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Title: The Cowboy Way

Author: Interactive (whoever???) For those of you who do not know "interactive", it's for anyone who wants to long as it sticks to the storyline.

Ratings: eventually NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em.

Category: Whatever, no Aliens.

Summary: This is a "Cowboy" fic. Goes back to the days of the old west. "Happy Trails to You!"*wink*

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Madam Maria was perched on Michael’s knee when she saw an old friend enter the saloon. Patting Michael’s knee, “Put me down, Tiger. I’ll be back in a minute,” she smiled, with a wink from those green eyes.

In her black dress with emerald lace, swishing with each movement, Maria made her way through the crowd of listeners and poker players. Reaching the table, she placed her hands on her hips, “Maxwell Evans, how the hell are ya’, stranger?” she chuckled.

“’Ria, what the hell are you doing in a gold diggers town?” Max questioned, rising from his chair to embrace Maria in a bear hug.

“Digging for gold,” Maria smirked, punching Max in the arm. “Now what brings you here,” she began. “It’s been a long time since we left “Little Rock.” I, for one, have moved on to “Bigger Rocks,” holding her hands up to emphasize the saloon around her. “But Liz, she lives out, away from town a bit. I don’t get out there much; this place keeps me busy. Enough about me, why’d you come to this hole,” she implored.

“Well, if you must know I’m looking for an Outlaw,” Max stated, shoving the paper across the table at Maria, as he took another swig of whiskey. “Seen ‘em?” he ask, waving his hand at the worn paper.

“No, can’t say that I have.” Maria sighed. “So, where ya’ stayin’ tonight cowboy?” she joked.

“Well, I need a bath, a meal, and a comfortable bed, that’s for sure.” Max shrugged, leaving the woman in the back of his mind for now.

“Let me get my coat, I know just the place,” Maria informed as she made her way to the coat rack. Whistling loud, to get Michael’s attention, “Michael, I’m taking your horse, I’ll see you in my room later.” With a nod from Michael she pushed the saloon doors open, followed by Max.

“Where we goin’?” Max asks plainly, untying his horse.

“To the “ponderosa. Liz will be thrilled to see you. Plus, she needs something to keep her occupied, you know she never married,” Maria giggled, as she straddled the horse next to Max’s.

“Maria?” Max gasped. “What the hell? You know you can’t ride a horse like that?” he laughed. “Ever since we were children you were bold. So, I guess this explains why you’re not wearing a bustle,” he teased.

“Lord knows I can’t stand those things squeezing me to death,’ she replied, while whipping the horse around before planting her heels firmly in its sides. “Yee-Haw!!! Now let’s get to Liz’s before the sun dies down,” she yelled out to Max with the horse ripping down the dirt road.

Max stopped staring at his childhood friend and saddled his horse as quickly as possible. Maria was a piece ahead already. He spurred Sheriff Zip, his appaloosa, in the side, causing him to leap into action. “Is that all that ole’ things got?” Max smirked as he caught up to Maria.

“Hell, I don’t know but I’ll give you a run for your money,” Maria taunted. Slapping the Paint of Michael’s on the ass. “Hee-Ya, Let’s go boy!!!” she demanded, rising off the saddle into a swift full run.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arriving at Liz’s in fits of laughter.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Maria Deluca,” Liz announced, coming to the door with a loaded shot gun. “Are you drunk?” she asks eyeing Max. Lowering the shotgun slowly, “Max, is that you?”

“Liz, Max here needs a place to stay while he’s in town. Being as we’re all old friends, I figure we can give him a place to lay his weary head. He’s a bit hungry too, but I know you’ll take care of him. And one last thing, he needs a good scrubbin’. Now take care of him, I’ve got to get back.” Maria winked at Liz, knowing that Liz always had a thing for Max. Then she slapped the horse again and took off towards town.


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"Max you know....I've always wanted to do this," Liz whispered seductively, leaning in so that the moistness of her breath settled on his face. She gripped his cock, stroking him faster.

Max squeezed his eyes shut, hissing in response to her actions. "Liz," he moaned, through clenched teeth, "We can't do this." He's body trembled with desire, his hand molded the back of Liz's head as he brought her closer. His lips slammed into hers, sealing them. He had only one meal in mind, and it was right before him............


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Liz couldn't do it. She couldn't force herself to sit down and have dinner with Max after the ordeal that had just taken place. She put the beans, potatoes, and cornbread on the table. Liz went to the cupboard and got the dishes and silverware, setting Max's place. She couldn't eat now if she wanted to. She heard Max taking the stairs one at a time. Her emotions washed over her and she raced out the screen door, with tears flowing down her face she made her way to the barn. The hay loft had always been here refuge. She would hide out there until she could control her tears.

Max had rushed down stairs when he heard the screen door slam, to find the kitchen empty. The food, and one plate, sat on the table. He couldn't eat. He had heard Liz rush out of the house, knowing that he was the cause of the outburst. "Where would she have gone at this time of night" he thought outloud. He knew when they were younger Liz liked to sit in the hay loft and read, daydream, and sometimes just go there to get away. He headed for the barn. Taking one step inside he heard her sniffle, and knew that she probably didn't want to be bothered. He took a step up the ladder, "Liz," he called out, "can we talk?"

"No, Max", she cried, "just go away. I just want to be left alone."

"Liz, I can't," Max whispered, as he kneeled beside her. "Answer one question for me?" he pleaded. "How come you never married?".........NEXT *wink*
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"Liz?" Max questioned through the screen door. "I think I should just sleep in the barn tonight, I don't want to intrude, and people will talk, you know with you not being married an' all."

The plate slipped out of Liz's hand, "Max," she whimpered. "You can sleep in the guest room. I will hear nothing of you sleeping in the barn," she raged through more tears.

"Liz, what is wrong with you?" Max pressed on as he made his way across the hardwood floor to her side. "Liz, look at me," he sighed, he beauty taking his breath away. "You can talk to me, I'm your friend."

Liz burst with more tears, running for the stairs. Max caught her before she took her first step, spinning her around to face him. She braced herself against his hard chest, as the hair pin fell from her hair leaving it to fall past her tiny waist.

Max didn't know what had came over him, he pulled her closer to him. "Liz, your beautiful," he growled, pressing his hard shaft into her stomach.

"Max, I've waited my whole life for you," Liz sniffled. "I could never marry a man that I didn't love."

That's all it took, Max planted his lips firmly against hers, lapping at her lips for entrance. Then picking her up around the waist he spun her around placing her on top of the oak table. His hands slid over her arms, feeling her soft skin. He caressed her breasts through the fabric of her dress.

"Please Max, make me a woman?" she breathed in between kisses.............NEXT*tongue*
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"Liz are you sure?" he gasped, kissing her neck, working his way down towards his hand where it kneaded her breast. His other hand was working at her dress, trying to get through the ruffles of her petticoat.

Liz leaned back to give him better access, lifting her dress up a bit. Finally, she broke the kiss, "Max take me to my room," she exhaled, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling his body flush with hers, his arousal not going unnoticed.

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Loosening his grip a little, he let Liz's feet slip to the floor. He spun her around and untied the dress that kept him from her body, ripping the ribbon from it's seams.

Liz undid her buttons on the front of the dress as fast as her petite hands would let her. Turning around to face Max, she pulled the dress over her head, standing before him in her petticoat and corset. Her breasts heaved with each breath, protruding from the top, she started untying the ribbon that bound her.

Max stood watching in awe. Liz continued untying with one hand as the othe reached out, grabbing his cowboy hat she flung it across the room. She pushed her petticoat to the floor, stepping out of it. Liz then paused long enough to reassure herself that what she saw in Max's amber eyes was a flame of desire. She took each side of her corset lifting the loosened garment over her head, she didn't have time to unlace the many holes that adorned it. Now she stood before him bare, waiting for him to make the next move. A little boost wouldn't hurt, "Whatcha' waitin' for Cowboy?" she teased. Liz walked towards Max, unfastening the button down shirt to show his rippling abs, and then she pushed it down his arms to the floor.

Max undid the silver belt buckle, whipping the belt out of his pants. Pushing the jeans to the floor, "Oh, shit," he mumbled, realizing he hadn't taken his boots off.

Liz took the lead, she pushed him back unto the bed, pulling the leather boots from his feet. Then she proceeded stripping his pants and long handles and throwing them to the floor.

Max grabbed her as soon as the fabric left her hand, flipping her around and pushing her body down upon the fluffy feather bed. He's mouth watered with anticipation........*tongue**tongue*(licks lips)*tongue*
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Max licked the valley between her breasts. "OH, please?" Liz pleaded. Max paid no mind to her plea. He sucked her pert nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it, continuing with the same sweet torture on the other. Then kissing a trail up her neck, he kissed her chin, nose, forehead, every where but those pink lips.

"PLease," Liz whined, pressing her wetness against his leg, trying to get the ache there to subside.

"All in due time," Max whispered, sucking her ear lobe into his warm mouth.
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Liz peppered his thighs with kisses. She made her way to his stomach, nibbling at his money maker.

Max groaned in frustration, arching up off of the bed. He wanted so badly for Liz to take his cock into her mouth. Those perfect pink lips.

Liz ignored his manhood, wanting nothing more than to drive him crazy with want. She kissed and licked her way up his abs, making her way to his nipples. She took the right one into her mouth, twirling her tongue around it, and nipping it lightly with her tongue before releasing it.

Max couldn't take anymore. He grabbed her shoulders, flipping her over and pinning her to the bed he ground his fully erect shaft into her............NEXT*wink**wink*

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Max pulls Isabore's head with a hand full of hair up, "You Hag!!! Keep your nasty mouth off my cock." he orders, flinging her from the galloping horse. All he could think about was saving Liz. He didn't understand these feelings he had been feeling for her. He'd never looked at her this way when they were children, but she was a half pint...More legs than anything, and now her nude body danced around his mind. He was so caught up in his thoughts as he noticed Liz's place and the silhouettes in her bedroom. He could tell from the profile that Alex was there...but Liz? Alex was standing over the bed. He didn't even hitch his horse, he jumped down and eased up the steps being as quiet as possible. He made his way into the house and up the stairs.


Alex undid his pants while watching Liz, "now be a good little girl and I won't have to kill you," he sneered. He smelled of sweat and alcohol, and he looked as if he hadn't had a bath in a month. He pushed his pants down to his knees, not taking them off, because he'd be on his way after a piece of pussy and maybe a piece of pie, he thought. He climbed on the bed, "Quit your crying bitch," he growled, slapping her across the face, catching her right under the eye which caused immediate swelling.

Liz cried out louder, "Please???" she begged, in between whimpers.

Her innocence drove Alex on. He placed his swollen cock at her folds, "Don't play that shit with me bitch, I found you here all wet for me," he smirked. He pressed forward.............

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Max entered the room in a rage, he flung his whole body across the bed, knocking Alex off the bed. He pounded his fist into his face, "Don't you ever touch Liz again," he warned, "or you'll never make back to the authorities, I ought to just kill you now, you sick bastard."

Liz was terrified. Her whole body shock with uncontrollable sobs, as she watched both men roll around on the floor. (He never tied her up, since she opened her legs from the threat.) She noticed the gun of Alex's in it's holster that he had laid on the nightstand. She picked it up, she had always lived by herself and was a good shooter. She aimed the gun, and gritted the her teeth, it was a huge pistol and she knew it would kick bad. She pulled the trigger.

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Max let go of Alex as the dust and splinters flew from the ceiling.

"What the fuck," Alex protested, his pants still hanging at his knees.

Liz pointed the gun at Alex, still whimpering. "Get your fucking clothes on," she gestured with the gun. "I don't want to have to bury a half naked man," she raged. "Now turn around. Max cuff him, tie him up or whatever it is you have to do, before I splatter my walls," she stated, pulling her sheets around her to cover her bareness. She held the gun so tight the whites of her knuckles shown, and her eye throbbed with pain. Her sobbing had stopped and her voice showed no emotions. "When your finished carry him into town to the jail, and come back here. I'm going to clean up and I'll be waiting on you."

"Liz," Max finally spoke after binding Alex, and after all of the shock of the situation, "Isabel, his whore of a wife is on the loose too. Keep the gun, just in case. If she comes to the door, which I doubt she will, tie her up in the barn," he informed. "I'll be back to take care of you," he mumbled, while pushing Alex out the door and down the stairs.......................................Next *wink**wink*
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Max pulled his hands from there confines. His hard cock straining against his pants, movements slow, he watched Isabel seduce Liz with her mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer, he undid the last rope that bound him. He swooped across the room joining Isabel above Liz.........................................................

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Maria hopped off the horse, straightening her dress, she looked up to be greeted at the door by Max and Liz. "Well, good morning to you too, sweetheart," Maria chuckled, noticing the shirtless Max. Winking at Liz, noticing the way her dress slouched on her body, she added, "You're a little under-dressed, where are your undergarments?" she teased.

"Maria, what a surprise," Liz stated playfully. "You're just in time for breakfast."

"Well, if I'm not interrupting anythang," Maria sighed, her eyes gleaming with mischief. She placed her hands on her hips, prancing up the steps. Max turned entering the house. "Lizzie Parker," Maria whispered, "I want details...this whole house reeks of sex. Leave you two alone for a couple of days...I knew it would happen," she smirked, at her handy work.


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Michael made his way to the house slowly. He had followed Maria again. He couldn't stay away from her...her long golden locks and those emerald green eyes. She had left him the other night at the salloon and he had to know what was keeping her. He passed her back in town, but she didn't even acknowledge him. She rode on. This bothered him, that something was more important than him. He hadn't ate in a few days and was headed into town with his pay from a cattle drive. Michael was looking for Maria...He need a good bathing and a hearty meal.

So, she was here. Who was the dark raven beauty. Must be Liz, he thought. Maria's childhood friend and the man, who could that be?
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Michael stood in front of the window watching the reactions on Maria's face. She seemed so happy with these two strangers. He noticed how her whole body shook with laughter and the crinkle in her brow when something serious was said. He memorized her moves. He had to come up with some excuse to talk to her. Something good, he couldn't just go knock on the door and ask for Maria. He eased back towards the woods to his hiding place. Michael's mind was reeling with ideas. He reached his horse, which was tied to a near by tree. He loosened the saddle...he had to make this look real. Finding a burr on a weed, Michael set his plan in action. He held the saddle firmly as he climbed on the horse..."if this doesn't kill me, being without Maria will," he thought, setting out in a slow gallop. He turned the horse back towards town, making his way through the woods. Finally, he steered the horse towards Liz's. Making his way up the dirt road he whipped the horse into a full run, with the house in site he reached behind him placing the burr in the flanks of the horse. The horse began to buck in wild frenzy from the burr irritating his tender flesh. Michael held on to the reigns, pulling them tight, the horse bucking harder. The saddle loosened throwing him off balance. He plundered beneath the horse, it's hoof catching him in the ribs.

Liz, Max, and Maria made their way to the porch after hearing the neighs of the horse. Maria covered her mouth at the sight, Michael Guerin lay trampled on the ground. "Oh God," she screamed, running down the steps and falling next to Michael, pulling his head into her lap. "Max please help me?" she begged.

Max made his way to down the steps, he looked for the horse and noticed that it had finally stopped bucking and stood at the watering hole. He made his way across the dusty road to the sagging man that lay across Maria's lap. "Let me help you," he motioned, pulling Michael up unto his shoulder. He carried him to the house.

Maria started to cry as she followed close behind Max. She had tried to distance herself from Michael, knowing that things were changing when he was around. Sex wasn't a job, when he was there. She had began to love him. She knew this now as he lay limp across Max's shoulder.

"Maria," Michael gasped.

"I'm here," she whimpered, placing her small hand in his.

Max made his way up the steps, with Liz holding the door open for him to enter. Liz made her way through the house, moving furniture and guiding Max to a spare room.

Max placed Michael on the bed gently. Feeling of Michael's side Max shook his head at Liz.

Michael growled as the pain ripped through him. "Broken ribs?" he ask, nodding at Max.

"I think so," Max replied. "Maria, if you'll help him get undressed, I'll help Liz find some cloth and we'll have to get him fixed up." Max linked his arm in Liz's and closed the door behind them.

"Max," Liz began, "Did you notice the reaction Maria had to him?"

Max only nodded as he warmed some water. "I think there's something going on here that we don't know about." he winked, looking up at Liz.

Maria began slowly unbuttoning Michael's shirt. The air hitched in her throat when she unbuttoned the first few buttons. She had always tried to ignore his toned chest...but this time she couldn't. Her eyes glimmered with lust as she caught Michael's eyes staring back at her.

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Maria's fingers brushed the hair surrounding his face away. "Michael"....she breathed, her breathing labored. She felt the pool of moisture between her thighs, she moved her hips a little trying to ease the throb of her arousal, "I don't want to hurt you," she mumbled, a tear escaping her eye. It trickled lovingly down her blushed cheeks.

"Maria, I want to have you everyday for the rest of our lives. If not, that's more painful than any broken bone," Michael sighed, brushing his lips over her nose before lightly kissing her. "Please Maria...I beg of the...let me make you an honest wife?" Michael whispered into her ear, then tracing her lobe with his tongue,before nipping it with his teeth. Michael pressed down into her, letting her feel his hard member, "I want you Maria," her name rolling off his tongue in a moan. His hands roamed her legs before pushing her dress high on her waist. He pushed her lace bloomers down, leaning more to the side of her for better access. Smoothing his fingers over her curls, watching her hips buck, begging for attention. He slipped his finger between her folds, feeling her sweet nectar. He brought his finger up to his mouth, sucking on it slowly, for her to see. "I love the taste of you Maria...I love YOU," he whispered faintly, placing his forehead against hers. His hand lingered over her nub, knowing she wanted him to touch her, by the way she bit her lower lip...trying to hold back. He grazed her clit with his fingers, before he began to stroke her. She moaned loudly into his mouth as he covered it with his. Sliding his fingers lower he slipped two into her core.

"Yes...Yes...Michael..please...more," Maria begged, as she felt the sensations of Michaels thick digits slipping in and out of her. "I'll marry you...I want you to be with me everyday...I love you," she panted, shaking her head yes, as her orgasm exploded over Michaels fingers.

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Max pushed her bra straps down her shoulders, revealing her bountiful breasts. He sucked the nipple into his mouth playfully, stroking it with his tongue, pulling his teeth over it so that it stood in a point.

Liz braced herself on the table behind her. Her head fell back as the throb between her thighs intensified. Her hips thrust forward to meet Max's. She could feel his hardness in his jeans as her hips ground against him.

Max's hands were working wildly at her undergarments, when all was gone he was satisfied. He pushed her higher on the table, spreading her legs, with his rough hands, her sighs leading him on. He tongued her breasts, circling her nipple, with the tip of his tongue. Then repeating his actions on the other. He pushed her back flush with the table, pulling up a chair he placed himself between her legs for his meal. “Shhhh…” he whispered, brushing his fingers lightly over her throbbing core. Max hooked his arms around her legs pulling her in closer as he parted her folds with his hot, thick tongue. Licking from back to front, and sucking gently on her swollen clit, his need to fulfill her pulsating against his jeans.

Liz arched into him, “Please, Max?” she begged, her ass lifted from the table wanting more.

Max plunged his tongue into her center, his ambitious tongue working madly.

“Oh fuck,” Liz hissed, bucking wildly under Max’s assault. “More…” she pleaded, her body needed more. “Max I want you in me,” she begged.

Max pushed himself back in the chair, his mouth never leaving her cunt. He rose, pulling himself away from her, only long enough to push his jeans to his ankles. He pulled Liz’s petite form up from the table, flipping her around to bend her over. He ran his hand up her spine, reaching for a hand full of chocolate locks, as he buried his cock deep inside her pussy. “Fuck,” he growled as her tight heat engulfed him. He began moving rapidly, feeling the slickness of her pussy hugging him.

Liz shuddered under the attack of her lover, her whole body screaming for more. “Yes…”she cried out, “harder.” With each of Max’s thrusts Liz pushed back unto his thick shaft wanting more, she loved the thick fullness of his cock and the bounce of his balls against her sodden pussy.

Max pounded into her rapidly, gripping her waist. He ran his hands along her sides, then under her to fondle her breasts, loving the moans from Liz’s sweet lips. He lowered his hands to her curls, brushing his finger over her clit. He massaged the swollen nub, working his fingers over it…over and over. His release close, his fingers danced faster, his pace blinding, “Liz,” he groaned, as her walls clamped tighter around his dick he released his seed into her filling her with a loud cry of her name.

“Oh God,” Liz sighed, as her body fell limp to the table, as the last waves of her orgasm washed through her. “That was amazing,” she breathed, a light giggle escaping her lips. “Max, I love it when you go all animalistic on me,” she teased, as she watched Max settle in the chair behind her. She rose slowly, her legs still shaky from the assault. “More Later?” she ask impishly, raising her eyebrows at the site of Max wasted in the chair.

“Liz, I can not believe we just did that. We have company,” he smirked, looking at the ceiling, knowing that Maria and Michael had to of heard them. “But later…if you’re a good girl,” he teased, swatting at her ass playfully as she tried to dress herself. He rose from the chair, pulling his pants up that were still pooled around his ankles. “Later,” he whispered again, inclosing Liz in his arms.

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Here's a small bit................

Kyle and his posse of bounty hunters approached the house swiftly, hooves pounding the dusty earth below them. “Hold up,” Kyle yelled back to the others upon reaching the house.

Max stood posed on the porch both hands ready for action if needed. “Kyle?” Max questioned his old friend after recognizing a few in the group. “What seems to be the problem.”

“Max, what are you doing here? We traced the outlaw Alex Whitman to this house,” Kyle stated, his brow squinted from the sun. Kyle leaned in the saddle trying to comfort himself from his long ride.

“Well, it’s a long story Kyle, but if you and the other riders want to put your horses in the corral beside the barn, we’ll discuss this issue,” Max informed, while hearing the door creek behind him.

Liz stepped out unto the porch. “Please,” she motioned towards the barn; “any friend of Max’s is a friend of mine.”

Max pulled Liz to him, embracing her, “You heard the lady,” Max smirked at Kyle.

Kyle didn’t know what to think. It seemed that Max had finally found the woman of his dream. She was everything that Max had always wanted. He remembered all of the detailed talks of women they had discussed on their journeys from town to town looking for the bad guys. “Come on men. You heard the lady,” Kyle informed the other men, kicking his horse to head towards the barn.

“Max?” Liz began. “He looks familiar.”

“That’s because he is. He’s a few years older than we are. He had to drop out of school to help on his father’s farm. Jim Valenti, that’s his father. His wife died in child birth when Kyle was thirteen.” Max explained, stirring Liz back in the house.

“I think I remember that.” Liz thought openly, “Kyle Valenti, his features are still the same, now that you mention it.” “Go show them where to put their tack and I’ll fix some sweet tea.”

Maria bound down the stairs, “Liz is everything okay,” she asks out of breath.

“Everything’s good here, just some old friends of Max’s. How’s Michael,” Liz implored, giggling softly before turning to retrieve the tea bags.

“Oh my God, Liz, I’ve got to tell you,” Maria started, “I’m in love.” She laughed, plopping down in the chair, resting her arms on the table. She dropped her head on the table, as the door at the top of the stairs opened reveling Michael smiling from ear to ear.

“Girls,” Michael nodded, heading out to the porch to sit in the swing.

“Go sit with him ‘Ria,” Liz shook her head at the puppy dog look Maria was giving her.

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