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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
A.N: I know I have a few other stories out there that haven’t been updated in awhile and believe me, I have not forgotten them. I will be updating “The Devils Henchmen” and “Bad Boy” pretty regularly. I’m not sure what I want to do with the other ones though. I’ve gotta think a little bit (I’M NOT QUITTING THEM!!!! I SWEAR IT!!) and in the meantime, I can’t get this outta my head so I’m writing it. This is the answer to a challenge set by Wench On A Leash

P.S- If you find anything absolutely wrong with this story please tell me in the replies so I can fix it.

In Love & War


Rain poured down on the small two story house in horrendous sheets.

He hardly noticed.

He’d gotten the call tonight, the call he’d been dreading, and the call he was hoping would never be made. He’d been drafted into the American Army and tomorrow he was going to go the bus and ride to the base where he’d get on a plane and fly far away from his home and his family. To a place across continents and seas, Vietnam.

In two seconds, Maxwell Evans’ life had been drastically changed. He couldn’t imagine that it could be for the better.

To say he was scared was an understatement.


That one name caused his heart more pain at this moment then when he’d came into the house earlier and saw his dad’s sad, drawn face. It hurt him more then going and fighting because he’d have to leave her behind to do it.

She was sixteen and the sweetest thing he’d ever seen since they’d met in kindergarten. Her long chocolate locks and big doe brown eyes had attracted him even back then.

He loved her.

He just hoped that his parents had followed his wishes and not told Liz that he’d been picked. That they would just give her the letter he’d written and let that be that.

Good byes would just be too hard.

He rolled over in his small bed and faced the wall, all he could do was lay here and wait for morning. There would be no sleep for him that night.


The grass was soaked and slippery beneath Liz’s feet and she had to concentrate on not falling. The torrent of rain had drenched her as soon as she climbed from her window and the white nightshirt she was wearing clung to her body.

A shaft of lightening lit up the sky as she stood under his window and started to climb up the rickety trellis that she used to use when they were little. He’d been picked by the birthday raffle and he hadn’t told her.

She’d thought they were friends, the best of friends, and yet he’d kept this from her. Where did that leave them? She climbed onto the outcropping of roof right under his bedroom window and peek through.

He had his back to her but she could make out the contours of his strong body in the dark. She was in love with him, didn’t he know that? Liz pushed in the window as quietly as she could and climbed into the room, he didn’t move.


They’d broken their promise.

She’d come and was probably going to ream him out for not telling her. That’d been the entire purpose of the letter, to keep them from getting into a possibly nasty altercation, but that was a lie and he knew it. The letter was written because he was a coward and he was scared to see her before he left.

Afraid that he wouldn’t be able to let her go.

She was just standing there, not saying anything. Maybe she would think he was asleep and just leave.

“Maxwell Evans, you get up and tell me why you didn’t tell me.”

Her voice had been strong and angry at the beginning of her statement but by the end it had begun to crack and he could hear her trying to keep in her tears. This had been another reason why he’d wanted to just leave her the letter.

Her tears…they were just too much for him to stand.

“What do you want Liz?”

He asked as he flew up off the bed.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here because you’re being drafted, we’re friends, and you should’ve told me.”

He glanced around the room, “keep your voice down, my parents are sleeping.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, tried to keep her tears in check, and whispered, “You’re only seventeen Max, they can’t make you go. It’s not right”

He felt his anger slip away and he reached out his hand to cup her cheek.

“They can Liz, and they just did.”

“We can go to Canada…”

He cut her off quickly, “No Liz, don’t even think it. There is no way that I’m running from this.”

She hugged herself tightly; Liz had already known he wouldn’t go for it. Max just wasn’t the kind of guy that ran from his duties. Once in all the time she’d known him, Liz wished that he was different.

“I know.”

They stood in front of each other in total silence for a few moments.

“Liz, you’re wet.”

She glanced down at her clothes and remembered the trek over here.

“It’s fine Max, don’t worry about this.”

“No, I’ll give you one my shirts.”

She nodded her consent as he went to his drawer and fished out a white button dress shirt.


He went back to her and placed his hands on her shoulders as he looked down into her eyes. He saw fear, anger, love and something he hadn’t been expecting, desire. He realized that her breathing had become deeper and less steady. He also realized that his body had begun to get unbehrably tight.

“What’s going on,” she whispered to him.

He didn’t answer her, just looked down at her and moved his lips towards her until they were hovering just above her waiting mouth.

“I’m not so sure Liz, but I wanna do something that I’ve been thinking about for a really long time.”

He watched as she let her eyes flutter shut and felt electricity explode through his body when his lips touched hers. He let his hands glide up from her neck, to the dark, damp, mass of her hair, then to the back of her neck when he deepened the kiss.

The darkness of the room was lifted for a moment as another bolt of lightening slashed across the night sky and Max saw how the shirt held onto her curves and showed more then it concealed.

He held his eyes open and watched her face as he moved his left hand from the back her head and let it slid to the hem of her shirt. He fiddled with it for a moment before beginning to peel it from her thigh, that’s when she caught his hand, “what are you doing?”


Her body was humming with his kiss but when reached for her shirt, she panicked. What was happening between them? He let his forehead rest against hers and she felt herself melting against him, “I wanna see you.”

She closed her eyes against his so easily stated declaration and the starburst of heat that flew through here womb.


He laughed softly against her lips, “because I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time. Because the only thing I really wanna do is touch you, at least once before it’s to la…” he didn’t finish that thought.

Max didn’t want Liz to feel like she had to do anything, like he was pressuring her, “you don’t have to do this because I’m leaving Liz, I don’t want you to feel like you were coerced.”
She looked up into his pleading eyes and released his her hold on his hand as she got on her tiptoes and started to kiss him again.

“Do what you want.”

Her whispered approval set him even more on edge as he pulled the shirt from her body and over her head.

“Go sit on the edge of my bed Liz.”

She seemed hesitant for a moment before obeying his order and sitting. He stared directly at her face as he moved toward her, if he looked down he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do all the things he wanted, afraid this would end way to soon.

He moved her knees apart and kneeled down between them as he started to kiss her again. He moved as slowly as possible so she wouldn’t feel pressed into anything as he slowly dragged his hands down and over her small, pert, breast.


They’re damp.

That was the first thought that flew through hid mind, it was followed by countless others.

“You’re so soft,” he said with awe and listened as a soft strangled sound came from her throat when he squeezed her and used his thumbs to gently pluck her nipples.

Max ran his mouth from hers to her neck, and down to her awaiting flesh. She gasped as he took her budding breast into his mouth and applied a gentle suction. He watched face as he let it slide out inch by torturously slow inch until he released it all together and blew on the pebble like nipple.

“Max,” the word was a long, drawn out moan and he concentrated on her face so he could remember it just like it was at this exact second.


Her knuckles were white and she shook with pleasure. Liz hadn’t know there were things in the world that felt that good. She was about to pull him up and kiss him silly when she felt his hand playing around the edges of her panties.

“Max,” she asked questioningly.


She squeezed her eyes shut and lifted her hips so he could pull the damp cloth from her body. He pulled her flush against him and kissed her again, slipping his tongue inside her willing mouth and caressing it against his.

“Can I taste you Liz?”

She looked somewhat confused at his request, “What?”

“I wanna kiss you here,” he said as he brought his hand down and in-between her now naked thighs. She jerked into his hand. No one had ever touched her there before. She scrunched up her nose when he she understood what he was asking.

“Why would you wanna do that,” she asked incredulously.

“You’re full of a lot of questions.”

“I just wanna know why you would wanna kiss me………down there.”

He smiled at her as he cupped her heat and used his index finger to run through her wet fold folds. Max watched as she widened her legs subconsciously and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Because it will make you feel good and I want to. You remember you said I could do what I wanted.”

Her head was all fuzzy from what his hands were doing to her but she did vaguely remember saying something like that, “O.K,” she finally agreed. If his hand felt that good she could only imagine what his mouth could do.

“Lay back.”

She settled herself on the small twin bed and watched him circle around to the edge and pick up her left foot. A slash of light filled the room for an instant and she saw his face, and the look of pure desire that had darkened his beautiful amber eyes to a dangerous shade of black.


He made no indication that he heard her as he licked the underside of her knee and reveled in the shiver that went through her body, “You liked that?”

She didn’t answer as he continued up her leg and sucked a soft spot on her inner thigh. Liz threw her hands over eyes and focused on the sound of the pounding rain outside his window. He felt so good and things were going so fast, her head was spinning.

He got to the crevasse where torso and leg connected then ran his tongue along it. He heard her intake of breath and continued upward toward her center. He grabbed her thighs, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and kneeled down.


She glanced down her body at his face and could behrly make it out but she could hear the sadness in it. To think, she’d almost forgotten why she came here in the first place. Liz watched him for a moment before looking back up at the ceiling as her eyes began to tear up.

He placed her legs over his shoulders and pushed her knees down until they touched the mattress. Max just looked down at her for a few moments, adding this into his memory of her then bent down close to her breathed on her nard clit.

Her hips jerked up but he held them down and watched in fascination as wetness oozed out of her. He slowly brought his index finger to her, rubbed it through her folds and experimentally tasted her.

The Ocean.

When he tasted her, he thought of The Ocean and how he and his parents would go there every summer. He felt his eyes start to water and forced it back as he bent his head forward and touched his mouth to her hot, wet, core.


She bit her lip to keep from crying out. They had to be as quiet as possible but the things he was doing to her with his tongue…they were fantastic. She focused on a fleck of something sparkling on the ceiling as she ran her hands through his thick black hair, and gently squeezed his head between her thighs.

Liz felt her body begin to tense. Like she was being pulled in two different directions and her muscles were being pulled to tight. She wasn’t sure what was happening but she was running on pure instinct now, no thought, and her instincts were reaching for what was happening to her, pining for it and she let herself go.

She felt her body quaking and white flashed across her vision as the most intense feeling of pleasure that was only an inch on the opposite of pain flew through her. She was began to call out but in second he was cradled between her thighs. Taking her loud moans into his mouth.

She felt his cock hard and throbbing between her legs and vaguely wondered when he’d gotten undressed as he moved down and took her breast into hid mouth. He liked her breast she thought happily. Liz had been self conscious about that, if they weren’t big enough if he just didn’t like them.

She was happy that he did but all thought splintered as he grabbed her thighs and slowly pushed into her. She bit down on her lip as he stretched her and hit her barrier.


He looked at Liz’s pinched face and quickly lifted her hips and pushed through. He covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her cries and kissed away her tears, “It’s O.K. Liz.”

“They didn’t move for awhile and Max felt sweat gathering at his lower back. He thought maybe talking to her would calm her down.

“Do you feel me Liz,” he whispered against her cheek.

She held her eyes tightly closed, “of course I can, you’re inside me Max,” she answered more curtly then she meant to.

“You feel so good too. You’re tight and hot and wet and I want to move so bad.”

She felt a zing of heat go through her abdomen at his words and moved against him slowly. There was still the pain but she could now also feel heat.

“Can I go?”

She nodded and he moved deeply then pulled back out till the tip only to push back into her. Liz bit his shoulder as she felt her body being strung tight again and locked her ankles high on his back.

The rain, the thunder, tomorrow…it was all forgotten as they moved together and he felt her walls fluttering around him with her release. The sound of her moans that he covered with his hands, the way she tightened around him, and the feel of her warm fluids all him made him tense and cum hard into her.

They lay there, with him still inside her, spent and listless.

“Max,” she said slowly, “I lo…..”

“Don’t,” he muttered into her chest.

She nodded even though he couldn’t see her and she ran her hands through his hair as they fell into a fitful sleep.


Was that a car?
Liz awoke to a empty bed, “Where was Max?”

She heard a horn again and threw a sheet around her as she ran to the window. There he was with a suitcase in hand walking toward his fathers car.


She wanted to scream to him but no sound came out. He paused and turned his head slightly toward the window before continuing on into the car. He’d known she was there but kept going.

Liz felt tears welling in her eyes and silently cried, the last thing she needed was his parent’s coming and finding her in here. She swirled around and began gathering her cloths together when she saw an envelope on the bed.

She wiped her nose and picked it up while moving back to the window and watching him sitting in the car waiting for his dad. They pulled out and she opened the letter to see Max’s scrawl:

To Liz

I love you.


She glanced out the window at the car disappearing in the distance.

He never did look back.

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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
A.N: Loved all of your replies guys!!! The only thing that freaks me out though is writing the second chapter to any story, it’s always been one of the hardest parts for me. You know what help though? At least a third of the people who replied to the prologue replying to the first chapter. I swear that What I have is a disease that can only be cured by replies so reply away!*big* The reply to your replies is in the replies and this came out sooner than I'd thought, Hope you all enjoy!

In Love & War

Chapter One

The sound of the bombs dropping from the skies were deafening as I flew across the body-riddled battleground to my companies foxhole. It seemed as if everything were moving in slow in motion, the Viet Cong were closing in on us and everyone knew it, but no one talked about it. We’d fight until we were forced to leave.

There was a sudden blow from directly in front of me and my body flew backward into the hot, dark green bush. Sweat pooled around my body as I fought to gain my bearings from the loud sounds and screaming heard all around me.

I shakily got to my feet and made my way to what used to be our Foxhole, it was now a crater. I saw the bodies of the men I had called friend laying all me. That’s how I was ambushed so easily, I wasn’t aware of my surroundings as I should’ve been.

I felt a hot searing pain go through my left thigh and I blanked out. The faces of the people who’d I’d come to love the last ones I saw but eerily enough, it was Liz I thought of.

The same nice old lady who’d gotten on the plane with him awaked Max.

“Are you O.K, Son?”

He mopped the sweat from his brow and glanced around the crowded the aircraft, all eyes were on him.

“What’s going on?”

The lady removed her hand quickly, he had heard the edge of hysteria that’d creeped into his voice and couldn’t really blame her. He would’ve moved his hand to.

“You were yelling something about them all being dead and you kept murmuring a name over and over. It started with L but I couldn’t make it out.”

He took deep breaths to try and calm his racing heart as he unconsciously ran his hands over his starched army uniform. He had been honorably discharged just this morning and been sent for, as they called, “Mental Incapability To Carry Out Orders.”

That was just a nice way to say they thought he was crazy.

Max had been waking up screaming a lot lately and the psychiatrists just stopped believing it was bad dreams. The fact that once, during lunch, he’d dropped to the floor in the middle of the line and started bawling hadn’t helped his case either, things just were just out of hand.

They’d called him to their office and broke the news. He didn’t fight, he didn’t scream and have to be sedated like they’d thought he would, he just nodded, got up, packed his cloths, and left.

Now here he was.

On a plane flying over some country or some ocean and he was being stared at again. Poked, examined, pitied. The last thing he needed was anyone’s pity. He’d saved countless lives in the war, gotten many accolades for his bravery, what had these people done in all of their whole miserable lives?

Nothing, that’s what. Not half of what he’d done.

“Son…are you O.K?”

He looked at her then turned his body toward his window and glanced below him, water. They were over an ocean and then it hit like a truck, Liz.

He thought back to that night two years ago in his room when he’d tasted her and thought of the ocean, where was she now? Had she waited?

He felt a glimmer of hope begin in his stomach but pushed it away, he hadn’t asked her. That would’ve been wrong to make her wait for someone who might not come back. Someone who wasn’t coming back because the truth was that the Max that Liz had let loved her on that rainy night so long ago was dead.

Dead along with his friends in that Foxhole, dead along with all of his future plans to stay in the army, dead along with the nights that he could still have good dreams and still believed in Love and Truth.

Dead, along with everything he thought he was and could be because another truth was that he’d been discharged as a crazy…and maybe he was.


“God Liz!!”

He moved on top of and inside of her quickly. Fumbling clumsily trying to reach his zenith.

OH, OG, OH, AHHHHHHH!!!,” he screamed as he s6iffened and she felt him cum inside her. Liz tried not to push him away and wince as he bent to kiss her.

“I love you Liz.”

She said nothing but began to quickly gather her cloths together and dress quickly.

“Thanks for the…ride Kyle,” she reached to shake his hand while at the same time pulling open the door at the back of her van, “guess I’ll see ya.”

He smiled smugly and exited the van .

She closed the door behind him and ran to get the letter he’d left. The letter she’d kept ever since that night 2 years ago when he’d made love to her and the morning after when he’d left her. She felt old anger welling in her chest and squeezed her eyes tightly against it.

To Liz

I love you.


She wondered where he was, how he was doing.

“Max,” she said softly and rubbed her suddenly painful eyes. Everyone thought he was dead, he hadn’t written or spoken to anyone in 2 years and everyone just gave up hope on him.

She laid on her back and stared at the gold and indigo stars she’d drawn on the roof of her van, she couldn’t help but wish that Max was lying beside her.

Liz exhaled loudly as she pulled out a small bottle from under her pillow, which contained her sleeping potion. She giggled slightly at the name she’d given to it as she pulled the extractor from the bottle and let a small drop of the acid within land on her tongue.

She stared at the ceiling as it began to overtake her and let her forget, for just a little while, that the love of her life was gone. She knew that Max probably wouldn’t like that she had gotten into drug use but a little voice nagged her.

“Who cares what he thinks, he’s dead and you know it. Let him go!”

She wanted to fight the voice, tell it, it was lying and actually believe the words, but she couldn’t. Max was dead and she had to accept that. Liz lay back as the drug wove it’s beautiful magic around her.

He was never coming back, she thought sadly, might as well live for the both of us.

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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
A.N: I know, I know. I haven’t updated in a millennia but I haven’t been feeling like it so theres my excuse, or lack there of but whatever. Thanx for all your replies. I’ll update the other ones soon, I just need to get some stuff together.

In Love & War

Chapter Two

Max stood in front of the door stiffly. Should he knock or just run. Run like he’s been doing for the past 2 years. He hadn’t realized that during his thoughts he’d rung the doorbell until a very disheveled and obviously drunk Mr. Parker came to the door.

“Yes Sir,” he asked saluting him then laughing out loud, “what can I do to help you?”

He looked at him for a moment, waiting for recognition to shine in his old dull eyes. Waiting for him to recognize the boy that grown up across the street from him. Moments passed, it didn’t happen.

“It’s me, Maxwell Evans.”

He stood there in front him slightly swaying, “sorry?”

“From across the street. I got drafted two years ago.”

There was a moment when he was sure that Mr. Parker didn’t know what the hell he was talking about before a drunken smile spread across his face.

“Max? Little Max?”

He smiled lopsidedly at the older man, “Yes Sir, I’ve come home.”

He grabbed him into a bear hug and drug inside the small house, “come inside for a drink boy. Why you come to speak to an old lonely man?”

He let himself be led inside the home and tried to make his slight limp as unnoticeable as possible. The last thing he wanted was to have to tell that tale.

Max gingerly settled into the soft chair he was offered and began to look around. The once pristine home was now covered on dust and a stale smell hung in the air. It seemed as if not one thing in the room had been moved since he’d last been here.

“Where’s Mrs. Parker?”

The smile on his face changed somehow then. Morphed into something that wasn’t really a smile at all but…..something else.

“She passed about a month after you went to the war.”

He looked down into the drink that he’d just been given and wished he could disappear into its murky brown depths, “I’m so sorry Mr. Parker.”

He shook his head slightly and tipped the drink into his mouth, swallowing all the contents in one hungry gulp, “it’s not your fault son, she’s in Heaven now.”

There was a deep silence as Max washed the brandy down his throat and felt it burning in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to ask where Liz was, that’s why he’d come over here in the first place but it was getting hard to escape Mr. Parker.

He looked so old and fragile; the big Lay Z Boy recliner seemed to swallow his body.

“Where’s Liz?”

There it was, the million-dollar question.

His brows furrowed as if he didn’t quite understand what I asking him.

“Where’s Liz?”

“Yes,” I answered more curtly then I’d intended, “where’s Elizabeth?”

He grimaced, leaned back further into his chair, poured himself another cup of brandy and slowly shook his head as if what he was about to tell me disturbed him to no end.

“Liz moved away. She joined one of those hippie communes about a year ago. She comes to visit me sometimes but….I don’t like the life she lives. After you left and her mom passed, she seemed as if she lost herself.”

Max looked out of the window and watched as a green leaf with bright red edges floated down from one of the trees in their front yard, “she seemed as if she’d lost herself…” that phrase ran over and over in his mind.

“Can I go look in her room?”

He wasn’t sure what had made him make that request but now that it was said he felt a compulsion to go up there and look at the things that’d been hers. Remember the sixteen year old she’d been. The sixteen year old he’d left behind.

“Sure Max. Go ahead.”

He seemed to be deep in thought as he got up from the chair and ascended the stairs to her bedroom and pushed open it’s door.


“Hey daddy.”

He didn’t answer but kept staring into his empty glass.

“Oh my day was good, and yours?”

Still no response.

“Well I’m so happy you’re doing well.”

Liz’s father seemed to be doing this more and more often lately. Staring at inanimate objects as if at any moment they would spring to life and do a jig.

“I’m just going to go to my room and get a few things kay. After that do you wanna go for a drive. The trees are absolutely beautiful this year."

He still hadn’t looked up as she bent down in front of him.

“Remember when I was little and we’d go for walks, hours of walks, and just look at the autumn leaves. Huh, remember?”

He hadn’t even glanced up as she smiled at him softly and patted his knee, “I’ll be down in a second.”

She rounded the corner and practically ran up the stairs.

She needed to get away.

Away from the commune, her father, her worries, everything.

She swiped at the tears that were beginning to fall down her face as she pushed open the door to her room and happened upon someone she had been sure only last night that she’d never see again.



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This is a true story.

I died, Seriously, that's why I haven't been here updating. I was to busy travelling the world in my mind.

O.K, that's not actually true, I just haven't been able to find my muse lately but it's finally returned and the new part will be out sometime tonight.

Thanx for putting up with my erratic ass and I promise, I'll try and make sure the next parts worth the long wait.
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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
A.N: I’m actually alive and well and would like to again thank the people who still love this even though I am the most temperamental writer ever. The song in this chapter is sung by Sarah Mclachlan from the movie “Fear”’s soundtrack. It was originally by The Rolling Stones though and it’s named “Wild Horses.”

In Love & War

Chapter 3

He froze at that voice and slipped the key into his pocket.

The voice that had gotten him through the war, the voice of his one true love.


Her voice was no longer soft and questioning but hard and angry.

“What the fuck are you doing in my room?”

He winced at her harsh language and turned toward her slowly.

“Hi Liz.”

Her mouth went into a tight line as she glared him. He’d never got the expression, “if look’s could kill,” until that exact moment.

“I’ve missed you.”

The statue like quality of her body dissolved as she flew at him, “you missed me?”

“You’re a bastard Max. A selfish fuck who left me naked in his bed and went off to war. Did he write me, call me, do anything that would save me from thinking he was dead? No, not all. That would be to much like what a human would do and we all know you’re anything but a kind hearted human being.”

She punctured every sentence with a swipe at him until he grabbed her hands and let her words sink in, “You think I’m selfish?”

Her mouth thinned again as she pulled out of his grasp and walked across the room to the opposite wall.

“Yes Max, I actually do think that.”

He studied her posture and took in folded arms and those big pretty eyes that he’d never be able to forget even if he tried.

“I thought I was making this easier on both of us Liz. If there was no tearful goodbye I thought you move on easier. I thought it would be easier for me to forget about you.”

He saw her about to speak and quickly continued, “but as soon as I got there I realized I was never going to be able to forget you no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to call but we weren’t able to call those first months and letters weren’t getting through. I accepted that I wouldn’t be able to talk to you but I was just happy that I’d left you that letter..”

Liz cut him off, “what, that ‘I love you letter?’ That didn’t make me feel better Max. It only made me feel sick.”

His head swung up at the venom lacing those words and pushed back the anger that wanted to erupt in him.

“No, the other letter I left with your parents for you….”

“What letter?”

He looked up at her, becoming annoyed when he saw the pure confusion written in her features and began to feel panic fluttering in his stomach.

“I left it with my parents to give to yours to give to you after I was gone.”

She shook her head at all the hands that that pressure paper had gone through and asked one of two questions that was nagging her, “Why didn’t you just give me that one instead of the ‘I love you one’?”

He opened his mouth to explain then shut it again when he realized there was no good explanation.

“I don’t know why I did anything I did that night. I was outta my mind and scared about what was going to happen to me. I’m not even sure where the letter is.”

He looked back up at her and saw that her ramrod strait posture had gone even straighter if that were possible. His brows knitted together in confusion until realization dawned over him.

“Oh Liz, I’m not sorry about what happened between us. I remembered that all the time I was gone…”

“Whatever Max,” Liz said making her way to the door, “I have to get out of here.”

He moved across the room quicker than his limp should’ve allowed and barred her hasty exit.

“You’re not going anywhere until we talk this through.”

With that he took her room key from his pocket and locked the door.


Liz glanced at him as he slipped it back in his pocket and turned toward her. Looking for the entire world as if he could stay there all night.

“Leave me alone Max and give me the key. We’re adults and this stupid so let me out of here.”

He smirked at her and walked toward her, determination glowing in his eyes as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward him, “I love you Liz.”

She sniffed and tried to turn away from him but he grabbed her head and pulled her into a hard passionate kiss.

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted, I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands.

Liz felt her self slipping into a void and pushed him away, “what are y…….?”

He didn’t let her finish as he pulled her back into another earth shattering kiss and pushed her until her back touched the top of her dresser. He shoved his tongue into her mouth and she could do nothing but accept and return his favor. Whatever was happening between them was bigger than her and she knew in her soul that she couldn’t stop it.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away.

He broke away from her warm inviting mouth and turned her until she faced the mirror and they were his front to her back. They looked at each other in the mirror as he ran his hands under her top and found that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Max could see that she was worried. They had so much to talk about and it was absolutely to soon to being this but he couldn’t stop from running his thumbs over her erect nipples and tasting the skin on her shoulder.

“Do you wanna stop?”

He waited for her reply and squeezed the round globes resting in the palmsof his hands as he waited for her answer.

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exit or off stage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind.

“I couldn’t stop if I wanted to Max.”

She saw the bright smile cover his face as he went back to nibbling the skin at her neck and began to pull her skirt around her waist.

“Bend forward.”

She did without question and eagerly waited as he pulled her panties down and unbuttoned his slacks. Liz’s breath quickened as he rested his head in the crook where her shoulder met her neck and swiped his big hand between her quickly dampening thighs.

“I Love you Liz.”

She didn’t answer but continued looking at them in the in the mirror as he slid his throbbing shaft into her wet hot body.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away.

He breathed out deeply and began to slowly slide in and out of her welcoming body. Liz’s eyes rolled back from the erotic picture they represented and tried to keep down the moans that wanted to burst from mouth. Her father was downstairs, they shouldn’t have been doing this, it was so wrong in yet she’d kill Max if he pulled out of her right now.

I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried

They both felt their bodies starting hum from their impending orgasms and Liz fought it back to try and make this moment last as long as possible. It seemed like it’d been forever since the last time he’d been inside her. She looked up and saw him staring back at her. At that moment she exploded.

Let's do some living after we die.

He watched here as she threw her head back in abandon and felt himself cum inside her.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses we'll ride them someday.

She felt him coat her walls and watched a bead of sweat fall down a strand of her hair. She listened to his breathing as he slacked against her back and put his face into the crook of her neck.



“Look at me.”

She waited for him to look up at her.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away

Do you wanna come with me to WoodStock?”

Wild, wild horses we'll ride them someday.

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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Mets, and the UPN.
A.N: Heres the new chapter. Sorry if it took me awhile to get it out. Thanx for all the replies and bumps.

In Love & War

Chapter 4

He didn’t say anything and Liz regretted letting the question pop out like that. She gently pushed him away from her and started pulling her panties back on.


He was broken from his thoughts be her voice. She wanted to go on a trip with him. Max had to breath slowly, she was accepting him back in her life.

“That would be nice.”

She smiled broadly, blushed, and glanced away.

“One rule though is that there will be no more sex. We hardly no each other anymore and I want us to be the way we used to before we sleep together again.”

He nodded and she let out a sigh of relief. For some reason Liz thought that he’d fight her on the no nookie rule but she had to remember, this was Max. Not one of the guys in her endless parade of sex partners.

Liz glanced down at that. What would he think when he found out all of the things she’d been doing in his absence.

“Can I go home and get some of my clothes before we go?”

When she didn’t answer he looked back to see her deep in thought.


She glanced up quickly and smiled, “I’m sorry, I spaced out for a minute there.”

“I asked whether or not you’d wait for me to get some clothes from home.”

“Sure Max, that’d be fine.”

He smiled brightly and grabbed Liz’s hand to lead her downstairs. She glanced at her father and winced when she realized what they’d done right above his head.

“You go get your clothes, I wanna talk to my dad.”

He was about to argue until he saw the look on her face.

“O.K, I’ll leave you guy’s alone.”

She smiled in thanx and waited until she heard the door close behind him.

“I’m going to leave again daddy but only for a little while this time. I’m thinking of coming back here and settling down.”

She smiled shyly as she whispered her next words to him.

“Maybe, if I’m lucky, It’ll be with Max.”

“With Max?”

She stepped back when he answered her, she hadn’t heard his voice in such a long time.

“Yes, with Max.”

“Max is a good boy, he went to war for his country and not sure he’ll have ya girl.”

Liz rocked back on her heels at the angry words he said so calmly.

“I’ve heard about you, don’t think I haven’t. About all the men and the drugs. It won’t take him long to find out either and when he does……”

He let the sentence hang and went back to staring at the walls.

“What do you know about what I’ve been doing,” she yelled louder than what she meant to.


He never answered her question and she backed down.

“Goodbye daddy.”

She never knew that he didn’t respond as she ran out the front door.

Max pushed open the front door into the empty house and called out to his parents.

No answer.

He hobbled up the creaky stairs to his bedroom and took a moment to soak in who he used to be. The boy he so badly wanted to be again.

“You’re home?”

He spun around to see his mother Diane in the doorway, she looked much older than he remembered.

“Yes mom, I’m home.”

He closed his eyes and waited for her body to come crash into his in a fierce hug, for her to start murmuring in his ear how she’d missed him, how she loved him.

He was still waiting.

“I saw you over at the Parkers house.”

He blinked his eyes open.

“Yeah, I went to see if Liz was there.”

“She doesn’t live there anymore. She ran off to live in a hippy commune, nearly killed the old man with the stories floating around about her. I don’t want you talking to her. She’s not a good girl anymore, hasn’t been for a long while.”

He was stunned.

“What are you talking about?”

“She’s dirty Max, don’t speak to her. We’ll find you a nice respectable gal. One that hasn’t been around the block quite so many times.”

He breathed out and looked away from her hunched form.

“Where’s dad.”

She sighed and took a seat on his bed.

“We were divorced 6 months ago. He ran away with his secretary.”

She looked up into his stunned and questioning face.

“What can I say Max? You’ve been gone awhile.”

He closed his eyes against the onslaught of all this new information. Liz was in a commune, his father was gone, Nancy was dead. The one thing he kept coming back to though was that Liz hadn’t waited for him. He knew it was selfish and wrong to hope that she had but he couldn’t help it. He wished that she was still just his.

“Wheres the letter I gave you to give Liz?


Liz waited in front of his house in her van and watched him limp out toward her. That was funny, she hadn’t noticed it until now.

“He pulled himself into the passenger seat and she saw a white envelope peek from his pocket before he shoved it back in.

“How was your mom?”

He stopped smiling and looked out the window, “she was fine Liz. Let’s go.”


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LixMix5- Thanx so much for your reply. I know! Parents do suck, and I'm not sure if she'll ammend her ways. Gotta keep reading.*wink*

JaneLane- I will! Thanx for the reply.

wearydreams2003- I'm glad you liked this. I will try and update soon with ,longer chapters.*happy*

roswellluver- It is sad. Thanx for replying.
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I know it’s taken me awhile but I’m back with the new part…finally. My computers acting crazy though and it won’t let me open up my files so I can’t put my heading on here yet. Anyways, heres chapter 5. P.S- Your reply to Bad Boy was very tactful Wench On A Leash, but somehow I got the point *big*, this chapters for you.

In Love & War

Chapter 5

Five hours into the trip

Not a word had been uttered into the silent air surrounding them since they’d begun the drive from Roswell. It was very…uncomfortable. They had so much to say to each other, so much to catch up on, but no one was saying anything.

“We have to drive all the way to up state New York. The concerts going to be held in a little town named Bethel and we’re going to be there like a month early.”

The last sentence finally got his attention from the road.

“Why’ re we going so early?”

“So we don’t have to rush the drive up. We’re going to be going through a lot of different climates and I don’t want our little moving hotel to conk out on us.”

They’d decided early on in the drive that they’d sleep in the van to conserve money before the unusual silence had enveloped them. Liz glanced at him through the corner of her eye and saw that he’d once again fallen to staring out the window at the moving desert around him.

There was something in his eyes. Something that said that he wasn’t actually in the car with her but millions of miles away.


His body jerked strait up and he stared at her for a moment, stared through her and in that moment she saw that he’d seen things. Nightmarish things that no one in their life should ever have see. It was there and gone in a moment but she’d never forget it.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“No,” Liz said quickly.

“I was just going to ask what you were thinking.”

She watched as the peaceful look leave his face and one that was slightly confused take its place.

“What do you mean?”

She narrowed her eyes at him, making sure to check the road every now and then, and decided he was serious. He had no idea what she was talking about.

“Uh, it was nothing. You just spaced out for a minute there.”

The sides of his mouth curved up slightly and she felt her body starting to simmer.

“Down girl,” she told herself. “No nookie until you two know each other again.”

She glanced at him again and was pretty sure he didn’t suspect anything.

“I think we’re going to have a great time.”

Later that night

Somewhere just outside of New Mexico

She snuggled up into Max’s body that was warmly spooned up behind her and sighed, this what she’d always dreamed for them, always wanted to wake up to, Max right behind her. She smiled at the thought and thanked God again for getting a van instead of a smaller car. As she was about to go to sleep she heard him moaning.

Her smile turned mischievous, was he dreaming of her, of them?


It was mumbled but she’d heard it loud and clear anyways. The thought of him dreaming about them was shot down. Now that she thought about the sounds that came from his mouth she realized the quality of it. He sounded like an animal that been hunted, wounded, backed into a corner, and was about to be slaughtered.


Her whispered plea went unheeded as he began to toss and turn.

The word was soft and drawn out. It hurt more than any injury she’d ever endured. Liz leaned over toward him and began to shake him softly.

“Wake up sweetie.”

“Get off of me!”

Liz backed off from him and sat in the corner of the room.


He blinked open his eyes with a start and sat up quickly. He glanced at his surroundings as if he didn’t know where he was when his eyes finally settled on her. It took him a moment before his eyes widened in realization.


She didn’t answer. Just looked back at him in shock. Whatn the hell was going on with him.

“Yes Max, it’s me. Liz.”

He looked at her for a while. Memorizing her every feature.

“It’s been so long.”

He was staring at her as if he hadn’t seen her in years.

“Come here Liz.”

She knew that look, that inflection in his tone and felt her body start to heat up again. This is not happening…but it was. She was already across the floor of the van and right in front of him before she realized what was happening.

He cupped her chin and Liz saw tears glistening in his eyes.

“I missed you.”

The hitch in his voice made her nipples tighten and she wet her lips as he moved closer to her and they touched. He pushed his hands through her hair and laid her on her back.

“I wanna feel you again Liz.”

She felt his hand slipping down her nightshirt and between her thighs as she closed her eyes tightly against the onslaught of pleasure. This is just the way they used to be before he left. Before everything changed.

“You’re wet.”

She could hear the smile in his voice and her hips bucked up in response. This was getting out of control, it had to stop.

“Max stop.”

He only covered her mouth with his own and pushed his fingers deeper inside of her.

“Max. We have to talk about what’s happening here. What’s wrong with you?”

He looked up at her sharply, “nothings the matter. I just want to be with you. I need to be inside you.”

He kissed her hard and started to work his fingers up in a tight arc. IT felt so good and all Liz’s body wanted to do was lay back and enjoy the intense pleasure is deft fingers were providing her. But wouldn’t that be sorta like rape?

Max was totally out of it. He didn’t know what was going on, he was simply acting out of desperation to be near another person. If she went along, would she be taking advantage of him?


She pushed him off and rolled away before he grabbed her back.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong Liz,” he said and dragged his fingers through his hair.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

The second half was spoken quietly, under his breath. She watched him talking to himself and called his name.


He spun toward her, shaking violently.

“Leave me alone Liz,” he mumbled while moving toward the door of the van.

“Leave me the hell alone!”

With that Liz watched him bound out into the cool desert air.

“Damn,” Liz mumbled under her breath then took off after him.


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dane112- It was sad, I know, but I wannna be as realistic as I can with this story and all of this stuff happened. I hope your frined got better and I will make Max and Liz work through their problems, in time. Thanx for the reply.

wearydreams2003- Yeah I updated, finally. I can't tell you to much but I can tell you Max is not acting this way because Liz slept around while he was gone. Thanx for the reply.

roswellluver- Max will work through his problems. Sooner or later. Thanx for replying.

JaneLane- I will! Thanx for the reply.

carolina_moon- Nope, Max is not O.K. Thanx for the reply.

Wench On A Leash- I know it was sad but it had to done. I'm not going to elaborate with the other things but....They aren't going to be to pretty. Thanx for the reply.

wearydreams2003- I can't tell yout that but I can tell you that It'll be good. Thanx for the reply.
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Title: In Love & War
Author: ChaosTheory
Date Started: 6/12/02
Rating: Of course, NC-17
Category: M/L…Duh!!
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Mets, and the UPN.
A.N: Heres the new chapter. I’m so happy you all replied and keep it up. I guess this chapter is PG-13 or maybe R, for drug use.

In Love & War

Chapter 6

Liz doubled over when she reached the outcropping of rock he was now standing on, staring out over the desert floor.

“Why won’t you leave me alone?”

She heard his voice carry over the wind and looked up to see his wide empty eyes on her.

“Because I love you. Because I can’t let you hurt when there’s a way that I could help you.”

She saw a shadow of a smile cross his lips before it faded.

“There’s nothing you can do for me Liz.”

“Maybe, if you’d talk to me, I could help you through this.”

His head flew to her direction.

“I would never tell you about how it was…over there.”

She watched as he lowered his head and kicked at an imaginary rock.

“I’m not made of Porcelain Max. I understand that some horrible things have happened to you and since you say you love me….”

He cut in, “I do love you Liz, more than you’ll ever know.”

“Well than stop trying to protect me and let me in. People, who love each other, help each other, no matter how much it may hurt either party.”

She stopped and took a breath.

“Stop treating me like a child.”

He turned toward her, scrambled down onto the ground, and fell into Liz’s arms.

“There’s just…so much that I need to talk about that I’m scared to say to you. I’m afraid that when you hear the truth, you won’t love me any more.”

She rubbed the back of his head as if she were a mother soothing a frazzled child and let a thought enter her mind. A thought she’d immediately pushed away earlier in the evening but seemed the only answer now. She looked down at him and his forlorn and tired eyes made the choice for her.

“Come on Max,” she said pulling him behind her back to the van.

“I have something for you.”


Max felt stupid.

He felt like he was being…a wimp. Thousands of his friends were still over there, fighting the good fight, while he was at home and traveling the country with a beautiful girl. What did he have to bitch about?

He violently wiped the last of the tears from his eyes and waited for Liz to get what she wanted to give him. He felt like he had been waiting for her for forever. He realized that he was gaining an unhealthy dependence on her already. Whenever she left, even if it was only to go to the bathroom, he felt hot and panicky. Desperate for her and afraid she wouldn’t return until he had her in his sights.

He felt the tell tale signs of fear creeping up his throat until he heard the back doors open and close and heard her call him to the back. He climbed over the seats and looked at her expectantly.

“I brought this for you so you would feel better and sleep tonight.”

He looked at the small rose-colored pill in the center of her palm with confusion.

“What is this?”

“It’s just a sleeping pill Max. You’ll feel better after you’ve taken it and you’ll have the best dreams. I would never expect you to take anything dangerous.”

Max looked at the pill and knew he’d seen something like it when he was still in the war. He remembered the boys talking about how it was the only way they could sleep through the night. He heard a little voice in the back of his head telling him to force her to tell him what it was but he shook it off and took the pill from her hand.


Liz was calm on the outside but she was screaming on the inside. She hadn’t lied that what she’d given him was sleep medication, but she had conveniently left out the fact that it laced with acid.

She watched him down the pill and lay back into the vans cushions. It was only one lie, what harm could it do?


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Thank you guys so much for the replies. I know that was totally unexpected, what Liz did, but that's why I made her do it. I don't want all their problems to be solved by the sixth chapter but, eventually, everything will be better for them.