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ok this is a new fanfic! YAY! written by me ok so I have NEVER done this before so feedback is really appreciated!
OK so I don't own any of the Roswell characters except for the ones that I made up!
this story is about Max and Liz's daughter in the future (duh)

The petite dark haired girl walked down the streets of her quiet down. She really hated it here, but her parents loved it they said it reminded them of their old home. Whatever, she didn't care all she wanted to do was to get home and sleep. She had failed another Chem. test again, and she knew her parents especially her mom would be most dissapointed. She didn't really care in all honesty she wasn't being fair to them but she really didn't feel like studying lately. She unlocked the door to the condo where she lived and called out "Mom? Dad? Hello, I'm home anybody else home?" Good nobody's home yet. She could still hold of the lecture she knew she would receive. She went to her room and logged on to the net, she talked to her best bud Zoe for awhile, until she heard her parents come in.
"Lynn, honey, I'm sorry I was so late my boss got mad and made me stay for overtime" Her mom was an assistant scientist to this rich old guy, she did a lot of research on genetics.
"Yeah Mom," she logged off,"I was just checking my e-mail. Be right out"
"How did you do on your test sweetie?" her mom began to make tea for herself.
"Don't freak out....." she started.
"Freak out about what?" her dad was home. Oh crap Lynn thought, her dad was really big on her getting good grades he wanted her to go to a good college instead of a community college like he was doing.
"My grades.... " Lynn bit her lip and watched for his reaction.
"If your grades are good, then why would I freak out?" her dad teased," how bad is it?"
"Well, uuuuuummm...... you see it's this...."
"Lynn." her mom warned.
"It's only one test, and well I mean I can make it up if I don't fail any others so it's ok right?"
"Lynn, what was your actual grade?" her mom looked concerned.
"It might have been a 37%"
"LYNN NANCY EVANS!!!!" her mom didn't look concerned anymore, just livid.
"I thought you were doing better in that class!" her dad looked really dissapointed.
"Look," Lynn tried really hard to reason with them," I fell alseep while I studying and..."
"Oh Lynn that's not an excuse" her dad said.
"Honey, you can't fail a class you won't be able to get into a good college, you need to start applying yourself, you are so smart if you only-"
Lynn cut her mom off " Yeah mom I KNOW!"
"Don't yell at your mom she is trying to help."
"Well not if it's stuff I already heard before!!" Lynn was really angry now, God why couldn't her parents just leave her alone, it's not like I planned to fail it she thought. "All you do is get on my case about how I need to get good grades, how I need to apply myself, well you know what I AM SICK OF IT !!!" Lynn started screaming at them, and all of the cabinets in the kitchen started banging open and closed. The drawers started to slam open and shut too. Lynn stopped yelling and looked around. What was going on?
"Mom, Dad what's going on?" just as suddenly as it had begun, the cabinets and drawers all shut and stopped opening and closing.
"Honey, why don't you go take a shower and we'll talk about your grade later, ok?" her mom didn't look freaked only worried, what was going on??
"Yeah, this can wait until after dinner." were her parents trying to get rid of her so they could talk.
"Ok, Mom, Dad I'll talk to you later." she went around the corner to her room and bathroom. She stopped and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.
"Max, did you do that?"
"Oh my God! Do you think it was her?"
"Oh God Liz I just don't know anymore, I thought the blood tests proved she was human."
"They did... but Max if she is showing powers, what does this mean, could Michael and Maria's child be doing the same?"
"No, they would have called us first."
"Should we call them? I think that they should know in case Greg starts showing powers too."
"Yeah, I'll call Michael from work tomorrow," Max sighed," I thought I finally escaped my past, and now it's affecting my future." he sat down across from Liz.
"Oh, maybe we never escaped it Max, maybe we were only hiding from it."
"I think that I will hold off on calling Michael until I find out what all this means, until then......"
"How are we going to explain this to Lynn?"
"I don't know we'll think of something, I thought it was impossible for her to have powers, Tess and I......."
"I know Max, believe me I know."
Lynn hurried away and ran into her bathroom, she turned on the faucet. She wondered if her parents would suspect that she had listened in, well nothing she could do about it now. What were her parents talking about, who was Tess, and for that matter who were Michael and Maria? She promised herself that she would find out as soon as she could.

SO. OK, I know it's not very long but I hope that everyone who reads it likes it. Puuuuuhhhleeeeeease, post feedback, it'll help me know if I should continue on.

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Well here goes Chapter 2
Oh and in reply to jbehrsgurl: no way would they not be friends but they had to seperate for reasons that will reveal themsleves later! And I want to thank Shama and LuckyStar and Jbehrsgurl *big*

Lynn sat down at the dinner table, and looked at her parents who were staring at her like she was crazy.
"Nothing, uum honey we wanted to know if you've ever done anything else out of the oridinary you know... moving things with your mind, changing the shape of things...... " her mom trailed off.
"We were just wondering thats all. So lets eat." her dad always trying to maintain calm.
"Ok....."suddenly Lynn couldn't keep her mouth shut anymore," Mom, Dad you guys know what is going on with me don't you? What is it? I think that I of all people have a right to know!"
"Well, we don't know right now, but when we do we'll tell you."
"DAD! Thats not good enough, what else is there?"
"We are NOT getting into this right now and that's final."her dad ended the conversation about her freak episode. Dinner was silent after that, except that Lynn noticed that her parents were looking at each other and then at her with big question marks in their eyes.
***** = scene change I guess
"So then they just stopped talking about it?!" Lynn had told Zoe everything that had happened the night before.
"Yeah, it was really weird you know......"
"ohmygod! Maybe you have like superpowers or something! OH, OH wait I know your dad is like superman by like day or something and you inherited his powers but he didn't want you to so he is hiding them from you becuase you know he doesn't want you to get hurt or anything bad like that!!"
"Zoe, you're crazy I don't think so." She had reached her locker and started to twist out the combo, when Zoe stopped her.
"You should like try to do more! You know like practice then when you're really good you can be like Wonderwoman or who was that chick that went invisible??"
"NO! Zoe I don't WANt to be a superhero, I want to be me." Lynn rolled her eyes.
"Well..... I still say you should try like using your powers or mind control or whatever you want to call it on purpose it could turn out to make your life easier!"
"Ok, but what can I try doing?" Lynn leaned against her locker.
"ohmygod! I know!"
"Open your locker."
"Ok," Lynn turned and started to twist out her combo again.
"NO!! Like with your mind!"
"Oh ok got it." Lynn concentrated really hard on making her locker open, she stared at it for awhile until she started to get a headache from all the concentrating.
"I can't."
"Yes, yes you can just think about the lock twisting and the door opening."
"Zoe, this is crazy maybe there was like a gust or something in the kitchen."
"Um. No. I mean look at how your parents acted."
"Yeah, well maybe I can't control them."
"No way. The control freak, not being able to control something! Just try! Think like happy thoughts or something."
"Fine," Lynn turned back to her locker,"if only so you get off my back." She thought about how she was angry in the kitchen and she tried thinking angry thoughts instead of happy ones like Zoe had suggested.
The locker wouldn't budge, Zoe finally gave up and let Lynn open her locker the "human" way.
"What now?" Lynn said as she got out her geo. book.
"Look at that guy!"
"Which guy are we talking about and what happend to Jared?"
"Well, I've never seen THIS guy and what?, Jared and I are still so the couple. I am talking about for you!"
"Right,"Lynn sighed and turned around to face the newest matchmaking attempt of Zoe's,"wow," was all she could say. Zoe was setting her standards a little too high even if it was a new guy.
"I know and look he walking over here!!" Zoe squealed,"I am going to leave you two ALONE!! bye bye gotta fly" and Zoe was gone. Fabulous, Lynn thought that was all that she needed a new boyfriend, geez all guys thought about was the best way to get their hands up your shirt. Whatever.
"Hey," the new guy walked right up to her. He has a great voice, she couldn't help thinking.
"Hi." Lynn was giving out any info unless he asked for it.
"I'm Ben, and you are?"
"Huh?," Lynn was distracted by his really green eyes," Oh, Lynn."
"Pretty name." she looked pretty too, she had this really big hazel eyes and really long black hair.
"Oh you too." Why am I so stupid? Lynn thought. He laughed,"Thanks, no one has ever said that before"
"Wonder why." Lynn you keep digging this whole deeper and deeper,"Sorry stuff like that just slips out on occasion. Are you new here? What classes do you have? Where are you from?"
"Whoa, slow down. Yeah, I'm new and I have Geometry first, Study second, P.E. third, Chemistry fourth, Spanish fifth, English sixth, and World History seventh, and I am from New Orleans."
"Hey thats cool! The whole New Orleans thing right? I remember my parents took me there for Mardi Gras one year."
"Yeah, it's usually pretty crazy, but it gets REALLY crazy during the whole week before and after. What classes do you have?"
"Oh, me, you want to know my classes?" Am I turning into an idiot or what, Lynn noticed that Ben smelled really nice.
He laughed again,"Yeah thats why I asked you." He smiled down at her, she was really tiny, he wondered what grade she was in.
"I have Geo. first, Photography second,French third, Chem fourth, P.E. fifth, English sixth, and World History second." She smiled up at him, he was really tall.
He really liked her smile it made her whole face glow or something.She was in his grade too, at least he thought so, and they had a ton of classes together. Great even better.
"Ok, well nice meeting you, Ben" she stuck out her hand, how cute," maybe I'll see you in my classes sometime." He shook her hand, then the bell rang,"Well now it's really time to go. See you." she started walking and he followed her. She turned around and gave him a dirty look " Are you following me?"
"I AM new here."
"Right, so let me see your schedule." She looked it over,"Come on we have Geo in the same class, hhhmmm," she looked at his schedule again," that goes for the other ones we have at the same time too."
"Wow. Since we have so many classes together you want to show me around?"
"ummm.... tour guiding isn't really my forte."
"Well, it's a good skill," he smiled at her, girls told him that he had a killer smile he hoped that they were right.
Oh God, he's smiling at me, wow he has a great smile. How can I say no to that? You can't Lynn. "Ok, sure why not?"
"Great! Lets go before we are late." Ben pulled her down the hallway."Where to?"
"Elizabeth, it's for you." Liz's boss really hated interruptions, especially when it was a call for her.
"Hello?" Who could it be, Lynn new to never call her at work, and Max would have come here if it was an emergeny.
"LIZZY!!" she recognized that voice.

OK so well. Feedback is much appreciated! I love it and need it because if something gets stupid then I should know and for everyone who likes it, Well I think a little bit of praise or whatever is good for a body. *happy*

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OK, so I first off want to thank Lucky Star and in reply: I don't really know what I am going to do with Zoe quite yet,but right now she is too cute to make her evil or something, but you never know........
And also to Lizzie Parker: I don't know that this is going to be a fanfic of Liz/Max as it is about the second generation, b/c I don't know the show ended at a really nice place for them the only unresolved issue seemed to be the alien kingship. So I wanted to resolve that*big* first.

Ok, so I have some ideas but also one question does anyone know Jesse the lawyer's last name? It's not important but it is sorta a little piece of the story. So well I'll be posting more with in the confines of the day.
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Well thank you everyone who reads these! I want to also thank JaneLane for telling me Jesse's last name, and I also want to thank Jessica_01 you guys are sweet!

So here is the INFAMOUS Chapter 3
** We are still at the phone conversation with Liz and Maria and Maria has something really big to tell Liz. There are also a few discoveries for Lynn.

"YEAH! It's me! Aren't you happy to hear from me?"
"Are you sure it's safe?" Liz didn't want to put anyone in danger, she knew it was safe right now, but....."
"Yes, of course! Still paranoid Lizzie?"
"I guess so..."
"Well, you didn't even let me tell you my news!"
"What is it?" Liz knew that she couldn't win with Maria.
"We're moving here!"
"WHAT?!! Maria are you crazy you could put us all in danger!"
"Liz, I think that they have given up! It's been almost 13 years! I miss you, Michael misses Max, I KNOW you miss me!"
"Oh, Maria, I can't help but wonder..."
"Don't worry chica, tell me where you are and we can do some major catching up!"
"I can't leave work Maria, I'll lose my job, tell me where you are and I'll come see you I get off at 5:30"
"Oh, I am on the Holiday Inn on Parkview Drive."
"Ok, I will come see you straight after work is Michael with you?"
"Yeah, the whole family is here, but the kids are at school and Michael is job-hunting, I was

supposed to be house hunting but you know I didn't really want to, so I called you instead."
"Ok Maria, see you in a few hours,k?"
"Liz are you glad that we came?" Maria was so good at reading Liz's voice.
"Yeah totally! I have missed you! I am just worried about Lynn...... tell you about it when I see you ok?"
"Yeah, see you later Liz."
"Bye Maria," Liz smiled it would be really good seeing Maria after all of these years, had missed her. She hung up and called the condo, "Lynn it's Mom, I won't be coming home till later so you will have to fend for yourself, you can take money from the tin and go out, k? Love you, bye."
Liz also paged Max, letting him know what was going on, in case he ran into Michael later. She sighed and wondered where all of this was going to lead them. A thought occured to her, she knew that Maria would come without any reason other than missing her, but she knew Michael would want a reason before knowingly pitting his family in danger. She wondered if Greg had developed powers, it would make sense, since Lynn and Greg were the same age. She suddenly wondered if Isabel was ok, she had dissapeared 13 years ago and no-one had heard from her since. Liz had always assumed that she had gone to find Jesse Ramierez(spelling?) but she honestly didn't know. She knew that Max constantly worried about it, but there was nothing to be done. No-one knew where Jesse was, therefore there was no way they could find out. She cut off her thoughts there, and went back to concentrating on her work.
"Lynn!! OOOHH Lyyyyyynn!"
"Hey Zoe." Lynn turned around glad that school was finally over, today had been one of those days, Ben had made it better, but he was also the reason. Whatever.
"Soooooo, I saw the new guy following you around all day,"she grinned," Do you have a new puppy?Awwwww, how cute!"
"Zoe, I don't think so, come on I mean once Tasha Dixon sees him, I'm toast."
"Whatever! That girl so has nothing on you! The only thing she's got that you don't is rubber boobs."
"Oh lordee, are you serious?" Lynn had never heard that rumor before.
"Well, thats what Colby Fairfield told Jared in the locker room today."
"Oh, like I would would trust Colby. I mean come on the guy has like a new girl every week."
"Yeah, but come on, any and all dirt on Tasha is completely acceptable."
"Yeah I guess..... Listen, I really have to go, my mom was supposed to get off a 1/2 and hour early today, and if I don't clean up my room and the kitchen, she will be pissed."
"You should hire a maid service, it's what my mom does."
"Zoe, your mom gets like $2,000 a month in child support."
"Yeah well my dad is a rich bastard what can I say?"Zoe laughed and walked away, she turned and waved,"Come to my house this weekend, I am going to have an off the hook party!"
"You do every weekend!" Lynn called back. Zoe just waved and put on her sunglasses. Lynn walked down the hallway rushing because she had to stay an hour later than usual to retake that stupid Chem. test. She ran right into another person, "Oh I am sorry! I didn't mean to! I just really have to get home!"
"Need a ride?"
"What?" Lynn looked up, it was Ben, lucky her.
"I have my Dad's car, he took his bike, so I can can drive you home," he said taking her books for her.
"Uuummm.... thanks."She followed him out to the parking lot and to a really nice Echo car, it was silver.
"Yeah, no problem.Where do you live?"
"Oh on Jensen and 3rd."
"Uh, and where is that?"He opened her door and handed her, her books.
"Just get in and I'll show you."
"Here right here! NO STOP!" Lynn was laughing so hard, he was really bad at following directions, or maybe she sucked at giving them either way, they were three apartment complexes too late.
"Oh back there, Willford Condominiums?"
"Yes!" She giggled, he had kept turning too early or too late, at first she thought he was doing it on purpose but after awhile she gave up and pretended that she had no idea what was going on. She did like him, she just didn't want her heart to get broken or trampled on or ripped to shreds.
"Well, I thought you meant here..... which is..."
"Fairview Apartments."
"Right, so now I know where you live this is a good thing." He smiled at her.
"hmmmmm," she didn't answer him, just smiled,"Oh here, yeah that one thanks." She started to get out but he put the car in park and told her to stay put, he ran around to her side and opened the door for her. She handed him her books, and got her bag out. He walked her to her door, still holding her books.
"Don't I get a good-bye kiss?" He grinned.
"Since this wasn't a date.... no."
"Sooooo.... what you are really saying is that you want me to take out first and then I'll get a kiss?"
"Nooooo... what I am really saying is-"he cut her off.
"Ssssshh," he put his finger on her lips,"I am going to ask you out now, and behave!"
"No, no protests," he shook his head,"Will you go to the movies or dinner or whatever you feel like doing? I really like you Lynn."
"Lynn," he scolded,"be honest now. Honesty is a virtue and lying is a sin." He teased.
"Well, since you won't let me say no..... I'll go out with you." She rolled her eyes.
"Great see you seven on Friday, and don't be late." he ran back to his car. Lynn hurried to get inside she hoped that she still had time to clean up, it looked really cloudy outside she hoped that it didn't rain. She hated her parents driving in the rain, it was too dangerous here. On the east coast it sometimes poured so hard that you couldn't see two inches in front of you. Rain also mean fog, and fog was REALLY dangerous. She sighed and went inside. The answering maching had a new message, she pushed play and her mom's voice came on telling her to fend for herself. Her mom sounded almost edgy she wondered why. She deleted the message and called the pizza place, ordered a medium with pepperonia and extra cheese, and hung up to wait for it.
While waiting she decided to see if Zoe was online, she logged on and tapped her fingernails against her desk and waited for her menu to pop.
"You have one new e-mail!" The computer told her.
"From who?" She clicked on the icon. It was called important message, and was from unkown. She read it quickly and gasped, "What the -, Who is Kivar, I don't have Uncle Kivar. Who does this sick pervert think he is?" she quickly typed a reply saying that she didn't talk to icky, fat old men who wanted to have sex with young girls she also told the dude that if he ever e-mailed her again she would call the cops. She hated guys who did that, ugh got online and tried to seduce 16 year old girls. GROSS!
She was still raving about sick old men and perverts when she got an im from and un-known user. She clicked yes to accept. It was that Kivar guy, he must read really quickly, she thought. GO AWAY!! she typed, OR I"LL CALL THE COPS!! really? he typed back he didn't seem at all concerned.
YES. She really hated aol for letting stuff like this happen.
oh I don't think so. This guy was way too confident. I know about your powers and I know how you got them. This guy was too much. What was he talking about powers? Whatever she was ending this conversation right now and changing her screen name while she was at it. She logged off, and went out to the living room to watch T.V until the pizza boy came.

**OK sorry y'all. I meant to put more Liz/Maria in, I really did but things got ahead of me, and I just took off. I promise the next part will have more of them and Max/Michael too. I just had to get this story off the ground. The next parts will probably be catching up on what happened since the show and now, and a lot of details for Lynn and Greg.
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Ok, so I want to do a shout out to all the lovers of my story. You make me happy, I want to thank Shama and Lucky Star!(BTW I really loved your fic little sister write more soon it ROCKS!)

So here is the not very long awaited Chapter 4, being as how it's summer and I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time! Not that there is anything better that I could be doing.

Liz drove right past the Holiday Inn, and had to make a U-turn right in the middle of the street, not that it mattered because the town was virtually empty. She parked her car, and didn't even have a chance to open her door because someone was already opening it for her.
"OH MY GOD!! LIZZIE!" Maria grabbed her in a hug, and Liz held on for dear life.
"God, has it really been that long, Maria?"
"Oh, babe you have no clue what it has been like with only MICHAEL for company. I mean it!" she laughed, and Liz laughed too. It felt like she hadn't laughed, really laughed for a long time. She put her arm around Maria, and they walked up the stairs to the hotel room.
"So, why did you come?" Liz wanted to tell Maria everything, but if Maria and Michael had a more important reason, then Lynn's little power outburst was not first on her list.
"We think that the kids might have powers."Maria was always a blunt, right-to-the-point person.
"Really?"Liz wasn't giving any details yet,"Why would you think that?"
"Greg has been acting so strangely lately, he can sneak out without making a single noise, and come back in and no-one is the wiser."Maria sighed.
"How did you find out?" Liz sat on the bed next to Maria.
"Michael couldn't sleep and caught him coming in, the thing is we locked the doors every night, and only Michael and I know the code for the alarm system. If Michael hadn't been up......"
"Yeah, I completely understand."Liz sighed inwardly, and started to explain what had happened with Lynn, and Max's theory on it.
"Hello, I am looking for Max Evans." a tall young man asked the receptionist. She eyed him, his hair looked wind-blown, like had a bike, and he must have been a total rebel in highschool. She could peg 'em alright she had seen and could identify every type that walked through that door."Yes, and you are?" She raised her perfectly arched eyebrows.
"An old friend."
"Does this old friend have a name?" She looked down her nose at him, he felt like he was in the third grade with that awful teacher who made him spell words in front of the class. Spelling bees my ass, he thought, what she really wanted was to look down her nose at you, if you got an answer wrong. That teacher had loved Max.
"Yeah, but I'm not giving it to you, so can you just call him and tell him that an old friend is here, he'll know who it is." Michael glared at her.
"Fine." She picked up her telephone and punched some numbers, she quickly spoke into it,"Mr. Evans? There is some-one here to see you, Whom? He says that he is an old friend of yours... No actually I couldn't get his name." She hung up and turned to Michael,"He'll be right down." She resumed her typing, and Michael went to sit on a cheap plastic chair, that had been placed there for comfort, he thought not they were pretty damned uncomfortable if you asked him. He really hated places like this, institutes for whatever. That were just too cheap to buy real chairs. For chrissake all he wanted was a decent chair, you would think that people-
"MICHAEL?" Max's face was the perfect picture of utter and complete shock he never expected to see Michael of all people. Jesus, something must be really wrong.
"Yeah, come on Maxwell we don't have any time to waste I need to explain why I am here. It's regarding the whole thing since Is left I managed to find out some stuff about....." he trailed off.
"Not here, I know. Come on I can take an hour off, because I worked through lunch." Max turned to Shirley, the receptionist," Shirley, I'll be back in an hour can you take any messages for me?"he flashed her his, well what should have been, million dollar smile.
"Of course Max Evans,"she smiled at him,"that happens to be my job here," she giggled. Michael was stunned that old lady had just giggled? At MAX? Oh man, he should have known, Max always was a charmer.
"Thank you,"Max turned to Michael," Come on lets go."
"Are you serious?" Maria couldn't believe her ears," So you're saying that you and Max's daughter had powers? But Tess and Max........?"
"I know and that changes everything,"Liz just shook her head and sighed,"at first I thought that we had missed it or something when Lynn was little, but Max thinks that the powers don't start until they turn 16, but if thats true... then Max's son........."
"Oh my God! You have to find him!"
"Find who, Max?" Liz was totally confused.
"No... his son, you have to find Max's son Liz."
"No shit? You too?" Michael was really worried now, I mean the kids were more human than alien, and what did this mean for Max's son?
"Yeah, she just got so angry and started to lose control of her emotions, she holds back with us I think." Max looked down,"She's too scared to dissapoint us, and she is always in control of what she shows and doesn't show. Even when she was three,I remember her favorite Barbie got ran over by a bus, and she was upset, but she told Liz and me that she would take better care of her other Barbies. She never even cried, or threw tantrums. I always wondered what would happen when she lost her cool, now I now and I wish I didn't"
"Greg is so like Maria, sometimes it scares me." Michael laughed," he was always very good at knowing what he wanted a using any means necessary to get it. whether it was by guilt tripping Maria, or throwing a tantrum. I just never thought that he would have powers."
"Do you think we should tell them? They have a right to know, we aggreed on a need-to-know basis, this seems to be a need-to-know situation. What if someone notices them? FBI? Kivar?"
"Max there is one more thing..."Michael grimaced.
"Well... it's about Isabel......."
"Yeah go on."
"She found Jesse an-"
"So? Good for her."
"No there is more, she had two kids-"
"That's it why are you worried?"
"They were not human Max."
"What!!? That's not even possible Jesse is entirely human!"
"Apparently it is, and they had to run from the hospital where she gave birth because the doctors knew that something was up."
"Are they-"
"The kids, Max, they were boy girl twins."

**Sorry to cut you off, but it is way way past my beddie by time, and I am fresh out of ideas. If anyone has any, I would love to It would make me feel so much better. And as always feedback is so wonderful, even if it's not positve. Does everyone like where this is going so far, don't worry there will be... I think the big discovery of the past and the path for the future will be determined. It just takes me awhile to get there. LOL

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Ok, so I want to say thank you to Roswellluver and Lucky Star, and everyone else who reads this but doesn't reply *big* So this chapter might be rushed because I have to babysit in like an hour! and I am talking on the phone so I am semi-distracted.

Chapter 5

There are some things you should know before reading!
One, all the adults have gotten together and discussed their best option which is telling the kids.
Two, we are at the part where they are getting all the kids together.
Three, Isabel and Jesse's kids are only three years younger than the rest, I made it seem like they had just been born but not true.

"Lynn, would you come out here please I want you to meet someone?" Lynn heard her mom's voice, and she could hear her dad's and some other peoples too.
"Sure mom. Be right out." Lynn decided to change from her pjs to something more appropriate for guests. She put on a light blue knit top and jeans.
"Oh, Lynn there you are." Her mom turned to the lady next to her, who promptly clicked off her cell phone.
"Lynn!?" the lady knew her,"Liz! Oh my God! She got so big." The lady's big green eyes started to tear up.
"Ummm. Hi?" Lynn was envelpoped in a big hug by the lady.
"It's me Maria, your adopted aunt!"
"My mom has an adopted sister?" Lynn did not understand what was going on.
"No! I am your mom's best friend sweetie, and your godmother!" The lady, Maria, pulled back and studied her."You are the perfect mix of the two, you have her hair and his eyes." She seemed to be talking to herself.
"Maria," another guy interupted,"Let me say hi too." Lynn studied him, he really reminded her of someone she knew, she couldn't quite place it."Hey kiddo, you remember me?" he was someone she was supposed to remember? He suddenly grabbed her and lifted her up and swung her around. She was laughing by the time he had put her down.
"UNCLE MICHAEL!!" She did remember him, he had done that when she was really little, she also remembered Maria too.
"I knew you were a keeper kid." Michael smiled down at her.
"How come she remembered you and not me?" Maria pouted.
"I do remember you too Aunt Maria, it's just that Uncle Michael swinging me around triggered it," she smiled at them both.
"Oh, I see." Maria smiled back,"Well I have a gift for you,"Liz started to protest saying that she hadn't gotten Maria's kids any gifts, Maria silenced her saying that she had known she was coming and Liz had no clue. She handed Lynn a box wrapped in sliver gift wrap, inside was a pair of really beautiful dangle earrings, they had this blue and purple stones on them that seemed to change color in the light.
"Thank you!! I love them!" she ran to Maria and hugged her. A door bell sounded.
"Now you can meet the kids," Maria smiled," I bet you won't remember them, I am almost certain that they don't remember you." she giggled and got the door. A tall blonde girl walked in, she had blonde hair and brown eyes she looked at Lynn and grinned."I used to babysit you and brother, you were three and I was seven."
"Oh." Lynn didn't remember all she remembered was moving from one place to another and settling here. Then came a little boy, about ten or so, Lynn couldn't tell.
"This is our youngest,"Maria put her hand on his head, "Brody." She winked at Liz and Liz smiled back. Lynn noticed that her mom looked really happy, she looked like she had found something that had been missing a long time, although Lynn never noticed that something was wrong, she noticed that these people coming here had made it better.
"Maaaaaa! Stop!" he pulled out from under her hand and stood next to his dad. Maria just grinned.
"And here is Greg."
"BEN!!?" Greg who? That was Ben, he was Maria and Michael's kid, she knew him from before? No way. NO FREAKIN' WAY!
"LYNN??!!" Ben was floored, his jaw was wide open, he stuttered for awhile he couldn't think of anything else to say. His mom reached over put her hand under his chin forcing him to close his mouth.
"You remember each other?" Max hadn't thought that they would meet at school. It was a small town, but the high-school was pretty large.
"Yeah," Lynn said, still looking at Ben... Greg whoever the hell he was."We met at school today."
"Oh I see." Maria sighed,"and you two didn't recognize each other?"
"NO. Mom how come you didn't tell me that they were the reason we moved here?" Ben turned to Maria.
"How could she have known that you two would run into each other?"Michael looked exasperated.
"Still......."Ben/Greg trailed off.
"I thought you said your name was Ben." Lynn glared at him.
"It is," Ben rolled his eyes," My mom wanted to name me Gregory Benjamin, and my Dad want me to be Benjamin Gregory and because my mom named my sister," the tall blonde girl smirked," my dad got final say, my mother still insisted on calling me Greg because she liked the name so much."
"Oh."Now Lynn's jaw was hanging wide open. She wondered if this meant that they were related because.... she did call Maria and Michael Aunt and Uncle....
"No you kids aren't related." Liz looked at her daughter, she could tell that Lynn really like Ben.
"I didn't say anything," Lynn tried to look innocent. Maria laughed, she too knew how the kids felt about one another, Ben had told her about a girl at school and she assumed that Lynn must be that girl. Great, that would make Liz and her really related. She and Liz used to joke about it when those two were born, how they hoped that they would fall in love and get married, but it was still a bit too soon for love or marriage. They were both only sixteen after all.
"Kids we have something to tell you," Michael wanted to explain the situation to the kids as fast as possible, it was important that they knew how dangerous it was for them now especially if they had powers.
"Kelsey already knows, we told her from the very beginning we were on the road so long and she was getting older and....." Maria trailed off. Kelsey put her arm around her mother and stopped smirking.
"It's ok Maria." Liz soothed," They'll understand, we did didn't we?" Liz smiled and Maria smiled back.
"Maxwell?" Michael turned to Max, knowing it really began with what Max had done.
"When we were 16 your mom was shot...." Max began, and he told them the whole story right up to the wedding between himself and Liz. Liz interupted seeing how hard it was for Max to recall the whole horrible story from end to finish, she could tell the rest.
"Then after we got to Arizona, we decided that we had been running enough, and that it was safe. We all decided to get jobs and figure out about the college thing. Max worked at a small office and Maria and I waitressed at a resturant nearby, Michael and Kyle decided to work in an auto shop and Isabel worked in a clothes store. Everything was great, Maria and Michael got married and Kelsey was born, then came you two. We had to move a few weeks after you were born, because I had premonitions that they were after us again. We did that for the first three years of your life, we never stayed very long in one place it was too hard to hide. Then when we were in Kansas, Isabel just up and left without a word. Max wanted to search for her, we all did, but we eventually decided that it was safer for us and her if we all split up. We all headed into different directions. You, Max and I came here, Maria, Michael, Kelsey, and Ben left for Louisiana. Kyle told us that he was going to search for Isabel, and let us know when he found her."Liz paused.
"Which he did,"Michael interjected,"and now we are here, we think that Lynn and Ben may have powers and that could have serious reprecussions for everyone, especially Max's son."
"The thing is," Maria said as soon as Michael was done,"Lynn doesn't seem to be able to control her powers and Ben acts like he has had them for years."Ben had no idea what to say, he thought that he was electrocuted or something when he was little, the whole alien race thing was too much.
"I always thought I got electrocuted or something," Ben looked at his mom.
"How long?" Michael stared at his son.
"Since I turned 16."
"Lynn won't be sixteen for another week," Lynn had almost forgotten about her birthday with everything that was going on. How could her parents have LIED to her for her whole life? Didn't they care at all? GOD, would they have ever told her, with or without the powers?
"So what you were planning on keeping this a secret for the rest of our lives!!?" Lynn was really upset now."How could you you're supposed to be my parents! What!? because I don't have powers I am not in danger from the FBI either?! I don't know what you all were thinking but you weren't thinking very clearly were you!?" Lynn stood up." I don't even think that you are telling us the whole truth! Why wouldn't you tell me?! What harm could it have done if I was completely human? I have a brother! My dad had sex when he was a teenager and then let the kid be adopted because some stupid BITCH told him that it was human!!? HUH!!? HUH!!? OH MY GOD! You don't even know what happened to him, what if the FBI has him now then what?!" Stuff had started flying around the kitchen, knives, cups, bottles of water, anything that wasn't firmly nailed to the ground. Lynn walked out of the kitchen and everything fell to the ground. The kitchen looked like a hurricane had come and gone. Liz started to pick up all the things and put them back. Michael helped her. Max and Maria looked at Ben waiting for his reply.
"I can't believe you," Ben shook his head and walked out behind Lynn.
"Lynn?"Ben knocked softly on the door that he hoped was hers.
"Go away!" Lynn sniffled.
"I am just as much a victim as you are." Ben reached for the door knob, it was locked, he got ready to use his powers to unlock it. He heard her moving around, and then the door opened.
"Close it and lock it behind you." Lynn went back to her bean bag chair under the window, and sat down. She sniffled some more, and Ben grabbed a box of Kleenex from her dresser and handed them to her.
"Thank you." she blew her nose.
"Well, butter my butt and call me a biscut," he said sitting down on her desk chair. She laughed, then sniffled again."Why are you so upset? I like my powers, I know that you can't control them yet, but you will be able to and our parents seem ok with the alien thing."
"It's not that..."she looked at her hands,"my parents always told me that they knew since they had first met that they were soulmates and then I find out that my dad was really supposed to be with another woman and that he had a kid with her. How can my mom be ok with that? They don't even know where he is and they never told me about him, I have a brother and I didn't even know it." She looked up at him."What would you do?"
"I don't know." Ben sat on the ground next to her and took her hand,"But whatever it is we will do it together and I promise that I will help you with whatever you decide to do."

*** Sorry to leave you hanging y'all but I have to figure out how to get from one part to the next, in my head it works but..... Well as always feedback is so appriciated.^-^

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ok y'all, here is part 6! yeah baby!

Part 6**
Lynn woke up, groggy and disoriented, she wasn't in her bed. She was in her bean bag chair, she lifted her hand to rub her eyes, and found that she couldn't. She looked down, and realized that she was holding someone else's hand, and she realized it was Ben's. Why is Ben in my room? and why am I holding his hand? she thought. Then she remembered the night before and got mad all over again. Calm down Lynn breathe, just breathe and you will get through this. She untangled herself from Ben and ran into the shower, when she was ready to go, she looked at the clock and realized that it was 12:30 and she was late for school!
"Ben!" she shook the sleeping boy,"Wake up!! School already started, we're late!!"
"Mmmmmmmhhhhmm..." he shook his head," few more minutes Ma."
"BEN!!" She shook him as hard as she could, but he still didn't get up. Finally, she ran to the kitchen got a class of cold water and dumped it over his head.
"AAAAH!!!" he was wide awake," WHAT THE HELL?!!"
"We have to go to school we're late." Lynn pulled him up. "You can wear.... I don't know... we can go to your house and get clothes but lets go!" She grabbed her bag and books, and pushed Ben out of the door.
"Ok geez, God I didn't know that you cared so much!" he shook the water out of his hair. They made it to school, right before lunch ended. Lynn ditched him saying that she didn't want people to think that they did something.... So Ben had time to think.
He didn't go to class when the bell, rang he had only been there for one day anyway and no one would miss him terribly. He thought about the whole alien nation thing. Max had said that he virtually abdicated his throne, so why would it matter if they had powers? The only people that they had to fear was the FBI anyway and the parents had been dogding them for years anyway. The main problem seemed to be this other kid, Lynn's brother, he didn't know what was going on. Ok, well the main problem was actually his and Lynn's powers, but he figured that once she learned to control them, and actually fine tone them that would be the end of that problem.
When the final bell rang, he waited outside Lynn's last class.
"Lynn!" he called as she walked right past him. He had to chase her down the hallway.
"What?" she asked when he had finally caught up with her.
"I am going to help you control your powers," he said, waiting for her to say something.
"And how do you propose that we do that?" she asked.
"I am going to show you how I controlled mine, and then we can start working on making you stronger, and then we can work on fine tuning them until you can do specific things when you WANT to."
"What makes you think that I want to control my powers?"
"Why wouldn't you want to?" He followed her across the parking lot.
"Because maybe I don't want them." She started walking towards the bus stop.
"Where are you going?"
"To the country."
"I am going to the country, to spend the rest of my day there."
"because I want to, thats why."
"How.... you..... can..get..... the country" he sat down on the bench.
"Yeah , you can come with me." The bus pulled up, and he followed her on, paid and sat down next to her.
"What do you do in the country?"
"Nothing really, that's the beauty of it."
"Oh I see."
"I am going to work on my powers," she admitted," I just didn't want help."
"Well, now you've got it." He put his arm around her shoulders. She didn't shrug him off or object, in fact she leaned on him. They sat, neither saying anything for the whole bus ride. When they got to the country, they began to work on honing in on what Lynn's specialities seemed to be. They went and worked everyday for a month. Lynn's powers turned out to be really powerful, more powerful then Ben's. The parents worried, but when Ben told his mom what was going on, she relented and told him it was ok. She also told Liz and Max what was going on and they decided that it was ok as long as no one ever found out.
Lynn barely hung out with Zoe anymore, she spent all her time with Ben talking about the Alien nation thing. Zoe began to get jealous, she felt that just because Lynn had got a boyfriend didn't mean that she could ditch her best friend. She approached the two of them at lunch.
"Can I talk to you?"
"Yeah, sure," Lynn looked up.
"With out your boyfriend," Zoe gave him a "look".
"My boyfriend? ... Oh you mean Ben?" Lynn laughed and Ben looked hurt. Ok, fine so he hadn't even taken her out on a date or kissed her but still.....
"YES." Zoe walked away, and Lynn followed.
"You never talk to me anymore!" Zoe looked pretty upset.
"Oh, Zoe! Is that why you're mad?" Lynn hugged her best friend,"I just have some really creepy stuff going on and Ben is helping me to figure it out." She smiled.
"Oh and you couldn't come to me?" Zoe pouted.
"Nah, I think it's like one of those things..... I'll tell you when I am ready, Ben is easier cuz he doesn't know me so well."
"Oh ok, lets do some girl bonding, tonight."
"Ok, I'll be at your house at 6:00 ok?"
"You bet!" Zoe laughed and they went back out into the sun, Zoe went to Jared's table and Lynn went back to Ben.
"So, I was thinking..." Ben looked kind of nervous, Lynn wondered what was wrong.
"Yeah? and?"
"We never had that one date."
"Oh that... well....." Lynn looked at her hands.
"I was thinking that we should have a makeup date, tonight becau-"
"I can't!" Lynn interrupted.
"Oh... ok.." Ben looked at the ground.
"How about tomorrow night?" Lynn looked at him.
He smiled," Are you asking me out?"
"I thought that you asked me out?" Lynn raised her eyebrows,"but if you don't want to.."
"No! tomorrow is perfect."

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Ok, I wanted to answer all of Strawberry Shortcake's ?s so here goes. Max and Liz didn't tell them about Kivar, because they don't think that he is a threat, so Antar was mentioned but not really, in my mind they just got kinda vague, they told the whole story but without names. So no Agent Pierce no Topolsky you get the picture. Ummmm, yeah Kyle, Kyle comes in but I know that he is going to interact with Lynn and Ben but I am not quite sure, if he gets to talk to the adults. And last but not least Isabel will make her appearance, she just wants some drama, and ATTENTION! The next part will be a small part because(WARNING:SHAMELESS PLUGGING!) I really want to work on my other fic, A Life Unknown, try it it's better than this one, at least I think so *happy*.
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OK so here I am catching up on my fics! Yeah, and this part might be kinda disconnected and stupid(yeah yeah I know) because I am running out of fuel for this story! I just like my other ones so much more! AAAAH!!! (wild hysterics) Or maybe I have a bad case of writers block, that short of banging my head against a wall, won't be cured for awhile, at least regarding this story it won't!
Well this is the next chapter please pretend that Lynn and Zoe have done their girly bonding, and it's the night of Ben and Lynn's date which is almost over when I start it! This chapter has to have action I NEED action! Well I would also like to thank everyone who left FB! Y'all totally make my day! Keep leaving FB!

Chaper 7:

"Ben, the guy on the radio said it's going to rain," Lynn frowned and bit her lip as she heard thunder.
"Ok, yeah, and your point is." Ben smiled until he looked over at her.
"I don't like it when it rains. Thats my point." Lynn flinched as the thunder got louder. Ben took her hand in his, she was shaking lightly.
"It's going to be OK, Lynn, we'll be at your house really soon." Lynn ripped her hand away from his.
"BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL!" She screeched at him, and curled herself up into a ball.
"Okay, okay both hands on the wheel see?" He could tell that she was really scared of the storm. He glanced over at her, and wondered why.
"Whats wrong Lynn?"
"Nothings wrong."
"Yes huh, look at you ten minutes ago you seemed like you were having a good time, now you look....... you look...."
"I look what?" She bit out.
"scared, you look terrified."
"Yeah well, you would be too!"
"I would be too?" Ben shook his head confused.
"Yes, if the same thing had happened to you!" She snapped and turned to look at him, "WATCH THE ROAD!"
"Okay, I am watching the road. What happened?"
"None of your business."
"Oh, I think you should tell me, you're in my car, and you're kinda freaking me out." He joked.
"Well, I'm not going to." Lynn sent him a dirty look.
"Lynn, you know that you can trust me right? You don't have to tell me, but if you ever need to talk."
"My best friend-" she started, then stopped, she always started to cry when she thought about it.
"Yeah, but let me finish k?"
"Sure, go ahead."
"We were driving back from a concert, and she was at the wheel, then it was raining, and he had her hands, they were making out, and he and I, then she slipped, her foot, and we spun, the car, it was gone, rolled over, Zoe and her boyfriend got out, trapped, I was trapped, and he, he was, he was gone, I couldn't get out, the car was leaking, and they didn't help me, they got the police, but I was trapped in, with him like that, and I never told them, I couldn't, the police dropped me at Zoe's. She's fine,I just- in the car- with him and he was all bloody and they left me and-" she was sobbing. She didn't notice when Ben pulled over. He reached over and took her in his arms, and rocked her back and forth. He didn't say anything until she had calmed down, she was hiccuping and he could tell that she was calmer now.
"You never told them?"
"No, I couldn't, it was like...."
"Yeah, I get it, but listen to me. I have no intention whatsoever of making out with you in my car." She smiled a little and hiccuped again.
"I don't make out with girls on the first date anyway, and besides I only make out with a girl when my car is parked and we can utilize the back seat." She giggled a little bit.
"Oh thanks, remind me to never go to a drive in with you."
"How old were you?"
"WHAT!? Why was Zoe driving, at THIRTEEN?"
"I don't know... our parents didn't know that we were going, and it felt cool, Zoe had driven a little before, we thought it was ok." He hugged her tighter, and she leaned into him.
"I promise to drive really carefully. OK?" She nodded and he rebuckled his seat belt, and started the car again. Lynn was sat very quietly in her own little world until she saw something on the road.
"BEN!!!" She screamed, grabbing the wheel, she swerved the car to the right. Ben slammed on the breaks."Did you see?"
"Yeah, yeah I saw, What was he doing in the middle of the street like that?"
"I don't know, should we check on him."
"Yeah,"Lynn started to open her door,"but you stay here and lock the doors after I am gone. OK? Only crazy people do stuff like that."
"Ok," Lynn nodded and locked all the doors after he was gone. She stared out into the darkness, she couldn't really see anything. She turned in her seat and squinted trying to see where Ben was. Someone tapped on her window, she jumped back.
"Lynn, Lynn it's me Ben." She saw Ben's face and unlocked the doors."This guy he says that he knows us, he says that his name is Kivar, Lynn he knows about us."
"Did you say Kivar?"
"Yeah, but Lynn he KNOWS."
"He knows.... OH MY GOD!" Lynn shook her head, "No, No he's bad I know it, he was harassing my on the net, Please don't."
"Don't what?"
"Don't help him or let him in here or anything." Lynn pleaded with Ben.
"Lynn pop the trunk, he is out of gas, and I am going to give him some thats all."
"Ok, but I am locking the doors after you go."
"Fine, thats fine." Lynn popped the trunk and felt him lift something out, she waited tapping her foot nervously. She heard a large thump coming from the trunk area and heard grunting.
"Ben?" She called out.
"I"m fine, unlock the doors."
"Okay, is he gone?"
"Kivar! Duh."
"Yeah, hes gone." Ben got in the car and started it.
"Good, I didn't want to have him in here, I just had a bad feeling."Lynn still had that bad feeling, must have been residue, she knew she was safe for now at least.
"Too late." Ben smiled.
"What are you talking about?" Suddenly there was a bright white light, Lynn put her arm over her eyes and squinted trying to figure out what was going on. What was Ben doing? When the light was finally gone, there was no Ben, but some strange guy, with dark eyes almost black.
"Hello Lynn." The guy smiled, he looked really evil, even his smile was evil. Lynn shrank back."Remember me?"

MUAHH!! I Know I am evil, but the next part will be up in like an hour I just had to leave a cliff hanger.

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HI EVERYBODY!! I don't know what is up with me lately! But I don't think I am going to continue with this fic!! OH GOD! But don't get me wrong I am going to FINISH!! Just within the next part or so! Because I had this really great idea but I don't want to go into overload! School is starting soon(well for me!) and I don't want to be all stressed out about it! So! That's all new part tomorrow!