TITLE: Just the Beginning
CATEGORY: M/L and a little of everyone else
RATING: Will eventually be NC-17
DISCLAIMER: I own much of nothing.
SUMMARY: Liz and Marie are half-sisters. They live with Amy. Their father Jeff got two women pregnant around the same time except Liz’s mother died during child birth and Jeff marries Amy. Amy adopted Liz and has raised Liz as her own. After Jeff suffers a massive heart attack and dies right after their Junior year in High school do Marie and Liz find out the truth behind their births. They were raised believing that they had the same mom (Amy) and were twins. Which they were born on the same day, just by to different women. Marie is handling the news pretty well, but Liz is a whole different story. The stress is getting to her big time and she will make some pretty big changes in her appearance and attitude.

AUTHOR NOTES: I work 40 hrs a week, a wife and a mother of a three (3) year old, so I don’t have too much free time. So if you like this story please leave feed back letting me know if I should continue this story.

Part One

“You know Marie, school sucks!” Liz says as she pulls into the school student parking lot.

“Yea right! That’s why your senior class president, captain of the Varsity Cheerleading squad, captain of Science club, need I go on?” Marie says.

“No, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the students as in the jocks, the bitches, the pot heads, but the nerds are okay cause they mind their on business, you know.” Liz stresses to Marie.

“Well girl that’s life and to brighten your day even more look at the truck parked in your parking space.” Marie informs Liz trying really hard to keep from laugh at the shocked face on her sister’s face.

When Liz gets over the shock she starts shouting. “ That fucking asshole!! He’s got some nerve. I mean He does this shit at least twice a week and I have had it. He wants to fuck with me He got another thing coming. I’m soooo sick and tried of this shit. I’m gonna kill him. He picked the wrong fucking day for this shit. Can’t he read the damn sign. It says “Senior Class President Liz Parker”. I’ll fix him.” She back her car up and pulls into an empty parking space at the back of the lot.

Marie was laughing her head off. “Girl you have finally snapped. I knew that you would but I figured you would last a little longer than this. I actually think you have steam coming out of your ears.” Marie continues laughing as they get their books and head across the parking lot and when they reach the truck. Liz stops and gets this evil look on her face.

“Marie you get this side and I’ll get the other. Let the air out of his tires.” “All the tires?” “Oh yea It’s a big inconvenience for us to park all the way at the back of the lot. It’s to damn hot to have to walk that damn far. I even started sweating. So let him sweat over this shit.” “Okay I’m all done. You?” “Yea let’s go for someone sees us.” “Oh how I would love to see his face when he sees his truck.” “Yea me too. But I think he’ll come looking for me don’cha ya think?” Liz says laugh as they head to the entrance.

“You’ve got him for first period, right?” Marie asked “Yea, its going to be great to throw hints at him for an hour about that truck of his.” Liz says laugh at the picture she painted in her mind.

God he’s gonna be sssooooo pissed. Liz thinks to herself with a pang of guilt. No don’t think like that you’re the new Liz Parker you don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks except Marie, Alex, Carmon, and Amy. Well he deserve it. The asshole. As they walk down the hall to their locker.

“Hey Parker, wait up!!” She turns to where the voice had came from. “Hey Whitman, how it going?” “ Going great! How about you Deluca?” “Couldn’t be better Whitman. Oh by the way Liz has snapped. Just thought you should know cause she doing some crazy shit.” She added when Alex arched his eye brows. “Man you should see what she had me do in the parking lot. It was classic no better than classic cause “The Liz Parker” made me do it.” “Made you do it? I don’t think I had to twist your arm to get you to do it.” States Liz as they turn to continue down the hall way.

Alex ask “Well are you going to tell me what she MADE you do or not.” “Oh no, You’re going to hear about it sooner or later and when you do your gonna flip.” Says Marie still trying to figure out what has come over her sister. She knew that Liz has been seriously stressed out lately but she usually could handle it better than this. Marie figured that Liz would snap sooner or later but not like this. When they finished getting ready this morning and headed down to eat breakfast. She remember how her mouth had dropped open at what Liz was wearing. Liz had on a pair of short shorts really short shorts and a lite pink baby tee that was molded to her practically leaving nothing to the imagination. And to top it of she wasn’t wearing a bra!!!

Liz has never worn anything reveling like this. She usually wore nice pair of shorts with a loose tee shirt. The only thing that Liz wore that was remotely reveling was her cheerleading outfit and if there wasn’t a requirement on the length the skirt she would have had them made a lot longer. She remember what Liz had said when she asked Liz what she had against the short skirts and Liz had said, “I don’t like being paraded around like I’m a piece of meat.”

So you could say this morning was a bit of a shocker. She remember that Liz said she was going to change her appearance and attitude. That is was her last year of high school and she was tried of everyone trying to run her life. But Marie at the time had just thought that Liz was just blowing of some steam and would continue on as her usual self, but if this morning was any indicator of the things that the ‘New Liz Parker’ was going to be doing. Things were going to get really interesting in Roswell, New Mexico.

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