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Title: Always be my baby
Author: Jessica_01
Ratings: PG-13
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to be, This is only my imagination running wild!
Prolouge: Ok ,Liz and her family moves to Roswell and everything happens. Liz and Max won't happen until later on in the story.

"We will be landing in 10 minutes, buckle your seatbelts, please."

Liz parker looks out the window of the plane, and it all floods back to her. Her father had chosen to move to Roswell New Mexico because of his resteraunt that he bought, the crashdown, and he thought it was a nice place for Liz to grow up.

"But I'm not a child anymore, dad!" Liz rememberd arguing to her father about moving. She didn't want to move. too many things were going for her in New York. TOO MANY things. She was the most popular girl in her high school, She had the most popular boyfriend. She had it all. She was the prom queen, and everything, she didn't want to move. "I know that your mad now honey, but someday you'll thank me for doing this."

Now she was on a plane about to land in the one place she HATED the most. The desert. She hated the weather, how it was hot in the day and cold at night. She had begged her mother to talk her father out of this, but she just held her in her arms and said. "He's right, Lizzie, He's doing the right thing."

"Liz, honey it's time to get off. Lets go get our bags." Her mother called to her, she opened her eyes and quickly took off her seatbelt. She followed her mother out of the plane and to where the bags were rolling around on a table. When they got all of their things her father went to look for the girl that was supposed to be picking them up. THeir father came back with a young girl who looked 16, the same age of Liz. "Hello everyone, welcome to New Mexico, how was your flight?" THe girl asked politely, but too chattery. Usually Liz would have enjoyed that kind of talk, but now she couldn't, not when her life was taken away from her. When they got into the car the girl talked like there was no end. When they got to the house the truck with the rest of their things was waiting on them.

Liz jumped out of the car and went into the house, slamming the door behind her. She looked around. It was a very expensive spanish-tiled 2 story house. She went into the living room. It was Traditional. The walls were a maroon color. It had designs that were like roses. The mantle piece was a cream color. It had traditional designs also. She went into the dining room. The walls were a creamy color like the mantle piece. They had already moved in the new dining table & chairs. SHe hadn't gone with her mother to buy it, she was too busy in her room in new york crying. She touched the smooth mahogany wood. Their was a huge crystal chandalaer hanging from the center of the table. The table was huge. The carpet was the same as the living room. It was a white carpet. Clean white. She went into the Sun room on the west of the house. A huge 52 inch television was standing in the corner. All the windows were open. it was too bright in there, she had to get out.
She went into the den. There was a maroon colored traditional couch sitting in the middle, then there was a love seat on the right, and a rocking chair seat on the left. There was a fire place slightly going. THe mantle piece was the same as the one in the living room. She went into the family room. There were games such as twister and yahtzee and monopoly sitting on one of the tables, there were stuffed animals and girly stuff like that in the room. She went up the tairs. as she was going, she traced her hands up the stair case. The color was mahogany. IT was cold to the touch. WHen she got to the top there were 4 doors She went into the first one. It was the master bedroom that was to be her parents. their bathroom was across the hall. The next bedroom was the guest bedroom. THen there was her bedroom. She looked around and saw that their was two glass doors leading out to a huge balcony. She went out to find a love seat and a recliner with a table out. She walked out to the edge to see the street below. She looked up to the top of the house to see a very thick rain cover. She reached up and pulled it down all the way, and she seen that when it rained she would pull that down so that her furniture wouldn't get wet. SHe went back into her room and fell on her bed for a fitful sleep.

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ok, I wanna thank JaneLane, pixie, m14, and behritall4me for the great feedback.for JaneLane, I have more coming today. thanx again for reading. For pixie,I know how it is to read a story and get totally confused. I like for my readers to know what's going on, lolz. Yeah, she was like everybody's idol in her old school. She won't be snobby, Just really shy at first. But then Max will come along, well, I can't tell ya anymore!!!! But right now it's summertime in the story. for m14, hey michaela! I couldn't think of another word besides "huge" lolz. for behritall4me, Hey Elizabeth! Thanx for the
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Liz woke up sweating. Where am I? She thought, then she sighed and got off of her bed. Their were boxes on the floor in front of her door. 'Mom and Dad must have gotten the delivery to bring the rest of my stuff up.' She thought.

She walked over and bent down to open one of the boxes. Inside were all of her strobe lights and her hanging christmas lights, and her mini-medium sized- disco ball. She took her white christmas lights and hung them on the trees on her balcony. She had one string of lights left, so she hung them on the banaster of the balcony. She tucked it tight so they wouldn't fall to the street below. Then she went back into her room and hung her strobe lights on the walls and she put some outside on the walls, and put the ones that wouldn't go on walls onto her shelfs.

She put her disco ball at the center of the room at the top of the ceiling. She then went and opened another box and inside it was her surround sound speakers to her sterio. There were two huge speakers that were to go on a shelf, then 4 medium sized speakers to hang on her walls, she put one outside, then one small one to go by her bed. After she finished hanging her speakers up she went to the next box. Inside it was the sterio itself. It was in a large box, because it was a large sterio. She put that on one of her shelfs, and then went took the remote out of a small box and put it by the sterio, and went to another bow and got out her cd case, with all her cd's and put them in alphabetical order.

She put that in the corner by her sterio. Then she went to her suitcase and put all of her clothes into her closet and her dresser. Then she put her shoes in her closet. When she was finished with that she took all of her beads out and hung them on her walls. When she finished that she put her linkin' park cd into her sterio and took the remote and pressed play and laid down on her bed and sung to the words until it stopped playing, then she got up and turned off her sterio and walked downstairs to go get a snack.
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I'm sorry this is so short, but I didn't have much time to do anything. I'll write more tonight. *wink**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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ok Elizabeth, I just wanted to make it clear or something, lolz. I didn't have any ideas at the time and I had to hurry, but I'm not gonna talk about her room anymore.

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Liz walks into the kitchen and graps a green apple. she sits down on one of the stools and eats her apple. then she goes back up to her room and puts on her tennis shoes. She walks back downstairs and walks out the front door. The crash down was a few blocks away so she decided she would walk.

She started walking and she turned her head to look at the houses on that street. BAM "oh, ex...excuse" the guy that bumped into her holds out his hand to help. "Oh, no that's ok, I wasn't watching where I was going, I'm sorry, it was my fault." She replied, taking his strong arm, as she grabbed it, she felt the muscles in his arm. "Hi, I'm Max, Max Evans." The guy said, staring into her brown eyes. "I've got to go." she said, dodging past him. "Bye." he yelled to her. SHe kept walking. 'There's something about him.' she thought. But she couldn't figure out what. She was attracted to him in some way, but she didn't let that attraction take over her.

When she walked into the Crashdown she had to jump out of the way for the girl that drove them home from the airport. "I'm sorry." the girl said quickly, hurring off to take someone's orders. She went to the counter where her father was standing.

"Hey Liz. Don't you just love this place?" he asked in awe. she turned around and looked at the walls. They had aliens all over them. "Dad, the walls have aliens on them, that's wierd." she said sarcastically. "Honey, of course they have aliens on them, roswell is where aliens are!!!" he joked, then put his fingers up to his head and made a beeping sound tham anooyed the crap out of her. Her father always treated her like she was a child. "Dad, can I work now?" She asked. Her father had told her that she could work as one of the waitresses. Sure honey, but go get your work clothes on, there in the back. She went into the back room and seen a green alien costume with 2 antanaes going out of the top of the head piece. "I am not wearing that, that stupid looking headpiece!" She aid, while putting on the aprin. She pulled her hair back with the scrunchy that was hanging on her wrist. There was a door leading to a bathroom so she went in and looked into the small mirror hanging on the wall. she put a strand of hair behind her ear and walked back to the counter.

"Honey, you look so adorable!" Her father said. She snatched the small book to write the orders on and went the first table she saw. "hello, may I take your order?" He aked the elderly couple sitting at the table. after he took their orders she took another order, then another and another. She had been working for about an hour when a group of 3 guys that looked her age came into the Crashdown and sat down at the table nearest to her. they all had on football jackets. he noticed one with blonde hair looking at her. He winked. after she took the people's food that she was serviced to she walked over to where the jocks were. "hi, welcome to the crashdown, may I take your order?" She asked. The boy with the blonde hair spoke first. "What's your name, sweetie?" He asked her. She tried her best not to blush. "Can I please take your order?" he asked again, getting aggravated. "I'll have an alien shake." the blonde haired boy said. after everybody else ordered around the table she turned to wal away.As she did she heard one of the guys at the table say "put your tounge back in your mouth, Kyle." then she heard the blonde haired boy say "shut-up, Alex."

When she returned with their orders the blonde haired boyasked her again. "I asked you what your name was, sweetie." he said. "Why do you want to know my name?" she asked. "because I want to get to know you better, wanna go out tonight?" he asked her. she thought for a moment then decided she would because she didn't want to be stuck with her mother and father on a friday night. "sure." she said. She bent over and looked into hi eyes. He had blue eyes. She wrote her address and phone # down on the little booklet and tore it out and put it in his shirt pocket. "Pick me up at 7:00?" she asked. "7:00 it is." and with that she walked off.

"What am I doing?" she asked herself out loud. she was getting ready for her date. The guys name was Kyle Vanteli. He had called her and told her that they were gonna go out and watch a movie. She put on her short jean skirt and her baby blue tee with a jean jacket. She heard her mothyer calling her "Liz, Honey, Your date's here." SHe quickly put on her baby-ble flip-flops that matched her shirt and grabbed her jean jacket purse and ran down the stairs. When she opened the door she saw kyle standing there. He had on blue jeans and a white shirt with his football jacket.

"Hi." she said, feeling wierd about going out on a date the first night of being there. "Hey, lets go!" He said, taking her hand in his. he natched it away and he looked back at her with big puppy eyes. She couldn't help it, she didn't want to get close to anybody not for a while. They went to see star wars. He couldn't even concentrate on the moviebecause Kyle was trying to nuzzle up to her every 10 seconds. After about 30 minutes of the movie she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

When she entered the bathroom that same girl that drove her & her family home from the airport was tanding there powdering her face. "Hey, again!" She said cheerfully, while tosing her blonde hair to one side. She was chewing bubble gum so you could hardly understand what she was saying. "Hi." she said back."Not to intrude, but are you here with Kyle Vanteli?" she asked. "Yes, why?" He aked back. "Oh, just wondering. you are lucky girl. he is the most popular guy in 10th grade!!!" She said. "Thanx, I guess." she replied. "You know, maybe we could get together sometime, you know, become friends." She smiled and showed her white teeth. "Sure." and for the first time in ages Liz smiled. "My name is Maria, your's is Elizabeth, right?" "she asked, holding out her hand. "Yes, my name is Elizabeth, but I prefer Liz." she added. "Ok, Liz, Here's my phone # call me tonight." Maria traced her purse and found a piece of paper & pen. WHen she wrote down her phone # she told her bye and walked out of the bathroom. She was alone. She went up to the mirror and looked at herself. All of a sudden she seen The guy she buped into on the treet bmiling at her. She shook her head and ran out of the bathroom.

After she got home she went up stairs andturned on her sterio. KC&JOJO came treaming through the room and she quickly changed into her cloud pj's. She went onto her balcony and turned on the white lights. Then she went to the banaster and stood there looking at the street below.

All of a sudden She seen the Guy that bumped into her again. She kept wondering who that was. She shook her head and looked down again and the guy was gone. She remembered what is name was then. Max Evans. She went back into her room and dipped her purse upside down on her bed looking for a piece of paper. She went to her beadstand and picked up her phone. She then dialed the number on the piece of paper.

"Hello?" Maria's voice came from the reciever. "Maria, it's Liz, Liz Parker, do you know who Max Evans is?" she asked. "HEy LIz, um, Max Evans, yes, why?" she asked. "Look, I need to talk to you in person, can you come over to my house tomorow say about 1:00? We both go to work at 3:oo, right?" "sure,yeah, ok." She replied. "Ok, we can walk to work together." she added. "I'll drive us." Maria said. "Ok, see you tomorrow." Liz ended. "Bye." She listened to the phone until the operator came on. She hung the phone up and went to her bed.

She put all the stuff back into her purse and went outside on her balcony and laid down on her love seat. She watched the starsin the sky. She tried to count them, but messed up every 20 seconds.

Mariah Carey's voice boomed out of the speaker hanging on the wall. She sung to the song until it was over then got up and turned off all the outside lights then went back into her room, and turned down her sterio, and turned off all her lights, and pulled up the covers to her bead and went to sleep listening to R&B oldies.
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Liz Parker watched the clock in her room waiting for her mom to call her from downstairs and tell her that omebody was there for her. When it was 1:00, the exact time maria was supposed to be there she sighed and walked down stairs. She waited in the foyer for the doorbell to ring. WHen it finally did she opened the door to see maria standing there with a cup of coffee in her hand. Liz couldn't help but giggle at how maria's hair was tousled. "What?" Maria asked her. "What time did you get up?" Liz said, stuffling a laugh. "About 15 minutes ago." Maria said grumbly, while walking through the door Liz was holding open for her. Maria looked around and said "Nice house." "Thank you." Liz answered. She showed maria the way up to her room and out onto the balcony where the only table in her room was. "Man, I love this place!" Maria said, looking around her balcony. She sat down on the love seat while Liz sat down on the chair she put on the balcony that morning. "So, Do you know Man Evans personally?" Liz asked Maria. "I know his sister, I used to go and spend the night with her alot, and Max would always come in the room with us and watch tv or just talk." Maria said, "Why, are you interested in him? Don't you go with Kyle now?" She asked lokking suspicious. "No, and I don't know. would you like to go with me and my dad today to get my car?" She asked Maria. "Sure, what kind of car are you interested in?" Maria asked her, changing the subject. "Well, I don't know. I was wanting to get a jeep, but I want a lot of space and I like the ones with the top coming down. What do you think?" Liz asked, trying to shake Max Evans and Kyle Vantelli off of her mind.

WHen they got to the car dealers Liz suddenly seen the jeep she wanted. It was a yellow jeep with black side trimings. She took it out for a test drive and decided that was the one she wanted. THe top came off and so when her dad bought it Liz hopped into the drivers side and told Maria to get in. "so, where do you wanna go? We have one hour to go places before our shifts start." Liz said. "Um, d oyou wanna do some sight seeing?" She asked Liz. "No, too boring, I wanna meet people." she replied. "Ok, do you wanna go from door to door selling cookies?" Maria joked. "Not a bad idea." Liz joked. They both decided to just ride around, and before they knew it, it was time for them to go on their shifts. "I've gotta get my work clothes from my house." Maria claimed. "Yeah, me too. We'll go to your house first, then mine."Liz said. When they got to Maria's house maria introduced her mom to Liz. "Maria, do you want to pend the night with me tonight?" Liz asked her. "Sure, maybe we could go to the mall tonight or something."

ok, I'm sorry, but I've really got to go. I'll write more as soon as I get back home!!!
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After they had gotten Maria's clothes they got into Liz's jeep and drove to hre house. Whebn they got to her house they went into her bedroom and searched for something to wear to the mall. Liz picked a black short leather skirt and a white toob top. Maria picked capri's with a yellow shirt with buttons in the front. "What do you wanna go see?" Liz asked Maria when they got into her jeep once more. "Oh, I dunno, I've been wanting to go seethe new scooby doo movie." She said, "You like scooby doo?" Liz asked Maria. "Yes, I do." She said, looking beneficial. When they got to the mall Maria led the way to the ticket counter. "Two tickets please for scooby doo." Maria said to the older looking woman behind the ticket counter. Liz and Maria had made a deal that Maria would buy the tickets and Liz would buy the drinks and candy and popcorn. WHen they got into the theater Liz noticed how packed it was. Maria and Liz picked a seat in the front. When the movie was over Maria turned to Liz, "Can you belive it? there was cussing in a kids movie!" She said that because the were a few cuss words in the movie. "What is this world coming to?" Maria said, looking devistated. "SO, you wanna go shopping now?" Maria asked Liz. "Naw, I just wanna go get something to eat right now, You ate all the popcorn!" Liz exclaimed to Maria, while nudging her in the side. Liz turned her head to the side to see Max Evans looking at her. "On, second thought maybe we should go to my place and chill." Liz told Maria, heading in the other direction to where the parking lot was."What was that all about?" Maria asked her. "You took off like somebody was chasing after you. "That guy, it's wierd, but he puts shivers up my spine. "Liz exclaimed. "Whoa girl, don't let Kyle find that out, He'll cream that guy if he does." Matria said. Liz cranked up the car and drove toward her house, while thinking about Max the whole way.

OK! I know I promised that I'd write yesterday, but my dad got us a new computer and when I got back sunday I didn't think we would get the new computer so soon. But here's the next part! Thanx for reading, I'll try to writte more tomorrow!
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It had been 4 weeks of working and going to the mall and spending the night with maria. She had forgotten all about her old best friend. Now Maaria was her best friend. They had made a pack that they would be friends forever and always.

Now They were shopping for school clothes together at the mall. Liz had learned that Maria always liked to get colorful, on the other hand, Liz liked leather. She loved to wear short black leather skirts and black leather pants. She liked to wear red too. Red was her favorite color. She Liked boots too. She only wore tennis shoes to work.

She wasn't like a freak or anything, She didn't wear the black make-up or anything. She hardly even ever wore make-up. She was more like a tom boy to describe it.

She went last week to go choose her extra classes. The one she liked the most was engineering cars. There was something about cars that calms her down. She had even been going to some of the street races at night. She had turned into a bad girl. Maria went with her all the time. She had even painted her jeep yellow and took it to a car painter to put a fire design on the sides. It costed her $300 to get it done.

She seen Max Evans at the races alot. He raced sometimes. He drove a black 68 mustang with whiterace lines down the middle. It was a sweet ride. She had caught him staring at her alot. She always wanted to go up to him and find the courage to talk to him, but always backed out at the last minute.

After Liz and maria got all their school supplies and all their clothes they went to Liz's house to go & put everything up. "Wow, we shoppoed alot today!" Maria said.
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Liz Parker walked down the hall with maria. They had the same homeroom. She was so glad. They also had 3 classes together. She was wearing her black boots and her leather pants and her red spaghetti strap shirt. Maria had on a short pink skirt with a white shirt that went to her elbows and a pink vest over it. She had on high heeled pink shoes.

When Liz got to her locker she yold Maria she'd see her in homeroom. Maria's locker was on the other side of the hallway way on down the hallway. She couldn't get her locker open. She tried to budge it, but it wouldn't move.

"Here, let me help you." A boy said to the side of her. His locker was beside hers. "There ya go." he said after he'd gotten it open. "Thanx." Liz said, looking him up and down. "No problem, I had that locker last year. It's tricky, wwhen you pull up on the knob you've gotta kinda wiggle it." He said, then offered his hand out to her.

"My Name's Alex, Alex Whitman." He said. "Liz Parker, nice to meet you." Liz said. "Aern't you a waitress at the crashdown?" Alex asked. "Yeah, My dad owns the place." She replied. "Oh yeah, you live at the spanish house, I was walking and I seen the moving trucks." Alex said. Then the bell rung. She got her books quickly then shut her locker, then turned to Alex. "So, um catch ya later?" She asked him. "Yeah, sure." ALex replied. "See ya." She ended. Then ran to her homeroom. 'I hope Maria got good seats.' She thought to herself.

"Gosh, that teacher was mean!" Maria said, while mauking the teacher. It was right after 2nd period. They had 8 periods a day. She looked up and seen Max evans. She had been having dreams about him. He was looking at him. "Hey baby." someone said behind her then put his arms around her waist. It was Kyle. Liz was still looking at Max. She noticed how his jaw tightened when Kyle put his arms around her. She noticed how hansome he was, how his eyes gleamed when the light hit them. "Liz, baby, are you listening?" Kyle interrupted her thoughts. "hmm?" She said, Turning her head to look at kyle. "I said, do you wanna go to the back to school dance?" Kyle asked, his voice dripping with aggravation. "When is it?" She asked, ignoring the way he makes his eyes bore into hers. "Baby, we've talked about it, it's this friday night from 7 to 11. Are you gonna go with me?" He asked her. She noticed Maria had already gone to class. "I've got to get to class." She said then ducked from underneath his arm and ran to her class without looking back. She didn't really wanna go with him. She WANTED to go with Max Evans, But it wasn't her style to ask boys. Boys had to ask HER.

It was after 6th period before she had her lunch period. She bought a coke, then a pizza and went into the lunchroom to find Maria. She was sitting with Alex Whitman. "Hey girl." Maria said when Liz walked up to the table. "Hey, what's up?" She asked, while sitting down on the bench side maria was on."Hey Alex." Liz said. She took a sip of her coke and then a bite out of her pizza. "Ya'll have already met?" Maria asked. "Yeah, her locker's next to mine." Alex said. "Oh, well that's cool. Liz, You and Alex are my best friends and I wanted you to meet him." Maria said, while taking a bite out of her sandwitch.
"OK, What do you have planned tonight, Alex?" Liz asked Alex. "Nothing much." He replied. "UM I've gotta cancel the plans that we had tonight, Liz. I've got a date." Maria said. "Who's the lucky guy?" Liz asked with a grin on her face. "Micheal, my boyfriend. WHo else would I go out with? Liz we've been going strong for like, 3 years." Maria said. "Oh, ok. Are ya'll going to the dance together?" Alex asked her. "Yep, He asked me today in 4th period." She told Alex. "Isn't Micheal Max Evan's best friend?" Liz asked her. "Yep, sure is." Maria said, finishing her sandwich."

Just then Micheal and Max walked up to the table. "Hey sweetie." Micheal said. squeezing in between maria and liz. Liz looked across the table and seen Max looking at her. "There must be something in my teeth." she thought "Hey alex." Micheal said to him. "Hey man, what's up?" Alex asked micheal. "Not much, I'm just thinking about how my baby's gonna look tonight." Micheal said, then gave maria a kiss on the lips. Liz got up silently and walked over to the trash can.

"Hi." a sexy voice said behind her. She turned around to see Max looking down into her eyes. His eyes were so sexy. She could just swim in those eyes. "Hey." she replied. "So, you know maria and micheal are going out on a date tonight, and I was just wondering if you wanted to......................would you like to double date with them?" He asked her. Her stomach did a cartwheel. "Um, sure!" She replied. "Ok." He said.

He walked back to the table with her. Maria was looking at her and smiling secretly. "So, what time are we going tonight?" Liz asked Maria later on in 8th period. They had engeneering cars together. "Well, there gonna pick us up at 8:00." She told her. "Do you wanna come over to my house to get ready? "Liz asked Maria.

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"Liz, you look fantastic!" Maria said, looking liz up and down. Liz was wearing her short jean skirt with a baby blue spaghetti top. She had on maria's black high-heeled flip-flops. "Do you really think so?" Liz asked her. "Yes, you really look nice."

Maria replied. "Ok, but I'd feel more comfortable in my leather boots." She replied. "No, you look better in those, now how do I look?" Maria asked her. "You look nice yourself."

Liz said, while brushing her hair. Maria made her wear it down. Maria had on black capri pants with a pink shirt. She had on black high- heeled shoes. "Do you think I should take my hair down?" maria asked.

"No, leave it in a ponytail." Liz said. "Liz, honey, the boys are here." Liz's mom yelled from the stairs. "Ok, lets go." maria said grabbing her hand bag. Liz grabbed hers also.

When they opened the door there micheal stood holding out his arms for maria. behind micheal was max. He had on blue jeans and a plain blue shirt. "Hi." he said.
"Hey." She replied.

"Um, you look good, as always." Max said to Liz while taking her hand. He held her hand tenderly in his hand. "Mom, be back around 11." Liz yelled to her mom bafore closing the door. When they got into micheal's truck Liz and Max got into the back while Micheal and Maria got into the front.

Micheal's car was a chevy avalanche. It was a nice truck. Liz turned to see Max looking at her. His eyes glistened with the passing street lights. He blushed and turned away when she looked at him. His hand was on his leg.

She gently grabbed his hand and en-twined her fingers in between his. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back at him. His teeth were so white. He smelt so good. 'Adidas' she thought.

When they got to the theater Max held her hand in the ticket line. He paid for her ticket and for the drinks and popcorn. When they were walking to the theater she saw Kyle staring dead at her.

She froze. But just for a second. She kept saying to herself 'he dosen't own me, he dosen't own me.' When she came right beside him she said "Hey kyle." He looked from her to Max and back to her. "What do you think you're doing?"

He asked her then he gave Max a cold stare, then looked back at liz and gave her the same. "Whay do you mean 'what do you think you're doing? I'm on a date, you got a problem with that?" Liz told him, giving him a stare that was deadly. "Liz, you're MY girlfriend, you're not supposed to be going out with another guy, got it?" Kyle said, Liz looked at Max who was looking at her to him. "You don't own me kyle, so get out of the way so we can go watch this movie." She said. Kyle grabbed her and almost slapped her, if it wouldn't have been for Max who grabbed him and pushed him. He fell to the floor, and Liz looked down and wanted to spit on him. But she didn't. She just walked on into the theater.

Liz couldn't even watch the movie. She was too busy looking at Max. She went to grab some popcorn the same time Max did, and their fingers touched. "Oh sorry." he said, pulling his hand out of where she had hers. "No, it's ok." She said getting a little bit. She didn't eat any more. She took a sip of her drink and didn't have anymore of that either.

When the movie was over it was 10:15p.m. and they didn't have to be home until 11. Maria was staying at Liz's house. "So, where do we go now?" Liz asked them when they were all settled in micheal's car. "Well, I was wanting to take you somewhere special." Max told Liz. He had a grin on his face that she didn't understand. "Ok, and where would this be?" Liz asked him. "You'll see." he replied

When Micheal and Maria dropped Max and Liz off at Max's house Liz looked at his house in awe. "Your house is beautiful." She said. "I wanna take you for a drive." Max said, while opening his 68' ford mustang door for her. She got in and he closed the door for her. He got in then got on the highway. "This is my favorite spot. It was where I was found." He said. She looked at him wierdly, then he explained himself. He said. "When I was 5 or 6 I was found in the dessert. So was my sister, Isabel." He said, while turningon a dirt road. The sign on the dirt road read:'dessert, private property of the government.' "Should we be here?" She asked him cautiously. "Oh, the sign, it's just a ward off. The government hasn't owned this plave since 1972. He said.

When they got to the spot Max was planning on he opened the door for her and then popped the trunk and got out a blanket. He put the blanket on top of the hood and layed down on it. She laid down also. "I have to tell you something about me liz. I'm different. I'm not like normal people." Max said looking at her.

"Neither am I." Liz said jokingly. He smiled, but then became serious. "No, when I was found it was 1954. I'm not normal." He said.

"But how could you only be 16 if you were found in 1954?" She asked. "I don't know. I don't want to tell you everything until we get to know each other better." She said. "Ok this is strange." She said. She was confused. "I'll explain it to you later." He said

When he took her home it was 11:33. "Maria must be home by now." She thought. Max walked her to her door, and said "Hey, don't tell anybody what I told you tonight, please." she replied by saying "Ok." He took and put his finger underneath her chin. He gently lifted her chin and put his hands on her face gently, carressing her face. She pulled him closer and finally they kissed. Gently at first. Then it got passionate. When the kiss ended his hands were wrapped around her. They were placed on her lower back. She smiled and said. "Bye." he replied by saying. "See you later, Liz Parker."

ok, should I make this a fic. of a non-fic? please reply

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ok, this gonna be short 2-day because my dad's gotta take this computer back because there's something wrong with it. I think were getting it back tonight, so I'll try to write then.

When liz walked into her house she knew she saw hearts all around her. She went up stairs to her room, and she saw that Maria was already there out on the balcony. She walked to the door and sighed. Maria turned around and smiled.

"Did you night go as dreamy as mine?" Liz asked her. " I dunno, how'd yours go?" Maira said back. After Liz told her everything Maria was practically drooling.

"Your kidding, Max evans has never kissed anybody before." Maria said. "Well, he kissed me." Liz responded. "Listen, I'm gonna get ready and go to bed." Liz told her.

"You mean, you don't wanna go and watch the street racers tonight?" Maria asked her. "Naw, I'm too tired." Liz responded. "But Max might be there." Maria said.

"Well, do you wanna go?" Liz asked her. "You bet I do, Micheal said he was going tonight." Maria responded. "Ok, let me get ready." Liz said

ok, I've been watching the fast and the furious way too much!!! lolz

thanx everybody for the feedback, ya'll make me feel sooooooooooooooooooo special!!!*bounce*
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"So, what do you think?" Liz asked maria, while walking out of her changing booth. "Girl, you look bad." Maria told her. Liz had on a short, short, SHORT black leather skirt and a black bra with a see through shirt over it. You could see her black bra and her clevage all the way. She had on her black boots that came up to her knees with the fire design on them.

She left her hair down and she put sun glasses on the top of her head to keep her hair back. "You really think so?" Liz asked her while spinning around in front of her tall, full length mirror. "Defenately, now what will I wear?" Maria asked.

Liz walked up to her closet and pulled out an outfit that was a school uniform, but it revealed alot. The skirt was really short. the color was a dark green and the shirt was a tee-shirt that buttoned up the front. But The shirt was extremely short in length and the length stopped in the middle of her rib cage. (which was just enohgh to go over her boobs) She had on white stockings that went up to her knees, and school girl style black shoes. She braded her hair in 2 pig-tails that hung in front.

"You ready?" Liz asked her. "Yeah, let's go!" Maria replied. When they got to the old warehouses Liz got out and looked around. She looked everywhere, but she couldn't see Max. "Maria, you see max anywhere?" Liz yelled over the crowd. "Nope, I don't see micheal either." Then She looked in the race way and seen max and micheal in max's car getting ready to race.


and they were off. She couldn't see anything. She walked on the highway to see max get in 1st place, and was the first over the finish line. The crowd screamed and shouted. She ran to his car and seen him. He instantly turned to her and smiled. He walked up to her and pressed her on his car for a heatwaving kiss.

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"You did it!!!" Liz squealed to Max. "I thought of you the whole time, Liz." Max said. Liz just had this urge to kiss him.
To nibble of his soft lucious lips. She pressed her lips to his and kissed him the most passionate kiss he'd ever had. When the kiss ended he lifted her up and swung her around. "Let's go to the dessert." He said.
"Ok, But I've gotta take my car home, and Maria probably has something planned with Micheal anyways." She said. She walked over to maria "Hey girl, Max and me are going to the dessert, you got anything planned?" Liz asked her. "Yeah, Micheal wants to take me somewhere."
She replied. "Ok, well, I'm taking the jeep home and max is gonna follow me, you just come to my house when you and micheal finish, k?" Liz said. "Ok, have fun girl." Maria told her. "Oh believe me, I will."

ok, I know that was short, but I'm about to write another story. I hope ya'll read it and like it. My good friend Pixie is gonna help me write it, so ya'll plz read it and leave feedback to tell me what ya think.
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"You did it!!!" Liz squealed to Max. "I thought of you the whole time, Liz." Max said. Liz just had this urge to kiss him.
To nibble of his soft lucious lips. She pressed her lips to his and kissed him the most passionate kiss he'd ever had. When the kiss ended he lifted her up and swung her around. "Let's go to the dessert." He said.
"Ok, But I've gotta take my car home, and Maria probably has something planned with Micheal anyways." She said. She walked over to maria "Hey girl, Max and me are going to the dessert, you got anything planned?" Liz asked her. "Yeah, Micheal wants to take me somewhere."
She replied. "Ok, well, I'm taking the jeep home and max is gonna follow me, you just come to my house when you and micheal finish, k?" Liz said. "Ok, have fun girl." Maria told her. "Oh believe me, I will."

ok, I know that was short, but I'm about to write another story. I hope ya'll read it and like it. My good friend Pixie is gonna help me write it, so ya'll plz read it and leave feedback to tell me what ya think.*wink*
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the name of the new story is "Heavy Hearts"*wink*
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ok, I'm gonna write another story!!! so kill me! thanks to janelane, whom gave me the idea and the title, thanks janie*wink*! But anyways the name of it is "21 things I want out of a lover" Plz look for it the next time you get on, and give me some feedback. That is really important to me and deeply appreciated.
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"Your beautiful, liz." Max said, looking into her eyes.
"So are you Max." she said smiling.
"No, I'm serious. When I look into your eyes I feel like all of my problem's just go away.
I couild swim in those chocolate brown eyes. You make me feel. Special." Max said.
Liz looked down at his chest, then back up into his eyes. All of a sudden, she got closer to him and kissed him.
His lips wer so soft against hers.
She felt like she could tell him anything.
She could tell him anything.
when the kiss ended she sat there in the passengers side of the car.
He changed the channel, and she heard a song she loned. "Keep it here."

Whoa! My love, my darling,
I hunger for your touch,
Alone. Lonely time.
And time goes by, so slowly,
And time can do so much,
Are you still mine?
I need your love.
I need your love.
God speed your love to me.

"Liz?" Max said "Hmm?" she answered. I think I'm......." he said. "What is it max?" She said. "I'm falling in love."

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea,
To the open arms of the sea.
Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me,
I'll be coming home, wait for me.

Liz grabbed him and pulled him close, giving him the tenderest, most softest kiss she'd ever known.

Whoa! My love, my darling,
I hunger, hunger!, for your love,
For love. Lonely time.
And time goes by, so slowly,
And time can do so much,
Are you still mine?
I need your love.
I need your love.
God speed your love to me.

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea,
To the open arms of the sea.
Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me,
I'll be coming home, wait for me.

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Ok, thanx every-1 for your feedback.
I have a new part wrote out, it's on paper, and I've already wrote enough tonight, so I'll write that and post it tomorrow.*wink*
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ok, everybody, I need ya'll to do me a favor I'd do for all of you. I have a friend, roswellover, who's story called "My life as Liz Parker", isn't getting much attention and it's not because it's a bad story, actually, it's a great story! it's one of my favorite's. So plz go read it and give her some feedback. cause she'll drop the story of you don't.
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Ok, ya'll are gonna be so hot once ya'll finish reading this !!!

Liz woke up in the back seat of Max's car.

He had his arms wrapped around her.

She looked at her wrist watch. It was only 3:15 a.m.

She looked herself up and down. She still had her clothes on.

She looked over at Max who was sleeping like a baby.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! she said quietly, making sure not to wake him up, just yet.

He had his shirt off. She looked at his well built abs.

She had a brilliant idea. She grabbed her purse from the front seat and got some strawberry glaze she put in her purse just the other day.

She quickly opened the small package. Max was laying on his back sound asleep.

She squeezed all of it's continents out on max's stomach and chest.

She began licking it off. Max woke up the instant her tounge touched his skin.

"Good morning." Liz said to him. "hmmmmmm, wait, where are we?"

He began to get up and panic.

"Shh, calm down, we fell asleep while talking and making out.

It's only 3:15 the last time I checked my watch, and that was only a few minutes ago.

Lay down and relax, enjoy this." She said.

He put his head on the arm rest of the door, and watched her lick his chest.

When she was done She kissed him passionately.

"what time is it now?" he asked

""3:30." she answered, while sucking on his lips.

"Do you want me to take you home?" He asked her.

"Um, yeah it'll be sunrise in about 2 hours." She said while getting from on top of him.

When Max got on her road he stopped a houses short of Liz's.

She walked to the front of his car and got on her tip toes to kiss him.

He responded by grabbing her by her butt and pulling her up to his waist.

When she started to climb on the banaster she heard maria singing to "Crazy by kc&jojo."

"I've been waiting here for an hour on you." Maria said.

Liz walked into her room, while explaining to maria what happened.

"That's so romantic!" maria said after Liz had told her what happened.

Liz had already put on her pj's and got into bed.

"well, I want to go to bed, I'm tired, and you know that we're going shopping tomorrow, so let's get some sleep!" Liz said.

Maria walked over to Liz's couch that was on the opposite side of the room where her bed was.

"Goodnight Maria said."

"Goddnight." Liz ended. She turned off the lights with her remolt control and quickly went to sleep.

what'd ya'll think sabout that?

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hey everybody, I have an idea for the next part, but I can;t hardly type as it is cause I'm so tired. I stayed up all night last night, lolz. I 'll write more tomorrow.
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ok, this is short.

"liz, liz" someone was calling her name.

"liz, please, help me liz."

"where are you?"she screamed.

"Go to the closet." a voice said.

Liz went to the closet and opened the door. she immediantly fell in.

Liz woke up screaming.

"Liz, are you ok?" Maria asked her in the dark.

"Yeah, just a bad dream." she responded.

Liz tried to sleep, but couldn't.

She went down stairs and looked at the clock. it was 5:45 a.m.

She went into the living room and turned on the t.v.

One of her fav. movies were on.

"Sleepless in seattle."

When the movie went off she had tears in her eyes.

"Liz, are you crying?"

Maria came in the room looking at her with concern.

No, I was just watching "Sleepless in Seattle."

She responded. "Oh, I love that movie, one of my old time favorites."

Maria replied.

"mine too, wait, what are you doing up?" Liz asked her.

"Your alarm clock woke me up." Maria said.

"Oh, well we'd better get ready for school then." Liz told her.

When they got up to her room liz went out on her balcony.

"What are you doing Liz?" Maria asked her.

"Just seeing if it's gonna be hot or what today." She replied.

"Oh, well what's it gonna be?" Maria asked teasingly.

"warm." Liz replied.

ok, I'm writing another story called "21 things I want out of a lover" and my readers want me to comtinue it, so If I'm gonna continuse it then I probably won't be able to post as much.
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ok, here's the new part, I hope ya'll enjoy it*wink*

Liz chose to wear denim capri's and a red short tee shirt that said "Bad Girl."

She had on red flip-flops. "Maria, u ready?"

Liz yelled to Maria from her room. "Yeah, Let me just put this last ear ring in." She replied.

"Goodmorning Liz, goodmorning Maria." Liz's mom told them.

"Goodmorning mom." Liz said to her mother, while takimg a sip of orange juice out of her glass that her mom sat down in front of her.

"Goodmorning Mrs.Evans, this is great orange juice." Maria told her.

"Thank you Maria, but you should be thanking the 'simply orange' company.

They both laughed. Liz smiled to herself at how much her mom liked Maria.

Who couldn't like Maria? She was sweet, but sassy. Liz loed her since of humor.

After they finished eating Liz gave her mother a kiss and her father one too.

"I'll see you this afternoon!" Liz told them.

"Have a good day, honey." Liz's father told her.

"Finally, I couldn't wait to get out of there!" Liz t9old Maria when they got into Liz's jeep.

"You know what? We haven't took my car not once, we've always took the jeep." Maria said.

"Do you want to take your car?" Liz asked her, while enjoying how the wind blowed her hair.

"Yes, people are starting to think I don't even have a car, My mustang is brand new!!!" Maria said.

"Well, I like to drive, and I like my jeep, and since I've been picking you up everymoring, I guess I won't pick you up anymore." Liz told her.

"Ok!" Maria responded. "Case closed!" Liz told her.

Liz looked over at maria and admired her for her briliant style.

She had on tight blue jeans with a brown leather belt that had strings hanging down the sides.

The belt made her look like shakira in the video "Whenever, Wherever."

She had on a light brown spaghetti strap shirt that said "cowgirl."

It matched with her belt and shoes. She had on brown high-heeled leather ghetto boots.

Liz turned the radio on and turned it to her favorite station.

"OOh, I like this song, keep it here." Maria told her. The song was Usher-u got it bad.

Maria started singing to the song and Liz couldn't help but laugh.

you got it
you got it bad
when your on the phone
hang up then you call right back
you got it
you got it bad
when you miss a day without you friend
your whole life's off track....

"What are you laughing about?" Maria asked her. Liz had stopped the jeep in her daily parking spot ni the school's parking lot.

"Nothing." Liz said while jumping out of the jeep. She opened the back seat and got out her books. Then she put the hood on the jeep.

Liz opened the door of the school and walked in. She noticed that everybody stared at her.

She felt like saying "You got a staring problem?" But she didn't.

"Maria, why is everybody staring at us?" Liz asked her.

"They're just jealous they don't have our good looks and brilliant style."

Maria told her. When liz got to her locker she told Maria to save her a seat in homeroom, and Maria went on to her locker.

"Hey Alex." Liz said when Alex walked up and opened her locker.

"Hey Liz, what's up?" Alex asked her.

"Oh nothing much, I hope your not mad at me about last night." Liz told him.

"Naw, I went out on a date." Alex told her.

"Really? with who?" Liz asked him. She reached into her locker and got her spanish book and notebook out.

"Isabel Evans, can you believe that she would go out with me?

and guess what? I asked her to go with me to the back to school dance."

"Oh my gosh! I'm dying, what did she say?" Liz knew Isabel.

She was pretty cool to hang around with. not to mention one of the most popular girls at west roswell high.

"She said yes!! can you believe it, I'm in love!" Alex said.

By that time the bell ring. Liz slammed her locker door shut.

"See you in spanish class!" Liz said and scrambled to homeroom.

When Liz walked into her homeroom class everybody smiled at her and greeted her.

"Is it just me, or is everybody noticing me?" Liz asked her.

"Liz, face up to the fact that you're popular now. Everybody wants to be you." Maria told her.

"Ok, and why am I so popular now?" Liz asked her.

"Because, you dated two of the hottest guy's in Roswell, and because your best friends with me, and your good friends with Isabel. That makes you, me and Isabel the most popular people in our grade."

"Oh, ok." Liz told her.

***************Later that day in Spanish****************

"Hey Alex, what's up?" Liz asked him.

"Oh nothing much." Alex told her.

She sat down and noticed a note on her desk. On the front of it it read
'Liz............for your eyes only'

She opened the note. "Meet me in the eraser room after 2nd period."

"What does it say?" Alex asked her. "Oh, just a note from Maria."

She hated to lie to Alex, but it said to not let anyone read it but her.
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p.s. I won't be posting the next part till tomorrow, or I might not even be able to post it then cause my sister is comming over tomorrow, so... anyways, If I don't post a little part tonight before I log off, then I'll post a small part tomorrow, and if I can't do that either, then I'll post a part monday!!!
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hey everyone, um I hate to break this news to ya'll, but I'm taking a break from the job for a week or so. I'm going through somethingb right now that I just cant explain, but please have faith in me.
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next part out in about 30 minutes.
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ok, I'm gonna start all over with maria and michael. So what I wrote before about them, just scratch that. I'm gonna do the pov. of everybody. And about max and liz, well I'm gonna scratch the car thing. I mean, the characters are gonna have the same personality as on the show. but I don't own anything.

****outside of the eraser room****
'Ok Liz, just take deep breaths. Hold your head high, and walk in there." Liz told herself.
She opened the door and seen Max. "Hey." Max told her. "Hey, wow the eraser room, I've never been here before." She told him.
"So, um I just wanted to..." Max told her. "Talk about last night." He added. "Um, yeah last night." Liz said.
"Um, Liz?" Max looked her in the eye. "Yeah, Max?" Liz replied. "Uh, I was just wondering......If...I cou....could kiss you." He said. "Yeah, sure Max." Liz told him.
He walked closer to her and touched her hair. "Your hair is so soft." He told her. She just smiled.
He carassed her face and his hand went to her neck. He traced the tips of his fingers down her chest, down down her stomach, and put the both of his hands at the bottom of her back and held her tight. His lips touched hers and softly slid his tounge back and forth, inside and out if her's. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her harder and harder. They both came up for air after sometime. He started kissing her neck.

"Max, this isn't a good idea to be dating the humans." Michael said to max. They were in the jeep cruising. "Michael, just shut uo, ok? I know what I'm doing here, ok?" Max todl him. "Ok, that's it, stop the car." Michael told him. "What? Michael what are you doing?" Max asked him Michael got out of the car. "Michael please get back in the car, I want to go home." Isabel said impatiently. "No, you go ahead, I'll be fine, leave!" Michael screamed out to max. Max just drove on.

Maria was riding down the road in her mom's jetta after school when she saw Michael hitch hiking. She always thought of michael as wierd, and annoying. She rolled down the window. "You need a ride?" She asked him. "I don't know, do I?" He replied. "Well, if you gonna get in then you'd better do it now, cause if you don't I'm gonna leave you in the dust." She told him. He walked to the passenger side door and got into the jetta. "So, why are you hitch hiking?" Maria asked him. "None of your business." Michael told her. "Well, fine you know I ain't even gonna say anything to you cause when I do I get my head bit off." Maria said in anger. "Fine, just drop me off at shady pines." Michael told her. "Fine, I will." she said. "Wait, you live at that tralor park?" She added. "Yeah, what's it to ya?" Michael asked her. "Oh, well nothing. I just never ewally knew....." "Well, ya do now, so just hush about it." Michael cute her off short. "Well fine!" She screamed. "Fine!" He screamed back.

I didn't hear you leave,
I wonder how am I still here,
I don't want to move a thing,
it might change my memory
Oh I am what I am,
I'll do what I want,
but I can't hide

Isabel was singing to dido-resting here with me

*Knock Knock*

"Come in." She said. "Um Isabel, can we talk?" Max asked her, while entering her room. "What is there to talk about?" She asked him. She was mad at him because he was dating Liz. "Listen, I know your mad at me about dating humans, But they don't know about us, and nothing bad happend when we kiss, so you are free to date them too." Max told her. "Ok, you listen to me, for one I don't have to get your permission to date humans, I'll date who ever I want, when ever I want, so get out of my room!" She screamed at him. "Fine, do whatever you want." He told her while slamming the door.

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Liz walked into her house humming 'I shall believe' by sheryl crow.

Come to me now
and lay your hands over me
even if it's a lie
say it will be alright
and I shall believe

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna
be the way you think it ought to be
it seems like everytime I try to make
it right it all comes down on me
please say honestly
you wont give up on me And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe
And I shall believe

Liz got to her room and seen max standing on her balcony. She walked up to him. "Hi." SHe said. "Hey."
He responded. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "Well, I wanted to show you something." He said. "Um, ok." She said. When they got to the desert she looked around. "You wanted to show me the desert?" SHe asked him while stepping out of the jeep. "Well, yeah." He said. He walked up to her and kissed her wildly. She kissed him back and riped off his shirt, buttons flying. He picked her up in his arms and set her on the ground then got a blanlet and then picked her back up and set her on it. "I lvoe you liz, and I want to show you how I feel." He said. She just nodded her head. He took of her shirt and ripped off her bra. He began massaging her boobs while kissing her wildly. Then he took off her pants. She was cumming all over the place. He took off her panties and smelledher aroma. She moaned when he licked the cum out of her. Then he took off his pants and boxers to show a hard package. He slid on a condom and put his package into her. Slowly and first, but then he felt she needed more, so he throbbed in harder, he felt like he was on the edge, and all he wanted to do was jump, so he finally took the plunge and tumbled over liz sweating like crazy. "I love you liz." Max told her. She just sat up and held herself.
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