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Title: The Pain In Moving On
Authors: Lizzie_Parker17 and Lucky Star
Rating: PG-13 for now NC-17 later
Category: M/L and CC
Summary: Future fic. Its what would have happened if right after EOTW Max and the POD squad take of with Maria to Antar. I was going to have yet another post departure fic, but I wanted Alex alive. Liz lives with her 2 best friends Alex and Kyle. She has a son. That’s all I will say. If you want to know more! Read the story and find out more!
Disclaimer: Its not ours! Believe us when we say that if Roswell was ours…Tess never would have came Alex would still be alive and Jason Behr would be working as our love slave.
Feedback: Please! We love it right Mon? I am sure that if Mon was here she would say yes! So give it to us!


Earth 2006

*beep beep beep*

Liz Parker reached over and slammed her hand on her alarm clock sending it flying onto the floor.

It stopped


Liz rolled back over and closed her eyes. It was much too early to be getting up.

“Mommy.” A small voice asked from the door

Liz sighed before forcing herself to a sitting position.
“Yes sweetie” She said as she reached up and stretched.

“I think you broke your awarm cwock” James said

“That’s ok.” Liz said holding her arms out to the 5 year old who was slowly walking to her bed.
“What are doing up so early?” She asked

“I couwd hear daddys snoring all the way from my woom” James said climbing onto the bed and into her arms.

Liz laughed
“Well you can sleep in my room then” Liz said ruffling his chestnut hair

“But mommy Uncle Awex is making bweakfast again” James said with look of disgust on his face
“It always tastes yucky”

“Oh no” Liz said getting up and throwing on her robe
“Lets go see if it can be saved” Liz said before starting towards the kitchen.

Alex Whitman stood at the stove. He cracked 2 eggs into the pan. He heard them begin to sizzle.


He needed a spatula

Alex started looking in all of the drawers. Wouldn’t it be with the spoons and forks?
Nope not there
He looked in the one right next to it.


He found it.

He walked over to his eggs and slid the spatula under them. Just as he was about to turn them over The toast popped out of the toaster.


He jumped and the egg slid off of the spatula and on to his foot.
“Oooouuchh” He yelled as he hopped on one foot desperately trying to get the egg off.

This is how Liz and James found him.

The kitchen was filled with laughter as soon as they entered it.

“Alex why don’t you have a seat and let me cook the breakfast” Liz chuckled as she grabbed a rag and reached down to get the egg of Alex’s foot.

“Your siwwy” James giggled at Alex

“You think that’s funny?” Alex asked as he advanced on James
“I’ll show you funny.” Alex said as he grabbed James and started tickling him unmercifully.

“Uncle Awex…Stop it” James managed to get out through the laughter

“What’s with all the noise? Its 6 in the morning!” Kyle said as he came into the kitchen rubbing his eyes

“Well good morning sunshine” Liz said sarcastically from the toaster where she was presently throwing out the toast Alex had burned

“Daddy…Daddy Awex is…tickwing me.” James said still being tickled.

“Fine I’ll stop” Alex said releasing James
“Well lets be happy James looks like Liz” Alex said looking at Kyle
“Man you look horrible this morning. Is it even possible for your hair to go in that many directions”

“HA.HA.” Kyle said
“You shouldn’t be talking Alex”

“Are you kidding I look beautiful” Alex said in his girliest voice.

“Who wants the first eggs?” Liz called from the stove

“Oooo I do. I do!” James said

“Here you go sweetie” Liz said handing him his place

“I’ll get the juice. That I can’t mess up on” Alex said heading for the fridge

“Did he try to make breakfast again?” Kyle asked Liz

Liz nodded
“Kyle butter the toast please”

“Yes Mam.”

“James Michael Parker” Liz yelled
“At the table with that”

“But mom! I wanna watch cartoons” James whined

“No buts” Liz said back
“You may spill it.”

"I wouldn't spiwl it" James said crossing his arms over his chest defiantely

“Is it the weekend yet?” Kyle asked as he sat down at the table with the toast.

“No Daddy it Wednesday” James said taking his place at the table

“Its only Wednesday!”

“Here you are” Liz said placing eggs in front of both Kyle and Alex who had just sat down with the juice

“Uncle Awex.” James said
“I wanted my bwue sippy cup. Red is for girls”

“Alright! Give me five son” Kyle said holding out his hand for James to smack

Alex looked down at his shirt.

It was red.

“Red is not for girls”

“Red is my favorite color” Liz said sitting down to eat.

“See” Kyle said



Max walked into the throne room with his sister and best friend at his side.
They had an announcement to make.
An announcement that they had waited six years to give.
Ever since they left work.

They were going home.

They entered the throne room. Clad in their Earth clothing. They heard gasps come from all around them.

Max walked up to the front of the room. He felt Isabel and Michael flank either side of him.

He looked around the room into the faces of the people they had spent so long trying to free.

“My People. We have come here to tell you something very important. You have all known this day would come eventually. We are returning to Earth. We have fulfilled our duties and destinies here on Antar now we all wish to return to Earth our true home and make our own destinies. We thank you very much for everything you have done for us here. We ask only one thing from you. To allow us to return to Earth and never speak of where we went to anyone else. Now as my last duty as King of Antar I am passing a law. The last law a king will ever pass.
There will be no more monarchy. The leaders will be ones who you elect. I have left my greatest advisors with the details of how to make all of this happen. So farewell Antar. And good luck”

With that the remaining 3 royals walked out of the throne Room

And went home…


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Don't worry MariaG Shes on Antar with the others. I left her out of the goodbye to the people cause well shes not a royal. You'll see her in the next part! Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey all Lucky Star is writing the next part! I think We will have it out by like Monday probably!
I know you are all wondering who the dad is! That will be revealed in either the next part or the part after that! But I can say that a few of you are reading too far into it. Its not as complicated as your making it! Me and Mon decided that we would show everything that happened in Flashbacks. So you'll get to see.
As for Maria.
She will make her appearance. She is on Antar. Why she went will become aparant! Why Alex kyle and Liz didn't will also.
Thanks for all the feedback!

edited to add.
Oh yeah why James has the name that he does will be answered too

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Thats ok hun!
I practically always miss the deadlines I set for myself!
Can't wiat to read what you send me!
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AN: Well here is part 1! Mon wrote this part! Everyone lets clap for Mon! Yay! She said she knew it was a little short, but we don't wanna give too much away yet. I will get a new part out by the end of the week...maybe faster if you leave us lots of feedback! Well All I have to say is most of you we're wrong...LOL!!!

Thanks to: MariaG(TWICE), roswellluver, xmag(TWICE), BuffySummers17, frenchkiss70, AvengingAngelIQ, Mystical Light ML 4ever, ISLANDGIRL5, abbimorgan, ccrswll, LiLEvEe, Transparent Clear, marteloise, RosBaby(TWICE LOL!), Lana Lane, Elemenopy, limegreenli, JaneLane, Calinia, CRAZY 4 MAX, nallitie, tabasco sauce, behrstars, LizParkerEvans4evax, Juliette, SarahWhitman, Roswelladdict & Angelic

Wow! So much feedback! If you keep giving us this much the parts will come quicker! And Roswelladdict Its about time you got here! No joking lol! Thanks for all your really cool guesses as to who the real father was Xmag yours was very you will read its not exactly right! But it was a good guess! Future max was also a good guess but...well we choose another direction! Well without further ado... Part 1

Part 1

Liz sat on the floor watching James thinking about the night he was conceived.


Kyle, Alex and Liz sat around talking. Empty beer bottles littered the
table, evidence of their past few hours drinking. They were mourning the
anniversary of the departure of their friends.

“Why did she leave me?” Alex slurred.

“I’m so sorry Alex, but I had to save you,” Liz said drunkenly.

“You keep saying that, but you won’t tell us why,” Kyle mumbled.

“I can’t.”

“Liiiiiiiz,” they chorused, “it won’t change anything. Whatever reason you had,
it worked.”

“I guess it’s not going to matter now. Alex, do you remember the night we went
to Madame Vivian’s?”

“She told me that I’d never have a carnal relationship with Isabel, she got that
right,” Alex said morosely.

“Well she told me that Max would choose true love and...”

Liz proceeded to spill the whole story of Future Max’s visit, and what happened
to make the others leave. When she had finished, Alex and Kyle sat there

“God I don’t know where to begin Liz, I thought you were just trying to get even
with Evans for something,” Kyle said, his liquor-soaked brain still trying to
fully comprehend the situation.

“I need to go think about this,” Alex said.

He got up and weaved toward the stairs.

“Alex are you mad at me?” Liz called after him.

“No, I’m not mad, I would have done exactly the same thing. But why did you
have to send them away?”

With that he went upstairs.

“Hey, don’t cry,” Kyle said, seeing the tears trickling down Liz’s cheek.

“It’s all my fault, now they’re all gone and Alex hates me,” she cried.

“He doesn’t hate you, he just needs to get his head around it.”

“What about you?”

“I’m too drunk to think properly right now,” Kyle grinned dopily.

He reached out to wipe the tears from Liz’s cheek and was overwhelmed by a rush
of alcohol-induced tenderness. Liz leaned forward parting her lips slightly.
Her eyes flicked to his lips then back to his eyes.

“We shouldn’t do this,” Kyle protested half-heartedly.

“I know.”

But Liz moved and closed the space between them. The last thought Kyle had
before he brought his lips down to hers was that if anyone found out he’d
probably get shot.

* * * * *
Two months later

Kyle was lying on the couch trying to concentrate on the game, but all he could
think about was Liz. They hadn’t spoken about what happened, them doing what
everyone had already thought they had done. The tension was starting to show on
Liz. She had avoided him as much as possible, and tried not to make eye
contact. Alex had picked up on the tension, but was yet to say anything about
it. The phone rang and Kyle
leaned over and picked it up.


“Kyle, I need you to come pick me up,” Liz said shakily.

“Where are you? Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m at the doctor’s. Can you please just come down here?”

“I’ll be right there,” Kyle said dropping the phone and grabbing his keys.

He made it down to the doctor’s surgery in record time. Liz was sitting outside
and he ran over to her. As she lifted her face, Kyle saw the tear tracks. His
stomach fell.

“I’m pregnant,” Liz said, not sounding like she really knew what was going on.

Kyle felt his legs begin to give out. He sat down heavily next to Liz.

“Oh Buddha.”

“I don’t know what to do, my parents are going to kill me, but I can’t get rid
of it. What am I going to do?”

“Liz it’s your decision, but whatever you decide, I’ll support you. It’s my
fault too. Just remember, I’ll always be here for you.”

They sat silently next to each other, contemplating this earth-shattering

Liz sighed as she remembered back. Little had they known then, how much more
complicated things would get.


Feedback please!
Britt and Mon!

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Roswell: The Final Chapter is under new ownership and we're looking for new writers.

The staff decided, hey, why not ask our favorite writers to come forward and give their time? So, we decided the best place to look is here, at Jenn's.

We're looking for writers who want to see Roswell continue, are willing to give their time and energy and work well with others. All of TFC episodes will be written by two or more writers due to length.

Please send a brief overview of your work - titles, ship, summaries and a url to roswelltfc⊕ If we chose you, we'll let you know asap.

If you would prefer not to write, please still check out our premiere Sept 1st!

You can link to our current information at

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Hey guys!
Well I am posting this on this story too! I actually have this next part finished! Its writen out.
The only problem is that I am here in Pennsylvania visiting family. I only have access to the computer sometimes. I am going through internet withdrawl. So really the only thing holding me back from posting parts is typing and posting them! I will get to work though!
Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey everyone!
I got the new part ready to go! I just sent it to Mon for inspection! ONly prob is she lives in a way different time zone. She usually gets on around 5 in the morning my time which means you've got a few more hours I will be up right in time for the morning read rush in England! Its 6:30 over there now so... Yeah so no new part for a few hours. But to make up for it this part is long!
8 pages typed 10 font!
So be prepared to Feedback us!

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AN: Yes I know! I took me forever to post this! but it is extra long if that helps! Its
around 7-8 typed pages 10 font. I really like thios part for some reason. It came out so
easily I just kept writing and writing! I know some of you are still uneasy about the Kyle
Liz thing but don’t worry me and Mon will explain that in further detail in later parts.
There will be a lot of flashbacks in this fic.

Disclaimer: The flashback I used in this part is not written by me. It is borrowed from the
episode Sexual Healing. One of the very best episodes ever.

Thanks to: Lana Lane(TWICE), xmag, frenchkiss70, AvengingAngelIQ, CRAZY 4 MAX, LiLEvEe, LizParkerEvans4evax, Calinia(4 TIMES), MariaG(TWICE), pandas2001, britterz_8 & Roswelladdict(4 TIMES)

Roswelladdict: Men are bastards. No offence to any men reading. You obviously watch
roswell which makes you cool! Roswell watching men wouldn’t do anything like that! I guess you
will probably relate with Alex then. Oh and I have been there not with the whole fiance or pregnancy
thing but the cheating penis carrier thing. They don’t think with their head they think with their
head. LOL yeah. So now that I have completed my man-bashing for the day lets move on.

So heres Part 2! Feedback me!

Part 2

With a flash of blinding light they appeared. Their eyes slowly opened and they looked
almost fondly upon the glowing walls of the granolith chamber.
They were back on Earth.

They were home.

“Wow” Maria said clinging onto Michaels arm

“Yeah” Michael agreed

“I can’t believe we’re actually here” Isabel said in astonishment.
“I thought we would never see this place again” Isabel said reaching out for her brother

“Yeah” Max said staring blankly at the glowing walls


*ding ding ding*

“Order up” Jose yelled from the kitchen

“Thanks Jose” Liz said as she grabbed the order and took it to a table

The bells of the Crashdown jingled and a frazzled looking blonde ran in.

“OH MY GOSH! Liz I am SOOOOO sorry I’m late” The girl cried as she rushed in the door.
“Brendon came over and was like begging me to take him back”

“Why do you put up with him cheryl?” Liz asked

“Oh I said NO this time” She said dissapearing into the back

Liz followed after her

“If I were you I wouldn’t even be speaking to him. He is scum”

“I know Liz! I know you right...”

“But” Liz supplied

“But...Its hard to let go...Do you know what I mean?”

Liz’s eyes were drawn to the kitchen

“What are you doin' here, Max?” she asked as she made her way into the back

“Well, I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth.” max said with a smile

“Besides that.” Liz replied sarcastically

“I want to make sure we can still be friends.”

“Yeah. I mean, we are.” She answered taking the Strawberrys out of the refridgerator


“Why wouldn't we be?” Liz asked him innocently

“We really haven't been able to talk since...that night.”

“Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they're drunk. Anyway, I understand.” Liz said brushing against him

“And we're friends?”

“Yeah. We're friends.” She answered as she brushed against him again

“Just friends?”

“Yeah. We're just friends.”

“LIZ! Hello are you in there?” Cheryl asked waving a hand in front of Liz

“Oh Sorry” Liz said

"Dang girl you looked like you were in the middle of a hot sexual fantasy."

"Nope" Liz answered
"I was about to though" she muttered under her breath
“Yes I know what you mean. Letting go is really...really hard”

“Hey why is this locker locked? Nobody uses is.” Cheryl said pointing to a locker

liz walked over to it slowly.
“It belonged to my best friend in High school” Liz said
“Maria Deluca...She and a few friends of mine dissapeared back when I was 18. I haven’t
had the heart to clean it out.” Liz said the last part quietly

Liz reached for the lock and twisted in the numbers carefully.
The lock popped open and Liz pulled it off.

She opened the locker all the way and was immediately hit with an aroma that was all

A faint smile played upon her lips.

‘Whats that smell?” Cheryl asked

“Cypress oil” Liz answered easily.
‘Maria was a bit of a nut case when it came to her oils”

“Wow Liz...You were hot when you were young” Cheryl said looking at the pictures
covering the inside.
“Not that you aren’t now” Cheryl said quickly

‘Gee thanks” Liz said sarcastically

“Whos the hunk your with in this one” Cheryl said successfully drawing Liz to the one
picture she was trying not to look at
“Thats Max high school boyfriend”

‘Damn Liz. You have good taste. But wait I thought dear daddy was your high school

Liz smiled softly
“Max was the one I dumped Kyle for”

“What happened?”

“He left with the rest of my friends” Liz said quietly

“Ah Liz...I...I’m sorry I brought it up”

“Its ok” Liz said

‘Yeah so I’m really sorry about being late” Cheryl said changing the subject

“Just be happy I was managing today and not Amy” Liz said locking the locker again.

“Ahhh good old Mrs. Valenti” Cheryl said tying her apron around her waist

“Its actually Mrs. Deluca-Valenti Cheryl. Don’t let her hear you call her that...”

Cheryl smiled

“Also the old part of your comment wouldn’t go over well either”

“Isn’t her anniversary soon?”

“5 years tomorrow” Liz answered



“Why aren’t you married yet Lizzie?”

‘Ah no no no. Too long of a story. You’ve got customers. And don’t call me Lizzie. Its Liz,
Ms. parker or Boss to you” Liz said with a smile

“You got lucky BOSS but I won’t have customers forever.” Cheryl said heading out the
double doors into the cafe.

“Cheryl” Liz called
“Are you good here for 15? I have to pick up James.”

“I’m fine Liz. Give that cutie a kiss for me”

“Will do” Liz said heading out the door.


“Jim” Amy called up the stairs

“What?” Jim yelled back

“Did you do anything with the punch bowl”


“knock knock” Kyle said opening the front door

“Oh good Kyle. You can help me look for my punch bowl.”

“What do you need a punch bowl for?” Kyle asked

“For our anniversary party tomorrow night” Amy replied

‘What party?” Kyle asked innocently

“Kyle” Amy said turning around to look at him
“This is ME your talking to. I have a built in lie detector, and you are a horrible liar. Now
go find my punch bowl”

“Fine” Kyle said defeated

“Go look in the hall closet” Amy said dissapearing into the kitchen

Kyle walked to the closet and opened the door.

he was pushed to a floor by a steady strem of alein memorabelia.

He looked up and


“I found the punch bowl” Kyle said grabbing it off or his now sore head

“Oh great” Amy said appearing from the kitchen
‘Well look at that” Amy said gesturing to the mess on the floor
“Your father was supposed to clean out that closet last weekend... JIM!”

*thump thump thump thump*

“Yes honey?” Jim said when he reached the bottom of the stairs
“Hi Kyle” Jim said looking at his son in a pile of alein stuff
“Crap. I’m sorry. I will clean it out, but I have to go into the station for a little while.” Jim
said pecking Amy on the check

“WHere is that cute litte grandson of mine?” Amy asked

“Liz is picking him up now”

“Hey everyone” Liz called stepping through the front door

“Gampa” James said running into Jims legs

“Hey little man” Jim said picking him up

“Wast night momma told me thats wes gots the same name I towld her that wasnt twu
that your name was gampa and gamma sometimes cawls you Jim.”

“Your momma was right we do have the same name. But Jim is short for James and thats
what gamma calls me. And you call me gampa because I am your grandfather” Jim

“Thats what momma saids wast night”

“She was right.”
“Well Kiddo. I have to go, but I’ll be back later” Jim said putting James down

“Ok” James said

“My turn my turn” Amy said holding open her arms

“Gamma” James said running into her arms

‘Ohhh your getting big” Amy said picking him up

“Its because Im dwinking all my milk and eating all my veggietwables”

‘You are so precious” Amy said covering James in kisses

“Gamma stop it” James giggled

“Want some cookies?”

“Yes” James said climbing down of of her and running into the kitchen.

Amy took no time in turning to Liz
“So what did you get me?”

“KYLE!” Liz yelled
“I can’t believe you told her!”

“I didn’t tell her anything. She just knew” Kyle defended

“Its true” Amy said

“I just wanted to suprise you” Liz said walking slumped shoulders into the kitchen

“Oh Honey I’m sorry. I’ll act suprised.” Amy said following after her and pulling her into a

“Its not the same” Liz said

“Momma why are yous sad?”

‘I’m fine sweetie” Liz said

“Here momma” James said handing her an oreo
“Are yous happy now?”

Liz smiled
“Yes I am very happy”

“Awwww. So precious” Amy said going to get James some Milk

“Who wants to here about my day?” Alex said walking into the Kitchen


“Well I’m going to tell you anyways” Alex said with a sigh

“As you all know I got the promotion today” Alex said

“Congratulations!” Liz said quickly but was silenced by Alexs hand over her mouth

Alex went over and sat down next to James on a barstol

“can I get you somwthing Alex?” Amy asked

“Orange soda on the rocks” Alex answered

“Oh no Alex whats wrong?” Liz asked leaning onto the counter across from him.

“So I am walking back from My boss’s office and I decide to stop by my “good friend”
Seans office to share the good news. So I open the door”

Amy placed the soda right in front of him

“Thank you. I open the door and Angela is on her knees giving him a blo-” He stopped and
looked at james who was busy eating his oreos
“A BJ” Alex finished

“Whats a BJ?” James said


Cricket Cricket Cricket

“Your father will tell you when you are older” Liz replied with a nervous laugh.

“Gee Thanks Liz” Kyle said sarcastically

“Alex honey I am so sorry” Liz said wrapping her arms around him

“I just...I can’t believe they could do that to me”

“I’d can believe she did it...she has always been a horrible tramp. I don’t know why you
ever dated her” Amy said
“But Sean was your friend”

“He is probably just jealous Alex” Liz said
‘You got a promotion he didn’t”

“Am I ever going to find the right girl?” Alex asked picking up his soda and downing it

“Shes out there somewhere Alex” Liz said

“Yeah. His right girl and my right girl are probably locked together in a closet somewhere
and have become lesbians”

“Whats a wesbian?” James asked

“KYLE!” Liz yelled

“its nothing sweetie” Amy said with a kiss to the head!
“You know what? I think Dexter is on”

“Dexter!” James screamed running into the livingroom and turning on the TV.

“I’ve got to get back to the Crash.” Liz said
“Honey mommas got to go to work for a while sweetie. Stay here with Dady gamma and
Uncle Alex okay and be good”

“Ok” James said never taking his eyes of the TV

“Get out of My Waboratory” James said immatating Dexter

“Bye” Liz yelled as she walked out the door


“well where to now?” Maria asked

“The Crashdown” Max answered


Feedback please! Mon and I love the stuff

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SciFiNut111 originally wrote:
Just caught up on this story.

Its very interesting. I'm looking forwardto seeing where you go with it.

I'm really not a fan of drunken sex. It doesn't seem like something that either Kyle or Liz would do. Kyle became a very good friend and protector to Liz. Can't see him letting down his guard and taking advantage of a drunken Liz.

It will be interesting to se how the Pod Squad reacts to the humans they left behind. I'm interested in knowing why they took Maria along. At the time they left earth Maria and Michael were definitely on the outs.

Also, where's Tess? She should have went to Antar with the others, why don't we see her?

Reading the title and seeing that this was a post TEOTW fic with the podsters on Antar I thought you would have Liz trying to move on with her life. In stead she doesn't seem to be moving on as much as trying to freeze it in place. She's living with Alex and Kyle, still working at the Crashdown, and doesn't seem to have any romantic interests. No leaving Roswell, no college education, no possible boyfriends.

Kyle and Alex also seem to be frozen even though Alex seems to have tried to move on romantically.

You made my day with your feedback! I love the kind that asks alot of questions. Well Me and Mon will address everything that you asked about. Michael and Maria will be explained also we will go more in depth about the whole Liz/Kyle thing. I wrote the next part also Its ready I just have to type it up. Tess will also be explained. Also We haven't revealed all of Liz's situation yet. Don't worry A few more answers will come with the next part. I just need to type it up!
Thanks for the feedback!
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more soon

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AN: Sorry this took so long to get out! I was on vacation for a week and mon was on vacaton the week before that and since we are writing this together we have to talk about everything! So I finished this last thursady and sent it to mon for revisions and what she thought needed to be changed but she was on vacation then she sent it to me but by that time I was on vacation! So it was bad! Also I am the owner of the roswell dimension and mon is a mod so we had a bit of work since our last board the resort was hacked into and practically deleted! We made a new board and its safer now!
OK well here is the part! I will do feeback latert!
britt and mon


Thank Destinee for the incredible banner! I just love this one so much!

Part 3

“Wow” Max said in astonishment
“I can’t believe its still here”

“I know” Isabel agreed as she stared at the black jeep

Max smiled a faint smile before hoping into the drivers seat. he was immediately hit with a flash

Liz stared blankly at the jeep.


“They’re really gone” Alex said in a whisper

“yeah” Liz answered without looking at him.

Her mind was filled with memorys she had in that jeep. She frowned when it finally sunk in. She would never see Max Evans behind the wheel of it again.

She would never see him again...anywhere.

Her eyes filled with tears and she turned around and walked away from where the car was hidden.
“Well Kyle our plan certainly worked”

“MAX” Isabel screamed

“MAX Whats wrong?” Michael said giving him a shake

Max opened his eyes
“I just got a flash


“Oh my buddha” Liz said flopping down into a booth with a plop

“I know!” Cheryl agreed when she too plopped down into the booth
‘Are you buddhist?”

“Huh?” Liz asked confused
“Oh “ she said realizing
“No I’m not, but I have lived with Kyle now for a few years.”

“Got ya” Cheryl said

“I really thought the rush would never end” Liz sighed

“Every passing second seemed to go slower”

“Amen sista” Liz said placing her head on the table surface.

“Miss” A customer yelled from across the room
“Miss could you come here for a moment?”

Cheryl slowly got up and discreetly shot herself in the head with her pointer finger before heading over to the table

Liz smiled.
“Cheryl! Liz called
“I am heading upstairs for a few minutes. I have to find some papers my parents left and mail it to them. I’ll be down in a few”

“Okay Liz. I got it down here” Cheryl called out


They pulled into the back alley of the Crashdown, not wanting to be seen. they all climbed out of the car and merely stood there absorbing where they finally were.

The Crashdown Cafe.

A second home to all of them. A place they had eaten at as much as their own house.

There was only one pair of eyes that was not drawn to the neon sign.

His eyes were focused somewhere else.


Liz’s balcony.

A place where his relationship with Liz had begun, and the place it had ended.

Max closed his eyes as the painful memories began to sneak up on him. Memories of Liz in someone elses arms. The arms of a normal boy. The arms of her ex-boyfriend.
The arms of Kyle Valenti.

“Max come on” Maria urged tugging on his hand and pulling him towards the front...towards the door.

Why had he wanted to come here again?
He was beginning to forget really fast.


Cheryl yawned deeply and streached her arms above her head.
“Must sit down...need to sit down she muttered to herself” She spied a very empty comfortable looking stool at the counter. She lowered herself onto the chair and sighed heavenly
“Oh yes! Now thats what I am talking about”

*Jingle Jingle Jingle*

Cheryl gritted her teeth before screwing her waitress smile back in place and standing up. She walked over to the door where a group of people had just walked in.

They were pretty strange. They kept looking around as if they had never seen anything so magnificent.

“Wow its so much different” A girl said

“Yeah” Cheryl agreed
“One of the owners Lizzie..I mean Liz is kinda in a band...she put in the stage and Amy did everything else”

“It looks nice” A young man said looking up

Cheryl was immediately pulled in by this mans eyes. They were beautiful and auburn, and completely soulfull

Then it clicked

“Oh my god” Cheryl said slowly backing away from him
“Your...your” She stuttered
“Your Liz’s ex boyfriend...and-and-and her friends...the ones that left.”

She looked at everyone
“Your the friend the one with the locker and the wierd smelly things” She said pointing to Maria

“Oh my gosh” Cheryl said running her fingers through her hair
“LIZ!!!!” Cheryl screamed

“Please NO” Max said grabbing her arms!
“We’re not ready yet. Please don’t tell her” max pleaded

“Cheryl?” Whats wrong Liz called from upstairs.

*thump thump thump thump*

“Crap she coming down” Isabel said

“Hide” Maria said pointing to the storage closet

“Please...please” Max said asking one more time.

Cheryl nodded

Liz came barreling through the door
“Cheryl whats wrong!?” Liz breathed

“I...uh I...I thought I saw a spider “ Cheryl improvised

“Holy frekkin shit Cheryl” Liz swore sitting down in the closest chair
“I thought someone had died”

“Is everything alright?” An elderly woman asked from her table

“Yes I am very sorry for that mam. How about I say your dinners on the house tonight!” Liz said with a smile

“Aww thank you young lady” The woman smiled

“Enjoy your meal” Liz said

her husband reached out and grabbed her hand before she could get very far
“You are very beautiful” he said
“You look just like our grand daughter tiffany”

“Why thank you” Liz said with a faint blush


Max couldn’t take his eyes off her. And he wanted to kick his own ass for feeling that way. She had hurt him badly. And yet still she held such a power over him.

She looked radiant. her hair was longer than he rmembered it, and she looked adorable in her men in black suit. He supposed thats what the managers wore now. She was older more mature looking. She had a body of a woman not a girl anymore.

Max had never seen anything so beautiful

“She gotten really pretty” Isabel whispered in awe

“It seems like she’s glowing or something” Michael shrugged

“No wedding ring” Maria said with a smile

“How can you see that far?” Michael asked

“I have my ways” Maria replied


*Jingle Jingle Jingle*

Liz looked up and Mr and Mrs Evans walked in.

“Liz!” Diane said coming up to the girl and giving her a hug

“Hi Mrs. Evans” liz said returning the hug

“Its Diane dear. Whenever you say Mrs. Evans I expect to see Phillips mother behind me” Diane said with a laugh

“Okay Diane. How are my parents? Are they liking California?” Liz asked leading them over to a table

“Oh they are having a blast! They LOVE it there”

“What about you two?”

“Well we actually just moved back. We missed Roswell. Wow its been a long time. stand up let me get a good look at you.” Diane demanded

Liz blushed but stood up.

“Now turn around” Diane instructed

Liz spun around smiling

“Wow liz you get more beautiful everytime I see you. Isn’t that right Phillip?”

“Definitely. If I wasn’t so happily married...”

“Phillip!” Diane said

“Oh I’m joking” Phillip said with a laugh
“Diane is the only woman I have ever wanted”


Max watched with a sad smile as his mother and father talked to Liz. There were three of the most important people of his life and he couldn’t talk to them.

he felt his heart fill with something when he heard them compliment Liz. He couldn’t tell what emotion it was but it was there.


Liz smiled wistfully
“I wish I could find someone who would love me like that”

There faces fell
“Oh Lizzie we're sorry. We didn’t mean to bring up any...painful memorys.”

“No...only some are painful. Most are womderful” Liz smilled
“Its just you remind me a lot of him”

The Evans smiled
“You know. I always wanted you as a daughter. And even if you can’t be oficially we’ll always think of you as one, beside” Diane said her voice becoming cheerier
“Your parents wanted us to look after you and to set you up on a few dates! They said you have been picking all the wrong guys”


Max felt his heart constrict, and this time he knew what it was from. It was because Liz wasn’t related to them, and therefore not related to him. They weren’t married like everyone had thought they would be, because Liz slept with Kyle and they left...but he couldn’t blame it all on Liz. He could blame it all on Tess though. They were perfect until she came and ruined their relationship with her lies and mindwarps.

He wished it could have been different, and maybe it could. She didn’t have a wedding ring on after all

Liz smiled
“Its like they never left”

“So that means you have to come over all the time! And bring that little cutie with you. I can’t wait to see him. He was just a baby when I saw him last.”

Liz smiled
“Will do”

The bell jingled again and Alex walked in.

He looked worse than before.

Liz was on her feet in an instance
Awww sweetie. Alex whats wrong. What did Kyle say, or was it Jim? I will knock both of them to Kingdom come for making you feel worse.” She said leading him to the table she was sitting at with Phllip and Diane.
Li went behing the counter and filled up a glass with Orange soda and placed it in front of Alex.

“Whats wrong Alex?’ Diane asked

Alex sighed
“My girlfriend cheated on me.”

“Who?’ Diane asked

“Angela Stevenson” Alex replied

“That tramp?” Diane asked

Liz gave Alex an “I told you so look”

“Alex you were too good for her” Liz supplied wrapping her arms around her best friend!

“I’m never going to find love” Alex whined

‘Well that makes two of us Alex, and you know what they say. ‘Friends make the best lovers’ so if we are both not married by the time were both 28 we can marry each other”

“Liz” Alex whined
‘This isn’t ‘My Best Friends Wedding. Its real life”

“I was being serious Alex”

“What about Kyle? Shouldn’t he be your backup?”

“Been there done that” Liz said

“Deal then” Alex said
“We’ve got 4 years”

‘Alex how are you doing?” Phillip asked

“Outside of being cheated on great. I got a promotion”

‘Congratulations” Phillip said shaking his hands
“You must be rolling in the bucks huh?”

Aex smiled
“Yeah I’m doing pretty well”

“Well we have to go and unpack a few thing so we have to go. We just wanted t say hi” Diane said getting up and walking towards the door

“Are you going to the anniversary party tomorrow night?”

“Of course, we’ll see you later”

“Are you alright to stay and close with me tonight or do you want me to take you home?”

‘Home” Alex said
“and then you can sing to me”

“Deal” Liz smiled
“Cheryl! Could you close tonight? We have a best friend crisis” Liz said while walking to the freezer and pulling out two pints

“Uh sure Liz” Cheryl said her eyes darting back and forth between her and the storage closet!
“Thats no problem at all”

“Ok thanks. Come on Hun!’ Liz said wrapping an arm around Alex’s shoulder

When Liz exited the building Cheryl let out the breath she had been holding for the last 15 minutes.

“OH MY GOD” Cheryl said again!

Max Isabel Michael and Maria all ame out of the closet then

“Thank you” max said

“You're welcome” Cheryl said
“But don’t make me do it again. Liz and I DON’T lie to each other. we’re buds.”

‘Who’s party is tomorrow?” Maria saked taking a sip of the remaining orange soda in alex’s glass

“Oh um Amy and Jims anniversary”

“What?!" Maria said, spitting out the soda.

“We’ll go tomorrow night. Thats where we can tell everyone we’re back” Max decided.


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We are really mapping out the story right now so give mon a bit more time1 Shes a busy girl with Uni and all and then she has all of her wonderful stories!
Well thanks so much for all the constant bumps and feedback! I am so happy your enjoying it!

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Authors Note:
Hey there everyone!
Wow It has been a while since we have posted huh? Well Don't be too mad at us school just started and we had to get back into the swing of things! I have part 5 completely mapped out in my head so you will get that part probably next week sometime or if your lucky and I get terribly bored maybe this week.
Well your questions will be answered slowly. I think mon addressed a few of your questions in this part.
So thank you so much for all the feedback and bumps you have left us! We really really appreciate it!

Thanks to: Lana Lane, AvengingAngelIQ, roswellluver, talena(4 TIMES), begonia9508, crazeesmilee, Roswelladdict(6 TIMES), Calinia(4 TIMES), behrstars, frenchkiss70, BuffySummers17(), Juliette, ForeverDreaming8602(16 TIMES), Donnie roswell gurl, AshleyBehr666(7 TIMES), Dream Seeker(49 TIMES!!!*happy**happy**happy**happy**happy*), Stardust, CRAZY 4 MAX, A Rose Is True Blue, RosBaby(2 TIMES), 2crzy4roswell, angeleyes, sweetygurl

So without further ado
Here is part 4
Britt and Mon

The Pain In Moving On
Part Four

Liz shifted restlessly in her bed. It was the middle of the night and she was
as wide awake as if it were the morning. She rolled over and checked her clock.
The numbers flashed 3:27am. Liz groaned and threw the covers off. There was no
point trying to get to sleep, she knew from experience that it wouldn’t happen.
Thoughts about Max kept running through her mind. She knew it was pointless,
but she still loved him. Not that it mattered. He had gone, as far as she knew
it was back to Antar, but it could be anywhere. Doubts still hung over her
about whether she had done the right thing, but what else was she supposed to
do? Tears trickled down her cheeks and she wiped them away. She had cried
rivers over Max for the past six years. Wasn’t it
supposed to get easier with time?

Liz threw a thick sweater and a pair of sweatpants on over her pajamas and
picked up her guitar. She headed downstairs and quietly unlocked the front door.
She loved living on the edge of town. The large block meant that they had
plenty of privacy and it was in the hills, giving them a beautiful view of
Roswell. Liz sat down on one of the chairs and started softly strumming her
guitar. As she began singing she didn’t notice someone watching from the

It’s coming round again
The slowly creeping hand
Of time and its commands
Soon enough it comes
And settles in its place
Its shadow in my face
Puts pressure in my day

As Liz got to the chorus Alex joined in.

This life well it’s slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing
Like I had planned

Liz jumped around in her chair.

“Alex!” she exclaimed, “you scared me. How long have you been standing there?”

“Not very long. Why aren’t you in bed?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”

“Max?” Alex guessed. Liz didn’t have to say anything, her face gave it away.
He sighed and sat down on the table, resting his feet on a chair. Alex passed
her a tub of vanilla ice cream and a spoon and he opened his tub of rocky road.
“Liz,” he began, but she cut him off.

“Alex, don’t start, I’m not in the mood to hear this lecture for the seventy
fifth friggin’ time.”

“Well maybe if you got it through your thick skull I wouldn’t have to say it.”

Before they could really get into it, a window opened and Kyle’s head poked out.

“Could you two please keep it down or you’ll wake James up,” he hissed, “and I
don’t want to have to explain to my son why his mommy and his uncle are yelling
at each other in the middle of the night when they should be in bed like him.”

Kyle’s head disappeared following by a slamming noise.

Liz’s anger dissipated as fast as it had come on.

“I’m sorry Alex, but I just really don’t need you to tell me this again.”

Alex saw the faint tear marks on Liz’s cheeks that he missed before. He
wondered how many nights she spent crying over Max that he didn’t know about.
Alex’s heart ached for his best friend and almost-sister. She had dealt with a
lot over the years, being forced to give up her true love and having a child
with her ex-boyfriend. It was a wonder that she managed to still face the day,
and with the same good cheer she
always displayed. He mused that it was probably a healthy dose of denial
helping her through the day, and while he hated having to do it, he try to had
to burst her bubble.

“Liz I know you don’t need me to say it, but you have to move on with your life.
Things have changed. It’s been six years and you are still in the same place.
You have to forget Max.”

“What like you’ve forgotten Isabel? Was it just my imagination or did Angela
bear a strong resemblance to her?” Liz shot back.

“That is such a crock of shit and you know it. Angela is nothing like Isabel.”

“Alex I’m sorry, it’s just hard y’know.”

“Liz, you need to put this alien stuff behind you, especially Max.”

“How can I” Liz said sadly, “when I’m always going to have this reminder of

She put her hand on the table and the black wrought iron became a pale silver
color. She then changed it back to black.

Alex gave a sigh. He forgot about Liz’s powers sometimes. She rarely used
hers, much to Kyle’s disgust. Since his powers had arrived he used them a lot,
especially for things he probably shouldn’t. James hadn’t shown any sign of
developing them, for which Liz and Kyle were eternally grateful. Alex
remembered when she first got them.

Not long after Liz had discovered she was pregnant Alex was cooking her
dinner to try and cheer her up. Her and Kyle had spoken long and hard about
keeping the baby, and how they were going to deal with it all. Liz had been so
depressed and cranky that Alex had promised her homemade Chinese to make her
feel better. Liz was sitting at the table pretending to read the newspaper but
actually keeping an eye on Alex. The boy should really not be allowed to cook
with oil. As Alex went to put the king prawns in the fryer he tipped it over
and splashed the oil on himself. Prawns and oil went everywhere, as well as a
bowl of rice.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” he screamed in pain.

Liz immediately jumped up and had a look. The burn looked pretty bad and she
grabbed a cloth to put over it. As she pressed the cloth to his arm Alex

“Your hand is glowing!”

Liz looked down and sure enough a pale yellow glow was being emitted. She
cautiously moved the towel and the skin was unmarked.

“Oh my gosh,” was all she could say before she passed out cold.

When she woke up she was leaning against one of the cupboards and Alex was
sitting next to her. The prawns and the rice were still lying on the floor but
some attempt had been made to mop up the oil.

“Are you okay?” he asked sympathetically.

“Apart from the feeling like I’ve just had a herd of elephants trample over me,
I’m fine. I’m only pregnant to my ex and now have powers from another ex, oh
yeah everything is just dandy!”

Alex put his arm around her and let her cry into his shoulder. It took her
awhile to calm down.

“At least it will be easy to clean up when you make a mess now,” Alex said,
trying to cheer her.

“More like when you make a mess,” she snorted.

*End Flashback*

Alex laughed out loud as he remembered.

“What are you laughing at?” Liz asked crossly, “The sad, sad state of my life is
nothing to be happy about.”

“Sorry,” Alex apologised, “I was just remembering when we first found out you
had powers.”

Liz rolled her eyes. Alex’s cooking still hadn’t improved since then.

“I’m sorry about what I said about Angela. She’s nothing like Isabel. You’re
much better off without her.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m telling myself, but it still hurts to find your
girlfriend sucking off your workmate.”

“Or having your one true love find you naked in bed with your ex,” Liz whispered

Alex looked at Liz’s despondent face.

“Liz I know that it isn’t easy to move on, heck, I’m still not over Isabel and
probably never will be, but she’s the past. She was the first girl I ever
really loved, but she won’t be the last. They’re never coming back. Don’t
waste your life because of them. Think of your powers as Max’s legacy, one thing
to remember him by, not as a burden that means you always have to be thinking of

“God I wish none of this had happened,” Liz burst out.

“None of it? What about James?”

“I love him, I just wish I could honestly tell him that he was conceived in true
love and he was planned for, not just some mistake because of two people getting
drunk. And to be honest, I never thought about having anyone else but Max’s
child. I wouldn’t trade James for anything, I just keep thinking that maybe I
shouldn’t have done what I

“Liz, you can’t regret the past. Every little thing, every moment of your life
has made you into the person that you are now. You did the best thing you could
at the time. Don’t think about changing that. I was angry when you first told
us, but you saved our lives. Just like Max saved yours. Would you prefer that
he had left you bleeding on the floor of the Crash? You would be dead, cold in
the ground. Now you have a beautiful son, a great house, and you live with
Roswell’s two hottest guys. What more could you ask for?”

Liz gave a small smile. Alex always had the right thing to say to make her feel

“Do you want to work on the new song some more?” Alex asked gently.

“Sure. I can’t believe that we’re going to sing in front of so many people. If
Amy hadn’t begged, I don’t think I’d be able to do it. Normally we only sing in
front a smallish crowd, I’m so nervous and I need all the practice I can get.”

“You’ll be fine,” Alex reassured her, “just think of it being the Crash on a
Saturday night, only with more people.”

Liz smiled and started strumming again. Alex’s voice blended with hers as the
words carried through the night.

It’s coming round again
The slowly creeping hand
Of time and its demands
It settles in its place
Its shadow in my face
Undignified and lame

This life well it’s slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing
Like I had planned

Control well it’s slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing
Like I had planned

Soon enough it comes
To tie us down

After they had finished Alex stood up and stretched.

“I’m going back to bed, I’ll see you later this morning. Don’t stay up too much

“Yes sir,” Liz smiled.

“And stop thinking about things you can’t change.”

With that command, Alex gave her a kiss on the forehead and went inside, picking
up the tubs of icecream as he went. Liz listened out and when she heard his
light snoring she started playing again. This song was never going to be heard
by anyone else. She had started writing it in Florida after she had walked away
from Max.

Can you imagine somewhere in time
Chaos and madness and stars that never shine?
Worlds they collide and all that survives
Is the memory and the debris
Of broken hearted lives

There's nothing in the universe
That hurts like a broken heart
There's nothing nowhere no worse
Than the hurt of a broken heart

Imagine you're drifting somewhere in space
Strange stars they blind you remind you of a face
You turn and try to run but you fall into a sun
Or a black hole for the lost souls
And the lonely ones

There's nothing in the universe
That hurts like a broken heart
There's nothing nowhere no worse
Than the hurt of a broken heart

'Cos hearts they get shattered smashed into atoms
There's nothing no worse in the whole universe

Liz’s voice trembled as she got to the verse she wrote after Future Max came and
ripped her dreams apart.

Imagine your surprise when a visitor arrives
Drops in from the heavens with the wisdom of time
When you ask him the meaning of life
He just stares at the sky
He's sighing he's crying
He's dying to know if this is as bad as it gets

There's nothing in the universe
That hurts like a broken heart
There's nothing nowhere no worse
Than the hurt ... hurt of a broken heart
There's nothing no worse
In the whole universe
Than the hurt of a broken heart

As she finished singing Liz broke down in sobs. She would never be able to move
on from Max, no matter how hard she tried. She wondered what he was doing now,
whether he still thought about her. She didn’t notice a person watching her as
she went back inside.

* * *
Maria watched her best friend crying. She had tried to listen to the
conversation with Alex but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying unless
she moved closer. And she couldn’t do that without making her presence known.
While she had tried to remain angry at her over the years, she missed Liz too
much to hold a grudge. And she of all people knew things weren’t always as they
appeared to be. Michael had explained to her what had been going on at
Courtney’s when she had appeared there. He hadn’t been cheating on her, he had
just been trying to find out what her deal was. And it was a good thing he did.
Michael had learned that Courtney was a Skin, and what she had told him had
become greatly important to them when they had arrived on Antar.

Maria was just about to go and reveal herself to Liz when Liz had gone inside.
Maria decided that as soon as possible she would talk to Liz. Hopefully at the
party she would get her chance.


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