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Title: Disposable Souls
Rating: Pg-13/R(later)
Summary: M/L, AU, Future society where robots are looked down upon and are basically slaves. The robots are looked at as having no soul; their comfort and life mean nothing. Could a human ever love a robot?
Note: K, I have no idea if you guys will like this, just give it a try

Part 1

The rain came down in a light haze from the black sky. The busy street was filled with bides pushing and shoving through,; not one sorry coming from anyone would knocked over anyone else.

As Liz Parker crossed the slick street her eye caught a hunched figure in the gutter. She dodged the cars until she made it over to where he was/ Looking around to make sure no one saw her, Liz made her way to the man. She could only see his back against the blinding light of the advertisement screen. A slim brown jacket clung to his muscles and his dark hair flattened against his head with rain. Liz could hear whimpers and saw the man twitch. Once again she looked to see if anyone was looking until she made her next move. As usual, no one cared about what went on around them.

“Excuse me, sir. Hey do you need some help.” Her voice came soft and caring, it grabbed his attention slowly. He turned to her, shaking, his eyes filled with pain and fear, but a twinkle of hope shined in his deep brown pools. His damp hair almost covered his eyes. Liz was caught off guard. Not once in her life had she looked into eyes that held that much feeling in them. Something stirred in her that she never felt before

“Hello, do you want some help out of there?” Her voice cam soft so that no one could hear her other than the man. He just sat in silence and wrapped his arms around his self. He stared at her with an intensity.

“I-” Liz cut herself off when she saw a metal shine just below his ear. It was a hook-up to his neural network. She gasped and stumbled backward. She hadn’t felt sorry, she hadn’t offered help. She hadn’t.. Liz told herself over and over in her head. Stumbling backward Liz ran into the night. She looked back once . Liz could see his eyes turn golden with what seemed to be tears. She wrapped her jacket around herself tightly. She had never lowered herself to his level. He wasn’t worthily. A car passed between them and Liz was gone.

He didn’t have feelings. He couldn’t .No matter how many times she told herself that, Liz could never shake off a cold feeling that lurked in her heart. Robots didn’t have feeling, they didn’t...

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Part 2
The faint sound of cars passing though mud puddles could be heard with silent footsteps. Liz quickly padded her way down the hall to her apartment. The lights on the walls made her squint. White everywhere. Her inner demons clouding her mind.
Liz slowly opened the door, but it still gave a hissing creek.
"You're home late." An emotionless voice came. Liz locked eyes with his brown eyes that were nothing but a void now. Nothing like the eyes of the other.
He sat with perfect pose at the head of the table with his brown hair cut perfectly. Everything in the house was stale and clean. All white. It smelled like death. The sound of chewing was the only sound. Liz let all emotion leave her eyes as she greeted her parents.
"I'm sorry father.. mother. My shift had taken longer than usual." They both nodded and looked back to their plates. Liz looked over to her brother; his head hung low as if he didn't want to be seen. Liz sat and started to eat. The silence was killing her, but it was proper. It was the way it should be. Everything perfect.
"Why will your project be done?" Her mother's voice came in a dead tone.
"On the morrow possibly. If we are proficient." Nods were given. Her parents failed to notice the tears welling in Liz's skinny brother‘s eyes. He looked up the first time to Liz. His eyes sparkled bright blue. He held emotion. Liz then noticed that he had dropped his napkin.
"Mother, Father. Forgive me. I must retire” She gave her brother a knowing look and put his napkin back on the table.
"But Elizabeth, you have yet to finish-" The words never reached Liz as she quickly wheeled her brother back to their rooms. Imperfection should be thrown out. That's what society said. Liz thought bitterly.
She sat in silence looking at Alex. Her parents hadn't even acknowledged he was there. He was thrown away. Not cared about. Alex and Liz held their conversation in silence; only with their eyes did they truly speak. Once again the demons rose in her. Anger bubbled to the surface. Emotion showed weakness. Emotion was irrelevant. Everything had to be perfect, but in truth everything was falling apart. Once again, Liz started to think about the man in the street. No he wasn't human... no he wasn't.
“It’s okay Lizzie. I know how you feel.” Alex sent a small smile to Liz. “Now.. tell me all the wonderful things about the underground.” Alex urged Liz to retell the fansty once again. He never got tired of it and he knew Liz loved to talk about it.
Liz gave her brother a small smile, “Well.. it’s not all clean firstly. It’s filled with people...”

An old man looked over Max. Nodding he signed for his men to come out of the shadows. The moon was the only light in the abandoned building.
"He is in good enough condition." The white haired man finally spoke with wisdom in his voice. "Michael will debrief you. This is the only time you can back out, but this is you only chance to get in. It now or never. Do you want to join? It is risk filled." The green eyes held hope, Max's brown held determination. With one word he was in.

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Part 3
A robotic beep forced Liz to finally open her eyes. Another day... the same routine. Why did she even still get up? The alarm continued and finally Liz was able to smack it off. As Liz started the usual task of preparing for work a small piece of paper caught her eyes. Holding up the picture she was bombarded with memories. Memories of being innocent and filled with love and life. It was something Liz could never have back. She knew that, but why did she dwell on it?

“Elizabeth, breakfast is served” Once again her parents neglected to tell Alex... as if he weren’t there. Wait! What was this picture doing on her desk anyway? A rush of fear came because in the back of her head she knew exactly what it meant when she looked back to the picture that held both Liz and Alex together on the bad nights. Struggling to get on her black coat Liz rushed to her brother’s room where she had wheeled him when he feel asleep.

Liz’s breath caught when she swung open his door. Her hair fell in front of her eyes, but she made no move. She knew this would happen someday, but she never wanted to admit it. Her brother’s bed lay untouched. Liz frantically looked up to his desk where he always kept his shell- it was gone. No, this couldn’t- no- it wasn’t.. She just the wall hold her and gravity pull her down. For the first time in 6 years she let a tear fall. It was ironic she thought. This room was also the last place she let her tears fall. Liz hugged her knees close to her and wished as a child wishes: only to be held. Liz buried her held into her thighs as if she was trying to crawl up into herself. She felt an emptiness in her now. Her heart felt as if it was gone and ripped. Thrown anyway like everyone was in today’s world. Liz could hear her parent’s voice speaking in disgusted tones about the last capture of robots. The voices faded back and forth.

“Well dear, we really shouldn’t kill them all. They are good workers and cost almost nothing to maintain.”

“That’s the thing- we can’t rely on them. They shouldn't’ have been made to look like us anyway-”

Liz tuned out her parents discussion to think. People were so hard and cold now. Sometimes it seems that the only human part left of them was their violence. There love to kill and punish the things they made. In the background Liz heard her the front door close. The brightness now pierced her eyes. The whitness made her want to vomit. He left. He really left. She knew it would happen... The thoughts played over in her mind for hours. As the sun passed through the sky, but she never moved. Her head throbbed and her stiff cheeks glistened in the setting sun’s light. Her hair hid her tears well. Back on Liz’s desk lay a black and white picture of a loving older brother holding his sister on a tire swing. Both faces were lit in pure joy and toothy grin to the ears. But now it was only a distant memory.

When someone leaves there home they should feel bad? An emptiness? A sadness of leaving so-called loved ones? Not one of these feeling touched Liz. She hurriedly packed a suit case and bought a train ticket. She had gotten a transfer to Wellington’s base out on the west coast. All Liz wanted to do was run away from everything. She glanced once back at the room she called home. It never had seemed welcoming. She didn’t say goodbye to her parents, her co-workers or neighbors. No one really cared anyway she thought bitterly. Maybe somewhere out there, there was a place where emotions were real and life was lived.

Liz didn’t even notice anything until she was in the seat on the train. She wondered how she got there in the first place. She let her mind drift to days of caring and childhood, but quickly snapped out of it by a deep voice.

“May I sit here?” The soft brown eyes asked. He reminded Liz of someone, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. He had scruffy eyebrows and long light brown hair. His eyes held a deepness to them; it was almost as if behind his eyes there were layers and layers of kept secrets and painful truths. She just nodded her head and picked up a newspaper that had been on the ground. Liz loved train rides. Riding just gave her this calming feeling inside. She felt uneasy though. She looked back to the man to notice he hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

“I’m Liz. Where are you off to?” She asked. He only raised his eyes brows in a mock questioning glace. Liz couldn’t really tell what he was thinking.

“Why do you care? I thought in this perfect society you weren’t suppose to care or act human?” The man’s words unnerved Liz, but at the same time she had never meat someone like him and had never spoken freely with anyone other than her brother. She just looked back to him with questioning eyes. His eyes laughed back, but then he just put on his headphone’s and stared off into space.

Liz tired to get rid of the strange feeling his words had caused her. She tired to focus on reading so she scanned until an article caught her eyes. It read:

“The Battle Rages as Fort Wellington Joins the Effort” Liz let out a heavy sigh. Getting involved with the governments cruelty. The article only talked about how the humans were more advanced would always win. The face of the fake politician was plastered on every other page with his cocky grin and headline saying: “We created them so we can destroy them!”
Liz heard a light small laugh from next to her. She looked back to him.
“I’ve always wondered how many times that guy has had face surgery.” He finally said. Liz just broke into a small grin. In the back of her mind there was something about the this man that was-
“By the way, I’m Michael.” He said simply and tuned back to his headphones.
There was something about him... he was different. It was never safe to be different.
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Part 4
Darkness was all around. Liz could feel the car moving into it... being surrounded by it. It was all okay though because next to her Alex was gripping her hand. Telling her it would be all alright. While other brothers were focused on causing the younger sibling hell, Alex was helping Liz.

“Swoosh” The window wipers went back and forth. Back and forth. He rain pounded and the darkness crept it. Back and forth. Back and forth. Beyond the droplets of rain no one could see the desert. Liz’s eyes were so focused on the wipers that when the headlights came into view they blinded her. The next thing she knew was the warm liquid traveling over her eyelid and down her forehead. Everything was spinning in her mind. She tried to move but the sharp stab in her thigh stopped her. Looking around helplessly she couldn’t find him. Her hero. The person that was always there for her. Everything was upside down. Spinning and crashing into her world . The darkness grabbed her hand... Alex no longer there to save her from the darkness. The monster were now coming. Liz could feel it.

All Liz could think about was the sound of screeching brakes. Now it was coming back. The look in Alex’s eyes before the crash was something she could never put into words. His fingers had slipping from his. Now the darkness was creeping in. The only sound was the distant thunder and the light patter of ran. The warm blood crept up Liz’s leg and past her stomach as she hung there alone. All alone-

“Please exit in an orderly fashion to your left door. Please exit in an orderly fashion to your left door.. Please...” Liz’s eyes heavily lifted and looked around the train. She quickly looked to her side expecting to see Alex, but he wasn’t there. God, she’ll never probably see him again. She did catch sight of the brown haired man as he left, but as Liz called he didn’t turn around. All alone. Liz let the word sink in once again. Grabbing her bag she slowly entered the crowded streets of Seattle. The beggars sat on the corners and the suits passed by not caring. They knew that soon enough the police would come by to take them away. There was a crowd gather and screaming. Liz carefully made her way to them. Hateful eyes gleamed and horse voices shouted. The stomp of feet was rhythmic. Her eyes finally found their object of hate. A man... no a robot. She could tell by the marking on his neck. Their feet hit him again and again. Yelling, screaming. Accusing the robot for their job loses; for all their problems. His body shook and face white in fear. Sweat made his jet black hair stick to his forehead. Total fear in his eyes. Liz finally tore her eyes away from the seen unable to take anymore. Her eyes landed strait on two deep brown pools. The stare only lasted seconds. When a suit passed by Liz he was gone. Liz hung her shoulders in defeat. She pushed her way through the street to find her new apartment.

The coffee had become cold as Liz stood there looking down at the city. Te sun was rising and in an hour she had to be at the base. She had stood rooted in her spot looking down at what had become of human life. Right now she could see a short woman waving her hand around trying to get attention. She held a sign tight that spoke for rights for robots. Most people just glared, but some shouted at her and spit, but she just kept right at it. Her short blond hair bounced up and down and her green eyes intimidated every person. Liz knew that the girl wouldn’t be there much longer. The police would come and put on some fake charges. That’s the way it always was. Liz onl;y wished she could be that strong. But she couldn’t. She didn’t have a heart left.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.” Liz walked over and shut it off then flew out the door.

“This is the security check point and this is the blood testing part. We must make sure that your HUMAN of course.” The fat man laughed. It wasn’t real. It could almost be classified as demonic. His stomach rolled and you could barely see his eyes. Once you did you knew that seeing them wouldn’t matter because they were cold. Liz walked down the sterile steel hall. Each lab was stark white and perfectly square. Perfect. Strait rails and stairs. Every person’s suit the same, but different colors to show which part you worked in. The polive officers stood ridged at each corner looking off into nothing.
“Remember Doctor Parker, this is top security. No rules are to be broken. This is for our country. For our survival. This base is now under police security. We know you’re background and we know that you’re trustworthy. Let’s just keep it that way.” With that he started to stomp off, but with a quick turn he said. “You lab is third level. Room F3-0.” He turned again and disappeared into a lad. His grey hair sticking to the back of his neck.
In her mind Liz couldn’t stop laughing. As she entered the elevator she was meet by the eyes again The man was dressed in a black suit though. He couldn’t have been the man she saw in the street because, because.... well he wasn’t a man. He must work in the Quantum Physics room Liz thought. As the door closed Liz met his eyes again. They had gold flecks in them. The man that held so much emotion in his eyes. He couldn’t have been the man on the street. No the man on the street...he was, he was ...wasn’t a man. Liz shook the thoughts out of her head and continued. The eyes stayed with her, They gave her an unsettled feeling.

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