Title: From the Eyes of the Law
Summary: Valenti POV. Taken from the Pilot. Except for hes in thediner when the guns go off, and things begin to change then. This is just the pro-log.
Catogory: POV, CC
Rating: R

From the Eyes of the Law

Fourteen years ago weird things started happening in Roswell, New Mexico. When three children came into the orphanage their names were Michael, Isabel, and Maxwell. They were only about five maybe six years old no one knows where they came from or who their parents are but as soon as they went into the orphanage they were adopted at least two of them were Maxwell and Isabel they were brother and sister. They were adopted by the Evans, Philip and Diane. But Michael was in the orphanage for two months before he got put into foster care with Hank Whitmore. It was so many years ago when I was the new sheriff and before all the really weird stuff started happening.
My son Kyle had just broken up with his long time friend and girlfriend, Liz Parker. She dumped him for this very shy guy Max Evans. Who I didn’t know very much about no one did really. Him or his sister no one knew anything because they kept to themselves so much. The only people they hung with was Michael Guerin, Liz Parker, and Maria Deluca. Maria and Liz have been friends since I can remember they played with Kyle and Alex Whitman when they were growing up. But not anymore they don’t talk to Alex, at least not that I know of. And Kyle doesn’t really seem to be around the same kind of people. He has been hanging out with Vicky Delany more.
But lets get back to my story. It all started one night in the Crashdown Cafe. I was sitting there drinking my morning coffee when two men jump up in rage one pulls out a gun and lets off a shot. Liz Parker falls to the ground. As I run to the man holding the gun. I swear that Liz’s waitress uniform is being opened by the young man I fore mentioned, Max. He puts his hand on her stomach and there is a light, a weird light coming from her stomach he grabs a ketchup bottle. He breaks the bottle and pours the ketchup all over her and runs away. I never did figure that out until a long time later. I shook it off and arrested the man who fire the gun.


So think I should continue?? Let me know! *happy*

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