Title: When the wind stops
Author: Sweetivy420 (Ashleigh)
Catogory: m/l with m/m and a/I
Summary: Liz is moving away from Chicago to live in roswell with foster parents in the trailer court.
Authors notes: They are still all in highschool. Max, Micheal, and Isabel are still the aleins. Micheal still lives with hank, and there is no Tess.

Liz sat on the train her head perched aginst the window. Here she is leaving her entirre life the "windy city" Chicago to move to Roswell an alein theme town so small she will probley get closterphobic after spending one day there.

"excuss me miss,may I sit here" An older women innterrupted her thought process. Liz nnodded her head and the women took her seat next to liz.

She didn't want to think about it she wanted the whole funeral to dissapear from her mind she didn't want to go back to that place in her mind where she stood looking down and her parents faces. Frozen with the same look they will hold for the rest of her life. Everytime she thinks about them she doesn't think about anything but the last look she saw them have.

She felt the train hult to a stop as she lifted her head up off the side of the train. She followed the old women who sat next to her off the train along with the others who got off the train once off liz looked overr the crowds faces for her social worker Gale. She spotted her red hair imidiattly and approched her.

Gale threw out a half hearted smile as she did for all the kids but not much more than that she never let herself feel much of an attachment for any of them.

"Well scince you are early I figure we could catch some lunch and then head over to meet them." Gale annonced weaving through the crowd to a street where her and liz walked across.

"Where is it at" Liz asked as they crossed the ally and the question was answered for her as they walked into the crashdown and took a seat in the back booth.

A blonde with a alein outfit and anntenas walked over to them with the-hey-I'm-smiling-because-I-want-a-tip-look.

"Hi I'm maria welcome to the Crashdown cafe may I take your order." Maria said never losing her tip smile.

"I'll take a burger and frys with a coke" gale said handing the menu to the waitress.

"I'll just take a glass of water" liz said sliding her un opened menu towards the girl.

"I never eat when I am nervous either" Gale said trying to make the girl feel better.The only thing was her eyes never really met hers when she said this.

"excuse me" Liz said pulling herself from the booth searching for the bathroom. Finding 'women' with a little girl alein next liz dashed into it. She bolted into the nearest open stall. and let her back slide to the ground. As the tears started to come.

She sat there for a couple of minutes when she heard the door open figuring it was her guidence cunsler she wiped her tears and walke outinstead of seeing the red head bitch guidence counsler she saw a blonde hair girl she looked like a super model the girl gave her a n icy look as she walked out of the bhroom.

Liz then went to sit back down in her booth when she saw a pair of eyes seetle oon her they belonged to a boy who sat with two other boys in the farther booth. shaking the incredible feeling she felt enetr her body when she saw him. she took her seat back with her social worker who was finishing up her meal.


I know this is not very long but feedbck determines if I continue or not no feedback no new part.*wink*

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