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Secrets on Earth

Author: Tina T

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone but Scott and Emily. It’s all UPN’s and Jason Katim’s and Melinda Metz’s… well it goes on and on, but I’m not anywhere in it.

Summary: Sequel to Truth on Antar. Liz finds secrets buried in another lifetime.

Spoilers: Ummm… maybe Max in the City? Not much after that I don’t think.

Author’s note: You should really read Truth on Antar before you read this. It’s posted here

Part 1

Liz felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck. Then she was falling. She tried to spin herself to see who her murderer was, but the pain was too great.

Suddenly there was a crack of lightening and Liz was back in her room. Rain beat down on her balcony and thunder cackled in the distance.

Liz shivered and hugged her blanket closer to her. She could still feel the mind numbing pain, throbbing in the back of her mind. This wasn’t even the first time she’d had a dream like this. Something similar happened every night.

Liz slipped out of bed, wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, and walked towards her mirror. She didn’t even recognize the face that stared back at her. Her skin was a pale gray color, making her sunken blue-green eyes stand out much more than they usually did.

Liz slipped quietly into the bathroom, making sure to avoid the stranger in the mirror. She covered her hands with cold water and scrubbed her face with them. As her eyes slipped closed, Liz felt the pain in her head, and again she was falling.

Liz’s eyes flashed open and the mirror stared back. The bathroom was silent except for Liz’s frantic breaths. She hugged herself tighter and moved back into her room, falling limply onto her bed, the sheets clutched tightly around her.


Liz jumped as her alarm began to blare. She turned her head, already knowing what the clock would say. It was time to get up and face the world.

Liz slammed down hard on the snooze button. Slowly she untangled herself from the mess of sheets.

She took her time in the shower, trying to stop time, wanting to do anything to keep from leaving her sanctuary. Soon though, too soon to Liz, her mother called announcing breakfast. Liz tumbled from the shower, leaving a trail of wet footsteps on her tan carpet.

After she got ready she ran downstairs, skipping breakfast by saying she was late.

Liz managed to make it through her first 5 classes without seeing Maria or Alex, or anyone she would have to talk to. Now she had lunch. Liz made her way to the quad, but she refused to look toward the tree that the Max and the others usually sat under.

Instead she saw a few kids from some of her other classes. They were people she used to talk to… not quite friends, but still. That was all before the Pod Squad. Liz made her way to the group and asked if she could sit with them.

They greeted her happily, but she couldn’t help notice a boy from her English class sneak a peek at the Pod Squad.


“Alright, what was that?” Maria squealed as Liz sat on the other side of the quad.

“I think we’ve been ditched,” Alex murmured. Maria was still trying to get Liz’s attention, but Liz seemed more interested in her Diet Coke.

Isabel glanced at Liz. Her expression turned to concern. “I didn’t want to say anything, but have you guys noticed how thin Liz has gotten? She’s like a twig. And her face is so sunken. Is she sick?”

“I don’t think so,” Maria said, giving up on getting Liz’s attention, “but something’s gotta be wrong. Liz would never ditch me.”

Max listened half-heartedly as he looked toward Liz, while a small pain knotted his stomach.


Liz took the bus home. Her only relief was that she wasn’t working tonight.

As soon as Liz walked into the Crashdown, she wished she’d taken the back entrance. Sitting in the first booth was Maria. It was too late to pretend she hadn’t seen her so Liz just walked up the stairs to her room. Maria followed no more than a step behind.

“So why’d you ditch us?” Maria asked, as Liz flopped onto her bed.

Liz just lay there for a minute. Without the energy from sleeping, even talking took too much energy. “I don’t know,” Liz replied finally. “They used to be my friends too, you know. I guess today was the first day I noticed I haven’t talked to any of them in over a year. It’s been a long time since I’ve had contact with people outside of the group.” Liz just stopped not fully answering Maria’s question. It would be too hard to explain everything else.

Maria seemed to think that over for a minute. “I know what you mean. Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t give up what we have in the group for anything. I’ve never had friends as close as them before, except for you and Alex, but I feel like I’d be betraying them if I had any other friends.”

“Exactly,” Liz whispered. Maria noticed how weak Liz was.

“Liz, are you feeling okay? You don’t look so good.”

Liz sighed. She was too tired to lie right now. She might as well tell Maria. “I haven’t been getting much sleep. I keep having these weird nightmares. I’m being attacked in all of them, but I can never see who it is. I always wake up right before I die. Then I can never get back to sleep.”

Maria looked at Liz. She had big bags of purple under eyes. Maria smoothed Liz’s hair back. “Try to get some sleep now. I’m going to get you something to eat. I’ll be right back.” Maria left the room when she saw Liz’s eyes drift shut, but instead of getting the food she promised, she went straight to the phone. She dialed the number from memory, and someone picked up on the second ring.


“Isabel? Good just the person I was calling for. Can you do me a favor?”

“Maria? Sure what is it?”

“Okay, here’s the deal. Liz is having really bad nightmares that are keeping her from sleeping. Can you do your dream thingy and help her get some sleep. She’s looking really bad.”

“I’ll can try.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

“Bye.” Isabel hung up the phone and went to her room. Sitting by her bed was a photo album full of pictures. She knew at least one had Liz in it. About half way through she found one with Liz, Maria, Alex, Max, and Michael. Liz and Maria were motioning for her to join them, but she had refused and taken the picture instead.

Isabel laid her index finger over Liz’s face and leaned back onto her pillows. Slowly her eyes drifted closed. When she opened her eyes she was no longer in her room. She saw Liz start to fall but she couldn’t see what had made it happen. She tried to change the scene, but something was keeping her out of the dream. All she could do was watch as Liz fell to the floor, a scream held silent in her throat.

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Part 2

Max stared at the lady standing before him. He felt safe with her. She came to him often now.

“You have to help her. Help Arrianna. I can’t get to her. He’s blocking me. He’s hurting her.”

“Who is Arrianna? Who’s blocking you? I don’t understand,” he pleaded.

“You need to search in yourself to find the answers. Your past is the key. Only the truth can save you.”

“What is the truth? How do I find it?”

“I can’t give you the answers. You need to find them yourself. Don’t let yourself be lost in the lies. You have to…” She stopped as she noticed her hands beginning to fade. She whispered one last word before she was gone. “Truth.”


Tears streamed down Liz’s face. The man before her slapped her again. She still didn’t know who he was. As always he was shrouded in darkness.

“If you want to save them, you must leave,” he called. “Then only you will die. If they are all here they will all die, and it will be your fault.”

“I… I don’t want to… to d-d-die.”

“You can’t stop that. You will die. Soon. You can save your little friends though. Leave. Now, and don’t come back.”


Liz bolted up in bed. She scrambled to her feet.

“I can save them,” she mumbled over and over again. She grabbed an old duffel bag and threw a few clothes into it. She didn’t remember Maria had stayed the night until she was standing beside her.

“You can save who Liz? Why are you packing?”

“I can save them,” Liz repeated. “I have to leave.”

“No Liz, you can’t go anywhere. Just lay back down.”

“I have to save them. I have to leave,” Liz demanded again.

Maria gave up on reason. Something was really wrong with Liz now. “Fine Liz. WE can leave, but you aren’t going anywhere without me.”

Liz seemed to think this through. Maria had a car. She could get a lot farther in a car. “Fine.”

Maria raced to Liz’s desk while Liz cleared out her bathroom. She wrote a quick letter to Max and hid it where Liz kept her diary. Maria wasn’t even supposed to know where that was, but staying over at Liz’s house so many times had paid off.

Liz raced out of the bathroom and her and Maria got into the Jetta and left Roswell, New Mexico behind.


Max went to the Crashdown for lunch the next day to check up on Liz. He found Valenti and most of the Roswell police inside also.

“What’s going on?” he asked when Valenti had stopped questioning the Parkers.

“Liz ran away last night. Maria too. No note or anything. Just up and left.”

“That doesn’t sound like them.”

The sheriff pulled Max away from his men. “I know. Something’s up Max. “

Max looked down in thought. “I have to find them.”

“Max don’t do anything stupid. I can’t let you just run off. Please just give me a little time to find them the legal way.” Even as Jim said the words, he knew they were lost on Max. Wen it came to Liz, the boy didn’t think with logic.

“I can’t just not do anything. I have to try. Just, look, I need you to tell me what’s going on here. Let me know what you find out.” Jim nodded, knowing Max would be gone by morning.

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Part 3

Max climbed the fire escape ladder to Liz’s room. He looked everywhere, trying to find anything that could tell him what was going on. After half an hour of nothing he gave up, only because the footsteps on the stairs forced him to. Just before he slid back down the latter, something on the edge of his vision caught his attention. One brick wasn’t fit into the wall quite right. With a little help from his power he managed to free the brick. He saw Maria’s note and grabbed it, quickly replacing the brick and climbing down as he heard Liz’s door begin to open.


Max didn’t get a chance to read the note until he pulled into his driveway. He carefully unfolded it, as if might break if he breathed too deeply.

It read:
Max, I’m really sorry about this. I tried to keep her under control. She’s not herself. Something’s wrong with her. Seriously wrong. I’m gonna keep an eye on her. Backup is needed though. I’m gonna drive and we’re going toward California. We’ll be on I-5.
Get there.


Max refolded the letter and ran into his house.

“Isabel?” he screamed.

“What?” she said, appearing in the kitchen.

“Get Alex and Michael over here. Liz and Maria ran away.”


I have to get rid of her, Liz thought. I have to save her. He’ll kill her.

“Maria I think we need gas,” Liz said, looking at the little arrow that lay above the capitol E.

“You’re right. Are you okay now?”

“I’ve been better.” Liz had gotten calmer once they’d left Roswell. Now all she had to do was ditch Maria. “Oh, look there’s a gas station,” Liz said pointing to the left.

Maria pulled into the gas station and told the guy to fill the tank. Liz and Maria sat in silence while they waited for the gas to pump.

When the guy came back he told Maria she had to pay inside. Liz took the opportunity, and while Maria paid, she climbed into the driver’s seat and took off. She saw Maria come out screaming, but Liz wasn’t about to stop. She had to save Maria. She was going to save them all, and then he would get her.


“What is going on?” Michael asked once everyone had gathered at his apartment.

“I don’t know exactly. Liz took off. Maria went with her to keep her save and now they are somewhere on I-5 to California. Now can we go? We’re wasting time.”

It took a few more minutes for everyone to load into the jeep but after about a half-hour of explaining and phone calls to the Evans and Whitmans to explain the road trip they left.

Isabel lay on Alex so she could dream walk Liz or Maria, but neither were asleep, which wasn’t suprizing since it was noon, but Max and Michael kept insisting she try.

Around midnight they found Maria sitting on the side of the interstate, trying to flag down a ride.

“What the hell are you doing out here?” Michael asked.

“Hello to you too. Liz stole my car and took off without me. She went that way.” Maria pointed in the direction Liz had left from. The car didn’t move. “Hello get a move on Space boy. You’re already about 12 hours behind her.”

Michael pulled away and Maria explained everything that had happened.

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Part 4

Tears tracks stained Liz’s face. She begun to realize everything she had left behind. She would never see her family again. They must think she ran away. They would never know.

Liz thought about the group. Would they be the same without her? How could she have left Maria just sitting on the side of the road? They had been friends since… forever. Fresh tears fell down Liz’s cheeks.

Save me, Max, Liz thought. Save me from the hell I’ve landed myself in. Liz shook with her tears. She knew no one would come to her rescue.


“This is bad,” Mrs. Parker said, lightly clutching her husband’s hand. “He’s going to win again. This was our one task and now we have failed.” A single tear traced a path across her face.

“Maybe not,” Mr. Parker replied. He seemed deep in thought. “We always had a backup plan. It may not be the most desirable, but it may be all we have. You know what we have to do.”

Mrs. Parker nodded. She should have known it would come to this.


Maria looked out onto the dark road. Everyone except her and Max had fallen asleep, but neither of them could find the right words to say. Liz was closest to them. No matter what had happened that was true.

Maria noticed Max sit a little straighter in his chair. “We’re going the wrong way,” he announced to no one in particular.

“What?” Maria asked. “What are you talking about Max?”

“She’s not going to California anymore. She’s going to New York.” Max left the rest of it unspoken. Maria caught on.

“You mean Rath and Lonnie New York?”

A slow feeling of dread crept over Max and Maria. They hadn’t understood how serious this was until now. Liz was walking straight into trouble, and there was no way they could stop her in time.


Liz finally gave into her need for food and pulled into a small mom and pop diner. It was about 7 in the morning so they had just opened and the place was empty except for a short raven- haired girl with curly hair and a tall dark haired man behind the counter. Liz’s heart jumped when she saw him. She wanted to believe it was Max, coming to save her. Her heart sank when the man turned around and revealed a completely unknown face.

Liz took a seat and a moment later the young brunette came to take her order. She laid a menu in front of Liz and told her she would be back in a minute.

“Do you really think it’s her?” the girl whispered to the boy. “Can it really be Arrianna after all this time?”

“Shhh…” the boy scolded. “She can’t hear us talking about that. We don’t know how much of the past she knows.” He stopped talking to answer the phone. When the girl realized she wasn’t wanted, she went to take Liz’s order.

“Hi, I’m Emily. I’ll take your order whenever you’re ready.”

“Ok. I’ll just have the blueberry pancakes.” Liz looked up from her menu and handed it to the girl. She caught the girl’s gaze and got an odd sense of déjà vu. “Have we met?” Liz asked, still a bit confused.

“I don’t think so.” The girl took the menu and walked back to the boy. “It’s her,” she whispered before turning to leave her order in the kitchen.

The boy rested the phone back in its cradle. “I know,” he whispered. He walked to Liz’s table.

“Hi. I’m Scott.”

“Hi. Liz.” She extended her hand and he took it.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing all the way out here by herself.”

“How do you know I don’t live around here?” she asked, dodging the question.

“I think I would remember seeing someone like you. I know almost everyone around here. So what made you come all the way out here?”

Her eyes fell to the table. “Ask me no more questions, I’ll tell you no more lies,” she promised.

“Alright. I get it. I’ll stop being so nosy, but I think you should know, your parents are really worried.” He got up and left the table.

Liz scrambled after him. “What- what- what did you say about my parents?”

“They’re really worried about you.”

“How would you know?” He pulled out a paper with Liz’s face across the front page. The title said, “Local Roswellian Goes Missing.”

“Where did you get this?” Liz spat.

“It’s a newspaper. What, is it illegal to get a newspaper now?” Liz was speechless, so Scott went right on. “You do know that I have to take you back now, right? You’ll get to finish your food though,” he promised. He pushed her food to her, which was now waiting on her table. Liz didn’t resist. Maybe this was the help she’d asked for.

Scott walked back to Emily. “Did you really just see her in the paper?”

“No,” he answered. “That was Ran on the phone. He told me they need our help. She left last night, and they want to know why.”

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Part 5

“How are we supposed to know that?” Emily asked. “It’s not like she’s just going to walk in here and tell us her life story.”

“Would you calm down.” It wasn’t a request, but it wasn’t meant to be mean either. “I’m taking her home. She may be more likely to talk to someone who she thinks she’s never gonna see again. I’ll get her to open up… one way or another.”

“Hey,” Emily said, grabbing his wrist. “Don’t you forget who we’re dealing with. Don’t do anything we’ll regret.”

“Yeah, whatever.” He shrugged her off, and walked back to Liz’s table. “I’m back.” Liz avoided his eyes. “Look I know you’re not very happy with me right now, but you have to go home. It can’t be that bad. I mean besides the little green men, but that can’t be enough to make you run away.”

Liz’s eyes started to cloud over. He instantly regretted whatever he’d said to hurt her.

“What did I say?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she said, quickly regaining control of her emotions. “It’s just… nothing, ok?”

“Ok, it’s private, I get it. You ready?” She pulled her wallet out of her purse and begun to pay for her food.

“Don’t worry about it,” he assured her, pushing her hand back. “It’s on the house.” Her hand slipped back into her purse and the money disappeared “Ok, let’s go.”

Liz walked out, climbed into the Jetta and started it, hoping to make and escape while he got into his car. Her hopes crashed though, when, instead of climbing into the old Jeep that was waiting in the parking lot, he climbed into her car. “Aren’t you taking your car?” she asked as she pulled out of the parking lot.

“Can’t. If I do, Em would be stranded.” Liz bit back a curse word. This was going to be harder than she thought.


“What the hell?” Max shot up out of bed. Moments later two pillows were catapulted at his head.

“Shut up Maxwell. It’s too early for outbursts.” Alex agreed with a grunt as he threw the blankets over his head.

Max looked around the hotel room they’d stayed at. Michael and Alex lay sprawled out on separate beds, each with covers thrown everywhere. Max knew that the group had to talk, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to wake everyone up yet. Michael could defiantly be a pain in the ass when he was woken up early. Of course, Michael could be a pain in the ass anytime. Then there were Maria and Isabel in the next room. Max knew Isabel would whine and complain about being woken up, and he didn’t want to think of what her and Maria would do if he tried to wake them up alone. After that thought the decision wasn’t so hard.

“Get up you two.” The two boys plugged their ears to Max’s scream so he went and stole their blankets and used his powers to make the air around them get colder.

Both boys shivered and reached for their nonexistent blankets. Soon they realized the blankets were gone so the sat up and faced Max. “That’s not fair. You used your powers,” Alex whined.

“You’re a mean, mean man,” Michael grumbled.

“Come on, get yourselves presentable. We have to go get the girls up.”

Michael and Alex just laughed. “Go ahead Max. I’m not getting in to that.” Then they plopped back onto their beds.

“I have some news that we need to talk about. It’s about Liz.” Alex bolted up and started for the door, with Michael and Max close behind.


“What’s going on Max?” Isabel asked, still a bit cranky from being awoken so early.

“I know where Liz is.”

Everyone echoed one thought. “How?”

“I don’t know,” Max admitted. “I woke up and I just knew. It’s like I have something tracking her. Anyway, she’s just about to Houston. She’s heading back.”


“Don’t ask me. All I know is that we’re going to intercept her and make sure she goes all the way home.”

Everyone agreed and after an hour of showers they were back on the road.


“What did you let happen?” The voice boomed through the dark shadows.

The frail form shook with fear. “I did nothing.”

Her mouth hung open, unable to finish her thought. Instead the voice continued. “That’s right. You did nothing. I expected more of you. You had best claim your prize, or I may be forced come and handle things myself.”

The small figure nodded, then bowed slightly before exiting the dark room. As the harsh light of the early morning fell over it, the body straightened, holding itself with a pride that had been lost during the previous ordeal. The only sign of the fear coursing through its veins was the trapped look, hidden in the sky blue eyes.


“Why can you just leave like that? Don’t you have to work?” Liz asked Scott. She’d been sitting in silence for almost an hour.

“I’m good friends with the owners. Actually they are Emily’s parents. They’ll understand.”

Liz stopped paying attention. She knew he was asking her something now, but she couldn’t hear him, because right then, she knew everything would be okay. Max was coming for her. He’d know how to save her. Even if he had to save her from… herself.


Scott looked over at his driver. Her eyes seemed to see more than the road. It took him just a moment to feel it too. Someone was coming, but that wasn’t what made Scott’s pupils shrink to the size of pinpoints. No, that was because he knew what was coming after them, and it wasn’t good.


Neither Max nor Liz noticed as their speeds gradually increased as they got closer to each other. Max only stopped for lunch because Maria threatened to strand him on the side of the road if he didn’t. Liz went through almost the same thing with Scott.

By 5:00 that night Maria had started complaining about Max’s driving.

“Ok, time for someone to take over for Loverboy here. I think the Jeep’s engine’s going to give out.” Max growled and Maria slid back into her place. “Fine, but we better stop for dinner at a reasonable time.” Max only replied with another grunt. Liz was close. He could feel her like she was sitting next to him now.

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A Second Chance
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Part 6

Liz knew she was getting close. Without knowing it, she accelerated a bit more. The speedometer was pushing 95 now. Scott pulled in a sharp breath as Liz sped through a yellow light. “You know, I don’t think this car was made to go this fast.” Liz just nodded.

Liz was almost to the small town’s border when a familiar car cam into view. In one swift movement her foot was on the brake, stopping the car as quickly as she could without hurting anyone. And then she was running.


Max’s foot jumped off of the gas and flew to the brake as the little red car came into view. He took just enough time to pull slightly off the road before he jumped out and ran to the woman hurtling herself at him. He pulled her close and led her back to the jeep, only to find it empty, and it’s prior inhabitants going towards the Jetta.

Max climbed into the jeep’s driver’s seat and pulled Liz against him. Her head fell into place on his shoulder moments later. Max gently smoothed out her hair and Liz looked up to him, bathing in the security of his embrace. Just as their heads began to move together a shrill cry from Maria ended the moment.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my car?”

Liz quickly snapped out of it and jumped from the jeep, only to have Max follow her, draping his arm over her shoulders. She leaned on him and together they crossed the empty street.

“Uh, Liz, you want to tell your friends who I am?”

Liz felt Max’s arm tighten around her, almost like he was announcing that she was his. Liz smiled to herself and then addressed the group. “Guys this is Scott. He made me come home. I met him at a little diner and he saw me in the newspaper, and insisted on taking me home.”

Even though they were all a little wary of Scott, they decided to have diner and get to know each other, so Scott, Maria and Michael climbed back into the Jetta, leaving the others in the jeep as they went back to town.


The seven teens crowded into the small booth in the little diner. Several townies openly stared at them. Obviously this town didn’t get many tourists.

“So, who are all of you?” Scott asked, after the waitress had taken their orders.

“I’ll introduce you,” Liz said, taking over. “That’ s Isabel, Alex, Michael, Maria, and this is Max.” She pointed to each person as she said their name and Alex and Maria greeted Scott with a small wave, while all he got from the aliens was a small nod or nothing at all.

They spent dinner learning about each other and telling stories. Afterward they found a small hotel. Scott paid for his own room, while Isabel and Maria and Michael and Alex shared rooms. Max and Liz were the only ones who had a co-ed bedding arrangement. Even though everyone offered, several times, to help come up with a different room plan, Liz said that she would be fine. Maria seemed more stressed by it that Liz did.

“I’ll be fine Maria. We won’t even be in the same bed. Just go to sleep. I’m tired. I want to go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“But Liz-”

“No buts. Go.” Maria obediently trooped out the door, leaving Max and Liz alone.

Michael and Alex were having difficulties getting to bed as well. Since one room had only a queen bed, it had been left with them, thought they weren’t quite sure why. It was only causing an argument.

Alex begun to climb into the large bed just as Michael did. “Um, dude?” Alex asked, looking over at Michael who was settling in under the sheets, obviously oblivious to Alex. “What are you doing? I get the bed.”

“Um, think again,” Michael replied, rising only to a sitting position. “I get the bed. You can have the couch.”

“Why should I get the couch?” Alex asked, looking at the tattered 70’s style couch in the corner. The seams were coming apart and several springs were popping out. “At least if you sleep there you can use your,” Alex made a gesture with his hands, “talents. I’d just have to be uncomfortable.”

“Sounds fine to me. Good night.” Michael began to roll over but stopped when Alex jumped into the bed. “What are you doing?”

“You said it sounded good to you. That means sleeping on the couch sounds good to you. Have fun!”

Michael let out a little growl. “No, I meant you being uncomfortable would be ok.” Seeing that Alex wasn’t planning on moving, he gave up. “Fine. I guess we share the bed.”

“No, I think you need to go to your couch. Give the poor powerless human the bed.”

“I’m not moving Alex, so we either share the bed, and act like men by never, ever repeating this to anyone, or you go to the couch.”

Alex thought for a moment and realized that Michael was right. “Fine, but you better not repeat this, Guerin.”

“Same for you Whitman.” With that the boys went to bed.


“So.” The room had been silent since Maria left. It was starting to bother Liz.

“So,” Max said. “We should probably talk.” He went to his small twin bed and sat down. After a minute Liz moved to her own.

“Why did you do it?”

“Do what?” Liz played dumb.

“Don’t do that Liz. I know you know what I’m talking about.” Max looked down at his pants. “Why did you runaway?”

Liz thought about lying. It would be easy. She had become an expert on lying over the past year. She could make people believe almost anything. Stories flew through her mind, but even as she silently listened to them, she knew Max would believe no less that the truth. “I couldn’t take it anymore. He kept taunting me. Telling me he’d kill you. If I left he said you would all be ok. All I had to do was leave. So I did.” Tears were falling silently from Liz’s face.

Max moved to her bed and pulled her to him. He couldn’t bear to see her hurt. Right then he vowed to hunt down whoever dared to threaten his Liz.

Liz pulled back after a moment. She knew she couldn’t turn to him anymore. He wouldn’t give up on them if she didn’t look like she had.

“Don’t do that,” Max pleaded, reading her thoughts. “At least let me be your friend. Let me comfort you. And Liz… always know I’ll be here for you. When you’re ready to tell me what happened, I’ll be waiting.” That was all it took for Liz to break down. She clutched on to Max like a drowning man to a life preserver.

It didn’t take long for them to grow tired, especially Liz, since she had refused to sleep the night before. Soon they crawled onto their beds and fell asleep.

Liz’s dreams were filled with nightmares.

“I warned you, you little brat. Now you’ve condemned your friends to the same fate as you. You’re not worthy of the king. Now you will die.”

“No! No please, please, leave my friends out of this. They didn’t do anything. I’m the one that you want. You can take me and leave them.”

“Now where would the fun be in that? No. I’m going to make you pay. You’re going to watch your friends die, and you’ll know it’s all because… of… you!” He laughed and fell to the back of Liz’s mind and let her watch her dream death again and again, laughing at her pain.

Max awoke to see Liz thrashing around on the bed. Slowly he got up and lay himself on her bed, pulling her to him. Almost instantly her turning calmed, and he fell back into his peaceful dream.

The woman stood before him once again, only this time they did not stand-alone. Liz stood beside him, looking from him to the woman and back again. “Who are you?” she asked the woman.

“Sweet little Ari. You wouldn’t remember me would you?” The woman stepped forward and stroked Liz’s face. Liz’s eyes drifted shut and contentment spread through her. “Who I am is not important. Who you are is. You need to know who you are. Until you know, you will never be safe. The lies can pull a shade over you eyes; you must be sure you see the truth, for only it will save you.

“The truth is hidden in the life you know as your own. Only those who truly care for you will help you overcome your fate. Things are not as they seem Ari. Open the shade that has blinded you, and you will understand.”

“You aren’t making sense. Who has blinded me? What is the truth? Help me.”

“I’ve done all I can do. It’s up to you now. Don’t hide from each other. Your secrets will only bring destruction and pain.” Her words were for the both of them. “Thank you, “ she said, this time to Max alone, “for helping me see her again.” Then she became nothing more than a shimmer of light and was gone.

Max and Liz bolted up in bed simultaniously. “That… that… that…”

“Was not a dream,” Max finished.

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Tomochika- thank you so much for sticking with this fic. I loved the Alex/ Michael scene too. Those scenes are always classic.

rossieaddicted- you like it? Thank you. Dreamer reunions are always the best, but nothing can be easy. (JK could have tried a little harder though.)

Ok, now on witht he part.
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Part 7

Liz reached to her side, found the lamp, and turned it on. She and Max both blinked in the sudden brightness of the room. “Ok,” Liz started. “If that wasn’t a dream, what was it?”

Max turned to look at Liz and realized that they were sitting very close. He could feel her breath brush on his face. It wasn’t helping him think at all.

Max shook his head, trying to clear it. “I don’t know. I’ve been assuming it was some sort of dream walk.”

“Wait. You sound like this has happened to you before.” Liz looked at Max quizzically.

“It has. I’ve had dreams similar to that since I saw- for a few weeks.” Max stopped himself before he could say the words, but Liz expression told him she knew. He’d had the dreams since her and Kyle had… been together.

Liz quickly brought the conversation back to the dream. “Why did she keep talking about truth? Any why did she call me Ari?”

“I honestly don’t know. She always tells me I have to help someone.” Max tried to think of the name. “Arrianna. That’s who she wanted me to help.”

“And she called me Ari. Short for Arrianna?” Both teens sat, wondering what their dreams were telling them.

It took Max only a minute to remember the woman’s words. . Don’t hide from each other. Your secrets will only bring destruction and pain. What secrets was she talking about? Liz knew his secret, so what was she hiding?

Liz’s thoughts were on the same path. Please don’t ask about the secrets! Please, please, please, just don’t ask! But Max asked anyway. “Why do you think she told us not to lie to each other. You know my secrets, Liz.” Liz saw the pain flicker in Max’s eyes, but underneath it she saw something else. It was something she hadn’t seen, much less felt in a long time: hope.

Tears rimmed Liz’s eyes. She wanted to tell Max so badly. She wanted him to know everything that had really happened to her back in October, but how could she do that, without ending the world? Could she really be selfish enough to risk the world, solely for her happiness?

Tell him. He needs to know. Liz knew the thought was not her own, but there it was echoing in her mind. With that, her resolve crumbled and she fell into Max’s waiting arms, and began a story she hoped he could believe.


Max looked down at the fragile brunette nestled into his arms. “Do you really want to know?” she whispered against his shirt.

“Please,” he begged, hoping he could take whatever she would tell him. He didn’t know what could be worse than what he had seen though.

She pulled back and Max felt colder without her warmth in his arms. “Ok, but this is a really long story, and you can’t interrupt me. Just let me get through it, ok?” Max nodded. What the hell was she going to tell him? “Ok, it all started in October.” Max winced remembering what else had happened in October. “More specifically, the night you came to my window with the mirachi band. You see, someone else came to me that night. Well, actually, technically no one else came. It was still you, just, not this you.” Liz looked at Max’s confused expression and realized that she had to start explaining. “You see, it was the you from 14 years in the future, and he came to break us up.

“He told me that our love caused the end of the world. Because of us, Tess left Roswell, and without her you were too weak to fight Khivar. He said that Michael and Isabel had died, and he used the Granolith to come back and change things. That’s why I tried to get you to go with Tess, and that’s why I had Kyle pretend to sleep with me.”

Max just stared at her. Inside his heart was flying. She didn’t sleep with Kyle. She didn’t sleep with Kyle. It was playing like a song in his head.

“Max? Aren’t you going to say something?” Liz feared that Max hadn’t believed her. Maybe she had put him through too much. She didn’t know if she could take that he knew the truth and still didn’t want her. It would be too much.

Max realized he hasn’t said something, and he chose to keep it that way. Instead of replying to Liz’s question, he drew her to him and pressed his lips soundly against hers. Their kiss was gently at first, as they realized they were together. Then it became heated as the minutes went on. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the kiss ended, and they pulled back slightly. Max had pulled Liz on to his lap and now the only part of them that wasn’t touching was their lips.

Max tried to steady his breath as he sorted through the questions. Liz beat him. “Max, how do we do this? We can’t get back together. If Tess leaves… I couldn’t handle knowing that I didn’t stop it.”

“You did stop it. You told me. We’ll be fine now. I can take anything they throw at me, just as long as you’re at my side.”

Liz leaned back into Max, and soon fell into a nighmareless sleep, never once thinking that together was how they had lost the battle the last time.


Liz awoke the next morning to find herself wrapped in someone’s arms. Abruptly the night came back to her, and she couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her face. Slowly she untangled herself from Max’s arms, trying to let him sleep. Once she was up she made her way to the shower, and turned the water on warm enough to turn her skin bright pink. She quickly washed her hair and turned the water off, realizing that for the first time in weeks she wanted to go outside. She finally felt like she could handle her friends again.

When she got out of the shower she realized she had left her bag and all of her clothes in the room with Max. She quietly left the bathroom, hoping to find Max still asleep no the bed.


Max looked to the bathroom door when he heard the water shut off. He had realized shortly after Liz started her shower, that her bag was still near the door. When he saw his dark haired beauty walk out in only a towel, his heart nearly stopped. Before he could stop himself he let out a long low whistle, letting Liz know he saw her. He watched her skin turn several shades of red, all of which had nothing to do with her shower.

Liz quickly ran to the door and grabbed her bag, then got back into the bathroom. Just before the door closed, her head popped back out. “You know Max, I think you’ve been spending a bit too much time with Alex and Michael.” With that her head disappeared back into the bathroom.


“Ok, so what happened with you?” Maria asked Liz later that morning. Alex and Michael had gone to get donuts so everyone was waiting in Isabel and Maria’s room for them to return. They could talk freely since Scott was still sleeping.

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked, feigning innocence. Her smile betrayed her voice.

“I mean with you and Max and you knew that! Why are you both so… smiley? And how come Max keeps looking at you, almost like when…” Maria’s jaw dropped and her mouth formed an almost comical ‘O’. “Oh my God, you told him! Liz how… why…” Maria continued to ramble until Liz’s hand covered her mouth.

“Maria!” The single word caused Maria to quiet. “I would like to tell everyone else when I am ready, and they may start to ask questions if you choose to broadcast it to them!”

“I’m sorry. It’s just, well, what if this causes,” Maria’s voice fell to a whisper so quiet Liz could barely hear it, “the end of the world.” A shiver ran through Liz as Maria said the words. It was what she had been wondering all morning. What if her weakness cost her friends their lives? What if it cost the-

The thought was cut short by Isabel’s approach. “Hey guys. You know, you’re not allowed to have secrets anymore. Come on, spill.” Isabel sat on the bed by Maria and watch the emotions play on her friends faces. What had they been talking about?

“We were just talking about me and Max,” Liz filled in. Maria silently studied her thumbs. “Yeah, um, you know we got back together.”

“You did? I wondered why you two kept smiling.” Isabel smiled, showing Liz a part of the person she must keep hidden beneath her tough exterior. “I’m glad. You two are good for each other.” As if on cue, Max walked over to Liz and the other girls.

“Hi girls. If you don’t mind I’m going to steal Liz for a minute, ok?” Max held a hand out to Liz who accepted it happily. Right then she would have done almost anything to escape Isabel and Maria. There was so much she was hiding from them, conversation was almost impossible. She had to constantly guard her words, lest something slip.

Max brought her back to reality with a gentle shake. “Liz? Are you there?” Liz blinked and nodded at him. “Ok, just making sure. I asked you if you thought we should tell them about the dream, or anything.” By or anything she knew he meant Future Max and everything that had happened with Kyle.

Liz was about to say no when she remembered the dream. Somehow she knew that to find truth, she had to offer it. “I think we have to,” she told him. She reached for his hand and he lead her back to the part of the room where Isabel and Maria were. Just as they walked in, so did Michael and Alex. Perfect timing, Liz thought, being just a tiny bit sarcastic. “Guys, we’ve got to talk to you.”

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roswellluver- She had to tell Max. That what the real Liz would do. (I don't know who replaced Liz in s2, but it was not the real thing!) :>

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Part 8

The group turned to look at the couple. Maria’s mouth hung open slightly. They couldn’t be doing what she thought they were doing, could they? What happened to her safe, cautious friend? Maria had been sure Liz would tell Max, but everyone? They couldn’t.

“God that sounds morbid. Ok, Liz, what’s up?” Isabel asked, knowing it was something big.

“Well, this is kind of a long story, so maybe you should sit.” Isabel and Alex sat on the bed next to Maria and Michael pulled a chair up. “Well, something happened to me last October.” Oh, my god, Maria thought, she’s going to tell them. “It was right before we went to Wittaker’s funeral. Someone came to me.”

Max pulled Liz into his arms and she begun to relax. The group waited silently for Liz to continue. “It was Max, only not this Max. He was from 2015.” Liz waited while that sunk in. Then came the questions.

“How?” Michael asked.

“Why?” That was Isabel. Alex just sat beside her, wondering how his best friend had kept that from him. Maria looked like she was going to have a heart attack. Liz made a personal note to herself to make sure she wasn’t alone with Maria for a while.

“I’m getting to that,” Liz continued. “He came in the Granolith, but before you ask, no that’s not what it’s used for. Serena, we don’t know her yet, well she helped you guys alter it so it would make a tear in time-space. He came to stop the end of the world.”

Liz stopped and Max picked up. “He told Liz that us being together made Tess leave. When she left, we weren’t strong enough to defeat our enemies. He assumed that the only way to make Tess stay in Roswell was to break Liz and me up.”

“Well, then why did you get back together? If you being together ends the world, how can you get back together?” Isabel’s voice held more than a little anger.

Liz almost flinched at Isabel’s tone. “Isabel, you have to trust that we will figure this out. We told you so we could all try to solve this. It’s not just about us, and we realize that. We could have left you in the dark about all of this, but we want you involved.”

“That’s not all,” Liz said, knowing that they needed to know everything. “We think we were contacted. It’s all been through dreams but it’s been happening frequently for both of us.” Max hadn’t known that Liz’s dreams had been frequent. He had been hoping it had only happened the two times he knew it had to have. Frankly, it scared him to death to know that someone had been haunting Liz.

“What?” Maria squealed. She hadn’t known about that. What would make her friend lie to her?

“What do you mean you’ve been contacted?” Alex filled in. “By who?”

“We think someone from home might be sending us messages,” Max said. “We don’t know who, but someone was threatening Liz.”

“That’s why I left,” Liz cut in, knowing she would have to tell her own story. “He told me that if I left, you would all be ok, but if I stayed he would kill us all. I had to go.”

“How do you know it wasn’t a dream?” Isabel asked cynically.

“Because last night something pulled Liz out of that dream and into mine. I don’t know who was taking to me either, but she thought she knew who Liz was.” Max wasn’t sure he wanted to tell the group that the woman hadn’t known Liz’s name. They were already so disbelieving; if he told them that, he knew they would never believe.

But he would have to anyway. “What do you mean she thought she knew who Liz was?”

“She called me Ari,” Liz said, without a moment’s hesitation.

“Well then how do you know the message was meant for you?” Michael asked, using the obvious hole in the story.

“She told me to protect someone named Arrianna,” Max filled in, hoping the parts of the story they knew would be enough to convince their friends, “and with Liz’s dreams, we can assume Liz needs protection from someone.” He looked at his friends. “Right?”

Everyone agreed but held their doubts and the conversation took on a lighter note while everyone began eating their donuts.


Outside that same room someone was lurking, listening to every word said inside beyond the door. “Damn him, he’s already gotten to her. That will only make this harder. We’ll I’ve never turned down a challenge before, so now’s not the time to start.” The familiar figure walked away from his hiding spot, entered a nearby room, and closed the door to the outside world.


After about a half-hour Scott entered the room of Roswellian teens. Instantly the conversation calmed. “Hi Scott,” Liz replied waving from her spot beside Max. Scott couldn’t help the tiny bit of jealousy that coursed through his body, but he wouldn’t let them see it.

“Hi Liz, everyone.” A few hellos were returned and Michael gave him a nod before returning to his conversation with Isabel and Alex.

Scott went to sit in a chair by Liz and her friends. “So,” he said not sure how to talk to these strangers. At least he had gotten to sit by Liz. She always made him feel ok, even with her friends who were looking at him like they might kill him, just for walking in.

“So, did you sleep ok Scott?” Liz asked. She gave her friends a look telling them to behave.

“Like a log,” he said. “How about you?”

“I had a good night,” she said, looking at Max with loving eyes. Scott resisted the urge to hurl.

Luckily Maria cut in. “Ok, you two, cut it out. Scott’s new; we don’t need you two scaring him first thing.” Max and Liz abruptly snapped out of it.

Just then Michael walked over. “Ok, guys, if we leave now, I think we can get back to Roswell by 8 or so, so let’s load up.”

“Wait,” Liz said, looking at Scott. “What about him?”

Scott spoke while the others thought. “I have some friends in Roswell. I’ve been meaning to visit. I might as well go now. You mind if I hitch a ride?”

“Of, course we don’t. We’ll call it a thank you for bringing me back.”

“You don’t’ have to thank me for that. It was my pleasure.” Scott was caught in Liz’s eyes, trying to hold her gaze. It only worked for a moment thought, before Max pulled her away. Scott silently cursed him. Why did she turn away from him and follow Max so easily? He was almost positive her running away had something to so with him, so why did she return to him so easily. Well maybe if she had another option she would think twice about going back to him, Scott thought, a plan silently forming in his mind.

Everyone piled into the two cars. Maria, Alex, Isabel and Michael got into the jetta and after a few minutes of Michael and Maria fighting over who got to drive, they took off with Maria in the driver’s seat and a grumbling Michael beside her.

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Ok, here's the part...
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Part 9

Max, Liz and Scott climbed into the jeep. Much to Scott’s dismay, Liz climbed into the passenger seat beside Max. Liz turned to smile at him as they pulled out of the hotel parking lot. “On the road again,” she said playfully, before turning back to the road and switching the radio on.

Savage garden filled the small jeep.

“Maybe it’s intuition
But some things you just don’t question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
And there it goes
I think I’ve found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

Max’s eyes met Liz’s for a moment and he mouthed two words to her. “It’s true.”

There’s just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I’m searching for
I think I’ve found my best friend

Liz laid her hand on Max’s thigh, only to have him scoop it up in his large hand and intertwine their fingers.

I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I’ve found you

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

Scott had seen Max’s silent words and was trying to keep from turning green. Whether it was from envy or sickness even he couldn’t be sure. All he knew was that if he didn’t look away from their joined hands something bad would happen. On that thought he ripped his gaze from their hands and let his eyes wander to the sky, through the open roof of the jeep. He silently screamed every cuss word he knew at whatever gods had decided this would be something he should go through. This was NOT funny.


“So how much you want to bet Scott already jumped out of the jeep and is running for home?” Maria asked her friends who were all talking quietly.

“I actually feel sorry for him. Maybe at the rest stop someone should trade with him,” Alex suggested.

“Did any of you see the look he gave Liz at the motel? He’s really lucky Max is so absorbed in her that he didn’t notice. That boy would be dead right now if Max knew.” Isabel let out a little laugh as she thought of how protective her brother was of Liz.

“Yeah, well he’s going to have to learn that breaking Max and Liz up just isn’t possible. But hey, this means while he’s in Roswell we get free entertainment.” Alex smiled. “It will be like in the wild where males fight for their territory.”

“I’m going to be nice and not tell Liz that you just called her Max’s territory,” Maria told Alex. Alex nodded gratefully.

“I don’t think she even noticed how Scott was looking at her,” Isabel cut in.

“Yeah well that will just make things a little more interesting.” The friends laughed as they rolled closer to home.


The cars both pulled into a Denny’s at lunch. Everyone piled out of the cars and stretched. Maria held in a laugh when saw Scott. She nudged Alex and when he looked pity flashed across his face. Scott was completely gray, looking almost sick. Max and Liz, totally oblivious, came to the others, with Scott following a bit behind.

“So, how was the ride?” Liz asked, wrapping her arm around Max’s waist.

“Maria talks too much,” Michael grumbled. “I was looking for her off button the whole way. I’m riding the rest of the way with you.” Maria noticed a flash of relief pass over Scott’s face before he realized it was Michael who had agreed to ride with them.

“You know Scott,” Maria said smiling, “if you want you can ride with the fun group. Michael’s boring; we were going to trade him in anyway.” Maria flashed him a smile.

“Um, I guess,” Scott said. He wanted to be in the car with Liz, but since she was with Max that thought didn’t seem so appealing.

“So, do you think that we can make any other car changes after we eat?” Alex asked. “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry,” Liz teased, “but I’ll agree. Let’s go.”

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asabetha- heehee. I'm a spoil sport. Well I supose I am. Well, you will find it all in due time. If I just told you what was going to happen, it wouldn't be as interesting, now would it? (Oh, and I love being a Know it all, thank you!:>)

on with the part....

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Part 10

After lunch everyone set out, getting into their cars. The conversation in the jetta was slow as everyone adjusted to Scott’s presence.

“So,” Scott said. He didn’t know why, but silences had always bothered him. To him it was better to ruin the moment than to sit in silence. “I see why the other one left.” He tried to remember his name. Instead he gestured with his hands toward his hair. “You know the one with the hair.”

Maria started laughing. “You mean Michael. Yeah, he’s just like that. He can’t take fun.”

“He just doesn’t understand us Maria.” Alex looked at Scott. “Our sense of humor is a bit warped. Not in a bad way; it’s just that, if you don’t know us, or if your sense of humor isn’t existent you won’t get it.”

“Yeah that’s about right,” Isabel chimed in. “I’ve known you for a few years though, and I still don't get it all. You’re just not normal.” Isabel noticed the irony in her words. Yeah, they weren’t normal. That’s right.

“Normal people scare us,” Maria and Alex said together. They both erupted into laughter.

“Did they drug their drinks?” Scott asked Isabel as she watched her friends with a smile.

“No, this is just how they are. You get used to it. Don’t worry.” She smiled reassuringly at Scott before turning to Maria. “Maria, look at the road! If I have to drive for you, you won’t like what happens.”

Scott smiled at his car mates. They weren’t as bad as he thought. He was actually having fun. Wow, that was a surprise.


“So what do you think of Scott?” Michael asked from the back of the jeep. He was sick of watching the two lovebirds looking at each other. It was a bit creepy and Michael was sure that Max was going to drive off of the road if he didn’t start looking at it soon.

“He’s a nice guy,” Liz said reassuringly. “He made me come home. You should thank him, or at least try to act civil to him Michael.” She said the name loudly.

“Hey, I’m trying. I don’t like new people.” Liz looked at him pointedly. “Ok, so I don’t like most people, even if they aren’t knew.”

“That’s an understatement,” Max said, finally refocusing on the road.

“Ok, can we forget about how antisocial I am for just a few minutes and focus on my question? Who is Scott, and who could he know in Roswell? He didn’t offer any names. I think that’s a little odd. Don’t you?”

“This is from you, Mr. I only answer exactly what is asked.” Liz let out a little snort of laughter. “He’s not hiding stuff Michael. Not everything is a conspiracy. Some stuff does just come at face value.”

“Yeah, well, I still don’t trust him.”

“Fine, you do that, and the rest of us can be normal people and be nice to him.”

“I never said I wanted to be normal so that won’t work on me.”

Max sighed and wished these could be the biggest problems in his life.


By around 11 everyone got home. Everyone decided it would be best to stay at Michael’s for the night and then to go home in the morning. Despite Liz and Isabel’s attempts to make him stay, Scott insisted on being left at a motel. Liz insisted that they could pick him up and take him to meet whoever it was he knew.

After dropping him off the group went to Michael’s. “So Michael, home by eight, huh?” Max asked as he walked into the apartment.

“Hey Maxwell you’d better watch it or you’ll find yourself sleeping on the street.”

“Speaking of sleeping, where are we going to sleep in here. Normally I would say we could lay blankets out on the floor, but I don’t think Michael has extra blankets, let alone clean ones.” Maria smiled at Michael as he glared at her.

“Hey, same thing goes for you blondie; you can sleep outside if you’d like to keep insulting my house.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Maria said, waving her hand around. She knew he’d never throw her out. “We still need to figure out where we’re sleeping.”

“I get my room,” Michael said.

“That was dumb Michael,” Max said. “Now there’s no way you’ll get your room.” Liz smiled, knowing Michael was getting into a losing battle.

“Michael I think you should let the girls have your room,” Maria said. “It’s what a gentleman would do.”

“Well no one ever said I was a gentleman, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Michael Guerin, you better think twice if you think you’ve got nothing to worry about. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t get the bed so I’ll be up all night and it will be because of you so when everyone falls asleep and I get bored I’ll have to come in and wake you up to keep me company.”

“I’d like to see you wake me up,” Michael said, walking into his room. “Goodnight all. Deal with where to sleep on your own.” Michael closed his door and everyone heard him fall onto his bed.

“Michael you suck!” Maria called after him. “Max, once he’s asleep I’m going to need you to open that door for me, ok?” Maria asked, already knowing Michael had used his powers to lock the door.

Max knew better than to cross Maria. “Yes ma’am.” He couldn’t wait to find out what she did to Michael.

“I’ll take the floor, um, over there,” Alex said, pointing to a corner. “I’m just gonna borrow this.” He pulled one of the pillows off of the couch and went to his corner.

After about 10 minutes everyone, minus Maria, had taken a pillow and laid down somewhere. Isabel found a spot near Alex and got comfortable. Max and Liz took a nearby corner and cuddled up together. Maria sat on the last two pillows on the couch and waited. When she heard Michael’s loud snoring she woke Max lightly.

She pointed to the door and Max went and unlocked it, not saying a word. As soon as it was open he lay back down beside Liz. Maria took a moment to look at her friends. They all looked so sweet lying there together. Maria had been waiting for a long time for Isabel to realize how great Alex was and looking at how close she was laying to him, Maria thought she was figuring it out.

It took her just a second too remember what she was still doing up. A devious smile crossed her face as she made her way into the bathroom to prepare what she needed to give Michael the wakeup of a lifetime.


Looking through the bathroom cabinets, Maria frowned. Things were going to have to be simple. Maria took the hair gel, shaving cream, and a bowl of warm water. Then she rethought the water. Quickly she dumped it out and replaced it with ice cold water. Another smile crossed her face. This would be fun.

Moving to the tiny closet by Michael’s room she grabbed a small sheet. She found a thumbtack and moved into Michael’s room. ShowTime.

TBC... No feedback, no story....
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Part 11

The first thing Maria did was use the thumbtack to hang the sheet from the ceiling. It took her two tries to make it stay, but eventually she got it. Next she took the hair gel she made Michael’s hair stand straight up. Seeing him with his hair up gave her another idea. She went back out to the living room and found Isabel’s purse, since hers had been left at Liz’s. Hoping Iz would understand, she took the purse back into Michael’s room.

Maria kneeled beside Michael’s bed and started searching through Isabel’s purse. She found a light purple lipstick and quickly grabbed it. As she ran it over Michael’s lips they parted slightly. He looked like he was… smiling. He murmured a single word: “Maria.” Instantly she froze, thinking she’d been caught, but he began snoring again almost instantly. She took that as an ok from the gods and continued her work. She used Isabel’s foundation, which was several shades lighter than Michael’s skin, to make his face look extremely pale. Then she coated his eyes in a light purple color and used the blush to make his cheeks pink.

Satisfied with his face, she moved on. She had been thinking of putting shaving cream on his hand but that would ruin the effect, especially if he were to put his hand on his face, so she returned it and the already used hair gel to their place.

When she went back into the room she slit her index finger into the bowl of water and shivered from cold. Perfect. She took the water and stood at the end of the bed. She positioned herself so the smallest amount of water would get onto the bed. She wanted to sleep there after all.

Slowly she let a bit of water drip onto Michael’s “danger zone.” She pulled the water back quickly and ducked behind the bed, hoping the rest of his room would draw the attention away from her.

Michael shot up as the ice water hit his… area. He saw a streak of blonde fall behind the bed but was too tired to process what that meant. He turned to get out of bed and clean up and found that there was a white blur in his face. He quickly jumped up and ran from the room. Maria was the only one who saw the tack fly out of the ceiling and the made the sheet fall to the floor. She spared only a moment to look at Michael’s retreating form before climbing into the warm, and luckily dry, bed. Quickly she fell asleep.


Michael ran into the living room mumbling incoherently. Four groggy faces turned towards him. “What is it Michael? Can you shut up so we can sleep?”

“Room… white… wet… cold…” He kept rambling, but no one could understand him.

Alex looked at his friend. Something was off. In his half-asleep state it took him a moment to realize it, but… yeah, Michael looked like he’d peed his pants. And was he wearing lipstick? “Michael, did you wet yourself? You know there are diapers for that.”

“Maria,” Michael said, finally catching on. “Ooh, she’s going to get it.” He turned back to his room.”

“Michael,” Isabel said, a warning tone in her voice. “If you don’t get in here and sleep, you’re gonna deal with me.”

Michael grumbled, but still went to lie on the couch. He didn’t notice that the pillows were gone until too late. As he lie down he hit his head on the empty insides of the couch. “Ow. What the hell?”

“Oh, yeah. We used the couch for pillows,” Max said just before drifting into sleep.

Michael grumbled once more, but he knew no one heard him. He spent the rest of ten minutes planning how to get his friends back before he too fell asleep.


Michael didn’t look any better the next morning. The makeup had become dreadfully apparent.

He didn’t even notice until he woke up and found the others staring at him. Liz, Maria, and Isabel were laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe. Max and Alex were snickering and trying to hold in laughter.


“Michael makeup is for girls. Have you been playing dress up again?” Alex’s couldn’t take it anymore and fell to the floor laughing, where everyone soon followed.

Michael practically ran to the bathroom and soon the sink could be heard. When he came back out he looked anything but happy. “Maria,” he said, stepping closer to her. She stepped behind Max and Alex. “That wasn’t cool.”

“But it was really funny,” she said leaning on Max and Alex because she was laughing so hard. This made everyone start again.

“You just wait. I’ll get you. All of you.” This only caused more laughter. “That’s not funny.”

“Michael stop it,” Isabel begged. “I can’t breathe.”

“Serves you right.” He walked back to his room. “Everyone get ready. We have to get Scott.”

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Part 12

Everyone decided that only Liz, Max and Isabel would go to pick Scott up. Since Maria had the only other vehicle she was voted to take Alex home.

Liz began fidgeting in her seat. Every couple seconds she would uncross her legs and then recross them. Her hands couldn’t stay still. She tried to occupy herself by listening to Isabel and Scott in the back, but was failing miserably. Finally Max’s strong hand fell upon hers. “What’s wrong?” His eyes drifted between hers and the road, but she still felt the love and compassion flowing from him.

“It’s just…I ran away. What are they going to think of that? I mean, it’s not like I can tell them why.” Her eyes fell downward. “They’re going to think I’m a huge failure.”

“Liz, that’s not going to happen and you know it. You know your parents. They love you, and one mistake can’t change that. You can’t ever be a failure to them.”

She looked up at him with sad eyes and he couldn’t seem to look back at the road. The hurt in her eyes froze him there, and his only thoughts were of how he could take away her pain.

“Hello, Max. You’ve got to look at the road sometime if you’d like to stay on it.” Isabel’s voice brought him back to reality and he refocused on the road. “Yeah, Scott, I’m really sorry we left you with them all morning yesterday. I know how they can be. It’s really not safe to be in a car with them.” She laughed and saw Scott smile. He felt so familiar to her. He was almost… safe.

“It wasn’t so bad,” he said, but she knew he was lying. She could see the hurt lying beneath the laughter playing in his eyes. It wasn’t fair. She found someone she thought she could trust, and he was crushing on her brother’s girl. Fate’s a bitch, ain’t she?

Scott looked at the girl beside him. Her eyes were looking beyond him and he knew she was off somewhere else. When he looked a bit closer at her eyes he saw something he never would have expected. Pain.

Just as quickly as he saw it, it was gone and the life returned to Isabel’s eyes. A well-placed smile made him forget everything he’d just been so worried about and they continued talking like old friends.


Liz inhaled deeply as she looked at the only home she’d ever known. Inside she knew her parents were worried sick, but she didn’t know how to make her feet move into the restaurant.

After a second she felt strong arms circle her shoulders. She looked up onto Max’s eyes and found the strength she thought she’d lost. He was her strength. With him, she could do anything.

In no time she found herself inside of the alien covered room. Before she could even get to the middle of the diner she felt Max being pushed away, but before she could wonder what happened the arms of her parents surrounded her. She smiled and buried her face in their arms.


Somehow they got into the apartment. Scott and Max, even despite his pleas, were waiting downstairs. Liz didn’t even think her parents had seen them.

Liz sat on the couch and waited for the questions. She knew they would be angry. She knew they would yell. Still the room was silent. Why weren’t they yelling?

Liz looked up and saw her mother crying softly. Her dark hair fell over her face and Liz knew she had never seen her mother look so fragile. Before she realized what she was doing Liz was on her feet beside her mother. She wrapped her in a hug and tried to keep from crying with her. “It’s all right, Mom. I’m okay. Shhhh…” She rubbed her mother’s back soothingly and realized that they had switched places.

It took her mother only a moment to compost herself. She croaked out a single word that made Liz’s tears break free: “Why?”


Max sat at the familiar booth with the stranger in front of him. Every ten seconds he looked through the little window on the employee door to see if Liz was coming back down.

“So, have you lived in Roswell your whole life?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He was being a bad conversationalist. Too bad. This wasn’t a good time.

“That’s cool. I lived in LA almost my whole life. That was only ‘til the ‘rents died though. Then I moved in with my auntie. Yay!” His voice dripped with sarcasm and Max couldn’t help but look at him.

“What was so bad about your aunt?”

“I guess I’m being a little bias. It’s just… well imagine leaving Roswell. Wouldn’t you hate whoever made you leave all of your friends, made you leave your life?”

“Yeah, I guess I get that.” Max looked back at the door. There was still no Liz. He sighed and looked at the table. Silence settled in again, and this time, no one tried to break it.


“What did you think you were doing?” Amy Deluca yelled. “Are you crazy? Well I guess that goes without saying if you think you can just take off like you did.” Maria sat on the couch. She had just dropped Alex off and decided to go face her mom. Bad idea. Now all she could do was wait. Cutting off Amy Deluca mid-rant was pretty much the worst thing you could do in a situation like this.

“And to take Liz with you. What were you thinking? Why am I even asking? It’s obvious. You weren’t thinking. If you were thinking you wouldn’t have left, would you? No.” Right now none of the questions were actually questions. Everything was rhetorical. If Maria planned things just right then her mother would need a breath in 3, 2, 1.

Perfect. “Ok, Mom, can I please try to explain?” That was rhetorical too. Well, like mother like daughter, right? “I didn’t run away, and I didn’t take Liz with me. Liz was really down. I’m talking, like really bad. I told you about her and Max right? Even you said they were totally right for each other. Yeah well she was really broken from that and I didn’t want her to hurt herself and that looked like where she was headed, so I took her out of Roswell for a little while. I know I should have called, but my cell phone is a piece of shit and the battery wasn’t working and it wouldn’t charge and I couldn’t find a pay phone until we were already heading back and then, for some reason I thought this would be a better thing to do than call.”

Amy was silent for just a moment. “Is Liz okay now?”

“Uh huh. All better. All it took was a little Maria therapy.” Maria smiled.

Amy smiled too. “Good. You’re grounded for a month.”

“What? I helped Liz though. I was being a good best friend.”

“Well, next time remember to tell me before you go off being a ‘good best friend.’ This is just to make sure you remember that.” Amy left the room.

Maria went to grab the phone and call Liz to see how things went for her when she heard someone yelling in the kitchen. “If you touch that phone I’ll make it two months.”

Maria pulled her hand back. Liz owed her, big time.


The word echoed through her head over and over again. Why? How could Liz answer that? She looked back up to her mother and saw he pain in her eyes. In an instant Liz realized what she had meant. “Oh my god, Mom. No, don’t think it was your fault. This was me. This was all me. I had to get away. I just felt like I was doing so much and I had to get away. It was never you. I never wanted to hurt you.”

Her mother nodded, but the pain never left her eyes. Liz felt the burning in her eyes telling her to cry, but she couldn’t. She had to help her mom. If she cried, she couldn’t make sure her mom understood. Even as her head screamed at her to hold in the tears they fell. This time it was her dad who pulled her close.

“Don’t ever do that to us again!” he said sternly. Liz looked up into his eyes and saw the tears brimming there. Her heart continued to break. How could she have hurt them like this? They had always been there for her, and now she was causing them pain.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I promise I’ll never hurt you again. I promise.” She clung onto her parents, trying to wish away the pain she had caused them.


After about an hour Liz remembered Max and Scott. “Oh my god I forgot about them,” Liz whispered. Her parents looked at her, a question in their eyes. “Come on. I want you to meet someone.”

Liz parents looked at each other nervously. “Don’t worry. You’ll love him.” That seemed to help a little but Liz knew they would be fine when they met Scott. She led her parents downstairs and found Max and Scott sitting silently in a booth waiting for her. As soon as she walked through the employee doors Max’s eyes found hers and she was stuck. The only thing she knew was that she was getting closer to him. When she finally got to him he stood and placed a single kiss on her cheek before greeting her parents. They each smiled at him.


Scott watched the whole scene with a hollow feeling in his stomach. Liz hadn’t even seen him when she walked in. Her eyes just found Max’s. He looked back at the table without even noticing the people coming in behind her.

“Mom, Dad,” he heard her say, “this is Scott.”

He looked up with surprise. “Oh my god.” He vaguely registered that the words came from Liz’s mom. “Scott Hannigan? Is that you?”

“Mrs. Parker?” he said, the name just popping into his head.

“It is you,” she whispered. “Jeff, its Kim and George’s little boy.”

“I know honey. Where are your parents, boy?”

“They, um, well, they’re no longer with us sir.” Scott looked down.

“I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you call?”

“It was just recently. I’m sorry; I didn’t even think of you.”

Liz cleared her throat so she was brought back into the conversation. “Um, and you know each other how?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Lizzie,” her mom said. “We used to be really good friends with Scott’s parents. His dad was your dad’s roommate and I was practically best friends with his mom. We lost track after they moved out of Roswell.” A sad look crossed her face. “I don’t think you were old enough to remember Scott. He came when you were about two. He was only six. I can’t believe you remembered us.”

“My mom talked about you all the time. They had really wanted to come see you, but they were always busy. I didn’t even think of you when Liz told me her name.”

“Well, where are you staying? You can’t stay in a hotel. You’ll stay here. We have so much catching up to do.” The Parkers walked their visitor upstairs, momentarily forgetting their previous problems.

TBC... I promise that I will give some answers soon. A couple more parts.
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Part 13

Max and Liz sat, staring after the Parkers, until Katie, the new waitress walked up.

“So, Max,” she said, ignoring Liz, “can I get you anything else?”

“Actually,” Liz said, finally turning away from the employee door, “we were just leaving.” She smiled at Max before grabbing his arm and pulling him out the door.

“Where are you taking me Miss Parker?” Max asked seductively as Liz lead him behind the building.

“I’m kidnapping you.” She smiled devilishly. “Then I’m going to lock you up in my bedroom.”

“I could live with that.” He smiled at his girlfriend as she began climbing the latter to her room. “So why’d we have to sneak around back? I don’t think your parents would have even noticed us.”

“Would you want to risk them sending you out if they did?” Max shook his head. “That’s what I thought.” Liz somehow got behind Max and began backing him into her lawn chair. When she saw that his knees were pressed against the metal bar she took one last step forward and laughed as Max fell into her chair.

“So why did you bring me up here? I assume I’m here for more than your amusement.”

“Maybe,” she replied, licking her lips. “I sort of wanted to talk to you.” She straddled him and firmly placed her lips on his. Her tongue weaved out and touched his lips, asking for entry. Instantly his lips parted, inviting her in. His tongue ran over her lips, sending shivers through her body.

When they pulled apart they were both breathing heavily. “I guess I wanted to do that more,” she whispered against his lips, her smile returning.

“Fine with me.” And he caught her lips in another heated kiss.


Isabel lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling. The past two days had been trying to say the least.

Millions of emotions filled her body. She was so sorry for Liz. The last month must have been awful for her, and she hadn’t told anyone. She was the exact opposite of Isabel. In my past life I killed my whole family, Isabel thought bitterly, and now it took a human to save them all.

Isabel fought tears. She couldn’t help what her past self had done. Those hadn’t been her choices, but they were threatening her happiness.

Isabel heard a car pull up outside, followed by the sound of the front door opening and closing. She rolled over and pulled her sheets up to her ears. Seconds later her lights went out. She didn’t want visitors.


Max resisted the urge to whistle as he entered his house. He couldn’t believe all that had happened in the last few days. He had Liz back and she had waited for him.

Also, he wouldn’t have to kill Kyle anytime soon. That was a plus.

Max begun to walk into Isabel’s room to tell her about Scott and the Parkers, but as he walked down the hall he saw her lights flicker off under the door. He was still going to question her, but he decided to let it go. He could bug her in the morning.

Max passed Isabel’s room, whispering “Goodnight,” as he passed. He walked into his room, closed his drapes and changed into a white wife beater and a pair of boxers. Within minutes he was in bed asleep, dreaming of his dream girl.


Maria awoke to tapping on her window. She rolled off of the bed, catching herself at the last moment. “Who the hell is crazy enough to try to wake me up? Don’t they know that a girl needs her beauty sleep?” she mumbled, crossing the room. As she opened the window she whispered, “This had better be important.”

“Hey Blondie,” Michael whispered, coming from the shadows.

‘I should’ve known,” she said, letting him in. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to check on you. How’d Miss D take the return?”

“A lot better than I thought she would… if I told her I were pregnant. For the next two months the only times I can leave the house are for school and work.”

“Well, I guess I’ll be coming over more, won’t I?”

“I guess you’ll be leaving know, won’t you? Mom’ll flip if she finds you.” She quickly kissed his lips. “Bye.” Michael left and Maria was once again alone.


Liz tossed and turned, wrinkling her fresh sheets. Though she hadn’t seen the man since before her shared dream with Max, a shadow lingered in her mind, and she knew he was watching.

Around one o’clock in the morning, Liz woke, covered in sweat, searching for water.

She clawed her way out of the sheets and stumbled out the door. Slowly she was walking up. When she got to the stairs that led into the Crashdown she was awake enough to hear the voices.

She was going to walk away until she heard them. It was Scott and her parents. Normally she would have walked away, but she made an exception since she couldn’t guess what they needed to talk about at one in the morning. If it had just been her parents she would have left, but Scott’s presence made her stay.

Quietly, almost silently, she made her way ¾ of the way down the stairs, skipping the two that squeaked. When she got as far as she was going she sat and listened, but nothing would have prepared her for what she heard.

“Arrianna needs to know who she is,” Scott insisted loudly.

“You need to calm yourself. You’re going to wake Liz.”

Liz didn’t want to wait to find out how they knew about Arrianna. Instead she came from her hiding spot. “How do you know about Arrianna? Who is she?”

She held herself with more authority than most 17-year-olds as her gaze froze her parents like deer in the headlights.


Scott looked at Liz with fear in his eyes. She held herself like a queen. Her hair flowed around her tan shoulders and her pajamas left little to the imagination. Scott felt his face grow warmer as Liz caught him surveying her.

“Well?” she demanded angrily.

“Come on,” Mr. Parker said, regaining his composure. “Let’s go upstairs. We’ll explain there.”

The group walked back up to the Parkers house and settled uncomfortably in the small living room. You could cut the tension with a knife. No one spoke for a long time. Finally Liz broke the silence. “Who’s Arrianna?”

“You,” the three whispered together.

TBC... Short I know, but hey, I said I was tired. Blame school. It's making me go to bed again.
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Part 14

“What?” Liz whispered. Her confusion showed for only a moment thought, before she masked it with a cover of stone. “Explain.”

“Fine Liz,” her father said, looking almost as held together as she was, though there was a flicker of something that Liz couldn’t, or didn’t want, to read in his eyes. “This wasn’t a secret that we wanted to keep from you Liz. We wanted to tell you, but we needed to keep you safe. Liz you’re the world to us.” Liz somehow managed to keep up her tough exterior while she was really trying to keep from crying. When her father saw that she was going to stay silent he continued. “We know about Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. We suspected them for a while, but when Max healed you after the shooting last year we knew.”

“What shooting?” Liz said, knowing they didn’t believe a word of what she was saying.

“We know Max healed you in September because… we’ve been searching for him for years.” Icy fear gripped Liz’s heart. They had to be like the evil aliens that had killed Nasedo. “We’re like them… and so are you.” At those words Liz’s heart stopped. They just dropped the bomb. No intricate lead in. No stalling. It just dropped out of his mouth and wove itself around the room, pulling the air painfully tight around them.

Looking at the room, Liz realized that she had to speak. All that came to her was denial. Without really planning it, her head begun to swivel back and forth, making her hair flow around her head, causing a small screen from the outer world, but it wasn’t enough. “No,” she said finally. “That can’t be true. I’m normal. I’m human.” She tried to find reasons, but her mind was too foggy, finally something came to her. “My blood…” she stammered, “… my blood is normal. I’ve had blood drawn. I can’t be one of them. I was born! I don’t have powers.” Words flew from her mouth without registering in her brain.

“We masked your powers for your safety, honey,” Mrs. Parker said, laying a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. Liz shrugged it off, ignoring the pained look that appeared on her mother’s face.

“No! You’re lying! You’re lying!” Liz ran out of the room and found herself in her room. As she looked around she knew she couldn’t stay at home. Without another thought she was on the balcony and down the latter, never noticing the rain falling around her.


Max sat up, fear running through his veins. He didn’t know whose it was, but it wasn’t his. A slight trickle of annoyance ran through him, targeted at the nagging fear that had woken him from his Liz-centered dream.

Slowly he got out of bed and went to his window. He could hear the rain falling on the other side. The rain could always calm him.

Max reached out and pulled the string on the blinds, making them fly up. A gasp fell from his lips.

Beyond his window was his angel, soaked to the bone, partially from the rain, but mostly from the tears cascading down her cheeks.

Max threw open the window and pulled Liz inside. He held her to him, oblivious to the water seeping through his clothes. The rain dripped through his opened window, and the wind sent chills through both of their bodies, only making Max pull Liz closer.

“What happened?” he whispered. She shook her head against his chest. “Alright. I don’t have to know. I’m sure it’ll be okay though. It’s all right. Shhhh…” He rubbed her back soothingly. Who would do this to her? he wondered. He held her, silently vowing revenge to whomever would dare to cause Liz harm.

“Come here,” he said, leading her to the bed. “Sit.” She did as he said, tears still rolling down her unusually pale face. He left her side for only a moment to retrieve one of his sweaters and a pair of his shorts. He handed them to her. “You should change. You’re going to catch a cold. You can use the bathroom down the hall; just be quiet.”

“I don’t want to go alone,” she said, sounding more vulnerable than he’d ever heard her. “Can you just turn around?”

“Sure.” Max turned and closed the window while Liz changed. When he turned back Liz was in his clothes, holding her soaked pajamas on her arm.

“You can put those on the desk,” he said, answering her unasked question.

“Thank you so much Max,” Liz said, curling up in his warm, strong arms. “I didn’t know where to go. I just ran, and I ended up here. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t be here, but I don’t want to go home.”

She looked up into his eyes and saw pure love shining there. “Liz you’re always welcome here. You can always come to me. I want to know that.” Max slid his hand across her cold cheek, making Liz close her eyes and lean into his hand, before he pushed her rain-soaked hair over her shoulder. Looking down at her, he realized that she had never looked more angelic to him. With the streetlights serving as their only light, and with the rain distorting it before it could make the journey to his room it cast silvery beams across her face and he couldn’t stop his lips from brushing gently across hers. Instantly her lips parted for him, and he pulled her closer, trying to squash both of their fears with each other.


“I’m going after her,” Scott announced.

“Hold on young man,” Jeff said, grabbing the boy’s arm. “Let her sort this out. She just needs a little time to get some perspective. Let her come back on her own. She will when she’s ready. Inside she already knows the truth. She just needs to realize it. If you go and chase her down she’ll only resent you for it, and she’ll feel trapped. We don’t want that.”

Scott turned to Nancy who was curled up on the couch, crying. “Is this how you watch her? How am I supposed to believe you’re guarding her when you won’t even go after her?”

“Don’t speak to her like that!” Jeff said angrily while pulling Scott away from his wife. “Can’t you see that this is hurting her? We’ve known Liz a hell of a lot longer than you and you think you can come in here and tell us how to help her. We know what she needs and that’s time. She’s safe here in Roswell. She could be with any of her friends and all of them are very capable of keeping her safe. And if anyone can get her to talk to us, it’s them. They will watch out for her, but if you run after her, they will protect her by hiding her from you.”

“Have you forgotten who you’re talking to? I won’t tolerate disrespect. As for going after her, I did spend time with her friends, and I believe they are trust worthy. I don’t think she’s safe though. I’m starting to think that all of your time on Earth has made you forget what awaits us.” Scott looked at the Parkers. “If she doesn’t return tomorrow, I’m going to find her.” Jeff breathed a sigh of relief as he went to comfort his sobbing wife. Scott gave the aging couple one last look before entering his room. Nothing was going according to his plan.


Max and Liz had fallen to the bed, still joined at the lips. “Max,” Liz breathed. “Max, I want you to make love to me.”

Max’s head shot up at her words. “You… you want… tonight?” Liz nodded, a smile playing at her lips. Doubts lingered in both of their minds, but hormones held the pull, and their lips crashed back into each other.

After a few minutes he pulled his lips from hers and begun leaving a trail of kisses down her face. He stopped instantly when he felt the water flowing down her cheeks.

“Liz don’t cry.” He pulled her into a hug. “Please tell me what’s wrong.” He used his index finger to wipe the tears away, but more came to replace them.

“They lied Max,” she cried, pulling him as close as she could. “They know about you, all of you. They’ve always known who you are.” Max tensed as Liz pulled him as close as possible. “Max, that’s not all,” Liz said, knowing that he had to know everything. “They said I’m one of you.”



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Well, on with the part...
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Part 15

“What?” Max asked, confusion shining through his eyes. “Who are they?”

“Scott… and… my parents.” Liz inhaled sharply. “They told me that I’m one of you. They said I’m Arrianna.”

“But… how… wh-what?” Max stuttered. “But, you-you can’t be. You’re human. You have no powers.”

“I thought of that. They did something to hide them. I couldn’t use them, but I had them.” Liz looked at him defeatedly, hoping he could give her a reason for it to all be a lie… but then her parents would have lied to her. She didn’t know which was worse.

“You blood is normal.” Max was grasping at anything. Liz was the one steady thing in his life. Everything that had to do with his alien side had blown up in his face. She had to be normal. She had to be human.

“I didn’t let them explain. I just ran out.” Tears began pooling in Liz’s chocolate eyes. “I couldn’t take it. They lied to me Max. They are supposed to be people I know I can trust and they lied to me. I don’t know how to deal with that.”

Max pulled Liz to him. Her tears kept flowing and Max could feel them soaking through his shirt. “It’ll be ok. We’ll fix things. You should talk to them. There are too many questions. Michael will be there too. You won’t be alone with them. We’re going to figure this out. Shhhh.” Max rubbed her back soothingly as questions played in his head. Looking at Liz, he knew they would have to wait.

Liz’s eyes had drifted shut and her weight fell on Max. Max silently lowered himself and Liz onto his bed. Her head fell onto his chest and as he heard her breathing even Max felt his eyes grow heavy and fall closed, leaving him to a dreamless sleep.


Isabel awoke to an unexpectedly silent house. Usually Max was awake before her and making tons of noise. He was probably at the Crashdown already. His obsession with Liz Parker was almost sick sometimes.

Isabel sat up, taking the time to yawn and stretch. After a minute she got up and headed for the bathroom. As she passed Max’s room, she noticed that his door was closed. Max never kept his door closed unless he was sleeping or he was hiding something. Isabel looked at her watch, just to make sure she hadn’t woken up early by some fluke. The little green lights read 10:12. No she was right on time and Max would not still be asleep. So what was he hiding?

Curiosity got the best of her and Isabel decided to find out. Her hand firmly gripped the doorknob and began to turn.


Max looked at the beauty in his arms. He was sure he was dreaming. Real life was never that nice to him. There was always a catch. In his dreams he got to keep Liz; in real life, she kept slipping away from him. So this must be a dream. All he could say was that whoever woke him up was going to have hell to pay.

He was taken from his thoughts as Liz began to stir. He placed a single kiss on her temple as her eyes opened.

She sighed. “It did happen. I was hoping this was a dream.” Max looked at her with pain in his eyes. Ok, so this wasn’t a dream. At least not his. Maybe it was Kyle’s, or that guy Scott’s. Max pulled back from Liz.

“What are you- oh Max,” she said, while lightly kissing his cheek and pulling him closer to her. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant about everything with my parents. I hoped that was a dream. I wouldn’t change anything that happened with us. You are the only thing that has kept me together. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I couldn’t have come to you.” She lifted her mouth to his and pushed all of her lover for him into her kiss.

The moment was quickly ruined by a gasp from the door. The teens pulled apart to find Isabel staring back at them, a mix of shock, anger and confusion in her eyes.

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*Author's Note* (part 17 below)
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And now the part....

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Part 16

“What is going on?” Isabel asked, emphasizing every word. She paused for a moment and then rushed on. “Wait. I don’t want to know. I‘m just going to take my shower and pretend I never came in here, ok? Ok. Bye.” Isabel rushed from the room.

Max couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his mouth as his sister ran down the hallway. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Isabel run that fast.”

“Oh my God,” Liz said, burying her head in his shoulder. “That was really embarrassing Max.”

“It was worth it to see the look on her face.” Liz smiled and rolled her eyes. “Well we’d better get dressed. She’ll flip if she sees us again.”

Max got out of bed, but Liz stopped him before he got anywhere. “Max? I don’t have anything to wear.”

“You mean you can’t just wear that?” Max asked jokingly. “I’ll go grab you something of Isabel’s.” Max left Liz alone in his room, close to naked, as he went to search through his sister’s clothes. Michael would be ashamed.

Liz looked through Max’s books as he went to find her clothes. Within minutes he was back with an indigo jean skirt, a dark maroon sweater, and a pair of tennis shoes.

Liz once again made Max turn away as she changed. When she was done she looked into the mirror. Her hair was tangled and curly from the rain, so Liz pulled it into a messy ponytail, letting several curls fall free. The skirt rode below her belly button and fell just above her ankle. The shirt’s end touched the top of the skirt and if she moved her arms her stomach showed.

Max saw Liz admiring the outfit. “Years of living with Isabel have taught me about women’s clothes.” Liz nodded. “Ok, I’m ready,” Max said. Liz just then noticed that he had gotten dressed too. He wore a black sweater and a pair of jeans. “You want to go get some breakfast?”

At the sound of food Liz’s stomach rumbled. “Apparently,” she joked. The couple headed down the stairs and found Isabel already pouring herself some Cheerios.

“Please, just tell me you were safe,” Isabel said looking at Max. “You know you are so lucky Mom and Dad are out of town and for some reason still have some semblance of trust in--” Isabel stopped and looked at Liz. “You know, I have that exact same outfit.”

“Yeah. I didn’t really bring anything to wear, so I kind of borrowed it. Sorry.”

“All right; that’s all I need to know.” She looked at Liz, her eyes showing nothing but honesty. “Next time you decide to do this though, since God knows that nothing I say will have any impact on the two of you, a change of clothes might be smart.”

“Isabel, about last night,” Max started.

“No! I do not want details! La la la la la!” Isabel plugged her ears and pinned her eyes closed.

Max pulled Isabel’s fingers from her ears. “Nothing happened,” he said before letting go of her hands so they slapped her cheeks. Max hid a smile.

“Uh-huh. Sure. That’s what I walked in on, right? Nothing? Yeah, I believe that.”

“It never went farther than that,” Liz clarified, her cheeks darkening to crimson.

“Why did you come over then? I mean, Max is more known for his late night visits.” Liz got tense and Isabel knew she struck a nerve. “Forget about it. It’s probably personal. Forget I asked.”

“No, it’s ok. You should know.” Liz took a seat in front of Isabel. After a moment she felt Max’s strong hands on her shoulders so she leaned onto him for support. “My parents know about you. They know about all of you.”

“What?” Isabel tried to remind herself to breathe. “How?”

“Well, apparently my parents, Scott, and I are a little ‘different’ too.”

“What?” Isabel’s mouth hung open in silent question and a hush filled the room.

“We’re going to talk to my parents after breakfast. If you want you can come too. I think you should. We should call Michael, Maria, and Alex too. It involves all of us.”

“What about Tess and Kyle?” Isabel had to ask. Liz looked at the table.

“I don’t know how they will react. I really don’t need Kyle freaking out and I can’t even imagine how Tess will react. I can’t take the chance that she tries to hurt one of them, and as much as I hate to say it, I think she has the most chance of freaking out. I just… I think we should hear their story and if we believe them, we can pass it on. We’ve got Michael already, and I just don’t know if three logical minds verses Michael, Tess, and Kyle, with the added unknowns of Maria and Alex, will be quite balanced.”

The siblings understood Liz’s hesitance. Tess and Kyle were new to the group. No one knew enough about them to peg their reactions, and they didn’t need to have any more wild cards thrown into the situation they were in.


“Ok, ‘Ria, I need you at the Crashdown ASAP, ok?” Liz told her friend over the cell phone.

“Uh-uh,” Maria said. “I am not doing any more overtime because Katie can’t come. Call Amber. Have her take Katie’s shift. Ooh, if that doesn’t work, you can always fire Katie for not ever coming to work.”

“I don’t need you to work. It’s an official meeting. I can’t tell you much else. Just get to the café.”

Maria heard the urgency in her friend’s voice. “I’ll be there in 10,” she answered instantly. Liz hung up.

“Maria’s on her way.”

Meanwhile Isabel waited for Alex to come to the phone. “Hello?” Alex asked finally.

“Hey Alex. It’s Isabel. Can you get to the Crashdown?”

“Wow, way to skip the formalities. I can be there in 15 minutes. You want me to pick up Kyle and Tess on the way?”

“No! Don’t tell them about this. We’re going for original members only today, ok?”


“Okay. I’ll see you at the Crashdown.”

Isabel flipped the top of her cell phone over the keypad. When she looked up she saw the familiar neon UFO coming into view. She took a moment to look at Liz. She could never imagine being in Liz’s position. At least she had always had some idea of what she was. Ok, so there was the little period where she thought she was a witch, but that was different. Liz was discovering that she was a different species after 17 years of believing she was human, and, on top of that, she had to hear that her family had been lying to her about it for all of those years.

Isabel watched her brother take Liz’s hand in his. She hoped he could give her the strength she needed.


Katie stood at Pam Troy’s table. “I can break them up,” Katie said. “I mean, come on, it’s Liz Parker. Talk about boring. Max just doesn’t know that he can have better. I’ll make sure he knows though. Then it’ll only be a matter of time before he dumps her sorry ass.”

Pam had tuned her out. No one had been able to tear up Liz and Max, except for Tess Harding that is. She was still trying to figure that out. Yeah, Tess was decent, but she wasn’t anything special, and most guys that she knew would choose Liz over her.

Pam set her gaze on the man pacing the counter. He kept saying something to Mr. Parker, only to receive a glare in return. The boy had it going on. He had dark brown hair that totally worked with his dark skin. He must’ve been about 6 feet tall, because he was a couple inches taller than Mr. Parker.

“Who’s the new boy?” Pam asked.

Katie followed her gaze to Scott. “Old friend of the Parkers. Name’s Steven or… Scott. That was it. Scott.”

“Scott,” Pam said, testing the name. “Nice.”

TBC... Feedback??
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roswellluver- Actually Katie is modelled after someone that I know. Don't worry though; she is supposed to be evil. Direct your anger to her.

Ok, and now... on with the part.
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Part 17

“I’m going to get her,” Scott said for the thousandth time that hour.

“Come here,” Mr. Parker ordered, taking the boy into the back room. He found his wife still sitting on the couch holding her knees. “She’s coming in right now,” he told his wife.

“Thank god,” Mrs. Parker whispered, finally letting her legs fall tot he floor.

“Mom, Dad,” Liz announced, entering the employee room, Max and Isabel close behind. “We’ve got to talk.”

“Yes we do.” Mr. Parker looked at the Evans. “Will they be joining us?”

“Yeah, and we have to wait for Maria and Alex. Also, Jose will be on the grill alone for a while, ‘cause Michael needs to hear this too.”

“Alright,” Mr. Parker said, willing to delay the unwanted conversation, even if it was just for a few minutes. Liz left the room in search of Michael.

Scott lowered himself so he was face-to-face with Jeff. “Are you crazy? I told you to tell Liz, not all of Roswell’s teens.”

“Sit down and be quiet,” Mr. Parker said at the same time as his daughter. Scott and the now present Michael fell onto the couch next to each other.

“Great service, isn’t it?” Michael joked.

“Wonderful,” Scott said sarcastically. He finally understood the odd silences during the trip to Roswell. He never would have guessed that they all knew. Now he wanted to know why they all knew.

“Hey guys,” Maria said. Alex walked in behind her. “Katie said you were in here. What’s the news?”

Mr. Parker stood. “Come on. Let’s go upstairs. We don’t need anyone overhearing this.”

Everyone walked up the stairs and Liz felt an odd sense of déjà vu.

The group sat in the Parkers’ small living room. Maria sat beside Liz and whispered, “So how come your parents and Scott are at a Czech meeting?”


“I know you’re probably wondering why we’re here. This isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, and we need you to be calm about this.” Jeff looked pointedly at Michael.

Michael looked shocked. “Why are you looking at me?” Everyone turned to him. “Yeah, ok, I’ll try.”

“We can’t really ease you into this so I’m just going to say it. We know who you are.” Jeff pointed to Max, Michael, and Isabel. “We had suspected you for a long time, but we weren’t sure until the shooting.

“We aren’t here to hurt you. We’re your allies. Khivar came after us too. He invaded your country too. The three of us are part of a group of people working to save the planet. Hundreds of us are here on Earth. It’s one of the safest places to come. Most planets have made contact so when aliens come, they are easily identified. Since humans still believe they are alone, it’s harder to track people who come here.

“Although we are a part of Kamala, that’s the group that’s trying to save our planet, we have a much more important job here.” Mr. Parker pointed to his wife. “Nancy and I were sent her to protect the princess.” They looked at Liz.

“Nu-huh,” Maria said, shaking her head. “You’ve got the wrong person. You see, my girl Liz here, she’s human.” She looked at the Parkers and then Liz. “Isn’t she?”

Liz didn’t pay attention to Maria’s question and Maria’s jaw fell open when she realized Liz wasn’t going to argue. “Why didn’t I… I wasn’t hatched, was I? I mean, I remember things before third grade.”

“You did hatch, but you hatched as a baby. We had pretended your mother was pregnant for nine months and we had a friend from home that was a doctor here. She helped us fake your birth. As for why you were born earlier, that was because of us. We thought it would be better if you thought we were your real parents. It would also make Khivar and the skins less suspicious of you.”

“Why don’t I have powers?”

“You do have powers,” Mrs. Parker said, finally joining the conversation. “You just haven’t been able to use them. We’ve been using a solution from our planet that keeps our powers dormant. Now that you know who you are, we can stop using it, if you want.” Liz nodded.

“Her blood cells are normal,” Michael said, trying to find the flaw in their story. He knew there was a flaw. There had to be. Liz was human. She was normal. He wouldn’t have almost let Max kill one of their own. No, Liz was human.

“We know. That is also because of the plant solution we’ve been using. We don’t think it will help you though. Since you’ve used your powers it’s useless. It will still close off access to the part of the brain that you access your powers from, but it won’t change your blood. You see, your blood is… different… because you use your powers. Once you use them it changes.”

Now Isabel got into the conversation. “Why didn’t our protector advance our development?”

“We held rare technology and, at the time, two of the world’s best scientists. Your guard probably didn’t posses the means necessary to advance your development.”

“We know who we were,” Max said, getting into the conversation. “Who were you?”

The Parkers exchanged a worried glance before answering. “We were palace guards sent to protect the princess, if we found her.”

Before anyone could ask about Mrs. Parker’s cryptic answer Scott gave his reply. “I was Princess Arrianna’s fiancé.”

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Ok, so I do have a new part (finally, I know) but I do have to tell you, it's a little short. It explains a lot, but It hurts to type on the floor, and so I couldn't type much. Well, it's here, and 19 is almost finished too, so... soon. Plus, dead week is next week. Look for it after the 15th... I hope. And pray for me for finals and my health and english projects... I'm gonna need it.

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End of Part 17

“Who were you?” Isabel asked.

“I was Princess Arrianna’s fiancé,” Scott answered.

Part 18


“You don’t know the whole story,” Mr. Parker said, shooting Scott the evil eye.


“It was something that had been planned since before you were born. Arrianna’s family was good friends with Scott--Divan’s--family. Divan’s family was of high standing in our country so it was considered a good match.

“What they didn’t expect was Khivar. He was a detour that set everything off course. It’s not that he was an evil child though, like some people would like to believe. He learned everything from his father, but he was a bit stronger in his convictions than his father. He was a little bit like Hitler. No one worried about his father because he was weak and a bit senile, but Khivar was incredibly strong, and articulate. That was how he gained his followers. He could make people change their convictions. It’s not completely crazy to believe that he might even hold some type of mind control power.

Moving on though, when Khivar was seven he came with his father to our palace to meet the royal family. For some reason Khivar’s father was given privileges. Most people think it was to keep him from doing something stupid. If he was happy he wouldn’t raid the palace or anything, and it helped to keep him under control. They thought that they were keeping the better good. In the end they may have only spoiled Khivar into thinking that he deserved more than he really did.

“Anyway, you were five. You were the cutest, sweetest little girl. You took Khivar to meet all of you friends and you played with him the whole time. We all knew he had a crush on you. He followed you around constantly. After about a week Khivar left the palace and shortly after that his father began demanding that the two of you become betrothed. You already had a fiancé, though.

“Kamar, Khivar’s father, thought that your country would be a good start to gain support. It pushed him over the edge when your parents told him you wouldn’t become his daughter in law. He got so bad that he begun to threaten your life. Your parents loved you so much, and they did the only thing they could.”

Nancy Parker touched Liz’s face. She held back tears as her daughter avoided her eyes. She didn’t care if they had different blood. She had been her mother for 17 years. As far as she was concerned, she was her mother.

Her attention came back to the room as her daughter spoke. “What did they do?”

“Your mother was a wonderful woman and had many friends in the palace. Shamar, her servant, was one of her best friends. She didn’t care that royalty wasn’t supposed to associate with servants.

“Your mother lost two of the closest people to her because of Kamar. Since you could never be seen in our kingdom again, your mother released her servant and told her to take you with her. They staged your death. The only reason no one found out was because they were to busy grieving over the loss of their princess to put things together. Your memory was erased and you were gone.”

“When Shamar died,” Mr. Parker continued for his wife, “you were sent to Antar to live with you cousin. We don’t know what happened there but when your body was returned to our palace you were pregnant with Antar’s heirs.”

Scott’s heart twisted. He’d known what had happened. He’d been told before. Still, knowing how close Divan had been to winning Arrianna made him even more sure he would win Liz now. Divan had been denied the chance to fight for his love; Scott hadn’t.

“Why was Scott sent here?” Maria asked. “And how is he still alive?”

“Since Arrianna ‘died’ I was given the throne when her father died. I hadn’t produced an heir when Khivar begun to take over so I was stored.” He paused when he saw confusion in the teens.” Think cryogenically frozen. That’s also why I’m a couple years older than you. When we found out Arrianna was here they sent me.”

“So you’re fully alien?”


“How did you know Liz was here?” Michael asked.

“We have people who have infiltrated Khivar’s army. They told us that Khivar suspected that she was sent here and they were also the ones who sent the body back to us.”

“Hold on,” Isabel said, remembering her mother’s message. “We were told that Zan ruled a whole world, not just a country.”

“Most likely you were told that Zan ruled a planet, and whoever told you that was not well versed in Earth’s language. The translation is off, and planet is often confused.”

Scott decided to become a part of the conversation then. “Okay, I’m thinking that Max is the king, and Michael is his second. Since Isabel and Max are related, I’m guessing she’s the princess. Where’s the queen?”

“Not here,” Max stated bluntly.

“Touchy,” Scott noted under his breath.

“If that’s all,” Jeff said, trying to separate the boys, “we’ll go back downstairs and let you talk.”

“Wait,” Isabel said, unable to stop herself. “How did Khivar… how did he beat us?”

“Well, honestly, no one’s really sure. Antar’s king, your father, was strongly opposed to giving either Khivar or his father any slack. He said that both of them should be locked away under the pretense of treason, but no one agreed because they thought that it might only drive people to feel sympathy for him, and actually give him followers. Your father still tried though, and he angered Khivar. When it finally got to their battle, he killed almost everyone. The handful of survivors are in prison, and they wouldn’t say anything even if they could. Mostly, though, Khivar worked from the inside. He was very charming and he would seduce women into telling him their secrets. It was his most common ploy, but I can’t be sure.”

Isabel lowered her eyes and the Parkers and Scott left the teens to deal with the new information.

TBC... Feedback?
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roswellluver-it's only interesting if it's a mess!

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mlover25- Well, I'm not giving away much on Scott, but you never know...

Eternal_Dreamer- ok, I have been thinking of Serena, and she may make an appearance, but I don't think that it will be in this part. I think she might come in the final chapter of the trilogy. I don't know though yet. Oh, and as for Scott, all I can promise is he will not be a male version of Tess. I always liked Adam better! (Roswell High!)

stargrl678-I wouldn't give up on Scott just yet

Strawbehrry Shortcake- Hmmm, as I said, I would't give up on Scott just yet.

Ok, now the part
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Part 19

Everyone turned to look at Liz. “Someone say something,” Liz said, beginning to get nervous with all eyes on her.

“Shouldn’t we tell Tess and Kyle?” Isabel asked.

“What do you think Kyle would do if we told him? I’m trying to think of different scenarios, but in everyone it ends with Kyle running away screaming.”

“You’re right,” Michael said. “This is the one area where someone can beat Maria in the freak out department.”

“Hey,” Maria said, slapping his arm. “I don’t freak out. I openly express my feelings on whatever I am told. I can’t help if that involves screaming and running away. And I mean, it’s not like I’ve heard the obvious secrets. I think that, considering the circumstance, I took yours pretty well.”

“What about Tess?” Isabel said again, trying to bring the conversation back to its point.

“I don’t think she would react very well to this either,” Max said. “I mean she’s been trying to get us to buy into this whole destiny thing and now we find out that Zan wasn’t loyal. I don’t think she’ll take that really well. It would be ruining everything that she ever believed.”

“Ok,” Alex said, reminding people that he was there. “So we don’t tell Tess and Kyle?”

“Yet. Eventually we will. I just think we need to figure this out first. We need to know more before we tell them. I doubt that Tess would even believe us yet. We don’t know enough yet. Ok?”



The group went back downstairs only to find Tess and Kyle having breakfast. Michael had gone back to the grill so only five of them were left. “Hey,” Kyle said. “Come on. We’ve got room.” Isabel sat by Tess and Alex sat next to Kyle, with Maria next to him. Max and Liz decided to pull up chairs since it was getting crowded.

“So what was going on there?” Kyle asked. “Are you having secret meetings without us?”

“My parents wanted to talk to us about what happened Friday. At least we didn’t have school. If I would’ve ditched school and taken Maria with me too I never would’ve see the light of day again.”

“Why didn’t they talk to you yesterday?” Tess asked suspiciously.

“Don’t know. I guess they got too caught up in Scott. I need to thank him by the way. He distracted them just enough. My only punishment was that I have to work Fridays again. Ooh.” Liz waved her fingers in the air and smiled at her friends.

“Why did you take off anyway, Liz?” Kyle asked.

“It was really weird. I think it was mostly stress. I started having dreams and I wasn’t sleeping and I let that get the best of me. It all ended with me leaving and dragging Maria along.”

“That sucks. You got to cut back Liz. See extracurricular activities can do harm. Finally I have proof.”

“What about football Kyle? That counts as extracurricular.”

“No, football is fun. It’s a sport. That’s different. Science club is harmful… Now I just need to get my dad to believe that.”

Liz smiled. Kyle really was a great guy. He just wasn’t right for her. Maybe he would be good with Tess. They looked really cute together, and he seemed like one of the people Tess liked to be around.

“Tess, can I talk to you?” Liz heard Max say. Tess found her way out of the booth and they walked towards one of the empty booths. Maria looked to Liz to see what was going on, but saw that Liz knew no more than she did.

“Thanks,” they heard Max say as they came back to the table. Liz looked at him with a question in her eyes. The only response she got was him mouthing ‘Later.’


“So what was that about?” Liz asked Max later that day. Kyle, Tess, Isabel and Alex had left and Maria was working. “Why did you talk to Tess?”

“Tomorrow night do you think you can come with me to the pod chamber?”

“Does that answer my question?”

“I asked Tess to help me with my memory retrieval things. She said Nasedo taught her some stuff. You can come with me. We just won’t tell her that you’re there for the same reason as me. You can say it’s for moral support.” Max smiled his cocky smile. “’Cause everyone knows you just love me so much.”

“Yeah, sure. All right, I’ll be there. Will you pick me up?”

“I’ll be here at 6. I’ve got to go now though. Mom and dad are going to be back any time now and I told Iz to cook.” He crinkled his nose in disgust. “That’s never smart.” He kissed her briefly on the lips. “I’ll see you later, Princess.” Max got up and winked at Liz before leaving the Crashdown. The Close Encounters theme rang behind him.

TBC... Feedback?
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roswellluver- thanks for the feedback!

Strawbehrry Shortcake- I'm going to try to give away as little as possible. I hate Tess. I liked her dupe. I don't know how I felt about her past self. I'm not sure if that resolved anything. As for Scott, I like Scott. There's hope for Scott.

qt4167013- Thank you! I know that I'm being very mean by having Isabel crush on Scott and leaving Alex all tro his lonesome, but I will reassure you that I LOVE Alex. He was the best thing that happened to the show! There is no way I will leave Alex hanging!

OK, I'm going to move onto the story now. You know the drill.

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Part 20

Liz walked into school the next morning, fingers entwined with Max’s. A few people looked and whispered, and Liz was pretty sure it wasn’t entirely because Liz was with Max again. She made out bits and pieces of the whispers but she still wasn’t quite sure of what they were talking about.

When Liz got to her locker she could see Pam Troy standing there. That couldn’t be good. She knew Pam’s locker was on the other side of the school because it was across from Alex’s and his was across the school.

Liz walked up to her locker without giving Pam any acknowledgement. Max took the hint and stood beside Liz silently. “Hi Liz,” Pam said, a little too sweetly. “How was your weekend?”

“Great.” Liz turned back to her locker and pulled out her English book and her PE clothes. Whoever made her schedule hated her. Maybe it was Pam, or Katie. Even better.

“What, you don’t want to talk to me Liz? Are you scared of me? Maybe you’ll have to run away again.”

“Leave her alone Pam,” Max said, making himself known.

“Okay Maxie,” Pam said. She walked by Liz and bumped shoulders with her. “Sorry Liz. Accidents happen.” She smiled a sickeningly sweet smile and walked away.

“Thanks Max,” Liz said as the people around them began to thin out. She heard the bell ring, telling them to go to class. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Liz placed a kiss on his cheek and walked away towards the gym.


After school Liz went straight to The Crashdown to start her shift. She got off just before the dinner rush, at 5. That gave her an hour to get ready to see Max.

Through her whole shift, Liz looked at the clock every five minutes. “Hey, Chica?” Maria asked, waving her hand in front of Liz’s face. “Max is coming, isn’t he?”

“Am I that obvious?”

“Only to a trained professional,” Maria said, indicating herself, “or anyone who happens to look at you every five minutes when you look at the clock. I think someone may have set their watch by you.”

“Funny. I’m going to use that same kind of humor when you’re still here during the dinner rush and I’m off with Max.”

“That is so not funny and that is so your fault. I can’t believe my mom asked your dad to give me extra hours just because I helped you. You owe me big.”

“Yeah. Maybe I could talk to your mom. Hey maybe we could get Jim to talk to her.” Liz smiled, knowing that Maria hated acknowledging her mother’s relationship with the sheriff.

“That’s not funny. I do not need you pushing them together. I’m fine with being an only child. I like being an only child. I laughed at you and Alex when you whined and complained about being alone. Plus, if I ever did want a sibling, it would not be Kyle Valenti. Oh my God, I’d be living with Tess too.” Liz smiled as her friend freaked out. “This is not funny!”

“You know, if you fall for Kyle, you may end up marrying your stepbrother.”

Maria glared at Liz. Then she looked out at the restaurant. “Oh look you have a customer. Why don’t you do your job until Maxie boy shows up?”

Liz smiled and nodded, happy to do anything that meant she got to be with Max.


“I don’t have to mind warp him,” the girl insisted. “I blocked any memories that will incriminate me. He will only remember things like the wedding.”

“You had better hope so,” a voice from within the shadow replied. “You need to get something right or I may begin to believe my faith in you was misplaced. Maybe Vilandra would have been better for me.”

“You know that’s not true,” she said in a sultry voice. “She couldn’t give you what I do. Only a queen can offer the throne.”

The ride to the pod chamber was filled with comfortable silence. Neither Max nor Liz needed to say anything. They were just content being together.

Before either of them knew it, they were at the pod chamber. Max saw Kyle’s car, which Tess had obviously borrowed, badly hidden behind some bushes. Max parked the jeep behind a nearby rock cluster and led Liz inside.

“You ready?” he asked while grabbing her hand.

“As I’ll ever be,” she answered. Max led her up to the top of the rock cluster that held his pod. With a swipe of his hand a neon green hand print appeared. As Max’s hand fell into place covering the light glow coming from the hand, the rock parted before them and Max and Liz stepped inside.

“Tess?” Max called.

“Right here,” Tess said, stepping out from the side of the room. In the distance the door to the chamber could be heard closing. “Hi Liz. I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Yeah, well, you know. I thought I’d offer moral support.” Liz smiled.

“Alright. Well, I guess we should start. I thought you would be stronger if you sat by your pod. Max took a seat in front of his pod and Liz placed herself in his lap. A small green glow encompassed him and Liz.

“Ok, now start taking deep breaths.” Max did as instructed and Liz discreetly copied. “Let your mind go blank and focus on the things you know about Antar. Think of your position. Think of Isabel. Try to remember people.”

Max closed his eyes and movie began to play behind his eyelids. Tess was so caught up in the past, she didn’t even realize that the past that the couple was experiencing was not the one that she had intended.


“Arrianna, I need to talk to you.” The little girl ran to her mother, her short brown hair bobbing as she bounced to a stop. “We’re going to have some guests here today. One of them will be a little boy here who’s your age. Can you take him to meet Diven and Kara?”

“Ok, Mommy.” The little girl smiled up at her mother, her front tooth missing. “When will he be here?”

“Shamar is bringing him and his daddy in right now.” The queen pushed her daughter’s hair behind her ear and smiled. The pure innocence of childhood radiated from the young girl, even though she was almost ten and it should have been put to rest years ago. It was something that her mother treasured.

“You’re Highness?” a voice asked from the door.


“Kamar and Khivar have arrived. Shall I bring them in here, or will you be meeting them in the conference room?”

“Here will be fine.”

The little girl looked up as the blond boy entered the room, holding more poise than his father. The queen immediately addressed them. “Hello Kamar. Would you mind if Ari took Khivar and showed him the palace?”

“Let them go.” Arrianna walked over to the boy quietly, knowing that she was supposed to be seen and not heard in the company of importance. She led the boy out the door before she uttered a word.

“Hi,” she said once they had left the throne room. “I’m Arrianna, but everyone calls me Ari.”

“I’m Khivar,” the boy said, suddenly shy. “I don’t have a nickname.”

“That’s ok. Come on. I want you to meet my friends. If you want we can come up with a nickname for you.”

The girl smiled with her missing tooth and the boy felt his heart speed up. In a rare show of emotion he smiled back, and then they ran down the halls of the palace, as only royalty can do.


Ari stopped as a boy a little older than her stepped into the hallway. Khivar nearly crashed into him. “Khivar this is Diven,” Ari introduced. Then to Khivar she whispered, “He likes to follow me and Kara.”

“I do not,” Diven insisted.

“Do too!” Arrianna stuck her tongue out at the boy. Then she grabbed Khivar’s hand. “Come on. We don’t want to play with him. We can go to the water and see if Kara’s there.”

“I’m coming too,” Diven said as he raced after Ari.

In a matter of moments the children were on a balcony over looking the water. A smaller girl stepped out from a corner of the balcony. Ari led Khivar to her.

“Kara meet Khivar. He needs a nickname.”

“Why is he here?” Kara questioned after nodding to Khivar. She pointed to Diven.

“He followed me again.”

Kara rolled her eyes and turned back to Khivar. “You need a nickname?” Khivar nodded. “How about KV?

Arrianna smiled, and Khivar felt his cheeks flush. “KV? Why not?”

“Ok, now we need something else to do,” Arrianna said.

Arrianna whispered something to Kara and Khivar and then grabbed Khivar’s wrist. Suddenly all three kids ran back down the hallway, leaving Diven to chase after them.

TBC... A little look into Liz's past. Tell me what you think!

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Hey All. I would post freplies, but I'm just too tired tonight. I want to say thank you for the replies, and I'm hoping to get some major posting done this month, because I want to get this story finished up before they switch boards. I don't want to have to split it up over two threads.

Ok, so here's the part. It's long*er* too! Hope you like it!

Part 21

Max and Liz’s eyes opened at the same time as Arrianna’s past faded from their mind’s eye. Instinctively they looked to each other, needing nothing more than their eyes to convey everything that they were feeling. For Tess though, the silence was nothing but unnerving. “So what did you see Max?”

Max tried to think of something to tell her, knowing that the truth would not be an option. “I saw the water,” he said finally.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Tess mused. “You know your room overlooked the ocean. You had the best view in the palace.”

As Tess looked back on the past, Max looked at his watch. “Oh my God, I’ve got to get home.” Tess looked at him oddly. “I promised my mom that I would be home by eight. It’s family night.” The words were lies, but he wanted to talk to Liz about what happened. She understood with no explanation and stood to let him up.

“See you at school,” Liz called as they left the chamber. Tess sat on the rocks outside of the pod chamber. He was hiding something. She didn’t know what yet, but she would… soon.


“Oh my God,” Max said as he and Liz drove back to Roswell. “Did you see that?”

“Yeah. Khivar seemed so sweet. I wonder what changed him.”

“Probably losing you,” Max whispered. “It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.” He took her hand and placed it beneath his on the gear shift. “I know that I have no plans of giving you up. You’re mine!”

“Oh really?” Liz asked with a smirk. “You see, I was thinking that I would see if Michael was seeing anyone.”

“I always thought you were more of a Kyle person.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “It’s the bike. It’s sexy. It makes up for everything else. Why do you think Maria puts up with so much?”

“I’m going to tell him you want to jump him,” Max threatened.

“Oh, is that so? You won’t get the chance. I’ll tell Maria that you set her mom up with Jim. She’ll kill you before you can say two words.”

“That’s not true!”

“But who will Maria believe?”

“Ooh, cheap shot. Using the best friend status is cheating. Tsk tsk tsk.” Max lifted a finger form the wheel to shake it at her.

The Crashdown appeared before them and Max pulled up to the door. Before Liz could even reach the doorknob, Max pulled her into his lap. She let out a tiny squeal before Max’s lips covered hers. She quickly recovered and pressed herself to him, joining in.

As quickly as it began, Max pulled back. “Good night Liz,” Max whispered, letting her out of the car.

“Come by later, ok?”

“I’ll try,” Max said. They both knew he would be there.

Liz smiled at Max once more before walking into the Crashdown, ready to tell Maria about her night.


Liz fell into bed, her leather journal landing on her chest. She hadn’t written in it for a long time. Still she smiled at the edges poking out. Frayed pages fell from the binding. The journal had been with her through thick and thin.

Opening it, she decided that it was time that the secrets it contained finally became her own secrets. The journal would really become hers, and it would be her life on the line if it were to be “misplaced.”


I, Liz Parker, have a secret. It runs deeper than Max’s. It’s more treasonous than Isabel’s. I was a lost, though I hope never forgotten, princess. I, the smallest of small town girls, was someone special. I have a purpose. I have a destiny, and the best thing about it all is that it finally includes Max Evans.

It is a lot to process though. I mean, I could be naïve and just look at the good that I’ve found, but it is not in my nature. On the outside it is easy to distance yourself. It is easy to separate yourself from the alien mayhem with school, family, friends, and, if you are really desperate, even states. That is not an option anymore though, when you are an alien. I won’t be able to run when the fighting starts. I’m part of the war now, and no matter how scary that is, I have to accept it. I have a legacy, and I intend to live up to it. Arrianna was a princess. I have to find a way to take her throne.

Liz closed her journal at the familiar sound of feet on her latter. The clock read 12:15. So what if he was late. He came.

Liz saw a tiny glow as Max unlocked her window and then stepped inside. “Hey,” he whispered. “Miss me?”

“Well what should I be missing?”

Max smiled, a glint in his eye. “This.” Then before Liz knew it he was beside her bed kissing her. She eagerly joined in and began to pull Max onto the bed with her. Max obeyed, and when they broke apart, minutes later, Max was lying beside Liz on her bed.

“Yeah, I guess I missed that,” Liz whispered, laying her head on Max’s chest. Peacefulness lay over the room and the couples breathing gradually evened. “I love you Max.”

“I love you, too Liz.” Max kissed her temple and held her closer. Neither one of them said anything but they both knew things wouldn’t be this nice for long. The shadow was still there, darkening the edges of their lives, and it was only a matter of time before it completely covered them.

They pushed the thought from their heads as sleep began to overcome them, and together they watched another piece of their pasts revealed itself to them.


Arrianna sat with Diven and Kara, each of them holding an ice cream. “So when is Khivar coming back?” Kara asked.

“I don’t know,” Arrianna said with a little sadness on her face. “I hope he comes back soon. He was fun.”

“Yeah,” Diven added. “It’s cool to have another guy to talk to.”

“There are plenty of guys for you to talk to,” Kara said. “You just like Ari, so you follow her.”

“I do not!” he insisted. “Girls are icky.”

Ari smiled at her friends. “Well then why are you sitting with us?”

“’Cause you have ice cream.”

“Is that all we are to you?” Kara asked. Diven nodded with the cone pressed firmly to his lips. Kara looked at Ari and smiled, both of them knowing what would come next.

Kara jumped up and pushed Diven to the ground. Before he could get up she sat on his abdomen and held him there by putting her ice cream in his face. Then Ari went to them and started tickling him. Diven was stuck under Kara so he started screaming. “Let me u-u-u-u-p. N-n-not f-f-fa-I-ir!” His words were slurred with the ice cream pressed to his teeth, quickly freezing them.

“What do you say?” Ari said, relenting for a moment so he could speak. Kara pulled the ice cream back to let him speak. He stuck his tongue out in response. “If that’s what you want.” Arrianna began tickling him again.

Diven squirmed under Kara, but he couldn’t get up, so he gave up. “Fine. I give up.”

“What do you say?” Kara asked.

Diven looked around to see if any of the boys were around. “You are the two coolest people on Arrouora. I bow down to your greatness.” Kara let Diven up and he bowed before them.

Just as Diven stood, one of the officers passed by. “Children, what are you still doing up? Get to bed right now!”

“Sorry Sir,” the children said in unison. They quickly ran off to their quarters. Ari stopped outside of her mother’s room to say goodnight. She entered without knocking, as always. Her mother didn’t hear her and seemed to be deep in conversation with Shamar.

“He threatened Ari,” the queen cried. “He said if she was not given to him she would be in grave danger.”

“Ari is far stronger than he,” the servant assured her. “He couldn’t do anything to her.”

“I know of his skill, but I’m not sure of his mind, Shy. Someone like him could do something we wouldn’t expect. Yes, Ari is highly trained, and she know the patterns that people often fall to, but she would not know the mind of one who does not know his own mind. She cannot fight someone that she cannot read. That is her strength. Plus I could sense the strength that lies in his son. It is his allegiance to his father that makes my words all the more true, and it is what makes it all the more painful.. I just don’t want to take any chance. Not with this.” Her last words were a whisper and Ari had to strain to hear them.

“And you’re sure this is what you want?” Shamar questioned.

“Of course it’s not what I want! I’m losing two things I love very dearly, but if it has to happen to keep her safe, I’ll do it. You’re the only one I trust enough to take this task. You mean more to me than you will ever know, my dear friend. I wish you all of the happiness in the world, and even more, I wish you peace from all of the tragedy that the spotlight brings.” Tears rimmed her words, and Ari could almost feel her pain.

“I would wish your years to be filled with happiness,” Shamar replied, “but I know you too well, and I know that it would be wishing in vein. I only hope that your life is well-lived, my queen, and that someday I may lie my eyes upon you once more.” There was a silence while the women hugged. “I’ll take good care of her. I’ll keep her out of harms way. I already love her like a daughter, but I will miss you, Ali. I’m losing my best friend.”

Ari backed out of the room and went down the hall to hers. A rush of cold hit her as she entered the dark room. She found an open window to blame for that.

As she went to close the window she looked out at the sea, knowing it would be the last time she would look upon it from her window. A single tear rolled form her face as she realized she would be leaving the only home she had ever known. Her only comfort was that Shamar was the one taking her.

She quickly dried her tears and climbed into bed as she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Moments later her door opened and a sliver of light outlined two shadows in the doorway.

Arrianna’s eyes lay closed, as though she was sleeping, but she listened to everything the women did. Her mother come to her and laid a kiss on her temple before placing her finger there. Arrianna’s memories faded and disappeared, leaving only the body of the princess, and that too would fade from people’s memories far too soon.”

Arms came under Ari’s legs and then she was being carried from the room. The last thing she heard was the wind screaming over the ocean, crying for the loss of its princess. The curtains fluttered out, trying to pull her back, but it was too late. The door swung closed with a bang, and the room fell silent.


Liz bolted up in bed. “Mother,” she cried.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she instantly fell on Max when his arms encircled her. “Shh… baby, it’s ok.”

Suddenly the door flew open. “Liz what is-“ Mrs. Parker started. Her eyes narrowed at Max as he held her baby. “What are you doing here Max?”

“We fell asleep,” Max said. “She had a nightmare. I think it was from our-her-past. Her memories were erased and she was taken from her home.”

“You can’t possibly be reliving things already.” Fear crossed Mrs. Parker’s features. “No, it must’ve just been a dream.”

“We talked to Tess and she taught us some recovery techniques,” Max said, looking at Liz. Her tears had stopped and her quivering was lessening. “We shared a memory of Arrianna and Khivar and now we shared this dream.”

“You could’ve been dream walking her,” Nancy persisted. She didn’t want to believe that Liz was gaining her memories. That meant that eventually she would have to relive her death too. No one should have to go through that, especially not her princess.

“If it was a dream than we wouldn’t have learned anything real right?” Nancy nodded. “Was one of Arrianna’s friends named Kara?” Nancy’s eyes fell downward as she nodded. “Did Arrianna’s window look to the sea?” Again she nodded, not knowing how he could know these things unless he and Liz had tapped into Arrianna’s memory.

“Why don’t you want me to remember?” Liz questioned quietly.

“It’s not that,” her mother answered soothingly. “It’s just that… not all of it was happiness, Liz. Arrianna did not have an easy life. It was filled with loss and pain, and bad only lead to worse. When you look back, you may see things that you don’t want to see. Secrets lie in the dead, and sometimes it’s best just to let those secrets lie. Sometimes it just hurts too much to know the truth.”

“You can’t protect me from this Mom. I have to see it. This could be the key to seeing what happened on Antar. We could find out who betrayed Max.”

“Honey, you may not want to know the answer to that question. It’s different when you just hear about it. You can know in your mind when you hear it, but when you see it, when you live it, you know it in your heart, and it’s hard to get over that.” She looked at her daughter. “Just, don’t judge people by who they were. It’s not necessarily who they are.”

“Why don’t you want us to know the truth?” Liz asked. “Do you know what happened? Is that why you don’t want me to keep searching?”

“We don’t know anything for sure but people always talk. We didn’t say anything before because Isabel was here, but rumors said that Khivar got to you through Vilandra. No one saw the demise of the Four, so no one knows for sure. It is a possibility that Vilandra hurt her family, but I’m not sure that I believe that. Khivar never let anyone know who his link was in the other countries. He wouldn’t have let people suspect Vilandra if she truly had done it. But that’s just my opinion. He could have told people to hurt you. I don’t know. All I know is that, knowing Khivar, it was someone on the inside, and I don’t want it to hurt you when you find out what happened.” Nancy paused and looked at the couple, unable to get over seeing her daughter lying comfortably in the same bed with a boy.

“Max, don’t you think it’s time you get home. Lizzie needs to rest.”

“No. He’ll come back if Max leaves,” Liz pleaded.


Liz looked up at Max, asking him to explain. “When Liz ran away it was because she was scared that a man who was haunting her dreams was coming to get us. He said that if she left he wouldn’t hurt us. When Liz had a nightmare in the motel I lay beside her and they went away. Since then I don’t think he’s been back.” Max looked at Liz for confirmation.

“There has always been a shadow somewhere in my dreams. I know it’s him. When Max is here it’s gone.”

Nancy looked at her daughter. In her heart she knew she wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t ready for, and even deeper down she knew that Max wouldn’t let her go too far.

Still, letting him stay made her uneasy.

She didn’t get to voice her concerns though because Max said them first. “I won’t let anything happen to you Liz. I promise. I’ll dream walk you as soon as I get home. I won’t let him get in. I’ll leave right now, and in ten minutes you go back to sleep and I’ll meet you there.” Max sweetly kissed her on the cheek. “Good night.” Max climbed out of Liz’s bed and left through the window, just as he had come. Just before his head dropped below the edge of the balcony Max looked back at Liz and winked, then fell into the darkness of the alley.

Nancy couldn’t help but wonder why they had never taken that latter out.

Max did as promised and entered Liz’s dream. The shadow immediately disappeared and Liz slept peacefully for the first time in weeks, when she hadn’t been wrapped in Max’s arms.

School was different though. Pam still hadn’t given up on giving Liz a bad time because she ran away.

“Oh look, your boyfriend’s not here to protect you today,” Pam said while flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“I don’t need Max to protect me from you. A good insect repellent should do the trick.”

A small crowd had gathered, knowing that the two women in close contact were bound to make sparks. Pam didn’t like the murmur that passed through the crowd at Liz’s remark.

“Shut up!” Pam commanded. The students instantly obeyed. Pam took a step closer to Liz, trying to be intimidating. Liz only returned her glare. “No one cares about you. The only reason anyone knows you is because you dated Kyle. Then, somehow, you got Max. I heard that wasn’t even enough for you. You were doing Kyle behind Max’s back.” A smile fell onto her perfect face when she heard the room fall silent as the girls leaned in to hear what Pam said. “And you weren’t even giving Max any. No wonder he dumped your ass.”

“You hear a lot Pam, considering you can’t shut your mouth. I got Max twice. Even when Max wasn’t with me you couldn’t get near him. How can you talk about how he dumped me when he won’t even look at you?” She took a step closer. “And even if your little story didn’t come from the little place in your head where you actually think that Max likes you, what does it say about you if I could get Max even after all that I supposedly did, and you can even manage to hold his gaze?”

“If I want Max to look, he will. I can get any guy I want.” Pam turned to the door for the gym. “I’m going to class. You can be late if you want.” Then she turned to one of her bleach blond bimbettes and said, just loud enough for Liz to hear, “Stupid runaway.”

*Heinous bitch* Liz thought. She saw Isabel stop at the door, almost like she was waiting for Pam to reply to Liz’s thought. Pam just continued walking though.

“Liz, I’ve never heard you talk like that.”

“Talk like what? I just told the truth.”

“Well yeah, but the bitch part was a little harsh. I can’t believe she didn’t even turn around.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I heard you.”

“Isabel,” Liz said, forming the words carefully. “I thought that.”


“I thought that. It must be my powers. My parents said they would come back. That must be one of them.”

The girls were cut short by the teacher. “Class is starting now girls!”

“Sorry Mrs. Barrett.” The girls walked out, each wondering about their new discovery.


“You did what?” Michael questioned.

*This* Liz thought.

“Stop that. It’s freaky.”

“Try to talk back. I want to see if I can hear you.”

*Liz* came Isabel’s timid thought.


*This is cool*

*Liz, Isabel, anyone* Michael called.

*Hi Michael* the girls said together.

*Max, where are you?*

*Can you hear me?*

*Loud and clear*

“So did it work?” Alex asked, bringing them back.

“Yeah. I wonder if I can do it with you.”

*Alex? Can you hear me?*

“Yep. How cool. This could come in handy.”

“How so?”

“No one else can hear us… well you. You can pass plans on without anyone knowing. We’ll always have a plan.”

“That’s one way to look at it.”

“Thank you guys,” Liz said suddenly.


“You didn’t freak when you found out about me, and you’re being so great about all of this.” Liz moved to pull all of her friends into a hug.

“A six person hug,” Alex said as they pulled away. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

Liz smiled at her friends. *Anything is possible when I’m involved* she told Alex.

“Sure Liz.”

“What?” Maria asked.

“Nothing,” Liz said. “Just a stray thought.” Alex and Liz smiled as everyone looked at them in confusion.


Max came up Liz’s latter later that night. She was just walking out of the bathroom as he pulled himself onto her balcony. Since she hadn’t seen him he watched her as she got ready for bed.

Her wet hair fell around her shoulders, making her tank top damp. The thin white straps barely covered her shoulders, and dropped low in front, leaving a long expanse of skin visible on Liz’s chest. Max swallowed, trying to calm himself.

Dragging his gaze down, Max found that Liz was wearing Mickey Mouse boxers. He had to suppress a laugh. They were so innocent, clashing with her top.

Max was pulled from his thoughts when he heard her.

“Max, are you going to come in, or are you enjoying yourself too much out there?”

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