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I Won't Tell

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Note: Pure smutt, nothing else no plot, just smutt. And to my fans I didn't take away time form my other fics for this one, I wrote this a long time ago and thought I'd post it here finally.

Part 1 of 2

Liz walks into the plush offices of one millionaire Max Evans, she was nervous as hell she was here because her grades in high school had won her an internship for Evans Inc. much to the joy of her family. She had been sitting outside the personal department waiting for her work assignment when the big shot Mr. Evans himself had walked by and took one look at her and told her to follow him to his office. She at once did what she was told; at 17 she was a very well behaved girl you see.

He told her to sit down in an expensive chair in front of his beautiful desk; he proceeded to interview her asking her various questions and every so often looking at her crossed legs especially the point where her skirt had ridden up showing a creamy expanse of thigh, in response to his looks she felt her core become wet with desire. He was a very handsome attractive man every girls dream boy he wasn’t wearing a coat and his arms were behr he had folded his sleeves up showing the muscles of his arms to perfection. She wanted him, and if the way he was looking at her said anything he wanted her to.

Taking a chance she slowly sensuously uncrossed her legs, loving the way his eyes darkened at her movements. Claiming the room was to hot for her she began unbuttoning her shirt giving him a good look at the shear bra underneath, Mr. Evans made no point in stopping her. Taking that as a cue to continue Liz got up from her chair walked toward the door and locked it. On her way back she slowly removed the shirt form her shoulders and stood in front of him where he was still sitting on top of the desk and if the bulge in his pants was any indication he was hard as a rock.

Mr. Evans looked up and down at the beautiful girl in front of him, his gaze stopping at her rosy and very hard nipples her shear bra did nothing to conceal. In a very hoarse voice he finally spoke. “Your only 17, and I’m 28, we can’t do this.” His voice lacked conviction though so placing her hands behind herself she lowered the zipper of her skirt once it was down she removed her hands and let the skirt drop leaving her wearing only the shear bra and an equally shear thong that showed of her beautiful body to perfection.

“I promise not to tell if you won’t, Mr. Evans.” Liz said softly.

“Max…” He said forcefully “My name is Max.” and with that he roughly pulled her beautiful body fully in to his capturing her lips in a hot kiss that Liz returned with equal adore, it was a hot meshing of mouths and tongues his hands couldn’t stop wandering her ripe little body. After an unknown amount of time Max finally pulled away from her wonderfully sweet mouth.

“Tell me Liz, how’s your DICK-tation?” Max hoarsely asked a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Perfect.” Liz breathlessly answered.

Walking away from her toward his closet he took out some ties, which he placed on the desk. He began undressing once he was completely naked he took Liz back in his arms and expertly removed her bra and panties. Liz didn’t remain impassive during this time her breath had caught in her throat at the first sight of his monster cock, it was so big and thick she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it so when he took her in his arms she wrapped both hands on his cock and began working it, rubbing it up and down, loving every moan of pleasure she stroked from him. Until Max finally stopped her not wanting to cum to soon.

Picking her up in his strong arms he seated her on the edge of the desk kneeling down in front of her he opened her sweet thighs wide and buried his face in her fragrant pussy and proceeded to eat her like she had never been eaten before sucking, nibbling, licking, hardening his tongue like a small cock and driving it in to her core till his teeth scraped her dewy lips. Her hands took firm hold of his head using it as leverage to rock her sopping pussy into his face, moaning and groaning her pleasure. He took her to orgasm 3 times this way until Liz was no more than a mass of writhing trembling flesh.

After her 3rd orgasm he removed his head from her core and slowly stood up and took in the sight of his beautiful lover, her heaving chest, trembling body completely turned him on even more his hard cock was no longer moving so hard and rigid it was pouring a steady stream of pre-cum which was dripping on to the floor, his face resembled a glazed doughnut so covered in her juices he was, but he wasn’t done. Gently taking her in his arms again he laid her down on the desk, belly against the desk, feet on the floor and spread wide he took the ties he had taken out earlier and with 2 tied her arms on the desk and the with 2 more he tied her ankles to the desk legs tight enough to prevent movement and yet cause her no pain.

Liz made no protest the position gave her new energy and she couldn’t wait for what was coming next. Max didn’t disappoint her. Taking position between her spread thighs he took his iron hard cock and began teasing her clit with it.

“Now lets see if your DICK-tation is as perfect as you claim.” Max said, that was the only warning he gave before he drove his monster cock hard into her, Liz gasped at his violent entry, but she felt no pain, his earlier attention had left her so wet and soft she took him in easily, so all she felt was a wonderful fullness and a deep ache for harder and rougher treatment. Which she was all eagerness to vocalize out loud.

“Max…Max…Please…Harder….Faster…Deeper…Please I need more….More” Liz screamed over and over.

Hearing her pleas he did just that. Driving in so hard and deep Max and Liz could swear he was touching her womb. And it felt sooooooo gooooooooooood Max couldn’t believe how fucking tight she was he couldn’t get enough of it he just wanted to go on and on forever, but they were only human and soon Max couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer, taking one hand he brought it to her clit and started rubbing hard, that was all the push she needed she came hard her pussy began clamping down on his member squeezing and releasing it hard. Her orgasm triggered his and he shot wads and wads of hot cum in to her so much cum he was sure she had pumped him dry for at least a week.

Slowly, Max with a little difficulty his hands were trembling so hard he finally unties Liz, and they both fall back on the chair Liz had been sitting on back when all this started. Max sat back on the chair and Liz sat on top of him facing him her head buried in his neck her arms around his head stroking his damp hair. About a half hour later the cock that by all intents and purposes should have been long dead began to stir against her cum dripping pussy, upon feeling it Liz shifted and raised herself over him and with one small hand guided his monster cock back into herself. Rocking slowing over him up and down like he was her own personal stallion and she had all the time in the world to ride her mount.

Max let her have control until she sweetly came apart in his arms then he pushed himself hard into her joining her in oblivion. Lifting her head she looked into his warm amber eyes and said “So Mr. Evans was my DICK-tation perfect or not.”

“Oh Mrs. Evans that was so beyond perfect, there are no words to describe what that was…” Max lovingly replied kissing her lips sweetly. “…God Liz these games of yours just keeping getting better and better.”

“Hmmm…well just wait till you get a load of what I have planned for you next.” She impishly answered.

Anyone want to see part 2?...

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Wow you guys are awesome with the feedback, here's part 2!!!!!!

Part 2 of 2

I Won't Tell– Part 2

They had intended to get dressed and go home, but it didn’t work out that way Max took one look at her bending down to pick up her clothes and that all it took for him to get hard again. He was damn sure his cock was trying to kill him but he didn’t have time to examine the motives of his lower extremities, he was to busy grabbing his wife and kissing her senseless. Liz for her part didn’t mind in the least she was more than ready to take him up again. Being married to Max for so long had build up her stamina to record proportions.

Grabbing his ass she began rubbing her hot little body all over him, while doing that an idea entered her mind that she just had to act on. Reluctantly pulling away from his hot mouth and pulled away from him, surprised he searched her face to see if something was wrong and gulped down in hunger, Liz was looking a him with a wild gleam in her eyes, the same one she got when something particularly kinky was going to be pulled on him soon.

She didn’t disappoint walking back to the chair they hade made love earlier, the one he would never be able to look at with out getting hard from now on. She ordered him to sit down, when he did so, she picked up the ties he had used on her before and tied his hands behind the chair securing him to it so he couldn’t move or touch her. Then she tied his ankles to the feet of the chair. The chair was heavy enough that no matter how much he squirmed or rocked it wouldn’t bulge and tip over.

Liz then picked up her purse that was still beside the chair making a big show of her bending over swaying her ass back and forth while rummaging for a toy she kept their for such just an occasion. Max mouth literally watered he could see her pussy clear as day opening and releasing a little of their love making juices. With out thinking tried to reach for her so that he could bury his face in her snatch and eat her, but the ties held tight and Max groaned in utter frustration. Liz heard his groan and giggled in response quickly straightening she stood facing him dangling her toy in his face.

Max’s groan got even louder when he saw it. It was a cock ring something Liz only pulled out when she wanted to have her way with him for a good long time and make sure he stayed nice and hard threw it all and not ruin her and his fun by cumming to soon.

“Now…Now, none of that baby. Turn around is fair play, honey.” She said impishly she took his cock in her hands keeling down in front of him and gave him a few good licks before taking him in her mouth completely sucking on him hard. Max’s head fell back on the chair in rapture he loved when she took him in her mouth, she gave the best blow jobs, not that he had anything to compare them to he had only made love to one woman in his whole life and he had married her, but then he never had the desire to even look at another woman. But Liz’s mouth was magic she had a way of sucking, licking, and nibbling on his hot flesh that always left him panting and begging for more always wanting more.

He always woke up each mourning with his cock in her mouth and she wouldn’t let him leave the house to go to work until he had cum once in her mouth and once in her cunt. She said because she wanted to give him incentive to come home sooner each day. Ha like even needed incentive he hated being away form her, he owed a mega cooperation, was king to a now dead alien world, he had all the money in the world and could get anything he wanted at the snap of his fingers and yet none of that mattered he didn’t feel whole until he was within touching distance of her, his lover, his best friend his everything and wife Liz. His friends had always made fun of him for that, but he didn’t care they didn’t have Liz in their lives like he did so of course they had no idea what peace and love they were missing out on. Poor…poor…fools the lot of them.

Liz released his cock and pumped him with her hands for a little while once she was satisfied with his cock firmness she carefully placed the cock ring on his manhood, and slowly got up. Max sat back and panted waiting for her next move.

Liz began to slowly sway and dance in front of him running her hands up and down her body touching herself slowly, pumping her breasts up and down, Max’s eyes darkened with each move with each touch, his gaze was so hot and intense Liz felt like he was boring holes in her body, which turned him on even more. She turned around in slow circles sensually dancing in front of him to music only she could hear. She closed her eyes and lost herself to the dance, the heat of Max’s gaze made her feel so sexy so beautiful and desired.

When her hands hit her sopping pussy she slowly inserted one finger inside feeling the mess Max had left inside her and the new wetness her body was pumping unable to stand she walked backward to the desk and sat on it, opening her eyes to slits she saw Max watching her every move. Opening her legs wide and giving him a perfect view to her dripping pussy she inserted a 2nd finger inside herself. Max’s hips began rocking up and down totally turned on by her actions wishing with all his heart that his cock was the one pumping inside of her instead of her fingers. Seeing her push a 3rd finger inside of herself, Max’s rocking became even worse.

Liz closed her eyes completely and concentrated only on the deep push of her fingers into her pussy, driving deep and hard inside of herself slowing down when she felt herself cumming. But after a while she couldn’t hold back anymore and started driving in faster, harder, panting hard at the pleasure she was giving herself, until she came hard. Max watched her intently and when he saw her dripping core contract on her fingers he groaned in want and frustration.

His groan tore her form her own little world and her gaze fell to his rocking hips and pulsing cock. She got of the desk on less than steady legs and walked up to him once in front of him she turned around her back facing him, she bent over and took his cock in her hands and guided him into herself. He hissed at the contact and moaned loud when he felt himself entering her. But she didn’t take him in fully when about half of his cock was in her she began rocking up and down working the head of his cock with almost ceaseless pleasure he so wanted to cum, he needed to cum. She was riding him to shallow, and it was pure torture but the cock ring kept him from cumming and the more she kept her steady and mad-enly slow pace the louder his moans of pleasure and frustration became.

Until he was begging her to take him deeper. “Liz…(pant)…Liz…(pant)…God please…(loud moan)… take more of it…(pant)…please deeper…(whimper)…deeper…(moan)…please honey let me cum…(pant)…I need to cum…”

She didn’t listen lost in her own world again and when she couldn’t take it any more she came apart over him, her contractions on the head of his cock only made him wilder as he uselessly tried to pump himself deeper into her. Once her contractions stopped she quickly got up and taking in his pained expression she carefully removed his cock ring and with her powers she untied the ties freeing him.

It took him less than a second for his brain to realize his freedom and he acted swiftly tumbling her to the ground he grabbed her legs and lifted them over her head spreading her wide and thrusted himself deep into her core, the relief he felt at being fully sheathed inside of her was overwhelming, he thrusted into Liz hard like his very life depended on it, he barely heard Liz’s moans of pleasure, didn’t see her trashing her head side to side in agony pleading for more. All he was aware of was he’s over whelming need to cum. But the cock ring had kept him from climax to long and it took him a little while for him to relax enough for him to cum, but when he finally did he poured a river into his Liz and yet he couldn’t stop pumping.

He remained hard inside her and when he released a 2nd explosion of hot volcanic cum, which triggered her own orgasm did he finally stop lowering her legs, he collapsed fully on her body, welcoming the sudden trembling weight of him she weakly caressed the sides of him sapped of her strength she couldn’t find the energy to wrap her legs and arms around him like she wanted.

Though boneless nothing could wipe the very satisfied smile that graced her lips, and when Max weakly lifted his head and looked at her that smile made his heart constrict in love.

“I love you so much Liz Evans.” He hoarsely said.

“I love you more.” She tried to tease but the tears in her eyes spoiled the effect, but they were happy tears and Max knew it, and he brushed them away with a shaky hand. Moving a little he buried his head in her breasts nuzzling and gently sucking and nibbling on them, both breathing a sigh of relief at being together like this they were together…they were… home…

The End

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So everyone wants a sequal, umm like I said I wrote this a long time ago before I started writting my two main fic's Light To His Darkness and Takin' Back What's Mine.

I just didn't start posting the kinky stuff here until now, so it might be a bit hard to write a sequal to this series.

But I do have other 2 parter stories I wrote about the same time I wrote I Won't Tell. Would you like me to post those here instead of writting a sequal?

There just as kinky and just as smutty as this one, maybe more kinky cause I had Phae and others egging me on and giving me pointers and feedback on them.

Let me know, I'll do it, if you want, Should I do it on this thread or a new one?

Thank You for all the awsome feedback, it's so amazing, Thank You!!!!


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New story is up on new thread the link is below it's called Headmaster. Hope you like.

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