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Ok here is a twisted tale I'll try to take you on a journey you'll not soon forget.
Title: Into a world of darkness
Author: LrdDane
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell characters do not belong to me, all others will.
Category: The whole gang, none are aliens.

Liz woke from the dream it always the same.
She was running; faster then she ever had before, it was there at every turn its red eyes, twisted mouth and its clawed hands reaching for her.
Liz wiped the sweat from her face; her sheets covered in her perspiration, “Oh my God” she said aloud sitting on the side of her bed.
Liz poured herself a glass of water; she sipped it and spit it out, looking in to the glass the water had turned to blood.
She threw the glass down and saw it was only water “What happening “ she asks herself.

Across town a fire raged, Alex Whitman tried desperately to get the door open.
He could hear Tess Harding screaming and Alex kicked at the door harder “Alex please hurry” Tess screamed “It won’t budge damnit” he yelled back.
He knew if he didn’t get the door open she was going to be burned alive, Tess stood in the room watching the flame engulfing the room slowly she pleaded as if talking to the fire its self.
“Please stop please stop,” she said over and over again as the flames enveloped her bed and the floor around it.
Alex grabbed the doorknob and turned it lose it burning his hand “Fuck where are the damn fire trucks” He yelled.
“Tess” a voice called out softly Tess looked around “Who’s there?” she replies in a panicked voice, “Just hang on Tess” Alex yelled “The door is starting to give just a few more seconds”
The voice called again “over here Tess” she looked around as a figure stepped from the flames “Take my hand Tess and I’ll lead you from this Hell” the figure tells her, “Max?” Tess says taking the figures hand.
He pulls her into his embrace as the floor slowly began to open up; flames leap from the hole and engulfed them Tess screamed as it began to scorch her skin, Alex kicks the door in just and stops looking at the pair.
Tess reached for Alex her hand charred and blackened; Alex looked from Tess to the person holding here The Demon looked at Alex and began laughing as the flames leaped around them and was gone.
He ran from the house as it started collapsing to the ground Alex watched as the flames lit the night sky not wanting to believe what he had just witnessed “What the fuck?” was all he could say.

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I thought every one might like that part.
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Jim Valent had been the caretaker at the Roswell cemetery for 10 years.
His wife had left him and his only son Kyle had been killed in a car wreck just over a year; Jim often found himself sitting at his sons grave talking to him his death had almost killed him and now he was alone in the world.
Valent made his rounds in the cemetery like he always did each night, but this night there was stillness to the air and it gave him a chill down his spine.

The ground heaved upwards slightly the sound of metal breaking stopping Jim in his tracks; he shined his flash light into the darkness the beam landing on his sons grave stone "Hello?" Jim called out.
As he approached the grave the head stone turned over, Jim took a step back "Ok if this is some kind of prank its not fucking funny!" Jim yelled out.
He took a few steps towards his son's grave the dirt and grass looked like it had caved inwards, Jim shined the light down into the grave and caught the flash of something, he stepped closer and shined it in again.
The decayed hand of his son suddenly reached out taking him by his leg pulling him down as it pulled it self from its prison.
Jim screamed and tried to beat the hand loose as the face came into view the beam of his light flashed across reveling his son's rotted features his jaws opened his lipless mouth bearing its mangled teeth, Jim screamed the only thing he could "Kyle!"

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Nope Max isnt a demon...hehehe

The fire engines roared by in front of his car the sirens blearing.
Max looked in the direction they were headed and could see the reddish yellow glow in the night sky.
He thought of following the trucks to see where they were headed but thought of Liz who he was trying to get home too.
Max didn’t like leaving her at home alone since her nightmares had started and over the past few days they had grown worse, the doctor had given her some medicine to help her sleep and he wasn’t sure even if that would work.
He glanced down at his watch it read 12:20 he cursed under his breath "damnit" he had already been gone an hour and half longer than what he wanted to be; but the pharmacy at the hospital had been slow and that had pissed him off pretty good.

Max stepped on the gas a little harder, but the red light caught him anyway like it always did, he rolled down his window to get some fresh air, the air was very still and it felt eerie.
He looked over at the Roswell cemetery, where he always saw Jim making his rounds, Max spotted the beam of Jim's flashlight and smiled to himself "There he is just like clock work" he thinks to himself.
Max quickly turns his radio down hearing what sounds like a scream but all he hears is silence, he shrugs his shoulder and turns his radio back up and heads home to Liz.

It drops the body of Jim, blood covering its teeth and its hands.
Valent's entrails lay out side his body torn to pieces having been gorged upon by what was once his son.
It took a step forward driven by an unseen force, it only knew to follow the dim taillights of a passing car.

1am: Isabel Evans lay on the cold butcher's table, she tried to set up but found she was strapped down.
The entire wall was covered with news articles about missing or murdered persons "Hello" she cried out "someone please help me" nothing but silence.
He watched her from the shadows of a corner were he sit sharping his blades, watching as Isabel laid there crying not even knowing how she got there.
"Oh God please help me" she cries "God?" came the mans voice "God will not be joining us tonight Isabel" Michael stepped from the darkness of the corner.
He walked to Isabel's prone body lay "Why are you doing this?" she pleaded "why? Why? Well call me crazy or whatever else you want." He replies.
Michael softly runs the flat side of the blade along her soft skin till he reaches her head cutting a mass of hair from her head and dropping it on her nude body.
"Every minuet Isabel you move closer to your fate this night hell comes to Roswell as a matter of fact it has already started 12:00 and at 1:30 you become my latest."
"I thought you loved me Michael?" tears flowing from her eyes " Oh I do I do baby that’s why this has to be done" he whispers softly.
The door leading upstairs opens the light out lining a woman's form.
"Michael sweetie?" the woman called out, he looked up "1:30 don’t forget ok.
Isabel knew that voice and her mind started to race "Maria?"

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Maria started to descend the stairs to watch Michael’s handy work.
She so loved to watch him at his art, so masterful, so precise a smile crossed her face.
Maria Deluca was a master at her art as well, Voodoo as well as the black arts the darkest form of sorcery; she held all the power she needed to summon him and tonight; was that night she had waited for this night hell would be on earth.
She reached the bottom step just as her doorbell rings “NO!” Maria yelled “Not Now not when were so close” she continues taking another step as it rang again; Maria looked at Michael, he glanced at her and reached for something on a table.
Michael shoved the gauze into Isabels mouth and taped it closed “Now not a word” he said softly as he watched Maria head back up the stairs “Looks like were having some company Michael” as she turns at the top of the stairs.
“The more the better Baby the more the better” Michael says evilly.
Maria shuts the door to the basement and opens the front door “Liz what’s wrong honey” reaching out and taking her hand “can I stay here till Max gets home?” Liz asks “sure” Maria says shutting the door just as Max drives by.

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Ok if this gets a little to graphic please by all means tell me.*happy*
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Alex watched, as Tess’s house burned still not believing what he had witnessed.
Suddenly the fire seemed to come to life leaping high into the night sky; the flames suddenly roared and dived down incinerating the fireman, and engulfing the engines.
Alex took off running diving behind a Dumpster as the first truck exploded raining fire and water down onto the City Street.
“Holy Christ!” Alex screamed and ran again as the next truck exploded, Alex felt a sharp pain in his leg looking down at the piece of metal protruded from his thigh, he dropped to the ground rolling in agony.
Alex watched as the flames returned to normal, “God” Alex screamed blood gushing from the wound.
He ripped part of his shirt and wrapped it around his leg trying to stop the bleeding, the metal had tore the artery open and unless he could get some help he was going to die.

Max opens the door and called out heading up stairs to check on Liz “Baby I’m back and I have the medicine. Liz?” he called out.
He went through the house calling her but no answer “Where did she go?” Max says out loud.
Max goes back down stairs to a dark living room “Liz?” he knew the light was on when he came in “Liz” he called out again; “Max” he strains his eyes and spots a female setting in his recliner “Who are you” he asked.
“Max I’m! hurt that you have forgot me so soon” the woman pretended to cry then laughed “Tess?” Max says, “What are you doing here Tess? And where’s Liz” he asked.
Tess stood up but stayed in the shadows; “Liz, Liz, Liz is she all you think of now?” Tess said in a wicked voice, “what the hell is wrong with you, you know Liz and I are married.” Max says angrily “Oh excuse the fuck out of me Max Evans!” Tess replies gritting her teeth; and steps out of the shadows Max reeled back in horror as the smell filled his nostrils and Tess’s charred form reached for him, he fall back over the couch “What wrong Maxipoo? Don’t you find me beautiful” Tess says clawing at Max’s legs.
She gripped his ankle and pulled him towards her “come give me a kiss baby” her voice changing becoming more raspy and cold, Max screamed and kicked at Tess’s face; “Get the hell away from me “ Max yell’s as Tess loses her grip.
Max rolls off the couch just as she reaches out again and runs and grabs his pistol; “I swear I don’t know what the fuck you are but I’ll kill you just the same”.
He pointed the gun at the still form of Tess, she stood looking at him “Kill me Max?” she roars at him “I’m already dead and you little wifey will be soon.
“Fuck you bitch” Max yells and fires the gun and hits nothing Tess’s laughter can be heard all over the house.
Max shoved the gun into the front of pants and started looking for more shells.
“Ok this isn’t right that was not even real” he kept telling himself until he noticed the cuts in is skin from Tess’s mangled fingers; “I got to find Liz” he says as he heads out the door.

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It stopped hearing the explosions not, knowing why it turned and headed in that direction.
Alex drug his self to his feet and grimaced as the metal bite down deeper into his thigh; clutching it and starts to walk, "Where is everybody?" Alex says just noticing there was no people in the streets.
He saw the figure turn the corner and Alex started yelling for help "Hey can you call an ambulance I'm bleeding pretty bad here"
Alex stopped and took a seat on the curb; he looked up at the man approaching him and thought he must be drunk as he was moving from side to side almost stumbling a couple of time.
"Just great! The one person on the street and he's drunk" Alex says as he shakes his head.
The stench became stronger as the figure moved closer to where Alex sits "holy shit" Alex says covering his mouth and nose.
The person stepped enough into the light and Alex caught a good look at him "fuck me!" as he sees its Kyle who he knew was dead and was reaching for him.
Alex tried to stand but his leg gave way as the blood poured from his wound, it gasped Alex's shredded thigh and ripped at it opening it with its jagged nails, he screamed as it pulled at his muscle.
Alex took his fist and started pounding Kyle in the jaw; it didn’t stop tearing the ligaments and tendons loose; suddenly there was something wet all over his face as the zombie fall over its face missing.
Max looked down at the twitching body then at Alex "Glad I watched all those movies now" Max said half laughing then looking at Alex's wound "this is bad A." Max says as he rips his shirt and cinching the flow of blood off then helping Alex up.
Alex groaned in pain "Where's your car Max?" he said weakly "Around the corner just hang on ok" Max replies helping Alex into the car; as he drifted in and out of conscience.
"Hang on buddy" Max says as he pulls out onto the street and heads for the hospital, he thinks of Liz as he drives hoping he can find her in time.

Kyle's body lay unmoving on the pavement his torment over and he could rest once more.
Jim Valent slowly climbed to his feet his stomach falling onto the ground, his dead eyes looking yet not looking, it turned and headed for the street not knowing where it was going just following something that lead him, leading him towards Maria's.

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As much as I would love to give you a new part, Im in the middle of writers block this happens to me sometimes takes a few days to get over and I should be ok.
Im going to try and write some today maybe that will help.*sad*

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Maria fixed the tea as she listened to Liz tell her of her terrible nightmares.
"That’s just awful sweetie" Maria says handing Liz her tea "God how I hope the medicine works" Liz spoke as she sipped her drink, Maria watch and smiled as she sipped her own tea.
Michael paced as he waited for Maria "What's taking her so damn long" he grunted under his breath,
Isabel watched him as he switched the blade from hand to hand, "None of the others had to wait" she could hear him saying to himself.
"The others got what they deserve" he kept saying, "Why does this one have to be different?" Michael stopped and looked at Isabel.

Liz suddenly felt dizzy "oh Maria?" Liz got out as she stood and falls to the floor.
Maria watched as she hit the floor. "Jesus bout damn time" she hissed going to the basement door and calling down to Michael "Come get this bitch before I kill her myself".
Michael took the stairs three at a time "Liz Evans?" he said smiling at Maria "Perfect!"
He says, he scooped her up in his arms and started back down the steps followed by Maria who shut the door behind her.
"This is going to be fun Maria" Michael says as he started shacking Liz's hands, "Yes indeed Michael, yes indeed" Maria grinned as he raised Liz into the air suspended by her arms.
Isabel watched as Michael cut Liz's clothing off, Maria looked over at Isabel "Its time" she tells Michael softly, he turns and glares at Isabel and slowly starts to walk towards her the blade shining in his hand.
Isabel shock her head fiercely her eyes wide with fear, as he came closer with the blade.

sorry it took so long.*happy*
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Max grabbed the first wheel chair he came too and helped Alex into it, rushing him in and found the E.R empty "What the hell is going on?" Max says looking around.
"Max I'm not feeling so good man" Alex says as he starts throwing up "Crap" Max replies as he helps Alex on to a stretcher "Go on Max go find Liz" Alex says closing his eyes.
He opens them and looks at Max "I think I'll just lay here awhile" Max put his hand on Alex's shoulder "I'll be back as soon as I can Alex just hang in there." Max tells him.
Max looks at Alex's leg and can see the green ooze pouring from the wound, " I need to dress that before I go man" Max says finding gauze and wrapping the wound, Alex yells in pain "I'm sorry Alex" max says softly "please max go please…. Find Liz before its too late" Alex's says weakly.
Max turns and walks quickly leaving Alex moaning in pain and puking, and even as he left he knew Alex was going to die.

Maria watched as Michael went about his art, the scalpel sliced through Isabel flesh on her thigh, slicing it like bacon.
Isabel tried to scream but couldn’t because of the gauze in her mouth, Maria stroked her forehead lightly "Now shhh it will all be over soon Isabel" she whispered softly in her ear.
Michael laid the skin in a bowl and handed it to Maria and smiled "Thank you Michael" she says as she kisses his cheek.

Suddenly there was a noise upstairs and Maria and Michael looked at the basement door, fly open and a figure stood at the top of the steps, he stated to slowly descend the stairs.
Michael gripped the knife as Maria sank back into the shadows.
Max stood at the bottom of the steps looking in horror at the scene before him "What the hell is going on!" he yelled as Michael rushed him and plunged the knife deep in to Max's chest, he fall back onto the stairs as blood squirted from the wound and his eyes shut, "That was easy" Michael said smiling.

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Max.'s eyes suddenly spring open and now are a solid black "You'll have to do better than that boy" it hisses and starts to change the skin falling from its huge frame.
Michael turned just as it grabbed him by the head and lifting Michael off the ground, its giant clawed wrapped around his skull, it began to squeeze Michael's head.
Michael screamed as the skull cracked under its strength, blood gushed from his nose and his eyes bulged "I have no need of you now" the demon hissed and crushed Michael's skill his brains falling from the back of his head.
It dropped Michael's twitching body to the floor and walked to Liz, she slowly opened her eyes and began to scream as she was looking at the thing from her nightmare.
"My dream girl" it says as it ran a long bloody nail along her bare skin, before turning to Isabel.
Maria watched as it walked to where Isabel was laying, Maria never took her eyes of the demon, until it offered its hand to her "Come out of the darkness witch so I might see you" it spoke its voice inhuman.

Max drove as fast as he could running red light after red light watching as the very city seem to began to glow red.
Something hit the side of his car and Max slammed on the breaks and jumped out "What the hell was that a dog?" he says to him self just as a mangled hand grabs his leg, Max falls back onto the pavement as Jim crawls out from under Maxs car.
Jim's right eye and cheek were torn away and his lower half was twisted and hanging on only by meat.
Max jumps to his feet as Jim reaches for him again…Max leaps over him and reaches into the car and pulls out the pistol "I'm sorry Jim" he says.
The pistol jumped in his hand as the bullet left the chamber and smashed into the back of the dead mans head, Jim's forehead exploded on to the pavement in a wet mass.
Max leaned against the car and closed his eyes "Where are you Liz" he says softly.
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Just wanted to let every one know this will more than likely be my last story here, but I thank you so much for letting me be part of this board but my Dark world calls to me.
Thank you all for your wonderful feed back and I hope you'll visit my world soon.

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T you know I love ya and I'll read anything you write{Smiles}or Lana or Dana or Jenny just let me know,
I'll always be lurking some where in the darkness.
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I'll let you wonder about that one
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Maria looked up in to the demons eyes, now more human.
She watched as it shifted and took the form of a man, he pulled Maria to him and kissed her deeply.
Maria returned the kiss melting against him as he deepened the kiss further, he released her and stepped back Maria's eyes still closed.
The demon then turned to Isabel; it slowly climbed onto the table where here exposed pussy lay waiting his large cock penetrated her, and Isabel fought against him but could do nothing.
Liz watched in horror as the demon raped and ravaged Isabel, she yanked at her chains, which held her suspended above the floor and she felt her wrist slid some.
The demon looked back over his shoulder at Liz "You'll have your turn, very soon I think" it said grinning.

Max reloaded as he drove, as he turned on to 2nd street he saw that the only house glowing was "Maria's?" he said softly to himself, and he slowed to a stop and stepped out gripping the gun in his hand.
The very house seem to be changing and engulfed in both darkness and a strange fire, Max took a step towards the house.

The demon thrust deeper into Isabel, she moaned, as it became more pleasurable, with each thrust, she looked up in to the demons eyes.
"Don’t give in Isabel keep fighting" Liz yelled as her hand slipped free of one of the shackles.
"Why shouldn’t I give in Liz?" Isabel said softly "He is so much more than you'll ever know so much" she whispered as she kissed the demon fully on the lips.

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Im having to post in parts Im sorry Im just writing it as it comes to me so heres another part its short too.


Max moved slowly as he neared the house and his hands began to shake.
The very shadows seem to come alive around Maria's house reaching and grabbing and pulling at Max.
"Help me Max" as Tess reached for him her hands on fire, He stepped back as she was engulfed in flames he shut his eyes as her body burned before him.
Max turned from the horrific site and saw Alex lying on the hospital bed looking at Max, "Alex?" he says as he steps near the scene, "You left me Max.Left me for her now look at me," Alex says as he climbs off the bed and his very insides fall to the ground, and he starts rotting "Oh my God Alex" he says as he looks away "Your fault Max your fault" Alex's voice slowly fades away.

Maria opened her yes "He's here she says and heads upstairs to meet him.
The demon pushed deeper thrusting harder in Isabel's wetness, she closed her eyes as his hot cum exploded inside her almost like fire, it roared in pleasure as Isabel came hard.

Max reached for the door knob just as the door opened "Come in Max" Maria says softly "we've been waiting for you"

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Max looked at Maria, "Where is she?" he says as he lefts the gun and points it at her.
Maria steps back "Max she's here, she came here cause you hadnt come home and she had, had one of those dreams, she's fine." Maria tells him as she stairs at the gun.
Max lowers the gun and steps inside "I'm sorry Maria I've just been through some really strange shit", Max says looking around the house, "yeah we've seen this stuff so were down in the basement hiding till what ever it is, is gone" She tells him as she leads him to the door.
"Go on down, she's been wondering where you were" Max starts down the stairs and as he take the first step Maria shoves him and he falls down the rest and hits the basement floor hard, knocking the gun from his hand and him knocking him out, the last thing he sees before he passes out is the body of Michael laying on the floor.

Liz works at her other hand trying to free it as well, "What have we here" Liz looks up and sees the Demon looking at her.
"Trying to free yourself I see and one hand loose already?" It says looking at her loose arm, "What shall we do with you?" it hisses "Maybe eat you for a small snack perhaps?" it tells Liz as its long tongue licks her nude body.

"Max please wake up" Liz cries as the demon licks at her breast and nipples.
"Yes Max wake up so you can see this please!" the demon mocking her and then changing into Tess "Maybe I should fuck him? What do you think?" Tess ask Liz "You know he wants me Liz and you cant stand it and then to keep me from having him you set my home on fire you little bitch!" Tess spit in Liz's face.
"I never hurt anyone" Liz cries out tears streaming down her cheeks "Please Max wake up please" She screamed, Max didn’t move.
Maria sit watching the events unfold stroking Isabel's hair as she could see Isabel stomach bulge with the demons child.

Tess slowly ran a slender finger down Liz's naked body "Maybe I should just fuck you instead hmm?" It smiled at that thought and Liz screamed as she saw the long snake like cock coming towards her, the demon laughed as its cock slowly wrapped itself around her leg.

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Heres a small part...slow going but if I have to do it this way then thats what I'll have.

Max slowly opened his eyes and looked around, he could feel the blood trickling down his forehead.
He reached out and pulled his gun to him, making sure no one saw him do so.
Maria watched as Isabel stomach grew and she smiled wide as Isabel went into labor.
Isabel screamed as the baby inside felt as if it was going to rip its self from its womb, he breathing became more heavy as she pushed trying to expel it from her body.

The demon hearing her screams unwrapped its self from Liz's leg "I guess you'll have to wait" It says as it turned to Isabel and its child now hanging from Isabel.
Max looked over at Liz then back to the demon, he slowly rose to his knees and brought the gun bearing down on the demon baby and fired, the head exploded and Max fired again hitting the demon in the back with 3 rounds.
Maria covered her eyes as the blood covered her and lunged at Max the next bullet ripped through Maria's torso knocking her back and onto the floor.

The Demon reached down for Max as he fired point blank into the thing eye it howled in pain and grabbed at its face, Max rushed to his feet giving the demon a swift kick in the head, sending it to the floor.
Max ran to Liz trying to free her hand from the shackles "look out!" Liz screamed as the demon gripped the back of Maxs head and jerked him away from Liz before gripping his head with both hands and started squeezing "Foolish mortal now you get to die and I'll rape your precious Liz".


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Another Small Part*happy*

Max fought against the demons grip, the pain was unbearable "stop please you can have me" Liz spoke softly.
The demon snapped his head around and looked at her "What?" it hissed at her "please let him go I wont fight you just don’t kill him I beg you" Liz pleaded.
Max yelled at Liz "No Liz don’t do it!" the demon threw Max across the room and he landed hard on the floor next to a still breathing Maria.
Maria looked at Max "I'm sorry Max I don’t know what came over me and now its too late to make things right." Max tried to move and grimaced in pain know right off his leg was broke, "don’t say that Maria there's still time you can make this right I know you can." Max says taking her hand.

The demon stepped towards Liz and she didn’t move just watched "So you would give yourself to me to save him would you?" it said as it moved closer.
"If it saves him..yes I would." Liz said as tears flowed down her cheeks.
Maria watched as the demon roamed Liz with its awful hands, she had almost healed her wound when the demon spun around and roared at Maria.
Maria got to her feet and mustered what strength she could and attempted to cast a binding spell on the beast, as she cast the it she dropped a small gold dagger at Max's feet.
"If this don’t work use it, its blessed and might kill the demon if he's hit in the right place" Maria whispered, as the demon run toward her and flew backwards as the binding spell took hold.

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The demon started laughing and looked dead at Maria "Mortals you don’t get it do you!" and laughed harder.
Maria could tell the spell wasn’t going to hold long, the demon waved his hand and Michael's body twitched, and started moving.
"You forget witch I have all of the darkness at my command" as Michael's body stood up slowly the huge hole oozing out blood.
Max pushed himself up onto one leg and hopped towards the demon, "Still some fight in you MAX!" it hissed and tried to hit Max but the spell still held.
Max raised the Dagger into the air "Fight this ass hole" Max yelled and brought the dagger downwards into the chest of the demon.

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Sorry All Im Dealing with real life right now and its drug me down quiet a bit so please bear with me.
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Ok.....the moment youve been waiting for....Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The demon howled in pain as the dagger buried its self deep in its chest.
Max fall had to the floor his broken leg buckling under his weight has screamed as he hit hard.
Liz’s eyes suddenly shoot wide open and her scream was almost inhuman Max looked at her in bewilderment “Liz?” he said softly then the most horrible voice came from her.
The demon touched Max’s arm softly “Max” it said he slowly turned and looked at the demon, “Liz?” it was her voice coming from the thing laying on the floor “Oh My God” Max said in horror.
“God Maxie poo? God doesn’t live here anymore” Liz hissed from her bonds “What the hell is going on?” Max said looking from the demon to Liz “Oh you did know we can do that?, jump from body to body Maxie poo?” Liz continued “Yeah see what happens id that’s your girl friend laying there with that nice dagger shoved into her and I’m in here” Liz grinned her teeth twisted her eyes yellow and glazed over.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Max screamed and tried to pull the dagger out of the demon but it just howled more “What am I going to do” Max screamed “Watch your love die max what else is there to do” Liz said as she broke the last chain “Much better” it hissed rubbing its wrist.
“Max?” The demon said softly “I love……yo…u” its eyes sliding shut as it took its last breath.” Liz noooo please don’t die?” max begged “oh is she dead you gonna cry now Max?” The demon Liz said hatefully, “I’m going to kill you, you bitch” max yelled, Liz laughed “tough words for a man with a broken leg hmmm but I can play with you awhile before I tire and well kill you, I do tire so quickly.” Liz said laughing, her twisted hands reaching for Max, he back as far as he could till he was against a wall “Now come on baby don’t you still love me?” It ask reaching him, Max closed his eyes tight.

“Baby! Baby! Wake up please!” Liz shock him wildly, Max sit up in the bed sweat pouring from his body he looked around “Holy shit” he said quietly Liz wiped the sweat from his face “Baby let me get those meds the doctor gave you from those nightmares” Liz said kissing him softly.
Across town a apartment was burning and a young man fought to save his friend from the flames, in a near by grave yard a lonely man stood over his lost sons grave still crying at for him.
Some where in a dark basement a mad man plots his next move as his woman looks on.
Liz opened the the meds and poured them in her hand she glanced up into the mirror and smiled her eyes glazed over yellow.

The End
posted on 4-Sep-2002 10:18:56 PM by LrdDane
"Smiles as he turns to the waiting darkness" be well all...see you at the new story "All These Years" that.."justme aka Jenny is helping write" till then..."Bows and is gone"
posted on 17-Nov-2002 2:17:37 PM by LrdDane
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