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Chosen Family

Author' Note: WHile this isnt my first fanfic, its the first one I've had the guts to post, so please be kind and let me know if its any good or if I should just forget about it.

It’s September 25th 2004. I’m Liz Parker-Evans… and I’m married to an alien. Not just any little green, bug-eyed alien. An alien/human hybrid with the essence of a King. An alien King. It’s been two years since the six of us, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Kyle, and myself, left Roswell, our home, because the FBI caught on to us and plotted our murders (just the four of us… Max, Michael, Isabel, and me) Besides leaving our respective families behind, life outside of Roswell had been relatively kind. One and a half years ago Max and I got married in a little chapel just outside of Reno and exactly one year to the day I overnighted a package to my home in Roswell. That package contained all of the events that transpired in the 3 years before we left. My every thought, my every emotion during that tumultuous time. My only hope is that my parents can forgive the years of deceit, all of the secrets I kept, all of the lies I told. I hope they understand my motives were pure and that they accept all that we’ve been through. I hope now, through me, my father will accept Max as my husband, and I pray he did as I asked and burned the very thing that I spent years documenting our adventures in. My Journal.

Chosen Family
Chapter One
Nine Months Earlier
A deep male voice resonates within the quiet restaurant echoing the words his now 20-year-old daughter had only ever thought.
“ I can’t tell you much more than that… it wouldn’t be safe…for you or for us. I can tell you that we’re far away, and that we’re all trying to avoid the law and do good in the world.” Jeff Parker, looking much older than he should have, paused there, wiping a stray tear from his eye as he waited and gave the other parents, his friends, a chance to do the same.
“Is that it? Is that all she says?” This question comes from a worried and unrested looking Diane Evans who had obviously hoped her son’s girlfriend would’ve said something about how the others were doing.
“No there’s more,” Jeff stated, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the rest of it. Just give me a minute.” So they waited allowing him to gather his thoughts, each one of the concerned parents wondering what Liz could’ve possibly said to make Jeff cry silent tears, praying it wasn’t news of one of their children being captured or worse. Jeff suddenly took a breath and began again with a soft smile playing upon his lips.
“ Oh and I guess I should tell you that Max and I did eventually tie the knot.” At that a collective gasp circulated the small dining area all were seated in. “Give my love to mom, let her read this journal too, then give it to Maria’s mom, and after that take it and burn it near the ruins of the pod chamber… where my husband was born.” There was an unmistakable hitch in his voice that made the word ‘husband’ sound almost bitter to the others but he pressed on, “ So that’s the end, our life in Roswell. What a long strange trip it’s been. Will we ever go back? I don’t know. Even I can’t see everything in the future. All I know is… I’m Liz Parker… and I’m happy.”
‘Not a dry eye in the house’ Jeff thought wryly, ‘Liz always did have a way with words after all’
“So that’s it, that’s all she wrote?” came the distraught voice of Amy DeLuca, who up until now had been sitting quietly on the edge of her seat.
“That’s it.” Jeff confirmed falling heavily onto the barstool that had been pulled up to the table.
“What do we do now? Do we look for them so we can help?” This came from Philip Evans who looked almost desperate.
“No.” came from an almost eerily solemn Jim Valenti. “You heard the girl. It’s not safe and if we follow them it’ll be even less so…not that we could find them now anyway. The best thing we could do right now is honor their wishes and pray that they stay safe.”
“What do you mean pray that they stay safe? We should be out there keeping them that way. We’re their parents!” Nancy Parker exclaimed anguished that she didn’t know her little girl needed her so much.
Ever the voice of reason, “If we go now we’ll get them killed. We’d be a distraction they didn’t need, one that they’d all focus their energy on, attempting to keep us safe instead of taking care of themselves. They’ve been doing this longer than any of us and to put them in the position to choose our lives over theirs will make it worse.” No one wanted to voice it but Jim was right, and so without so much as a goodbye being spoken aloud, they each went their separate ways praying their children would survive the coming years and that they’d once again get to see them, sooner rather than later. What none of them knew was that it would be soon, just not as soon as any of them were hoping…

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Chosen Family
Chapter Two
Author's Note: I just wanted to thank those who sent feedback. It means alot to know that you like this. Oh and this is going to get kinda confusing given that the timeline skips around but you'll get the missed info through flashbacks. Now...onto the story.
Author's Note 2: I know its not alot right now but its almost one am here and my aunt just passed away so I'm really exhausted. I promise I'll post more in the morning. *wink*

October 10, 2004,
I'm Liz Parker and I'm sure by now you've realized that I sent my journal back to my father in Roswell. So what am I writing in? My birthday present...from my brother. Confused yet? Try being me.

A noise in the background of the dingy yet filled to the top motel room broke her thoughts as she tried to write them down. She contemplated for a good ten minutes on what the noise could be..then it dawned on her. It sounded like teeth chattering. She rose from her place at the desk and her eyes scanned the room to find the culprit, only to land on her husband Max. The noise wasn't coming from him and she had to stop herself from getting lost in her mind whilst considering how a man could possibly be that beautiful in order to find out who was so cold that their teeth were going like those little robotic toy teeth that you'd wind up and watch skitter across the floor. Finally after deciding that none of the other occupants of the room could have been doing it her eyes rested on Michael. Even in the dim street light she could see that Maria had stolen the covers on the floor and Michael lay in a fetal position trying to maintain body heat on his own. Not only were his teeth chattering but his lips were an eerie shade of purple so noting that everyone was still sleeping she quitely crept up on Michael and found an extra blanket(which wasn't easy to do considering it was 4 am) and pulled it tightly around him with a soft smile.

"Liz?" came the groggy voice of Maria DeLuca. She must've woken up but didn't want to ruin her moment with Michael, whose teeth had finally stopped the incessant chattering.
"Go back to sleep Maria." Liz whispered so as not to wake anyone else. God knows if Michael ever found out she actually cared he'd never let her live it down.
"I'm awake too Liz." Isabel spoke up from her spot on the chair next to the bed.
"Besides," Maria started again, "Im already awake now so we might as well go get some breakfast."
"Sounds like a good idea." came from Isabel just as her stomach rummbled hungrily. After all it'd been 16 hours since any of them had eaten anything.
"I was just..." Liz signaled pathetically to her leather-bound journal. Going off the looks she was getting from the two women she considered her sisters she relented and sighed and followed them out of the room.
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Chosen Family
Chapter 2 (cont.)
The morning air was crisp and cool as the three seemingly normal women walked through the night to the nearest coffee shop. At first no one said a word, just enjoyed the feeling of being this close to another person let alone knowing that these people they were choosing to spend time with were high on the list of people they would do anything for. Finally the silence was broken as Maria voiced a question that had been on both her mind as well as Isabel's.
"Liz? Is there a reason that you were leaning over Michael this morning?" She paused for a second, a grin lighting up her features, " If I had seen that a year ago I would'v thought you were plotting to kill him."
This caused the three to chuckle softly as they entered the small truck stop less than 5 minutes away from the motel. Then Liz realized shed been caught and tried to come up with a resonable excuse for covering Michael up.
"Uhh.. well..." She stammered looking for a viable excuse, then realizing the truth is the easiest to believe even when lying she regained her bravado and in a tone that rivialed 'Stonewall' Guerin she continued, "His damn teeth were chattering so loud that I couldn't think straight so I covered him up hoping he'd finally shut up."
The other two grinned at her as they sat waiting to be waited on, knowing she was covering.
Maria spoke up suddenly in a babish tone, "Aww did big, bad Michael's little sister feel the urge to tuck her big brother into bed?"
"No he was just irritating the hell out of me. That's all." Liz vehemately denied any feeling towards Micahel what so ever even though she knew it was useless but like her brother she'd never admit she was wrong.
"You know Liz... it's not considered a crime to love him." Isabel said hoping all of Maria's teasing didn't put Liz in a foul mood for the rest of the day.
Liz sighed and decided for not the first time that morning that honesty is the best policy. "I just don't know how to act around him now, ya know. I feel like an idot because I don't know what it is he wants from me.. I mean does he want to be my brother, or does he want to just forget we ever found out...go back to the tentative friendship we've established. Not to mention this particular discovery opens up a whole floodgate of questions. Like if Michael's my brother than not only am I an alien but I was adopted...which would mean my parents have been lying to me from the start, and if that's the case then how ? You and Max and Michael came out of your pods when you were six... I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered that whichwould mean..."
"Lizzie...sweetie your babling and I dont have my cyprus oil with me so you have to calm down now." Maria interrupted with the utmost of caring.
"Liz is right though, Maria. We're back to square one where she's concerned. We don' know anything about her or what she was to us on Antar, besides Michael's sister. Besides the fact that they only sent us here because we were important to their survival...which would mean that's why they sent her too."
"I need answers, Isabel. I need to know." Liz said staring down her cup of coffee.
"Maybe it's time we stop running and start fighting because if we don't we'll never be able to go home. I just have this feeling that home is where all of your answers lie, right now it's just a matter of getting there without being killed." came Isabel's reply hoping to help her sister-in-law get the answers that Isabel herself had been looking for just under 5 years ago.
"It's settled then." Maria said feeling the weight of everything land squarly on her shoulders. "We go home. You know the boys'll go for it the minute they find out why."
"Roswell here we come." came Liz' gilb reply.

end chapter two
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I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback and for your sympathy it means alot. Due to the circumstances I probably wont get a new part out til Monday at the earliest. To answer your question about Jesse... yes he does exist but since he didnt go with the gang hes not gonna be in it until later so Isabel isnt with Kyle but she hasnt seen Jesse since they left Roswell.
ttyl and thank you.
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Chosen Family
Chapter Three
Authors Note: Im back sorry bout the long wait but I just found a job and have been unceremoniously thrust back into the real world preventing me from updating this story (which happens to be my baby) so here I am.

November 20th, 2004,
I'm Liz Parker and once again I've found myself back in a dingy motel room only this time we're much closer to Roswell... I'm talking like less than 100 miles... but for some reason (we all have a different one) we're stalling our arrival. Everyone in the room is a sleep Michael is on the floor as well as Kyle and Max is in bed. I swear I'll never tire of watching him sleep. He looks so peaceful, so innocent. humph Max Evans is anything but innocent, but I'm guessing that since I know that I can't be all that innocent myself.

"Liz?" It's Isabel whispering through the door. "You gonna come out of there anytime soon we need to talk."

to be cont.

Sorry bout this but I gotta get offline so as soon as im back ill finish
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Chapter 3 cont.
Authors Note: Please please dont hate me I kinda thought by now everyone had forgotten me so thank you. I wouldve updated sooner but life just sucks like that sooooo....onto the story.

There was Isabel at my door hoping Id go talk to her. That was a no brainer, the woman is my sister-in-law and shes trying to help I go

"Hang on," I whisper back, "Im coming."
I look over to Max to make sure I didnt wake him up. I didnt so I tiptoe to the door and follow Isabel out.

"What's up?" I ask not completely sure what she wanted. Sometimes she wants to talk about me and others well... sometimes she just needs someone to vent the pain with and while she and Maria are friends shes still not really close with her.
"I wanted to go over everything we know about you and see if we can find something that might help when we go back to Roswell." I smiled at her then. She just wanted to talk cuz she was having another sleepless night without Jesse and figured shed do something help me. We've come along way since we first were thrust upon each other and Im glad she feels she can trust me like she does now.

We walk a little way down the road to a cafe'. If theres anything Ive learned about Isabel over the last 2 yrs its that this late at night she enjoies her coffee, but so do I so I guess we're even. Once we got our coffee we just started right in. There was no sense in beating around the bush we both lived it after all.
"So this whole thing started when we ran into a skin in Arizona a year ago and when she saw me she killed herself." Isabel nodded then as if taking mental notes. I wondered for a minute if maybe listening to me talking about it shed piece together something I had missed or neglected to see through. " Then a little south of there, whilest hiding from the FBI van that was following us we stumbled on a pod chamber that no one but I could open. Once inside the only thing we could understand in there was the empty pod. We'd found a book similar to the Destiny book but couldnt decifer it, we found cave paintings similar to the ones in Riverdog's cave, which Michael studiously drew out for us to take with us, and a picture of me..but..not me with similar writing but once again couldnt decifer it, and last but not least since Max paid attention to how your dad works he was able to find out I was adopted by my parents in Arizona and then we moved to Roswell when I was little. Then there are the dreams Michael and I shared of Antar but nothing in those are concrete."
"So we're pretty much running on dreams and indeciferable books and paintings."
"And my blood and the powers that don't seem to be devolping in Kyle so its just me, and none of it explains what I was to you guys, none of it explains why Michael and I cant shake the feeling that we're the only one the others got, and none of it explains why I came out of my pod so much earlier than the rest of you."
"Maybe you were sent earlier. Maybe we were all supposed to land in Arizona I mean, our ship did crash and all maybe we werent supposed to be in Roswell at all. The only explaination I can comeup with for you and Michael is that you two are brother and sister I mean you fight like siblings, you love each other like siblings and you do the same things Max and I do to each other its the only concrete thing we have right now."
"When we get back to Roswell maybe we should see Riverdog see what he thinks about this."
"Good idea..." She paused briefly and grinned, "but now I'm tired"
I couldn't help but grin back at her, "Now you're tired."
"Yea lets go get some rest tomorrow is gonna be hell."

end chapter
I hope this explains somethings but if I learned anything from Roswell or the X-Files its answer some questions but make sure there are always new unanswered ones or you lose your following.*big*