You are mine part 7
Liz’s POV
1 mile away from the beach house you can actually see it from here.

"Hey, hey we’re here we’re here!" I hear lsabel say waking me from my sleep. Lsabel had switched spots with Maria and then took over driving for max. So he could rest.

"Oh yes we're finally here Maria." I heard Michael whisper in that tone of voice meaning you know what that means.
The jeep comes to a stop that means I have to get up. Max moves he’s hand from my waist and I open my eyes.
"Wow it’s beautiful out here!" I say

"Yeah. And look it’s all sand.' Alex said from the back.

"Ok. So we’re here. Liz and me will go get the keys." Max said to all of us.

"Ok." I say and I kick off my sandals and max helps me out.

"Where’s the main office house?" Maria says

"Over there" max says and points to it.
While max and Liz go get the house key the others are getting the bags out of the jeep.

"This is going to be the best summer." Says Maria

"Yeah it is. Come on I’ll go open the door." Michael said

"Michael are you going to use your powers to open the door?" Lsabel asked

"Yes I’m not going to wait for those two get back." Michael said as he walks to the door with a hand full of bags.

"Hey I want to watch." Said Alex following Michael with the rest of the bags.

Maria and lsabel follow them carrying Liz’s sandals.

"Them boys are so impatient." Lsabel said

"Yeah". Maria says
Liz and max heading back from getting the keys.

"Wow look at the moon isn’t it beautiful?" I said

"Yes it is. I can’t wait to see the house on the inside." Said max

"I know I’m going to hate to leave it."

"Well maybe we’ll all just have to keep coming out here every summer."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Hey it looks like they already got in." I said

"Oh that’s Michael for you." Max said and we run the rest of the way.

We get to the house and they’re in the running around like crazy deciding who gets what room considering there’s only three bedrooms with two beds in each.

"Hi guys." I said

Hi- said Maria. "Well we figured out that all the bedrooms are up stair with their own bathrooms in them and they all look similar." She said

"Great, who’s with who!" Said max

"Well we know who we all want so that’s ok but when the parent come for the weekend we’ll have to switch rooms. Maria and Liz, Alex and Michael, and me and you max." Said lsabel.

"Sounds good to me." I said looking at max.
"Have you all picked a room?" I asked

"That we did come on we’ll show you your guys". Said Alex

"Ok." Max says and we follow them up the stairs.

"OMG look at this room it beautiful." I said

"Yes it is Liz know don’t you and max get carried away." Said Maria
We all start laughing.
"Oh don’t worry we can handle are self’s." Said max

"And what about you guys I don’t think you can control you’re self either." I say
And they all smile. "That’s what I thought." I said walking over to one of the beds and jump up on it.

"You two got the one with the best bathroom. Because lsabel wanted the bigger closet so we took that one. And Maria and Michael took the room with the balcony." Said Alex

"Well at least we know we’ll be clean!" I said being a smart ass.
'Maria I want to see your room after I’m done in here." I said

"Okay.' Maria said while they walk out of our room.

"This is a nice room max." I say walking in to the bathroom to look around.

"It is." He says following me.

"Wow look at this we got a shower and a bath as to different things I never had a bathroom like this". I say

"Me neither" he said and grabbed my hands and pulled me to him and kisses me

"Now, now the bathroom is not a place to be making out max." I whisper
"I mean what if we walk in to the mirror or something and, and…………"max puts he’s lips on mine. You do know how to shut me up don’t you I said through my thoughts

"Yes I do." He whispered.

"Well lets go check out the rest of the house first. Ok and then we can do more of this." I said.

"Ok." He said and so we went to check out the rest of the house.

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