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Disclaimer:Don't own 'em. I just like to play with 'em*happy*

Summary:After falling in love with the familys stable-hands son, Max, Liz finds her mother and step-father embroiled in a viscous divorce that will leave her mother and all of the estates employees penniless and homeless, including Max and his father, making both she and Max go to desperate measures to prevent it.

*Micheal and Liz are step brother and sister. Liz's mom married Micheals wealthy, oil mogal father, when they were both thirteen.

*They don't HATE each other, so to speak, they just see no use for the other.

*The words like this are Liz's thoughts.

Part I

I used to be obsessed with the human condition.





Each will make you turn a blind eye, a deaf ear.

Each is a weakness.

I used to spend minuets, hours, days, wondering how any one could willing allow such weakness into their lives.

Until I did.

Until I fell in love.

And it was only then that I realized I’d forgotten the most potent of human weakness’.

Not lust, or the raw need that it let linger.

Not trust, that some, followed blindly.

Not love, so intense, it shed your tears when you cried, or made you smile.

And not hate. Not even the kind that could lead one mans hands to take the life of another.

No, she’d missed it all together, had passed right over it.

Had simply forgotten desperation.

The kind that made you panic, made your heart race and your palms sweat. The kind that could easily lead you to anything, that in the end, you probably wouldn’t even regret.

The kind she’d felt tonight.

She paced, restlessly, back and forth and back and forth, ignoring the quiet creeking of floorboards beneath her feet.

“We don’t have to do this. They don’t even realize……we could still go back”.

Pausing she held up her hand and shook her hair, “No. No, this is his fault. We asked, he made us do this. This is his fault”.


A quiet groan captured their attention, and they turned their eyes to the figure before them, the smell of blood that seemed to envelope him making her gaga.

Though they were siblings, step to be exact, they had never been the best of friends, but she hadn’t meant to hurt him. She hadn’t thought he’d fight so hard and had simply reacted without thinking and found herself somewhat grateful he wasn’t dead, like she’d first believed.

“He’s waking up”

She nodded, unable to reply with some sarcastic comment about him stating the obvious, as she was to enthralled with watching her step=brothers eyes flutter open and focus slowly.

A thin trail of blood made it’s way down his forehead into his eyes and she reached forward to wipe it away, finding herself only slightly hurt when he jerked back and narrowed his eyes at her.

“What the hell?”

He frowned, and tugged at the ropes she and Max had bound his wrist and ankles with to the rickety wooden chair in which he sat. “What the hell?” he asked again, falling silent when she took a seat in front of him and placed a long slender finger across his lips, squelching the guilt she felt building up inside of her.

This was business. Business she was forced to take care of because of his father. Her step-father.

“Quiet” she continued, “I know your confused….”

“You kidnapped me”

She nodded, but didn’t acknowledge his comment, instead continuing undeterred, “…..but I’m telling you this is for a good reason and I’m asking you to cooperate cause we can do this the easy way, or the hard way”.

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wenhaver originally wrote:
well then.

this is turning out to be interesting... L/Mi/M, eh? Normally I'm a fluffy Dreamer/Candy girl, but this has got me intrigued enough to stick around for a while...


Oh. Thanks for reading then. I'm glad you like and that you'll be sticking around for a while and I do promise there'll be some fluffy dreamer stuff in here too.*happy*

emmie originally wrote:
hmm... this is sounding very good!
max, liz, and michael? even better!

pls post more soon!

M/L/M I know, I just love the three of them together. I'm also realy glad you liked, and thanks for replying.

Oh and I promise to post more soon*tongue*
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Lucky Star originally wrote:
I definitely like! More soon please!!

Thanks. Glad you liked, and I promise to try to post more soon,I mean I do have another story and all,LOL.

Pegleg originally wrote:
Interesting. Please post again soon. I can't wait.


Hmmmmm, I don't know what to say to that. Interesting is such and interesting word. There's interesting(good) and interesting(bad), so assuming you mean interesting(good) I'm gonna go with thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it and of coarse I'll try and make it that you don't have to wait long.

Thanks for the reply.

Love Roswell originally wrote:
This is definitely intruiging.


I wonder how they will come around to each other.


'Come around', hahahahahahahahahahah, sorry just had a naughty though there, but I assure you they will come around*naughty thought alert!*happy**

Thanks for the reply.

Teresa originally wrote:
Shit!!! How could you not get my attention with a title like that.**giggles** I hope she's not to *ucked, to get *ucked.**more giggles** I'm loving this already!!!!!!!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

Love the title huh?

So did I*happy*

I'm, glad you liked everything*happy*, oh and much thanks for the reply.*bounce*
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DreamingOfMax84 originally wrote:
Okay, I'm definitely interested. So when are you coming back with more?? *big* I can't wait to read the next part. Great start, thanks for posting.


When am I coming back with more?

Soon, I promise.

Glad you liked though*happy*

And thanks for the reply.

DMartinez originally wrote:
well I'm intrigued to say the very least. I'm wondering where you're going to take this.

Well, I can honestly say this story is going to be that straight and narrow, they meet, they hate eachother, they don't hate eachother, they love eachother type of story.

In fact it may turn out to be a littel twisted if not just dark but I hope you continue readin anyway.

Thanks for the reply, and I'm glad you liked it.
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behrstars originally wrote:
please post more soon

Soon, huh, what a tricky word, but I do promise to try and post more soon*happy*

Thanks for the reply*happy*

maxzhot originally wrote:
Okay you have caught my interest. I interested to see more of this story.
What happened between Michael's father and Liz's mom that she had to kidnap Michael?
Is this going to be a fic where Liz is interested in Max and Michael?
Can't wait to read more

What happened between Micheals dad and Liz's mom will be explained in the story and honestly at first this was supposed to be a strictly L/Mi/M story but...........

I'm not so sure now.With all the ideas I have for this story rolling around in my head it might end up a L/M/Mi/K/L/Mi/A/K/L/M/Mi/M........well you get the idea.

Also be forwarned. I don't think this is going to be to....fluffy.

But I'm glad you liked this chap, and thanks for the reply.

I promise to try to post more soon*happy**bounce*
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Yes this is me bumping myself, and ::::sigh:::: do I really have to do the whole 'no shame' thing again?*tongue*
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Glad you liked, and much thanks for the reply*happy*
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I give up! I'll just have to add another of your fics to my subscription list. *big*

Thanks (I think) for the heads up on this new story.

Thanks, I think,LOL*happy*

Great premise. I adore M/L/Mi fics. They are absolutely the best Rosewell genre out there because of all the fantastic character development needed to balance three instead of two. I can't wait to see how you weave thir lives together.

Also, great way to give background on how our dynamic duo got themselves into this sticky situation, without slowing down the good parts.

Michael's dad sounds like a real controlling prick, if he's petty enough to destroy countless people's lives because he can't hold onto his wife. I'm interested to see if Michael is going to try to stand up for his dad or if he'll admit his dad is hitting below the belt.

Michael all tied up...ooh the possibilities! *wink*

Can't wait for more! *bounce*

Yeah, his dad is pretty much a prick, but what fun would it be if he was great?

Glad you liked and I have to say, I'm kinda nervous about writing this, I mean I realy do have to weave there lives together huh,LOL.

I can promise I'll try my best not to dissapoint.

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Just found it, very interesting. Please post more soon!




Thanks for the reply and another thanks for the bump. Glad you liked.

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BUMPing for a new part!!


Thanks for the bump, and I promise to try to put up another post soon*happy*
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A/N:This chapter is just a tone setter. It'll show a little bit how Liz and Max and Michael regaurd eachother.

And I also wanted to say that everyone else, Alex, Kyle,Isabell and Tess,will bein this story. They come in later chaoter though and not all together.


Part II

“What the hell were you thinking!?”

Who just said that?

He sounded like that prick back home. His father would be pleased.

Frowning he shivered and watched her pace, his eyes flickering to Max’s muted form perched upon the countertop munching on an apple, before returning to her.


“You can’t honestly think your gonna get away with this. He may be a drunk but Hanks…”

Dad, he corrected himself, and continued. His voice, never loosing once ounce of it’s harshness, “………past time is not getting fucked over by some teenaged drama queen and her boyfriend”.


“Drama Queen?” Max snorted.

.....good doggie. Michael held back the urge to chuckle. Max could be so predictable sometimes.

That thought filed away for later use of amusing himself, he re-directed his thoughts to his forlorn, quasi panicked stepsister.

Her stare was hard and she all but sneered at him, dropping down in his chairs twin. The only chair that remained at the room tiny table.

“I never knew you thought so lowly of me” Liz sighed, “ anyone with the common sense of dry paper towel, can fuck your father over without breaking a sweat….”

Michael arched an eyebrow slightly amused, deciding quickly not to laugh, as he didn’t want to egg her on.

“…..though he’d probably be to drunk to notice”.

“True” Michael agreed nodding his head, “otherwise he would’ve noticed what a whore your mother was before he married her”.

Her face flushed and turned crimson as she frowned.

Michael smirked triumphantly in returned and finished conspirator, leaning forward as if he was sharing some special secret with her, “I mean, who wants worn out pussy?”

Liz’s eyes narrowed even more and she stood abruptly knocking the chair over behind her.

“Go to hell Michael”

“Can’t………” he shrugged, wincing slightly when he wrists, already rubbed raw, slid against the rope that bound them.

Mental note. Stop moving your fucking wrist.

“………I’m already there”.

Liz ignored him and stalked over to the compact yellow fridge that stood, alone, in the corner, of what he assumed was supposed to be a kitchen, and pulled it open, frowning at him over her shoulder before returning her attention to the refrigerators shelves.

Over her shoulder he could just make out a fully stocked shelf.

She’d obviously planned for this trip to last awhile.

His stomach dropped and he turned a steady stare out a small window just to his left.

Beyond the thick dust that’d settled on the sill and thin glass he could see nothing but trees and sky, and knew without being told that if he tried to run, no one would be there to find him and if he screamed no one would here.

His stomach dropped further and the light expression, along with the high he’d achieved by pissing Liz off, faded away.

Not that he missed and/or wanted to be home that much, but simply preferred to be anywhere else, with anyone else, doing anything else as long as it wasn’t with his wicked stepsister and her dick head boyfriend.

Sighing he chanced a glance in Max’s direction and found that he’d stood and made his way to where Liz now sat munching loudly on a pack of cheetos.

Michael watched silently, with a strange sense of awe, as the two spoke quietly, Max’s body leaning against the counter toward her, and Liz’s body, whether on purpose or not, almost directly facing him.

They’d been together for a while, the first time he’d caught Max sneaking out of her room having been three Christmas’s ago, and watching them now, he couldn’t understand how everyone didn’t know.

They were practically fucking with their eyes.

Michael frowned and narrowed his eye’s at them

G*d they make me sick.

His urge to hurl, was forgotten when he realized Max was staring back at him, quite annoyed.

“What?” he snapped.

Blinking Michael shook his head and replied caustically, “Nothing just thinking what a good bitch your gonna make from some serial killer when you go to jail for kidnapping me”.

“You do have quite a sweet ass” he added snidely a moment later, momentarily uneasy and almost startled at what he’d just said before deciding to ignore his uneasiness all together and focus his powers on annoying Max instead.

His harsh words were rewarded with Max’s slightly shocked face and crimson cheeks.

His lips twisting up into a sneer he smirked and blew Max a kiss.

They shared a silent understanding, one he obviously hadn’t shared with Liz or Lizabitch as he liked to call her.

He was pulled from his reverie when his chair and body pitched back suddenly and slammed with a violent crack against the floor.. His head exploded in pain and bright light flooded his eyes, blinding him momentarily before they focused on Liz’s silhouette, hovering menacingly above him, and was oddly enough, certain, that if he could see her face, she’d be wearing a sneer that matched his own.

“Bitch” he forced through clenched teeth and the thick pain the enveloped his mind, and was rewarded with a swift kick to his ribs.

Her boots made a thunk against his body.

Damn boots, he thought between gasping for air, Mental note: Burn them the first chance you get.

Her voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

“Whatever crawled up your ass and died Michael, pass it, I don’t have the fucking time or patience to entertain your attitude”.

His frown deepened when she kneeled beside him and grasped a fistful of his hair between her fingers, lifting his head slightly from the floor. “And if I were you….” She continued quietly, “……I’d watch my mouth when it came to Max from now own. Unless of coarse….” She paused and pretended to think for a moment, nibbling on her bottom lip, “……I was looking to become a member of the fucking castrati ” .

He spit in her face but didn’t reply, and bit back a groan when she ruthlessly let his head drop.

“I didn’t think so” she replied calmly, wiping her face.

For a moment he lay, staring into the blinding yellow ceiling light, before he heard, what he was sure, was Max’s footsteps and groaned when the chair was set back upright and his body automatically righted itself, every part of him shifting. Including what felt like a broken rib.

He moved and winced again.

Busy work for later.

His thoughts quieted themselves when Max returned from a trek to the freezer with a cold compress and pressed it to his side………

He frowned and jerked back with a yelp.

………a little harder than necessary.

“You really shouldn’t do that you know……….”

Michael sighed heavily. “Shut up.”

“………..saying those things about her mother……………”

“Shut. Up.”

“………..pissing her off like that…………………”

“Shut up Maxwell” his voice was low, and carried a warning.

One Max ignored and fingered the rough ropes that bound his wrist.

“………….especially when you’ve got no way to defend yourself”.


Max jerked back slightly startled and Michael smirked, inwardly satisfied.

“I’m just saying, maybe you should lay off a little Michael” Max continued, his voice calm despite his obvious shock seconds before, “unless you want another broken rib”.

Staring unwavering at him Max roughly pushed the compress in until Michael couldn’t help but groan in pain.

“Or what?”

Michaels body relaxed when Max seemed to let up a little at his sudden question.

“We both know your not going to protect your lady love”, Michael pressed on, motivated by Max’s obvious growing unease, “and we both know why”.

“But Liz doesn’t. Maybe we should fill her in” he added sweetly a moment later.

Max shifted in his seat and stared back at Michaels smirking face angrily. “That was………….years ago….before…………….you wouldn’t”.

Michael sat silent for a moment before leaning forward until his and Max’s faces were just inches apart. “Awwww, don’t worry Maxwell, it’s our little secret” he whispered quietly, just loud enough for Max to hear, and smiled, then licked teasingly at his lips, “and I plan on keeping it that way”.

Max sat, stared uncertainly at him for a moment before standing and walking away, leaving the compress he’d brought Michael, to melt on his leg.


“You taste like cho…….cho-co-late………choklit”

Their drunken laughter sounded stilted in the silence.

Their eyes met and he smiled.


The bathroom door stood ajar. Inside he could hear the shower start, and shook away those distant memories.

That had been many years…..many summers ago.

Despite the raging hard-on he now he had they were all but forgotten, as he headed towards the bathroom.

Besides what he had now, that was worth more than what Michael had probably labeled simple experimentation and tossed out years ago.

Quickly stripping down he pulled the shower curtain and stepped in behind her, offering a lusty smiled when she turned to face him.

“I was wondering when you’d show”.


Micheal heard the shower start and frowned. Deeply.

G*d he hated them so much.

Rolling his eyes and forcing the very unappealing mental picture the sound of the shower put into his mind, he caught the glint of a kitchen knife out the corner of his eye.

Legs first.

He tried his ankles and found them tightly bound.

Then arms.

He wriggled his wrist and winced. She’d made sure to tie these tight too.


Sighing heavily he rolled his head on his neck, trying to ease some of the tension there, and tried his feet, planting them squarely on the ground before shoving against it as hard as he could, and was rewarded with the chair scraping loudly against the old wooden floor when it moved.

Holding his breath, he waited, trying hear if they’d heard. When the shower still running and the begining of what sounded like soft moans, he grimaced and made the chair move again, and was panting softly by the time he’d made it to the tiny serving counter.

Biting his bottom lip, he pushed his wrist out as far as he could, tipped the edge of the knife that stood out at the edge of the counter, and inadvertently knocked the cup over the sat beside it, wincing when it tumbled to the floor and shattered.


Though they didn’t stop, Maxs rapid thrusts slowed when he heard what sounded like a glass shattering.

“Did you hear that?” Liz asked quietly, her chest rising and falling unevenly against his, her ankles still locked behind him back.

“It was………I’m sure it was nothing”.

The momentary silence was quickly followed by the faint sound of scraping.

Liz’s arms unlocked and slid down his bare chest and her slightly panicked eyes met his, “you didn’t untie him did you?”

“Wha…what? No” Max whispered in returned, reluctantly letting her unlocked her ankles and stand.

The scraping sound came again, and Max frowned frustratedly when she stepped out the shower, quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself and hurried through the door.

Left alone, Max couldn’t decide which had left him angrier. The fact that Michael had most likely just interrupted them again, or the raging hard-on he had.

His hand wrapped thoughtfully around it.

It was definitely the hard-on.

Stupid Michael.


Michael heard her footsteps and forced his breath to slow, letting his head loll slightly to the side and feigning sleep.


He blinked, sleepily and resisted the urge to smirk and make a biting comment about her attire or lack there of, and looked up at her questioningly when she smacked him on the back of his head.


“What did you do?” she looked at him angrily, and narrowed her eyes after a moment, “You weren’t trying to escape were you?”

“Wha…no. I was sleeping” he sighed, and frowned, “just cause you feel like staying up to fuck, doesn’t mean I have to stay up to listen”.

Her eyes narrowed at him in return, he watched her secure her towel before she walked behind him, tilted back his chair, and dragged him, grunting all the way, to the furthest corner of the room, which the owners, whoever they were had gone all out and carpeted.

“Move another inch and I swear I’ll break your fucking feet……”

“Like that bitch from Misery?”

Ignoring him, she slapped a piece of tape over his eyes and started back towards the room.

“Try me Michael” he heard her mumble angrily over her shoulder and waited until he heard the tale-tell signs of the bedroom door closing before trying to move again.


Shutting the door behind herself, Liz stood, listened quietly for a moment to the soft sighs Max made as he stood in the bathroom mirror, jerking himself off, before dropping her towel and joining him.

Smiling, she seated herself in front of him, and wrapped her hand tightly around him, slowing his own strokes, and making each stroke torture.

“Michael?” Max managed to ask thickly.

“Taken care of” she replied.

“Now back to the task at hand” she sighed, moving his hand aside and locking her feet back behind his back. Leaning forward, her hand still gripping him tightly, she ran the very tip of his head across the length the her wet cunt, and smiled when he groaned loudly. “I wanna play too”.


The chair didn’t spare an inch.

Great. Just fucking great, he thought dejectedly to himself, as he slumped down into his chair, What am I gonna do now.

The silence was tempered by soft moans again and he frowned,grimaced, felt like hurling all over again.

Welcome to hell Guerin. Get used to it. You’re gonna be here for a while.


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Teresa originally wrote:
That would be bad....but I would definately spill the beans about me and lover boy (Max). *wink**wink* I got stopped here, looking for "Original Sin."*tongue*

Spill the beans?

Not just yet, I've gotta let them have some fun with this secret first,LOL.

Thanks for the reply.

Cinder originally wrote:
So Max and Michael have some sort of history together, interesting.........

I bet Liz would be interested to know!


I'm not so sure my Liz would be so much interested as turned on,LOL.

Thanks for the reply.*happy*

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BelevnDreamsToo originally wrote:
OOWWW!! What's this little secret between Max and Michael??? What will Liz think of it?? What do the boys still feel for each other?? heehee!!

Can't wait for more!! Thanks J *big*

Hmmmmm, I have a feeling Liz won't take it too hard.*naughty thought alert,LOL*

I'll try not to take to long to post more.Thanks for the reply*happy*
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GodI havn't been on here in ages I know, but despite what you may belive I did not die, quit this story or decide at some point never to come back.

I just haven't been here.

But I really am working on the new chapter to my storys.

First up, Nothing but the blood.

And good news, I have the next two weeks off so I'll have plenty of time to work on my stories.

Sorry I've been away so long. It wont happen again.

Just hang in there please?

Oh and thanks for all the bumps Mandy*happy**bounce*
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Okay, so my muse went all psycho bitch on me and revolted giving me a huge case of brain constipation aka writers block therefore causing me to go on sabbatical for three or for months give or take a month....okay I forgot my point but in short heres my apology: I apologize, and heres the story, which might I add is dedicated to Mandyhandford who so harassed me until I had no other choice but to write. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And now unto the....well you get it.

Part III

He eyed the white mush disdainfully. Liz had cooked it up. Breakfast she’d called it. Grits.

Breakfast of corn seed, corn fed, red necked hillbillies and sweet little things from the country; the kind that sweat in their Sunday dresses but never seemed to care cause all they were worried about was making sure the hogs were fed……

He grimaced, as Max spooned some, preparing to feed it to him like a baby. Anger quickly replaced disgust.

……Liz being the latter.

It’d been no secret to Michael’s father, or too Michael or to any of their employees that Liz’s mother had played fucktoy to some redneck rancher and Liz was the result. It’d also been no secret that said red-necked rancher had no qualms about walking out on his teenaged wife and their newborn daughter when the fields dried up, and for some reason, some people, including their servants and his very own father took that as some unspoken understanding that that meant they had to be kind to them. At first.

Only a year and three months after his father had taken little miss teenage mom on as his pity project and married her, the rumors had begun, money disappeared, spent on couple massages his father hadn’t taken part in, and the pool boys began to smell like her:sweat, cigarettes, cheap perfume, and sex, on increasingly, not-so-rare occasions.

The only saving factor, had been sweet little Liz.

Her innocence had been what first attracted him. He’d never meet any what so naive, so willing to believe and so eager to please. Liz had been looking for a family when she and her mother arrived at the Guerin estate; a brother to bond with. Michael had not been. By the time they met, he’d been jaded far to much, for far to long to quest for anything other than money and the power that lay behind it.

But he’d let her cling, and call him brother. She had a pretty face and a ass that wouldn’t quit and that’d been enough for him not to kick her out of his room when she wanted to hang and out of his bed when she had a nightmare.

Then, when she’d caught him fucking Jamie Moiré’s, Martin Moiré’s, his father’s colleague, daughter, and asked shyly, what it felt like, he’d gone that extra inch and shown her.

The sound of footsteps drew his eyes to the bedroom door, catching her just as she entered.

“Morning sis”.

She sneered silently at him but did not detour from her trek to the fridge. Her hair hung loosely on her shoulder and although she yawned she looked well rested.

Michael, on the other hand, could feel exhaustion, like heavy weight on his shoulders.

He’d found out the hard way, that sleeping in hard wooden chairs with your hands and ankles tied, was hell on your back.

Bitch, he though bitterly as he watched her dish her food, she gets the bed,she gets to fuck, she even gets to sleep when she’s through. She’s even got the best little lap dog in all the world, he glanced at Max, and what do I get? Rope burns and an achy back. Life truly is a bitch and I bet she looks just like Liz.

His eyes flickered to Max who held a spoon to his lips and frowned deeply. Max made him so sick nowadays. Max had offered up his dick and his heart and had willing become her own personally love sick puppy always following her around. Max had been his best friend, had been his first but apparently he’d forgotten that.

The door to the bedroom clicked back shut, Liz obviously retreating to the room to think or shower or whatever the hell it was that she did when she was alone in there.

“Did you know I was her first”.

After a moment Max’s eyes widened shocked. “What?”.

“I was her first Max”.

“Mic……what the hell are you talking about?” Max asked, grits forgotten he let the spoon drop back into the bowl.

“You mean sweat little Liz didn’t tell you she let me have the first bite of her cherry?” his eyebrows arched as if he were truly shocked himself. “Broke that philly in nice and easy I did”.

He smiled when he was rewarded with Max’s deep frown. “Shut up Michael”.

“It’s only appropriate I suppose.” he continued quietly, his voice just above a soft whisper as his eyes found Max’s, “I mean, I was yo…”

His words faltered and his head snapped back before he realized Max’s fist had connected with his face. Blinking he sought out Max’s again.

Smirking he leisurely licked away the thin trail of blood that made it’s way lazily over his lips to his chin. ”Angry?”

“Shut. Up”.

“Ahhh, I see” she smiled brightly and pushed lightly on the balls of his feet until his chair tilted back slightly, "you not angry your just desperate to shut me up”.


“Save your breath Maxwell, you can’t have kidnapped me hoping from some calm twisted version of a family vacation, no screaming no fighting just love and exceptance” he paused and shook his head, “ think again. This is hell for me and if I’ve got to live it, so do you. So saddle up stable boy”,Michael leaned back forward, straining against the ropes until his was near enough to Max to feel his breath against his lips, and the warmth from his body, “cause this ride ain’t even close to being over”.


Liz listened for a moment to the quiet murmuring of what sounded like Max and Michael talking, before returning her attention to the phone, and more precisely, the woman on the other end who was waiting for an reply”.

“Who can I tell him is calling?” came the nasally question again and Liz winced, before replying “ doesn’t matter”.

“Then what am I supposed to tell him?” came another question, annoyance clear this time.

“Tell him…” she hesitated, there’d be no turning back now, “tell him I’ve got his son”.

Note: I would say I won;t take so long to come back this time but my muse is a bitch, as I stated so avidly before, and I'm kinda subject to her whim. But good news, I think she;s in a good mood right now, I already got mapped out (it's a Liz chapter) so I feel kinda secure in saying I'll have posted more by next week. Oh and I'm off that stupid schedual, whatever story update comes next, comes, next, that schedual was messing me up. Night everyone.*happy*