Title: A New Start
Author: Jessica_01
Rating: PG 13
Category: m/l
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything; this is just my imagination running wild!
Summary: Liz starts over and has a new life. And new friends. She meets Max and falls in love, but then finds out the truth and isn’t so sure if he’s safe.

Part #1

Liz Parker looks around her new room. “Not bad. “ she thought. Liz and her family had moved to Roswell New Mexico because her dad owned a restaurant worldwide and had picked a nice, quiet town to live in. She started packing her clothes and within 3 hours she was finished. Her room was the largest in the 2-story house. It was an expensive house. She had her own balcony and her own bathroom. She liked her house. But she hated the location. It was in the middle of nowhere. She and her family had moved from New York to New Mexico. She had argued with her parents over and over again about the location, but they never listened to her. She works as a waitress at her father’s restaurant. She had put lights on the trees outside of her balcony. It was a huge balcony. She had a Spanish looking chair and a love seat in the corners of the balcony. She hung the lights on the banister of the balcony. She went back inside of her room and had a fitful nap