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Title: Unwanted Bride.
Category: M/L.
Rating: NC-17 eventually.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. I got this idea from a book called "Unwanted Bride" by Anne Hampson. Some parts in this fic follow the book.
Summary: Max and Liz are stranger's who are jointed to a inheritence together. The only way of getting the castle/horse station left to them by a stranger is if they marry.
After the wedding they never see eachother again until three and a half years later when Liz gets in trouble. She has nowhere to go so she goes to Pennsylvania; to her husband who happens to be a stranger.
Max kept the marriage a secret and Tess Harding plans to marry him herself!

Prologue being edited and corrected...will be posted back up when I'm finished.*happy*

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Dream Lover MerJ- I cant give anything away but I promise it's a dreamer fic and I hate Tess to death so that should give you some relief about the whole Tess/Max thing.

Teresa- Your question about why Liz regrets marrying Max will be answered in the next part.

Pixie- Liz doesn't know Max at all. She's never even been in a room alone with him. They met with the lawyer once and then they got married. He left after that and she's never seen him again. He's a stranger that just happens to be her husband.

woodwinds- Your question will also be answered in the next part about what the terms were to Liz and Max's marriage.

Thanks to Marteloise, Dia, mpls muse, ISLANDGIRL5, Jessica_01 and boobear1514 also for the wonderful feedback.:*happy*

Here's something I forgot to add into the summary. Max, for reason's of his own kept his marriage a secret. Nobody knows he's Liz's husband__least of all Tess Harding, who plans to marry Max herself!!
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I cant thank you guys enough for the feedback! I'm very touched and I promise to hurry with the next part. Hopefully this part will answer some of your questions.

Part 1.


Liz spang upwards in her bed, looking around wildly. Her tired eye's caught hold of the green eye's staring at her with loath. "Child get up now! We could be making money!" Nancy yelled from where she stood at Liz's open door. Liz groaned and kicked her sheets off, accidently knocking the picture of Sean off her night stand. It crashed to the ground.

Liz sat up and swung her bear tanned legs over the side of the bed and looked down at the cracked picture of Sean laying on the floor with broken glass on the wooden floor. She shrugged her shoulders and then jumped and yelped in surprise when her aunt yelled her name way to loudly. She clenched her fists and turned around to look at her aunt with fire in her eyes.

She crawled across her bed and stood up on the other side so she avoided the glass on the other side of the bed by the window.

Nancy glared at her before turning of her heel and marching out of Liz's bedroom.

Liz ran around her room trying to get ready. She didn't want to upset her aunt more than she was already. She tied her long dark loosely curled hair back in a pony tail. She pulled her light pink blouse over her arms and quickly buttoned up the front. She grabbed her skirt that reached her ancles and pulled it up her legs and quickly zipped the back up. She reached inside her jewerly box and her eye's widened when she pulled out the simple ring that was given to her by a complete stranger. She had taken it off right after the wedding. She allowed herself so re-live that period in her life.

It all started when she was informed that she and a man named Maxwell Evan's had jointly inherited a horse station in the US. Pennsylvania to be specific. She hadn't even known the man but the owner of the horse station somehow had known both of them. It came as a shock that he would want them to have his land when it was considered one of the largest horse station's in Pennyslvania.

Her laywer informed her that Mr. Valenti left it to them because he wanted to keep the land intact.

"Mr. Valenti discovered he had two distant relatives." The laywer looked at Liz and then Max who looked at eachother with indifference in the small musty office in a small town in England. "Since you are both very fit, smart and nice people he had a hard time choosing who he wanted to give it to. First he thought to give it to a man, of coarse, but he felt that this was totally unfair. He knew your ages and backgrounds and his sollution was that rather than having the estate sold and the money devided he would make it a condition of inheritence that you married one another-"

"Married!!" Max esclaimed, shocked and flashing a frown in Liz's direction. "But I thought we are related?" Liz asked. Max stood up to leave and said the thing was off but he sat back down when the lawyer told him too.

He was a tall bulky man. He stood atleast six feet tall with a strong jaw and dangerous eye's that made Liz shiver. This man also ran a horse station but it was located in Australia but from looking at him she didn't think he was born there because he had short dark hair that fell over his eye's and he didn't have a accent.

"You two aren't related but Mr. Valenti was related to both of you."

"Can we get married and then divorse?" Max asked and Liz couldn't believe Max was actually thinking about it. They didn't even know eachother! "You have to be married for five years," The lawyer said with a pause and then, "Mr. Valenti felt this would give enough time for a heir to be produced."
Liz blushed deeply at the thought of what they would have to do to have a heir. Max looked at her with distaste. His dark amber eye's sparking and his smooth skined jaw working to grind his teeth. He certainly had no need to have a heir with her.

"Five years..." Max thought ouloud. Liz could practically see the wheels rolling in his head as he pressed a finger to his temple in thought. "Is that everything? We could get a divorse after five years?" he asked. The lawyer shook his head. "In that case there's nothing stopping us from having an annulment after five years!" Max said to Liz and she glared at him from under her long dark eyelashes.
The lawyer looked over the papers again to be sure and then said, "Nothing." Liz frowned when she discovered where Max was going with this topic.

The lawyer then added that although the couple could seperate, the estate could not be sold up in order that they could share the money. They could not seperate and expect to gain money right after the wedding. In case of a divorse Max was to get the property and pay Liz her share in cash. A large sum right after the divorce. Liz's eye's widened when she heard the amount. In five years Max would have to save up the money to pay to Liz if he expected to buy her share of the horse station because half of the land was hers. That meant she could stay in England and Max could go to Pennsylvania and take over the horse station. Liz certainly didn't want it. It would be a marriage for money and this made Liz feel like crap. Even the idea of living in a castle that laid on the land that was half hers didn't make her change her mind. Marrying for money was just wrong!

"Dad, I cant marry that man!" she had said to her father who laid in his bed. "Nonesence! He's perfectly nice and you need to be taken care of when I'm gone." She knew that her father had called Maxwell and they had talked. About what Liz didn't know yet.
"Dont talk like that!" Liz said, tears already gathering in her eyes. "Sweetheart we both know it's coming. It's better to face it now," he said gently.
"He will even give you a bonus for marrying him. Then you'll get your divorse with no complications after five years because that's how long Mr. Valenti wanted. You can stay here in England and he'll take care of the horse station. In the end you'll be a very rich woman. You wont even have to see Maxwell after the wedding," he had said, pleading with her with his eyes until she agreed to marry Max.

The wedding had been so bad she actually cried when she left the ugly office they got married in. She had gotten a taxi and that was the last time she saw Maxwell Evan's. She had wanted a real wedding when she got married the first time. She always pictured a huge one with her family members. Her father couldn't even be there to even hold her hand when she had to walk into that office alone. Max had been wearing a suit and looking devilishly sexy but she only thought of that now. She hadn't thought that way about him at the time. She had thought nothing of him. She had married a stranger for money and it made her sick to her stomach.

Her father had lived just long enough to get the money that Max sent in consideration of her agreement to marry him. Her father had died not long after and her aunt Nancy always said it was the money he used to pay for his drinks that killed him. Nancy knew that her dad had cancer. If he wanted to enjoy his time drinking when he knew he was going to die then Liz wasn't going to hate him for it. She had even got drunk a few times with him and they had laughed at how unlady like it was and saying that aunt Nancy would have a stroke if she saw the amount of brandy Liz had drank at one serving. Those were the good times.

Liz shook her head to clear her thoughts and she blinked rapidy and wiped her tears away.

She put the ring back into the box and stopped by her door and slid her feet into her brown sandles and hurried downstairs to the grocery store.

When she ran through the living-room she found Nancy sitting in her chair nitting away and Liz glared but smiled when Nancy looked up at her with distaste. I'm pathetic, Liz thought. For being twenty two years old I still let her boss me around. Then again, she had nowhere else to go so she didn't fight with her aunt.

After the divorse she would be paid by Max and then she would have money to move out and be on her own. Until then Nancy provided her with food and a home and she forced herself to be nice to her rude aunt.

She opened the grocery store and sat behind the counter reading a book while people shopped. She only put it down to cash people out before picking it back up again. The days were so boring, she thought when she put the finished book down two hours later. She stretched her legs out from where she sat on the stoll and looked outside.

The front of the grocery store was mostly windows so she could see outside easily. It was a beautiful sunny day in her part of England. Men, woman, and children walked by with smiles on their faces. Teenagers drove by with their music blasting. She sighed heavily and looked around the dimly lit store with disgust.

The bell ran and she looked up to see a group a boys walk in. They were no more than twelve years old she thought. "Good evening, Miss. Parker," the one boy said with a cute smile on his adorable face. When she smiled warmly at him he blushed a deep red. Nobody besides her family or what was left of her family and doctor knew she was married and her doctor only knew because of her name change. She kept her maiden name though. Evan's was only used on her records.

"Hello there," she said but they were fighting over which candy they should get from the candy section so she doubted that they heard her. She shrugged her shoulders and watched them to make sure they didn't have sticky fingers. She could care less if anything was stollen but Nancy kept her eye on everything and if something didn't come up right Nancy would have her butt.

Within a few minutes they approached the counter and threw their candy bars on the counter. Liz knew the prices by heart so she didn't bother looking at the tiny stickers on the items. She punched the amounts into the old fashioned cash register and collected their money. They ran out of the place talking about going to the swimming hole and Liz shook her head in amusement.

Around 6 p.m. she closed the small store and decided to go for a walk. It was begining to get dark but Liz didn't let that stop her. As she walked she gasped when she spotted Sean standing about two blocks up. She wondered why he was standing there and she soon found out when Pamala Troy walked out of a store with a bag on her arm. Elizabeth frowned at the sight. Sean hadn't been able to wait for eighteen months. In eighteen months it would be exactly five years since she got married and she would be a free woman after the devorse Max had promised he would take care of.

Liz arrived home and thankfully Nancy had already went to bed. Liz climbed the steps carefully so not to wake Nancy and gathered her pajama's from her room before going into the bathroom to take a long relaxing bath.

In the morning Liz and Nancy headed downtown because Nancy wanted to buy herself a new dress for Church Sunday. "You should really wear nicer clothes," Nancy said and Liz sighed heavily. "I like the way I dress, Aunt Nancy," Liz said in defense. Nancy hated anything that showed skin or stuck to the body.

Nancy didn't say another word because they reached the store. Liz left Nancy to go buy herself some things.

On the way back Nancy said she wanted to drive. Liz argued that she shouldn't because she wasn't wearing her glasses but Nancy would have non of it. "It's my car! If I want to drive I will," Nancy said and snatched the keys out of Liz's hand.

Liz sat in the passenger seat and buckled herself in. Everything was going great until Nancy ran through the stop sign and right into coming traffic. A car rammed into Nancy's side of the car and Liz let out a scream before everything went black.

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Part two

"I dont think that's a good idea, John," Liz said hesitently. "I dont want to be a inconvience to anyone...epecially him."

"Why the "epecially him?"" The doctor asked from where he sat beside her hospital bed.

"Because it's going against my word!" She hissed out, quickly getting aggrivated. He raised a eyebrow.

"How may I ask?"

"Because the deal was he would live there and I would stay here. After we got our annulement after five years he would buy my share of the land from me."

"Well, see, there you go. Half of that estate is still yours. Since you aunt passed away and left you nothing you have nothing. You need to heal emotionally and definetly physcially and you cant do that here," he said and Liz hated it when he made sence.

"I dont have any money for the train or the plane-"

"I'll cover it. Your being released from the hospital in three days so in that time write your husband a letter if you like and explain why your coming. I'm sure he will understand-"

"Do you have to call him my husband?" she asked, annoyed. She didn't want to see Max anymore than she was sure he wanted to see her.

The doctor smiled. "Well, he is your husband," he pointed out and then added, "and your like a daughter to me so if he gives you any hell just give me a call," he finished and Liz's couldn't help smiling. Dispite everything she knew Doctor John would always be there for her.
"He hasn't responded to my letter," Liz said nervously, watching her family doctor run around the hospital room packing her suit cases with some of her clothes he got from the house she shared with her aunt. Today she was being released weither she liked it or not. After being there for three weeks there was nothing else they could do for her that she couldn't do for herself. The cuts and bruises on her face were still visable but not as ugly as they had appeared before. The surgery she got on her knee was healing nicely. She still limped around but atleast she could stand unlike before.

"It's only been two day's since you sent it. It takes longer than that for him to get it. I'm sure he hasn't recieved it yet," he said while raising her skirt up over her knee to change the bandages to fresh one's.

"Well, that's just great!" Liz swore silently. She hated depending on a man that she didn't even know. She wouldn't admit it but she was also afraid of being rejected. Especially from him. She knew the wedding was a sham but being rejected by her very own husband would really hurt. Epecially now since she was on a emotional rollor coaster. Sean had rejected her. She had killed her own mother during birth. Her father died and left her with a aunt that could care less what happened to her. And she was suffering guilt for not crying when she found out Nancy had died in the accident. She felt responsible because she should have forced Nancy to let her drive and for the fact that she wasn't all that sad that Nancy had died.

"Everything is going to be alright. You'll see," he said and Liz hoped he was right. "Now in this suitcase is all the medical things you will need. I also put your medicine in there along with bandages and creams. Make sure you take those pills!" he scolded her and Liz smiled again. "Yes sir!" and then, "do I have to take those crutches...?"

He laughed at the pouty look on her face and looked at the crutches leaning against the wall. "It depends on how well your walking..."

A few day's later Liz was sitting in a train, looking at the beautiful mountains full of green trees. The beautiful scenery made her feel better already but she still had butterflies flying around in her stomach. Would Max be at the train station? She didn't know but she hoped he was.

A hour later she rised out of her seat and grabbed her three suitcases and struggled with them. The doctor let her leave the crutches behind and she found herself getting nervous about how she looked. She wasn't in the best condition. Her clothes were wrinkled from the long trip and it was about time to take some pain relievers because she could feel the pain in her knee rearing it's ugly head.

Once she was off the train she touched the bruises on her face self conciously. When she realized what she was doing she took a deep breath and looked around the station. Most of the people were hugging friends, or family and there she was standing alone. She limped over to a bench because she couldn't stand anymore without her knee going out. Once she was seated maybe it was the pain that made her cry but the tears were there. She knew he wouldn't show up. It was a feeling she got and now she was stranded at a now empty train station with no money and no place to go. Tears streamed down her cheeks from the stress and she angerly wiped them away. She was sick of crying. Even little things set her off because of how fragile her mind was.

With shaking hands she reached into her purse and searched until she found the right bottle and she swallowed two pills down her dry throat. She looked around and realized the place was practically empty. This place looked like a ghost town. All she saw was land. She didn't see any cars or anything.

She jerked around the next second when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. She tipped her head back to look up at the stranger and when she saw him her eye's widened. "Are you okay?" This man looked worried so she smiled sadly. "Oh, my friend forgot to come and pick me up," she said, not knowing why she called Max her friend when he was really her husband. Maybe Max hid the marriage just like she had been hidding it. The man raised a eyebrow. "I cant imagin that! But who is this friend of yours? Maybe I know her..."

"Well, Maxwell Evan's-"

"Max! He's one of my best buds! Okay, not really but we live pretty close to eachother. It's about a two hour drive from here...I could give you a ride there," he said and Liz thought about it. She didn't know the man and that made her a little nervous but what other option did she have?

"That would be great," she said with a small smile.

"Good," he said and lifted her suitcases and loaded them into his pickup truck. She was glad he didn't ask about her face or her limp. "I came here to pick my friend up," he continued and Liz nodded and climbed into the back of the truck. Liz looked up when another man dumped his things into the back and he smiled at her warmly. "I'm Alex Whitman," he said and Liz shook his hand. "Liz Parker," she said and he smiled and then pointed at the man that offered her the ride. "And that's Michael Guerin." Liz smiled and nodded and Michael.

"Are you both good friends of Max's?" she asked about a hour into the trip. They both nodded. "What's he like?" They looked at her with a weird look. "I mean, I haven't seen him in awhile. We meet in England a few years back and he invited me out here..." she was babbling and she knew it.

"Well, right now he's not home because his aunt is in the hospital," Alex said.

"Maybe that's why he didn't get my letter..." she said outloud. "Yeah, he hasn't been at Shady's for about two weeks," Michael said and Liz found herself smiling. Max hadn't forgot her afterall. He just didn't know she was coming.

"What's Shady's?" she asked Michael. "It's the name of his property," he said and Liz nodded. That's what he named their property. "Does he have a girlfriend or anything?" she found herself asking.

Michael and Alex looked at eachother. "There's this woman that lives with him that wants in his pants. Max hired her as a personal secretary about a year ago and she'd been living with him and his family ever since," Michael said and Liz frowned.

"Wait! He lives with who?"

"His mother and two sisters along with Tess live there," Alex said and Liz frowned. She had always pictured him living there alone with servants or something.

"Tess is his secretary?"

Alex nodded. "Yes and it's no secret that she wants to marry him. I dont know if she and Max are a item but they spend a lot of time together from what Maria tells me." Alex said.

"Who's Maria?"

"Maria is one of Max's sisters. She's super nice. You'll like her."

Liz didn't ask anymore questions after that. Now she was more nervous than before. Max hid their marriage and he didn't live alone. A woman by the name Tess was Max's girlfriend from how it sounded and here she was barging into his life without him even knowing it! Now she felt ill.

I thought that part was crappy. I changed it a few times and I still dont like it but I promised a part.
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Part 3

"There it is." Michael pointed out the window of the rusty truck at the castle that was hidden behind the tall tree's until now that they were closer to it. Liz gasped when she saw it. It was huge and beautiful. She never imagined it was that big! If she had known that then she would have moved to Pennsylvania with her husband. I'm going crazy, she thought. It had to be the heat that was making her think crazy things.

"I wish Max were home," Liz said sadly, already nervous. She was scared, really scared to meet these strangers. Strangers that had no idea of who she was and that she would be asking for a place to stay. Oh why couldn't Max be home?

She would have excepted the challenge but she wasn't feeling well at all. Her knee felt cramped for sitting for so long and she found herself wondering if she could stand at all when they came to a stop. She felt naked without her usual light makeup she wore. It seemed stupid to apply it when her face was already bruised and cut. Her doctor said they would heal without scares if she took good care of them by cleaning them regularly.

Liz remembered the conversation she had earlier with Alex. She didn't know him very well but she was very fond of him already. Or maybe that had to do with the fact that even with the cuts and bruises he had said she looked beautiful to him. She had laughed when he studied her face and grinned at her before saying she looked like a kick ass woman that shouldn't be messed with. Michael kept silent for most of the trip and she wondered why.

She grew so found of Alex she ended up telling him the truth...well some of it anyways. She told him she was actually related to Max instead of being just a old friend. She had said she was a very distant cosin.

As the castle grew closer she got more nervous. She wished again that Max was home but she never was lucky.

She sighed heavily and tried to breath when Michael stopped the truck right in front of the huge castle. Alex hopped out and gave her his hand to help her out of the back of the truck. Her heart was beating so fast she was sure she'd pass out at any second. She stood in the gravel staring upwards at the towers of the magnificent "home" before her.

She felt very hot and her knee throbbed to the point where she could feel the pounding of her heart in her knee. She was thankful to Alex for the helping hand he gave her. "Are you alright?" Alex asked with concern written across his face. She was about to answer him when a high pitched voice interrupted.

"Alex! What are you doing here?"

She had been inspecting the castle so she didn't see the woman until she heard the woman's voice. She lowered her head from veiwing the towers and turned to the side to see a woman of her build with blonde hair approaching them. The girl walked like she was on a catwalk and she heard Alex making a snorting noise under his breath.

He kicked off the side of the truck and grinned down at Liz and then at the woman before them. "We've brought you a visitor. Elizabeth Parker meet Tess Harding."

The two girls stared at eachother as they shook hands. The girls hand was a lighter skin tone than Liz's and Liz thought she was pale! The girls blue eye's were a icy blue and Liz felt like a ghost was suddenly shaking her hand from the coldness she felt. It had to be in the 90's and this girls hands were cold while Liz was sure her's were sweating. That thought was confirmed when Tess yanked her hand away like Liz was squeezing it to hard before running her hand on her pants. Liz had the urge to roll her eyes.

"Nice to meet you," Liz said softly but Tess made no response. Tess's icy blue eye's flickered as far as Liz's feet and then back to her face. Liz held the girls blue eye's until the girl looked away with indifference.

The woman in front of Liz was beautiful but Liz wasn't jealous when she realized how phony this woman was. If Max liked woman like her then all the power to him. She wore a pair of skin tight white jeans that hugged every inch of her lower body and a tube top in the color of red. Her blonde hair only reached to her shoulders with curls that reminded Liz of telephone cord. The blonde's curles were very tight while the curls in Liz's hair were loose and spiral. Liz's hair reached down to the middle of her back while the shiny hair around her face was a little shorter to frame her face. Tess's hair was all the same length except for her bangs which were straight. Liz thought that maybe Tess's curles were fake.

"I dont understand," Tess murmered, now looking at Alex standing a foot behind Liz to her left. Alex eplained the whole thing quickly about picking Liz up at the station. "It's a shame that Max isn't home," he continued while Michael got Liz's suit cases. "But I'm sure you will make Liz feel comfortable."
The girl was frowning, and shaking her head with disgust. She either didn't hear what Alex said or she chose to ignore it.

"There must be a mistake. Maxwell certainly wasn't expecting a visitor."
Alex made a impatient noise. "I told you the story as it was told to me by Liz. Now I've brought Liz here expecting you'll make her welcome."

"Your a relative of Max...or so you've told Alex?"
The icy tone of disbelief and stance of the woman before Liz made her angry. The way Tess's eye's had raked Liz's travel-creased clothes with absolute disgust and lack of friendliness. Everything combined made anger shine in Liz's dark eye's. It took a great deal for Liz to hold her temper back and all she wanted afterall was some good rest. She felt dirty from the trip and her knee was aching and a migrain was approaching. All she wanted was to be shown to a room so she could get some rest. And she really hoped it had a bathroom so she could clean up.

Tess nodded wordlessly at Alex and Liz suddenly felt very alone when she watched the truck drive away. She wished she never came but she was here, and there were other people besides this Tess - who acted as if she owned the place herself! These other people couldn't possibly be like Tess. So she asked again to be shown to a room.

"I'm afraid we dont have a spare room." The curt words were spoken curtly with a look of indifference in her eye's that sparked the angry glare in Liz's eye's again.

"What do you expect then? That I go back to the station?" she asked and Tess turned red.

"I dont know where to put you," she began, when Liz interrupted her.

"You dont know where to put me? Am I to understand that you are in charge of this establishment?" Liz's angry words must have hit home because the arrogence in Tess's voice dissapeared.

"I was here when you showed up and I was a little taken back not having been told by Maxwell that you would be staying." Tess said with her hands on her hips. Her bright red polish on her nails standing out against the white denim and pale fingers.

Liz rolled her eye's. This girl really needed to pay attention when Alex had explained the part about Max not knowing about her coming to stay for awhile. He hadn't been home to get the letter she had sent.

"I asked to be shown to a room, Miss Harding," Liz said shortly, ingoring the girls lame explanation. She might have believed it if it wasn't coming from a rude woman who happened to be after her own husband. She didn't know why that bothered her considering Max was pretty much a stranger. She noticed that Tess wouldn't look her in the eye's but instead stared at the imperfections of Liz's face, being very obvious.

"I said we haven't-" The blonde tried again with aggitation. She obviously wasn't use to being talked to as a maid and as long as this woman continued to treat her the way she was Liz would throw orders left and right...even if this woman had no clue that she owned just as much of this property as Max.

"Then I'll talk to one of Max's sisters," Liz said and stepped around the shocked profile of Tess and managed to climb the steps without crying or even limping. She knocked on the door and a second later a older man opened the door and she asked him to fetch her bags. He looked at her and then to Tess before running down the steps to fetch her things. Liz stood inside the doorway and when the man returned with her things. She asked him to get the others, mainly Max's sisters.

Tess walked past her, red with anger from being treated the way Liz treated her. Liz could hear voices in the next room that Tess stalked into. She recognized Tess's voice and then a tall blonde woman was standing in front of Liz. She looked Liz over the same way Tess had but Liz was too fed up to even care about the cuts and bruises on her face or the crappy clothes she was wearing.

"Tess tells me your a relative of my brother but I find that hard to believe because your no relative of mine," she hissed out and Liz flinched. She had thought Max's sisters would be nicer than Tess. Tess she could deal with but now the pain in her knee was so bad she was fighting back tears. "Miss Harding know's the full story. Let her enlighten you. I really must rest-" She could bearly stand on her knee anymore.

"If you think I'm going to let a strange woman stay at our house your wrong!" The woman said again and looked Liz over with disgust. Just like that! She didn't ask Liz to explain and the part about Liz not being a relative almost made Liz laugh. Wouldn't it be funny to knock this woman down a few inches by reveiling who she really was! This woman would be her sister in law.

The woman kept frowning at her. "Who are-" She broke off as the front door swung inwards behind Liz, who turned automatically. Max stood there, framed in the wide doorway, a giant with black eye's and dark brown hair that fell over his forehead. He wore a puzzled look on his face.

"Max!" Liz sagged with relief "I'm so happy to see you!" And she really was. She'd never been so happy to see someone in her whole life! Next came the realization of how handsome he is. Her tongue tied in knotts and she swalllowed hard.

"Elizabeth...?" The one word came slowly in a deep, low husky voice and his eye's flickered. He bearly remembered what his wife looked like.

Anything that's written like this is close or the exact words of the aurthor.

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Part 4
Liz felt like she was in another world. Since when did her husband get so handsome? Sure, she had only seen him those two times but at the time just looking at him made her stomach churn. The idea of getting married to man for money made her sick and she couldn't see past that...until now. Looking at him now made her very aware that he was a man and that she is a woman and she felt her cheeks get hot.

The way he stood in the doorway made her aware that he was very much in charge of the place and he held a lot of authority...even if other people of the house didn't like it. She heard the tall woman behind her clear her throat and Liz tore her eye's away from Max's and her cheeks flushed again. Since most of her weight was on her left foot she wasn't very balanced so she swayed a little and to stop herself from falling she had no choice but to stop herself by pressing weight down on her right leg and she winced when her right knee rejected the added weight and sent a bolt of pain up her thigh, through her spine and then into her head. Atleast that's what it felt like, she thought with growing dizzyness. She tried to regain her balance on the left leg so she could rest her sore knee but she felt to dizzy in her head to even try. She started seeing tunnel vision and she fought it off. Right now wasn't a good time to pass out. When stress and physical pain got to much she was known to pass out and she felt it happening again.

Max pulled his eye's away from her innocent one's after she looked away. He looked at his sister who stood to the left of Liz and she didn't look happy. She was glaring at him and he glared back until she spoke.

"This woman say's she's a relative of ours and asked for a room!" she said like she thought the idea of giving Liz a room was unbelievable. By now Liz was feeling much better and when Max looked at her she wanted to reasure him that his secret was safe.

"I said we are sort of related," she said and hoped he understood. His eye's flickered like a golden candle in blackness before he smiled brighty and tipped his head slightly, thanking her. She would have smiled back just as brightly but he had turned her to mush with that smile she was still trying to gain control of herself.

Max thought she looked faint earlier and he had to admit she didn't look to good. He hadn't even noticed the cuts and bruises on her face until after he managed to tear his eye's away from her's. Since when was she this beautiful? When he first met her in that office he thought she was beautiful...but in a chilish way. Way too young to be corrupted by himself. He remembered the lawyer mentioning about a heir and he had imagined cradle robbing. She wasn't unattractive in anyway...just she looked too young. Now she looks like a woman and a very beautiful one, he thought after looking her over. She looked tiny and vulnerable and he had the urge to pull her into his arm's and keep her safe.

"Elizabeth why don't you follow me?" he asked when he noticed how she was standing there a little uncomfortable from the glares Isabel was shooting at her. Max glared at Isabel and stepped to Liz and caught her by the elbow and started slowly escorting her down the hall.

"Maxwell! Where are you taking that rat?" Isabel hissed and Max felt Liz tense up. Max spun around and shot flames of his own at Isabel. "Take Elizabeth's things up to a room," he barked out and Isabel huffed. "I'll do no such-"

"Do as I say!" Max bellowed, having enough and Isabel jumped in fright. She moved her eye's from her brothers and down to Liz's and glared before spinning on her heel and demanding the butler to grab Liz's suitcases.

"First of all, are you in pain?" Max asked and grimanced when he pulled her skirt up to her knee, revealing the raw scare tissue that went across her knee cap. Liz blushed when she felt his hot breath on her knee. She bit her lip and shook her head no. She alway's bit her bottom lip when she was nervous and she found out it wasn't a good idea because it pulled on the cut on the right corner of her lip and she winced.

"Your lip's bleeding," he said and quickly pulled a tissue off the huge wooden desk behind them and held it to her lip. She smiled a small smile and took the tissue from him and held it to her lip with her own hand. He sighed and made a grunt when he got up from his crouched position with bent knee's and feet flat on floor and Liz watched as his muscular thighs flexed as he stood up straight. Liz leaned back in the chair he put her in a few minutes ago and watched him watch her.

"Thanks," she mumbled and lowered her eye's, looking up at him from benieth her long lashes. Max made a strange noise but covered it up by clearing his throat. Damn she's beautiful, he thought. Liz wanted to bite her lip again because the room was so thick with tension she could probably cut it with a knife.

"Alright I'll get right to the point. Why do you look like you got hit by a train and why are you here?" he asked, clearly done being nice and now getting to the point. He moved back a few steps and leaned against the wooden desk he had gotten the tissue off of. His arm's crossed and her eye's widened when the muscles bunches and flexed from the movement. She swallowed hard and before she knew it she was talking.

"Actually, it was a car," she said with a small smile and then she frowned when the accident flashed before her eye's. It happened quickly but in her mind it went in slow motion. She heard a horn blow loudly, turning towards Nancy and looking beyond her at the car that was about to slam into Nancy's side. She could hear Nancy screaming and then blackness.

Max watched the emotions play over Liz's face and how her eye's seemed to be in another place. He took the time to study her face. Her face was beautiful and flawless besides the cuts and bruises that only appeared on the one side of her face. He thought that was strange. Her hair shined and seemed to glow from the sunlight that shone in through the blindes. Her hair reached the middle of her back but shorter in the front, perfectly framing her face. She looked small and vulnerable and when he first saw her he had thought she had gotten beaten and that made him angry. Who would hit a woman? Especially one made like his wife?

"You were hit by a car?" he asked and she blinked, looked at him and nodded. "Yes but I wasn't driving. My aunt was driving and the car hit on her side. That's why the right side of my face and right knee is all messed up. I got them from hitting my door from the impact," she said and then went silent again.

"Is your aunt well?"

She shook her head no and then added, "she died in the accident."

"Sorry," he said and she lifted her arm and waved him off. "Anyway's, I was in the hospital for a while and when I was released I didn't have anywhere to go because my aunt died and the house was sold to the greater good. I lived with her. My doctor told me to contact you so I did. You never wrote back and I really didn't want to just show up like I did but I had nowhere else to go," she said, looking at him hopefully yet tentative.

"I didn't respond because I didn't get your letter. I haven't been home because-"

"How is your aunt?" she asked, interrupting him. True concern in her eye's. But how did she know about his aunt? How did she know his aunt was ill?

"Alex told me about your aunt and I figured that was why you didn't get my letter," she answered before he could ask and she smiled when she saw the flabbergased look on his face.

"Alex is back from Sweden? And how do you know Alex, anyways?"

Liz smiled warmly, thinking about what a good person Alex was. "I was stranded at the trainstation and Michael was there to pick up Alex and when he saw me bawling he asked if I wanted to a ride. Turns out they knew you so I figured they were good people. Alex filled me in on your aunt," she finished with a nod and a lick of her lips, watching his expression. He didn't dissapoint her.

"Alex was the first person I met when I moved here all those years ago," he said with a smile and Liz nodded. "He seem's like a nice guy," Liz added and Max nodded. "He is."

Liz averted her eye's when suddenly their eye's met. She swallowed hard and looked at her figeting hands in her lap. She heard Max clear his throat and watched his feet walk towards her, then around her chair and to the door they came through not long ago. She raised a eyebrow at him in question when he opened the door.

"Let's see where Isabel set you up," he said and Liz came to her feet and followed him out the door. Isabel. So that's what the ice queen's name is! Suits her, Liz thought. As Liz followed Max down the hall she couldn't help taking in the scenery. Those muscles and that butt! Oh for god's sake, she swore at herself and forced herself to look somewhere else besides Max's backside.

"Hello," a soft voice said from behind them and Liz automatically turned around. A woman her age and slightly taller stood in the open doorway with a warm yet curious smile on her face. She closed the door lightly and approached them.

The woman had golden blonde hair with the sides pinned up. She wore a comfortable pair of jeans and a orange top that buttoned down the front. Liz glanced up and noticed Max was smiling at the girl warmly.

"Elizabeth meet my favorite sister, Maria," he said and Liz shook off her shock and shook the woman's hand. This woman was nothing like Tess and Isabel. She didn't once look at Liz's soiled clothing with distaste but she did have a concerned look on her face. "Are you alright?" she asked and Liz guessed that she meant her face. Liz smiled warmly back and waved the woman off. "I'm fine. Just tired from the long trip."

Maria smiled then, flashing her white teeth. "Well, I wont stop you then. I hope to talk to you later," she said with a wave and walked down the hallway that Max and herself just came from.

"I can see why she's your favorite sister," Liz said after they climbed the steps to the second floor where the bedroom's were located. Max smiled. "Why is that?"

"Oh she''s not stuck up like Isabel," she said and then she paled. She just insulted his sister! She was quick to speak up again. "I mean, she's...Maria is nice and more my type," Liz said remembering how comfortable Maria looked. Tess wore jeans also but it was easy to see that pants that tight couldn't possibly be comfortable. Tess wore those jeans to show off her curves

"More your type?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "If you want honesty...She didn't judge me when she saw me and she didn't look down on me like I was horse crap like the other's and it seems that all Isabel and Tess care about is appearence. I'm more concerned with being comfortable so wearing thick layered dresses when it's almost one hundred degree's is not something you will see on me," she finished a little breathlessly and Max smiled warmly.

"I applause you. Your correct about Isabel..." he trailed off and she noticed he didn't say if her veiw of Tess was correct. He didn't look angry so she wasn't going to worry about it.

Max had quickly shown her the room she would be staying in. It was two times bigger than her old bedroom. The window's straight in front of her started at the ceiling and went all the way down to the floor with long white curtains. To her left was a dresser and a vanidy and to her right was the large bed. The blanket matched with curtains and Liz nodded approvingly from the door. Atleast Isabel had been nice enough to give her a respectable bedroom.

Liz watched Max walk back the way they came and her eye's moved down to his tight butt and she blushed and quickly entered the room and started unpacking her things. What's wrong with me, she asked herself as she placed her clothing into the dresser and dropped her other things on the vanidy. By the time she laid down on the bed her eye's were closed before her head touched the pillow.

The scent of strawberries reached her nose and her lips turned upwards in a soft smile. She opened her eye's and spotted a old plump lady with white hair washing her hair. Her gentle fingers worked through Liz's hair gently like she knew that a strong touch most likely would cause a headache so she silently thanked her. She never had anyone wash her hair before and the experience was a pleasent one.

The strawberry scent came from the shampoo and Liz smiled up at the lady before closing her eye's again to enjoy it. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on her bed so how was the lady washing her hair? She didn't bother wondering so she kept her eye's closed until the lady said she was done.

"Thanks for doing really didn't have to," Liz said and the old lady patted her shoulder. "I didn't mind. You have beatiful healthy hair. It was a honor," the soft voice said and Liz felt tears gather in her eye's. She never had such a nice compliment. "Thanks again," Liz said and watched the lady walk out after telling her the water was ready for her.

Liz looked over at the huge tub in the corner that wasn't there before. The water was so warm she could see the steam rising from the deep tub. She sighed and made sure the door was closed before sliding her skirt down her legs and pulling her top over her head. She picked a big pin off her vanidy and secured her clean, wet hair on top of her head.

She dipped her toe into the water to make sure it wasn't to warm before climbing in and sighing with pleasure. The steam was still rising even after she finished washing and she just layed in the muscle relaxing water as long as she could. She didn't want to be water logged so she eventually climbed out and wrapped the fluffy towel around her naked body. She wrapped the towel around her body and then tucked one peice under the other above her breasts so she could move about without having to hold the towel in place.

She snapped her bra and reached inside to position her breasts right and then slid her panties up her legs, carefully avoiding her injured knee. It wasn't hurting at the present time but she had no intention of upsetting it now. She wrapped her knee gently with the sterile bandages and walked/limped over to her bed and picked up the top she already picked out after her bath.

She was in the process of pulling the top over her head so she never saw her bedroom door open silently. She put her arm's through the right hole's and pulled the top down so her head came through the hole and with quick, tatented finger's she smoothed the top out by running her hand down her stomach.

When she looked up she just saw the door closing and she looked around for somthing to cover her near nakedness with since her panties were still visable. The door clicked shut and she stared at it puzzled. Who was that? She shrugged and looked down at her bed to pick up her skirt when she noticed the folded paper that wasn't there before. With trembling fingers she picked it up and before she unfolded it she looked at the door again, thinking that whoever came in was the one who stuck it there.

She sighed and opened it and she felt her face get hot.

Here's some allowance to start you off on. If you would like to go into town today then you beter catch up with Maria before she leaves.

Her finger's played with the money and she blushed a deep red. Max had been the one that came in when she was hardly dressed! She cupped her flushed cheeks and moaned.

She quickled finished dressing and picked and dried her slighty curly hair. The curls were so loose her hair almost looked wavy.

She applied a small amount of makeup and hurried downstairs and smiled at the top of the steps when she spotted Maria at the bottom, grinning up at her.

Liz walked down the steps and met Maria in front of the door. Maria opened it and closed it behind them. Liz gasped when she saw the car parked at the bottom of the steps. Maria grinned and waved the key's.

"I'm the only person who has permission to drive my brother's car. Tick's Isabel the ice bitch off," she said in a sing song voice and Liz found herself laughing with Maria.

The climbed down the steps and into the car.

"So where are we going?" Liz asked when Maria gained speed on the dirt road.

"Clothes shopping and I need to pick up my check," she said and Liz nodded in thought.

"Where do you work?"

"At this strip joint called "Wonderful Woman", she said and Liz's jaw dropped.

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I have some editing to do but I'll be back tomorrow hopefully to post the next part. I had the next part saved onto a floppy disck and now I can't find it I'm sure it's around somewhere. If I don't find it tonight I can easily re-write it cause I remember most of it because I edited it so many times. Either way you will have a new part tomorrow. I hope you all like it cause I'm straying away from what happens in the book. ::crosses fingers::

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Here you go! I hope you like it.

Part 5

Liz stared at Maria with her jaw hanging to the floor. She was simply appaled! Maria didn't seem to notice the dropped jaw or maybe Liz covered her shock well enough that Maria didn't notice. Sure, she had heard about the kind of lives stripper's lived from reading books and from other sources but she never pictured Maria as a stripper! And did Max know his loving sister took her clothes off for a living?

Once the shock wore off Liz found herself feeling curious. Even though she never wanted or fancied the idea of taking her clothes off, the idea of it made butterflies swim in her stomach. She pictured a dark room filled with the smell of alcohol, smoke, and drooling men that couldn't take their eye's off the naked woman.

It must be a ego trip to have all that attention. Maybe the attention is what Liz found most appealing. Once her father died she never felt special again. Nancy went out of her way to knock her down, saying she was worthless and Sean seemed to prove it. She hadn't thought about Sean once since she arrived she discovered and she liked it.

The Aston Martin purred as Maria cruised it through bends and turns in the road with experience. The leather seat's and the smell reminded her of the amount of money this car must have costed. She had heard of Aston Martin's before but she never dreamed that she would be riding in one.

She looked at Maria again and wondered how much she got paid to take her clothes off. The idea of stripping kept feeling more and more appealing, she thought with a blush. But what did she know about what men wanted? Sure kissing and petting she could do but anything beyond that made her blush just thinking about it. She doubted that any man would find her attractive. She was short, skinny and she didn't know a thing about sex or sex appeal.

Her skin a pale milky color but these day's men liked the darker skin toned woman. Woman that glowed instead of looking like walking corpses. She looked at Maria and then she remembered that Tess also had a pale skin tone so maybe Nancy had been wrong about what men want.

Half wrong anyway's. Sean's Pamala had a deep tan, she thought and mentally smacked herself for thinking about him. Who care's what Sean wants! She thought sharply and clenched her fists. She was amazed that the pain she felt from his betrayal had turned to anger.

Before she knew it they pulled off the road and into a parking lot. Which, looked like a open spot covered with dirt and pebbles. Liz blinked rapidy and through the wind sheild she could see the sign on the building. She swallowed hard and reached for the door handle and pulled herself out of the low bucket seat. She met Maria in front of the car and Maria smiled warmly.

"Thing's are a little wild in there around this time so unless you want unwanted attention from men you better stick with me," Maria said with a wink, letting Liz know exactly what she was about to see inside. Liz cleared her parched throat and nodded though she doubted any man would find her attractive. I don't have anything to worry about Maria, she thought with slumped shoulders.

The gravel crunched under her light feet as she walked gracefully along observing the old fashioned wooden building. All the window's were tinted black and the color of the wood was a dark brown. The wooden door came closer and closer as she followed Maria and she actually felt butterflies in her stomach.

When Maria pulled the wooden door open all she saw was darkness because the inside was much darker than it was outside. Maria grabbed her hand and pulled a mistified Liz though the door. She stumbled over her feet breifly before taking a deep breath and stepping into the unknown. So far the books she read were right on and it excited her. She felt like she was in another world and she smiled because she liked it.

The door swung shut behind her and closed with a smack. She jumped and squeezed Maria's hand unconciously. She looked at the door and once her heartbeat slowed and she knew she wasn't in danger she turned forward and looked around with wide eye's.

She could feel eye's raking up and down her body in a way like never before. Slowly her eye's ajusted to the darkness and she blushed when she realized why she felt like she was being watched. Because I am being watched, she thought when she noticed sex hungry men looking her over. The smoke in the air made her throat itch but she didn't cough. That would make her even more out of place and they would know it. So she cleared her throat to ease the itch and with a blush they couldn't see she turned her head to Maria who was waving a large bulky man in their direction.

"Shake'em sugar!" a man bellowed and Liz was instantly looking deeper into the darkness. Past the waitress with the mugs of beer on the plater, past the tables of men playing poker, past the bar and her eye's widened when she saw the woman standing on a table surrounded by hooting men. Most of the men wore tight jeans and western shirts and big belt buckles. The woman on the wooden table wore nothing but black stalkings that reached as far as mid thigh and a pair of bearly there panties of the same shade. The woman's hair was a fire red with waves through it. She had a sexy grin on her face while her hands cupped her breasts. And the men sure liked what they saw.

She was shaking her breasts while large hands carressed and grabbed at her thighs and tugged on the last item of clothing she was wearing. Liz's eye's widened and she blushed when a strong hand tore the woman's panties from her body roughly but the even more shocking part was that the girl actually liked it. She didn't shriek or move away like she imagined she would do in that position.

Liz felt like she was spying but she couldn't tear her eye's away from the scene they prosented. Liz's eye's practically fell out of her head when the woman swung around with her back to the crowd and bent over. Liz's eye's tore away when she saw a man about to touch the woman's butt...with his face. She shuddered violently for some unknown reason.

She blushed deeply and looked down at her shoes. Just the smell and sound of the place was something of wildness for her. God forbid everything else! Her anxious finger's tugged on a peice of her hair near her breast and her foot tapped soundlessly on the floor in nerviousness. She heard a loud moan that jerked her head up and in that direction. She heard the moan again but it was louder and when she did find the shreiking girl Liz's mouth went dry. The man sat on a chair fully dressed while the woman bouncing on his lap was completely, shamelessly naked. Her back was pressed against the man's chest and her leg's straddling the leg's between her's. She could see the man had one hand on the girls hip while the other squeezed one small breast.

The girl's long blonde hair covered the man's face from her veiw but Liz was pretty sure she knew who the guy was. His clothes matched the clothes she saw the Michael Guerin wearing yesterday and now that she thought about it she was pretty sure she saw the same truck parked out front. She blushed deeply, feeling like a wanton for watching and the worse part was she never felt so free. Her breasts felt heavy and her lower stomach tingled and her face felt dreadfully hot. And she knew most of what she was feeling was curiousness. Being a virgin and all.

She quickly looked away and turned back to Maria when she heard her name being called. Maria smiled and squeezed her hand. "Liz this is a good friend of mine. Damen meet Liz," Maria said and Liz blushed when she shook his hand. What made her blush was the fact that she was sure he felt the way her hand was trembling and the moistness that had broken out all over her body, including her hands.

"Maria's the best waitress I've ever had and since she is...if you ever need a job just say so," he was saying and Liz nodded. She doubted she had the courage to stay in this place longer than a hour at a time.

Liz watched as the man passed Maria some money and Liz thankfully let Maria direct herself outside after saying goodbye. In the daylight Liz took a deep breath of the fresh hair and Maria smirked. "Sorry about taking so long. Damen sure is a talker," Maria was saying but Liz's full attention was on the truck that delivered her to Max's home just yesterday. So it was Michael with the blonde in the dark corner.

She blushed a deep red because it was Michael doing those nasty things to that woman. She wasn't attracted to Michael at all but the idea of actually seeing him doing something that "personal" made even her feel shamefull.

She followed Maria to the car and she was thankfull that Maria didn't ask any question's about her strange behavior. What she saw in that place was forever printed into her brain and she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing!

"How long have you been waitressing there?"

"About two years next month. The job doesn't pay much but the tip's make up for it," Maria said and Liz nodded thoughtfully, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Doesn't it get rowdy? Like, with me I don't think I could do it," Liz said truthfully.

"It's okay. I mean, yeah, sure. There can be times when I wish I didn't work there but there are men there that watch over us."

"Why do you work there? Not to be intruding but I'm sure you could work somewhere else," she said biting her lip, hoping she didn't insult Maria.

Liz was releived when Maria laughed. "You sound too much like my brother. He asked the same question! The answer my dear is that it's exciting. Nothing ever happen's around here. Yeah I could work at a clothing shop or something but where is the excitement in that? I like to shop when it comes to clothes, not sell clothes. And it's not even like I need the money. Max has more than once offered to support me but I like to earn my own. I don't know how Isabel stands sitting around that place all day. I'd go crazy with boredom...what?"

"You talk a lot," Liz said, her eye's twinkling. Maria made a snorting sound and shook her head. "Okay is my brother inside you somewhere?" Maria asked, looking at Liz for some secret. I wish he was inside me! Liz made a gasping sound and covered her mouth with her hand, looking at Maria out of the corner of her eye. Thanks God I didn't say that outloud! What's wrong with me?

"Anyway' do you know my brother anyway?" Liz saw the curious look on Maria's face and she looked away, shallowing hard. Max obviously didn't tell Maria so why should she? Oh stop making up excuses for lying! Liz shook her head again and answered automatically.

"We ran into eachother a few year's ago actually. He told me about how he inherited Shady and invited me to come out sometime," her voice growing more confidence as she spoke.

"When he was in England?" Liz nodded and licked her dry lip's. Atleast she wasn't lying about that!

"So you're from there too then?" Liz nodded again, grateful that the subject was changing from herself and her husband.

"Born and raised," was all she said. Not ready to share her tramatic life story.

Maria pulled out and drove even farther away from Shady's. Soon they approached a small town and Liz was instantly attracted to it. It had a warmth to it like everybody knew everybody. A homey feel if you could say. Liz pulled herself out of the seat again after locking the door before closing it. Even though it was probably pointless in a place like this. But she wasn't taking any chances with her husband's car.

Suddenly a image of herself sitting on Max's lap flashed before her eye's and she choked on a moan and tried pushing the image away. It faded again but came back even more visual than the first time and she flushed and held her hands to her cheeks with amazement. What's gotten into me? She shook her head and with a shaking hand she pushed her hand through the soft hair on top of her skull and in the process it pulled the long hair away from her face and down her back.

She stepped onto the sidewalk and gasped when she saw her image on the glass window. She looked flushed...and wanting! Like the woman dancing on the table top! She shook her head and hurried to catch up with Maria.


Tess scrambled off the couch, flinging her book where ever it landed as she rushed into Max's study. Her feets clicking against the floor. She pushed the door open to his study and blushed a deep red when Max raised a eyebrow with amusement at her appearence. Like he knew she dropped everything and came running at his beck and call.

She was breathing heavy from running and she felt like fainting from standing up to quickly. She avoided his eye's with embarrasment and flinched when he chuckled. "You ran in here like the devil was on your tail," he said and Tess almost shivered from how his deep voice affected her.

"You needed me," she said like it explained everything and Max frowned.

His amber eye's started at her feet and trailed all the way up her body before resting on her flushed cheeks. He looked at her with indifference and amusement. "I don't need you that badly," he said and then, "I'm not desperate." He said, turning her "you needed me" word's around on her.

Tess gasped and her eye's froze up and she glared at him. How dare he! She didn't understand why he couldn't feel anything more for her than friendship. She had a great body and she wasn't exactly unexpeirenced as far as sex goes.

His eye's challenged her to open her mouth and with all her might she held her mouth closed. She wanted to kick and scream but if she did she knew Max would get rid of her as quickly as possible. Isabel had told her the kind of woman he liked and bitcher's certainly wasn't what he liked.

Max sat behind his besk very comfortable in his chair. The top button's of his shirt were undone, leaving a few inches of golden skin to veiw. His sleeves unbottoned and rolled up. His hair was ruffled and mused from running his hand through it in several times in sexual frustration. He looked like a caged lion and Tess breifly wondered what got him so worked up. Did it have anything to do with that mousy girl that showed up yesterday?

He tapped his pen against the paper's piled up on his desk in a never ending rythem. The silence made Tess uncomfortable and from the smirk on Max's face she was pretty sure he knew that.

"What can I do for you?" she asked finally. Relying on her job was the easiest way to go when Max was in a mood.

"I have forgotten," Max said which was far from the truth but he liked watching her squirm. Tess looked around the room and sighed heavily. He was picking on her for some reason and she didn't like it one bit.

In all honestly Max needed something to do to get a certain tiny brunnette off his mind. It was cruel and rude but trying to work didn't help. All he could see were her gentle eye's and the feel of helplessness that came off her made him mad. Not because it actually angered him but because when she looked at him all he wanted to do was hold her and keep her safe.

He thought he was handling his emtion's well when he first saw her. Then it was all blown to hell when he walked into her room and found her standing there in nothing but panties. She had been in the process of pulling her shirt over her head and all he wanted to do was yank it off. She had full, high breasts that he didn't notice before. His loins had become heavy and after throwing the folded paper on her bed he had escaped as quickly as humanly possible. Tess found herself thinking about the girl that showed up yesterday. Yes she's a girl, she told herself. No where near a woman. Absolutly no threat. But, if that was true then why did she feel this intense hate towards the "girl"? Surely there isn't a reason to feel threatened by her. But, for some reason she felt very threatened and if this brown haired girl thought she was going to get anywhere near her Max then she's dead wrong.

She remembered back to the day before when she first saw Elizabeth. Even with damanged clothes and a beat up face she still looked beautiful and that didn't sit well with Tess. How the girl managed to pull that outfit off and still look sexy was beyond Tess...not that she would ever admit it. Thank goodness the stupid girl didn't know how to use her body as a advantage because if she did Tess knew she'd have trouble keeping Max's eye's on her.

She had to come up with some way to keep Max and Elizabeth away from eachother and she had to come up with something soon. If Max's weird behavior had anything to do with Elizabeth like she suspected then she smelt trouble for her future. The wheels in Tess's head turned as a smirk appeared on her face.

Max studied Tess a little closer and he had to admit that she had a nice body. And she had some what of a brain because if she didn't he wouldn't have hired her. He rubbed his chin in thought and he came up with a idea. There was no use on getting close to his wife. Not when he was possitive she felt nothing for him. He still had the image of her face full of dislike from years before imprinted in his mind. No, she definetly didn't like him. Althought he could make her want him over time but why do that when he could have any woman of his choice?

Max looked at Tess in a new light. He was more than positive that he could take her to his bed and if what he had heard she wouldn't be a dissapointment. He needed some relief and he was sure Elizabeth wouldn't be giving any.

Tess gasped when Max's eye's fired up in a way she dreamed about. And he was looking at her! Over the years she knew he bedded many woman and she had witnessed him looking at many woman the way he was looking at her. He definetly wasn't a saint or looking for marriage. And that was just fine with her. Her insides warmed up when he smiled at her knowingly.

"How would you like going dining with me tonight?" Max breathed out and Tess trembled, licked her lips, and smiled. Her womanly confidence coming back to her.

"It would be a pleasure," she said huskily and Max smiled with a look of pure hunger in his eye's.

"I'm sure the pleasure will be all mine."

I'm a dreamer so don't count on Max getting all mushy or even in bed with Tess. He's just not thinking right from his crazy need to bed Liz. Max's attention is going to be completely on someone else when they go dining. ::hint::hint:: Remember Maria is giving Liz a tour around town. I just thought You'd all like to know that much since I made you wait so long as Araxie pointed out.

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