somehow make it up the path to the cave…and now I can feel a Presence…the faintest whisper of an awareness brushing against my mind…and the power behind it terrifies me…terrifies both of us.

Max pulls me tight against his side…and for a second…just a second…the need that has been driving us lets up and we are back in control of ourselves…and then it comes back…only ten times worse…and we scream…oh god…it hurts…it hurts…make it stop…please…please…please…

Then everything fragments into images and impressions…

Max beside me in pain…

being inside the pod chamber…

an eerie green glow…

crawling on the ground my face wet with tears…

a bright white light…




I cough violently from all the dust flying around me and lift myself up…propped back on my elbows. My head’s pounding and I have no sense of time or place…there’s something I need to remember…but I don’t know what...something…or maybe someone…or somewhere.

Blinking…I try to adjust my sight to the darkness and look around not knowing where I am…but one thing I do know…I’m not alone.

"Liz?" a low deep voice calls from behind me.

I twist my head in the direction behind me…and a shiver runs up my spine…then back down my body…I recognize the voice…and whom it belongs to makes my insides melt.

"Maaaaxxxxxx." I purr...already aching for him to be closer to me.

Suddenly…out of the dark…Max jumps me…pinning me to the ground.

"Liz." He growls…his eyes glowing gold and flashing at me…his mouth only inches from mine.

My body trembles as I feel his hot breath surrounding me…calling to me. We lock gazes…and instantly know what the other wants.

Without hesitation Max rips off my shirt and fondles my breasts. I arch off the ground and hiss in a mixture of pleasure and pain…and then he seeks out my nipple with his hot mouth and devours it…and I moan as liquid heat rushes through me.

I desperately need to feel his hot skin on mine…and I claw at the shirt covering his back...hear it tear…and then it’s gone…and I want more…need more. His hot tongue running over and around my hard nipple only intensifies the aching between my legs…I have to feel every inch of him on me and in me soon…or I’m going to explode.

I can feel the need in me burning hotter and hotter as I grind my hips against him and dig my nails into his back…I want him and he wants me just as much…then he pushes my legs apart with his knee and settles himself between my thighs.

He thrust his hard cock against my aching sex…and we both cry out.



Once again I arch my back off the ground and tilt my head back…exposing my neck...and Max latches on…sucking and nibbling and biting…yes…oh god…yes…

"Max." I sigh dreamily my eyes fluttering open. "I want you." I beg. " I need you Max...I need to feel you inside me."

At some point…I don’t know when…a soft white light began to penetrate the darkness…and I can clearly see the hunger on Max’s face as he smiles down at me. He takes both of my wrists in one hand and pins them above my head…using his other hand…he begins to tweak at one of my exposed nipples.

"You want me baby?" he asks pinching me a little harder until I groan softly, "How bad do you want me? Tell me."

"Now Max." I gasp out between sharp intakes of breath. "I need you now."

He lets my nipple go…and moves his hand down to the waist of her jeans…working my pants open one button at a time…slowly…

Becoming impatient with him I start to squirm. "Please Max."

"Stop moving Liz or I won't get your pants off." He growls…finally popping the last button free.

Releasing his hold on my wrists he uses both hands to jerk my pants down the rest of the way. I reach up and wrap my hand around his neck…pulling him down to me…kissing him roughly when our lips crash together.

//Please Max.// I silently beg for the third time.

He gently caresses the wet curls covering my sex…and then thrusts three fingers inside me…I scream as my first orgasm overtakes me.

The soft white light starts to glow brighter and brighter and I am vaguely aware of our surroundings…we’re in a room…no…a chamber…the walls and floor are shiny…and there’s something in the center…it’s big…it’s…

I scream again when Max twists his fingers inside me…and my thoughts fly away as I am once again pushed over the edge…wave after wave of intense pleasure washing over me.

"Oh god Max." I moan…rocking my hips against the thrust of his fingers still inside me. "Don’t stop…please…don’t stop."

He removes his fingers from me and starts tearing at his jeans…a soft moan escapes me and I start writhing on the floor…my sex clinching in anticipation of how incredibly good it’s going to feel when he’s finally inside me.

Moving closer to me he inserts his fingers back inside me and I moan as he slowly slides his fingers in and out of me. My eyes briefly meet his hungered gaze before lowering down the length of his body…he wasn't freed yet…and when I see this…I became hot with rage.

I’m fucking tired of waiting…tired of the foreplay…I need him inside me…now…he has to stop the burning running through me…the ache.

Still in a daze from the steady rhythm of his fingers against my clit…I lift my hands and start to free him…and as I pull his cock free…I squeeze it…hard.

Max freezes…for just a second…and then throws his head back with a guttural shout…thrusting his hips forward into my hand. He pulls his fingers out of me and brings my legs up to rest on his shoulders…pushing me onto my back…and then he enters me with one powerful thrust…and I scream…exploding as another orgasm shoots through me.

I have my ankles locked behind his neck…my legs pressed against my chest…and he’s pounding into me…harder and faster. I’m still weak from my last orgasm…my body trembling…but as tired and worn out as I am…I don't want it to end…don't want Max to stop.

"Don’t stop." I plead in a shaky voice.

Max smiles down at me and thrusts harder. "No baby…we're just getting started."

I arch off the floor as he increases his pace...driving harder and faster into me…I meet him thrust for thrust…I can feel the tingling start in my toes all over again…my muscles grip him tightly and he slows his pace…reaching down between us to stroke my swollen clit.

"Come...for me...Liiiizzzzzz." he hisses between clenched teeth…and I do…screaming and crying as everything goes bright and then dark and then bright again.

I hear Max scream my name…and the feel of molten heat as his seed spurts into me triggers another orgasm.

Suddenly a brilliant white light starts to pulse around us and there is a fizzle of electricity in the air…and the Presence that had driven and compelled us to come here surrounds us…

I don’t know what’s happening to us…my skin feels tingly and alive…like it’s burning…but not in a bad way.

I reach up with one hand and touch Max’s shoulder…a blue white spark of energy flares briefly and then dies away…I reach out with the other hand and lay it on his chest gently…and again a blue white spark of energy flares…and then a hot burning sensation races up my arms and spread through my body…I’m so hot…so hot….

The air around us is fizzing and crackling now…small blue sparks of pure energy flitting around us…and I can feel the barest whisper of breeze…

Somehow…the Presence communicates to us…and we move together…both kneeling…my arms around Max's neck…his around my waist…and we lean against one another…the feel of our skin rubbing against each other entrancing. Max gently pushes my hair away from my ear and presses his cheek against mine to whisper in my ear.

"You’re so beautiful." he says huskily…one of his hands sinking down from my waist to rest lightly on my ass.

"You are too baby... Mmmm " I purr quietly in his ear…unworried about anything.

Max's other hand tangles itself in my hair and he tilts my head back gently…gazing into my eyes with his liquid golden ones for a moment before leaning in and kissing me…softly…gently.

The sparks moving through the air go faster…glowing brighter…the gentle breeze starts to whip around us…circling us...

It’s no longer enough to only have his skin against mine…I’m getting hotter and I need him to get rid of it…only he can put out the fire. Max rocks back until he’s sitting…and I settle myself on his lap facing him…and we’re still kissing ever so gently.

I moan as the kiss becomes more passionate.

We are surrounded by a ring of light…the sparks flying around us become charged…the wind a tempest…

I begin to rock against Max's cock…and he slips a hand between us…sliding his fingers inside me…and I cry out…moving against his fingers…moaning when his thumb brushes across my clit…at first gently…then faster and harder.

"Liz.... I love you..." He gasps as my hands leaves his neck…trailing down his chest to the hard cock jutting up between us.

"Mmmm...I love you too." I moan as I raise slightly…wriggling forward…and very very slowly…begin to slide his cock inside me.

The sparks around us are flying furiously through the air…the hum of energy reaching a thunderous roar…the wind swirling around us faster and faster…the ring of light pressing in on us…

I move my arms back up around Max's neck and hold on tightly as I begin to move around him…his hands on my hips…guiding me up and down. I feel a surge inside me and an answering one from Max…he lowers his head…resting his forehead against my shoulder as he drives into me one last time.

I feel him pulse inside me and then he moans my name softly as he comes…and a gentle wave of pleasure washes over me as I join him.

Raw energy and power rush through us…and we throw our heads back…a beam of pure white light explode from our union...bursting the ring of light pressing in on us…sending us flying out of our bodies...

We are aware of the Presence…

it has become a part of us…

and looking down…

we see our bodies consumed by the pure white light…

and then there is nothing.


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Please note that dialogue between *...* is the Granolith

Part 10
Liz Pov

The first thing I’m aware of is how good I feel, like I’ve just spent the most incredibly relaxing time at an all day health spa. The next thing I’m aware of is Max spooned up behind me, his fingers trailing softly along my arm.

“Hey there beautiful.” He smiles down at me as I roll over and look up at him. The love and contentment well up in me and I sigh happily.

A song that my mother loves to listen to floats through my mind, the lyrics so perfectly match what I’m feeling right now, and I softly start to hum it…a flush a pleasure washes over me when Max starts to sing it to me in his beautiful deep voice.

“If I could save time in a bottle…the first thing that I'd like to do…is to save every day 'til eternity passes away…just to spend them with you...” I close my eyes as he starts to lightly trace the features of my face with his fingers and his voice becomes softer and huskier as he continues, “If I could make days last forever…if words could make wishes come true…I'd save every day like a treasure and then…again I would spend them with you…”

*I’m glad you are both awake…we have a lot to cover and not much time*

Max and I gasp and sit up, and again I’m aware of several things that had previously gone unnoticed…

Max and I are completely dressed…

we are in some kind of chamber with this…big…shiney…thing…in the center…

there is a white pulsing light that is illuminating the chamber…

and the Presence that drove us here is no longer an intangible entity, it is a part of us and yet not; and I have no fucking idea what it is.

*I am the Granolith*

Okay…I vaguely remember something about a granolith from Max’s recovered memories…but I thought…

“…the Granolith has been lost to our people for almost a millennium. How is it possible that you are the Granolith, and how do you come to be on Earth?” Max questions the Presence…the Granolith.

*Great One, I have not been lost to your people; I have been hidden…here on Earth. For near a millennia I have slumbered awaiting the arrival the Great One and the Chosen One…you and your mate*

Now I’m so confused…Great One?…Chosen One?…Max and me?…slumbering for a millennia?…and when did my life become something you’d on the SciFi channel!?!?

*Chosen One, I do not wish to cause you confusion. I will attempt to clarify. Near millennia ago the Prophets and Seers on Antar foresaw a time of great strife and war in the Whirlwind Galaxy, fearing the destruction that would be caused should I...the Granolith fall into the wrong hands; they sent me away to await the time of my awakening. It was foretold that a time would come when two souls (one Antarian and one Human) would become one and bond with the Granolith. The two become one would become the Keepers of the Granolith and their progeny would unite galaxies. The two are spoken of in prophecy; they are the Great One and the Chosen One. I first began to stir from my deep slumber when the Great One first healed you*

“Great One…that’s what Riverdog called me when I came to him for help.”

*Yes Great One, the one you call Riverdog is one of my vassals. It is from me that he has knowledge of who you are, I made sure he was prepared to help you when the appropriate time arose. He is here to help you and guide you…as well as the others*

“The others?” I ask, not really wanting to deal with any so called others. The only people I trust are Max, Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel…that’s it. I’m definitely not ready to start trusting these others.

*Yes, the Second…the Princess…the Pixie…and the Joker. They are spoken of in prophecy as well; they are your protectors and are vital to your safety and well-being. You know them in this lifetime as Michael…Isabel… Maria…and Alex; they are your most trusted allies and are completely loyal to you*

I feel like my head is going to implode…here I thought we were just your normal hormonal teenagers…okay…NOT normal…but hey…we’re still teenagers…and now I find out we’re part of some ancient prophecy. “Wait…you keep referring to Max and me as the Great One and the Chosen One…how do you know that we are they…or whatever?”

*Chosen One, according to the prophecy the Great One would be struck down on one world and reborn on another. The Chosen One would be born on a small blue planet and would be instantly known by the Great One. The Chosen One would come close to death but would be saved by the Great One…*

“Okay…okay…I get it!” I cut off the Granolith…jeez…I thought Maria was long winded, “I’m the Chosen One and Max is the Great One…but could you please just call us Max and Liz…please????

*As you wish Chosen…Liz*

“I have a few questions…” Max jumps in and starts rattling off questions, “How did you know I would seek out Riverdog for help this past summer? What did you mean about bonding with Liz and me? What exactly does ‘the Keepers of the Granolith’ entail? And what is this about our ‘progeny’?”

*Max, I knew you would seek out Riverdog for help because I pushed you in his direction. I could feel the distress in your soul, but I could also sense that you had not reached a breaking point…and if I did not intercede you would not seek the help you needed. By not doing so the prophecy would have been diverted for several years…and you and your…Liz…would have suffered greatly…you would have also lost your…Alex. To prevent this and push you to the breaking point…I put…disturbing thoughts and imagery…into your head…and you sought out the help of Riverdog…*

Max pulls me into his lap and hugs me tightly and I softly murmur reassurances to him…he has been carrying a burden of guilt and shame over the things he thought and imagined during that dark dark time…and I can’t help the stir of anger I feel at the knowledge that they were put into his head.

I stifle down my urge to lash out at the Granolith as it continues to answer Max’s questions…

*Once you and your Liz became cemented and your souls became one…the bonding process started. It took a massive amount of energy for you to bond with me…and your coupling provided a lot of that energy. However your bodies had a hard time containing that much energy and you would lose consciousness…the final stage of the bonding would have generated too much energy for your bodies to handle… so I compelled you to come to this place of my slumber were the bonding was completed and I could repair the damage done to your bodies…*

Well…I guess THAT explains all the passing out…as well as the insatiable hunger…on second thought…it explains the passing out part…I think the insatiable part is all our own…I can feel the low hum of desire that is still flowing through us…waiting to ignite into white hot passion.

Anyway…the good old Granolith is STILL answering Max’s questions…

*Being the Keepers of the Granolith…only you and your Liz will be able to have access to me…my power…my knowledge…everything. In every successive generation…one of your progeny and his or her mate will bond with me and become the new Keepers of the Granolith. The first of your progeny will be conceived within the next six months*

Max and I both gasp…and suddenly I’m having a hard time breathing…black dots start popping up and I can see darkness start to encroach on my vision.

“Liz…baby….breath…come on…you can do it…that’s right…breath…”

“Max?” I manage to whisper as his beautiful eyes come in to focus, “Oh my God Max! I had the most incredible dream you would not believe…our lives had become this weird ass X-file…and…and…there was all this scifi shit…and…and…we were going to have a baby in like 18 months at the latest…”

*Twenty four months…your gestational period will be eighteen months…add that to the outside limit of six months for conception to occur…and your babies will be here in twenty four months at the latest. You will conceive at least twins this time*

Somebody catch me now…cause I’m about to fall the fuck out.

I’m vaguely aware of Max communicating with the Granolith…telling it that maybe that was more than enough information for now…no shit…and that we should probably be getting back to the cabin before the others get worried…again no shit!!

The Granolith agrees…and then there is a flash of bright light…and we’re in front of the cabin and Max is holding me in his arms…Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel are swarming around us wanting to know if we’re all right…and how they’ve been worried sick about us…and that we’ve been missing for two days…and…

Wait a minute…back that train up…TWO DAYS…we’ve been gone for two fucking days…man…talk about your lost fucking time.

Max tells the others that we’ll tell them everything tomorrow and that he’s sorry for worrying them…but it’s late and we’re going to bed. He carries me up the stairs…and yeah…I’m still in lala land…it’s nice here…you should check it out sometime.

Max brings me into the bathroom and carefully sets me down on the window seat…then he walks over the Jacuzzi tub and turns on the water…once the tub is full he turns on the jets and walks back over to me.

He doesn’t say anything…he doesn’t have to…he knows exactly what I need and what I want. In no time at all he has us undressed and relaxing in the hot bubbling water.

The bubbles feel so incredibly good…teasing my skin. I’m sitting in Max’s lap with my back against his chest and his arms wrapped around me…and finally I decide to come out of lala land.

“Max…we’re going to be parents in like 24 months at the latest…”

“…I know…”

“…with at least twins Max…at least…”

“…we’ll be okay Liz…”

“…we’ve just started our junior year of high school, we’re only 17…”

“…hopefully by the time the babies get here we’ll be 19 and OUT of high school…”


“…it’ll be alright Liz, we have each other and our “protectors”…everything will work out…but right now you need to relax.”

His hands start to wander and caress my skin…traveling down my arms…across my ribs and waist…and back up to cup my breasts from underneath…squeezing them gently. My body is buoyant in the water and I stretch my legs out in front of me…leaning back to float in the water. The tub is so big my feet don't reach the other side.

Max holds me gently and slips his hands to my sides…lifting me just enough so that my breasts break the surface of the water. The cool air rushes over them…and I gasp as my nipples harden suddenly and almost painfully. I can feel a liquid heat start to flow through me…setting me on fire.

Still supporting me with one hand…he slides the other one around to my front…tweaking each of my hard nubs with his thumbs...and I moan softly. He cups my right breast and squeezes gently…slowly kneading my firm flesh. My head falls back to rest against his shoulder…the dull humming deep inside me becoming an almost deafening roar.

Max seizes my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezes it firmly…rolling it back and forth. I let out a long throaty moan and press my breast into his hand.

He coaxes me to sit up and turn around…then he stands up and I wrap my legs around his waist. I can feel his hard cock prodding the dripping folds between my thighs as he walks across to the other side of the tub.

I stare into his dark hungry eyes and he smiles…kissing me gently before raising one knee to the bench on this side of the tub…and moving my legs so that I’m straddling his thigh.

He grabs my hips and grinds his thigh into my aching sex…and I cry out, “Maaaaaaxxxxxx!!”

My breathing starts to sped up and I lock my gaze with his…watching his eyes get darker as he licks his lips watching my reaction…then I throw my head back and he attacks me with his hot mouth…trailing open-mouthed kisses down my neck to my breasts…his tongue darts out and slowly circles my nipples…first one…then the other one…again…again…never touching the nipples only the sensitive skin around them.

I moan his name in desperation and grab the back of his head…trying to force his mouth to my nipples. He flexes the muscles in his thigh and at the same sucks my nipple into his mouth and bites down…and I explode…screaming and cursing as wave after wave of pleasure rushes through me.

I feel light headed from the after affects of my orgasm and the heat of the tub.

Max kisses me deeply and slides one of his hands down between my thighs…palm up…cupping my mons. He pushes two fingers into my slick folds…and slides them deep inside me…curling them and rubbing them against my g-spot. Hot electricity shoots through me and I gasp out, "Oh yeah Max…like that…like that…don’t stop!”

"You like that baby?" He asks…his breath coming out in hard fast pants.

"Yeeeeesssss Maaaaaaaaxxxxx plllleeeeaaassssssss."

He twists his fingers inside me and I cry out again…I can feel the pressure inside me building again. He slides his other hand from my hip to my ass…his finger circling my anus and I begin to babble incoherently…and then he slides his finger into my ass and presses down hard on my clit with the heel of his hand…and I sway dizzily as I come again…quickly and intensely.

Stunned…I cry out incoherently as he holds me steady, "Ahhhhh…Mmm…aaaxxxx…Ahhhhh…Ahhhh….Ahhhhh…Maaaaaaaaxxxxxx."

I fall against him with a slight grunt…my heart racing as I desperately suck air into my lungs. I slide my hands into his air and kiss him deeply for moment…and then I turn around in his arms to grip the side of the Jacuzzi…kneeling on the bench…I look at him over my shoulder and whisper, “Fuck me Max…fuck me now.”

His pupils dilate and he growls out my name, “Liiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

He brushes the head of his cock against my slick folds…sliding up and down my sex…rubbing against my clit…and then he plunges deep inside me with one hard thrust and we both cry out.

He grabs my hips and starts to thrust in and out of me hard and fast…the jetting water swirling around us heightens our arousal with its tingling soft bubbles. Then he slows down…making long deep thrusts into me…slowly pulling almost all the way out…and then plunging back in.

The pleasure is exquisite…and almost torturous.

I throw my head back and moan as he continues his slow retreats and hard, quick reentry. He begins swiveling his hips as he thrusts forward…adding to the sensations…entering me at various angles…stretching me. I cry out as I feel another orgasm building…I’m so close…so close…

I beg him to go faster…and he does…he starts slamming in to me fast and deep…all semblance of control gone…and now he’s just flat out fucking me…moaning and chanting my name over and over, “Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…Liz…”

He slides one hand from my hip to my curls and pinches my clit…and I explode screaming and crying and he shouts my name as he follows me over the edge…empting into me in a series of hot spurts.

We slowly come down off our orgasm high…and I moan softly when he slips out of me. We lay back against the side of the Jacuzzi…panting as we try to catch our breath.

"God, Liz…that was good…every time I make love with you it gets better and better."

"I know Max…every time I think it can’t get better but it does…however…I must say I’m definitely liking this Jacuzzi."

He chuckles and slides back from me. "We'd better get out. This heat is making me dizzy."

"Yeah…but let's jump in the shower to cool down first."

We climb out and turn on the shower, stepping behind the enclosure. We rinse each other off with cool water…hands exploring each others bodies…just enjoying being able to touch with abandon. Then we get out and towel each other off…walking back into the bedroom and laying down on the bed in our damp towels.

I turn on my side and he spoons up behind me…cradling my back against his chest. "I love you, Liz. I know our life has become strange, but I feel honored and so unbelievably lucky to have you in my life. You’re the only one for me Liz…the only one."

"Ohh Max, love you too. I feel just as honored and lucky…I know I wigged out earlier…but I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened because it’s brought us to the place we are now. You’re the only one for me too Max."

He hugs me tightly for a moment and then we toss our towels to the floor and curl up under the comforter…the events of the last few days finally catching up to us…we fall into a deep peaceful sleep.


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Part 11
Liz Pov

I feel him watching me even before I open my eyes…and I know if I were to look…his eyes would be soft and reverent and so full of love that my heart would burst trying to contain all that love.

“You’re so beautiful when you sleep Liz. I love watching you; you look like a sweet sweet angel. So innocent and pure, but I know underneath it all you burn so hot for me. You burn me with your love, and then you heal me...”

My eyes flutter open and I look at the clock…it’s only a little after 3am. I’m facing away from him and start to turn over…but he stops me with a gentle hand on my shoulder…and I wait…anticipation growing in my stomach…gooseflesh spreading on my skin. I soon feel a finger softly tracing the small hills of my spine…from the base of my neck slowly downward…and as his hand meets my tailbone…it spreads open wide and slides to the right…smoothing over the roundness of my hip.

“Your skin is so soft, I love touching you. Every beautiful inch of you…”

He moves closer to me…and I can feel his warmth against my back…almost…but not quite touching my skin. He reaches down along my thigh as far as his arm can extend…and then back again…and I sigh in contentment. I love it when he touches me this way…as if I am new to him…as if he has never before explored every inch of me. He makes me feel beautiful and so sexy.

“Sometimes, I wake up and for just a moment I think it’s all been a dream. The most incredible and amazing dream. Then I feel you curled up next me, feel the quiet murmur of your sleeping mind inside mine; and I weep because I know it’s not a dream. It’s real…you’re real…we’re real...”

I feel a kiss on my neck…right where the curve is that becomes my shoulder…and I shiver. His arm goes across my chest and holds me to him…as if to warm me…but we both know I'm not cold…my body is heating up by the minute…the fire inside me burning brighter and hotter.

“It amazes me that you love me, that someone as incredible as you finds something worthy enough in me to love...”

The hand in front of me begins to explore…his fingers fall on my lips…following a trail over my chin…into the hollow of my throat. He is nestled behind me and I can feel his breath on my neck…and it becomes more rapid as his fingertips continue downward. I bring my hand behind me to rest against his hip and pull him into me…his cock presses between the cheeks of my ass…and a moan escapes me as I feel it throb there.

“You feel so good Liz, like my own piece of heaven…”

He gently rubs his palm over one nipple…teasing…until it is hard and my breast feels swollen with the want of him…and then he moves to the other…it’s already erect and firm…and pinches it gently between his fingers. I moan again…I can't help it…don’t want to help it…I love the way he makes me feel…like I could fly to the moon and back. He takes the mound of my breast in his hand and kneads it softly…and then the other as his tongue moves across my shoulder.

“I love the way your skin tastes…hot and spicy…and yet sweet. I could live off your taste alone…”

His left arm slides under me…his hand reaches for the one I have tucked under my pillow…and he enfolds my hand in his…our fingers intertwine. His right hand continues to move down…over my taut stomach…around my navel…in maddeningly slow circles. I start to breathe heavier…his hands and mouth…his huskily whispered words seducing me.

"I love you so much Liz…there are no words to describe the depth of what I feel for you…"

I gasp as his fingers brush the soft curls of my sex…and I wait for him to reach further and dip into the hot aching center of me…but he doesn't…he follows a path of his own choosing…slowly...pushing me to edge of sanity. My heart starts to race…and I grip his ass tighter…my fingers digging into tender flesh. Finally…I can stand it no longer…and I turn on my back and look up at him. I frame his beautiful face in my hands…and look deep into eyes gone dark and stormy with hunger and desire...and whisper silently into his mind how much I love him…and need him…and want him.

“I do too baby…so much…so much…”

He lowers his face to mine…brushing his lips against my own again and again…until I finally capture them and drink him in. He moans into my mouth…falling against me so that we are skin to skin along my entire length. His mouth moves over my cheek…my eyes…and down to my throat…where he kisses my throbbing pulse. His tongue traces along the dip between my breasts…leisurely encircling first one nipple…then the other. I arch my back to urge him on…and at last he ends one torture and begins another as he takes the hard nub in his mouth. He suckles gently…yet urgently…and settles in against me. I wrap my arms around him and hold him close...I never want to let him go.

//God Liz…I want to stay here forever…in your arms…hidden away from the world…just the two of us…forever…//

His hard cock pulses against my leg…wet and hot…and I too am dripping with my own desire…the fire between my thighs precious torment. At his silent urging…I spread open my legs…and his hand slides through the slippery juices that coat my thighs up to my swollen sex. He softly strokes my clit…eliciting a groan from deep within me. He leaves my breast and moves up to watch my face…and I close my eyes…concentrating on what he's doing to me. I picture his fingers moving…stroking…wet and slippery…and every nerve in my body is humming. He brings me to the brink…I can feel my body clinching…ready to fly apart…then stops…and I whimper in frustration.

"Not yet," he whispers, and kisses my whimpering mouth.

I open my eyes as he lies back on the bed…silently whispering what he wants. I rise to my knees and swing my leg over…straddling him. His eyes never leave mine...we are locked in to each other…his wants…my needs…all rolling into one inside of us. I rest my swollen sex against him…letting just the tip of his cock enter me. He closes his eyes just for a moment…fighting his own urge to thrust up into me…wanting me to take the lead. Slowly…I lower myself onto him. He holds my gaze…his breath coming in ragged gasps. My mouth opens…and I lick my suddenly dry lips in anticipation. There is just enough light coming in from the moon shinning outside…and I can see his face…the outline of his muscular upper body…he’s so beautiful. He catches my hands in his and holds them up…keeping me erect over him. I move down the final inch…our bodies meet…and he releases a sigh from deep within.

"Liiiiiiiiizzzzzzzz... oh, God..."

I start slow…rising up until only the tip of his cock is inside me…then thrusting down until I feel his balls pull tight against my ass…and he meets me…thrust for thrust…again and again. We move together…and he releases my hands to caress me everywhere…I feel fierce…I want him so much now. I move faster…harder…leaning down over him I kiss him…hard…almost savagely…my tongue thrusting deep into his mouth…and he responds in kind. I pull it in…sucking…biting…feral sounds escaping from somewhere deep inside of me.

I am lover…


An Earthly Goddess…

An Alien Queen…

In this moment…to this man…I am everything…his beginning and his end. It carries me to heights unknown before…and I bless it and I curse it and I never want it to end.

I am at the edge of the abyss…and thrusting down hard once more…I leap over the edge…screaming his name as I fall…a litany…over and over…a prayer to the living.


I feel him explode…and he yells my name...holding me to him tightly…his mouth again on mine…his seed spilling into me in hot spurts. I lay against him…spent…as he catches his breath. He shifts and I pull away…settling into the crook of his arm where we drift into that contented place between sleep and awake.

Before I am carried away…back into the land of Nod…I reach up and caress his cheek…he holds my palm to his face…and I revel in the love that flows through us…it is so precious and rare…sacred…that’s what our love is…sacred.


Maria POV

I roll over in my bed and glare at the clock…it’s almost 4am…and I’ve yet to fall asleep. A little while ago I heard Max and Liz crying out each other’s names…and so help me…for a moment I felt such intense jealousy. I’m such a horrible friend…they both deserve what they have together…they’ve suffered so much…fought so hard to be together…but…it’s just…I want what they have.

I want to love that intensely and be loved in return. I want my Spaceboy to get his dick out of his ass and stop fucking himself and fuck me instead…I’m so horny I could scream. I’m tired of being patient and understanding…that shit is for saints…and I ain’t no saint.

Restless and fed up…I slip out of bed and stand at the looks so peaceful out there…the moon shinning on the desert…the stars flashing brilliantly in the sky. I could use a little peace myself right about now. I sigh as I rest my head against the window and finally grapple with what’s really keeping me up tonight. Michael came to me right before I went to bed and told me that he and Izzy had finally recovered their memories…that he finally felt more at peace with himself…that he had control of his powers and no longer felt like a danger to the people he cared about and loved.

Then he told me that he loved me…again…and I thought finally…finally we’re going to be together…and that’s when he told me that he still had “issues” to work through…Hank issues. He told me he was going to be coming out to the reservation every week to work with Riverdog…just like Max…to resolve these “issues”.

Then he begged me to be patient and wait for him…to let him resolve these “issues”…and THEN we can be together. What could I do??? There my Spaceboy was…on his knees in front of me…telling me that he loved me…and begging me to wait for him. So…of course I told him I would…only now I’m getting impatient. All I ever seem to do is wait for him…give him space…be patient. I just don’t understand why we can’t work through these “issues” together!!!!

All this deep thinking is making me thirsty…so I decide to venture out to the kitchen for some water. As I walk past the living room…I see Michael staring out the window…he’s so lost in thought he doesn’t even notice me.

I stare at Michael's back…longing for the courage to be able to go to him…but I stand back. I’m so afraid…that if I do what I’m thinking about doing…that he will reject me and shatter my heart. I know I put out this ‘Teflon Tough’ attitude and act like nothing hurts me…but news flash people…it’s all an act…and Michael has the ability to hurt me like no one else.

That’s why I’m frozen here on this spot debating something that could end up being the greatest thing to happen to me…or destroy me all together. Don’t do this…the scared part of me trembles…don’t put yourself out there just to get your heart broken again. Do this…the fearless part of me demands…stop this endless waiting game and just go for it…aren’t you tired?!?!?!?

Hell yeah I’m tired…tired of aching for him…tired of acting like waiting is okay with me…tired of wanting…tired of self gratification.

I think back on something Liz once told me…back when I first got on the Alien train straight into the abyss…I was really freaking out a lot in those days…and I finally asked Liz how could she have so much faith and trust in THEM…I mean…I could understand about Max ‘cause she was all star-crossed lovers with him…but Isabel and Michael??? They were so hostile and defensive…you never knew what you were going to get with them…anyway…Liz told me that sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and trust that everything will come out right in the end.

Well Lizzie…here I go a leaping…I just pray I don’t fall flat on my face.

I take a deep breath and step forward…which makes the floorboards squeak…and for a second I freeze in utter embarrassment…and then I get a grip and continue walking towards him.

He turns around…a look of surprise on his face. "What are you…"

I silence him with a kiss…. and not just any kiss…no…I’m talking about pure spontaneous combustion here…all hungry and full of passion. My tongue thrusting and exploring his mouth…his reciprocating and plundering mine. I close my eyes…and hot damn if I’m not hit with a million images flashing through my mind…there’s so many and they’re coming so fast…but there all about Michael…everything from his past life through this one…I’m seeing his soul and he’s so achingly beautiful…so incredibly amazing.

Michael pulls away and looks intently at me. "God Maria…you’re so beautiful…your soul…I saw your soul. Did you…did you see mine?" he asks…and I can see the sudden vulnerability in his eyes and I know he’s afraid that I’ll find him lacking.

"Yes Michael…I saw…and you’re amazing…you take my breath away." I whisper reverently and his smile lights the room it’s so bright. I smile up at him and bare my heart to him…taking the biggest leap of my life, “I love you Michael, and I’m tired of waiting. I want us to face whatever life throws at us together…no more going it alone. And right now…I want you to make love to me…show me how much you love me.”

I hold my breath…my heart pounding thunderously inside me…and then he steps forward and comes to me. His hands reach up and cup my face…his thumbs gently brushing away the tears I didn’t know I was shedding…and then he leans down and kisses me. This time our kiss is long and slow as we explore each other's texture and taste…and I feel a rush of heat spread from my sex to my fingers and toes.

I press against him until there is nothing between us…and I want to laugh and cry at the beauty of this moment.

I gasp as his cool…rough hand snakes under my pajama top and runs up my warm back…it feels so good having him touch me…I think I just might go up in flames. We stagger…still kissing…to the couch…and collapse upon it. I straddle him…kissing him everywhere…his hairline…his neck…the curves of his ears...

He lets out a half-choked groan. "Maria…God…I want you so bad…are…are you sure?" He asks.

"Oh yeah Spaceboy, I’m sure," I whisper into his ear, "But anytime you want to stop…let me know and I'll stop."

He groans, "Oh God, no." Takes my head in his hands and pulls me to his lips…kissing me ferociously.

I can feel his cock pressing at me through his sweatpants…and I feel absurdly proud of this…as if to say I did this to him…. I’ve made him this hard…I’ve made him want me like this.

Briefly…I wonder if I have ever made him hard before…if he’s ever touched himself and thought of me…and then I cry out as he drags his tongue down the length of my neck.

"You like that…don’t you?" he asks and proceeds to cover my neck in gentle kisses and tiny bites.

Suddenly…I feel possessed…reduced to pure want…and with one smooth motion…I pull my pajama top off and toss it on the floor. Michael inhales sharply…his eyes fixated on my bare breasts.

"Now you." I order and we manage to wrestle his sweatshirt off…tossing it to the floor where it joins my shirt.

I bend down a bit and brush my breasts against the muscles of his bare chest and stomach…and he grabs my ass…pressing me into his straining cock. I feel swollen…hot…aching…like I may burst at any moment.

"The bedroom." I mutter, "Now!"

He rolls his eyes. "God Maria…even in this you’re bossy."

I spare him a brief glare…before climbing off his lap and tottering unsteadily to my bedroom and lighting…with shaking hands…the candle on the bureau. The room fills with warm light and shadows…the mood suddenly romantic. Michael comes up behind me…and surprises me with a lingering kiss on the nape of my neck…reaching around and stroking the tips of my breasts.

"How did you get to be so damn beautiful?" he asks huskily.

He kisses me all the way down my back…and my hands each form a fist…digging into the soft flesh of my palms. Michael stops when he reaches my lower back…his tongue laps at my sensitive skin…and my legs buckle…for an instant…I'm convinced I'll collapse right here.

I can wait no longer…I need him…now.

I turn around and give him a tug to stand up…and taking his hand in mine…lead him to my bed. I lie back on the bed and crook my finger. "Come here, Spaceboy." I whisper.

Slowly…he comes to me…and goddamn he’s a beautiful man…strong and muscular…perfectly made. He looms over me…his lips just inches from my own…and I reach for him and we kiss as if we’re trying to devour each other. His hands stroke my breasts…cupping and circling…lightly teasing the nipples. I feel a scalding wetness seeping through my panties…through my pajama bottoms…and I know I’m ready for him.

Impatiently…I pull down his sweatpants and boxer briefs…and run my hand along his hot throbbing cock…lightly scratching him with my fingernails…and he groans a muttered curse under his breath. Suddenly just as impatient as I am…he hooks his fingers along the waistband of my panties and pajama bottoms…and drags them off me.

For a long moment we lay together…our naked bodies touching…reveling in the feel of hot skin against hot skin.

Then Michael takes my nipple in his mouth…. circling it with his tongue…and sucking in earnest. Circle…tug…circle…tug. White-hot pleasure washes through me and I arch my back. I hear myself making little noises...but I don’t care…what he’s doing to me is so…so…his hand reaches between my thighs and brushes the wet curls covering my sex

"YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!." I cry out.

"Do you want me to touch you there?" he asks…sounding strangled.

I arch my back again in answer…suddenly unable to articulate anything more than a moan or a whimper. His long fingers part my swollen folds…and graze my clit. I can feel my heart beating in loud thumps against my breastbone.

"You are so wet," he moans, "So hot…"

His fingers send waves of pleasure up my spine…and I spread my legs wider…groaning…as first one…then two fingers enter my hot aching sex.

"I've imagined what it would be like to make you sound like that," Michael whispers, "Do you know what it does to me?"

I reach my hand out and again touch his cock…tracing my fingers along his engorged shaft…stroking him in time to his movements. He gives a muffled cry as he sucks my nipple harder…his fingers driving in and out of me faster and harder…and I’m so close…so fucking close…

"Michael," I gasp, "I want…I need…"

He lifts his head from my breasts…and I catch the carnivorous look in his eyes in the candlelight. "I know what you need." He grunts…kissing my stomach…tracing slow circles around my bellybutton.

I bury my hands in his hair as he leisurely runs his tongue down my slippery sex. He finds my clit…and lightly flicks it with his tongue as he continues to fuck me with his fingers. Panting hard now…my muscles and tendons tense and gather into tight knots…and I lose all conscious thought.

I feel it coming…like the rumbling of a freight train in the distance…the waves of my orgasm start slowly…and then builds as he licks me faster…his fingers pumping in and out of me. My fingers nearly pull his poor hair out by the roots…the pleasure hits me so hard. I’m making low animal noises…and then I start to scream as I come and come and come and…

Oh God…I think I see the motherland.

At last…I collapse upon the mattress…letting out the breath I’ve been holding for the last minute or so. Michael lifts his head from between my thighs and licks his lips. I give him a shaky smile…feeling drugged with my pleasure.

"Get up here." I say imperiously…I know I own him now…body and soul…I haven't felt this truly wonderful…ever.

But there is more…I want more…. I want it all…now. I reach down and squeeze his cock.

"It's time." I whisper in his ear, "I need to feel you inside of me."

I see a question in his eyes…and smiling I answer it, “It’s okay…I’m on the pill…we’re safe.”

He lets out his breath and gives me a long kiss…and with my hand…I guide him inside me. So slowly…inch by inch…he fills me…stretching me…until he reaches my barrier…and then he stops.

Our eyes lock…this is it…there truly is no going back now. I see the hesitation in his eyes…the fear of hurting me…and I reach down and grab his ass…pulling him to me as I thrust my hips up…and he breaks through my maidenhead. There’s a brief flare of pain…and then I’m overwhelmed with the feel of Michael buried deep inside me…finally…at last…I feel complete.

"God Maria…Oh God…I didn’t mean to hurt you! Are you okay?" He gasps…his eyes frantic with worry.

I pull his head down to me and kiss him passionately…and then breaking the kiss…I look deeply into his eyes, “I’m okay love…it doesn’t hurt anymore. You feel so good inside me.”

He groans and starts moving in and out of me…my legs automatically rise to lock around his back…and I rise to meet each thrust. Never could I have imagined this moment…never imagined him making these noises of arousal…never imagined we'd fit together so well. I grab his ass to bring him deeper inside me…it still hurts a little…but oh God…it feels so good.

My hands rise up above my head…and he grips them with his own as he drives into me…and it’s happening again…with each stroke of his cock…I come with a wave of pleasure so intense…that I feel like I’m going to fly apart into a million pieces.

He’s fucking me faster and harder now…crying out each time he comes into me…until with one last hard thrust…his entire body stiffens and he screams out my name…his cock jerking inside me as jets of hot cum bathe my womb…and then he collapse on top of me burying his face in my neck.

A time later…I don’t know how long…he rolls off of me and pulls me into his side. His body starts to shake and he clutches me tightly…and then I hear it…the sobs…he’s crying. I crawl up on top of him and cradle his tear soaked face in my hands…and start to lavish soft gentle kisses all over his face. In between each kiss…I whisper how much I love him…how he will never be alone…how he is my home…and I am his.

Slowly his sobs ease away…his tears dry up…and sighing…he kisses me deeply.

Pulling back he looks deep in my eyes and whispers reverently, “I love you Maria De Luca…heart…body…mind…and soul…with everything that I am…I love you.”

And now it’s my turn to weep…Liz was right…sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

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Part 12
Isabel POV

I sigh as I glance at the clock over the fireplace…somehow I’m not surprised that it’s only a little after 5am. I came out into the living almost an hour ago…driven out of my room by the noise coming from Maria’s room. I swear…between Max and Liz and now Michael and Maria…I’m either going to have to invest in serious therapy…or resign myself to being seriously scarred for life.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m very happy for both couples…they deserve to be happy…I just don’t want to HEAR how happy they are.

I sink further back into the couch…feeling utterly wiped out…I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately…and now…my body desperately needs the rest…but my mind won’t shut down long enough for sleep to claim me. These last few days have seen such highs and lows that I’m having a hard time assimilating everything.

Especially since I’ve recovered all of my memories.

I know he’s there even before he speaks, I can always tell when he is near. It scares me how vital he has become to me, he’s the only one that really understands me and knows how to handle my many and various mood swings. I don’t know what I would do without him; he was the only thing that kept me sane this summer while Max was gone.

"What are you doing up so early Bella?" he asks quietly as he sits down next to me on the couch.

"Nothing…everything…I don’t know." I reply…wanting to talk to him and not wanting to talk to him at the same time.

“Bella, I know something is bothering you; ever since you and Michael came back from seeing Riverdog yesterday you’ve both been on edge.” He puts his arm around me and I willingly fall into the comfort of his arms. Giving me a gentle squeeze he continues, “And yes, some of that had to do with Max and Liz’s latest disappearing act; but I think there’s something else going on that you’re not telling me about.”

“I’ve recovered my memories.” I say it all in a rush and I more feel than see his shock.

“You have? I thought it would take more time than this, do you want to talk about it?”

“Well, uh, both Michael and I recovered our memories and according to Riverdog the reason it didn’t take as long as Max was because we weren’t in such a fragile emotional or mental state as he was. So, uh, yeah I remember everything about my life as Vilandra.” I sigh and snuggle closer to Alex as I try to gather the courage to talk about what has been troubling me the most since I recovered my memories.

As if sensing my nervousness, he gently lifts me up and cuddles me on his lap wrapping both of his arms around me. Pulling me close he whispers softly, “Just tell me Bella.”

“Okay, just let me get all of this out without any interruptions.” I pause just long enough for him to agree with my request and then continue, “I know now why Vilandra was adamant about not marrying Khivar. For all of her stubbornness and need for independence she was first and foremost a Princess, and as such, had known from a very young age that one day she would have to marry for political reasons, and she was resigned to that. So for her to go to Zan and Rath and beg them to help her avoid marriage to Khivar was almost treasonous.”

I have to stop for a moment and gather my thoughts, this next part was almost unbearable to remember let alone tell, but I continue, “Vilandra was supposed to meet Chrysalis, her lady in waiting and near cousin, in the Librarium late one night. They both had an intense passion for science and the only time they could get away and indulge in this passion uninterrupted was late at night. For some reason, I can’t remember now, I was early and decided to wait for Chrys in one of the alcoves and I must have fallen asleep because I was jarred awake by a muffled scream. At first I was confused and wasn’t really sure I had heard anything, but then I heard it again. I sat up and pushed back the curtain to the alcove but didn’t see anything right away. I started to let go of the curtain when I saw what I thought was a couple having an assignation, but then she twisted her head away and screamed for help. I was frozen for moment, my brain couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing, and then it hit me…I…I…I was witnessing a rape.”

I start to shake and tremble as I’m pulled back into that moment and it’s like I’m reliving it all over again, “I was filled with such fury and rage, her cries of pain and pleas for help were like a fiery rod twisting in my stomach. Something in me snapped and I gathered as much energy as I could; my only thought was to make him stop to blast him away and save that poor girl. With a cry of rage I released all that energy in one huge blast; but he put up a shield and dissipated my blast. Then he looked at me with the cruelest deadest eyes I had ever seen and smiled viciously, and I froze again only this time in terror. That was all the time he needed, before I even realized what was happening, he hit me with a stunning blast and I crumpled, darkness swallowing me up before I even hit the floor. I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but when I came to I had a massive headache and it was still night. I was confused as to why I was on the floor and the pounding in my head wasn’t making it easier to remember, so I healed away the pain and then it all came back to me and I sat up and looked around me. I found her lying on the floor curled up into a ball and…and…oh God there was so much blood…she was covered in blood.”

I have to stop for a moment, all the old fear and terror is like a clog of dirt in my throat. Alex is holding me so tight I feel like he is the only thing keeping me anchored on this world in this time, and it gives me the strength to go on, “I went to her, I was terrified that she was dead, but when I reached her and touched her she flinched away from me. I don’t know, I think I started babbling about getting help and calling the guards when she grabbed my wrist and whispered my name. It felt like everything drained out of me, I recognized her voice and I wanted to die. It was Chrys. Everything was a blur after that; it was like I was there but two steps removed seeing and feeling things through a buffer. She begged me not to tell anyone, she said she couldn’t bear it if anyone knew. I had already failed to save her and couldn’t also betray her trust, so we cleaned up all evidence of what had happened and I helped her to her chamber. I wanted to stay with her that night but she refused, she said she needed to be alone for a while. I came to see her the next day and she was gone, she left me a message saying that she needed time and that when she was ready she would be back. It was almost a year and half later that I got a communication requesting that I come to her, when I arrived I found out the real reason she had left. She had conceived that night, she must have realized it when she saw her abdomen glow; I didn’t see it at the time, if I had…I…I…I would’ve done something. She looked horrible Alex; she had wasted away to practically nothing except for her belly, which was huge. Her eyes were huge in her face, so dark and haunted and full of this crazed light that filled me with dread. She whispered to me that I was the only one she could count on to do what needed to be done. She told me that she was carrying evil inside of her and that she needed to get it out and kill it before it could be unleashed onto the world. I tried to tell her that it was just an innocent baby but she grabbed my arm and stared hard into my eyes and told me it was evil’s spawn and that the stars had whispered to her the it would be the greatest evil if it were to live. She begged me to kill it if she didn’t have the strength to do it herself, and oh God, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill an innocent baby and tried to reason with her but she flew into a fit, screaming and cursing, and had to be sedated. After that she slipped into this state of unawareness, she would just sit and stare into space. It was then that I was summoned back to the Palace, I wanted to stay with her but it was a command from mother and I knew I couldn’t disobey. When I returned to the Palace mother informed me that Lord Khivar had requested my hand in marriage. I was furious and we argued for days, but in the end mother got her way and I agreed to meet Khivar and start the elaborate process that would result in our betrothal. It was two days before I was to meet Khivar that I received word that Chrys had given birth to a healthy baby boy, but that she had not survived the birth. I was desolate, I felt guilty for not being there with her and I was sure that if I had been there I might have been able to do something; once again I failed to save her. I wanted to go and personally make sure that the baby was okay and provided for, but mother forbid me to leave and there was nothing I could do. So, it was with a heart full of anger and resentment that I was formally introduced to Lord Khivar. The moment I laid eyes on him I knew who he was, I could never forget those cruel dead eyes nor could I forget the vicious twist to his mouth. It took everything in me to pretend that I did not recognize him as the man who raped and ultimately killed Chrys, but I did it. I couldn’t let on that I knew who and what he was, he had mother completely charmed and in the palm of his hand; she would never believe me. As soon as I could I escaped to my chamber, I had to do something because I knew there was no way I would be able to marry that monster. That’s when I went to Zan and Rath and begged them to help me, and they did without question. I never told them about Chrys and what Khivar did to her, I just couldn’t at first, but then everything kind of just steamrolled and there just wasn’t anytime. I promised myself I would tell them after the wedding…but…well…I never got the chance. Khivar killed us and it was all my fault.”

I can no longer hold back my tears and begin to sob, Alex rubs my back soothingly with his hand and whispers to me that it’s okay, that’s it’s all in the past and that everything is going to be okay and that it wasn’t my fault. I want to believe him but right now it’s still all so close and I can feel the hot cauldron of rage, despair, grief, and guilt churning inside me.

I don’t know how long I cried, but eventually I run out of steam and Alex just holds me. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, ever since I recovered my memories about Chrys, her baby, and Khivar; it has been like carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

“You know Bella, what happened wasn’t your fault.” Alex whispers softly to me, “You did everything you could to stop that evil bastard, and as for Max and Michael they would do anything to keep you safe and make you happy; no matter the risk.”

I know he’s right and what he says makes sense, but I still can’t help but feel guilty and responsible for our deaths. Right now I don’t want to talk about it anymore, I just want a little peace and for my mind to quiet down. “Alex, I know you’re right, but can we talk about this later?”

“Yeah, we can talk more later when you feel up to it. You want to try to go back to bed and get some sleep?”

“Not really, I don’t think I could sleep right now. What I really want is some ice cream.”

"Ice cream, for breakfast?"

I shut my eyes and lean back into his arms. "Definitely ice cream. A great big bowl of white chocolate mocha with lots of Tabasco."

He returns with two bowls of ice cream, the requested white chocolate mocha with Tabasco for me, mint chocolate chip for him. Sitting next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulders.

And it hits me. I just told Alex my deepest darkest secret, one that I hadn’t even shared with Max or Michael.

It all seems too much to me now, too much exposure. I flinch a little.

Alex strokes my cheek with his index finger, cold from the ice cream. "Are you okay, Bella?"

The words automatically fall out of my mouth and I can feel myself start to internally withdraw from him. "Uh, I’m okay Alex. Actually I’m really tired now so I think I’m just gonna go back to bed"

He shakes his head. "No, don't do that, don’t shut me out. Not now."

I sigh and turn my head to look into his blue eyes, narrowed with confusion and fear. "This is just so hard. I feel like I’ve just exposed too much of myself to you."

He takes my hand in a ferocious grip. "Don't withdraw from me." His voice is so quiet I can hardly hear him.

I try to explain the complicated mass of emotions swirling around in my brain. "I'm just a little unsettled. I didn't expect to tell you all of this, to relive all of it with you. I mean…I…I…"

"But you did, and you can’t take it back. You wanted to share this with me."

I nod my head. "I know Alex, I just think right now I need a little space."

He kisses the sensitive spot just behind my ear. "Bella, we've been doing this dance for months now. You share a part of yourself with me and then shut me out. We’re not doing this dance anymore. Tell me what you’re afraid of."

I look down at my hands, which are busily clutching the folds of my robe. "You don't know my heart, Alex. I'm afraid you won't like what you see there." I'm shaking and don't know why.

Why can't I just relax and let myself be loved? I know he loves me, I know he does.

"Hey," he says, turning my head to look at him. "I know your heart. You have a good heart, a generous heart. Don't ever say that I don't know you. I do, Bella, and I love you."

A few cowardly tears drip down my face and he tenderly kisses them away. "Thank you Alex, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." I whisper.

"You’re welcome, Bella. It’s easy to say because it’s the truth, you’ve got this inner beauty that shines so brightly that sometimes I think I might go blind."

I feel an ache in my chest. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

"Do you love me?" he asks, still looking right in my eyes.

"Yes." I say. It's so simple to say in the end.

"It's scary, isn't it?"

"It's terrifying to admit it."


I raise my hand and gently run my fingers down his face. "I feel like I need to be strong and that I would lose myself in loving you. I see the way Max and Liz are and Michael and Maria too and it just scares me. I'm just so afraid of loving you and needing you; losing you would kill me."

His eyes are so sad. "Aw, Bella, don't you understand? A love like that is sacred and profound, you don’t lose who you are; you gain a deeper connection and understanding, and besides, together we are stronger than separately."

Why does he have to make so much damn sense?

He kisses my neck, my ears, my forehead, and then kisses me with such love and passion he takes my breath away. "I love you, Isabel Evans, whether you like it or not."

I take a deep breath. "And I love you too, Alex Whitman."

He’s right, a love like this is sacred and profound; it’s a vow…it’s forever.


Kyle POV

I glance at the clock as I pass the living room, it’s a little after 7am this beautiful Sunday morning, and I’m so exhausted I feel like I’m going to drop at any moment. I drop my bags once I enter my room and don’t even bother getting undressed before flopping down on my bed and falling to sleep.

But I don’t fall asleep.

There’s an anxious excitement bubbling inside me and it’s winning the battle against sleep. So much has changed for me this summer, changed in me, that I’m surprised there’s not a completely different person staring back at me when I look in the mirror.

And it all started with Max.

He changed me when he saved my life; in ways that are so deep and profound that it will probably take a lifetime to understand it all. I think back to how much Liz changed last year, to how protective she was of Max, and I understand now. I want to talk to her because she’s the only one who could begin to comprehend what I’m feeling. I also want to talk to Max and let him know that his secret will always be safe with me.

I feel a nervous fluttering in my stomach as I think about tomorrow. It will be my first day back to school and the anticipation is killing me. I found Buddha this summer and I found love, and the combination of the two has pushed my life in a direction that I would have never guessed in a million years.

I am a different person, and tomorrow my journey begins, and it starts with Max and Liz.


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