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Title: Remember me Daddy
author: Babylisou
E-mail: bellabal⊕
Disclaimer: Roswell belong to Jason Katim...blablabla...
Category: M/L and the other too
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It start 5 years after season 3. Max and Liz live together. Phillips died and Max's son had been adopted. Liz decides to contact the person who takes care of Max's son since 5 years.
Author's note: I'm not good in English but I try to write so be nice and please Feedback me.


Liz looked at the paper in her hand. The name 'Sheyley' shining in her brain. She glared at the woman sitting on the stool near her. She knew it's her, the mother of Max's son, the one who take care of him when Max felt to guilty to do it.
Will Max forgive her one day for what she was going to do?
She took a deep breath and calls the woman behind her shoulder. "Mrs. Sheyley?» She faced Liz with a shy smile.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Liz Evans."

Part 1

Liz squirmed as she sits on the couch in the Sheyley’s living room. She felt awkward at the thought of being in this place, where Max’s son have been raised since 5 years.
Suddenly, she felt the desire to run away from this place. She wanted to never have the idea of finding Max’s son. She wanted to forget all the things she already knew about his life and his so-called family. But before she could do anything, a voice in her ears brought her back to the reality. «Liz?» Mrs. Sheyley gave her a cup of tea and took place next to the young woman. “I don’t know what you want from me Liz…It’s just…it’s just so weird to have you here…» Liz shifted awkwardly. “I…I just want you to tell me…tell me about…hum…How did you call him?» “Alexander…but everyone call him Alex.» Liz felt her pounding heart again her chest and her eyes started moistening with tears.
Sandra Sheyley felt suddenly guilty as the young girl started crying in front of her. She tentatively put a hand on her thin arm. «Liz, are you ok? …What did I say?»
Liz took a deep breath as she remembered everything about Alex’s death. If only she knew what she had done by calling him Alex; it was just…beautiful.
Liz managed to say something as she realized how embarrassed it was for the woman in front of her . “I’m…I’m sorry…it’s just…it’s nothing…” She glared at Mrs. Sheyley with a sorry look . “Please , tell me how…how did it happened ?” Sandra took a deep breath as she tried to remember the day Alex entered her life ; probably the most beautiful day in her life since her wedding . “My husband was dead with my son in a car crash just 3 months before and I was desperated . I wanted something knew in my life and Alex was the gift god had promised me…Just before the crash my husband and I had decided to receive some children in our house…without adopting them…just to give them some happiness…And when Mr. Evans talked to me on the phone-“ She stops suddenly as she thought at what she has just said . “Evans ?…Is he your father ?” Liz smiled shyly . “No he is my father-in-law…I married his son…” “So he is Alex’s grandfather, is he ?” “Yeah…actually he Was…he died 3 years ago…” Sandra brought her hand to her mouth . “Oh , I’m sorry , I didn’t know…” “It’s ok , don’t worry…” Sandra lowered her head as she reminded the man . “He was…he seemed so sorry when he gave me the baby . I believe he was crying . But , I was too happy to really take care of it…there was just this little one who was to me for a while…I’m sorry that it was hard for him and it was probably hard for his father too but…I don’t know…” Liz stared at Sandra with tearing eyes . She remembered everything about this time…Max never forgave himself for letting his son with someone he didn’t even know . After a too long silence , Liz lowered her head and asked slowly : “Did Alex knows that…” “That he isn’t really my son ?…yeah…I told him last years when he turned 4…I wanted him to know since the beginning…I think he understood…” Sandra leaned forward to look directly in Liz eyes . “Liz…I want him to know his father…I was just too loose before…But the fact that you were here it’s just a good thing for him…Did you thing that…your husband-“ “Max…his name is Max…” “Right , do you think that Max would like to meet him ?” Liz started to feel embarrassed . “Max…well…he don’t know I’m here…actually he don’t even know that his son lives at less than 5 miles from him…” She laughed nervously . “Oh…” “But I’ll talk to him…” She was stopped by the noisy entry of a little boy in the house . He ran in his mother arms .
“Hey baby !” he pounded . “I not a baby !” “Right sorry big boy !” They chuckled together and Sandra turned a grinning face to Liz .
“Hey Alex , I want you to meet someone…Here is Liz .” “Hi Liz.” The little boy gave her a shy smile as he waved his hand and Liz felt her heart overwhelmed with emotions as she recognized Max smile in his. She brought a shaking hand to her mouth . “My god…” She whispered softly . Sandra stood up from the couch . “I’m letting you for a while…I’m just in the kitchen if you need me…” Liz just nodded without looking at her too busy at staring at the little boy in front of her . After a while , she stroked his cheek slowly with her thumb . “You know you look exactly like your dad…” “D’you know him?” “What ?” “My daddy…Mum says he is u’stairs somewhere…so , d’you know him…” Liz felt her heart pounding hard again her chest . “Yeah…I know him…would you like to meet him .” The little boy’s face lighted up at her sentence . “I want to !”

Liz shifted some packet in her arms and pushed the door open with her hips. Max run to her and started to take all the things off of her arms. “Liz where were you ? I was so worried !” He started to check her: running his hand all the way her body searching for any damages. Liz felt her stubbornness kicking on. “Max stop it! …I’m going to have a baby! I’m not a baby myself!…So stop it ! I can take care of myself!”
Max flinched at the ton in her voice. He mumbled in his breath some apologizes before quitting the room. Liz looked at him when he slid the glass-door that separated the living room from the small garden. She started to feel guilty. She didn’t want to yell at him but she couldn’t help herself. He cared so much about her sometime that she was feeling like an animal in cage.
She followed him in the garden and took sight of him sitting on a long chair facing their neighbor house. She could say, by the way his shoulders were shaking, that he was crying. She felt the need to kick herself for the way she had acted toward him.
She approached him slowly and finally slid her arm around his shoulder. He jumped but she didn’t let him go away from her grip; she needed to know that he wasn’t sad at her.
“Max…I’m sorry, I-.” He stopped her with a single finger on her lips. “No Liz…don’t…I’m sorry.” Liz couldn’t help the tears that were now running down her cheeks. He wiped away her tears with his thumbs and linked his lips with hers in a tender kiss.
Liz deepened the kiss by pushing her chest against him but when her small round belly bumped on his, their eyes met and they started to laugh. They hadn’t really realized that Liz was pregnant…well, they knew t but it was again so unreal because she didn’t show it.
But this time, Liz could felt it. She quickly opened her blouse and the two of them looked in awe at her stomach that showed now a little bump just at her belly button.
They stayed that way a little while before Max knelt in front put his mouth on her belly.
“Hey…baby it’s daddy…I hope you ok…and I’m really sorry for what I did to your mum but I really want to make the two of you the safer…Daddy love you baby.”
Liz’s eyes started to moisten as she listened to Max. He was so cute sometime and she was sure that he would be the greatest father…for this one…and for Alex too.
She felt his soft cheek on her stomach and just enjoyed the feeling. Her hand unconsciously brushed his hair at the back of his head and they stayed that way, just listening to each other calm breath and silence tears running on their cheeks.
Max couldn’t imagine that it was his life: living with Liz, expecting a baby from her; what he has always dreamed of. But something was missing…or someone…

Max pushed the door open with his hips, his hand filled with Liz bottom as he carried her on the bed. Her kisses were full of passion, demanding. He laid her in the middle of the double bed as she continued to kiss him.
Every single of his skin was now covered with her mouth. “Liz…” Her name escaped his mouth in a sharp breath. “Liz…what are we doing…”
Liz stopped kissing him ignoring his groan. She looked in his eyes full of desire. “I think I’m raping you.” And she forced him on his back devouring his lips, finally giving release at her demanding body…and his.
End part 1

Part 2

Liz sat at the table as she looked at Max preparing her breakfast. She tilted her head on the side, a groan escaping her closed lips when Max bend down to took something under the sink.
He looked at her from his shoulder and just smiled at her grimace. “What?” She approached him and slid her arms around his bare waist. “Nothing…I was just thinking that I could eat you…” She bit his shoulder and snapped her teeth in front of his face.
“What are you doing…I’m starving!” “Yeah I can see that…well it’s just some eggs with tomato.” “Umm…sound good.”
There was a silence and Liz started to think about the day before. She had to find a way to tell Max what she knew. And now, after a good sleep, was probably the right time.
“Max?” “Hum?” “Did you think about him sometime?” She didn’t have too precise whom she was talking about. Max slowly released her grip around his waist and walked toward the window, not wanting to meet her eyes. “All the time…” “Don’t you want to find him again ?…I mean you could search for him and meet him…” He turned toward her surprised by her sudden interest in his son. “What? Why?…No I don’t think so Liz…” “But why?” “I don’t deserve him Liz!…I abandon him…He probably hate me now…” “No Max…Don’t say that…He want to meet you!” “How can you say that, you didn’t even know him! You didn’t even ask him!” Liz locked his eyes with him.
“Yes Max, I did.”

2 days later
“Yes…thank you so much Mrs. Sheyley, it mean a lot to me…and to Max…yes…ok…so tomorrow at 3…OK .”
Liz hung up the phone a grin on her face. Max was going to meet his son will or not.
After all he was his flesh and he needed him…she needed him…

At 3, Liz was at the Sheyley door. She was ready to knock but the door opened on a grinning Alex. “Hiya! C’mon. Mum waiting for’you.” He took her hand and led her on the little house. But he stopped before they passed the kitchen’s door. “Wait. Wanna ask’you som’thin.” “Oh…” Liz knelt in front of him. “Go on little man…I’m listening.”
Alex squirmed a little and avoided her eyes. “Mum tol me tha I was meetin my daddy today…” “yeah…that’s right.” His amber eyes locked with hers. “Is tha you?” Liz started to laugh at his innocent words. “Well…no I’m not…But I know him…he is my husband…” Alex tilted his head to the side and stared at the door behind Liz. “Is not here?” “No…I’m sorry Alex but you’ll meet him tonight…I promise.” The grin reappeared on his cutie face and he led her on the kitchen. “Mum…Liz’ here!” He ran on his mother arm. “Mum, She tol me I’ll meet daddy tonigh !” “Yeah baby that’s right…Hi Liz how are you?…And the baby?” She pointed at her belly. “Well everything is fine…He is just overactive sometimes…” “Oh yeah Alex is too! He never stop running!” She stopped when she realized what she had said. “Liz I’m sorry I didn’t mean…” “No Sandra…It’s ok, probably a genetic stuff!” The two of them started to laugh a their silliness. Alex just shook his head, perplex.
He cut them by grabbing Liz’s hand. “Wanna play with me?” “Not now baby…Mum and Liz need to talk before.” Alex lowered his head and silent tears started to run on his cheeks. Liz knelt beside him and turned his chin to face him. “Hey…It’s nothing little man. We’ll play later…I promise…and with your daddy too.” “Really?” “Yeah!”
Alex started to run toward the stair. “I’m going to do a drawing for my daddy!”
The two women laughed together smiling at each other. Everything would be ok. Liz was sure of that now.

“Hey Alex what do you think about some ice cream?” Liz looked at the little boy who sat on the backseat. “I luuuuuuuve ice cream!…but what about daddy? Don’t he want ice cream too?” Liz smiled at the way Alex cared about Max whereas he didn’t even know him. “Well…We could take some chocolate ice cream for him, that’s his favorite; and we’ll bring him tonight at the house…what do you think of that?” “Good idea. Chocolate is my favorite too! What yours Lizzie ?!” yeah…everything will be perfect. Liz thought as she answered Alex’s questions.

“Lisa-Beth Guerin! Would you please stop running in this restaurant! You’re disturbing the customers!...Michael can’t you stop your daughter!” “My daughter! She is yours as much as mine!” “Michael! Don’t complicate the things !!!!…And it’s probably not from me that she took this behavior: You are the savage and I’m the civilized.” Michael sight in relief as she walked away.
Liz almost burst in laughter when she opened the Blondie’s and find herself in front of Michael butt trying to caught his daughter under a table. When he grabbed her she slid out of his arms and run into Liz. “Lizzie!” “Hey Lisa-Beth!” Michael came to Liz and kissed her cheek. “Hey what are you doing here? I thought Max wanted you to stay at home.” “Well. Max Isn’t my doctor and I’m starving so…can we have a booth ?”
“We?” Liz squirmed a little. Maria was the only on she had talk about Alex and she didn’t know how Michael would react. She pushed Alex in front of her. “Here…I want you to meet Alex.” Michael looked at the little boy and immediately recognized Max shy smile. He looked at Liz with surprise. “ Is he…” She just nodded waiting for his reaction. “Well…wow…” he outstretched his hand in front of the little boy. “Nice to meet you Alex…I’m Michael…your father friend…” Alex took his hand and Michael shook it with a grin. Maria arrived at this moment. “Hey Chica How are-.” She stopped suddenly when she saw the little boy in front of Liz. “Oh My God…Liz is he…” Liz nodded. ”Wow…He looks so much like Max…”
Liz felt suddenly guilty. Alex was meeting his father’s friends before is father himself…And Max wasn’t even ready. He had told her 3 times in two days. How had could she be so selfish.
She felt suddenly dizzy and her mind turned blank before she could answer Maria questions.

End part 2

Part 3

Max arrived at the hospital less than fifteen minutes after Maria phone call. He found her in the waiting place. “Hey Maria! Where is she?” She ran to him. “Max. It’s ok don’t worry…They are making some exams.” “Exams?” “No blood exam. They just need to know if everything is ok now. But they think it’s just the stress…You know…everything she…worry about…most about you…” “Me?” “Yeah…” Maria felt suddenly weird to talk to him about that. But she had promise to Liz.
“Max…hum…Your son…Your son is at my place.” “What? What does he do over there?” “He…well you know…Liz, she wanted you to meet him…she wanted it really bad…and well…you know her, when she has something in mind, you can’t stop her, and…and…well…” She knew she was babbling but she couldn’t stop herself. “Maria. Maria stop right now…you’re babbling.” “I know. Sorry.” “Just tell me where she is.”
“Second room on your right…I just wait here, but please don’t hate her.” “You know I can’t.” She tried a small smile as he disappeared at the corner.

Liz felt Max before he walked in the room. She didn’t want to confront him right now, so she just lay on her bed, with her eyes closed. She shivered when she felt his hand in her belly; it’s was shaking, and she understood that he was crying. She opened her eyes slowly, meeting his. “Why did you do that? I don’t ask anything…So why?” He seemed so confused that she felt her own tears moistening her eyes. “Don’t you understand Max? I do that for me…and for the baby…I need that…I really want to make a family with you…But sometimes before building a future, you need to restore the past…and that’s what I’m doing.” She tilts his chin to look in his eyes. “Please Max… do that for me…”

Michael was trying to clean the place as the door ring. He pried god that it didn’t wake up Lisa-Beth. He opened the door with a toy truck under one arm and Lisa’s coat in the other. “Hey Max! I was waiting for you.” “Hey Mi.” He didn’t finish his sentence because Lisa ran in his arms. “Max!” “Hey! Little bumpy!” “Hey you don’t call my daught’ like that!” “But I luuuuve when he call me like tha!” Michael just grinned to his daughter. “I thought you were sleeping!” “I am…see I’m dreaming!” She laid her head on Max shoulder, snoring loudly, feigning to be asleep. “Yeah…well you better be in your own bed, or Momma is going to killed me when she’ll come back.” “Pooooooor daddy…don’t wanna you be in twouble…” She pound and slide in his father arms hugging him.
“Hey. Michael…”Max tried to hold him back, but he was gone in Lisa’s bedroom. He sat on the living room, shifting awkwardly on the couch. His son was somewhere on this apartment and he didn’t find the courage to search him.
But his eyes lay on a form in the kitchen through the open door. It was sitting at the table bent down probably for writing something.
Max opened the door without too much noise and carefully walked near the little boy.
Alex didn’t hear him and just continued to draw. His head jumped from his shoulder as he saw a man took place beside him.
Max tried to stay calm. But his inside was screaming with fear: Is he going to recognize me? Is he going to accept me? Is he going to forgive me? All this questions were running in his head and he couldn’t stop it. But he didn’t want to scare him so he just smiles shyly.
“Hey…can I see what you are doing?” Alex just nodded without stopping glaring at Max. Finally he followed Max gaze on his picture, and put his finger on the first figure that was drawn. He almost whispered as he spoke. “Here is my…Mum…and…here is Liz…and…and…here is my daddy…but…I don’t know him.” His head was lowered on the table as he continues to draw.
Max just stared in awe. He couldn’t even imagine that it was his son. He had imagined him so much time; but the think was that he couldn’t really see his face correctly. And now he was there, in front of him looking like the most beautiful little boy in the world.
“I’m Alex…You?” Max went out of his reverie at the sound of the little man’s voice.
“Uh…sorry…I’m Max.” A smile appeared suddenly on Alex’s face. He tilted his head on the side just staring at Max. “It’s you…” “Who?” “You…” “Me?” “That’s you…your my daddy…righ… Liz told me…” He said this words with so much awe that Max felt his heart pounding faster and faster. Maybe Liz was right finally…Maybe his son had forgiven him. But Max needed to be sure.
“Yes I’m…Are you angry?” Alex just stared at him perplex. “Why?” Then he crawled in Max arms, hugging him for death.
At this point, Max couldn’t hold the tears, which was running on his cheeks. He carried Alex until he was on his laps and just whispered in his ears. “I’m sorry…so sorry.”
Alex looked at his father’s face. “But for what?” “For abandoning you…for letting you with people you didn’t even know…” He cup his face in his large hand. “I’m sorry…for being so selfish…” Alex’s smile disappeared when he saw the tears on Max cheeks.
“But you don’t adanboned me…” Max smiled at his innocent word. “Mum is ok with me…and now I know my daddy.” He hugged him more kissing his unshaved jaws.“Is ok now…ll’right…”

When Michael go out of Lisa’s bedroom he was surprised to find Max holding a sleeping Alex in his arm. He just smiled at his friend behavior: acting like a real father. Max didn’t bother to look at Michael. “I think I better bring him back…It’s late…did Liz told you where he was living?” “Maria called me before you arrived. She told me the address.”
He gave him a piece of paper that Max took without quitting Alex cute face. “Thank you… see you later.” He just turned around before living. “Can I come here when-“ Michael didn’t let him finished. “No prob…The couch is your.” “Thank you…I mean for taking care of him too.” “Don’t…this one is amazing…look like it’s genetic.” “Thank you…late.” “Late.”


Max felt his nervousness beginning to make his palms sticky. Like he was not enough for him to meet his son today, he has to meet the woman who took care of him too. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing…
Max lift Alex in his arms taking care not to wake him up. When he saw his little amber eyes opened he just put a finger on his mouth. “Just sleep little man.”
When he arrived at the door, he had no time to knock. It opened on a smiling forty years old woman. “Hey…I was waiting for you…Is he sleeping?” Max was first stunned by the way she acted but his eyes just follow her gaze on his son. “Well…yeah…It was a big day…” “I think too…can you bring him to bed…he is a little too heavy for me to carry.” “Sure.”
She leaded him in a small room. The floor was covered with toys and expensive clothes. Apparently his son had been spoiled during all this years. “It’s look like he loves to live in a mess. His room stay that way all the time, and I don’t talk about the bathroom after his bath.” Max just smiled. He was feeling too weird to say anything.
Sandra pulled the cover apart and let Max put his son on the bed. He couldn’t help but gave him a light kiss on the forehead; it seemed natural to him.
Sandra smile at the way Max was acting toward his son.
When they walked toward the door, she turned to him quickly before he could go away. “Can we talk a little bit?” She saw his hesitation and continued: “I really want to know you…for Alex…” Max gave up when he saw the determinate look on her face.
Once again she leaded him on the house, and proposed him the couch to sit. He accepted politely and turned to her.
“So…I don’t know…well actually there is something I want to talk to you about too-.” He knew he was babbling the moment he saw the grin on her face. But he couldn’t stop himself. “Well…I wanted to thank you…for letting me seeing Alex.”
She cut him suddenly without quitting his eyes. “You look exactly like him…Liz was right.” Max felt disoriented and stopped talking; he just stared at her.
“Max you have to know that I approve completely the fact that Alex have a relationship with his father. He never had one because my husband…well he died just before he could know him…I have wanted to met you since Alex is two…before it was too painful…but this day when I brought him to school…well, there was all this proud fathers and it was really difficult for me to think that I have stolen your child-.” “Stolen…You didn’t steal him…I’ve abandon him.” Tears started running on his cheeks for the third time during this evening. He couldn’t imagine that the woman in front of him was apologized for something he had done.
“I was…I was just selfish and…I abandon him…And I’ll never have too much time to thank you for what you did…and do…I just want to explain to you…” He took a deep breath. “Well, when his mother brought him to me…my life was so complicated and…I just wanted him safe…” “Max please don’t do that…you don’t have to apologize…You were young and you needed time…” “What can I do?” Sandra smiled to him. “Maybe you could accept to see him more often…he need you…” Max smiled back between his sobs. “Thank you.”

End Part 3

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Part 4

2 months later.
“Mum! Is daddy coming today?” Sandra grinned at the way his son was asking this question all the time like he was afraid that the answer change. “Yeah baby. You’ll see him this evening…”
She suddenly felt dizzy and started collapsed on the floor. “Mum!” Alex cried as he looked at her pale face. Her eyes were closed and she started to shake from head to toes. “Mum! Mum!”

Max run in the emergency’s corridor. A nurse stopped him when he started to open the door “for personal only”. He knew she was there, alone.
“Are you from the family?” “No…I yeah…where is Alex?” “Alex?” Max took a deep breath fighting not to start to freak out. “There was a little boy with her. He is my son…” The nurse looked at him with perplexity. “I don’t think there was a little boy and if you’re not from her family you can’t see her.” She was so rough that Max had to struggle for not beating her. “She has no family! Her only family is Alex and he is my son!”
The nurse just avoided him and he felt anger grow in his chest. He wouldn’t be able to control himself a lot longer. He grabbed her arm and turned her face to him.
“If you can’t tell me where he is, can’t you…please…ask someone who know?”
She just looked at him with a blank expression on her face, and Max was ready to loose it, when he heart the little voice of Alex on his back.
“Daddy…” His voice was husky with all the cries and his shoulder shook with the force of his sobs. Max ran to him and grabbed him from the nurse arms.
He cradled him in his arms trying to calm him down. “Shut…little man…”
Max just followed the nurse who led him on the restroom. “You can stay here. The doctor is coming to see you soon.” Max nodded and sat on the couch rubbing his hand on Alex’s little back until he gave up and fell asleep.

Liz struggled on the couch desperately trying to catch the phone on her side; but her prominent belly was keeping her on the depth of the pillows, which were laid upon her.
She finally laid on her side catching the phone with outstretched hand.
“Evans.” “Liz…What were you doing? I let the phone ring almost 15 times…”
“Please Maria…don’t ask ok…” “Oh…right…well, Max had been called at the school today. He called Michael from the hospital…something happened…I can’t tell you what, but he wanted you to know where he was…OK.” Maria just met the ‘clic’ on the other line, which indicated that Liz had hung up.

Liz opened the restroom door and her eyes met immediately Max’s. He was sitting on a couch, slowly cradling a sleeping Alex in his arms.
“Max…What’s happened? Is he OK? Where is Sandra?” She sat beside him and stroked Alex’s warm cheek.
Max avoided her gaze and just continued to look at his little man. “I don’t know...The doctor who took care of Sandra didn’t come yet.” Liz could read his anxiety in his eyes even if he didn’t look directly in hers. She didn’t push him further; he didn’t want to talk right now, he needed to stay concentrate.
The door behind them opened slowly on the doctor and the nurse who had brought him and Alex in the room.
The doctor walked directly toward Max. “Mr. Evans…Can we talk in my office please.”
Max looked at Alex in his arms and then his gaze met Liz’s. She slowly nodded and he carefully slid Alex in her arms. He gently kissed her forehead. “I’ll be back soon.” He whispered in her ear.

Dr. Foley led Max on his office and pointed at the seat in front of his desk. “Please sit.” Max just obeyed without a words. After a long silence, the doctor rose his head and looked in Max eyes. “Mr. Evans, your friend…well…It’s not good…did you knew she had a cancer?” Max shook his head slowly and lowered it. “I just met her 2 months ago.” The doctor looked at him with a stunned look. “But I thought Alex…I thought he was your son?” Max felt his cheeks flushed. He wasn’t here to tell his story. He just needed to know how she was. But he gave up when he saw the suspicious look in the doctor’s eyes. “He is my son…I…She adopted him because I was too young…” The doctor just nodded, aware at the obvious embarrassment he had caused to Max.
Max finally raised his head. “I just want to know…Is she alive?” “Yes.” The doctor stated firmly. Max sight in relief. “But not for so long…” Max looked stunned. “What do you mean?”
The doctor Foley stood up not wanting to meet Max gaze. “Well…she is in terminal state and…there isn’t a lot of chances…” Max stayed silence for a while, trying to understand what he was saying. He felt tears moistening his eyes but he held it on. He needed to be strong. He could save her, and he was going to do everything he could because she had raised his son and because she had forgave him. Yes, for all that he needed to hold on.
“How much time?”
Dr. Foley looked as the young man tried to hide obvious tears behind his hand. He stayed silence at his question and waited until Max looked at him. “Two hours, maybe less.”
Max stood up. “I want to see her.” “You can but, she is really weak and-.” Max didn’t let him finished. “Alone.” The doctor was first shock by the determination in Max voice. But in a way, it made him respectful. “Fine…I’ll tell the nurse to let you alone.” Before quitting the room, Max turned toward he doctor one last time. “Can you tell my wife where I am please.” “Sure…you can tell the nurse…she is outside.”

Five minutes later, Max opened Sandra’s door. She was lying on her back, and some tubes were fastened on her wrists. She seemed asleep and peaceful. He sat next to the bed and just looked at her for a moment. He knew what he has to do: he had to put his hand on her chest, just 2 inch bellow her right breast, where her heart was pounding. He could heard it…again. Yes she was alive, and she would be until…well he didn’t know, but she would live old.
When she felt Max hand on her chest, Sandra opened her eyes. All she saw was Max crying face. He was crying but he was concentrated. She knew what he was doing and she placed her own hand on his. “No Max…don’t do that.”
Max jumped when he heard her voice. He opened his eyes and met Sandra’s gaze. Her eyes reflected her weakness but were always full of life like always. She gave him a sad smile. “Please, Max…I know what you are doing…and I don’t deserve it.” Max didn’t try to understand how she knew, and just objected when he heard her words. “Yes you do!” “No Max…I did things…not good things…I don’t deserve this.” Her hand was holding Max’s firmly. “For me you do…you save my son…and you gave him the best life he could have.” “You’ll give him the same.” The tears were now running freely on Max’s cheeks as he shook his head. “No…I’m not ready…” “Yes, you are Max…you both are.” “But...” She silenced him with a finger on his mouth. “No Max…it’s my time…Just promise me to keep him safe…” Max gave up when he saw her determinate look. “Max?” He looked at her one last time before lowering his head. “I promise.” She managed a small smile. “You’ll do great Max…for Alex and for the little one.”
Max raised his head after a long silence. “How do you know…” He stopped when he saw her closed eyes. Like 30 seconds later, a long sound resounded in his ears. He stood up when he saw the nurses and Dr. Foley running in the room. His cheeks were wet with tears, and he felt dizzy. He had just let her die.
He saw the Doctor approached him. “Mr. Evans…Mr. Evans…I’m sorry… it’s over.”
Max walked outside the room and met Liz who was running toward him. “Max…Max, what’s happened? ...They called her room’s number.” Max just met her eyes. His mind was blank right now and he couldn’t say anything. He felt her hand on his cheek. “Max…”
Liz saw the nurse put a white sheet on Sandra’s head and immediately understood. “Oh my God…” She brought her hand to her mouth, holding Max forearm with the other.
Max woke up when he felt her grip on his arm. He caught her just in time, and hugged her until he felt her tears soaking his shirt. “You need to sit, Liz…” He led her on a chair and knelt beside her. “You ok.” “Max…Oh my god…she is dead…” Max didn’t said anything. He just wrapped her in his arms. “I’m going to call Maria…She’ll come here and will bring you home…ok…” Liz nodded in his chest.
Max took sight of Alex in the corner of his eyes. He was in front of his mother’s open door and just looked stunned at his mother’s dead body. Max stood up and come to knelt next to him. “Alex…” He didn’t look at Max, just stared on the room. “What happ’ed to Mum, Daddy?” Max tilted Alex chin and forced him to look in his eyes. “Alex…” He didn’t know how to tell him…he didn’t even know if Alex would understand. Alex turned his head when he saw the two nurse brought his mother out of the room still lying on the bed. “Daddy…wher’s she goin? …Wher’s Mum going…I wanna see her…I wanna go with her…” He looked at his father with pleaded eyes. Max tried to hold the tears but it was to hard. “You can’t Alex…She is gone…” “No! …I wanna go with Mum!” He started to run but Max gripped his arm and tried to calm him down in his arms. But Alex was fussing and fighting and Max finally let him gone.
Alex ran in Liz’s arms and started to cry loud. “I wanna see Mummy…” Liz just held him in her arms and slightly smoothed his back. “Shut…It’s ok…” She met Max’s eyes and sight when he turned his back to her. She didn’t know how he was holding that, but seeing his face, he wasn’t doing well.

End Part 4

Part 5

Max slowly opened the apartment’s door and stepped into. He took sight of Liz sitting on the couch. She opened her eyes and immediately tried to stand up. But when Max saw her struggled, he just held her arm, pushing her back on the couch. “Stay still baby.” He knelt in front of her, his hands smoothing her thighs slowly. “You ok?” She just nodded. “You?” Max lowered his head, avoiding her gaze. “I’m fine.” They stayed quiet a little as Max just smelled in her sent, until Liz decide to broke the silence. “Where were you Max? Did you were at the hospital all this time…it’s 2 in the morning.” Max avoided her gaze again and she tilted his chin to force him to looked in her eyes. “Max?” “They needed me…for all the papers and documents…you know…I’ll have to go back there tomorrow, to order the stuff with the autopsy…and I have to organized all the funeral things…and I’ve to call…I don’t know who… to take the body, and…” Liz listened silently as Max avoided her eyes once more, trying to hold his tears. He swallowed hard and stood up, letting Liz alone in the room.
She found him knelt nears the toilet-seat, as he threw up all his stomach’s contain. She knelt next to him and smoothed his neck where his hairs curl at the end. She didn’t care that he didn’t want her here; they were in this together and he needn’t her as much as she needed him.
He finally sat on the floor, leaning his head on the wall. All his body was shaking and he couldn’t move any limps. Liz took a wet cloth and cleaned his face. Kissing his forehead, she took his big hand on her small one, smoothing it slightly. “You need to rest now Max…All this stuffs can wait.”
Max closed his eyes. He could had fell asleep here on the floor if strong arms hadn’t forced him to stand up. He opened his eyes and met Michael’s serious face. “It’s ok Max…” His eyes couldn’t stay open, the weakness was too hard. He felt his body collapsed on the bed as Michael let his shoulders slid away from his arm. But he didn’t feel Liz covered him with the blanket or kissed his forehead before leaving the room.

Liz turned to Michael as she locked the door behind her. “Thank you…What are you doing here Michael…it’s 2 in the morning.”
Michael walked back on their little living room. “You didn’t call like you had say when Max came home, and you didn’t answer the phone…Maria was afraid something had happened.” Liz looked at him with a sad smile. “Sorry, I fell asleep on the couch and Max just came home…do you want some cafe…I don’t think I could sleep after all that.” Michael just nodded and took place on their couch.
She brought him a mug and sat beside him. “Liz what’s happened…I mean, why Max was like that when I arrived.” Liz took a deep breath and tried to avoided his gaze. “He stayed at the hospital until 2…they kept him to order all the …stuff …and I think he was overwhelmed with all this emotion...” She looked at Michael with serious eyes. “Michael, Max…well, he is always so strong…He doesn’t want to show anything when he is hurt… When his father died he needed to be strong for Isabel and his mother. He had been hiding all his feeling inside him…and now…whereas he has just met his son, the woman who took care of him…die…” She stayed quiet a little while letting her tears run freely on her cheeks. “Max isn’t as strong as he think, Michael…and tonight…tonight it was too much for him…” Michael looked at her without saying a word. Liz and he had never been close, but when they escaped after graduation and that Max married her, he felt like he needed to protect her. She was his friend’s wife and she had brought happiness in his life, and just for that he needed to protect and respect her.
He took her in his arms when she started to cry. “I’m afraid Michael…I want him to opened to me but I’m afraid of what I’m going to see…”
Michael stayed with Liz until she fell asleep in his arms. He then brought her back in her room near Max, and he smiled when she immediately curled beside Max and that he wrapped his arms around her small frame. His friends were really mean to be together.

Alex stayed still in his bed the morning after. He could heard someone passing back and forth in front of his room’s door…well, actually not really his room since he was now in his father’s apartment. The day before something had happened but he didn’t understand what. His Mum was gone…forever. This thought made him cry more. He was lost. Yes, his father was there…but he seemed as lost as he did. He couldn’t count on anyone now…just him.

Max was passing back and forth in front of Alex’s room…Alex’s room? No it wasn’t his room. Not yet…He needed time, time to understand what was happening. He was so lost. He was as a child at this moment. And he couldn’t take care of a child if he was one himself.
Max stopped and faced the door beating his fist again it. If there is a god up there, please help me. He opened the door slowly and met the worry look on Alex’s face. He seemed afraid.
The little boy hid under his blanket and started to cry slowly. Max could feel he was shaking. He was afraid…afraid of him. He put a hand on his head trying to sooth him but Alex was crying more and more. «Alex please…I need you right now.” Max words were desperated. His own son was pushing him out.
He finally stood up and left the room tears in his eyes. “You’ll come when you are ready.”
Alex stopped crying when he heard the door close behind Max. He was lost and he needed to protect himself. He would never let anyone come in…never.

End Part 5

Part 6

In the 3 weeks that followed Alex never go out of the apartment; most of the time he stayed hiding in his room.
Max was busy with all the papers and procedures he had to take care in order to
‘Readopt’ his son. He was his father after all and he needed to do everything on his power to have his custody.
But inside he knew well that he needed that. He needed to be busy. To forget and to think about…he didn’t even know about what, but it was important for him.
Liz cried all the night without he knowing it. He was pushing her away. Alex was pushing her away. She was 8 months pregnant and she was lost between the two men of her life.

On night she couldn’t took it anymore. She needed to talk to Max. She walked near his desk and sat beside him.
“Alex is asleep.” He didn’t even rose his head too busy with some juridical documents.
Liz didn’t gave up. She needed his attention. “Max?” he didn’t react.
She decided it was time to wake him up and she stood up suddenly. She opened the drawer, took a suitcase and started to fill it with all her clothes. Anger tears were running on her cheeks but she didn’t care. It was too much this time.
Max rose his head when he heard the chair being pull away beside him. He looked at Liz when she took the suitcase and threw it on the bed with all her forces. He stayed still, mouth opened.
He finally composed himself and stood up stopping her with a hand on her arm. “Liz, what are you doing?” She glanced at him with anger and struggled to release his grip on her arm. “Max let me go!” “Liz…” He released her arm and looked at her with the eyes of a lost child. Everything around him was falling and now even Liz was going. “Liz please tell me something…What did I do?” She stopped suddenly in front of him. “Nothing! That the point Max!”
She continued until the suitcase was full and closed it. She tried to carry it but it was too heavy. She finally gave up and burst into tears falling on her knees. Max immediately sat besides her trying to sooth her but she seemed to refuse his touch. “I can’t do this anymore Max…” “Doing what Liz?” “I can’t handle all this…pressure…It’s just too much for me!” He put a hand on her cheek trying to met her eyes. “But I’m here Liz…I’m here…” “No Max, you are not! All you think about is how you can have your son’s custody…don’t you see what is happening Max?” “What’s happening Liz? Tell me.”
She shook her head in disbelief. “Alex…Max, Alex is not fine…don’t you see that?” Max stared at her worriedly. “See what? Alex just needs some time. He lost his mother Liz.” “It’s not just that Max…he doesn’t eat anymore, he doesn’t talk anymore…he is not fine.”
Max sat near her, speechless. He had spent so much time just with himself that he didn’t even saw the evidences.
“Alex need help Max…And me too…I need time to…to compose myself…In one month I’m going to give birth and even if it’s probably the most beautiful thing in the world I’m afraid…but you don’t see that…you don’t care.” “No Liz please don’t say that! I love you and I’m afraid too!” “Not as much as I’m.” She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry Max but I need time.” She stood up and walked away with the suitcase. It seemed less heavier now. Like all she had said to Max had put a weight away from her shoulder.
“Liz please don’t push me away.” Max’s voice seemed desperated.
She stopped at the door without turning. “I’m not pushing you away Max…you are…I love you.” The last part was so low that he barely heard it. He waited until she passed their apartment’s door and burst in tears. “I love you too Liz.”

Max got up early this morning. He hadn’t slept much; just thinking at his relationship with Liz. How could he had been so rough with her? He loved her. He knew that. They were going to have a baby together.
He stood up suddenly from the chair were he was sitting on the kitchen. He took the calendar on the fridge and turned the pages. At the end on the week, she had her last appointment. He hadn’t failed any of them; He wouldn’t fail this one either. He needed to do something. He couldn’t do anything without her.
Today would be the day. He was going to take his life in hand again.
He walked toward Alex’s bedroom and knock slightly. “Hey little man. Breakfast is ready.” Alex didn’t move seeming lost in his thought. Max approached him and put a hand on hi back. Alex jumped and stood up suddenly, crossing his hand protectively around his body. “Hey buddy. It’s ok, it’s just me…come on you need to eat something…I do some pancakes.” He said this last part with a grin on his face sure that Alex would love the idea. But he just stayed still string at the floor like it was going to open up beneath him.
Max go out of the room stunned by hat he had just seen. Liz was right. His son wasn’t fine. He needed help. They all needed help. Yes, he needed to help Alex. And the first thing was to make him eat something or he would soon faint.
He returned in the room and knelt in front of Alex. “Ok buddy. I know you don’t want to eat, but you need to. So if you don’t come with me now, I carry you myself in the kitchen. Deal.” Alex just looked at Max. When he saw his little eyes it hit Max how much they had changed. They had not anymore this little light in them.
The little boy stood and just waited. But when Max started to walk he didn’t follow. Max turned to face him again. “Fine. You make your point little man.” Max took him in his arms and tried to ignore Alex’s struggles. But he couldn’t help the tears in his eyes. Being rude with his son was probably the most difficult thing he had to do to regain his faith.
He put him on a chair and Alex calmed down immediately but he was shaking, like Max’s touch was hurting him.
Max sat in front of him and looked in his eyes. “Ok. That’s a thing…now what do you thing about eating something?” Alex avoided his gaze and just slid from the chair he was sit on and go out of the room. Max looked stunned. All he had done had been useless. He had been rude but he would never be again. It was too much pain.
But now he needed a solution…He definitely needed Liz.
End part 6

Part 7

Five days had passed and Max hadn’t seen Liz all this time. He had just talked to her two times on the phone but it was all. But tonight was the night. She had accepted to see him again and maybe, if the night spent good, maybe she would come back.
He jumped from the couch at the knock on the door. «Michael!» He greeted his friend with enthusiasm. He was his saver. It was him who had convinced Liz and who had promised to take care of Alex during their lunch. “Hey Max…so you ready?” Max held his head in his hands. “I don’t know…and if she never come back Michael?” His friend just taped on his shoulder. “Don’t be silly Maxwell…She loves you.” Max just nodded, leading Michael on Alex’s room. “He didn’t have eat tonight, but it’s six. I’ve prepared some pizza and…well just don’t push him if he doesn’t want to eat ok…he usually go to bed at 8 but he is tired so you can put him at 7.30. He like when I read him a story…well actually I think because he didn’t react a lot so-.” Michael gazed at his friend with a stunned look. “Max, it’s ok…I know how to handle that. It’s just babysitting.” “You sure because I can stay until 7 if you want. I can call Liz and-.” “Stop that Max! Tonight is your night. So go on! Ok.” Max let out the breath he was holding. “Thank you Michael…for everything.” “You’re welcome buddy! Now go on!” Max obeyed without a words and it Made Michael smile. They were his friends and he knew well that they needed each other.

Max walked slowly toward the Guerin door, but before he could reached it, it opened on a grinning Lisa Beth. “Hey Buddy! How are you.” “Ia fin unke Max!” She took his hand and led him on the house.
“Mama! Unke Max here!” Maria stepped out of the kitchen her hands covered with meal. “Hey Max! ...How are you?” She asked the last part with concern in the voice. “I’m fine, actually…where is Liz?”
“Here.” He turned in his heels when he heard his angel’s voice. “Liz…” “Hey.” “You look…great.” How couldn’t he had seen how much this pregnancy made her glow. “Thank you. You too.”
Maria sighted exaggeratedly. “Oh please you two. Don’t be silly, kiss each other and go out of this kitchen.” Liz and Max turned to their friend with a stunned look. “What? You look like you were two teenagers who go out tonight! …Speaking of that, your curfew is midnight. I don’t want Michael come home too late. Ok.” Max and Liz just nodded together. “Ok…you can go now.” She rolled her eyes and stepped back in the kitchen shaking her head. “Come on Lisa!” She waved her little hand at Max and Liz. “Byby unke Max. Byby aun Lizzie.” “By Lisa.”
Max felt like a teen when he was finally alone with Liz. What was happening to him? She was her wife and now he was sweating like he was 16. She just slid her hand in his feeling his embarrassment. “You ready.” Her smile made him weak in the knees. “No…I mean, yeah sure I’m ready.”

When he was in the car, Max felt all the tension leave his body. Everything was back like before. Well almost like before. But the way she was running her hand on his thigh, the way she was looking at him, the way she wore this passion on her eyes; everything reminded him before.
“Where are we going tonight?” “Hum…well I thought that maybe we needed a little memory and…well, what do you think about Senior-Show?”
“I’d like that.” Her voice was full of passion and desire and he shift awkwardly on his seat when he felt her hand running near his groin. He definitely needed some time alone with her.

Michael turned of the TV and looked at the little boy siting silently on his room’s floor. This one was definitely a quiet. Sometime it afraid him how much he stayed calm.
He stood up and came to kneel beside him. “Hey little man. What do you think about eating something? I’m starving, not you?” Alex just stood up and walked toward the kitchen sitting on a chair. Michael just shook his head. Is this child never talk? Maybe it was just Lisa who was a little too energetic.
“Ok. I think your dad had prepared some pizza…you like that, no?” When Alex didn’t answer he stood beside him and tilted his chin to look in his eyes. “Hey buddy! …” Alex’s hand squeezed into fists and he stared at Michael with tears in his eyes. “Oh, oh. Ok Alex. Don’t cry…I’m sorry ok…I just want to know if you like pizza.” This little one had a problem. He had to talk to Max about that.
Alex slid away from the chair and walked back in the living room. He laid on the couch and his eyes closed.
Michael just followed him with astonishment. “Ok. You’re tired. Ok…” He was lost suddenly. Lisa was never like that. Maybe he was sick.
He grabbed the phone and composed his own number. “Guerin’ous” “Hey Baby. It’s daddy!” “Daddy! How your?” “I’m fine. Did you eat well?” “Yeah! Pi’za with mik and…dat all…you daddy?” “I’ll tell you tomorrow baby. Is Mummy here?” ”Yesss. Nig’t nig’t daddy.” “Night baby.” “Michael! What’s wrong?” “Maria. Hello to you too.” “Yeah hello…so what’s wrong?” “Well. I don’t know…It is Alex. I think he is sick.” “Sick…What make you think that?” “He didn’t eat anything and he was almost crying.” “What does he do now?” Michael looked at the little boy on the couch. “I think he is sleeping.” “Fine. That’s no big deal…Bring him to bed. He must be tired…If he cry again call Max.” “Ok. Thank ‘Ria. Love you.” “Love you too.” They hung up together and Michael stared at the sleepy form on the couch. He slid his hands under his small back and shifted him in his arms. He was so light. It was like he was carrying a baby.
Alex opened his eyes suddenly and started to struggle against Michael soft grips. “Hey. Calm down little man. It’s just me.” But Alex didn’t stopped and started to cry silently. It was like he wanted to scream but something in his throat refrained him to do it.
He started to debate until Michael couldn’t hold it anymore and let him fall. But his head hit the furniture and started to bleed. Michael immediately knelt beside him. “Oh my god! Alex, you ok?” But his eyes rolled and closed and he fell unconscious on his arms. “Oh my god!”

“Can you spare me this dance?” Max stood up and held his hand in front of Liz. She took it with a grin. “Sure.”
“So. Do you like your night?” Liz shook her head. “No.” Max looked at her with a stunned look. “I love it silly.” The smile reappeared immediately on Max face. “So. You love it.” She nodded and gave him the smile she had only for him and he did the same with his.
Max opened his mouth to say something, but the phone on his pocket cut him. “ Sorry.”
He unhooked with a sorry smile for Liz. “Evans…Michael? …What? Wait, calm down Michael…What? …Where? …Ok, we are coming.” He hung up and quickly took his and Liz’s jacket. “Max. What’s happened?” “Alex is at the hospital.”

End Part 7

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Part 8 (Rated PG-15 or R)
Max ran in the emergency’s hallway. He found Michael shifting awkwardly. “Michael!”
“Max! I’m really sorry. I didn’t want to hurt him. I’m sorry!” “It’s ok Michael. Where is he?” “Come on.” Max followed him on the little room behind them. Alex was sitting on a bed. A nurse was doing some bandage on his head. He stayed still, just some tears was running on his cheek. “Alex!” Max ran to him and started to run his hand all around his body searching for any damages. “My god. You ok.” He held him in his arms when the nurse finished with the dressing.
Michael came to sit beside them. “Max I’m really sorry…it’s just-.” Max cut him with a hand held. “Alex can you stay here a little while. Liz is staying with you ok.” Alex just nodded his pale face.

In the hallway. “Michael just tell me what’s happened.” “I don’t no Max…he was weird like he was sick. He didn’t want to eat anything and then he started to cry .He fell asleep on the couch and I wanted to bring him to bed but he started to debate and I let him down…I’m sorry Max, I didn’t mean to hurt him.” “It’s ok Michael…He didn’t want me touch him until yesterday. It’s normal that he react like that with someone he didn’t know well.” “Normal? No Max, I’m sorry to tell you that but it’s not normal…your son is not fine.” “I know but…I don’t know what to do.” “There is doctors for that Max.” Max looked at him perplex. “You want I bring my son to see a psychologist.” “Your friend is right Mr. Evans.” Max turned to see Dr. Foley. “I’ve seen your son and I wanted to talk to you.” “About what?” “I think your friend is right. Alex need help.”

Michael, Liz and Max carrying Alex went out of the hospital. “Liz. You need a ride?” Liz looked at Michael then at Max and back at Michael. “No it’s ok. I stay with Max tonight.” “Ok.” Max bent down and whispered in her ear. “Thank you.” “It’s ok Max. Alex need you and me too.”

Max knelt beside Alex sleeping form on his bed. Tears were running on his cheeks. How could have he be so blind. His own son needed help and he couldn’t see that. Why did all that was happening to him? What was happening to his family? All his life was falling apart and he didn’t know what to do. All he had now was his love for Liz and Alex and he had to deal with just that to built a new life.
He passed his hand on Alex’s forehead and the cut disappeared. Here was his only gift: healing people …And the two times he had to use it, he had failed. His dad was dead because he wasn’t there and Alex’s mother was too because he had been too loose. It couldn’t happen again. Alex needed to live.

Liz slid her arms around his waist when he stood in front of Alex’s door. Her head stayed on his shoulder as she kissed his neck. “You need to relax Max. Let the pressure go.” Max didn’t say anything. He had to let Liz do her magic on him. She was an expert.
She took his hand and led him to their room. She sat him on the bed and slid between his leg. She started to massage his shoulder and her hands traveled down his chest. “You have to stop worrying Max. Let people heal you. Everything will be ok.” Her voice was calm and soothing. She could do everything to him now he was completely hers: body and soul.
She started to kiss his neck and took the hem of his shirt in her fists. She slid her hands under it to feel Max’s warmth skin.
His breath started to quick as he felt her hands traveled on his chest. He wanted to do the same to her body but he just put his hands still on her ribs.
Her hips started to move against his and he couldn’t contain the groan, which escape his throat. “Shut baby…remember Alex. You have to be quiet.” He just nodded not trusting his voice.
Soon they were just limps and tangle bodies fighting for domination over the other. But their lovemaking was the most beautiful, slow and soft. They finally fell asleep on each other’s arms.
End part 8

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Part 9

Max and Alex sat on the waiting room in the psychologist’s office. It had taken him more than three days to have an appointment and he had missed Liz’s appointment for this one. But she had said that Alex’s life was more important. It was him who needed help now. And Max would be there all the time.
The doctor opened his door and look at Max with amusement. He was passing back and forth in front of the enter door and didn’t see him stepped in. “Mr. Evans.” Max stopped immediately and outstretched his hand. “Hi. You must be Dr. Stevenson.” “That’s right.” He turned his head to Alex who was sitting silently in a chair. “And it must be Alex?” “Yes. He is my son.” Dr. Stevenson looked at Alex and back at Max. “Yeah. I can see that.”
He knelt in front of Alex and put his hands on his knees opening his mouth to greet him. Alex immediately jumped from his seat and came to stand beside Max.
Max looked at the doctor with a sorry look. “I’m sorry. He doesn’t like when people touch him.
The doctor stayed silent for a minute staring at Alex. “I need to talk to him alone.” “What? No I don’t think it’s a good idea. He is-.” Max started to protest but the Dr. cut him. “Mr. Evans I think it’s me the doctors here…And I need to talk to him alone.” Max glance at Alex and back to the doctor. “Fine.” He reluctantly pushed Alex toward the doctor. “It’s ok Alex. He is a friend…Go on little man. I’ll be right there.”
Alex walked after the doctor on his office without leaving Max’s eyes. Pleading him not to let him alone. Max gave him an encouraging smile.

Fifteen minutes later, The doctor stepped out of the office. “Mr. Evans. You can come now.” Max stood up and practically run on the office ready to find a crying and afraid Alex. But instead he found him silently sitting on a couch playing with a puzzle.
He turned to the doctor speechless. “How did you…?”
“Maybe we should sit before starting.” He pointed a chair and invited Max to sit.
Dr. Stevenson stayed quiet a little while staring at Alex. He finally started to talk when he felt Max’s impatience growing.
“You know your son is amazing Mr. Evans?” He has his head lowered on his files and Max couldn’t see if he was expecting an answer or not.
The doctor raised his head with a smile on his lips. “Really.” Max felt awkward suddenly. He knew, by the look on the doctor face, that he was expecting something from him.
“Well…yes, I know…he is my son.” He thought at what he had said just after saying it and realized his mistake. “Well no…I didn’t mean I’m amazing…I just mean…” The doctor felt his embarrassment and cut him when he started babbled. “It’s ok I understand what you mean.” Max just nodded when the doctor lowered again his head on his files.
“But I’m not sure that you have understand what me I mean.”
Max looked at him puzzled trying to meet Dr. Stevenson eyes when he stood up. Max followed him with his eyes. “What do you mean?”
The Dr. sat on his desk in front of Max, looking in Alex direction. “He has lost his Mum, hasn’t he? ” Max just nodded lowering his head. “Did it affect you?”
Max raised his head surprised. “Why do you want to know that? We are here for Alex, not for me!”
The doctor smile when he saw Max’s reaction. That was exactly what he was waiting for.
“Mr. Evans, Do you know children can feel all the emotions? …What I mean is that they can feel if you are angry or puzzle…or lost. That’s a part of the innocence. When we grow up we lost this capacity to feel others emotions because we have too much feeling of our own.” He stopped for a while studying Alex.
“Did you explain him what was happening Mr. Evans? …Did you explain Alex why you were so confused and angry?”
Max lowered his head ashamed. When he had took this appointment he hadn’t realized that it was going to be for him too. “Well... I thought he had understood…”
“Tell me the truth Max.” Max stood up when he felt anger growing inside of him. Tears were now moistening his eyes. He beat the desk with his clench fist.
“I couldn’t…I couldn’t tell him! It was too hard!”
The doctor stood up beside Max and put his hand on his back in a friendly way.
“I’m not going to blame you for what you did Max.”
Max noticed the way he was calling him now. He had passed from the conventional ‘Mr. Evans’ to the friendly ‘Max’.
The doctor pushed Max to sit back and returned to his own chair. “I think we have find our problem Mr. Evans.”
His head was back on his files and Max looked at him stunned. “What do you mean?”
“I mean that the problem his you.” “Me? But-.” “Your feeling are the problem.”
“But I can’t control what I’m feeling!” “Yes you can …With help.” Max stayed quiet and looked back at him. “You mean with Your help?” “Me or another.” Dr. Stevenson felt the incomprehension and continued.
“After his mother death, Alex could felt that you were blaming yourself but he didn’t know why. He felt that you were angry but he didn’t know why. He felt that you were lost but he didn’t know why. There was all this feeling and he didn’t know why. You were the only person who had could help him but you were as lost as him, so he decided to protect himself again the world…Max, he decided to protect you.”
“Me?” “You…and your feeling…That’s why he closed himself to everyone. He stopped talking. He stopped eating. It was a kind of protestation …He didn’t choose not to talk anymore. He is as lost as you are…”
“Ok. But what can I do?” “Open up yourself. Talk about your feeling, about why you are blaming yourself. If he feel that you are better, then he would feel better himself.”
“So. It’s me…I’m the reason why he his so confused and closed to the other?” It was more a statement that a question. “No Max. Your feelings are…Do you accept to be heal Max?”
Max felt the tears running on his cheeks. “I’ll do anything for him.” “Even if it hard. Because it’s going to be hard.” Max looked at him lost in his thoughts. He had to help his son. He was the cause of his bad condition and he would fix that. “Yes.”
Dr. Stevenson met Max’s eyes for a confirmation of his statement. When he saw the determinate look on his face he understand that he had in front of him not the young boy he had seemed when he had entered his office, but a man and a father.
“Fine. I think the sooner is the better. What do you think about tomorrow at 10?”
Max rubbed his eyes with a shaking had. The reality had just hit him and he needed time to accept it. He needed to see Liz. “Well…I don’t know…I’ve to talk to Liz before.”
He saw the confused look on the Dr.’s face.
“Oh. Excuse me. Liz his my wife.” “Oh. Alex’s mother. Maybe I could meet her. I prefer meet all my patient’s relatives.”
Max felt him blush. “She…she is not Alex’s mother.” His words were barely comprehensive, almost like a whisper. “Oh…” The doctor gave Max a serious look.
“My life is really complicated.” The Dr. nodded feeling Max’s uncomfortable with the situation.
“We’ll have all the time to talk about it next time.” Max nodded his cheeks colored in red.
The doctor tried to change the subject. This situation was more and more awkward for both of them.
“So. Do you think I could meet her …say …next week? Alone obviously.”
“Well. I don’t know…” “I need to meet her Max. It’s important.” “Oh. It’s not that she can’t meet you. It’s just…She is pregnant and she can’t move too much.”
“Oh. Right.” Max could have given everything to know what the doctor was thinking just at this moment.
“So I think I must say Congratulation! …It is your, Isn’t it?” The doctor almost joked. “Yes. It is mine…”Max smiled remembering the night Liz and he had created the baby she was now expecting. They had both felt it: the little life in her womb; But most of all, they had felt its love for both of them. It’s was amazing.
Without leaving his thought he whispered again. “Definitely mine.”
The doctor smiled at seeing the wild grin on Max’s face. The two were really amazing. Like father, like son. He said to himself.
They finally stood up and the doctor led back his patients to the door. Max took Alex’s hand and couldn’t help it but felt guilty for causing so much trouble to his son.
The doctor’s voice stopped his running mind.
“Don’t do that Max.” Max turned to him surprised. “Do what?” “Blaming yourself.”
Max lowered his head ashamed. “How do you do that? …I mean how can you tell what I’m feeling?” The doctor just smiled. “I’ve never lost my innocence.”
End part 9

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sorry everyone. I said it was part 10 but it was part 9. here is the part 10!!!!!!
It's really hot here and I have nothing els to do than writting so you are going to have lot soon!!!!Big bisouxxx. Thank for reading!!!
Part 10

Max woke up this morning feeling like the happiest man in the world. He didn’t know why, but it had probably something to do with the fact that he was laying next the most beautiful creature, which was pregnant with his child.
He looked at her in awe. First not touching her. But his hands had a mind of their own and he couldn’t help it when he started to stroke her smooth brown hairs.
The sheet had slid away from her body reveling her round belly. His hand lowered on her chest and finally her belly. Soon she was going to have a baby. Their baby. And he couldn’t wait to see it.
She shifted on her side but Max could say by the way her chest raised and lowered regularly, that she was asleep. She seemed like an angel. His angel.
The door slowly opened reveling a sleepy Alex. Max put a finger on his mouth and invited him to come closer. He took his small hand in his large one, and placed it on Liz’s belly.
“Your brother or sister is in there.” He whispered in his ear. Alex grinned at Max. The first smile in weeks. Max looked at him in awe. There was something this day, which made it better than the other was.
Alex made his way toward Max and cuddled in his arms. His little hands tangled in Liz hairs.
Max knew that they were thinking the same thing: the two of them wanted the baby to be a girl just to have another beauty like Liz. The same eyes, the same brown hair. She would be their angel.

When Liz woke up late and found Max and Alex in the kitchen. Max was laughing and the grin in Alex’s face was like a laugh.
“It’s seems like today’s a good one!” Max turned his head when he heard his angel’s voice. He practically ran to her. “Hey, babe. You ok today?” Liz sat on a chair sighting dramatically. “Yeah. It’s just that the baby doesn’t stop moving. It’s funny the first time but when it do it all the night!” Max knelt in front of her the grin never quitting his face.
“It’s won’t be long now. Soon we are going to have a baby and you’ll forget all that.” She smiled back at him. His grins were definitely contagious.
Alex stood in his toes beside her and kissed her cheek softly. Liz turned to him stunned.
“What was that for baby?” He just struggled, his hand wandering on her belly.
Liz turned to Max in awe in front of the Alex. Max smiled. “It’s seem like the little man is in good moon today!”

Max opened the bathroom door and tilted his head inside. “You ok?” He asked to Liz who was lying in the tub. She smiled to him gratefully. “Yeah better. The bath was a good idee.”
Max stepped in. “Fine.” He sat on the toilet seat and just looked at her this same grin in his face he wore since the morning.
“Max?” “Hum?” “You wanted something?” “Well, yeah actually…” He tried to keep his eyes away from her perfect body.
“I have about something…” “What?” “Well, since the baby won’t be there before 3 weeks and that it’s the holidays for me now. I was thinking that maybe we could go for…I don’t know 3 or 4 days…” Liz sat on the tub, suddenly feeling interested. "Where?"
“Well, Isabel come back from France today and she is going to spend some days to my Mum in Roswell, so as they never meet Alex. I think we could go there?” “It would be great!” “Yes. I think too. And maybe you could see your parents?” Liz felt suddenly sad.
“Without you?” “Liz…We have talked about that hundred times… I’m not seeing your parents.” Liz straight, feeling angry. “But Max, you never saw them since…well since graduation! You’re my husband after all! They can’t reject you like that! I’m going to have your baby!” Max tried to calm her down by placing a hand on her shoulder.
“Liz it’s ok… I’ll meet them…but not this time. I prefer wait until the baby is born. Ok?”
Liz tucked on her lower lip, wanting to say something; but she didn’t say it. This time Max was right. “Ok…But I’ll talk to them about this meeting!” She stated not letting any alternative for Max. “Ok.”
He stood up and bent down to kiss her forehead. “Now, just rest. Ok.” She nodded and closed her eyes, feeling relaxed.
End part 10

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Part 11
“Mom!” Isabel greeted her mother as she entered the kitchen.” Hey, honey! So how was your night? After this long flight you seemed tired.”
Isabel sat on a chair sighting. “Oh yeah! It’s so good to be home mum, but…I’m going to miss wake up all morning in front off the Eiffel tower! This town is so beautiful!”
“I can believe that. I’ve always dreaming to go there, but your father didn’t like to travel.” She said with nostalgia. The room was quiet for a little while, the two of them thinking about Phillip.
Diane finally broke the silence, which had begun to feel embarrassing.
“So, your brother arrive today.” “Really! Oh Mum I can’t wait to see him! And Liz too. The last time I saw her she had just learnt she was pregnant! Max didn’t even know it. I suppose he took this well?”
Diane chuckled; remembering the day Liz had told her. Max couldn’t stay still. He seemed so happy, Like a proud father.
“Oh, yes. He is the happiest!”
“So Liz must be…hum-.” “Eight and half month pregnant. She is beautiful.” “Wow! Does she comes?” “Yes. With someone else actually.” “Really. Who?”
Diane gave Isabel a wild grin. “Max’s son.” Isabel looked at Diane speechless, her mouth opened with awe. “You’re kidding? Zan? Max’s son?” “Absolutely. But his name is Alex. Liz found him 2 months ago.”
Isabel stared at the floor as tears started to run on her cheek. “They call him Alex…” She whispered. Diane wrapped her arm around Isabel shoulders. “I’m sure he deserves this name Isabel.”
Isabel raised her head. “Yes. He is Max’s son. I’m sure he does…So how is he?”
“Well, I don’t know. I’ve never seen him.” “You’re kidding, right?”
Diane made a funny face. “What about all this ‘You’re kidding’ Isabel. Don’t you believe me?” She joked. Isabel Laughed. “No. It’s just…It’s so unbelievable. Max’s son…So he adopted him? How Alex’s family reacted? …I mean his adopting family?”
Diane’s grin disappeared when she heard Isabel question. “Well. Actually he lost his Mum three weeks ago, she had a cancer …She wanted Max to adopt him again, as he was his father. Max didn’t hesitate. He adopted him but Alex didn’t take his mother’s death really well.”
Her ton was sad and Isabel felt guilty not being here all this time. She had been happy in Paris and now she came back to the reality. “Oh my god Mom. It’s so sad.”
“I know. But when I talk to Max yesterday, he told me everything was ok now. Alex just need time to be used to his new life. He stopped talking three weeks ago, but the doctor has say it was just a question of time now for him to talk again.”
They stayed silent a while before Isabel decided it was silly to stay this sad in such a beautiful day.
“Ok, mom. There is no time to complain! We need to prepare everything for there arrival! When are they arriving?”
“Well, Albuquerque is at just 3 hours from Roswell and Max told me they’ll leave their house at 10. They will be there for the lunch.”
“Ok.” Isabel stood up and turned to her mother with a determinate look. “I want everything to be perfect. Maybe you could prepare their rooms. You can install Alex in mine, I’ll sleep on the couch.” “What? No, Isabel. Max told me he slept with them.” “Oh no. There is no way he is going to sleep with them. They need their own room. So you do the rooms, and I prepare the lunch.” “Oh. Ok. But there is Maria, Michael and their little girl who are coming too. So prepare a lot.” Diane said leaving the room.
She knew Isabel and she had missed the way she wanted to organize everything. She heard her talked in the kitchen, and tilted her head through the door. “What are you saying, honey?” Isabel looked at her stunned. “Nothing. Just that it is going to be a big day. It has to be.”

At 1 p.m. Isabel sat on the couch looking at her mother as she disposed the last flower bouquet on the cafe table.
Diane smiled at her work. “I think everything’s done.” She took sight of Isabel's knee that was taping on the carpet.
She put her hand on it. “Isabel…” “What? They must be there by now. You tell me they would be there at1 p.m. And now it’s 1 p.m.!”
“Calm down Isabel. Maybe they stopped somewhere before. And if Liz is as pregnant as she think she is, then they would have been stopping a lot!” She laughed trying to light the moon.
But when Isabel didn’t react she stroked her knee in a calming way. “It’s ok Isabel. They’ll be there soon.”
Just at this moment, they heard a car be park on the driveway. Diane turned a grin face to her daughter. “See.” Isabel didn’t respond. She just stood up and ran to the door.
The scene she saw melted her heart. Max was carrying a grinning little boy in his arm, laughing like a pool.
Being a father, he had really that in his blood. She took sight of Liz grinning at them.
She saw Isabel and walked toward her trying not to look too embarrassed. Isabel stayed in awe in front of her and when she arrived she opened her arms and wrapped them around Liz body. “Liz. My god! You’re glowing!” Liz made a face to her sister-in-law. “You think? …I look like a truck! Look at that!” She pointed toward her round belly.
But before Isabel could said something else, Max slid his hand around Liz waist and kissed her neck.
“You’re not a truck, you’re carrying my baby.” He said that in a little boy’s ton and it made Isabel smile. “Hey bro!” “Isabel! Nice to see you.” He wrapped his arms around her and they hugged warmly.
He whispered in her ear before leaving her arms. “I missed you.” She smiled back. “I missed you too…”She turned to Liz. “Well the tree of you.”
Diane stepped outside at this moment greeting his children.
“Liz! You’re beautiful!” Max chuckled and turned to Liz. “See.” “See what?” Isabel turned to her mother grinning. “Liz thinks she look like a truck!”
“Oh! Liz no! You’re carrying Max’s child!” They laughed when Max turned again to his wife repeating his words. “See!” Liz crossed her arms. “Well mister. It’s not you who are carrying it!”
They laughed but stopped when Isabel crossed Alex’s eyes. They were the same that Max’s. Well, actually, all in this little boy were the same as Max.
Max followed Isabel eyes and came to stand behind his son. He put his hands on Alex’s shoulders and stared at her mother and sister seriously. “Mom, Isabel, I want to introduce you to Alex.”
Isabel was the first to move and came to kneel beside Alex with tears in her eyes. “Hi, Alex. I’m your Aunt Isabel.” She outstretched her hand but Alex first hesitated. He looked at Max raising his head to meet his father’s eyes. Max just nodded at him.
Alex took Isabel hand and shook it firmly, his lips curling in a shy smile. The same that Max’s. Isabel thought to herself.
Diane finally reacted when Isabel stood up and came next to Alex. “Hi Alex. I’m your Gramma. You know you look exactly like your daddy?” Alex smiled wildly and he nodded his head, shaking her hand.
They stayed quiet for a while staring at Alex. Until Liz broke the silence.
“Hey guy. Can’t we move, I really need to pee!” They all laughed as they saw Liz ran in the house.
Isabel clapped her hand inviting the two boy to enter. “Ok. I hope you’re hungry. I’ve done ton of food.”
Max took Alex’s hand and followed sister and mother in the room. As they entered Diane turned to Max. “Where are Maria and Michael?” “They needed to stop at the Valentie’s house. They’ll be there in a while.”
Max stepped in the house happy to have finally some rest.
End part 11

Part 12
“So, we are ok: Liz, Mom and I go to the Crashdown for Liz to see her parents. Maria stays here with Alex and Lisa. And we all meet here in three hours for the dinner. Ok?”
Isabel stood in front of everyone in the living room desperately trying to have his attention. But Alex and Lisa were the only who were listening.
She sighted and collapsed on the couch behind her. She turned her head to the two kids, making a face.
“Maybe you two could trying something for them to react? I’m tired.”
Lisa-Beth smiled her all-teeth smile and stood up taking Alex’s hand. “I’ve an idee!”
She whispered in Isabel’s ears making her smile. Anybody noticed the little exchange, nor the two kids leaving the room.
Isabel hadn’t to wait two minutes before Michael reacted and stood up suddenly.
“Hey! Where are the kids?” Max did the same and the two started to search everywhere in the living room. Isabel looked at them in awe.
After two minutes she stood up and calmed the worried parents. “It’s ok guy, I know where they are.”
Max turned to her, stunned. “What? Where are they?”
“You sit and you listen to me and I tell you.” “But-.” “Max…” Isabel warned. The two fathers sat reluctantly. “Fine, what do you want Isabel?”
“I just want to tell you that we meet here in three hours for the dinner. And now, Liz, Mom and I we are going to the Crashdown to meet her parents.”
She then sat and looked at their stunned faces. “What? That’s all? Nobody’s dead? Nothing happened?” Maria asked.
Isabel just smiled. “Well, no.” She turned to Liz and her Mom. “You ready?”

Liz stood in front of her parent’s house. It had been 3 months and even if she had talked to her Mum on the phone, she had missed her …But she was afraid. Afraid to see them again. Afraid that they react like jerks about Max again. He hadn’t met them since graduation. They had refused to accept him as their son-in-law. And it confused Liz.
Max’s mother had accepted her like it was her own daughter. Isabel was like a sister for her. So she couldn’t understand her parents.
The door opened on a smiling Nancy. “Liz!” “Hi Mum.” Nancy stayed still for a minute just staring at Liz.
Liz shifted felling embarrassed by her gaze. “Mum…” “Oh. I’m sorry Liz. It’s just…wow, you’re glowing! You know that?” She took her daughter in her arms and hugged her warmly.
Liz chuckled at her mother words. “What so funny?” “Well, everyone tell me that today, but me I feel like a truck.”
Nancy pushed her on the house. “You’re not a truck Liz. You’re carrying a baby.” “That’s what Max says too. And even if it’s ‘beautiful’ to carry a baby, I can’t wait for it to be born.” Nancy smiled understanding her daughter’s vow.
“So, do you know the sex?” The two sat on the couch. “No, Max and I decide to wait. But Max is sure it’s a girl.” “Really? It would be great!”
They stayed silent for a while not knowing what to say but Jeff stepped in the room.
“Liz! Oh my god. Is it really you?” Liz grinned at his father. “Yeah! Dad.” They hugged each other and finally sat on the couch.
Jeff pointed to her belly. “So, how do you hold?” “Well actually. It just move a lot, but the doctor has say it was normal at eight and a half month.”
“Fine. I remember when your mother was carrying you. The last month she was always crying because she thought she was a truck!”
The two women started to laugh uncontrollably as Jeff stared at them without understand. “What so funny?”
They just continued to laugh until they could not breathe anymore. As they did, Jeff couldn’t help the grin on his face. Seeing his women laugh was bliss. Even more after all had happened: Liz and Max’s elope and any news during two years. Everything had changed since Liz’s graduation day. She was gone and never came back like she was before.
The daughter they had found three years ago was now a woman, a wife. She had now her own life and the only person she depended on was Max…Max. Her so-called husband…their so-called son-in-law. He had never seen him since graduation and he didn’t want to.
Like Liz had read his mind, she stopped laughing and just stared at her parents.
“I need to talk to you.” Jeff felt the tension grow in the room. “About what.”
Liz looked at him seriously. “About Max.”
End part 12

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thank you guys for the feedback. I love them!!!
Here is part 13, 14 ,15 and 16!!!!
Part 13
Max sped on the desert road. Michael was sitting on the seat beside him staring at the road. He griped the side of the seat when he felt the car sped faster.
He looked at Max’s hands. They were gripping the wheel and his fists were now white.
“Hey. Calm down Maxwell!” Max park in the desert and turned to Michael.
“Can I know why you’re like that Max?” “I…Liz want to talk to her parents about…about me today. And, it’s like I was feeling her anxiety…Sorry for the speeding. I needed that.” “ ’S ok.”
They stayed quiet, staring at the desert. Their desert. Michael felt his spin freeze as he remembered all the time he had spent in this desert, trying to hide. From Hank, from the world.
This place was soothing. They had grown up here and they were gone. But every times they came back it was because they needed this soothing.
Max broke the silence without looking at Michael. “Can I ask you something?” Michael turned his head toward Max.
“Everything for my King.” Michael joked as he straight in his seat, trying to cool the moon. It had became a game between them. There was no more king or second in command. They were just brothers.
Max laughed slightly, happy to feel him relaxed.
“Ok. Hum…I don’t really know how to ask that…It’s kind of…personal.” “Just go on Maxwell. I’ll answer.” Michael stated firmly.
“Well, ok.” Max passed a shaking hand on his face trying to find a good way to ask that.
“Did you felt it when…when you and Maria …well, when you…sort …have …hum …created Lisa-Beth.” Max avoided Michael gaze as he started to laugh.
When he finally calm down he turned his face toward a very blush Max. “I can’t believe you has asked me that! …Obviously I have felt it! …And it was amazing man! I didn’t think it a surprise.” He stopped when he saw the serious look on Max’s face. “Don’t tell me you don’t felt …anything when you and Liz…well, do it?”
“Michael, I wasn’t talking about that…kind of feeling! I was talking about…well I don’t know how to call it. It was like I could felt the baby being created. So did you felt it?”
“Not really, when we learnt it, Maria was one month pregnant…Are you telling me that you had felt your baby the day…well the day you made did?” “Yeah. And every time after! It was like a presence. I felt love and life…”
Michael stayed silent for a while thinking about what his friend had just say. “Well, I don’t know what to say to you …did Liz felt it too?” “I don’t think so…All I know is that something wrong with this feeling…I felt it all the time now.” “That’s probably because the baby is growing. Maybe you have a connection with it.” “And why did I have any connection with Alex? And you with Lisa?” Michael shook his head. “I don’t know what to say man.”

“There is no way I accept this…monster, as my son-in-law!” Jeff snapped at his daughter.
Liz had her cheeks covered with tears. She stood up feeling angrier than ever.
“I can’t believe you say that! He is my husband and the father of my child!”
“He is not from my family!” Liz started to cry more loudly.
“He is my family and if you don’t accept that…then I’m not your family anymore! …I thought you could understand now! I’m his wife I’m not your baby anymore! So just accept it!”
She started to go but felt her stomach contract in pain. She stopped and held herself on the doorframe. Her mother immediately ran toward her, holding her arm. “Honey, you ok?”
Liz straight. Trying to look determinate. “I’m ok. It do that sometime.” “Come on. You need to sit.” “NO! I’m going now!”
Her mother stared desperated as her daughter ran out of their house toward Isabel and Mr. Evans.

Isabel saw Liz arrived in cry as she went out of the Crashdown. It melted her heart to see her like that. She seemed so lost.
Liz walked toward them crying more and more as she realized that she had definitely lost her parents.
She was probably going to see her mother again but it wasn’t the same without her father. He had always been with her; All the time. She was his princess. And today he couldn’t accept her life.
Before, she had think that with the time he would accepted Max but she had had wrong. He was determinate to ruin her life but she wasn’t going to let this happening.
She let Isabel wrapped her arms around her, her words soothing her. “It’s ok Liz. It’s ok.” Liz cried in Isabel shoulder for a while before looking in her eyes. “I want to see Max.” Isabel just nodded ready to fulfil all her vow.
“I call him he-.” She stopped when she felt Liz hand gripping her forearm. She was almost knelt on the floor, her arm holding her stomach.
“Liz! What’s happening?” Liz just shook her head, clenching her teeth until the pain was gone. “I…the baby…something wrong.”
In two steps Diane was at her side and was holding her other arm. “Liz we have to go home now. Maybe you just need to rest.”
Liz shook her head again and spoke without unclenched her teeth. “No. The baby’s coming.” “What? No Liz, it can’t come now! You’re just eight and half month.”
Liz turned an angry face toward her confused sister-in-law. “I know what I say Isabel. My waters just broke!”
End part 13

Part 14

Max and Michael walked in the desert in a place they know very well. Michael tried to follow Max fast steps. “Maxwell. Can you tell me why you want to go to the pod chamber right now?”
Max answered him without even turning his head. “I told you I felt something was wrong in there.”
Michael stopped him with a hand on his arm forcing him to look in his eyes. “That’s because of that that you insisted to come to Roswell for 2 or 3 days?”
Max didn’t responded, his gaze was focused on the open door of the chamber.
Michael followed his gaze. “Max…”
“Someone came here. Someone we didn’t know. And it has something to do with my daughter.” “Daughter? So it’s a girl?”
“Focus Michael!” “Sorry. So who do you think it can be?” Max didn’t have time to answer as his phone ring. He looked at the message and immediately felt panic grow in his chest. “It’s Liz. Something happened with the baby. Come on.”

Nancy led the three women in Liz’s old room. “Come on. Here. You can lay her in the bed.” She knew what she was saying was stupid but she needed to say something.
Jeff was following Nancy in the room. He looked afraid at the pain on Liz face.
“I’m going to kill him for doing that to my baby.”
Nancy heard him and turned to him angry. “Can’t you stop!” She stepped in the room and came to sit next Liz as her face was constricts in pain.
She grabbed her mother arm and managed to say something through her clench teeth. “I want Max.” Tears were running on her face as she begged her to search him.
“He’ll be there soon. I promise.” But Liz didn’t seem to understand. Her head had fell on the pillow and her eyes were closed in pain as she whispered his name.
Isabel put her hand on her belly making a connection with the baby. When she opened her eyes Nancy could see she was worried. “The baby need to come out now.”
But Liz hand stopped her. “No! I want Max.” “Liz, I know. But the baby…it is hurting you!” “I don’t care. I want Max!”

Max go out of the car turning to Michael. “Go on Maxwell, I’m parking the car.” Max just nodded his thank you and ran to the Parker’s door.
He didn’t bother himself to knock and just used his power to open it up. He stepped in to find himself face to face with Jeff Parker. “Oh no…”
he felt Jeff’s fist on his face as he said the words. He fell on his knees and felt another punch on his nose. He felt blood run in his mouth as he tried to stood up. But Jeff put his hand on his wrist and he heard a weird noise as he screamed in pain. He was sure his wrist was broke.
Jeff was looking at Max like his was his worst enemy. “You!” He took Max arm, forcing him to stand up, and dragged him toward Liz’s door. “See what you do to her!”
Max tried to fight his grip to come next to Liz, but Jeff dragged him back to the living room.
“What do you think you’re doing?” “I’m helping my wife!” Max stated firmly. “Your wife? Liz is not your wife! She is my baby!” Jeff snapped in Max face as he forced him again the wall his hand gripping Max’s neck.
Max tried to regain his breath as he managing some words as his throat constricted in pain. “Liz need me.”
“She don’t need the one who has brought her in this situation!” Jeff cried.
Max felt his anger grow more and more in his chest. He didn’t need that right now. Soon he lost his control and held Jeff against the wall behind them with his shirt collar.
“I don’t care what you’re thinking Mr. Parker! Liz is my wife and she needs me right now!” He punched him on the nose letting him fall on the floor, before running in Liz’s old room.
End part 14

Part 15

“Maaaaaaaaaax!!” Nancy felt useless as she looked at her daughter crying in pain, pleading for her husband…husband? It was the first time she had called him that way; That her mind had accepted him as what he was: Liz’s husband.
She looked as the door opened on a bloody Max. He ran to Liz without caring who was in the room. He pushed Nancy away from Liz’s hand and she just accepted.
She looked at him as he tried to sooth her by kissing her forehead and cheeks. “Shut. Baby. I’m here now.”
His motions were full of love and caring. When he brushed her wet hair away from her face, Liz opened her eyes and a weak smile made its way on her lips.
“You’re here…” “Yes. I’m here now. And we are going to have baby!” The awe in his ton made Nancy’s eyes moisten with tears.
This man was definitely in love with her Liz, and she was happy to finally establish this obviousness with her own eyes and not through her husbands.
Since Max had appeared in the room and made his presence know, Liz seemed better. She didn’t seemed to care about the pain anymore as Max was calming her with soothing thoughts.
When another contraction came, Max just held her hand without caring about his own pain as she griped his broken wrist. “It’s ok Liz. We’re in this together.” Liz just nodded, her eyes closed as the pain constricted her face.


Michael arrived 10 minutes after Max. Maria was behind him with Alex and Lisa. She let go the two kid’s hands and run toward Liz’s bedroom not caring when she met Jeff running a cold cloth on his aching cheek.
Michael followed her and smiled when he saw Jeff, knowing very well who had done that to him.
Isabel ran to him when he stepped in the room. “Michael, I need your help. I can’t deliver the baby alone.”
Michael just nodded meeting Max’s pleading gaze.
Liz was screaming in pain and it first afraid him. “Ok. But I want everyone out.”
Nancy immediately stood up trying to protest. “No. Liz need me.”
Diane came to her putting a friendly hand on her back. “It’s ok Nancy. For now she needs Isabel, Michael and Max…Come with me. We need to prepare some warm water and clean sheets.
Nancy followed Diane and Maria confused and looked on last time as Liz screamed in pain squeezing Max’s hand.

“What are they going to do?” She turned to Maria knowing very well that she knew the truth as she had been pregnant with an alien baby before Liz.
Maria sat on the couch next to her best friend’s mother. “They need to help Liz to deliver the baby. Our human body is too weak to do it alone. Don’t worry everything is going to be fine.”
Nancy met her husband eyes as he sat on the couch in front o them. She saw the bruise on his cheek and understood immediately why Max had bruise too. She stood up angry.
“I can’t believe you did that! She was in pain, she needed him and all you find to do was beating her husband!?”
Jeff’s eyes filled with eyes as he realized what he had done. He had seen Max walk toward her on the bed, whisper word of love in her ears. It was at this moment that he had realized…he had realized that he loved her. This young man, alien or not, was in love with his little girl.

Isabel and Michael didn’t wait until the three women were gone, they immediately put their hand on Liz belly and connected to the baby. They needed to felt it to made it go out.
After 3 minutes, they disconnected glaring as Liz struggled through another contraction.
Isabel turned to Michael seriously. “It’s time Michael.” She saw his worried look. She had done that before with Maria, but it was a first for him. The last time, he had been at Max’s place.
Isabel put the sheet on Liz knees and led Michael. “Ok. You need to help Liz to push the baby out with your power.” He just nodded trying to concentrate on his task.
She turned to Liz. “Liz you have to be ready. To the next contraction you’ll have to push too. Ok?” Liz just nodded weakly lost into Max’s eyes. She didn’t want to break the connection they were charring. It was too important to her.
The contraction was not long to come and soon Liz was pushing with all her mind as a blue light made its way from Michael’s hand to her belly.
“I see the head!” Isabel cried out. Max looked at Liz. “Our baby’s almost there Liz!”
The next contraction was the last one. And soon Isabel was holding a crying baby in her arms, tears in her eyes.
Liz had her head throw on the pillow as a grin made his way on her lips. It was over. She had done it. She had a baby with Max Evans.
“Max.” He stood up when Isabel stretched him the baby. “It’s a girl.” Max cried softly as he held her in his arms. “She is so tinny.”
Isabel kissed his cheek. “Congratulation.”
“Thank you.” He turned to Michael who was lying again the bed, exhausted. “Thanks to you too.” “Your welcome man.”
End part 15

Part 16

Max sat next to Liz as everyone had finally leaving the room. Letting Liz and him alone with their little girl.
“You know Michael was right. This baby need a name.” Liz turned her smiling face to Max. He couldn’t stop looking at the baby in her arms and it reassured her.
“Do you think at something?” “Actually no. I don’t really have time to think about that later. I was…kind of busy.” He met her eyes as he joked.
They heard the door opened and tilted their head toward the entrance. Alex stepped inside shyly, his mouth opening slightly as he looked at Max.
“Daddy.” His words were like a whisper. Max first think that he was dreaming but Alex stepped closer finally running in his father’s arms. “Daddy.”
Max stroked his little back smiling through his tears. It was his first word since three weeks, and it was Daddy. Max met Liz eyes and she just smiled understanding his happiness.
Max met Alex’s eyes and turned him toward Liz, pointing the baby in her arms. “It’s your sister.”
Alex held his hand to the baby and she immediately grabbed his finger in her fist. “She is so tinny! …What’s her name?”
Max met Liz’s eyes. “Well, we don’t know. We were searching when you came. Maybe you can help us?”
Alex never left his sister eyes. He was in awe in front of her small feature. “Well. I’ve a frien at sc’ool, her name is Chloe. D’you like it?” Max looked at Liz from behind Alex.
She softly whispered as she looked at the baby. “Chloe Maria Evans. It’s sound great!”
She looked at Max for his agreement and saw the grin in his face. “I love.” He lowered his head looking at his little girl.
“Welcome in the family Chloe.”

Jeff couldn’t sleep this night. After moving and moving again in his bed, Nancy’s voice stopped him. “Are you going to do that all night!” She was always angry from his behavior this afternoon and her ton was cold.
He finally gave up and stood up. He slid pants in his legs and stepped out. He checked Liz’s room but it was as empty as it had been for years. There were any traces of what at happened here this afternoon. All were gone in their respective house.
He had seen Max carrying Liz to the car but hadn’t say anything this time. He was her husband and he had to accept that.
He hadn’t even seen his granddaughter and he missed this. He had just seen her through the window of the car, but it wasn’t enough for him.
He went out of the house and started to run. run. run. He couldn’t stop. When his breath caught in his throat he stopped and looked around him.
He wasn’t surprised when he saw the Evans’ house in front of him. He had unconsciously wanting to go here.
Now he was and he didn’t know what to do anymore. All the lights were of. He walked toward the house and saw a window on the side, which was slightly open. It was the middle of June and the nights in New Mexico were warms.
He walked toward the window, drawing by it. He looked inside and the scene he saw melted his heart.
Liz was sound asleep on what he know was Max’s old bed. Max was stood in the middle of the room, cradling the baby against his bare chest. He first didn’t remark Jeff standing outside his window, but his eyes traveled trough the room and he took sight of him.
It was like he wasn’t surprise. His face didn’t show any sign of shock.
He made a sign at him that he first didn’t understood, but when he saw Max go out of the room he made his way toward the front door.
Max was there, waiting for him until he reached the door. He let him enter without a word just leading him in the house toward the living room.
He opened the light and sat on the couch inviting Jeff to do the same.
They stayed silent a while. Max didn’t have anything to say. It was Jeff who had came in the middle of the night, not him.
Jeff lowered his head as he stared to speak. “I’m sorry Max.” “For what?” Max’s ton was cold but not aggressive.
Jeff raised his head staring directly in Max’s eyes. “For being such a jerk all this years…I’ve been…too rude with you, and I know that…It’s just…Liz is my only child…” Tears started running on his cheek and he wiped them with a shaking hand.
“I know you’re her husband Max, and I’m ready to accept it.” He stated firmly not letting any doubt in his word.
Max stayed silent trying to understand what he had just say.
“Liz told me you had called me a monster…” Jeff sighted heavily. He had hurt so much people today that he didn’t even remember all he had done, but this part was clear in his mind.
“I wasn’t thinking it, Max.” “You can.” Jeff stared at him stunned as Max smiled sadly.
“Yeah, I’m an alien after all…But you have to know that I’ve never wanted to hurt Liz.”
“I know that now.” Max continued as if Jeff hadn’t say anything. “And I’ll never hurt her…I love her, Mr. Parker.”
His words were lots of tears, and Jeff felt the need to reassure him. He was his son-in-law. The son he had never had. “It’s ok Max. I know that now.” He smiled trying to cool the mood, and he was surprised when Max smiled back through his tears.
“Thank you Max. For make her happy.” Max wiped his tears with one hand. “Thanks to you for raising the most amazing woman I have ever met Mr. Parker.”
Jeff was stunned by the love that his words carried. “Jeff.” Max looked at him after a moment. “Excuse me?”
“Call me Jeff.” Max smiled at his father-in-law. He was proud. He has the most amazing family today.
He bent down toward Jeff, carefully shifting Chloe in one arm, and outstretched his hand in front of Jeff’s bruise. Jeff first jumped in his seat but Max reassured him with calm word. “It’s ok, just stay still.”
Jeff felt a warm touch on his bruise cheek and when Max pulled out his hand he wasn’t feeling anymore pain. “What’s..” He touched his cheek.
“What was that? What did you do to me?” His word wasn’t aggressive, just curious.
“Max shifted Chloe back in his two arms. “I just…healed your bruise.”
Jeff looked at him stunned. “You heal me…so it was right.” “What?” “In Liz’s diary she said you had healed her of a shot. It was right, wasn’t it?” Max lowered his head shyly. “Yeah. It’s like that…It’s like that everything begin.”
Jeff stared at him in awe. “You saved my baby.” “It was a long time ago.” “Yeah but you did it.” Jeff words were full of admiration and it melted Max’s heart.
They stayed silent until they heard someone came down the stair. Alex’s head tilted at the door.
“Hey, little man. What are you doing here? You must be sleeping.” “I saw light. I was afraid.” Alex walked toward his father. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you.” “I not a baby.” He said yawning as he laid his head on Max laps.
He fell asleep almost immediately and Max turned to Jeff whispering. “Can I let you take Chloe. I think I’m going to bring him back to bed.” Jeff didn’t hesitate. He had dreamed to hold her since this afternoon.
Max let Chloe slid in Jeff arms and he carefully kissed her forehead whispering in her small ear. “Be good for your granddaddy.” He smiled at Jeff and shift Alex in his arms, carrying him up the stair.
Jeff was in awe in front Max’s behavior toward his children. It was impressive to see how much he cared about them. He was always carrying them with precaution, kissing their forehead or cheek, and whispering in their ears soothing words.
He shifted the baby in his arms and look into her small eyes. It was the same as Liz, big brown eyes. But all the other things were Max’s. Her little ear, her high cheeks. There were just her small brown hairs, which were Max’s and Liz’s too.
He grinned when she opened her mouth in a fake toothless smile. But it disappeared when he saw her eyes closed a small cry escaping her mouth.
Max appeared at this moment. Running in the stair when he heard Chloe cry. He took her in his arms. “I’m sorry. She must be angry.” “Yeah. You better go to Liz. I think any of us can give her what she want.”
They loft softly at his joke before and the baby stopped crying feeling safe again Max bare chest.
“Well. I think I’m going to let you now Max. You need to sleep.” Max outstretched his hand to him and Jeff shook it warmly. “Thank you Jeff.”
End part 16

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Part 17
Liz woke up this morning with a grin on her face. She didn't know why but she was happy. Without opened her eyes, she let her hand traveled on her belly just to felt it flat. She suddenly opened her eyes shifting the sheet out of her body.
She panicked when she saw her flat stomach. What had happened to her baby? She looked around her and was surprised to find herself on Max's old room.
It's at that moment that she remembered. She remembered the day before, she remembered when she had finally delivered the baby and that she had now a beautiful little girl called Chloe.
The grin reappeared on her lips, and she lay back on the bed. Her eyes fell on Max's sleepy body. He seemed so peaceful when he was sleeping. Almost like a little boy.
She heard Chloe soft whimper and stood up to walk toward her bassinet.
She found her squirming in her blanket and carefully took her in her arms. "Shut baby. You don't want to wake daddy up, don't you?"
She sat on the desk chair and cradled the baby in her arms just thinking at the day before. So much things had happened, and she couldn't even make her brain works correctly. She was so weak.
But something hit her in the back of her mind. She remembered that Max had waked her in the middle of the night saying that Chloe needed her. She remembered he had said that everything was ok with her dad. But she hadn't answered anything, too tired to even think about it. She had fell asleep in Max arms as she breastfed Chloe.
Her running thought were stopped by a knock on the door. "Yes?" Isabel tilted her head inside smiling shyly.
"Hey. Can I come in?" "Sure." Isabel made her way toward Liz smiling at the little baby in her arm. "So. How are you feeling today?" Liz smiled back. "Better. Just tired."
Isabel gave her a doubtful look. "That's all? …I mean, you don't feel sore or anything?"
Liz lowered her head feeling her cheeks blushed.
"Isabel, didn't I never tell you how much I loved my husband's healing hands?" It took some time before Isabel understood what she was talking about and her eyes met Liz's.
"Oooh. Right …talking about Max, where-." She didn't finish her sentence as she took sight of him lying on the bed, sleeping like a baby.
Liz chuckled slightly. "Chloe wore him out. She made him stay up all night." Isabel laughed turning her eyes toward the baby in Liz's arms.
"Oh baby. You know that's not good to do that to your daddy!" She was ready to continue to tease the baby jokingly but a very husky and tired voice coming from the bed, stopped her.
"Daddy would like to sleep if it's not asking to much to Auntie Isabel."
Liz and Isabel both turned stunned faces toward the bed just to find Max always lying on the bed, his eyes closed and his head burying in the pillow as he tried to hide it from the morning light.
Isabel winced, looking at Liz as she whispered. "Sorry." Liz just shook her head mouthing. "It's ok." Isabel continued to whisper as she stood up.
"Your parents are coming today. Do you prefer stay here or you want to come with us in the garden?" "There is no way I'm staying here. Just gave me some time to feed the baby, and I'll wait until Max woke up."
"Ok. Take your time." She walked toward the door just stopping one last time when she heard Max snore. She turned to Liz and whispered: "How do you do to support that?" Liz just smiled mouthing back to her sister-in-law. "I love him."

Max woke up feeling like the happiest man in earth, his life had been hard but he felt like it was finally the happy end he had wished for Liz and he.
He opened his eyes just to find Liz sitting beside him, her back again the wall as she breastfed Chloe. It was the most beautiful vision. He turned on his back a smiled plastered on his lips, but wince when he felt the sunlight hitting his eyes.
He felt Liz's hand brushed his hairs and turned his head carefully opening his eyes.
"Hey sleepyhead." "Hey." He closed his eyes not wanting to wake up as if what he was feeling was just a dream. But Liz's hand was real and she was soothing him like a little boy. He turned again and this time his eyes were wide open.
"What time is it?" Liz gave a look at the nightstand. "Almost noon." Max groaned. "I can't believe I've slept all this time."
He held his head in his hand as is elbow stayed on the sheet beneath him.
He just stayed silent, as he looked Chloe nipping Liz's white breast. He could have been at her place but not this time; this time was for their baby, and it would be for her a long long time…too long. He thought to himself.
Liz looked as Max stared intently as the baby nipped her breast. She could see the desire in his eyes, but most of all she could see the curiosity. Knowing he was to shy to ask her, she just answered his question without he had to ask.
"No." Max looked at her perplex. "No what?"
"No it didn't hurt." Max blushed as he understood she had read his mind. "How do you know I wanted to know that?" "Max, I know your soul, do you really believe I don't know what's in your mind right now?"
Max just blushed more lowering his head. "So it doesn't hurt…" "Just when she tug." She waited until Max looked at her and added knowingly: "Must be genetic." It just made Max blushing even more.
They stayed silent a while as Max try to wake up correctly, but Liz made him opened his eyes again. "Max?" "Hum?" "You say something about my dad last night and…well I was sleeping and I didn't really understand."
Max sat back besides her smiling like a pool. "Well, he came here last night, you know when Chloe started crying." Liz just nodded as she remembered. "I invited him to come in and we talk." Liz waited but when he didn't continue she stared at him.
"And then?" "And then nothing. I told you, we just…talk." "Talk?" "Talk." He said with a grin.
"Max please stop teasing me. I don't understand, one day he refuses to accept that you're my husband, and another day he comes in the middle of the night just to talk!?" Max started to laugh, but his gaze was now focused on his daughter. He waited until Liz calm down a little and raised his head.
"I told you Liz. Everything is fine now …We talked, he said he was sorry for all this years and I just thanked him to have raised the most beautiful woman, wife and mother." He said these last words kissing her forehead and Liz didn't resist. But She couldn't help it to always feel angry toward her father. She turned confused eyes to Max.
"I can't believe you forgave him like that, after all he did to us!"
Max took her cheeks in his hands forcing her to look at him. "I did what was the best Liz. He is your dad, he deserved your pardon."
End Part 17
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Part 18
Max and Liz made there way in the garden fifteen minutes later, just to find almost hundred people talking.
Isabel saw them and run to greet them. “Hey. Max, you seem in better moon than 3 hours ago.” Max continued to look at the people talking and wandering in the garden.
“Isabel. Who are all this people?” Isabel sighted at Max words.
“You’re not going to believe me but Mum invited almost all the town. She met her friends this morning at the mall and she invited them for the lunch.”
Max finally looked at her. “But we don’t even know them!”
“Do you think she cared? She was too proud to show her granddaughter!” Max turned to Liz. “I’m sorry. I know you just wanted to see the family today.”
Liz just leaned in his arms too tired to understand. This entire people around her made her dizzy.
When Max saw her pale face and felt her weight in his arm he started to panic. “Liz? You ok?” Liz just shook her head as she closed her eyes leaning more against his chest.
He sat her on a chair and jumped on the table drawing the attention around him.
The silent finally made his way on the little garden as all the people stared at Max. He heard an old woman whispered in her friend’s ear. “Do you think he is the father?”
Max didn’t let the other answered.
“Yes I am but I’m not here to do a speech. Like I’m sure you all know, my wife here just gave birth. So it’s seemed natural that she is weak and really tired. We don’t mean to push you away but we just want to see the family today… So I think it’s better for you to go home now.” When anyone moved he felt frustrated and stood again on the table.
“Hey guys! I’m sure you’re better to do that staring at a sleeping baby!” Isabel felt he was losing control and tugged on his sleeve. “Max, calm down.” “No, I’m not. Don’t they see that we are all tired!”
When they heard Max shouted they all started to move leaving the garden as quietly as possible not wanting to be on ‘the father’ ‘s black list.
Max’s mum arrived fives second later with a plate in her hand and stared at Max as he jumped from the table.
She looked around her and saw the garden empty; where just was staying Max and Liz’s friends.
“Max? Where are they all gone?” Max stared at her. “Home.” “What? But I invited them, I wanted them to see-.” Max cut her before she could continue. “Mom! Stop please. Liz is tired she didn’t need all this people around.”
She could hear the anger in Max voice and it made her flinched. “Max I-.”
“Don’t.” Was all he say before he took Liz from her chair bringing her back to their room.
Diane turned a to Isabel with a shock look. “Isabel I-.” Tears started to run on her cheeks as she realized what she had done.
Isabel immediately wrapped her arms around her trying to sooth her. “It’s ok, Mum. He is just tired.” “No, He is going to hate me.” “Mom! Don’t say things like that. Max loves you! …He is just worried for Liz that’s all.”
“But he was so angry…” Isabel looked at her face with a smirk. “Hey, you know Max when it come to Liz. When he has seen she wasn’t fine he just…freak out.”

Max laid Liz on the bed, trying no to wake her up. He stroked her smooth hair thinking at what at happened the day before. And he couldn’t imagine how strong she had been. She had delivered their baby, she had given him the most beautiful little girl he could imagine.
His eyes fell on the bassinet next to the bed and he couldn’t help but smile like a fool. She was his girl, his daughter. She was part of him.
He smoothed her warm cheek and Chloe started to squirm in her blanket. She opened her big brown eyes and her little mouth opened in a small cry.
Max took her in his arms not wanting that Liz wakes up. “Shut. baby, daddy’s here.”
He cooed softly in her ears, singing a calming song. She was his little girl. This thought never left his mind. He was the father of Liz’s child.
“Hey baby, do you think you can do something for me?” Max whispered to Chloe as her eyes met his. “Maybe you could stayed that way all your life and never grow up. And me, in exchange, I’ll be there for you, always. Deal?” He took her tinny hand in his. “Ok, give me five baby.”

Isabel heard Max entered the living room and she tilted her head toward him and Chloe.
“Hey, How’s Liz?” “Better, I think. She was tired.” “Comprehensive.” “Yeah.”
The room stayed silent as Max lost in his daughter’s contemplation, a grin plastered on his lips.
Isabel didn’t want to break this moment between Max and Chloe but she needed to. For her mother.
“Max, I wanted to talk to you about Mom.” “Is.” “Max.” Isabel responded in the same warn ton.
“You have been rough.” Isabel tilted his chin to force his eyes to meet her.
“Max. You have to apologize.” “For what! She knew everyone was tired, particularly Liz and she invited all the town!” “She wanted to do good.” “I don’t think so.”
Isabel sighted heavily crossing her arms against her chest as she sat back on the couch.
“You know you can be really stubborn sometimes.” Max raised his head smiling. “Must be genetic.”
Isabel couldn’t help the smile on her lips but she stared at Max with a serious look. “Max, You need to apologize. She is really upset.”
Max gave up when he saw the serious look on Isabel’s face. “Fine. Ok, What do I have to do?”
Isabel smiled when she understood she had won. “First you give me this baby.”

Max opened his mother door slowly and immediately heard her sobs. “Mum.”
Diane took sight of him and furiously wiped her cheeks trying to find something to do with her hand not to look at him.
“Max. What are you doing here. You must be with Liz.” She started to clean her bedside with taking one book and another in her hand before setting it back.
“She is asleep.” Max smiled when he saw his mother trying not to crossed his gaze.
He sat in front of her on the desk’s chair and forced her to look at him. She burst in tears as she saw his eyes. “Max I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.”
He wrapped his arms around her. “You don’t have to apologize. I was too rough.”
“No Max…” Max didn’t let her finished and continued like she hadn’t say anything. “I was just tired and when I saw Liz faint I just…Well, I think I freak out.”
He heard his mother chuckled against his shoulder. “What’s so funny?” Diane just raised her head looking directly in his eyes.
“I just realized how much Is know you.” Max smiled back at her sighting jokingly. “I know. And sometime it really bother me because she has always right!”
Diane chuckled again happy to found her son again.
She looked at his happy face and couldn’t help the question that was burning her lips.
“So. What does it do to be a father?” “Wow! It’s amazing!”

Alex sat next Chloe’s bassinet smiling at his small sister. Lisa-Beth sat on the other side.
“Alex.” “Hum?” “Why does she do n’thin?” Alex smiled without leaving his sister’s eyes.
“I dunno but she is pretty, don’t you thin? Just like Lizzie.”
Lisa crossed her arms on her chest, pouting. “But I’m pwetty too.” Alex didn’t look away from his sister’s feature. “Yeah, but not as much as Chloe.” He raised his head toward her. “But I like you anyway.”
Lisa smiled proudly. “Rweally?” “Yeah.” Lisa bent down on the bassinet and kissed Chloe warm cheek.
“I sure she’ll be nwice like you latwer.” Alex grinned back at her. “ank’you. Wanna play?” “Yaaaaaeeeeh!”


Liz ended to feed Chloe as Max opened the door with a sleepy Alex in his arms.
“Maria came in a fight with her mother, so her and Michael are saying here tonight. So Alex are going to stay with us. I hope it doesn’t bother you.”
Liz smiled, not really sure that Max would let her the choice. “No. Not at all…I just hope that Chloe are not going to wake him up in the middle of the night.”
“Yeah. I took care of that.” “thank you.”
There was a silence as Max laid Alex on a mattress on the floor. Liz just looked him waiting for him.
Max raised his head and came to sit next to her. Liz saw he wanted to say something but he just put his hand on his forehead. “Max? You ok?” He waited until the pain was gone. “yeah, It’s just…I’ve this headache since the diner and it don’t go. I’m probably tired.”
“Yeah. You better sleep.”
She stood up to took her nightgown, but Max stopped her before she reached it. “Wait. I wanted to talk to you about…about you now about the way Alex-.” He was quikly cut by Liz.
“Max, please, can you stop talking about Alex.” Seeing Max’s face, she understood her voice had been too rough. “Sorry. I didn’t mean…” She softened her voice sitting next to him. “Max, it’s just…we just had had a little girl…I mean we are a family, now.” A smiled made his way on her lips but disappeared quickly when she saw Max’s look. “Max?”
He stood up not wanting to met her gaze. “What do you mean Liz?…Do you mean Alex is not a part of the family?” “No!…I mean yeah but-.” “But what Liz?” his voice became angrier and louder as he spoke. “I can’t believe you said something like that!”
“Max.” Liz stood up and tried put a hand on his arm, but he refused shifting it when he felt her touch. “Alex is my flesh Liz, and he has always been a part of my family!…He is my son.” Liz couldn’t help what escaped her mouth. “And Tess’s too!”
Max looked at her like he hadn’t really heard what she had said. It was not his Liz, it was not the one he knew.
“I see.” was all he could say before leaving the room despite Liz plead not to let her alone.
She finally gave up and laid on her bed crying. Her gaze fell on Alex sound asleep. He hadn’t even woken up. Max loud voice hadn’t even bother him and she was relieved he hadn’t heard what she had said, because she didn’t think it.

He looked at the man running out of the house. He could see the anger on his face. He turned his head toward his friend. “It’s working.”

Max griped the wheel in his hand as he sped on the hideaway trying to calm down. What was happening to him? He couldn’t control himself anymore. He felt his foot pushed on the pedal but he felt like another person was controlling him.
The blood pulsed on his brain as the pain continued to grow. He felt pain’s tears ran on his cheek but he didn’t stop. He couldn’t.
Suddenly the pain was too strong and his head fell on the wheel unconscious.
End Part 18

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