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Title: WSXY – Hawaii – 9c
Author: hipntrendy
Email: hipntrendy⊕
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Roswell, they belong to UPN, Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I only claim ownership of my own characters.
Rating: R to NC-17
Summary: AU – No Aliens, M/L and a radio station contest.
Feedback: Would be greatly appreciated.

For those who have forgotten what this is about because I am such a slow writer or for anyone who is new and interested in the rest of the story:
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From 9b

A petite figure moving in the crowd caught his eye on the other side of the pool. He moved swiftly but by the time he reached that side, she was already gone. Looking around, he noticed her walking across the deck of the house. “Liz!” he called out as he rushed across the lawn and pushed past the people on the stairs. He was about to enter the house when someone touched him on his arm.


He turned quickly, “Liz!”


WSXY – Hawaii – 9c


“Oh thank God it’s you….I think,” Liz voiced as she checked Max out. He was dressed in a pair of chocolate brown leather pants and matching combat boots. They snuggly conformed to his legs and were slung low on his hips, showcasing the indention of his lower abdominal and oblique muscles. Skimming over his chest, Liz took in the numerous tattoos that now covered him, her eyes widening at the nipple rings and the chains that linked them together. Reaching out her hand she gave the chain a flick, a wicked smile gracing her face at the thoughts that suddenly raced through her head.

Liz’s gaze continued upwards towards his face and a small gasp escaped her, “Max! You look…God…how’d they…oh…you look…so…so…scrumptious.”

His eyebrow rose at her confession and she wanted to jump him then and there. She took in the goatee, spiked purple hair, eyebrow ring and his lip and ear stud. Liz also focused on the bright red lip prints that were next to his mouth. Her eyes narrowed and anger began to replace the hunger she had felt just moments before; anger that someone had the audacity to mark her man. She was the only one that was allowed to do that. Liz stared at that offensive brand, deciding what to do, when Max’ voice interrupted her thoughts.


Looking into his eyes, her hand moved up towards his cheek and she wiped away the lipstick before sliding her hand behind his neck and drawing him down towards her. Her lips made contact with his jaw line and a jolt of desire shot through her at his scent – a combination of Max, musk and cinnamon. She inhaled deeply of ‘Eau de Max’ before pulling back and taking great pride in the brilliant red kiss that now adorned his cheek. “Mine,” she whispered as her gaze rose to his; a smile adorning her lips.


Max couldn’t hear what Liz had just whispered to him but since he was staring at her mouth with all kinds of thoughts of what he’d like it to be doing he knew she’d just claimed him for herself. Her cheeky grin made him smile and his hand moved up to her mouth, his thumb brushing ever so lightly across her ruby lips before he eased his hand under the platinum wig. He watched Liz’s eyes close as he drew her closer, resting his forehead on hers. “Mine too,” was all he said before taking a good look at her costume.

Although she wasn’t fully covered or dressed in silk and lace as he had thought, the dress covered her enough. At least he thought it did…until she stepped back from him. Was that her…no, it couldn’t be, could it? Someone bumped into Liz and she stumbled. Max caught her quickly but his eyes were glued to the strands of chains on her dress. He felt the blood drain from his face as he realized the dress wasn’t solid.

“Liz…” he said in a low voice, his possessive streak coming to the surface as he thought about the people at this party seeing her nude. Maria’s words came back to haunt him …as soon as we walked in the door we were being propositioned… Max was brought out of his reverie by Liz’s softly spoken question.

“Max? What’s wrong?”

“Your dress, that’s what’s wrong. Come on!” he gritted out as he moved them deeper into the house, searching for someplace he could hide her; away from everyone else’s eyes. A dark doorway beckoned and he dragged Liz towards it, her “Max wait” and “What?” falling on deaf ears.

“Be careful,” was all he said when he realized they were going to head downstairs, a dim bulb at the top the only light as they descended. Reaching bottom, more dim bulbs barely lit a hallway. Max continued forward until he felt they were far enough away from the stairs, the light barely illuminating a small area in the room. Stopping, he spun around dropping her hand and stared at her, “What the hell were you thinking wearing that dress?”


Liz’s mouth dropped open at the question Max practically yelled at her. She couldn’t believe he just asked that. He was pacing in front of her mumbling under his breath. She could only pick up a few things and those few words incensed her.

“Excuse me? Where the hell do you get off asking me that question? What’s wrong with this dress?” her hands rested on her hips as she glared menacingly at him. “I mean, look at you! You practically ooze sex in that outfit and you have the gall to comment on mine? And I’m not the one that got friendly with someone else – that was you. I’m covered; you’re not.”

“You’re covered? You are NOT covered. Every time you move I can see your nipples or your ass. That is not what I’d consider covered. And what do you mean I got friendly with someone?” Max grouched back at her.

“I mean the evidence was on your cheek. Someone left their mark on you and it wasn’t me!” Liz pointed at his face before continuing on her rant.

“And wow, you don’t like the dress. Can I ask what you expected me to wear? Let me see…how about a raincoat? I certainly would have stood out a hell of a lot more in that than I do in this! Have you seen Maria? Tess? Your sister? As wild as we think we look, our outfits are nothing compared to some of the stuff out there. I got this because Maria and Dennis convinced me I looked great and I thought you would like it also. Guess I was wrong,” she finished on a defeated note, watching the expression on Max’ face change from a scowl to surprise.

“Liz, I never meant to give you the impression that I didn’t like the dress or that you didn’t look good in it. God, you look fantastic and the dress is a total turn on, but I wasn’t expecting you to wear something…so…see-through. I just…I go nuts thinking that other people are looking at you intimately. That privilege belongs to me. And yes, I’ve seen Maria. I believe she is the one with whom I was friendly with earlier,” he finished, his hand holding her chin so he could look in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered quietly before giving her a light kiss on the mouth. “Don’t you know you’re the only one that I want to get friendly with?”

Liz looked into those amber depths and fell. Fell even more in love with the man standing in front of her. Yup, she willingly plunged over that cliff again. Thunk.

“I’m sorry for jumping down your throat Max. I guess I’m just a bit self-conscious in this dress and to have you point out what I’m very well aware of put me on the defensive. And I want me to be the only one you get friendly with too,” she answered before rising to her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him back. She stroked her tongue softly over his lips, asking for entrance. Max obliged and Liz took advantage, darting her tongue into his mouth to taste him and deepen the kiss. Just as things began to get heat up, a voice yelled out of the darkness, startling them.

“That’s lovely, but unless you are going to fuck, get the hell off the stage!”


Stepping out of the basement, Max and Liz sliced their way through the throngs of people in the hallway, smirks on both of their faces as they realized what was actually going on in the basement. “Can you believe that?” Liz shouted over the music that was pumping out of the room up ahead of them.

“Not really. It was pretty funny though,” Max answered her, stopping and pushing her back against the wall.

“Do you have any clue what we are supposed to do now that we have found each other?” Liz questioned, her hands roaming over his torso.

“Go have kinky sex on the patio?” Max panned, watching her expression as she began to laugh.

“Max!” she playfully slapped his arm before she dropped hers behind him and gave his leather clad ass a feel. Max narrowed his eyes and lust tore through him when she said, “Maybe later.”

Giving her a quick, hard kiss, he took her hand in his, moving away from the wall, “Let’s go see if we can find someone else – maybe they know.”


A tug on his arm had Max swinging around to see what Liz wanted.

“Over there,” she was pointing, “Maria and…Michael?”

Max craned his head around and spotted whom Liz was pointing at. He pushed their way through the people and came upon the couple as Maria ground her backside into Michael’s latex covered front. Michael then spun her around, planting his hands on her scantily clad cheeks and lifting her towards him. Maria wrapped her legs around his waist, burying her hands in his hair and devoured his lips.

“Ahem,” Max tried. Nothing.

“Ahem!” he attempted again. Still nothing. Max turned to Liz and shrugged. She gave him a look from beneath her eyebrows before reaching out and pinching Michael’s butt.

“Ow!” he yelled, pulling away from Maria’s lips and turning to glare at Liz. Max laughed as she waggled her eyebrows at Michael.

“Jesus Liz, did you have to pinch me that hard? I think my delicate flesh is going to be bruised now," Michael stated as he put Maria back on her feet and began to rub the assaulted area.

“Liz! You found Max. So…what do you think? Damn, if I didn’t know either of you guys I would have tried to get him into a dark closet,” Maria chuckled as she adjusted her clothing. Max noticed the scowl on Michael’s face.

“Um, of course, if it were between Michael and Max, well, I would pick Michael – no contest,” Maria quickly recovered, turning a cheesy grin towards Michael. Max shook his head, laughing quietly.

“Maria!” Liz laughed. “I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michael looking so hot. I swear, those aren’t really pants – it’s latex paint and they just poured it over him. I can see where you would choose…” her voice trailed off as Max encircled her with his arms, pressing her back against him.

“Liz, who were you saying was hot?” Max teased before taking a nibble on her earlobe. He felt her shiver; her hands tightening on his where they lay on her abdomen. Max decided he really liked her dress because his fingers easily slid through the strands and he was able to rub the soft skin of her belly. He dipped his fingers beneath the top of her panties and continued to smooth his fingers over her heated flesh.

“Max,” she hissed out as he continued to draw circles on her skin.

“Well, I can see that Michael and I aren’t the only ones affected by these costumes. God, I am so horny and there is no place to go and relieve it,” Maria stated matter-of-factly, interrupting Max’ concentration.

“Wow Maria, thanks for sharing that tidbit,” Max told her, looking towards Michael who had his hand rubbing over his face and his eyes raised towards the ceiling.

“Hey guys, why don’t you go down to the basement? That’s where Max and I went earlier. It was perfect for what we wanted to do. Dark, empty and quiet…isn’t’ that right Max?” Liz turned and questioned him, a mischievous light in her eyes.

Max nodded, “Oh yeah. It’s really dark down there. Just walk straight ahead once you reach the bottom of the stairs. It takes you far enough away from the door so no one will disturb you. I think I noticed a chair down there that you could make use of.”

Max watched Maria turn to Michael and whisper something in his ear. His eyebrow went up at her suggestion and he nodded his ascent. Maria turned back to Max and Liz, “Lead the way.”


Liz watched Michael and Maria disappear through the dark doorway Max led them to, giggling as she thought about what was going to happen. Max walked back over to her, “You are really evil, you know that?”

“Hey, I’ve been dying to get back at them since that little stunt they pulled at the waterfall. I can’t help it if the perfect opportunity popped up at this party,” she teased him.

“Payback is a bitch. Man, how long before they realize they have an audience?” he moved against her in time to the music. They had ventured back into the living room to wait for Michael and Maria’s reappearance.

Liz swayed back and forth against him, a chuckle escaping her lips at the thought, “I haven’t a clue. I would really love to see their faces when it registers.”

“Me too. But somehow I don’t think that’s the only thing we would see, so I’m thinking we’ll wait until they come back upstairs,” Max slid his hands under the strands of her dress, smoothing them over her back.

“Hmm, yes, I believe you have a good point. Hey, I’ve been wondering, how did they get all those piercing's on you? They aren’t real, are they? I know the tattoos are stick on's because I met up with Kyle earlier,” Liz asked as she tweaked one of his nipple rings with a finger before drawing her tongue lazily across it.

Max tightened his hold at her caress before answering, “Glue, although I’m thinking of making a couple of them real. Want to help me decide?”

“Do you even need an answer to that?”

TBC… =)

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Title: WSXY – Hawaii – 9d
Author: hipntrendy
Email: hipntrendy⊕
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Roswell, they belong to UPN, Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I only claim ownership of my own characters.
Rating: R to NC-17
Summary: AU – No Aliens, M/L and a radio station contest.
Feedback: Would be greatly appreciated.


“I changed my mind.”
“About my piercing?”
“No. About watching.”
“You don’t want to watch me get pierced?”
“No, I want to watch that.”
“Oh, Okay. Wait, then what did you change your mind about?”
“Maria and Michael.”
“Are you okay with this?”
“I guess I’m going to have to be because I’m not letting you go downstairs alone.”
“You’re the best. You know that right?”
“I keep telling myself that…”
“You’ll get a nice big reward. I promise.”
“You promise?”
“Uh huh. Anything you want.”
“Anything, huh?”
“Anytime? Oh, can you claim it at anytime? Well, I guess, but I thought you’d want it later.”
“Trust me Liz, I will most definitely be getting it later, but that one is a given. I want this reward to be special – especially since I have to hear my best friend have sex with his girlfriend.”
“You aren’t watching?”
“Not if I can possibly help it.”
Max and Liz were standing out on the deck. They had danced for a bit after having directed Maria and Michael towards the basement before deciding they wanted some fresh air.
“Well, okay. You can claim your prize at anytime. Let’s go. I can’t wait to see their faces when they finish.”
“I doubt that’s all we’re going to see,” Max grumbled under his breath as they walked into the house.


“There they are!” Liz exclaimed softly as she and Max slinked along the passageway. “They’re only kissing,” she continued.

“You sound disappointed,” Max answered as he maneuvered them behind a low bookcase, leaning his back against it while watching Liz peer over the top at their friends. He tried not to pay attention to the noises that Maria was making but it was a difficult feat while Liz’s grip on his shoulder tightened at every sound.

“Max, you have to see this,” Liz glanced down at him.

“Uh, no Liz, I don’t have to see anything if I can help it. Especially not Michael. Now, if you wanted to show me something, well, I’d be more than willing to view it,” he gave her a cheeky grin and ran his palm up the back of her thigh.

“Max!” she hissed, slapping it away. Before he could respond, Michael’s voice interrupted him.

Maria, baby, damn, I don’t want to wait ‘til later. Come here. Bend over the back of that chair.”

“Michael, that chair is way to flimsy for the way I want you to take me. Let’s move over by that bookcase.”

“Oh no!” Liz crouched down next to Max, “They’re coming over here. What’re we going to do?”

“I guess we’re going to be very quiet,” Max whispered back at her. He reached over and pulled her towards him, adjusting her dress as she straddled his lap. Liz opened her mouth to protest but he placed his finger up to shush her.

Okay Michael, this is steadier,” Max heard Maria say from above his head at the same time that the bookcase thumped behind him. Liz’s eyes widened before a smile broke through at their predicament. Suddenly she leaned forward and buried her face in his neck. He tightened his hands on her hips at the abrupt movement.

“Hands, Max,” she whispered in his ear. He smiled and gave her a squeeze, sliding his hands towards her rounded buttocks.

“Not yours! Theirs!” she hissed.

Max turned his head up where he could now see Maria and Michael’s hands gripping the edge of the bookcase. He muffled a shout as the bookcase suddenly slammed into the back of his head at the same time that a low moan was emitted from Maria.

Liz leaned back and braced her hands on the bookcase, trying to ease the pressure Max was now enduring. The light was bright enough that if Maria happened to look over the top, he and Liz would be in full view. Taking a glance at Liz’s face, he could see she was trying not to laugh. Max gritted his teeth as the bookcase continued to shift against him in a steady rhythm.

”Christ Maria – you drain me baby. Come on. Come on!” Michael’s deep voice came shooting over the top of the bookcase.

”Oh Michael. There. Right there. Yes. Oh. Oh. Harder. Harder. Almost. Oh. Oh. Yes. Michael…”

Max never took his eyes off of Liz’s face as Maria’s shouts grew louder and louder. He noticed that Liz had her eyes closed and her mouth was open, small breaths escaping from between her lips. Her panting increased as the tempo of Maria’s moans grew more tumultuous. Sliding his hand between her legs, Liz’s eyes flew open and locked on his when his dexterous fingers inched beneath her panties and he applied light pressure to her engorged clit.. Sensing a moan was forthcoming from Liz, his other hand grasped behind her neck and pulled her down to his waiting mouth where the sound was absorbed in the kiss.

His thumb continued to wreck havoc on her body, teasing her unmercifully by not increasing the pressure he knew she wanted. Liz’s hips were undulating at a faster rate as her desire mounted and all the little noises she made were taken deep within Max’s mouth. Deciding that he couldn’t take it anymore, he sped up his ministrations; Liz’s body keeping tempo with his thumb. Leaning back from him, she placed one of her hands over her mouth as she neared her orgasm.

Suddenly, her legs clamped tightly on his and her other hand landed on his shoulder, clasping it hard as she stiffened. He watched her. He watched the flush start near her breasts as it rose and flowed up her neck to her face. Her hand left her mouth to grip his other shoulder, her lips open and gasping as color in her face grew deeper and her body began to shudder upon him. Max eased his hand out of her panties as she collapsed against him, her face again in the crook of his neck.

“Max,” Liz whispered, lifting her head to gaze at him. Her eyes were languid, her cheeks rosy, a soft flush still tinting her skin. He gave her a small smile.

“What about you Max?”

“I’m fine Liz. That was for you. It was beautiful, watching you come apart in my arms. I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to actually watch you. All I can say is that I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth to be able to see that and know that I’m the one making you feel and look that way. You’re lovely,” he said softly to her.

Liz continued to gaze at him before leaning forward and placing a tender kiss on his lips, “Thank you.”

She adjusted her panties before moving off to the side, both realizing at the same moment how quiet it now was. Liz looked towards the top of the bookcase before deciding to take a peek over the top.

“They’re gone,” she said after sitting down next to him, “and we didn’t get to see their reaction to the clapping. Wait, was there any clapping?”

Max shrugged, “I was otherwise occupied.”

Liz gave him a silly grin, ‘Um, yeah, so was I. And as much as I wanted to see their faces, I don’t think I would change a thing.”


“Oh my God! You are not going to believe what just happened,” Maria burst out the minute Liz moved close enough. She and Max had just come from the basement and found the other two in the kitchen, drinks in hand.

“Maria, calm down. Now tell us, what happened?” Liz graciously took the cup Max handed her, giving him a mischievous look from beneath her lowered lashes before turning back towards Maria.

“You know that nice private area in the basement that you guys directed us to? Well, it’s not that private,” Maria’s hands were gesticulating wildly around her head as Michael stood quietly beside her, periodically taking a sip from his drink.

“It wasn’t? What do you mean?” Liz asked innocently.

“It’s a stage Liz,” Maria hissed, a blush high on her cheeks.

“A stage? What difference does that make? It wasn’t in use. The owners probably have small private productions or something. Either that or it’s for their kids.” Liz turned to give Max a small smile.

“No Liz, that’s just it. It was definitely being used. And by yours truly! It’s a…”

“They know, Maria,” Michael cut her off.

She turned towards him in a huff, “How can they know? You cut me off before I could tell them!”

“No Maria. They know. They know exactly what’s downstairs, don’t you Maxwell? Oh, and before you try and deny it, you and I both know that Liz is the worst liar on the face of the earth,” Michael raised his brow, waiting for Max’s answer.

Maria turned back to Liz, “Is this true? You set us up? Do you know how embarrassing that was? How shocked we were when people started clapping and yelling encore at the end of our performance? How could you?”

Liz took in Maria’s teary eyes and immediately felt remorseful, “Maria, I’m…”

“Wait Liz, before you say anything, let me just tell you,” Maria paused, holding her hand up to silence Liz’s apology, “Nice one, babe.”

Liz’s mouth popped open as Max burst out laughing. Maria smirked, “I swear, I should have gone into acting, especially after that stellar performance.”

Liz joined Max, laughing at Maria’s comment. Michael pulled Maria against his chest as he laughed along with the rest of them. Liz glanced up at Max and could see the little crinkles next to his eyes when he was really happy. Turning back towards Maria and Michael, “Yeah, well, we had to get you back for that day at the waterfall. We kind of stumbled upon the stage and thought it would be the perfect revenge.”

“So babe, we even?” Maria winked at her from within the circle of Michael’s arms.

“Yeah. We’re even.”

“Will the WSXY contestants all gather in the living room.”

“Guess that means we’re going to find out what we’re supposed to do now,” Max commented.

“You don’t think just coming here is the contest?” Maria questioned.

“No way. With all the weird stuff they had us do I would guess that this is only the beginning,” Michael answered, unwinding his arms from around her and taking a hold of her hand instead.

“Let’s go,” Liz turned to grip Max’s hand before following him through the crowd.

As they made their way into the living room, they noticed that the other contestants were already there. Liz thought Max’s eyes were going to pop out of his head when he finally saw what Isabel was wearing. Liz also saw the same expression on Isabel’s face right before Isabel turned away. They all stopped and faced the person with the microphone.

Okay contestants, you’re almost there. You obviously did the first part of the stunt by finding your partner. Now, for the second part. You need to get back to your hotel rooms as soon as possible. There is an envelope for each couple in your suites. Follow the instructions inside of it and the first one to do so is the winner of this stunt. Good luck and I’ll see you later.”

The music started back up as the entire group headed out the front door. Liz had just cleared the last step when she bumped into whoever had stopped right in front of her. Max reached out to steady her at the same moment she heard Kyle shout, “Hey where’s the cars?”

Stepping forward, Liz could now see that the limousines that brought them to this party were nowhere to be seen. A loud groan was heard from Michael and Liz turned back to see him, a question in her eyes, “What Michael? What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you get it?” he perused the entire group waiting to see if anyone would answer.

Liz was shaking her head when Max answered him, “Yeah, I get it. We have to get back to the hotel on our own. No car, no money, no coats. Great.”

Liz’s eyes went wide as what he said sunk in. She glanced at Maria just as Maria spoke, “Well, all I can say is that I’m glad I’m not dressed like Alex and Isabel.”



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Title: WSXY – Hawaii
Author: hipntrendy
Email: [mailto:hipntrendy⊕]
Ratings: Up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters
Summary: AU, CC. The gang and a radio station contest

I SWEAR that I will attempt to get parts out in a timelier manner – no more waiting 6 months for something. I’m amazed that it’s even on the active board. Anyway, here’s the whole shebang incase you’ve never read it or in case you did but forgot what was happening since it hasn’t been updated for half a year! When I looked at the last time this was updated even I was amazed.

And without further ado…

Chapter 10




“What do you think that woman is saying to Max?”

Liz looked over to where Maria was pointing and found Max talking with a woman wearing nothing but a g-string and tasseled pasties. Her eyes narrowed as she watched the scene playing out before turning back to Maria. Everyone had come back inside the house after realizing the next part of this stunt was getting back to the hotel.

“She’s propositioning him,” Liz gritted out.

“What?! How can you tell?” Maria stared at Max and the mystery woman.

“Easy. See how his head is tilted and he’s rubbing the back of his neck? Max does that when he is uncomfortable. I know it’s not her lack of clothing since we’ve seen much wilder here.”

“Oh. Well, you going over there to stake your claim?” Maria’s eyebrow was raised as she waited for Liz to respond.

“You’re damn right I am!” Liz gave her a cheeky grin and walked over to Max. “Hey baby, you look uncomfortable,” Liz reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, “Is she propositioning you?”

Max’s eyes flew towards hers, “Um, yeah, she is,” he answered sheepishly.


Liz turned towards the woman, waiting.

“Hi, I’m Trista. I saw Max earlier and admired his hand-work and wanted to see if I could get the same treatment,” she finished with a friendly smile.

Liz’s eyebrows rose as she turned back to Max, “She saw you earlier? What were you doing?”


“Me? We weren’t doing anything earli…” she cut off quickly, realizing what they had been doing and why Trista was bringing up Max’s hand-work.

Blushing, she turned to Trista, “Yes, well, I have to tell you that Max is wonderful with his hands – who am I kidding, he’s wonderful with every part and appendage of his body, but I’m stingy and I don’t share, so I’m going to have to tell you no. I’m afraid you’ll have to go elsewhere for some hand-work.” Grasping onto Max’s hand she tugged him behind her as she pushed their way through the crowd to meet up with the others.

Kyle gave her a sardonic grin, “Staked your claim, eh?”

“Damn straight,” she replied, still holding Max’s hand.

“So Max, what did that woman want; besides you?”

Max grinned, “She saw some of my earlier work and wanted to know if she could get some.”

“You’re earlier work? When was this?” Alex asked.

“Down in the basement when Michael…Oof,” Liz’s elbow stopped that sentence before he could go any further.

“Wait, down in the basement? Were you guys there when Maria and I…” Michael trailed off, grinning after seeing the red suffusing both Liz and Max’s faces.

“Okay, can we please stop talking about this? I have about as much desire to hear about my brothers’ sex life as he has to hear about mine,” Isabel stood with her hands over her ears.

“Sorry Iz – we’ll stop,” Liz said as she touched Isabel’s arm.

Shouts suddenly rent the air.

“What’s going on?” Maria shouted as a crowd of people shoved into the group. Liz lost her hold on Max as she was propelled forward with the sea of people.

“Wait! Stop! What’s happening?” Liz asked the girl next to her.

“Cops! The cops are here and they’re taking people away – that’s all I know,” the girl finished as they were shoved through the door to the deck.

Liz managed to get to the side of the crowd but there was no way she was going to get back in the house. Kyle came out and she grabbed him.

“Liz! Man, what is going on? Everyone I asked had no clue.”

“Cops! I guess they…Kyle, grab Maria!” she shouted right before he was able to snag Maria’s arm. Alex was right behind her.

“Are you okay? Have you seen the others?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, we’re fine. The others got shoved out a different way. We need to go, and now! Cops are swarming all over the place. Come on!” Alex shouted, latching onto Liz’s arm. The four joined the fracas going down the steps and into the yard. Alex steered them to the side of the house but stopped and began to go back the way they had just come.

“Alex! Wait! Where are we going? What about the others?” Liz shouted over the din.

She barely heard his response, “Cops on that side. Crap, the cops are everywhere. Come on, we’re heading towards the trees way in the back.”

Maria tugged Liz’s hand, trying to pull her a little closer, “What did he say?”

“More cops. And we’re heading for the trees,” Liz answered, looking back to make sure Kyle was still with them and found him gripping onto Maria’s other hand.

“Um Liz, we’re going into the jungle? Dressed like this? Somehow I don’t think we’re properly outfitted for a hike,” Maria wailed.

“It’s better than jail,” Kyle replied as he rushed past, pulling Maria with him.


Liz tripped and almost fell but the ironclad grip Alex had on her arm kept her from any damage.

“Can we sit a minute – please?” she gasped. They’d been crashing through the undergrowth for about 15 minutes and had no idea where they were.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Alex commented as he pulled up and took some deep breaths.

“Oh God, what are we gonna do? Where the hell are we and how do we get back?” Maria asked as she bent over to check her feet.

“I have no clue where we are. On the limo ride up here we were all laughing so hard that I didn’t pay any attention to the direction we were heading,” Kyle said as he sat down next to a tree.

It was dark and they could just make out each other’s forms. Maria sat down next to Kyle while Alex and Liz did the same.

“We need a plan. Let’s just rest a few minutes and then we’ll figure something out,” Liz stated calmly. She was far from calm though. All she could think about was Max and the others. Did they get away? Were they together? Was that Trista with her Max?

“They’re fine, Liz. Stop worrying,” Alex said softly as he pulled her back against his chest.

“Ouch!” Liz yelped, pulling away from him.

“What happened?” Maria burst out.

“Something on Alex poked me,” Liz stated as she rubbed her back.

Kyle laughed, “Dude, I think you forgot about the spikes on your loin cover.”

They all laughed, the sound breaking the panic they were in.

“Okay, so how are we going to get back to the hotel? We have a number of obstacles in our way. We have no money. We barely have any clothes. We don’t have a clue where we are. We don’t have a clue where to go. We are in the jungle. Anything else?” Liz asked, glad to be able to concentrate on something besides Max and the others.

“Not that I can think of at the moment,” Maria answered followed by grunts from Kyle and Alex.

“First thing – we need to get out of here and back to a road or something. Agreed?” Liz asked.

“I say we try and go back the way we came. I know we can’t really see much but it seems the most logical, “ Alex stated.

“What about the cops? They could still be at the house.” Kyle replied.

“By the time we get back there, close to an hour will have passed – if we get back there. We should be able to see what’s going on at the house or we can skirt around it until we get to the road. We’ll stay off the road, keeping to the side, and follow it. Then we’ll figure out what to do from there, “ Liz stated.

“Sounds good to me. Are we ready?” Alex asked as he stood up, pulling Liz with him.

“Yeah. You know, I didn’t really think too much when I sat down because I was so pooped, but now that I’ve stood up, remind me next time that my ass is bare and that stuff from the ground clings in not-so-nice-places,” Kyle said, sounding disgusted.

Maria burst out laughing, “I thought I was the only one having problems with stuff sticking to certain areas of my anatomy.”

“Trust me – you aren’t,” Alex spit out. Liz laughed as she brushed off her own behind before taking hold of Alex’s hand and marching back in the direction she thought they’d come.


“Looks pretty clear,” Maria said. They found their way back to the house and all signs of life were gone. No party, no lights, no noise, no nothing.

“Yeah, let’s just stay in the trees until we reach the road, just in case,” Alex said.

Making their way around the house they could see that there was no one there. Stepping out towards the road they headed back the way they knew the limo had come. About an hour later they could see some lights.

“My feet are killing me,” Liz complained.

“Mine too. Can we stop so that I can take these boots off?” Maria asked as she went ahead and began removing them.

“Good idea,” Liz replied, bending down to remove her sandals.

“Ahh! God, that feels soo good!” Maria practically shouted.

Liz groaned her appreciation also. Picking up their shoes, they continued on. Rounding a corner they came across a mini mall.

“Well, it looks like we’ve hit civilization. So what’s part two? How do we get money or a ride?” Alex questioned as they looked the mall over.

“I know what we can do but I don’t think Liz and Maria will like it,” Kyle stated cryptically.

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t Maria and I like it?” Liz questioned, turning to look at him. Instead of answering her, he just pointed to something over her shoulder. Liz heard Maria gasp as she whirled around to see what Kyle had been indicating. She groaned. There in flashing neon lights was her worst nightmare and unfortunately the answer to their dilemma.

Club Fantasyland

Amateur strip contest – Tonight!



“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Maria, as much as the thought of stripping in front of total strangers is making my stomach ache, we need to see if we can do this. We need the money or at least someone who will give us a ride. Personally, I’d rather chance the money than ask any of the people in there for a ride, especially dressed the way we are,” Liz finished softly, not at all comfortable with either option.

“I don’t see why we just don’t go up and ask a stripper for a ride?” Kyle questioned, rubbing his hands together.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, perv boy! And gee, let’s think about this for a moment. How many guys do you think go up to the strippers and ask them for rides?” Maria asked as she smacked him upside the head.

“Oh yeah. Heh,” Kyle looked down, a tiny smile still gracing his face.

Alex and Liz both rolled their eyes knowing what kind of scenarios were now floating around in Kyle’s mind.

Maria threw her arms in the air, showing her exasperation before quietly asking, “So we all agree to do this?”

The other three nodded they're heads in agreement, all thinking about their lovers and how they didn’t want them to find out about this escapade.

“And we never tell the others about this. Ever. It’s between the four of us, right?” Maria commanded.

“Let’s go then. And if we don’t win we’ll beg one of the strippers for a ride. We’ll be one of them after this, so they’ll probably give in easily,” Alex said as he walked towards the strip club.

Kyle was bouncing on his toes, “Me, Me, Me! I want to ask them.“

Liz, shaking her head at his antics, watched his face drop as she responded, “Um, Kyle, I think I speak for Alex and Maria when I say no. You are definitely not the one to ask them for a ride. I think if anyone does it that it would be Maria or I. We’re less likely to give off the wrong vibes.”

“Kyle, look at it this way, the chick that Liz or Maria asks could be a lesbian and think they’re gonna get lucky with two girls. Think of the fantasies, man!” Alex cracked up as Liz and Maria both yelled, “Alex!” at him.

“Oh yeah!” Kyle grinned, the fantasy already a reality in his head.


The bouncer stared at them as they approached. Kyle took the initiative, “We’re here for the strip contest.” He somehow managed to get it through his parched throat.

The bouncer remained quiet, just looking them over. He shifted on his chair, “Sorry, only the ladies will strip – you two will have to stay in the back,” he pointed at Alex and Kyle.

Liz’s heart stopped. Alex and Kyle wouldn’t be on stage with them. She glanced at Maria before giving a hesitant nod.

“Where do we go then?” Maria bravely asked.

“Follow me,” the bouncer indicated that they should follow him with a wave of his hand as he went into the darkened club.


“I don’t know about this Liz. I don’t think we have the right form for this kind of a gig,” Maria whispered. The two stood off to the side of the stage watching the woman in front of them. She was waiting for the woman currently on stage to finish up before she walked through the curtain. The sounds of the crowd were pretty loud as the dancer finished up and the woman they’d been watching went on stage.

Maria continued, “I mean, look at that woman. Could she have bigger boo…”

“Maria! Stop. I’m not thrilled either. And it’s not because we aren’t as well endowed as the others in this place. It’s more the fact that I’m liable to be sick the minute I walk out there, especially when I tell Max what we did,” Liz continued to watch the woman gyrate to the music.

“You’re gonna tell him? Are you nuts? I thought we just agreed not to tell them anything?” Maria tore her eyes away from the stage to stare at Liz.

“I don’t know. On one hand I don’t want to tell him because I know he’s going to freak out and I don’t want him to get mad but on the other hand I don’t want to keep secrets like this from him. Besides, you know how bad of a liar I am,” a small smile graced her face.

“Yeah, you suck.”

“Gee, thanks. I knew I could count on you to be honest with me,” Liz teased.

Maria laughed, “Hey, what are best friends for? And whatever you decide on, I’m right there with you. I’m having the same problem with the thought of facing Michael.”

The admission surprised Liz so she just clasped Maria’s hand and squeezed. They broke apart when the woman exited the stage, “You two are up. Good luck – they’re animals out there!”

The two just stared at the curtain that led onto the stage. Clasping hands, Maria took the lead and reached up to push the curtain aside.



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I know you're shocked - it's only been 2 months instead of 6. ;)

Title: WSXY – Hawaii
Author: hipntrendy
Email: hipntrendy⊕
Ratings: Up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters
Summary: AU, CC. The gang and a radio station contest

Chapter 11



“I broke a nail.”

“You broke a nail? How?”


“Scratching what?”

“Just scratching.”

“Well, you must have been scratching pretty hard to break a nail.”

“Just forget it.”

“Ewww…were you scratching your cr…”

“No! No. The leather broke it. Jeez, where would you get that idea from?”

“Oh, well I had that happen once when I was scratching my…”

“Ewww…that is just a bit too much information, Tess,” Isabel shuddered.

She and Tess were standing in the trees across from a strip mall. They managed to walk there after the raid by the cops and hanging out in a bush across the street from the house for what seemed hours, complaining all the way. Max and Michael finally told them to shut up, stay put, and wait while they scoped out the area. A shout to her right had Isabel looking at the parking lot where Max & Michael seemed to be arguing.

“What’s up with them?” Tess nudged her.

“They’re probably arguing about Maria and Liz again.”

Tess rolled her eyes, “Oh brother.”

“Where do you think the others are?” Isabel kept her eyes on the parking lot.

“Well, since they have Liz and Alex, I’d say they somehow managed to get a ride to the hotel, but not before they got robes or some other covering, and are currently in our rooms getting dressed and coming out to rescue us.”

Isabel smiled, turning towards Tess, “Really?”

“If it were just Alex and Liz, yeah. But they have Maria and Kyle with them. Somehow I’m thinking that they are doing something so not-them that if we find out what it is, we’ll be really pissed,” Tess laughed.

“Oh my God! Can you imagine their faces at Kyle’s suggestion?” Isabel giggled.

“Hey! What makes you think my Buddha Boy came up with the kooky suggestion?” Tess huffed.

Isabel just stared for a moment before they both burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

The two turned to Michael, their laughter slowing to a couple of snickers, “Not you.”

They both giggled at the scowl he gave them. Then he relaxed, “Well, this is better than your damn whining.”

Isabel gasped, “I don’t whine!”

“Right,” he said slowly.

“Michael!” Tess huffed, stomping her foot and wincing as it made contact with a twig.

“What? Don’t you remember our walk here? My feet hurt. I’m tired. Why can’t we stop. I’m thirsty,” he finished in a high falsetto.

“Oh! And who was all, where’s Maria? Where’s Liz? They need us. They’re so helpless. Whatever will they do without their big, strong men?” Isabel stated in a deep, gruff tone.

“We never said that!” Michael yelled at them. It was only a minute before they all started cracking up.

Once the chuckling slowed, Tess questioned him, “So where’s Max and what were you two arguing about?”

Michael leaned against a tree, “There is a strip club down there and I suggested we all go in and see if we could bum a ride with someone who is heading back towards the city, but Max was having a fit about you two going in there dressed as you are. I explained that the clientele would be looking towards the naked gyrating women on the stage and wouldn’t care less about dressed women. He kept saying no way but I finally got him to agree to go in and ask if I stayed out here with you two and made sure you were ok.”

Isabel looked towards the strip mall, “I guess we wait then.”


Max stood at the bar, nursing a cup of cool water, as he waited for the hostess to return. He had explained what happened to the bouncer and that he just wanted to see if anyone would be heading towards the city that they could catch a ride with. The guy let him in but he failed to mention to Max that he’s already seen several people from that party.

“Oh shit! Is that Max?”

Max turned his head when he heard the question and found a gaping Alex and Kyle. He grinned, “Hey guys. Where are Liz and Maria?”

“Um, oh, uh, they’re here. Ahh, damn it! Kyle, go stop them from…” Alex was cut off from shaking Kyle when the lights dimmed and Def Lepard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ blasted out of the speakers.

As Max turned toward the stage, Kyle shoved Alex, “Go get them, I’ll hold Evans here.”

Alex took off for the stage like a bat out of hell, but he was too late.

Max watched as a slim, pale arm moved the curtain aside and bright green latex came into view. Then red tinted chains. Max’s grin slowly dimmed as he recognized the two beginning to dance.

They were so stiff in their movements that they seemed like robots instead of dancers. All he could see were Liz’s chains moving back and forth and her nipples (those were his!) periodically peeking out through the strands. The red haze of his anger was starting to take over as he shouted out their names. Moving forward, he barely registered Kyle attempting to stop him. Maria’s back was to him and her shorts left little to the imagination and as she moved, so did her ass. Max’s anger grew with each catcall, whistle, hey baby, take it off, and shake that ass that came from the patrons surrounding the stage. By the time he reached it he wanted to bash the face of every guy there – including Alex and Kyle.

“Liz!” he shouted and was finally heard over the music.

Liz stopped and looked around, finally spotting him to her left. “Max!” she cried joyously.

Maria’s head whipped around to him and cried out, “Oh thank God.”

Max jumped up and stage and waked over to them, oblivious of the yelling going on behind him. Liz looked up at him, her doe eyes wide, and gave him a tentative smile. He didn’t react.
Maria jumped in between them, “Max, before you freak out, we weren’t going to strip, just dance. We thought that two scantily clad chicks gyrating on each other would suffice. And we were doing it to get back to you guys. The prize is $1000 – that’s enough for the cabby to take us to Target and pick up some blankets for us before we had to go to the hotel.”

Straight faced, Max looked at her, “Get behind me and improvise.”

She gave him a funny look before slipping around his side. Taking a couple of steps, he was now directly in front of Liz.

“Hi,” she said, suddenly shy.

“So, you want to dance, huh?” he asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. Her hands splayed on his bare chest, her eyes wide with questions.

“Let’s dance then,” he whispered to her.

Her mouth flew open in a gasp when he knocked her off balance. Lifting her higher against him, Max inserted a leather clad leg between hers before settling her back on his thigh. Her arms were grasping his biceps as he began to sway with her, making her ride his leg before bending her farther and farther back over his arm. Looking at her shocked expression, he gave her a feral grin as he felt Maria move up on his back. He was now sandwiched between the two of them.

Liz lowered her eyes from his as Maria’s arms roped around him and rested on his abdomen, kneading the taut skin there as though she was giving him a massage as she ground herself on his ass.

Looking up at him again, Liz’s eyes were now partially closed as she gave him a sexy smile. Reaching her hand up, she grasped her platinum wig and ripped it from her head, shaking her hair to release it down her back in a thick, chocolate waterfall. Whipping her head up, she stretched up to loop her arms around his neck, stretching a leg out behind him.

Maria’s hand slithered down his abs to Liz’s leg, stroking over it while continuing to massage him with her other hand. Max watched Liz bend her knee and grab onto Maria’s hand, pulling her from behind him. As Maria moved, he reached out to Liz’s ass before grasping it and lifting her to his waist, her strong legs shifting to wrap around him. Maria stepped in behind Liz, pressing against her back and sandwiching her between Max and herself.

Max could feel his balls tighten with excitement when Liz’s body movements brought his to life as she maneuvered her red thong on his abdomen. Liz leaned back into Maria; her legs still tight around Max’ waist. Maria began to step back, drawing Liz’s body with her. She slipped her arms under Liz’s shoulders, resting them under her breasts as they made a bridge of her body, Maria and Max the towers with Liz as the deck.

Liz’s arms slid up and down Maria’s sides, her hands sticking on the hot latex. Max’s eyes blazed with heat at this new position. It opened up numerous possibilities since his hands were free. Aware that there were others watching, his possessive side opened up again and wouldn’t allow him to do what he really wanted; a replay of the basement.

Reaching down, he again cupped Liz’s ass, slowly sliding his hands closer to her heat. Using his pinkie, he slid it up and under the edge of her thong, the soft curls teasing him as he was teasing her. Liz’s breath caught in her throat as he continued to rub his finger back and forth on the soft skin of her inner thigh, going under the red cloth periodically.

Maria was still moving to the beat and with each movement she shoved Liz into Max’s hard body. Max shifted his gaze to Maria’s face as she moved. He never realized how sensual she was until that moment with her pouty lips slightly open, her eyes closed, and the way she moved her body. Continuing to play with his fingers, he shifted his gaze back to Liz and noticed that her cheeks were now flushed, her lips parted and harsh pants were moving in and out of it, and her eyes were almost black, indicating her arousal.

Seeing his eyes on her, she began to lean towards him, Maria stepping with her until Liz was right in Max’s face, her hair a curtain, shielding them from the audience as she looked down at him. Her arms draped around his neck, she unwound her legs from his waist and slid down his body, the chains scraping against him as she shifted. Letting go of his neck, she skimmed her hands down his chest as she landed in a crouch at his boots.

Max saw Maria out of the corner of his eye. She was jiggling around and shaking for the crowd. Feeling a hand grip his thigh, he looked back at Liz as she stretched a hand up to him. Clasping it, he allowed her to pull him down until he was sitting, legs wide while she crouched between them. Liz’s hand applied pressure to his torso until he was lying flat on his back while she loomed over him. Lifting her legs over to the outside of his, she stood up began to slowly shimmy her way up his body, gyrating and bouncing along the way. Max couldn’t complain about the view.

While the audience saw her movements, what they couldn’t see was the tantalizing red thong that Liz was sporting. He grinned as she began to crouch over him, the red swatch of material getting closer and closer to his face. Unable to sit still while she danced over him, his hand slid up her calves, squeezing quickly before running his fingernails down her skin. Her nipples pouted at him as the strands of chain parted with her movements.

Liz was standing again, swaying to the music as she moved forward. Max’s mouth began to water as she started to move down towards him; that red cloth a bulls eye that drew him as it moved closer and closer. Opening his mouth to touch her, he realized that she was now moving further and further away. Looking up at her, he saw her smile before she stepped over him and began to walk away from him. A hand appeared in front of his face, “Come on Evans, let’s go.”

Shaking his head to clear the sexual fog he was in, he suddenly remembered where they were and what Liz and Maria were doing when he joined them; what he did with them. Sighing, he clamored to his feet with Kyle’s aid.

“Man, when you went storming towards that stage I thought for sure you were going to be Mr. Caveman and drag them off with you, not end up joining them. It’s a good thing though – you certainly took their mind off the fact that they were on stage in front of a whole bunch of horny guys,” Kyle slapped him on the shoulder.

“Oh, we won the money, too!” he added before he moved past Max and through the curtain.

Max cocked an eyebrow at that announcement and followed Kyle as he thought about an appropriate punishment for Liz. Stepping through the curtain, he was just in time to hear Michael roar, “What the hell were you doing up there?!?!”



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Title: WSXY – Hawaii – 12
Author: hipntrendy
Email: hipntrendy⊕
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Roswell, they belong to UPN, Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I only claim ownership of my own characters.
Rating: R to NC-17
Summary: AU – No Aliens. M/L, the gang, and a radio station contest.
Feedback: Would be greatly appreciated.


“What the hell were you doing on stage?” Michael yelled.

“What did it look like I was doing?” Max replied as he came through the curtain, taking a seat near Alex. Liz glanced over to Maria, just as startled that Michael was freaking out on Max instead of Maria.

“Well Maxwell, it looked like you were going to have sex with Liz and Maria!”

“Michael!” Maria gasps, smacking him upside the head.


“You deserve it! Sex with Max and Liz? God Michael, I know we talked about having a threesome, but have I EVER indicated that it would be with them?”

“Mar..” Michael was cut off.

“I mean, Max is looking really good tonight. No wait, he’s looking damn hot,” Maria gave a cheesy grin at Max, “but he is having sex with my best friend! And while Liz and I have seen each other butt- naked a number of times…don’t EVEN, Valenti,” at Maria’s glare, Kyle closed his mouth, “there is just no attraction between us. No offence Liz, but you’re just not my type,” she gave Liz a small grin.

“Um, none taken,” Liz smiled back. But Maria wasn’t finished.

“I mean, my God, it’s the same exact thing with Alex, even though at one time I thought he was my type, and lord, what he’s hiding under that spiked loin covering…”

“MARIA!” Alex and Isabel both shouted.

Liz watched as Maria whirled around, hands in the air, “What? Damn Isabel, you should be shouting to the rafters about your man’s package. Looks are so deceiving; I mean, girth isn’t a word that most people use to describe anything, let alone a penis, but Alex is definitely suffering from a major affliction. Why do you think that spiked cup is so big, hmm?”

Liz watched as Alex turned beet red at Maria’s description and Isabel looked ready to explode. Kyle and Tess were both holding their hands over their mouths, attempting to keep the guffaws from bursting forth. Max and Michael were looking at Alex with something akin to awe.

By this time, Maria had made her way over to Liz. Maria had a twinkle in her eye and Liz couldn’t help but giggle, “You’re so bad.”

“I know. Little do they know that the last time I saw Alex naked, we were ten and it was my first time seeing anyone’s penis – so of course it looked as big as a house,” she whispered.

Liz burst out laughing at that, ”If I were you, I would stay away from Isabel – she looks ready to wring your neck.” The two both shot a glance at Isabel and sure enough, they could practically see steam floating out of her ears.

“And what was that about a threesome?”

“Don’t worry – when it happens it won’t be with you or Max,” Maria winked, “Hey, did you witness Spaceboy’s little display of jealousy? I’d have thought that Max would’ve freaked out about the dance, not joined in. And who knew that me dancing around Max would make Michael crazy?” Maria finished, her voice so low that Liz could barely make out what she said.

“No kidding. I thought Michael was yelling at you – what a surprise to see him yelling at Max. I’m with you – I thought for sure that Max would freak. I was a little nervous when he first joined us,” Liz said, sneaking a look over at the two men they were presently talking about. Her eyes widened as she realized that a pair of amber eyes and a pair of dark brown eyes were focused intently on she and Maria.

“Uh oh,” she nudged Maria, who gave a nervous laugh at the sight. Max and Michael now had their heads together and were discussing something.

“I don’t like the looks of that conversation,” Maria whispered at Liz.

“Me either,” Liz agreed. They’re attention was drawn away as a brown haired woman came out of the bathroom wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Kyle sidled up to her, pointing at her chest, “Hey Pervert, I’m Kyle.”

“Kyle!” everyone shouted.

“What? It’s what her shirt says,” he laughed.

The woman laughed, “It’s ok. I’ll answer if you call me that, but I’d prefer it if you’d call me Shelley when we leave the club.” She grabbed her jacket and turned to the group.

“So, I heard that you guys needed a ride back to your hotel? I’m the only one leaving right now and I don’t mind taking you. Unfortunately, I can’t take all of you. So, if you can decide which half stays and which half goes, we’ll be on our way.”

“Who goes?” Isabel asked, her grip on Alex so tight that anyone could see she was staking a claim.

Liz was watching Max and Michael again. After Shelley’s announcement they immediately had another quiet conversation. Maria was just about to say something when Michael cut her off, “You four go with Shelley – Max, Maria, Liz, and I will wait.”

Liz felt Maria poke her, “I know! I have a bad feeling about…”

Maria cut her off, “Um, guys? We won all that money – can’t we just get a cab or something and meet them back at the hotel?”

“No can do, Blondie. It’s a check, not cash,” Michael responded.

“Oh,” she finished lamely.

“Okay Kyle – you, Tess, Isabel, and Alex go with Shelley. Michael and I will take care of Liz and Maria. One of you just grab some blankets and come back for us,” Max said as he began to herd his sister and the rest towards Shelley.

“Liz!” Maria hissed.

“What!? What do you want me to do? If I say anything it will seem weird that we don’t want to be alone with them, don’t you think?” she hissed back.

“Great. Why do I get the feeling that those two are up to something?” Maria questioned, looking at Max and Michael.

“Probably because they are,” Kyle answered before he headed to the door, a huge grin on his face.

“And guys, don’t be too rough on them – it was all my idea!” with that parting shot at Max and Michael, Kyle was gone.

Liz and Maria stood together gathering strength for whatever Max and Michael had planned for them. Turning, they head over to where the two guys stood with sexy smirks on their faces.

“You both heard Kyle – it was all his idea. Why aren’t you thinking of something devious to do to him?” Maria wailed as Michael pulled her quickly into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder, planting his hand on her behind. Hard. Liz was watching them and not paying any attention to her own predicament.

“Max!” she yelled as she was tossed up on a hard shoulder and a large hand gripped her bare ass.

“Yeah Liz?” she heard.

“Put me down! This isn’t funny.”

“Nope. Can’t do that. See, you two decided that you and Maria were going to make spectacles of yourselves before we got here, so now Michael and I are going to have to do something about that bad habit of yours.”

“But you heard Kyle admit it was his fault,” she whined at him, suddenly realizing how close to Max’s leather covered ass she was. She reached down to grab him.

“Owwww!” she yelled, her butt on fire from the spank Max just gave her. Before she could retort, her hands were grasped and pushed up behind her back, something soft wrapping around her wrists.

“What the hell?” she screamed out as she attempted to pull her hands apart and realized they were tied. Liz heard Maria yelling at Michael, calling him things she didn’t want to know how to do.

“Thank you for doing that Michael. Ladies, you two get in too much trouble when we aren’t around to watch you. To ensure that nothing happens while we run to the bathroom, we decided to limit your mobility,” Max answered.

Suddenly, her world was spinning as Max flipped Liz off his shoulder and onto the couch. Maria landed next to her. Before they could do anything, the two were tied together. The two guys stood up, laughing at what they had planned. Liz and Maria just glared at them.

“Okay, we’ll be back in a second. It takes a long time to do anything in these pants.” That said, Max and Michael leaned down to peck their girls on the cheeks before heading into the restroom.

“I’m appalled at what they did to us. Okay, so it probably wasn’t the smartest thing we’ve ever done, but to tie us up?” Maria harrumphed.

“No kidding. I’ll bet you money that they aren’t going to do a thing to Kyle,” Liz gritted out.

“I’m not taking a suckers bet,” Maria answered


“So, Shelley, you’re a dancer,” Kyle suavely said from the passengers seat.

“What gave you that idea?” she quickly glanced at him.

He looked affronted at her question, “Um, the fact that you were at the club.”

“What does that have to do with anything? Just because I was at the club doesn’t mean I’m a dancer. If we are taking things at face value, I guess I would say that you’re a dancer too. You certainly are dressed for the part,” she replied back, giving a quick glance to his ass-less chaps.

“Well, if you’re not a dancer, then why were you at the club? I mean, the only ones there are either the staff or patrons, so if you’re not staff then you’re…” he whipped his head forward to watch the road.

“Yes Kyle, if I’m not staff then I’m what?” she teased him quietly.

“You’re a lesbian, aren’t you? Damn, I KNEW it. Crap. Guess me asking you out for dinner is not an option,” he continued to face forward.

“What? Where did you get that I’m a lesbian?” she looked at him, her eyebrow raised in question.

“What other reason would a non-dancing non-stripping chick be at a strip club?” he reasoned out loud, still unable to look at her.

“Maybe I’m sizing up the competition?” Shelley questioned quietly.

“Competition?” a puzzled expression now covered Kyle’s face, “Competition? So you are a dancer?” This time a big smile broke his expression as he turned to face her.

“No Kyle, I’m not a dancer. I’m a club owner. I go there periodically so see what the dancers are doing and wearing and how well the patrons of the club enjoy it. Then I apply them to the ladies and men at my club” she finished.

“Club? You have your own club? And men? You have male strippers at your club?”

“Of course I do. What, did you think that only women could strip on stage for customers? My men get great tips and they are all hand selected by me. Only the best for my patrons. Want a job?” she laughed.

“Me. Strip? In front of people? Bare naked?” Kyle pondered this as they drove.

“You’re practically there now,” she did a quick peek at his bare chest before continuing, “Did you ask me to dinner earlier?” Shelley asked him. Kyle watched her glance in the rearview mirror.

“Tess and I aren’t a couple if that’s what you’re thinking. We’re here together, yes, but it’s because of this crazy contest that we’re in. It’s like we were forced together by circumstance. We both know if we find someone else it’s fine with the other one. Besides, I think Tess found someone at that party that sparked her interest. So, to answer your question, no, I didn’t ask you to dinner but I am now,” he turned in his seat waiting for her response.

“Um, are you sure? I don’t want to come between you and your friend,” she hedged.

“Hey Tess!” he called.

“Yeah?” hands appeared on the back of the drivers seat as Tess moved into the conversation.

“Are we a couple? As in a ‘relationship’ type couple?” Kyle questioned her.

“What? You know we aren’t a couple. We’re just together for this contest and some fun,” she paused, her head motioning towards the driver. “Oh wait, you told her about us and she doesn’t believe you, right?” Tess asked, her blue eyes now focused on Shelley.

“Yup. That about sums it up.”

“Oh Shelley, go for it. Kyle and I aren’t a couple at all, we just have fun together, that’s about it. If it weren’t for this contest I don’t think we would have even gone out more than once. Besides, I met someone tonight,” she finished dreamily.

“You met someone tonight? How is that even possible?” Isabel suddenly shot forward to join in the conversation.

“Yes, I did meet someone. How can you ask that? There was like a million people there. How could you not meet someone?” Tess looked at Isabel.

“Some of us were searching for our friends and couldn’t be bothered by the other guests,” Isabel shot out.

“Well, some of us don’t have those kinds of friends but were hoping to find some,” Tess shot back.

“Ladies, ladies, let’s not get into a hissing match. The rest of us are holding our breath, waiting to hear who the ‘someone’ that Tess met is,” Alex’s head popped up between the two girls in the back.

“Yeah Tess, tell us. Who is it?” Shelley asked.

“Okay, okay. Um, his name is Jason and he’s here on vacation. He works on a television show and he said I would be perfect on it!” Tess happily announced.

“That’s cool. Are you sure he’s legit? I mean, he could be saying that just to get in your pants,” Alex stated, his hand rubbing Isabel’s bare thigh.

“Oh no, he handed me his card and once I saw his name, I knew immediately who he was,” Tess reassured him.

“What’s the show and the part he thought you would be good in? Would we have noticed him at the party?” Kyle asked, his hand stretched across the top of the seat and playing with a piece of Shelley’s hair.

“Well, the part is that I’m a new comer to town and I’m supposed to get the people who live there to trust me and then I betray them in the end. I’m the villain,” she cracked up.

Calming down, she continued, “Oh yes, I’m fairly positive you all saw him; Isabel especially. I believe you were whipping him.”

Isabel’s mouth flew open at that announcement. All eyes in the car turned towards her but before she could utter a word, Tess finished answering Kyle’s questions, “He produces Roswell.”


“It would be so worth being tied up to see Max and Michael’s faces if we weren’t here when they came out,” Maria stated.

Liz laughed, “Yeah, I can only imagine.”

“Hey, let’s see if we can get up,” Maria struggled on the couch.

“Maria! Where are we going to go? Somehow the thought of being alone, tied up, and walking outside in these outfits doesn’t give me a good feeling,” Liz said as she too struggled to get off the couch. Maria ignored her.

After a bit of shuffling, the two girls were standing, backs to each other.

“Okay, we stood up. Now what?” Liz asked over her shoulder.

“We don’t need to leave the club, just hide somewhere while they search for us,” Maria tossed back.

At that moment, a dancer came in through the curtain, stopping and staring at them, “Do you guys need a little help?”

Liz heard Maria mumbling about stupid question, “Yes! That would be great. Our boyfriends did this to us as a joke.”

“Hmm. Well if I were you I wouldn’t think it very funny. Hold on, I need to get the one tying you two together removed before I can do anything else.”

Liz prayed that that Maria was biting her tongue.

“Got it!” the dancer exclaimed triumphantly, holding up the scarf that was securing Liz and Maria together. They moved apart but before they could do anything more, they heard Max and Michael returning.

“Oh shit. We need to hide and you never saw us,” Maria yelled, looking at Liz and the dancer before they split.

The two ran around a corner just in time as Max and Michael made their way back into the dressing area.

“Where are they? Shit, how could they get away?” Michael yelled.

“They couldn’t have gotten far and most likely are still in the club. Liz wouldn’t venture outside dressed like that and tied up. She’s go too much sense,” they heard Max reply.

Maria nudged Liz, “Your anal retentive side better not get us caught!” They hurried to the first door and Maria turned around, trying the handle. When it opened, she pushed inside, “Liz, this one’s open. Hurry, before they find us.”

Liz rushed into the room, turning and watching Maria close it. Liz closed her eyes in relief that the guys hadn’t found them. She was brought out of her thoughts by a gasp from Maria, “Um Liz, I think you should turn around.”

Liz spun around, her jaw dropping open. There, seated in the middle of the room, was one yummy guy and his intense gaze was focused right on them. Before they could say anything, he stood up, “Hey, you’re the two dancers on the stage, the ones with that guy. Wow, I knew they were going to give me something special for my birthday, but I wasn’t expecting either of you.”

Liz and Maria still hadn’t said a thing. All they could do was stare. He must have been 6’5” and he put Arnold Schwartzenegger to shame. He rippled every time he moved and he was moving right towards them. Finally Maria found her voice, “Hey big fella. Um, see, we really aren’t dancers. We came in here to teach our boyfriends, our big beefy kung-fu expert boyfriends, a lesson. So, I think we’ve taught them enough of a lesson, don’t you think Liz? We’ll be leaving now,” she finished in a rush.

“Um, yeah, we’ll just be leaving now,” Liz reiterated, backing away from the huge mountain of muscle that was still moving towards them.

“No, you two need to stay here and give me my lap dance. Like I said, it’s my birthday and the club owner told me birthday lap dances are special. Getting two babes like you is one hell of a birthday present,” he finished as he reached out and pulled them forward to the center of the room. Taking a seat, he placed each of them on his thighs.

“No, really, buddy – wait, – what’s your name, soldier?” Maria asked him, kicking Liz.

Liz gave her a questioning look, trying to figure out what Maria was doing. Mouthing ‘what?’ at her, the answer Liz wanted was interrupted.

“Randy. My name is Randy. Hehe, but that’s not just my name,” he smirked at them, “and you two, what are your names?”

“Maria and Liz,” Maria indicated by moving her head.

“Maria and Liz, eh? Well, it’s my lucky day, isn’t it? Hey, why are your hands tied behind your back?” he questioned, bending Maria forward to look.

Maria was next to Liz’s ear and whispered, “Keep him talking,” before Randy moved her away and back into position.

“Oh! Yeah,” Liz said finally understanding Maria’s kick from earlier.

“Yeah what?” Randy focused his green eyes on Liz forgetting all about their tied hands.

“Um, yeah, you said it’s your birthday. How old are you?” Liz quickly asked.

“21,” he said proudly.

“You’re only 21? Damn, how long have you been working out to get all those muscles?” Maria asked, not even thinking about the predicament they were in.

“Oh, those. I took up weight lifting in high school and when I realized how many chicks I could get because of it, I kept it up. Seems to be working still,” he smiled.

Maria laughed, “Oh baby, you’re quite the looker, but I’m too old and jaded for you. You need someone fresh and innocent.”

“You think? Well, I guess it’s a good thing I have Liz here then, isn’t it?” Randy’s eyes moved from Maria to Liz.

Liz panicked, “Um, no, I’m really not as innocent as I look. I mean, I cuss and stuff. Shit. You don’t want some innocent looking girl to curse at you. It kind of blows the whole look.”

“You call that cussing? I’m in the Marines – cussing is second nature to us,” he laughed.

“Exactly Liz’s point! You hear it all the time at work, why would you come home to hear that stuff?” Maria questioned.

“Awww crap, who cares? I just want my dance. So ladies, if you will?” he gently lifted them from his thighs and set them down in front of him.

They looked at each other and the door they came through, thinking about how fast they could get through it. Before they could make a move, a door on the other side of the room burst open. Liz and Maria whirled in time to hear an angry, “What the fuck is going on in here?”


“Go check out that bathroom,” Max pointed Michael towards the dark, open doorway.

Glancing around, his eyes landed on a dancer standing by the rack of clothes. He walked over to her, “Hey, did you see two tied up women in here? One is wearing a dress of metal chains and the other is in bright green latex.”

“Um, no, I didn’t see anything. I walked in just before you two did. You may want to check out front, the curtain was moving when I came in,” she indicated the curtain to the right that leads into the club.

“Thanks. Come on Michael, they’re probably out front,” Max waved him over and they went through into the club.

Max’s eyes surveyed the place but it was just a bit too dark to make out everyone.

“I’ll take this side Maxwell; you head over there,” Michael flicked his hand to the other side of the club.

Max walked through the men sitting and cheering the dancer on stage. He wasn’t paying her any interest. A man grabbed his arm, pulling him down, “Hey, you’re that guy that was onstage with those two chicks. God, the ass on the one in green. What I wouldn’t do to feel those globes.”

Max leaned over, “You should be extremely glad that you made your comment to me and not him,” he gestured over towards Michaels scowling form, “because that chick in the green with the globes you want to feel is his girlfriend.” Patting the man he stood up and walked away from the now sweating man.

He met up with Michael, “Anything?”

“No. Well, aside from the comment about Liz, nothing.”

“What comment?” Max quizzed him.

“Trust me Maxwell, you don’t want to know. Besides, I took care of it,” Michael rubbed his eyebrow.

Max watched Michael and knew that whatever the comment was, it was really bad. Michael only does that when he’s uncomfortable. “Michael, you’re freaking me out. What was the comment about Liz?”

“Maxwell, I’m not going to tell you. Suffice to say that it was bad and that the guy will probably have to visit the dentist, okay?”

“Oh, um, okay. Thanks Michael. Just to let you know, I scared the bejesus out of the guy that made a comment about Maria,” Max patted him on the back.

“What? What comment?”

“Never mind. Like you told me, it’s taken care of. Now, let’s keep looking for our women,” Max smiled.

“Geez Maxwell, are you going to swing from the trees and pound on your chest now? You know if Maria or Liz heard that ‘our women’ comment, we’d be busted up one side and down the other.”

“Yeah, I know. But they aren’t here,” Max smirked.

Michael laughed and began to pound on his chest.

After that show of manliness, they began searching the club again. Michael stopped Max and motioned over to a huge guy walking away from a door, “You ever notice those doors before?”

“No. Are they offices or something?” Max asked.

“Or something is what they are. That’s where the ladies do the lap dances,” he said as they stopped by the big guy.

“You’re right about that,” the big guy said.

“Hey buddy, did you just get a lap dance?” Michael asked.

The big guy turned around, “Oh yeah. It’s my birthday so I was told I get a special treat. Man! The two babes in there were hot. One got me all hot and bothered with her innocent act. God, I couldn’t wait to see that Liz move…hey, where’re you going?”

The minute the guy said ‘two’ Max and Michael were on alert but when he said ‘Liz’ they were running for the room.

“I knew those two would get into trouble. How is it that if something weird is going to happen, it always happens around them? Maxwell, if that guy touched them, you and I are taking him down,” Michael yelled over his shoulder as they ran for the door.

“Already thinking of ways to knock him out,” Max gritted out as they busted the door open and rushed into the room.


Once the door closed on them, Maria and Liz started giggling.

“God, the look on her face was priceless! She was so mad at us,” Maria snickered out.

“No kidding. As if we would give that guy a lap dance. I guess she didn’t know that though. In her mind we were stealing her money,” Liz commented as they walked down the hall.

“Well, let’s hope that KiKi gets Randy all randy so he enjoys his birthday,” Maria halted as they walked into the dressing area. She sat down on the floor and began to struggle.

“What are you doing?” Liz questioned.

“I’m trying to see if I can get my hands in front so we can attempt to work on each other’s bonds,” she said, struggling to stay upright.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.”

Liz sat down on the floor and began trying to work her arms under her butt to her legs. It took them both a little bit but they finally pulled their legs free of their arms. Standing up, they looked at the knots in the scarves and realized that Max and Michael would have to undo them.

“Liz! Maria!”

Both girls looked up as they heard Max call their names.

“Let’s hide and then jump out at them. Assholes. It’ll teach them to tie us up and leave us,” Maria said, running into the bathroom.

Liz turned to join her but she slipped and fell. Looking at her feet, she realized the scarf the dancer removed earlier was the reason she slid. Hearing the guys getting closer, she crawled behind the couch and waited.


“Here you go,” Shelley said to Kyle, shoving the blankets she’d just retrieved from his suite through the car window.

“Hey, thanks a bunch Shelley. It would have been way to embarrassing to walk through the lobby like this,” Kyle responded. Handing the rest of the blankets over to Isabel, he opened his door and stepped out, the blanket now covering him to his knees.

“Yeah Shelley, thanks. The thought of walking through the lobby in a spiked loin cover isn’t a top ten wish of mine,” Alex said, opening the door and stepping out before helping Isabel and Tess from the car.

“You are a complete lifesaver. Thank you,” Isabel said before heading off to the hotel, Alex waving at Shelley before taking off after his girlfriend.

“Thanks Shelley. It was really nice of you,” Tess told her, looking between Kyle and Shelley.

“What?” Kyle gave Tess a look.

“Nothing. I’m heading up. I’ll see you in a few,” Tess replied before turning and heading off.

Kyle began walking, Shelley at his side, “Um, so, do you want to come up?”

Stepping into the lobby, she looked at him, “Sure.”

They chitchatted on the elevator about how horrible it would have been for him to walk through the lobby with his ass hanging out. Reaching his floor, they walked through the door Tess had left open for them.

“You know, you never answered my question,” Kyle stated, tossing his blanket into the chair with the others before shutting the door.

“What question?” she returned as she sat down on the couch.

“Kyle! Do you want me to call the number in the envelope or not?” Tess yelled from the other room.

His cocked his head, “What number?”

“The one for the contest.”

“Oh. Um, I don’t care. No, wait. Don’t call. It doesn’t matter anyway, we never won any of those contests anyway.”

“Okay. I’m going to take a shower and then call Jason and meet up with him,” she called out to him.

“Sounds good,” he answered before turning back to Shelley and taking a seat next to her, “Now, where were we?”

“Wow, I guess you guys really aren’t seeing each other,” she gazed at him, her hand nervously playing with the ends of her shorts.

“Nah, I told you we’re just along with the gang. So, what’s your answer?” Kyle stood up and reached for some candy on the coffee table. He could feel her eyes on his bare ass. Deciding to tease her a little, he gave a shake. Glancing over his shoulder, he could see her lick her lips so he decided to do it again. Suddenly her eyes moved to his and a blush suffused her cheeks at being caught.

Laughing, he sat back down, “Why are you so embarrassed about seeing my ass? You own a strip club where hot guys get naked all the time.”

Coughing a little to clear her throat, she explained, “Well, see, um, yes, I see naked guys all the time, but I don’t view them like that. They are my bread and butter. I’m like their pimp. I don’t mix business and pleasure. It wouldn’t do for me to get jealous of my customers. Not only would I lose the respect of my dancers, I’d lose respect for myself. So see, I don’t look at the guys that I work with as a piece of meat.”

“Oh, I get it. You only look at me like I’m a piece of meat. Gotcha. So, what kind of meat am I?” he winked.

“What kind of meat…oh! Hmm, what kind of meat are you?” she put her finger to her chin, tapping it as she pondered the question, “Okay, I think I’ve figured it out.”

“Well? Don’t keep me waiting. What kind of meat am I?” he questioned her.

“Rump roast.”

He blinked, “Rump roast?”

“Yup. You don’t sound very thrilled about it.”

“Um, well, I guess I wasn’t expecting that one.”

Her brow rose, “Dare I ask what type of meat you were expecting?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of summer sausage,” he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Summer sausage? Hmm…”

“What are you ‘hmm-ing’ about?” he continued to rub his neck.

“I only chose the cut of meat based on what I’d seen,” she looked him straight in the eye, her eyes twinkling.


“Yup. I’m a conscientious shopper. I need to see my cuts of meat before I make any decisions,” Shelley flirted.

“I can see that. I certainly wouldn’t want you to get something and be disappointed later. But couldn’t you just base your decision on what you’ve seen of the rump roast?” he scooted closer to her.

“Hmm, I could but I wouldn’t feel right about it. I would feel much better seeing it, that way I can make sure that there are no unsightly problems with it. I can also test its firmness. Nothing like soft meat to turn you off,” she scooted closer to Kyle.

“Well, I’d hate to have you go away unsatisfied by the experience. I guess the only thing left to do is show you the summer sausage and prove that it’s not unsightly, a bad cut, or soft,” he leaned in towards her.

“Okay,” she whispered.

They backed away from each other when Isabel’s voice drifted out to the living room, “I’m going to count to 10 and your summer sausage, your rump roast, and any other pieces of meat that are exposed better be in that bedroom getting dressed so we can go pick up the others!”


“Did I not say they get into trouble when they’re together?” Max asked Michael as they rounded the corner.

“And did I not say that if something weird is going to happen, it’s going to happen to them?” Michael asked back.

They stepped into the room and walked over to the couch. Sitting down, they tried to figure where else Liz and Maria could have gone. The glowing ‘exit’ sign over the fire door drew their eyes.

“You don’t think…” Michael began.

“No. No way. Liz would never do that. Ever. They’re in here and trying to get back at us for tying them up,” Max interrupted.

As he finished his rant, he looked around the room, his eye passing over the mirror where the dancers put on their makeup, moving on to the clothing rack. Swinging his eyes back to the mirror, he looked in it to see what caught his eye.

“What’s up, Maxwell?” Michael questioned, looking over his shoulder to see what Max was looking at.

“Nothing,” he said. Suddenly, movement in the bathroom caught his eye. Understanding that they were being listened to, he nudged Michael and mouthed, ‘follow me.’

“So Michael, what did you think of that dancer, what was her name again?” Max asked, mouthing ‘bathroom’ to Michael.

“Um, dancer? Which one? There are like five here that I’d like to get to know better,” he snickered, glancing towards the bathroom.

“You know the one I’m talking about. The one that asked us to touch..” Max grinned, enjoying the game.

“Oh her! Hey, do you think those were real?” Michael asked.

“God, they were huge weren’t they?” Max responded.

Michael heard something and motioned Max to continue.

“Maybe if we touch them we’ll be able to tell,“ Max said, his eyes watching Michael lean over the couch.

“But if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say no, they weren’t real,” he finished as Michael pointed behind the couch, mouthing ‘Liz.’

“Yeah, they were like two big pillows. Can you imagine putting your head on those fluffy things?” Michael slowly stood up and began to walk over towards the bathroom.

“I don’t know how anyone could get any sleep nestled between them,” Max finished as he moved and looked over the back of the couch to see Liz lying there on her stomach.

“Hey, let’s go out and see if we can find her again,” Michael said, now standing outside the bathroom.

“Sounds good. Let’s look for Liz and Maria after we find that dancer,” Max slowly lowered his voice to make it seem as though they had left.

They lay in wait for the girls to make a move. It doesn’t take long.


Liz lay on the floor getting progressively more pissed as she listened to Max go on about some dancers big, fluffy breasts. She wanted to find Maria and get out of there. They tie them up and then flirt with the dancer? With a huff, she pushed herself onto her knees but before she could get her hands off the floor, someone’s arm looped around her waist and lifted her up and over the couch. Letting out a scream, she landed on her knees and stared up into the laughing eyes of Max.

“Did you really think I didn’t know you were here?” he asked, rubbing the back of his fingers across her cheek.

Pushing herself away from him, she stood up and watched as Michael brought a kicking and screaming Maria out of the bathroom.

Liz felt Max’s hand on her arm before he turned her around to face him, he placed a hand behind her head as though he was going to kiss her. Still pissed off not only by the conversation about the dancer but the fact that her hands were still tied, she moved her head away from his hand, attempting to put some space between them. Before she could do more than take one step back, he lifted her arms and looped them over his neck. She was now pressed against him and standing on her tiptoes.


“Liz!” he taunted back.

“This isn’t funny; you need to untie my hands. If you think I’m just going to laugh about this, you have another thing coming,” Liz finished, realizing it was going to be hard to remain pissed off when she was pressed so tightly against his hard body. Every breath she took was full of his scent since her face was on his chest.

“Un uh, I don’t think so Liz. I kind of like having you like this; at my mercy,” he began a demonstration by moving his hand between the strands of her dress and tickling her.

“Max! Stop! Aaack! Stop it. I need Randy. Stop. Please,” she whimpered out as he continued his assault on her sides.

“Who’s Randy?” Max stiffened, his fingers still roving over her warm flesh.

“He’s a huge Marine out front who likes Maria and me and he’s going to kick your butt for this,” she managed to get out before he began tickling her again.

“Did you give him a lap dance?” Max questioned softly, his hands continuing their torture.

“What? No. No. He’s nothing. A nice guy. Stop. Stop. Please,” she struggled to get her words out.

“Good. That’s good to know. All that talk about lap dances has me thinking that you can give me one when we get back to the hotel,” he teased her.

“You’re dreaming butthead…aahhh! No. I won’t do it. Fine. Yes. Yes. I will. I’ll do it. Stop now. Please,” she gasped out. At her first response he dove in for the kill until she capitulated. She drew in deep breaths while he simply rubbed her sides in a lazy pattern that only he knew. Her ears perked up when Maria began laying into Michael.

“This is not funny! If you want some tonight you better go find your girlfriend with the big fluffy pillows you were so desperate to sleep on. Plus, my arms hurt and now I’m going to be in more pain standing here on my tiptoes. I swear Michael, if I had more leverage, my knee would be making some serious contact right…mmph.”

The quiet had Liz trying to see what was going on, “Maria? Maria!? What’s going on?” She continued to try and twist and turn but with her arms locked around Max’s neck and her feet barely touching the floor, it was impossible.

“Michael found a very effective way to stop Maria’s rants,” Max’s voice floated above her while his chest rumbled under her cheek.

Understanding what Michael had done, Liz stood quietly, listening to Max breathe in and out and realizing she was relaxing in his grip as he continued to run his fingers over her skin. Her arms starting to hurt from the strain, she finally looked up at Max’s face, “Max, can you please un-loop my arms? They’re starting to hurt and so are my feet from having to stand on my toes.”

“Can’t do that but maybe this will help ease the burden,” he told her as he gripped her hips and lifted, “Wrap your legs around me Liz.”

She stared at him a moment, “What? I don’t want to wrap my legs around you Max. I want you to let me take my arms from around your neck and have them untied.”

He held her up a little bit longer before putting her back on her toes, “You get two choices. Either you stay the way you’re currently standing or you put your legs around my waist.”

She watched him for a moment, seeing the glint of steel in his eye before turning her head away and standing there. Maria was no help, she was making out with Michael big time. She sighed, realizing she would have to do as Max said, her arms going numb and a cramp beginning in her calves. “Max…”

Knowing what she wanted, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Although it felt much better on her arms and legs, it also brought her face up level with his now. Not thanking him, she simply leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder.


She wouldn’t answer him.

“Liz. You’re not mad about the comments Michael and I made about that dancer are you?” he questioned.

She still wouldn’t answer him and she cursed herself for tensing, giving herself away.

“Liz, baby, we were just joking. I saw Maria in the mirror and so we decided to play you two and make you come to us. I did mean it when I said her breasts were big and fluffy and someone who rested between them probably wouldn’t sleep; they’d die. Smothering has to be a big hazard if someone puts their face in between those things,” he teased.

Liz gave a giggle, not meaning too, but he’d already heard.

“I’m going to make this all up to you Liz. I have a reason for keeping your hands tied. See, I normally don’t have much control around you but seeing you dressed like this and that dance out there earlier, I have absolutely no control whatsoever and if you touch me like you normally do, I won’t be able to do all the delectable stuff I have planned for us.”

Liz listened to him and felt her anger ease at his words. Relaxing a bit more in his arms, she pulled back to look at him and softly said, “But I like to touch you.”

“I know you do, baby. I like it when you touch me too. But when you and Maria get together, things always happen and I freaked out when I saw you onstage. This whole thing started out as a punishment for you two but now I think the punisher has become the punishee,” he stated softly, his eyes glowing a soft gold color.

“You guys ready to go?” Kyle shouted from the curtain before Liz could respond to Max.

“Hell yes!” Michael and Maria both said at the same time.

“Let’s go then,” Kyle turned and headed out followed quickly by Michael and Maria.

“Max…” Liz began, needing to express how mad she was at his high-handed tactics.

“Later. When we get back to the hotel and have our nice, big, comfortable bed available,” he told her as he walked them through the curtain and out of the club.

TBC… =)

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