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Title: dark Angel
Summary: read and you'll see.
Catergory: AU Dark Angel / Roswell with a bit of species theme to it.
Author: Lady_without a clue some people know me as Sour_chilli_sugar_babe
Rating: PG 13, with some fighting.
Authors note: Sorry there isn't much to read but I didn't know how to get started. I'm still deciding whether to write more.

Tranmission from moon base NCR12F: UFO discovered in under ground cave. further inspection will be assessed before ship is able to be sent to earth.

Tranmission 2 from moon base NCR12F: four aliens have been found along with 8 egg like shells containing dead foetus's. DNA samples have been taken and shall be sent to Nasa.

DNA intercepted.

DNA injected into human embryos: failed

DNA injected into woman's uterus: failed.

DNA injected in to X5 embryo: success.
DNA injected in to X5 embryo: success.
DNA injected in to X5 embryo: success.
DNA injected in to X5 embryo: success..................

welcome to the future*angel*
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*wink*hope ya like

YEAR 2009

2000 HOURS




FILE MISSING..........................................



FILE FOUND.....................

2013 HOURS
phone call between Tom Roberts (security officer of Manticore files and records) and Lydecker.

Tom: Ah Mr Lydecker sir.
Lydecker: What?
Tom: There is something.... something happening to the net sir.
Lydcker: something like what... you half-wit techno winnie.
Tom: I have one user on line who is accessing work enough for 10 users.. I think we got a hacker.
Lydecker: what's the situation?
Tom: well he's currently accessing terminal 23. It's an archive of every employee Manticore has ever..
Lydecker: I know what it is. has he accessed any bodies particular file.
Tom: No... wait... he has. A.... Angelica Summers.
Lydecker: shit...... Get the switch and control centre and tell them to track the call in process.
Tom: yes sir
Lydecker: and make sure nobody finds out about this or it's your job. got it.
Tom: yes sir.
Tom: he's gone off line sir.
Lydecker: did you get a trace?
Tom: Yes sir. It came from a trailer park 30 kilometres north of Las Vegas.
Lydecker: excellent. get a swat team out there immediately and bring the culprit back to Manticore alive.
Tom: yes sir.


-Black hawk has landed, I repeat black hawk has landed-
-affirmative black hawk- the swat leader answered looking towards the door of the trailer they had pin pointed the hacker to be. They surrounded the small trailer as the swat leader began to give his order "on three - 1.... 2..... 3.." he kicked the door in to find a completely empty trailer with a massive super computer off-line.
"what is this sir?" a officer asked looking around.
"I don't know" he said looking down at a bin full of empty Tabasco and sugar packets "Evacuate the area" he ordered "set up road blocks 30 miles all round and send a search team to look through the dessert. he may be on foot".
"yes sir" the officer said running off. the leader pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialed Lydecker directly.
"talk" Lydecker ordered.
"he's gone sir" the officer answered looking around the trailer "from the looks of it the culprits have been here for weeks even though the owner says nobody has been living here for years" Lydecker sighed.
"how many eye witnesses?" Lydecker asked.
"the whole trailer park sir" the officer answered standing perfectly still "How shall I handle the situation".
"burn the trail park to the ground and make sure no one gets away" he answer coldly "get as much information from the owner as possible. I'm sending a clean up team down immediately".
"yes sir".

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thank u everyone who has posted 4 this fic to keep goin. here is the next part.

0100 HOURS
Lydecker and swat leader Jacob Rains

Lydecker: this better be important.
Jacob: We have search down to new Mexico sir and found no trace of our culprit..
Lydecker: this was so important that it couldn't wait until day break.
Jacob: We found something else sir, a girl.
Lydecker: A girl (Pause) what is a girl doing out in the middle of the dessert?
Jacob: we don't know sir. We have tried questioning her but she doesn't know a word of English and it gets better. The scientists analyzed the jelly like tissue that was found over her entire body. It's alien sir.
Lydecker: Alien? how do they know that?
Jacob: because the material is an exact match to the material used in those pods that were found.
Lydecker: 1947 crash.
Jacob: excuse me sir?
Lydecker: never mind. I want that girl up here ASAP.
Jacob: yes sir.
Lydecker: make sure she passes quarantine.

NAME: Uknown
AGE: 6 years old HAIR: curly blonde
EYES: blue SEX: female
DIEASE'S: none

X5 779 24 381 & X5 322 11 975 <
< X5 333 76 891 & X5 113 20 101 ENTER>
>Em-ne-ba-lapara-car< THE BRUNETTE STEPS FORWARD >Me-eco-lag-me-sen-la-to-var-ca< THE BLONDE SHAKES HER HEAD.

1200 HOURS
>Where are we?< THE BLONDE SPEAKS.
>we were born here. this is our home< THE BRUNETTE STEPS FORWARD.
>This not our homeI was born in the desert < THE BLONDE CONTINUES > this is not our home..... BRUNETTE PUSHES BLONDE DOWN BEFORE WALKING OFF. THE OTHER THREE FOLLOW.

Designation: X5 779 24 381 sex: female
Eyes: brown hair: brown
age: 6 1/2 diseases / allergies : none
Language: fluent English, Spanish, Germany, French and Swedish.
fighting technique : highly advanced.
fighting intellect : high advanced

Designation: X5 322 11 975 sex: male
Eyes: gray hair: light brown
age: 6 1/2 diseases / allergies : none
Language: fluent in Japanese, English and French.
fighting technique: lacking due to emotion.
fighting intellect: advanced.

Designation: X5 333 76 891 sex: female
Eyes: green hair: red
age: 6 1/2 disease's / allergies : none
Launguage: fluent English and Spanish.
Fighting technique : lacking due to struggle of physical strength.
fighting intellect : lacking.

Designation: X5 113 20 101 sex: male
Eyes: blue hair: blonde
age: 6 1/2 disease's / allergies : none
Launguage: fluent English, Greek and Latin.
fighting technique: ungraded.
fighting intellect: ungraded


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X5471 (bullet wound to chest)
X5327 (seratonin seizure) DECEASED


X5 113 20 101 DECEASED
Found 10 metres from base line with a silver white hand print on the back of his skull. cause of death: brain seizure.
X5 333 76 891 DECEASED
Found buried under 2 thick layers of ice. Cuase of death: sharp blow to the back of the head.


DEAD OR ALIVE..........................

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I know it's not much but I'll post more lata.*big*

It's December 2nd 2016, I'm Charles Andrew Parker and 5 days ago I died. But than this amazing thing happened. I came back. I just find it Ironic that finally one good thing happens to me and it's beacuase of an alien. Not that I can speak. I was found by the Parkers when I was 7 years old with no recollection of where I had been for the past 7 years of my life. But I have a sick feeling in my stomach that if one day I do remember I'm gunna wish I hadn't.
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X0101 59 888
X0101 11 595
X0101 23 389
X0101 67 739
X0101 34 737
X0101 21 289
X0101 00 503
X0101 27 042
X0101 19 723
X0101 49 763
X0101 50 988
X0101 88 911
X0101 81 000
X0101 23 555
Man stumbles out from no where bleeding and bruise's apparent as he stumbles to the ground in pain. X0101 59 888 appears and looks down at the man judgementally before leaping onto him and ripping at his face and chest. The others in his unit also appear and begin to strip the man of his skin until they stand back, painted with blood.
"2.5 minutes flat" Lydecker says stepping out with a stop watch "very impressive".



CLONING OF X5 333 76 891......... SUCCESSFUL
CLONING OF X5 113 20 101........... SUCCESSFUL
CLONING OF X0101 19 723............. SUCCESSFUL
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"It's an aqua bra" Maria squealed ruffling up my light brown hair "You know, all the fun of implants except without the invasive surgery part" I just shook my head.
"You've lost it Deluca" I smiled turning back to my locker to grab my bio books for my next class with Max and Tess.
"No I have found it girlfriend, ok? I've had 3 phone numbers. It's only second period" I look at Maria again.
"what" I said, my gray eyes widening in surprise.
"yes" she giggles jumping up and down. Neil passes down the hall his eyes glued on Maria, or should I say Maria's chest. his eyes flick to hers and he nods his head. Almost as if he was giving her his seal of approval.
"hey Maria" he smiles.
"hey Neil" Maria answers with a seductive smile, he passes and she turns back to me "See? do you want to try this thing on?".
"tempting but no" I say looking down the hall at Isabelle who just walked into the eraser room "who's Isabelle meeting in the eraser room?".
"Ixnay on the ining-pay" Maria says wriggling her eyes brows up and down.
"No, I'm not pining" I reply looking towards the closed eraser room wondering who she was meeting, Or who she was making out with "I just.... I am just curious that's all. I hate not knowing what's going on with Isabelle".
"her decision I recall" Maria chimes checking herself out in her compact mirror, I just roll my eyes and look back down the hall in the direction of the eraser room. Tess appears and walks into the eraser room.
"No wonder she couldn't make a commitment" I shake my head ready to protest for Isabelle's sake when Alex appears out of no where.
"Ok I give up what are we looking at?" I smile and point to Maria's aqua bra.
"Maria's aqua bra" I smile "would you like to try it on?".
"Yeah maybe later here have a flier" Alex said handing as a flier of the 'father camping weekend' "If I pass out enough of them, I could raise my PE from 'C' to a 'B-'".
"oh. ohh 'father camping weekend'" I cringed "I don't suppose any of you are...." I trailed off and looked to Alex and Maria.
"Did I mention that I'm not very athletic, except for dodge ball" he said looking around.
"no dad" Maria answered throwing away the flier without Alex's knowledge.
"I can only hope mine has out grown it" I groan inwardly as I place the flier in my biology book.
"Oh look at the time" Alex says not even looking at me or Maria "gotta go. Bye" We watch as he walks after Pam Troy and all her other nerd slaves.
"like a dog in heat" Maria teases.
"I know" I say walking off in the opposite direction to Alex "he needs help".
"he's my next project" the bell rang and I looked towards Maria who was displaying herself to the male population of West Roswell high "see ya Charlie" she called walking off to her remedial science class.
"Bye Maria" I called walking off. Still wondering what Isabelle and Tess were doing in the Eraser room.
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I feel like everything is changing, but the dreams are always the same. I always run down a long corridor and into a court yard to find a man dead. Someone I loved closely. My eyes swell with tears and I cry. I feel sad for those three seconds of my life before I realise I'm an X5 again. Emotions are weakness. Objective is always. I Punish myself for crying. Cut marks decorate my arm where a scold myself night after night with my three inch blade. When I was younger Lydecker would have me thrown out of my room and it the black box for a week without food, water or sleep. If I fell asleep they would hose me down. leaving me cold and wide awake through the freezing night. But you learn to control your emotions after time. It's easy. Soon you don't feel cold or hot, sometimes you don't even feel pain. Sometimes.
I didn't learn anything from my training in Germany. Besides how to kill people. Make bombs. Get rid of threats like green peace representatives. I even snapped the neck of my drill sergeant once because he made me mad. They put me in psy-ops for months before shipping me to corrections. Emotions are weakness. Hate the enemy. Objective is always. Punishment. It doesn't hurt. Because hurt is a feeling. Feeling is an emotion. Emotions are weakness.
~ ZAN ~
It's written on my arm. I don't remember when or how. But I think I did it when I was sleeping. I pierced my vein. Lost lots of blood. Went to M.R.I.E. For weeks, got stitched up. Then sent to psy-ops again. For harming myself. It doesn't hurt.

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"I can't believe I'm in the eraser room with you two" Isabelle cringed looking towards her brother and his best friend Michael, as the door swung open. Tess walked in and slid up close to Max, slipping her hand in his.
"Did I miss anything" Tess asked, all the while Michael sat looking at them.
"No" Michael informed looking from her to Max "but apparently I did".
"This isn't about me and Tess.." Max said looking around the group "We needed a safe place to talk, I found out a lot about the sighting from Milton".
"Told you that place would get to you" Michael smirked.
"5 people saw a flash in Frazier woods" Max informed.
"5 basket cases" Isabelle said twirling her hair between her fingers.
"Then why has Valenti closed off a 4 square mile area of the forest near the Indian reservation" everyone grew quite at Max's last statement. Michael sighed leaning back against the only wall present in the small eraser room closet.
"Max you don't think this sighting....".
"It was no coincidence" Max said cutting off his sisters words "we need to get out there before Valenti does just in case there's something to find".
"Yeah but we don't know how many guys are protrolling" Tess finally spoke up "If anybody saw us it would just make him more curious".
"What do you do in Frazier woods?" Max asked.
"You hike, you fish, you camp out" Isabelle said obviously hating to stuck in the eraser room more than she had to be.
"I can't believe I'm suggesting this" Max said scratching his head "but we could go camping that weekend".
"Your kidding right" Michael and Tess said in unison.
"Yeah" Isabelle began "If they find us we could just say were kids missing from our school group".
"There is only one problem" Tess said retrieving a flier from her bag "it's a father son weekend" Max and Isabelle groaned inwardly.
"I guess that leaves me out" Michael grunted pushing his way out of the eraser room and to class.
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I looked up into his amber eyes. He looked down into my brown eyes as he scooped me up into his arms and carried me towards our bedroom. It had been almost 7 lunar cycles since we had been together. Only ever been able to be present in each others dream sequences. Even then it was a little frustrating. Zan let me slide out of his arms, before letting my dress slip off my shoulders and on to the floor. I smiled. With a wave of my hand his clothes had deteriorated into nothing leaving as completely naked and staring up at each other. Zan laid me on the bed and pressed himself on top of me, placing his arms on either side of my head before a spread my legs slightly and allowed him to enter. Keeping our eyes looked on each other. Coming together. I stared up at him trying to remember every detail of his face. His amber eyes. Hs black mane. His nose. Lips. I felt the heat rise in abdomen. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. Hotter. I moaned for more. As did he.
Vahalndra appeared. A dagger in her hands. Aimed at Zan.
I woke up. My eyes blood shoot. My lungs sore. My chest heaving. A pair of arms attached my shoulder and a voice calling to me. X5 452 had been moved to my cell to be watched. She was talking to me. Asking 'Are you okay?' Calling for a guard.
"No" I snapped. Punching her in the face. She flew back into the cot. Startled. She hadn't expected it "leave me alone" I snap wiping the tears from eyes and laying back in my bed. Blank is my mind. My eyes. Dreams still come. There getting stronger.
"Is everything okay in here?" A guard asks looking over at X5 452.
"Peachy" she answers laying back in her cot. I look over at her. She doesn't look me. But she knows I'm watching at her.
"Why didn't you say anything to the guard?" I snapped "I would have?".
"But you didn't" she answered. I looked up to the ceiling. Questions about her. She was different from all the other X5's. Maybe the outside world changed her. But is it for the better or worse?
"What's it like out there?" I ask curiously.
"Bright" she says "real" I look at her. There are tears in her eyes. Probably for her boyfriend.
"I have nightmares" I say looking over at her. She looks at me. I feel better. Human. Alien. Wrong "of another place".
"Another place?" She repeats. She's curious "do you know this place?".
"It's familiar to me" I say looking at the ceiling "but it's not. There like flashes. Memories". She looks away and to the door.
"What are these dreams like?" She asks.
"Everything" I say turning and laying on my side "I dream of dead people and murders". She doesn't respond.thats normal. But what's normal. I'm an X5 Alien hybrid stuck in a military base called manticore. She's an X5. Fighting for life.
"You gotta name?" She asks.
"My designation is X5 799 24 381" she shakes her head.
"No I mean a name" she asks again "my names max?". I shake my head and look at her again. There is something else in her eyes. Trust. Warmth. Emotions.
"No" I answer.
"Then I'll name you" she says "I'm gunna call you Liz".
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"running away from home" Maria smirked as Charlie carried down his camping tent which weighed almost two times his on weight without breaking a sweat. Maria didn't think anything of it.
"Maria I'm begging you for mercy" Charlie sighed dumping the tent on the ground as though it had taken all his strength when really he had the strength to lift a car, on a bad day "please come with me".
"please dude, you know my idea of the great outdoors is rolling the windows down on my way to the mall" Maria smirked looking down at Charlie almost "I love your dad, you love your dad".
"I do" Charlie confessed "but to me normal father son bonding takes at least 5 minutes a day not an entire weekend. I mean there isn't any TV" Maria laughed.
"yeah" Maria said looking up and thinking to herself and aloud "I myself have found fathers grossly overrated".
"he's even begin to get really nosy" Xharlie began to protest "Suddenly he wants to know about every detail of my life...".
"Or lack there of" Maria added quickly. receiving a death glare from Charlie.
"what are you talking about 'lack there of'" Maria rolled her eyes and immediately straightened out.
"just forget I said anything" she said turning around to walk back into the cafe.
"Maria Deluca you better get that little white ass of your over her and tell me what your talking about" Maria spun around.
"all right all right, no need to get your daily marked panties in a twist" Maria joked strutting back and sitting down on the sofa "I was just saying that you mop over Isabelle all the time...".
"I do not" Charlie interrupted.
"I haven't finished" Maria said before opening her mouth to continue "you need a life beyond this Charlie, you need to get over Isabelle Alien ice queen Evan's and get back to the dating scene. plenty of Tuna or fish or whatever in the sea. You need a...".
"I'll pay you" Charlie intercepted quickly.
"you'll pay me to find you a date" Maria inquired.
"no" Charlie answered jumping on the couch next to her "I will pay you to go camping with us" Maria looked at him oddly.
"did you even hear a word I just said" Maria asked.
"not a thing" Charlie smiled "so how about it?".
"how much money are we talking here" Maria asked.
"25 bucks" Maria 'argh' immediately.
"50" Liz bided again.
"75" Maria smiled.
"62.50" Charlie answered.
"how the hell do you do maths so quickly" Maria said to herself.
"62.50 and that's my finally offer" Charlie said his pleading eyes looking into Maria like an open book waiting to be read, unfortunately Maria wasn't the reading type and she already had an offer in mind.
"I'll accept on one condition" Charlie was unsure for a moment but agreed to hear her out "You pay me 62.50 plus... I get to set you up with whoever I choose" Charlie hesitated before giving his answers.
"deal" he said shaking her hand.
"pleasure doing business with you' she smiled mischievously before running off into the cafe just as the bell to the front for rang. Isabelle, Max and Michael strutted in with their heads high Maria already smiling. Isabelle was not going to have her way with Charlie he was to good for that.

"Necedo?" max said skeptically, looking over at max with doubt in his eyes.
"I think he's our father Maxwell" Michael implied.
"Michael I don't think so..." Isabelle began before Tess cut her off.
"Why because you and Max have a father" Tess snapped shaking her blonde curls around her face.
"No that's not what I'm trying to say" Isabelle sighed looking from Tess to Michael in frustration.
"River dog knows more about us than Philliup Evan's ever could" Michael snapped slamming his fist on the table "No matter how many camping trips you guys take. Max and Isabelle opened their mouths to protest when Maria came bouncing in to take their order causing them to keep their cool. Tess was flustered with the new found rage and her bond towards her brother while Isabelle felt her eyes begin to water at the way everyone was acting and what it could mean if Riverdog was there father. her eyes drifted across the cafe to a certain waiter called Charlie and let her mind drift to thoughts of them, together. it seems so peacefully and relaxing. before she new it Maria walked off angrily while Michael sat back at ease.
"what did you do?" Isabelle asked looking around the table at Tess's wicked smile and Max's shocked face.
"lets just say me and Maria" Michael's smirk grew "had words".
"like always" Tess smiled at her brother.

"Stupid space alien" Maria cursed under her breath before walking around the counter to Charlie after Alex walked off towards the bathroom "I swear one of these days I'm gunna just have a break down at the way space boy gets to me. And not just him Charlie, the way Isabelle gets to you to every guy at West Roswell high...".
"Maria your hyperventilating" Charlie said looking over at her worriedly.
"No I'm not" Maria stopped it breath "I'm seeing things in a whole different light".
"you haven't been talking to Amy again have you" Charlie asked mixing up some smoothies for the customers.
"yes but that has nothing to do with it" Maria answered quickly slamming her fists on the counter and looking of the chezhoslovakians booth and frowning "If your not carefully I'm gunna end up picking up the pieces of your heart for the rest of your life".
"No your not" Charlie answered confidently "because I'm.. were gunna stay away from them".
"really" Charlie nodded strongly before resuming his current job. Maria scanned the room and saw Isabelle watching Charlie and decided to give Charlie a test drive on his new found faith in life and moving on from his alien obsession "then why has Isabelle been staring at you since she walked in?".
"she has" Charlie blushed like the true push over he is.
"argh will I have to do an intervention with you?...." Maria moaned walking off as a customers order came up and Isabelle and Michael walked up to get the bill from Charlie.
"hey" Isabelle smiled.
"hey" Charlie smiled back.
"haven't seen you in a while" Isabelle said, hiding the disappointment in her voice unlike her brother who couldn't hide anything and had scampered off to make eyes at Pam troy with Tess his partner in crime by his side and watching no doubt in her mind, Kyle Valenti.
"It's been busy" Charlie answered emotionless, as he trained his eyes on the milk shake machine.
"he's been busy actually" Maria intervened immediately swinging around the counter "We both been kinda busy".
"yeah I can see that" Michael answered looking at the uniform suggestively.
"you have a big weekend?" Isabelle asked curiously.
"dates" Maria smiled up at Michael "with have dates. lots of dates".
"really?" Michael answered disinterested.
"yeah" Maria replied scratching the back of her head "There both from College and extremely smart" Maria bragged feeling Charlie kick her under the counter, which went unnoticed by booth Michael and Isabelle.
"Great... have a good Time" Isabelle smiled fakely before walking out the door with Michael not far behind her. Charlie watched her leave and felt bad immediately.
"I know what you trying to do Maria" Charlie sighed as Isabelle's retreating figure disappeared "I know you trying to be helpful and everything but.......".
"but nothing Charlie it's for your own good" Maria finished.
"yeah" Charlie answered wishing Isabelle was with him. Now more than ever.

Liz kicked Max in the face sending her flying into the wall behind her and almost knocking her out if it weren't for her cat like reflex's. Liz smiled at this immediately correcting herself for the mistake and scratching herself to regain discipline over her emotions.
"why do you do that?" max asked suddenly. getting up and wiping the blood of her face.
"do what?" Liz asked.
"hurt yourself" Liz looked down at her scars and sighed deeply.
"they are to remind myself that emotions are weakness" Liz replied stretching out her limbs for the neck warm-up.
"Emotions give me strength" Max replied harshly.
"I've learned from my mistakes" Liz answered in a whisper before jumping to her feet and standing in a fighting stance "again".
Max crouched down "what do you mean lean from your mistakes?" Liz looked at her as if she were going to cry but tears never came. Or they did, but they didn't spill from her eyes.
"I lost my only family to intruders when I was 6 and a half" Liz answered "I felt them die.... I felt myself die knowing I could have done something. But I hid away afraid the intruders would kill me. So I began punishing myself". max was shocked but she didn't let it show, Liz had been in Manticore for all of her natural life and never seen the real outside world. If she did she wouldn't know how she would react. How anyone could react being taken from the one place you've known your entire life and being thrust into an even larger and confusing one.
"Are you ready?" Liz asked.
"yup just give me a......." the door slid open and 4 or more soldiers marched in followed by Liz's drill sergeant. talk about up tight and out of sight.
"X5 333 76 892 and X5 113 20 102 march" two tall figures marched in and stood with the heads held high. One was a male X5 with deep blue eyes and blonde hair while the female X5 had lifeless Green eyes and fiery red hair. Liz reacted immediately, max already knew who they were due to Liz's reaction. they were her family. there cloned twins anyway "start fighting stimulation. At 0500 you will be collected along with X5 779 24 381 and recruited to the X0 101 corp. over an out" the soldiers marched out and they were left in silence.
"It's good to see you again" Liz cried getting no response, which scared her more than she thought she could ever be.
"there Manticore" Max answered "that's all they ever will be Liz, there not like us" Liz didn't understand. but she didn't want to say anything. her family was back and that's all that mattered.

thank u 4 readin
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I'm updating quick so I hopes ya like!!!*big* Bya

"pops" Alex sighed lifting his bag and swinging it on to his back as he looked over to the bus. Mr Whitman appeared and looked over at the bus nervously.
"Are you sure you want to do this Alex?" he asked closing and locking the car behind him.
"yeah, yeah, yeah I'm sure" Alex answered walking off to find Charlie and Maria "Come on".
"but were not really prepared" he called after him dragging his sleeping bag along the ground.
"Oh, our Parker's, 2 sleeping bags, the wind on our backs" Alex sighed exhaustedly before turning to his dad with a smile of reassurance "what else do we need?".
"Are you sure really want to do this?" Mr Evan's asked less then 6 metres from Alex. Isabelle groaned under her breath.
"Were looking forward to it" Max smiled fakely before giving his sister a dirty look. Isabelle rolled her eyes.
"yeah absolutely" she smiled sarcastically at her brother "Mosquitoes, pit toilets and animal droppings. yes!"
"Well I can't say it doesn't make me happy to see you to joining in like this" Philip smiled closing the boot to his trunk and picking up there tents before making there way to the bus.
"well that's our new policy dad" Isabelle cheered for joy "Were joiners, right Max?".
"joiners" Max said looking over at his sister oddly before walking off with them towards the bus.
"I'm so glad your coming with us" Jeff smiled down at Maria who looked like shit.
"yeah me too" Charlie smiled wishing his friend would cheer up it's only a camping trip before he knew it he had missed every word his father said and felt his whole world crashing down. because standing right beside the bus with a look of boredom on her face, was Isabelle Evan's.
"fuck" Charlie cursed.
"Charlie did you..." before he could finish Charlie picked up his gear and walked off, leaving Maria to scurry after him and Mr Parker two bags heavier.
"fuck..." Charlie cursed again when he was sure he was out of both Isabelle and his fathers sight "fuck... fuck".
"Okay what's up?" Maria asked.
"Isabelle is here Maria" Charlie snapped "here.... fuck".
"Ok um..." Maria said as she began to think, her hands flew up and Charlie knew she had an idea "we'll just say that ours dates had to cancel because of midterms and we'll meet them next week in Alberquerque" Charlie felt his body cool a few degrees.
"hey Valenti" Coach called jogging up to Kyle who was talking to Tess who seemed intently trained on their conversation "looks like we're gonna be bunking up together this trip" the Coach smiled taking a whiff of the fresh air around them.
"pinch me" Kyle said staring blankly at his coach before the familiar musk fragrance of his fathers after shave polluted the air.
"I'll take it from here" Coach he chuckled throwing his bag onto the ground and giving Kyle's tent an inspection "new tent right?".
"right" Kyle said changing the subject quickly "So, I thought you had to work".
"Oh they can get a hold of me if they need me" the sheriff smiled his eyes darting of the tent thoroughly "I'll go check us in". He got up and began to moved through the crowds when he spotted Jeff Parker struggling with 4 large bags.
"hey" he called moving over a little quicker "squeeze another year out of it, huh?".
"Oh yeah, your lucky you got a boy" Jeff joked, gladly thanking Jim for the distraction and placing the bags back on the ground.
"hey Sheriff" Alex smiled making his way over with his father shortly behind.
"Hey. Jim. This weekend it's Jim" Alex nodded and thought nothing more of it.
"So Frazier woods, huh?" Mr Whitman said adjusting his glasses "I don't know about you guys but it makes me a little nervous... with those supposed sightings not far away right".
"I would say 3 maybe 4 miles" the sheriff estimated "Nothing to worry about".
"Coleman. Daskal. Evans. Hausman" the Coach called.
"she's gonna find out Maria" Charlie fidgeted "They're going alphabetically" Maria rolled her eyes.
"Kalinowski. Parker..." 4 pairs of eyes immediately swung around and looked over at Maria and Charlie.
"No expensive dinner huh?" Tess smirked before walking off into the bus.
"Actually there was a change of plans" Maria called after her "and we were making such progress".
"I bet" Michael growled before walking off. Isabelle gave Charlie a weird look before disappearing with Max shortly after her. I feel like crap. the all boarded the bus and left for Frazier woods.

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SUBJECTS: X0101 19 723
X0101 49 763
X0101 50 988

"Khivar" the soldier said banging on the doors "Khivar, master. we have to get the royal four. they must die" he stepped back and raised his hand to the door blowing it apart instantly. the guards opened fire.

Max's head shot up and watched slowly as the husk that was Liz stumbled in and laid down on her bed.
"Where were you?" Max asked curiously "I thought we had to train?".
"I've been selected for a mission with unit X0101" Liz informed "I leave in a few hours. they command that I get some rest because this may keep me up all night".
"You know you don't need it" Max said looking over at her "You need barely any sleep at all" Liz didn't respond, she simply nodded and closed her eyes.
"X5 779 24 381" Liz corrected harshly. Max shuddered.
"Don't believe that" Max growled "What do you think since you have your family back that you can be the good soldier again? there not your family.....".
"shut up" Liz growled swinging herself off her bed "have any visits today?" Max narrowed her eyes at her.
"what is that suppose to mean?" Max snapped.
"X5494 your breeding partner" Liz said looking over at max "How would your boyfriend react to this?" she hissed Max got up in Liz';s face.
"You shut the hell up or I will wipe the floor with your ass" Max threatened clenching her hands into fist.
"I'd like to see you fucking try" Max lunged forward at Liz only to feel her body drift back into the air and slam against the ceiling like she had been pushed extremely hard. max sat crumbled on the floor, blood dripping from her mouth.
"the fuck is with you?" Max cried looking up at Liz with tears "I thought you were better than this?".
"No... I'm better than you" Liz growled kicking max in the stomach repeatedly before ripping her head up and staring her dead in the eyes "God your such a fucking weakling" and with that she threw Max back to the ground and called for a guard to retrieve her from her cell.
"Is that it soldier" max jumped up wiping the blood of her face "There not your family, they may look like it but they ain't....".
"When I get back from this mission, Our objective will change..." Liz spun around on her heel and glared coldly at Max "The objective will be to kill every rogue X5 series that escaped from in the Manticore escape 2009. Starting with you" Liz walked out.

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Charlie is a boy. He is actually the X5 alien hybrid that escaped in 2009 along with the other X5's. I wrote that he was found by the Parkers and raised as there son. He remembers a bit about where he come from and stuff but I don't concerntrate on it in the story because he is trying to be normal. Maria, Alex and Charlie know about the Aliens and help them out. Charlie is in love with Isabelle. Maria likes Michael. Max and Tess are together. Alex, I still haven't decided. liz is in Manticore with Max.
I hope that answers some questions. Until my next post.
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"Hey this looks like a good spot" Philip declared dropping his tent and bags to his side. Max looked around his eyes flickering over Maria and Charlie who had a lost looks on their faces before noticing a good spot.
"What about over there" Max piped up "It's closer to the trees".
"yeah" Philip called with exhaustion "good call" he quickly moved and claimed the spot while Max and Isabelle lingered behind with Tess and Michael within earshot of what they were saying without looking conspectus.
"Come with us his says, it will be easier he says" Michael glared at Max from the corner of his eye "Valenti is right here Max, why not give him a invitation oh here we are come get us".
"Michael shut up" Tess snapped at Max's defence.
"I agree with Michael Max" Isabelle joined in "sneaking out while Valenti is here is crazy".
"That's exactly why we have to do this, Isabel. If that sighting is real and there is something out there, then we have to find it first. We have no choice".
"something wrong?" Philip said looking over at the four.
"just talking" Max said looking towards their father warmly "you know, about stuff" Philips nodded before resuming set up of camp.
"hey Philip" Jim Valenti said appearing from no where "you don't mind if me and Kyle set up camp her to" Isabelle face cringed while Kyle stood to the left of his father with a less than impressed look on his face.
"sure" Philip cheered "lets make a party of this thing".
"yeah" Jim smiled before looking up and Mr Whitman and Mr Parker "Jeff, Alan come over here" they nodded and walked over. Alex, Charlie and Maria strolling behind them. The adults immediately emerged themselves into conversation while the teens stand around in groups. Maria and Charlie huddled closely together and looked everywhere accept at Isabelle and Michael. Max was studying a plan of Frazier woods with Tess while Michael watched Maria intently and Isabelle talked quietly with Alex. Kyle stood to the side. alone.
Maria rolled her eyes at Michael and turned towards Charlie, this doesn't go unnoticed by Michael.
"Deluca" Michael calls "there something wrong with your eyes?" he smirks.
"No" Maria hisses back "But there is definitely something wrong with your hair, space boy" Isabelle chuckled and Michael glared at Maria.
"whatever pixie" he said walking away and sitting down with Max and Tess, who were practically wrapped up in each other accept the reason they were actually here. Isabelle stole a glance at Charlie who seemed engrossed in his conversation with Maria, while Alex blabbered on about something. I wish things could be different Isabelle thought turning back to Alex.

Back at Manticore
"Guess I'm suppose to be curious and ask what that means" max asked in a growl staring Renfro dead in the eyes as she paced the small white room guarded by a dozen or so guards.
"It means I lock down the cells and burn the place down with you and everyone inside" max rolled here eyes "Oh you don't believe me? On paper, this place is a V.A. hospital. Anybody comes looking, all they're gunna find is the remains of a tragic fire that killed all it's patience. It's called plausible deniability".
"It's called bluffing" max called swing her brown hair over her shoulders.
"looks like you need to understand something" Renfro said leaning forward until her face was inches from Max's "You are nothing but meat. This.." she says holding up a disk "this is what matters. I could start over anywhere. I just put all the data that we have accumulated into my briefcase, lock the door, light the match and kiss you transgenic ass goodbye. help me there's a deal to made. think about it" with a click of her fingers the guards strained Max to a table and strapped her down quickly while Renfro made a call. Max struggled to get free but the guards had injected her with a sedative which didn't put her to sleep but made her body feel heavy and lifeless. A few minutes later the door opens and a two men walk in and to her side giving her yet another injection while the other inserts a hard plastic tube down her mouth.
"You are going to help me whether you want to or not" Renfro snaps training a laser into her eyes.
Max flung herself out of her cot, while Alec watched on curiously "You okay?" she didn't answer she just panted "I guess they finally got it out of you, huh?".
"I don't know what your talking about?" Max choked.
"I heard they're sending an X5 to take care of your report friend" he confirmed scratching his head roughly.
"I didn't tell them anything" Max confessed, tears apparent in her eyes.
"Are you sure?" Alec asked.
"I got to get out of here" Max gasped shifting her cot from the wall and removing the brick from the wall.
"You're in no shape to be tangling with those X7's" Alec advised looking over her tired and weak body "If your lucky you'll make it to the yard, then they'll take you alive".
"then help me" Max snapped as she swung around and looked at him.
"I told you" he sighed "I'm not looking for trouble".
"think of it this way" Max said taking a deep breath "This is your chance to get me out of your life" Alec nodded and looked at his ceiling. before think aloud.
"I guess if you escape, I'll get a new breeding partner" he said helping himself up.
"Now were talking" the X5's made their way to the bars and began to file away at them, while Joshus stood a few metres away and watched. Alex sighed deeply and stared at him for a few minutes.
"Kinda makes you wonder what else is down here. I mean, did you get a look at that thing?" Alex said signalling over to Joshua.
"It's not a thing" Max said filing faster "that's Joshua".
"X7's in the forest" Joshua spoke up "pretty... pretty whack".
"yeah sasquash" Alex smirked concentrating his current job "why don't you be helpful and quit with the mumbling".
"okay" Joshua mumbled back.
"So..." Alec began to looking over at Max "where is X5 779 24 381 this evening?".
"How the hell should I know" Max said in a huff "you probably know more about where she is than me" Alec smirked.
"your right" Alec answered "She is in new Mexico breaking into Area 51" Max stopped and stared at Alex eyes wide.
"that place exists?" Alex nodded "Wow. who is she assassinating?".
"no one" Alex replied removing the bar "there going to steal some documents. Where now sasquash" Alec asked looking towards Joshau who sniffed the air cautiously before waving at them to follow him. they look towards the X7 forest and Max looks over at the two.
"You know what to do?" Joshua ran off quickly with Alex not far behind him.
"hey" Alex called the X7's grabbing their attention immediately "he's getting away! come on" the X7's ran after him quickly while max dropped from a tree and sprinted towards the perimetre knocking out an X7 on her way. max leaps of the tall fence with an X7 shooting after her. Max turns and looks towards an X7 that is about to take aim when Joshua comes up from behind and knocks him down before running up to the fence.
"you blaze" Max nodded and ran off to find Logan.

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Charlie stumbled around in the dark trying to figure out where Michael, Max, Tess and Isabelle had snuck off to and why. All the while having a creepy feeling that he himself was being followed. He swung around at the sound of a branch breaking, before shrugging it off and think it was some natural thing like the wind when he turned around and came face to face with Isabelle.
"fuck" he cursed immediately scaring the shit out of Isabelle in the process "You scared me".
"How the hell do you think you made us feel" Tess snapped from behind Isabelle. I looked over Isabelle's shoulder at the blonde before accounting the others behind her all so, before I could look further Isabelle pushed me back.
"go back right now" she ordered.
"No" Charlie protested "I'm coming with you".
"No your not" Isabelle argued "you are going back to camp now".
"This is important right now" Michael snapped over the two "what is important right now is that we keep moving, the cave isn't that far off" Isabelle moved to follow when Charlie caught a hold of her arm.
"please don't leave me out of this Iz" he pleaded.
"This is a mistake getting everyone involved like this Iz" Max stepped in before being blinded by the light of someone's torch light. the torch immediately went down at the mumble of a sorry causing Max to grumble "Oh great. that's great. why don't we send out a flare?".
"figured you guys would be having a little woodsy tryst" Maria said out of the darkness "I hope you're here to talk them out of it, too?" Maria said looking at Charlie.
"They're here because of the sighting" Charlie filled her in.
"that was real?" Maria asked curiously.
"That's what were here to find out Deluca" Michael grumbled.
"look" Tess snapped shaking her blonde curls "You can stand around here explaining this to them or we can get going. me myself I'm gone, OK?" The four moved off and Charlie looked at Maria questionable.
"Well are you coming?' he asked.
"your going with them?" Maria gasped in out rage "You can't let her go can you?".
"I don't want to" Charlie answered walking off after Isabelle.
"wait whipped boy" Maria called running after him. Isabelle felt a smile tug against her face, but immediately wiped it away at the look Tess was giving her. Michael sighed and looked at Maria from the corner of his eyes while Max kept his eyes on the compass.
"OK we've been, like , hiking for an hour" Maria complained.
"Were getting close" Michael growled turning towards Michael "what Deluca, can't handle a little physical exercise?".
"It's freezing" Maria quivered.
"Maria it's not that cold" Charlie said looking down at her.
"Really? Really" she repeated "Cause I'm now wearing an ice bra! Whatever, it's uncomfortable" Michael gave her an odd look before looking up at Charlie who shook his head.
"Don't ask" Suddenly the sound of dogs barking caught their attention as they all turn.
"Coyotes" Maria squealed in panic wrapping her arms around Charlie, Michael felt his face heat up.
"Search dogs" Tess informed seeing the torch lights "Come on, we're close". They all broke into a run.
"We won't be able out run them" max called coming to a stop and waiting for the others to catch up and huddle up to form a plan.
"what are we gonna do?" Isabelle asked out of breath.
"You guys are gonna keep on going" Charlie informed turning around.
"What?" Isabelle asked his back.
"Me and Maria will stay here" he answered taking a long well needed breath 'let them find us".
"No" Isabelle said "we'll think of something else".
"It's all right Iz" Charlie smiled at the way she was trying to protect him "We'll just say we got lost in the woods. It's important that you guys kept going".
"Are you sure?" max asked.
"yeah" Charlie answered "It's important to you guys to find what your looking for so go" Tess gave Charlie a smile and skipped off ahead on the rest while Michael grunted a thank you and walked off. Isabelle gave Charlie a meaningful look and hugged him tightly whispering thank you in his ear.
"Is we have to go" Max said prying his sister off Charlie and running off.
"We're here" Maria screamed waving her torch in the air. Charlie sighed and got up beside her.
"Help!" the screamed in unison "were over here" Maria smirked.
"my moms really gonna love this".

Liz looked up and smiled. They had successfully infiltrated the base without alerting anyone of their activities, all that was left was to locate the documents and leave. Liz hesitated and thought back to Max wondering what would happen when she went back to Seattle.
"X5 779 24 381 come here" X0101 35 702 the CO of the mission ordered. Liz respond immediately by running up and to his side.
"yes sir?" Liz asked blankly.
"We need to get in this room" he said looking at her while his X0101 soldier stood back from the accessed Data base system. Liz took this as her cue and sat down in the chair typing furiously at the key board surprising the X0101 and her CO. It took her a few seconds but finally she hacked into the maximum security room and shut down all inside sensors that would sound the alarms.
"Good work soldier" X0101 35 702 congratulated before walking off towards the small opened door. Liz bounced to her feet with curiosity and made her way in the room only to find two small boxes. The X0101's gave strange look. X0101 59 888 stepped forward but was held back by their CO.
"They may be rigged" he said looking towards Liz "X5 779 24 381 and I will give a sweep" Liz nodded and jumped form her place with her kit strapped against to her chest. The X0101 CO moved quickly to the second box before they both found out it was neither rigged or strung with an alarm.
"open it on the count of three" he ordered "one... two... three" Once they were opened a bright light blasted through the room blinding everyone and everything immediately. The X0101 and X5 soldiers fell to the ground in pain as their minds were raked with painfully memories of the past. Liz grabbed at her head screaming for release. when the flashes appeared.
looking around a crowded ball room with boredom, before looking up into a pair of amazing amber eyes.
The young man brushed back his jet black hair and smiled "I'm Zan".
bowing to his highnesses feet "I am princess Izharia".
Kissing him passionately under the full moons.
Princess Vahlandra marrying Prince Riffy.
Lady Covetta marrying Army general Rath.
Meeting Princess Ava and her brother Khivar.
Rumours of Khivar and Vahlandra flying around the palace.
Riffy leaving Vahlandra and dying a day later in the war that inflicted Antar.
Vahlandra killing herself.
Lady Covetta dying mysteriously in her sleep.
Rath and Zan returning to the Palace.
Khivar forcing himself upon me, sending an assassin to kill both Rath and Zan.
Zan is dead.
Khivar forces me to the alter crying and screaming at him. Rath comes to save me but Khivar kills him too.
I kill Khivar.
I kill myself
Liz snapped her eyes open and looked around the room before dragging herself other feet in a daze. head pounding. dizziness. She looks up just as the X0101 35 702 gets to his feet and stares at her blankly.
"where am I?" he asks looking around. Liz stumbles and leans against a wall.
"where am I?" she asks looking around. The others soldiers get to their feet just as the two other X5's stumble in to the room. Liz looked up into the red heads eyes and saw something familiar. something she knew.
"Serina" the looked up at Liz immediately "is that you?" Liz stuttered.
"what?" X0101 35 702 looked immediately at Liz. I sly smile making his way to his face.
"and you must be Riffy?" he asked looking at the blonde haired boy with new found recognition "I would say it's good to meet you... but then I would be lying" Liz glared at him.
"Khivar" she hissed with venom.
"Princess" he smiled warily "As beautiful as ever" Liz's X5 sense kicked in and snapped her leg across his face only to feel her kick blocked.
"really" he said pushing her back "is that a way to treat your old lover" Khivar stepped forward to grab Liz when Serina spun and tried to kick him in the chest. failing miserable. The tall haired blonde turned to punch Khivar in the face but also ailed when X0101's came to their masters aid throwing Serina and Larvek against the wall behind them.
"I remember everything about Antar... and our wedding": Khivar smiled kneeling beside Liz "This time we will be married my love" he said cupping Liz's check. Liz retaliated and kicked him before getting to her feet and using her powers to confuse the Skins while Serina and her brother made a get away.
"fuck you" Liz hissed before running out and tripping up the security system on purpose. the sirens sounded and everything locked down just as the three X5's escaped into the desert after hijacking a jeep. Serina looked over her shoulder breathlessly.
"where are we?" she panicked.
"I don't know..." Liz answered thinking back to her time on Antar before remembering what the queen had planned for them "she did it?" Liz said aloud.
"did what?" Larvek asked.
"she cloned us.. mixed our cells with humans cell and sent us to earth. In hope one day we would return" she answered "the war must still be on...... we have to find the others".
"Are you crazy, we have to report back to Mantciore" Covetta panicked as she looked back at the air force base "We have to tell them that the X0101 unit turned on us.. and.... the mission was aborted...".
"We can't go back to Manticore" Liz growled looking at the road.
"what are you saying?" Larvek asked. Liz looked back at him.
"You felt the energy in there. the memories. were changed. you know who we are and where we come from? our destines" Liz answered angrily " we remember Zan, Vahnlandra... my brothers. I have to find them".
"stop this car" Serina demanded.
"no" Liz cried.
"I command you to stop this car right now..." the car swerved and Liz pulled it to a stop and looked at the two X5's.
"You remember who we are, where were from... and you'd still go back to that hell hole" The didn't answer. they stared at her blankly "Serina?.... Larvek?".
"X5 779 24 381" Serina said looking at Liz with a determined look on her face "you are immediately remanded in my custody until we return to mantciore for your reprograming".
"I'm your Princess, your friend... please listen to me" Liz pleaded, fresh tears welling in her eyes "Please Serina... Larvek" Serina slapped her.
"my designation is X5 333 76 831" she said coolly "me and X5 113 20 101 will be taking you back to Manticore for reprogramming and.." before she could finish the sound of a branch snapping under someone's boot caught their attention.
"what was that?" Larvek asked.
"probably nothing" she answered turning back to Liz only to find she was gone. She reached for the phone and called Lydecker reporting the current situation "The X0101's turned on us sir. X5 779 24 381 and has escaped into the desert. Waiting your command".
"I send a team start away" the phone went dead. Serina felt dead inside.

Michael, Tess, max and Michael moved through the forest in silence before there faces meet that over River dog who only smiled at them knowingly. Max managed a smile shy smile while the others stood around bored, like they were stuck in history.
"I have been expecting you" River Dog spoke to them.
"why is that not a surprise" Michael replied receiving a glare from Max and Tess, not that he noticed "So you here to about the sightings?".
"of course" River dog asked "This is where it will be" River Dog looked around quizzically.
"what are we looking for?" Max hinted for a clue.
"Oh my god" Isabelle gasped looking down at the ground "It's the symbol from the cave" Michael and Max quickly manoeuvred around the surrounding trees to Isabelle's side to find Tess already crouched down with her hand over the symbol increasing it's brightness.
"the white light or whatever the hell it was, caused this?" Michael asked looking towards River dog.
"yes" he answered.
"It's a sign" Tess spoke up encouraging Isabelle, Michael and Max to lean forward and touch it. Increasing it's power. Increasing their power. Max felt at peace as he looked into Tess's crystal blue eyes thinking god she is beautiful. Michael looked up at Isabelle but all he could think about was the symbol. As was Isabelle.
"It was meant for you" River dog spoke up.
"what does it mean?' max asked still staring into Tess's blue eyes.
"he's back" Michael smiled hopefully "Nacedo. he has to be back".
"Someone's here" Isabelle gasped looking towards a tall figure coming towards them from the darkness of the trees. As soon as Michael saw his face he stepped forward and blocked his entry to the symbol.
"what do you want?" Michael growled.
"step outta my way" The sheriff warned glaring at Michael..
"Do as he asks" River dog advised. As Michael stepped back Max quickly erased the symbol with his powers and stood to his feet.
"Something was here" the sheriff said looking to the same spot the teens were crouched out "what were you looking at?".
"we've been lost for hours sheriff" max said looking at him with a blank and unreadable face "thank you for finding us" Isabelle gave him a once over before walking off after Michael, Max and River dog leaving the Sheriff speechless.

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I don't know how far or how long I have been running, but I know that I can't rest until I'm safe. We passed a town a few hours ago. Roswell. Apparently an alien ship crashed there in '47 and that's why that base was planted their. Scientist's would survey the land, animals year in year out to see if the ship crash caused an ecological damage. What kind of damage would a weather balloon cause since that was their alibi. I looked up and saw lights from the town. Roswell. my foot cut on a rock and fell flat onto my face with exhaustion blood dripping down my face. but I get up. I start running because there is no other way. No matter how far I ran someone will always be looking for me. I can't hide. I can't sleep. I can't be.
"Dad watch out" Isabelle screamed as their car ran over something standing in the middle of the road. Philip swerved to the side looking in his rear view mirror to see if he could see what they had hit.
"Stay in the car" Philip ordered getting out.
"No dad what if it's dangerous..." Isabelle pleaded.
"No Is I'll be fine" Philip said getting out.
"I'll come with you Dad..." Max said getting out, Philip stopped him and thought.
"Okay you and Michael come with me" Philip ordered "You two stay in the cars" Tess nodded and held on to Isabelle's hand as she watched them disappear behind the car.
Max, Michael and Philip grabbed a torch each and began to search around the road to see what they had hit and how much damage was caused.
"what ever it was" Philip said looking down the road "It's gone" Michael looked down at the blood trail and followed it to the side of the road. he looked down a small ditch and found a small bloody figure crawling along the ground.
"Max" he exclaimed Philip and Max heard this and ran to Michael's side immediately gasped down at the girl.
"we gotta get her to a hospital" Philip gasped "I'll call an ambulance on the car phone" Philip ran off to the car while Max leaned down to heal the girl.
"what are you doing?" Michael gasped shoving him back.
"what do you think I'm doing" Max grunted leaning back to heal her.
"what about your father?" Michael asked furiously "what happens when he comes back and finds her perfectly fine huh? what happens when the ambulance gets here".
"We can tell him" max said getting up.
"No we can't" Michael argued "you may think you know him Max but the truth is he isn't one of us. he could...".
"oww" Michael and max looked down the girl and gasped. her wounds were already healing faster than any human or alien wound would.
"what the..." Michael asked looking down at her. she snapped her head up towards them, fear apprent in her eyes.
"You don't have to..." before max could finish Liz flung herself up into a standing position before throwing them both back and running off, just as there father jumped out of the car.
"Dad..." max screamed. Liz began to throw her fist towards his face when something flickered at the corner of her eye. She swung her fist around and hit the X0101 attacking her before kicking Philip in the face and pushing off him on to the road. Philip flew back against the car and was immediately knocked out. Liz jumped to her feet and looked around. She was surrounded by 4 X0101's. when suddenly another appeared.
"Princess" Liz looked to him and growled.
"so glad you remember me" he snickered "to bad we can't make more of this reunion".
"whatever" Liz lunged and grabbed the X0101 in front of her with force, before throwing her face first into the ground smashing her face in and killing her instantly. two attacked at Liz from behind but elbowed them both in the stomachs before grabbing their heads and flipping them over her shoulders. she held them in a tight head lock killing them as the last X0101 began to kick her in the back. Liz flew to the ground weakly before turning around and firing a powerful blast out of her palm. killing him. she got up to face Nicahlos to find he was gone.
"the ambulance is on it's way" max said looking down at his father's unconscious form while Tess and Michael watched Liz curiously.
"who are..." before he could finish Liz swung around and stared him right in the eyes before taking off towards the desert again. max felt the wind deflate from his lungs.

Charlie looked at the crash down window blankly, hoping silently that something would happen. That maybe Isabelle would walk through the door and just be with him, for whatever time they had. It seemed like the odds were against them. Aliens running around trying to kill them. FBI agents trying to study them. Manticore. I think about them. All I can think...... All I can hope is that they got out with me. I think back to the escape and I really don't know how I came to be here, how I came to be so lucky to live with the Parkers. If only they knew what I was. I wonder if they ever found out what I was, would they send me back to Mantciore for the reward don't know a person until you really know a person.
"so much for camping weekend" Maria smirked walking towards him with two cups of hot chocolate in hand "personally I thank god it was called off".
"I wonder if they found anything?" Charlie asked getting that distantly look in his eyes.
"hello" Maria waved her hand over his face "We need to be normal.... stay out of the realm of the pod squad".
"I'm pathetic" Charlie sighed sipping his drink.
"No were pathetic" Maria said looking out the window "I mean I try to pretend I don't have feelings for him but... I hate him so much and.... argh" Charlie cocked his eye brow at her.
"we are talking about Michael?" Charlie smirked.
"Oh no were talking about Max" Maria answered lamely "who else would I be talking about but the dorkbutt himself. jerk".
"what about me" Charlie said pointing to himself "I actually tried singing to Isabelle to get her back..".
"really" Maria giggled "what did you sing?".
"Girlfriend by Nsync" Maria burst out laughing "shut up".
"I'm sorry" Maria giggles died down "did it work".
"would I be still sitting here?" Charlie asked.
"point taken" Maria sighed before an idea jumped into her head "Maybe I should sing to Michael".
"that might actually work, since you can sing" Charlie said putting his empty mug on the table in front of him "or you could just wear you skimpiest outfit and prance around in front of him".
"you think that would work" Maria asked curiously.
"definitely" Maria looked at her watch.
"Okay girlfriend we gotta get to sleep" Maria said getting up "It's hard being this beautiful" Charlie smirked as she pranced off towards the kitchen. he looked out the window one finally time as a girl stumbled out of an alley bloody and looking like she had just stumble out of hell. she quickly ran to the phone booth and made a phone call. he got up and walked out the door in her direction.
"hello... Max... someone anyone" she pleaded into the phone getting no answer. she smashed the phone booth in again and again "help me".
"hey" she swung around and stopped.
"you" she said looking into his familiar gray eyes.
"is that... Oh my god" he gasped realizing just who she was. he felt his heart slam against his rib cage. her eyes suddenly rolled in to her head and she fell to the ground in a heap. Charlie grabbed her immediately and took her home.
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"Oh my god..." Maria said in a high pitch scream as soon as she saw the unconscious brunette laying on the couch. In a flash Charlie had his hand over her mouth so fast it almost knocked Maria over.
"Shhhh" he whispered "My parents Maria. You'll wake them up".
"Hello dead girl on couch...".
"Shhhh" Charlie ordered going to his sisters side to see if she was okay. She looked exhausted, from running to much probably. He looked up to Maria who was trying to defreak by talking to herself. As usually.
"Who is she?" Maria said looking like she was on the edge "and oh my god what is that on her neck. It looks like some kind of tattoo.. Wait.. It's a bar-code. Okay I'm seriously freaking".
"Calm down Maria" Charlie pleaded "just clam down".
"How am I meant to calm down Charlie" Maria screeched opening her mouth to go on.
"What's going on down here" A very sleepy Jeff asked coming down the stairs.
"Um..." Charlie said think on his feet he obviously wasn't fast enough because a minute later his mom's head poked out and saw the unconscious girl on the couch.
"Oh my god" she said running down the stairs and almost tripping "what happened?".
"I found her outside" Charlie said "we need talk".
"Well talk after we get her to the hospital" Nancy said trying to lift her.
"No were going to talk now" Charlie said pushing her away from Liz "she is just exhausted, she'll be all right in a few minutes okay" he said picking her up.
"How do you know that?" Jeff asked.
"I'm going to take her to my room I'll be back" he said moving towards the stairs with Liz in his arms.
"Son..." Jeff began.
"Wait dad" Charlie walked off upstairs and tucked Liz into his bed leaving the door upon a little before walking off down the stairs towards the kitchen. Nancy looked up at her son and felt tears come to her eyes, while Jeff stood making himself a sandwich and Maria was sitting quietly on the bench.
"What's going on?" Nancy asked quietly "who is that girl?".
"That girl is my sister" Nancy and Maria gasped.
"Wait what are you saying?" Maria asked "the Parker's had a daughter they just forgot about her".
"I'm adopted Ria" Charlie said "I was found wonder the highway in Seattle. My parents picked me up and adopted me. they didn't know is where I came from. They thought my parents had abandoned me".
"Do you remember anything?" Jeff asked.
"I remember everything" Charlie answered "I was born in an institute called Manticore. They produced soldiers called X-series. Their trangenics, people DNA mixed with Animal DNA. It enhanced my hearing, eye sight, ability to move everything".
"And she's your sister?" Jeff asked, Charlie nodded.
"How did you get out?" Nancy asked "I mean they just wouldn't let you walk out would they".
"A series called the X5's broke out and the base was infiltrated by intruders who were there to rescue us" Charlie informed.
"So your an X5" Jeff asked.
"No I'm an X5 8 digit" he answered "We are a little bit more advanced than the X5's" Nancy cried. Charlie moved forward to comfort her but she held him back.
"What is she doing here now?" Jeff asked.
"I don't know" Charlie answered "but I think Mantciore is looking for her".
"Then there going to be looking for you too" Charlie looked at his father oddly "If they followed her here Charlie they could know about you, we have to get her out of her understand".
"No" Charlie said "I just found her were not getting rid of here".
"Yes we are" Jeff answered "I understand that you want to protect her but think about yourself. If they come here they going to want to talk you too and me and your mother don't want to loose you...".
"No" Charlie snapped "she isn't going anywhere" Jeff stormed out while Nancy just cried. Maria was staring at the chopping block with distant look on her face "Ria?".
"You didn't trust me" Maria said looking up at him "why didn't you tell me?".
"I'm sor..." Maria ran out immediately not looking back. Charlie ran after her immediately stopping her before she could jump in her jetta and take off "Maria".
"Go away" she cried trying to get in her car.
"I'm sorry I was stupid I'm an ass" Charlie said falling to his knees while Maria stopped "I just.. I though that if you saw me for what I really am. You'd turn away" Maria looked down at her best friend and cried harder.
"I could never turn away from my best friend" she cried "I .. We've know each other forever. You could have told me" Charlie hugged Maria.
"I'm sorry" he cried "I love you Maria".
"I love you too Charlie" Maria cried "I need to go" maria pushed Charlie away and got in her car and left.

Charlie opened his door and looked in on Liz only to find an empty bed and an open window. He quickly walked over and looked out spotting her sitting on the side of the balcony.
"They don't want me here do they?" She asks not looking up. Not looking anywhere. Charlie climbed out and sat beside her.
"What happened?" Charlie asked "where have you been? How did you get here?".
"Things seem a little hazy" Liz said looking down at the grey lifeless cement below them "I have so many memories in my head but none of them make sense anymore... I remember growing up in Manticore bases. But I remember Antar... I remember me and.... I don't know... I don't under stand Riffy" Charlie shifted away from her.
"My name is Charlie" Charlie corrected.
"That's what I'm trying to explain" Liz cried "I'm not Liz, I'm not X5 779 24 381... But I don't know if I'm this princess Izahria. I'm so confused" Charlie put his hand on her back.
"I'm sorry" Charlie said softly "You were in Manticore all this time?".
"Of course" Liz snapped angrily "I've been their ever since you abandoned me" Charlie was startled and felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest and been given a few squeeze's. She thought I had abandoned her. Oh god "Maybe they were right".
"Maybe who were right?" Charlie asked.
"Manticore" Liz answered with a distant look in her eyes "To much time in the outside world can make you crazy".
"No" Charlie answered "it's to much time in their that makes you crazy" Liz looked up at him. Emotionless. Blank. A empty vessel "let's go inside.." He said putting his arm around her to guide her in. Liz stopped and looked him in the eyes.
"What's going to happen to me?" Liz asked.
"Nothing bad" Charlie reassured "I'm gunna take care of you..... Ah...".
"Liz" Liz said "my name's Liz".
"I'm gunna take care of you Liz" Charlie smiled able to say her name "the way I should have" Liz hugged Charlie closely for the first time.
"I missed you big brother" she cried into his shirt.
"I missed you too little sister".

Hours later.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Get a hold of yourself deluca, you have witnessed.... no experienced worst things than giving your best friends transgenic sister a make over at the mall. It's true your father ran out on you and your mother, Your boyfriend Michael and his two best friends plus gerbil are aliens from the 1947 crash and Charlie is an X5 created by Manticore to be the perfect soldier. And next Alex will Super man flying all over the place and saving people. Oh lordy.
"How do I look" Maria looked up and saw Liz exit one of the change rooms wearing a pair of low slung jeans and a tank top. Cute.
"Perfect" she smiled uneasily "get changed and we'll buy" Liz walked back to the change room and got changed will Maria paced the store nervously trying to clear her head of the traffic. Liz reappeared and Maria whipped out the cash Charlie had given her which was a lot if you asked her, a lot for a 16 year old boy who worked part time at his parents cafe was supposed to. Then again new information had come into light.
"Thanks for shopping at Joy's" A quirky shop assistant smiled.
"Yeah" Maria answered rushing out of the store "you hungry?".
"Sure" Liz answered following Maria to the food court and ordering two loads of fries "You really didn't have to take me shopping".
"I wanted to" Maria said with a hesitation Liz looking up at her with doubt "okay I didn't it's just, I'm new to the Trangenic soldier thing you know".
"Transgenic alien hybrid" Liz said In a rush.
"What?" Maria asked leaning in.
"Where transgenic Alien hybrid" Liz answered looking around uninterested in anything.
"What does that mean?" Maria asked "I mean I know what it means but how?".
"Years ago scientists found alien DNA on the moon. This DNA was tested on normal human embryos" Liz answered "but the embryos didn't take so they used X5 embryos creating me, Charlie, Serena and Larvek".
"Serena and larvek? Okay I'm lost" Maria said twirling on of her curls in her finger.
"Their the other X5's in a group" Liz answered shyly "they turned on me" Maria put her hand on Liz's.
"I'm so..." Liz pulled away immediately.
"Don't touch me" Liz said keeping to herself. Maria looked down and saw cuts decorating her arms. What had happened to her?
"What happened to you Liz?" Maria asked.
"Why do you care" Liz snapped at the blonde "Your freaking out about me, everything..... You didn't want to even know me. And now that you see the cuts you care....... I don't need your pity" Maria was taken back.
"I didn't want to pity you" Maria raised her voice "stop pushing people away. I may not be Oprah but I know it's not health to bottle up secrets".
"Oprah?" Liz asked curiously.
"Oh boy" Maria said putting her hands on her head before she looked at her watch "okay were leaving" Maria said getting up.
"But we haven't finished" Liz said grabbing her things.
"We can come back" Maria said grabbed her purse "you have to learn about Oprah.... And the we will talk about everything".
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"Logan" Max gasped as she burst through the door of Logan's penthouse apartment "Logan" A wheel chair followed by a tall black man came sharply around the corner into Max's small and frail figure as she collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Logan bought his chair to a halt and grabbed Max's arm while the black man picked her up.
"To the living room" Logan ordered, he nodded and dumped her in the living room on the couch.
"I'll get her some water" he said walking off leaving the two only.
"Max" Max's eyes fluttered and opened, immediately she launched of the couch and into his arms "god I thought you were dead".
"Me too" Max answered before pulling away "we have to get out of here".
"Wait" Logan said "why?".
"They know where you are Logan" Max spat with urgency "I have to get you out of here" the black man returned with a cup of water and the cordless telephone.
"It's for you Logan" he said handing it to him. Max looked at him sharply.
"Don't" Max advised "It could be them, they could be here right now" Logan avoided her and answered the phone in his calmest voice possible.
"Logan" an electronic voice answered "open your e-mail inbox, I've sent some documents to you" Logan wheeled over to his computer while Max listened on with her enhanced hearing.
"What is it?" Logan asked.
"Manticore broke in to area 51 in New Mexico" Logan eyes widened.
"Area 51?" He repeated 'that place exists".
"Was there ever a doubt your mind" he answered "the objective was to break in and locate the files Manticore wanted, but the mission failed. Their is a X5 loose in Roswell" Logan opened his mouth to reply.
"Liz" Max interrupted "That X5 has to be Liz we have to get down their pronto".
"Max" Logan called "you just got back and who is Liz?".
"I'll explain when we get their Logan" Max replied sculling her water and walking towards the door when she stopped abruptly 'what are you doing here?".
"I have no where else to go" Alex answered jumping from the window "I wanna come".
"No" Max answered coldly "Your a risk".
"Ah I believe it was me and dog man who risked their lives to get you out remember" Alex spat as Max before looking over at Logan "So your eyes only huh?".
"Yeah" Logan answered in confusion.
"Funny" Alec sniggered "though you'd be taller".
"I don't believe we've meet" Logan said bitterly "Logan Cale...".
"That's nice" Alex snapped.
"Shut up" Max hissed "we are leaving, you can come... But one wrong move and your history got it".
"Whatever" Alex answered, Logan stiffened.
"Max what's going on?" He asked in a whisper.
"I'll explain on the way" Max answered "let's go. Watch out Roswell here we come".

Liz's POV

I been getting a really weird vibe today. Somethings coming for me. But I'm not afraid, emotions are weakness and this place... It's like a test. Charlie, that's what he calls himself has been avoiding me and... I don't exactly know how I feel about it. First he helps me, saves my life then he leaves me with this blabbering idiot who pity's me because I torture myself for the cause. The truth is I was made for one thing. I was made to kill. I was made to die.
This fuzzy feelings crap just isn't me. I didn't grow up with two loving parents, a pet rabbit or whatever or hang with friends. I didn't grow up with the emotional baggage that they carry around, I grew up in an institute of higher learning. A place of solace. A place of death. And even though this may scare people... I miss it.

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Lydecker looked down at Roswell from the hill above and sighed. X5 799 24 381 was the best of her series, strong, obedient and emotionless. Who knows what one day in this good forsaken alien shit whole could do to her mental state he thought as he answered his cell phone.
"Lydecker" he answered.
"We have got the go ahead to nuke the area sir" a soldier answered "do we have confirmation".
"Yes soldier" Lydecker answered "make sure I get a full report on my desk tomorrow. I want to know the exact body count" Lydecker paused "there is no telling what one of them will do if they evade us understand".
"Yes sir" the line went dead and Lydecker turned back to the van were a very masculine X5 113 20 101 and X5 333 76 891 stood preparing for their new objective handed to them by Lydecker. Serina's once red hair was now a chestnut brown while her eyes were a dark brown which almost looked black. Larvek once blonde hair was now blue, as he stood out in leather and fake piercing, his eyes being a very pale green.
"Soldiers" the two stiffened and looked towards Lydecker with respect "you have your mission".
"Yes sir" Serina and Larvek replied in unison "we must go to Roswell and locate missing X5 779 24 381 so she can be recaptured and reprogrammed".
"Good" Lydecker answered "but if subject refuses to follow orders... Subject must be eliminated" Serina eyes twitched wiring Lydecker "understand".
"Yes sir" Lydecker waved them off. The two ran off and jumped into different vehicales as they made tehir separate ways to town. Lydecker sighed and jumped back in his surveillance van and took off to town also.*big*
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"Their killers, mercy less"
"I order you to assassinate the king and his followers"
"I am princess Izharia"
I think I'm falling in love with you Izharia
looking around a crowded ball room with boredom, before looking up into a pair of amazing amber eyes.
"She will be the last of her kind... Hard to believe eh".
Princess Vahlandra marrying Prince Riffy.
Isabelle stared at me with her violent blue eyes
"She is ready..."
Meeting Princess Ava and her brother Khivar.
"there is something about her that I don't trust"
Lady Covetta marrying Army general Rath.
"Are okay... You look a little, different"
Riffy leaving Vahlandra and dying a day later in the war that inflicted Antar.
Lady Covetta dying mysteriously in her sleep.
Vahlandra found dead in courtyard of palace.
Khivar forcing himself upon me, sending an assassin to kill both Rath and Zan.
Zan dies.
Rath is killed at the alter.
I kill Khivar.
I kill myself
"I don't understand" I cry getting up out of my bed and smashing the alarm clock beside my bed and kicking the bed towards the window "what are you saying".
"Lizzie" A voice says from the door way "I'm coming in".
"Go away" I order the door knob turns and she pushes the door to come in. I use my powers to fling my dresser blocking her entry. I look towards the mirror at myself, I smash it with my powers and cause it and every other object in the room to smash into the door before I crumple to the ground and repeatedly hit my head against the wall to control all the thoughts in my head. My memoires aren't my memories. I'm confused. I'm alone. I'm not here but I'm here. I'm somewhere other than here and I'm here.
"Go away" I scream as loud as I can slamming my head throw the wall and knocking myself out. My blood saturating the carpet. The memories begin to arrange themselves. And I begin to remember. My heart slows down. My head becomes fuzzy.

"Who was that?" Tess asked when Max came back and sat on the bonnet of the car.
"It was Isabelle" Max replied "she wants us to meet her and Charlie at the crash down after closing time".
"Why?" Tess asked curiously.
"They didn't say" Max answered wrapping his arms around Tess who seemed a little stiff in his arms. She relaxed a little and placed her head on his chest as they looked out towards the sunset.
"I remember some things from Antar" Tess pulled back and stared at him in amazement.
"Like what?" She asked.
"I remember feeling mostly" he answered shyly "I remember you..." Max bought her in and kissed her softly and longingly. Tess replied gratefully before eyes snapped open and studied Max's face as his hands moved up and cupped her breast. Tess rolled her eyes and kissed down Max's neck to the base of his throat were she sucked gently.
"Tess..." Max said pushing her back "I don't want to push you or anything but... I'm ready. I-If you are..." Tess smiled and kissed his lips again.
"I'm ready" Max smiled and ran back to the car to grab his wallet and a blanket. Laying the blanket on the not so comfortable ground while searching his wallet for a condom. He pulled it out and unzipped his pants to put it on.
"Don't" Tess intercepted "I'll do it".
"Um.." Max though for a minute "okay" Max stripped down like an fidgety school boy and sat in front of Tess naked for all the world to see. Tess couldn't help but giggle to herself at how short his man hood was. Maybe it's cold or something she humorously as she took condom and placed it in her mouth so she could go down on Max. She took of her jeans reveling a black G-string before ripping her top and bra and began to go down between his legs when suddenly a flash light shone upon them.
"Fuck" Max screeched like a little girl as he ran and grabbed his pants to cover himself. Tess on the other hand ripped the blanket up and covered herself.
"Tess?" the voice said looking over the blonde.
"Sheriff" Tess said with a smirk.
"It's not what you think sheriff" Max said putting his pants on.
"What I see is two naked teenagers. One with a condom in her mouth and the other with his legs spread" The sheriff said angrily "get changed.. Tess you get in the car now".
"Yes sir" Tess smirked walking towards the car with her clothes in her hands and the blanket wrapped around her.
"Sheriff we were just...".
"Well talk about this later" the sheriff interrupted before walking off towards his car "tomorrow, when you have some clothes on" Max watched as they disappeared.

Isabelle looked down at her watched and screeched Max should have been here ages ago. Charlie sighed and pushed through the back door into the kitchen to find Maria and Michale in a tight huddle. Charlie got some refills and left without a word. They seemed like they're were talking about something serious.
"So you like me" Maria said sitting back from his embrace "your just afraid to commit now because you know your gunna be leaving one day".
"Something like that" Michael answered drawing circles on Maria's shoulders with his fingers.
"So your saying you like me" Maria smiled "I mean really really like me and not that skank Courtney".
"I love you Maria" Maria smiled.
"I love you too Mickey G" Maria bought Michael in and kissed him.
"Get a room" Isabelle growled turning away from the window looking into the kitchen and looking towards Charlie who was looking at her skeptically "what?".
"Nothing" he answered "what's up with you?".
"Right now you are?" Isabelle grunted "I mean you could have told me, I mean I told you I'm an alien....".
"Because you saved my life" Charlie interrupted "If you had a choice you wouldn't have bought me into your world right".
"Probably" Isabelle answered "but were the same Charlie, you could have told me".
"Maybe" Charlie said getting up and walking towards her "but I didn't want to bring you into my world, it dangerous" Isabelle leaned in until their faces were inches away from each others.
"And my life isn't dangerous.." Isabelle smiled.
"You got me there..." Charlie said as he leaned into Isabelle for a kiss.
"Charlie" Charlie pulled back immediately and looked towards his mother.
"Mom I'm kinda busy..".
"It's Liz" Charlie forgot about Isabelle and jumped to his feet flying up the stairs and to her room which was being blocked by something. He gave one sharp kick to the door and ran into find Liz unconscious and bleeding.
"Someone call and ambulance".

"By Antrian law I pronounce you husband and wife"
Tens times the blame
Than once for saw
My eyes snapped open but immediately fell shut as the light blinded me. My hand struck out towards the light smashing it as I sat up on the cold table with blood dripping down my face as people stare at me. I rub my hand over the gush and it disappears startling and amazing the doctors as I stand up and stretch my legs.
"Y-Y-You" A doctor stutters as I turn and look towards them "Y-Y-Y-You..." I placed my fingers on to his lips and hushed him.
"Where am I?" I asked.
"Roswell memorial hospital" I nodded and walked out the double doors in an off the shoulder hospital gown. As soon as I turned down another hall I saw all of them lined up and waiting for me expectantly, some were a little startled by my state.
"Liz" Charlie said getting up and hugging me. I stood in his arms unable to react. Unable to speak or form syllables. I wrapped my arms around him and sighed before he let go.
"Your cut.." Nancy gasps "it's gone".
"She's a fast healer Charlie answered not knowing my he didn't remember it before. I looked towards them. Rath was sitting on a chair with a small yet some how annoying and loud blonde curled up in his arms, she must be his new lover. Vahlandra is standing off to the side with a tall lanky boy who seems oddly familiar to me. I wonder why. And the king.... He still looks as lost as ever as he looks at me with his amber eyes.
"Are you okay?" Charlie asks. I step back and take in his form before I remember who he is.
"Riffy" I smirk, he opens his mouth to answer "I want to leave this place".
"Sure your clothes are...." I look away and focus on a boy who is now coming towards me. But the way he is postured I can tell he has a gun behind his back. I walk off towards him grabbing a scalpel.
"X5 779 24 381" he said in a controlled voice "you are coming with me".
"No" I replied "I don't think so" he pulled out his gun to shoot me but I kicked the gun from his hand and quickly grabbed him in a head lock slicing his throat with the scalpel. Cutting his head completely off causing them to puke in disgust. I look at his head and smile inwardly before using my powers to make the body dissolve into the atmosphere.
"What did you do?" Max asked in shock.
"I want to leave" I look down the hall towards the troops "now" the are still sitting down stunned and speechless of what I had just done. Charlie more than most.
"What just happened?" He squeaked.
"Leave now" I ordered. They sat still on their asses doing fuck all. I groaned and threw the soldiers back down the hall with a stretcher before slamming my fists into a wall and running off. I burst through another wall into the cool breeze remembering the pain and anger of my people. The angry I felt towards myself knowing that I could have saved them some how. My eyes shone a violent red and a heat arouse in the bottom of my abdomen exciting and arousing me. Dreams of hot nights filling my head. Creation of new life, the rebirth of my species to dominate this stupid planet.
"X5 779 24 381" I turn and run towards the an alley disappearing into the darkness.

"What the hell just happened Charlie?" Isabelle cried "she... She killed that man".
"He wasn't a man" Charlie answered "He was an X5 like me".
"X5?" Michael said in confusion "what the hell are you talking about?".
"A few years ago a Seattle based cooperation called Manticore began production of human hybrid embryos they called X1's. They failed and the subject were either destroyed or locked away and called the anomalies. I few years later that created the X5's which were a complete success accept they escaped a few years later" Charlie paused "I escaped with them".
"I can't believe I'm hearing this" Alex said as he began to freak out.
"Don't do a Maria on us Alex" Isabelle warned.
"I resent that" Maria snapped at Isabelle.
"What?" Michael said over them "so what exactly are you?".
"My DNA contains feline DNA resulting in things normal people can't usually do".
"Like what?" Max asked curiously.
"I can run faster than others, hear better than others and see better than others" Charlie answered "basically I can do anything better than everybody".
"So that Liz girl.." Max began "she is like you" Charlie nodded.
"Wait if she's like you why can she dissolve bodies?" Michael asked "Or run through walls".
"Because our DNA is a little bit more advanced than normal X5 DNA. A few years before we were created a alien DNA was found frozen on the moon. They tried testing it on human embryos but it didn't take, so they tried X5 embryo. Result is me, Liz that dead guy and a girl who got run over this morning".
"Wait what happened early today?" Maria asked wit concern.
"To tell you the truth I don't really know" Charlie answered "but I know someone who does".

Lydecker rewound the tape and looked at the change in X5 779 24 381 again and again before turning back towards a very nervous and sweaty doctor.
"What the hell is happening to her?" Lydecker ordered.
"Um she is um..." The doctor stuttered "she's in heat sir".
"In heat" Lydecke growled pausing a tape to get a good look at her glowing red eyes "does it look like she is in heat to you".
"Um due to the alien DNA that was inserted into her system once it reacts to the feline DNA sir... Well" the doctor got up and put another video in of X5 333 76 891 isolated in a sperate chamber from the others a few weeks after her being re-cloned "see for yourself".
"What is happening to her?" Lydecker asked as he watched the X% scream and impale herself to get attention.
"Once she became in heat her personality and physical features began to change and she began to look for a partner... Almost like she was hunting for him. She killed 5 re-cloned X5's before trying to mate with one of the guards" Lydecker grabbed the files and looked down at the mutilated pictures of his X5 soldiers "who knows how much damage she or her offspring could do if she successfully breeds in a non-captivated enviroment".
"How did you calm X5 333 76 891 down?" Lydecker asked.
"It wasn't easy" The doctor answered "we had to sedate her with several elephant tranquilizers before we operated on her".
"What did you do?" Lydecker asked.
"We removed her entire fallopian tube and ovaries" Doctor answered "and the gland at the back of her brain that was producing all the changes".
"Can you do it again?" Lydecker answered.
"Yes sir" Lydecker nodded and picked up a phone.
"I want Gregory down here now" Lydecker ordered "he's going on a hunt".
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I am Esmeralda!
Which Disney Princess are you?

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I would kill a child of a human because they are weak, pathetic and.... Words can not explain. I look down at the orb I had stolen from Khivar after hacking him and his men to pieces and I smile knowing that this is my blood mess. Knowing I have a chance to change the world. And I will. I touch the orb lightly and hum the sacred words of my people and my friends. To the dead to the living. Change that came before. Change that still exists. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone. Never be undone. Undone.
I fling her head back to receive the light of heaven. Wishing the light of dark would me and take my soul. I wish death to the king and his followers. Life to the people I could have helped. I wish wisdom to my heart. I wish wisdom to my brain. I wish peace top my soul.
And once that was to be again. Before I knew it light burst through me. Through this room,. Through this town. Transportating us to a better place. Where I was sasha the assassin Max was a king. A boy on the throne. Where Ava was a 24 hour whore to the royal court just like Zan's mother and sister. Where good people meant nothing. Where you watch people die and wish it were you. Where betrayal and greed lead, faithful and nice lack. Where I should be queen and they should be my followers.
Where I died and they died with me.
I gasp from breath as I find myself back in Antar. My features the same. But Antar different from old. The cities are taller. Burning blue and green. The people are drowning. And humans are wonder how they had come to be in such a strange place. My heat face my breath. I humped the bags of flesh that were Khivar and his soldiers till I became pregnant with a soul so black it has inflicted me. My future remains with the dead. As does this.... Black is all that comforts. I look down and I spot the king. Confused.
"You have a mission" I turn and bow to my ever beautiful queen who hands me my sword.
"No" I bow. Running out. Pins in my neck. Death on my mind. I turn and slice her head off. Laughing uncontrollable as I exit the palace. Blood will be shed. A child of great proportion shall be born to royalty and if that doesn't work. Oh hell toast to the end of the world.

"What the hell is going on? Where the hell are we? Is this some kind of alien thing? Oh my god where is my cedar oil? Is all of Roswell here? I can't breathe... I can't breathe" Maria began to ramble. Michael tried to calm her down while Tess wrapped her arms around mine, her worry practically flooding off her in to me. Isabelle on the other hand look almost giddy... Weird. Giddy on Isabelle is weird trust me.
"Do you think this has anything to do with Liz?" Charlie asked
"Possibly" Max replied looking up at the fire engine red sky "I think we should look around".
"I agree" Isabelle exploded. Before a frightened gasped over came her "Charlie?".
"What?" Charlie asked as Isabelle began to get hazy through his eyes 'what's happening?".
"We ain't in Kansas no where" Michael answered shoving a mirror in his face. My hair suddenly change to a green colour sheesh.
"Oh my" Isabelle said "you... You look different" she said a sleazy grin plastering to her face.
"As do you" she stopped smiling and ran to the mirror to find her once blonde hair black as night on earth. Her eyes now a deep light blue with sparkles of gold and her skin pale and white.
"I look like a Goth" she gasped "what the hell is happening?".
"We must be adjusting to the planet" Max said scientifically "have I changed?".
"Yep" Maria said "your heads gotten bigger your eyes are a lot blacker. Oh and I'm wondering what the fuck is going on and how the fuck I got here. Does anyone care about me. Human girl hello".
"Shut up" Michael snapped at Maria ceasing her babbling "what is going on Maxwell?".
"I don't" Max answered.
"Well find out fast..".
"Enough" Tess ordered "everybody just stay calm".
"Like I'm going to listen to you queen slut of the planet whatever" Maria snapped "I know your just agreeing with Max because your his destiny and blonde".
"Hey your blonde too" Tess snapped "but at least I'm not on speed you fat ugly whore".
"What?" Alex said looking at Maria oddly "your on speed".
"That little craic whore doesn't know what she is talking about" Tess marched up to Maria and ripped off Maria's necklace exposing her drugs to them all. And earning a slap from Maria.
"Alien shit bitch" Maria snapped.
"Human retard" Tess snapped back.
"Fuck up both of you" Max ordered "fucking hell how am I suppose to think when your screaming at each other" Michael stifled a laugh "what?".
"I thought you were constipated or something".
"Shut up ass" Max ordered "remember you take orders from me... Your king".
"Your not my king" Michael argued "and I don't think you everywhere".
"What is this?" Max demanded "your just jealous. You and you little speed whore are just jealous" Michael smashed his fist into Max's face.
"Shut up dick cheese" Tess scratched him "bitch". Maria threw Tess to the ground.
"Don't touch my man ho" isabelle and Charlie watched on. But really didn't concern themselves with them. They couldn't do any real harm to each other. Isabelle looked at Charlie and smiled.
"I feel funny" she smiled at him.
"Me too" he laughed as Maria lunged at Tess "almost familiar".
"Hold me" Charlie stretched out and hug her.
"I love you" Charlie sighed.
"I love you too" isabelle replied.
"Aww now ain't dat sweet" they looked up and both were greeted with a fist.
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Michael, Maria, Tess and Max stopped their fighting and stared up at the four stranger in shock and horror. Well they actually weren't strangers because they looked identical to Tess, Michael, Max and Isabelle. accept they all had piercing, tattoos and wore black matching outfits.
"who are you?" Max stuttered.
"I'ms yous" Zan stepped forward "Zan da man" he held his hand out.
"Max" Max replied shaking his hand firmly "that's Tess, Maria, Alex and Michael" Michael grunted at his name "the two you just knocked out are Isabelle and Charlie".
"sorry bout dat" Rath smirked "I saws tha fight and I had to get me a lil' action know what I mean?".
"anyways" Zan sighed "that's Ava, Lonnie and Rath, we your dupes".
"Dupes?" Maria repeated.
"duplicates" Ava said "what you ain't neva heard of us before".
"no actually" Michael said looking at them with new eyes "so what can we do for you".
"You can tell us how to get back home" Lonnie spoke up.
"this is home" Tess stepped forward "Antar is our home".
"have you looked around lately blonde bitch" Zan said getting in her face "there a whole lot of shit going down around us and I don't wanna be around for any of it" Max looked over the group and sighed deeply.
"We don't know how to get back" he answered truthfully.
"How we get here in tha first place?" Zan snapped at him.
"Liz" Charlie said waking up "she has to be the one doing all of this".
"but why?" Tess asked "why is she doing this? why did she bring us back here" the group went silent.
"sound like you girl has one major screw loose" Lonnie said leaning against the wall "and I ain't to sure I wanna meet her any time soon".
"Where gonna have to if we are going to try and find a way home" Max spoke up in true leader style. his eyes scanned the group in front of him "Lets go".
"how the hell do you think we found here?" Michaelsnapped at Max "huh fearless leader got anything up your selves...".
"shut up Michael" Max interrupted annoyed with the way his so-called best friend was acting "I get it, you don't think I'm a good leader. So you know what if you think your so good you lead us". Michael looked at Max through wide eyes as he backed off and leaned against a wall "it's all yours".
"fine" Michael said looking towards Isabelle "Isabelle can you try and dream walk Liz".
"I don't know..." Isabelle said looking from him to Max and back "I mean my powers might work differently here with all the physical changes I've been under".
"okay" Michael answered tiredly "can you just try".
"okay" Isabelle slipped her hand it to Charlies "Anyone got a picture of her". Charlie reached into his back pocket to pull out his wallet when he found that is was missing.
"My wallets gone" he gasped "it must have fallen...".
"here" Ava said giving Charlie his wallet.
"you had my wallet" he snapped at her "how the hell did you get my wallet? what did you do with my wallet? where you even going to give it back..".
"Charlie" Michael interrupted "the picture".
"yeah yeah" Charlie said glaring at Ava before searching his pocket for any picture of Liz. he looked back up at Michael and shook his head and mouthed a sorry "is there anyway you could do it without her picture?" he asked.
"maybe" Isabelle answered "let me try".
"the good news is I got through" Isabelle said snapping out of her dream walk daze "bad news is she told me to fuck off".
"great where now fearless leader" Max smirked "I always wanted to say that".
"we follow the screams".

I looked over the city and sighed deeply, my belly already out past my breasts and my skin a flawless pink. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes were black, my hair was black, my clothes were black, even my lips, tongue and nails were black. But my teeth remained a pearly white and my skin an electric pink. tickle me pink a giggled to myself as I collapsed and hovered in mid air for a few minutes before I heard the doors down the hall open.
"wow this place is big" someone who I suspected to be Maria gasped "it looks like a palace?".
"yeah" Someone said looking around "it's oddly familiar".
I roll my eyes and reach for a ribbon dangling like a reed from a water bed, I use it to drag myself up towards the ceiling were a wait for my victims to enter and die a quick death. the doors open and a blonde, brunette and a red head walk in, not exactly who I was expecting.
"Buffy" the brunette gasped "I don't like it here".
"neither do I" the blonde said looking around cautiously " I think we should leave".
"why?" Willow said looking around.
"my spider sense is tingling big time Will" she said "Come on lets go". the brunette reached for the door but it wouldn't open.
"it won't open" she panicked "the door won't open". the blonde pushed her out of the way and yanked and pulled at the door handle until it came off.
"opps" she said throwing the handle away "get out of the way dawn" she walked back towards my bed in the middle of the room and took off towards the door at top speed, as if she were to knock it down. the red head gasped, my eyes darted to her and she looked eyes with me.
"Buffy" Willow called. with a whoosh of my hand hooks descended from the ceiling and grabbed the red head, ripping at her flesh and ascending her to the ceiling next to me.
"Will" the blonde screamed, a look of terror on her face. she run towards my bed and grabbed a plank of wood which she would use against me. All the while the brunette sat in the corner whimpering and hyperventilating.
"let her go" she screamed throwing the plank of wood at me. I dodged it easily, releasing the hooks from the red heads bruised and cut flesh causing her to fall to the ground "Will please talk to me" she pleaded.
"Buffy..." the red head choked on her own blood.
"don't talk... save your energy" she cried. the red heads eyes widened "what Willow... stay with me".
"behind you..." she choked. my hooks ripped into the blonde's back until her spine and rib cage were exposed for the world to see. she fell to the ground dead along with her friend. I snapped my head towards the brunette who had her eyes closed.
"don't worry" I say touching her cheek lightly "it will all be over faster than you think". I retrieve my blades and walk towards the brunette, her eyes are closed and she is talking to herself. there is something special about this girl I think rubbing my belly subconsciously. to bad she won't live to tell me. for one long shocking second her eyes open in time to see the blade come slicing towards her.

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I looked around palace with sheepish smiles and some fond memories, but with the sweet comes the sour I think to myself as I stare towards the stair case leading deep down into the dungeons. For thousands of years abomination of Antar, Demons were kept in the dark. the queen used them to do her bidding, promising them freedom and delivering them execution. She was a truly heartless woman. My people were the only ones able to tame them and with our planet destroyed they broke free, inflicting pain upon everyone for the years they were locked up. No doubt in my mind that Kendra would also be free, I had slayed her myself.
"don't worry" I hear someone speak softly from within the queens bedroom "it will all be over faster than you think".
I burst threw to the room and smiled at who I had come across "Kendra". She immediately whipped around, her eyes lighting up with anger.
"Sasha" she growled throwing the brunette she had been working on away. I smiled to myself bending down and grabbing a long wooden plank "my my Kendra what I big gut you have". she growled like a dog ready to attack and kill.
"I've waited for this day for a long time" she said dropping her sword "I finally get to kill the girl who put me in that dungeon".
"from the looks of you I think you enjoyed it" I giggled to myself.
"laugh" she said with a sinister smile "while you still have a throat".
"big words" I said throwing the wood away "but can you back it up".
"why did you come back?" Kandra asked curiously "it's not like there is anything left for you here".
"true" I say pacing around the room "It wasn't my idea actually.... I can't believe I'm talking to you about anything".
"same" Kendra growled lunging at me, I moved and she slammed into the floor face first. I grabbed her by the shoulders and swung her around and into the bed in the middle of the room. I spotted the hooks and took advantage of my situation by using them to tie her to the bed.
"I'm still laughing" I rubbed in her face.
"if you don't kill me now" she growled "I'm gonna get out of this and rip your head off and shove it up you ass".
"maybe it's the baby" I said looking at her large belly "you aren't worth the fight anymore". The brunette walked up to the bed, tears apparent in her eyes, she dragged with her the sword Kendra had dropped early and could barely carry herself. with a little help she raised it above her head and sliced Kendra's head off.
"Are you okay?" I asked deep with concern.
"No" she screamed "my sisters dead, my best friend is dead and I'm stuck on some planet with aliens and things that are trying to kill me" I pulled her into me and hugged her letting my peace emit from me into her. she slowly loosened up and I knew in my heart I had to protect her. not matter what, even if it meant me dying.
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I'll try and make it up to the though with another fic okay. bye
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